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iraprince · 26 days ago
hi i just wanted to say im genuinely obsessed with the way you draw thighs + hips + butts + the crotch region in general. thank you for your service and if you have any suggestions or resources id adore them
hi, thank you! i have a lot of fun drawing those bits so i'm glad the fun comes through :)
i can def take a crack at some notes on how i construct stuff, but especially with this general pelvis area i think a lot of how i draw it is very much individual stylization -- so what i'll go over is definitely not any kind of anatomy tutorial or step-by-step or anything like that, and i also wouldn't even really call these notes suggestions on how to draw this stuff. my real suggestion is what it always is, which is to get into anatomy studies/figure drawing first, then decide how you want to stylize starting from that foundational info! also, while i don't usually lean into this a lot in my own style, the musculature of the thighs is a lot more complex than you might expect, so it can be useful to look at more detailed anatomical diagrams in addition to just studying from models. but i hope seeing how i often do it myself is still helpful in some way!
so, for starters, and i mean this totally seriously: a lot of what i get complimented on in my art is stuff i specifically draw with horny intent, lmao. i'm not at all saying you have to be horny to get good but i think you get results from fun + fixation, because when you care a lot about the details and when you care about capturing specific stuff that you're excited about (in any way), that comes through in your drawings. so when ur deciding on how to stylize, pay attention to what little details about ur area of focus are really cute/interesting/appealing to you, and find ways to emphasize that!
Tumblr media
honestly part of that means focus on posing as well as whatever you're doing with anatomy/stylization -- i have a thing i affectionately call the "ira neck thrust" that my friends are constantly calling me out for and it's basically just the tits and ass back arch that i'm so fond of. of course u end up noticing how i draw this area when i'm constantly drawing attention to it and making things cheesecake-y specifically to show it off, lol!
beyond that i think the summary of the rest of the notes is just to find ways to lay things out so that it's easy for you to place the shapes and details you want to stylize/emphasize. i like drawing thighs with pronounced upper muscle; i often stylize the lower half of the torso + hips with multiple repeating curves to emphasize that shape. i love hip creases and visual cues on how the thighs are moving, so i usually don't miss an opportunity to draw those in (and to pose/costume in a way that specifically shows it off, again). my anatomy in this area is usually so stylized and unrealistic that, while of course i make a lot of these decisions from a foundation of figure drawing, a ton of the actual impact/final look is just coming from style choices!
(i also only have time to throw together one example, but these things should still generally ring true for bodies of any type/size; "bony" landmarks exist regardless of weight and will show up on larger bodies as areas where tendons + muscle anchor to the bone, which can have a lot of influence on folds + the shapes of body fat, and it's always a good idea to study reference and decide from there how to stylize. "morpho: fat and skin folds" is a great anatomy book for this.)
i feel like this is all i have energy 2 throw together at the moment and it's so specific to how i draw that i'm not sure how helpful it'll be lol but!! maybe i will come back to this another day if i think of anything else. also i guess here is one final summary of why i think this method works for me
Tumblr media
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serendipityrogers · 9 months ago
princess || druig
Tumblr media
part two
summary: druig saved your father’s life years ago, and since then him and the rest of the eternals have become celebrities around the kingdom. they often dropped in for visits when they weren't busy killing deviants. 
warning: mentions of arranged marriage, cannon-level violence, mention of a dead body, 18+, female masturbation, mentions of sex, peeping-tom druig. MINORS DNI
pairing: princess!female!reader x druig 
an: im literally so excited for this two-parter! i’ve been obsessed with this concept for like two weeks now. so i hope you enjoy, the second part will be out next week sometime! 
part two: coming soon
One morning, at dawn, a woman’s scream filled the morning air,  running around the town yelling about a dead body in the treeline of the forests that wrapped around the kingdom. Your father, along with a few of his battle buddies, were quick to investigate the scene. The man they found was barely recognizable, completely torn apart and in shreds. The attack seemed like nothing from this earth, past animalistic and too brutal to be human. Muscle, bone, all of it visible.The only way they were able to determine his connection to your people was a small emblem on his belt, which was completely mangled. 
To put the town at ease, your fathers and those same soldiers decided to head out one night, as it seemed to be when the attack took place. The night was darker than normal, the light of the moon was being filtered out by the thick trees. Even in the dead of winter, with no leaves, it seemed the moonlight wasn’t reaching the forest floor. The only sound that could be heard was the crunching of snow beneath their feet. And the faint sound of a coyote howl. Everything in their bodies telling them to turn back now. But they pressed on...foolishly. 
“Hold…” Your father demanded, lowering his voice into almost a whisper. He heard rustling deeper in the forest. It was coming from in front of them. No, behind them. Wait, to their left, maybe they're right. He couldn’t determine if there was one of them, or ten. He had just led himself and his best men into a trap they were never going to get out of. Especially not alive. 
 “What on God’s green Earth…” That’s when one of them came into their view. It was nothing like they had ever seen. Definitely not like any animal they had come across. The first thing they noticed were it’s glowing yellow eyes, they were almost hypnotizing. It walked around them slowly, sizing them up like a predator does to their prey, emitting a low growl. Its skin was a deep blue color, a shade of blue they had never seen before. Tentacle-like appendages hovered around the creature, waving in the light wind. Its veins and muscle, or that’s what he assumed it to be, were exposed, a bright pink color. 
“There’s more!” One of them yelled, the rustling becoming even louder. “Keep your eyes on them!!” Your father exclaimed, their group of six standing in a tight circle. They watched as two more appeared, just as gruesome as the first ones. That’s when the wind seemed to pick up, and a loud whirring sound drowned out their growing growls. The noise was coming from above, so they all glanced upward and couldn’t believe what they saw. 
It was a flying ship! Shaped like a triangle? What on Earth was going on? First hell-spawns and now a floating spacecraft. They watched in awe, as a small opening formed on the bottom of the ship, and a human-like being seemed to float downwards. As it got closer, they could make out a figure, it was a woman. A beautiful woman, almost angelic. They noticed she was decorated with a glowing shield and spear. 
As her feet hit the snow, unfazed by the now snarling beasts, she let out a sign, and spoke.“Unfortunately, you were correct, I believe I’ll need a little help.” Her tone was reluctant. Shortly, nine more figures appeared. “Who the hell are you?” Your father threatened, now pointing his weapons at these outsiders. “We’re here to save you, clearly.” Scoffed the smallest one. Your father pressed his sword forward, brain still buffering from all this exciting information. 
Suddenly, your father’s head went foggy, and a voice echoed through his mind. “I’d put that sword down if I were you.” Who was speaking to him? And how was he in your head? Your father attempted to step forward, but his body didn’t comply. “Don’t make me have to do anything drastic.” His body suddenly felt heavy, slumping against the back of one of his fellow soldiers. This is when everything around him shifted, things shifting into slow motion.The beings created a larger circle, keeping their backs to your father and his men. 
“Protect them at all costs.” Said another woman, she was dressed in gold and blue, her helmet adorned with a horn-like structure. Your father watched in awe, as they slayed these beasts by barely lifting a finger. Three of the beasts had been slayed, their corpses decorating the forest floor. Then, quite suddenly, your father’s world flipped upside-down, literally. The creature had wrapped one of his tendrils around your father’s ankle, suspending him fifty feet in the air. 
In the moment, he accepted his fate. But, these god-like beings had other plans. “Phantos…” One of them exclaimed as he ran at the beast, a sword appeared in his hands. There was a large crunching noise, followed by a wet ‘splat.’ Whatever substance was their equivalent of blood had splattered all over the snow, covering your father. As the being died, it released your father and he began his fall. But was quickly caught by a woman, one with inhumane speed. 
That night your father was grateful to be alive, and even more grateful for these people. These people who he had seen as enemies, people he could never understand, even if he had tried. He insisted they come to the castle and celebrate their successes. They were all hesitant at first, but obliged quickly. And celebrate they did, for three days. 
Tonight, your father’s story victim was with your soon-to-be husband. He was the prince of a neighboring town, the two across a large lake to the north.The two of you hadn’t created this relationship organically, instead it was an agreement made between both of your fathers. You would be married this summer, whether the two of you liked it or not. 
Even after a year and a half of him courting you, there was absolutely no chemistry, and it wasn’t because you didn’t try. You really did, for a long time, but you just couldn’t come around to the idea of being forced into a marriage. And you knew he felt the same way, after about a year into this, he confessed this to you. And he was happy to know the feeling was mutual. Terrified he would have been breaking your heart. 
The two of you had created at least a semblance of a friendship, it made the whole ordeal a little less miserable. He was an amazing man, but just simply not your type. The opposite of your type honestly. And it didn’t help that you had eyes for another man, one that was simply out of your league. There was a slim to none chance you two would ever be together, especially now. Actually, there wasn’t even a slim chance, just no chance. His name is Druig, and he’s an Eternal. Basically a god. The one who saved your father that night. And you might have had a small crush on him, like many of the other girls in the township. 
By the time dinner was over, you were ready to go to bed. Not to sleep, but to just get some time alone. Something you rarely got when your fiancé was here, he followed you around like a lost puppy. Which you didn’t blame him for, you were the only person he knew, besides your parents, and he was glued to your hip. Tonight was his last night, his father would be here in the morning to retrieve him. You felt guilty to admit it, but you were quite relieved. 
After some quick goodbyes, you were able to shut yourself away in your chambers. After lighting a few candles to illuminate your bedroom, you immediately changed out of your tight-fitting gown. Every morning, your mother saw to the fact that you were always dressed elegantly. Thinking you still needed to catch the eye of your husband, as if either of you had a choice. But she insisted that would change once you were eloped. 
Happily, you slipped into one of your thin, silk nightgowns, everything inside you breathing a breath of fresh air. Collapsing on your bed, you let your eyes fall closed. Your body was tired, begging for sleep. But your brain had something else in mind. It wasn’t until this moment, did you feel the small ache between your legs. You contemplated your next actions for a few moments, you desperately just wanted to sleep, but this scratch needed to be itched. Or it would bother you. All night. 
Of course, you and your fiancé weren't sleeping together, for obvious reasons, so you had to deal with these things on your own. And for a while, rubbing your thighs together seemed to work, but it only made the ache grow stronger. Slowly, the tips of your fingers slid across the skin of your legs, feeling the sudden appearance of goosebumps. Finally, using both of your index fingers, you hooked them around the fabric of your panties, pulling them down the length of your legs. The cool air rushing  against your warm cunt, making a small moan slip past your lips. 
A yawn passed Druig’s lips, as the Domo slowly came to a stop. It hovered for a moment, before landing in a clearing. Something made specifically for their ship, King (Y/L/N) had done this for them, making their arrivals easier. The sun had just finished setting, the only light coming from the torch-lit path leading towards the castle. The walk was silent, the only noise coming from the leaves crunching beneath their feet. They were all absolutely exhausted, not surprisingly, when you killed deviants for a living. 
King (Y/L/N) was the first to greet them at the castle doors, “My friends!” He exclaimed. They spent a few minutes catching up, declining multiple offers of food, their bodies just wanting to sleep. Druig was quick to slip away, desperately wanting to find you before you fell asleep for the night. He had memorized the location of your chambers by now. 
As he turned down the hallway where your room was located, he heard a noise. It was much too far away for him to know what it was, but as he walked closer to your room it got louder. Finally, once he was only a couple feet away from your door, he pinpointed it. It was the softest of moans…coming from your room. 
It felt wrong to peering in on you, when you were doing something so private. But the darker part of his pressed on, glancing in through the crack on your door. At first, he wasn’t sure what he laid his eyes on, as it was so dark in the room. But when he finally did make out what was happening, it took everything in him not to let out a groan. 
He watched, in awe, as you pushed your index inside your leaking cunt. The candles reflected off your slick, making you look angelic. The small whines leaving your lips were high pitched, sounding just as beautiful as you looked. His eyes followed your other hand, the one that massaged one of your full breasts. Rubbing the nipple between your index finger and thumb, he loved how responsive you were to touch. Wondering if it would be the same way for him. 
The next thing he heard made his heart leap out from his chest. At first, he insisted he had heard you wrong, he must have. But after the third time hearing you repeat yourself it had to be. “Druig…” The way his name fell past your lips seemed so normal. Like you had done this before, many times. He suddenly had to prop himself up on your doorframe, his knees feeling weak all of a sudden. 
That’s not all, he felt a stir in his own trousers. The fabric of his pants only got tighter the longer he watched you. Your finger pace quickened, accompanied by your back arching off your mattress. God, he wished that was his hand between your legs, he hadn’t noticed his own hand wandering down to his clothed cock. 
“Dru…” Another moan passing your lips. In that moment, all he wanted was to see what was going on in that beautiful mind of yours. It only felt right, especially since he seemed to be involved. He desperately wanted to see the sinful acts the two of you were partaking in. No one would have to know, not even you. 
All he saw was skin against skin, your high-pitched moans made his head foggy. The room reeked with the smell of sex, but he wasn’t complaining. Then, his head between your thighs, he thought he could almost taste you on his tongue. God, how he wished to know if you tasted as sweet as you acted. Your fingers gripped his hair at the root, pulling him desperately closer to your cunt. You spoke only pleads for more, making the ache in his cock only grow. 
Your index finger appeared and disappeared between your folds quicker than before, and the thumb on your other hand that was now rubbing small circles into your clit less steadily. “Fuck…” Him hearing you say that, instantly made him want to reprimand you. He dreamt about bending you over his knees, softly massaging your perfectly round cheeks, before smacking them hard, adorning them with red handprints. 
Finally both of your hands stilled, your chest rising and falling in quick succession as you hit your orgasm. Your legs pressed together, locking your hands between your thighs. He could hear your breath, it was labored and an occasional whine passed your lips. He imagined your cunt clenching around nothing, wishing it was his cock. Imagining you desperate to be filled again, begging him to fuck you over and over again. 
Druig watched as you laid still for a moment, taking in your beautiful figure. He wished to see it up close, to run his hands over your goddess-like figure. You sat up slowly, stretching out your previously tended body. He shifted his weight back onto his feet, causing the floorboards beneath him to squeak. 
His heart dropped when your head flew in his direction, luckily, you couldn’t see much between the lack of light and the smallness of the crack in the door. “Hello?” You called out, quickly using a pillow to cover yourself. Druig didn’t dare speak, instead backed away from the door as quickly and quietly as possible. 
Just as he rounded the corner, he heard your bedroom door open, and you stepped out into the hallway. “Hello?” You asked again. His heartbeat quickened, and he made a split second decision. Slowly, he stepped back out into view, his eyes landing on you. “(Y/N), my dear…” He said softly, a small smile growing on his face. 
“Druig!” Your tone instantly changed when you saw him. Quickly, you closed the gap between the two of you, bringing him in for a long hug. Your arms wrapping around his neck, his arms hugging your waist. “How are you?” You asked quickly, the excitement evident in your demeanor. “I’m much better now.” He chuckled. 
That’s when a silence fell over you, that look of concern appearing back on your face. He decided to play it cool, “What’s wrong, princess?”He asked, fake concern plaguing his voice. “I swear I heard someone outside my door a few minutes ago, was it you?” You began biting at your thumb, a nervous habit Druig knew all too well. 
“Afraid not. We haven’t even been here a full ten minutes. I said hello to your father, and came right to see you. Caught you right on time.” He smiled, one of his palms coming to rest on your cheek. You placed your much tinier hand on his, “I’m so happy to see you.” You hummed, a content sigh passing through your nose. “I’ve missed you, dearly.” You admitted. 
“And I’ve missed you infinitely more, my beautiful (Y/N).” 
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changminurheart · a year ago
the proposal. ( lee juyeon )
you find the ring before he’s even proposed and after finding you drunk and the happiest he’s ever seen you, juyeon doesn’t have the heart to tell you you’ve ruined his plans. but then again, he’s unintentionally ruined yours. an abundance of soft fluff (with a few swears :o) for soft boy juyeon. 🥺
Tumblr media
juyeon is glad that you don’t have the same circle as friends he does.
he loves you- he really does, without a doubt, with every fibre of his being. he has one singular brain cell that is heart shaped for you. and the sight before him tells him that lee juyeon knows that you’re the exact same lovesick fool that he is.
he is also glad as fuck that neither hyunjae nor eric is not here right now. its a thousand percent true that if eric- the youngest with a questionably massive soft spot for you- was to witness the stars in your eyes blinding as they crease in a folded smile he would’ve cried. there’s no way eric wouldn’t. hell, juyeon rubs at his eyes this very moment because in this moment, you look so fricking happy that he’s fallen in love with you a thousand times again, a million times more. eric would’ve bawled and hyunjae would’ve grappled you into the warmest bone crushing celebratory hug, leaving behind jacob. oh boy, juyeon would’ve been fucked if jacob was here tonight. the born symbol of rationality and responsibility, laced with a canadian accent and a love for twice, jacob would’ve scolded him so hard when he finds out what happened.
its no secret that juyeon is slower than the world that moves far too fast for him- but its endearing and its one of the things you love most about him. hence why you were left confused standing in the middle of your closet, fingers fumbling with the black velvet box in your hands. your boyfriend had beat you to it. you hadn’t meant to find it, you were looking for the earrings he bought you for your birthday when you felt the whole world stop. you didn’t open the gorgeous cuboid, but you shook it gently to feel its weight and the growing smile plastered on your face etched into an entire grin of magic and madness.
you ignore the thumping of your heart, the butterflies swirling in your stomach and you finally unleash them when he answers the call. he cant even get out the cute “annyeong” he gives everyone because you’re already yelling with you entire being “oh my god changmin im engaged!”
the call cuts and his face pops up on face time, both his and chanhee’s faces squishing in the corner. “wheres the ring? show us the ring!” their voices heavy with excitement are loud enough to be heard blocks away and you wave the box in the camera view.
“wait,” chanhee’s voice is as soft as his eyes when he takes the phone completely off changmin, despite the younger’s whining. “either you havent asked him or he hasnt asked you yet” and you recognise this tone, the voice of reason that always has your best interests at heart but you cant find in you to be anything less than excited in this moment. “chanhee i’m engaged!” you laugh and he does nothing but smile warmly until changmin’s head pops back into view with a bite to his shoulder and amidst the screams you can make out the “drinks on me,” and you grin, feet stomping in pure bliss and you race to the bar. a red dress you were saving for a special tomorrow hugging your figure , forget tomorrow, you were engaged tonight!!
your friends are drunk before you even see them, changmin dancing around the table and chanhee’s eyes are twinkling with happiness when they catch sight of you. “there she is!” “theres the bride!” you giggle and clink glasses, shots upon shots. the alcohol is bitter but not enough to override your joy. you don’t know how long you spend at the bar, laughing with your entire body and yellow is all around you. the yellow lights, the yellow sweater changmins wearing the yellow that comes from pure glee. all thats missing is the man thats sparked this evening of love.
so for you, it starts with a black velvet box with your promise of forever lying in it and a champagne glass that never runs empty.
for him, it starts with a half coherent text message from your best friend.
changmin : cOem GEt YOR WIFE
juyeon : changmin ??? where’s yn ??
juyeon : jfc changmin pick up the phone.
its loud wherever you are and juyeon can just about hear chanhee’s voice.
“juyeon?” the tone in his voice is light and teasing, “when i see you, boy you better brace yourself!” and the phone is snatched by another, clattering when it drops and the voice behind it fumbles in apologies.
“yeah! who do you think you are trying to marry our best friend first!!” and juyeon can imagine the angry pout that lies on changmin’s lips that he facepalms.
“send me your location,” and its only when he gets into his car, driving to your destination that he stills in realisation. marriage. wife. oh fuck. the car jolts when he isnt paying attention, the sudden blinding of a red light catches him off guard. pausing, his breathing lags and he panicks. how did you find the ring? oh shit, youve found the ring.
the groan he lets out could be mistaken for a cry but as soon as the red light turns amber, juyeon is racing ahead, he just wants to bring you home.
he half asses his parking, the keys still gripped in his hands as he desperately searches for you. it doesn’t take long however, all he has to do is follow the hollering voice thats offering to pay for everyone’s drinks. and there you are. on top of a table with your heals tapping to the beat of the background song. juyeon bites back his smile, brain telling him to get over there and stop you from doing something that you and your bank account will regret but he knows this moment will last a lifetime in his mind and so he lets his eyes linger on you for a minute longer before pulling you into his arms.
you stumble back into his chest without realising its him and he turns your body around so he can stargaze at your orbs.
“hi,” you whisper in the minute distance between your lips. juyeon chuckles lightly at how quiet and small you seemed from the previous yelling and cheering he heard before.
“hi,” and your eyelids flutter closed as he presses a warm kiss to your temple. “you wanna go home?” his voice is soft, always soft for you. and you nod slowly before widening your eyes in thrill.
“this is my congratulatory party i cant leave!” you whisper, the features of your face twisting in such emotion and animation.
“oh yeah,” he moves closer to you, enveloping you in a warm hug. “what you celebrating?” and his breath tickles your ear.
“im getting married,” you boast, proud smile lingering on your kissable lips. juyeon’s heart is racing and he fumbles with his words.
“you’re getting married huh?” he teases a contrast to his eyes that dart to your bare hand. so you haven’t opened the box, that’s a good first thing. the only first good thing so far.
“yeah, to this handsome fella that looks a lot like you,” you cheekily wink and peck his nose. your lips feel soft and as much as he wants to stay here with you, changmin burning eyes into his back is getting a little uncomfortable. so he hurls both your friends into a taxi, sending them home with a wave and they almost refuse to let go of you. eyes tearing as they tell you how grateful they are for you, how much theyre going to miss you and how beautiful you look in white.
juyeon knows you’d look beautiful in white, the thought of it almost sends him into another panic attack but for now he focuses on your red. he drapes his jacket over your shoulders to shield you from the biting evening chills and guides you into his car. your head leans on his shoulder as the two of you walk and when he fastens your seatbelt, your arms cling around his neck again.
“juyeonie,” his heart soars. he hums in response, making sure youre fastened in tightly and you use the tips of your fingers to lift up his chin. his eyes settle on yours, theyre curved into a waiting smile and kiss him gently. when you pull apart for air, you stop his lips from chasing after yours again with a single whisper.
“im really happy juyeonie,” its not the alcohol flushed on your cheeks anymore but a blush of love.
“me too,” he breathes. “me too.”
the drive home is quieter, his heart still shakes loud as hell but youre sleeping quietly, burnt out from exhaustion that he lifts your body gently and carries you into the home that the two of you have made.
you just about make it to the bedroom, his shoes kicked off long ago and his fingers trace your skin as they fumble with the straps on your heels. you’re awake enough to remove your own makeup but he still helps you to get changed into comfier clothes- a t shirt and shorts of his.
its moments like this that make him sure of his decision to marry you. it wasn’t an epiphany or that time was running out, it was gradual. it was getting up earlier to make you some tea, its him coming home from work to find you trying to make his favourite dish. its you both playing in the duvet covers that hang over washing lines on sunday laundry day. its him teaching you new choreography because you love and support him through anything. its not knowing what to say, but what to feel and you understanding the unformed words. its love. juyeon loves you so much that he can’t imagine life without you.
his body is lying upright, sitting up with his torso leaning on the headboard. youre in his lap, head leaning on to his chest falling between the brink of midnights in seoul and the land of sleeping.
the box no longer sits in your shared closet, its under his pillow, hands toying with it as it clicks open and slams shut a few times.
your brows furrow at the noise that you lightly and lazily hit his arm for him to stop and he chuckles into your ear. his breath is warm on your skin and you nestle your head further into his neck.
“you know,” your tired voice breaks the comfortable silence and his head turns slightly to give you his full attention. “if you waited until tomorrow, the ring would’ve been on your finger,” you giggle, playing with his hands. theyre much larger than yours but still ever so gentle. they hold yours with such love that he grips your hands even tighter.
“w-what?” his breath and heart stutter profusely, his lips part open and you cant resist the urge to kiss them, so you do. he’s still frozen and in the darkness of your bedroom, the fairylights glowing above you.
he chuckles nervously when you get up from your spot, his legs suddenly cold when you move. “w-where are you going?” his voice is quiet, probably the quietest you’ve ever heard him and you dont miss it even with the ruffling of the duvet covers. your body bends till its half off the bed, arms reaching underneath for a matching box, clothed in white.
the box twinkled under his gaze and you slowly crawl back to your spot. hesitant to pick up his hands and place them in your lap so both his and your hands are touching it. “i uh, i had it all planned out,” you swallow nervously, suddenly not feeling any of the courage and confidence you radiated before. “i booked a table for us at your favourite italian place, we’d wine and dine or whatever, id tell a stupid joke and your eyes will crinkle gorgeously like they always do,” you gulp and his free hand traces circles on the small of your back to calm you. “but i wasnt going to do it there, i wanted to do it here, sober,” you both laugh “in our home that weve made, i wanted to ask you. id get on one knee and tell you all the reasons why i love you and cant live without you. id whisper marry me because my heart is beating so fucking loud and i cant hear myself think but i dont need to think when it comes to you, you always just know, you know?” your voice quivers and tears pool the corners of your eyes.
“but you beat me to it,” another laugh. “i found the ring looking for earrings and it hit me, like confirmation, like lee juyeon wants to marry me?” both yours and his eyes are glossy now and youre completely sober and serious.
“i do,” he presses a kiss to your forehead.
“i do,” another to each of your eyelids, to your cheekbones and the sides of your jaw.
“i do,” he holds you steady and lips morph into yours in a sweet kiss of forever. “i , lee juyeon, completely wholeheartedly absolutely want to marry you,” you create a small enough distance between you two to open your white box and take out the silver ring, twisted in a rope to symbolise how you two will always be intertwined and connected, laced with little diamonds because your boy deserves something beautiful. “eric helped me pick it out,” breathing softly, you take his large hand in yours and bring it up to your lips, pressing your lips to the fourth finger and sliding it on. he smiles massive at the sight of you and the ring that you giggle in pure happiness.
he takes out his black box and clears his throat. “this is far from how i imagined us getting engaged but i wouldnt have it any other way, bug,” and you dont even hide the smile painted on your face. “and we must be the same person because,” he pulls out the ring and you let out a gasp. its almost identical to the one youve picked out for him, except in the centre lies a bigger diamond but its the exact same.
“juyeon,” you whisper, eyes focused on the ring.
“im so glad you didnt open the box, i wanted to see your face when i slip it on your finger,” he bites his lip and very delicately picks up your hand. he mimics your kiss but lets his lips linger a moment longer. “beautiful.”
“yeah it is,” you murmer, eyes still stuck on both your hands.
“no,” he tilts your head so you’re facing him ago. “you are.” and you crash so hard into him that his back falls flat on the bed. it doesn’t matter though not when you hair is tickling his chest, your nose presses into his neck in the warmest embrace ever.
“juyeonie were getting married,” you laugh and his hands rest at your sides, where they belong.
“yes we are baby, its just us forever from now.”
minnie’s note : hi ! i watched bride wars again last night and used a little wittle bit to inspire this imagine ahh im really happy with it and i hope you are too! lmk what you think and have the bestest day ever <3
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venusiangguk · a year ago
gold rush pt. 3 | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
>>pairing: jungkook x reader
>>genre: pwp, v little plot, smut, kinda fluffy, college au (kinda), established relationship
>>word count: 9.9k um?
>>warnings: pegging!!!, butt stuff!!!, sexy anal!!!, sub jk, soft dom oc, crying why do i always make everyone cry, fingering (m), strap on, dildos, vibrators, sex toys, sex shop adventures, explicit sex, like so explicit this bitch is basically 10k, mutual masturbation, coming untouched, kisses, aftercare in the form of snacks, titty squeezing, dirty talk, excessive use of pet names, yoongi exists
>>notes: i wasn’t gonna write this bc ur girl does not know the first thing about pegging, but jk sucking the strap came to me in a dream and i had to do it. it was highly requested so i hope u like it! i wrote and poorly edited this whole thing today so im sorry for any mistakes !! 
>>summary: jk wants the strap, and jk gets what he wants !!
pt.1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3
The sun is shining, and there’s just the perfect amount of breeze to cool Jeongguk as sweat runs down his temple. The soccer pitch just got cut, making the ball much easier to control, and therefore much easier to aim at Jimin’s ass. It’s cool-down time, so the team is in groups of three, idly kicking the ball between each other, for the last few minutes of practice. All in all, a great day to talk about getting pegged with his best friends.
Jeongguk glances around the field, making sure the other groups are far enough away from him and his friends before clearing his throat. “So… do you guys like… get pegged?”
When Taehyung passes the ball to Jimin, Jimin completely misses it due to the fact that he is looking at Jeongguk like he is the most pitiful human on the planet. Jeongguk adjusts his shin guard to avoid the scrutiny.
“Gguk… honey… are you dumb?”
Taehyung’s jogging back after retrieving the ball that ran astray. “No, Mini. He’s straight.” He kicks the ball to Jeongguk. “If by ‘pegged’ you mean fucked in the ass by a real dick, then yeah. We do.”
Jeongguk receives the ball with a ‘rainbow’ and juggles it from his thigh to his laces, balancing the ball for a second before kicking it to Jimin. He nods, contemplative. “Nice.”
“Okay ace.” He passes to Taehyung, before throwing Jeongguk a teasing look. “You thinking about taking it up the ass, Gukkie?”
“Perhaps I’m contemplating.” He sniffs nose in the air.
Taehyung laughs. “Got your button milked once and now you wanna take a phallic shaped object? Proud of you.” He places his hand over his heart, like the mere thought of Jeongguk getting railed makes his heart warm.
A whistle blows, and Jeongguk kicks the ball up to his arm, tucking it into the curve of his trim waist. “Why does everyone call it a button? And it hasn’t only been once.” He sounds exasperated and so so tired.
His friends jog to bump shoulders with him as they make their way to the locker rooms. “Hey, jokes aside, I think it’s cool you’re like comfortable enough, or whatever, with __ to explore the things you like.” Taehyung says.
Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “Okay Dad.”
“No seriously!” Jimin insists, holding the locker room door open for them. Fuck the rest of the team. “She seems good for you. Babys you like you need.” Jimin laughs.
Jeongguk’s shirt gets caught on his head as he squawks. “I don’t just like being babied, fuck you.”
“Okay so she also entertains your sadistic side. She’s the full package.”
Jeongguk looks down with a blush. He shrugs his shoulders lightly before bending over to get out of his gear. “She’s pretty cool I guess.”
Taehyung knees him while he’s still bent over making him stumble a bit. “Awe, Jeonggukkie is in love.”
“Shut up.” Jeongguk smacks him in the face with his smelly sock.
“When you gonna do it?” Jimin asks, buttoning his new pants. 
Apparently they aren’t showering today. Jeongguk will just have to stop at his dorm before heading to yours to help you study. That reminds him that you have a test on Friday, but are free this weekend. He just so happens to be free as well. The team they were supposed to play had to forfeit because their coach got caught sleeping with one of the cheerleaders. Sucks, but good for Jeongguk and his little asshole.
“Maybe this weekend.” With their backpacks on, they start the trek back to the dorms. It’s nearing night now, the sun just starting to set in the sky. Jeongguk pulls out his phone to tell you he’s stopping by his place before heading to you. You reply quickly.
wanna have sex instead of helping me study 
yeah but im not gonna 
just think about how good the sex will be when u get an a 
When Jeongguk pockets his phone, Taehyung speaks up.
“You think she’ll be down?”
Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate. “Yeah, probably.”
Ever since the first time you made him cum untouched, butt stuff has been a moderately regular occurrence for you both as a long-term, healthy, pro-ass eating couple. Honestly it was mostly him getting his butt played with, but he supposed it made sense. Like Jimin explained to his once naïve self, it was just biological- or something. Whatever. He wonders if three fingers will be enough to fit a fake dick in his ass. He asks his friends.
“Eh…” Jimin starts, looking up like he’s thinking. “Maybe, but you might wanna try to get to four, maybe five if you're using hers, since she’s tiny.”
Jeongguk’s mouth falls open and he pales. Taehyung notices and laughs.
“Don’t get scared. It’s just better to over-prep than under-prep. And like obviously you work up to it, she’s not just gonna shove her fist or her cock up your ass.”
Her cock. A little tingle settles in Jeongguk’s lower belly at the statement. He’s been thinking about this for a while, looking at porn in his free time. Seeing the way the guys moan on their girls’ strap always gets him hard. Seeing how hard their cocks get when the toy hits them just right. He throbs when he sees the guys cum just from the strap, no hands. Maybe he should fuck you when he gets to your dorm instead of helping you study. His cock is feeling a little plump.
“Alright well… Bye, thanks for being gay and answering my anal questions!”
As he’s pressing the button to his elevator, they lived on opposite sides of the athlete dorm and there were different elevators for each of the wings, Jimin chirps, “Don’t forget to empty your asshole really well, and don’t eat the day of! Also buy extra lube and put a spare blanket down!”
Jeongguk winces. Valuable information indeed, information he mentally pockets, but did he need to yell it in the dorm common room?
“Noted!” He yells back at the elevator dings and opens up. Jeongguk pretends like he doesn’t meet the curious, kind of confused gaze of one of his teammates. He must have walked in while Jimin was yelling and only caught the end of the conversation while waiting for the same elevator. Jeongguk gets in and immediately closes the doors. He can catch the next lift.
Jeongguk’s got his head in your lap and you’re running your fingers through his long, silky hair. He showered today, so waves of his aromatherapy lavender shampoo are wafting up to you. Sweet boy. He seems sidetracked, occasionally sighing and subtly twisting, but is still more or less purring on your thigh, feet tucked up onto the cushion of the couch. Netflix is on the small tv that was left by the last person who lived there, you’re mac book connected via HDMI. You’re not really paying attention. Mind kind of tired from all the studying you had done this week. Jeongguk fidgets a tiny bit again, wiggling like he’s trying to get comfortable. He huffs a sigh.
“Hey,” You say softly, getting his attention.
His body curves at the waist, causing his t-shirt to bunch up and show off the dip of his hip bone. He looks up at you with wide eyes. He seems surprisingly awake. Must have some busy little bees buzzing around his mind. He makes a little questioning noise.
“You okay? You’re kinda fussy.” You murmur.
He groans. “I-  am just thinking.”
“About?” You drag the word out in a singsong-y manner.
The way Jeongguk’s face flushes is so pretty, you have to stop yourself from cooing. 
He moves himself from your lap and sits facing you. He looks like he's thinking about what to say, or how to say what he’s thinking so hard about. 
Eloquently he states, “I’m horny.”
You glance at his cock. Not quite hard, but a little happy and excited. You chuckle, leaning towards him, giving him a playfully sexy look. “Okay, let’s fuck baby.”
Jeongguk blushes even more, cheeks tinted red, while he leans away from you.
You pout. “What?”
Again he pauses, a small pout on his lips. He seems to be in a soft, needy, difficult mood. You’re probably going to have to pry what he wants to say out of his mouth.
With another uncalled for exasperated huff, Jeongguk rolls his eyes and moves closer to you before catching you by surprise and swinging a leg over your lap. He’s facing you while he straddles your thighs. His arms are looped around your neck, he’s playing with a little bit of your hair, twirling the long length around his fingers. You smile up at him, gently. Your palms squeeze at his narrow hips encouragingly.
“I want to try something new…” He says. He sounds nervous and looks at you the same.
“Mhmm.” You say, fighting a smile. 
“Really bad. Like I want it really bad.” His hips roll, probably unconsciously from the way he closes his eyes to ground himself. 
You peek at his lap, and his cock is bulging, the fabric of his sweatpants doing nothing to help hide it. You bring your hand to it, and massage him through his pants.
He whines and pushes against your palm before a hand comes down and grabs your wrist, stopping the movement. “Quit it, I’m trying to talk.” He’s so petulant and whiny.
You move your hand away and place it back on his hip, giggling a little. “Well spit it out, then.”
He scowls. You reach up and smooth the wrinkle in his brow before trailing it down and cupping his cheek. He softens immediately, melts like butter in your hands. His eyes close and he lets out a soft sigh, body relaxing a little.
He’s whispering, kinda giggling out of embarrassment, when he says, “I want you to fuck me.” He pauses, peeking at you through his lashes. “Like for real.”
Almost instantly a little spark ignites in your belly, and you feel your pussy get that telltale heartbeat. You didn’t want to push Jeongguk into anything, but you’ve been thinking about taking the ‘next step’ with your… ass-plorations for some time. But you figured he would get to the same point on his own, and would come to you when he was ready. Turns out you know him as well as you thought you did.
“Yeah?” You rub your free hand up his side. 
He nods quickly, eagerly. You pinch his cheek lightly, and he retaliates by trying to bite at it. To avoid the attack it finds his way back to his waist.
“When did you want to? Tonight?”
He wiggles impossibly closer to you. Kisses you quick before nodding again. “Yeah. I um. I already like prepped… mostly. I prepped what I could by myself.” He pauses with a cute thinking face. “You will probably have to help me a little. But yeah. I got ready for you just in case.” He nods.
You hum, glancing at the old clock on the wall, another gift from the prior tenant. 11:52 pm. 
“If we hurry, we can make it to a sex shop? They don’t usually close until 2 or 3 in the morning.” You suggest.
Jeongguk bites his lip, smiling excitedly. “Really? Can we?”
You roll your eyes playfully. “Yeah, duh.” You lean up and give him a speedy, but thorough kiss, smiling into it. “Been wanting to peg you for so long.” 
His face scrunches endearingly. “Don’t call it that.”
He hops off your lap, and goes to grab the keys, wasting no time. He stands by the door expectantly. His cock is, extremely obviously, sticking out. Someone didn’t wear his briefs today.
“Can you like… kill that?” You’re laughing as you tug on some sweats of your own, having only been lounging in your panties and one of his shirts. Your usual at home attire.
He looks down, and has a smug grin on his face when he looks at you again. “It’ll go down in the car. Hurry up!”
A dildo looks so much bigger when one is looking at it knowing that it will be inside of them within the next few hours. And there are so many options and colors. Some vibrate, some have fake pubic hair on them. Some have balls that are squishy and feel eerily… accurate.
Jeongguk isn’t having second thoughts, no. But he is having thoughts. Very overwhelming thoughts. 
You’re next to your boyfriend, glancing between him and the varying selection of fake cocks displayed in front of you both, trying to gauge his reaction. He looks a little pale, but tentatively excited. Curious at the very least.
“Which one do you want?” You ask.
“No idea.” He responds, eyes wide.
Like most store clerks, one shows up, almost like they have a built in ‘customer needs help and has no idea which dildo to get to peg her super hot boyfriend’ radar. 
“You guys need help?” He is a small man, with a monotone voice. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else at 12:30am on a Saturday night. 
“NO!” Jeongguk says quickly and loudly. Very loudly.
Both you and the store clerk flinch, looking at him shocked.
Jeongguk shifts on his feet. “No.” He says in a more socially acceptable tone. “No- I’m sorry. But we’re uh-” He grabs your arm and pulls you closer. “We’re good, thanks.”
The clerk looks between you and Jeongguk and the dildos. “Um… Alright.” He starts to walk away before he turns back around. “Well if you change your mind, I’m Yoongi and I’ll be at the counter. If your toy is electric I’ll test it in the back before you leave… We uh- provide batteries with your purchase if needed…” With one last glance, a very judgmental one in Jeongguk’s opinion, Yoongi takes his place at said counter. His eyes flicker to you guys every once in a while.
“Baby,” You grab Jeongguk’s face between your palms and make him look at you. You squeeze and his lips poke out making him look like a guppy. He blinks. “I know you’re nervous, but it’s going to be okay.”
He rolls his eyes, guppy face and all. “Well obviously. I just- We don’t need help.” He wiggles out of your grip, much like a… guppy.
You grin, trying not to laugh, and just be the supportive girlfriend you are. “Okay, did you decide which one you want?”
A side glance. “Not yet…”
You walk up and go to grab a pink sparkly one.
“Uh, not that one.”
You quirk an eyebrow and move your hand to a larger one.
You play a little game of dildo hot or cold until you have a better idea of what Jeongguk wants. His preference seems to be skin tone, close to his own, with a more realistic feel. Normal balls though, not squishy. Also no faux hair. You thank him for that. If you actually had a penis it would surely be waxed. Bless Jeongguk for doing the same. As for size, he leaned more towards a very normal, moderate size. Maybe 5 or 6 inches at most, not too thick. Smaller than himself. One last option.
“Do you want it to vibrate?” You ask, holding one in your hand testing the numerous different settings.
He shakes his head, answering quick. “No.”
He pauses.
“Wait.” He thinks. “Maybe. Should we? You could use it too?” 
Sweet, kind, considerate angel. Always thinking about you and your pleasure. Couples who share the strap last the longest.
You shrug, pointing out, “I could use one that doesn’t vibrate too.”
He looks offended and sounds snotty. “Uh, you don’t need to.”
“Whatever. Why don’t we get both?”
You had a point. He pretends to ponder it, before nodding, already persuaded. “Okay.” 
“We need the harness now.”
You begin the harness hunt, walking through the store, coming across many a things, but for some reason you both keep missing them. They’re nowhere to be found. 
“Maybe they’re sold out?” He tries.
“Doubt it. Let’s go ask.” You grab him by his pinky and try to drag him to the counter. He resists. 
“Let’s not.”
“Koo.” You say giving him a look.
He whines, throwing his head back. Borderline throwing a fit. You hold your ground, smiling.
He’s easy to give in. Being a brat just on principle. “Fine but you’re talking.”
You stand on your tiptoes and kiss his cheek. “Of course, baby.” With his pinky in hand, you make your way to the counter.
The store clerk, Yoongi, if you remember correctly, is sitting behind the counter hunched over smiling at his phone. He doesn’t seem to notice you’re there.
You clear your throat gently, “Excuse me?”
Yoongi jumps, almost throwing his phone. “Fuck!” He exclaims. His fists come up ready to fight before he sees it’s you and Jeongguk. He then places his hand over his heart. “Shit, you scared me.” He chuckles, recovering quickly. “How can I help you?”
You stare at him for a moment longer before speaking up. “Um yeah, I was just wondering where your harnesses are?”
He leans on the counter, head in his hand looking kinda bored. “Hanresses? What kind? Hanging harness? Body harness?”
You glance at Jeongguk and he looks like he’s going to die.
“The um- strap on harnesses?” Your voice goes to a whisper when you say it, despite it just being you guys in the store.
Yoongi sits up, and looks at you, and then looks at Jeongguk. A look of understanding comes over his face along with an amused smile. He nods to himself, while getting up to help you. “Nice. Follow me.”
Jeongguk gapes at the ‘nice’ and looks at you in disbelief. You pat his butt telling him to get going. 
With some help from Yoongi you pick out a harness that looks supportive and comfortable, the ring that holds the dildo, compatible with both the ones that you plan on getting. It’s a simple adjustable black one. Yoongi recommended wearing something under it if the straps dig into you and irritate. He seems bored, but he’s actually very good at his job, and very knowledgeable.  
Finally you’re at the counter. You place all the items in Yoongi’s reach and he’s just about to tell you the total when Jeongguk perks up.
“Wait!” He says before scurrying off.
It’s quiet for a split second. Before the clerk speaks up.
“He’s cute.”
You smile, “Thanks, he’s mine.”
Yoongi laughs, small little fish teeth and gums on display. Must be a Pisces. You know Pisces teeth. “Does he have any cute friends?”
You nod. “Yeah, but they are dating.”
He shrugs. “Don’t care.”
“Uh… I can give you their Instagrams?”
He pulls out his phone, and follows them right there after a quick glance at their pages. Confidence is nice.
There’s a short lull in the conversation. And Jeongguk seems to be taking his sweet time getting something you guys must have forgotten. Or the poor things lost. It’s a big store. You speak up this time.
“Do you have like a manager I could leave a review for? You were really helpful, and seemed like you really knew what you were talking about.”
He shakes his head. “Nah, I own the place. You think I would be here on a Saturday night if it wasn’t obligatory? Thanks, though.”
“Oh.” You say. That was pretty impressive. The store was quite successful based on the reviews. You would make sure to let Jimin and Taehyung know Yoongi was a business man.
“Okay, I’m back.” Jeongguk announces. “Sorry I forgot where it was.”
He places 2 (two) large bottles of lube on the counter. You cough out a laugh.
“Baby, we have lube at home.”
“But do we have enough?”
“I think maybe one more would be more than enough.”
He ignores you, looking Yoongi in the eyes for the first time tonight. “Add both please.”
Yoongi nods, looking a little scared of Jeongguk’s seriousness, and does as he’s ordered.
After Jeongguk pays, and you both are making your way to the exit, Yoongi calls out, “Good luck, tell your friends to follow me back!”
“Uh- Okay?” Jeongguk yells back. When you’re in the parking lot, he asks, “What the heck was that about?”
You shake your head, laughing to yourself. “Don’t worry about it.”
As soon as you get back to your dorm, the atmosphere is thick, full of tension and nervous anticipation. Jeongguk’s fidgety, eager to get started. You’re not far off, but contain yourself a little more. Need to keep control of the situation in case Jeongguk gets deep into his mood.
You guys are in the bathroom now, each one washing a toy before you use it. You make sure to unwrap the harness and the lube as well, both at Jeongguk’s insistent request, ensuring you don’t have to stop and deal with it later. 
“Let’s just get undressed in here, it’s where my hamper is.” You say already tugging your shirt over your head, tits bouncing freely. Jeongguk went without briefs today, and you went without a bra.
Jeongguk quietly follows suit, and you don’t miss the way his hands are trembling a little in anticipation. When you’re both naked he kisses you quickly, and jiggles your boobs a little just because they are there and because he can, before saying, “Okay, lets go.” He’s out the bathroom before you can even respond. You laugh to yourself and gather the stuff he forgot in his excitement.
When you walk out with your hands full, you see Jeongguk spreading out a blanket over your comforter.
“Whatcha doin?” You ask curiously, placing the items on the nightstand.
“Gets messy. Wanna save your bedding.” He states.
You squawk, grabbing the blanket he set up on your bed. “Not my baby blanket you monster.”
He laughs, abs tensing. You notice he’s already hanging a little heavy between his thighs. “Sorry. Was the first one I saw.” He walks over to the couch and replaces the blanket that’s hanging over the back with your baby blanket and resets up. “Better?” he asks, extended his arm towards your bed to show off his work.
You nod, and take the few steps needed to close the space between you both. Your hand runs down his belly, and you feel his muscles jump, and you see little goosebumps sprout all over. His hands come up to cup your tits. You kiss softly where his heart is. You look up at him.
“I love you.” You smile.
He blushes. “Love you.” He whispers, before he leans down and slots your lips together.
It’s eager from the start. Your bodies press together, as your hands roam. When he takes a breath and surges back in, your teeth click together is his haste, before his tongue slips into your mouth. He groans into you, his hand going down to cup your ass, squeezing and pulling you impossibly closer. 
You feel his cock against your belly, almost fully hard already. You reach down to wrap a hand around him, wanting to help him get there before you get started. He hisses, thrusting forward instinctively before pulling away. He looks like he hates that he does.
“No- I,” He’s already short of breath, chest rising and falling a little bit faster than normal. “I wanna watch you cum. With the toy.” He reaches around you, grabbing the vibrating dildo. “Please?” He asks. His eyes are fervent.
You take the toy in your hand, and kiss him again softly. “Yeah, baby. Whatever you. It’s all about you tonight.”
He shakes his head. “Always about you too.” 
Your heart beats, happy in your chest. You thought about it earlier in the night, but Jeongguk really was the best lover. He always, always made sure you were taken care of, before, during, and after sex. He was so vocal and communicative, genuinely wanting you to know it was always about both of you, even if one was receiving more attention. He was caring like that in and out of the bedroom. You were so lucky to be his.
“You’re too good to me,” You laugh, climbing onto the bed. You settle back against your pillows, propping some behind you so you can see him, and watch him while you get off. He takes his place in front of you, looking at you expectantly.
He’s impatient, placing his hands on your knees, spreading you open so he can see your cunt. You let him get you into position before saying, “Keep your hands to yourself now, okay?”
He nods, eyes never leaving your pussy. He licks his lips. “Okay.” It’s said in a distracted kind of far away tone.
You hum as you bring the toy to your mouth, getting it wet. You wouldn’t need any lube, you would be dripping in no time. You don’t waste any time putting your free hand down between your legs and spreading your pussy lips, so your clit and the pretty pink center of your cunt are displayed for Jeongguk. You glance at him through your lashes, when you hear a small gasp fall from his lips. He’s already got a hand around himself. Just the tips of his fingers stroking his length, at a leisurely pace. 
“She’s so pretty… You’re so pretty.” His eye flick to your face before zeroing in on your center again.
“Tell me how to do it baby. Tell me what you want to see.” You say, voice salacious and soft. You circle your finger slowly around your nub, dipping inside just a bit to spread your slick around.
When he swallows, it’s audible, his Adam's apple jumping. “I want you to turn it on low, and put it on your clit. I want you to feel good.”
You smile, and drag the tip of it down your body to just above your clit, turning it on the lowest setting before making contact with your sensitive nub. Your legs jolt, almost closing when you feel the vibrations. Even the lowest setting was strong. Your head falls back, and your legs spread more for him once you get used to the strength of the toy. “Fuck…” You breathe.
“Does it feel good?” He asks, greedy for your pleasure.
You nod, eyes still closed, focusing. You move the vibrator in small circles over your clit. You can hear Jeongguk’s breaths speed up.
“Turn it up.” His voice gives away that he’s speeded up his hand on his cock too.
You do as he says, looking at him as you do. He’s sin personified. He’s on his knees, sitting back on his feet, so his thighs are flexed and bulging. His abs tense when his palm twists under the crown of his cock. His eyes almost look black, pupils blown so wide, lust taking over his face. He’s got his plump bottom lip drawn between his teeth. He looks up from your pussy and catches you staring. He smiles shyly.
You keep your eyes on him as you bring the toy back down to your core. A short high pitched moan falls from your lips, as your brows knit together, before your eyes roll back. He groans, your expression enough to make his cock start to leak.
“Feels so good, Jeongguk.” You moan. The vibrator is right where it feels best, pulsing against your clit, causing pleasure to bleed into your veins. 
“Yeah, baby?” He asks, he’s breathless, sounds like he’s in love. With you, your cunt. “Tell me.”
“‘S just right Koo, could make me cum just like this…” 
He curses, and you open your eyes just in time to see him grip the base of his cock, keeping himself in check. “Not yet, baby. Little longer, please.” Still so polite and good for you, even when he’s the one telling you what to do.
He has you keep the vibe there, for a while longer, right in the spot that’s gonna make you lose it. He watches as a tiny clear drop leaks from you pink little pussy. It looks like it’s heavy and about to drip down to the blanket under you. He doesn’t notice your legs shaking until you’re gasping, “Koo, I’m almost- I’m gonna-”
“No!” He says quickly, his hand reaches out to pull the vibrator from your cunt just before you get your high. Your pussy aches and throbs, wanting to cum so bad. 
Your chest is heaving when you ask, “Are… are you edging me?”
He shakes his head, even though your eyes are closed, trying to catch your breath. “No, no! I just. I got distracted.” He looks at that small drop of slick again. Fuck, he wants to lick it up and drink you down. “You’re leaking.” He states.
You laugh, breathing getting back to normal. “Yeah?” You reach your hand down to collect the distracting little droplet and bring it in front of you. You press the sticky finger to your thumb and then pull them apart to see the clear strings stay connected even as you pull. You hum, before offering your hand to Jeongguk. He sucks in a breath.
“Want some?” 
He’s quick as he crawls between you legs, cock fully hard now. He watches you as he sucks your fingers into his mouth, tongue swirling around getting every last bit, before he sucks off with a pop!
He crawls farther up your body to kiss you deep, wanting you to get a taste of yourself too. He pulls back just a bit, and whispers against your lips, “I want you to fuck yourself with it, okay? Just for a little bit, then you can cum?” He’s phrasing it as a question, knowing he really doesn't have the final say, not tonight. But his voice is shaking from how turned on he is, how could you ever say no?
“Sit back.” Is all you respond. He does as he’s told.
You buzz the toy over your clit again, just because you can. Wanting to see how long Jeongguk can be good before begging. Turns out it’s not long at all. 
“Put it in…” He moans. You look at him and his mouth is parted, and his eyes heavy as he watches you. His hand is moving fast over his cock, sticking straight up to his tummy. “Please.”
You drag the toy down to your slit, and tease it there before just barely pushing it in just a fraction of the length. Jeongguk whines, high and desperate. Apparently you’re moving to slow for him.
“More,” He begs. 
You sigh, “You’re so needy tonight, baby.” He nods, agreeable.
When the toy sinks inside of you all the way to the hilt, you and Jeongguk both moan a quiet, “Fuck.” simultaneously. You’re coherent enough to laugh a little at the jinx, but he seems to barely notice, too focused on watching the toy sink into you, and then come back out to vibrate your clit again. You keep up this teasing pattern, again waiting to be told what to do by him, waiting to see how long he makes it this time.
“Harder, do it harder,” He’s panting. Moaning every word that leaves his lips.
You do as he says, and finally push the toy in at a pace that gets you climbing to being close again. You won’t be able to come like this though, and he knows that. Knows that you can only cum from penetration with him. He leans over and grabs the other toy from the end table, spitting on it and spreading it around until it's covered well.
“Use them both, want you to cum for me.”
With two toys in your hands, one in your cunt, filling you up, and one on your clit, making your legs shake, you do your best to make yourself cum. But it’s not enough. A soft whine falls from your lips, you’re so close, but you need more. More than you can give yourself.
“Faster baby, faster. You’re so close.” He whispers. He got both hands working now too, one stroking and one down tugging on his balls. 
You whimper, “I can’t my arm hurts. It’s tired.”
Immediately he stops pleasing himself and gets right to pleasing you. Your pleasure taking priority. “Shh, don’t worry, I’ll help you baby.”
Jeongguk sits between your legs, and takes over the toy fucking into you, and turns up the one on your clit. With him pushing the toy in at a pace that you couldn’t do yourself, and the other toy vibing your clit incessantly, it takes barely any time at all for you to cum. You were so close already, just needed him to push you over. 
Your legs are shaking and your toes are curling, when you cry out, “Baby, I’m gonna cum.”
“Do it, baby. Wanna watch.” He’s quiet, paying close attention to your body and the reactions he’s helping pull from it. He’s part of the reason why your face looks so pornographic as you finish. He’s part of the reason why your back is arching off of the bed. He’s part of the reason why your toes are curling, and why your legs are shaking, and why your pussy is contracting over the toy he’s still thrusting inside of you, working you through every last second of your orgasm. He reads your body cues, and slows down and pulls it out when you start to come down. You look blissed out, and you bring a hand to your hair and fluff it a little before laughing.
“That was good.” You sigh smiling, and when you look at him an image forms in your head, and you have every intention of making him carry it out.
Right before your eyes, Jeongguk wraps his lips around the toy that is going to be inside of him in just a short while, sucking off your slick. He laps his tongue around it trying to get it all. He’s obscene. 
“Gimme,” You say sitting up with an extended hand. 
He pouts at being interrupted, but does as he’s told. He takes your spot on the bed, and you head to the bathroom, stopping by your dresser on the way.
When you get to the bathroom, you close the door and get to cleaning the toys once again. After, you get to the stuff you grabbed from the wardrobe. A lacy pair of black panties, and sheer black thigh highs with matching lace adorning the tops. You slip into them, and then move on to the strap on. You hold it in front of you and try to make sense of which part goes where, and which holes your legs go into. It takes a second, but you get into it, adjusting it so it's nice and snug. Your outfit probably won’t help much with protecting your thighs, but at least the little part above your pussy will be safe. You look at yourself in the mirror. Not too weird or scary yet. You glance at the dildo on the counter.
It’s not too big so hopefully it’s not too… jarring when you see yourself with it. You get to work, slipping the suction base of the non-vibrating toy into the ring that’s meant to hold it in place. You look at it sticking out from your crotch and take a deep breath before turning to the mirror.
You gasp, before cackling quietly. You knew it was going to be weird. Like you knew. But actually seeing yourself with the whole get up is funny. Right now at least. You know it’s going to be sexy, once you get used to it and into the moment and inside of Jeongguk. You wonder how he’s going to react. Only one way to find out.
While you're walking to your bedroom from the bathroom, the dildo bobs, and you're giggling distractedly until you lift your eyes to let your boyfriend know you're ready. Again you’re met with a scene so indecent it belongs in a porno.
Jeongguk’s eyes are closed and soft moans are falling from his lips as he strokes his cock. He’s got three fingers in his ass, opening himself up for you, for your cock. Such a good good boy. He was so patient and productive while you got ready for him.
“You’re so good baby,” You murmur softly.
Jeongguk blinks his eyes open slowly, and rolls his head to the side to look at you. He doesn’t even falter in his movements at all, hand still moving, fingers still thrusting. He smiles a little when he sees you, but his eyes are hazy and he sounds lust drunk when he simply says, “You look sexy.”
You blush and a fond smile graces your lips, any embarrassment or self consciousness you were feeling prior to seeing him spread out for you on your bed, quickly vanishing.
You settle on the bed between his legs and watch for a moment as his hole takes his long fingers in. “Want me to help?” You ask quietly.
“Mhmm,” He nods, eyes closed still, tongue peeking out from between his lips. He doesn’t take his fingers out, though.
You grab the lube next to him, and flip it open. “You gonna get out so I can get in?” 
He shakes his head. “Nuh uh. Put one in with mine.”
Something about that makes your body tingle. Inside of him with him. Opening him up. You can’t explain it, because you don’t really even get it yourself, but it makes you buzz and feel almost high.
You slick up your middle finger, and drizzle some more on his for good measure. He jumps slightly, and then giggles softly.
“Cold.” He says.
“Sorry,” You say distractedly. Your finger is lined up with his now.
“I’ve never done 4 before so you… have to go slow…” He pauses as he speaks, letting himself moan freely when his fingers graze over that secret spot that he’s grown to love so much.
“Tell me to stop if you need to.”
He doesn’t reply, just stops his fingers so you can wiggle yours in next to his. At the first push against his hole, there’s resistance. Very much expected. He’s quiet, teeth gritted, but he never says stop, knowing his body wants it, and knowing it will accommodate what he wants. After the second knuckle, your finger sinks in, almost gets sucked in, by his hole.
He lets out a shaky breath.
“You okay, baby?” You check in.
“Yeah just… full.” He moans when you wiggle your finger experimentally. “”S good. Move it some more.”
You do, and his start to move with yours. You can feel his fingers curl inside of himself to reach his prostate, and it’s pleasant in an out of body way, knowing when his face is going to contort in pleasure, and when he’s going to cry out, when you never really knew before. You’ve milked him before, of course, but feeling him do it to himself from the inside? It’s kind of thrilling.
“Pull, stretch me out.” He moans, voice impatient and needy.
He gets kinda slutty when something’s up his ass.
He swears when you do, his finger rubbing insistent circles on his prostate to distract himself from the minor sting of the stretch. His moans, start to raise in pitch and his hand that’s on his cock, still jerking it, starts to speed up. You can tell he’s close. He clenches against your finger that’s still stretching him open.
“Fuck,” He says, on a breathless giggle, “Take them out. Or I’m gonna cum.” He’s still stroking his cock, like he doesn’t wanna stop.
“You c-” 
“No. Out.” He demands, hand finally pulling away from his cock, and his fingers inside stop. You gently ease out of him.
When Jeongguk’s fingers slip out, you gasp. His little pink hole is clenching on nothing, still open just the tiniest bit, thoroughly stretched.
“You know how you always say my pussy is pretty?” You ask, fingers tracing around the puffy stretched rim.
He makes an affirmative noise, watching you with hooded, lazy eyes as you touch him. He even spreads farther so you can touch and see better. You marvel at the difference between the embarrassed boy you made cum untouched a couple months ago, and the one in front of you now, so comfortable and relaxed. It makes you happy.
“Well, your butthole is pretty.”
He snorts, and kicks you lightly. He smiles at you, soft and sluggish. “Just fuck me.” 
He sounds so wistful and just ready.
But you’re not.
You grip the base of your cock, and stand up. You walk to the head of the bed, next to his confused face. You stay there waiting for him to get it. He doesn’t.
“You want me inside of you right baby?” You ask, voice gentle.
He nods, eyes no longer hazy, but wide and confused. He looks between you and your cock.
“I think that means you have to get me ready. Get me nice and wet, right?”
You can physically see when Jeongguk gets it. When it clicks for him. His eyes darken, and he licks his lips. “Yeah… You’re right. I should… help you.” He whispers, sitting up. You back up enough for him to have a place on the floor.
Jeongguk on his knees for you isn’t a new sight. He’s eaten your pussy like this before, you either grinding onto his face, or him holding you still and making quick work of your clit. But Jeongguk on his knees for you to suck your cock? New, and lewd. 
He looks nervous, kind of hesitant. A hand is raised midway, like he isn't sure if he should grab it. 
“Lick it, baby.” You encourage.
He glances at you, doe eyes seeking approval as he leans forward and gives a kitten lick to the tip. You nod, letting him know he’s doing well. His hand comes up and replaces yours at the base and he opens his mouth enough to wrap his lips around the head, and he swirls his tongue.
He pops off, and strokes up to where his mouth was and spreads the little bit of spit. The silicone is still dry though, so he spits on it more, straight from his mouth. You suck in a breath.
“Fuck, you’re so hot baby.” You whisper a breathy moan as his hands move up and down your cock. He adds his mouth again.
He hums a little, before backing up and looking at you again. “Does that feel good?” He asks.
You laugh lightly, in pure awe of him. He’s so sexy, and so sweet, and so incredibly lust inducing. Your pussy aches behind your cock. “Feels so good, baby. You’re doing so good.”
He hums, still stroking you off. “I really want it inside me…” He says, hinting that he’s ready.
You have mercy on him, having fulfilled your newfound personal fantasy enough for the night. Maybe you could revisit it another time. But now it was time to fulfill a mutual fantasy.
“On the bed, hands and knees.” You tell him.
Excitedly he hops back onto the bed, and gets into position, his hole on display for you. His back is arched and you can see the plush swell where his lower back meets the top of his cheeks. You settle behind him, and his shoulder to waist to hip ratio, is sinful. He’s always had the daintiest waist, strong, but still so small. But at this angle, it’s cinched and the way his legs are spread makes his hips look wider, accentuating the dip at his middle. You rub your hands over the narrow curve, all the way to his cheeks, grabbing handfuls of the muscle. There’s a slight give when you squeeze your hands.
Jeongguk’s head drops, and he lets out a shuddering sigh, he’s got the chills again, and he’s got a constant thrum coursing through his body. “Please…” He moans, so quietly, so desperately.
You kiss the small of his back before grabbing the lube left abandoned on the bed. You lather 2 of your fingers, and push them into Jeongguk’s hole making sure he’s nice and slick. There’s no resistance at all, hole loose and ready enough for them to slip right in. Then you lather your cock, probably with too much lube, honestly, but you wanted to be so sure that he didn’t feel any more pain than absolutely necessary. You knew the first initial push in would be the worst, but you were hopeful you both had stretched him out enough to at least minimize or diminish it altogether. 
You grab the base of your cock and line it up with his hole. It flutters, when you barely press against his rim.
“Ready?” You ask, giving a heads up.
“Yeah.” He says softly.
He’s tight. His hole sinks in with the tip of your cock before the rim gives and swallows around it. Jeongguk tenses and his hands grip the blanket under you. 
“Shit…” He groans. He sounds like he’s clenching his teeth.
You rub soothingly at his lower back, fingers dipping when you run them over the dimples at the bottom of his spine. “You’re doing so good baby.” You tell him.
“Doesn’t really hurt, I’m just stretching.” He says through his teeth. “I can take it though, keep going.”
You grab the lube and drizzle more directly onto his hole. He doesn’t mention the cold this time, too focused on taking your cock. You push against him, and feel yourself sink deeper into him. It’s like after the tip was in, his body knew what to do to take the rest. The slide wasn’t a swift, fast stroke, but it was a smooth and slow glide. When you bottom out Jeongguk’s arms give out from under him, his face going to the bed. 
“Holy fuck.” He keens, resting his head on his arms. Your hands are constantly on him, soothing him in any way that you can.
“Tell me when.” You whisper patiently. He nods. With his head turned to the side and pillowed on his arms, you can see his eyes are squeezed shut. The inhales and exhales you can see in the expanding of his ribcage, tell you that he’s taking deep breaths working through the stretch, getting himself used to it.
“Okay… Ready.” He murmurs.
You pull out just a bit before pushing back in. Jeongguk moans softly. Spreads his legs even wider, arches his back even deeper. He’s pushing his ass out for you, his body begging you to make it feel good.
You keep a slow pace, kind of nervous to speed up. 
“You can go faster, feels nice.” He says. He’s been puffing out little gasps of air every time you bottom out with your slow pace.
With his consent, you grab at his hips and pull out to just the tip, before swiftly pushing back in, fast and hard. His cheeks bounce on the impact. You grab one and jiggle it a little, thrusting into him again, drinking down the whines that slip out.
“You’ve got such a bubble butt, I never noticed before. But it like… bounces.” You say, wonder in your tone. 
“Thanks, can you like tell me about it later?” He asks, voice strained.
Point taken. 
Your thrust game is kind of shitty, in reality. It’s hard to find a rhythm, your hips not used to moving this way. But Jeongguk is moaning freely underneath you, just happy to have something inside of him after thinking about it all week. So you keep going, and eventually, the pattern comes to you, still kind of messy, but now you’ve got him cursing beneath you. You’ve got one hand on his ass, the other braced on his arched spine.
A particularly good thrust has Jeongguk burying his face into the bed, teeth biting at the bedding. “Yeah fuck-” He groans with his mouth full of blanket. With his hands now free, he brings them behind him and settles them on his cheeks and spreads.
You watch clearly as your cock sinks into Jeongguk’s ass. You’re out of breath, but you make sure to tell him how good he looks, how pretty his hole looks swallowing your cock, like it was made to take it.
“Wanna ride you.” He says. His voice is pitifully wrecked and he sounds so thoroughly fucked, you feel a little proud. Still, you’re grateful for a break. You don’t know how he fucks you like he does. ‘Topping’ is tiring. You pull out of him, and realize that when you were in awe of his hole at taking your fingers, it was premature. Jeongguk’s hole after he takes your cock is vulgar. It’s properly gaped now. Not huge, but around a fingers width.
He rolls over, and settles on his back like he just needs a moment. His chest is heaving, similar to yours. You hop off the bed, and a needy keen comes from him. You glance back at him, and he looks like he’s going to get up and follow you, but you hush him gently.
“I’m just getting some water, baby. I’ll be right back.” 
He huffs flopping back onto his back. “Hurry please.” He whines.
You get back as soon as possible with a glass of water for you both to share. He sits up onto one elbow and makes a grabby hand for the cup after you’ve had your share. You swat his hand away and hold the cup to his lips. He hums, gulping the water down. He’s happy to be coddled and taken care of. When he finishes with a cute little gasp, you place the cup to the side, and brush your hand through his sweaty hair. 
He butts his head against your palm and laughs. His eyes shut, and crinkled at the corners. His water break seems to have perked him up. His cock hasn’t deflated one bit. Rock hard and red, throbbing against his tummy. It’s messy and wet too.
You’re about to ask if he touched himself while you were inside of him, but before you can, you’re getting manhandled until he’s on top of you. He’s got your hands pinned above your head, and he smiles at you playfully, before leaning down to kiss you, deep and slow. He sucks on your lip, and slowly grinds his cock onto your belly, soft whines spilling from his tongue. He brushes his nose against yours as he sighs into your mouth, finally allowing himself the pleasure of paying attention to his cock. 
He doesn’t allow himself relief for long, however. He’s sitting up and looking from side to side for the lube before finally spotting it. His movements are quick and hectic, like he’s too excited and overly eager.
You rub your hands over his strong thighs. “Hey, slow down. You don’t have to rush. We have all night.”
He sighs at your touch, and nods softly. He whispers. “Yeah… okay. I love you.”
The little affection makes you swoon, absolutely smitten. “I love you.” You squeeze at his legs, tenderly.
He hums. “Gonna ride you now.” He opens the lube and continues with eager actions, almost like you didn’t even slow him down just a moment ago. You smile fondly to yourself. Jeongguk’s too busy slicking up your cock again to notice the mushy look.
He’s got a hand reaching behind him and he’s gripping your cock to line it up with his hole. He wiggles to get into the right position before slowly starting to sink down. His eyebrows are pinched, and his mouth falls open. But his eyes roll back when he bottoms out. His hands are braced on your stomach.
“Oh, I love it like this.” He whimpers. His legs tense at your sides, almost like he’s trying to close his legs at the pleasure he feels from your cock being tucked inside of him, hitting all the right places. He starts to grind on your cock, soft pleasured little mewls just tumbling off his tongue.
He looks so good, whining, grinding on you with his weeping cock displayed. But you wanna see him lose it on your cock. See him fall apart at how good it feels, not watch him bask in it.
“Bounce on it.” You say, voice sounding almost as fucked out as his. You know your panties are soaked through at this point, pussy pulsing and neglected, tucked away behind the strap.
Jeongguk nods. “Yeah, wanna.” 
He’s lifting himself off your cock to the tip before sliding down on it again, hard and fast. It punches a sharp gasp from his lungs. He finds a pace he likes and keeps it up, his thighs tensing, and his abs flexing as he tests his stamina, chasing that euphoric feeling he wants so so badly. He’s so strong and fit, bouncing up and down on your cock as loud unabashed moans fill the room. 
The force of him riding you makes your tits jiggle, bouncing around until they catch his attention. He groans before his hands find them, squeezing hard, using them as leverage as he pulls and drags his hips over yours. Your cock must be rubbing over his prostate because he’s losing his mind. All kinds of noises leave his mouth, and the expressions he makes are filthy.
“Fuck baby. You make me feel so good. The best- I-” He eyes squeeze shut and his mouth opens in a silent moan, overwhelmed, before a guttural groan sounds from deep within his chest. “God. Wanna cum on your cock, baby. Fuck me-”
You laugh, wonderstruck, and kind of deliriously high on the satisfaction and fulfillment you get from seeing Jeongguk feel so just…. Good. “Yeah baby? You’re gonna cum for me? All over my cock?”
He whimpers and nods as he gets back to bouncing, a desperation to his movements that wasn’t there before. His cock is slapping against both of your stomachs with nasty wet noises due to his precum getting everywhere. You feel some fly and hit your neck, his cock just dripping, weeping and begging to cum. 
It won’t be long though, before he cums. You feel the way his thighs tense, and he gets that confused look on his face, and he’s got that puzzled pitch to his moans. It’s the way he always gets when he cums untouched, always in awe that he can do it himself, without a hand around his cock. His whole body is flushed and hot to the touch, sweat making him glow in the soft light of your bedroom lamp.
He throws his head back, neck extended, and veins bulging, before looking down at his bouncing cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He’s so whiny and noisy when he moans.
“Yeah?” You ask again, “Do it baby, show me how. You can do it, cum for me.” 
He’s nodding frantically, “Yeah- I’m gonna... Fuck, yes- Yeah, I’m-” He bounces a few more times, silent aside from the obscene squelching noises of your skin meeting, before his body tenses one last time before that string in him snaps. “Cumming-” He chokes it out. His moans don’t stop the whole time his cock shoots out his load, landing on your tummy. The moans even turn into cries, actual tears filling his eyes and falling down his cheeks. His body jerks and twitches with his orgasm. But still, he’s grinding on you, your cock still rubbing that spot inside of him, it’s like he never wants the feeling to end, even if it’s devastating, bordering on too much to handle.
You smooth your hands all over his sweaty body, before firmly placing them on his hips, stopping him. “Hey. You’re good, you did so good baby, you don’t have to keep going.”
Jeongguk’s cries are quiet, and he takes a few deep stuttering breaths to try and calm himself down, nodding with your soothing words. He rubs the back of his hand at his eyes, trying to dry them. It doesn’t help much, he’s calmed himself some but a few silent tears still make their way out, along with some soft hiccupping breaths.
“Lay down, and wait for me, hmm?” You whisper gently. He nods and lifts himself slowly, wincing at the sore ache in his hole. It’s more prevalent now that the pleasure has subsided. He all but collapses onto your pillow. 
“I’m gonna get some more water, and a towel okay?”
He grunts in response.
Before you go, you strip out of the gear, just tossing it on the ground, eager to get back to Jeongguk after getting the things you need.
When you get back, he is in the same exact position, and you laugh lightly. 
“Baby?” You ask, making sure he didn’t fall asleep.
Another grunt.
Good, he would hate you in the morning if you left him to sleep being so messy.
“Sit up, I have water and snacks and cleaning supplies.”
His head pops up. “Snacks?” His hair is sticking up on one side.
You laugh, endeared. He’s not crying anymore either, a good sign that he will be okay in just a little while after some kisses and love.
“Yeah, I got some of those seaweed chips you like, and some water.”
He sits up, leaning back on the pillows knowing the drill for after butt stuff. You hand him the water and the chips. He eats first.
“You hungry?” You ask, fitting yourself between his legs with the warm washcloth. He opens easily, munching away. You both are far past after sex shyness.
He talks with his mouth full. “Yeah. Jimin said not to eat the day off.”
You hum curiously, but don’t question it. Jimin partakes in butt stuff much more than you both. 
You’ve got all the lube cleaned off his thighs and cheeks, now all that’s left is his hole. You do it as gently as you can, knowing he’s sore just from how red and swollen and puffy it is.  But he still winces.
“How bad is it?” He mumbles.
You hesitate. “Um… You’re gonna be a little sore.” You tell him simply.
He groans, before downing his water. When he’s done, he says, “Practice is going to suck.”
You nod in agreement. It was. You wrap the used cloth in the blanket you used to protect your sheets, once again just tossing the bundle to the floor.
“Worth it though,” He smiles, pleased.
You chuckle as you find your place by him. He’s set his refreshments aside and lets you curl against him. His body sags with exhaustion when he feels your warmth press into him. You plant kisses on every inch of skin you can reach. He purrs.
“Why’d you keep going?” You ask, between smooches.
“I don’t know… it just felt so good. I guess I didn’t want it to stop.” He’s quiet, and his words are said on a sigh.
You nod, your kisses making your way to his lips. You just kiss him, slow and easy, for a few minutes until he yawns into it. He giggles.
“I’m so tired man.”
“I bet man.” You tease.
He kisses you one more time before asking, “Will you tickle my back until I fall asleep?” It’s hopeful and so sugary sweet.
“Yeah roll over.”
It’s barely a few minutes before you're met with his soft snores. You kiss his shoulder blade, before following right behind him.
you ask for pegging and you shall receive :] i hope you liked it and that it met ur pegging standards askdkhjd as always, comments and feedback and asks and notes are loved and appreciated. thank you for reading friends ily :* 
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dreamsmpimagnes · a year ago
Ive been getting into Origins ever since the season 2 came out and Im wondering if you have any hcs for it? Just general one are okay ^-^ thank you <333
I've peaked with this post
Warning: it's sooooo fucking long
Individual Hcs
Because he's just made up of a viscous dull lime green slime in the basic shape of a person with black eyes, he tries to wear normal looking clothing so his appearance is less off putting to others
Whenever he gets bonked down to a smaller size, he has to go through wherever it happened and pick up the slime from the ground to morph back into his body, which can take hours
Also, instead of holding things like a normal person, he just sticks them in his body so they're suspended in the slime and he can take them out whenever he needs to use them, he can't do it for too long, though, because otherwise, they break down in his body and he'll digest them (he can do this with anything but obsidian)
This makes the process with food upsetting to many people, since whenever he heads to eat, he absorbs is through his mouth and, throughout a few hours, it breaks itself down and turns to energy in him
He's half arctic fox, so he enjoys colder climates and running around in the snow
His hair is fluffy and white and his eyes are a golden hazel, also, while his teeth are relatively normal, he has sharp canines
That being said, when he was younger and on his own, he would rip through raw meat, not knowing quite how to cook it without accidentally turning it into charcoal
Because he was alone a lot at the start of his life, he thrives off of social interaction, being a very touchy feely person with those he cares about (does not appreciate the small jokes though)
Loves collecting leather goods, bones, skulls, and shiny things
Because of that, his den is a bit intimidating to go into, but it makes him feel fully safe and at home
His skin is tinted an orange-gold color and his hands and feet are a dark gray, as if they're covered in a layer of ash, and in place of his hair, he has bright flames coming from his head
He has ten flaming rods swirling around him at all times (one for each heart, so when he takes damage, he has to regenerate them), when he gets cold or wet, they slow down significantly, on the other hand, when he heats up or gets ready to fight, they speed up
Also, if he uses weapons to fight, he always sets them on fire first
When he was in the Nether, all of his clothing and armor fit oddly because he stole it from piglins, so the only thing he really kept was a long dark gray clock that was fire resistant
Speaking of the Nether, with the exception of being in a fortress, he hates being in it and, when he finally got out, he stumbled into the grass and sprinted away while cheering (weird day for Phil)
The only thing he misses is the colors and lack of sun
Being in the Overworld now, it's far too bright out and there's a dreadful blue tint to everything
Because of that, he gets frequent headaches
Protects the Pube with his life because it was something Phil made and he says he owes Phil his life
Side note, he really enjoys eating normal human food even if he doesn't need to (it tastes good)
o!Jschlatt/Fragrance Man
He's a wandering salesman/conman of sorts
He's a pretty secretive guy and the things he sells are definitely stolen, but that's neither here nor there
Only Wilbur and Phil know him, but even then, it's not a whole lot
Definitely a shady fella
She's an angler fish mermaid, which is why she prefers to stay in deep and dark cavernous waters
Her wavy shoulder length hair is usually tied back and her bangs part to show the little pastel pink light bulb that hangs down in an arch from her hair line
Her top is made up of various sea life flora that's strung together with left over fishing wire she's found, she also includes small shells and pearls into her outfit to make it look prettier
Her tail, starting from the tip to her waist, is a dark to pastel turquoise gradient with a row of dull spikes that begin down after her spine ends, they're also tipped off with pastel pink
She has incredibly sharp teeth, but you wouldn't know unless she smiles at you
She enjoys collecting pretty things like pearls, pretty colored rocks, and small little treasures that were tossed into oceans and hidden in chests
Because of that, she's taken up temporary residence in every ship wreak she's found, building onto them so that they're more comfortable to live in (they're basically her vacation homes)
She chooses to swim quite a way away to eat since she normally rips fish apart to eat them and it's far too messy to have around her home
Has made friends with the glow squids though
He really is the father figure, creating and slowly building up the little community for all of the different hybrids to stay at
He's very nervous around full humans though, since throughout history, humans and hybrids have never really had a great history together (that doesn't mean he's disrespectful or rude towards them, just cautious)
His wings are large and in the shape of a common crow's, but colored golden
Even though there are a few missing or uncomfortably bent feathers from past scraps he's gotten into as a teenager, he takes incredibly good care of them, preening them often
He enjoys flying the most at sunrise when there's a light yellow glow over everything, he especially loves perching on top of a mountain peak, watching the sun actually rise and mark the start of a new day
He's a prince, and a spoiled one at that, the third line line for the throne, having two older brothers ahead of him, so he spent the majority of his time slacking off and not taking anything seriously
He was originally casted away from his home in the End to go on some grand journey of self discovery to lean what respect and hard work is like, and only then could he return, but honestly he thinks it's all bs
He can be incredibly cocky when it comes to his abilities and, only to the other kids, insists his are the best (he gets a bit intimidated saying it to an adult just in case they cast him away like his parents did)
Gets really bored and frustrated whenever it rains, so when it does, he just paces around the house, opening doors and windows every few minutes to check if it stopped, and, will occasionally try to step out (he's just so bored, what? Do you actually expect him to wait??)
One of his favorite things are magic items of any sort
He hoards anything from potions, potion ingredients, enchanted items, and enchanting books (he got a ghast tear from Jack before and he keeps it with the rest of his nice things)
He doesn't actually use them for anything, he just keeps them so he can look at them
Has that "I'm invincible" mentality that's gotten him in so much trouble in the past
While he laughs about it at first, he gets incredibly anxious whenever someone wears a pumpkin around him, the idea that he can't see them but knowing that they're around him stresses him out to no end
Has a slight fear of authority figures too
He was born from the endless void, century old stars crowing his head and the entire universe shining back in his eyes
His face is freckled with purples, blues, and pinks and his ink black hair and silk clothing flutter as if there's a constant soft wind surrounding him
And now he's stuck on the ground with a bunch of dickheads
No, but seriously he is like a millennia old
It's said that when he came to the earth, there was a beautiful cosmic array of asteroids, all shooting through the night sky as if the universe was crying for it's lost child
That confuses everyone considering he always refers to the stars as his brothers and sisters, so no one knows if that's actually the case or not
He does gets incredibly sad whenever he misses out on star watching for more than a couple nights in a row
Tends to get sick when eating natural foods, but he feels bad about not eating it if someone offers it to him so he does anyway
He doesn't really get a lot of the human stuff in general but he's excited to learn
This tiny man is incredibly resourceful
Since he's so tiny, he makes everything specialized for himself out of materials that are far too large, and housing out of large tree hallows (side note, if someone's a prick to him, he'll steal some of their shit and hide it in a high up hallow and watch them struggle to find it before he puts it back where he found it a few days later)
Likes hitching rides on the shoulders or in the bags of the people that he's close friends with
He's a 'roll with the punches' kind of guy, so when someone makes small jokes about him, he thinks that they're funny and will, more often than not, play along
On a side note, he does have little tunnels and "vacation homes" under everyone's houses, his favorites to be in are Wilbur's and Fundy's
He came from far away lands where regular humans ruled and the hybrids were treated as less then
Because he was also treated that way, being by himself on the streets at a very young age, he was taught very quickly not to show a negative bias based off of any kind of status
He really is just indifferent to the hybrids, though he thinks the ones with flying abilities are really cool and kind of wishes he had those abilities as well
Met everyone after a trip in the Nether where he met Tommy where he was subsequently introduced to the others
Before that, though, he was a sword (or axe, or crossbow) for hire and was pretty damn good at his job
enjoys mining on his days off
He was that one kid in elementary school who would always challenge people to race him and he never grew out of it
His wings come in a set of two, connected to each other at the base, they're small white ones that branch from the spots just bellow his shoulder blades
Even though he can't actually use them to fly, he's still incredibly proud of them, so he keeps them in good shape and preens them often to make them look as nice as possible
While he looks up to Phil as a father figure of sorts, he's a bit jealous that he can actually fly (even though he never told him, Phil could very easily guess that that was the case)
On the lowest of keys, he enjoys eating seeds, so on slow days, he'll just sit in the grass and pick them from the dirt, eating them casually (Wilbur and Phil don't like this, but Tubbo has absolutely joined him, seeing nothing wrong with it) i see them as his comfort snack
Other than that, his favorite food is apples
His shulker form was essentially his cocoon phase
He had to eat more so he could hunker down in the box-like exoskeleton for about a week before he emerged covered on orange-yellow tinted goo to become a proper bee hybrid
He can really only eat flowers and drink nectar, if he tries to consume anything else, he gets nauseous and throws up since his body can't digest it properly (he'll try eating baked goods here and there anyway since he likes how they taste)
Because he can eat flowers perfectly fine, he keeps so many different types of them pretty much everywhere and prepared in different ways (plain dandelions, rose leaf tea, dried tulips, and the like)
He has a huge garden outside as well as a greenhouse for the harsher seasons (his house is full of potted plants and hanging baskets too)
Overall, Tubbo is an incredibly hard worker and hates asking others for help
The skin of his joints (fingers, toes, knees, elbows, etc) is the same blue-purple color of phantom skin, which gradients into the gray of the rest of his body, and his eyes are a soft pastel green that glow at night
Because of his fascination antiquarian 'business' he's stolen a lot of small things throughout his life to the point to were at least half of his possessions were stolen
Wears a big black sunhat that he swiped from Phil sometimes during the day so he doesn't have to worry about phasing and no, i do not take constructive criticism on this matter
When he's bored, he'll use his phasing abilities to pop out and scare people
Eats steak in front of Tommy to spite him
Group Hcs (i thrive off of found family if the length of this isn't enough to figure that out lol)
Tommy and Tubbo met when they were much younger, Tommy was a young troublemaker who stole food since he didn't quite understand farming and Tubbo was still a slow, bulky boy in his shulk phase and taught him how to farm so he didn't have to steal anymore (that's when Phil found them both and became a father figure to the two)
When they first met, Tommy glared daggers into Fundy, he hates how wild foxes hunt and eat chickens, so he held a small grudge against him
Ranboo and Tubbo also didn't get along when they first met since Tubbo has always been a hard worker and Ranboo's 'whiny prince' thing always got on his nerves
After a while, though, Tommy became a bit less hostile towards Fundy and Tubbo saw that Ranboo could genuinely be a great person to be around, so they developed friendships
Because he's weaker at night, whenever Tubbo has to go out when it's dark, someone (usually Wilbur or Ranboo) insist to go with him
Whenever it's raining and Ranboo or Jack are stuck outside, Wilbur either stays with them and waits for the rain to subside or phases away really quickly to get a makeshift umbrella for them
Whenever Jack and/or Ranboo are outside near Phil when it starts to rain, he tries his best to protect them from it using his wings (he has been accidentally burnt by Jack's blaze rods before, but he never told him because he didn't want to worry them)
On the topic of Jack and Phil, they met when Phil was about to enter the Nether for the first time, Jack was so incredibly thankful that he was now in the Overworld that he now will do just about anything Phil asks him to in return
Nikki always searches for conduits so she can allow her friends to comfortably visit her under the water's surface
Because Ranboo and Jack can't touch water, she and Phil have been looking into possible alternatives so they can visit as well
Whenever Charlie gets tiny, he and Sneeg hang out, doing things like try to ride a chicken like a horse, hang off of thin tree branches, and sit on windowsills and just talk (they call themselves "Tiny Gang")
Since Ranboo, Niki, and Fundy all love hoarding pretty things, sometimes they'll sit down together (Niki leaning against the wall of a pond, propped up on her elbows, Fundy laying in the grass, and Ranboo sitting on a thick blanket he sat on stone), and exchange things from their hoards like playing cards
Honestly I just love the idea of Ranboo starting off with potion and enchantment stuff, Fundy starting with skulls and gem stones, and Niki starting off with pearls and hearts of the sea, until they start trading and they all have a mixture of everything
Ranboo once found a geode while mining and, unprompted, brought back amethyst blocks, crystals, and shards to share with the other two
Wilbur has the habit of swiping some things from the three and keeping then in his home
Because Tommy gets sad about his mainly unusable wings, Phil will sometimes pick him up and fly through the air with him, letting him feel the cold rush of wind across his face (when he's done, Tommy has him drop him from as high as he can so he can flutter back down to saver feeling before he lands harmlessly back to the grass)
Since Smajor gets sad when he doesn't get to see the stars for multiple days in a row, everyone will turn out their lights each night so they can be seen better
Charlie always wore clothing from normal fabrics that he ended up basically soaking through with slime every say, so Phil helped him com up with a different type of fabric that that wouldn't happen with (truthfully it was because he's track slime everywhere)
While Techno's not actually a hybrid, Tommy thought that he was part piglin and he never had the heart to correct him so now half of the people there thinks he is (it's because they met in the Nether and Technoblade was wearing a piglin skull mask)
Niki doesn't really understand land customs all that well but she tries her best, so she gave Tubbo a 'friendship bouquet' and he proceeded to eat it like an edible arrangement so now she thinks that's what everyone does with flowers
While Tubbo was molting and in his cocoon state, everyone was assigned a different day to check up on him and make sure he was safe (because Niki couldn't see him, the person would report back to her and tell her that he was alright)
Phil would absolutely defend everyone with his life and views them all as a part of his flock
Even though they all have their differences, they all love and cherish each other, becoming a family
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krabmeat · a year ago
☊⏃⋏ ⟟ ⏚⟒ ⟒⋏⎅⟒⍀⋔⏃⋏ ⏃⋏⍜⋏? ⏃⋏⊬⍙⏃⊬⌇ ⋏⍜⍙ ⏁⊑⏃⏁'⌇ ⏃⌰⌰ ⍜⎍⏁ ⍜⎎ ⏁⊑⟒ ⍙⏃⊬. ☌⍜⎅ ⍀⟒⏃⎅⟒⍀ ☌⟒⏁⏁⟟⋏☌ ⍀⟒⎐⟟⎐⟒⎅ ⎍⋏⟒⌖⌿⟒☊⏁⟒⎅⌰⊬ ⏚⊬ ⎅⍀⟒⏃⋔? ⟟⏁'⌇ ⌰⟟☍⟒ - ⏃ ⍀⟒⏃⌰⌰⊬ ⏚⏃⎅⏃⌇⌇ ⏃⋏⏁⏃☌⍜⋏⟟⌇⏁ ☌⍜⎅ ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ☌⟒⏁⌇ ⌿⎍⌰⌰⟒⎅ ⍜⎍⏁ ⍜⎎ ⏁⊑⟒ ⎍⋏⎅⟒⍀⍙⍜⍀⌰⎅, ☊⏃⌰⌰⟟⋏☌ ⎅⍀⟒⏃⋔ ⏁⊑⟒⟟⍀ "⌇⏃⎐⟟⍜⎍⍀" (⏚⎍⏁ ⟟⋏ ⏃ ⋔⍜⍀⟒ ⌇⏃⏁⟟⍀⟟☊⏃⌰ ⍙⏃⊬ ⟟⋏⌇⏁⟒⏃⎅ ⍜⎎ ☌⟒⋏⎍⟟⋏⟒⌰⊬ ⌇⟒⟒⟟⋏☌ ⏁⊑⟒ ⋔⏃⌇☍⟒⎅ ⋔⏃⋏ ⏃⌇ ⏁⊑⟒⟟⍀ ⊑⟒⍀⍜ ☊⏃⎍⌇⟒ ⟟⋏ ⏁⊑⟒ ⌿⏃⌇⏁ ⏁⊑⟒⊬'⎐⟒ ⋔⍜⌇⏁ ⌰⟟☍⟒⌰⊬ ☊⏃⌰⌰⟒⎅ ⟒⎐⟒⍀⊬⍜⋏⟒ ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ⊑⟒⌰⌿⟒⎅ ⏁⊑⟒⋔ ⏁⊑⟒⟟⍀ ⋔⟟☌⊑⏁⊬ ⊑⟒⌰⌿⟒⍀ ⏁⍜ ⏁⊑⟒ ⌿⍜⟟⋏⏁ ⍙⊑⟒⍀⟒ ⏁⊑⟒ ⏁⟟⏁⌰⟒ ⎎⟒⟒⌰⌇ ⍜⎐⟒⍀⎍⌇⟒⎅ ⏃⋏⎅ ⎍⋏⎅⟒⌇⟟⍀⏃⏚⌰⟒). ⏁⊑⟒⊬ ⍀⍜⏃⋔⟒⎅ ⏁⊑⟒ ⌰⏃⋏⎅⌇ ⍜⎎ ⏁⊑⟒ ⌇⋔⌿, ⏚⍀⟟⋏☌⟟⋏☌ ⏁⟒⍀⍀⍜⍀ ⏃⋏⎅ ⊑⟒⌰⌰⎎⟟⍀⟒ ⏃☊⍀⍜⌇⌇ ⏁⊑⟒ ⍜⎐⟒⍀⍙⍜⍀⌰⎅, ⌰⟒⏁⏁⟟⋏☌ ⏁⊑⟒⟟⍀ ☍⟒⌿⏁ ⟟⋏ ⍀⏃☌⟒ ⌇⏁⍀⍜⌰⌰ ⎎⍀⟒⟒. ⏁⊑⟒⊬ ⟒⋏⎅ ⎍⌿ ⟟⋏ ⏁⊑⟒ ⏁⎍⋏⎅⍀⏃, ⏁⊑⟒ ⏚⎍⍀⋏⟟⋏☌ ⎎⌰⏃☍⟒⌇ ⍜⎎ ⏃⌇⊑⟒⌇ ☌⟒⏁⏁⟟⋏☌ ⌰⍜⌇⏁ ⟟⋏ ⏁⊑⟒ ⊑⏃⍀⌇⊑ ⌿⟟⌰⟒⌇ ⍜⎎ ⌇⋏⍜⍙. ⏁⊑⟒⊬ ⊑⏃⌿⌿⟒⋏⟒⎅ ⏁⍜ ⊑⏃⎐⟒ ⌇⏁⎍⋔⏚⌰⟒⎅ ⎍⌿⍜⋏ ⏁⊑⟒ ☊⍜⏁⏁⏃☌⟒⌇ ⍜⎎ ⏁⍙⍜ ⟟⋔⋔⍜⍀⏁⏃⌰ ☌⍜⎅⌇ ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ⏁⊑⟒⊬ ⋔⏃⊬ ⍜⍀ ⋔⏃⊬ ⋏⍜⏁ ⊑⏃⎐⟒ ⎍⌇⟒⎅ ⏁⍜ ☍⋏⍜⍙. ⍙⍜⋏⎅⟒⍀ ⍙⊑⏃⏁'⌰⌰ ⊑⏃⌿⌿⟒⋏? ⟟ ⍙⍜⎍⌰⎅ ⌰⟟☍⟒ ⏁⍜ ⌇⟒⟒ ⊬⍜⎍⍀ ⏁⏃☍⟒ ⟟⋏ ⏁⊑⟟⌇.
- ⟒⋏⎅⟒⍀⋔⏃⋏ ⏃⋏⍜⋏
𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜: philza, techno, Wilbur,(next few only mentioned)Mexican dream, schlatt, dream
𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚗 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚜: they/them
𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚛 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: fire, death, arson, betrayal mention, being used, reference to drugs, slight cursing
𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜: translation vvvvv
Can i be enderman anon? anyways now that's all out of the way. God reader getting revived unexpectedly by dream? it's like - a really badass antagonist god that gets pulled out of the underworld, calling dream their "saviour" (but in a more satirical way instead of genuinely seeing the masked man as their hero cause in the past they've most likely called everyone that helped them their mighty helper to the point where the title feels overused and undesirable). They roamed the lands of the smp, bringing terror and hellfire across the overworld, letting their kept in rage stroll free. They end up in the tundra, the burning flakes of ashes getting lost in the harsh piles of snow. They happened to have stumbled upon the cottages of two immortal gods that they may or may not have used to know. Wonder what'll happen? i would like to see your take in this.
 - enderman anon
You almost don't recognize the sensation of grass against your calloused and rough hands. You were in the void playing solitaire with Schlatt and Mexican Dream, and the next thing you knew you were suddenly pulled harshly by the back of your collar, falling on your spine. The looming mask of Dream is what stood above you, but he looked different. Longer hair, smelly, wearing a stained lime green jumpsuit with ‘0001' sewn into it and covered in cuts, scars and bruises. But before you could even question why Dream was suddenly there, he stepped back into the void, the void slowly surrounding and consuming him the further he went backwards. His now bony hand is still tightly gripped onto the back of your shirt, so while struggling your body is also enveloped in darkness. All it took was one blink and there you were on a patch of grass, staring at the pale blue sky.
Was all that came out of your mouth. You were still shocked at the turn of events that just happened, but no longer grounded. A running river nearby stunned your senses. How long had you been dead? It felt like years, but when you look around at the familiar forest you died in, not much had changed except for a couple newly planted saplings here and there. The swirling ashes you remembered before you died had all settled and compressed into the soil.
The river showed a strange reflection of yourself- your features have clearly sunken into your skull and there's a streak of white hair coming from your scalp along with words in fancy gold letters on your arm reading,
"May thy woes and hurt of the past no longer eradicate the upwards of this lost souls future. Allow thine to be praised by Ender themselves and be granted another chance at mortality."
Scrubbing or picking at your arm did nothing, so onwards you went walking along the forest to what you remember being a bustling "community".
Each mound of dirt you saw only brought memories of your death, of the place and people who sought to treat you like you were disposable. And now that you’re alive, you hate that they technically ended up being right. Your death; alone in a forest. Running away from the unexpected attacker, ashamed and too prideful to die in the prying eyes of your enemies. It fills you with rage, all the lives taken by your hands and for what? You weren’t overreacting, you knew that for sure. And before you knew it, you stole some fresh flint and steel from a random chest and got to work. 
You had always wanted to touch the fires you set. The soothing feeling you got from watching wood burn to char and ashes satisfied you. And it made it all the more euphoric to know it was trees of your manipulator's land. Running across the land, with flames as far as you could see when you looked behind you. The heat swirled around your neck and went into your nose, but the feeling was muscle memory at that point. You were still riding your high when a voice reached out to you, luckily when you were finally calm.
"What- Y/n? Hold on, is that really you Y/n..?"
You spin on your heels to the familiar manipulative British voice of a person you haven't seen in a long time. 
"Wilbur?! Man, I haven't seen another person's face other than those two addicts in a while- you look different." 
His eyes much like yours are sunken deep into his skull, purple-pink bags under his eyes and dull skin. Wilburs shocked lips fade into an opened mouth smile when he walks up to you with his hands momentarily confused on what they should do. Eventually, his right hand settles on clasping your left shoulder, giving it a friendly squeeze.
“Y/n it is so good to see you! You look quite different yourself, wouldn’t you think-? Oh, look! We’re matching!”
The grey streak in your hair seems to make another appearance when Wilbur briefly smacks it with his middle and pointer finger. 
“Ay, it’s nice to see you too Wil, but back up for a second alright? I've got something to ask you by the way…”
Wilburs head peaks in interest, urging you to go on.
“I’m guessing that little streak in your hair wasn’t a fashion choice- and if it was it’s a bit strange- but how’d you get it? You died when you blew up L’manburg! I mean c'mon, people don’t just, well…REVIVE!”
He starts to walk. You aren’t quite sure where, but stumbling along with Wilbur while his arm is draped lazily atop your shoulders seems to suffice. 
“Ahh Y/n, you’d be surprised. The most WONDERFUL thing happened, actually! Years and years in my hell of a train station; do you know who was at the subway door when it finally opened, Y/n? Dream!”
“Wh- Dream?!”
Appalled, you try to stop in your tracks but fail when wilburs arm is still pushing forward. His storytelling voice dies down to curiosity and excitement.
“Wait, did he save you too? He did, didn’t he? Oh, this is wonderful!”
Wilbur emits eagerism and you suddenly realize what you could do with his desperacy to be socially accepted. Putting on the most exaggerated and animated voice, you speak. 
“Oh my god yeah! Gosh, that Dream guy is my hero! Thanks to him, I get to have another chance at living again, and isn’t that just…swell.”
In all honesty you didn’t really try hard to sound sincere but by the look of Wilbur, it seemed to work just fine. 
“Right?! I’ve been meaning to visit him in the prison if you’d like to tag along with me the day I go? I’m sure he’d love to see you, since he revived you and all.”
Oh, you were sure Dream wanted to see you. He wants a boon- a trade. Why else would he revive two of the most historically significant people on the server if not to make some sort of deal with them? Sure, Wilbur is as gullible and carefree as ever but you at least still had scraps of mental stability and level-headedness that made you all the more a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention Wilbur doesn’t know that Dream killed you, but telling him that now would blow your act. You decide to keep your thoughts to yourself.
“Yeahh, sure! I’d love to go, just tell me when.”
And that’s the end of that conversation. The two of you walk to wherever Wilbur is going. It honestly surprised you how he couldn’t see through your apathy. From what you remembered, he was keen on being wise about people and their intentions but you guess years and years in hell do things to a person.
Somehow, you’re stuck in your mind for long enough that only now do you feel the sharp winter air making the hairs on your arms and legs stand straight up. 
“Wait, snow?”
The tundra was a drastic contrast to the void you were once in with schlatt and Mexican Dream. Instead of black as far as you could see, it was a blinding powdery white. 
‘Mexican Dream would’ve liked it here, probably would have tried to snort the snow like coke.’
You weren’t built for the snow, though. Hell- you didn’t even have a memory of anyone living in a tundra when you were alive! Why was Wilbur even in the tundra? You didn’t have the energy to ask, still feeling brittle and tired, back aching from laying on the dry dirt longer than expected earlier. 
“Yeah, just figured I’d show you around! Plus I already need to grab a couple things from an ender chest and this was the closest by. I’m a very busy man, after all.”
But why were there so many footprints in the snow? As far as you knew, Wilbur was the only one who lived out in the tundra- and he didn’t seem like the active type at all. There were strange shapes as well, large hooved footprints. However, all thinking comes to a halt at the same time Wilbur does.
“We’re here! You might see some familiar faces cause I live with people.”
Well, that answers the footsteps as well as the tall red-caped piglin hybrid giving leftover bones and raw meat to a polar bear.
He tenses up for a second, you could tell he wanted to be left alone but that didn’t really bother Wilbur. But you recognize him. The name and the apparel- that guy is Technoblade. The same Technoblade who stood by your side while the two of you blew L’manburg up for the last time, and now the Technoblade who resides in a cottage shrouded in snow.
Hearing your voice being carried by the crisp winter air, he turns around immediately to see you and Wilbur a few feet away. Techno stood there dumbfounded, but he didn’t know why. He wasn’t particularly joyed or ecstatic to see you, but he was at the very least happy to see an old ally back. 
“Y/n? Oh my god, now we’ve got TWO of you? We don’t have room for another one, alright?”
For some it might be hard to see the meaning behind his words. Luckily you’ve talked to him enough to where you can tell he’s being playful.
“Don’t worry, I’ll just build directly on top of your house. Besides, who WOULDN'T want to be near me 24-7?”
“Oh f*ck off.”
You would’ve thought that that was Wilbur due to the similar accent, but there was something off. The slight gruffness and age, yet still succeeding in sounding mellow.
“Phil! How’s my favorite old bird doing?”
He gives you a face. Not a happy one like you expected, rather a face that says ‘really?’ Probably because of the old comment. The two of you briefly hug, Phil’s tattered wings stretching out slightly.
“I’m doing alright, are you okay? Here, would you like to come in? It’s pretty cold outside, you probably haven’t seen snow in a couple years.”
He wasn’t wrong after all. You were freezing your toes off and were itching for lemon tea. The kind Phil used to make when he, Technoblade and Dream discussed plans on destroying L’manburg. Ah, the good ol days…
“Of course! We’ve got a lot to talk about- you still have that old chess board?”
“Yes, but first you have some explaining to do about the fire over in that tree, Y/n. You just got back and you’re already burning down forests?!”
“Did someone say fire?”
Techno has an eager stride in his step once he also looks back to see the raging lights of orange and red in the nearby forest.
“Don’t worry Phil! It’s just- ahh, a controlled burn..?”
Your tone of voice is unsure when a black crow shoots down from the sky into the snow in front of you. It’s left wing is charred and has smoke dancing from the burn. Philza looks at you with a stern glare.
“Oh my f*cking god…that’s it! We’re all going inside now, you too Techno. I don’t want you and Y/n going on a rampage.”
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the-lady-amphitrite · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Loki / f!half-Asgardian!Reader
word count: 654
summary: you’re minutes from the moment that will change your life forever, and thoughts are weighing heavy on your mind and in your heart
in this chapter: lots of vaguely referenced fic lore, the shortest chapter of this whole fic
author notes: hi, welcome to the prologue for this soulmates au!! tomorrow marks one year since i first came up with the idea for this au, and im so excited to share this first little bit of it with all of you. special thanks to @ragnarachael & my friend quinn for putting up with all my yelling for scattered bits across this whole au and just generally being excited whenever i talked with them about it. with that said, please enjoy! <3
( read on ao3 | series masterlist )
Tumblr media
If you knew that your destiny would begin on a certain day, would you run from it? Or would you embrace it?
Over the last three days, you’ve had the time to ponder this.
You’ve known for years now that the day would eventually come thanks to your prophecy from the Weavers of Fate. But knowing it was coming someday and living in the days right before destiny arrives are vastly different.
As different from one another as Múspellsheimr and Jǫtunheimr.
You press a hand against your chest, right over your heart. Your chest plate of uru is cold, firm. Yet your heart beats strongly enough that you can feel it through the layers of metal and leather. It’s like a loud drum, beating out the countdown until you walk down the long, dark hall on the other side of this door to the bright All-Thing above.
The door swings open silently, and you find the chamber empty as you step slowly down the short set of dark marble stairs.
Pale grey drapes line the hall and flutter on a phantom wind, and for a moment, you almost believe you see a pair of familiar curved horns hidden among them. Between one ripple of the drapes and the next, the shapes disappear as the folds of them shift, and you’re uncertain if he’d ever been behind them in the first place.
At the bottom of the steps, you stop next to a dark grey brazier full of roaring white fire. There’s an echo in it that you recognise, one that calls to you and the magic within yourself. Without a thought, you reach out to the fire, only to stop at the sight of your own bare hand reaching for it.
You’d only worn those gloves for three days, but you’d grown so used to seeing them covering everything up to your elbows in such a short time. You’re still wearing a dark, high-necked gown with long sleeves, but for the first time in three days your hands are free.
Free to feel sensations other than smooth silk. Free to touch the hands of others. Free to seek out your own chance to break this curse that plagues every individual with your mother’s heritage.
You take a breath, trying to calm your own heart, sooth your own nerves.
All you need to do is reach the end of the hall, walk up the stairs, cross the hall between the two columns of einherjar to the All-Father’s throne, present yourself to each member of the Royal Family of Asgard, present yourself to each guest who is attending this celebration, and then you’re free.
Free from this curse, from this palace, from this court. Free to finally leave this entire realm behind and answer the way the wind and sky call to your very bones.
For a brief moment, fear seizes hold as you wonder if the Weavers were wrong and you wouldn’t break this curse. But just as quickly as the thought rises you squish it down.
You can’t think like this. You won’t. You will break the curse today. You will, because the Weavers said you would.
They said that you would break it today, and take your first steps into a destiny that has waited for you to fulfil it. Your unwavering faith in their prophecies, their unmatched gifts, is what makes this final day more bearable to endure.
Another breath to steady yourself. Then you turn away from the brazier, and begin the trek down the empty, echoing hall, walking head-on to the destiny that waits to swallow you whole.
You’ve lived with the sight of a monochrome world your whole life. You refuse to live in such a world anymore.
After all, in the face of a curse like the kind that binds those like you and your mother, what is the worst that destiny could hope to throw at you?
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warmau · a year ago
☆ [nostalgic] summer romance!au ten another late birthday au (again) but hey ten time :3 find others here: johnny | haechan | taeil | taeyong | mark | jaemin | yangyang | yuta | sicheng | chenle | kun | yukhei | doyoung | jaehyun | jungwoo
not knowing what to say isn't a foreign feeling to you, yet when you come face to face with ten outside his apartment on this summer morning, you are almost too petrified to even string a sentence together
he's really just........leaving
ten shines a big smile and from the open door you hear kun's exasperated voice asking why in the world ten is packing up his entire existence for a program that's going to last two months
"you look nervous"
ten jokes first, running a hand through his dark hair which he's spent the colder months growing out
"im the one going to a different country and yet you look like you might turn green"
his laughter tickles you and you force yourself out of the weird, frozen feeling, for his sake
"im not nervous - it's just this is our first summer apart since what, highschool?"
ten leans against the frame of his door and lets kun scuttle past him with a scowl
yangyang and hendery bounce after him with ten's insane amount of luggage
"yeah but it's two months, not two decades. plus....you know how much ive always wanted to do this."
right. and here you are being selfish.
"of course, i mean it's literally the birthplace of ballet."
"technically that's italy, but france is a close second."
"i hate you"
ten pulls you into his arms before you register that this is your goodbye hug
"i'll miss you too."
kun drives everyone to the airport, he complains and cries the most.
sicheng gives you a knowing look when ten takes your wrist in his hand and tucks your arm between his.
you ignore the look, and focus on ten. on him. and then - when the switchboard pops up his flight info - he gives a bubbly and excited
"ive gotta go!"
and then summer starts, just as he's gone
"so when are you going to tell him you're in love with him."
sicheng brings the big gulp he stole from hendery up to his lips and you keep your eyes closed behind your sunglasses
"sorry, yukhei's not my type."
"you know im not talking about yukhei."
you dig your fingers into the sand beside your towel, the beach is already so noisy so you pretend you don't hear sicheng, but you still feel him looking.
you guess a part of it is true, you love ten. who doesn't?
is that the core of the issue then, that ten is so available and loveable and charming, that it makes him also unattainable?
or at least, unattainable to you.
you hear your phone buzz inside your bag and sicheng is being dragged into the water by the rowdy rest of your friend group
it could be a text from ten?
your mind excites, but you put out that fire
it's probably just spam.
ten does text and even video call the first two or so weeks while he's away
you get blurry photos of food at cafes and the eiffel tower, random fancy looking dogs being walked on the small, cramped streets
ten's connection is kind of bad - but he still gleams through the fuzzy facetime camera as he shows you around the room the dance academy has provided
pangs of his happiness and excitement seep into you
and then there's the first sign of worry comes knocking and twirling through his door
a group of other dancers, all beautiful and strong, asking ten - from the limited amount of french you catch - if he's done, they're waiting for him to go to a show with them
ten gives you a scattered, quick goodbye. he says he'll video call again.
all you get is an update text almost five days later that has no pictures attached just a;
im ok - by the way i totally miss eating hot chips with you at midnight. ive had like a banana smoothie and that's it.
sicheng and kun are the first to pick up on the shift, you are quietly withdrawing to yourself
nothing makes you laugh
ten doesn't reply to your question about what the paris metro looks like, actually he doesn't even read it
kun nearly tugs hendery's ear red when he shares a snap story of ten pressed cheek to cheek with his new dancer friends in front of the louvre when you're in the same room
the thing is you are not jealous of any of them.
you don't go around trying to find their facebooks, clicking on their instagram profiles, comparing you and them.
you are just sad to your bones that they will understand ten in such a way that no matter how long you two have been friends
you will never, truly know
"you're his best friend"
sicheng reasons on the phone as you stare up at the wall above your desk, littered in old pictures and clippings and your gaze catches on the ticket stub from ten's first-ever solo dance performance
it had been a talent show in highschool.
it had been the first time you saw ten perform outside the corner of his cramped bedroom or the glimpse you caught meeting up with him outside the dance academy
he's in paris, he's with people who love it so much more than i do - they love dancing like he loves dancing.
i cannot understand that.
"i think you were right sicheng."
"im always right."
i do love him. when am i going to tell him?
you hang up after sicheng has his i told you so moment and stare at your screen
a notification flashes across the screen and it's a text from ten
the trains here are blue. i miss you.
you want to reply right away, so you open the message and start typing
i miss you too. actually, i think i finally understand why people who are in love are so hurt when they're suddenly left without their other half and ten you are my o-
you delete the sentence and make a face
nice. i miss you too.
you don't send it - or at least you forget to because your fingers are shaking and you exit out of the messaging app before checking
abandoning your phone, you turn on your side and stretch your hand out to reach the edge of the bed
there's enough space between you and it for someone to fit, so you remember the countless times ten has laid there
smiling and laughing and tickling your face with his sleeping breath
you can't even recall a conversation because there have been hundreds
suddenly you feel a warmth creep up your skin
hundreds of opportunities to tell him - and each time i chose to be a coward.
"you should write him a letter."
"this isn't a movie, what - you think im going to write a letter and he'll jump on the first plane from france to come to my side?"
sicheng cocks an eyebrow as if to say it is a possibility
"no. im not writing a letter. i'll suck it up and confess when he comes back."
you somehow end up writing a letter.
maybe because you really do want to just send a long text spilling your mushy, soft, pink feelings
but you know that's just not what ten deserves
he deserves (and you do too, but you won't admit this) a face to face confession
so you start retelling the moments that flutter up in your heart whenever you think about him
how he makes the room brighter when he's in it, how he dances with every bone, joint, muscle in his body - how he approaches it with no inhibition and true devotion that paints its way across his face when he practices, how he fits perfectly into the hole that grows more massive every day you don't see him
standing there across the hall - coffee in hand, gym bag with his scuffed dance shoes
by the time you're finished - the letter is longer than you imagine. there are parts crossed and scribbled out, repetitive thoughts, and stupid little comments and metaphors that compare ten to flowers or clouds or anything else pretty in nature
you cringe at yourself, but you do feel better
it could be your outline for when the time to actually tell him comes.
you shove the papers into an envelope, write ten's name and the address of his parisian dance academy just for the irony
and then make the mistake of letting it sit on your desk
in a matter of days, it has been swallowed by a bunch of other papers and trinkets
and when you're rushing around your room trying to get ready for another adventure to the beach - sicheng clinks the lollipop against his teeth and fishes it out - curious at the stamp
"do you want me to mail this?"
he asks and you're trying to find those sunglasses you literally just bought and grumble that sure, whatever - you'll meet him out by kun's car.
halfway to the beach, you turn in horror from the passenger seat to look at sicheng in the back
your eyes like saucers and a tremor in a voice
"wait. what did you ask me back in my room?"
sicheng's big smile is red from the candy, "your letter to ten."
and there comes the second pang of dread and worry that takes the overwhelming shape of your summer
oh my god - oh my god - maybe the letter won't even make it. i mean it's a letter to france....it'll take at least a month to get there. wait - it probably didn't even have a stamp on it. oh god maybe the address was totally off and some poor stranger is about to be subjected to my very incoherent feelings.....
every day you look at your phone and there's no texts or emails or anything from ten
his social media has gone quiet too
you throw your dignity down a well and ask all your friends if they've heard from him and they all scratch their heads and say no, it's been maybe a week since they did
your stress then turns from your love letter to a possibility that ten is in trouble
he kind of thrives from attention so it is very weird that he's so off-grid
you decide finally, on the day that it's been exactly a month and one day since he was gone, to call
you hover over the facetime button - should i text him first?
with a yelp, you nearly drop and crack your screen when ten's name flashes across the screen
you settle your breathing and tell yourself he hasn't gotten the letter, there's no way - since when has snail mail been efficient?
you answer and are about to ask what's up when ten waves something into the camera
"i got your letter."
maybe you go into rigor. because ten's eyebrows knit and he asks if your connection is ok, you aren't saying anything
you don't know if it's just because you miss him so much that you're able to drag yourself back into consciousness or because you are curious, in the depths of your mind, what his reaction will be
"o-oh. right- i-"
ten frowns and you think it's coming. the rejection is coming.
"is that why you didn't answer my text? you sent the letter instead?"
"your text?"
"yeah, i said i missed you and you read it and never responded."
a peek of a smile stretches on his pretty, bare face
"i never thought you were so romantic to send a letter."
something burns on your skin but you just try to make sure your hand holding the phone doesn't shake
"im not - i just, it was dumb sicheng said i should write it because - i don't know. he's the romantic, blame him."
"you're the one that said i could make a shy tulip open its petals with my laughter."
"oh god"
that smile turns into a grin
"and that my dancing manages to cast a spell on you."
you hide your expression by turning your face
"are you going to re-read the whole thing to me?"
"should i, you're so poetic."
"don't make fun of me."
your voice is serious this time, small and huddled, because you mean it
worse than being told he doesn't feel the same is to be ridiculed for holding him in your heart like this for so long
"im not making fun of you, the letter is beautiful."
you still can't look at him, it's so ten to be kind before he's cruel
"i could never write something like that - so i thought i would just call you and say it."
you don't need to love song yourself into telling me you just see me as a friend
"i love you."
your head whips back so fast your phone drops and you curse and ten can't help but laugh
"sorry, sorry -what did you say?"
he runs a hand through his dark hair, the lighting in his room is dim and illuminates him perfectly
a large white t-shirt engulfs his slender shoulders as he sits up against the wall
"i love you. i know it's corny to confess over facetime, but im guessing it's more forgivable than text?"
a bubble bursts in your stomach and it makes you feel lightheaded and inhumanely blissful all at once
"i love you too."
"more then friends right, because your letter had this part about kissing im very interested in."
you bite back your lip and nod, both embarrassed that he'd bring that part up too but also seeing ten - your close friend, your secret love - talk about kissing you
makes some of the neurons in your body go haywire
"good, i seriously was scared you might have been pranking me with thi-"
"i would never. im not hendery."
"oh how are they, ive been super busy with the practice for a review so i haven't talked to anyone."
another thing you love about him, he keeps everyone in. he leaves none of his friends behind. he pretends like he couldn't have a care in the world, but he cares more than anyone else.
"he's ok, he almost crashed kun's car yesterday."
ten shrugs, "expected."
and like that - everything is still somehow the same. there is no awkward phase after you've talked about your feelings for each other at all.
because your love doesn't come as a one hit punch because ten is beautiful, although he is to an unfair degree
it comes from the experience of being around him. having so much of him. maybe even getting a little addicted.
you do talk more on the phone, no more long pauses even though ten's practices get more grueling and you tell him to take his time to rest
but he's sweaty on the practice room floor - texting you - telling you everything is sore but the thought of seeing you soon makes it all better
it's three days before ten is scheduled to fly back that he has his review and you are biting your fingernails waiting for him to tell you about it
when you get a youtube link at like three in the morning - you click it and someone has recorded ten's performance
somehow, he looks more graceful than you've ever seen him
a new text comes in when it's almost done
'i think i did well - can i get a reward?'
'you'll get a really good one when you're home'
he sends a winking emoji and you can't fall asleep after because you wonder what he's expecting, you'd meant a kiss - had he meant more?
you wouldn't mind that at all.
xiaojun is being pulled away from the conveyer belt by kun and hendery is asking sicheng for a sip of his starbucks as you all wait for ten's plane to land in the airport lobby
you two have not told anyone - mostly because you know there will be endless questions you won't have answers too and sicheng might literally never let you live it down
so you wait for ten to be here so you can suffer together
you see the gates from his flight open and sicheng mutters that you look like you're going to pop like a goddamn balloon
for once in your life, you don't snide back at him, folding your hands in front of you and tippy-toeing to see over the crowd
and then, like seeing him for the first time all the years ago when you first met, ten comes out
hendery and xiaojun try to go for a running jump, but the older members hold them back because everyone can sense whats coming
you dash toward him and ten doesn't stay still either - you two collide so hard it almost hurts, but you don't care at all
ten's duffel bag falls over his shoulder and your hands are wrapped around his neck before he can even say your name
it's a first kiss that couldn't be more characteristically fit for you
sweet, big smiles tasted on lips, and interrupted by none other than your group of friends gasping in a symphony of shock
except for sicheng - he knew
ten tastes like you imagine he would taste, maybe because in smaller ways you've already had doses of the sunshine that radiates off him before
he keeps his hands wrapped around your waist as he looks down into your eyes
"mon amour"
"is that really all you learned in france?"
"ummm yeah, i don't know how to say let's get out of here and back to my place even though im pretty sure someone said that to me at some point."
you pout, "don't try to make me jealous."
ten chuckles as you press your face into his neck and hug him close
the only way you get pulled apart is because someone (kun) reminds you all you're still at the PUBLIC airport
the drive back is a frenzy and everyone wants to know everything and not about just you two - because you're "two" now - but about france and traveling and ten's dancing
like you'd sensed - nothing has really changed
just this time, your fingers are locked in tens. and the warmth you longed for in silence is suddenly all out in the open.
funnily enough, you and ten don't ever write letters to each other again.
ten just doesn't like writing - it takes too much sitting down
and you are horrified everytime he fishes your love confession out of the memory box and dangles it above your head as leverage
it's how he convinced you into adopting the first cat. now you two have three.
so when you and him are deciding the best way to let all your friends know about your upcoming event you cross out mailed invitations
"we can make an email list."
your legs are thrown over his thighs on the sofa and he's resting the laptop on you them
"let's just make an instagram post: wedding in our backyard on thursday - you're invited."
ten pinches his nose
"we are not having a backyard wedding. we could not fit everyone in my dance company into it anyway."
you play with your engagement band and sigh
"fine, fine. what about.....we just call everyone and tell them. if we call kun right now he'll let all of the world know by the end of the week."
ten agrees with a hum, but then starts typing and you lean over to see
"bulk wedding invites? you're giving in?"
he closes the laptop and tosses it to the side, easily and gently pushing you down onto your back to hover over you with a small content sound
"i am. but we don't even have to write the letters - some company will do it for us."
his lips are inches from yours and all of a sudden you're young again - waiting to kiss him for the first time at that airport
"you know we'll still have to write vows right."
he is about to kiss you, he's so close and your eyes are closing
"i'll just read your letter outl-"
he laughs, laughs until he finally does kiss you and then laughs again when he pulls back - the overflowing amount of love that exists in that moment is potent
you tell him to get over that old thing, but he shakes his head
"never, when again in all the lives i live is someone going to say i could make a shy tulip open its petals with my laughter?"
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duckymcdoorknob · 7 months ago
hello ducky! may I ask for some toffee, milk & white chocolate marble shaped like a square~? with a bow please? (kurapika & leorio) cause I just think the idea of kurapika being slightly hesitant— but allowing himself to let loose around leorio with some soft playful twords is VERY adorable!💓 (plus.. just like yourself I’m a loser for lee kurapika 🤍)
I love your event so much, it’s absolutely adorable! I hope you have a great rest of the day, friend!
CW: tickles under the cut
𝑇ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑏𝑜𝑥 𝑤𝑎𝑠 ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑓𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑏𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑙𝑦 ❤︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A day of leisure in Yorknew city meant absolute antics in the hotel room. The four friends had stripped their beds of the pillows and mattresses, each ordering more from room service, and built two huge pillow forts. Kurapika and Killua were the two knights on guard of their forts. Unfortunately for Kurapika, the littler boy had hoarded all of the extra pillows, leaving him weaponless…
“Ready to face your doom?” Killua asked with a smug grin.
“I will go down with honor for my dear king!” The blonde boy clutched his chest in a dramatic fashion.
“Then here I come!” The cat-like boy cooed, jumping up and running in slow motion.
“Ahh! My king! You must help your defenseless knight!”
As if on cue, Leorio appeared from inside of the fort, sporting a fast-food restaurant cardboard crown.
“My dear knight! Worry not!” He bellowed in a strange accent.
“Dude, what’s with the accent?” Killua whispered, stopping his slow-mo run.
“I liked it... uh anyways-” he cleared his throat, “Do you trust me?” Leorio asked his sharp-tongued friend with urgency.
“Yes! Save me!” Kurapika joyfully demanded in response, as Killua was approaching with his pillow.
Leorio took hold of Kurapika’s wrist and yanked him inside the fort he had made.
When the two were inside the spacious fort, Leorio’s mind immediately rushed to mischief.
“Bad idea!” He announced, holding the blonde’s wrist above his head and wiggling his fingers into his exposed underarm.
“Tickling you, Duh!” Leorio cooed, pushing Kurapika downward, so he could pin him to the carpet.
“Why not?”
The brunette’s bluntness drove the chain user up the wall. Give him a good reason, dammit!
Leorio used his free hand to dig into Kurapika’s side, eliciting a jolt and a squeal from the other party.
“Ohoho! Did I find a good spot?”
The latter stopped dead in his tracks upon those words, “oh yeah?”
Kurapika, still smiling, nervously added “Wait- no! I didn’t- I-“
“You did! You have another tickle spot!” A cheeky grin found its way to his face, “and I’m gonna find it!”
Two hands dug into his hips and began to knead at the bones underneath.
Spot after spot, Kurapika’s reaction was the same. Some were less ticklish than others, like his palms and ears, but Leorio still couldn’t find his most ticklish spot!
“I’ve tried everywhere! This is ridiculous!” He whined, completely ignoring the fact that he was currently squeezing at the blonde’s ribcage, “Did you just say that to get me to tickle you more?”
The Kurta boy’s face flushed, “Nohohoho! Yohohohou juhuhuhust hahahavehehent fohohohound ihihit.”
An exasperated groan came from Leorio as he shifted back to Kurapika’s stomach, wanting to hear more laughter than giggles.
As the chain user exploded into helpless peals of laughter again, Killua cleared his throat.
“Y’know I’ve been watching all this unfold with Gon, you haven’t tried the one spot that’s right in front of you.”
“Where is it then, genius?”
“I won’t, I wanna watch Leorio suffer.”
“Oh you’re evil!” The bespectacled boy yelled, lifting his attack on poor Kurapika and patting his stomach, “Here. Take a minute to catch your breath.”
As Kurapika regained his wind, a huge smile on his face, Leorio tried to think of the one spot he didn’t try.
“Oh my god-“ Killua murmured, crawling into the pillow fort with Gon close behind, “You know for a med-school student, you’re pretty stupid.”
“Hey! What makes you say th-“
“His tickle spot is his knees, dumbass!” The white haired boy accompanied his message with an eye roll.
“Aww I wanted to find it!” Leorio whined with a jealous pout.
Killua shook his head and stopped his attack, “Then come here and get him!”
Leorio smiled evilly and skittered his fingers across Kurapika’s knee. To his demise, the other did not react the way he wanted. “Hey what gives?”
“Do it like I did; squeeze around his kneecap.”
Killua retreated back to his position next to Gon, resting his head on the greenette’s shoulder, and the two sat watching their “big brothers” prove that childhood antics can occur at any age.
❣︎𝑉𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑒’𝑠 𝐶ℎ𝑜𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝐸𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡❣︎
Tumblr media
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whorefordazai · a year ago
hi hi its me!! im just feeling really bad and holding my tears rn. can i get anything with aku/chuu/dazai, whoever u deem more fit! they are my comfort bbys. running away from home, even if its just for a night,maybe going to some rooftop or a drive at night. my situation at home isnt the best and i feel rly caged and anxious bc i don't have friends to go out with when my situation gets overwhelming so i just break down in my room haha. anyways, i hope this is good enough? just some comfort or validating words!! sending hugs to u rai, ilysm. thank u for doing this its basically therapy for me ajsbdhd ❤️🌷
I hope things get better for you bestie, love you <33
“Till forever falls apart”
ft. dazai x gn! reader
genre: fluff, comfort
wc: 1.5k (I think🥲)
Tumblr media
synopsis: running away from home with dazai yup yup !! simply a big fat cliche but it’s my guilty pleasure of fluff 🌝 includes a lot of kisses, hand holding, and comfort 🧍‍♂️
Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick the fucking tock.
The clock made no noise, but you imagined it did. After all, that was what usually happened when one planned to sneak out during ungodly hours of the night. Looking at the time, it read 3:54 am.
You couldn’t stay here for one more second.
Swiftly, yet quietly lifting off the covers from your body, you got up from bed, and made your way to the window. It wasn’t sunrise yet. The sky was still dark, the streets peacefully quiet. The street lamp flickered, the airy fog was light against the ground.
It was perfect.
It wasn’t perfectly planned—but knowing Dazai, it wouldn’t go completely wrong. Feeling suffocated and unable to stay home, you had spontaneously called him two hours prior, around 2 am. His disoriented sleepy voice had picked up the call.
“...Hm? Babe? What time is it...” Dazai’s delicate husky voice spoke through the phone.
You could almost imagine him letting out a yawn and stretching out in his futon, brown curls resting against his face, his eyes tearing up from the yawn. You mentally cursed yourself when a smile appeared on your lips from hearing the mere sound of his voice.
You cleared your throat. “Yeah, it’s 2 am. Listen I...” your words stopped before you could continue. You gulped. Would he even be up for this? Would he be up for running away?
Dazai seemed to notice your voice falter. He spoke more hushed this time. “Are you okay? Are you safe? Do you need me to get you?”
You stayed silent for a few seconds before exhaling.
“No...well, yes but no. And...no you don’t need to come get me. I just wanted to hear your voice, Osamu. Thanks—you can go back to sleep now.”
You bit your lip, your finger hovered over the hang up button.
You raised an eyebrow. Dazai’s voice now spoke louder, as if his tone was full of mischief. “Huh?”
“Darling, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. In what universe would Dazai Osamu be sleeping at 2 am? C’mon sweetheart—you know me better than that.” He chuckled.
Your breathe hitched for a second—and then you laughed. It was a quiet airy laugh. He’s right...what was I so worried about?
“Okay then,” you giggled, voice laced with a plan.
“What do say about running away with me at 4 am?”
“Why that is...MARVELOUS!! Running away is what I do best!”
You laughed again, still managing to keep a hushed voice. “Alright—then come pick me up at 4 am will you? 4 am sharp.”
“You got it, babe.” You could almost picture his devilish smirk and golden brown eyes glinting with mischief.
The clock now read 4:01 am. Dazai was definitely here.
You gulped as you opened the window in your room, careful not to make even the tiniest noise.
And there he was.
It was barely noticeable, but you could see Dazai’s figure between the dark shadows in the car. As you both made eye contact, a smile appeared on your lips.
Just to be cheesy, you blew him a kiss, and he dramatically caught—pressing his fingers to his lips.
Getting out of the window was the easy part—actually leaving without anyone noticing was going to be difficult. It would’ve been even more difficult if Dazai wasn’t here to help you.
“Hi.” You smiled, sitting down on the passenger seat next to him.
“Hi.” He smiled back. The two of you looked at each other for a few seconds, before Dazai moved closer and put a hand on your cheek, immediately locking lips with you.
Hands immediately wrapping around his neck, you smiled into the kiss. The butterflies in your stomach exploded when his hand wrapped around your waist, squeezing your hip. When his tongue brushed against your bottom lip, you breathlessly chuckled and pulled back.
“Hurry, let’s get out of here! We can continue this later~” You scratched the back of your neck, cheeks flushed pink.
“Off we go then!” He smirked, eyes looking forward and hands shifting the car gear.
And you were off.
Probably driving around seventy miles per hour, Dazai rolled down the windows and turned on the radio for some music. You grinned, hearing the sound of the breeze down the music.
“This is—why didn’t we do this sooner!?” You laughed, feeling the wind flush against your face. You looked over to Dazai, who had an equally huge smile on his face, his brown curls being swept back by the wind.
“Y/n—we’re about to drive through a tunnel. Peek your head out the car roof! I swear, it’ll feel amazing!” Dazai beamed, sliding open the car roof so that you would be ready.
“Huh?! Are you sure—”
“I’m very fucking sure!!” He laughed.
“OH—okay then!” A smirk appeared on your lips as you stood up and peaked out half your body through the roof.
It was fucking amazing.
The tunnel was brightly lit with yellow lights, the wind was blowing through your hair. In that moment...hell, you couldn’t even explain how you were feeling in this moment.
As the car stopped on a red light, you sat back down in your seat and closed the car roof. Dazai smirked. “That was cool, right?”
“Very fucking cool. Although, next time I’d like to do in your arms.” You smiled. He raised his eyebrows, and grabbed your hand, kissing your knuckles.
A sudden chill went through your body as the wind blew colder. You shivered, rubbing your arms up and down. You chuckled to yourself. I must’ve forgotten to grab a hoodie in all this rush…
“Here, put this on.” Dazai chuckled, leaning to the back seat and grabbing a black hoodie. You eyed him carefully, grabbing the hoodie he was handing to you.
Putting it on, you immediately felt a sense of warmth envelope your skin. Shivering once again, you hugged yourself. It smelled exactly like him.
“Thanks, Osamu…” you softly smiled. He glanced your way for a few seconds before nodding. “No problemo!”
“...No, seriously.” You lightly scoffed with a small smile on your face. You put your hand on his.
“Without you...I would’ve still been stuck there. You have no idea how much you’ve helped….”
Your words were stopped when you felt Dazai grab your hand and intertwine your fingers. He turned his head towards you, a smile on his lips. “I know...call me anytime, okay? I wanna see you all the time.”
You pressed a quick kiss on his lips, sitting back in your seat. Your eyes were practically lit up as you rubbed small circles on Dazai’s knuckles.
You felt simply...the only word to describe it was euphoric. The rush in your bones. It was so fucking cliche, running away with your boyfriend at 4 am.
It was so perfectly cliche that you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself.
“We’re here,” Dazai’s voice sang as he slowed down the car to a complete stop. You looked ahead—it was fairly dark, only a few street laps illuminating the building in front of you.
“An abandoned building…?” Your mouth opened, eyes a little wide.
“Yup! Now come on….” Dazai smiled, pulling your hood over your head and squeezing your face. He moved closer and pressed several kisses on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Practically anywhere he could get access too.
“H-hey! that’s—a lot—of—kisses!!” You managed to say between breaths as he continued to kiss your lips every time you began to talk. Both his hands were squeezing your cheeks like a baby.
He suddenly laughed, the soft grip on your cheeks now turning into a caress. Dazai’s thumb rubbed soft circles against your cheek. He seemed to quiet down, but he was now staring into your eyes
“Uh...are we gonna go inside or…?” You raised an eyebrow, gently tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear. It was soft, just like how you remembered it to be.
“Yeah...let’s go.” He smirked, hands leaving your face and opening his own door to get out of the car. You got out a second after him, feet hitting the soft dirt.
Dazai suddenly clasped your hand in his, pulling you with him as he dashed to the entrance. Your eyes flew open. “W-wait! Dazai, you seem really excited—“
“No time to speak, darling—were on the move!!” He laughed, pulling the both of you up endless stairs. You felt an enabling rush as Dazai ran ahead of you, hands held together. The buzz in your body, the euphoric smile that never left your lips.
“We’re here,” Dazai gasped out, coming to a halt. The breeze gently blew across the huge clearing. You rested your hands on your knees for a second, just to catch your breath.
“We’re...on the roof…?” You bit your lip, suppressing the huge idiotic smile that was about to make its way onto your face. Dazai nodded, wrapping an arm around your waist.
“This is...beautiful.” The roof was dark, it was ghostly quiet. You could only see the city lights from across the railing. Dazai walked to the edge, hand still intertwined with yours.
He leaned against the metal bar, hands gripping the pole with a huge smile on his lips.
God, he looked so beautiful. His brown hair was gently flowing against the breeze, the bridge of his nose seemed to perfectly shape the rest of his face. Leaning your head against his shoulder, you smiled.
“You’re not gonna ask me to jump off the roof with you, hm?” You whispered as a joke. He glanced at you for half a second before wrapping his whole arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest.
“No...not today, darling.”
His eyes seemed glassy, but somehow the clearest you’d ever seen. You blinked a couple times, before finally settling your face back into his shoulder.
“You know,” he mumbled into your hair. “I look at you in a way I thought I could never look at someone.”
You stayed silent, both your hearts beating. He continued.
“I look at you, with love in my eyes. Love I didn’t know was in me...love I didn’t know I was capable of feeling.” He licked his lips with half lidded eyes. “I look at you with the love I thought I had lost.”
You buried your face deeper into his chest. “I love you so much, Dazai.” You whispered. He kissed the top of your head, humming in response.
“I wanna stay like this forever.” You mumbled, eyes suddenly becoming foggy, remembering you had no one back home.
“I know.” He softly whispered, kissing the top of your head.
“I wanna stay with you forever.”
“I know.”
“Just with you, Dazai. No one else.”
“I know.”
“But we can’t...it won’t last forever.”
“...I know.”
He suddenly wrapped his arms around your whole body, hugging you as if you were going to disappear. One of his arms circled your waist, while the other held the back of your head.
“Then we’ll stay like this—till forever falls apart.” You mumbled, inhaling his sweet scent.
He nodded, kissing the tip of your nose. “Till forever falls apart.”
Tumblr media
a/n: a part of this was inspired by the movie perks of being a wallflower, I’m sure you can tell which part :)
tag list: @uwu-monster101 @14th-century-homosexual-spirit @dai-tsukki-desu @i4gumi @cross-crye @starglow-xx @ranposlover @bsdwhore @arimakii @malewifegirlboss @shadyteacup @smadhuman @knjksj0301 @neighborhoodfriendlysimp @rirk-ke @mushroomplantasia @luftdum @pickleisrandom @3-am-depression @its-chuuya-bitch @the-wholesome-ranpo
Tumblr media
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lil-bitty-lubdubs · a year ago
Control pt. 4- the end!
Malina POV
“oh baby. you cant give up…” he tells me brushing a hand through my hair. He caresses my chest and lets his hand stop over my heart. He looks me dead in the eyes and tells me with glee: “i WONT let that heart stop baby. Not for too long anyway.” He slides two fingers into my neck feeling my pulse beat against his skin as I lay spent gazing off into the distance barely focusing.
Tumblr media
Thats when he slides a hand into my crotch massaging me below shocking me back to myself. I try to protest but its mostly grunts and indiscernible noises, but really I’m helpless and weak.  But I squirm and fight off all attempts as I can. Will it do good indefinitely? Probably not… 
Still i fight. He rubs for a bit then goes still and removes his hand. He turns and comes back with something. He unravels it and slides it under the back of my neck. Then wraps it all the way around my neck. Something is dangling on the side of my neck and he pulls it up. It looks like a manual blood pressure cuff. He smiles at me then plants his hand back into me rubbing softly. I groan and thrash. He lifts the lil pump to his cheek level and looking me dead in the eyes- he squeezes. Pump Pump Pump. The cuff around my neck begins to inflate. My eyes bulge wide fear seeping into my hot veins. I thrash “ahhh!!!” i scream. 
Jameson POV
Your still fighting. Im excited to see that. I go for the morbidly obese sized blood pressure cuff  and slide it under your neck. Once your neck is wrapped i continue rubbing you below. “pump. pump. pump”  i squeeze it thrice. It tightens around your neck. your eyes go wide as breathe is harder to grasp. “let go sweetheart!” I commend you softly but willing you to challenge me.  Come on…let go, just let it happen baby.”
 i look you in the eyes drinking in your fear, your fight. It’s like marrow to dry bones, absolutely life giving. I’m soaking you in, every once, every fight, every gasp. I bask in it as i rub you gently driving you all the more insane. I pump and pump again. Your breath is nearly halted. A few more pumps and there will be no oxygen able to flow. I wait. “Come one, give in to me…” i will you as i watch your red face growing purple slowly. You still fight to get free, wiggle your  pelvis to try and stop me. I smile. I wanna see you break. Another squeeze of my hand has your voice choked off.  i work you up into orgasm. 
You’re slowing down. Blinking and staring off into nothing for seconds before coming back to focus. “Come on Melina sweetheart!” I almost beg you. “Just let it happen.” I don’t slow my strokes. You hold out stubbornly. Another squeeze and now you literally are breathing as if through a straw. Your chest bobs up and down working to get oxygen. Your stomach heaving, grasping for any single morsel of air.  But what can fit down your windpipe is too measly too satisfy. 
Your beginning to loosen up and go out. But it also means you are letting go. “Thats it Malina.” I smile and pick up my rubbing pace slightly. Your eyes flicker at the change of tempo. “That’s it sweetheart... Let it go…come  on…” i will you as I come closer to drink in every feature of your face as you surrender. 
Your rigid body begins to go slack from lack of oxygen. “That’s it baby… that it!” I look at the monitor and your heart is nearly at the 190 mark. “Come on. Let it happen sweetie…” i wait. “You can’t stop it. You will cum for me…so let it go.” i whisper up against your ear. “Let go…let go sweetie…. yes!” I feel your surrender is near. “THat’s it sweetheart! Thats it!!!!!” You suddenly spasm, the orgasm taking shape in you. I grin, ripping off the blood pressure cuff to give you oxygen. 
You suck in a grand long deep breath as your beautiful bare chest expands to capacity. You breath in and continue to orgasm as you come back to yourself now fully oxygenated. Once your fully conscious and aware what’s transpired you begin to cry, whimpering softly, bound on the table. “Good girl Malina! Your such a good girl for me!” I rub your cheek grinning like a school boy in love. I slide my other hand up your still heaving chest and plant it over your heart.
“You see that sweetheart?” i take a moment to feel your beats. “Your heart’s beating in my hand. It’s such a good little obedient heart…” i coo drunk on the power i have over you. “No matter what i always win… ok baby?”
“Ok…!” you sob and i slide the hand to your left breast rubbing your nipple. For once you lay limp. Your fight is gone. I win… I ALWAYS win!
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hehebread · a year ago
[BKDK] Izuku keeps mentioning a Kacchan to reporters and they think that's his gf
this was a request on twt that i had way too much fun writing. warning for suggestive language!
“And is there…. a special person….or a group of people you would like to thank on air today? Anyone who inspired you? Anyone you would attribute your success to? An image of victory per say?”
Izuku’s eyes glimmer as the bright lights of the studio reflect on his irises. “Oh!” He jumps in his seat, his perfectly- coiffed curls bouncing as he nods frantically to the show’s host. “Yes! Yes!” Leaning forward with his hands on his leg, the camera zooms in on his face where the blush is painting his cheeks. “I wouldn’t be the hero I am today if it wasn’t for Kacchan!”
And it’s as if an earthquake alert dropped on the talk show. The host grows this devious grin on his face as he turns to the camera team and says, “Well, well, well, behind every great man is a woman after all.”
Izuku isn’t quite sure why the host is bringing his mother into this since the interview is reaching its end and he has already discussed her influence in detail very early on, but he doesn’t get a chance to ponder.
The host, Yamaguchi-san, leans into Izuku’s space with renowned interest and an interesting glint in his eyes. Izuku feels himself sweating in his oversized maroon-striped suit.
“So, Midoriya-san, Hero Deku, Rising Symbol of Equity and Hope, can you tell us more about … Kacchan?” His voice goes higher at the last syllable, almost sing songs, and Izuku is not sure if he should be worried or not, but he won’t pass an opportunity to gush about Kacchan!
“Ah, Kacchan is very … confident, hardworking, strong, and smart. Kacchan is a hero who knows how to lead a team and perform under pressure, an inspiration to both myself and our entire graduating class, and a”—Izuku can feel the heat rise in his face as he tries to hide in his colour— “a shining star who was closer to me than All Might!”
The host makes a loud ‘AWWW’ noise at the same time as the small audience in the studio. “My, my! Sounds like Kacchan is very important to Hero Deku! Don’t be shy! Tell us more! Is there a physical description to go with your precious person?”
“Ahm!” Izuku fiddles with his fingers as he avoids the gazes on him. There a long beat of silence before he manages to say, “Muscles….Blonde…..Sharp eyes….” With a vague gesture to his middle section, he mumbles, barely audible, “Big, ugh…..” Heart.
“OOOOOOOOOH!” The host goes wild and so does the audience. “So are we talking Hiromi Oshima type big or maybe Rio Natsume, or aaaah Aki Hoshino even ….?”
Izuku feels his ears ring in humiliation as he tries to process what they’re talking about. Something Kacchan has in common with all these beautiful women is his big successful career so Izuku nods. “Yes!” Then, a thought occurs and he rises in his chair. “Even bigger!”
After all, Kacchan’s net worth is higher than these ladies.
“The biggest!”
“Oh my god!” The host is losing his mind now! “And is it … natural? Or did Kacchan get a little help from professionals?”
“No, no, no! Kacchan was a natural ever since we were in school together!” Izuku’s eyes shine with a fire to defend his childhood best friend, no longer trying to hide in his big suit. “No one helped Kacchan get this big!”
“That’s … amazing!” The host shakes his head in both awe and disbelief. “Now we want to see Kacchan in action! When the hero works around the city, defeating villains, does the size get in the way?”
Does Kacchan’s fame get in the way of his work? “Sometimes,” Izuku muses, “But Kacchan never lets the restless and perky nuisances stop him, y’know. With a little shake from his hands, and a few colourful words of wisdoms, nothing gets in the way!” Izuku laughs as he remembers Kacchan’s way of dismissing fans and reporters alike.
“Of course, there are times where Kacchan’s big firm moulds become springy and hard to control, but I have yet to see an instance where that has been a major issue. ”
Kacchan is still having some adjustment problems with his new hero costume, particularly his grenade mould, but that’s as far as distractions go.
“Does Kacchan not use support?”
“Uhm, only when it’s a dire situation! Sometimes I’m even allowed to provide assistance!”
“You must be very lucky…”
“I am! It feels … exciting and … very special! Kacchan doesn’t trust just anyone, y’know! I can never quite get used to the trust we built together. We are one unit working together.”
“Do you use your hands…. Or something else?”
“Oh, hands! Yes! But anything works really! Whatever Kacchan is comfortable with and needs at the time. Black Whip, combo moves, an iron grip...”
The host furrow his brows and seems to be considering Izuku’s answer before he opens his mouth again. “Uhm, never mind.” He then turns to the camera, smile back on. “Our time is almost running out! Thank you, hero Deku for your time! We look forward to seeing you again in the big screen!”
The next day, Izuku wakes up to the headline: Hero Deku And His Mysterious Busty New Girlfriend: The Beautiful and Spunky Kacchan!
He’s doomed
He sees Kacchan early the next day.
Having spent the morning talking to tabloids and the host show agents about the misunderstanding and whether or not it was possible to take down the episode at least, Izuku slumps his head on his desk in defeat.
Oh, this is very bad.
He starts thumping his forehead on the wood in sync with the bleeps noises in the phone, already planning his funeral in his head.
Okay, so it seems the suspense around this girlfriend is raking up his popularity, but god, at what cost.
“Nerd, we need to talk.”
Izuku’s soul near flies to the roof at the sound of the door to his office slamming close. Fuckfuckfuck.
Kacchan stands before him with his hand on his hip, teeth snarled and looking ready to tear his flesh open. Oh, this is going to be fun!
After flashing a haughty glare at the glass door to scare away the nosy friends hanging about, Kacchan continues, “About the interview.”
Of course! Yes! His final hour is approaching. “Haahahaha, what about it?” Izuku feels his undershirt cling to his torso, sweat collecting on his face. He directs a shaky hand to a nearby chair. “Feel free to take a seat, Kacchan! You want me to get you anything? Water, tissues, uhm, a knife, a body sized bag, or uhhh, a shovel? I think I have some spare sheets of paper if you’d like to give me a chance to—“
“So…” Kacchan starts.
“…this Kacchan, huh?” Having completely ignored every single word Izuku just said, Kacchan crosses his arms and scowls. “Is she strong? How come I never heard about her before? Since when did you start dating this gravure idol and pro hero, huh?”
“So, you just go around giving everyone pretty nicknames now?” Kacchan snorts and his expression darkens before he slams his hands on Izuku’s desk. He looks at Izuku from under his chin, and Izuku swear he can see flames behind his eyes. He growls, “What’s her actual name?”
An alarm bell rings in Izuku’s ears and he stutters, “Ka— Ka— Kat— Katsuko! Bakugan Katsuko…….”
Kacchan’s expression doesn’t change and Izuku feels his heart leap to his throat. God, Kacchan is gonna call his bluff at any minute now. He’s going to reject him then he’s going to break his heart and his bones.
“What’s she like?”
Kacchan shifts forward slightly and Izuku is just know noticing the ample cleavage in clear view. Right there. In front of Izuku’s face. “Uhm. Ah, she’s very, ugh, im- pec— impeccable!! And strong! Muscl— mature!! Breasty too – I mean, pretty! PRETTY!” Izuku bites his tongue then swallows thickly. “Beautiful, actually!” Lifting his gaze to meet Kacchan, he whispers, “Gorgeous. Just the most amazing person in my life.”
Kacchan is staring intently with his sharp red eyes, and Izuku feels his chest swell with confidence he never had before. “Kacchan is my inspiration, and I just … love … Kacchan so much. I wish I had the courage to tell him— um, her that.”
“Are you two serious?” Kacchan asks, impassive but there is silent rage hiding behind his words.
Something flashes quickly through Kacchan’s eyes before he narrows them. It takes Izuku a second to recognise that it’s /hurt/ and then he realise what he has just done.
“No, no, no!” Izuku backtracks immediately. “I don’t even know her that well! In fact, she kinda smells and definitely has sweating problem.” Izuku needs to do damage control and come clean NOW. “You know what? I will call her and break up with her right now. Ha ha ha.”
What the hell is he saying? Who is he going to call?
Kacchan stands up while Izuku fumbles with his phone. “Don’t be a dick,” he says, before he heads to the door.
Izuku jumps from his chair and is ready to chase after him when Kacchan stops him. “How big?”
“You said Bakugan was big.”
Ah, yes, he did. Tragically.
“Um, y’know just…” Izuku motions with his hands like he’s moulding two doughballs, palms up and fingers wiggling because he’s lost control of his life once he accepted his funeral date, but that’s not even happening anymore so what is he doing really.
He then makes am hourglass shape in the air and belatedly realises that he’s just outlining Kacchan’s shape in front of him. Izuku retreats his hands and puts them behind his back in shame.
Kacchan is looking at him funny. Like he’s trying to figure something out.
“Does she shoot aerial bomb or something? Is that a combat-style quirk?”
Izuku blinks.
Kacchan just sneers and turns around.
“Whatever. I’m doing a photoshoot this afternoon. The Sekushī clothing line is dropping a new summer set and they asked me to model.”
“Se- Sekushi?? You mean, like—” Izuku feels his face go impossibly red. “You’re saying that, you’re going to wear, like…..” his voice goes down to a whisper when he says “…..a b-b-b-b-b-bikini?”
“Swimwear,” Kacchan turns to say over his shoulder, “Among other things.”
The sexy smirk he sends Izuku’s way is doing very, very weird things to Izuku’s body and imagination, things too inappropriate to describe in a work setting.
Kacchan leaves but not without offering the most dangerous challenge to Izuku’s mental wellbeing. “Feel free to drop in.”
Oh, he absolutely will.
“Bring Bakugon.”
Oh, he absolutely will not.
Maybe, he will.
Kacchan is going to ruin Izuku
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idwtet · a year ago
Tumblr media
Abby anderson x Female!Reader
"You look like a lunch lady." The sound of an irrated groan and slightly suppressed laugh tinted the scene in a more innocent tone.
"C'mon." Abbys voice playfully whined as she pulled her hair from the tightly twisted bun.
"Just put it back into a braid." You suggested with a hand resting on Abby's left shoe covered foot.
To which she scoffed and gently nudge your hand off, You knew she didnt like people touching her feet.
You felt the same about feet- but then again it was so much fun to get a riled reaction out of her.
"No, this has to be special." Abby referred to the odd interaction between her and Owen earlier in the day, which resulted in Owen asking Abby out on a little date.
Hence, why she is so indecisive.
You stood from the dry ground, the crunch of sun bathed chunks of dirt under your feet, to quickly walk around the oval shaped rock Abby had currently sat on.
"Here." You answered with confidence as you use your shaky fingers to untwist abby's hair from the bun.
You could discreetly tell that the feeling of someone touching her hair was a new experience for her, just as it was for you.
She smelled like nature, the smell of crisp dirt, a bit of a flowery scent, probably from cheap pefume, mixed with a slight smell of mildew clothing and sweat.
No one smelled great in the ending of the world, yet she still managed to be a unique exception.
"What are you doing?" her voice held excitement and amusement making this side of her seem foreign in her own body.
"Nothing drastic." you hum'ed out your answer in an almost bored tone.
To which she slightly turned her head towards her right to get a better view of you.
Her face hitting the light in a perfect way, her high cheek bones had kissed the bottoms of her thick eyelashes,
The sun coloring them to a blonde with a hint of orange as they fluttered against her lids and cheekbones.
Her baby lips full at the bottom from a slight pout, her nose casting a shadow on the bridge of it from the arch of her nose.
Her forehead smoothed with a curiously raised right eyebrow.
She was absolutely beautiful even with her slight need for control over every situation.
All in the midst of you admiring her face your hands had been in autopilot, letting her hair down to flow freely.
Ruffling the underside of her hair, you give it more volume.
Her honey hair had tumbled down the back of her neck to the tops of her shoulder blades.
"There, just leave it down." you smiled at her and she gave you a semi-angry face and then it untwisted into annoyance.
"You know i cant-" you had sighed internally.
"Abby, you are fine. Its not like having your hair down is a new thing. You wear your hair down all the time in my room."
You referred to your room, which was a small hospital room, decorated with a few posters, a mattress and pillow.
She only scoffed before turning and facing forward again- trying to wrangle up her wavy hair in her two hands again.
Gripping her hands to stop ruining your art, you put her hands back in her lap, your inner arms brushing her shoulders in this interaction.
"Yeah but what if something happens?" She gave her topical response, yet this time she sounded nervous.
"Like what?" You asked her with a knowing smugness.
"Like... I... What if it gets caught on something?" she asked with hint of nervousness in her attitude.
"Really? Out of clickers, or runners, or anything else you chose that excuse?" you snorted at her reasoning.
"Its not an excuse! I just..." she trailed off leaving you to guess on what she wanted to say.
"Are you nervous for him to see it?" you asked in a gentle tone.
"... I guess... Yes and no." She gave you her usual short and sweet answer as if a child afraid to get in trouble if she revealed too much.
"Is this even about your hair or are you just super nervous?"
You gave her a comforting shoulder pat, and began styling her hair to be parted on her left side, that way most of her hair fell on to her right side, framing her face more.
She didnt respond.
"You had your first kiss when you were 8, you wouldnt get it." She answered with a nervous tone.
You playfully yanked a few strands of her hair in a silent warning.
"Just..." You walk back around the rock covered in moss.
"Just do what you would do with Owen, with me for practice." Abby gave you a furrowed expression.
She opened her mouth, but your brain clicked faster, "No you dont have to kiss me. Im talking about the build up to that."
At this she nodded slightly wearing a confused expression.
"Okay..." She gave an unsure response before gesturing for you to sit next to her on the small rock.
You sat wincing from a slightly dig in to your butt cheek from the sharp points on the rocks surface.
"Okay...Owen." Abby finally met your eyes, her hazal eyes dilating from the sun, soon after her pupils slowly expand again.
"I have- been uh..." with a comforting smile and nod she visibly relaxes before she continued.
"I have been feeling like we are compatable... More compatable then anyone else I could know."
You almost coo'd at her shy, adorable acting.
"And you know how to make me smile." You grinned slightly, trying to impersonate Owen.
But at your sudden behavior change, you couldnt help but notice her slight distaste for it as she gave you a weirded look.
"...And I know that you calm me down whenever I feel like im going to actually scream." she all but chuckled out.
You didnt know Abby was such a romantic, it kinda shocked you in a way, like finding out a new detail in your favorite book.
But something shook you into an odd feeling.
Her eyes glanced down at your lips before moving back up to meet your eyes, her pupils expended even further.
"You make the time go by, alittle to quickly sometimes." With a subtle but still recognizable glance Abby looked up at the almost noon sun.
Her hazal eyes floating back down over all the features of your face before she licked her lips for a quick moment.
She gave you a soft look, her eyes almost puppy like.
You could tell by her slightly leaning posture that she was asking for something.
But what?
"Abby?" You asked your tone, almost a whisper as if had you given her a slight playful warning.
Her cheeks had been dashed with a red blush, that complimented her higher cheek bones and her light freckles.
Was she asking...?
With a quick glance down at her lips, she nodded, giving you her permission.
Which surprised you, almost as if she read your mind in that moment.
You both softly and slowly leaned towards eachother, both of you almost bounce off eachother with your puckered lips.
You both loosened your lips, and your lips molded into eachother almost perfectly.
There were no cliche fireworks or angels harping.
But you both felt the fuzzy feeling of your brain giving a hazy out-look from the close proximity.
You both separated with slightly pants before she nudged her nose into your cheek, you both getting drunker on the love and warmth of another person.
It was like a cloud of disorietented buzzing in the air surrounding you both, making you both give eachother, shy but happy, smiles.
Abby wouldnt say it, But she had very much reserved her with her hair down, only for you.
Her hands nervously went to hold the mid of your back with a firm placement.
Your hands went under her arms and wrapped around the tops of her shoulders with your palms, pulling her as close as you could.
And maybe its the way you were both touch starved, or maybe because neither were ready to face the situation.
But you both sat like that, enjoying eachothers heat, for the next few hours.
So long that a concerned Owen finally had to come looking for Abby for their date.
With a reluctant sigh you both parted ways, You both making it a plan to train together in the morning.
Abby casted multiple glances back at you with her eyebrows knitted together and her eyes almost apologising.
That day became bitter sweet though because that was a day before you were unexpectedly shipped out to another firefly base.
Fated most likely to never see Abby again.
Most likely.
------------Part 2??------------
This one felt a little more natural, but yet i still feel like Abby is a bit out of character, ill work on that.Edit:I did this story was so confusing where was I even going with it????
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sageinacage · a year ago
Hi! Saw your post about Sap and Tubbo and I’ve missed their dynamic sm so I wanted to send in a request! How about lee Tubbo and ler Sapnap? Maybe Sapnap wanted to see if Tubbo was just as ticklish as he was back then and uses one of his favorite tactics a bunch, raspberries?
Still the Same summary: sapnap wants to know if tubbo is still as ticklish as before, in his own sapnap way. a/n: sorry for the wait :( low motivation bc of personal stuff happening, but im doing a bit better so i wanted to get this out asap! hope u enjoy :D warnings: swearing, sapnap is Evil (/lh) w/c: 1.6k DSMP, Platonic
Everyone always says it’s easier to clear your thoughts from a high altitude. Why is that? No one knows, though no one is going to question it either. It’s always nice to enjoy the breeze from up above.
The only problem is, finding that high altitude and then having to climb up to it.
Tubbo closed his home door behind him, glancing around to find some sort of easy-access place he can sit for a while. As the boy walked around, he was quick to notice the gentle breeze that brushed against his cheeks and over his nose.
He sighed, enjoying the perfect weather present on this day, deciding to start walking down the path to town. As he walked, he chuckled as he recognized the spot he was standing at.
The day he and Sapnap had a playful bicker. It involved Tubbo making fun of the demon for miswording something, and a playful fight lasting afterward. The boy chuckled to himself, then his eyes widening.
Thinking about his old friend reminded him of the hill they used to hang out on. The perfect altitude to sit at, might he add. Now walking with intention, Tubbo smiled at the old memories that were unfolding in his brain.
“Here it is, it feels like it’s been years,” Tubbo spoke softly, arriving at the same hill he and Sapnap used to goof off on ages ago. He smiled contently, plopping down on the grass, and leaned against an oak tree that sat on the hill.
He let his head relax back, enjoying the nice breeze brush through his hair and the convenient shade the oak tree provided for him. The people were right, this is a good place to clear some thoughts up.
Meanwhile, a certain demon was also heading somewhere to relax for the day, wanting a break from all the serious ‘bullshit,’ as he would call it. Sapnap looked up at the tree that rested on his favorite hill and saw a figure under it.
He smiled to himself, recognizing a certain ram hybrid settled underneath the shade of the luscious tree. With a mischievous smirk, Sapnap tip-toed up the hill, avoiding any crinkly leaves or twigs along the way, motivated to startle his old friend.
Oh, how much Sapnap missed being so goofy and carefree. It was honestly a natural instinct to playfully mess with Tubbo, almost like how siblings always try to push each other's buttons. It’s safe to say he saw the boy as a little brother.
“Tubbo!” Sapnap squealed, whipping his head around the tree with a giddy smile. “Sap… Sapnap?! Where did you even come from?!” Tubbo gasped, holding his heart dramatically at the sudden scare.
“From down the hill, you goof.”
“I hate you.”
“No you don’t, why’re you smiling then?” Sapnap sniggered, earning an eye roll from the ram. “Because you’re annoying, and it’s making me smile because of how annoying you are.”
The demon snorted a laugh. Tubbo really was the sassy boy he always remembered.
The two settled underneath the tree together, just catching up. They really needed it, it was obvious on both sides that they both missed each other dearly.
They missed the playful bickering and fights they’d have over literally nothing, maybe a piece of bread if anything. Tubbo especially missed the warm feeling he got while around Sapnap. Was it the feeling of coziness inside of him, similar to the feeling of home you get when you’re around someone you’re genuinely fond of- or was it just that Sapnap is warm because he’s a literal fire demon? Probably both.
All was content and nice until Sapnap had to bring up a redacted memory, one Tubbo couldn’t think about without a wild blush spreading across his face.
“Hey Tubs, do you remember the tickle fights we used to have? Well, not exactly fights since you never put anything up- Ow!” Sapnap rubbed his shoulder where the boy flicked him, a grumpy but obviously flustered scowl painted on his face.
“Embarrassed, are we? C’mon, it’s not like you’re still that ticklish anymore!”
The embarrassed squeak that left Tubbo really just made all the dignity he had left drain away.
“...Or are you?” Sapnap continued, his curious glance turning into a dark grin. “Hey there- buddy, friend, mate- you d- don’t gotta… gotta do it… actually I think it’s getting late and I should be getting home!” Nervous giggles poured out of the boy, shuffling backward on the grass.
Sapnap just shook his head. “I don’t think you’re going anywhere, Tubbo. Not until I get my answer!~”
Oh shit. A surprised squeal left Tubbo as he was wrestled onto the ground, though the boy was strong as well and fought back. “Oh, actually fighting back, are we?~ Now that’s a change!” Sapnap teased, making Tubbo’s body go limp.
‘Teasing makes him go all jelly, got it.’ Sapnap thought with a snicker, looking down at his friend.
“S- Sapnap… dohoHON’T- SAHAPNAP!” Tubbo barked out a laugh, trying to twist on his side away from the prodding fingers on the right side of his ribcage. “Nuh-uh, you aren’t going anywhere, mister!” Sapnap sniggered as he pushed the boy’s hips on the ground, drilling his thumbs into the bones in the process.
A loud shriek left Tubbo, failing to buck Sapnap off of him. He fell limp against the grass, knowing that he wasn’t gonna get out of the predicament anytime soon. Not that he exactly wanted to, though.
“Remember you can tell me to stop whenever you’d like me to, bud.” The demon’s face softened into a more reassuring look, slowing down his tickles. Tubbo nodded, opening his mouth to speak before being interrupted with another screech.
Sapnap’s fingers found the sides of his lower stomach, massaging his fingers into the soft skin. This seemed to be successful, Sapnap found.
“SAP-HEHEHEHAHA- F- FUHuhuck ohohoff!” He continued to squirm, stomping his hooves in the plush grass behind Sapnap. “D’awww, Tubbo!~ That wasn’t very nice, was it? Maybe I should remind you of my favorite tactic?” Sapnap raised an eyebrow, relishing in the immediate anticipatory high-pitched giggles that emitted from the smaller boy.
“Do you remember? I think you do, champ! I think you remember all the nibbles and raspberries I used to give to your cute lil’ tummy- and oh how bad they tickled!~ Are you excited? I think you areeee, I can hear your tail thumping on the grass!”
Note taken; Sapnap was still as evil as before.
“Y- Yohou’re so mehehean!” Tubbo whined, covering his bright red cheeks, his shirt riding up with his arms raising. “Uh oh, Tubbo… Look what I have here! A perfect snack right in front of me!~” The man cooed, dragging his dull claws over the ram’s belly before leaning down and blowing a big raspberry right beneath his belly button.
“SHIHIHIHIT! N- NOHOT THAHAT!” Tubbo shrieked, arching his back up. “Not this? Alright, your wish is my command, champ! Guess I have no choice but to do this instead…” He chuckled slowly before beginning to gently nibble on Tubbo’s lower belly, moving up the side to nibble near his waist.
Fuck Sapnap and his stupid stubble, and his even dumber fangs.
“SAAAAHAP- NONONONOHOHOHO!” Tubbo pleaded, weakly pushing at Sapnap’s head, but the damn thing didn’t budge even a centimeter. “No? Okay!~” He giggled, going back to plant another raspberry over the side of his belly.
Arching his back again, the ram dug his hooves in the grass to try to ease the sensations at least a little bit, but the ticklish stubble dragging around his tummy kept making him go limp. “F- FUHUCK YOHOU- Y- YOHOU’RE SO BAAAHAD!” Tubbo retaliated, yet again trying to twist away but his hips were only pushed back down onto the grass.
“I think you need a little manners lesson, don’tcha think, Tubso?~ N’awww, don’t pout at me, you know I’ll just have to do… this…” Sapnap huffed in a breath, Tubbo squealing in anticipation, but then silence.
Tubbo relaxed his muscles as the raspberry didn’t happen- never mind. It happened.
“FUHUHUCK- PLEEEHEHEHEASE!” Tubbo’s body went completely jelly, the tickling too much for him to fight back anymore. Sapnap looked up, a shit-eating grin on his face. “You were so bold a few seconds ago, what happened? Hmmm?~ Cat got your tongue, Tubbo? Let’s fix that.” He chuckled, wrapping his arms around Tubbo's waist so he couldn't buck away from his attack.
Raspberry after raspberry, Tubbo knew he couldn’t handle it anymore. “STOHOHAHAHAP! E- ENOHOUGH!” His voice was squeaky and tickled-out, taking deep breaths as he laid down completely limp on the soft grass.
“You alright there, Tubso?”
“Here, let me help.” Sapnap smiled, but it was softer this time- way different than the evil grins he was giving while tickling the life out of the poor boy. The demon laid the ram across his lap, gently carding his fingers through his plush hair.
“C- can yohou… keep gohoing? But- gehentle this t- tihime?” Tubbo stuttered out, Sapnap audibly cooing at the sweet boy. “Of course, it would be my pleasure- seeing how evil I was earlier.” He jested, earning an exaggerated noise of agreement from Tubbo.
He snickered, tracing his dull claws in random shapes over the boy’s belly, letting them graze up and down his sides and back down to circle around his hips. The affectionate light tickles were making the tickled-out boy sleepy, as he curled up in the warm demon’s lap and softly snored as sleep swept over him.
“Sleep well, bud. I’ll be here when you wake up. I’ve missed you, y’know that?”
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strawberrybabydog · 7 months ago
Not sure if you answered this yet but do you have any other Pawsthetics in mind after your muzzle gets here? 👀 I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU to get your muzzle in btw and all of my fingers are crossed that you'll get it asap on Monday
i mostly have the pawsthetics i want rly bad rn, but here's stuff im missing:
realistic ears headband
realistic matching tail OR belt harness tail (tail i have rn is a taxidermy keychain one - its fine but i want more options)
black fuzzy leg warmers
paw shoes and paw socks (which will be DIY)
professionally made canine/werewolf teeth (i have diy ones rn)
canine packer
long black sharp acrylics!
muzzle - no like, a real muzzle. like "make ur dog shut up/dont bite" muzzle
bone-shaped chews
aesthetically pleasing paw padding
that septum ring dog nose thing, if it ever becomes real
a custom leather pup hood maybe? i dont really need one though and theyre very expensive so im unsure about this one
the rest of my physical transition is like, permanent body mods and stuff - but here's all the non-permanent ones. like i said i already have a lot of stuff that i like already so i didnt list things like "collar" here cuz i already have a bunch of em... although i do want more...
most of these things i actually already have saved on my etsy and i just can't afford them yet actually :0] so a lot of these things exist! if anyone wants links just ask!
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lisired · a year ago
may i request minho, jisung, and changbin playing truth or dare dirty version with the reader, and at one dare it gets so extreme to the point where they fuck her? kinks: degradation, praise, edging, and whatever you think fits
word count: 3.6k
Tonight was a rollercoaster of things.
You can’t even say that they hadn’t warned you of the many levels to their dirty little games—you remember, quite vividly as well, Jisung emphasizing how especially nasty and filthy things could possibly get, and had gotten in the past, and made you swear to tell them if you began to grow uncomfortable by anything said, or done, or by just anything, really.
How dirty could things get? Well, you know better than anyone else how creative your best-friends were, although, when you ended up underneath two of them, Whipped Cream on both of your nipples, both of them competing to suck it all off of you, you realize you had definitely underestimated their imagination.
“Alrighty, times up! Now it’s Y/N’s turn. Y/N, truth or dare?” this was Jisung, upon hearing the iPad timer go off. He pulls away from Lee Know, who’: giving him a teasing glimpse, and pulls himself together to refrain from participating in any form of physical violence. “Remember, once you decide, you can’t take it back. I know we wanted you to be more bold, but learn from me. Or, don’t. Dares are fun to spectate.”
“You’re talking too much.” Lee Know says, buttoning up his shirt, although he may as well have not bothered.
You ponder your choices carefully; you had noticed how gradually, the dares and truths grew more and more extreme—a fair judgement from the one you had just witnessed—and getting tangled up in one seemed fun, despite Jisung’s bitterness afterwards. You realize this time Changbin was in charge of distributing the dare, and considering how low-key his had been in contrast to the other two men, it wouldn’t be that bad, right? How dirty could things get?
“Dare.” you utter, clearly, boldly, and firmly.
The three men stare at you with expressions equally as profound, and when you exchange back a look of curiosity and puzzlement, their faces turn smug, Lee Know and Jisung giggling, and you can’t tell who looks more evil, but you can tell that you may have made a very bad decision.
“I dare you to let Jisung and Minho eat Whipped Cream off of your tits, but here’s the deal. They have to compete to see who can finish first. You in?” Changbin says with an anticipating grin.
Instantly, hearing this, your eye’s flicker to the two mentioned boys, who are glancing at you with a look that suggested that they’re more than willing. You gulp. It’s more of an exciting feeling, though, one that infers you’re in for a hell of a ride, and trusting this thrilling feeling was all you could do.
“Im in.” you give in. Much less time was wasted between the time that Changbin fetches the Whipped Cream from the kitchen, you throw your shirt above your head, and having people hovering above your breast.
“On your marks, get set, go!”
The Whipped Cream is cold, chilly against your skin, so when you feel them attack you so suddenly, you can’t resist emitting a gasp-intended moan. Both of them grin against your skin, and you can feel it, but even more can you feel their warm tongues gliding across your breast, swirling around your nipples.
“God, oh my God,” your mouth forms an ‘O’ shape as you whimper sensitively, the chills from the Whipped Cream and their mouths giving you double the sensation. Your chest began to heave, rising and falling noticeably, and from the little distance between you three, they could surely hear your breathing. When you look up, you remember Changbin is watching you as well, a bit too knowingly, you realize as you made direct eye contact with him, but you can’t put your finger on it. Hell, you’re too busy drowning in heaven.
It’s close, and becoming impossible to tell who was going to win, or if there would be a tie, but by now, that’s the last thing you care about—you want to feel them both inside of you, every inch of them throbbing inside of you, filing up your core. It’s all you can think about, and it show’s when Jisung and Minho begin to stare at you teasingly, yet even as the cream is all gone, they’re still licking and sucking at your skin.
“Fuck me!” you cry out, not caring about how desperate or pathetic you sounded right then. If it got them to fuck you, you’d take it.
The two pull away, and as a trio, they begin to laugh, as if it’s the most amusing thing ever. You, on the other hand, don’t find it nearly as entertaining. “You hear that? She wants us to fuck her!” Lee know says in a provocative, playful manner.
You cast them a pleading glance, your eye’s begging for them to do something—anything—and quickly.
It isn’t the end of the teasing though, you reckon when a smug grin crawls it’s way onto Changbin’s face. “Maybe we should give her what she wants, then. She already looks desperate enough.”
“Hm, I’m not sure. I don’t think she can take it.” Jisung hums, his pair of eye's landing on your figure as well, and you know you're being watched, you feel watched, but a part of it feels thrilling, it makes you wetter. "Look at her—all desperate, appearing so fucked-out, yet the best part is that she's barely even been touched. She won't be able to take it, it's too much for her."
"No! I can take it! I swear." you say in your attempt to be persuasive, sitting on your knees with your chest pushed up defensively. You know very well that he's just teasing, but if you don't go through it, then you might not even get to feel him. Would you have to prove to them that you could take it? You weren't sure of this, though. It's just how unpredictable these 3 guys were.
"Really? You think you can take all three of us in one session?" Lee know stares at you doubtfully.
"Yes." you mumble quietly. "How can I prove it to you?"
Lee Know looks back at the other two men, then once he glances back at you, a laugh erupts from his throat. He walks over to the couch inside of the room, then with his fingers, he ushers you to come over. You don’t hesitate much, getting up and walking just in front of him, caught off-guard when his arms wrap around you and pull you between his thighs.
“May I touch you, love?” he asks, voice just a bare whisper as he leans near your ear.
p>The only way you can react is in a nod. His voice is enough to wake such intense feelings inside of you that you’ve never even felt anything quite like it. He’s so close to your body, too—he could probably feel how irregular your breathing was.
This time his laugh comes out as a light, breathy chuckle. His hand crawls down to the space between your thighs, rubbing you through your sweatpants.
“Take those off, if you want to start proving things to us.” Changbin demands from in front of you. Him and Jisung are watching, patiently too, despite being noticeably hard. It’s more like the three of them have something in mind that you’re unaware of, and all you can do is wait to find out what they’re up to.
You hurry to slide the sweatpants down your hips, thighs, and off of your legs. They fall from your ankles to the floor, and this is when Minho reaches his hand back down. He’s obviously more satisfied, you can hear it in what he says next.
“Aw, baby, you’re so wet. You really want us, don’t you? Such a slut. I bet one of us could just slide in you so easily.” his fingers graze the damped patch of your panties, and you can’t help but have a moan slip from your throat.
“The three of you are rock hard.” you comment in a gasp, in attempt to deflect the embarrassing attention from you to them, but it doesn’t exactly work in your favor.
“And just for you, baby.” Jisung grins, but he’s quick to change the topic. “I think it’s Changbin’s turn.”
Changbin chuckles and in an instant he’s kneeling before you, Minho’s hands already fondling your breast. Changbin’s fingers land on the straps of your panties, and he pauses, looking up at you with a familiar self-satisfied expression. “It’s only right that we prepare a good little whore like you. Just sit back and relax.”
He doesn’t say more, yanking your panties down to your ankles. You gasp as his fingers graze your clit, becoming coated with your wetness. It’s so effortless, how his single finger slides inside of you. Your eyes shut as he thrusts his finger inside of your hole again and again, and it’s the fact it’s only one finger that makes them want to fuck you dumb.
“Open your eyes, slut. I want you to see everything I’m doing to you.” Changbin tilts his head. When you open your own, his eyes are boring into you, piercing into your skin, and you feel yourself melt in front of him, and between Lee Know’s lap.
While Lee Know caresses your breast, you suddenly feel something warm against your skin. You notice it’s Jisung, who probably had his patience tested. His lips attack your collar bone, trailing marks up your collarbone to your neck as he sucks and bites at your skin.
“Oh, fuck,” you groan aloud, in response to the new feeling combined with the new initial ones. “more!”
As if your wish is their command, you throw your head back against Lee Know’s chest in ecstasy when you feel the pressure between your thighs.
Changbin’s tongue swirls around your folds, tasting your wetness. He, too, begins to suck at lick at your skin, in a way so pleasurable you feel like you’re high, floating.
“Changbin! Shit!” you yelp. Now you start to think back onto what Jisung said, and you wonder, will you really be able to take them? You were already so weak and vulnerable already from one person alone, but all of their touch combine had you like putty in their hands. Wrapped around their fingers, willing to anything they wanted you to do. It may have been a lot, but it was never too much. You wouldn’t allow it to be too much.
You grab fists full of his hair, your face so twisted and lost in utter ecstasy every reaction seems intuitive. You pull him close, letting him know how well he’s doing. Well is an understatement—you feel lit up, like fireworks, like you’re going to burst into several colors.
“You like that, pretty baby?” he hums as he, although only temporarily, separates his mouth from your skin.
“I’m sure she does.” Lee Know chuckles, finding it amusing how fragile you were.
You nod, unable to speak. You are fragile; you’re breaking, and breaking, and breaking, and it’s not long before you’ll shatter into millions of pieces right before their eyes. It’s a feeling too much to bear, yet you would somehow have to bear it. Not strictly because you had to, but because you couldn’t resist.
You try to close your legs when it gets to be so much, but Changbin doesn’t allow you to. His hands spread your legs wide, wanting you to feel as much as you could while you could.
It’s the way your body reacts that motivates him to want to pleasure you beyond bliss. The more he sees how you respond, the more he’s determined to make you feel that same feeling over and over again. It turns him on, and if you were such a mess like this, he can only imagine how pathetic you’d look with his cock deep inside you.
“Tell him how it feels.” Jisung speaks, voice an only octave above a whisper as he detaches his lips from your throat and up to your ear briefly. It sends shivers down your spine, and you know you’re close. You simply can’t help it.
“Feels so...so good. I’m close.” you manage to say, although you’re clearly far too dumb to chant anything that was more than a name.
Therefore, nothing could prepare you for the moment that simultaneously, the three of them stopped every single last action. When you look at them, you whine, though you can’t help but notice the similarities between the three—especially their expressions—and it’s quite obvious how pre-organized this was.
“We never said anything about letting you cum, love.” Lee Know says from behind you, a chuckle erupting from his throat yet again. But before you can start something in vengeance of your denied orgasm, he shuts it down quickly, or rather, begins something entirely different. “But don’t worry; it was only a test. I think you’re ready for the real thing, hm?”
“Yes,” you agree a bit too quickly. “I need you in me so bad.”
If that was just the practice round, you anticipated the real thing in question. God, you couldn’t wait. You needed to feel them, any one of them, thrusting their cocks deep inside of your pussy. You needed to feel them touch you, hands running across your skin. You just needed them.
“Cute.” Minho responds, but his actions are anything but. It’s when his eyes turn dark, dim with lust that you mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming next. “To the bedroom, slut.”
Like magic, the four of you quickly travel to the man’s bedroom, and before you even know it your own damn self, your back is flat against his sheets, and you have three half-naked men hovering above you.
What was more deadly? Their faces that held their eyes, the ones that gaze into you with a look that ignites fire within your body and heats you up in all the right places? Their bare abs, the ones you could nearly touch, the ones your fingertips needed to brush against at least once on this very night? You could go on and on, but you felt the tension would kill you faster than anything else present possibly could.
“What should we do with you?” Jisung coos. Your breath is stuck in your throat, your lips only so far apart.
You realize you’re practically naked yourself—no panties, no bra, just a thin shirt that barely served any purpose, and stripped of your sanity.
It didn’t seem like they didn’t know what to do with you. It’s Jisung closest to your face, yet in the corner of your ear, you can see Changbin grab something that you later identify to be a condom. You’re automatically focusing back on Jisung, though, when he speaks again.
“Wanna take me in your mouth while Changbin fucks you?” Jisung offers.
“Why Changbin? It’s my room.” Lee Know asks mumbling, quickly resulting in Jisung rolling his eyes.
“No need to make such a fuss, your highness. You lost the game. We’re all going to take turns with her, anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” Jisung answers, his eyes boring into yours.
Your teeth gently dig into your bottom lip. You nod, but the glare he gives you lets you know he’d prefer a verbal response. “Yes, that’s right. I’m all yours to use.”
“Is that so?” Changbin questions. He tilts his head, and after Jisung has moved behind you, you can clearly see him, and feel him even more. The tip of his hard cock is faintly pressed against you, teasing you. You’re so close to having him inside of you, but you know these three won’t give you anything right off the bat.
Even though he’s already lost, Minho’s mouth is preparing to suck at your breast. You can only explain this feeling as anticipation.
“Yes,” you whine. “Please just fuck me.”
“Someone’s impatient.” Minho comments jokingly, and he begins to rub your hard nipples with his thumbs. It’s pathetic, you know, how sensitive you are, but you can’t help it; they’re alluring.
“How bad do you want it?” Changbin asks with a hum.
“So bad. I...I need it.” you stammer. “Please, I’ve been so good.”
When he becomes satisfied, it’s like time unfreezes and suddenly reality hits you all at once. It seems like in a blur of passing time, Changbin’s pounding inside of you as if he had been the evidently impatient one, Minho finally allows himself to touch you, and you have Jisung’s cock between your pair of lips, sucking him off as it your life depends on it.
It’s with ease how Changbin slides inside you. He thrusts his cock, rolling his hips steadily, not too fast nor too slow, but in a pace that once you’ve adjusted, feels just right. You can hear grunts escape his throat while you’re having yours fucked.
For a moment, he seems a bit lost, but when he looks back at you, he’s back in character. Changbin grabs your chin, forcing you to look his direction. “What did I say? Look at me while I’m fucking you, whore.”
The sudden shift makes you suck Han harder, and needless to say, considering how vocal and sensitive he is, he emits a moan-like gasp.
You yourself feel something in your stomach—a thrilling feeling, to say the least. Nervous, yet exciting. You’re grateful you’re able to feel as much as you do right now, and you’ve felt so man hands run across your body within such a short period of time that you wouldn’t be surprised if you came soon.
“Mmm!” your moan is muffled, and instead Jisung feels the vibrations against his cock. It isn’t very long before you come to find that your pleasure was Jisung’s. He moans aloud as well, and soon discovers this blow job may have been even better than he predicted.
“Fuck, yeah. Keep fucking her good, I can feel it when she moans.” he says breathlessly.
“Pathetic, both of you.” Minho chimes in with a grin on his face, but his hands still on your body. You can’t comment yourself, but you feel yourself closer and closer with every praise, and every degrading name, and you’ve barely even started.
“Shut up.” Han groans. “You’d be a mess too, if you were in....my position.” his words come slow the more he feels the vibration of your moans. You can taste his pre-cum, and you’d be damned if Mr. Big-and-bad would cum so soon after the pleasure receiver “changes.”
You’re in no place to judge either, though. The bed creaks, and you’re submerged beneath the sound of moans, grunts, skin-slapping, and dirty remarks. Changbin makes you feel full in a way you’ve never experienced before, and you enjoy the sensation so much that you wonder the difference if he went in bare-back. If you could feel every inch of him between your clenching walls to the fullest extent and deprived of a barrier, neither of you would last half as long.
“Look at you, taking me so well like a good girl. Just like I knew you would.” Changbin praises you. You’re a disaster, if you’re being honest—there’s drool trailing down your chin, loud enthusiastic moans escaping the confines of your lips, and your hair is a bit scattered. You look like you’ve been fucked stupid.
When you moan, Jisung throws his head back, exhaling a deep moan of his own. His face is curled into an expression that makes approaching your orgasm an even simpler task, but you’re not done yet. Even if you do cum, there’s Minho patiently waiting for a turn of his own.
Jisung groans, and starts to thrust inside of your mouth. You try to take it as much as you, but you’re overwhelmed by his uncontrollable force, and it’s not very long before you’re gagging on his cock, drool a thread from the tip of his dick to your tongue. He doesn’t pause for long, though, just enough for you to breathe again, and he begins to fuck your mouth again.
“Take it, cockslut. You can do that for me, right?” he says breathlessly.
You give your best of a nod, and take what he’s giving you. You don’t want to disappoint, especially considering you went through hell and back to prove yourself to them. You’d never waste such a blessing of an opportunity because of gagging.
“A pretty cockslut.” Lee Know hums. “Look at those gorgeous lips taking Sung so well. Pretty body, pretty moans. A girl like you was made for this.”
You feel so high and lost in ecstasy that everything that happens next becomes a locked memory. The last thing you can remember is the multiple orgasms and positions you experienced, your body collapsing against the bed sheets as you took as much as you could before they had finally broke you.
You have cum stained on your bare chest and chin, from them either fucking your throat, shooting their load onto you, or both. Your exhausted body is decorated with cum, and you’ve become so fragile that all you can do is lie there, panting, after experiencing the dirtiest sex of your entire life.
“Are you okay, Y/N? Were we too rough?” Jisung asks, eyes brimmed with concern.
“Fine. Great actually.” you mumble with a fatigued grin. “Thank you.”
Changbin chuckles. “That’s good. And Y/N, if you ever want to do this again, all you have to do is say the word.”
“Yeah,” Minho begins to add. “like, even if it happens to be within the next two minutes.”
When Lee Know receives a smack on the arm from Jisung, you giggle, yet something tells you that although this was the first time something like this has happened, it definitely wouldn’t be the last.
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if-mirrormine · 10 months ago
i vote one of the bully breeds for a pet dog (mastiff, bulldog, bull terrier, pitbull, cane corso, boxer, great dane, rottweiler, etc) just because im biased bc i grew up with mastiffs and mastiff mixes, and i love this group of dogs so fucking much they tend to not be adopted from shelters and stuff bc they have a bad rep or are "ugly" dogs. so anytime an author goes "what kinda dog should i put in the game?", im like "i goTTA ADVOCATE FOR MY BABIES" lmao
unfortunately, tho i love the other breeds SO FUCKING MUCH (dont talk shit about pitbulls to me, i will fight a bitch about how bad/abusive dog owners have ruined their rep), the best one of the bully breeds for this game specifically would probably be a mastiff?
mastiffs esp (some famous mastiffs/mastiff adjacent dogs (eg dogue de bordeux, cane corso, etc) include: Hercules/Beast from The Sandlot, Fang/Hagrid's dog from the Harry Potter series, Spike from Dreamworks' Sinbad, Hooch from Turner & Hooch, etc) since they tend to be good "apartment dogs". bc of temperment and activity levels, yknow. theyre not a very active dog breed; they generally only want one good walk a day and minimal to moderate playing (as opposed to more active and high-energy dogs like golden retrivers or labradors, which require a lot more training), which would fit in better with a college student or detective's schedule. they dont need a LOT of training bc they wont accept much more than basic teaining lmao, theyre hilariously stubborn dogs who will go "sit?? what sit? ive never heard of sit in my life (unless you give me a treat, then im ALL about sit)"
in addition, theyre slobbery which is good for comedic reasons (just keep a couple of rags in every room. slobber when left on clothes dries like shiny water, and wiped-off slobber dries like it was never there at all. extremely easy to stain-treat) since they slobber after water/food, exercise, or when excited/anxious
but yeah. theyre a very Gentle Giant dog grouping. theyre noitroriously good with kids even though they have a scary dog bark (good security system tho lmao). theyre also very protective. and like. i can say from exp, people will either cross the street while you walk your dog (which is 90% of the time, including if they have a dog) or they will hurry over and go "OMG IS THAT A MASTIFF?? HOW CUTE" which will probably help grayson's anxiety about mc being their own the rare time it happens lmao. mastiffs that are purebred, it depends on what adjacent or subcategory you go for (eg dogue de bordeux live for 6 to 7 years, typically. but some breeds of mastiff, like neopolitans live for 8 to 10, and english mastiffs can live for 6 to 12) which not only means you will definitely have an old gray-muzzled porch puppy when mc comes back BUT ALSO can be used to imply grayson's devotion on another level. like, one blogger articulately said "[Generally,] Mastiff[ breed]s [can] live [for] 6 - 12 years. These dogs are sadly prone to developing lymphoma and bone cancer. Regular preventative vet visits are key to increasing their lifespan [...] A healthy, high-quality diet will keep your dog in good shape and prevent the early onset of arthritis or diabetes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to your Mastiff’s health." mastiff-mixes can live a bit longer, like my family took on a couple of mastiff-labrador mixes (ehich are called Mastadors, which is adorably badass). but? on the whole, i just think grayson being devoted to keeping a smaller-lifespan dog healthy for as long as possible is really cute and really sweet ♡ plus, this is a dog breed that shows their age so going from bby puppy to BIG PUPPY to OLD, GRAY-MUZZLED BIG PUPPY will help with mc being confronted with how much time has passed
plus, mastiffs tend to like people more than other dogs. this depends on the dog's personality, but most mastiffs ive had have preferred going to a dog park to walk around and get everyone to pet them than they do play with other dogs. in addition, my family found out we have to walk around with our mastiffs to get them to walk around (and yknow.. get exercise) at the dog park, bc if we sit?? they just sit down by us. very loving yet nonchalant protector pups. this also means, theyre a dog that is VERY OBVIOUS THAT THEYVE MISSED YOU. our mastiffs do the happy-tappy feet-dance when we picked them up from the groomers, and whined and buried their faces wherever they could reach-- not to even mention when we have gone trips, theyve been SO happy and clingy when we come home. all of them. though we picked up our dogs from shelters, so they were already Pretty Anxious Dogs that didnt like to be seperated for long (though their way of showing this wqs laying down and sighing loudly and pouting while looking longingly at the door-- rather than, like, tearing shit up like a dog wuth more energy might do (tho we have purposefully left our dogs with something of our scent to chew on while they missed us, like a used sock, but that was NECESSARY, it was just additional comfort))
also, for another piece of comedy-- our mastiffs at least (we've either had a long ass streak or this dog breed is just EXTREMELY tolerant (which they are, but shh)) have either tolerated/liked or FUCKING LOVED clothes. like dog-clothes. especially Thunder Jackets (which is a jacket you put on a dog with anxiety); but also all of ours have liked simple dog costumes, and all kinds of dog sweaters and doggy raincoats and whatnot (none of ours could keep on headgear-- like an angel's halo or a hood. but shirts, sweaters, and ponchos and the like?? hell yeah lmao)
along with their sleepy nature, they tend to really want cuddles. even tho theyre too big to be a lap dog. theyll still wanna rest their face on your lap or dig their face into your neck (esp if you let them jump or teach them how to "dance" lmao -- just be careful, their hips are one of the first things to go if theyre not healthy in their old age). ive found my mastiffs to be very emotionally supportive as a result, which probably helped out grayson both in the aftermath of mc going missing and on bad days/bad cases in general
i also wanna add the detail that mastiffs dont really "yap" which is great for apartments. they do this howl-like bark, which is admittingly v loud-- but they also dont often bark at people passing by the door or leaving a package, usually just interacting with the door (aka opening it). and their barks tend to be p singular. so theyll do a single howl-bark and maybe build up from a growl to power up a second "bark". more often, therell just be whining at the door bc they miss their owner and/or have to pee and therefore want the door opened as fast as possible. but yeah. they dont bark much; theyre p silent dogs lmao
also look at those wrinkly, drooly faces and tell me the name "Spinach Puff" isnt perfect for one of them to be named. go on and try-- you cant lmao
but yeah. i dont wanna assume youll pick mastiffs after this, bc thatd be hella entitled of me and i know theyre not a dog (and neither is the bully breed as a whole) that everyone is into. you have to be a proactive dog-owner if you have a large dog (you cant just pick them up when they misbehave (and therefore potentially never train them) like you can with small dogs). theres even a "proper way to hold the leash" for these dogs that can easily weigh 115+ pounds and be much stronger than you as a result (its essentially a modified levee system where you hold the leash upwards so, no matter how much muscle they have on you, they arent going far). but yeah-- **IF** you end up going with mastiffs, im always down to answer questions about them (and further explain the way i was taught at an early age to hold their leash-- tho there is some easy comedy for you there, behind a dog lunging and the dog-walker being dragged along after them)
i hope this helped-- either in helping you pick mastiffs/a bully breed dog, or in helping you i guess further eliminate what kinda dog you want to write (i will say-- pay attention to what kinda dog would be best for their apartment lifestyle, esp if they dont live on the first floor and therefore the dog needs to go into an elevator/down flights of stairs to go to the bathroom (my neighbors' puppy RUINED our 3rd-floor's hallway's carpet, which grayson and mc's puppy probably also did if they dont live on a first-floor lmao rip). itd be the most responsible decision for mc and grayson to have a low-energy dog that would do well in an apartment, as opposed to a higher-energy dog that would need more frequent walks and/or a backyard lmao)
hope my info-dump helps you out!! have a nice day :)
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alright, i hear you loud and clear, a pet for the mc it is! be good a samaritan and help me decide what kind of pet and their name here (please).
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