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landofgay · 2 months
honestly so glad I'm focusing on getting a passport and starting my new job and going to Mexico instead of like. forcing myself to go to a family event that would cause massive damage to my mental health
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vaguely-yandere · 3 months
i know i talked about spoiling sensitive yan in bed before, but what about outside of it?
just taking them out on cute little dates, like a picnic in a secluded spot darling found. where they can watch the local wildlife and admire the local fauna while eating smth darling prepared
oooooor going to the aquarium! i’ve always loved the lighting in them. just look at sensitive yan being fascinated by the pretty fishies with an equally fascinated darling right next to them
maybe a museum? with all the cool artifacts and things you could do in there, all i can imagine is sensitive yan comparing their “pricelessness” to darling as darling is just having a good time lol. i feel like sensitive yan would still be entranced by the history videos, bc i get the feeling that they weren’t exactly… taught well in school
or what about just taking them out shopping? buying sensitive yan clothes that actually fit them and look good on them and just renovating their wardrobe bc when’s the last time they bought something for themselves?? same thing goes for skincare products and such
maybe just the classic restaurant date! picking a seat in some corner to sensitive yan doesn’t get too nervous being around so many people. just seeing sensitive yan get overwhelmed by all the options bc they don’t really get this much variety in food and look to darling for help is<33333333
or — this is cheesy but — stargazing. just laying down on a hill somewhere, sensitive yan cuddled up next to darling bc the night’s cold, watching them get all sleepy but try to stay awake to listen to Darling talk about the stars and constellations and yeah
r.i.p sensitive yan lol there’s no way they can handle any of that
-poised darling
poised darling, youre gonna end up killing sensitive yan!!! they nearly fainted when you kissed their cheek, what do you thinkll happen when you buy them clothes?!
maybe you head over to their place for the first time to help them move in (after their insistence that they could just leave their possessions there, you were kinda suspicious) and finding a thin, obviously thrown out before mattress on the floor, empty ramen containers everywhere, one fork, one spoon, a few knives, and tiny, miserable pile of dirty clothes and you just cant believe your yandere lived like this!! so its time to go shopping!
you pick a time of day where there wont be that many people and take them to the mall, holding their hand the entire time despite the fact it automatically turns them into a mess. you go into a clothes store first and pick out some clothes for them to try on! fashion montage!!! <333 and the more outfits they try on for you, the more overwhelmed they get until at the end theyre sniffling and quietly asking you for a private place to regroup. you could just find a bathroom and try to see if thatll ease them a bit but itd be better to buy the clothes and come back tomorrow (when they try to pay for it, you smack their hand away and they nearly moan in front of the poor cashier)
next montage is skincare! when they admit to only using a bar of soap to wash everything, you went ahead and just bought them their own products but every time you tried to suggest something other than the exact products you used, their lip would wobble and, well, you just cant say no to that face! even though their skin is completely different from yours lol. same thing happens with shower products! they wanna use what you use but eventually, you manage to coax them into trying different scents but the same brand (you smartly convince them that you wanna smell like a mix of them and yourself which leaves them trembling and desperate to get home)
and a restaurant date?? the poor thing is so nervous!! asking you what to wear, what to do, 'cant we just get takeout?', and when you finally get there, its perfect. low lighting, barely any people, quiet and you can just see your yandere relax. while you get a seat, they head to the bathroom real quick to calm down and YES, im going the direction you think im going.
you get your seat, the waiter sets down the menus and some asshat from the bar stumbles over and asks if 'a pretty thing like you' is dining alone. you try your best to get them to just fuck off and nothing seems to be working until your yandere appears seemingly out of no where and holds a knife to their throat, expression dark.
"if you dont leave right fucking now, i will rip you inside out and feed you to my rats." they hiss, knife digging into the strangers skin and cutting them just barely. the stranger wouldve picked a fight but yanderes hand on their shoulder was so strong and tight they could feel their bones grinding against each other so they just mumble something under their breath and leave, yandere glaring at them until theyre out of sight then sitting down, looking at you all teary.
"are you okay?? did they touch you?? if you want, i can go drag them outside right now and get rid of them for good!"
you shake your head and try to reassure them but cant help and wonder what theyre like when you arent around...
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redroomwidows · 4 months
helloo!! can i request a steve h. x reader where the reader is oblivious with steve's flirting and also because the reader thought steve is still into nancy that's why they disregard it. and the hawkins squad finds it funny that he can't pull the reader when he's been pulling girls left and right during his high school days, but everytime steve does something the reader develops feeling,,, this is so lengthy, im sorry.... and you decide what will happen next hehe~~ i hope this did not cause you confusion ♥️
SUMMARY: Steve finally gets a date
WARNINGS: none? let me know if there are, I'm never good at spotting them. Star Wars talk lol.
Steve Harrington x GN! reader
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington was…amazing. Y/N knew that now, knew that he’d changed, and was kind and brilliant and pretty - 
They should pay attention to the customers. Someone had come in wanting to rent the Star Wars Trilogy, and they’d managed to talk for over half an hour, so now Robin had pushed them out during peak time as some form of revenge, Steve had offered to help while Robin hid in the back and Y/N couldn’t help the grin that overtook their face.
“Any plans this evening?” Steve asks as they stack VHS side by side.
“Na, just helping Dustin with something,”
“Really?” Steve is genuinely shocked “He didn’t mention anything to me,”
Y/N shrugs “I dunno, he wouldn’t tell me what it was about, I’m sure you can come” 
“It’s alright, I was just going to ask if you could hang out, parents are out of town again” Y/N doesn’t notice the disappointment in his voice.
Steve had been trying to ask Y/N out for weeks, but it seemed they weren’t getting the hint. Steve thought they didn’t like him, but Robin assured him otherwise , all while the ‘party’ laughed at him, Mike being the worst. And now Dustin had invited them ‘round? Was he setting him up for failure? 
“Steve,” Y/N taps him on the shoulder “You alright?”
“Hm, yeah, great sunshine,” he grins and Y/N feels heat rise to their cheeks
“Sunshine? That’s new” 
“Mhm, because you brighten my day,” 
God, he just loved stringing them along. No, no he wouldn’t do that. He’s just being friendly. Y/N was convinced he still liked Nancy, because well, she’s Nancy. And Y/N’s Y/N. They should work and stop worrying about love. 
Turns out Dustin’s ‘hang out’ was an ambush. He sat Y/N down after a rewatch of The Empire Strikes Back and claimed they were in love with Steve. 
“Look, I know I make fun of him, but he’s really helped me with my love life, and I have some form of responsibility. He’s useless,”
“What are you talking about Dustin?”
“Steve likes you! You like Steve!” at this revelation, he opens his arms out.
“Dustin…he likes Nancy” 
He laughs. He has the audacity to laugh. “Dustin!”
“Sorry, but that’s ridiculous,”
“If you’re going to bully me, I'll leave -“
“No! No! I’ll drop it for now,”. 
A few days later, Steve’s driving Y/N back to their place, Tears for Fears plays quietly in the background. Dustin had told Steve about his conversation the other night, and now Steve was determined to get the right message across. 
“Hey, you wanna head to the movies this weekend?” Steve pulls in to their street
“Hm? Yeah!” Y/N turns to look at him “What’re we watching”
Steve shrugs, “We’ll find out when we get there,” he stops in front of their house and Y/N opens the passenger door.
“Pick me up at 7 on Saturday?”
“Perfect” Steve grins “It’s a date,”
Y/N stops, they were just about to step out of Steve’s car, but turn back “Like…Like a date date?”
Steve suddenly grows shy “Yeah…If you want,” Y/N doesn’t know what to say, He was asking them out, “I mean if you don’t it’s fine -“
“Yes! It’s a date date,” They clarify, grinning “See you on Saturday,”
“At 7,” Steve salutes.
Permanent taglist: @wizardwheezes @lem6ns @linkpk88 @haphazardhufflepuff @celestialevie @lam-ila @sorrow-has-a-place-here @bookfrog242 @delicateharrystan + @munsonsmuse (thought you'd like this one)
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kahousstuff · 4 months
could you write sparrow!ben and the reader getting into a HUGE argument bc the reader got ben flirting with another girl at the club please ?!?i’m in love with your blog btw !
bro?? r u genuinely ok why would you do this to yourself?? im not judging i am simply in awe of the fact that you want to imagine something like this
ok here. i got sad writing this lol
too good to be true. | sparrow ben x fem!reader angst (she/her)
Tumblr media
babe, i'm going to the club on the west side with the girls after work. wanna come?
You made sure to let Ben know as soon as your lunch break ended; your boss was more of a hardass as usual with the deadlines, and you simply needed to unwind with people who would understand it best.
nono i'm binging tv rn and it's getting good. have fun darling!! <3
God, you loved your boyfriend and his endless patience and independence, the way he was fine without you but when with you he was always the perfect boyfriend. It was just too good to be true; Ben was a man so perfect who walked into your life, treating you like a gift to this earth and being okay with everything.
You were at your best friend's house, trying on her dresses as your other friends did their makeup for the event. They'd always been playfully scornful at your and Ben's relationship, jealous that it wasn't them with the handsome, kind, oh-so-powerful, and rich boyfriend who surprised you with cute dates and was okay on his own. "How's this one?" You picked out a looser dress with straps that flattered your body, a perfect find.
"My god, y/n, if you don't keep that dress I'll mail it to you," your best friend hugged you, the smell of her perfume wafting through your nose. "If you weren't taken, you'd sure walk home with someone tonight."
"Ah, don't say that. I'm perfectly happy with Ben."
"You two are so cute it's gross." She was always dramatic in her speech, but you could tell she was appreciative. "Let's go, guys. Drinks are free before nine tonight!"
The lights and echo of the music's beat in your body were overstimulating enough to make you pull away from your friends and make your way into the cockpit toward the front of the club where many couples sat to eat each other's faces, a sight that would have been gross if you weren't busy kinda sorta maybe missing Ben. There was an attractive guy with his spiky hair in the leftmost seat, actually, who sat talking to an equally gorgeous girl next to him.
You ordered a cocktail at the corner bar to assist you in catching air, the smell of sweat diffusing in the air. Your friends seemed to be having less fun without you; covering your cup, you decided you wanted to dance again, and abandoned your stool. A shitty remix of your favorite song bumped the speakers. "y/n, that guy over there kind of looks like Ben!"
You glanced back over your shoulder at the cockpit, the same guy whispering in the ear of the same girl, who sat on his lap. His arms were unusually long; it was quite dark on that side, but you saw a limb wrapped all around her waist with still enough length to rest on the table ahead. Shrugging it off, you lead your small party of friends to the set of seats near them, the spaces conveniently the only ones vacant. "I want to fuck up our boss so badly."
"That asshole. He threatened to dock my pay yesterday because my report was five minutes overdue,"
"No way,"
"Yes way!" You listened to your friend with one ear, the other trained on the conversation beside you.
"Yeah, I am part of the Sparrow Academy, but I'll bet by the end of tonight I'll forget that too,"
"What the fuck?" You pivoted suddenly, startling everybody within five feet with the shrillness of your screech.
Ben's hands were behind his back, the girl nearly falling to the floor.
"Are you fucking stupid? Cheating at the same club I told you I was going to be at?" You did not care what a scene you were causing; people's heads were turned and the dancefloor lay ignored. Your friends' faces shifted rapidly between shock and confusion, their eyes traveling between you and Ben.
"It's not what it looks like, babe, she kinda just got all over me and–"
"So it's not just that you're a dumbass, you think I am too?" You stood, spilling a few drinks in the process. "You really expect me to believe that?"
"Calm down, you're going to embarrass yourself–"
"Embarrass myself? Oh no, Ben Hargreeves, you're the one embarrassing yourself. YOU'RE GETTING CAUGHT CHEATING IN FRONT OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE." You were full-on screaming now, tears ruining the expensive eye makeup you had applied. "Do you have anything to say about that?" hoarse, you traced his rueful glance with your eyes. "No wonder you're Number Two." You did not care to mutter this, hoping he heard it and hurt.
"Take that back."
"What was that?"
"Take that back." He rose to your level, or rather above you, as Ben was quite tall. The girl he'd been wooing took this as an opportunity to run away in shame, it being evident that she had no knowledge of your existence.
"No, Ben. You're a pathetic excuse for a man."
"You're being so dramatic."
"Stop proving my point, then."
"Babe, I just got carried away. Just listen to me, baby, please–"
"Don't fucking call me babe right now." Shaking in fury, your fists were clenched defensively. "Don't try and floor me like that." Turning your back on everyone, you moved to storm out, but not before you faced him one last time, the audience training their eyes on your tense frame. "We're done."
You dashed away from him, hearing couples of footsteps follow you, the crowd dispersing as if nothing had happened. Stepping out into the cold night air, you realized your fingers were still clenched around that cocktail. Taking a strong swig, you settled outside the club, pressing your back to the building as you fell to your knees.
Your friends had trailed you closely behind, each of the four coming to your side. "y/n,"
"It's going to be fine." Voice flat, you kept crying into your lap. The perfect guy, the man who baked you cookies on your period and cuddled with you when you felt at your worst, had... cheated on you at a fucking club? Yeah, you thought. It was too good to be true. Here you were, right now, at your worst, without his arms to comfort you– you didn't want them around you at the moment, but damn, you needed a shoulder to cry on more than ever.
"Girl, we're going home. Come on, we'll walk you," you allowed your best friend to pull you up and hold you as you walked, a fifth set of footsteps coming to your senses, coming from a little farther behind. "Fuck off, Ben."
"I need to talk to my girlfriend."
"She's not your girlfriend, you asshole."
"C'mon, girls. Five seconds."
"Five seconds and we're watching."
"y/n, I didn't mean to do that. It was a bad decision that cost me your love and my morality."
"Please save it, Ben. I don't mean shit to you and I guess I never did." Instead of arguing, he nodded, huffed, and turned back around, scampering away like a kicked cat.
Your breath sour from the tears dripping into your mouth, you turned back as well, walking away from the club, from Ben, and from the lie you believed too long.
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moneymasnn · 11 months
One where your just a normal uni student who is dating mason you go to his latest game to find out a few ig models have been gifted tickets (which they have tonight) and they have mason set in their sights. He sees you after the match and knows something is wrong so you explain and he makes it known it’s you he wants
You Make Me Human| Mason Mount
Tumblr media
fluff fluff fluff (I haven't proof read so plz don't judge<3)
Burb: Basically explained in there request but, Y/n feels insecure after coming to terms with the fact she doesn't to compare to the models that are after her boyfriend, but not only does mason reassure her, he opens up about how any silly model could never compare to her in his eyes.
notes: I loved writing this! and also IM BACK I haven't posted anything for weeks, but I forgot how much writing for you guys helps my mental health! thank you for all the notes and follows and anyone that just supports, you guys will never know how much appreciate it. Corny lol.
Warnings: none just lots of mason fluff <3
You were sat in a Chelsea blue stadium chair, somewhere you found yourself most days you had off. Wrapped up in a thick puffer coat with one of masons old jerseys underneath, not that anyone could see it, but you considered it a good luck charm. You felt the most happiest watching the little blue dot that was mason run around a pitch for 90 minutes, you felt as though you could watch him play for hours and never get bored.
It was a normal Thursday, you probably should be a home finishing your university work, but you wanted to take a break and be anywhere where mason was.
Although, your attention would usually set on the match in-front of you, you couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous women in front of you. They were taking photos of each other in their Chelsea merchandise for what looking like their social medias, paying no attention to the game below, just their phones.
You usually dont pay attention to these things, but when one of them started talking about how she was going to sleep with the mason mount at this party after the match, you felt the blood boil in your veins.
Once the match had ended you and your sister, who had came to keep you company, made you way down to the family room where you sipped some free wine and waited for the team to get change and come join you. The thing is about the family room was it was less of a family room and more like a vip room.
You had noticed the girls from earlier in the corner with their tight leggings and rolled up Chelsea shirts showing their belly buttons and hour glass figures. There was no doubt you felt insecure around them, mason could have many of these pretty models but he settled for a dyslexic, broke, uni student.
“Y/n? Y/n? Are you even listening to me?” your sister said, clicking her finger in your face.
You wasn’t listening, your eyes were set on the girl who had “mount” and “19” on her back.
“Yeah, I am, sorry. What was you saying?” You turn your attention to your sister.
“Don’t worry, wasn’t anything interesting anyway.” She had turned so she was now standing next to you instead of in front of you, her eyes catching what had previously held captive of yours.
You watched as she thinned her eyes, glaring at the model. “Some girls have no respect, honestly. A tenner says she starts making tik tok dances in front of everyone with no shame in the next 10 minutes.”
You giggle at her comment, starting to feel slight more relaxed as you downed your free wine. You then notice some of the boys walk though the door.
“Well masons here now.” Says your sister as she notices a few of the boys walk in.
“Oh no, he won’t come in yet. He’s always the last one out, he likes to spend time on his hair.” You laugh with your sister as you patiently waited foe your boyfriend.
About 15 minutes later mason and Ben pile though the doors together, laughing loudly at something one of them had said, and it must have been really funny because the smile on masons face could light up a room. He hadn’t noticed you yet, but you watched as his eyes scanned the room for what was no doubt, you.
Once his eyes met more his pupils dilated and the sides of his mouth tugged upwards. However his smile was immediately stolen when he saw the sour look on your face, you thought you had hidden your jealousy a bit better, but obviously not.
You had been with Mason for 10 months and in that's short time Mason could read you like a book, he knew you better than you knew your self. To him you were predictable, but he felt a slight shock in the centre of his heart when he saw your face, immediately telling him something was wrong.
You once again downed you second glass of wine, causing a break in eye contact for you and mason. And when you looked back up again you saw one of the models had made her way up to your boyfriend. Her hand was on his bicep as she extravagantly laughed at whatever he was saying.
“I need another glass” you turn to your sister.
“Are you sure? You’ve already had two-“ she tuts as her eyes flicker from mason to you. “Look at him, he has no interest in those girls. What. So. Ever. Stop being insecure, because it’s you that gets to take the sexy footballer home tonight”.
You grimace at the fact she had just referred to your boyfriend as “the sexy footballer” but in no doubt she was right.
Your eyes move back to where mason was previously standing but he wasn’t there anymore.
“I’m gonna go look for-“ you turn to your sister to say, but you stop when you find what you was looking for is right next to you.
“For me?” Mason grins, as he screws back on the lid to his water bottle.
His arms warp around you as he kisses the top of your head, he could tell you was being stiff and then he knew something was definitely wrong.
“What’s up?”
“Doesn’t look like nothing to me”
You didn’t have time to reply before a couple girls come over to talk to mason. You sisters eyes widened as she immediately realises what’s going to happen here.
“Hey mase, are you coming out for drinks with us?”
She has some stupid little child voice on, you wanted nothing more than to punch her, not only for calling him ‘mase’ but for the guts on her to place her hand back on his bicep as she twirls her hair in her other hand.
“Probably not, sorry” mason jerks back, freeing his arm from her grip.
“Oh come on macey, it will be fun” she smiles.
“Yeah Macey, why don’t you go have some fun?” You couldn’t help yourself, you had said it then stormed off. You head mason call you name from behind you but you carried on walking.
The plan was to just grab your sister, who had some how slipped away from you, and go. You wanted to be any where other then in this room.
When you spotted your sister she was with ben, since when did she know ben?
You walked over, refusing to make eye contact with either of the pair. “We’re going.”
“What?” Her and ben both said in sync.
“Why? You said we were staying for the after party?” She winned.
“Yeah, well, plans change. Get your shit were going.”
“Y/n? What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything” you reply, with an emphasis’ on the ‘I’.
“Can you just hurry up, I really want to leave” you look at you sister with pleading eyes.
She just hums and starts to put her coat on, “Can I erm, maybe get your number?” Mumbles Ben to your sister.
“What?” you say, looking ben up and down with daggers.
“Yeah of corse” you sister glares at you as she pulls her phone out.
“Oh this is not happening right now” you mumble and place you fingers on your temples.
You knew it was about time mason was going to find you, it wasn’t like this room was a maze.
“Y/n? What was that?” Asks mason as he comes to a halt next to you.
"Great" you mumble with straight lips, while you stare down you sister who is currently passing her phone to ben. Doing everything in your power to avoid creating eye contact with mason.
"Y/n?, please talk to me." mason calmly says as he grabs your arm to turn you to face him.
You could feel the gazes from ben and your sister, but your could also feel all the gazes of the gorgeous models staring at your boyfriend.
"I just want to go home-"
"Why?" mason interrupts you.
"I don't feel well." you cross your arms and stare down at the floor.
"If this is about that girl, I was never going out for dirinks I have no idea why she even said that."
"Mase, I just want to go home." you stare into your boyfriends confused eyes.
"Thats not fair y/n"
"Mase!" you scream out as his grip on your arm tightens as he's pulling you out of the crowded room and into a quiet hall way.
You sigh as you place your back up agains the wall, you don't think you can handle it anymore. You're nothing other than a in debt uni student, you don't compare to any of these models that want to be with your boyfriend.
"Whats this about then? come on then. Tell me." mason beacons you to reason with him.
You lift your back up from the wall as you stand straight, prepared to see your relationship crumble at the hands of your own insecurities.
"You really want to know? Mason just hums in response.
"Fine. I feel- I feel like there's so much pressure on me all the time, mason. Being your- being 'thee mason mounts' girlfriend is hard, Im constantly being compared to these really really pretty women, that might I add would literally fall too these knees for you-"
"And, my point is. I don't get it ,mase. I don't get what you see in me when there's so many better options." but once again your cut off by mason.
"What you don't get is that you're what I want, y/n/n. You literally just said it yourself, I could have any of them models in there, sure. But the thing is, they don't want me, they want 'mason mount'. All of them girls in there just like the idea of being a wag, and all the publicity and attention it brings them. Them girls you're comparing yourself too, they just want to sleep with me so they can use me to social climb."
Mason takes a long breath before getting ready to say something else.
"You know, you're the first girl who hasn't looked at me like a piece of meat. You don't see 'mason mount' you see me y/n, and that's why I am so so so in love with you. You're the first girl who Ive looked at and though, "yeah, mums going to love her". And you're the only girl I've ever looked at and though ' yeah, I'm going to marry her one day'."
You couldn't see mason anymore because your vision was blurred with your tears, you hadn't realised mason made you cry until you felt the salty taste hit your lips.
"Y/n, I really want to have you in my life for as long as your have me, because- because you make me feel human."
Mason walks forward and places one of his hands on your palm, intertwining your fingers. He uses his other hand to wipe away a falling tear before placing it firmly around your waist. You lent forward to place your forehead on his.
"I love you y/n/n"
"I love you more. Mase, I'm really sorry, I hope you know I'm not going anywhere" you giggle with a few sniffles.
"I'm never letting you go anywhere."
You both stood like that for a few moments, in each-others embrace.
"yes, my sweet"
"You make me feel human too" you pecked his lips as you both hummed a smile into each others lips.
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reineydraws · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is a comic i did for the 90 minute winter gift exchange over at the @kakairu-discord-server ❄❄❄ the theme was "food is a love language" and my giftee was multishipperfanatic (ao3)!
i tried to fill out their drink request of the grinch drink: peach schnapps (which looks so yummy pls google it), as well as the tropes of modern day au, soulmate au and--it's not really obvious cuz i didnt manage to get to these panels--also the mob boss and civilian au (with ruka being the mob boss and kashi being the civilian). UH and also eventual obikakairu if this was a long fic cuz i was thinking obito doesnt have a mark in this ;P
some (maybe more than "some" lol) notes under the cut
yeah kakashi totally took one look at iruka and thought "no im gonna give him a fun holiday drink instead of his usual whiskey" bc that seems like as good a pick-up opening as any
obito's the usual bartender and kakashi offered to come in to help during the increased holiday business after obito complained they were short staffed. it's kakashi's first week.
i had three more pages (optimistically) roughed out that i couldnt outline (which i couldve spent properly drawing lol; lesson learned for next time!) and what happens is before kashi or ruka can say anything else, ruka's phone goes off and he chugs the drink and dips without paying.
kakashi's kind of stunned and obito comes back from the backroom and asks if he missed anything and hey, where's iruka? kakashi's still sort of processing so he's like "he... didnt pay" and obito's like "oh, he doesnt have to."
kakashi's like "why" and obito's like "remember how i told you this bar is favoured by the sarutobis and under their protection, and that youd have to be okay with that before you helped out?" "yeah?" "well, iruka's the head of it."
kakashi's shook and goes "whAT" and obito's like "???" and kashi says "he's my soulmate" and then obito goes "whAT" and that was gonna be the proper end of the comic lmao
obito's worked there for a while and he and iruka have been lowkey flirting for a while. obito is lowkey why ruka shows up weekly, and this is why obito calls the head of the sarutobis by his first name. he's also childhood friends and occasional v casual fwb with kakashi. this is supposed to be a kkir-focused thing so i wont mention too much but the scars are still A Thing bc team minato got into a car crash when they were young and it's been a source of Drama for obito and his police family (team minato all lived tho)
kakashi is actually quite normal (for a guy who has an eidetic memory, is technically a genius, and favours icha icha). he's a teacher at the local high school (when he finds out naruto's protected by the mob and practically iruka's son, he has this moment where he's like "maybe i would have been less strict with him if id known he was a mob kid" and iruka laughs and is like "nah. dont tell him i said this but youre his favourite teacher"
(nothing changes at his job despite dating the head of the local mob lol)
iruka's words are "youre normal???" bc when he was really young he thought hed be ruining someones christmas by being a mean jerk to someone (he kind of loves the holidays out of spite now) and when he got adopted by hiruzen and ended up taking more and more responsibility in the Family, he thought maybe he'd be inadvertently ruining someone's holidays bc of mob-related violence. encountering his soulmate in a totally mundane routine event for him threw him for a loop, as did finding out the grinch thing was referring to a drink. (he'd never heard of it before kakashi. it's now his favourite holiday drink.)
iruka has tattoos covering his back. just felt relevant to mention.
ANYWAYS hope u liked it!!!!! 💞💞💞
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joelsgeetar · 1 year
for potential fluff, maybe helping michael hug you for the first time? 👁 his hands are hovering over your waist and ur gently reassuring him that you trust him holding you
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Tumblr media
this is so fuckin cute to think about lol. i hope you like it!
lowkey toxic michael bc yes lets be real here.. also i kinda went off topic so im sorry dfsjk-
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Affection has always been awkward for Michael. He knows it’s important - and he watched movies with you, seeing how you reacted to sappy scenes. Part of him got jealous. But it stems from insecurity, he is very aware of his poor skills of this whole.. dating thing. It can stress this man out for days on end. All he wants is for you to feel loved - his pride stops him for asking you to guide him though.
Today is testing him greatly. You aren’t paying attention to him. You keep texting friends and calling them, laughing in the other room while he just huffs to himself, his chest getting tighter the more this drags on. 
The last straw is you leaving to go to the store with some friends - he doesn’t want to trap you in his home but he can be.. toxic to say the least. When he is jealous it can last for hours. Michael is a man of owning an unhealthy attachment to you. He can be confusing. He will shrug you off if he is not in a good mood but if you do it, he gets pissed.
He plans on doing something childish - ignoring you whenever you come back. That said plan fails the second he hears the door unlocking. He is at the door and stands in your way, looking down at you.
“Move, Michael. Please and thank you.”
Michael thinks about it. He ends up stepping to the side to let you inside and chooses to follow behind you instead. You start putting food in the fridge and cabinets, not really paying attention to him. And like before, when you turn, he is right there - refusing to move.
Michael is trying to ask for a hug. Very poor way of going at it but he is trying. You just don’t understand what he wants quite yet.
“Michael.” You sigh, bumping into him again, he keeps standing in front of you and it’s annoying, not even scary at this point.
It clicks when you look down and see his hands gripping your shirt, almost nervously. “I thought you didn’t like hugs.. last time you--”
Michael is rough with pulling you in closer, flush to his chest - his hands hold onto your waist, it hurts a little. Michael isn’t doing it on purpose he just has no awareness of how strong his grip can be - you wince and he pulls back.
“Hugs are supposed to be warm and gentle, not so aggressive. Don’t hold me so tight, okay? Try again.”
Michael tilts his head at you in disbelief and amusement - he just hurt you and you’re letting him touch you again? If he didn’t care about you he’d call you stupid for trusting him. 
You guide his hands back to your waist and hold onto him as well. Michael doesn’t react for a minute or so. Then he hugs back - like how you showed him and explained.
Michael will not let go of you for the next couple days. He has two reasons - one, he is trying to make up for being an asshole and two, he finds himself liking this close contact, more than he would ever admit. 
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strxwberrei-soda · 5 months
If you're not too busy, can I please request headcanons for Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke, and Akechi overhearing their female S/O singing along to her favorite song and showing great talent?
꒰i will always love you !꒱
Tumblr media
singing headcannons !
character x f!reader
includes joker, ryuji, yusuke, and akechi !
warnings : none.
a/n : this was a cute one to write ^^ it is also totally not 4am as i am publishing this lol
Tumblr media
all im saying is this guy is definitely a theater kid. and i like to think hes good at it too.
im talking main lead in every school play that hes ever been apart of, and he always takes it to the next level too.
and when he finds out that you have a talent for singing? oh man he is WHIPPED.
you probably didnt even know that he knew, hes kind of sneaky lmao.
youre probably just singing along in the shower and he overhears, and hes surprised, he doesnt understand why youre not using this talent more.
i can see him suggesting that you should pursue the arts, especially if youre not sure what you want to do after high school. but if you have other plans thats fine, he just wants whats best for you!
LOTS and LOTS of compliments! hes so sweet and supportive in literally anything you do and singing is no exception!
similar to ryuji, i can see you guys going on karaoke dates, but the difference with ren is hes not trying to actively compete against you, he just really enjoys singing duet songs with you!
this is just the musical nerd in me but imagine,,, performing musicals together,,, so many thoughts.
this man owns my heart istg,,,
Tumblr media
ryuji finds everything you do so mesmerizing, theres practically stars in his eyes when he discovers your hidden talent!
hes also lowkey offended you didnt show him earlier LMAOO
i can picture him asking you to make him a playlist of all your favorite songs, and he listens to it whenever hes doing his homework (a rare occurrence.) or when hes playing video games.
hes basically learned the words to every song on there, and i like to think when youre over one day and you start singing along he kinda just stares at you like :0 !!
hes no professional, but he didnt think he was half bad at singing until he heard you.
only a little (a lot) jealous at how good you are afterwards he kind of just sits around with a pouty face and says something like “how can you be so good at EVERYTHING?”
as impressed he is, ryuji is competitive, so dont be surprised when your next date is a karaoke night and hes trying his hardest to 1-up you.
he claims its just because he wants to hear more of your singing, but hes putting his whole heart and soul into every song that comes on.
overall hes really supportive, and he understands if you dont feel comfortable singing around others. but if you are, hes so definitely showing you off to the other phantom thieves. (he thinks it gives him bragging rights against morgana.)
Tumblr media
honestly, yusuke gives off theater kid vibes too so i see him being really excited to catch you singing!
you were over at his dorm, watching him sketch out his newest painting. there was some conversation between the two of you but you let him do most of the talking as not to disturb him too much.
you ended up suggesting to play some music in the background to fill the space, to which he nodded to, not really paying much attention.
you both sat in silence for a bit, simply enjoying each others company as the music played in the background.
“your music taste is incredible, love.” hed definitely ask for you to send him the playlist youre listening to <3
later on, your favorite song had come on, and you found yourself singing along to the music. yusuke had been silent for awhile so you had forgotten he was still in the room.
the longer the song had gone, the more you got comfortable with singing louder, to the point you were able to hit all the high notes flawlessly.
this is what had finally gotten yusukes attention away from his work, him turning back to look at you with a stunned face.
his dramatic ass is so extra about everything i swear. hes going on and on about how splendid of a performer you would be and hes amazed he hasnt heard you sing before.
you, on the other hand are still dealing with the whiplash of him still being in the room.
you guess you hadnt realized how into it youd have gotten, but at least your boyfriend got a free performance out of it!
Tumblr media
you had received a text from akechi 10 minutes ago. a simple “omw.” was all he wrote. 
however, you still excitedly set up everything you had planned for your boyfriends awaited arrival. 
hed been coming home late from his work at the police station, and you knew hed appreciate the thought of a nice relaxing night at home with his favorite foods and plenty of fuzzy blankets laid out on the couch.
you had music playing in the background as you applied the finishing touches. putting everything you had into the chorus of the song playing over the speaker.
you hadnt even heard akechi walk in over how loud everything was in your living room until you turned around and noticed him staring at you with an unreadable expression on his face.
was he disgusted? or just really surprised? it was always hard to tell with him.
you prayed it was the latter, and continued to sing along, more dramatically, like it was the most important performance of your life. you could see him laugh fondly.
once you were finished, he set his bag down on the kitchen counter to greet you properly.
“i didnt know you were so talented.” he responded blankly, “is there anything you *arent* good at?” he joked.
you laughed, pressing a kiss to his cheek before playfully responding, “oh no! looks like the detective prince caught me!” and running to hide under a blanket on the couch.
he smiled at your antics, having a seat on the couch next to you, cuddling up to your covered form under the blanket. 
you peeked your head out and smiled warmly at him and said, “welcome home.” 
moments like these with akechi are rare, but you cherish every single one of them.
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bratkook · 2 years
right now. (m) jjk.
Tumblr media
not yet, almost , right now
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. fluff, smut, idiots to lovers!! word count. 14.8k warnings. two mega fucking idiots<33, miscommunication/dumb assumptions, smut in forms of: fingering, oral sex (f.), orgasm denial, spanking, some spit bc duh, unprotected sex, super sweet & lovey!! also jungkook is a sweetheart pls love him summary. coming to terms with your feelings after getting off to the idea of your close friend is a little harder than you thought, but how long can you take before jungkook decides its time to move on? note. did jlin forget how to write for a few weeks? yes, yes she did....i know this took a long time but life is rough man so forgive me... but anyways lol the final part to the not yet!verse is hereeeee! thank you to @kithtaehyung​ for reading this over for me ily!! thank you guys for enjoying this mini series, the response was really unexpected but im sososo happy over every comment/ask i’ve gotten for this story. once again, tysm for your love and let me know what you think<3
Tumblr media
The evening sun illuminates Jungkook’s apartment, golden hour bouncing off every reflective surface and straight into his eyes the second he walks in, immediately squinting as he makes a beeline to shut the blinds. His head was already throbbing from the hangover that decided to peak around noon, a mean case of nausea putting a damper on his work day. So as much as he loved soaking in some vitamin D today was not the day. 
“Are you joking?” he huffs as he brings down the blinds, hand yanking at the flimsy string in an attempt to get it unstuck. “How stup—you’d think with the amount I pay every month in rent the blinds would work!” 
Alright, so maybe he was a little grumpy today, choosing to take it out on an inanimate object and blame it purely on the bad decisions made last night—definitely had nothing to do with the residual moping of you going on a date. This could be fixed, easily. 
The first order of business? Texting you to see if you’d be interested in devouring greasy food from your favorite place down the street. He’d get to see you and finally put something in his stomach, it’s the best of both worlds really. 
Jungkook forgets about the blinds, leaving them stuck in the awkward position as he walks away entirely, fishing his phone out of his pocket while he enters his room. It’s the same text he always sends when he’s hangry: If I don’t get food in the next 15 mins I'm burning this place down and taking you with me. 
He knows the response he’ll get, either that meme of the child in front of a burning house or an equally hangry paragraph. The phone gets tossed onto his bed as he changes out of his work clothes, needing to dispose of the business casual attire that was suffocating him, his old college hoodie giving him the comfort he needs. 
By the time he’s finally slipping on his sneakers he’s expecting you to come knocking on his door, your impatient attitude always putting a smile on his face. Half of the time your neighbors thought you were having arguments from the way you’d pound onto the slab of wood, saying his name with just enough annoyance laced into each syllable it would fool anyone into thinking you were actually upset instead of being a brat. But when that never comes, he reaches for his phone again. 
A few notifications fill up his screen, some instagram direct message previews, his group chat that he never responded to, and a few emails coming through, but you had yet to respond. Maybe it’s a little creepy, but Jungkook knows you’re home because he passed by your parked car on his way in. So his mind jumps to two extremes: you were either face down, drowning in your bathtub, or that yellow shades wearing wannabe version of himself was at your place. 
Not an ounce of shame sits within him as he speedwalks to the side his bed was on, placing both palms onto the wall before his ear was pressed against the cold drywall. Jungkook’s not really sure what would make him feel good, hearing you and Jung Hoseok together, or hearing nothing at all. His ears strain to hear anything, but the only sound he gets is his own blood pumping. 
With a small pout he pulls back, deciding he’d play the annoying neighbor role today and pound on your door instead. It’s a role he doesn’t take lightly, knuckles banging on the wood loud enough for you to hear wherever you were in your apartment. It takes a few minutes before any sign of life is shown, your door creaking open, and Jungkook is thankful because he was about to head to the maintenance office to ask for a key in case you actually were drowning in your bathtub. 
“C’mon, let’s get food,” he declares instantly, a charming smile on his face as he stands with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. The smile slowly falls off when he gets a good look at you, hair looking like a mess on your head and your fluffy blanket draped around you as you give out a weak cough. “Are you sick?”
“I think so,” you rasp out, leaning against your door frame and tugging the blanket tighter around you. 
“Did that fucker give you mono?” Jungkook looks irritated, brows pinched together in a grimace—something you’re definitely not accustomed to seeing so you almost don’t catch his accusation.
“Jungkook, no! It’s nothing serious.”
He doesn’t look fully convinced, but he shrugs anyways, positive you weren’t interested in getting interrogated when you were feeling under the weather. “Alright, let me know if you need me to drive you to the doctor if it becomes something serious.”
With a roll of your eyes and a small smile, you wave him off, slowly shutting the door behind you. Your eye immediately peeks through your peephole, not relaxing until he makes his way down the hall and enters the elevator, still on his quest for greasy food. 
“God, how old are you?” you grumble to yourself, yanking the blanket off your body and onto the floor with a huff. Pretending to be sick to avoid your friend was a new low, especially after the post-orgasm epiphany you had last night. A sane person would come to terms with their feelings and confess to them, uncertainty and possible rejection be damned! But you? No, you have to fake a cold like the giant coward you are. 
The guilt only deepens when a knock comes from your door an hour later, a quick peek through your peephole allowing you to see Jungkook setting two plastic bags on the floor before stepping back and walking to his apartment next door. You don’t come out until you hear his door shut, seeing the logo of your favorite diner down the street. No doubt would your comfort meal be inside the takeaway container. 
It takes all you have to not rush over to his place and say you were lying when you see he had also gone ahead and got you cold medication, a few different bottles because he surely didn’t know which was best, along with teas and some cough drops. 
You’re a dirty liar. A horrible friend too. 
That doesn’t stop you from devouring the meal in the takeout box as you’re hunched over your breakfast bar like a little gremlin. “This is just for today,” you mumble out to yourself as you set the plastic fork down and chug some of the leftover alcohol you had in your fridge. It’s your own version of a pity party, except the food feels heavy in your stomach, knowing the man you were avoiding was the one who bought it—bring on the guilt. 
“I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
You’re a dirty liar and horrible friend 2.0. Why this time? Because tomorrow stretched out a few more days than planned. It wasn’t entirely intentional at first, getting stuck at work longer than usual and missing the weekly hangout at your place where you got your remote covered in cheeto dust as you argued over what to watch. But it trickled down onto shorter replies to his texts, or you scrambling out of your apartment and into the elevator so fast in order to not run into him, your mind still trying to list all the pros and cons to this potential relationship before you even had the guts to confess to your feelings. 
Jungkook didn’t know thats what was occupying your mind, no he was currently thinking the worst. He notices the change instantly, recognizing it because this was the exact way you had acted while you were with Hajoon, right before you broke the news to him that you needed to keep some distance while you focused on your relationship. So Jungkook automatically assumes that your sudden change in behavior after going on a single date with Jung Hoseok, was because you wanted to make your relationship with this man work. 
His assumption stings—a lot actually—and soon enough he stops initiating conversations altogether. He didn’t want to hear you tell him you had to distance yourself again, he’s not sure his heart could handle that a second time, so he decides to get ahead of the curb and take a massive step away from you. It hurts him to know you’re right next door, and just like before, it’s like you’re back to being total strangers. 
Safe to say Jungkook was currently going on his own downward spiral. 
You could text him like nothing had happened and he’d accept it with open arms, but instead you text your best friend an SOS text, begging her to meet you at your place. She calls you dramatic at first, but once you say it’s about Jungkook she shows up at your place in record time. 
“Did you finally fuck him?” Is her greeting of choice, spoken shamelessly from the hallway with no worry about her volume. She cackles when you yank the bottle of wine from her grasp and tug her into your apartment, letting the door slam behind her. 
“You’re lucky he’s not home you bitch.” An eye roll is her only response, yanking the bottle back and making her way into your kitchen to grab the opener. 
“So you didn’t fuck him?” The cork pops at her question, a curious glance staring you down as she pours the red liquid into an oversized cup. 
“No Seulgi, I didn’t fuck him. But I did...something.” It makes your face warm up as you remember it, gratefully grabbing the cup she hands your way because you definitely need some liquid courage before confessing to your sins.
She hums in thought as she raids your pantry for something to munch on, settling on a bag of mini pretzels before leading you to your couch, needing to know the gossip that led to your sos text. “Okay, did you accidentally send him a nude then?”
“No, that wouldn’t be so bad I think?” Sending him an accidental nude would be laughable, probably resolved by a few screaming texts and dumb jokes before moving on. But new feelings seeing the light of day seemed so much worse. “But I sort of kissed him at a club a few weeks ago to get back at Hajoon—long story,” you cut in when you see her ready to fire off questions. 
“And then I went on that failed Tinder date I told you about, and when I got home I sort of heard him, you know,”— you mimic a jerking off motion with your hand and ignore her lewd gasp, “and then I…” you trail off shamefully. 
“No!” she gasps even louder, hand pressed to her mouth and eyes wide. 
“Yes! And the fucking orgasm opened my eyes and made me realize that maybe that tiny crush you guys always joke about him having is real, and maybe I have a tiny crush on him too.”
“Does he know?”
“That I like him?”
“No, that you rubbed one out while listening to him you dirty slut!” Oh she’s loving this, leaning back into your cushions with a handful of pretzels resting on her boobs, a sly smile on her lips as she takes a sip of her wine. She’s the one who planted the seed in your mind, playfully joking about Jungkook any chance she got, saying he had the hots for you because she enjoyed the flustered look on your face. No doubt would she text the group chat with the news the second you finish this cry for help. 
“Do you think I told him? I can barely come to terms with the fact that I like him. Like what am I supposed to do?”
She sighs dramatically, munching on the final pretzel on her tits before sitting up and dusting off the crumbs from her shirt. “Look, I know you’re just realizing that he likes you so this is still new and fresh for you, but we’ve noticed it for years. It’s fine that you didn’t see it, you had other things occupying your mind.” 
You frown as you stare at the rug beneath your feet, remembering how life was when you first moved into this complex. Getting out of a previous relationship weeks prior, when you had met Jungkook your mind was not interested in pursuing anything with him regardless of how cute you thought he was. It made it easier for you to form a friendship, not worried about trying to impress him, or flirt with him, allowing him to see you for who you truly are. 
Jungkook had his fair share of girlfriends during the years, none of which were entirely serious but by the time he was completely single you had met Hajoon, and he had accepted the fact that maybe you were better off as friends and he would just admire you from afar. That is, until you decided to plant one on him. So technically this is your fault. 
“Jungkook likes you okay, and I’m sure if you just marched next door and told him you like him too he’ll drop on one knee and marry you.”
“Shut up,” you snort, shoving her shoulder with a smile. 
“As a matter of fact, go over there right now!” She stands up from her spot, yanking your arms to haul you up with her. 
“I told you, he’s not home. But, I’ll tell him. I have to.”
Seulgi crosses her arms over her chest as she stares at you, clearly displeased that she wouldn’t be witness to this love story unfolding in real time. “You better. You never know what sneaky little bitch is trying to get him to get over you.”
The sneaky little bitch in question is Park Jimin, currently sitting directly across from Jungkook, guzzling down beer like his life depends on it. It's impressive really, how quickly he empties the cup, eyes shut looking as content as could be even in the dim lighting. Jungkook can only watch with a grimace as his friend sets the glass down and wipes at his mouth with no sense of table manners. 
“What?” he burps, proceeding to pour more of the golden liquid into his cup from the pitcher in the middle of the table. 
“I always forget how absolutely disgusting you are. How do you do it?” Jimin just frowns at the question, not entirely understanding so Jungkook continues. “What switch do you flip to go from sipping champagne to chugging beer like a fucking biker.”
“It’s a talent, I know.” He smiles wide, reaching forward to grip Jungkook’s hand and force him to grab his own cup. Condensation was pooling around the bottom from sitting there untouched, and that just wouldn’t do on Jimin’s watch. “C’mon, drink it!”
“Fine,” Jungkook grumbles, raising the glass and allowing Jimin to clank the cups together before taking a big gulp. He doesn’t clear the cup like his friend did seconds prior but it's enough to appease him. It tastes absolutely bitter the whole way down, settling into his stomach uncomfortably, and the look on his face as he pushes the glass away from him is very telling. 
Boisterous shouts fill the sports bar they were in, huddles of people surrounding the tables and booths as they watched the current soccer match playing on the televisions lining the walls. Jungkook honestly feels like a debby downer now, moping in his seat instead of enjoying the atmosphere with his friend like they normally did. The current game was definitely not the reason Jungkook had texted Jimin to grab drinks, no he needed an outlet to talk about you—preferably in a space that didn’t have walls as thin as his apartment.  
When he barely acknowledges the plate of wings set in front of him Jimin huffs, resisting the urge to dig in because he knew once he did he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. “Are you gonna be like this the entire time?”
“Like what?” Jungkook has the gall to ask, acting as if he wasn’t looking like a wounded animal. 
“Like you just discovered your wife of ten years is having an affair with your sister.”
He sits up straighter at that, eyes wide in disbelief. “Jesus.“
Jimin knew the jist of what was happening through the texts he had received the past week, but it seems like Jungkook didn’t want to jump into the topic of it at all now that they were sitting across from each other. He just sighs before deciding to be honest, wasting no time beating around the bush to hopefully be the voice of reason Jungkook needs. “You’ve been simping over her for years JK, and I get it, you think she could be the one. But what about you huh? It’s not fair for you to have your heart wrung out each time she gets a man and decides to put the friendship on pause—“
“That happened once!” He defends, brows pinched on his forehead as he shakes his head, ready to explain your situation because he wasn’t a fan of hearing his friend say anything about you when he didn’t truly know what happened. “The dude was a piece of shit and basically told her it was him or me. I’m not gonna crucify her for wanting a long term relationship to work.”
“Right, so she’s not icing you out again because she got a new man? That’s literally what you told me, it’s why I bought you this sympathy pitcher of beer!”
“Fuck you, you bought this pitcher for yourself.” Jimin had chugged two giant glasses of beer already, and was steadily working on his third, whereas Jungkook’s watered down cup remained relatively untouched. “Besides, I was just...spiraling and assumed when I sent you that desperate text. But I haven’t heard anything.”
Jimin can only stare blankly at the table as he processes what was just said before locking eyes with his friend once more, “Sorry, what? You haven’t heard anything? The hell kind of riddle is that.”
Jungkook sinks into the booth with a look of shame, not wanting to admit to occasionally laying in his bed at night in complete and total silence just to see if he could hear you and the hypothetical version of Jung Hoseok doing literally anything. It’s not one of his proudest moments, feeling like a bit of a creeper as he laid stiff on his bed, too scared to make a sound.  “Nothing, forget about it. Point is, I haven’t seen the fucker come in or out of her place, so what does that mean?”
A deep sigh comes from Jimin, hand reaching forward to push the beer closer to Jungkook, desperately trying to get him to drink and ease up. “It means you pay far too much attention to her. When was the last time you got any action?”
Two weeks ago. From his hand and filthy imagination. 
“A few months,” he grumbles, remembering his last hook up that happened a few days before he discovered you got dumped. 
“Get outta here.” Jimin rolls his eyes as he points to the door. “Literally, go stand at the corner outside, show some thighs or a tattooed titty and take your pick of the swarm of girls that will surely follow you.”
Jungkook thinks he’s joking, but when his friend doesn’t drop his hand and narrows his eyes threateningly he knows he’s being serious. “My tits aren’t even tattooed,”—his large palms press against his shirt covered chest as if to prove a point— “And you sound like a douchebag talking like this.”
“What? She went on a tinder date and definitely got laid, so you need to even out the playing field. Also, it might help you chill the hell out.”
“Oh my god, you’re not helping.” Jungkook really didn’t need that visual again, it had flashed in his mind too often the night of his pity party and now it was once again at the front of his brain. 
“Alright, okay. I’m throwing out my safe word right now.” Jimin leans closer, arms resting on the table with a confused look on his face. “What do you need from me here? Like, do I play the role of a supportive friend who wants you to get over her, or do I play the role of a friend who wants you to confess? Because you’re giving me some mixed signals Jeon.”
A groan escapes Jungkook, fingers rubbing at his eyes before dragging down his face as he sinks even further into his seat. “I don’t know.” 
It’s the truth. Jungkook had no idea what he wanted his friend to do to help him. He knew that although his feelings for you have weighed heavy on his chest for what seems like years, you technically had no idea, so he feels a little guilty over his frustration for the whole situation. You were newly single again and determined to go through this self proclaimed wild phase so Jungkook isn’t dumb enough to think you can’t go out and do whatever you want, even if that means being with someone who isn’t him. 
“Look,” Jimin sighs, pulling him out of his thoughts. “You only have two choices here, tell her how you feel and accept whatever comes with it, or make peace with the idea of just being friends. Either way, I think you need to loosen up and have fun tonight.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Jungkook sits himself up, wrapping his fingers around the cup in an effort to at least look like he wanted to be here. He couldn’t sit here and mope about a problem like this when he hadn’t attempted to come out and tell you how he feels. 
One night of loosening up to get you off his mind wouldn’t hurt, if anything it might help him come to his senses. At least that’s what Jimin was currently whispering with a mischievous smile on his lips. “It’ll be fine, I’ll make sure you don’t black out and get home safe. Who knows, you might get plastered enough to drunk text your confession.”
Jungkook glares at his friend, not liking the goofy look on his face as he starts to laugh. “I swear to god, you better not let me get to that point. Take my phone away from me.”
Tumblr media
Jimin obviously wants to see the world burn, or at least he enjoys it when Jungkook somehow digs himself into his own grave. That's exactly why he responds with a million laughing emojis when Jungkook texts him asking why the hell he hadn’t taken his phone last night. 
He did a good job hiding his shock when a knock came from his front door, half expecting it to be you, keeping a smile on his face as he allowed  the person who was very clearly not you in before swiftly entering his bathroom. Jungkook wants to stay locked here forever, holed up while he sits on his toilet and not in the living room with company. It wasn’t like it was bad company either, his drunken ass going through his contact list and sending an invitation to hangout the following day to the last person he spoke to, Aillie. 
The girl is sweet, someone he had a casual fling with for months, someone who was used to his random texts so she doesn’t think twice before agreeing. The only silver lining to this was that he hadn’t sent you a typo-filled drunken confession, which is what Jimin responds with before telling him to suck it up and leave his bathroom. 
Jungkook accepts his fate, as well as accepting that he is partially responsible for this. He shoves his device back into his pockets before standing up and flushing the toilet for show, washing his hands just to stall. One good glance at his reflection makes him cringe, stained shirt and sweats combo leaves him looking like the unprepared mess he is. Another detour through his room to change was a must before he has no choice but to step back out. 
“You’re totally hung over aren’t you?” Aillie jokes from her spot on the couch, comfortable enough in his apartment from the time spent here. She locks her phone as she stands up, taking her time to really look Jungkook over. He was not dressed like someone who was expecting a guest, and despite having seen Jungkook at his sloppiest, his previous attire of oversized shirt and slightly stained sweatpants didn’t look like someone who was expecting a fuck buddy to pop over. Even with his new outfit looking more put together, it was obvious Jungkook was caught off guard by her showing up. 
“What?” Jungkook dumbly asks, trying to come up with some lame excuse to justify his earlier appearance but he falls short. His fingers gently rake through his hair, a grimace falling on his face as he looks back up at her. “Actually, a little. Sorry, I got drunk last night when I text you so sober me was not really prepared.”
“Yeah I figured, you sent me some blurry selfies right after. But we can just hang, we don’t have to do anything,” she trails off, a soft smile on her lips. The only time they ever hung out was to hook up, having ten minute conversations before and after the fact. “Or I can leave too if it's weird that I’m here.” 
Jungkook is shaking his head before she can even finish, already feeling bad enough after texting her to come over. How shitty would he be if he immediately kicked her out. This was fine, a nice distraction from it all, decent middle ground that would help him get his mind off you without having to take Jimin’s douchebag advice. 
“No, we can watch a movie or something. It’s not like I have other plans.” Had this been two weeks ago it would be a totally different story. Jungkook would typically be waiting in his apartment as he stared at the slowly ticking clock, just waiting for it to strike 7:30 because that's when you usually got home. Then he’d either get a text from you to come over with snacks or you’d show up at his door and invite yourself over for the weekly game night. 
It didn’t happen last week, or the week prior, so Jungkook is very confident that it would not be happening today either. It’s that same sense of confidence—and saltiness—that allows him to get comfortable with Aillie, blissfully unaware that you had just pulled into the parking garage a few stories below. 
“I swear to god if you don’t go straight to his door the minute you get off the elevator I will never let you live it down.” Seulgi’s voice fills your car through the speakers, fading out as you shut the car off and bring your phone to your ear to continue the conversation. 
“Dude, I just got off work. I need to make myself look decent.” Plastic bags rustle together as you grab the snacks you had picked up on your way home, all full of yours and Jungkook's favorite treats. It was definitely a guilt fueled purchase, hoping the items were enough to distract him from the fact that you were kind of a bitch for ghosting him recently, or at least butter him up into accepting your apology easier. 
“You think Jungkook cares if you’re a little sweaty from work? He’s a grown man, that’s not gonna stop him from going do—“
“Okay, goodbye!” You hastily cut her off as you press the elevator button, hearing her rambling off about being interrupted. “I’m about to get on the elevator, I’ll tell you how it goes.”
With a small sigh you hang up and stuff the device into your purse, stepping onto the lift as the doors open up and pressing the number for your floor. Your hands are clammy as you grip the plastic bag, uncharacteristically nervous about seeing Jungkook again after so long. 
The main obstacle for you to get over was apologizing for being a crappy friend, and if that went well you were going to suck it up and just come out and confess, the odds of him saying no were slim. And even if he did, you’re perfectly content with staying friends, as long as you could keep him close. 
It’s that same optimistic mentality that allows you to calm down as you enter your place and decide to give yourself a minute to mentally prepare. His favorite ice cream gets put into the freezer for later before you decide to shower and give yourself a pep talk the entire time. 
This pep talk of yours is filled with best case scenarios: Jungkook accepting the confession with open arms, finally being able to kiss him properly, everything falling into place the way it should have a long time ago. And as you head over, totally sober, freshly washed, looking and smelling your best, you really can’t picture this going any other way. 
With a deep breath you’re knocking on his front door, quickly pulling back your hand and wiping it onto your pants as you step back. Jungkook hears the knock clearly from his spot on the couch, his gaze tearing away from the television to stare at his front door with a small frown. He hadn’t ordered any food and Aillie had just excused herself to use his bathroom so his brain is having a hard time wondering who it could be. 
He curses under his breath, not putting it past himself to have texted a second person last night with an invitation to hang out. Why was Jungkook a friendly drunk?
As he presses his eye against the peephole and spots you standing there, he thinks he’s imagining things. It had seemed like so long since he had last seen you in person, and the warped fish-eyed version of you has him stepping back and rubbing his eyes before taking another glance. He suddenly feels like throwing up, and he can’t blame his earlier hangover on it. 
For a brief second he contemplates pretending he hadn’t heard you, but the guilt of doing so makes his heart twist, so he musters up the courage to open the door. It’s barely a crack really, just enough for you to see him while still concealing his apartment, something you definitely found strange because you’re usually flinging the door open and strutting right in, but you suppose his reaction is warranted considering your previous behavior. 
“Y/N, hey. Are you alright?”
“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine!” Your fingers tangle together in front of you, not entirely sure what to do with your nerves and Jungkook spots it easily. His own nerves sky rocket when he hears the sound of running water coming from his bathroom a few feet away, knowing Aillie would most likely pop out any second now, and he’s not sure why it feels like a dirty secret that he has another girl over. 
“Did you need something?”
“Yeah, I was actually wanting to talk to you about something kind of important.” Your smile is hopeful, despite the nerves swirling in your eyes. The nervous skip of your heart is felt in your throat, not remembering the last time you had felt this way about telling someone how you felt about them romantically. 
“Right now?” he wonders, fingers gripping the door handle tighter when he hears his bathroom door unlock, the sound of footsteps rounding the corner before stepping into the living room, a few feet away from the door and in perfect view of the wedge Jungkook had opened. 
When your eyes flicker over his shoulder, spotting the auburn haired girl giving you a curious glance, you feel all your confidence slip away. Seulgi had definitely been right about needing to confess soon, Jungkook was a catch and just because you hadn’t realized it sooner didn’t mean the rest of the world was blind to it. 
“Yeah, right now...but you’re busy, so it’s fine!” You want to scramble away from there, feeling dumb the longer you stand there. Jungkook wants to say he’s not busy, kick the girl out of his place and invite you in but that wouldn’t be fair to her, for all he knew your important conversation would be a repeat of the conversation you had over Hajoon, and he really didn't want to get friendship dumped while this girl was in his apartment. He’s pretty sure his Yelp rating would drop a bit if he cried on the couch about you to his old hook up. 
He starts to speak but you cut him off before he can, “Don’t worry about it! I’ll see you later.” You force a smile before walking away, not allowing him to get a word in as you quickly step into your apartment and move to the furthest room away from your bedroom. 
You can feel the cold of your kitchen floor as you sit on your butt, back against your cabinets, the small twinge of defeat spreading within you. “This is fine. Maybe she’s just a friend. I can always tell him tomorrow,” you whisper out. But your fingers seem to think otherwise as they type out a message to Seulgi, informing her that the mission was unsuccessful and you’d be putting on The Notebook like you always did. It was basically protocol to do so when things went south in your life. 
She doesn’t even know how to console you, knowing she can’t tell you it was his loss or that he wasn’t worth it because she knows that’d be a lie and you wouldn’t believe it for a second. The only thing she can offer is coming over, but you’re quick to turn her down, deciding that being alone in the comfort of your bed as you inhaled the ice cream you bought for Jungkook would be best. 
Is being in your room the wisest choice when you know you share a wall with Jungkook—and he has a cute girl over? No. Probably not. But you figure if you hear anything explicit it’s just your dose of karma, so you accept it, turning up the volume of the movie a few levels just to soften the blow. 
However, Jungkook would definitely not be hooking up with her in his bedroom, or anywhere in his apartment for that matter. Luckily Aillie is blessed with the gift of reading the damn room and can easily spot the shift in Jungkook’s mood the second he shuts the door. She’s sitting on the edge of the couch now, hands gently placed on her knees as she gives him a sympathetic smile. 
“I get the vibe that somethings off.”
He looks up at her then, slowing his pace until he’s awkwardly standing in the middle of the room with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “My friend—my neighbor just wanted to talk about something. But everything’s fine.”
The lie tastes bitter on his tongue, and Aillie doesn’t believe him in the slightest. A small sigh fills the air as she stands up, collecting her bag and approaching him. “Look, I know deep talks really aren’t our thing so I’m not going to even try to dive into this, but you should go talk to your friend.”
A comforting hand is placed on his shoulder before she makes her way to the door to leave, Jungkook already following closely behind her. “No, you don’t have to go. You came all this way because I texted you with way too much tequila in my system.”
“Jungkook,” she laughs, opening the door with a smile. “You’re way too sweet for your own good. It was nice seeing you though.” Her eyes slowly move over to your front door before looking back at him, head cocking to the side in a very clear indication that he better go over. He can only nod in understanding, waving her goodbye and shutting the door once she heads down to the elevator. 
The action sounds of the movie they were watching continues to fill his apartment, whatever chaos was going on only making his brain whirl so he’s quick to grab the remote and shut it off entirely. Now he’s just stuck in complete silence, wondering if he should quickly make his way over to yours or play it calm and collected. 
The total silence allows him to hear the muffled mumbling of a movie he knew all too well. It draws him in, lures him into his bedroom until he’s kneeling on the mattress with his ear pressed against the wall to properly make it out. You were watching the Notebook, at a concerning volume, which could mean a number of things. Jungkook knew none of them were good, usually rooted in issues you had with your ex, or a tough day at work, or any particular day where you just felt like crying. 
With a deep breath, he’s slowly knocking along his wall, almost experimentally, hoping it's enough to grab your attention through the current scene playing. For a second he thinks maybe you’ve fallen asleep while watching the film, but then the room falls silent as you pause it entirely. 
Your hearts racing now, ears straining to hear anything else and hoping this wasn’t how the beginning of the explicit noises would start, but then another knock comes from behind you. It makes you gasp, like you’ve just been caught being the nosey neighbor you are, hearing the soft scrape of his hand sliding down the wall. The ice cream gets put onto your nightstand as you sit up properly, forcing yourself out of the mountain of pillows you were practically suffocating in and turning around to knock back.
Jungkook’s palm presses back onto the wall, smiling at your response before fishing his phone out of his pocket. His fingers find your thread of messages, further down the list than he was used to, and as he opens them up and sees the string of unanswered texts dating back to two weeks ago, it stings just like it did before. He pushes his pride aside though, knowing you had wanted to talk today in person, so he proceeds to quadruple text you. 
Jungkook 8:44pm : are you seriously watching the notebook again?
You’re unlocking your phone the second it buzzes, smiling at the dimly lit screen before typing out a response. 
Y/N 8:45pm : shut up, it’s my comfort movie
Y/N 8:45pm : do you wanna watch it with me? for old times sake
The device is locked and placed face down onto your sheets the second you hit send, sinking into the pillows once again as you try not to scream at yourself because you know he’ll hear you. Why would you invite him over when he clearly has company? You had seen her with your own eyes, had seen how cute she is, had seen how cute Jungkook is, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. 
Jungkook is quick though, texting back in agreement and heading over instantly. If you were watching your comfort movie then Jungkook wanted to make sure you were okay. Putting the past two weeks behind him, knowing you’d most likely have a good enough explanation—an explanation he would definitely be needing before the night was over—he’s knocking on your door before you can even check your messages. 
It takes you a minute to untangle your limbs from your covers as you hastily try to get to your door, sock clad feet sliding along your wooden floors when you finally yank the door open. Jungkook wears a soft smile as he stares down at you, taking note that you had switched your outfit to your usual sad movie binge attire of baggy shirt and lounge shorts. His eyes zero in on your lips when he notices there's something lingering at the corner of them. 
“So, are you gonna share whatever the hell that is?” His finger points at it smugly, laughing when your tongue peeks out to wipe it away. 
“It was actually meant to be for you.” Stepping aside, you let him enter your place. Jungkook almost feels a little strange being here after the weird few weeks, but he pushes it aside, just wanting things to feel normal. 
“Does that mean there’s no more left?” His eyes playfully narrow at you as you step closer, moving on to stare at the kitchen table, and the coffee table in search of the tub of ice cream that supposedly had his name on it. The earlier nerves you felt slowly fade away when you realize he’s not visibly upset about what happened, but it only makes your guilt deepen that despite your ability to be a crummy friend, Jungkook would still try his best to come through for you. 
“There’s about half of it left, it’s probably a little soft now though.” You side step him to enter the kitchen, grabbing an extra spoon and handing it over as a peace treaty, smiling when he gratefully accepts it. “C’mon, I paused the movie.”
Jungkook is not a stranger to your bedroom, especially when sappy movies were playing, finding his spot easily on the right side where he typically handed you tissues whenever you cried. The tissues were missing this time, in place of them being the bag of snacks you had bought, his ice cream on the other nightstand. 
“What part are you on?” he asks, settling onto the bed after fluffing up the pillows, waving his hands so you could pass the tub of ice cream his way. 
“It just started raining on the boat.” Jungkook hums, scooping out some of the chocolate ice cream and into his mouth. He knew this scene very well, and when you press play, he mentally repeats all of the lines. Just as Noah declares he wrote her 365 letters, you awkwardly clear your throat, your own spoon slowly sneaking over to his side to steal some ice cream for yourself. 
“I’m sorry if I made things awkward with your date.” Your voice sounds timid, something he’s not used to hearing from you at all, so he chuckles, laughing harder when you swat at his arm. “I’m serious, I should have texted you before just showing up.”
“Really? When have you ever done that before?” The two of you never notified the other when they wanted to show up, Jungkook had even given you the code to his place once when he was at work and you were desperate for some fruity pebbles—you used that code to your advantage and Jungkook never hated it. But all things considered, it's fair why you think you would have to give him a heads up. 
“You didn’t make it awkward though.” It’s not the complete truth, you coming over is what had made Aillie decide to leave, but Jungkook had to take most of the credit for it. “I kinda made it awkward from the beginning.”
“Why, what happened?”
“I went out last night with Jimin“ —you immediately hum in understanding, knowing very well how convincing Jimin could be with alcohol— “and apparently I texted her to hang out today, had no recollection, so when she showed up I was definitely not ready.”
“Damn, this is how I know you’re a better person than I am. If that happened to me, the second I checked my peephole and saw someone I didn’t remember inviting over, I’m gonna pretend I’m not home.”
“Yeah well, she lives like an hour away so I’d feel like an ass if I did that. Don’t think I’ll be talking to her again any time soon though.” He sighs in thought, gently tapping his spoon on the surface of the softening ice cream. There was one thing weighing heavy on his mind, needing to know what important thing you had to talk to him about, wondering if you were actually going to friendship dump him earlier and he had just made it worse by coming over and hanging out like old times. 
He doesn’t want to come right out and ask it though, not wanting to set himself up for an awkward conversation in case that wasn’t what you wanted to talk about, so he settles for something safe enough that would allow him to get a glimpse. 
“So how are things with Hoseok?” Yeah, that’s a good start. 
“Huh?” Your spoon freezes in its spot, face clearly looking confused in the dim glow of the television, the movie long forgotten now that you were speaking. 
“Tinder guy? Yellow sunglasses guy that gave you mono?” 
It suddenly clicks again, having forgotten all about Jung Hoseok the second you had gotten home from the failed date and came to terms with your feelings. Your lie of having a cold must have been believable enough for Jungkook to genuinely think he had given you something like mono. 
“He didn’t give me mono!” Jungkook rolls his eyes with a playful smile, humming along like he totally believes you. “But I didn’t tell you?”
He frowns as he stares at you, not entirely sure how to take your tone. “Tell me what? That you’re engaged and the wedding is in June?”
“No way,” you laugh, swatting his spoon away with a clank as you grab some ice cream before shoving it in your mouth, fighting against the brain freeze to continue speaking. “Our date was a bust.”
“How? Was it that bad?” He desperately wanted to know, having convinced himself the date had gone spectacularly well and you were now an exclusive item. The small twinge of guilt is felt when he realizes he’s a little too happy that the date had been a failure, but he allows himself to have this small, tiny victory. 
“Mm, it was so good it was bad.” He looks utterly confused, and you don’t blame him, so you elaborate. “He was this perfect gentleman who just wanted to play games, like to the point where he had a notebook where he was tallying our points, and then he walked me to my car and kissed my cheek goodbye.”
“Oh the horror!” Jungkook gasps, setting his spoon down to clutch his heart in dramatics. “How dare he try to romance you with a game night.”
“Jungkook, shut up!” you laugh, finally feeling like everything was right again, sitting in bed with your closest friend as you teased each other. “Look, I’ll give him some credit. The date was nice, he was not the sleazy douchebag his profile made him out to be, and I’m sure he’ll find the perfect girl for him on Tinder. But he clearly wanted something serious and—“
“And you don’t want that right now. It’s fair.” Of course you would turn him down, you had just decided to embark on this new adventure in the single world. It was kind of dumb for Jungkook to assume one date with Tinder Boy would be enough for you to give up your short lived dream. 
You take a steady breath at his words before taking another scoop of ice cream, lips wrapped around the spoon as you slowly pull it out of your mouth. The nerves are trickling back in, making your heart skip and your eyes bounce around. If you don’t come out and say it now, you know you never will. 
Your spoon joins his in the tub of ice cream before you decide to move it back to the nightstand, forcing yourself to look back at him, seeing him turned away as he rummages through the plastic bag full of snacks. “I don’t want that with him.”
Jungkook freezes, the rustling of plastic ceases as his hands come back to his sides and he turns back around. With him. He was the king of jumping to worse case scenarios so his brain has no issues coming to this very horrible conclusion. 
“Have you been talking to Hajoon again?”
“No, Jungkook I haven’t.”
“Are you sure? I’m saying this now, but if you get back with him I will not hesitate to pop him in the face if I run into him in the halls. It’s fair game out there, neutral territory for him to get his ass beat—“
“It’s you.”
His brain short circuits at that, mini versions of himself currently running around and screaming in his head as he tries to make sense of this. The first instinct he has is to crack a joke, to say that he hadn’t been talking to Hajoon again, and laugh it off. But you look a little too vulnerable right now, eyes nervously looking at him and then looking away at his lingering silence. 
“Wait, what?” It’s the only thing he can sputter out, caught off guard by your words, not wanting to say anything else in case the world was cruel enough for him to have completely misheard you. 
“I don’t want that with Tinder Boy or Hajoon, I want it with you.” It gets a little easier saying it a second time, but his reaction is hard to gauge. You had been expecting him to reciprocate the confession instantly, but the longer he looked shocked only made you think that you and Seulgi had been seriously wrong about his supposed crush. 
Jungkook is having a difficult time trying to go from you ghosting him to you suddenly admitting to liking him, the change in emotions not allowing him to say anything he had practiced in the mirror for so long. He can’t come out and give you a speech about how he thinks you’re the one, how you’re obviously a good match together, brain too focused on other details. “How long have you known this?”
“For the past two weeks, but deep down I know it’s been longer.”
His wide eyes glance over at you now, everything slowly clicking into place. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me?”
“Yes,” you mumble, embarrassed over the way you had acted. The last time you had avoided someone was in elementary school, having a best friend go ask your crush if he likes you while you hid in the bathroom, scared of the answer. “I like you Jungkook and I knew I wouldn’t be able to play it cool. I was scared to say something and have you not feel the same and then have our friendship be weird.”
Jungkook smiles in that adorable way you love, nose scrunching up cutely as he leans closer, large palms coming to cup your cheeks. He has wanted to hear this for so long, and sure, maybe it wasn’t some super romantic confession over a candlelit dinner like he had occasionally dreamed of, but this felt right. 
“You’re so stupid,” he whispers out, thumb softly caressing your cheek as he chuckles, feeling the way your lips turn into a frown at his harmless insult. 
“Jungkook, I’m being serious,” you whine, heart still pounding in your chest. Your hands come up to gently wrap around his wrists, allowing him to continue to squish your cheeks with that endearing look on his face. 
“I’m being serious too Y/N. Did you really think I wouldn’t feel the same?” Jungkook did everything he did with you out of pure friendliness, never expecting to get something in return from it, but there was a small sprinkling of a crush in every one of his actions. “I like you too, and I have for a really long time.”
The relief you feel comes instantly, lips slowly pulling into a smile when you finally have the confidence to look directly into his eyes again. If this is how light you feel after the two weeks spent freaking out, you can only imagine how Jungkook feels. “Really?”
“Yes, really. Now, can I please kiss you?” You’re nodding the second the question leaves his mouth, eyes fluttering shut as his hands glide down to cup your jaw, soft lips slowly pressing against yours. It’s a gentle smack of skin as he pulls back, a smirk on his lips when he opens his eyes, softly rubbing his nose against yours. 
“Wait,” he breathes out, chuckling softly. “Is he still looking?” He has the nerve to repeat the same question that had been the root of your guilt, and when your eyes shoot open and glare at him, he can’t stop the laughter that bubbles out. 
“I hate you,” you mutter out, not an ounce of truth behind it. 
“Mm, no you don’t.” 
His lips find yours again, falling into a steady rhythm, softer and less rushed than the first kiss you had shared at the club. There’s no pounding bass in the background, or the taste of liquor on your lips, but Jungkook prefers it this way. He likes the low hum of the movie continuing to play in the background, the sweetness of the ice cream lingering on your lips when his tongue gently swipes at the seam of them, the way your hands slowly slide around his neck as he deepens each kiss. 
With each shared breath, you slide further down your bed, pulling Jungkook down with you until he’s hovering directly above you. His knees dig into the sheets, one hand pressed beside your head to keep himself stable as you urge him even closer to you. The delicate golden chain he wears kisses your skin, pendant settling onto your chest, the cool sensation is almost enough to distract you as his tongue slowly slips into your mouth. Jungkook groans when you let out a small gasp, your fingers slipping into his hair and tugging gently at the strands by the nape of his neck. 
He wants to remember this kiss instead of the one from the club, embed every gasp you let out into his brain, the way your chest pushes up to feel more of him, how your hands slide down his back, leaving a fiery trail in their path that makes Jungkook shiver. And when you slide your thighs further apart for him, innocently at first, he can’t help it when his lips freeze on yours as you slowly roll your hips upwards. It gives him the same automatic reaction he had gotten at the club, all the blood rushing to his cock instantly, except this time he doesn’t feel the shame he had felt before. There was no ulterior motive to what you were doing, sincerity shown in your confession, shared within each kiss, so Jungkook allows himself to bask in the want he feels for you.
“Y/N,” he groans out when you repeat the action, pulling away from your swollen lips to stare at you through hooded eyes. You’re licking your lips over as your eyes slowly open, a small glimmer evident in them as you tilt your head and pretend to not know what you’re doing.
“What?” you question, leaning up to kiss the edge of his mouth, giggling when he attempts to chase your lips as you pull back, choosing to kiss down his jaw instead. As your tongue gently trails along the side of his neck, you feel the harsh gulp he takes, his fingers bunching up in the sheets beside your head. His neck has always been a weak point for him, turning him into a puddle in seconds, you knew this from the unfiltered conversations you’ve had and it was something you were definitely going to be using to your advantage. 
“You’re doing this on purpose,” he grunts, eyes fluttering shut as you nip at his skin, a visible shiver racking through him. 
“Of course I am,” you hum, letting your hands roam his back, sliding around his front until you’re sneaking past the white fabric of his shirt. When your cool hands meet his skin, he tenses, the muscles on his stomach tightening up as your fingertips trail up his body. You’ve known Jungkook was well defined, lean and toned in all the best places, having seen him shirtless a few times. But being able to touch him like this, feel each stuttered breath and jump of his skin reacting to your touch fueled you. 
Jungkook knows you can feel the racing of his heart now, your palms flat on his chest, each thrum revealing his emotions despite the cool and calm exterior he was trying to have. His hips lower towards yours, resisting the urge to rut into you as you start to suck on his skin. The low hum you let out vibrates against his neck, mixed in with the feeling of your wet lips, and he knows he’s done for. The final blow comes in the form of you swiping your tongue at the blossomed hickey, sweet voice pulling him back to earth as you look at him once more. “I want you Jungkook.”
Oh god, he couldn’t do this. His face pulls into a grimace, begging himself to not instantly cum in his pants at what you just said. How many times has he fantasized about this? Hoped you’d beg him for anything in that same exact voice, dreamed of you kissing and sucking on his skin like you currently were. Jungkook isn’t sure any amount of mental preparation would be enough for this. 
“Say that again please.”
You giggle, finger pushing back a strand of his hair as it falls over his face, tucking it behind his ear. The normal doe eyed look you were accustomed to is nowhere to be found, pupils blown out in lust as he stares at you. Being on the receiving end of this stare fills your stomach with butterflies, the flapping of their wings intensifying as he nudges his nose into yours. 
“I want you.” It’s breathless, spoken so softly through the background noise like a personal secret just for him. Jungkook doesn’t think he’ll ever grow tired of hearing you say it, that much is proven true when you repeat it in between kisses, trailing back up his neck in the same path you had taken until you're speaking the words directly against his lips. He swallows them down greedily, groaning into your mouth when his tongue tangles with yours once more. 
“Fuck, you can have me baby.” He chuckles against your mouth when you start to tug at his shirt, yanking the thin material until he has to pull back and slip the tee off himself. The balled fabric gets tossed aside without a care, dark swirls of ink on his arm fully revealed now, each tattoo reminding you of how long you’ve known him, remembering the two pieces that he had when you first met. When he leans back over you, taking his time trailing kisses down your neck, onto your chest until his own hands are slowly tugging your shirt off of you, you decide there’s other things to focus on besides his glorious tattoos.
“Ah, Jungkook,” you sigh, fingers tangling into his hair when he kisses the swells of your breast, warm tongue sliding over your nipple before his lips are wrapping around it. His large palm gropes the other, thumb flicking over the pebbled bud, smirking when you push your chest further out for him.
“What baby?” He pulls back to blow a gust of cool air on your nipple, the wetness of his saliva making your skin break out into goosebumps. 
“No teasing.”
Jungkook’s laughing now, eyes peering up at you through his lashes. “Oh, you think I’m not gonna tease you after what you did?” He tsks in disapproval as he continues to kiss down your torso, letting his hands trail down your sides, not stopping until he reaches the hem of your shorts. A kiss is placed above your navel as he pulls the shorts down your legs, toying with the waistband of your black underwear. “I’m gonna take my time with you.”
The build up before pleasure will always be your favorite part. The way his hands grip your thighs after tugging your underwear off, fingertips trailing up until his palm is pressing them further apart. It’s impossible to look at him now, the visual of his long hair framing his face as he starts to press wet kisses on your skin is too much to handle. You can feel the warm huff of air when he laughs as your head drops back onto the pillow once more, eyes slipping shut while you wait with anticipation. 
Jungkook wants to comment over how wet you are already, boost his own ego about being able to rile you up with just kissing, but he can see the way you’re already on edge, and he decides he can tease you some more later with what he has in store. Instead, he gives you what you’re mentally pleading him for. Finally pressing his soft lips to your folds, the short gasp you release as his tongue glides up before gently flicking across your clit has him shutting his own eyes, reveling in the way you react to his touch. 
His long fingers spread out your folds before he’s messily spitting onto them, watching the way the glob of saliva trickles down before he’s diving in, falling into the perfect pace with ease. It has your hips rutting up instantly, your hand uncurling its grip from your sheets to travel down your body and find its place tangled in his hair. Jungkook groans against your clit when your fingers grip tightly, yanking the dark strands as the prettiest moan flows out of you. 
“J-just like that, fuck,” you whimper, finally lifting your head up to stare down at him when he latches his lips around your clit and sucks. It sends a spark down your spine, stomach tensing at his rhythm, fully intent to have you fall apart. 
Jungkook wants to push you over the edge, knows he’s talented enough to get you there in record time—he was cocky in the best way—and the way your thighs tremble as he slowly sinks his finger into you proves his point. The slick coating your entrance allows a second finger to slip through with little resistance, a shuddering breath filling the air as he begins to spread his fingers apart, stretching you out in the most delicious way. 
It’s not until his fingers curl up, rubbing along the sweet patch inside of you and you moan out his name, that he realizes he has you right where he wants you. He can’t get himself to look up at you, to see the way your jaw drops as you plead for more. Jungkook knows if his eyes lock with yours too soon he’ll be too weak to be as cruel as he wants to be. 
The pleasure blooms inside you, hips rolling up into his in a way he welcomes, smirk spreading onto his lips when your moans get breathier. He eats you out with determination set in his brows, not satisfied until you’re tightening around his fingers, thighs threatening to close in on either side of his head. The messy way he slurps against you sends you reeling, rutting up into him with need, the wet thump of his fingers blending in with your moans of his name. 
“God, Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” He believes you, eyes finally opening up to stare at you. The visual is enough to make his cock throb in his pants, your glassy eyed stare locked onto his, chest rising and falling in time with each choked breath. When he playfully winks at you, your walls pulse around him, seconds away from being pushed over the edge, and that’s when he pulls away. 
The warm glow of your orgasm approaching, just about to crest, gets ripped away from you instantly. It makes you gasp, thighs twitching as your hips attempt to push up back towards his mouth, but he’s having none of that. His shiny lips smile up at you innocently, head tilted to slowly kiss your trembling thighs, chuckling at the small cry of frustration you let out. 
“You taste good baby,” he hums, smooching the skin at the juncture of your thighs, circling around your clit without relieving the pressure you felt. The dull ache has your fingers releasing his hair in defeat, a frown etched onto your lips. 
“Jungkook, that’s mean,” you pant, sitting up and resting on your elbows to properly stare at him. 
“A little, but you deserved it don’t you think?” Jungkook didn’t want to tease you too much, he just wanted to get even for the past two weeks. “You could have had me between your thighs every single night if you would’ve said something soon, so I think you can be patient.”
A firm kiss is pressed to your swollen clit and it makes your whole body shudder, your head dropping back as you take a deep breath to control yourself. “I can’t be patient Kook,” you whine, head leveling back out to give him the most convincing stare you can muster. There's that crease between your brows that he likes when you pinch them together, hands gently raking through his hair, teeth pillowing out your lower lip as you bite down onto it. 
“Please, you can torture me later if you want but not now.” Your words have him cocking up his brow, hands once again gripping the meat of your thighs before he crawls back up your body. The feeling of his chain dragging up your skin has you shivering, breath catching in your throat when he hovers inches above you once more. 
“I’ll hold you to that,” he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth before his hand slips between your thighs again. A groan reaches his ears as his fingers circle your clit, covered in your arousal and his saliva, gliding with ease as he works you back to your ruined orgasm. 
His lips find yours, swallowing down the moan you let out when he quickens his pace. You can taste yourself on his tongue, tangling with yours with more urgency than before, messy and desperate in a way that had more arousal gushing out of you. The earlier pleasure reignites inside you, your hands sliding around his neck to keep him close, kissing him with fervor, quiet moans and whimpers slipping past between each smack of your lips. 
“Jungkook,” you barely manage to squeal, a few more flicks needed to finally push you over the edge. Your lips are slick with spit as you pull back, jaw slack as you lose yourself in the feeling, and Jungkook easily bookmarks this into his brain to go back to and daydream of whenever he’s bored at work. Your eyes are squeezed shut as the feeling flows through you, not able to see how Jungkook stares at you in awe. 
“Holy shit,” he whispers, slowly pulling his hand away when you keen at the sensitivity, thighs twitching on the sheets as the pleasure rolls through you in waves. You’re looking up just in time to see him slip his messy fingers into his mouth, tongue licking them clean and savoring the taste of you. Just as he slides them back out, your fingers wrap around his wrist and lead them directly into your mouth, sinking onto them with your eyes locked on his own. 
Jungkook’s cock jumps in its confines when you suck, tip of your tongue circling his fingertips before popping them back out with a smirk. There’s a brief moment of shock on his features before he’s jumping into action, quickly unbuttoning his jeans in haste that left you giggling on your sheets. 
“What happened to patience?” you tease, laughing harder when he pauses with one foot stuck in the hole of his jeans, a playful glare thrown your way. 
“Oh, now you want patience?” He kicks his pants the rest of the way off, slowly shuffling towards you as he stands beside the bed in just his boxers. Your hands make grabby motions for him, reaching for the waistband of his underwear to tug them down, licking your lips over as his cock springs out. It bobs in the air for a second, thick and heavy, precum collecting at the tip with the prettiest veins on the underside of it. Of course Jungkook and his pretty privilege would have a dick worthy of leaving you speechless. 
Jungkook allows you to ogle at him, confidently wrapping his palm around the base of his cock, hissing slightly at the sensation as he looks down at it, allowing spit to accumulate behind his lips before a string of it escapes and lands right onto his length to help the glide of his palm. Your eyes widen at the sight, hand replacing his as he guides your motions, giving an experimental squeeze and enjoying how his abs tense up. 
“I’ve been patient for a long time Y/N. You said you want me right?” You’re nodding instantly, eyes looking away from his shiny length to stare up at him. “How do you want me?”
“Jungkook, just get over here.” He doesn’t resist when you let go of his cock, hands gripping his arm to yank him back onto the bed in a clumsy heap. His legs are a tangled mess, nearly ramming his forehead with yours from the force, shared laughter filling the air as you situate yourself. Jungkook had pictured this a thousand times and this is exactly how he imagined it, full of soft kisses, hushed laughter and goofy smiles, playfulness mixed in with lust all coming together perfectly to make the two of you. 
As he settles between your thighs, your sodden folds inches from his length, you can see the look on his face as his eyes glance in between both of your nightstands. Already knowing the question that was about to spill out, you beat him to the punch. “You don’t need one, if you don’t want to. I’m on birth control, and haven’t been with anyone since…” you trail off, not needing to specify.
Jungkook tries not to look too excited, really, but it’s hard. Every one of his lewd fantasies had involved being able to feel you entirely, and if your thoughts from that night were anything to go by, you definitely want the same. It takes him a second to speak, having to swallow properly to prevent himself from choking on his saliva and embarrassing himself in front of you. “I’m clean, I promise.”
“I trust you,” you smile, biting down onto your bottom lip as he fists his cock, slowly leading it to your dripping center. His free hand rests on your inner thigh, softly palming the skin as the head of his cock nudges against your entrance, pushing past the tight ring of muscles and into your heat. With his gaze locked down to where you connect, he sees inch by inch sink into you, finally bottoming out with a shared gasp.
Jungkook leans over you properly now, hand sliding up to lace with yours as the other rests beside your head, just taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of your velvety walls wrapped tightly around his cock. You welcome the stretch, the curve of his length inside you, how he cages you in with his body, eyes full of want staring directly at you, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze because he knows he can’t properly form a sentence right now. 
“Fuck me, please.” With his hips pressed flush against yours, he’s slowly inching back, letting you get used to his size with each thrust. It doesn’t take long before he’s rearing back entirely, thrusting forward with a wet squelch, corner of his lips curling up into a smirk when you moan out his name. Your hand curls around his shoulder, fingers digging into his back to keep yourself steady from the force of his hips. 
Each time the head of his cock would nudge against your bundle of nerves, your nails would sink into his skin, leaving half moon indents that left him groaning in pleasure. Jungkook hadn’t outright told you, but it had become increasingly obvious that he has a slight kink for pain, practically mewling above you as you scratch his back, fucking you with more determination than before. 
“You feel so good,” he rasps, slotting his lips with yours in a messy kiss. The back of your headboard starts to rattle against the wall, bouncing back in time with his hips, and it brings you back to the filthy thoughts you had before. How often you’d hear the same sounds on the opposite side, mixing in with the sharpness of skin connecting together, and you want it. So badly.
“J-jungkook,” you breathe out, letting him pepper more kisses onto you, hips never slowing down. “Can you do something for me?” The tone you use, coated in sugar so sweet he couldn’t say no even if he wanted to.
It’s hard to concentrate on anything else while his cock continues to fuck into you, turning your mind into mush each time he sunk all the way in. He can see the way you try to focus, eyes falling shut with the cutest pout on your kiss swollen lips, finally grabbing onto the reigns of your mind as you spit it out. “Wanna feel you—fuck—spank me, please.”
Only then do his hips slow down, cock throbbing inside of you, fighting the urge to cum before fulfilling your request. The only confirmation that he was agreeing, wholeheartedly, comes when he pulls out of you, moving too quickly for you to protest at the loss of contact. The room spins for a second as his hands grip onto your hips and flip you over with ease, palms gripping the globes of your ass and softly patting them with a chuckle.
“Of course baby,” he murmurs, hooking his arm underneath your stomach to haul you up onto your knees, allowing you to steady yourself before he’s sliding into you once again. The change in position has you keening, his cock sinking deeper than before, the wetness dripping out of you helping him maintain the earlier pace he had. Your hands fist the sheets beneath you, back arching in ecstasy as he hits your g-spot with precision, a tiny shriek of his name making him smile.
Jungkook keeps you on edge, strong hands gripping the skin of your hips tightly, mouth dropping open while he pants at the way you pulse around his cock, leaving it coated in your slick. His hand slides down to your ass, a gentle touch being your only warning before he’s pulling his hand back and delivering a swift slap to your skin. Your reaction is immediate, an unrestrained moan sounding like music to his ears. The sharp sting spreads directly to your core, your head bowing forward as you mentally beg him for more, your wish being granted seconds later when he repeats it on the other side.
If the wet sounds of his cock fucking you weren’t filthy enough, the added slap of his palm across your ass definitely topped it off. Jungkook had never seen you so needy, thighs coated in your arousal, gushing around him each time he spanked you until you were creaming his cock. The greedy way your walls suck him in, wanting him closer, deeper than ever, left him mesmerized. 
His hand soothes the dull throb on your skin, a trembling breath reaching his ears as he leans over your back, lips kissing up your spine up until reaching your shoulder. Hot pants of breath hit your skin, making you shiver as his lips trail along the edge of your ear. “Feel good?”
“Y-yes,” you mewl, voice trembling from the pleasure, rutting your hips in time with his. 
Jungkook’s way of love was a breath of fresh air for you, rough enough to exhilarate you, the force of his hips leaving you scrambling for purchase to prevent you from face planting onto the sheets, gripping onto your hair and tugging it back with enough force to make your body tingle. But it was intertwined with adoration, sweet praise whispered into your ear, lacing his fingers with yours to let you feel secure.
“You’re never getting rid of me baby,” he groans out. The low rasp in his voice makes you tremble, neck straining from his grip in your hair but the burn feels too good to pull away. His small confession has your heart skipping, eyes slipping shut to bask in the overwhelming feeling surrounding you.
“Good,” you manage to pant, “would never dream of it.” After four years of friendship, the beginning stages of getting to know each other, figuring out the right ways to flow with your different personalities, it's all out of the way now, so it’s incredibly easy for you to picture a steady future with him. The breakfast gossiping, shameless club outings, chaotic game nights with snacks thrown at each other, you want everything you already have with him and more. What you have, so rooted in sincerity, built off mutual respect for each other, blossoming into love so pure, you can’t imagine having this with anyone else.
“Y/N,” he gasps, the pulsing of your walls bringing him closer to his climax. “I’m close.”
You can only hum in agreement, burying your face into your pillow when he releases the grip he has in your hair, nipples rubbing against the sheets in time with his thrusts, the sensitivity sending sparks throughout you. Both his hands grip your hips again, dimpling the skin as he quickens his pace, the tantalizing roll of his hips intent to send you over before him. His eyes trail over the curve of your back, how you arch it further to feel more of him, sliding down to your ass, seeing the way it bounces back with each snap of his hips, how you weakly rut back onto him, pussy clamping around his length as your orgasm approached. 
Jungkook slides his hand around you, trailing across your tummy before slipping between your thighs to the spot you needed him most. Even with your face buried in the sheets, the moan you let out is loud enough for Jungkook to hear perfectly, body shuddering as he flicks across your clit in tight circles.  
“Kook, I’m cumming—fuck,” you shout out, white heat enveloping your body as you get sent over the edge. Your mind blanks for a minute, the intensity of your orgasm crashing over you so suddenly, making your limbs tense up while every nerve ending lights up. The only thing you can think of is him, chanting out your name while you pulse around him, sweet words coaxing you through your high, thumb rubbing along the skin of your hips as he never slows his pace. 
As he fucks you through it, groaning out at how tight your walls are around him, you have to turn your head to gasp in a breath, face feeling hot from it all. You can feel how sweaty your skin has become, the back of your neck feeling sticky as your turn to get a glimpse of him, body still shuddering from the aftershocks. 
Jungkook doesn’t have a care for his own volume now, moaning unabashedly as he pistons his hips into you with less grace than before. The soft mewls of overstimulation you let out just bring him closer to his release, thrusts getting sloppier as the pleasure takes over him. 
“Fuck, baby-” he grunts out, mouth dropping open as he moans even louder, finally falling apart. He pushes further into you, head falling forward as his hips press flushed against your ass, warm spurts of his cum filling you up in a way that fulfills your dirtiest fantasies. A few more shallow thrusts has the two of you gasping, hearts pounding in your chests, coming down slowly as he finally stills.
A serene silence falls over you, the movie long turned off in the background, only the low glow of the television letting you know it was still on. With great hesitation, Jungkook finally pulls out of you, gulping when he sees the thick globs of cum spill from your core, dripping down your thighs before landing on the sheets in a sinful mess. Your sheets are well and truly ruined, Jungkook would honestly suggest tossing them in the trash judging by the damp spot directly beneath you.
With a small groan, you’re flopping fully onto your stomach, thighs no longer able to keep yourself up, the exhaustion creeping up on you. Jungkook chuckles when he hears you, soothing your back with a gentle massage. “You’re not sleeping in here babe.”
“Why not,” you slur, cheek pressed against your pillow, eyes already shut. All you wanted to do was lay here, preferably with his arms wrapped around you, but Jungkook clearly has other plans. 
“Because it’s disgusting,” he laughs, giving you a few more seconds of rest before he’s moving around. The dip in the bed lets you know he’s gotten off, one eye peeking open to search for him, seeing him gathering his belongings from the floor.
“Where are you going?”
He shimmies back into his clothes with a grimace, gathering your own items before approaching you once more. “We are going next door and sleeping in my totally clean bed, c’mon.”
You only put up a fight for a second, secretly enjoying the way he helps you get dressed in your earlier clothes, heart swelling in your chest at how domestic it all feels. The mess in your room would have to be dealt with another day, the only important item being the ice cream that finds its way back into the freezer as you both head out of your apartment and swiftly enter his next door.
He’s just as delicate and careful in the shower, taking turns cleaning each other, large hands gripping your ass and giggling like a child when you wince at the small throb of pain you feel. Soft kisses are shared under the showerhead, warm water soothing your body as the room fogs up, sweet confessions scribbled on the glass in his messy writing, topped off with a heart. Jungkook stops you before you can wipe it away, shyly telling you that he’d like to see it reappear the next time he showers.
His bedroom was one you weren’t too familiar with, used to lounging in his living room the most, so as he settles into his bed after getting cozy in his pajamas, you wait for him to call you over before joining him. The coolness of his sheets has you sighing, snuggling into his side with a smile on your lips, one that Jungkook sees as he stares down at you before pressing a kiss to your forehead. Seeing you draped in his clothes, cuddled up beside him in a way you’ve never done before, makes him feel like a giddy teenager. 
“Can I be honest?” he wonders, arm wrapping around you to pull you even closer to him. When you hum in confirmation, he laughs sheepishly. “I thought you were going to friendship dump me today.”
“What, why?”
Your head bobs up as he shrugs his shoulders. “The way you were acting reminded me of the last time you told me you wanted to focus on your relationship. I was just scared I was going to lose you again.”
The tone he uses makes your heart ache, the same guilt you felt these past few days coming back when you put yourself in his shoes. You had no idea that the way you were acting would affect him this way, never once imagining that he thought you would cut off this friendship while you were just coming to terms with the fact that you harbored strong feelings for him. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry,” you sigh, palm resting on his chest, feeling each beat of his heart, no longer racing like before, confident and steady in it’s pace because he knows you’re not going anywhere. “I’m stupid, and freaked out after what I did, and just needed to gather my thoughts before saying anything.”
He cranes his head away from you, a confused look on his face. “After what you did? What did you do?”
“Uhm,” you start with a strained laugh, refusing to look up at him out of embarrassment, but the truth has to come out so you power through it.  “So, the night of the date, I sort of got home earlier than I told you I did.”
His eyes narrow at you, refusing to give anything away before he knew where this was going. “Okay, go on.”
“And I sort of heard you through the walls.” You look up at him now, your guilty stare spelling it out for him. His eyes widen before he can conceal his surprise, cheeks warming up instantly because oh boy, he knew exactly where this was going. “And then, I sort of...joined.”
“You lied to me!” he shouts, shocked smile on his face as he recalls the way you had replied to his texts, telling him you had just gotten home and going the extra mile to say you were in a totally different room when in reality, you were sprawled out in your bed after just getting off to the sound of him.
Filthy. And also kind of hot. Jungkook was definitely into that, something he’ll totally proposition you into doing again because why not.  
“I know! I couldn’t help it, it was so hot, and I felt so guilty. But, you’re technically the reason why my orgasm gave me my epiphany and let me realize I really do like you. So, I think I did us both a favor by being a dirty liar.” He’s laughing instantly, fingers gripping your cheeks to turn your head up, planting a firm kiss onto your lips obnoxiously.
“Alright, you’re forgiven. Plus, consider us even because I have definitely heard you getting off on your own plenty of times too.” A squeal of surprise fills the air as you swat at his chest, burying your face into his shirt and feeling the rumble of his laughter. It really wasn’t ever intentional. The walls are thin, you weren’t exactly quiet, and he couldn’t just lay there and ignore it. So call him an opportunist, or a pervert, because you were one too. 
Jungkook is cheeky though, knowing how to get under your skin in the best way, and you can already tell you’re in for a ride when he gets close to your ear and whispers, “You wanna show me how you did it?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you snort, peering up at him with mischief in your eyes.
“You did say I could torture you later.” He smiles innocently, fingers pinching your chin as he kisses you again. “It’s later.”
The sweet laughter that escapes you makes his heart skip a beat, still not able to come to terms that this was happening and wasn’t some dream of his that he’d wake up from. He kisses the tops of your cheeks first, then your nose, before reaching your lips, his hand gently caressing your skin. Jungkook had no intention of torturing you tonight, knowing how tired you typically were after work on a normal day, and after drawing two orgasms out of you that left you shaking, he knows how close you are to sleep with the way your eyes droop. 
“Aren’t you glad you didn’t give up on crushes and love?” he mumbles against your lips, inching back to stare down at you. 
“I’m glad I stopped looking for it in the wrong places.” Your hands wrap around his neck, toying with his hair before pulling him back to you, reattaching your lips because you just couldn’t seem to get enough of him. 
Every single moment you shared, from moving in and awkwardly trying to get to know each other, the ups and downs of failed relationships, the push that started it all at the club, and every almost moment in between brought you full circle to right now. There probably won’t be a moment where you don’t wish you had done this sooner, worked past your worry of ruining a good friendship in fear of what could happen, but the past helped mold you into who you are, strengthening your relationship to be the way it is now.
Right now had you thinking of the future, and there was nothing more exciting than that.
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nix-writes-mcyt · 4 months
hai! im here to request a romantic scar x reader please but im doing this anonymously as my friends will have a laugh at me lol :) thanks for the time c:
I got you Anon We're out here adding another part to the Dating Headcanon series because it's been a while.
This is Fic 99. My 99th MCYT fic. Which means next week is 100. But don't let the excitement for that dampen your enjoyment for this one as this was super fun too!
Dating Scar Headcanons
Contains: Fluff. Pure fluff.
Dating Scar would include:
Scar completely adores you He always has
You adore him too You're dating him after all
His eye for detail is what caught your attention
Something he realised and has played with over time
Scar loves to bring you gifts Always with those little details you love oh so much
From a bouquet of flowers, meticulously placed To a hand crafted card Even that time Scar went behind your back to finish the interior of your house
Which you still have to this very day
Scar always pays attention to the things you say Which, given how easily distracted he is, is a miracle
It's a testament to how much he loves you really
And "a lot" would be an understatement
So much in fact he often finds himself surprised with just how much he loves you
Especially when you use it to your advantage
Nothing cheers you up quite like seeing Scar stumble over his words in a conversation with someone else because you blew him a kiss from a distance
Watching him try and pull it together making business deals after finding a love note you left in his pocket
Scar really is head over heels for you He always has been
The fact it hasn't changed at all is certainly something
With the blush that affects his whole body you'd think he'd never received a compliment before
To be fair, you're not much better
You melt into his touch every time without fault
His words of affirmation when it comes to how he feels towards you will consume your thoughts for hours, sometimes days
You keep all the little handcrafted things he's made you, all the sketches
You even keep the sketches of you that he gives you. Although you know he has way more than that
Scar loves to draw you. He often doesn't tell you that's what he's doing, but you know he is
He's not very subtle with it Sometimes you wonder if he's forgotten about the pencil and paper as you find him just gawking at you
He'll clear his throat, look away, look down And continue drawing like it never happened
You can't really complain You'd do the same
Sometimes you do You're just better at hiding it.
You admire his beauty as he does yours
It's a mutual feeling
Just like your love for one another
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luckyqueenreign · 15 days
Suresh Route Episode Summary: 40
UGH SO BITTERSWEET....Lets get into it.
OMG WE FINALLY GET TO CHOOSE OUR MAN...and he says hes going to keep every promise he made to us in here 😭😭 (he betta!!) Also he kisses us FINALLY!
Finn looks at you dejected and Im just like...hmm if only you had told Kat you wanted me 🙃
Alfie says he wont get in the way of your happiness...SIR WHAT??? how would you get in the way? I dont like you. and he and finn pull a fake mafia card and say Suresh needs to treat MC right or he'll have to answer to them...lol ok guys. Suresh agrees but im glad MC said she can look after herself (the one good thing FB did all game)
Finn's up next...and his speech is completely catered to Kat "She's had me wrapped up in her since day one." GAG. He couples with Kat. You forgot to mention the shower bits you tried to coerce me into like one night ago?
Alfie's last...and he chooses Dana. He says she's been a friend and he wants to see if they could be more.
I CANT BELIEVE THEY SENT LULU HOME...😭😭😭 so literally everyone in the final is an OG. That's lowkey kind of lame. Her exit isnt as long as Meera's many exits and im glad for that but Lulu deserved better.
LMAO Alfie said all the OGs made it to the final and MC said aren't you forgetting someone and I was like NO MC we aren't and Dana was like EDDIE...JFC already forgot about him 💀💀
SURESH ASKS FOR A LITTLE US TIME....YES BB!!!! He guides you over to the pool. suresh asks for a kiss...LETS GO!
GUYS WE WON A NIGHT IN THE HIDEAWAY!!! SCREAMING!! THEY ARE FEEDING US THIS EPISODE. Dana pulls MC away but this is the FIRST time it makes sense...to get her ready to go for hideaway. Kat says this is a fresh start for you and Suresh and a chance to reinvent your old relationship. they dress you up in lingerie. And BOTH kat and dana are gushing about how you and Suresh are a proper couple and how happy they are. (feels weird tbh)
Obvi Suresh loves the outfit "his jaw practically hit the floor" Suresh is nervous 🥹 and says MC has him wrapped around her finger. OH then you get an option of what to do...Foot rub, spoon, full body massage, he doesnt need to do anything, or show suresh you can take control. lets see if Nicolas' advice pays off here (im choosing take control) He says its so hot when you take control and you get a bunch of heart emojis...ok nic! Then you get an option to go all the way. It's def not s2 level bits but it was better than Finns shower bits. Cuddle in the morning and Suresh is being cute again
Final dates...the girls are getting ready and they dress you in an ice skating outfit 🙄 and yes I did buy it 🙃 They ask you what type of date you want and based on this that's the date you get in the next scene.. they ask what you think your future will be like with Suresh and my MC said theyre in for the long haul. but this whole exchange is lasting too long...get me on final dates asap
I chose romantic date so Suresh and I got a cabana on the beach with a table laid out for a romantic dinner. (NO BOAT OF DOOM DATE - im thinking thats the adventurous one but will confirm later) Suresh says he'll give you anything and MC is going ham with suggestions on what she wants...a romantic trip around the world, a spa day, shopping (GET IT GIRL!) he asks if you see yourself being in a real couple with him on the outside. I said I do of course. He moves closer to MC and gets super melty talking about how much MC means to him and says she does strange things to him likeeee.....he pulls out the engagement ring. MC is shocked you brought it with you?! Suresh offers it to MC and says its not a marriage proposal but a symbol of exclusivity 🥰🥰🥰 WHEW I got scared there for a second lol. I wouldve said yes obviously but much too soon for a proposal
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wonsheep · 1 year
enhypen (hyung line) and them asking for affection when you're not paying attention to them !%
genre: non-idol!au, fluff <33
pairing: enha hyung line x gn! reader
warnings: none! uhh, there isn't really in-depth (LOL) kissing bc i don't know how well i can write kissing yet
word count: 2.8k (damb)
a/n: hello this is me daydreaming abt clingy (kinda) enha idk what this is but i enjoyed writing it, hope you enjoy reading it hihi (i'll do the maknaes too, i just put my whole chest into this rn and im impatient and tired)
Tumblr media
when you were busy with something other than him
doing some schoolwork/work at your desk
and he'd been sitting in the living room, sprawled on the couch
messing around on his phone
and he'd seen a couple's post
or even just something that reminded him of you
he'd been like 😶😯😧🙁 "i miss y/n"
and heeseung just abandons his lazy chilling session to go find you
he's about to burst into your room when he thinks "WAITTTT what if theyre sleeping"
so he slows and quiets down
but when he looks around he kind of deflates
bc if you'd been sleeping, he could have easily cuddled up to you and slept happily
but you were doing something important
so he kinda had a dilemma (😛) whether to interrupt that or not
he decided that you've been working for a while, so it's about time for a break
so heeseung thought what better way to spend your break from work than loving on your cute handsome amazing boyfriend amiright? 😳
he padded into your room happily
"hi, baby!!!!!!" he greeted you excitedly bc he missed you
but you kept staring at papers filled with Lots of long words
he got dizzy just glancing at them
and you just gave a lil half-assed response, without looking away from The Papers
"hi, seung..."
and he was like 😄😃😐😕
but you looked serious, so he didn't take it to heart
now he made it his task to make you have a break
he walked up to your chair and rested his arms on it's arms, kinda caging you in
he leaned next to you and into your face
"hellooooo, please take a break and gimme a hug thank you"
he'd stare at you with those huge sparkling eyes of his
and omg heeseung, this proximity 😳
"please?" he pleaded, pouting when he saw you looking back and forth between his face and your papers
and ofc you gave in
"you're right, i've been working for a while" you smiled at him and it seemed as if a light has been switched on, he lit up soooo quick
he started grinning
he grabbed your hands and pulled you up and away from your chair and into your bed
he just fell onto your sheets and pulled you on top of him, which ouch???? might have hurt a lil
and yeah, he let out a kinda UFF sound
he let you get comfy by cuddling up to his chest
you listened to his quickened heartbeat and were unable to stop your smile from growing
"are you this excited to see me? it's been only like... a few hours"
"ONLY A FEW HOURS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? that's a few hours too long of us not cuddling"
he huffed, and pulled you a little closer by your waist
"now it's time for rest, so shhh and love me"
JAY !%
you and jay had agreed on you being the one preparing dinner for your anniversary
so obviously, you wanted jay to leave all the tasks to you
bc usually he's the one pampering you
so you felt like it's really time to pay his neverending kindess back
ofc by preparing an amazing, perfect date night for the two of you
"no, jay, i want this to be a special surprise, please don't peek"
"babe, we live together, how am i supposed to not see everything you do"
"i don't know.... uhhh,,,, don't come to the kitchen or the dining area until i tell you to..? please?"
jay was a little restless when you didn't let him help with cooking dinner, but after he eyed you for a little while and everything seemed to be going fine, he left the kitchen and decided to not bother you
he was fine for a pretty long time, but when he finished with yet another episode of one of the series he had been watching, he got kind of bored
when he was bored, he usually asked you if you wanted to hang out, cuddle , watch a movie or maybe even let him style you for the tomorrow, but you Weren't Available in the moment
he just sat on the couch (yes, hes sitting on the couch too, ok) and sighed to himself
he got bored of the series and social media wasn't interesting enough
he really wanted to resist finding out what kind of meal(s) you wanted to prepare, so he went into his room to try and spend time by playing some games on his nintendo
he caught some fish in acnh
fought some beasts in monster hunter rise
at a point, he even considered asking jake to play some fifa with him, but jay realised that there would be no way he'd be playing fifa with jake on your anniversary!!!!!
so he gave up resisiting
and put his most convincing apologetic-puppy-face and started making his way to the kitchen
he came at kind of the right time bc he saw you holding a baking pan that emitted steam, but you had nowhere to put it
out of habit, he wanted to walk up to you and help out, but halfway to you he closed his eyes bc you were holding the surprise meal!!!
he didnt want to ruin it
so he squeezed his eyes shut
"do you need help, baby?" he asked and you turned around to see him closing his eyes with all his might
even his nose srunched up, he looked adorable
and then you thought, seeing him come around,
maybe it would be more fun if this time around, jay was the one helping you out
he still wouldn't do the whole cooking process by himself, but he'd be able to take part
and preparing for you anniversary wasn't that fun alone
(you still wanted to decorate the dining table by yourself though, because you wanted to impress jay with your aesthetic decorating abilities)
"yes, please come here"
"can i open my eyes?" he asked, just to make sure
"sure. cooking isn't that fun without you :("
he grinned, and strode over
mr. long legs didnt have to run to be next to you in three seconds
he helped you by putting away a few ingredients and used containers to make space for the baking pan on one of the counters
you put the pan down and were about to turn around to fill jay in with the meal plan you had going, but you were caught in a backhug
he nuzzled his head into yours and circled his arms around your middle
neither of you could help the satisfied grin that came across your faces
you still had the oven mittens on, so you turned around to hold jay's cheeks in your warm mitten-covered hands
his eyes held a special adoration for you when he noticed how hard you were working for this special event, and he was vv moved that you tried to do everything alone
"i feel bad that you've done so much without me helping you with anything" he pouted again
"aww, jay, i was the one who insisted on doing stuff alone." you rubbed your noses together. contrary to your warmed up nose, his was a little cold.
"you always do everything i could ask for me, it's only natural that i want to pay you back for your efforts, so it's okay. you can be my helper though if you'd like to. i miss you in the kitchen."
"i miss you tooo!! i'll gladly be of help any way i can."
"alright, now let's get this dinner done."
there were a few kisses and loving gazes exchanged, but you split up a little and continued the work
ofc, you only gave jay some minimal tasks, but he still kept you company, so both of you were satisfied.
and that's how you and jay had an amazing and romantic anniversary dinner <33
you went over to jake's to officially meet layla
weirdly enough, you met jake's parents before you met layla
because layla lived with jake's family in australia and when his parents came to visit, they didn't bring layla with them the first few times
but jake got tired of the long-distance relationship with his lovely puppy
so he asked his parents to bring layla and let him take care of her in his own apartment
they agreed, because they knew how much jake missed his baby (his other baby aside from you)
you couldn't wait for the day layla came to the country
you've seen tons of photos and videos of her and found her an angel by what jake has told and shown you
it was only natural that you and layle were preoccupied with each other when you two first met
you entered jake's apartment and a glowing ball of fur greeted you curiously
at first, she was a little wary, and went up to sniff you
jake made sure you smelled like him "to make layla more comfy", but really, he just wanted to cuddle you before heading over to his (he even made you wear one of his favorite hoodies - not like you minded it or anything, you loved his clothes)
then layla started happily wagging her tail and even licked your hand once or twice
"see, layla, they are your other parent, we are a complete family now"
you flushed a little at jake's words
him and you being parents together 😳
to layla, but still, the idea made you 🥰🥰🥰
it was adorable, made your heart do a little boom-boom
you and the pup instatly clicked, layla sensed comfort in you and wouldn't stop draping herself all over your lap, switching back and forth between bringing you her favorite toys and just asking for pets
jake's heart sung when he saw how layla accepted you and how much fun you had with her
after he called layla's attention so that you could both play with her, layla brought her toy once to jake, then kept wanting to play with you
jake faked being hurt
he clutched at his chest where his heart was and cried out "my child, how could you betray me"
layla didn't really mind jake giving his best at acting hurt, she was focused on pulling a rope with you
"some children like their other parents more, that's just how it is" you teased with a smile
"this is unfair"
some time passed and you wanted to take a break from goofing around
even layla was laying down between you and jake, panting a little heavily
"jakey" you called out
"yes, my one and only love?"
"would you like to watch something?" you didn't show it, but you kind of overheated from jake using his sappy names on you, but you liked it
"yeah, i'm down!"
you and jake were getting ready to cuddle up in front of the couch, on the fluffy rug jake had on the floor, when layla decided to butt in between you two
jake was a little taken aback, but he thought he didn't mind not being glued to your hip for a little while
you two still held hands, so it wasn't like layla prevented you two from having skinship
there was just one little problem
halfway through the show you had chosen, layla, instead of getting drowsy like you and jake, thought she was in need of some pets
you started losing focus on the movie, because layla nosed your hand
so you started petting her, and you even let go of jake's hand to help layla into your lap
jake saw how you weren't paying attention but this was vincenzo!! and he wanted to show you one of his fav scenes ;-(
so he kept peeking at you to see if you're going to watch the show again
but you kept squishing layla in your hands (she enjoyed it dw)
so he leaned his head on you shoulder and whined a little in your ear
"baby, look, this is one of the most fun scenes"
you glanced up, but didn't really react
so jake got a little bit upset, because you paid layla more attention than him
he stopped the show and started frowning at you
"what's the matter?" you looked up, when you didn't hear the sounds of the tv anymore
"love me toooooo, layla's been hogging your attention all day :( "
"jakey baby, i just met her today, that's why i'm all over her" you smiled at your boyfriend. he was cute when he was needy like this.
"but still,,, i'm layla's father, i deserve just as much pets and cuddles as she does!"
"alright, alright, c'mere" you repositioned layla, so that she was next to you and patted your thighs.
jake happily accepted the invitation to lay in your lap, and grinned up at you
you started carding your fingers through his soft locks, and he sighed a little in relief
at his adorable face, you couldn't help but press a big smooch onto his cheek, which made him even giddier
"you could be layla's brother, you know. you resemble a puppy too."
"so i've been told." he hummed and reached for the remote to resume vincenzo.
"so..." you spoke up after a while " you into petting, huh?" you teased.
"shut up, i said that in the heat of the moment."
"the heat, you say..."
sunghoon isn't too big on pda usually
he just liked to keep intimate touches between you two
so both of you were content with "just" holding hands when walking in to the café you had your date at
you two decided to sit on the opposite sides of the table, beacuse you liked staring into each others eyes lovingly or what 😁
you liked seeing him blush when you said something corny
and he liked seeing the facial expressions you made when trying new cakes or beverages
you two were discussing what to try that day when a young waiter came to take your order
he looked a little flushed and stumbled over his words a few times
you giggled at his clumsiness, not because you made fun of him but because you found it endearing
sunghoon was glaring at the boy a little
he noticed your reaction to the waiter of course
and he wanted to make sure the boy knew sunghoon was your boyfriend for some reason 🙄
since sunghoon kind of gave the waiter the silent treatment, you were the one who engaged in conversation with him
"do you have any recommendations? we would like to try something new"
"oh, have you ordered our special spibling menu yet? it's very popular!" the waiter's blush was obvious as he smiled at you.
"special... sibling menu?" sunghoon muttered, rather baffled at the assumption.
"yes, you two look like a lovely pair of siblings!" the boy exclaimed, seemingly completely oblivious to the fact that you two were a pair, but not a sibling one 😫
"we're actually not related to each other that way" you quickly explained ", we're a couple."
sunghoon was a little more satisfied with your answer, but he was still a little grumpy at the waiter's obvious liking to you.
"oh.. excuse me" the boy cleared his throat " i would recommend you today's caramel latte and cake combo for sale. you can choose a cake of your choice"
you ended up ordering one of that and an iced americano for sunghoon
"you need to cool down, hoon. nothing happened."
sunghoon didn't waste any time plopping in the seat right next to you
"did you see that? he was literally looking at you with heart eyes." he muttered.
he lay his head on your shoulder with a frown, and kept staring at the boy.
he was a little hesitant, but gained confidence when he saw the waiter stealing a glance at you two again.
"it's okay, he knows we're together and i only want you."
at this, sunghoon's face heated up, and you could feel his warming cheeks on your neck
you started smiling and sunghoon finally looked at you
you brought up a hand to tuck a few strands of hair out of his eyes, then he gently held your hand in his and pressed a kiss on your finger
he conveyed his reply without words: "i only want you too."
he calmed down after he sat next to you and you reassured him
in the end, you were able to enjoy a peaceful café date (with sunghoon becoming a little more comfortable of showing skinship in public)
a/n: ik hoon's is shorter, but i'll make up for it next time 😫🙏
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selfcarecap · 9 months
I always get so cranky when Im on my period. And I was just imagining… what if Peter and you havent been dating for too long and you snap at him a few times because youre in pain. But he doesnt know ur on ur period and gets really sad and tries to apologize 🥺
God sorry this request has been in my inbox for SO long but I‘m on my period and I couldn‘t study bc pain. But I managed to write this instead lol
Your day started with a bed full of blood and a body full of pain.
You were in a bad mood before you even sat up and weren’t expecting to do anything other than lie down, eat and complain all day.
That’s until Peter showed up at your door. You completely forgot that he was supposed to come over today. At least he brought you food. And it would be a lie to say his presence didn’t at least cheer you up a little.
Now you’re lying in bed next to him, both on your phones and simply enjoying each other’s company. Or at least you’re supposed to be enjoying his company.
But how could you when Peter’s breathing is so fucking loud. And too fucking fast. Did no one teach him how to breathe properly?
You try to ignore it for a bit, turn up the volume on whatever video you’re watching on your phone.
But it feels like his breathing gets even louder at that.
You try to calm down but all you hear is his breathing. You slowly turn your head to look at Peter; you can feel the annoyance on your face.
His eyes meet yours and his expression turns into one of concern, his stupid puppy eyes making it look like he’s about to cry from your death stare directed at him alone.
He swallows—even louder than his breathing—not saying anything. Can’t he tell how loud he’s being?
“Peter,” you finally say and a quiet “Yes?” leaves his mouth.
“Could you stop breathing so fucking loudly? And fast. Take fucking deeper breaths.”
You don’t enjoy seeing his face fall even more, but you can’t deal with him right now, the pain all over your body is enough to deal with already. Peter can get a grip.
You look at your phone again, turning the volume up once more and you hear a small “Sorry” from beside you.
You don’t hear anything for a while- no words and no annoying breathing either. You also notice your pain subsiding. But just a little. If Peter said something annoying now, you couldn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t get violent.
You don’t pay attention to him as he leaves your room, apart from when your bed creaks a little when he gets up from it. You let out a breath of annoyance.
You put your phone down when Peter has been gone for a few minutes and walk to your window, opening it and breathing some fresh air.
The pain is still there, but it’s not bad enough to affect your whole mood. You’re glad your hormones have decided to calm down a little.
As you lie back down on your bed, going on your phone, Peter comes back with a plate full of some of the food he brought earlier. You forgot about that.
He stands in front of your bed and offers you some fruit and your favourite chocolate.
You put your phone down and take the plate, “Thank you.” He’s too high up for you to kiss his face, but you take his hand and press a kiss to it.
“Um I…”
You look up when you hear Peter’s voice and frown when you notice the sad expression on his face.
“Uhm, I-I wanted to say sorry,” he explains, fidgeting with his hands.
You pull your eyebrows together, “For what?”
“I uh. For breathing so loud.” It sounds more like a question but you can tell how bad he feels. You can’t help but let out an amused hum.
“Aw, come here,” you pull him to the bed and straddle him after putting the plate to the side.
“You don’t have to apologise,” you say. You press a kiss to his nose and his temple and his jaw and his neck, making him smile.
“I’m just.. My stomach hurts, my boobs hurt, it feels like blood is constantly gushing out of my vagina, my back hurts, my feet hurt. Spider-Man could have been sitting next to me and I probably would have been annoyed at him too.”
Peter’s breath hitches at the mention of Spider-Man, even more than when you said the word vagina. Does he have a crush on the superhero? You can’t wait to tease him about that sometime.
“Oh. So you’re on your period?” He asks, carefully wrapping his arms around you.
“Yes, and I’m in pain. I promise it’s nothing personal and I just wasn’t feeling well. But I’m a bit better now.”
“If there’s anything I can do to make you feel better, let me know.”
“I’m okay now. The food was very much needed though, so thank you.”
You reach for the plate again and start eating some of it, still on Peter’s lap.
You hold the fork up to his mouth every few bites, giving him some of the strawberries.
He takes a bite and you quickly push at his chin, closing his mouth before he starts chewing. Peter gives you a shy smile, remembering his habit of eating with his mouth open.
You feel better, but his chewing irritates you even during the time of the month when it doesn’t feel like you were shot in the uterus.
Finishing off the chocolate Peter got you—he only gets one piece—you hug your arms around his neck, kissing the side of his head. “Love you, Pete,” you say absentmindedly, but you realise Peter’s grip on your waist tightening.
You pull back, looking at his face, “Have I never said that?”
He shakes his head, and now his puppy eyes are adorable to you.
“Well, I do lov–”, “I love you too,” you both say at the same time and chuckle.
“I love you too,” Peter says again, gazing at you like you’re the only girl in the world.
You take his face into your hands and kiss him until your lips hurt.
With you still straddling him, Peter puts the plate on your nightstand so he can lie down on his back, you resting on top of him.
You have no idea how he knew you needed this, but a nap on top of Peter sounds like a dream right now.
You kiss his cheek one more time and get comfortable, your knees resting next to his waist, the rest of your weight fully dropped on him.
Peter’s warm fingers slowly run up and down your back and you feel him pull the blanket over you. This time his breathing is calm and deep—and most importantly quiet—and it lulls you into a much needed sleep.
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keichanz · 1 month
hey i'm still alive
uh so. how's it going. thought i'd give a little life update in case anyone was curious or interested >> tho probs not ;lajdfk;l
yeah i know i've been mia for like. a long time now, and tbh there's no particular reason why. i know i've lost some followers because i've been so inactive and haven't written anything in a long ass time. i do apologize for that. a lot has happened in the last few months and i guess i just wanted to give my friends and follows a brief little overview of what's been going on in my life and to prove that i am indeed still alive lol.
so most of you all know by now that i finally landed a good paying remote job yeah? and at first it was amazing. now? not so much. the schedule sucks ass, the management is balls, and the actual work sucks even more. i'm not happy there anymore so i'm currently looking for a new job. and im so desperate to get out of there i'm looking outside of remote jobs as well.
right now i'm waiting to hear back from an office technician job right here in my town that pays $27 an hour. TWENTY. SEVEN. guys that's $8 more than what i'm making right now ($19 an hour.) oh my GOD if i made that money i'd be able to finally move out of this god awful house with a flea problem that i CANNOT get rid of (my poor babies :( i've legit tried everything, even fucking professionally treated this house with orkin to get rid of them, had both of them get flea baths by a groomer and STILL i cannot get rid of the damn fleas. it's so fucking stressful y'all you cant even begin to imagine), finally get new tires for my truck, and live comfortably with extra spending money without having to worry about paying rent or buying groceries for the month. i'm PRAYING i get this job. even if it's not remote that pay would make it SO worth it.
anyway. moving on.
i've also gotten into a relationship with someone i was desperately in love with, then got my heart broken because he ended things. it hurt a lot. i got over it though, with the help of some pretty amazing friends, and one of my best friends. and right now, i'm currently dating that best friend lmao. so i'm in another relationship, and i'm very happy with him. our relationship began at the end of june, i believe. (i'll never forget the day he asked me to be his. y'all my hearT MELTED 😍😍)
it's a long distance relationship as tom lives in canada, but he did recently come to see me as evidenced by the photo above. i love this man y'all. he's amazing. there is one thing i'm kinda worried about with our relationship, but i won't get into that because thinking about it upsets me. but anyway he makes my very happy. ❤️
so that's pretty much what's been happening. i just haven't really been inspired/motivated to write at all lately, and i do apologize for that. it's just been a very overwhelming few months, with dealing with this damn house, ending a relationship and starting a new one, stress from a job that i'm really beginning to hate, trying to find a new one, and just a few other small things that aren't worth mentioning.
i do hope you all know that this doesn't mean i've abandoned writing or abandoned any of my stories. it's just been difficult to write anything lately but that doesn't mean i don't want to. i still love inuyasha. it's still my favorite anime. i still read fanfic (on occasion, when i have the time as i'm pretty much in a 24/7 discord call with tom except right now because he's at a dentist appt which is why im taking the time to write this -3-) and i still do think about my stories. hell, sometimes i even get an idea for a good oneshot and think to myself "shit i need to write that down" but then i forget about it and hate myself for the next 24 hours -_-
so yeah. that's what's been going on. i'm still around. i still get on here and reblog a few posts, mostly the ones i'm tagged in or some nice fanart. i do miss y'all and i hope my absence hasn't upset anyone or made them think i'm done with the inuyasha fandom. i'm most definitely not. it's just...sort of taking a backseat for now until i sort some things out in my life. definitely not preferable, but it is what it is, y'know.
my dear readers, followers, and friends, i love you all so much and i'm glad you've stuck around this long even though i haven't been around. you're the reason why i'm still here, why i want to someday get back to writing and giving you more content to enjoy and gush over. thank you for your patience with me and still giving love to my stories after all this time. i still get the occasional review for one of my stories, and trust me, i read every single one of them and they make my entire day. it's so nice knowing people are still reading my work and enjoying it. maybe it's selfish, but i hope you never stop, because reading those reviews gives me a huge boost when i'm feeling down on a particular day and it makes me feel like i haven't been forgotten, though by every right i should have been.
okay i've rambled long enough. in short, i just want to say thank you. you're all rockstars. i love you all. ❤️
until next time, my lovelies.
Tumblr media
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ayotamacheck · 19 days
Got me kicking my feet & blushing reading all of these fr. Can you pls do first kisses with Pablo, Rafael, Luke & Scott? (Or if that’s too many just pick your favs)
yess of course i can :) love all of these guys!! they are just so 😌💕💕💕
ty for the request!
you'd think this guy would be like. super suave about this, right. you'd think that this guy would be super cool and charming
and he is. you would be right.
he's literally so smooth about it! which is amazing because internally he is absolutely freaking out
the two of you are back at his place, hanging out in the little living room area. it's late, edging on the early hours of the morning, and the two of you are sitting together on the sofa listening to some music he just had to show you. it's not like the loud, rock anthems he loves to blast on the regular; this song is slow, soft. he tries not to let you see that he's blushing.
both of you are tired and it shows. you lean against his shoulder, and he can't help but look at you and feel amazed because he just can't help but admire just how beautiful you are in that moment
it feels natural to the both of you. there's barely even a need to ask–nothing more than a mumbled, "can i?" as you incline your head just a touch to meet his jaw.
it's easy, it's deep, it's genuine. your eyes flutter close and he cups your cheek with one hand, pulls you close.
maybe it goes to more, maybe it doesn't, but neither of you are sleeping much that night lol
he's blushing about it all the next day, though. he's so in love with you it's crazy
okay his is probably the most natural to be honest
it happens on an average day, just like any other. the two of you are lounging around his room just enjoying one another's company.
you're laying shoulder to shoulder on his bed, reading a book together. well, more like it's a book he absolutely loves detailing some of the greatest weaponsmiths of the generation and he's rattling on about it, flipping from page to page and pointing out incredible weapons he hopes to make someday while you listen and nod along.
it's late afternoon and the sunlight casts a golden glow into the room through an open window. it illuminates your features in a way that catches his attention enough for him to completely lose track of whatever he's reading to you mid-sentence. he doesn't even realize he's staring until you nudge him and ask if he's alright.
he just blurts out: "can i kiss you?"
and immediately his face goes bright red, because /why did i ask that oh no they're going to think im so weird/–
and you don't even answer. you just smile and lean in and kiss him.
it's sweet and short at first, and you pull back to see him staring at you all wide-eyed like you've just granted every wish he's ever had
obviously he's going to kiss you again. this time he pulls you in, and it's about ten times as sweet
aaaa he is just so <3
okok so this is a former frat boy right here. he's had plenty of experience with dating in the past, though nothing has ever felt like /you/. so, while he may be experienced, he still feels incredibly out of his depth
it's like the second he looks at you he just forgets everything he knows how to do. it's a struggle
i think he would try and make your time out together something big and romantic. like, he really tries. he invites you out on the town, he brings you flowers, he offers to pay for dinner, the two of you walk around the beach as the sun goes down. it's really pleasant, but it's also /really/ obvious that he's trying to set some kind of atmosphere. he just wants it to work with the two of you, and he thinks that if he goes big right off the bat, he'll get in a good start
scott has been through his fair share of breakups and failed relationships, and he's really nervous this will be the same. he doesn't want it to be.
the two of you spend this amazing evening together. you can tell how hard he's trying and it's endearing, yes, but also kind of sad, because you don't want him to think he has to do all of this just for you to like him
so you tell him that. the two of you sit on the dock after the stars have already begun lighting up the sky, your feet dangling down over the edge. it's just cold enough that the both of you lament your decisions not to bring jackets and sit against one another under the guise of warmth. you let him know that you like him plenty just the way he is. he doesn't have to go all out all the time.
he laughs it off like it's not a big deal. you can tell he doesn't really believe you. that's when you take the initiative to kiss him.
it's hesitant at first, and it melts into something sweet and soft. he's caught off guard, but he sure as hell isn't about to refuse.
suffice to say it's a very nice night for the both of you :)
okok i have a lot of feelings about luke
this guy over thinks literally every single thing. throughout most of your relationship you have to be the one to make certain moves, to initiate certain things, to let him know what you want and what you don't. it's not that he's oblivious, per se–he's actually surprisingly observant and he notices a lot! he just thinks himself in circles more often than not
i think that the idea of your first kiss is the same at first. he wants to, he really really does, but he keeps chickening out and worrying that you don't really want the same.
the two of you have been seeing each other for a little while by the time it finally happens. you aren't official, but you've been spending far too much time together to consider one another just friends. feelings are definitely there. honestly it's starting to drive the both of you a little crazy waiting
it happens on your first real date. he decides to take you out to eat and then the two of you spend some time wandering around, hanging out between his vineyard and the forest. it's dark, but fairy lights strung along the fences near his family's estate provide more than enough light for the two of you. you sit together, watching the stars or just talking. maybe he slips an arm around your waist and maybe you lean into him, savoring the night and each other's company. either way your hands are definitely intertwined soon enough.
i think the question comes spur of the moment, from you. you look over at him and ask bluntly something like: "so are you ever going to kiss me?"
his brain completely short circuits and for a moment he just kind of stares. his face goes bright red.
and then he does. it's definitely a little halted and nervous, and it's obvious he hadn't had too much experience, but it's so gentle and sweet. he runs a hand through your hair and pulls you close, and the two of you stay like that for a while, finally letting yourselves feel what you've been holding back
overall very sweet. he's a little dumb but <3
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mikeyelistsukasa · 2 months
hiii! could you make a sakura nanamine x reader were the reader is jelous please?
thank you so much!! ^^
Sure thing<3 usually I’ve heard sakura can’t leave the school but in this fanfic she can!(its for the angst sorry not sorry lol)
Sakura with a Jealous Darling
Tumblr media
It was all an accident
You didn’t mean to snap at her
You just had a bad day
A really REALLY bad day
“Oh s/o…thank you but natsuhiko-kun already got it for me yesterday”
“Sorry girl im just faster when it comes to my lady. She should’ve ended up wi-“
And there is goes a book hitting natsuhiko yet again
“Dont call me that”
“Welp that’s alright typical natsuhiko 😅 would you like to go out today maybe?”
“I can’t i have promised to tsukasa-kun that i will stay here to come up with new rumours”
“Yup yup!sorry s/o but i guess sakura chan can’t come to your lil date haha”
“Oh uhm yeah thats fine too…maybe tomorrow?”
“Can’t. Exams”
“…after the exams?”
“Hm yeah i might be free”
Hearing “might” from her sounded more like a no to you but you hoped she could come
“Alright i have to head off bye!”
Wow she didn’t even reply whats so great in that book she is reading-_-
It was very VERY lonely without your girlfriend and gosh if it weren’t for these two-…wait am i…jealous?
No this cant be…or is it
You were unsure so you just went to sleep
Days have passed and you were finally able to go on a date with sakura
You dressed up nicely and went on your way
You guys met up at a café
It was going great until she took out the book natsuhiko bought her
„So…how was your day so far?“
No reply
„Hm? Did you say anything dear?“
It felt like you are talking to a wall
„Ive asked how your day has been..can you please put the book down? It feels kinda awkward and hurtful as if you don’t wanna be here with me“
You kinda felt guilty saying that knowing she loves to read 24/7
But she did put it down anyway
„You are right my apologies s/o and about my day it w-„
Suddenly she heard her phone ring
It was natsuhiko
„God why him of all people“ you thought to yourself
Suddenly sakura stands up ready to leave
„W-wait where are you going?“
„Something happend at school and natsuhiko-kun told me that tsukasa-kun wants me to be there“
And before you could reply she was already outside of the cafe
All alone
You payed for your order and left
It went on and on
She was busy
Busy busy busy
First natsuhiko then tsukasa and then even mitsuba???
And not to mention how clingy tsukasa is…
You were deep in mind while sitting on the couch of the broadcasting room
That is until tsukasa came again hugging and licking sakura‘s ear
Thats when you snapped
Suddenly all eyes are on you
Did you just say that out loud?
You ran right to the exit and into the girls bathroom
But little did you know someone chased after you
„Stupid natsuhiko. Stupid book.stupid tsukasa.stupid cafe. Stupid sa-…“
You just went quiet not even wanting to pronounce her name
„Stupid sakura?“
You hear a familiar voice
As you looked up it was sakura
„Sakura!!!….What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with „these“ boys“
She sat next to you
„S/o are you perhaps…jealous?“
„NO IM NOT…Maybe…so what if i am?!”
You raising your voice startled her a little
“You’ve treated ne like im not even there for the past weeks! Oh sorry! Natsuhiko already brought me this and that. Oh sorry! Tsukasa wants me to this and that. Oh sorry! I need to study for this and that. And OH SORRY for abandoning you at the caf-“
You felt her hugging you out of nowhere
“You’re right…i am sorry. But that doesn’t really make it up”
You decided to stay quiet
“This might still not make it up but.”
You looked just to see her holding two tickets to a movie
Wait that movie…!
“Would you maybe have time to watch the new______ movie with me? You did wanted to watch it so i thought-“
You suddenly hugged her tightly almost causing you two to fall
“It’s alright don’t worry i understand you didn’t mean to snap”
You guys stayed in that position for a while enjoying eachothers presence
“So…are we gonna watch th-“
Tumblr media
Hope i left you satisfied! Please visit again!!!
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