#im normal. im being so fucking normal right now.
hella1975 · a day ago
hella should I watch bsd and why?
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES E OMG YES okay okay here's why you should watch bsd right now this moment and tell me all about it:
chuuya nakahara is a man that exists. he is everything to me
the characters are all based on famous authors and they all dress like they're fucking victorian or some shit and they all fight each other and have homoerotic partnerships. the aesthetic of bsd is just unmatchable truly
genuinely the most homoerotic anime ive ever watched and ive watched haikyuu
chuuya is there!
on a serious note the plot absolutely WOWS it's soooo clever it's about detectives and mafia and external threats etc etc but there's twists and the characters are sooooo smart and especially with recent manga events you NEVER know what's going to happen im always on the edge of my seat
it has powers!!!!!!!!! they're called 'abilities' and our main cast all have one and they're so so interesting bc they're inspired by the writer that the character is named after (aka fyodor's ability is 'crime and punishment')
there's a guy with a literal GOD inside of him and he can control gravity and he wears funny hats and has the most gorgeous hair of all time also his name is chuuya
dazai osamu (yes like THEE dazai osamu) is there and he's a BITCH while also being one of the most insanely intelligent characters of any media ever. he makes me want to die (affectionate)
found family!!!!! particularly from our protag atsushi bc he's an orphan that effectively gets adopted by our main cast and he has a real thing about Belonging and Family and Healing From Abuse so watching that all unfold is just <33333
the generational trauma omg i know for a FACT you of all people will like this. we have a cycle of abuse that is just so so fascinating bc you sympathise with ALL OF THEM (aside mori. he can rot) even when they themselves become the next generation of abuser and it's so complicated and ive never actually seen it illustrated so explicitely before
also speaking of generational things we also have each new generation of double black from zenki soukoku to soukoku to shin soukoku i think it's soooo compelling (basically the most powerful duo of each generation but every single time they absolutely HATE each other and are forced to figure it out and wind up knowing each other better than anyone while still sustaining a farce of mutual dislike aka everyone knows they're fucking)
this one guy throws a building at a dragon. i cant remember his name right now but it's definitely nothing that rhymes with mooya makahara
murder siblings via the akutagawas!!!! they are everything to me!!!! we also have the tanizaki siblings but i need you to ignore every second they're on screen together and id like to apologise in advance
bsd set the standard for enemies to lovers. full stop argue with the wall
constant literary references throughout that make my heart happy
it's easily accessible! the entire show is free on crunchyroll in multiple languages including an english dub!
we have angst! we have humour! we have plot! we have bsd wan for when bsd gets too much! we have a movie! we have an updating manga that's still got plenty of steam! we have three seasons as is! we have a stage play! we have found family! we have corrupt organisations! we have healing! we have morally grey characters actively choosing good even though they have nothing inside them that is compelled to do so! we have gay people! no seriously soukoku is basically canon! they're so fucked!
im in really really really really really normal amounts of love with chuuya
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dr4kenlvr · an hour ago
Tumblr media
feat. mikey sano, draken, baji keisuke, chifuyu matsuno, mitsuya takashi (reader is mentioned here and there too!) - crack/humour/fluff (1.2k+)
nana's note: can toman boys drive cars?? no keep reading to find out about the boys and their driving habits!! spoiler alert: in no way should you drive like them please don't listen to this post LMAO
Tumblr media
to mikey, the written test wasn't too bad—he went in, sat in his little cubicle, and got through the questionnaire without too much issue
dude couldn't lie though, he was sweating bullets at the demerit point questions FR
but of course, mikey boasts to everyone (especially baji but we'll get to that later) about his success, and is very excited to hit the road
didn't realize just how small being behind a car wheel feels until he sits and needs to bump the seat up a few notches LMAO
baji teases him: "you need heels on to reach the pedals, too? HAHHAHA"
is constantly driving with an :0 expression
"oh my god, the car is moving ken, im making the car move—ken, look!"
"yes mikey, your foot is on the gas pedal."
cheers when he does a left turn successfully, because fuck are those a pain in the ass sometimes
sometimes forgets to signal, and has been flipped off a few times for almost crashing in front of the car behind him
mikey absolutely has a snack stash in his trunk too—it's filled, and always being refilled, with sweets, savoury treats, and drinks
"y/n, could you grab me a bag of chips please? any flavour!" he yells from the front
???? what ????—you crane your head back to a fucking kitchen of snacks like it's normal for anyone to have that much
occasionally gets extremely tired at the wheel, and shuts his eyes for two seconds at a red light
it's either a honk waking him up or ken profusively cursing at him
"oops!" x2
now i don't wanna be bias (user dr4kenlvr, am i right), but ken is probably the second best driver on this list
written test wise, he passed on the first try
wasn't too difficult, and the lady at the desk even congratulated him with a warm smile, to which he happily returned
he got use to the mechanisms of the car pretty quickly
all of these gears and switches were like second nature to him, considering how much he works with motorbikes on the regular
likes to play music as he drives, it varies depending on the time of day it is
nice r&b on a night drive is always his favourite though
once draken gets really comfortable with the wheel, he'll have an arm hanging out the window
heavenly sigh—he looks really good <3
never drove alone with just his G1, despite his delinquent reputation
good job ken!!
one thing though: he has an oddly high level of road rage LMFAOOO
draken thinks it's probably because he's in a car—surrounded by 4 walls—rather than being out in the open like on a bike
people can't hear him curse the living hell out of them with the windows up so...
yeah, he gets loud LMAOO and vulgar
with his viens popping out and shit, he probably looks crazy if you pull up next to him in the adjacent lane
just don't look over, you'll be okay
same ken
this mf spent months studying for the written test
he was extremely keen on doing well too, because he wanted the luxury of being able to finally drive a car
baji also wanted to be able to drive his mother to and from work, so that she "wouldn't have to take public transit all the time"
love you keisuke
created study nights with chifuyu, where the boys would quiz each other on repetitive shit like signs
"okay, what's this one?"
"uhh.. there's like a merry-go-round ahead?"
"wha—? d'you mean a ROUNDABOUT???"
he had the right spirit, so chifuyu gave him a point either way AHSDHDSHF
time rolled around and baji declared him finally ready to take on the test and..
...he passed!! yay keisuke !!!
dude wanted to explode from the sheer relief, he literally picked you up and spun you around 18 times out of happiness
BUT THIS MF ON THE ROAD IS SO FUCKING WILD—he's good with the wheel, but like there's always something going on in his car
you could get whiplash by how fast he goes sometimes
he doesn't even mean to
50 maximum but he's going 80
"oH—FUCK, SORRY! sorry!"
also is a huge multitasker - and isn't too shabby at it
he could be calling someone via bluetooth speaker, while eating, while scratching his back, while signalling into the right lane ALL AT ONCE
miraculous how he doesn't have even a scratch or dent yet to be honest
idk man, just make sure you have your seatbelt on at all times, kay'?
i think he gets a little too excited every time he gets behind the wheel
like hes giggling with every lane change or right turn
literally fucking SCREAMS when he sees a cat walk on the road
"chifuyu, it's fine! it walked back. K-KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!"
has a cushion specifically for peke j in the back seat where no one can sit or move it to sit
"ahh no. that's peke j's spot, you can sit in the trunk or something."
baji: "are you fucking kidding me."
speaking of peke j, he has a component in his trunk filled with toys and cat food for him
it's honestly really sweet, how much he cares and cherishes his little cat
you can't find the heart to be too angry with him when you find cat fur stuck to the seats
i think chifuyu has a lot of fucking fast food garbage in his car too
his mom (and you) is always up his ass about it:
like, you would sit in the passenger seat and at your feet there's just wrappers and straws and shit
you look at him with a look that just speaks volumes of "really?"
and he's all (。╹ω╹。)
it's an honest mistake <3
oh god—the most responsible driver out of his friends by FAR
he is so so happy when he passes, because he is able to get things done quicker with a car than by walking
dropping/picking up his sisters from school, escorting his mother to places, getting groceries, visiting his friends, just about everything in his life is made 10x easier and faster
mitsuya's car ALWAYS smells good
he's always got a new car freshener hooked onto his rearview mirror when the scent runs out
his favourite is lavender <3 and his sisters like the fruity ones but they make his and your's nose tickle
and he does that fucking cute side smile when he talks to you but also needs to pay attention to the road
LOVES to bring his sisters on drives around the neighbourhood once he gets his full license
plays their favourite songs and sings out loud with them
it'll be cartoon openings and disney soundtracks but he doesn't mind
not when the grin on your's and his sister's faces are so bright and genuine
omfg - picnics where you two set up food in the trunk and watch luna and mana play at the playground
and they rush over when they're hungry to eat and rest
Tumblr media
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu @kazuhoya @gwynsapphire @sscarchiyo @reiners-milkbiddies @smileyswifeyy @bontensimp-blog @thisbicc @megumisemo (send me an ask or dm to be added!)
reblogs and comments are very appreciated!
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artsyunderstudy · 16 days ago
[cries in introvert]
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obsessedwithegos · 5 months ago
Whump prompt
Whumper finally giving Whumpee the freedom they’ve been asking for but whumpee convinces themself it’s a trap to give whumper an excuse to punish them even more.  Does whumpee still leave despite the fear of worsened punishment or does whumpee choose to stay to prevent any punishment? (And maybe even get a reward for proving how good they are?)
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tortellinigirl · 5 months ago
I feel like recently, ADHD has kind of become shorthand for “a person who is annoying online and has no real problems,” and I don’t really think that’s awesome news, given the context that ADHD has a long history of being disregarded as a made up disorder that’s just an excuse for poor/obnoxious behavior, no matter how much scientific research proves otherwise. ADHD is not by any means the only disorder that has people making a thousand misleading tiktoks about it, so perhaps do some critical thinking about why specifically ADHD has become the poster child for that behavior. There are certainly valid criticisms to be made of the way we discuss mental health online, but maybe use your brain and determine why this disorder in particular is the one that’s easiest to point at for being “annoying” and “not that big of a deal.”
#idk maybe if u actually watched a couple of the tiktoks u might learn that the lack of focus thing is reall not the main issue#its just what the people around us are most likely to notice and be bothered by#not saying it doesnt get obnoxious seeing people say the same thing over and over#and yes some people are like purposely vague and disingenuous about the symptoms to get views from people thinking they have it now#but i see that with everything. like autism PTSD depression OCD anxiety#im always getting tiktoks saying that im a lesbian or i have repressed memories or “x normal thing is a symptom of y disorder!!”#and yes its annoying but its probably somewhat helpful to people who actually are dealing w those things#and also like. if u simply stop treating ur for you page like a crystal ball that sees into your soul and reflects it back#and realize its just an algorithm designed to make u interact whether thats bc u like what u saw or fucking hated it#then u will not be as bothered !#but yes our generation seems to have a habit of constantly trying to find the right box to out ourselves in so we can be like. “marketable”#like people seem to want to design their personality like an movie character or something#but its so shitty that we’re dog piling all that on ADHD as if our specific disorder has anything to do with it#also personally i think its kind of normal to be really focused on a particular aspect of your identity when u just discovered it#and it usually evens out and just becomes part of the background of your identity#but yes there’s often a problem with pathologizing normal things#but i think its important to recognize that lots of things that are normal occasionally are pathological in excess. like thats how it works#like we’ve all been through how being sad sometimes is not the same as depression#why cant we grasp that occasionally going into a room and forgetting why you’re there isnt the same as ADHD
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caffeinatedopossum · 5 months ago
wait people *want* a small ribcage?? Mine is small but I've always wanted a bigger one
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pepprs · 27 days ago
like . omg i know i need to stop POSTINGGGG but god thinking abt the argument w my parents last night and all the implications of it hurts so bad it’s unreal it hurts literally so bad. and it is ruining my life in so many ways and ive been fighting back tears all day bc of it. Lol
#purrs#i think im a burden to everyone and that everyone thinks im stupid and young and naïve entitled selfish annoying etc etc but really it’s#just my parents who think that and the fact that they do means that there is something fundamentally wrong with me so i carry that into#every relationship im in and isolate myself and hold back from saying how i feel and setting boundaries and i am so sad and tired all the#time that i never talk to anyone and i beat myself up for making mistakes and for having thoughts and feelings and i hurt the people who#love me by denying myself to them and not believing in their love and it fucking sucks and i hate that i will never fully recover from the#damage and i hate that the damage is over the STUPIDEST fucking shit in the whole world that is literaly nothing compared to some of the#horrors in the human experience like it’s just 2 bad fights with my mom and my brother being born and my grandma dying and how my mom did or#did not parent me 100% to her best ability during all of those moments and suddenly im fucked in the head for life over DUST BUNNIES. over#DRYER LINT. CRUMBS! specks of dirt. like are you kidding me. catapulting myself into the nearest viper pit rn i think. but also it’s 1:30 am#and i am working tomorrow and ive had an exhausting soul crushing week and i need to go to bed and i am running away from everyone and#everything in my life and it just is a hard time to be a person right now anyway so like maybe i need to just go to sleep and reblog some#posts and play animal crossing in all my free time and throw my phone into the river and be normal for 2 seconds. ok.#* 3 bad fights w my mom. but also a lot more but especially those 3 ♥️
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chrishansenfromdatelinenbc · 7 months ago
I feel like the change from working 24/7 to make negative money to working a weak 40 a week for like a thousand dollars after tax, despite being very good for me in every way, has been very bad for my concept of money
#i literally lived off like $100 a year and borrowed my tiny rent to live somewhere super shitty and eat plain rice every day#and my mindset is still like half there and half 'im god now'#im not so i cant be insane but i can afford to live somewhere nice and have acheived my dream of being able to eat out#without checking my bank acct first. which again is all i ever wanted from a job#i can do the same with expensive sex toys tho which is giving me some kind of prion disease <3#i cant wait for my cat to have her surgery so i can know how much savings i have left so i can order my fucked up body pillow#i also just want her to be healthy finally so she can live w me. insane comfy lifestyle. cat. food. sex. its everything 😭#also i hated being in school so much. going from like 25 years in hell to being in the best place beyond what i was able to imagine.#its fuckin insane#to be fair i also have a very measured concept of paradise. and i have some gripes#like theres no dunkin donuts right outside my work. its like 3 blocks away#theres a starbucks in the building i just hate how expensive it is#and i wish i could afford a house but i mean...thats realistically in my near future if i actually want it#idk tho bc some of these apartments here slap#i might live atthe upper end of what i can afford for a few years to like. taste the high life before i calm down and act normal#then i can save money and get stable#idk i hate being stable i wanna be a travel nurse and so everywhere#the money's so insane rn i hope it stays that way#actually i just hope all nurses unionize but its more realistic to pay all of us 6 figs for 4 months of work apparently#you wont catch me complaining abt that tho
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shy-markiplierfan · 4 months ago
this is my favorite part of iswm, i remember going through so many emotions when i got to this and had to ultimately make my choice. this is just a rough visual of all those emotions
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theygender · 7 months ago
Anybody else ever realize that you've had symptoms of some health issue your entire life and just never considered that it... Might be a sign of that health issue? Like wow good thing I don't have [Symptoms Syndrome] that must suck. Now time to go back to my completely unrelated [symptoms of syndrome]
#i just fucking realized that i have acid reflux#after an entire fucking lifetime of... having acid reflux#i dont get it often enough for it to be gerd or anything but like#i had HEARD of acid reflux before and i knew what it was#and every time i heard of it i was like wow that sounds like it really sucks good thing thats never happened to me#now if youll excuse me i need to go back to having the exact same symptoms of that thing but in a totally normal and unrelated way#same thing when i realized that ive had asthma symptoms pretty much my whole life#like wow a breathing disorder that makes it hard to breathe and you get episodes that make it harder to breathe and you need an inhaler?#that sounds rough#good thing i only have difficulty breathing and sometimes i cough so hard i cant breathe#and its no big deal anyways bc i found out that this over the counter inhaler makes me stop coughing when i have an episode :)#like...........#how#i think its just that these are things that i always thought of as happening to Other People#like how could i have asthma when im not a kid in a movie whos fine for years until one day i have an asthma attack—whatever that means—#and my parent figure has to rush over to give me my inhaler that they held onto all this time in a dramatic display to show that they care#how could i have acid reflux when its described as being way worse than normal and the things i experience are normal—right?#what other things am i missing just bc i never connected the dots lmao....#rambling
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hella1975 · 6 months ago
shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut the fuck up i want to be you so bad
#how does it feel. to live MY DREAM#i feel bad you're clearly excited and im just here like >:((((( IM SORRY#im already so pissed that i have to wait for the deadline like a fucking local#like mappa dont you get it im not like other jjk viewers i know this media intimately what do you mean i couldnt watch it on xmas eve#AND NOW I CANT EVEN SEE IT IN CINEMA BC NO ONE I KNOW IRL WATCHES IT#LIKE SOME OF MY HOMETOWN FRIENDS DO BUT THEY ARE CURRENTLY SCATTERED ACROSS THE COUNTRY AT VARIOUS UNIS#actually wait hold on i just had a thought#basically today my friend messaged me bc she found my spotify (pure terror moment i was absolutely bricking it)#((like have you SEEN how sus my spotify is all it would take is 'what's this playlist for?' 'why do you get so many likes?' and im DONE))#and OF ALL THINGS she sent me a pic of my itadori playlist being like 'im gonna need an explanation'#and i was like shit shit shit fuck fuck mayday#but i worked with it super well with a cheeky lil 'lmao yeah most of my playlists are just inside jokes dont ask'#and she was like 'no no it's not that. my friend sent me vol1-6 of jjk' WHAT SORRY FUCKING WHAT???#SHES READ UP TO VOLUME 2 AND SHE JUST??? DIDNT SAY ANYTHING??#like this is how normal i come across to people she actually didnt know i even knew what jjk was until she saw my playlists#like that's how good an actress i am we need to address the manipulate mansplain malewife of it all#SO WHAT IF SHE GOES WITH ME? VOL 0 WONT BE TOO CONFUSING FOR HER RIGHT? IT'S BASICALLY A PREQUEL ANYWAY#OMG OMG BESTIES#okay im going to spoons with her now i might subtly drop it into convo and pretend to be normal about it wish me luck#ask#jjk
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hotmintgum · 5 months ago
love when i progress to the being constantly insecure stage of having a crush and by love i mean i am suffering more than jesus did
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crownquill · 14 days ago
Idk why so many teenage boys thing that they can jokingly call their fem friends a slut or a bitch. Like that insult coming from your mouth isnt quirky its jusy insulting and if anything shows a lack of basic respect not friendship. Like what if they turned around and called you a pansy dicksucker or something?
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maxs-moshpit · a month ago
Autism shouldn't be fucking digestible for the whole public. We're disabled, some of us (including me), suck ass at taking care of ourselves and sucked ass in school. We got fucking tormented in school and in real life just for being born.
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springcatalyst · 4 months ago
GOD theres someone here for the class that reminds me so much of an old friend I'm trying so hard to be normal but shes JUST like them
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pepprs · a month ago
i am quite literally running away from my whole entire life rn. lol <3
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rainswings · 2 months ago
Syndisparklez posting on main again but I Love You Like An Alcoholic is such an unhealthy them song <3 also so is Masochism Tango <3333
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