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expressionist-hira · 2 months ago
I suck at being sad, 2 minutes later I'm making jokes about my situation.
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fentibeauty · 2 months ago
modern!eddie helping you take out your box or knotless braids!
when you guys first started dating and he walked in on you in the middle of the process, it confused him.
“why are you cutting your hair?” he asks you. you laugh knowing this conversation was coming sooner or later. “babe, this is weave. it’s about time for these to come out.” you inform him.
he stood there silent for a while, watching you take out the braids. you stop and look at him from the mirror.
eddie scratched his head, “um, can i help?” you smiled at him and got some more scissors from the drawer and another comb. “of course. make’s this process quicker.”
eddie nodded and grabbed the scissors, you couldn’t believe what he almost did. he brought the scissors to your root and almost snipped the whole braid off.
“EDDIE, NO!” you yelled in panic mode, certain that he already cut it. “what??!” you took the scissors from his hands.
you shook your head, “my actual hair stops at my shoulders.. you’re trying to bald me. cut right here.” you showed him the length.
“ohh, sorry.” he said like it was nothing.
“i thought that was common sense eddie.” you gave him back the scissors. he huffed. “well common sense isn’t so common, huh?” he spoke.
dt💌 —@sitchski @tatitheescientist @heartvouge @cupidoll @incorrectbriiiii @fairyperks
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trin0dinz · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
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worstloki · 5 months ago
Thor 4 is going to be bringing in a bunch of gods with Zeus and Gorr showing up and Thor's a powerhouse everyone knows that and don't forget Hela and then there's Khonshu and the rest of the Ancient Egyptian gang with their fancy powers and in conclusion i actually find it hysterical that the MCU has soft-retcon style decided that Loki is just. some guy. The Guy Of Mischief, if you will,
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ortegaserica · 5 months ago
The way Marc and Steven switch off so easily now it's what they deserveeeee
"we come like a package deal now"
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robobarbie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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needsmorewlw · 2 months ago
Rewatching the sex scene in Daniel isn't Real on the floor of my living room like some kind of lecherous hermit
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magicreatorsland · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Kim Cattrall
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milcsmorales · 5 months ago
disney queerbating using chris pratt.. something i did not have on my 2022 bingo card
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fantasydaydreamers · 8 months ago
Tell me that dabi wouldn't fucking wear these shoes because he 100% would. He would go to an event that is for Endeavor, crashing the fucking gala wear these fucking shoes looking hot asf with y/n on his side as the paps go crazy that Enji Todorkis eldest son, aka the trouble maker that's known for dissing his father, shows up to a gala that's to honor Endeavor, just to fuck shit up. Of course this would be an au where dabi isn't a villain but STILL PLEASE GOD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
God...Dabi would be a menace. Just knowing he could literally kick someone in the balls...
Non-villain Au or not, I think this gives him some kind of thrill😭
→ Dabi: *raises his leg slightly* "Say that again? Why don't we get closer to the paparazzi and reporters?"
• "Want a dick piercing? Free of charge."
• "You really don't want me to shove my foot up your ass."
• "I think this is a perfectly acceptable present for dad. He won't see it coming."
• "I'm going to castrate you."
→ You: "...you're never wearing these again."
→ Dabi: "Shhh...I'm in my villain era."
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kawa11ch1b1frogz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I think EVERYONE understand this...
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spicysidesalad · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy sometimes :):
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meidui · 5 months ago
fic where steve moves into the tower and all the avengers pick up 1940s slang, and everyone who visits only occasionally is SO confused 🤭
fury: "does anyone wanna tell me what the HELL happened out there yesterd-"
tony: "whoa, don't snap your cap"
clint: "nice cheaters, boss"
bruce: "whatever you heard, a bum rap is what it is"
thor: "why do you bust your chops at us!"
nat: "if you think we can fix this by standing around here talking, you're whistling dixie"
fury: rogers i swear to god
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femmessias · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
in this episode of american dad, steve joins a girls sports team pretending to be a girl. he thinks everyone else thinks he‘s a girl. he starts hooking up with a girl without revealing he’s a boy. when hailey pulls down his pants to expose him as a boy, it turns out the team knew allong and assumed he was a „girl in a boys body“. steve is confused.
hailey gets thrown off the team for being a terf.
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ferusaurelius · 5 months ago
I've been reading your ofmd meta. It's amazing! How did you learn to figure all that stuff out?
Thank you for the ask!
There are two distinct questions here:
What makes OFMD a compelling ground for media and critical (meta) analysis?
What’s the critical basis I’m using in writing meta analysis and how did I learn to use it the way I do?
Why Write Meta Analysis of “Our Flag Means Death”?
The first question is easy: THERE IS SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE. It’s all right out in the open, too, and it’s a real credit to David Jenkins that he created a supportive environment for the cast, the creative directors, the writers, and his entire CREW to bring all of their creative selves. 
OFMD is so full of love for its characters and story that it always takes my breath away whenever I think about it. So much creative energy and love was wrapped into this show in so many ways that I’ll never shut up about it ever.
The second question has a longer answer.
Analytical Training, Experience, and Practice (Not Necessarily In That Order)
While I am formally trained and have a BA in English, I would still credit my experience as a writer-practitioner as equally or more important in my analytical background as the formal training.
I am first and foremost a writer, and I “read” texts like a writer who wants to figure out what makes a narrative function. Learning how something is working is fundamental to being able to replicate it in your own artwork.
The simplest term for what I use as a framework for all my meta is a technique historically called close reading, but I’d openly admit that I am more flexible and informal with it than you’d find taught in a typical college class! 
Think of a “reading” in literature or film/media analysis as a bit like what a study or practice sketch does for visual artists.
When I was writing my meta post on The Tragedy of Israel Hands, I very explicitly decided to tackle OFMD and what was happening with Izzy by breaking down the show into episode-by-episode readings from Izzy’s point of view. 
I also chose to add some extra spice based on direct scene transcriptions, mentions of Izzy by-name even when he wasn’t on-screen, and what was happening for him as a character (what was his story?) vs. the obvious romance that was happening for Edward and Stede in the foreground.
David Jenkins had helpfully stated in an interview that OFMD was broken up into acts, so I just followed his lead on doing the same in my analysis. ;) He’d also suggested doing a rewatch with a focus on Con O’Neill and I was intrigued by the possibility of what I might find.
Turned out? Con managed to fit an actual three-act tragedy into the same visual and narrative space (albeit in the background) as Rhys and Taika acting the main romance in the foreground! This is fucking incredible in my opinion. Con’s narrative counterpoint with Izzy adds so much depth and richness to the romance and the comedy. I could chew glass over it (and I did! hence the post).
I firmly believe that ANYONE can do a good and detailed textual reading (with or without formal training), so here’s my quick(?) breakdown of how that works for me in the hope that it will inspire you and others to try your hand!
The best way to get good at analysis is to practice. Analyze, analyze, analyze! Write, write, write! Create in whatever way makes sense to your brain and energizes you to explore how you think about what you love. You don’t even have to publish/share the results. It can just be for you if you want.
As usual, only do what works for you. 
If there’s a thought or a step that you want to skip? Skip it. Do what you want. Create and write meta! Enrich the OFMD fandom with your own readings. :D
Ferus-Style Close Reading Guide
Goal: Break things down to build a detailed, text-supported understanding of a creative product (story, episode, play, film, painting, etc.). You can do this whenever you’re interested in something and feel like spending more time with it as a method of learning more and deeply appreciating a work of art.
Pick a moment in the text (show, fanfic, story, etc.) that interests you.
Interest is crucial! Think about why you’re interested. Sit with the text a bit.
Take extensive notes on what’s happening. You can also use another method you prefer like outlining, grabbing screencaps, or some combination to record and organize your first impressions and thoughts.
This serves as a record of where you started.
Don’t necessarily try to interpret right away, but DO decide for yourself what you think is happening in a moment or a particular scene. This can be as short as a single line of text or a few seconds of interaction in a TV episode or film. Trust yourself! The best art, by and large, does what it does in plain sight and will repeat or reinforce the significant themes and symbols.
Hold off on interpretation to allow yourself time to develop a good understanding of what has actually taken place in the text. Plenty of professional critics are weak at this step and jump straight into reshaping events to fit their thesis and interpretation rather than reading “out of” a text. It’s not necessarily bad (and there are techniques that use this sort of interpretation), but it’s really not where I’m coming from.
Break down your favorite scenes into as many moments (or points of focus) as are likely to be relevant to your analysis. If you’re working with a specific character, focus on their actions or their scenes (or other ‘by name’ references when they’re not on-screen). If the focus is a motif (a visual element), try to figure out what its appearance or framing is accomplishing when it is present. How do other characters react to it or introduce it? How do these interactions “read” to you? Again, what is happening?
This is the focusing step that typically tells me where the rest of my analysis is going. At this point I usually have an idea of what I’m seeing when it’s either reinforced by one or more sequential scenes (reinforced) or dropped and sidelined in an interesting way.
Take a step back and think about how the moment you’re analyzing is ‘working.’ What does it do? What purpose does this story beat or moment serve? Why is it happening in this moment, at this specific time, and what important features of character, setting, or story are happening? What are the consequences that follow?
I can’t stress consequences enough! Actions having consequences is a fundamental element of a well-structured narrative. The narrative consequences for a character or a plotline are one of the things that is MOST controlled by authorial choice. Do these consequences fit in with the theme you’ve noticed? Why or why not? Whatever is happening here is usually some of the most interesting elements of the narrative (if they’re present). 
Write down your initial guesses about the answers the questions above. Or answer a few of your own questions in a first pass. Theorize!
Now that you’ve considered the individual moments, scenes, or elements and taken a stab at the larger emergent themes it’s time to mash them together into a coherent picture (what are YOU seeing?). How are you seeing this text?
Keep repeating the process above for other surrounding scenes (the context) or moments relevant to your analysis.
YMMV with repetition. A longer analysis takes more repetition. A shorter or more contained analysis may only go through this process once. Again -- no one person will see the same scene the same way as another! Everyone has a valuable perspective to contribute.
Theorize once again after stringing the analytical moments together and connecting them -- what new ideas occur to you once you’ve chewed over the “small” interesting bits separately? Does a pattern begin to emerge? Why or why not?
You can learn as much from figuring out your first impressions were wrong (and looking again to see what’s ACTUALLY happening) as you will from being “right” the first time. Enjoy the experience!
You can learn almost as much from absence as from presence. While that may sound cryptic at first, glaring absences when characters or significant elements are NOT present are just as important in their own way, and may help you discover other themes in the same text. Strategic absences are MUCH more difficult to identify without careful attention. They’ll be obvious when you begin to look for them (which is the fun bit).
“Establishing” shots (introductions, first/last shots, first/last words) are always important.
Repeated and reinforced themes are generally stronger indications that a particular symbol or motif is significant. Looking for repetition or apparently deliberate call-backs to previous episodes, comments, scenes, or character relationships are often where the most fruitful opportunities for analysis are located.
Write up your general conclusions based on what you’ve learned from your smaller (close) bite-size readings and why you believe they’re significant along with how they’re functioning. If you observe a theme or pattern, focus your writing on how that pattern is built up and the evidence you found to support that conclusion.
And you’re done! Or whatever process you prefer is finished. For now. ;)
The most important element in my analytical process is close attention to the different on-screen choices (in framing, acting, and dialogue) that I’m seeing in a particular episode. 
I take extensive notes on what’s happening, sometimes by recording transcripts of the dialogue and often through watching and re-watching a scene of particular interest.
To continue with my example meta, The Tragedy of Israel Hands was based on rewatching OFMD with a focus on what was happening to Izzy in both the foreground and the background, with these questions in mind: 
What would this story arc appear to be from Izzy’s perspective?
What extent was that interpretation supported by: each character’s arc, the framing of various shots, and the choices and tone throughout the context of Con O’Neill’s overall performance of this character?
Was there a narrative thread linking together Izzy Hands’s story as a contrast to Edward and Stede’s foreground romance?
And now you have the meta on the meta. METACEPTION. -is shot-
You probably didn’t want an answer this long, dear asker, but regrettably I Am Just Like This.
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poetofthedyingstars · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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duelistkingdom · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
got the guy who runs SeasonZero0 on twitter acting up & block circumventing in 4k!
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