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Tumblr media
➝ request: @billboard-singer
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Tumblr media
“Let’s see who’s in this room,” Chan whispered to the camera, walking through the corridors of the MCountdown building.
The members were scattered across the building, relaxing after the recording for ‘_WORLD’, with some members taking the opportunity to rest while others went in search of food. The leader line was already on stage ready to record for their ‘CHEERS’.
Chan stuck the camera in first before poking his head around the corner of the dressing room, in search of any of the members. “Hello? Members?”
Surprisingly, the room was vacant even though the lights were still on. Signs that some of the members had been here by the various drink cups and empty food containers littered throughout the room. He made his way fully around into the room, turning his attention back to the camera. “Please forgive us, Seventeen members are really messy.”
He walked around the room, talking to the camera as if the Carats could actually hear him, asking them questions about their day and informing them about how the group has been. He scanned the room one last time before his eyes practically bulged out of his head.
“Carats, come look,” Chan whispered into the camera, tiptoeing over to one of the couches.
Evelyn was slumped over onto the armrest of the couch, a blanket draped over her as she slept silently. Mingyu was seated next to her, slumped over in the same way, pressed against her right side, sleeping with his head resting against her shoulder. Chan mentally noting to keep the camera raised with noticing their hands laced together.
“Wow, Kim Mingyu is going to crush Eunji in her sleep,” Chan gasped out, taking a step back when Evelyn shifted to get more comfortable.
Chan walked back forward towards the sleeping couple, moving the camera back between their faces, “Ahjussi and Ahjumma.”
“Don’t call me old,” Evelyn mumbled in her sleep, snuggling back down into the couch. She cracked an eye open when Chan snorted. “We’re the same age.”
“One performance and you’re sleeping like a grandma.”
Evelyn smiled, closing her eyes again to soak in the last few seconds of dreamland. She picked her head up when her body registered that there was a weight to her right side. Her whole right side had fallen asleep due to Mingyu being a dead weight up against it, the familiar tingly feeling when she wiggled her fingers out of his hold shooting up and down her arm.
“Say something to Carats before I end the video.” Chan brought the camera over to Evelyn.
“If you are ever in the presence of Mingyu,” She nudged the shoulder Mingyu was resting on, “Don’t let him fall asleep against you. I literally can’t feel my arm.”
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twice 10th member au
jade breaks down and makes an important decision
WARNINGS: overworking enviroment, break downs, mentions of alcohol, emotional post
masterlist 👽 requests are open feedback is awalys important to me!
Tumblr media
Jade looked at the mirror again, cleaning the tears that insisted on falling. At this point, after almost seven years as a kpop idol, she should be used to all of this, all this hate. But she didn't. 
Actually, Jade never really understood why people hated her. Was it the fact that she was good? Was she even that good after all? Jade didn't know. But she knew words have meaning and, sometimes, they hurt. 
If it was some years ago, she'd run and buy as many soju bottles as she could, but now things were just different. Still, this voice inside her head always made sure to remind her of all her weaknesses, all the times she failed, and made her think about all the chances she'd have to fail. 
Jade looked at her wristwatch. She was inside that bathroom longer than she expected. The girls would soon start missing her in the practice. 
Taking one more deep breath, she washed her face, hoping the cold water would reduce the swelling of crying for twenty minutes straight, fixed her mask, and went back to the practice room. 
"And she's back!" Nayeon said, clapping, being the first to notice Jade was back. 
Faking giggling, Jade fixed her hat, trying to pretend everything was fine and that it was just a pee break. 
"At least it was a good break." Chaeyoung joked with Tzuyu as they got up, ready to start dancing again. "I felt like my legs were moving alone." 
"You're lucky we're alone. If the managers were here we wouldn't even have breaks." Dahyun joked.
"Yeah," Jade agreed. "let's just end this. I want to go home." 
"Don't we all?" Sana also joked, puffing, making the girls laugh with her. 
Somehow, in the middle of all that laughter, Momo realised something was off. Jade was different from when she left the room asking for a quick break.
"Hey," Momo lightly grabbed Jade's arm, Jade humming in response. "are you okay?" 
Jade forced a giggle, trying to pretend she didn't know why Momo was asking her that. Her puffy face was definitely giving it up. 
"Sure!" Jade smiled through the pain.
"Jaidee, don't lie to me." Momo said with a warm smile. "It's me you're talking to." 
That was it for Jade. As all the emotions hit her all at once again, Jade just lowered her head, allowing the tears to fall and show how she was truly feeling. 
She heard Momo calling the other girls as she walked to the couch. Jade tried to hide her face with any of the pillows there as the girls started crawling around her. 
"Oh, Jade?" Jade heard Jeongyeon ask, almost whispering, scared of the girl's reaction. 
"What happened?" Mina asked, caressing Jade's now caramel hair. 
They all stayed quiet, listening to Jade's sobs filling up the room. None of the members had ever seen her in that state before. Of course, they saw her crying but never so... vulnerable. 
They looked at each other, trying to figure out who would be the first one to ask what happened. Was it Johnny? Was it her family? Was it their early jokes? No one knew. But they all knew one thing: Jade needed help. 
"Everyone h-hates me!" Jade mumbled against the pillow, sobbing. 
"No!" the girls said together. 
"Don't say this, Jade. We love you!" Nayeon said, running her arm around Jade's shoulder. 
"No, guys." Jade said, looking at the girls and taking her mask and hat off. That was when the girls realised how bad she was. "Didn't you see w-what people are t-talking about me?" 
The girls looked at each other again, trying to understand. Then, Jihyo's sighed. 
"The contract." she said, linking things. "The company announced we renewed our contracts today." 
"Oh..." Dahyun said, calling the girls' attention to her, and she showed her phone display. She tried to hide it as Jade was also looking. "People are loving you, Jade." 
"Stop lying, Dahyun!" Jade suddenly said. "People hate me all these years. I'm starting to regret renewing that fucking contract." 
"Don't, unnie!" Chaeyoung said, supporting her chin on Jade's lap and hugging her legs. "Don't listen to them. We're not TWICE without you." 
"Stop, Dahyun." Jade covered her ears and started crying again. 
"Jade, listen." Momo took Jade's hand out of her ear and looked straight at her. "Calm down. We're here to help you, but you need to calm down and tell us what happened." 
"I happened, unnie!" Jade exploded. "Stop pretending you guys don't know what happens every time something about the group goes out. People hate me and make thousand of petitions for me to leave. I just..." Jade sighed. "I can't do this anymore." 
"We know words hurt, Jade." Jeongyeon told her. "We are the living proof of this. But, if you listen to everything everyone has to say about you, you won't ever show your true value." 
"I've been doing this since when I was fucking fourteen, Jeongyeon. It feels like I can't breathe with all this weight on my shoulders." Jade tried to put her emotions into words, but the more she tried to explain, the more it'd hurt. 
"Look at us, Jade." Sana asked. "People hate on things that shine. Look at all the things you had to go through to be here today. Years of training, a survival show. All the songs you produced and all the idols you helped so far." 
"Your family is so proud of you, Jade. We are proud of you." Mina said, trying to comfort the girl. "If you want to quit, be honest with yourself because we know that you're bigger than all of these people out there. You just have to realise it yourself." 
"And, if you want to quit, we'll be here for you. As we've always been." Tzuyu reassured Jade. "Just don't make anything you'd regret." 
Jade took a slow glance around her. She has been living with these people since her teenage years. Some of them she only got to know at Sixteen, but it seemed like they've always been somewhere in her life as if Jade has always known them. 
The confrontation turns into action. Escape turns into inertia, and Jade hated inert people. 
It wasn't the first time she had thought of leaving the group. If that was supposed to happen, she'd have done this for bigger reasons than just people talking about her. Listen people saying that you're bad right at your face isn't a nice thing, but it surely was some gasoline for competitive souls like Jade's. 
Yet, Jade felt like she had failed with the girls, with the people who supported her the most. And she couldn't ever forgive herself for that. 
"I have no idea what to do next, guys." Jade honestly said, for the first time in years. 
"That is called 'not being tough all the time'." Naeyon joked, hugging Jade again. 
"We're not giving up on you, unnie." Chaeyoung said, still hugging Jade's leg. "TWICE will always be ten." 
When Jade looked down and saw Chaeyoung looking like a little kid, she couldn't contain it and let out a laugh mixed with a cry, uncertain of how to react to the scene. The girls also realised Chaeyoung's position and started laughing, the tense atmosphere gradually fading away. 
"Chae!" Jade whined. "Stop making me laugh." 
"If that makes you stop crying, then, I'm okay." Chaeyoung said, clinging even more to Jade's leg. 
Somehow, something inside Jade lighted up. You can be the greatest singer of all time, yet if you wake up with a hoarse voice on the day of your biggest show, it'd change everything. Yet, with all of the exhausting situations and hypotheses, Jade refused to leave the girls. 
She didn't want fame. She didn't want fans. As long as she had the girls next to her, everything would be just fine. 
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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pairing :: eden x seokmin
word count :: 1.1k
synopsis :: eden and seokmin in atlanta.
time :: august 31, 2022
warnings :: none ♡ 
taglist :: @cafemilk-tea @cixrosie @moonlight-additions​ @cosmicwintr​ @astraw-astro​ @ateezjuliet​
Tumblr media
“Woah woah woah!” Eden had a death grip around Seokmin’s neck, feeling him wobble as the elevator went up several floors from the lobby. He had offered to give her a ride on his back after walking in the wet weather in heels.
“You’re okay. I’ve got you.” He reassured her, making sure his arms locked around her knees were tight. She folded her hands in the front, attacking his neck with kisses as he giggled.
The elevator door pushed open, revealing a middle aged man. Their smiles quickly faded, both feeling embarrassed like they got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. The man looked surprised, stepping aside to let them out. Seokmin walked past him, carrying her through the halls as Eden watched the doors.
When the elevator doors finally shut again and there was no one to be seen, she let out a snort while his knees got weak from laughing.
“He definitely thinks we’re crazy.” She joked. When they finally got to his hotel room, he stopped in place as Eden pulled his keycard out of her pocket and swiped it.
He ventured further into the room, backing up against the bed where he dropped her off from his back. He turned around, holding her face in his palms and smiling. “Alone at last.”
She held onto his wrist, reaching up to kiss his lips. She had missed his touch for months now, hard to fathom how her manager possibly let her pull this off.
“You guys did great tonight.” She swayed her body back and forth, waving his wrists in the air as she chuckled. He intertwined their fingers together, flashing her that familiar smile that always made her feel like she was home.
He nodded, pulling her into his chest and
hugging her tight. He cradled the back of her head while kissing her temple. “Thank you for coming. You didn’t have to come all this way.”
“I wanted to. I missed you and wanted to surprise you.” Eden rubbed the small of his back. “It’s okay. We have a few more days off before we have to rehearse and everything.”
“The girls aren’t mad, are they?” He frowned, distancing their faces and looking her in the eyes.
“Of course not. You know they love you. Don’t worry.” She shook her head, bringing her hands up to push away his stray hairs. “You can have a little more time with me now.”
He pecked her forehead, letting out a sigh of relief. “I can’t wait til we’re not busy anymore. When we can go out on dates regularly, fall asleep together, hold each other like this.”
“I know. We just have to be a bit more patient.” She nodded, smiling at him with all the love in her eyes. “I’m so happy these days because of you. No amount of distance can change that.”
He squealed out of excitement, picking her up and sitting on the bed while placing her on his lap. His hands rested around her waist, pressing his head to her chest and humming.
“Hmm?” He pulled away, looking up towards her with a hopeful grin.
“Your English is so cute.” She snickered, rubbing circles on his cheeks with her hand.
“Is it? I’ve tried practicing and all that.”
“So cute.” She kissed his nose, tempted to give him a bunch of raspberries. “You’re getting better everyday.”
He quickly gave her another peck on the lips. The two went back and forth, giving each other many kisses on different places of their faces. They weren’t going to leave any surface untouched.
“You haven’t eaten yet, right?” She brushed her fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. “I can order something while you take a shower.”
He pouted, snuggling in closer to her. “You don’t wanna join me?”
Eden patted the top of his head, shaking her head. “Not tonight. I’ll make sure the food is ready when you get out.” She got off his lap and onto her feet, pulling her phone out of her pocket.
Seokmin stood up, dragging his feet to the bathroom and pleading with his eyes as he stood in the doorway. She shooed him with her hand, resuming her search for a restaurant that was open at this late hour.
Tumblr media
When the food arrived, she didn’t want to just leave it like it was. She tried to arrange everything nicely for him. Now she waited for him
to get out of the shower. She paced back and forth in the room before stopping in front of the window. She pulled the curtains to the side to reveal the dim city lights.
It was misty from all the rain and she couldn’t see well given how bright their hotel room was. She felt her cheeks getting warmer. Everything was starting to fall back into place. She felt proud of herself, proud of her group, proud of her boyfriend and his group. She was full of so much love now.
She felt herself shiver from the sudden air hitting her. She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing up and down on her skin to warm herself up.
She didn’t hear him get out of the shower until the door opened. Eden quickly turned around to see him shirtless, his hair falling flat against his face and his shorts fitting comfortably around his waist.
“It smells good.” He smelled the aroma of their dinner. She couldn’t help but giggle, looking back out the window and taking the scent in.
Seokmin made his way behind her, trying to make himself level with her view to see what she was looking at. He took this as the opportunity to hug her from behind. She exhaled, leaning back against his chest and gripping onto his wrists.
“I never thought we’d be in the states together like this.” He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, rocking them back and forth before kissing her cheek.
“Is it better than Jeju? or Busan?” She looked at their reflection in the glass, rubbing her thumb over his knuckles.
“It doesn’t matter where we are. As long as I’m with you.” He smirked, shaking his head before bending his knees and picking her up by the waist. “I’m starving.”
Eden would never get used to him picking her up so effortlessly like this. She worried about putting too much strain on his muscles that he needed for his work. He set her down by the bed, taking the chair and grinning at their setup.
“Thank you,” Seokmin quickly reached over the tray to kiss her. “Love you. Let’s eat.”
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berries and cream (part 1)
ateez 9th member.
how sunji spends sunwoo’s birthday, part uno!
im not sure if eric is still in la since he was announced to be on hiatus so i didn’t include him in this just in case. i hope he’s doing better these days :(
credits to @/sunnycobs on twt for this picture!!
➴ taglist: @banhmi07, @jiyeons-closet, @mochibabycakes, @marsophilia, @studioreader, @dkdlwhs12, @jaembluey, @atzaria, @skzfairies, @starlightjoong, @bbanghoonie, @moonlight-additions
➴ masterlist
Tumblr media
“Jiyu does know what day it is, right?” Sunwoo mumbled, dejected as he reread the message his girlfriend had sent him a few moments prior.
[tiny princess 👑💗] sorry sunnie, kq needs us to come in today!! :(
Peeking at the younger boy’s phone, Hyunjae couldn’t help but burst into loud laughter, blatantly ignoring the look Sunwoo threw at him. Tousling his hair, Hyunjae tried to throw Sunwoo off Jiyu’s trail. “Well, with them trying to reschedule concert dates for their world tour, it makes sense that they’d be busy for the time being.”
Tricked into believing his girlfriend had completely forgotten about his birthday, Sunwoo felt himself deflate. He knew it couldn’t be helped with the line of work they were in, but deep down, he was so excited to spend the day with her and had hoped she would keep the day open. 
In reality, it was quite chaotic on Jiyu’s side as she, Mingi, and Hongjoong heaved all the materials they needed from the company car to the secluded spot along the Hangang to initiate Jiyu’s plan. 
“I-Is that all?” Mingi asked, taking in gulps of air through his mask. They may all regularly work out, but with the time crunch they were on, they had to work and move things around twice as fast. 
Fanning herself, Jiyu tiredly nodded. “Once the others come back with the snacks, we’ll have everything.”
Yes, it took the other six boys to go buy the necessary snacks and drinks on Jiyu’s behalf. With the way they were wandering around the mart to find their designated items, it felt like a mission they would usually receive on a reality show. All that was missing was the little camera they would usually carry around to film themselves.
“Did she specify which berries she wanted?” San asked, browsing through the various fruits on display. 
“Didn’t she say blueberries?” Wooyoung mulled, picking up the said fruit container.
“No, she said strawberries...” Yeosang denied, picking up the strawberries container that was right next to the blueberries. 
“Are you sure?”
“No, but that’s her favorite fruit.”
Meanwhile, Seonghwa, Yunho, and Jongho were stuck at the convenience store across the Hangang contemplating what snacks to buy for Jiyu’s little birthday set-up. 
Jongho eyed the beer cans when they passed by. “She never specified what snacks she wanted, so that gives us free reign, right?” 
“No, we’re not getting her or Sunwoo drunk,” Seonghwa instantly denied as he and Yunho scoured the store. “One, it’s dangerous, and second, it’s dangerous.”
Jiyu felt bad that this was all pulled together so last minute and that the boys were sacrificing one of their precious practice days to help her. Since they stayed in LA longer then planned to train, plus the talks with the company to reschedule the Europe dates for their world tour, she and Sunwoo hadn’t been able to meet for months. So, determined to at least celebrate his birthday, Jiyu buckled down one night and planned a small surprise birthday picnic.
W ith the approval and even help of a few company staff and her amazing and precious boys, they were able to gather all the things she needed. Also, a huge thank you to their manager for taking time out of his day to drive them around. 
“Do you have the cake?” Hongjoong asked as he and Mingi spread the blanket on the ground. 
“Yeah, it’s right here,” she answered, pointing to the box by her feet. “Isn’t it cute? It was a literal blessing in disguise when I saw this design!”
The pastel green cake was sparsely decorated with daisies, and on top of the cake sat an adorable little sun ornament—the selling point for Jiyu. It was a cake practically made for Sunwoo. Hongjoong and Mingi knew it was the one when they saw how her eyes lit up upon first sight.
“I hope Yunho remembered the candle...” 
“Speaking of Yunho, they’re back,” Hongjoong announced upon seeing the other six walking towards them with their snack hauls. “...With a lot of fruit.”
"I did tell them just strawberries would be fine...but I guess that works too,” Jiyu chuckled before skipping over to help the trio who were still engaged in their heated debate over who’s fruit purchase was correct.
“I specifically remember her asking for strawberries,” Yeosang defended, looking at the fruit they had purchased. There were four fruit containers in the bag—one strawberry, one blueberry, one raspberry, and one blackberry—courtesy of Wooyoung adamantly stating they should buy all the fruits available at the mart with “berry” at the end of their name. 
“Yeah, but you can’t go wrong with variety!” Wooyoung argued back. 
“He really went all out,” Jiyu mumbled to San as she took the bags from him.
“He seems more enthusiastic now than he did for your own birthday,” he joked, knowing full well the only reason was because he loved playing cupid. “I hope this one tub of whipped cream is enough by the way.”
“That’s perfect! I brought little glass bowls for the fruits and cream so can you and whoever’s available just set them out for me?”
The theme for the picnic was decided by Jiyu to be “berries and cream”, in honor of the two songs that Sunwoo had released on his birthday this and last year. 
“I’m surprised at your willpower for not listening to the song until today,” Jongho came up and poked her cheek while she set the cake on top of the box it came in. Ripping open the candle package, he helped her gently stick four candles into the center of the cake.
This year, since ATEEZ spent some time in the states after their tour, Sunwoo offered to send her the song so she could be one of the firsts to listen to it. But she wanted to have her first listen with him like she did the year before, so she decided to put it off until she could see him.
“Well, our concert stops did help me take my mind off of it for a bit. But I almost caved when ATINYs and Deobis started tagging our account on Twitter and Instagram underneath snippets of the song.”
“Baby Monster, can we call Sunwoo now? Knowing him, he’s probably a kicked puppy thinking you forgot about his birthday, “ Yeosang snickered, envisioning the poor boy piled underneath his comforters and sulking. 
Tumblr media
“Hyung, where are we going?” Sunwoo asked as Haknyeon and Chanhee dragged him by his arms into their company car that had been parked and waiting outside of their dorm. Five minutes ago, he had been in his room brooding over the fact that Jiyu was busy on his birthday.
While clueless at what had suddenly gotten into everyone, he found himself sandwiched between his two captors. Four, including Hyunjae and their manager in the driver and passenger seat.
Hyunjae twisted around to face the back. “You’ve literally been sulking all day. On your birthday.” 
“Okay, but where are we—yah!” As he spoke, his world suddenly went black.
Chanhee had slipped an eye mask over Sunwoo’s eyes, as requested by Jiyu. Holding back laughter at how the boy was frantically trying to process what was happening to him, he reached over to pat his shoulder. “Calm down before someone thinks we kidnapped you.”
“But you are—!”
“You can dish it out with the person in charge of this later.” Hakneyon says, voice wavering at the hilarious scene next to him. 
“And who would that be?!” Being the jumpy and scared person he was, poor Sunwoo was about to start throwing punches. Had it not been for Chanhee’s comforting hand laying on his shoulder, he would’ve accidentally smacked Haknyeon into next week.
With his vision obstructed, Sunwoo was blissfully unaware of Hyunjae snapping pictures of his panicked state to send them off to a certain someone. “You’ll figure it out when we get there,” he reassured with a sly smile as he hit “send”.
Tumblr media
“We’re going down stairs, so one step at a time, please,” Chanhee warned as the trio slowly descended the stairs, Chanhee holding onto one of Sunwoo’s arm and Haknyeon the other.
Upon arriving, Hyunjae claimed he had to use the restroom before bolting off to find Jiyu. Chanhee and Haknyeon’s last task was to guide Sunwoo, who was still blindfolded, to the designated spot.
“This is scary, can you please just tell me where we’re going?” Sunwoo asked. He trusted his members, but everything happened so suddenly that he hadn’t had time to properly prepare himself for whatever was about to come.
“We’re not abandoning you, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Chanhee snorted, hoping that his small joke lightened up Sunwoo’s mood.
“Gee, thanks hyung.”
“Oh, here comes your favorite person,” Haknyeon chuckled as he spotted the familiar girl jogging up to them with Hyunjae in tow. “Your boyfriend’s about to pee his pants from fear!” he called out to her once she was within earshot.
Meanwhile, Sunwoo’s brain was working overtime to piece together what was happening. ‘Boyfriend? Jiyu? But she was busy today—’
“I was kind of joking about the blindfold, I can’t believe you went with it!” a familiar, melodious laughter filled his ears.
Hearing the voice that he’s been wishing to hear all day melted his fears and worries away. He relaxed in Chanhee’s and Haknyeon’s hold and allowed a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding out.
“All right, your boyfriend’s been delivered as instructed so we’ll let you take it from here,” Chanhee said, tone playful and mischievous as he handed the boy in his clutch over to Jiyu.
“All right then, just give us a call whenever you’re both done and we’ll come get him! And keep it PG!” With those cryptic parting words from Hyunjae, the trio quickly left to give the couple their alone time.
Once it was just them, Jiyu peeked up to Sunwoo and broke out into giggles. With the blindfold and the mask, every part of Sunwoo’s face was basically covered. “Sorry love, you must’ve been taken aback,” she cooed, reaching up to gently take the sleeping mask away from his eyes.
Blinking multiple times for his eyes to adjust to the sunlight, his bewildered gaze finally settled on Jiyu and he brought her into his arms for a tight embrace.
“What are you doing here?” he mumbled into her hair. The dejected feelings that had been clouding his heart and mind dissipated when her body touched his. It had been a rough few months without her physically beside him. He had missed this. He missed her.
She wrapped her arms around him in return and drawing random, mindless patterns on his back. “Did you miss me?” she softly asked.
“Do I even need to answer that question?”
He felt her chest rumble with small laughter. “Aww, you won’t admit it? I was going to say I missed you, too.”
She felt happiness course through her veins when she felt his arms tighten around her and heard the deep timbre of his voice mumbling the words that she’s heard countless times over the phone, but she wished to hear in person.
“I missed, you lovebug.”
“I missed you, too. Happy birthday, my love.”
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chloekwon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
CHLOE KWON’S first WORLD TOUR, THE COLORFUL WORLD TOUR, was set through 2022. she started off the tour with TWO dates in SEOUL on MARCH 18TH and 19TH before flying out to start her NORTH AMERICAN leg of the tour the following week. The concert when by COLOR, starting with her RED album and making her way through to COLORFUL and REPUTATION.
the RED section of the tour was known for it’s red lights and stage set. it was UPBEAT but at the same time staying SEXY and VIBEY like the entire album had been. she played all FOUR songs on the album, stopping in between each one and talking to the crowd.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The blue section of the CONCERT was softer and much more laid back. easy to see because of the BLUE LIGHTING, this section of the concert featured CHLOE sitting on a beautiful couch in a gorgeous dress, sometimes playing guitar depending on which song she was playing. she, again, played all FOUR songs on the album and explained the deep meaning behind all of them for the crowd.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the YELLOW section of the concert was BIGHT and FUN. CHLOE was on her feat the whole time, walking around stage and singing to the audience if the song didn’t have a choreography. some songs were not upbeat, but the stage was filled with fun and hope during it. she performed all FOUR songs from the album during this section.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the COLORFUL section was full of many different vibes. she played songs from both COLORFUL and F**K MY REPUTATION, which led to very different overall vibes then what they had originally been planning, but CHLOE insisted that COLORFUL was meant to show off all side of her as an artist and that included what she made for F**K MY REPUTATION.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the ENCORE had a ROTATING SETLIST, from which CHLOE would perform THREE songs as well as INTRODUCE all of the people that were on stage with her like her BACKUP DANCERS. Chloe brought back styles from each of the colors, the YELLOW SHOES, the RED SHORTS, and the BLUE BUTTERFLY HAIR CLIPS, along with wearing the TOUR SHIRT.
CHLOE had a very big say in the styling and what happened during the concert nd she was very proud of how they turned out
many of her FRIENDS came to support her on her first two shows before she left for the rest of the shows
there were a number of people that came but fans caught pictures of BANG CHAN and HAN of STRAY KIDS, LIA and YEJI of ITZY, CHAEYEON, LILY of NMIXX, and LOTTÉ of TWISTED (@twistednine)
CHLOE said that the TWICE girls were sad they couldn't come to the concert but wished her luck before it started
CHLOE'S family came to visit and watched the concert, taking her and all of her friends out for dinner afterwards
she was so excited to see her FAMILY she talked about it for days on BUBBLE afterwards
while she was singing THE CURE on the first night of the concerts, BORA ran out and pointed out that all the fans were singing the song and CHLOE just stopped and let them all sing the rest of it (she cried and was v emotional during that but she loved every second of it)
every night she had a concert she was trending on TWITTER with people posting so many fancams of what happened
there were so many TIKTOKS about people showing off their CONCERT OUTFITS before going and talking about how much fun they had
CHLOE was super active on INSTAGRAM during her tour, posting pictures of every place she went and pictures from each concert
CHLOE'S concerts were very big and she made so much material during these months she was touring
when she went to VANCOUVER it was a big deal and they even recorded that show and made a DVD based on that concert
at the VANCOUVER concert, many of her friends from school came to watch and even her FIRST GRADE TEACHER, MRS. OLSEN, came to support her and she got a picture with her after the show, posting it and thanking her for introducing her to songwriting
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alwaysvivid · 19 days ago
—— ♡ ˗ˏˋ 𝐕𝐈𝐕𝐈𝐃 STORYLINES 2022 ! ࿐ྂ
𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 ? 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘺 ?
TW / death , ed , suicide attempts , self harm , toxic relationships , unstable family dynamics
Tumblr media
𝐝 𝐚 𝐲 𝐧 𝐚
Tumblr media
dayna has been an over achiever since she was a kid , excelling in almost all areas in school. since she was young she has been a perfectionist that holds herself to unrealistic standards which only exasperates her already low self image as she is not performing to the standard she expects from herself. so when she went to korea to become an idol and kept watching the people around her debut instead of her it took a huge toll on her mental health. this mixed with the pressure that she put on herself as the leader has made dayna often isolate herself , focus on work and never seek out relationships.
she met namjoon when she was on set of love yourself highlight reel and the 2 have been close ever since. it was clear they both had feelings for each other but never acted on them. she started dating jb of got7 june 2018 after he reached on expressing he was a huge fan. the 2 dated for just over a year. after yuri’s meltdown namjoon was there for dayna and the two ended up sleeping together. when telling jaebeom she’d cheated he still wanted to be with her but in the end dayna told both namjoon and jaebeom that she thinks a relationship is the last thing she could handle as she had to focus on her career and properly grieve her mothers death. work and vivid have been her focus ever since and she had hardly entertained anyone longer than 2 months - minus suho who she casually saw for 6 months in 2020 - until she started developing feelings for her long time friend sana of twice. she is still unsure if she has time for a relationship but her feelings for sana are too strong to ignore and she feels so comfortable around her. she helps her loosen up , have fun and live life for herself which is something she struggles with.
p l a y l i s t ღ
Tumblr media
𝐲 𝐮 𝐫 𝐢
Tumblr media
since yuri was young she has had an unhealthy relationship with food and her own self image. a lot of her body issues stem from her relationship with her mother as when she was younger yuri was chubby and her mother often made comments about how she would be even prettier if she was thin. this mindset of “pretty=thin” has stuck with her ever since and caused her to develop severe body dysmorphia and disordered eating . when yuri became a trainee she lost a lot of weight and was constantly praised for her visuals and nothing else making her equate her worth to how pretty and small people thought she was. once she debuted she faced a lot of online hate because she was not at the same skill level as the other girls making people think that she bought her debut and she couldn’t escape the hate. she struggled dealing with it and her eating disorder only got worse as she tried to be “prettier” as a means to get people to like her. on the 30th of june 2019 yuri tried to take her own life. dayna found her and immediately she was put on indefinite hiatus and checked into an eating disorder and mental health clinic. they had to push back their comeback and promote as 4 for a year. she still feels a lot of guilt towards the members, especially dayna.
when it comes to romantic relationships yuri has never been in stable relationship until recently. her first major relationship was with yuto of pentagon who repeatedly cheated on her, they were on and off for just over 2.5 years. during their longest break, yuri started seeing kim taehyung of bts and the two really hit it off and were a thing for a couple of months. tae had genuine deep feelings for her but she was not over yuto yet so yuri broke up with him over text when yuto wanted to get back together. yuri has tried to talk to him since but he barely even greets her. yuri started dating yuta on the 14th of feb 2020 and they have been together ever since. yuta accidentally outed their relationship december 2020 and both companies confirmed their they were together and the 2 date openly. however as of recently they’ve both been feeling that there’s something missing and whilst yuri tries her best to fix it she cannot deny that the end is near. recently tae has been forced to interact with yuri more as they are both brand ambassadors for celine and have been sent on lots of trips together. despite his animosity towards her it’s clear that they still have chemistry and are both falling all over again.
p l a y l i s t ღ
Tumblr media
𝐬 𝐨 𝐫 𝐚
Tumblr media
sora has always had an unconventional family ; her mother had her at 16 , she had no relationship with her father and she was an only child raised by her grandmother. her mother was barely home when she was growing up because she decided to focus on school in seoul while sora was left in busan with her grandmother. although now her mom is trying to fix their relationship sora still resents her even refusing to call her mom. they have family dinners twice a month with her mothers new family and even though they’re on their way to a better relationship it’s going to take a lot for sora to forgive her and heal her inner child that just wanted her mom around. she is however extremely close with her grandma and loves her more than anything.
sora struggles a lot with her mental health and is prone to impulsive and dangerous outbursts that makes her feel like she’s too much for anyone to be with. when she was a trainee she tried to take her own life but it was unsuccessful . she has only told a select few of this incident. sora has struggled with self harm since she was 13 and when people around her would show concern she would shut them down. but after yuri’s meltdown in 2019 she started seeking out proper help.
when it comes to relationships she had serious trust , abandonment and commitment issues that stem from her unstable family and relationships . it causes her to seek out validation through physical relationships and avoid anything deeper. after her friendship turned fwb relationship with kino dissolved almost overnight , her toxic relationship with changkyun and being forced to breakup with rose because dispatch was about to out them , she had given up on love because it never seemed to work out. she struggled with the concept of love and believed for the longest time that she is unlovable and no one would ever love her enough to never leave her. that was until her relationships with fin and chan. fin was her first real long term relationship but chan was the deepest and realest love she’d ever felt.
p l a y l i s t ღ
Tumblr media
𝐬 𝐢 𝐬 𝐢
Tumblr media
ft. @se4sonz &. noah of @bluwavez
whilst cece was still a trainee under angelico entertainment she was harassed by a staff member who wanted to date her despite her being underage. when she debuted in se4sons that staff member became one of her managers and would keep trying to make advances on her. she would speak to her then boyfriend noah about it but due to his own trauma he would encourage her to entertain him to better career and so for sometime she did. until one day he told her that if she slept with him he’d make sure she’d be the breakout star of the group with all the screen time , lines and schedules outside of the group. cece declined and he graduated her from se4sons the next day. she was traumatized and wanted to leave music as a whole but noah , felix and chan helped her rediscover her passion and so she reauditioned and joined cube.
cece seeks validation through people , especially men as her entire life her looks have been the center of her existence. she believes so much in people to the point that she allows herself to get in bad relationships because she gives people the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t know her own self worth. she is so desperate to feel loved and wanted she takes it from anyone that is just a little too nice to her. cece has never really been single for long enough to figure out who she is on her own. she wants to be the perfect girl for them their own personal manic pixie dream girl and so she does anything to please them. cece doesn’t fully know herself so she often changes and morphs herself to be whatever her boyfriend wants and she loses herself in the process. she has only ever been in long term relationships since she was 13 with her high school boyfriend from australia for 2.5 years then noah of deep dive for almost 2 years , and jaehyun who she is confident is her soulmate despite their rocky relationship. secretly she also was seeing their choreographer jay who told her he was leaving his then girlfriend but was actually still with her and she was pregnant with their first child. all of her boyfriends have cheated on her repeatedly leaving her with a “if i was just enough for them they wouldn’t cheat” mentality that have made her deeply insecure. and despite better guys -yeonjun- showing interest in her and promising to treat her the way she deserves she can’t seem to let jaehyun go.
p l a y l i s t ღ
Tumblr media
𝐥 𝐞 𝐨
Tumblr media
heeyoung is an only child and moved around a lot as a kid and never stayed anywhere long enough to form really strong friendships. that was until she was 10 and moved back to seoul where she met hwang hyunjin who quickly became her best friend. they grew up just 5 minutes away from each other and the two were inseparable their entire life which made heeyoung slightly possessive as they got older because she didn’t have as many friends as hyunjin nor did she get as much romantic attention due to her tomboyish aesthetic as a kid. after he was her first kiss at 13 she developed feelings for hyunjin which unbeknownst to her he reciprocated until her 19th birthday where they kissed and realised they just weren’t actually into each other. they decided to just stay friends and to this day they are the most important person in the others lives.
on a random day when they were still trainees heeyoung was waiting for hyunjin before the two would go home and she met jisung who she clicked with immediately only to find out hyunjin hated him. she pretended to hate jisung for a while before she had to admit that they got along and started hanging out a lot more and before she knew it they were doing everything together and became best friends. she doesn’t remember the exact moment it happened but by the end of 2018 she was in love with him. after getting drunk one night the two kissed and that weekend was their conjoined surprise birthday with felix -the triplets- where she kissed hyunjin which really hurt jisung and the two didn’t speak for 2 months before heeyoung reached out and they started dating. they are the perfect together , everyone calls them the soulmates and they really think they are. on january 1st 2021 dispatch exposed their relationship and despite denying their relationship to their companies heeyoungs account got hacked and photos of them were leaked. the two were forced to split and stayed separated for over a year where they both explored other connections namely jisung with eden and heeyoung with hwiyoung of sf9 . neither of them were over the other and they rekindled their relationship january 2022.
p l a y l i s t ღ
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meganetlabe · 4 days ago
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princessyoungmi · 11 months ago
relationship with enhypen
enhypen 8th member.
Tumblr media
↳ heeseung
her best friend ever since they had the entry test for iland together.
he always made sure she was coping well during iland amongst twenty two other boys.
heeseung is her number one person to go to when she needs to talk about something.
they were both considered bighit’s aces.
he’s like another brother to her—her support pillar and a (joking) pain whenever he’s in a teasing mood.
Tumblr media
↳ jay
there’s a funny story as to how they got close:
she used to be intimidated by him, but immediately warmed up to him after he cooked ramen for her once.
she always goes to him for shoulder massages and she always leaves feeling so refreshed.
he’s like her happy pill whenever she feels down.
and he has a huge soft spot for her so he’ll usually let her get away with a majority of her pranks and teasing jabs.
Tumblr media
↳ jake
youngmi looked after him so much during iland.
now he helps her with her math homework as his way of saying thanks LOL
she kind of developed an aussie accent after listening to him talk in english for so long.
jake mistook her for a staff member’s sister when she was first transferred to belift…
he sends her videos of layla since he knows she loves his dog more than anything else.
Tumblr media
↳ sunghoon
oddly enough, despite spending the whole time in iland together, the two were never really close until the concept test in part two
they suffered together trying to act cute in chamber five…
once youngmi broke through his shell, he became a lot more open around her.
contemporary dance buddies!!
their such a wholesome duo, please don’t hurt them :((
Tumblr media
↳ jungwon
youngmi babies him a lot even though he’s their leader (not that he minds LOL)
another baby who got attached to her during iland :(
they both bonded over how they were both former sm trainees.
they both have huge soft spots for each other.
she usually irons his and sunoo’s uniform for school whenever she does her own :(
Tumblr media
↳ sunoo
youngmi’s third literal child :(
she’s always looking out for him and making sure he takes his vitamins and supplements.
and she loves pinching his cheeks (and he lets her).
he was a fan of her’s during pd48.
he usually like following her around with niki since he grew fairly attached to her, too during iland.
Tumblr media
↳ niki
her literal baby
he got really attached to her during iland so he’ll usually be found within her vicinity (respecting her boundaries when necessary of course).
but youngmi loves him either way so she doesn’t mind the clinginess.
she helps him whenever he doesn’t understand something in korean.
no because when niki returned to iland for part two, he immediately ran to youngmi for a hug :((
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irisblu3 · 3 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐥𝐮 ! ❀
Tumblr media
iris-blu smith has been producing under the name BLU since 2017 and has become known for her heavenly backup vocals in all the tracks she has produced. BLU has worked with various kpop artists throughout the industry showing great variety in style and sound. in her short career BLU has over 200 song credits under her name. her sounds varies from track to track but each song has that special something about it that screams BLU !
i will be making a 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐥𝐮 video and would love to have her produce for other ocs. interact with this post and dm me if you’d like BLU to produce for your oc !
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rainbowssi · 2 months ago
itzy 6th member au
victoria’s outfits and lines in the ‘Sneakers’ MV
masterlist 🌶️ requests are open feedback is always important to me!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
0:25 - 0:30 I’m on my way up Run to the top I’m fly, to be straight up 
1:00 - 1:02  (w/ Charyoung)  You know I’m making moves ya ya
1:44 - 1:48 Put my sneakers on Tie ‘em up, ready, get set, go 
2:08 - 2:14 Call me crazy, call me trouble Or you can call me weirdo Imma make this clear though
2:44 - 2:47 Me against the open road I wanna follow where it goes Start right now
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honeyylin · 7 months ago
!NEWS ARTICLE! The Mistreatment of Kim Jinae of Seventeen.
( 1 / 4 / 2022) Soompies (like soompi but uh no copyright here)
Tumblr media
many idols have gone through the "lazy dancer" controversy and Jinae is one of them. in a group like seventeen known for their crazy synchronization, many people are quick to point out if someone is out of sync or not.
in the video below of their dance practice "VERY NICE" you can see that she wasn't in sync with the other members, (pointed out by multiple people) and was soon seen again not being in sync during their pre-recording of VERY NICE + HONEY remix.
their fans, know as carats, defended the girl saying that it was cold outside or she wasn't the only one that wasn't dancing as powerful as hoshi, one of her fellow members.
WE'VE KNOWN KIM JINAE SINCE SEVENTEEN TV. SEVENTEEN TV is an online program which was broadcast periodically on Ustream. the program shows the group before their official debut in the entertainment industry.
everything the boys and girls did were recorded and broadcasted, so we got to see the very first day jinae had joined pledis entertainment.
jinae was with the other girl trainees and you could hear the other trainees asking for her her and her sister what they could do. you can hear jinae, in her broken korean at the time, say that she couldn't sing or dance. when this aired many fans of the show were conflicted on her debuting or not.
though jinae's sister did say that she could rap, many were not impressed by it.
jinae has obviously improved a lot since then. it was a good thing the seventeen members weren't allowed to see the comments back then.
FEMALE GIRL IDOLS ARE KNOWN FOR BEING EXTREAMLY SKINNY AND FOR BEING PUT ON DIETS BY THEIR COMPANY. pledis entertainment has told jinae to to go on multiple diet during her debut days. many fans saw how past staff would treat her while on her diet.
after the diets pledis has forced them on was banned jinae was finally able to eat food without worrying. now, i bet you're wondering why we've added this. and here is why.
when jinae was eating with her members during a GOING SEVENTEEN with food, you could see her eyeing to the side. you can see her member the8, known as minghao or myungho, give her some of the food they were given. she was hesitant at first but went ahead and ate.
these simple gestures were what made many carats and fans of GOING SEVENTEEN assume she was back on a diet plan.
after the episode was release, fans saw jinae out with some of her members which made fans worry more over her weight lost.
Tumblr media
during their 'Pretty U' era, carats noticed a certain girl wasn't in the music video enough.
at first, many didn't realize it until a few days later after the music video was released.
carats ran to twitter after finding out.
Tumblr media
later a statement was sent from pledis from their twitter, apologizing.
during a hi touch in Kcon LA 2018, there were many people who skipped the poor girl.
many fans can see the girl was obviously sad about being skipped, the members tried cheering her up by giving her smiles but jinae was still disappointed.
Recently, SEVENTEEN has made the comeback of Rock With You on 22 October 2021.
Wishing Jinae the best of luck during this comeback!
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cafemilk-tea · 24 days ago
➝ request: @billboard-singer
➝ taglist @justmochi @ateezjuliet @itzy-eve @cosmicwintr @billboard-singer
Tumblr media
“Actually-“ Seungkwan spoke into the mic, looking down the row towards Evelyn, “-Our own Eunji has been working out more recently.”
“Her arms have gotten larger since the last tour that’s for sure,” Seokmin added, turning to smile brightly at Evelyn.
The camera panned over to Evelyn as her eyes grew wide, the crowd bursting out into excited cheers. She held her hands up and waved them frantically, trying her best to calm the carats down. Sure, she had been going to the gym more often than before, but her muscles weren’t that big.
“I don’t know what they’re talking about,” She rushed out, a smile attached to her face, “They are the same size I swear!”
“Look, Evelyn’s turning red,” Dino stepped forward from his place in line to look down at her, laughing into the mic.
Evelyn couldn’t stop the giggles escaping her mouth, having to turn her back to the crowd to try and compose herself again. She shivered when a cold sensation met her arms, the crowd erupting in even louder screams than before that were almost deafening.
It took her a second to realize that her jacket was yanked down revealing her toned arms. She whipped her head to the side to find the culprit, Seokmin, running back to his place in line, doubling over as loud cackles filled his mic.
The members turned to look at the LED screens behind them, taking turns on praising and complimenting Evelyn’s arms.
“I’m jealous of Evie’s arms.”
“She’s going to start showing them more now, just wait.”
“Eunji’s arms are bigger than Mingyu’s.”
She turned back to face the crowd, her face painted with shock and disbelief, pulling her jacket back up onto her shoulders. “Wow, Seokmin is a real troublemaker.”
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baejl · a month ago
red velvet 6th member au \ superm 8th member au
when the most iconic friendship of kpop started
WARNINGS: this is set in jaein’s pre debut days and she was around 7 years old at this time. hope you guys enjoy it!
masterlist 🦋 requests are open feedback is awalys important to me!
Tumblr media
Gathering his things around the dance studio, Taemin wasn't sure his legs were obeying him anymore. He was so, so tired. Usually, practices were difficult and exhausting, but something about this new dance routine made it even worse - if that was even possible.
Like the past few days, he was the last trainee to leave the company. The dark and empty hallway would be scary if he wasn't so tired to be scared.
Humming the EDM beats of the song he chose for this month's evaluation, he got in the elevator, wasting no time pressing the 'home' button and leaning his head against the mirror, closing his eyes.
Taemin might have slumbered as the elevator ring made him open his eyes fast and fix his backpack on his shoulder. He was stepping hard and fast when something caught his attention. Or maybe, someone.
A little girl sitting in a butterfly pose, with two notebooks on her lap, a Barbie bag on her right and a doll on her left, called his attention. She seemed so concentrated that she didn't even notice she was alone. For as long as he could remember, she wasn't a trainee.
Maybe, she was some employee's daughter.  
"Hm... Hello?" Taemin greeted her, carefully approaching the girl.
She looked up from her notebooks with a smile on her face.
"Hi! How are you?" she asked.
Looking around one more time, trying to find the girl's parents,
"Do you need any help? Do your parents know you're here?" he kindly asked, not wanting to frighten the girl. "I'm Lee Taemin."
"Oh!" the girl smiled at him. "You're Taemin? I'm Jaein. Kim Jaein."
"Oh! So, you're the Kim Jaein?" Taemin said, sitting next to her doll. "I know your brother, Charles. He's my classmate."
"I'm sorry for you. It must be super boring." Jaein pouted, making Taemin laugh out loud.
"Do your parents work here?" he asked.
As much as he wanted to go home and rest, he couldn't let an 8-years-old girl alone in the lobby of one of the biggest buildings he had ever seen. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to that girl.
"No." Jaein shook her head. "I'm a trainee!"
Taemin widened his eyes and looked at the girl, shocked.
"What?" he questioned.
"Uncle Sooman said that I'm not allowed to train with the older trainees yet, but he promised that as soon as I turn ten, I'll be allowed to." she excitedly explained it, even though Taemin didn't ask. "Like, today, I just got my first class of classical dance!"
"Oh!" he exclaimed, sitting next to her but still keeping a comfortable distance. "So, you're a dancer?" 
Jaein giggled, shaking her head. When she did that, Taemin realised she had a missing tooth, and it was so cute. 
"I'm not a dancer. Yet." she stressed. "But, I'm sure I'll be one of the greatest when I grow up. Are you a dancer, oppa?"
"Yeah, I am." Taemin nodded. "I'm a singer too."
"That's so cool!" Jaein beamed at him.
That girl was just a kid, and he asked himself if the fact of her being a trainee was true or just some lame kid's conversation. Charles has never mentioned that his sister was a trainee after all.
"I'm not a singer. I'm more into rapping." the girl said, shrugging and looking back at her book, looking at Taemin again with a sad face. "Do you want to do my homework, oppa? It's probably not that hard for you."
Her honesty made Taemin laugh out loud. He'd definitely tell this to her brother at school the next day.
"I don't think that's how it works, Jaein-ah." Taemin tried to refuse it politely. After all, he was talking to a kid. "I have to do your own homework so you can learn."
"But I don't want to learn!" Jaein pouted. "I want to sing and dance so I can train with you."
Taemin gave a weak laugh as he watched Jaein puffing, trying to solve some basic math division operation. If she only knew the truth behind being a trainee.
"Look," he said, making Jaein look at him. "you don't have to rush your time. I'm sure you'll be a great idol. You're here, and it already means a lot. Okay?"
"But I want to train like you guys do." Jaein pouted. "I see the unnies coming out of the dancing room, talking about their lessons, and they don't even teach me what they learn."
"Because what they learn is too hard for you, Jaein." Taemin tried to explain. "We do popping, isolation, locking... You'll learn all of that eventually."
"Can you teach me?" Jaein asked, doe eyes looking at Taemin. If she wasn't going to be an idol, she'd probably be an amazing actress.
Taemin pouted and shook her head, declining that. Jaein sighed and closed her book.
"It's okay." she said, showing him a comforting smile. Taemin helped her organise her stuff inside her Barbie bag. "I'll train a lot so that it won't take too long for me to have classes with you."
"I'm sure you will." Taemin just agreed. He knew she had no notion of the time it'd take her.
Jaein put her bag on and got up, looking outside the building. A black car stopped by, and Jaein jumped.
"My mommy arrived!" she excitedly said. "Do you want to go with us? Please, please, please!"
"I don't think I should-"
"Jaein Anne! Let’s go!" a woman called her out from the car.
 Jaein signed her to wait, looking back at the boy in front of her.
"Let's go, oppa!"
"No, Jaein." he refused. "Don't worry. I live 10 minutes from here. I'll be fine."
"Okay then." Jaein accepted it. "Anyway, I'll be here tomorrow so you can teach me some popping, isolation and locking."
The little girl just said that and started bouncing out the building, humming a kid song Taemin couldn't really recognise.
"But I said I wouldn't teach you." he replied.
Jaein gave a cute laugh before getting inside the car.
"Goodbye, oppa!"
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justmochi · 3 months ago
pairing :: eden x seokmin
word count :: 3.6k
synopsis :: eden visits seventeen at the hybe building.
warnings :: really bad angst. domestic abuse. toxic relationships. ptsd.
A/N :: ❗️ THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! ❗️ Please don’t assume that this is what said idol is like irl. It is not meant to defame or make anyone look bad. Please let me know if there are any other warnings I should add. This one gets really heavy.
Tumblr media
She never thought the day would come that she’d find herself standing in front of the hybe building. She much rather preferred the old practice room that Seventeen used, it was cozy and wasn’t too overwhelming to navigate. The only thing holding her back was her own anxiety. Seokmin would come to visit her in his spare time, the least she could do was get over her own fears and see him too.
Seokmin had been waiting on the first floor at the doors for her, quickly letting her in and wrapping his arm around her. “It may look a bit overwhelming but just follow me.”
She nodded, locking her arm around his waist. She had a knot in her stomach until seeing his smile, her nerves being eased little by little. It was all so high tech and fancy.
Getting to Seventeen’s practice room, they were all stretching and messing around with one another. Seokmin clapped, making his presence known and all the boys waved towards her.
It had been what felt like ages since seeing them like this. And they were all still the most welcoming. Seungkwan approached her, holding his hand up for a high five.
“It’s been forever, welcome back!” He smiled, looking at his member before back at her. “What do you think?”
“It’s huge. Has anyone gotten lost yet?”
Seungkwan looked at Seokmin, laughing before he shut up quickly because of the glare he was giving him. “Yeah, all of us have had our fair share of problems.”
“It’s the same as it’s always been. Just a bit more space, that’s all.” Seokmin smiled down at her, rubbing her shoulder while pulling her closer to his chest.
“So I guess I can just chill on the sidelines and be your guy's cheerleader?” She flattened her lips, raising her eyebrows at the two men.
“You can do whatever you want.” He reassured her. There weren't too many rules that changed, so she took it as her sign to behave like she always had. It had been years since she saw the group practice like this, she almost forgot what she would do when she visited him regularly.
“Well Eunhye, you know we’d love nothing more than to keep chatting with you, but your man has to stretch. I’m sure you don’t want her to be looking after you when you get a cramp.” Seungkwan’s eyes were strict, raising his eyebrows as Seokmin sighed.
Eden turned in his grasp, feeling him perfectly rest his chin on top of her head. She hugged him, patting his back before pulling away and smiling at him. “Go do your stretches.” He didn’t want to let go of her hand, his body turning into putty as she slipped from his fingers. Seungkwan put his hands on his shoulders, pushing him to where his members were stretching on the floor.
The girl walked toward the perimeter of the room, finding a free bench to sit and watch.
Tumblr media
The choreographer called a break, the men taking a few to catch their breaths. Seokmin was always one of those who dropped to the floor from how hard he was working. When he finally had the energy to get up, he walked to the bench where Eden was, plopping down next to her. She quickly offered his water bottle for him to chug. She took the towel in her other hand to wipe the beads of sweat falling from his forehead.
“You okay?”
“Our dances just get harder and harder.” He let out a big puff, shutting his eyes and finishing almost half of his bottle.
“I know, but you guys are doing great. You are unmatched.” She smiled, patting his shoulder to encourage him.
He pouted his lips, looking over to her with one eye open. “Thank you, E.”
“I missed watching your practices, it’s always so fascinating. You don’t miss a single detail.”
“That’s our goal.” He nodded, leaning his head against her shoulder.
“Hey now, you’re still sweaty.” She could just feel the heat radiating from his skin, using the towel to get him off.
“That’s never stopped you any other time.” Seokmin squinted his eyes, smirking at her. Her cheeks immediately went red, playfully slapping his chest.
“Seriously, not here.” She spoke softly under her breath, watching his cocky smile appear after flustering her. “I’m going to the bathroom.”
She stood up only to stop in her tracks. She didn’t know this building like she did the Pledis one. She pursed her lips, looking back at him to see him smile.
“Do you know where to go?” Seokmin covered his mouth to keep himself from laughing.
“Do you?”
He snorted, his face almost immediately turning serious. “No. I somehow always manage to get lost when I walk these halls. Seungcheol knows them best.”
She chuckled at how adorable her boyfriend was being. She could just imagine him being late to practice because he couldn’t find the right floor or door to go through. Jeonghan always seemed to have the most trouble passing through face recognition.
So she went up to Seungcheol who was leaning against one of the walls, talking to Jeonghan. The men both perked up and smiled when seeing her coming their way. She asked them for directions to the bathroom, dumbfounded by all the turns she had to take. She made them repeat it once more, biting the inside of her cheek before leaving the room and venturing out on her own. She replayed the directions in her head, taking note of each turn she took. When seeing the bathrooms, she let out a sigh of relief.
She eyed herself in the mirror. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone with her and she took a moment to look at herself. Her under eyes were dark, but when were they not? She washed her hands with soap, drying them off and looking at herself again. She gently pressed her cheeks with the back of her hand, wondering if she could feel herself blushing.
She smiled to herself. She had been paranoid this entire time for no reason. Now she felt sorry for not visiting the boys sooner. It went as smoothly as it could’ve. She knew just by the look in his eyes that it meant a lot to him that she came to visit. She never had to wonder if his members liked her. She was content.
She had her phone out, texting her members group chat to let them know how everything was going. She walked out of the restroom, her eyes glued to her phone until she ran into a person, her phone falling to the floor. She cursed under her breath, knowing she couldn’t get herself out of this. She kneeled to the ground, trying to pick up her phone when she felt their hands on top of hers.
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking-”
“Eunhye?” Her eyes widened, feeling her entire body freeze. She remembered the voice all too well, she couldn’t miss it. She lifted her head up, seeing none other than Jimin looking back at her.
He helped her off the floor, handing her phone back to her with a smile. “As clumsy as ever.”
“Jimin? How are you?” Her heart was beating so fast. If she could run away, she would, but she wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction. She made herself keep the peace.
“I’m great. You? It’s been a while.”
“I-I’m okay, yeah.” Eden nodded, putting her phone away into her pocket and forcing a grin. “You’re good though, right? I didn’t hurt you?”
“It’s okay.” He was smiling until his body language changed in an instant. “Wait, what are you doing here?”
Her mouth hung open, unable to push any words out. How was she supposed to explain why she was in his building. “Well I- uh.”
“Oh wait.” He came to a realization, snickering to himself. “You’re here to see Seokmin, aren’t you? Of course.”
She stuttered, subconsciously taking a step back. She wanted to defend herself, but not a single peep would come out.
“I can’t say I was surprised when I saw that article. I always knew there was something going on between you two. Is this why you broke up with me? To go and fuck him?” He had that familiar tone in his voice, the one he had when they would argue. Eden would always speak in a calm manner, he would always get nasty and have an attitude with her.
“Jimin, I-“
“Or were you already fucking him? Were you?” He was way too close to her, tears starting to pool in her eyes. Seeing by the way she reacted, he went ahead and assumed his prediction was right. “I knew it.”
She shook her head, trying to choke down the sobs. “Y-You know that’s not true.”
He grabbed her wrist, squeezing it and pulling on her arm. “Am I wrong? You think he’s so much better? He probably can’t even touch you like I did. “ He scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You’re such a slut.”
Her whole body tensed up, almost feeling like her legs were jello. She truly hadn’t been this afraid in a while, if ever. “Jimin, please. You’re hurting me.”
“Eunhye?” A voice echoed through the halls, getting closer as Jimin looked past her while rolling his eyes.
“Great.” Jimin mumbled, letting go of her and crossing his arms. It was Seungcheol.
“I was just coming to look for you, did you get lost?” She was stunned, unable to answer him. He pointed to the elevators, telling her to wait for him. The leader was just on his way until he heard Jimin speak under his breath.
“And don’t fucking come back.”
Seungcheol whipped his head around so fast, walking up to him with a glare. “She has just as much right to be here. I better not find you approaching her again.” Jimin bit his tongue, restraining himself from completely lashing out. “And you keep my member's name out of your mouth. See what happens.”
He sounded strict, shaking Jimin to his core. Seungcheol caught up with Eden, his hand on her back as he led her back to the practice room. She stopped herself before they got any closer, shaking her head.
“Eunhye? Are you okay?”
She gently smoothed her fingers over her wrist, trying to make the sting go away as she shook her head. She tried shutting the memories from flooding her mind again, but it was useless. She hugged herself, the tears finally falling down her face as her chest went up and down, finding it hard to breathe. The man grabbed her hand, leading her to an empty practice room.
“Just stay here, I’ll go get him.” Seungcheol told her to stay out, rushing to the room where Seokmin and the other members were practicing. She tried to stop him, not wanting anyone to see her like this. It was bad enough that the leader had to come and save her.
She pressed her back against the wall, sliding down and hugging her knees to her chest. When she finally tried to let out a cry, it was silent. Eden thought she was over her trauma. She thought she could handle this one on her own, but she couldn’t even defend herself.
She pressed her forehead to her knees, pulling at the collar of her shirt to loosen it. She thought it was tight around her neck and she was suffocating. She couldn’t even take a deep breath, feeling like her throat was getting tight and her lung capacity shrinking. Her ears were ringing and she didn’t even hear the door push open.
“Baby?” Seokmin quickly kneeled in front of her, gently trying to pry her arms open so he could see her face. He widened his eyes, shocked to see her flinch and pull away from him. “Hey… Did he touch you? Look at me, please.”
She hesitantly lifted her head. Her eyes and nose were already so red. Tears fell from her chin, dampening her sweatpants. He noticed the veins in her neck becoming visible, trying to stop herself from crying harder. “What did he do to you?”
Eden couldn't muster up anything except ‘I’m sorry’. Seokmin furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief, standing up quickly.
“That prick.” He was heading for the door before Seungcheol stepped in front of him, blocking his path. The older man shook his head, pointing to her.
“Not now. She needs you.” Seungcheol whispered to him. “He won’t be bothering her anymore. I’ll call off practice if you need me to.”
He wanted nothing more than to put Jimin in his place, but what kind of boyfriend would he be if he left her right when she needed him most. He swallowed his pride, sitting down in front of her. Seungcheol exited the room, leaving the two to themselves.
“Look at me, baby. It’s alright, just breathe.” He cupped her cheeks, wiping the tears away with the pads of his thumbs. He tried a breathing exercise, guiding her to follow him as her breath was shaking when exhaling. “I’m here.”
She grabbed onto his knees, squeezing them between her tiny hands to feel something. Her lips quivered, a chill going down her spine as she was reliving all of those years. It was all coming back to the surface.
“I’m sorry. They really don’t come here anymore, I thought it would be okay. This is my fault, I’m sorry baby.”
Eden shook her head, unable to speak but he understood her perfectly. She didn’t want him to blame himself. No one could have predicted this. She shuffled onto her knees moving to wrap her arms around his body, hugging him tight. His heart broke into pieces by the way she shook in his grasp.
“I’m so sorry Eden. You don’t deserve this.” He rubbed her back, cradling her head in his arms. He kissed the side of her temple, shushing her as she calmed down. “You’re fine now.”
She sniffled, digging her fingers into his hoodie. “It’s okay, not your fault.” He pulled away, trying to get a good look at her. He used the sleeve of his clothing to wipe her tears away, Eden squeezing her eyes shut and opening them again. “I should have defended you. I should have defended myself.” She sobbed harder at herself for not being able to stand up to him. She couldn’t defend Seokmin when he especially didn’t deserve it.
He pulled her back against his chest, his palm supporting the back of her head. “What? What did he say to you?”
“He’s wrong.” She whispered against his chest, shaking her head. Seokmin felt an intense amount of guilt when holding her. “He called me-, it’s not true.”
“He called you something?” He furrowed his eyebrows, the frustration only growing inside him. “Whatever he said to you, it’s not true one bit. He’s only ever been a liar.”
Eden felt all of her self esteem shatter in a matter of minutes. Things were going really well, but there always has to be a catch at times like these. Seokmin avoided showing his emotions, wanting to be strong for her since she was most vulnerable.
He pulled back again, caressing her red, puffy cheeks. “Hey, can I take you home? Let me take you home.”
She nodded, feeling him kiss her forehead. He grabbed her hands that were around his waist, pressing his lips to her knuckles before laying them in her lap. “I’m gonna go get your things, okay?”
She nodded before he pressed another kiss to her forehead. He hurriedly left the room, finding all the things she brought with her for the day. When she heard the door close, the tears started again. She ran her fingers through her hair, pressing her nails into her skin. When she was able to feel the slight sting, she hugged herself again. Trying to breathe was completely out of the cards for her. Once she thought she had a steady rhythm, the erratic breaths returned.
Seokmin came back into the room, holding her bag and hoodie in his arms. He knelt in front of her, grabbing her hands and shushing her again. She shuddered once again when feeling him touch her.
“I’m sorry.” Her voice was nothing more than a whisper, it was almost barely a whisper. He couldn’t help his own tears escaping. She was so shaken up that she wouldn’t even let Seokmin touch her without flinching.
“You have nothing to be sorry for. It’s okay, just breathe. I’m here.” He rubbed his thumb in circles on the back of her hand. “Do you want to put your hoodie on? We can go out the back door, alright?”
She nodded, lazily wiping her face and trying to clear her stuffy nose. Seokmin fit the clothing over her head, helping her to put her arms through the sleeves. “Can you stand up? Let me help you.” He got off the floor, holding her hands and helping her to stand flat on her feet.
Tumblr media
The car ride was quiet for the most part. She was only capable of communicating that she wanted to go back to his place. It felt most safe for her. The leader was more than ready to cancel practice once Seokmin gave him the go, but he insisted that everyone continue on without him and he would work extra hard the next time.
With the help of his hand on hers with his gentle strokes, she was able to calm down by the time they made it back to the dorms. Her bottom lip was swollen from biting on it to stop her tears. When they finally got the dorms, he was more than attentive. He helped her out of the car when she was perfectly capable.
When they finally got settled in, he quickly opened the door to his bedroom for her, taking her bag and setting it down on his desk.
“You want your hoodie off? It’s been hot here in here recently.” He asked her, helping to slip it off of her when she nodded her head.
Her hair got messed up along the way, Seokmin brushing his fingers through her hair and smoothing the sides down until it wasn’t messy anymore. As his hand caressed her cheek, she leaned into his touch, holding his wrist. It was enough for her to start crying again.
“Come here.” Seokmin whispered, gently pulling her by the waist and close to his chest. She hugged him tight, her ear placed against where his heart was. She shook when hearing it beat, a reminder that he was actually real and was his.
“You’re okay. I won’t let him hurt you anymore.” His finger traced circles along her back, carefully rocking her from side to side. She bunched up a piece of his shirt into her hands, her sobs muffled from pressing her face into his chest. “You don’t have to go there anymore, I’ll come to you.”
“Here, lay down.” He walked backwards towards his bed, letting her pull the covers off and making sure she was comfy. “Do you need anything? Candy? Movies?”
Eden scooted over in the bed, making room for him and holding her arms out.  “I just want you.”
He pouted, wasting no time in climbing into bed with her. He put his arm underneath her neck as she wrapped her limbs around his body. Placing his lips on her forehead, he brushed his fingers down her back. “I love you. I’m sorry you had to go through this today.”
“I love you too. Please don’t blame yourself for this.” She patted his back as well, cuddling closer to him as if they needed any more contact. He sighed, moving his head to look down at her.
“Would you be okay if I go shower? I’ll be quick, promise.” His thumb traced her cheekbones as she looked up at him. “I’m still sweaty.”
“Okay, hurry back.”
“I will. I love you, stay put.” He placed another kiss on her forehead, quickly getting out of his bed and heading towards the bathroom. She turned in his bed, pulling the covers over her body. His smell was scattered all over his bedding, offering her a sense of comfort. Whatever toxic thoughts were on her mind today, they were overwhelmed by happy memories of her and Seokmin. All the good times they had in this bedroom. She tried remembering all the good things until her brain got tired.
He dried his hair off with the towel, whipping it from side to side before throwing it in the laundry basket. Seokmin quietly cracked his bedroom door, sneaking back inside and approaching his bed. Eden was passed out, a tiny snore escaping her lips with every exhale. He sighed, satisfied she was able to calm down enough to even fall asleep. She was so worked up, crying so much that it had tired her out. He sat down on the bed, making sure not to wake her as he kicked his legs up and laid next to her. He propped himself up with his elbow, watching her deep in sleep.
He tucked her hair behind her ears, hovering his finger over her nose and tracing its shape. He noticed the blanket slipping down too far, pulling it up just enough to cover her chest. Seokmin kissed her temple, mouthing an ‘I love you’ before laying flat on the mattress. He refused to turn on the tv or even look at his phone. The two laid in the dark together before sleep eventually took over Seokmin as well.
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txt-yuki · 11 days ago
Yuki's Background
disclaimer: like always this is all purely fiction. although i'm writing my oc as mina's younger sister, i know absolutely nothing about twice's mina's family, so anything i'm writing about the family in this is purely to help build my character's personality.
mentions: anorexia, toxic relationships
Tumblr media
↳ Childhood:
she was born in San Antonio, Texas, United States before moving to japan when she was toddler with her family
growing up she kind of felt like an outcast in the family
she was always being compared to her siblings and their achievements especially to her sister
so she was always trying to be the perfect daughter and attempted to overachieve in everything she did
even though she was constantly pitted against her sister, the two are very close
she has done ballet for 8 years
she was often bullied in school for her height and leaky body
when she was 14 she began a relationship w/ a fellow high school student in japan
however the relationship was extremely toxic
the guy was very controlling and made her insecure about her image eventually leading her to develop an anorexia
though the relationship ended, it still left an impact on her mentally
Tumblr media
↳ Predebut/Trainee Period:
she was also scouted by JYP along with her sister in 2013 but her parents didn’t want her to be a trainee at such a young age so she didn't join her sister in auditioning
however in 2015, she got permission from her parents to audition for jyp through the online auditions with the promise of continuing school in korea if she got in
she went through jyp's online auditions and passed w/ shinee's selene 6.23
missing her opportunity to join sixteen the survival show that created twice, she joined produce 101 along side w/ now soloist somi
she ended up placing 2nd on the show and debuted w/ i.o.i in 2016
after i.o.i disbanded in 2017, she only stay w/ jyp for a couple more months before deciding to leave the company
her departure from the company was mainly bc of mistreatment
she was limited in showcasing her true talent and her music creativity bc she was a foreigner
she was scouted by staff from Big Hit when she was leaving school
she initially thought the person was a stalker and avoided them but the scouter kept coming back and she eventually realized it was a recruiter
she was scouted by multiple agency's including SM and YG
but she ultimately decided to join BigHit since she was a huge fan BTS and was promise more freedom in music production
she was originally suppose to debut with a girl group but in early 2018 hybe suddenly decided to have her debut with txt since she had already build a friendship with some of the members
Tumblr media
↳ Debut:
when it was announced she’d be debuting with tomorrow x together, it was a big deal and many people were excited about it
no one knew what happen to her after she it was announce she terminated her contract with jyp and her fanbase had been anticipated her debut
she has been praise for by many professionals for being an all rounder idol
bae yoon-jeong mention that yuki has developed much fluidity in her dancing, meaning she can smoothly transition from one movement to another throughout your dance moves
she has been commended for her producing music for a variety of music genre
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atinymonster · 8 months ago
sbs gayo daejeon 2021
ateez 9th member.
jiyu at sbs gayo daejeon.
i literally can’t find a picture for jiyu’s outfit for ateez’s performance kjnfjkfn but just imagine her outfit to be similar to san’s but both of the sleeves are long 😭 
press on the links for the corresponding performances!
➴ taglist: @banhmi07, @jiyeons-closet, @mochibabycakes, @marsophilia, @studioreader, @dkdlwhs12, @jaembluey, @atzaria, @skzfairies, @starlightjoong, @bbanghoonie, @ateez-elena​
➴ masterlist
Tumblr media
jiyu really loved their modern hanbok outfit concept the first time they wore them so she was happy they got to wear it again for their performance :D
she, san, and hongjoong were chosen to represent ateez in the opening performance
fangirled over wendy when she started off the song 🤩✨
visited all her friends backstage when she had free time because she hasn’t seen some of them in so long :(((
a lot of people didn’t know but she actually became close to wonyoung during their special stage from last year on kbs song festival!
the girl literally ran to hug her going “unnie 🥺” when they passed by each other in the hall
she took a selfie with ryujin to post on the group’s official sns and fans went crazy because ✨charisma and visual queens✨
she took pictures with others too but decided to keep them private for her own memories
please, she visited the boyz’s waiting room and they (sunwoo mainly) wouldn’t let her leave for a whole hour—
chanhee (new): “you’re literally seeing each other in an hour for your performance—”
surprise! jiyu and sunwoo had a special stage 🥳
senorita outfit
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the song they chose?
they chose to ✨s p i c e✨ things up with senorita by shawn mendes and camilla cabello 
a literal 180 from their collab stage on kingdom 🥵
so much chemistry!! literally their gaze when they made eye contact said it all
and so much skinship during the performance, too 🤩🤩 deobis and atinys were well fed
did both of their members watch the entire performance through their fingers? yes they did
did hwa and hongjoong have heart issues every ten seconds and did the others start hollering at every time sunji danced together? yes they did 💀
hongjoong, peeking through his fingers: “who decided on the song—did he just skim his fingers over her leg?!!”
ateez.exe has stopped working
did eric cringe watching his two best friends get sucked into their own? yes he did, but he still recorded it anyways
even when she came back to their waiting room to change for their white love performance, the stylists helping her kept rewatching and squealing at the video they recorded from the monitor 😭
white love outfit
Tumblr media
the way she went from a borderline sexy performance with sunwoo to 🥺✨🤍 with white love—
pg-13 to family friendly real quick 🤠
she kept playing with yunho’s little hat since it was so cute 🥺🥺🥺
in between shoots, she was vibing to other groups and other special stages
her favorite special stage was fiction! 
jiyu: “girl bosses, me thinks” 😎
we got center jiyu for the last part of their dance break!!
she hyped seonghwa and mingi up during the dance circle part of their choreography so much that you could hear her voice loud and clear through the music 
overall, she just had fun with their performance since it sometimes just feels like a really big party rather than a filmed performance
also thanks to sunji’s special stage, ateez and the boyz trended on twitter the next day 😎 (power couple things)
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alwaysvivid · 7 months ago
—— ♡ ˗ˏˋ 𝐋𝐄𝐎 INSTAGRAM HACK ! ࿐ྂ
d o l o r
Tumblr media
on the 1st of january 2021 vivid’s maknae song heeyoung a.k.a leo had her private instagram hacked following dispatch revealing her long term relationship with han jisung of stray kids which both of their companies denied.
the hack exposed her alleged private instagram @c4tg1rl0015 which she actively posted on.
although the account contained over 300 posts that showcased almost all the private aspects of her life only 5 post made the rounds ; 4 being stories and 1 being a post on her profile. and all these posts revolved around her alleged relationship with jisung.
Tumblr media
caption: “ my favourite person <3 ”
the first to leak was a post that she made of the two of them.
it was all photos taken on her famous vintage camera that fans knew she always carried around with her. it was captioned “ my favourite person <3 ” and showed jisung in the first slide and a photo of the two hugging on the next.
it was clear that the two were very close and one could assume that that was just how they were in their friendship but their closeness is photos had people questioning if they really were just friends. this curiosity led to hackers digging into her story archives but only 4 made it to the public.
Tumblr media
most noteably 2 of the stories show heeyoung with a boy who we assume to be jisung.
the first being the 2 hugging in what looks to be heeyoung’s room in front of a mirror. the story was captioned “ my forever boy ” and “ sungie sungie ” on his hair. it was accompanied by the track you get me so high by the neighborhood. it specifically played the part that said “ we should stick together . you’re my best friend , i’ll love you forever ”
fans believe that jisung’s hand is actually grabbing her boob in the photo but no one can really tell because the guitar is blocking it slightly.
the other being a photo of them kissing with the caption “ happy 2 years loverrr. i love you <3 ”. they're both wearing masks so no one could really identify them.
the other 2 stories were of jisung on his own 1 was a video taken at a concert that she attended captioned “ just a groupie living the dream 🥵 ” and the other a single photo of jisung blowing a bubble with gum with the lyrics of hyuna’s bubble pop overlayed.
there was nothing incredibly incriminating, and both cube and jyp could still lie and say that the account was not really heeyoung’s and all the content was manipulated. they also both repeated that the two were nothing more than close friends despite all the obvious evidence.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FAN REACTIONS : “ besties ”
no one believed a word of the statements released by cube and jyp. literally NO ONE.
it was so clear to everyone that jisung and heeyoung were definitely more than friends despite what anyone said. the photos were far too damning. fans started pointing out jisungs moles and heeyoungs dimples , there was no denying it but the companies still tried.
following the drama and chaos of the scandal cube had enough with heeyoungs behaviour. she always did whatever she wanted and now it had exploded into one of the worst scandals they had ever dealt with. so as a consequence she had to break up with jisung and comply with her new set of strict rules or leave vivid forever.
not only that but her phone was confiscated , she was on an sns ban , could not leave the dorm / company building without their manager hyojin and to top it all off she moved into their dorms to monitor them.
she did not see anyone but her members and hyojin for almost 3 months before they moved to angelico.
it was a tough time for heeyoung. she lost complete contact with everyone - including her parents who she’s incredibly close with - and lost control of so many aspects of her life. she didn’t even feel safe around hyojin anymore and there was no way of escaping her.
there was a bit of tension between yuri and heeyoung because although it was not yuri’s fault that her and yuta’s scandal didn’t play out the same way hers did she still felt it was unfair that yuri got to keep her boyfriend when they hadn’t even been together as long as heeyoung and jisung.
her change in mood was very clear to everyone including brites and her mental health became a massive concern.
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