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I'm unable to read the phrase "ah, yes" without hearing it in Brennan Lee Mulligan's Identify Spell voice
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Do you have any insight on how to make the identify spell less boring?
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Drafting the Adventure: Making items more Interesting
I love magic items, I love the feeling of adding to my character’s toolbox, and the childlike thrill of discovery when cracking open a treasure chest to pull out some new toy or gismo.  I think coming across a powerful “signature” magical item can be one of the most meaningful parts of a hero’s arc, a physical representation of their progress through the narrative and their actualization as an individual. 
Now, if you’re asking if d&d captures that magic... eh? A good DM can work wonders with 5e’s iffy system, turning a random lootdrop into a loveletter to their players, but that doesn’t chance the fact that the base system of how magic items are handled doesn’t do much heavy lifting when it comes to focusing in on that feeling of wonder and discovery the game in part sells itself on. 
Put succinctly, the reason the “identify” spell seems to fall flat is because it’s a vestigial remnant of a gameplay cycle that’s slowly gone the way of encumbrance and alignment: systems that existed to in some way constrain the players that most groups disregarded more and more over successive editions until they barely existed at all.   Back in the day, when you found a magic item in a dungeon, you had no idea if the item was magic or what it did, and had to get someone to cast identify on it. Identify used to take 8 hours to cast, cost 100gp per casting, and only identify a single item at a time, but unless you payed that fee, your shiny new magic wand or enchanted shield was just going to take up space in your inventory. Paying this price was also worthwhile because there were a fuck ton of cursed items that would do things like peel your skin off, throw you into a berserk rage, or just kill you instantly if you interacted with them. 
This style of play wasn’t exactly what you would call fun, so more merciful dms just started handwaving the step of identifying items and just telling their players what the items did. Identifying items got included in 5e along with the “all items are instantly identified on a short rest” rules from 4e, which is how we get to the current state where identify seems both superfluous and lack luster: The spell itself is an extra step between the party and their new toys, and there’s little that can be gained from the identify itself that can’t be learned over a short rest. 
Below the cut I’m going to go into detail on how we can fix identify by simplifying how magic items are handled in our games, as well as how to use it to generate amazing quest hooks that’ll have your party getting invested in the lore of your world. 
To make Identify more interesting, we need to play into the fantasy of what the spell is supposed to do in the first place: reveal hidden secrets about items, making those characters that can cast it valuable sources of knowledge for the party. At the same time, we don’t want to bog our games down with having to play out a weighty exposition scene for every new trinket we encounter, so we need to be selective. 
The solution is to have 90% of the items the party encounters instantly identify themselves to the party. Most magic items WANT to be used, and give those that interact with them an intrinsic understanding of what they’re all about, some over a short/long rest, while others all but shout their names and use instructions as soon as they’re picked up.  
Other items however resist identification, usually the ones that seem the most overtly magical/powerful, instead giving off odd feelings or glimpses of potential while denying their true nature. In comes the identify spell, which now functions like this:
When identifying an item, the caster gets glimpses of significant moments during the item’s history, including the feelings or ideas that inspired it, its creation, a significant moment when it was used, or how it ended up in a dungeon. (This can just be flavor, or it can be hints about where to go to unlock the item’s true power). 
When identifying an already revealed item, the caster may make an arcana check (dc10 for common items, 15 for uncommon etc) to uncover hidden features, including unlockable abilities and/or curses. subsequent checks may be made with successive castings, but the dc goes up by 5 each time. Some items will reveal themselves, but have only hidden abilities, necessitating a use of identify. 
Some items will not reveal themselves or allow attunement until certain prerequisites have been met. The identify spell can tell you these prerequisites and gives a hint to fulfil them. 
Identifying a sentient item gives you a sense of the item’s personality, though it is under no obligations to actually make contact with you. 
Though this, we retain the “solving the mystery” aspect of finding magic items, without denying our party the majority of their rewards. Likewise, by putting questhooks into our loot drops, we end up turning the culmination of one adventure into the beginnings of another, conserving the momentum of our narrative and keeping the adventurers always on the mood. 
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Listen to your body carefully. Our bodies are very smart and they have their own intelligence.
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sag rising observations
sag risings are the most straightforward rising sign to recognize for me at least. They have small sunken (hooded) eyes but their gaze is intense and inquisitive, yet they have a kindness. they have smaller lips typically, a shallow cupid's bow, and a bigger bottom lip. their lips are naturally downturned and usually pale in color (usually orange in tone). their teeth are long but skinny, with a lot of small, back teeth showing. their strongest feature is their nose, a straight nose bridge. fluffy and/or big hair is usually the most common hair type. they dress in a unique style, looking most natural in warm colors. dynamic with their speech and embedded with comedy, energy, and expression. that's typically how I identify sag rising, lmk what y'all think. - celeste <3
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MATT: The vial you identify — it worked and acted as Cree’s holy symbol, and the focus for her spellcasting. It does contain the blood of The Nonagon.
LAURA: The blood of the Nonagon…
TRAVIS: Fuuuuck yes *mimes chugging the vial*
MATT: What could possibly go wrong?
TRAVIS: If only we knew how to use that to our advantage.
TALIESIN: A little Clamato juice, some vodka, celery stick.
MARISHA: A “Bloody Molly.”
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A church somewhere in Kingston, Jamaica. 
Anyone could help with identifying the monument? 
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Anyone know what this flower is? Wild growing in my yard.
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Can someone ID these bad boys for me please? Located near and on rotting tree stumps in a pine plantation in south Australia.
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omg pls watch that Video!! makes me want to bite something in anger!
"They call themselves furries, they might be identifying as a dog, or a cat or a kangaroo"
They should do better researches next time, instead of telling lies to the people!
For the ones, who don't know:
Furries: people who are just simply fans of animals with human characteristics, and like to dress up like them. They don't necessarily need to identify as an animal; Its just simply a hobby!
Therians: people who identify on a non-physical or physical level as animals. Many therians like to wear Tails, ears and other stuff. they call it "gear". but not every therian likes gear and not everyone who wears cat-ears is a Therian!!! (And please: Therians are NOT dangerous people who bite others (as mentioned in the video)! they are still like everyone else, and their identity needs to be respected!!!)
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How to identify cunning people through astrology?
Astrology is often used in psychology to help explain and predict human behavior. Although the two disciplines are not always compatible, astrology can provide valuable insights into why people behave the way they do.
An individual's natal chart, which is a map of the heavens at the time of someone's birth, if interpreted correctly can provide information about his/her personality and potential. It can help explain their traits and can provide insights about the life events.
The 3 main paradigms of a person's individuality - physical body, mind and personality can be determined by knowing their Ascendant(Rising) sign, Moon sign and Sun sign respectively. To add to it, the positioning, strength and aspects of different planets can also detail out certain facets of a personality. For e.g : Mercury will govern a person's intellect and logical mind, Mars would govern the way a person would act, their aggression, passion, etc.
Listed here are the planetary placements to determine the cunning nature from a natal chart :
The Ascendant Lord : Check the placement of the planet which rules the ascendant (rising sign). For e.g if the ascending/rising sign is Taurus, the Ascendant Lord is Venus (Ruling planet of Taurus). If the Ascendant Lord is in one of the hind-sighted signs (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn) then the native (individual whose chart is being interpreted) will have malicious intentions. Even if the Ascendant Lord is placed along-with any other malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu i.e, North Node, Ketu i.e South Node) then the person could have a ill-disposed nature.
Mars : If Mars is placed opposite to either the Sun or the Moon. If Mars is opposite to the Moon (placed in the 7th House from the Moon) then the individual will be aggressive. He/she could be rough spoken. If the Mars is opposite to the Sun (i.e in the 7th House from the Sun) the person would be extremely spiteful and corrupt.
Mercury : Mercury represents our worldly intelligence. If mercury is in any of the hind-sighted signs i.e Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn then that individual would have backstabbing tendencies.
If all of these above 3 clauses are met in a person's chart, beware of this person, they might not be your true friend.
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Anyone know who this is?
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I just think they’re neat.
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Hi mushroom Tumblr, I need help. What are these? I've tried using ID apps to no avail (it claimed it was Chicken of the Woods but this doesn't look anything like it).
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GOT7’s Girl Magnetic is not talked about enough.
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the Lamb of God...
The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" — John 1:29 | Berean Study Bible (BSB) The Berean Study Bible (BSB) © 2016, 2018 by Bible Hub and Berean Bible. All rights Reserved. Cross References: Genesis 22:7; Numbers 7:27; Isaiah 53:7; Isaiah 53:10; Zechariah 13:1; Matthew 1:21; John 1:35
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