nextinline-if · a day ago
laying in bed trying to sleep and stupid (I love him) Felix is in my head.
Jotting down a scene for who knows when (not me) and I just realized there’s going to be multiple fucking routes for this lovely asshole:
-love triangle with F (angst, jealousy, pining)
-friends with benefits (that’s it - for real)
-friends with benefits (oh shit we’re falling for each other) the angst THE ANGST I’m imagining and the pining
-MC: “I want something more” (basically a regular route lmao) omg Felix is freaking out
plus add possible “used to crush on Felix” which adds new variations to each of those
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blackswaneuroparedux · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
For the conservative, human beings come into this world burdened by obligations, and subject to institutions and traditions that contain  within them a precious inheritance of wisdom, without which the exercise of freedom is as likely to destroy human rights and entitlements as to enhance them.
- Roger Scruton, Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition
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promptsforyourwhumpfic · 10 hours ago
Whump Prompt #952
Classic trope: when the whumpee is coughing up blood (related to a hidden injury/illness) but they hide it from the others...
...until they collapse into a bloody coughing fit. 
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bylertruther · 2 days ago
bad boy mike fics are always good fun yeah but have you all ever considered writing something where will is the mischievous little rascal from the wrong side of the tracks that listens to loud music and always has little rogue paint splatters on his hand-me-downs or charcoal smudges on his cheek n says the most out of pocket shit under his breath that no one ever hears except for eleven and mike and yet no one believes him when he repeats what will said bc will jus looks so sweet tht obviously he would never say tht mike and mike is the more strait-laced kid that lives in a three story house at the end of the cul-de-sac with his purposely and perfectly disheveled and brand new get-up that gets flustered whenever will suggests they do something they maybe shouldn't but ultimately agrees without question because hello in what world could he ever look into those big hazel eyes of will's and somehow say no? it's literally impossible and he never regrets it even if they do get home late which of course makes hop chew him out when he catches them even though it was will's idea to begin with but again no one ever believes him n it's not like he'd rat him out anyway and coming from such different backgrounds they really shouldn't fit but they do and they're inseparable and even if it's messy cozy and all too lived-in mike feels more at home at the byers-hopper house than he ever does in his castle filled with ghosts and honestly probably for the first time ever actually and obviously they'd make their own adventures for when life gets to be too much bc will feels like he's drowning and mike feels like he's invisible and it's just will with his sketchbook and mike with his leather journal and they talk about anything and everything and share things they've never ever said to anyone else before and ofc when they talk about the future it's always about where they'll go to college together and how they're obviously going to dorm together and get an apartment afterward bc they're undoubtedly going to escape this shitty little town one day and they're clearly Something but also maybe too scared to Be something and . and. is anyone gonna write this or am i gonna have to be a big boy and do it myself 🙄
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catsharkie · a day ago
Oo, whats the new au about?
OK OK SO. adam and jonah’s parents are sending them to this. overnight camp for three months called mandela overnight (well, adams dad is sending since his mom is. yk).
theyre both really into ghost stories and stuff, so when they hear this rumor about the spirit of the past owner of the camp haunting the campgrounds they jump on it and shenanigans ensues (spoiler alert, its not a ghost. hehehe)
now with the characters:
Adam: troublemaker of the campground. hes a little bit of an asshole, with his investigations getting in everyone’s way. he might be on to something though, and someone doesn’t like that
Jonah: he’s kinda like the class clown. he doesnt take ghosts and the paranormal as seriously as adam does, so he’s mostly just goofing off and mostly the one doing the pranks. he’s also really into arts and crafts
Evelin: they’re (kind of) an apprentice to one of the counselors, Dave. she’s really good with tech, but mainly making random gadgets on the go. she always looks like shes been shocked.
Sarah: one of the older campers. she’s in charge of the main trio (who all sleep in the same cabin) and she has. many weapons in her bag that she snuck in. there wasnt that much sneaking in she needed to do, but its weird there were absolutely no mirrors allowed. like theyre trying to hide something
Cesar: he’s a C.I.T. (counseler in training) and he is. very chaotic. does not check any camper’s bag, ever, and is very lax with the rules. this will have consequences
Mark (yes i didnt kill him for once): also a C.I.T., and he’s tried to dissuade sarahs many attempts to sneak weapons in. he wont tell gabriel though, she’s still his sister.
Dave: a camp counseler, he’s in charge of the radio and he teaches campers how to make little robots with a toothbrush and a motor. Evelin’s a returning camper who he (unofficially) made in charge of most of the tech-related activities at the camp
Ruth: another camp counseler, she’s in charge of arts and crafts, and she has a daughter in another section of the camp for the younger kids
Thatcher: also a camp counseler, in charge of generally supervising the kids. he always has dark rings under his eyes and no one knows why he still works here
Gabriel: The owner of the camp. rumors have gone around his brother (the past owner of the camp) didn’t actually give up the camp and gabriel did something to him. this is untrue, and spreading rumors about people is rude :)
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shyjusticewarrior · 2 days ago
A concept: Jervis Tetch hypnotizes Ed to kill Oswald
He strangles him but Jim's there to knock him out in time. Ed feels guilty and can't stop thinking about how Jervis said hypnosis makes you do what you wish to deep down. Jim and Lee know this isn't always the case from when Jim dealt with him. So Lee plays the clock ticking sound and Ed's hypnosis doesn't come back, proving he doesn't want to hurt Oswald.
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the-joy-of-knowledge · a month ago
My 20s will be my most treasured decade.
I learned to play tennis in my 20s
I learned to put myself first in my 20s
I became more confident in my 20s
I defined my style in my 20s
I am at my healthiest in my 20s
I am more mature in my 20s
I developed 6 hobbies in my 20s
I made my own philosophy in my 20s
I study better in my 20s
I make friends based on shared values in my 20s
I started wearing SPF in my 20s
I have learned the most lessons in my 20s
I practiced balance in my 20s
I started driving in my 20s
I started speaking publicly in my 20s
I learned to bake in my 20s
I learned to stop comparing myself in my 20s
I began reading every week in my 20s
I became more curious in my 20s
I started investing in my 20s
You may learn somethings as a teenager or as 20 something year old, what’s important is that you learn. Growth is a continuous journey. I’m still learning, growing, and becoming.
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ghosticalz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I forgot my comic idea so i replaced it with this instead
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aestheticsof · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam
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2yara · 9 months ago
i have a great idea
What if Madrigal family swapped their gifts for a day
That would be a great episode if Encanto had a continuing serial
Dolores, with Tia Julieta’s gift: I don’t know how to cook.
Julieta, has Luisa’s power: That’s okay dear, first you need to— *tries to grab a plate but breaks it in pieces* oh dear.
Pepa, with Antonio’s power, gossips with animals: No way Camilo did that!- What?— Nooo, he wouldn’t do it,— he’s only 15!!- Wait, what did Bruno said then? Oh mY GOD—
Mirabel, shapeshifter: *mocks Isabela changing into her* LoOk aT Me! I’m sUpEr PuNkY iDeAl GrAnDcHiLd!! WHOMP WHOMP!! *smacks own butt*
Isabela, still tia Pepa’s power: *creates a storm cloud and zaps Mirabel*
Camilo, with Dolores’ gift: *sells secrets and periodically having a panic attacks because of all that noise he can hear now*
Antonio, having a future vision: *prophecies that there will be an explosion of plants and vines*
Bruno, with Isabela’s gift: *fricking MAKES A SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF FLOWERS AND VINES*
Luisa, having Mirabel’s power of being the candle of house: *chillaxes and having a great time of not doing anything for the first time after YEARS*
And Abuela, seeing this kerfuffle: There wasn’t that shit when Pedro was alive *leaves this mess and locks up in her room*
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 5 months ago
Imagine your characters doing these activities to get to know each other better:
playing their favorite albums / songs for each other
taking each other to their favorite restaurants / bars
introducing each other to their families / friends
giving each other a tour of their home towns
showing each other their childhood home movies.
playing their favorite video games together
showing each other their favorite movies / tv shows
recommending their favorite books to each other
trying out each other's hobbies
reading old posts on each other's social media profiles
talking to each other about their feelings / mental health
telling each other what they dream about at night
answering the 36 questions that lead to love together
taking personality quizzes together
making vision boards together
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half-dead-space · 2 months ago
Why is it that Danny is always chill with being adopted by Bruce? Especially in twin aus where they think he’s a clone at first.
Like dude is gonna be like “why would your first assumption be that I’m a clone?” eyes Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, “yeah, no. Nope. I understand. Gonna, gonna just go—bye!” And high tail it out of there.
Or, better yet,
He doesn’t like billionaires. Adult billionaires? Hard no.
Sam’s parents? They don’t like him and have expressed their dislike towards him. (Grandma Manson is the real g tho.)
Last adult billionaire wants to kill his dad, marry his mom, and attempted to pit the two siblings against each other. What’s to stop him from thinking Bruce Wayne is actually a villain? Or that he has a lab or something under his house?
“How do you feel about being taken in by a friend of mine?”
“Is this friend potentially a billionaire?”
“Then no.”
Or even,
“You’re a billionaire?”
“Quick, hypothetical question.” Green light to ask. “If I, by any chance, go into the basement, is there a secret thing going on? Like you don’t have a secret identity do you?”
Awkward silence.
“Oh my god. Nope. I’m not dealing with this. You don’t got to worry about me. You don’t have to worry about me!” Immediately heads out.
Edit: his family became rich for a day because of GIW, he’d immediately think Bruce trying to adopt him is some kind of ruse. He would be very wary.
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onebadnoodle · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok i have a murder mystery game idea. you play as a detective in the afterlife who is hired by dead people to find their murderers
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incorrectsmashbrosquotes · 8 months ago
Me: I’m fine.
Me, internally: The Jedi weren’t just an order of space monks, they were a living breathing culture with thousands of years of history and knowledge behind them filled with both accomplishments and failures. What Palpatine did to them was genocide, both literal and cultural. Even though Luke rebuilds the Order and more Jedi come out of hiding so much of what they were and what they stood for has been lost and will never be recovered because Palpatine did his damndest to erase them from history. The fact that people blame them for their own genocide and Palpatine’s crimes when they were trying to save both themselves and the Republic from destruction and corruption from within is infuriating and a little bit horrifying. They made mistakes, yes, but they did not deserve what was done to them.
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ilikeit-art · 2 months ago
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hera-the-something · a month ago
concept: a terraformed world that exists solely as a garden and farm
picture this:
your ship was annihilated by a ruptured fusion generator, and you're the sole survivor
your escape pod detects the nearest habited planet, a smallish terrestrial world with only a couple sapient inhabitants
no major oceans, and almost the entire surface is covered in vegetation
you crash down, into a sea of golden wheat, stretching from horizon to horizon
on your journey to civilization, detected by what little survival systems you could salvage from your pod to be near the equator, you find entire forests of fruit trees, populated by wild chickens, insects, and fox-dogs
oceans of berrybushes
the occasional, oasis-like automated harvesting stations, where mountainous machines lie dormant, waiting for harvesting season, along with the occasional clicking of small maintenance bots
every couple weeks, sprinklers trigger in hurricane-scale storms
ancient furnaces, once used to build up an oxygen atmosphere
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aestheticsof · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Mid-Century House
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