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masspectrum · 8 months ago
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what’s up with the fish tank in the mystery shack? (transcript + textless under)
ford: you have an axolotl? stan: huh? stan: oh, yeah. Mabel calls it Sherbert. or Bart. ford: how long have you had it? stan: couple years I think. ‘lil guy just kinda stares at people.
Tumblr media
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liltaz-asatreat · a month ago
I don't remember if I ever made a post about this, but for a long time I thought Griffin made up the whole clone pod thing to give Barry an excuse to get his body back again and then eventually also Magnus, and that that was a cool little world building thing. But I found out a while go that no, apparently it's a real spell called Clone from the Player's Handbook. 8th level necromancy wizard spell.
Also, it takes specifically 120 days for a body to form completely, which means that technically, Barry could have popped into his body again since before Petals lol
In the spell description, it also says that you can make the body younger, and I love the fact that he had that option but chose to keep himself the same age anyway
Also, since Magnus first gave Garfield his blood during the interlude before Crystal Kingdom, technically his body would have been ready since around the Eleventh Hour, and Garfield decided to just hold on to it for another few months without doing anything with it lmao
Man I love how that whole arc played out in canon, but I so wish we had gotten to know what would have happened if Magnus did take the Chalice and how that would have played out
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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todayisafridaynight · 2 months ago
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daigo and his dogs
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bionicbore · 4 months ago
I think it’s hilarious just how many abilities/apps Chase has in his roster, mostly ‘cause there’s a lot of them that just leave me wondering why you’d give that to him?
Going through the wiki, it's like almost anything that was needed for plot got thrown onto Chase. And there are a few of them that I think would’ve been better suited for Adam or Bree, considering the skill sets
Imagine if Adam had magnetism instead, and it overlapped with his blastwave ability as an EMP, making the umbrella ability electro-magnetism
Bree’s abilities are about stealth and scouting, so give her the fingerprint and facial recognition to compliment her vocal manipulation
And for things you don’t have to take from Chase, but just give all 3 of them: the senses to a minor degree. Give Bree the hearing for eavesdropping, give Adam the sight for accuracy, while Chase has both at max
‘Cause the thing is, doing this doesn’t devalue Chase at all. His intelligence, and everything that comes with that, makes him immensely valuable to the team
They were designed as a unit of weapons, so I can’t help but think of their abilities divided as such
Adam’s not the muscle, he’s the combatant. Defense and offense are his specialty, and his passives give him the ability to incapacitate at close and long range
Bree isn’t the hustle, she’s the recon. She can get in and out of secure locations undetected with the utmost efficiency and safely bring the intel home
Chase is more than the brains, he’s the support. He can process the gathered information and strategize accordingly. His ability to link with and override his siblings’ bionics can be a game changer in dire situations and makes him versatile
Idk, I just love power dynamics
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things-that-make-sa-happy · 4 months ago
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Jeremiah Fisher | tsitp 1.07
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briteboy · 15 hours ago
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harvestfest pt. ii
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notpikaman · an hour ago
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storfulsten · 4 months ago
It’s okay if u don’t want to but I really want to see bf with hickeys or whitty giving bf some nasty love bites. (btw don’t reply if it sounds disturbing)
oh trust me I want to, it's just that doodling said stuff is hard af, so I guess I can try but no guarantee it'll look quite right lol
so ye anyways here it is under cut bc avoidable for the people who don't wanna see attempts at nasty love bites I guess ha
sorry it looks wonky af but here ya go
Tumblr media
as said these types of interactions are hard to doodle, and also I have no clue how love bites and/or hickeys work so eh, it is what it is ha
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oceandiagonale · 8 days ago
AA WAIT PLEASE DON’T SEND GEN 9 SPOILERS I don’t have time to get/play the game until mid december 😭😭😭
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arklay · 21 days ago
maybe this is absolution.
pairing: diana x albert wesker words: 9.8k warnings: nsfw, restraints, mild degradation
Diana’s voice, soft and laced with a small hint of concern, pulled him from his thoughts. Wesker had been too focused on the pressure of the rope around his legs and wrists to notice that Diana had leaned back over him once she’d made sure all four lines were secured to the discreet anchor points along the bed frame – which she’d kindly asked him to install a couple of weeks back.
He tilted his head to look up at her, and his gaze stayed locked on hers as two of her fingers slipped under the cuff at his wrist, making sure it wasn’t too tight. The small smile that graced her lips elicited one from him in return with next to no thought.
“Everything alright?” she asked, trying again, and her fingers abandoned the rope to gently trail down his forearm once she was positive the tension was to her liking, and more importantly, safe.
[read on ao3]
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ask-no151 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[sweeps away dust over here or a minute] what's up nerds, the blog turns 10 today. i'd been considering for months whether i wanted to plan out and make Some Big Comeback(tm) to commemorate it or just have a general munday type of thing or it, but honestly!! idk, brainspace is still weird, better to not force Big Plans if my heart's not totally in it
i've been on the fence with all my blogs for like a while now honestly, and while a part of me doesn't want to drop them completely, i'm also like. really not enthusiastic about working on things just because of Reasons. aside from not really being satisfied with how i've let a lot of things here, i'm also really not as fond of pokemon as a franchise as i used to be (i'd say the way i feel about it right now is at its absolute lowest, lmao) and for the most part i've been enjoying giving myself different outlets and picking and doodling my own personal projects without feeling limited to Just Drawing These Guys or being pressured by some ethereal feeling of expectation looming over my shoulder. plus i've graduated college and am continuing schooling! so that's something, at least
i'm really glad to see how far this community's grown, though, even if i personally haven't been taking an active part in things for a while now. the amount of creativity i see flowing is just really heartwarming, and seeing new and old peeps on the dash is always nice on the times i check over here once in a blue moon
this isn't really a "goodbye" or anything, since i would like to... eventually... get something done on this end or on heron's blog when my brain isn't in such a weird place regarding askblogging, but! it just felt weird to not do anything for this place's anniversary
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doevademe · a month ago
so biter Percy headcanon confirmed! I like the last ask so much, could you make a drabble out of it? basically Nico seducing Percy until he can't take it anymore and goes wild, wrecking Nico? I know you're not at ease with detailed smut for now so just showing the begining and aftermarth is good !
Percy deserved an award.
Everybody who knew him knew he was not a patient person. In fact, he had been called hot-headed and impulsive more times than he cared to count.
That he hadn't jumped his boyfriend in front of the impressionable eyes of the younger campers was something to be commended.
It wasn't like he was a horndog, constantly looking for opportunities to pin Nico against the nearest flat surface, slowly rip into his clothes and ravage every bit of skin that—
Ehem. No, Percy was a good, decent person who had been raised right by his mother.
This particular case had started that morning, when Nico had casually dropped by his cabin looking for his wallet.
He had been wearing a tight spiked collar that accentuated his throat muscles.
Now, normally, Percy would admire, but be able to control himself, if not for the fact that the wallet had been on his nightstand, and Nico, just as impatient as he was, had just crawled over his bed, with him still in it, and grabbed the wallet while his neck was just inches from Percy's teeth.
Percy's mouth watered as he inched forward to take a bite.
But as soon as it started, it was over, with Nico leaning back and smiling, apologizing for waking Percy.
It had only gotten worse from there.
Nico had the bright idea to position himself right above him while climbing the lava wall. Wouldn't be so bad, if he hadn't been wearing baggy shorts (that Percy was sure actually belonged to him) that let Percy look as much as he wanted whenever he glanced up (and made sure to keep Percy below him, as no one else should be seeing that.)
During lunch, he had decided to take advantage of the fact that the Hades table was just for him to stretch on the long seat, giving Percy an eyeful of his bare legs.
But the worst had been sword practice where, supposedly to let the younger campers know how to best move while swinging a sword, he had ditched his usual shirt and changed into a fishnet top (Who did that? It was even worse than just fighting shirtless!)
"He's doing it on purpose," Percy almost growled as he looked at Nico. Grover raised an eyebrow.
"Obviously?" He said as he munched on a tomato soup can. "Even the Ares cabin could tell you that."
"Why? Why not just come and ask?" Percy asked, about to pull his own hair off. "He knows I'll do it, we're dating!"
"Percy, Percy, Percy," Grover said as he tsked, disappointed. "He doesn't want to ask."
"Then what does he want?!" Percy almost shouted. A few campers turned to look at him, but he was way too frustrated to be self-conscious.
"Look, I'd normally tell you to figure it out yourself, but our link is making this day feel really uncomfortable for me," Grover said. "He wants you to take action. Without being asked."
And that was how, ten minutes later, Percy had nicked his shoulder ("Good job, Jared!") and asked Nico to take him to his cabin's salt water fountain for healing.
They barely reached the river before Percy pushed him against a nearby tree.
"Percy!" Nico exclaimed, but he didn't look surprised, just amused. "People can see."
"Let them," Percy muttered as he willed the river water to heal his injury. It had just been a scratch, after all. "You have been asking for this all day."
"Asking for what?" Nico said innocently, even batting his eyelashes in confusion.
Percy actually growled this time as he bit Nico's neck harshly, right below his stupidly hot spiked collar.
Nico yelped, only for all sound to cease as Percy started sucking the spot.
Percy looked up briefly, only to see Nico's mouth frozen in a perfect 'o' at his actions.
"Don't act like you don't know," he huffed, pressing his crotch against Nico, who let out a smal 'ooh' sound. "All day, you've been tempting me, showing yourself off."
"I... I wasn't—"
"You wanted this to happen." Percy accentuated every word with a thrust of his hips. Nico wrapped his arms around his neck for balance and exposed his neck further.
Percy went for it and continued further down, leaving marks all over his neck and shoulder as he started to tug on his fishnet top.
Percy stopped as soon as the offending article of clothing was off. Nico looked at him in bemusement.
"Admit it," Percy said, frowning. "You'll get what you want if you do."
"D-don't act like you don't want it too!" Nico said. "I can keep this up all day, can you?"
Percy snarled at the challenge. He pulled on Nico until they were further into the woods and outside of any prying eyes and then pushed him until the son of Hades was laying on the grass and Percy on top of him. Nico smirked victoriously, only for his eyes to widen when Percy calmly undid his pants.
He bit his lip.
"Two can play that game," Percy said as he janked Nico's borrowed shorts and underwear down too before pressing against him once again, finally allowing some skin-onskin contact. His mouth hovered over Nico's nipple. "Admit it."
Nico bit back a whimper and looked at him for a second.
"Make me," he said in a tone halfway between haughty and begging.
Percy bit again.
"Why do you do this to me?" Percy asked, mortified as he helped Nico dress up.
"It's really hot when you let loose," was all Nico said, voice still a little blissed out. He was still shirtless, his fishnet top lost somewhere outside the woods. "It's been a while since that happened."
Percy eyed the purple spots all over Nico's chest and legs, and was ashamed that the first thing he felt when looking at them was pride.
"Are you okay, though?" Percy asked in worry. Nico rolled his eyes.
"I'm not made of glass, Percy," he said, but wobbled a bit when he tried standing up. Percy was on him in a second, helping him up. "But I guess reaching a bed would be nice next time."
"I'll take you to your cabin," Percy said, sighing. "The sword training is long over anyways."
"Oh no, I'm such a bad teacher," Nico mumbled sarcastically. "However... I have no other commitments so... round 2? Or is it 3?"
Percy groaned as he started dragging him towards the cabins, making sure to take a path with as few campers as possible.
"You want to kill me," Percy accused him. Nico laughed.
"You had fun," Nico said. "And so did I. Isn't that what matters?"
Percy rolled his eyes, but smiled fondly at his boyfriend.
"I guess you're right."
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fawnnbinary · 5 months ago
listen. Listen. miles. listen. you are Driving me to Madness. i am frothing at the mouth. i am chewing on the walls. the concept of eskel in an apron has consumed me.
i have what you might call a Blorbo Formula (jaskier is my biggest exception tbh). Big Man. muscles. violent/traumatic background, highly developed combat skills. usually (not always) slightly long hair. Big Scary Muscle Fighting Man. but in his heart, he is Soft. he wants to cook food for the ones he loves. he want to nurture them and warm them and tuck them in at night. he wants to keep them safe and fed and loved! the bucky barnes/eliot spencer/dean winchester archetype is what i’m getting at. once upon a time, before i grew up and stopped being a girl and learned what a dogwhistle was, i might have described my Ideal Blorbo as a hufflepuff (fighting type).
eskel in an apron is e v e r y t h i n g to me miles i’m going feral. this ask is not to pressure you into drawing faster, it is just to let you know that whatever eskel-based apron-induced insanity you may or may not be experiencing, i am Right There With You. godspeed.
-eskel anon
Tumblr media
he is fucking,,, he is making tea,,,, he is a big scary witcher but his heart is soft and it is kind and he wants to retire to his home in the winters and make tea for his family and sit by the fireplace to talk to them
@proheromidoriyashouto tagging u bc u sent me the apron guy this is your doing ksdjfhksjdgh
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prijune · 2 months ago
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Fruit Tart~ 🍓🥝
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twstedwithyuu · a year ago
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“So keep watching me, please?”
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haphazard-pen · 4 months ago
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Sometimes I like to imagine what their married life would be like
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jevilplush · 9 months ago
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