#i’m lying i was actually bout to read batman year 100 but i was going to close my laptop
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was about to go to sleep but new episode of peripheral is out
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Niggas wilin'. (Fuckin' heckers.)
TW: s**ual *ssault, ab*se, an*l, the f-word, the n-word, racism, homophobia, sexual content, perverse language, and an*me/h*ntai type speech.
Nothing annoys me more than people that *jump* to the "god you're an sjw" route.
Like... nigga, I was out here chillin too. Everyone was just fine till they went out their way doing some extra shit.
A good summary of high school was like:
Those weird kids that wanna prove to everyone in 10th grade that theyve used reddit or 4chan and have edgy jokes:
Or better yet.....
No one:
Not a single soul:
Dudes on my school bus every day:
So yeah literally so many women are lying about rape and its no wonder no one believes them
My nigga, who even... said shit about it? Literally no one was talking bout sexual assault. Everyone else on a school bus is getting all prepped and ready to lay face down in their bed for seven hours, do some extra homework, or have a social life.
But these niggas?
Not these niggas.
It wouldn't have been a problem if they had evidence to back it up or they were stating real facts and not just shit they read off 4chan or from any one sole reddit post, but they would go out of their WAY to bring up rape in some form or fashion.
Or hentai.
So if it wasn't one form of immaturity, it was another.
"How many times can two high school boys keep going "OMG HIGH SCHOOL DXD TIDDIES ARE SO UNREALISTIC XDDDDD" over the course of four fucking years? We'll show you how they managed to damn near every day on every bus ride? to and from school, for each fucking year, on tonight's news at 5."
I hate that I dated one of those dudes.....
It went as well as one would expect.
And nah. Not gonna talk about it yet.
Or how about that time a boy desperately harrassed and begged me for fucking days to do special effects makeup on him to make him look like Two-Face from the Batman series, just for me to spend MORE THAN AN HOUR AND A HALF OR LONGER on it, and this nigga kept it on for not even ten minutes before stripping off all the latex, makeup, and hard work I spent to make him look badass.....
"I don't wanna get called gay for it, bruh, I don't wanna be called a.... f..f...(f-word,) bruh!" (He had a stutter. As well as some internalized homophobia, but go off, Adam for thinking that having half a face of blue makeup meant you were ready to choke on some dicks.)
And I basically told him, "Adam, its not fucking gay to wear cosplay halloween makeup. You'd look like fucking TwoFace, a comic and film movie gangster, there's literally not a single thing gay about wearing blue face paint."
If it was makeup that made him look like James Charles, or a bold lip and some mega lashes, or me using a bright blue sharpie to write "would suck dick for ten cents" on half of his face, THEN I'd get it, and I'd get why he'd be nervous wearing that shit.
But how are you gonna make me do the sfx makeup, just to rip it off, and call it gay?
Thats like if niggas went "hey my guy paint the sistine chapel ceiling", then immediately buurned it down and called it evil.
Or if you asked for a mural to be done a specific way of an idol or specific look, just to rub shit on it before the wet paint has even fully dried, and say that by making the mural, I ruined fucking everything, and no one should see it.
...why act ashamed of something you liked? He was genuinely the happiest id seen him up until he suddenly got anxious and tuned out the collective seven other people saying, "come on bro, it looks cool man, dont mess it up! She just did it!", to peel the latex and everything off his face like that... I was devastated, from that shit, man.....
But apparently me saying "having half a face of blue paint on doesn't make you gay, Adam", triggered this one other classmate so freaking much, that he went *out of his way*, to sidle up to me and go "Wow Mia, there you are acting so triggered again; dont be such a fuckin' SJW about it."
Excuse me, fucking W H A T ? . .
....i wish this was satire.
I recall the words ""sjw" and "feminazi" being used, but what incel beta headass person decides to genuinely use those words in real life, as if thats what actual, normal people would say to someone?
Jfc, its not Life is Strange.
People tend to... actually enjoy things, without proving they don't respect themselves or others for basic things they like and enjoy, you know.
He was like 16 or something, so its a midway point between "sixteen year olds can be really fuckin stupid and edgy", and "but this nigga is old enough to probs know that its not gay to have that on his fuckin face."
Long story short, I haven't done special effects makeup for an extremely long time, since I put in a lot of hard work and effort to give this kid the PERFECT batman villain makeup look he was DYING to receive....
Just for, after almost 2 fuckin hours, he rips that shit off his face in under two minutes.
Since he thought it was gay.
And I got called a social justice warrior for being mad that all my effort went to waste, all since a dude thought the color blue was gay.
Jesus fuckin christ.
That is not very nice.
And that one non-black boyfriend I had, (that i dumped in less than 24 hours of being with,) since he loudly proclaimed in a hallway "I DON'T GET WHY THEY'RE SO MAD THAT I SAID (insert n-word here)!"
....i don't even have words for that one.
Jesus christ, you have ONE girl in your life who actually likes you, who happens to be black, and now you wanna shout slurs in hallways of predominantly black schools all because you're *surprised* that school administrators don't like you texting that word to other kids in group chats.
(A.k.a., this idiot and his friends said the n-word with the -er at the end, unfiltered, way too fuckin much in a group chat and someone called them out on it. Proceeds to loudly shout and bitch and moan about administrators wanting to punish them for it... to their black crush at their black school. Gets surprised that girl then dumps him first thing in the morning the next day for being a total tool, and completely oblivious to goddamned everything, man...)
That was the same dude who I opened up to about traumatic shit my abusive first boyfriend did, and at first sympathized with me, but almost immediately went "hes still a cool guy though and I'm not gonna stop being friends with him tho."
No one even asked him shit about ending that friendship, i just wanted to vent, without feeling guilty about shit....
Way to help, man.
Even the basic concept of "yeah i don't really think about my ex anymore and really just would prefer to act like he just doesnt exist", didn't work for this idiot! He'd go out of his way to bring up my ex and his new girlfriend or things my ex said about me or would do for his girlfriend... like.... yeah thanks man. His surprise when i dumped him... maybe don't repeatedly name drop the guy your ex hates and then be a total all around asshole to the people around you... and be shocked when you're dumped.
(This got a little off track but it still fits the point I'm making.)
Deadass, the most "hashtag #triggered" people are the ones who have no social lives.
Why else would someone talk as loudly as they can on a bus, with their one sole friend about hentai tits on the daily?
Why else would a dumbass be shocked that people don't enjoy being called slurs?
Why else would anyone who says "yo the n-word is kinda pointless to say", "hey don't shout that in hallways", and "wearing halloween makeup doesn't make you gay, unless you were sucking a dick as you wore it", makes someone... an sjw?
Oh, right. Since people are fuckin delusional and dont have friends or know how to talk to different types of fuckin' people in their life at all... yeah. Alright.
In the great words of transphobic ass BlueFace, who is too ashamed to admit they openly had sex with someone whos lgbt since they're also toxic as fuck:
"Yeah.... aight."
Probs don't go out of your way to do obviously bogus shit, and no one will think you're bogus. Problem solved. That's all.
Also, make friends with people of different races, and genders. It's intimidating at first but gives tons of insight. No ones really as different as they seem. You'll even find some things out about yourself. Hell, one ex I had was an extremely Republican Conservative with strict mindsets about immigration, other races, religion, virginity, abortion, gay marriage, all sorts of things... and now he's proudly still an asshole, for tons of different personal reasons, but now liberal, and exploring his own femininity and sexuality. And he rocks the fuck out of sundresses without shame, and even uses rectum toys while still being a 100% straight cis male.
Now *that* is some good ass nontoxic masculinity right there.
So, yeah, there's my first rant. Hope you all understood the point i was trying to make here. Have a nice night. And get all the rest that you could get too.
*side note: n-word dude was otherwise unbearable even before the n-word situation. I could be like, "damn isnt it amazing that humans and civilizations deadass survived THOUSANDS of years despite all the factors and outcomes?", and this dude would just glare at me then huff as aggressively as he could, then groan "UGH, WE GET IT, HUMANS ARE ALIVE AND HAVE LIVED, DEAL WITH IT", and would brush me off... he completely deserved the bullshit that he got.
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