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Seance Season Chp 2
Chapter 2: Worries and Answers.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader.       Mentions of OC x Hoseok. Non-Romantic mentions of other BTS members.
Summary: You repeatedly told yourself you did not have Magick. But one evening has you fearing for what you’re starting to become. In the middle of all of that, you have this pull to Jungkook that you both can’t quite explain. This new season of your life is Seance Season. Will you come out the same person?
Words: 13,500+
Rating: PG13-M’ish. Some Sexual scenarios but not the full Snex.
Genre: Magick, Witch au. Fluff, Angst and Smut. Slight Horror.
Tags/Warnings: Strong mentions of Magick and spells. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with the idea of wicca and anything of the sort as certain remedies and ‘spells/chants’ are in fact real to some. Drinking. Fighting. Blood. Destruction. A man harms y/n. Horror to some degree. Extremely religious folk be wary.
Pls excuse if there are any spelling or grammatical errors. I don’t really have a beta or anything to scan for anything like that <3
All rights to pictures, songs and other types of media respectively belong to their owners.
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“Thanks, for uh..the ride home and you saving me..and just everything.” you were still visibly shaken from the events that had just transpired but you tried your best not to show it, your face hardening as you worried at your cheek with your teeth. 
The heels of your scraped up boots clacked against the concrete leading to the front door of your apartment complex. You’d probably have to say goodbye to these shoes as they not only had had enough ‘excitement’ for their lifetime but the heels were wobbly to walk on and you knew they were close to just breaking off.
Stopping at the wooden door to the lobby you looked up to meet the intense gaze Jungkook fixated on you. It wasn’t the same intense gaze he had at the club, no, this was and intense look of contemplation, of fear, of intrigue.
You searched for the right words to say but as you opened your mouth he did the same. “Are you okay to stay by yourself? You’ve had a long night. I’m not saying I’d like..stay the night, but I could always stay for a bit if you want to talk about tonight.” His eyes held sincerity in his words and if you were being honest you really didn’t want to be alone. You we’re scared of so many things right now and you weren’t sure you could even sleep if you tried. The thought of the man who attacked you possibly finding you again made a shiver run up your spine. You knew he was badly injured from Jungkook and it would definitely take time and powerful potions to heal him up right, but it didn’t settle the slight tremble in your knees.
“If you would..I’d appreciate that” With a nothing but a nod, Jungkook opened the door to you and followed behind your walking body.
Reaching into your purse that Jungkook recovered from the alleyway for you while you were in a daze, you pulled out your key and turned it into the deadbolt mechanism until the locking ‘click’ could be heard.
Gesturing with a wave of you palm, Jungkook entered your ‘home’ and you closed the door behind you both making sure to lock both locks, even if it was just for peace of mind. You watched his eyes move over the entirety of your livingroom/diningroom open space and the kitchen nook that was only separated by a wall with a cut out alcove between the dining area and the actual kitchen space.
“Make yourself at home, I’m going to take a quick shower. I think I packed up some of Tae’s clothes that he left at my old house and brought with me here, when I get out I’ll check.” you watched the dark haired mans left eyebrow cock at the mention of ‘tae clothes’ but didn’t ask why as you just wanted to get out of these clothes and try to wash away at the grime and blood that covered your body.
Taking a change of undergarments and pajamas with you to the bathroom, you left them neatly folded on the sink and made quick work of your clothing. Deciding most of it had been damaged and it would be best to just get rid of it, you threw it all into a heap and tossed your non ruined undergarments in the hamper nestled inside your linen closet.
You finally took in your reflection in the mirror. Your hair was wildly matted in spots from when you were against the wall and on the ground wiggling about to break free. Your body was littered with numerous scrapes and scratches that you knew would bruise over the course of the next week. You cheek had bits of dried blood from where the Ice dagger cut at your skin and the cut on your palm still had beads of flowing blood mixing in with brown specs of dirt and debris you accumulated from the alley floor. Your tearducts and nostrils were black with soot and ash from Jungkooks fire and what was left of your makeup was smeared in different directions. You looked like hell and a part of you was embarrassed that Jungkook had seen you like this.
Steam filled the room as you lit the eucalyptus and peppermint candle settled atop a shelf to help with the tension that was running rampant in your mind and body.
Stepping under the hot water, you felt it start to string your skin with the borderline too hot stream that you needed to feel. The water swirling into a pool at your feet making it’s way to the drain was tinted a mauve color and you watched until it finally ran clear. It was almost therapeutic, clear was associated with purity and the water washing off the physical grime of tonight made you a little less on edge. Thanking the element of water you made quick work of working shampoo into your tresses.
Atop your head sat a bun of hair and conditioner while you washed your body. The mixture of hot water and soap licked at your body and you hissed at the pain but you scrubbed vigorously at your body with your loofah none the less.
The water once again spiraled with a pink hue as the grime that hadn’t been washed away with just the water finally made it’s way off of your body. With a sharp hiss, the cut on your palm opened further. The swollen pink skin around the crimson gash stung as you made sure to really wash it. The cut on your face re opened in the same way while you washed all traces of makeup, soot, debris and dried blood from the delicate skin.
You din’t know if it was the color of the water or the thoughts flowing in your mind but you broke down. Tears streaming down your cheek as your knees gave out and you sat your body in the tub curling into yourself.
Sobs wrecked your body as you shook violently and you held your knees to your chest tightly in search of some sort of stability. Water made its way from your head and into your mouth and a quick inhale from a sob caused you to choke out the liquid. 
Why did this all happen? What was going on? Could this all please be some sort of horrible nightmare that you could wake up from? What was this overwhelming urge you couldn’t quite describe? 
Scenes of fire fanning over concrete and chunks of rubble lying under gaping holes littered your brain and dances behind closed eyes as silent cries of why continued to escape your lips. 
Jungkook had been using paper towels to dry at the cuts and scrapes on his arms he had just washed in your kitchen sink when he heard a heavy thud echo from the bathroom. He had thought you might’ve dropped something but the sound of a choked sob prompted him to hastily make his way to the bathroom door. He had called out to you multiple times but the sounds of streaming water and heart breaking sobs were all he got in response. 
Warm arms and a fluffy towel were wrapped around your body as you finally registered that the shower had been turned off and you were currently leaning against a solid body of muscle as Jungkook secured the towel around your body. 
You both stood there in silence with his arms secured around you as tears continued to escape your eyes and it wasn’t until you were finally taking in deep breaths to calm yourself that you took in the situation. Jungkook had not only seen you naked but he witnessed your break down and helped you yet again.
Pulling away from his body, you clutched the terry fabric closer to your body and he politely nodded his head while making his exit to let you dress yourself. 
The soft jersey fabric of your lavender colored pajama shorts and old megadeath shirt covered your body while your fuzzy socks felt cozy against your toes. Covering the candle to extinguish the flame, you made quick work of brushing your hair with the etched wooden comb your mother had gifted you for your 18th birthday, the wooden teeth detangling your hair gently.
Your eye cream had aided in helping to de-puff your eyes a bit but they were still visibly swollen and red. Shaking your head at your yourself in the mirror you finally exited your bedroom deciding you had finally calmed down enough to not only face the man who had saved you twice already but make yourself some tea to hopefully aid in clarity of your mind, body and soul.
Upon entering the kitchen, you came face to face with Jungkook who had been leaning against the counter waiting for you. “Before you say anything, I didn’t see much I swear. It was so foggy from the steam that it was all a blur and before you apologize just know you don’t owe me one. I just wanted to make sure that you were..well..okay.” He had insisted before you could even open your mouth and attempt the apology that had been sitting on the tip of your tongue as you didn’t know what else to say. His words put you at ease but you still softly thanked him to which he smiled that dazzling bunny like smile that was such a juxtaposition to his ‘rebel without a cause’ look he had going on. The tattoo spiraling from the tips of his fingers up to his chest and neck didn’t really help- WAIT when THE FUCK did his shirt come off. Omg was he half naked when he picked your buck naked body off of your shower floor and into a towel? Jeez you really should stop with the leering y/n, you were literally having a mental breakdown like 15 minutes ago, a breakdown that this tall dark and handsome man had witnessed. Shaking your head of the ‘offensive’ thoughts, you opened the upper cabinets by your stove searching from your herbs you wanted to brew.
Turning on the high heat setting on one of the burners, you set your black kettle down and got to work on filling a small mesh bag with a concoction. A pinch of dried Lavender buds, a 1/2 teaspoon of ground chamomile, a few dried yarrow flowers. Hmm, I’m forgetting something.
“Tangerine peel would be a great addition for that tea.” The voice to your right called out, reminding you of Jungkook’s presence. He was right, Tangerine peel had been known in the ways of Magick for its aid in purification, protection and clarity. The uplifting scent was also a plus. Grabbing a Tangerine from your fruit bowl on your small dining table, you carefully separated the flesh of the fruit from its peel and sliced in thin strips. 
Steeping the Yarrow separately as it needed more time than the other herbs, you munched on the Tangerine. The sweet yet tart juicy flesh burst between your teeth as you chewed making you realize how hungry you had been.
“Are you perhaps hungry? I just realized I haven’t eaten in hours.” You questioned Jungkook with a soft bite at your bottom lip. “I could go for some food, I actually know this 24 hour pizza joint that delivers if you’re up for that.” He asked with a smile and you nodded in return promptly telling him to order anything he liked when he asked what your preferred toppings were.
The scent of the steeping tea was soothing and you found yourself gazing at the man in front of you who was currently on the phone ordering a pepperoni, mushroom and black olive with garlic butter crust. The words along making you internally drool. The tattoo on his left side of his torso looked so intricate, the swirls of black ink with small bursts of crimson in the shape of what looked like dahlias made their way from mid torso over his defined abdominal muscles and down his hip disappearing into the waistband of his pants. Wait why is his shirt still off? Where is it anyways? OH FUCK You had forgotten to bring him some of Taehyungs old clothes. You had finally noticed that he had cleaned himself up while you were gone, his wounds hadn’t been bleeding but you could see the shadow of bruises starting to form over his bruised skin and decided after you found the clothing you would try to make a healing salve to aid in the swelling of the area. Passing his frame to head to your room you caught a glimpse of what looked like his shirt folded on one of your dining chairs. 
Holding what looked like it would fit his frame you thrust your hands out to him.”Here, the clothes I forgot to get you earlier. They look like they’d fit. Tae isn’t as uh..’muscly’ as you but you’re around the same-ish height” Mentally cringing at the word ‘muscly’ leaving your lips you glanced to the right of his frame and noticed that your tea had been presented in a mug on the counter with a napkin folded next it.
Jungkook thanked you and assured you it was more than okay, even adding that he ‘forgot’ he had been without a shirt. When you look like that you can get away with ‘forgetting’ being half naked. 
A drizzle of honey perfectly complimented the steaming tea as you brought it to your lips and blew a stream of cool air before taking your first sip. The herbal concoction did wonders to your palette. Tangerine leant a soft citrus note that had you quickly taking another sip. 
Gathering a plethora of herbs based essential oils you quickly got to work mixing the right amount of each together in harmony of what was needed most. The oils had now been ready to put into the coconut and jojoba oil you had already warmed. With a 1/4 cup of bees wax to help harden the oil like consistency you set the mixture in the fridge for quick solidification. You had finished putting away the multitude of jars that littered the counter when Jungkook entered.
“Hey thanks for the clothes.” you noted Teahyung didn’t look like that in those dark grey marled jogger style sweatpants and plain black crew neck t shirt that sported more than a few holes. You liked distressed oversized tops and Tae and Joon always left clothes at your old house so finders keepers. I mean you had to admit your friends were beautiful creatures, but you always looked at them as brothers and not a man that had his hands on your hips dancing rhythmically a few hours earlier.
The sound of the doorbell ringing brought you out of your thoughts and Jungkook stated it must be the pizza. Pouring yourself a glass of ice water you took both your mug and glass to the coffee table situated in front of your couch. Laying two paper plates on the wooden surface, you stacked a few napkins from your roll knowing how messy pizza can sometimes get.
The smell of garlic and pepperoni filled your nostrils and you almost groaned as your stomach grumbled embarrassingly loud; good thing Jungkook hadn’t been too close to hear. While Jungkook set up the cardboard box in between the two plates you had laid out, you brought him a glass of water after asking what he’d like to drink. 
It was a comfortable silence that befell the living area as you both munched on the greasy goodness on the comfort of your couch. Your legs stretched outwards from their previously criss-cross applesauce position as you reached for your ice water after finishing your first slice. You had to admit, Jungkook had been right about the pizza being delicious. His bunny like smile made your lips curl upwards at your admittance.
Three slices of pizza and half of your water later you curled your throw blanket around your legs and sipped on the now lukewarm tea. Clearing his throat, Jungkook turned towards you from his position on the other side of your grey couch, a napkin in his hadn’t as he dabbed at his mouth. “Are you..are you okay to uh…talk about what happened earlier?” You weren’t quite sure if you were to be honest, but maybe he had some answers to the questions you had regarding the events that had transpired in that alleyway.
With a long sip of your tea you nodded in answer with a swallow. “Y/n do you know what you did? Like are you aware of what happened?” your head bobbed up and down slowly as you took in the trepidation on his face.
“I could see the smoke if that’s what your asking. I saw the tendrils twist and curl into those obsidian looking spears. I couldn’t really control it, It’s like I saw what was happening but I was just a bystander of sorts as my body was taken over.” You paused trying to figure out the best way to phrase the next series of sentences. “I could..hear..voices that sounded like my own and something deeper almost sinister..telling me what to do, what I wanted to do, what I should do. As I was watching I almost wanted to give in to everything the voices were saying. I was so upset and frustrated that it all came out at once in a physical way. It’s like I was in one of my recent nightmares, just watching as I destroyed that wall. Whatever it was wanted me to do much worse but it’s like this light was cast and parted the smoke that clouded my vision and I was able to break out of that sort of trance. It’s like when the wall was destroyed, either the sound of seeing the concrete turn to piles of rumble made me realize what I did. I just..I j..just want to w..wake up and it all be some sort of sick nightmare. Jungkook I don’t have magick, I never have. M..maybe it was some sort of spell that I was under and it can just be broken. Maybe that man had some friend that cast a hex.. I don’t know.” Fingers shaking you reached for your mug and chugged the rest of the cool liquid hoping to calm yourself down.
“Y/n that wasn’t spellwork or some sort of hex. That was dark magic. Something I’ve only seen once and i..that was a long time ago. It looked like you were being consumed by it, not controlling it. Your eyes turned the color of Onyx and your veins looked as if they were full of ink and not blood. There was this shrouded aura around you that pulsated with power. I felt like lightning had struck next to you and I was..almost..scared. But then you came to and some part of me needed to help. You keep saying you don’t have magick but you seem to know a lot about it.”
With a nod of your head you gestured towards the framed picture atop the mantle that held your tv. After you had explained to him the magick your parents and friends held he nodded in understanding, his question seemed to be answered.
“So you didn’t come into magick before your 18th birthday?” A shake of your head answered his question. “I don’t know much more about how dark magic is obtained. I just know it is capable of so much hurt and destruction. You aren’t anything like the holder I’ve..come across.” 
“I don’t want this Jungkook..I don’t want to be this way. What if it was all a fluke? Like, what if it all goes back to normal tomorrow?” His tongue poked at the inside of his left cheek as he contemplated what you had said. “I don’t think that’s how that works y/n, but maybe it will. We can hope. I really think you should ask your parents about it though, you said they own a magick shop right? They must have more knowledge on this than I do. I know you said you don’t want them to try and bring you back home but y/n you need to know what’s going on. Even if it was a fluke and never happens again you still can’t just run the risk of it happening again and without a magic shield protecting the area you could do actual damage to something or worse..” He was right and that thought alone scared you. Standing up you threw the paper plates into the brown cardboard box and took it to the kitchen for recycling.
Your mug had been placed into the sink basin by Jungkook. “How did you know to put Tangerine in the tea? You also must’ve known the brewing time to pour it before the herbs burnt and got bitter.” The questions slipped from your mouth as you washed the grease residue from your hands, in your defense not all active magick holders are well versed in teas, tinctures and the such. Thats why your parents shop had been frequently visited. Some witches finding things as simple as ‘human magic’ as they called it, to be just that simple, too simple for them to care to learn or worry about doing. “My mom taught me as a child before..she passed” A brief look of hurt crossed his face and you couldn’t help but regret asking.
“She was a fire holder like I am. She said Dad was too even though he passed around the time that I was born. Funny how we can have magick but still pass from disease and sickness.” His lips curled into a tight lipped small smile as you softly let out an apology for his loss. “Both passings were white some time ago. Don’t apologize for things you had no part in.” Jungkook’s front teeth showed as his smile widened and while you were put at ease you were still regretful of asking and having him relive parts of his past.
“But that’s why I really believe you should tell your parents what happened. You have someone to hopefully help you with what’s happening, to guide you. Earlier you asked about my Inferno Fire. When my mom passed..madness is a understatement for what I felt. I was consumed with the need to avenge her and my power..it was a lot to control. I still have my moments but what i’m saying is, you have the guidance I didn’t have. Let’s say your parents don’t have answers to whats going on, at least they know and can maybe try and be there for you.” You knew he was right, while you hoped it was a fluke of some sorts, there was no way you should risk it again without consulting your parents and best friends. 
“I’ll check to see what time the trains leave tomorrow, or well later today since it’s passed midnight.” You figured the sooner the better and having the next few days off until Thursday night helped.
“You don’t have a car right? If you want, I can drive you. You said it’s a few hours out of the city? I just don’t know if you being on a bus alone before knowing what’s going on is safe. What is another holder comes after you again and this time you’re not only defenseless but other can get hurt as well. The shield can only do so much. We got lucky tonight that he and myself both put up shields that blocked the brunt of the power but a moving vehicle with people so close together is another story.” 
To say you were surprised by his offer was an understatement but you agreed none the less as he had a fair point. You both agreed he would stay the night ‘his insistence and your obvious agreement’ and after you both rested for a few hours as it was already passed 3 in the morning, you both would go over to his apartment so he could change before heading over to your hometown.
“Wait are you sure you’re okay with that? What about work or a roommate or a..girlfriend. omg are they okay with you being at my place? or a club for that matter” Word vomit like questions escaped your mouth and you instantly regretted them despite the incredible smile they caused Jungkooks lips to form into.
“Well my work will be fine. I don’t go to the office as much since Jimin runs most of it now. The only roommate I have is a pet cat named Luna-“ A cock of your eyebrow “Don’t judge me, Stella Luna is an iconic children’s book and we can all learn from momma bat. Anyways Jimin will go by and feed you if I ask him to. I don’t have a girlfriend and if I did I surely wouldn’t have been at that club dancing with you like that.” You felt the blush creep up your neck to your cheeks, tinting them in a soft crimson.
“I..alrighty then, I should probably head to bed. Long day ahead of us and all. I’ll bring you some pillows. Before I forget, there’s a salve in the fridge for you. It should hopefully help with the swelling and bruising.” You didn’t give him the chance to reply as you bounded off to your bedroom in search of the extra bedding you had tucked away on the top shelving of your walk-in closet.
Two fluffy pillows and an extra blanket filled your arms as you made your way back into your living area where Jungkook was currently sitting while scrolling on his phone. Looking up from the glowing screen of his cellphone, Jungkook took the bedding from your outstretched arms while a polite ‘thank you’. “The salve feels great by the way. Calendula was used to make it right? and I thought I smelt yarrow too.” With a smile you nodded as his assumptions had been correct. “Peppermint to give the swelling a cooling sensation, Burdock root oil for skin circulation so the area can hopefully heal faster and a little bit of chamomile to soothe.”
“Feel free to leave the lamp on if you’d like. You already know where the bathroom is. Um, I’ll be setting my alarms to around 10 because I already know that if I don’t set them I’ll sleep all day. Goodnight Jungkook”. 
“Goodnight y/n” With a eye crinkling gentle smile, the man in front of you tucked the pillows behind his head. 
How long had you been laying there staring at the wall? 30 minutes? An hour? 5 minutes? Every time your eyes fluttered closed and you started to enter the dream realm, you snapped your eyes back open afraid of going back to the same nightmare you’ve had twice before. The tea had worked in calming you down and giving you a sort of clarity but it didn’t prevent you from still asking the what if’s and the fear that swirled around in your brain.
Tip Toeing your way to the kitchen, you blindly reached for what you thought was the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room and instead grabbed ahold of a fist full of air while leaning a little too forward. “Shit fuck” you hissed as your big toe came into contact with the leg of a dining chair. You hadn’t even heard Jungkook move from his spot on the couch when arms reached behind around you and you were suddenly placed in a chokehold.
Flailing your arms, you swung your right elbow backwards and hit the dark haired mans left ribs. “What the FUCK?” you yelled out and the man immediately let go of your body. Flinging yourself onto the wall behind you, you reached around for the light switch.
With the area finally being illuminated Jungkook’s eyes widened “I’m so so sorry, I just heard a voice and thought someone got in!” Shaking your head you dragged out a breath of air. “An intruder that’s short? I mean it could happen but you didn’t think of the height, mixed with the voice of a female mixed with you being in someone else’s apartment that maybe it was the owner of said apartment?” Top teeth bit into his plump bottom lip and you sighed. “I appreciate you for being on the offense with the ‘intruder’. I’m sorry for waking you up.”
With an adamant shake of his head and a promise of it being ok you slowly nodded your head. “Have you not slept yet?” You chewed the inside of your cheeks before answering quietly.
“I understand, but you need rest y/n. Would you like it if I..slept in there with you? NOT IN A SEXUAL MANNER.” His hands went up defensively and you held back the chuckle that threatened to escape your throat. “I just mean maybe another person being in the room will help you sleep better and if you have a nightmare I guarantee I’ll wake you up”. Studying his expression and glancing at the time on the stove fuck it’s already 5:20.
“Okay” was all you replied before he followed you to your bedroom after flicking the kitchen lights off. 
You could feel the heat coming off of his body despite your shoulders being a whole foot away. It wasn’t an uncomfortable heat though, it was actually almost soothing. Like a heating pad on your back when that time of the month came, TMI analogy I know but it was true.
The sound of Jungkooks breath slowing down as he was brought back to sleep lulled you into your own slumber, thankfully before morning light streamed through your window.
The sounds of two alarms going off at once blared into your ears. With a groan you reached blindly forward towards your phone with usually lay on the nightstand. Instead of the cool plastic case that enshrouded your phone, your hair was met with a fistful on floppy hair. 
Your eyes had never shot open so fast before in your life. Blinking slowly, you stared at the unmoving body that held you in his arms as you were pressed to his defined chest. How was he still so peacefully asleep with alarms blaring? His lips were softly pouted as he dreamt and his eyelashes looked like ebony feathers racing the tops of his cheekbones. The mole under his lip almost hiding beneath his bottom lip as he pouted. He was beautiful and you, you..oh fuck I probably have morning breath and look like shit.
The attempt at detangling yourself from his grasp proved futile as his arms only pulled you closer until his heated breath fanned over your neck. You pushed back the shiver that ran up your back with every breath he took. With a deep breath of your own you pushed yourself backwards with all your might and managed to flop right off of the bed and land on the rug covering your floor.
Pulling yourself up to a sitting position you watched as he clutched your comforter under his chin as he was still asleep. Wake you up if you have a nightmare my ass. He managed to wake up from me SOFTLY cussing but alarms blaring do nothing.
You took the time that he was still asleep to brush your teeth and hair and even put a light dusting of makeup over your face. With a pop of mascara and brow gel brushing over your hairs, you pulled away from your bathroom mirror and ran your finger over the now scabbing slice over your cheek. The tinted moisturizer and powder evening out your complexion but not covering your wound as you knew it needed to heal without possibly getting infected with anything covering it. A soft swirl of bronzer over your temples and the edges of your face made you look more awake than you felt as you were currently a walking zombie (no offense to zombies).
Walking back into you room, another of Jungkook’s alarms was going off and he hadn’t even budged from his position. Jungkooks eyes shot open as both of your hands gripped his shoulders as you leaned over him, his name leaving your lips in a sort of loud groan/growl. A lazy smirk pulled over his lips as he cocked his left eyebrow up at you. “You know, if you wanted to groan my name I could make it a lot more fun for you.”
The fire that licked at your loins was doused with water as you stepped back from his frame and cross your arms over your chest. “It’s 10:30 and your alarm has been going off non stop. How the hell do you sleep through that?!” Jungkooks smirk was quickly replaced with a sheepish grin. “I’m really bad with alarms. I promise if it’s like someone telling me to wake up or something urgent like what I thought was an intruder last night I’ll wake up but alarms go off for about an hour before I actually wake up. Luna usually jumps on my face and paws as my cheeks so I can wake up cause she’s so fed up with the sound.” The image of a cat squishing his soft cheeks caused you to giggle.
“You look nice by the way, not that you didn’t last night. I’m just saying you get ready fast.” Jungkook left to the bathroom after you thanked him for his compliment. Your feet pattered against the wooden floor as you searched through your closet for something to wear.
The light blue boyfriend style jeans being oh so comfy yet hugged your ass in just the right way. A worn grey/black Nirvana shirt with plenty of holes and gashes served its purpose in covering your torso and a pair of OG black checkered slip on vans completed your road trip outfit.
You slipped on your favorite birthstone embedded ring over your thumb when Jungkook entered your room in search of his phone. “I’m ready whenever you are” you nodded in understanding and grabbed an oversized navy blue hoodie in case you got cold. After a quick interval debate, you decided it would be best to pack extra clothes in case you stayed the night back home. Telling Jungkook of your decision, you hurriedly shoved a couple of  random graphic tees, a pair of pajama leggings, an extra pair of socks and your back up travel size toiletries into a satchel along with your phone charger.
With a quick look through your purse to make sure you had everything you needed you followed Jungkook out of your apartment and into his sleek black luxurious vehicle. “I sent Jimin a text telling him I’d be gone for a day or two so he could watch Luna. Speaking of Luna, she’s very cautious of new people so if she avoids you please don’t take it personally.” you nodded your head in understanding and your eyes followed the passing high rise buildings from the window. While you hadn’t really explored the city you remembered this area being upscale from the few school trips and random road trips with the boys you had been part of.
The sunlight streaming through the windows was cut off as you all pulled into an underground garage that was attached to a high rise building, rows of expensive cars lined up in their parking spaces and you instantly felt underdressed. Picking at the holes in your jeans you softly nibbled the inside of your cheek as Jungkook pulled into his spot. 
The garage level elevator dinged as you all entered the space and you let your eyes roam around. The walls were mirrored chrome, the rails looked as if they had been recently polished and the floor was a crisp white marble against your worn in shoes. “I could always just wait in the car..I don’t exactly look the part right now.” Your cheek was pulled between your teeth and the dark haired man shook his head adamantly. “You look fine y/n, plus I wouldn’t want to leave you in the dark garage while I took who knows how long getting ready.” He had been right, the garage lights seemed to be motion activated so they only lit up when a car pulled in or occupants exited the elevator or stairwell, so you would in fact be shrouded in darkness.
As the elevator doors opened to the 30th floor your eyebrows shot up at the modern design of the hallway. Marble floors seemed to extend over the ground here as well. The walls were a soft grey toned taupe color that was accentuated by the dark stained wood crown molding. Above your head, the ceiling had the same color as the walls except rows of squares were made with the crown molding and in the middle of each square sat a mirror which aided in making the space look large. In front of the elevator was a thin console table colored with the same wood as the molding, atop the counter stood a few silver toned vases that were filled with bunches of white hydrangeas and soft pink roses.
You had noticed that unlike your building that held many doors along the hallways of each floor, this building or maybe it was just this floor but as you turned right and followed Jungkook you had only seen one or two white wooden numbered doors. The glass and chrome mini chandeliers lit your way as you turned another right and ended up in front of another hall with two doors, one of either side. 
Setting his palm over the electronic keypad, Jungkook entered 4 numbers followed by a green ‘enter’ button and the locking mechanism clicked as is unlocked. With a turn of the handle, the door was softly swung open and you followed Jungkook though the threshold.
With a flick of a light switch, the apartment was now illuminated. Damn, so this is how the other half live. The kitchen to your left was a completely open space, a large white marble topped island with silver metal stools separated the space from a long black wooden table and chair set that sat at least 6-8 people.
To your right was a large living area complete with a built in black wooden console and shelving that housed a massive flat screen in the middle. Atop a shelf to the right of the tv were multiple different gaming consoles and rows of what you assumed to be games and dvd’s. Encircling the area were plush medium grey couches that formed a large sectional, to the side were two light grey nailhead trimmed wingback chairs. In the middle of the couches was a coffee table that looked as if it was made of twisting large logs that were dipped in liquid silver with a clear glass square top. In between both wingback chairs stood an endurable that matched the coffee table but at a much smaller scale. Tucked against a wall next to one side of the sectional couch was a chrome finished standing floor lamp with square shaped glass encircling the lightbulbs. Along the wall of the open dining and living area were large dark grey curtains that seemed to hide massive windows that looked as if they were floor to ceiling from what you could see.
The walls in the dining area held various modern eclectic paintings but besides that, the walls were pretty barren. The soft light grey almost white of the walls made the space look exceptionally clean. A loud purr and something rubbing against your left ankle took you out of your thoughts and appreciation of the beautiful space.
A small black bundle of fur was circling around you leg as it rubbed itself against the tops of your shoes. Bending down you smiled softly at loud purrs that Luna was letting out. A big pair of green eyes landed on yours and Luna meowed up at you. Extending your hands towards her head, you softly scratched behind her ears as she nuzzled her head against your fingers. 
In front of you knelt a dumbfounded Jungkook as he seemingly waiting for Luna to come to him but instead came to you for attention. “Luna, i’m your dad! How could you? I get that she’s pretty but didn’t you miss me?” A small pout graced the mans lips and you couldn’t help the loud laugh that escaped your lips. He resembled a child that got his gameboy taken away from him.
“Well since she seems to like you, I’m going to shower real quick and change. Make yourself at home. Theres food in the fridge but I was thinking of maybe picking up something for the road if that’s cool with you.” You let him know that was more than fine with you as your tummy was starting to grumble. Standing from your previously knelt position you watched as he entered a room to the left of the dining area, only two doors lined the wall and before you could ask what the other was, his mop of hair entered your vision from a small space as the door re opened. “Theres a bathroom in the door to the left of the little hall next to the living room.” With that, the man closed his bedroom door again and you followed Luna to the massive couch as she seemed to want you to sit and give her more attention.
She said in your lap as you smoothed your hands over her sleek black fur. You noted her bowl of food and some high tech water system on the side of the kitchen island and smiled at the little plaque reading “Luna” nailed into the white wood of the kitchen island over her bowls. You loved your couch, you really did but as your butt sank into the cushions of the sectional, you sighed. What the fuck did Jungkook do to live this lavishly? 
You scrolled through your phone with one hand as you pet the cute fur ball atop your lap with the other. You had sent a text to your parents and your friends asking if they were free this afternoon as you were coming back home and needed to talk. The text was answered immediately with worry from your mom and you assured her you were fine. Jin had asked if you needed a ride from the train station but you had let him know you were being driven by a friend to which your friends had a plethora of questions ready.
With another sigh you worked your fingers over the touchscreen, answering as many of the questions as you could with a promise of ‘i’ll tell you the rest when I get there’. 
You didn’t knew how much time had passed but you assumed it to be a short span before a door opened and Jungkook emerged with slightly damp hair and a new outfit. The dark denim hugged his thighs and you tried your best not to drool. A plain black crew neck shirt and dark grey hoodie covered his torso and you internally were little jealous at how someone dressed so casually could look like they were walking the stage at new you fashion week. In your mind you were miss potato and he was a greek sculpture.
Slipping on a pair of black combat boots he gripped the small leather overnight bag between his fingers and planted a kiss to the top of Lunas head as she hopped off of your lap and stood on the back of the couch. “Ready?” Your feet followed his as he exited his apartment and before you both could reach the elevator door, a shrill voice called out to you both. 
“Jungkook! You weren’t home last night, I tried to bring you a slice of tiramisu that I had ordered from Ronaldos but you weren’t home.” The blonde pouted her pink colored lips and her big brown doe eyes bat innocently. “Oh you had a friend with you.” The word friend seemed to be accentuated more than the others as she twist a strand of her curled hair between her manicured fingers. 
“Oh, yeah I didn’t come home last night, thanks for the thought though.” Jungkook politely called out. “Another night at Jimins? I love a good bromance. Or perhaps a long night at the office? I told you that you needed to relax a little sometimes. You’re always welcome at my place.” Her lips grinned lasciviously as she stepped towards you both slightly and ran her fingers up Jungkooks fabric covered arm to his shoulder. She acted as if you weren’t even standing there not even a couple of feet away.
“No thank you Melissa, I already told you I’m fine.” Her manicured nails curled around Jungkooks bicep and she hummed. “But you seemed to be more than fine last time you came over. Why don’t you come over right now?”.
“No” Jungkook sternly answered and turned his back to her after shaking off her grip. Not a single step was taken before she gripped his bicep and moved to turn him to face her. Your eyes followed the movement as she leaned in close to his face. You told yourself the annoyance that filled your body was simply because she was taking up your precious time that could be spent driving not the fact that she so calmly set her paws all over the man that had you feeling all sorts of tingles when you were with him.
“Come on, we both know you had fun Jungkook. Just tell your friend you’ll hang out later” Her voice lilting as she drug out the ‘kook’. Her hand trailed to the side of his face and she thumbed his cheek. 
You suddenly felt your wrist being pulled as Jungkooks large hand wrapped around yours and pulled you towards his chest which had now been turned to face you. A heated palm softly cup your cheek and you couldn’t even ask what was going on, Melissa’s large eyes being the last thing you saw before Jungkooks face took over your vision. Plush lips pressed against yours firmly yet so soft as the breath seemed to leave your body with a squeak. “Jungkook wha-“ Melissa’s lips snapped shut as he deepened the kiss with a palm flat against the small of your back. Your mouths now open against one another but no tongue was introduced. 
As he pulled back, Jungkook hovered his mouth over yours, his breath coming out hot against your lips. “Melissa, I’ve said it before i’ll say it again. That won’t ever happen again and no I wasn’t at Jimin’s nor was I at the office. I spent all night with this ‘friend’ of mine. Speaking of which we gotta go, long day and night ahead of us.” At the word ‘friend’ Jungkooks palm moved from the small of your back to your hip and gripped softly. With the last word leaving his lips he winked at you and turned both of your bodies away from Melissa and towards the elevator.
When the doors closed and the garage button was pressed Jungkook let out a long breath he seemed to have held. “I’m so so so sorry for that y/n. You just don’t understand how many times I’ve let her down nicely. I made one fucking mistake when I was drunk off my ass from being depressed thinking of my mom’s death and I just I don’t know, I knocked on her door and it happened. I left right after and told her it was a mistake on my part for taking advantage of her kindness and offers but that it wouldn’t happen again and that I hoped she’d understand but obviously she didn’t understand. It’s been like 6 months since it happened and she still hasn’t stopped and I just wanted to shut her up. I’m so fucking sorry I pushed the kiss onto you, I just took the opportunity of having a female especially an attractive one at that being there with me to show her I meant it when I said no.” 
Laughter filled the elevator as it dinged, the doors opening. “It’s okay. You’ve helped me over and over again these passed couple of days, I’ll just chalk it up to helping you. Plus it was just a kiss, don’t freak too much. You literally look like a ‘dear in the headlights’ except change the dear to a bunny.” Jungkook pouted his plump bottom lip as the lights overhead turned on while you both walked to his car.
You wouldn’t admit the tingles and butterflies you had around him were intensified when his lips met yours. You felt as if you were ignited from the inside out, the same way you had felt at the club and it took everything you had in yourself to not reach up and grip his hair to pull him closer as you slipped your tongue into his mouth right in front of the blonde watching.
A shiver ran up your spine at the thought and you bit down hard on your top lip, your teeth sinking into the soft flesh to keep you from dwelling on the situation that you had built up in your mind. 
The smell of breakfast tacos wafted through the car as you both munched on your food. Bags of snacks and drinks sat at your feet and the soft hum of the radio gave the start of the trip a chill vibe as Jungkook connected his bluetooth to his stereo system.
The ride was peaceful even with the little bouts of Jungkook obviously speeding on the semi deserted highway. You noted that he had a beautiful voice as he hummed to Billie Eilish’s ‘You should see me in a crown’. The bottled espresso drink you chugged had helped awaken you and you found yourself bobbing your head along with his playlist of songs.
With a text of ‘Just got into town, will be there soon’ you gave Jungkook the directions of the streets he should turn onto to get to your parents shop. 
Pulling up to the little shop you knew and loved, you lead the way up the pavement to the wooden door with the sign now saying ‘closed’. It had only been a little passed 4 when you both arrived but you figured your parents would have closed the store early when you texted them that you would be visiting. Your father had suggested the meeting place be the shop to which you all agreed. With a quick glance behind you, Jin’s small suv sat parked next to your parents car and Namjoons dark blue Jetta.
With a deep breath in your knuckles rasped against the wood of the door as you knocked. The door creaked open and you were immediately pulled from your spot to a solid body you immediately recognized as Taehyungs by his earthy natural scent. 
Your hands shot up defensively as you quickly informed everyone that you’d explain the now scabbing small wound on your cheek and bandaged hand in a bit as that was part of the reason why you were here. At the word ‘cut’ your friends eyes shot open but before he could ask you shook your head to solidify the fact that you wouldn’t be answering his question until later.
A big boxy grin widened across his face as he pulled away and you were pulled into another pair of arms. Jin hugged you tight as his arms wrapped around your shoulders and you pat his back. The third pair of arms that encircled you belonged to Namjoons and you held him tight as it had been awhile since you had last seen the man. 
Your mom and dad embraced you in a group hug you didn’t know you needed and when they finally pulled away you watched as your mom wiped away the stray tear that made its way down her left cheek. 
“Everyone, this is Jungkook. He’s helped me while i’ve been in the city.” Your friends eyes scanned over his broad frame as your parents bid him a warm hello. 
“Yours a magick holder and a strong one at that. Hi, I’m Jin.” With an extended hand he shook the mans tattooed one. “I am, you’re pretty strong too. Actually, you all are. I can feel your auras from here.” Jungkook’s hand waved as he gestured around the room. Namjoon introduced himself the same way Jin had and Taehyung stood there with a questioning glint in his eyes. 
You knew that look, it was the same one he had on his face when they found out Joshua had been your first kiss, Brandon had asked you to prom and Chan had been you first boyfriend. Your friends were all protective of you but Taehyung showed it a little bit more, you knew he meant well and just wanted the best for you but it still sometimes got on your nerves when you had to remind him you were a grown ass woman. With that being said you were somewhat of a hypocrite, knowing you were super protective of the three men as well, you probably held that exact same look in your eyes when you met someone they were interested in.
“Jungkook, this is Taehyung. Tae this is Jungkook.” Taehyung nodded out a ‘hey’ as his right arms wrapped around your shoulders. With a shake of your head you followed your friends to the makeshift table and chairs they had set up near the bookcases, your parents already sitting on the two plush chairs that were always tucked into a corner in case shoppers wanted to sit down and read a bit before purchasing. Sitting yourself onto a lightly padded black folding chair you tucked your hands in front of you not knowing where to start.
“What’s bothering you honey? You’re biting the inside of your cheek and i know you do that when you’re stressed or deep in thought and not that I love that you’re here, I didn’t think we’d see you back so soon.” Your mom’s gentle voice questioned and you breathed deeply to center yourself before answering her. 
“Mom, there’s so much I need to tell you well so much i need to tell all of you. But before I start. Jin, do you remember when I asked about those dreams ‘for a friend’?” Your fingers curled up into air quotes and he nodded with a seemingly knowing look crossing over his handsome features. “I think you already know but it wasn’t a friend, it was me.”
His chest rose and fell as he took in a deep breath as you confirmed his suspicions. You swallowed down imaginary saliva before you glanced around at your family surrounding you and opened your mouth to tell them about the nightmares and the weird feelings you’ve had to how you met Jungkook at your job and how he had saved you from the attack in the alleyway and witnessed your transformation of sorts.
By the end of your re-telling of events your moms face had paled and your friends donned eyes as big as saucers. Your dad gripped the edge of the table as his knuckles whitened and Jungkook sat beside you calmly.
With a shake of his head your father looked at your mom as you asked if they had any idea what could be happening. “You need to tell her.” It was cliche and straight from a teen fiction novel but the look in his eyes told you it wasn’t a light matter.
Reading the room your friends and Jungkook stood from their seats but your mom shook her head telling them to sit back down. “You all are as much of y/n’s family as we are. You need to hear this.” Moving her chair around, your mom moved closer until she was sitting right in front of you and half your hands into hers. 
“When I was a little girl, I had met someone who would later become my best friend. Her and I met at the park you always loved as a child, the one where you’d swing and swing all day. Every week we met at that very park, we would talk and chase each other in a game of tag and just laugh like little kids do. I knew even back then that I’d had to hide my powers from her despite my younger self wanting nothing but to show her I could sprout a small dandelion front a pile of dirt. Back then Magick holders were even more strict with not getting too close to regular humans. It was out of fear that those thoughts were made, we would be cordial with them but never get too close.
As I grew older the want to tell her about Magick grew stronger. We would meet multiple times a week and confided in each other with so much but I was scared of how she would react. One day while waiting for her to meet me by the little dirt mound that was shaded by a big oak tree, I fiddled with the dirt. My fingers brushing the earth until I mindlessly let some of my magick out. A path of babies breath sprouted from the earth through my fingertips and before I could make it go away, shoes cam into my vision. I didn’t even have to explain as that little girl just smiled and sat right down next to me. I probably looked like a fish with how my mouth was opening and closing but she simply placed her hand on mine and asked if I could keep a secret.” A deep breath exited your moms lips before she continued. 
“She held magick I had only heard about. As she brought her hands to cup over mine, a bright white orb of light manifested before bursting into golden butterflies. She told me her parents had taught her to hide her magick aura from others and that’s why I hadn’t felt her aura. She said she had wanted to tell me especially since I was a fellow magick holder but was scared of her parents finding out.
From then on our bond grew. I had been so happy when we found out we would both be attending the same high school. Your father- or well my husband and I met in a shared english class and she and him became quick friends after I had introduced the two. The three of us had become close friends but I always kept her secret from everyone. When her parents passed in our sophomore year she stayed over at my house to help with her grieving. They had been the only family she had and the only light holders she knew. After we had graduated high school she left with the promise of coming back and visiting despite me spending with her not to leave. With a bright smile she left for the city in hopes of finding other light holders and learning more about her magick.”
Your mom’s grip on your hands had tightened and your brows furrowed at how she had referred to your father as her husband. “I had stopped hearing from her a month in to her trip and I feared for the worst. I had even gone to the city in search of her but to no avail. About a year and a half later, a knock was heard at our front door and imagine my surprise when I got up in the middle of the night and opened the door to a very pregnant her standing on the porch of my husband and I’s new home. I let her in immediately after greeting her with a big hug. She looked terrified and clutched her stomach between her arms. She was sweating and looked as if she was having trouble standing. When my husband awake from the noise in the living room she took our hands into hers and pleaded that no mater what happened to her that we would take care of the baby she was carrying. I tried to ask her what she meant but she once again asked before taking a deep breath and gritting her teeth. 
I throw car keys at my husband as I knew she had started to go into labor. Her water breaking and streaming down the legs of her sweat pants making me wrap my arms around her and guide her towards the awaiting car. When we arrived at the hospital she gripped my hand and please once again with me. With a yes I told her it would all be alright and she was wheeled to the birthing room.
A few hours later I was called into the room and she lay there with a bundled baby in her arms. She looked so tired not just from giving birth but like something else was weighing on her mind. She asked me if I remembered saying yes to taking care of the baby when something happen to her. She was so sure something would happen and it confused me. 
A few days later she and her baby came to live with us as I adamantly gave her no other choice and she agreed as long as I kept ‘my promise’ she said. We were sitting in the living room a few days after she had been living with us and I asked why she had been saying something was going to happen to her. I told her I would go back on my promise if she didn’t tell me and with a shake of her head she looked at the little bundle of joy in her arms. She told me the father of the baby was a dark magick holder but was adamant he had not been a bad person. She said she was scared of some of the people that surrounded him and that when she had realized she was pregnant she started planning to get away in fear of what would happen to the child had she stayed around those people. While I was shocked to say the least, I just sat and listened to her.
It was approximately two weeks and one day later that she got up and left to what she said was the grocery store. Hours passed and at one point the baby I had been rocking to sleep started crying. There was an overwhelming feeling that took over my body and I knew something wasn’t right. We searched for her that night around town but came up empty handed, we had even filed a police report the next day. Two days later a body was found by the local river in a small shack that had been burned down. The body belonged to my friend, the police said it looked as if she had been in a burning building and died from smoke inhalation but the burned shack had been but ruins for years as the fire that took place had happened over a decade ago. Police searched for her killer but I knew it was dark magic, the soot the fear she had it all made so much sense.
That’s why I feared for you going to the city. Deep ties to dark magick lie within that city. Stories were told while I was in high school of light holders being hunted by dark magick holders in fear that they would try to stop their insidious ways. Dark Magick was not given like our other elemental powers were. A long time ago a group of Elemental holders; one of each element, came together in want for more power. They were power hungry witches with dark desires. They prayed to the dark Gods for immense power and even made sacrifices of living beings. In answer of their want, they were stripped of their elements as the Goddess did not want such people to hold power given by her. After their power was stripped, the dark Gods came together and granted them with dark magick. Like light magick, it is very rare, passed down by generations of holders who shared the same power. However, a person with enough wickedness can bring forth dark magick by sacrifice and doing the bidding of the Dark Deities wishes.”
Your brows furrowed as you took in all the information. “Y/n you were her child. I promised I would take care of you and I have. Believe me when I tell you I never told you of your birth because I wanted to protect you. I was scared they would take you from me like they had taken her. I never told you of your parents powers because you never showed signs of power. I had hoped you would be able to live a normal life.” Tears had streamed down your mothers face and you pulled her into a tight hug.
You had been crying as well and you reached for fathers hand. “You both are my parents okay? I don’t care that you didn’t give birth to me. You raised me, you’ve been there for me.”
“I’m so sorry y/n, I tried to keep you from all of this but it seems you’ve started showing signs of power. If we had told you then maybe we could prepare you.” You tightened your grip on your parents hands and you shook your head adamantly, telling them no. They had done what they thought was right and you were grateful for that.
“I felt it, a long time ago. When I had first practiced protection spells in your room with Tae and Joon. I felt this power trying to push through the barrier but I didn’t put much thought into it. Then when you were telling me about the nightmares I just had this weird feeling but you said it wasn’t you so I believed it.” Jin’s voice was shaken and you shook your head. “I told you it was someone else because I didn’t want you to worry. I’m sorry I wasn’t honest.” Jin stood from his seat and engulfed you in a big hug to which you reciprocated. His embrace felt comforting and you needed it as you took in all the information you had just been given. 
A while later and more comforting embraces and conversations your father looked over the table towards Jungkook. “So y/n said you have the element of fire? Thats not very common, well not like air and water.” Jungkook nodded his head in answer and your father smiled. “Thank you for saving our daughter and bringing her here. You’ve been a real help and should she go back to the city like I know she will despite us asking her not to. I ask that you please keep an eye out for her.” You mother had been pleading with you to stay but you assured her you couldn’t do that to your lease on your apartment or your job. You told your parents you were going to learn more about your power should it come forth again and you weren’t going to run away from it. 
You friends weren’t very pleased with your decision and as you all decided to go back to your parents for dinner, Jin stood. “If you want to go back, I’m moving too. I’m not okay with you being alone, even if you have Jungkook as a friend to help.” 
Taehyung and Namjoon both stood in agreement and you shook your head. “Guys you all have lives and jobs here, I’m not that far away you could just vis-“. “Y/n we could just visit hight now and look what happened! What happens if that man comes back and Jungkook isn’t there or what if you need help controlling your powers. I can always apply for jobs there with my qualifications and my life here? I mainly just have you all as friends.”
Jin was going to budge and you knew it. “If that’s what you insist on doing then fine but you’re not moving in with me.” You all cleaned up the makeshift table and you followed your friends out of the store while your father locked up. 
“I’ll apartment search.” Jin huffed out and Namjoon said he’d be able to transfer colleges easily to the city with his GPA. Taehyung added that while he’d have to wait for his semester to end he’d be sure to go when it ended in a couple of months. It was now apparently decided that Jin would be giving his two weeks for work when he went in for his next shift and that him and Namjoon would be moving to the city soon, with Taehyung in tow in the coming months despite your disagreement. They assured you that you’d live your own life and they wouldn’t crowd you, they’d only be there when you needed them.
The drive to your parents house was filled in silence as you mulled over the fact that you had had a different set of birth parents. You still hoped that your power wouldn’t arise again and that you’d be able to continue living a normal life but part of you knew that would never happen. Jungkook had asked how you were feeling while he kept his eyes on the road ahead of you both and you mumbled out an ‘I don’t know’. 
Pulling up to the wood and brick home you had grown up in, you exited the car with Jungkook in tow as your parents invited you all in.
Dinner had gone surprisingly well despite the obvious stress that resonated in each of you and hung over the home. As your best friends hugged you goodnight with a promise of ‘see you tomorrow’ and ‘I can’t be here when you leave in the morning but you bet your butt i’m serious with moving to the city’. Rolling your eyes at Jin you waved them off and turned to enter the warm home. The heat of the house warming your arms from the chilly late night air.
Jungkook had been scrolling through his phone when you reached him. “What’re you looking at?” You asked. “Looking for a nearby hotel so that I can come pick you up in the morning.” Your mom had overheard his answer and placed her open palm on his shoulder with a shake of her head. “Nonsense, you’re already here, might as well stay the night and save the hotel fee. i promise we have better breakfast too.” A chuckle lit her face and Jungkook gave in, not wanting to argue with your mom.
“Perfect, you can sleep in y/n’s room or the couch as the guest bedroom is currently being renovated from a few days ago when my lovely husband exploded an experimental ‘sudden shower’ potion that went awfully awry. Your mother hadn’t mentioned that in your daily texts and she shrugged at your questioning face and scrunched eyebrow.
Jungkook entered the living room with both of your bags that had been placed in his back seat earlier that day clutched into his right hand effortlessly. 
You hugged both of your parents goodnight and led Jungkook to your downstairs room that had been secluded from the upstairs bedrooms. When you were about 15 you had pleaded with you parents to give you the downstairs bedroom and make your then bedroom an office or the guest bedroom. You stated that you needed to privacy and with nothing but a wall between rooms, you weren’t able to live your ‘teen life’. After many days of ‘No’s’, your mother had finally agreed to the switch when you reasoned with her that blasting your Whitesnake CD had always annoyed her nightly meditation. She still had threatened to kick your ass if she found any boy in your room without her knowledge to which you retorted with ‘what if i’m a lesbian’ to which girls were then treated in the same manor as possible male ‘corrupters’ of her daughter.
The overhead lights illuminated your bedroom as you gestured your hand to the door on the right. “The bathroom is over there in case you want to freshen up or anything.” With a nod of his head, Jungkook took his bag with him to the conjoined bathroom and you opened you overnight bag to pull the necessities you’d need for the night. You’d have to share your bed with Jungkook yet another night but you weren’t made uncomfortable by the idea in the slightest. In fact it was the total opposite, he had made you comfortable despite the tingles in the pit of your stomach he sometimes made you feel.
If you were being honest, it had been one hell of a few days, almost too much for one single person to take in. In the span of a little less than a week you had moved to a new city, got a new job, met a man that would later save your life, been attacked by a magick holder, come into a power you still wished would never resurface and learned that the couple that had raised you and been all you’d known as a family hadn’t been your biological parents. It was as if life was working way too fast and all you wanted was so be able to live a normal-is life or at the very least if all of this had to happen, could it at least happen over time? Not all within such a short period of time? The Goddess and God worked in mysterious ways and you tried to believe they had a plan for you. 
With a quick prayer to the Great Mother you sat at the end of the bed and took a few deep breathes to center your chakras. The air pushing from your lungs acted as a metaphor for the stress literally being carried away by the element of air.
The door to your conjoined bathroom opened with a slight creek. Jungkook had kept the same plain T shirt as before but had changed his earlier pants for a pair of thin cotton deep blue pajama pants that hugged at his thighs when he sat on an empty side of your bed, the bed dipping slightly with his larger frame.
A clear of your throat kickstarted your motions as you made your way to your bathroom to get changed.
Your soft flannel pajama pants felt like heaven against your legs, the worn in fabric replacing your denim jeans. You relished in the clean feeling your cleanser had given your face as you brushed your teeth, the bristles working in tandem with the minty paste against your teeth and gums.
Patting the rose face oil over your skin as the last part of your skincare you bundled your worn clothes into a ball and tucked it under your arm. Clicking the light switch off you softly closed the door behind you and made your way to your overnight bag that sat next to your bed to place your bundle inside.
Your bottom slightly dipped into the mattress as you sat down on the other side of Jungkook who had been leaning back on your headboard with his cellphone in his hands. A soft glow from the nightstand lamp was cast over the man to your sides features as the overhead light had been turned off by the time you made your way out of your bathroom.
“Hey, I’m sorry for imposing. I just really didn’t want to turn down your mothers generosity.” Jungkooks body had turned towards yours slightly and you shook your head in answer. “You aren’t imposing at all. If anything, i’m sort for imposing on your life. I feel like I’ve drug you down this rabbit hole of sorts and you’ve been nothing but there for me. I know you told me to stop apologizing but still. Thank you for everything. Also, there’s no way my mom would’ve taken no for an answer if you had tried to turn down her offer.” A light chuckle escaped your lips as you both smiled.
Shifting under the thin covers your mother had replaced your plush comforter with you leaned your body down against the mattress and reached for your cellphone to set alarms and check your social media.
The bed further dipped as Jungkook mimicked your posture as he laid his larger frame against your shared space. You nodded when he asked if you had wanted the lamp off and soon the only light that illuminated the area came from each of your cellphone screens.
Your bedroom was soon shrouded in darkness as both of your devices now sat on either nightstand. The ebony haired man mumbled a set goodnight as his breath seemed to slow and even out. Exhaustion took over as your eyelids fluttered closed as you entered your dream world, this time instead of darkness, your dreams were filled with jars of herbs as your parents whipped up potions and laughter as your friends watched Taehyung fumble with bottles as he helped prepare the concoctions. 
A heat crept up the side of your neck as you stirred awake. Leaning your body back slightly you sighed in comfort as a comfortable heat enveloped your back. Your actions were stopped short when a soft groan sounded against your ear, the arms that had been wrapped around your middle now gripped at your hips to still their shuffle backwards. 
The chirping of birds was heard through the room but sunlight had failed to fully penetrate the thick curtains that covered the windows shrouding your room in a very dim light. Your eyes shot open at the groan that entered your eardrums and the soft vibrations against your back as the sound reverberated off of a strong chest. Your heart drummed against your ribcage as you tried to dislodge your body from the larger one behind you. 
A pass of your bottom against something hard and protruding caused a familiar feeling of arousal to flood the pit of your stomach. Your teeth sank into your bottom lip and the fingers gripping onto your hips shifted to your stomach, palms flattening over the soft skin under your shirt.
“Don't move, I just…need to calm down” A deep voice mumbled from behind, a bit gravely from sleep which hadn’t helped the stewing hints of arousal that set itself into pit of your stomach.
Shifting your thighs slightly, your eyes clamped shut as you tried your best to steady your breathing before mumbling an answer. Afraid of the possible sounds that could try an escape your throat if you replied, you managed a slight nod. 
The closeness of his body set your aflame and you felt yourself getting dizzy with a mixture of need and heat. A clench of your thighs caused your ass muscles to squeeze slightly and Jungkook’s eyes squeezed shut with a bruising grip on your stomach.
He was really trying to keep himself from doing anything, given that you both were currently in your parents house and you undoubtably had gone through enough lately but the quiet whine that escaped your clenched lips caused his flattened palm to press you back against him.
With a short thrust of his hips, his covered bulge met the curve of your ass. The movement mixed with the clenching of your thighs caused a lovely friction against your core and you leaned your neck back against the curve of his shoulder as his hips repeated the motion.
Long fingers splayed themselves against your lower abdomen as your hips moved back to meet his short yet powerful pelvic movements. The cold metal of Jungkooks rings feeling like ice against your heated skin as your shirt rode higher up your torso. 
A low groan came up from the depths of your throat as you ground your hips hard against Jungkooks moving ones. “Y/n, you’re playing with fire right now.” The husky voice sounding in your ear making you feel the ghost of lips over the shell of your ear. 
“Maybe I wan’t to get burned.” If the groan Jungkook let out earlier was arousing, the sound that currently escaped his throat was almost enough to send you over the edge.
The hand that gripped your hip now trail down to your covered thighs, his fingers dipping into the soft flesh. The raise of your leg caused you to feel his clothed member more clearly and a thrust of his hips had you reaching up towards his scalp to tug at the silky black locks that covered his head.
“Fuc-“ “Y/n! Jungkook! Breakfast is ready.” The voice of your mom was heard from the other side of your bedroom door and as if in a trance you both sprung up from your positions on your bed.
‘cough’ CoCK bLoCK ‘cough’. Hi ily for reading this chapter, I hope you all enjoyed it!
-C or Potittiess
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imvgincs · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
           𝐇𝐄𝐘 !! 𝐇𝐄𝐘 !! 𝐇𝐄𝐘 !!    its ya girl, sun !! and here i am, commin’ at you w another kiddo to add to all my mess !!  i hope ya’ll are all having a good day, afternoon,  or night !! staying healthy and trying to live your best life.  i’m here to introduce SEOJUN, to you all. he is here simply to push buttons , create drama, and be an awful trash can. really i just hope everyone hates him as much as i do , bc he’s gonna be an asshole. uwu . i have yet to do his stats but i’ll edit this once i’ve got them completed.  if you want to know more about him, check out what’s below !!  if you’d like to plot , just light up that HEART  ♡ .
*・°☆━ 『 JUNG JAEHYUN. TWENTY-THREE. THE SYCOPHANT. 』Welcome to Hosu Isle! If you’re here that must mean you have a special quirk! I’m sure you’re confused and tired from traveling but please fill out this simple form! okay? Great! Let’s get started! I, AHN SEOJUN, have arrived at Hosu Isle because of my quirk called  NERVE MANIPULATION ! I like to think of myself as someone who is AMBITIOUS & CHARMING  along with being MANIPULATIVE & SADISTIC. I solemnly swear to respect all the laws and citizens of the island
ima cut to the chase !! bc seojun’s past isn’t too important when it comes to plotting w him !! he isn’t gonna wanna talk about his life before being confiscated by the south korean government and being so young, i cant imagine him having known anyone from seoul. sooooo, just know he arrived to hosu when he was around eight years old !! i’ll make a page that at least has bullet points of what happened to him.  just to give insight why he’s so fucked up and the reason he’s this huge socio narcissist , ( other than his experience here on the island ofc ) . but since it likely wont affect things too much, i hope you don’t mind if i leave it out of his intro <33333 sorry yall :’)) PLS FORGIVE ME.  I”LL LINK IT ( H E R E ) when i get it done uwu
SO LETS GET IT !! , this trash can of a man pretty much works as hosu’s personal torture device sdjfkjdflsjfl  im here to give u someone who actually isn’t against the government and quite honestly is thriving in this god awful system.  he sees no reason to fix, what is in his mind, is not broken. he only sees the situation from his own perspective. and from where he is standing, he’s been given everything on a silver platter. (  having grown up extremely poor, he refuses to risk how great he’s got it now . but his loyalty really only remains with whoever gives him the upper hand ) he’s got status, power and money. but that’s still not enough!!!!! bc he’s a greedy man who is never satisfied. 
HE’S POWER HUNGRY AF. there’s only so far you can go up in the food chain pretending to be a puppet of the government, no matter what he does to try and scheme, there’s nothing that compares to being born into the most powerful families that actually run this place. SO HE WANTS IN. AND HE SURE AS HELL IS GONNA TRY TO WEASEL HIS WAY IN THROUGH MANIPULATION AND CHARM. >:)))))))))) SO IF YOU WANNA BE SOMEONE HE TRIES TO USE FOR POWER!!!!!! LMK!!!!!! 
to the people that he’s obviously in need of, or, are of higher status, he often comes off as well mannered and charming. lots of charisma this guy hasssss.  a lothario of sorts, because he’s also just a big thot. im sorry. BUT DON’T GET HIM TWISTED!!. 
DESPITE HIM BEING A  SMOOTH TALKER, THIS ASSHOLE IS BAT SHIT CRAZY. HE’S HELLA  HELLA SADISTIC AND IS ALWAYS CRAVING VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! he lacks empathy and remorse for others + he’s practically unable to form any actual close attachments to ANYONE. he’s also ridiculously narcissistic and thinks extremely high of himself , and his capabilities. boy thinks he’s greater than what he rlly is, and if he gets in his head that you’ve wronged him, you better watch ur back , bc he’s surly plotting up something.  just for you <3333
if he doesn’t think he can use you for something , he likely will be a HUGE JERK. JUST A TOTAL UTTER PIECE OF SHIT. and he enjoys being a asshole and riling ppl up. bc he likes bringing out the worst in ppl. like you want to fight him ?? wow that’s hilarious. 
tbh, sometimes he just wants a reaction from people. but he can be a bit mean so i apologize in advance. he likes to instigate things but often acts like he didn’t do anything wrong. bc while he hopes u flare up, he is just incredibly calm smirking to himself. “why you so angry?? did i strike a nerve??” and he’s not afraid to be extremely harsh to those he views as beneath him sdjflkjdflkjsdsd
ALSO HE”S A BIG SNITCH !!!!!!! DONT TRUST HIM!!!  ( like only a few ppl he wouldn’t immediately sell for a corn chip , and that list is VERY VERY VERY SMALL ) he will throw anyone under the bus if it means its gonna move him forward in the cruel world dskfjldjflskdjfjskdf   he rlly has the mentality that it’s dog eat dog world. he’s always gonna put himself first.
neighbor !!   seojun is by no means discreet about the girls he brings home. sadly for you, there is often a lot of noise that occurs on nights where he brings certain ‘friends’ over. if anything this just inflates his ego by a tenfold.
ex, or someone’s heart he’s broken !!  he likely used you for some reason, and when he was done with you he tossed you to the side in true asshole fashion. he still blows it off to this day, but we can totally discuss how it went down. bitter feelings or not ?? maybe they are messy and seojun still tries to come around some nights.
significant annoyance !!  you are someone seojun enjoys riling up. he loves pushing your buttons simply bc he wants to see how long it will take for you to explode on him. 
people he’s using simply for status, money or power !!
not interested !! seojun is trying to lay on the charm but you could carless. and he’s lowkey offended
facade !! you see through seojun, despite him doing what he does best, you feel he isn’t being genuine. maybe this causes tension between the two. bc your cutting into his plan. 
plaything !!  you’re one of the people seojun sleeps around with.
AKA: NERVE MANIPULATION ------ so basicaly !! seojun has control over the nerves and nervous system of oneself and others. his main strength comes from the sub abilities that are umbrellaed under this term the government has labeled him. ( for clarification he can manipulate the nerves/nervous system, nerve cells, nerve impulses and messages, including senses, reflexes, functionally the whole voluntary/involuntary movement, causing/increasing/removing nerve ailments, etc. ) but, some of the sub abilities include:
nerve disruption / which means he cause people to experience delayed reactions, paralysis and/or unintended motor activity
pain manipulation
sensory deprivation / he can cut off senses such as sight
paralysis inducement 
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