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mandofury · 4 months ago
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apoemaday · a month ago
I Want to Write
by Margaret Walker
I want to write. I want to write the songs of my people. I want to hear them singing melodies in the dark. I want to catch the last floating strains from their sob-torn throats. I want to frame their dreams into words; their souls into notes. I want to catch their sunshine laughter in a bowl; fling dark hands to a darker sky and fill them full of stars then crush and mix such lights till they become a mirrored pool of brilliance in the dawn.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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wolfcamellias · a month ago
(saw on my dash u mentioned college stuff; hope that's going well for you!)
We have fun here ✌ I just love when hes not where hes supposed to be—
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robins-raspberry-beret · 21 days ago
How am I supposed to go to school and learn about Chemistry when I have a tummy ache and the only chemistry I care about rn is that between Robin Buckley and Nancy Wheeler. Homophobic, if you ask me
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thetraversingreader · a month ago
Elliott headcanon #17-3
- Once he lives in the farmhouse, he loves coziness in winter
 -> Likes cuddling up in a big soft blanket while writing or on the couch
 -> enjoys it when the farmer snags his blanket and wears nothing but
 -> loves ending a long snow stroll with his spouse and or children with hot punch, hot choclate and classic winter snacks - nuts, christmas cookies, apple crunch pie...
 -> Loves the time in the office in the extremly early hours of the morning. When its dark outside and the world is bathed in glittering snow. The house and the world is quiet and he sits there in his blanket and works on his stories (in my personal world, Elliotts office has huge window fronts so he is basically enveloped in the world of spinely, snow-covered trees in the early light...)
 -> Sometimes one of his toddlers will come to the office in early mornings because they know he’s often there. They knock shyly but they know its okay as long as they remain quiet. Elliott lets them in and allows them to climb into his blanket and cuddle up to him while he works. He loves the feeling of their warmth while they just fall asleep against him again
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stormikitty · a month ago
I am conflicted.
I already have a Danny and Damian twins fic on ao3 that I don't have enough time to work on because of school, but I really want to write a Danny/Kaldur'ahm fic because I love that ship. Preferably a fic I'm confident in enough to post it. @thebubblesareevil is carrying that entire ship on their shoulders and I've been thinking about that ship months longer than they've been posting about it, which means I need to contribute more! But I don't even have time to write because of school and other things I need to do and I already have a fic that people are waiting for the next chapter of!
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I am an absolute slut when I think about how cocky Dean is but then he sees you and he becomes a bumbling idiot dork who can’t form a sentence bc you loves you that much
Might have a fic coming idk lol
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zh-lele · 4 months ago
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yourdeepestfathoms · 9 days ago
Ocean should consider herself lucky that I’m having a hard time focusing on one fanfic because if I WAS completely honed in, well. let’s just say she wouldn’t be having a good time.
side note: thank god Canada has free healthcare! if Ride the Cyclone was set in America, she would be up to her neck in medical bills and debt
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fictionadventurer · a month ago
I’m just going to browse through my WIP folder and see if any of them updated while I was away.
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baby-grayson · 2 months ago
Your band is LoveJoy's opening act. But is it yours and Will's only act? (1.3k words)
Tumblr media
Acknowledgement: huge thank you to @lyssys for being so gracious and generous, granting me permission to use the premise from this post 💖
Wilbur Soot, ever the romantic, had never fallen for a girl so fast. Climbing out of the car, his head turned at the sound of an innocent giggle. He looked to see you sitting on top of an amp being wheeled into the back entrance of Greenwich's O2 theater. A roadie twirled the cart around as you laughed out loud, swinging your head to avoid the door. He felt the corners of his mouth curl upward before Joe snapped him out of it.
Stepping into the theater, a part of him absorbed the sight of twenty thousand seats that would soon be filled with cheering fans while the other part of his attention was caught by your smile from the other side of the room.
You turned his head for the rest of the morning: he spent every available minute during rehearsal looking for your smile. He should have been focused on soundcheck, referencing speaker in front of him and talking to his bandmates. Instead, he stole clandestine glances across the room as if someone else owned the airspace.
He wasted too much time admiring you. Sitting next to you, his mouth went dry.
Cardboard trays of fish and chips covered the picnic table. At the opposite end, your drummer, Max, showed Ash his sleeve of tattoos. You sat across from Will at the end of the table. His tongue was heavy in his mouth, so heavy he furiously took sips from his Evian bottle.
"What was your name again?" you bit off the end of a fry.
"Uh-whu," his mouth hung for a fraction of a second, "William." He finished with confidence.
"Yeah," you dipped another fry in ketchup, "You have Will energy".
A laugh jumped out of his throat, "What does that mean?"
You smiled wickedly and gulped down the fry. His smile was radiant, but up close his eyelashes became the most special part of his face. They were delicate and brushed the top of his cheekbones when he closed his eyes to laugh, reaching the balls of his cheeks when he smiled. The more playful he got, the more they danced around his face.
You cracked a smile and went back to eating. His eyes shifted from side to side to check if anyone else was marveling at your mouth.
"What does that mean?" he asked again, a warm tint to his voice.
You shrugged and thought for a moment, "Will energy...I don't know," a pensive pause, "just British enough to be princely, but not enough to be at home in West Philadelphia."
His eyes squinted, his eyelashes nearly touching each other. You shrugged with moxie and returned to your food.
Next to you, Joe spoke to one of your bandmates about a song LoveJoy was trying to write based off of Poe's Annabel Lee.
"He was always the victim, wasn't he?"
"Edgar Allen Poe?" Will looked at you incredulously.
"Yeah," you face said the silent 'duh' that followed.
"How?" He laughed as he pushed the syllable out.
"Well, the whole poem is him blaming the gods for taking her from him. A love so strong the deities had to intervene," you lampooned the last word and shook your head, expressing your disappointment at the long dead poem. "If he didn't play the victim, he would write a poem thanking the deities for letting him love her at all."
Will cocked his head to the side slightly, "Interesting"
"He should have been grateful for a short, vibrant love....better than no love at all," you said matter of factly.
"You know Poe?" he tried to calm the excitement in his voice but felt the enthusiasm sneak out with the last word.
You nodded, "Yeah, from a past life."
"Your past life in the year 1650?" he prodded.
"I went to uni for classical literature for a while, before I met up with the rest of them." You nodded to your left where the rest of your band sat.
"Impressive, I always really liked old literature like that, the romantic type." He cursed at himself silently for not being more confident with his words. "If you like Poe, try Vonnegut," your self-assuredness only made him feel more self-conscious, "all of the darkness and torture of Poe with all of the sparke of science fiction."
"I'll check it out." The two of you shared a smile across the table.
He replayed your lunch conversation more times than he would care to remember, rewriting his lines to be whittier and sharper. But the constant replay only made him blush harder, in a way that made the pink tone of his face reach the edges of his beautiful eyelashes.
Watching you from backstage, he felt compelled to be nervous about being minutes away from playing a large theater. But he sat on a stool, keeping his gaze on you and imaging you were playing an entire show just for him.
Will made a grand decision hearing you sing the last chorus of your opening act. His heart bounded, daydreaming about sleepy sunday mornings where he strummed his guitar and listened to you say smart things about your favorite stories. He envisioned a world where he could play with your hair and say things that made you laugh, matching your quips.
He ran rough hand through his messy hair, sucking in his bottom lip. His lungs swelled and fell as his breaths prepared to keep his pulse under control.
Will knew he couldn't let you go, so his anxious heart beat took a back seat.
With a riffing guitar and a strong drumline, you bopped from one side of the stage to the other. Am I the only one looking for substance?
Am I talking to myself? Is anyone out there screaming at the walls? I can't relate at all, relate at all Fuck the theatrics, what happened to classic? Give me the real shit, give me the magic
"Thank you O2!" You shouted into the microphone. You grinned, feeling pure adrenaline flooding your veins. "Now please help me welcome Love Joy!"
You ran from the stage, your feet barely touching the ground.
Will wrapped a nervous hand around your wrist once you were on the other side of the stage.
"Hey," his voice sounded like a whisper over the crowd. Behind you, the sound technician were resetting a few more microphones. "Hey," you were breathless, your chest bounding with each breath.
"Wannagooutafterthis?" Will's face was bright red, moreso than yours.
"What?" your face folded in confusion. "Do you- want to" he tried to speak up, "Go out? After this? Maybe?"
You pulled back, your eyes going wide. Will's face felling, anticipating your answer before it left your lips.
"I have a boyfriend."
Will's heart sank as Joe dragged him onto the stage by his arm.
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honeyspiders10 · a month ago
Hi. I want to write stuff but I don't know what to write! So can people send in requests? Please and thank you!
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technobladesbasement · 5 months ago
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this “quick little five minute break” I’m on is going great guys
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jspithole · 5 months ago
Actually writing something and posting it <<<<< Daydreaming the entire scenario in your head and never writing it anywhere
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ierofrnkk · 3 months ago
idk about you guys but I wanna write a 30 chapter slow burn angsty painful heartbreaking steddie fic so I think I’ll stay up for the next two days and write it
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spacelabrathor · 7 months ago
me @ my depressed, non-writing brain:
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my depressed, non-writing brain @ me:
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lonely-space-ace · a month ago
Shipping a rare pair is great actually cause there’s no discourse it’s just you and your five friends having a good time
it also is horrible cause if you want content you have to Make It
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