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redvanillabee · 6 months ago
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Happy one year to the best meme ever
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schrodingers-slut · 10 months ago
I think a big reason why people still interact with homestuck after all this time, is cause it’s got so much potential. For example one of the funniest things about homestuck is how alternia had so much world building and simultaneously had only the bare bones of it.
Like Hussie could’ve said “yeah they’re like bees and the mother grub births them all” and that could’ve been the end of it. But instead we had to know the cultural implications of buckets and know that baby trolls were built like caterpillars. We had to know about sopor and recuperacoons and quadrants.
We had to hear about bulges and nooks and strut pods and point stubs but we never got any solid anatomy explanation ever.
Sollux had psionics but he wasn’t the only troll with psychic abilities but no one else’s powers are ever called psionics and the entire concept of the clown church wasn’t nearly explored enough.
Kanaya was a glowing twilight-esque vampire and Fef was raised by Cthulhu and Aradia just died and got to chill as a ghost before the game even happened?? And we never touched on that.
Grubs are baby trolls but grubsauce exists and functions like Mayo and they never directly confirm if baby trolls are used to make it.
What could lime bloods do?? ‘They had psionics that rivaled gold bloods’ what does that fucking mean? What was going on with the goddamn undead?
There were so many intricate ideas that straight up never got explored and that’s one reason we still can’t leave it alone.
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rorb · 5 months ago
Dorb strorb?
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i was gonna ask which of the strorbs you were referring to but then i remembered that dirk is anything but orb-shaped. that man is a triangle
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homosticky · 4 months ago
i am so sleepy. davekat
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oldhsposts · 6 months ago
blog theme currently under construction
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frozensaidgayrights · 12 days ago
why lgbtq representation in kid's media is great: my tween sister and her friends watch the owl house and now a bunch of girls in the group are getting "married" amongst themselves.
when i was her age i made my two girl dolls get married in secret, and now these lumity shippers spend their lunch break exchanging vows in the school playground
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set-phasers-to-whump · 2 months ago
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me every single time i write cpr
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i-am-l-ananas · 5 months ago
I'm so glad those chickens are photoedits because I was like damn there is something Wrong with those birds
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what do you mean, wrong with them? these are just chickens?
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medievalcat · 2 months ago
Theon has been chained to that wall since like 2011
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swimzliveblogs · 5 months ago
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switchbladesovercoffee · 3 months ago
guys, listen this is serious
what if katelyn wasn’t like, blond and super girly and yk a stereotypical cheerleader
what if she was like…grungy or goth or something like this is what im imagining:
aaron: “this is my girlfriend.”
katelyn, turquoise-green hair, clear frame glasses, black lipstick, septum piercing, dark eyeliner with a black sweatshirt that says: “your mom” with scuffed up sneakers and tattoos: “sup.”
the foxes:
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redvanillabee · 7 months ago
fic writer opening word doc with the same affectionate exasperation of a grandma pulling out her sewing kit to mend a tear: oh honey, what have you done this time?
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schrodingers-slut · a month ago
I think if someone requires accommodations for adhd, where the student needs help with time management, focusing on busywork, executive dysfunction, and memory, the accommodation process should be as streamlined and simple as possible on the student's part.
Like why on earth would you expect this person to be responsible for notifying every teacher individually and setting up appointments and providing paperwork when they need help remembering to go to class.
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rorb · 6 months ago
rorb is my new blorbo
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homosticky · 4 months ago
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oldhsposts · 18 days ago
is pretransition june shaking that thang a hate crime??
only 9 words were used and yet you've said so much
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alykat · 6 months ago
!Rant ahead!
Okay okay okay, but can we talk about SCU! Charlie and SCU! Tommy? First off, For one, Everyone is trying to justify SCU! Tommy's actions and while he's one of my favorite characters, he's a villian and a damn good one at that. His character went from just having a little bit of malicious intent to making an entire army. He is a good villian. Tommy is a fantastic actor, he can play the victim and the villian.
Now onto SCU!Charlie, Everyone is ignoring the angst potential this guy has, stop making so much SCU! Tommy angst (Although I absolutely love it) just not so much when there's SCU! Charlie. He is an amazing character and has killed multiple people(even if their just zombies), watched multiple people die, and has experienced some strange things. Please people do more angst on this guy.
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