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brattmann · a year ago
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From insta
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nerdybynatur3 · a year ago
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100 posts!
I think this would feel more like an accomplishment if so many of the 100 weren’t reblogs. Lol
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iiizuru · a month ago
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evandiaz · 5 months ago
Soooo. Which one of Eddie's parents is dying/will die, huh?
#Go with me here:#this episode was very Oldest Sibling Eddie coded. Again I am a youngest sibling Eddie truther#but this is the first time we have seen Eddie interact with May or ANYONE younger than him in the capacity which he did tonight#Usually when Eddie interacts with someone younger than him they are MUCH younger than him (i.e. Christopher/Charlie) or only#a few years younger (i.e. Buck/Ravi) so that the age difference doesn't matter.#May is an adult in her own right but she's also significantly younger than him and he immediately assumed a Big Brotherly role#like it was natural to him.#Keeping that in mind and also looking at the call with the mother who died#Maybe I'm reading too much into it but Oldest Daughter/Eddie seemed to have stories that follow the same/similar trajectory#both with a parent who is there but not#who goes through life thinking Everything Is OK not even noticing that their child has pulled away from them#I said it before but an episode that so heavily centers around choices (sometimes bad ones) having parents making choices for#their children that they think are for the best but only end up hurting them#and placing enormous burden of responsibility on their eldest (even unintentionally)....#Maybe Eddie goes home to face his demons but while he's there he is going to learn that either Helena or Ramon is sick and/or dying#and he's going to be the first one of his siblings to catch it. And whatever death comes next is... probably not going to fix everything#between them. But it's going to clear the air enough that Eddie can heal in his own way#just like the Oldest Daughter whose mom technically died before they got any real emotional closure but whose last words were enough#to buoy and anchor her so that she could be there for her younger siblings#End of Season 5 and beginning of Season 6 is not going to fuck around#Let's talk about healing when the parent who fucked you up is too dead to even fully understand the grasp of what they've done#to you and how you rebuild when - for all you said - there is still so much you did not get the chance to say to them#Holy shit. If this is how they take this story.... bye <3#tv: 911#911: 05 x 15#911 spoilers#jack.txt
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worstloki · a year ago
[discussing what to do with the stones now that endgame is over]
Loki: i could take them
Thor, chuckling: to put them where they belong, right?
Loki: ;)
Thor: to put them back where they belong, RIGHT???
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pochapal · 11 days ago
for curious eyes here is a preliminary list of the various topics/sections i intend to cover in my 1-10 writeup
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greenlantern-hal · 5 months ago
The fact that Mera is High King Mera, amazing, showstopping, I love her and her gender defying ways
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kihningcries · 6 months ago
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Left a comment on this post about how a lot of black ppl are uncomfortable with nb ppl saying stuff like “it’s so entertaining watching them fight” irt 2 black ppl & making it abt their class doesn’t change that 4 us and op hid it + said this 😐 I’m leaving
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opens-up-4-nobody · a month ago
#do i feel guilty abt spending like 4+hrs working on my CV during normal work hours today? yes#but also i spent 5 months getting paid part time when i was working 10+hr days 6 days a week#so i feel like it balances out#also i need to update my cv as things happen bc i instantly forget so many things i do#like i forgot i was named on at least 1 publication. like completely forgot until i searched my name on google scholar#also i have like 25 posters/presentations to my name. and only like maybe 5 of those are ones that r just in name#ive given a lot of talks/poster presentations lol#my cv is so long. i prob should have shortened it more before i sent it to the dude im talking with#but like. idk im gonna meet him next week so like if i commit a little faux pas by sending a too long cv im sure its fine. hes already#interested enough to chat. and therefore i have to bust my ass preparing to meet with him#bc hes from the most prestigious uni ive contacted. so like really theres no way ill get in. but i will shamelessly try#god. ive gotta really study hard. like i mean i dont have to but ive been so burnt out for so long that ive been slipping when it comes to#hardcore academic stuff. like my memory of genetics and chem stuff is slipping. and generally i find it difficult to wrangle my thoughts in#a way that makes sense. so i really wanna be prepared to talk to him#lol my boss is gonna get back from Europe like hey ur gonna follow me to las vegas? and im gonna be like haha fuck that i dont wanna live#there. i am currently 1 foot out the door. im at the bus stop waiting for someone to give me the money for the science bus#give me funding to study cool stuff!!!!#ugh and i still need to look for more ppl to ask. like i want at least 2 or 3 US options on top of my 3 potential UK options#and like im really considering contacting some ppl in Germany bc like all the papers i look at are german. the germans are doing cool#cyanobacteria bullshit. and im jealous and i dont speak german but hey ive got a year to learn#so idk maybe ill see if my boss talked to anyone cool while she was at her conferences. pls boss tell me abt the other cool cyanobacteria#ppl 🙏 but idk. i feel like ppl dont quite get what im interested in. bc its astrobiology but really its more evolution and understanding#the fundamentals of life. so like no i dont wanna go to mars. i wanna understand what freaky shit life was doing millons if years ago#ugh. im being a slacker. ive gotta shift into try hard mode.#but also i wanna draw and finish my fanfics 😭 we'll see what happens#unrelated#also thank u to the ppl who sent kind words on my post yesterday! im still shadowbanned so i cant reply to u 😭
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thatone-highlighter · a year ago
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The Season 2A Trailer except it’s just shots we haven’t seen yet and grouped them together based on which shots I think are going to be in the same episode
(Bonus shots at the bottom I didn’t think went together/wasnt sure about)
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alrightsnaps · 9 months ago
Rewatching Downton Abbey is basically wanting to fight everyone for being mean to Thomas lmao
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cabeverian · a month ago
Episode 4 is such a great episode. It has everything:
• aesthetics that fuck
• music that fucks
• Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar
• “Yes, my clown” + Squatterbloat in general
• the slow horror of realizing you are in a fucked situation
• A commentary on the nature of humanity and the different perspectives people can take depending on the situation and who they are in that situation
• Cool ass wizard’s duel
• Humanity being kind no matter what situation they are in or who they are in that situation
•Matthew being a ride or die bitch
• That fucking Walk™️ that Dream does when exiting Hell
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visgae · 4 months ago
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saw mcr yesterday in Cardiff with my buddy @marcsalmonds and made a rat just for a bit because my mcr revival has made me insane!!!
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tiredbiostudent · 8 months ago
juice cleanses are out social media cleanses are IN. halve your following list on instagram and it’s like a shot of lemon water straight to the brain
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velxciraptxrs · a year ago
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the hardest decision every time 🙃
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pepprs · 5 months ago
lol i hit tag limit but i have more to say so im saying it. im just afraid that if / when i get this job and then we like get existentially threatened or whatever (bc we are at the forefront of a movement that is not widely embraced yet and our entire purpose is to get people to embrace it (except… not as domineering as it sounds) but they don’t and of course are gonna push against it and threaten us) my mom is gonna be like i told you so which is only gonna make me spiral about it even more. lol
#purrs#and im gonna be living at home until the end of this year at least bc i am fucking broke rn and so coming home and having to deal with that#is going to be an actual nightmare. i just want her to be supportive and instead of’s all about how i won’t take her advice like she litera#rally texted me ‘it doesn’t matter what i think’ which is like.. true but also yes it does bc you’re my mom and also you saying that is a#TOTAL guilt trip. everything she says that’s like in my favor is a guilt trip. she will never ever ever see my side and i just have to be#able to cope with that and build my support systems outside of my family so strong to make up for what my family can’t give me but it just#hurts. like i get it you think im replacing you bc theyre like a second set of parents but have you ever considered that maybe that is#happening (and maybe this kind of thing has been a pattern since i was 6) bc there are defiencies in YOUR parenting that you have never#fully done something abt even though the signs have been CRYSTAL fucking clear my whole life. lol. like why do you think i am the way i am#maybe it’s bc every time i have an emotion you shut me down or walk out of the room or say (in effect) that im being selfish or delusional!#maybe the reason i am so happy here is bc the people ive met here have taught me that my emotions are PRECIOUS and my experiences are#PRECIOUS and *I* choose my life and *YOU* don’t and no one can ever fucking take any of this away from me!!!!!! maybe if you listened to me#for like 2 seconds instead of perceiving everything i say to you as an attack (and feeling attacked if i don’t take your advice and follow i#in your exact footsteps or want to) you would understand and the world would burst into rainbows and sunshine and birdsong!!!!! but instead#im fucking doomed bc im hurtling towards coming home to you again and again and again and you forever and ever and ever seeing me as someone#im not when i am trying to change the world and ive already started changing it. lol#delete later#idk what i just even typed im so mad im dizzy from pacing back and forth but i do like actually. have to delete this#ik she’s only saying this stuff bc she thinks i have a lot or give and doesn’t want to see me waste it on something she thinks ive outgrown#and will be unhappy in but like… i am growing and have room to grow and i am happy (except for when im not but me getting this job will fix#so fucking much of it) and she doesn’t believe me bc im just a pischer 😍#when she whips out the ‘Ok Tess’ and you know she’s abt to not talk to you until friday night at the earliest 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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corpsey12333 · 11 months ago
anyway discourse and dnf angst over. ill be exclusively thinking about corpse texting sykkuno that he misses playing games with him and wish they could play again soon. also rae showing up and laughing with toast after days of silence. just. them.
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