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blondebrainpower · 7 months ago
A Komondor enjoying the snow
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phoebe-delia · 21 days ago
Phdmama Fanfic Universe
Tumblr media
The incredible @phd-mama recently hit a word count milestone, and I think that needs to be celebrated. So I made this. Because PM has lovingly created a universe for the characters in the fandoms she writes for, and I have coined it the Phdmama Fanfic Universe.
From Niall making moonshine, to Drarry's signature Lubrico scent, to Seamus the mystery novelist, PM has created signature elements that tie her stories together, no matter how different each universe might be. She can put her characters in infinite situations, and yet each story is uniquely hers, not only because of the easter eggs she leaves behind, but because of the love that fills every story she tells.
PM, I love you. We love you. You deserve to be celebrated.
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aroace-genderfluid-sheep · 23 days ago
Love is sharing inside jokes during class. Love is laughing about stupid things one minute and talking about something serious the next. Love is hugging them and telling them it's okay to let themselves fall apart, and that you'll be there no matter what. Love is sending each other cursed facts and images. Love is annoying the shit out of each other. Love is messaging them to check in and make sure they're okay. Love is texting them in all caps because something good happened. Love is when they text back in all caps because they're happy for you. Love is showing each other your most concerning and chaotic WIPs without judgement. Love is sharing coping strategies. Love is cracking each other up with dick puns. Love is being able to talk about the deep stuff. Love is being able to communicate your boundaries. Love is sharing food. Love is cooking together. Love is singing along to musicals together at the top of your lungs.
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inklier · 9 months ago
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mel-loly · a year ago
Desculpa por não pintar, é que já pra fazer essa lineart deu um baita de um trabalho então.. Isso é um agradecimento por 300 Bees e um pequeno desenho pra você que está lendo💗
Sorry for not painting, it was a lot of work to make this lineart so.. This is a thank you for 300 bees and a small drawing for you who are reading💗
Tumblr media
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way-to-go-lad · 12 months ago
Ok I need to say this: If Greta Van Fleet comes to Poland @superkayzee is going to that concert with me. I don't care how I'm going to get u in here, but I'll pay every money for it. I don't care and then we're going to have a sleepover, watching anime.
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byamylaurens · 11 months ago
A Reminder That You're Actually Allowed To Breathe, Okay?
Almost two years ago to the day, I wrote the below post. Apparently I needed a reminder of its message, because the internet randomly spat it back up at me yesterday, and I just… I don’t know. I needed to hear it. You know?
It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time to breathe. It’s okay if reaching your goals takes a lifetime. It’s okay to make the journey fun along the way, instead of filled with cramped pressure and tight deadlines. It’s okay.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
ON DOING ENOUGH – Oct 17, 2019
There’s this glorious big dogwood tree outside my office, and right now it’s in full and glorious bloom. Honestly, it’s stunning. I want to spend half an hour comprehensively photographing it every time I walk past.
On my way out to the carpark yesterday, I overheard one of the head gardeners chatting with a woman who was concerned for the fate of the tree now that building extensions have been announced. The gardener noted that a tree of that size had to be at least 50 years old.
And I noticed, as I walked back to my office, having got to the carpark and realised that I had everything I needed for a class in my arms, and nothing I particularly needed for going home (such as, you know, car keys >.<), that another one of the trees near my building is flowering. It’s also a dogwood, unless there is suddenly a species of tree that mimics dogwood flowers precisely, but I would never have assumed it to be such.
Why? Because it’s about a tenth of the size: maybe my height, give or take a handful of inches, round like a bubble bush, and entirely leafless at the moment, with a couple of sparse-ish pink flowers. This tree would, I imagine, be in its teens.
I’ll be 34 soon-ish, and while that’s not particularly old, on the other hand it’s a scant 16 years until 50. My writing career is only just in its infancy, but I’m “supposed” to be in the prime of my life. These two things cause cognitive dissonance, sometimes; frustration, impatience – at life, which gets in the way of writing time, and myself, who is frequently guilty of sabotaging my writing through procrastination and fear.
I’m 34. (Nearly.) Shouldn’t my career be up and running and stable by now? Shouldn’t I be earning a stable income from it now? Shouldn’t I shouldn’t I shouldn’t I?
It’s hard, when you’re chasing non-conventional lifestyles, whatever they may be, to balance carving your own path with the pressure to keep up with ‘normal’ milestones. It’s hard to remember, when you’re surrounded by peers who are being successful in more traditional lifestyles that the reason you’re not matching them in wages or spare time or whatever your measure of success is, that the reason you’re “behind” is not because you’re a failure, it’s because you’re taking a different path.
Teenage trees aren’t much to look at, compared to fifty-year-old glories. But if every teenage tree compared themselves to the grand denizens of the forests – well, they could take one of two paths. They could lament that they ‘aren’t there yet’… Or they could take joy from seeing what their future will hold, if they are patient, if they keep growing – if they just don’t give up and quit first.
Humans are not, by nature, terribly patient creatures. And so, it’s worth taking a lesson or two from the trees around us.
Yes, you – and I – might not be in full bloom right this second. But we’ll get there. Don’t let comparisons with others or expectations of where you ‘should’ be devalue or derail your dreams.
Hang in there. Be patient. We shall conquer the world, if but slowly.
A Reminder That You’re Actually Allowed To Breathe, Okay? was originally published on Amy Laurens
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the-witch-of-one-piece · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Stay safe, hydrated, happy and healthy
Thank you so much!Thank you for the pretty flower love uwu! I truly appreciate you so much! You have always been so supportive with my work I love reading your comments and seeing all your memes you send! You are truly a great friend to me hun 🥺♥️ I can't thank you enough! I will you stat hydrated happy and healthy!
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peachbabypie · a year ago
sending some extra love your way! thank you for the brilliant art you put into the world!
Thank you my love! Mercury be retrograding or something. Hugs and kisses back babe!!!
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justnat15 · a year ago
this is a tumblr hug, pass it on to your ten favorite followers and mutuals💖
Darling Lucrezia!! 💖
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talesofshadowandlight · a year ago
You and prevariiicator interactions are so cute!
Thank you. @prevariiicator has been my role playing partner for several years now and has supported my oc all this time. I honestly think I wouldn't have kept role playing at all if not for them.
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the-local-gremlin · a year ago
Haha for the abstract ask, grass and a little miette
You’re miette for me tooooo 💕 I get a boost of serotonin every time I see you on here 💕
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songs-of-owly · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@hornedchick in a nutshell
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mel-loly · a year ago
Eu amo vocês minhas Bee's🐝🐝🐝
I love you my Bee's🐝🐝🐝
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gendercents · 4 months ago
actually. the point of it all is to be sweet to your friends. so there
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inkskinned · 2 months ago
oh, i love the way relationships develop their own personal language of love. when all that joy shows the way they love you. i love when it is a little icon to who they are, to how you get along with them.
my sister takes a picture of a dead bug and sends it to me - this is you. my friend asks me how the move is going; she put a reminder in her phone to check up on me. i put a piece of ice down my friend's back, he returns the favor by holding my phone over my head and making me jump to catch it. jason and i scream-sing green day while going all of 15 miles an hour down country roads. molly is who i go to for a quiet night in with 5 dollar wine.
i go out for dinner with them and have to step outside to take a phone call; when i come back they've ordered my favorite appetizer without needing to be asked. andrew and i have a long-standing tradition of him picking me up to spike me directly into the first soft-looking surface around. i don't even need to speak to my best friend - she and i will just look at each other and have an entire conversation. burst out laughing at 3 PM, high and cackling like we're evil witches. i just moved by myself into a new city - my brother keeps introducing me to his friends that now live close to me. he always says - oh yeah, this is sibling and then pretends to ignore me. for days now, my family has been in and out of my apartment, just tinkering with things; making sure i am settling in nicely.
i usually have watermelon instead of cake for my birthday; kim forces a full yankee candle into the rind so i can have something to blow out and wish on. for 20 minutes on a saturday, all us grown adults crawl into one bed to have a cuddle puddle like we're in high school again. every 20 seconds someone starts giggling, and then we're laughing again. nick calls me from california; we both groan about the price of tickets, agonizing. miranda and i meet up in the city for the first time in years - without discussing it beforehand, the minute we lay eyes on each other, we both strike gruesome little gremlin poses instead of waving. dean always goes for the hug. joe always does a single firm handshake. sometimes i think about my friends and get so happy i just start crying.
oh, how wonderful to live in a world where affection is biologically ingrained in us. how wonderful that affection helps us build our single greatest strength - community. how wonderful that affection is our body's way of saying - thing is good, let's keep. how wonderful, this language, this skein we weave! to show the other person - i might not always say it. but i love that you live in me.
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jellyish · 5 months ago
normally I’m against queerbaiting but when Taika Watiti slips a bit of gay vibes into a marvel blockbuster it feels less like baiting and more like an inside joke, a cheeky little wink
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