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Just because we can't be together, doesn't mean I won't love you.
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HIIII I drew your guy. Its the guy. He’s happy :]
I am actually so in love with you lets kiss THANK YOU SO MUCH.. HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE ITS SCRUNCHING UP HES SO HAPPY!!!!! AHEEM HERM
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me, liking a mutual’s post regularly on the dash but never having actually messaged them properly: i hope they know i love them
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a moment of respite 💜🖤
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Jocks on a walk  🏃🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️
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thatoneidiotyoulovesomuch · 5 months ago
Being asexual is an inherently queer experience by itself
Cishet asexuals are queer as well. Anyone who identifies with asexual is queer.
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【 convenient excuses 】
author's note: this is like. a few months overdue and waaayy too close to mr viper's birthday, bUT as long as it's done, it's done !! i always have fun writing jamil and this was no exception so i hope you enjoy >:DD
characters: jamil viper x gn! prefect, vil schoenheit, kalim al asim
word count: 1.4k
tags: do you (jamil) ever just get used to someone's (prefect's) presence and start missing them when they're gone?, surprises gone wrong, cookies !!, kissing ppl on the cheeks bc why not
[ or read it on ao3 | the fairy gala collection ]
Tumblr media
"Prefect, could you accompany me to practice today?" Jamil had lost count of the times he had repeated that question over the past week. A lot of times. Maybe a little too many times.
He had gotten used to asking despite the fact that the Prefect would say yes each time. It had become a routine of sorts. One in which Jamil would ask them to accompany him for their afternoon practices for the upcoming Fairy Gala. He had to admit it was something that he secretly looked forward to each time.
"Actually... I can't today." His expression must've betrayed him, because they quickly followed up with, "Sorry, senpai, I have some, uh, errands to run today."
Jamil managed to plaster an indifferent look onto his face, "No, it's fine. You have your own things to do after all." Still, he reached to pat their head before he went off to practice.
Now don't get him wrong. Jamil wasn't the type of person who would be affected by such a little thing. Especially since they had been kind enough to come to all his other practices so far. Why would them missing one practice matter?
But there was something weird in his chest even as he danced, his steps feeling heavier than usual as he went through the routine for the nth time. Maybe this was the feeling of missing someone? Even if the Prefect wasn't there, it's true that their encouragement and cheers usually boosted his mood.
The consequence of all these thoughts was that halfway through practice, Vil clicked his tongue, "Jamil. You're not focused enough today. Your dancing looks robotic if you're not putting your all into it."
"If you're not feeling up to it, then why don't you rest for today?" Kalim clapped his back, and Jamil almost wanted to shrug him off. But he knew the white-haired wasn't looking down on him and was offering genuine advice.
"Kalim's right, it'll do no good if you overwork yourself," Vil sighed, the crease between his brows deepening. "Alright, practice on your own later on, but for now, rest."
Resting wasn't something that Jamil was particularly good at. Instead of resting, he always found himself preparing for the next day, or taking up new tasks to fill in the time. But the most pressing task right now was practicing for the Fairy Gala...and he couldn't even focus on that.
Clang. A sound from the kitchens drew Jamil's attention. He frowned. There shouldn't be anyone using the kitchens except for him. Sure, some of the dorm members cooked for themselves at times, but in the time that everyone was at their club activities? And in the dark too?
Jamil shivered slightly. Scarabia was still frozen over after all, he reminded himself. He quietly made his way to the kitchen entrance, edging around the various banisters before coming to a stop.
There was clearly someone there. Jamil just didn't know who it was. The darkness provided them a perfect cover from Jamil's sharp eyes. He clutched at his magic pen as he approached.
When he spun them around, he wasn't expecting to be bludgeoned by an oven mitt. Maybe he really should've been expecting some form of retaliation; something worse than an oven mitt.
"Wah–! Oh. Jamil-senpai..?"
He let out a soft groan, instantly recognizing the voice as the troublesome Ramshackle Prefect. "Just what are you doing here, Prefect?"
"In the kitchens?"
"No, in the dark–" Jamil sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Actually, why don't you answer to both?"
They fidgeted with their hands, "Uhm, you see...I wanted to cook something..?"
"In the Scarabia Kitchens? And in the dark?"
He folded his arms and they instantly looked at the ground guiltily, "Tell me what's really going on."
"Look, it was supposed to be a surprise," They sighed, finally lowering the oven mitt in hand.
"What was supposed to be a surprise?" As soon as Jamil posed the question, he heard the soft "ding" of the kitchen timer go off.
"That," They pointed over at the only oven that was on in the darkened kitchen. He watched as they pulled out a tray of what looked like cookies out of the oven.
"These ones are still hot so take one from that jar over there," They called out. Jamil spotted the jar easily; almost filled to the brim with cookies.
He grabbed one from the top, giving it a cursory sniff, "Are these kleicha tamur?"
"Yeah," He could hear the nervousness creep into their voice as he stared down the dessert in his palm. "I was, uhm, researching and it seemed to be a popular dessert in parts of Scalding Sands...?"
"Why is that a question?" Jamil shook his head. The kleicha looked...great, actually. There was a golden sheen on the top, and he could detect a hint of sweetness from the date swirl in the dough.
There was a pause before they spoke, "I was afraid you won't like them."
"Oh. Well, first of all," Jamil lifted a piece from the jar. "I don't like dates."
A look of sheer horror crossed their face, "Oh Sevens, I forgot–"
"I'm not finished," Jamil held up a hand. "The only way I like dates is mixed into other cooking, so...this is fine."
"Yes, really," Jamil huffed. "What, do I need to eat one in front of you to convince you?"
"No, no!" They started shaking their hands— which were still adorably clad in oven mitts. But Jamil had already popped a morsel of kleicha into his mouth, chewing purposefully.
"It tastes good," Jamil said simply. "There's a little too much date paste, and the dough's a little lumpy, but...not bad for your first try."
"That's great!" He watched as a proud smile bloomed on the Prefect's face. "They were supposed to be a surprise for after the runway performance, but I guess you can have them now."
Jamil pressed his lips together before delivering a hasty confession, "Listen, I...didn't really need you to come to all those practices. It was a selfish request of mine."
"I know," There was a slight curve of their lips. "I'm smart enough to know that, at least."
"Ah, really."
His deadpan didn't escape them, earning him a glare, "C'mon, you weren't exactly being subtle. But," The glare softened just a bit. "I did enjoy it."
Jamil tried to keep a straight face as he asked, "What exactly did you enjoy, Prefect?"
Their gaze was unflinching as they answered, "Watching you put in effort into something that you really enjoy, Jamil Viper." Unease crept down his spine. Did he really look like he was enjoying dancing that much?
His reply was almost automatic, "I was only doing it becau–"
They raised a hand, "You don't need to make excuses in front of me, Jamil-senpai. You should just...like what you like."
Jamil pressed his lips together. They were right. Of course they were. He didn't need to say those petty excuses that had burned themselves inside of his mind. Not anymore. Not when he resolved to change the way he saw things, if only little by little.
"Ahem, anyway," The Prefect looked oddly nervous as they spoke again. "I know that Vil-senpai's been rough on you. But you've been doing really well and... I'm rooting for you, so...good luck!"
They leaned forward; and he felt the slightest brush of hesitant lips against his cheek. Jamil felt his heart stop in his chest. He blinked, having to consciously tell himself to breathe because—
Did they just...kiss him on the cheek...?
"I've...got to go now," They rushed out, turning off he oven. "Oh, uh, feel free to share the cookies with Kalim-senpai...? See you tomorrow!"
Jamil didn't even get a word in before they were rushing out the door like a whirlwind. And he certainly felt like a whirlwind had swept through, collapsing onto the ground with disbelief still written all over his face. He tried to ignore the heat on his face, secretly grateful for Scarabia's current colder temperature for helping him with his...predicament.
"'Like what you like', huh?" He murmured to himself, cradling the jar between his palms. Then was that permission for Jamil to entrust them with a portion of his heart? Because at this rate, it was more than obvious that he harbored a certain type of fondness towards them. One that certainly wouldn't be fading anytime soon.
"How amusing. You really think I'm going to share these with Kalim?" Jamil finally let a smile spread on his lips. "Never in a million years, Prefect."
(The jar was carefully stashed behind Jamil's study lamp and his books, away from anyone that might accidentally see it. And as to whether Jamil got any rest... He ended up practicing well into the night on his own accord. He wouldn't want to deliver a sloppy performance, right? Especially after his biggest supporter had given him the sweetest incentive.)
Tumblr media
thank you for reading !! hope you enjoyed this slightly introspective jamil fic,,,, if you'd like to check out more, go on over to my masterlists <33
(also if anyone's curious about klechia tamur, they're iraqi date cookies !! since aladdin is allegedly set in iraq, i thought it'd be fitting to have the prefect bake those as scalding sands might have a similar cuisine ^^ here's a recipe link for the curiouser hehe)
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And in just a blink of an eye, you were ripped away from me. 😭💔 Oh how I miss you.
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sweet baby
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