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I love watching Pixlriffs' stream rn because he's just like a little kid in a candy store
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dream the dads need you !!!
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I definitely have high hopes now for Cartoon Network's future! :*)
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“Perhaps I should look more into chiropterology or ornithology as a possible future life goal after all this is over, I’m sure I’m more of an expert then others my age if not older and already on the field.”
Damian gave a quick glance over at the large bat hanging next to him on a customized bar set, customized in a way that it might actually just be a small ladder with some steps missing to make sure there was enough hanging room but to be fair it worked and was light enough for him to move around with ease even when the other choose to rest on it has well.
The bat, a Livingstone's fruit bat, just nodded its head at his statement, giving off a seemingly pleased aura at the possibility of a such careers.
Father always did seem happy do indulge them in any chosen path that didn’t involve the family’s nighttime job.
Besides Grayson’s stint as an officer…
And yes, he was sure the overwhelming sized beast of a bat was his Father, no matter what form, he would recognize the man much like he could recognize the others.
Coming home from a patrol, no it was not him and Jon hanging out, they were doing important things like feeding the stray cats, solving a simple case of stolen goods and maybe shattering the kneecap of a few jerks…okay…maybe he was the one doing the shattering but Jon took them to the hospital like the good team up they were, anyway that wasn’t the point.
The point was when he came home and discovered his family and Drake had been cursed to take on their namesake form…he didn’t act as distressed as he should have and instead took absolute delight in the fact everyone was an animal now.
Sure he too would have enjoyed being cursed, which yes, he knows that isn’t the point of a curse, but it was nice to be relied on without voiced concerns questioning him. Why he preferred animal companions anyway…
This was a learning experience for all it seemed.
Father chirped at him, head tilting in a questioning manner and eyes studying his face…concerned…
Luckily before Damian would subject himself to explaining his feelings about being the odd one out and how it seemed they all have gotten closer miraculously, the ding of the elevator caught their attention leading to Pennyworth stepping out looking neutral as a bulldog bat let its feeling known as it screeched on the gentleman’s shoulder.
The screeching most likely caused by the Asian Koel that was flying around screeching back.
Seems like Todd and Grayson have gotten in another argument…how when they are literally unable to speak was a mystery in its own…
He could hear the others starting to shrill back at the commotion and it wouldn't be long till he was surrounded by the flock of birds and bats trying to see what was going on.
The slight movement under his hood had his newest companion peeking their tiny head out in interest, the Honduran White bat just sneezed at the sight at the group crowding around the batcomputer, a few even climbing over and on Father as though he was just another hanging point or a big fluffy nest.
Damian was unsure who this was, besides the fact they obviously had something to do with this mess since every time the small bat was out and by itself, one of the others would pin it down with their weight, screech unholy at it, or even take off with it in their talons.
Most of it was scare tactics but since the last incident left his new friend with an injured wing and a few very remorseful family members. Their guest had decided Damian was the best place to hide and depend on and had refused to come out near the others.
Which was fine, it made it easier for them to work this out when both parties obviously wanted to return everyone to their right species.
They just needed a starting point…
“Master Jason please stop biting your siblings!”
And to get everyone to stop attacking each other…
Just a quick little drabble, wasn’t sure what to make everyone else but I figured others would know, hope you enjoy it though!
Livingstone’s fruit bat: One of largest bats. Wingspan can grow up to 6 ft plus.
Bulldog bat: The loudest bat. Face of a bulldog and sharp teeth.
Asian Koel: Black cuckoo bird with tint of blue in its feathers, known to be one of the most annoying bird breeds. It call sounds like its going uwu.
Honduran Bats: Tiny little white bats with leaf shaped noses.
Pfft, yes! Absolutely!
Someone else suggested Danny being the bio brother/son of one of the batfam and Desiree granting his wish to know his family and somehow turning them all into animals. Maybe she does it just for lolz her powers aren't entirely clear.
Anyway they all blame him for the animal thing and Danny is just chilling out in Damians hood/pockets. Danny likes being a bat and being spoiled taken care of, especially if he's not dealing with Amity anymore for whatever reason.
He has no place to go and no reason to leave so maybe he stays a bat even after the others are returned to thier true forms. Everyone assumes hes some type of magical bat but doesn't question it too much further until a long time later when one of the kids are in a part of the mansion that no one but Alfred ever really goes to and finds a room decorated in a space theme. Sus.
Also the tiny white bat follows Damian everywhere. School? Check. Car? Check. Patrol? Check. He just can't shake it. Frankly he doesn't want to.
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✯ if angels don’t exist, then what are you?
wednesday x fem reader
reader surprises wednesday on her birthday!
lil short story
cw: fluff. literally just fluff, also a kiss !!
Tumblr media
It was finally Wednesdays birthday, you had spent weeks thinking of what to do, what to surprise her with, if you should do something big or keep it small, in the end you decided on something small, you knew how Wednesday would react if you went all out, and since it was her birthday you wanted her to feel like her likes and opinions were heard.
You had talked to Enid about it too, if they should all be there, or just you, everyone agreed that Wednesday would like it the most if it was just you. You had everything planned out and ready
So, you kicked open Wednesdays door and yelled “Happy Birthday!” with a huge smile on your face. “Is that how you intend on announcing yourself every time you walk into my room?” She asked, her eyes were widened a bit, you had interrupted her while she was writing. “Yes. Yes I do.” You walked over to her and revealed you had a cake, along with two spoons and two plates, you plopped the cake down next to her type writer. “So, do you like it?”
It was a simple black cake, decorated with spiderwebs and some candy skulls, the edge of the cake was outlined with white frosting. “I like anything you give me. “ She looked up at you, “Good, because I made it myself.” You tried to cut up some pieces with the plastic spoon you had, and although the pieces looked a little odd, it was still cake.
As Wednesday was about to grab her piece, you took it from her, she just thought you wanted more to eat, “You know, there’s an entire cake right there, there’s still plenty left.” She looked at you with a blank expression, you weren’t going to eat it, you had something else in mind.
You got a spoonful of cake and began moving the spoon towards Wednesdays mouth, she had a look of confusion on her face, all you could do was giggle. “Y/n, what are you doing? This is so childish, i’m not a baby.” She huffed, you poked wednesdays mouth with the spoon, trying to get her to open it, but in return the only thing you got was a scowl
“Cmon, open wide,” sometimes she was a little scary when she was angry, this time, she looked cute, it was like a habit you had, teasing her, but you never went too far, just plain old fun. Wednesday reluctantly and slowly, opened her mouth, she chewed, still glaring at you. You grabbed another spoonful, and started moving the spoon towards her mouth, but she stopped you. “I would rather stick needles in my eyes then do that again.”
You let out a dry chuckle, “Alrighty, well, I brought you a gift! Or us a gift? Not sure but it’s a gift.” You reached into your pocket and pulled out two bracelets, they were identical, except one had Wednesdays initial, and the other had yours, you gave her the one with your initial, “It’s so you think of me when i’m not there with you .”
“I always think of you when you’re not there.” Wednesday replied, you were not expecting that, and that made you appreciate her so much more, how did you end up with someone like her? someone so serious, and so logical, and you? well you were the complete opposite, always found ways to make jokes out of everything, and sometimes being the most immature person known to man, you were just glad you ended up with wednesday.
you felt your heart flutter, your eyes met hers, and your breath hitched, you stared into the cold but beautiful eyes of the gorgeous girl in front of you, her beautiful raven braids, and awfully pale face, but nonetheless still stunning, she made you feel things you had never felt before, it felt as if fireworks had gone off in your head, and the raging fire in your chest was too much, you wondered what she was thinking in this moment
You slowly began to lean in, and then, finally, you felt her cold, soft lips against yours, Wednesday felt her heart skip a beat, and she enjoyed that feeling very much, she trailed her hand up to your cheek, softly placing it on there and deepening the kiss, it wasn’t rough, it was loving, and sweet, it was passionate, and when you both pulled away, you had a smirk on your face,
“So, did you like your birthday present?”
“Yes. Yes I did.”
You could see a slight smile on her face
“Do you want some more gifts?”
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~ Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader
you don't want to know how it came out... okey it was bc of edit and fanfic... *crying* imagine this, AGGH 🥴🥰
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Plagg is suffering way more than those kwamis in Gabriel's basement. Free him 🥺🥺🥺
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Brent Forrester  I got so lucky when I was assigned to write this episode because it's the climax of the Michael/ Holly romantic subplot that's been running through the show for years. And the episode itself is structured like a classic rom com. Holly denies that they're made for each other, but each beat of the story seems to prove that they are made for each other. And then they meet in this classic romantic comedy trope, the meeting on the rooftop of the Empire State Building from An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. But because it's The Office, it's not a glamorous art deco setting. It's this seedy rooftop in Scranton. All of that story material was just handed to me. Greg and the writing staff came up with it and I was assigned to write it. And I get to say, written by Brent Forrester! 
Jenna  It's funny, when I saw that rooftop kissing scene at the end of the episode, I had the thought, Why did they pick such an ugly roof? And it was clearly intentional. They were like, This is the Office version of the rom com Empire State Building. 
Jenna Well, I'm sorry if you do not warm up to them as a couple after you see this next scene, I don't know what's wrong with you. Even Randy and his email to us, he was writing out all his facts about this episode and he said, I have to pause here and tell you that I sobbed when I saw Michael and Holly reunited on this roof. It's so emotional. 
Jenna  The location for this romantic reunion was the rooftop and stairwell of the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. If you're visiting, it's on Seventh Street. 
Brent Forrester I remember the energy of the actors in the A story was very fun. It was Rainn Wilson, Ellie Kemper, Amy Ryan, and Steve Carell. And we're zipping around the city and shooting these fun little set pieces, you know, in a parking lot, in a restaurant. So the energy is very elevated until the scene on the rooftop. And, you know, normally when you're shooting on location, there's a fair amount of shouting among the crew. They're trying to convey info, you know, outdoors. But on this set, on that scene, the crew was whispering. And I remember I walked onto set like a doofus, yapping about something, and I immediately went silent. And I looked around, Why is everyone being so quiet? And I saw Amy and Steve in the distance. You know, the crew had given them a lot of space out of respect for what they were doing. And they were great actors enacting real love between these two characters. And the energy was sacred. 
Jenna  It's such a great scene. They have this moment. 
Angela  Yeah. 
Jenna Where she just finally melts and they kiss. Erin sees it. She's smiling. And you just know, finally, finally, these two are back together. 
Angela And also, just as a fan of the show, I was a total audience member when I rewatched this, and I was so emotional for Michael that he finally met his someone. Oh, so awesome. 
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glass armor and a fireplace, where cinders are from?? omg are rosamund and cinderella siblings?? and that's why the stepmother wants her safe???
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this or nothing
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Omg hi guys wouldn’t it be sooo funny if Grians latest video is the watchers making him forget everything and putting him in beta. Wouldn’t that be fucked up?? Haha yeaaa
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Dungeon Meshi - Beastkin transformation tattoos
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New Dynamics, Go!
Disclaimer: This is an AU, I don’t respect canon and I am not going to pretend to :)
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I have decided that this is actually Battinson and that if he had raised Dick, Dick would definitely have more of a sibling relationship with him.
Batman: so…. you’re brothers now…. ifyouneedanythingaskDick
Batman: *sprints out of the room*
Tim: isn’t Dick back in Blüdhaven?
Jason: yup
Tim: does he do this often?
Jason: yup
Tim: so…. wanna see how I hacked into the Batcomputer?
Jason: of course
Dick: Bruce. you. can’t. just. leave. them. alone. they’re little!
Batman: but I left you by yourself
Dick: I regularly fell off chandeliers! I shouldn’t have been left alone!
Batman: I thought you were happy….
Dick: oh my- I was happy, but kids need supervision. it’s impor-
Jason at the same time as Tim: Tim sat the Batcave on fire!
Tim at the same time as Jason: Jason sat the Batcave on fire!
Dick: it’s made out of rocks?????
Batman: my kids are so talented
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Sweetie pie love ❤️
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