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bookwormingparty · 10 months ago
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letsbelonelytogetherr · a month ago
Listen, I love you. It's that clear, that simple. And I know sometimes I can be a disappointment, that I rarely know what I want or think before I act, but you should know that in half a lifetime of spectacular messes, you are the very first thing that's felt right.
— Beau Taplin
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stargazedmoony · 3 months ago
“I should have brought a book”
—the thought that haunts me everywhere I go when I didn’t bring a book with me
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ashturnedtomist · 3 months ago
When Patroclus said “He is half my soul, as the poets say,”
And when Hozier said, “There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin.”
Or maybe when Ghost said, “Your beauty never ever scared me.”
Or possibly when Madeline Whittier said, “Spoiler Alert: Love is worth everything. Everything.”
But what about when Percy Jackson said, “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”
Or maybe, just maybe when Mitski said, “I just need a quiet place, to scream how I love you.”
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thenilofernoorulain · 7 months ago
Some books make you smile.
Some books make you cry.
Some books change the way you look at everything.
But some books pick you up and yeet your ass to the sixth dimension.
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godzilla-reads · 7 months ago
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April 23, 2022
I’m jumping on the bandwagon now that the Netflix adaptation is out and I’m seeing it everywhere.
Catch me reading the first volume of Heartstopper by Alice Oseman 😎
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tessasclockworkangel · a year ago
Oh to be in a fantasy novel being told by my love interest that I'm the only home they’ve ever had.
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yesireadforfun · 6 months ago
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Love this edition of Pride and Prejudice!
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seaglassforever · 10 months ago
Dysfunctional found family is the best book trope no exceptions
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thegirlwholovesliterature · 19 days ago
I have given away my whole soul to someone who treats it as if it were a flower to put in his coat, a bit of decoration to charm his vanity, an ornament for a summer's day.
- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
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bookwormingparty · 8 months ago
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slaughter-books · 3 months ago
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Day 28: JOMPBPC: Author's Debut
Aiden Thomas is an amazing author and Cemetery Boys is a beautiful book! 💛
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stargazedmoony · 10 months ago
If you can’t understand why I’d rather pass out from sleep deprivation than NOT finish my book, sorry, I can’t and will not talk to you.
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fatimajgilani · 11 months ago
Before Ben Barnes played the Darkling, the character was still the favourite among readers. His backstory is tragic, he bacame pure evil for his people. He is one of the most loved villian. And readers find him more interesting than Mal.
P.S. Hell breaks loose when innocent people suffer.
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fadingpuppyflower · 29 days ago
Hello love 💕, would you consider having me as your sugar mummy …and If $3000 is being deposited into your cashapp or PayPal now, be honest , what are you going to use it for ?
I mean this is quite clearly fake BUT it's one of those fun questions that you ask yourself everytime you see someone win the lottery or something. What would you do with the money? So what would I do with $3000? I would treat it like any other money that gets send my way. So like rent/food/essentials etc. are all covered but if they weren't that would be first (so I have like $2200 left). I then would probably head to my local bookstore. I spend hours in there and leave so much of my paycheck there it's not even funny anymore(let's say I go crazy and spend like $200 so $2000 dollars left). I always make sure to donate some money from my work paycheck so I would also be donating some money from the $3000 (I don't donate much only like 1% of my actual income cause I kinda need that money to pay rent yknow but I don't need this money so let's add a zero to that, $1700). I'm kinda in the market for some new hoodies and a new jacket at the moment. Yknow winter is slowly starting($1400 left). I guess I would also buy a new phone ($1100 left)but in all honesty I would probably put like 30% to the side and put it in the bank or invest it. I know that's a kinda boring answer but you can't spend everything you have🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ That leaves me with $100, why not go back to that bookstore once more 🤫
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aliciasuarez2022 · 7 months ago
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So many books, so little time! 🤓📚📖
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