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hexcore-juggler · 6 months ago
"Good running into you," Thanatos says, as if he has any legitimate reason to be hanging around Elysium ever and he didn't just spend an hour chasing Zagreus down for the opportunity to stare at him with wounded puppy eyes while resolutely refusing to discuss his feelings unless Zagreus wanted to maybe discuss his first nevermind he's gone.
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juliafied · 5 months ago
what a drag to love you like I do
Fandom: Hades
Pairing: Thanatos/Zagreus
Rating: Teen
Chapter(s): 1/?
Words: 3317
"You're all it takes for me to break a promise, silly me to fall in love with you."
All the times Thanatos didn't realize he was falling in love with his best friend, until it was too late.
Thanatos is four, or four hundred – the mortal years mean little to the chthonic gods and denizens of the Underworld, but he feels very young yet, compared to Nyx’s eternity – when the prince is born. He does not know what a birthing entails, and when he hears the little god’s wails echo through the halls of the House he tugs on his mother’s skirts to ask if this is how he came to be also, and whether it is very painful to be born.
Nyx laughs quietly, lips closed in a secret smile. “No, my child. You were plucked from Darkness itself and appeared as you are.”
A story he has heard before, and he is too young yet to question it. Another wail begins, and he tugs a little harder on the velvet in his hand. Nyx glances towards the king and queen’s chambers.
“Our queen’s mortal blood runs strong, but worry not, my child. The new prince is not in pain.”
Soon, the halls quiet once more, and Thanatos lets his hand slip down the velvet to his side. His mother watches the doors to the royal chambers, her own hand worrying at the gold trim of her gown.
The door flies open and the usually thunderous Lord Hades emerges, a terrible look in his Styx-red eyes. The wail that comes from the room now is one of anguish, a sound that no child can make.
“Go find your brother, Thanatos,” his mother says, clipped and stern.
“Please,” and Thanatos is suddenly afraid, for he has never heard his mother’s voice tremble. She quickly flattens her cool palm over his hair, a habitual gesture meant to tame the wispy white tendrils and comfort at once, but it is not comforting now. “Go.”
She hesitates, then in a swirl of skirts, she is gone.
Though the birth of the prince is Thanatos’ first brush with his own purpose, he has yet to meet its finality. So, Zagreus lives, but the queen vanishes, her memory becoming more of a shade to Thanatos than any of the ones that wander the House. Thanatos senses his twin’s jealousy at Nyx’s divided attention, but he finds himself more than happy to play brother to the prince. The House even starts calling him Nyx’s child, and some grow to believe this. Thanatos does not. Though he does not remember her face, Thanatos still remembers the echoes of the queen’s wails through the halls of the House of Hades.
He does not find it difficult to share everything with Zagreus, toys, sweets, stories, secrets. Even Mort, though Zagreus always carefully tucks him under Thanatos’ pillow just before they both fall asleep on the rug next to Thanatos’ bed in his mother’s room, tiny wooden hydras and shiny metal tops scattered about. Thanatos sees the question in Zagreus’ eyes when eventually Megara comes along to play, too old now for such games but indulging them after they tug on the tip of her fledgling wing enough times. As Battie battles Mort, the prince almost asks.
 Why didn’t Nyx make one for me?
Battie wins, and the question doesn’t leave his lips. Zagreus has never been one to whine, and his face brightens soon after, once he brings the hydra into the fight, wooden bones rattling. It’s good, because Thanatos doesn’t have an answer. But he remembers.
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michaelmyersmalewife · a month ago
funniest moment in the sandman is when morpheus, fresh out of a pep talk from his big sister, tries being friendly for once and it immediately backfires on him
Tumblr media
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soup-champ · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
i love (one) pathetic little god man and the queen turned goddess whom is almost certainly more powerful than him
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zachstaph · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
hot pathetic man of the week and best cat cafe owner, howell
Tumblr media
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drbtinglecannon · 23 days ago
Serizawa winning "Best Tiddies" on the heels of Reigen winning both "Twink Supreme" and "Ultimate Dilf" has been hilarious actually. Serirei real
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snarkspawn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
tfw when your crush boss and the new clown of a bodyguard use this whole life-or-death situation to grow even closer
based on this
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yilinglaozu · 27 days ago
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this man really said please disrespect me, i’m into that
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elinekeit-artstuff · a month ago
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He NEVER relents! (but he probably should)
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ministarfruit · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
shoutout to the way the bestie described luke atmey because it will never leave my mind. I say this at least once weekly
Comic of Luke Atmey walking into the room with Phoenix narrating, "This man, walks into my courtroom, dressed like a gotdam christmas present," and Maya interrupts by saying "He's a detective."
In the corner, there's a drawing of a sparkling present box with a Luke Atmey bow and the text "Look at me! Look at me!" hovering over it.
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vampgf · 3 months ago
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Joseph Quinn as Arthur Havisham
Episode 1 of Dickensian (2015-2016)
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yugiohz · 3 months ago
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let takagi rest!!!!!
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frejs-froggy-artblog · 10 months ago
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The useless card
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pharawee · 3 months ago
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Porsche. Khun Kinn loves you so much. Please take care of him.
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nosfelixculpa · 3 months ago
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gab’s neverending 2022 shadowhunters renaissance gifs: never forget how tall dark and handsome bewitched mike from glee 
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whumpwillow · a month ago
god i love the trope where a deity / other powerful entity is held captive by a human (or group of humans) like here’s this ancient, powerful thing who can do this you can’t even comprehend, except he’s been captured and now he just sits there in his containment, sulking. looking forlornly at you 
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gg-xenonmoon · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
He's weak as the little meow meow he is
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