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The Supper at Emmaus by Frederick George Swaish. 
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TMNTember Day 6: April
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RNM WEEK DAY 1+2: Angst+ Fav Dynamics
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Testing W12 with Anthony Davidson | Bono
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No, but probably is
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I know that Dia de Los Muertos was on like November 1-2 and it's already the 16th but I just wanted to share with you guys my drawing that I did when it ACTUALLY was Dia de Los Muertos. I hope you guys enjoy my drawing!
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(sorry for the poor quality!)
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The Code of Chivalry, as adhered to by the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend, told of the five virtues of knighthood - Honour, Bravery, Gallantry, Valour and Loyalty. No one man embodies these qualities more than Sir Lancelot.
Mini Mercelot Week - Day 2: Grace! 
Music - When a Knight Won His Spurs by Martin Simpson
(It has been a loooog time since I last made a video so please excuse the quality. And I forgot how difficult voice isolation is so the audio isn’t as good as it should be, but hopefully you can forgive me! 😊)
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Messed up pictures of a Christmas tree
Ilford FP4
Minolta SRT 101
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Hey, wouldn't it be dope if there was Blockbuster but for fanfiction?
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2021! Big year! Went to Hawai’i, got two new tattoos, got three whole COVID shots, stayed sober, drove a loop of the whole state of Idaho, saw Brandi Carlile in a sea of lesbians on the 4th of July in Missoula, celebrated my second anniversary with my partner, had a big emotional talk with Elizabeth on the Block Island Ferry in Rhode Island, got yelled at on the street for being androgynous in Boston, did so much karaoke, played a lot of trivia, lost my job, scheduled top surgery for 2022, went on many hair journeys, and ended the year with the 3rd annual iteration of our New Year’s Curse: 2020 I had a 103 degree fever for days and was so sick I did poop myself, last year Kyle had the worst food poisoning I’ve ever seen and I was convinced he was going to die, and this year Kyle, Jack, and I all have COVID. Here’s to good things, big and small.
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Fictober day 38
Prompt number 19. This is strange
Mirrorworld fanfiction
There was something, Jacob couldn’t explain it, but there was. And it was wrong.
But it didn’t make any sense, Jacob had everything he could have in the world. And it was only one person…
A very magical one.
She was so beautiful, sleeping at his side even if she didn’t need it. He had habituated her to it. And the irony was that now he, who needed it, wasn’t. he simply couldn’t. Something red and enigmatic was keeping him awake.
He got up swiftly without waking Miranda up. What a beautiful name, it was, he thought while walking unthinkingly around the island. It meant worthy of admiration, and she surely was. So lovely to make him forget to breath. And so powerful that being with her was a blessing he couldn’t have imagined before.
Before… he didn’t remember it. Surely because it wasn’t important, as Miranda always reminded him, worried for him.
He smiled, stupidly thinking of her, how the water wrapped her body as the most marvellous dress in the world when they swam in the cold water from which she was born. Well, that wasn’t the only thing they usually did there…
Jacob stopped awestruck. He could see the other side of the lake. He had always wanted to go there with Miranda. The loved the island, but it was getting boring to stay in the same place for so much time. As he wasn’t used to it…
The two moons were full, copper and silver light molten together and he could see it.
“This is strange”
The murmur had slipped through his lips because there was something there. Someone
A fox.
Jacob fucking Reckless, you are the biggest idiot that ever walked on Earth
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Chapters: 2/2 Fandom: Hotline Miami (Video Games) Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Jacket/Reader Characters: Jacket (Hotline Miami), Beard (Hotline Miami), Reader Additional Tags: Violence, Gore, Blood, bludgeoning, Vomiting, TW: Vomit, Vomit, TW: Blood, Gross, body - Freeform, corpse, Mental Illness, extreme violence, Detailed Violence, Gross details, Hiding a Body, Murder Summary:
You've been alone in the town you grew up in for a while when finally an old friend moves back only for things in this quiet area to get loud.
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Obitine Week 2021 - Day 2: Team Up/On the Run
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Satine Kryze, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn
Title: Levels of Anonymity
Series: An Extended Mission (Anthology)
Rating: Teens and up
It’s a routine escort mission. In and out, just a day or so, right? Right?
[Can be read as a Stand-Alone fic.]
Read on AO3
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Go Geon & Mo Yong | The World We Made
Prey on the powerful Masters of the game We run with the wolves in the shadows We'll chase 'em down 'til we're face to face
This is the world we made
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