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chronic-boogara · 3 months ago
I’m not feeling the best at the moment. I know I just sent in a request but I need some more. Maybe how Thomas, Brahms and the Sinclair brothers would react to their s/o just hugging them and crying into their chest? Thank you as always <3
poor baby:(( i am so sorry you aren't feeling the best, don't worry though i will try to make you smile. i'm honored you came to me to help you feel better.
usually i don't write for brahms but i am going to make an exception for you because i love you.
i went a bit off prompt but i also stayed with it. i hope you like it
thomas hewiit
•he will hug you extra tight and will not let go till you do first
•if you need cry go ahead, he is there for you and he will not be going anywhere. he won’t judge you or make you feel bad for expressing your emotions
•you’ll be well taken care of don’t you worry. he’ll cook your favorite food and let you sleep in the cool basement with him while he works. he knows you don’t want to be alone
•it doesn’t matter how often you do this every time he will react the same. holding you tight and patting your back
•he might cry a little too.
•thomas knows deep down it isn’t his fault your upset but he can’t help but think it is.
•communication is key! tell him what’s wrong if you can. he wants to do everything he can for you. he also likes knowing it’s not his fault
brahms heelshire
•oh no what’s wrong y/n ? are you crying ? please don’t cry , i love you.
•brahms is such a baby he’ll burst into tears when you wrap your arms around him and let the tears out
•he’ll try to use his words to comfort you but he’s not too good with those. instead he’ll put together some snacks and put on a movie !
•he will go out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable. and don’t worry he doesn’t have a problem if you vent to him. he’s happy to listen.
•definitely will try to make you laugh. he’s not offended if you aren’t in the mood though
•he just wants to see you happy so he’ll do anything.
•hug him and cry into his chest and he just melts. poor little y/n he’ll think to himself.
•reassures you of his undying affections. even if that’s not what you’re upset about it he’ll do it anyway
bo sinclair
•he will not know what to do with himself. he’s not usually one for affection
•but he can tell you need affection.
•he’ll pat your head gently and just kind of be there for you. he’s a bit awkward but he’s trying his best.
•he will then lead you into his room and just hold you. he knows there’s nothing he can do
•will get one of his brothers to go out and get some ingredients for your favorite foods. and some wild flowers too.
• “i miss that pretty smile y/n”
•the rest of the day is spent snuggling in bed and listening to bo tell you crazy stories about tourists
lester sinclair
•oh no oh no oh no. y/n are you alright ? what happened? what can i do?
•he has such a soft spot for you he will drop absolutely everything for you.
•he’s really strong despite his smaller size. lester will embrace you tightly and rest his head atop yours. and ofc he’ll pat your back in case you get choked up
•he also isn’t too in tune with his emotions but don’t worry he’s good at improvising
•he’ll set up a little bed in the back of his truck so the two of you can have a mini cook out. the puppy is there too.
•he’ll sing to you and just kind of be there. the silence is nice with him.
vincent sinclair
• he will be very flustered. similar to bo he won’t have an idea of what to do or where to put his hands
•feels so bad he’s so naïve. he’ll let you sit in his studio and grab one of his warmest sweaters. he will make sure you’re nice and comfy before he puts you in his lap.
•it’s okay to cry y/n vincent is here for you. though he’s a bit busy at the moment he doesn’t mind. he’s more than happy to incorporate you into his work day.
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seagull-scribbles · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Had a few sonic artists tell me they struggle with Vectors Head, so here is how I (an amateur) do it
I don’t draw Vector’s canon body but I can make a second part about his canon design and my version if anyone would like!
Links to downloadable chain brushes
Variety of clip studio ones here [X]
A tutorial by flo does art on making a chain brush for Procreate - [X]
For those who are struggling to read my writing I have reblogged this to my main with a transcription, which you should be able to see in the notes or go to [here]
Want an activity to complete the lesson? Here is a Vector drawing challenge [here]
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boggyswamp · a month ago
i love refusing to rate apps, even apps i’ve been using for decades and know and love. it puts the sparkle in my eye, the red in my cheek, lets me believe in my own nonexistent autonomy a little more. like will i rate the app right now? no, i don’t think i willlll ahahahaha. hohoho. hehee
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Tumblr media
Some meltdown triggers for autistic/ADHD people. I hope this helps some you, your friends, and your family. :)
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bemamar · 4 months ago
I am sorry if this ignorant but in my country there’s a common belief that autistic adult people cannot develop adult brain, many times on TV they showed us these type of autistic people who their brain stop developing but after seeing so many autistic on social media I found out that I may had misinformation ever since I was a kid.. I could not found helpful articles because of the lack of awareness here so if it’s ok to ask you why do people share this kind of info and how true it is ?? Going through social media I came with the idea that there was some misunderstanding about this.
               Hey anon, glad you seem to be seeking information. That is... yeah. Definitely a no. There are of course, many other disorders that can happen  alongside autism, just as they can happen with non-autistic people, and those can be of course a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that is the reality of every autistic person, or that those people should be infantilized either. On the contrary, really.
Just to give you my personal experience, I grew up autistic and I didn’t even know it until one year ago, so that might tell you something. I’ve graduated highschool and I have a degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Nowadays I am an English teacher, and I also work with translation, design, publication and selling of books. A lot of autistic people work in very complex industries that take care of things such as infrastructure, health (like vaccines!), technological development, and so on. Others don’t. Others teach, others are amazing artists, others live an academic life, others like working with their hands. That doesn’t mean one is more developed than the other, we’re just different people with different interests, same as anyone. 
This is a very complex subject and I can give you two wonderful channels to get you started if you really want to learn more: Chloé Hayden and Paige Layle who have tons of research on those things.
From my own dedicated research, the central (summarized!!!) points I can give you are these: there are two main reasons (and a consequence), as of my understanding, for why people believe that autistics are only children, that we “disappear” when we grow up, or as you said, that we stay stuck in a childish mental age. 
The first one is that most referenced, known, and used studies for autism are still ones that were done decades ago. Back then, professionals thought only young male (white) boys could be autistic, so all of the stablished research for autism is based on how a very specific demographic could behave, or react, or present the disorder. So if we’re talking about a whole rainbow spectrum, we’ve only ever studied one shade of one color and one length of that color, and nothing else. That’s also the only image that’s ever been projected for people on media, so whenever anyone thinks autism, they think of the caricature of the young white boy who’s nerdy and quiet and lonely and prone to outbursts if upset. 
The second problem is that a LOT of the organizations who claim to study autism to help autistic people, are run by non autistics that have no interests in helping adult autistics, or listening to us, and actually just keep looking for ways to either get rid of it (which would be like trying to get rid of my bisexuality, or the color of my skin) OR they’re trying to identify all of the genetics so they can stop us from being born at all by identifying autism in the womb (eugenics).
The consequence of those things, and of the fact that many autistics have different ways of communicating (like non-verbal autistics, who would communicate via text or other means), means that the people who are actually represented when talking about autism are the non-autistic parents of autistic children. They are the ones the studies, the organizations, the aid etc are meant to help. The parents. And parents have to parent children, not adults. So any articles, any programs to help, any government aid, it’s all aimed at the parents, as though like I said, children grew out of their autism eventually (impossible), or as though, like you said, we didn’t grow up at all. There is a major focus on autism as a burden for the poor neurotypical parents who can’t understand their child, while ignoring the autistic person themselves.
Yes, there are many of us who have more special needs than others, and those should be respected, there are as I’ve said, co-conditions that can occur, there are a lot of us, as I’ve mentioned, that have difficulty speaking up or speaking verbally at all, but not being able to communicate what is on your mind in a way that is comfortable for non-autistic people doesn’t make your mind underdeveloped. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be listened to when decisions are made about your own life, it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish whatever you want to do with accommodations, and it doesn’t mean you can’t understand the world around you or have amazing talents, or just want to sit on your couch and watch tv and have a regular job. 
We’re people of all kinds because we’re people. We have different needs, and only the people who have them can tell you about that, I could never speak for them, I can only speak of my own needs. But you can research more and learn the nuances I could never put into a singular answer. That’s the gist of it. I hope you do continue to learn! And I wish luck to autistics in your country, I’m sure there are many more of them than you imagine, and there must be communities over there too, because we exist all over the world, and we definitely don’t stop existing or become neurotypicals at 18 years old.
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captainkirkk · 6 months ago
any advice on how to write for yourself? my most recent update got (1) comment and it was someone who just said “too short” and while i’ve gotten a couple more since, it def cut me down a peg aksnsndmdj
Comments about length/word count are so de-moralising, esp if you're someone like me, who writes really slowly and struggles to find writing energy. Some people can churn out 15k in one day, but it can take me over a year to get out a 15k fic. And then to get comments about how it's not enough when you spent months/years on it..,, feels bad!
My advice is to only write when it's about that thing that makes you vibrate to think about. Write that one trope that makes you squeal, no matter how embarrassing or weird other people might think it is. Write terrible smut. Write hardcore whump. Write that daydream that has been with you all week.
Re-frame how you think about writing - it's a moment of catharsis, it's for future you to read and enjoy, it's about being evil to your characters and laughing like a maniac about it. But do it for you. And if you don't end up writing as much, that's okay. Forgive yourself. Your worth is not defined by your productivity, and you deserve to be enjoy your hobbies
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choiyeonjuns · 2 months ago
downloading weverse live video tutorial
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katierosefun · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
beyond evil (2021)
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lyralit · 2 months ago
how do you write a character hiding something/lying about something without giving away that they’re lying?
hi! I think the easiest way would to be giving the lying character a tick: every time they lie, they have a small movement that gives it away. the reader won't know it's a tick, but when they reread it, it's evident: every time they lie, they lick their lips, they change the tone, they turn red. scattering it throughout can be a way to hide it!
something else could be the character's mood completely shifts: they turn quiet, they start laughing, they become a wholly different person. this secret they hold is affecting them mentally as well as physically.
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designfailure56 · 7 months ago
For the drawing tutorial, how do u make ur shading look so colorful and vibrant? Thanks for the beautiful art!
Hey Anon! This is gonna be a 2 parter because I merged another ask from @sparklygreentrash​ who said:
“YES YES YES!!! Could you do a quick tutorial on form in the body??”
Tumblr media
So first off- Form is volume. We portray it in many ways as artists. We are, in a sense, masters of illusion.
As an animator/cartoonist, I need to be able to quickly and efficiently capture volume and movement (gesture) in one go. I start with an 'S' curve. This is the line that follows the curvature of the spine. In this example, I used a 'C' in it's place, since it was such an extreme pose.
I've studied Rembrandt and my teachers love the messy way I capture volume in my sketches. I make a sort of armature, or stick person to start, super fast, don't think hard on it. Make sure to add the head and an egg shape for the ribs, and either a circle or a box for the hips. Then I go over it with swirls that show me the volume of say an arm or a leg. They look like tornadoes, but they inform me how thick I need to make things.
After that it's pretty straightforward. You draw a human over it. Try and find the balance in your pose, this will solidify the illusion of weight being evenly distributed. If you're struggling with drawing a person, we can go over that too. But it's grueling work. There's a reason we artists always tell you to practice, practice, practice.
But moving on. Coloring and shading. This one is fun.
Tumblr media
So I used the same picture here because it's fast. I used a pretty basic palette; browns, green, and ivory. Where the shading comes in, and the vibrancy especially, is where I use yellows and purples to inform light and dark. Whites and Blacks mute the liveliness of the colors already chosen and create a very unappealing look to the design.
To start off, you need a separate layer (if using photoshop or procreate, turn on the 'clipping mask' option on the layer, it helps, trust me) and a light source. Mine is the silly little lightbulb I made in the top left corner of the page. I used yellow, but you can use whatever color you wish. I colored in where the light would hit my character, and in the shadowed areas, where the light couldn't touch, I colored in with purple. Warm and cool tones.
After I was happy with the placement of light and shadow, all I needed to do was change the opacity down to a lower percentage. We only want to tint the colors, not make more work for ourselves. So don't try and color all this over again with more shaded colors. As my character design teacher once said: Keep it simple stupid.
And Viola! A properly shaded character!
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bawniibon · 5 months ago
Do you have any tips on how to improve? I’ve tried to draw panels from the silver eyes graphic novel but I feel like they could be better
Tumblr media
Well personally I think those drawings a great! Especially the facial expressions. One thing I'd say needs more improvement is anatomy. I can't stress this enough but anatomy and its fluidity is a major thing for me. If I find my characters look stiff im always thinking 'is this not flowing nicely? are the arms expressive? Do I need to change the torso to look more boisterous? All those descriptive terms come underneath anatomical fluidity.
Tumblr media
They don't need to be anatomically accurate otherwise drawings come out stiff so thats why I say fluidity and making ligaments look bendy and flowy are better.
Tumblr media
I know I haven't progressed much in my work as I would like to but it is important to study the basics of anatomy (which could be analysing photographed poses, looking up free tutorials on muscle flexing and where muscles should be).
On of my most favoured tutorials that stuck with me was the 'How to draw the torso: front view' one from: https://www.howtodrawcomics.net/post/how-to-draw-the-torso-front-view
I also recommend using that fluidity in your brush strokes. Before I start drawing I usually warm up by creating wavy and rounded lines, only because I know I'll use it to make those flowing poses.
ALSO dont be scared to use fast and quick strokes! Don't waste your time making a line look straight, just go BAM done even if it looks wonky. You'll soon get the hang of it. Like training the muscles in your hand.
ALSO also, I use more than one stroke to define other strokes, for example:
Tumblr media
It just looks better and bolder. Use this liberally throughout your pieces because otherwise you'll have something like this lol:
Tumblr media
Which is just too bold and messy.
Now...I see you've drawn on paper and I haven't touched paper or pencils since forever. Which means my constant clicking of the redo button certainly helps whenever I dont like the way a line looks in my drawing. (Might be the reason why I switch from paper to digital because redo = god mode of art) so refrain from rubbing out too much. Train your brain to see and get used to flaws.
I'm not a professional and boy was it hard to dig into my brain to find out why I draw the way I draw but I hope that this can help you!
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basementqueer19 · 8 months ago
hi sorry to bother you but does jason todd have magic???
Hi! Not a bother at all!
So Jason does have magic—sometimes.
During New52 Jason trains with Ducra of the All Caste (Talia sends him to train with them) and during that time Jason does learn to wield magic. Mostly he uses the All-Blades but he also uses his magic to heal and a few other things from time to time.
With Rebirth Jason’s magic is mostly overlooked, not mentioned or was never a thing depending on what your reading a who wrote it.
Personally I wish his magic and the All-Blades showed up more. Mostly because (in the comics I’ve read) none of the Batfam knows about Jason’s magic and I’d really like to see their reactions when Jason breaks out the All-Blades in a fight.
I’m new to comics so there’s probably more to the story of Jason’s magic but I hope this helps!
Tumblr media
(P.S. there are lots of headcanons out there about Jason’s magic. My favorites include Jason’s eyes glowing green in the dark, him being able to see ghosts, and appearing blurry in photos. But these are all just headcanons and not actual canon.)
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yesdramas · 2 months ago
Hello! I saw you said you might know how to not let gif turn into mp4 in the tags of one of your posts. Would you mind sharing how with us? It's totally fine if not. Have a nice day!
OH HI! sure I won't mind sharing this.
so, in this engineering tumblr post, they stated a few things about how tumblr decided to turn gifs into mp4 and one of the things they stated is:
Tumblr media
as in "adding a single transparent pixel to the first frame of the GIF" you just need to select a single pixel and make it transparent. and how you do that?
when saving for web, right on your color table, you can select the least popular color on your gif and press this button:
Tumblr media
you will notice that half of the color square selected is transparent and that's it. (careful, play your gif many times as possible to see if you didn't lose any popular color or else your gif will have just a bunch of transparent space)
or you can draw a single pixel into the image on a brand new layer, just zoom the hell into your frame and select a single pixel square, then you paint it with a bright color that's not on your actual color table.
Tumblr media
then you can save for web and make that color transparent. (but I find this one very tricky and idk why sometimes photoshop just don't recognise the color I chose :(
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akallabeth-joie · 4 months ago
I loved the talk you gave at BarricadesCon, your pictures and information were so good! I was curious to hear more about underwear and canon era if you feel like going into it? I've been largely working off fandom sources, and I'd gotten the impression that women in the '20s and '30s might or might not wear drawers, but that men would by and large have used their long shirts as their only undergarment. It sounds like you know otherwise, and I'd love to hear more if you feel like elaborating.
Thank you!
Women's clothes are more my area of focus than men's, but here's a quick run-down. I'll try to follow up with more citations when I have some spare time.
The short version is that we have both surviving garments and text sources for men's drawers/underpants during the late 18th century and first decades of the 19th. We also have reports that some men did not wear them. It is possible to tuck the long tails of the shirt so that they do the job of drawers. It is also reported that some pants had removable (washable) linings, which would be very helpful in this case.
In Shaun Cole's "The Story of Men's Underwear", the author notes not only the presence of linen drawers in men's clothing inventories of the late 18th and early 19th century (most with 3-4 times as many shirts) but also quotes from a biographer of Beau Brummel that highly fashion men such as Brummel, Scrope Davies, and Lord Byron would forego drawers in order to keep the lines of their trousers right.* [pg 50, see all of chapter 2 for fun times with 19th century shirts] I personally know people who did this is in the 2000s for the exact same reason, but I still take any secondary source commentary on Beau Brummel with a very large grain of salt.
The Victoria and Albert Museum's "Four Hundred Years of Fashion" [pg 61-62] describes a man's wardrobe which the museum received. Among of the clothing owned by Mr. Thomas Coutts (d.1824) were 46 shirts and 57 "items of underwear made of either linen or wool".
You can see some of them here:
Baumgarten & Watson's "Costume Close-up" is focused on the late 18th century, but does include a note on page 110 stating that many men did use their shirt-tails in place of drawers. Though no individuals are singled out as examples, several exceptions are named: George Washington (who apparently instructed his tailor to cut his breeches so that they fit over drawers--which says something about either the common practice or his tailor's idea of ease), Thomas Jefferson (who apparently got cold easily and had many undergarment and under-layers in his clothing inventories), and Royal Governor Lord Botetourt (who also had drawers in his inventory). This commentary is framed around a description and pattern draft of a pair of antique French drawers dated 1750-1800 in the Williamsburg collection.
Shelley Tobin's "Inside Out: A Brief History of Underwear" quotes from a 1790 source which states that "drawers were not worn", but interprets this as only applying to children's clothes. It goes on to cite a 1780 inventory which includes linen, leather, and flannel drawers owned by an adult man. [I don't recall seeing any other references to leather drawers, but chamois leather does appear in 18th/19th century undergarment contexts, particularly for garments that will be subject to abrasion. I suspect these drawers were meant for riding.]
Moving from the secondary printed sources to the primary, the 1838 Workwoman's Guide states that trowsers or drawers "are worn by men, women, and children of all classes, and almost all ages", and goes on to give patterns and diagrams for making them.
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ssreeder · 14 days ago
i was just thinking ab ria and i wanted to ask you a question ab liab/ria
how much time passed between sokka being captured in the northern water tribe and the current events in the fic?? since sokka lost track of time im pretty sure it wasnt said how long hes been gone (MAYBE IT WAS AND IM JUST BEING DUMB but i dont remember anything like that 😭) so i was just wondering what the timeline is.
i understand if u havent really thought much ab that/it will be an important part of the fic later on, and u dont wanna say, i totally get how it is w writing
soo yeah that was my question hahahha
BTW I LOVE YOUR FIC and im impatiently waiting for the next update!!! ily
I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this, I was going to draw you up a timeline and do cool dots and shit but I ran out of time and idk I just gave up ahha.
Sooooo here is the timeline I promised you:
I know canon said that aang had “one year” to defeat the fire lord, but they never clarified how many months were in a year…. SO…. I can do whatever I want and it’s fine :D :D
Zuko was captured after the Blue Spirit season 1 episode 13.
He was captured in the forest by Zhao and was taken to the prison camp by caravan. It took one week and he was incarcerated for four months before Sokka arrived.
Sokka was captured in the NWT during the siege and it took two weeks to ship him to the prison camp.
He arrived there and was incarcerated for two months with Zuko in prison.
When they escaped Sokka has been in prison a little over two months and Zuko was locked away for a little over six months.
They were on the run for a month and a half until the RR captured them.
After Sokka’s injury he was in a coma for a week and then continued to be captured by the RR for a little over a week until Bato and the men came to save them. So Zuko and Sokka were captured by the RR for almost 3 weeks
They have now been at the Water Tribe camp for about three weeks, give or take a few days.
I hope this makes sense let me know if it doesn’t :)
I keep things vague because I don’t want to be held accountable for time not exactly adding up haha. If you need anything else PM me :)
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monsoon-of-art · 5 months ago
Do you have a general idea for everyone’s move stats?
nope! I listen to my heart, and pick whatever would cause Dawn the most trouble :)
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cosmictulips · 7 months ago
A little post about what type of witchy abilities you may have based on your element
because I ranted to my friend last night about how much I hate the posts that are going around.
Check your dominant elements but also... your sun, moon and rising. It's hard for me to say because I'm such a heavy earth energy that it's pretty obvious to me but I do see my rising element at play.
Also pleaseeee if you have mental illnesses, learn to distinguish between an episode and actual ability. if you want me to talk about that I can. because I suffer from a list of things lmao.
water placements ::
general intutition. Yall are weirdly specific from what I notice. you can read anything like it's nothing. Pisces in particular, you guys are dumbly good with subconscious stuff. I know I should probably say that about Virgo but like, every pisces I have known, is just so understanding of human emotions.
Mostly likely the type to see spirits if they try hard enough (with discernment)
Most likely the type to be empathetic as well.
Probably really good with astrology. don't ask me why but you and air signs I feel like would understand astrology the most
anything to do in the astral plane is most likely where you are going to find your gifts. hedge crossing, astral travel, etc.
Earth Placements::
ANYTHING to do with the physical senses. Mostly likely the type to know the history of something, be able to feel the energy of things, and just.. know how to nurture someone. let me give you a few examples.
1. I can feel the history of any place I walk into. and I think most earth signs can to be honest. I can hold an old postcard up and know the feelings behind it. because it uses my sense of TOUCH
2. Tarot, lenormand, runes, maybe even automatic writing. so long as you hands can touch it and you can mold it, you'll pick up on it really quick.
3. Going back to the first bit, you may also be able to see images through your sense of touch. feeling the work and effort someone put into something. the spirits that still linger in the trees. that type of shit.
Air Placements!
1. that Hearing thing. being able to pick up messages from the masses. or just in pure silence.
2. most likely the type to affect the weather in some ways lol.
3. AUTOMATIC WRITING. yall are good with your words for a reason lol.
4. that clear knowing thing. just knowing when something is going to happen. I think this also pairs well with Earth energy. and some water energy. I think scorpios in particular. but yea, I'm giving this one to air signs because most of them will just say it and then will be surprised when it actually happens lol
Fire Placements.
1. ENERGY STUFF. y'alls hands naturally go warm and are easy to warm up from my experience. you can give anyone any sort of emotion and give them warmth when they need it. think wards, casting circles, expelling curses, etc.
2. Your sense of smell?? that clair smell thing. hands down you guys. every leo in particular that i know of has the weirdest sense of smell lmao. like my friend who is leo, before I even message her smells me??? it's so weird and hard to describe but she told me yesterday that she knew I was going to message her because she started smelling my perfume lmao.
3. Probably also the type to see messages but through fire, or bright colors. maybe even the sun.
4. to a lesser extent you guys are REALLY good at manifesting. I don't think I've ever met a fire sign that couldn't get what they wanted lmao. whether by sheer force of will or by luck. I always turn to yall when i need something lol.
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