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professorofunderland · a year ago
holy shit how do you get rid of crimson fast
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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses · 5 months ago
I simultaneously want to live a lifestyle where I can regularly afford to EXTRAVAGANTLY tip service workers, whilst also living in a world where topping culture is not normal or necessary because minimum wage laws do their damn jobs and actually allow all workers to comfortably support their selves & families without relying on the arbitrary "generosity" of entitled customers
#not a shitpost#anyway tipping is not the norm in many countries bc employers are held to a higher accountability re: liveable wages#and in the U.S. specifically tipping as a cultural norm is DIRECTLY descended from post-civil-war racism#I highly recommend googling that shit bc there are MUCH better sources than my dumb little blog#but basically i believe it arose in industries that employed (exploited) a large newly unenslaved black workforce#by offering service jobs that paid unethically low wages (to post-emancipation black americans with VERY few options/resources)#with the excuse that 'tips' would 'reward' good performance and make up the wage difference to 'deserving' workers#while actually it was a control tactic that enabled racist white customers to financially abuse underpaid black employees#keeping in mind that many white americans at this point resented the new legal right of former slaves to earn money and hold jobs at all#ANYWAY I'm rambling and I don't have a list of sources that's just a summary of stuff I remember reading#I apologize for any accidental misinformation this is why i normally stick to dumb clown biology horror posts#(the nose is the fruiting fungal body. honk it thrice to Release The Spores)#...no wait wait wait i thought i was done BUT:#it's no coincidence that tipping culture has continued predominantly in industries more likely to employ women and people of color#and people without access to higher education. because TIPPING IS FUNDAMENTALLY A FORM OF FINANCIAL ABUSE MEANT TO ENFORCE SOCIAL HIERARCHY#ok whew i think im done#oh P.S. LEAVE A FUCKING TIP for people who provide you services in industries where tipping is (unfortimatrly) standard#Yes even if they do a crap job. TIPS AREN'T A 'BONUS' for 'good performance' they're literally something exploited workers need to SURVIVE#you should be able to screw up occasionally at work without being terrified of being able to pay this month's bills#Humans are human. Which means we are DEEPLY FLAWED and IMMINENTLY DESERVING OF DIGNITY AND COMPASSION.#There i did it i summarized my personal core theology nobody asked for. and in entirely too wordy a process okay i am going to BED
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transgenderer · 7 months ago
my default strategy is pirating (or using my parents streaming service accounts) so whenever i actually pay for a piece of media its with the sentiment of that one achewood panel
Tumblr media
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miraculous-hearts · a month ago
Republican Boomers: Life’s not fair, get used to it!!
*Student Loan Forgiveness is introduced*
The same Boomers: Hey, that’s not fair!!
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chimchiri · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ayee it's my birthday! 🎉 I thought it'd be only fitting to draw something with a similar theme, so here's Wayne and Eddie celebrating little Ed's birthday.
I like to imagine younger Wayne got Eddie one of those amazing flower candles who spin around for his birthday cake (simple, store bought because Wayne isn't good at baking at all), which left Eddie in awe. Fast forward and it becomes somewhat their tradition as both remember the first year when Eddie joined his uncle.
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t00thpasteface · 3 months ago
lesbian culture is seeing the stupidest, horniest, most self-centered womanizing dudebro in a show/game/etc and giving him the 💕Honorary Lesbian Merit Badge💕 for literally no reason other than he's funny and kinda pathetic
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obsob · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
wizard that makes u nonbinary
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jackplushie · 5 months ago
Why hello! I absolutely love your writing! So I ran for it when I saw that your requests are open!(ignore this If it this makes you uncomfy to wite for any reason) Can I request the dorm leaders (separately, that would be chaos if it wasn't) with an S/O who randomly disappeared for a few days and returned with a baby? Context, turns out that baby is their S/Os brother. Yeah Crowley had a lead to get them home and ended up transported their brother... so now they run around with a baby on there back in till they can find away to get the little guy home.
I’ll be doing these in separate posts due to schedule constrains. Hope that’s ok with you!
“I’m sorry,what.”
The poor boy genuinely thought that was your child. Which led to many childcare documents stuffed into the Ramshackle’s dorm mailbox. Once he finds out that’s your brother,he’s… somewhat calmer. But once the baby starts crying,he’s in a panic,fumbling around the house to help.
Considering he has no experience with babies, their crying vexes him. He’s this close to offing the baby’s head,if not for the youth of the baby. I mean,what’s the point? The baby had no magic,and the cool metal would probably make the baby cry more.
You have to teach him how to handle your brother. Somehow you two have to source diapers… Mr S has those. Don’t ask why.
Riddle has probably read everything he could about baby care the moment he knew about the… new arrival. Which led to some weird talks about breastfeeding,no matter what gender you are. He genuinely thinks that just because you came from another world,your body might be able to do things that people from Twisted wonderland cannot. Which include breastfeeding no matter what your gender.
“It says it’s better..”
“Riddle for gods sake if you wanted to see my chest all you need to do was ask.”
But he’s a semi-reliable babysitter when you go to class. Just… try not to tax him too often. It’s hard to keep your cool when a baby’s screeching at you ear for two hours straight.
“What.. what do you need?!?!?! Milk?!?!? I just changed your diaper why are you like this-“
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the-skooma-den · a month ago
I feel like skyrim was ahead of its time with how many of its marriage candidates were sad old men
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justpastryvideos · 7 months ago
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skellydun · 19 days ago
i don’t want to be an adult anymore i am over it 
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pangur-and-grim · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HELLO today is a day where people eat chocolates, and also receive online discounts?? right?
I’ve got tons of risograph prints, enamel pins, holographic stickers, and iron-on embroidered patches that will be 25% off today at greerstothers.shop with the code ‘VALENTINES’!
this is also includes all the extras I posted about yesterday
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alaraxia · a month ago
Tumblr media
mayhaps I deserve…..a Little Treat….
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nutnoce · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Interviews with Bugs is out! Consider grabbing a digital copy 🐛?
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macherise · 4 months ago
WAIT, can i request about that, the demon bros finding out that mamm's actually really smart in maths AHAHAJHA
sorry it took me a hot second to get to this but absolutely yes you can request about that.
no pairings; just Mammon appreciation in this household (although i did include a smol bit with MC at the end because i couldn’t resist :p)
genre: fluff and slight crack; perhaps slice of life?
Tumblr media
i believe Lucifer always has known of Mammon’s strengths and weaknesses (after all, it’s canon that Mammon is his favourite and his most trusted), but sometimes he forgets just how smart his brother truly is.
he got a good reminder when he got tired of calculating the expenses of Mammon’s leisurely spending and told him to account for it himself while he attended to his mountains of work.
within the next half an hour, Mammon strolls into his room and hands him the account sheets, all expenses perfectly calculated and some even have multiple options of payment listed.
while Lucifer checks and rechecks the sheet flabbergasted, Mammon whistles on his way out, wondering why Lucifer thought such a simple task would be a punishment for him.
Tumblr media
i think Levi would be second to Mammon when it comes to mathematical skills, but even he has his limits, and it’s frankly exhausting to keep an account of all his game stats and how many points he’d need for each and every event.
he doesn’t trust anyone to do the calculations for him, so he found out about Mammon’s skill because of his brother’s incessant questions about all the rough calculations in the margins of Levi’s history notebook.
he finally caved and explained that he was trying to figure out how many points he needed per day to reach his goal. he was expecting Mammon to call him a nerd and let it go, but was surprised when he asked for the data instead.
Mammon quickly noted down the smaller details and verbally calculated the points, energy, and days he’d require to reach his target. Levi was shell shocked at his accuracy.
since then, he’s just had Mammon do the calculations, because they’ve yet to be wrong even once.
Tumblr media
from the very beginning, Satan had a thirst for knowledge. he made quite a reputation for himself, placing first in every class he was in- and if by any chance he came in second, he’d more than make up for that in the next test.
well, almost any class.
as he caught up to be placed in the same level as his brothers, he surpassed them too. he’d gotten quite used to being the smartest in class until his name was second in the list of toppers for arithmency that term.
he expected Lucifer, or even some of the lower demons to have placed first, but he never expected Mammon to be there instead. Mammon- the same man who is in crippling debt?
Satan took it upon himself to assess his papers for some sort of error, but there was none. even his methods seemed to be better than Satan’s.
he’s come to learn that it wasn’t his brother’s lack of intellect, but his sin that led him to misfortune. his respect for the Avatar of Greed went up several notches since then.
he’d loathe to admit, but he knows in his heart that even he won’t be able to surpass Mammon when it came to math, no one could.
Tumblr media
Asmo found out about Mammon’s proficiency pretty early on, but purely out of circumstance.
as the only other brother who had some interest in fashion and grooming, Asmo talked to Mammon about his beauty products, skin care routines, upcoming hauls etc. even if Mammon didn’t follow, he always listened.
this one time however, Asmo was bitching complaining about how he tried making his own moisturising formula, but the consistency just never seemed right.
he was mostly expecting Mammon to just listen to him vent and go to Solomon for help later, but to his surprise Mammon asked him the quantities he’d used.
despite not knowing much about the ingredients used, Mammon was able to figure out the quantities that were out of proportion and corrected them.
he even told Asmo what modifications to make if he wanted to adjust the viscosity of the substance.
despite his reservations, Asmo decided to try Mammon’s suggestions on a smaller batch and it worked wonders.
he gifted the first batch of the moisturiser to Mammon, and mentioned his name all over the advertising.
Mammon’s skin glowed a little more after that- from the moisturiser as well as the appreciation.
i barely see any asmo and mammon moments and i really think these two would vibe over this.
Tumblr media
Beel found out of Mammon’s skills when he’d asked his brother to help him in working out this one time.
while Beel had planned for Mammon to simply be a spotter for him, he started talking about how he wanted to change his weight-lifting regime a bit to focus on different muscle groups, but wasn’t sure how to.
when Mammon asked, he clarified that he wasn’t sure of the weight he should use according to his own and that he’d have to calculate it later.
while Beel took his break, Mammon quickly calculated the weights he’d need for his body in proportion to his weight and build.
Beel was quite surprised to note later that Mammon was spot on. (pun unintended).
he has also on occasion tried to ration out Beel’s snacks so he could have a balanced diet, but Beel usually can’t follow through (poor bb)
anytime he sees Mammon uses his skills in daily life or excel in the academic field, Beel smiles proudly at having him as an elder brother.
Tumblr media
Belphie was the only one who learned of Mammon's talent indirectly.
as someone who was into the study of stars, one of Belphie's strongest subjects was astrophysics- he could often be found making notes in books dedicated to the subject during his academic sessions.
however, the study requires a substantial amount of complex mathematical calculations. while Belphie is decently good at math, he gets tired very quickly and is not able to do them swiftly or sometimes even accurately- which messed the entire process.
usually he would just retire once the drowsiness kicked in, but one time he fell asleep right in the library and Mammon came looking for him (as was everybody else).
he had Belphie lifted and ready to carry when he noticed what his little brother had been sleeping working on.
when Belphie re-checked his notes the next time, he noticed calculations on the side correcting his in a handwriting distinctly different from his own.
after going through the calculations (and realizing that they were indeed correct), he saw a little message left at the bottom of the page.
"thank me later." with the doodle of a tiny demon that was unmistakably from the Avatar of Greed's signature.
he teased Mammon a lot less that week.
(and he may have left a little pouch with Grimm for Mammon to find- but you can't prove that).
Tumblr media
Bonus: MC finding out about Mammon being a math wiz
the two of you were working on your respective class assignments together as usual. while this was initially enforced by Lucifer, both of you came to do it on your own, much liking the other's company.
after some time of working, you heard noises coming from somewhere and found Mammon on his DDD- stationery strewn about his side of the table.
"Mammon- we're supposed to be studying, remember?"
without looking up, he informed you that he was done with his work already. you checked the time on your own DDD to see how much time had passed since you two began.
"lies. it's barely been an hour! a math assignment takes longer than that."
"check it yourself if ya want-"
and indeed it was true- your time with Mammon had already shown he was good at calculating, but you'd assumed that only worked when money was invloved.
you're like... crazy good at this-"
"eh, it's not really that big of a deal- yoo check this out."
as you laughed along to the video Mammon showed you on Devilgram, you also made a mental note to let Mammon know just how amazing he truly was.
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sims2veronaville · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
idr if ive posted about them here before so if this is old news my badddddd but here are my designs for fugo's brothers 😝
oldest is torrone (in green), next is panettone (in purple), and then bonus baby amaretti is in yellow. i misunderstood @ first and thought fugo had three brothers.... by the time i realised it was two i wasnt in a position to get rid of any of them. im sure you understand
the blue stand is panettone's crystal blue persuasion, and the pink one is amaretti's funhouse pink. Torrone does have a stand but between u and me hes my favorite and im having trouble coming up with something thats juuuuust right....
#jjba oc#purple haze feedback#fugo's brothers#that seems like enough tags#art tag#gw tag#oc tag#ok now back to my guys.#torrone is straight up stupid sorry to say but its true. i cant even say hes redeemed by his heart of gold bc he doesnt have that either#hes in passione too but somehow neither he or fugo know about the other (plot convenience) (also its funny)#he works in one of passiones fronts i have 2 draw up his crew but they run like a little restaurant & shit like im picturing a breakfast pl#place#thats super cute and smashed between two much taller buildings. anyway though#the story i have in mind for them takes place in 2007.. it starts w giorno sending fugo & sheila after torrone to give him a talking to abt#all the money hes been stealing from passione. lol.#and fugo realizes who he is etc etc etc & then suddenly his brothers are everywhere all the time & family reunion becomes inevitable#panettone is studying to become a medical examiner. i feel like the original plan was 2 be a doctor but his bedside manner is just awful#hes someone who feels the most comfortable with the rational & explainable but hes also very emotional.. which is only#exacerbated by his frustration w the irrationality of those emotions#whoa watch me talk in a circle haha#i imagine that they all got their stands whenever fugo took polpos test and (assumingly?) got purple haze#like how the joestars all got stands after dio shot himself w the arrow#panettone wanted nothing to do w cbp and kind of ignored it so hard it had to develop its own seperate consciousness#and now it just does whatever it wants and occasionally passes judgement the decisions panettone makes#AMARETTI on the other hand loves his stand so much fhp is like his best friend hes always just there#amaretti is a cellist in an orchestra specifics are not important neither things ive put thought into LOL#ok well its getting late.. please ask me about them though i love these guys so much :)#torrone fugo#panettone fugo#amaretti fugo
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pa-pa-plasma · 2 months ago
bro you are on the FANDOM WEBSITE why are you NOT supporting your fandom creators????? do you WANT us to stop??? do you want there to be no more art & fic?? because that’s what happens when you don’t reblog our stuff. this isn’t a threat, this is a reality. if there is no one here wanting to see our stuff we won’t post it. I’m not trying to guilt trip here, none of us are, we’re literally just saying that if there is no motivation to spend 10+ hours making fanart or 5 years writing a multichapter fic for free then we won’t fucking do it
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
^this shit? ridiculous. I LOVE EVERYONE WHO REBLOGGED & INTERACTED WITH MY ART! I LOVE EVERYONE WHO ASKED QUESTIONS & COMMENTED!! but so many of these people just liked it & left. this has been getting worse over the years, too. the reblogs to likes ratio has been getting crazier. I create because I love it, but if I have no reason to post, I won’t. fandoms dry up because of this. creators quit because of this.
we just need to stop acting like this is instagram, or that anyone cares what your blog looks like. people don’t see your likes, they see your reblogs. you want that favourite content creator to post more art? you want that writer to post the next chapter of your fav fic?? reblog it. share it. show them you care, because otherwise they won’t. this is a hobby we do for free. you consume our stuff for free. you aren’t entitled to it, so please just reblog, it isn’t hard.
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