#i got too tired on the second one
chatot · 5 months ago
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some sketches and doodles i've done over the past couple of months
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spanishinfluenza · 5 months ago
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Forks' resident hottest couple
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uselessgayshit · 11 months ago
saw a tag on a post that said, "who decorated the tower i just want to talk" and this happened
The elevator doors opened and she strode through only to come to a complete standstill as her eyes scanned the bleak room. What had been empty space one hour prior now had an odd assortment of furniture scattered about. If she were being honest, it looked pathetic. More so then when there was nothing in it. The attempt to make it homey had had the complete opposite effect, pointing out its inadequacies. It wasn't supposed to entice; the tower was founded for one purpose and that was for whatever business Supergirl would be involved in.
Which meant there was exactly one person who was responsible for the rather tacky conglomeration of furniture.
As if on cue, the hatch in the top of the elevator car opened and red boots appeared, dangling through. Then, the rest of Supergirl came dropping down into what Lena preferred to think of as "that ridiculous superhero pose" just so she didn't fall into thinking of it as anything else.
She covered her mouth to stifle a laugh in finding out that that's how Kara conducted herself even without the watchful eyes of the world on her.
In her hand was a floor lamp and as she stood, she readjusted it, tossing her wavy blonde hair out of her face, sputtering as it got caught on her lips. Finally, her eyes registered Lena and a smile spread across her face. "Oh! So you're why I had to fly down the elevator shaft."
"I'm sure you could've pressed the button and waited ten seconds," Lena informed her.
She shrugged as if that was the last thing she could do and then continued into the room, placing the lamp next to a horrible yellow and orange upholstered couch. She scooted it around a bit, shifting it only a few inches each way, turning it to make sure the lamp head was directed where she wanted it and then stood back, hands on her hips, full Supergirl pose, and nodding at a job well done.
Lena spotted the cord running behind the couch. "And where exactly do you think you're going to plug it in?"
Kara peered around the couch and saw what she was referencing. She kicked the cord under the couch to hide it. "I think we have enough lights already."
She wasn't wrong, though it was all rather harsh. The lighting from the ceiling shed odd shadows, the neon lights running across the floor didn't do much to help. "So, why do you have the lamp?”
"Lena," Kara started, dropping her hands from her hips, "have you ever been in a living room without a lamp?"
For a moment she just stood there, staring at the hero in front of her. And then burst out laughing, startling them both. But, she couldn't help it. It was so random and strange and so completely Kara.
"What?" Kara questioned, obviously taken aback.
"Where are you getting this stuff?"
She calmed immediately. "Oh! Lena, did you know that people just throw perfectly good things away?”
Lena's eyes glanced around the room and she couldn't agree, knowing she would never let one single piece enter the threshold of her own apartment. It also wasn't like anything Kara owned. She didn't understand the appeal. "It's ugly."
"Lena!" Kara berated. "Don't say that in front of them."
"They could be crawling with rodents."
Kara's eyes darted to them nervously for a moment - Lena assumed she was X-raying them - before puffing herself back up. "Well, if that's the case, then I've given them a new home."
"That's not a no."
Kara's shoulder sagged and she gave Lena an amused glare. "No, Lena, they aren't full of bugs."
"And what are the arcade games for?"
"Morale boosting. Obviously." The adorably scrunchy face she made made Lena smile.
"No one is going to use it." She wasn't being haughty. No one stayed in the tower unless they were working. There was absolutely no need for a lounge or a living room, as Kara was calling it.
Kara's shoulders sagged and she fell onto the cushions behind her. She took a deep breath, sinking into the couch as much as she could. It didn't looked that comfortable, the wood pressing into her neck. She didn't seem to notice.
But, she did look exhausted. She had come back from the Phantom Zone and thrown herself, every single moment of every single day, into saving Earth from every possible calamity. And then it clicked. Kara hadn't been home since she came back. So, she was making the tower a home.
She approached, gently settling herself on the cushion next to Kara. Her head was back, her eyes closed, breathing slowly. She didn't know exactly how to broach the topic, how to start the conversation. Kara had been pretty clear that she didn't want to talk about what had happened so Lena hadn't wanted to push her. She chewed on her lip, finally settling on a soft, Hey."
Kara's eyes blinked open and she smiled. It was soft and warm and everything it had no business being after what she had been through. "Hey, Lena, guess what?"
Her head bobbed toward Lena. "You're using it."
Lena gave her the smile she was searching for. Kara clicked her heeled boots against the floor. The one thing missing from the room: a rug. "You know you don't have to make jokes, right? With me, at least."
Kara stilled.
"I'm not pushing you to talk about it. But you don't have to act like everything's okay."
Slowly Kara nodded, her mouth pulling up to the side with a thought. Once more her head rolled on her neck so she was facing Lena. "I know. But I need to."
"Okay," Lena nodded.
They sat in a comfortable silence. Lena leaned back into the couch. Kara was sat on her cape, the edge just touching Lena's leg. Lena found herself reaching out, playing with it.
She watched it happen and she didn't stop it. She watched as Kara crawled her fingers across the fabric - she knew Kara thought she was being subtle - inching them close to Lena's. At first they just grazed the tips but then Kara started playing with her fingers. When Lena didn't move away, Kara took that as the consent it was, and she wrapped Lena's hand in her own, holding it snuggly, entwining their fingers.
They had shook hands before. Kara had lifted Lena into her arms before. But it was the first time that they had ever held hands and Lena marveled at how warm they were; how soft they were when they should not have been. They should have been hard and rough and callused and yet, the Kryptonian wasn't able to have a single blemish to her skin.
Lena didn't speak, didn't mention it. She was afraid that if she did, the spell around them would be broken and Kara would draw away.
Instead, Kara squeezed to let her know they were there together. "But, I will. One day."
Lena forced herself to stop marveling at their intertwined hands and gave Kara her full attention. Blue eyes glistened with tears that didn't fall. They were earnest and open and honest.
Lena squeezed back. "And I'll be here."
"Right here?" Kara questioned. "On this couch? Does that mean I get to keep it?"
Her teasing smile brought a chuckle out of Lena. "If it must be on this absolutely horrendous couch that, yes, Kara, did deserve to be trashed..." she trailed off, not wanting to make a joke about the last part. Wanting Kara to understand that she was there, always. To say and do exactly what Kara had once said and done for her. "If this is where you need me to be, I promise you, I'll be here."
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saltycharacters · a year ago
God I am so tired of modern media slightly evolving bury ur gay tropes to be like "yeah ok i guess it could be worse, but why are most of your cishet couples still well and alive and have their physical affection get plenty of attention and screentime, while all of your queer couples have at least one party dead / get to be the "tragic romance" story progression fodder and are not only outnumbered by all the other couples but also get their time together significantly stripped"
#im still tired after dragon prince and psychonauts 2 what is it with developers like. thinking theyre deviating from the trope but instead#they like. essentially do a balancing act before shoving them off a cliff#like yeah some of these you could make the argument that techincally theyre not dead but. i cant explain it its not that much better#like you can tell theyre still making a physical discinnect and the treatment they get is so obviously different from the other couples#who get simpler happy endings. i dont want some dramatic roamntic tradgety if the gay couples are the only ones getting this treatment#i dont know. once again the owl house just does this all better#most other media is like. holding up their queer rep with tongs & being like yeah heres ur l g b tees whatever. they got some development#anyways back to making the overwhelming cishet majority fall in love with each other after looking at another for one second#i wouldnt be made if these couples were obviously trans or ace or bi or pan or queer as well. heaven knows we need good queer m x f rep#but its painfully obvious theyre not. you can just tell the creators think that itd be too much#idk im mad im mad#like fucking CHILDREN get more romantic development and happy endings than the gay couples. CHILDREN#i got my own critique on putting this weird emphasis on child romances and making it some deep thing when theyre not even out of school yet#but what especially makes me livid is that these child couples get more screentime / development / happy endings than queer couples#oh you can write some forced shit with 10-16 yr olds where girl and boy cant be friends so they gotta fall in love for ur entire run#but not kill off some of ur only lgbt+ side characaters who only serve to progress the story? yeah ok
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tvrningout · 2 months ago
“ i’m gonna write today!!! mark my words!!! ” so turns out that was a lie but look at tengen bc i did work on some more icons for him : )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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this-should-do · 3 months ago
video: *has or shows gordon with any sort of personality or voice*
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spookyboywhump · 24 days ago
Screaming crying throwing up ect
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katierosefun · a year ago
i’m so tired :(
#caroline talks#tried to take my second practice lsat test of the day#took too long doing the first logic game#tried to muscle my way through the second one#realized i had 14 minutes left#started crying instead and just closed out of the test#and i'm taking it on saturday but i might wind up taking it again in august :(#but i don't want to take it in august because lsac is gonna bring in the experimental section again :(#and taking the test online is already hard enough :(#i don't want to sit for 3 hours instead of 2 :(#i'm so tired and sad and my brain's not working and i just miss my friends and i miss being a human :(#i'm so tired and i'm so sad and i can't even write fic right now :(#because if i write fic then i'm not studying :(#and if i'm not studying then i'm that much farther from getting the score i want :(#i'm sorry this is kinda a downer post :(#but i'm very tired :(#i'm really tired and really scared and really angry with myself :(#i haven't cried at all over this test but i just cried for a solid five minutes because i'm so....:((#and the more i thought about it the sadder i got#and the angrier i got#like i have this one friend who wanted me to come over for her birthday#and i felt terrible because my first impulse was 'oh my god how can you be so selfish i already told you i'm studying for the lsat'#and then i felt TERRIBLE because ':((( oh but my friend's important to me too :((('#and then she was like 'oh don't worry i pushed it back for this weekend instead'#and then i got angry AGAIN because 'that's the day of my lsat so i can't come' and then i felt TERRIBLE for feeling angry#and now i've just been wallowing like if this is the type of person i am over a TEST#then who the hell am i gonna be when i actually ever go to law school or start WORKING#will i just turn into an absolute monster who doesn't care about other people's feelings#will i just turn cold and angry and annoyed with people all the time#and then i cried some more
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nowendil · 3 months ago
hm. i really do wish i didn't get overemotional over doing laundry as often as i do but here we are
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maldito-arbol · 4 months ago
I just had. One of the worst days
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muslim-flint · 8 months ago
singing it to urself hits different fr. healing the inner child and everything
#second venting post of the day oof look away.#when i got off the bus after a ride of like 40 mns to get home from my class smthg happened#literally all the strength in my body evaporated. like i braced myself against a pole to not actually fall on the concrete#and the bus stop is only like 100 meters from my house but i took maybe 10 mns to get home bc i had to take a break every three steps#at some point i just sat on the ground. physically couldnt get up i had to try three times#almost got ran over by a car too bc i stopped in the middle of the fucking road#and when i finally got to my street i just. started crying and crying i couldnt stop#my whole upper body hurt and i couldnt think abt anything else just repeating 'it hurts so much' to myself sobbing for god knows how long#after a while finally got home. got to the kitchen warmed up some food. i could barely lift my arms up#oh and the crying kept going of course :) i was just so exhausted and so hurt it felt like my heart was physically breaking inside my chest#forced myself to eat cause i knew i needed it but it took so much strength to just. swallow it down. like my throat was tight as shit#finally got undressed and thank GOD remembered that i have a weighted blanket#ive been under it for two hours and a half now and ive calmed down but. yea#i think what happened is i just couldnt take it anymore ive been so so so strong trying to keep myself alive#and im really tired and i reached that stage in therapy where im like. mourning the care i was never given and coming to terms with#the fact that im never ever gonna get it from anyone but myself. and im gonna do it bc i deserve it and child/teenage me both deserve it#but god im exhausted and it just hurts so bad i cant let it go. no one is ever gonna give me the care my parents were supposed to. no one#i just wanna collapse into someone and be on auto pilot for a good fucking month at least just letting them take care of me. but i cant#i know its gonna pass eventually but for now im IN it and its. hard its rly rly hard. im rly tired i cant even speak#pulling words out of me today felt impossible i forced myself to do the bare minimum so no one would dig into it but wow#anyway. if anyone has read that far obviously dont rb with the tags lmao#rizcore#Spotify
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My People's Poet (pRick) cosplay - Costume test (pre badges) vs final costume
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flops · 9 months ago
my fave made it :]
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stairset · 9 months ago
Kay so I actually liked No Way Home
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mackenskibc · a year ago
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kyuala · a year ago
NEEEEEEEED to stop stressing over shit i should not be stressing over
Tumblr media
#rant time !#ok so libra girl complains nonstop about her supposed best friend bc she is actually is kind of a shitty person#like shes envious of libra girl (confirmed) and she got engaged and didnt even tell her??? and she didnt care when lg had to change class#periods or congratulate her when she got a job and actually said some rly unsupportive stuff anyways just a rly shitty best friend i guess#n lg herself said their friendship wont ever be the same but shes WAYYYY too fucking forgiving and now shes at her house having a sleepover#🤡#n theyre going to an open bar party together w the dude who was an asshole to lg it's a whole mess#and i guess im just tired of being a fucking clown??? like i know we're friends but im tired of being treated like a therapist#i WILL help u when ur upset if we're friends. i also have the right to be tired when u come crying to me about the same bullshit over n ove#bc of your own choices?? like shes always like 'guess what she did now 🙄🥺😔' n then go back to being friends w her like nothing happened?#?????? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO ME.#if she's so awful literally stop being her friend?? bc then next time she inevitably fucks u over im gonna be the one listening to your#laments???? and im quite frankly fucking tired and done with this type of people honestly it's so annoying to me#my mom does this to me bc of my stepdad too and it's SO. FUCKING. INFURIATING#like i care about your hurt. the first time. n then the second. n then third too maybe but when this shit gets to like#4 times in under 6 months??? i literally dont give a shit anymore. bawl ur fucking eyes out for all i care i dont give a shit#like i had to yell at my mom for her to stop doing this shit i am NOT your therapist!!#do NOT waste my time and advice on shit ur just gonna do again!!!!! if u dont care i aint gonna be the one to!!!!#also kind of unrelated but one of our mutual friends was hitting on me before the pandemic but then we literally never talked again#except in the gc until shang chi n then we started talking again n it's so stressful not knowing if theres something there or not??#n i know he n libra girl hit on each other constantly for a whiiiile now which just makes things worse ? 😀#it's like yea i want him but does he want me? i know he wants her n she wants him n i dont want them to want each other#thats the bisexual dilemma ig we all go through it sometime#also i cant stop projecting onto him but at least im aware of it jdndkfkdkfkd#he's just way too fucking nice#mari.txt#personal#dl
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clannfearrunt · a year ago
I had the bright idea to walk to the auto shop to retrieve my car today. Map predicted about an hour and a half walk 
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