#i got more little things today!!!
zeppazariel · 9 days ago
i think i vaguely remember them talking about this in a previous chapter but what would've happened if regulus' name hadn't been called when he was 15? obviously they would've dated and been way happier in this reality but would james shoot is shot right after realizing he likes regulus? would he have waited? would regulus let himself be loved right away? or would he push james away from a place of insecurity?
james would have lasted all of a week—maybe two-ish—because the games are generally a very somber time in the districts (particularly district six), so the week where the games were going on would have been this liminal space where it was just 1) james getting used to his crush, and 2) regulus realizing that james was staring at him more often, talking to him more frequently, and no longer ignoring him—he'd get his hopes up a bit, because he wouldn't be able to help it.
and then, when the games were over, and life continued on, james would literally be incapable of not Going For It. so, he would go for it, and ofc regulus would be Very Fucking Happy about this. like, he'd feel like all his dreams came true (he had only just turned fifteen, at the height of like, Teenage Emotion, so baby would have been absolutely fucking stoked) and he'd very much be agreeable to being with james. he would indeed let james love him right away and bask in it, and as he grew older, he would grow very smug about the whole thing, because james would spoil him, so he'd walk around knowing he could have anything he wanted and also had the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. like, he'd literally be so sure that he won the jackpot, like that sound that's just: "like, i mean i don't even know why you bother at this point. give it up, it's me. i win, you lose" 😭😭😭
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obsob · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
a kitty for my new business cards✷
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dacrekayd · 23 days ago
someone make a fic about eddie not trusting that steve is actually a good guy who wants to be friends (and more) and keeps being a dick to steve out of self preservation and no one noticing how much steve is hurting and how he’s slowly pulling away from them and retreating into himself bc he knew it he knew he wasn’t good enough he knew he’d never be good enough for anyone not his parents not nancy not his stupid high school friends and definitely not eddie fucking munson who looks at steve like he’s the scum at the bottom of his boot and calls him King Steve, and Your Highness in the most derogatory way he can manage but it’s never Just Steve and it makes steve feel so so small and he’s just so tired and emotionally rung bc he really liked eddie and he really thought they could’ve had something amazing and soft and sweet and he’s just so heartbroken that this amazing man hates him so goddamn much
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doodlerh · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
kiddo kazuha >:)
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roselise · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
♡ 🦋 🌸 ・ 。゚✧: *.
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vinceaddams · 3 months ago
I sure do love to go to the thrift store and acquire things!! Today I got a broken (?) little wooden music box, a couple pieces of fabric (one dark pink cotton jacquard and one dark brown and gold sari silk) and also a plate with a picture of the Hartland covered bridge on it. That's the longest covered bridge in the world, and I've walked across it, and now I can eat sandwiches off it's monochromatic blue image.
#hi yeah yes i AM slightly tipsy at the moment sorry!#OH i also got 4 little packs of gold plated sewing needles!! and another plate that has Green Gables on it#but that;s in a different province from me so marginally less exciting even though I do love the 1980's anne of green gables series#just had another hecking busy week at work (because it is prom & wedding season and I am Suit Alterations Tailor#but now it is weekend and I have 2 days of no things#yay!! Maybe I will work a bit more on my shirt and some drawing!#I wish I had more space to put things. if I did I would go to the thrift store even more often and obtain even more delightful candlesticks#and also more silver plated goblets. I'd have a whole corridor of shelves with all my fancy little metal thrift store goblets#thrifting#hey did you nkow that all aclohol tastes bad and yucky and you can only hide it in lots of fruit juice and stuff???#this is a fact I know but learn all over again every frew several months#blergh!#speking of which! fun fact: I am a balding old man of 27 and when I got to the beverage store with a hat I get asked for ID usually#but never when I have no hat!#today I had a leafkerchief on my head which I have been wearing a lot lately for balding head reasons and also cause#of those dang sebaceous cysts upion my scalp that are so lumpy and numerous (4) and unsighlty#unSIGHTLy I mean#UGH the surgery people said I'd hear back about an appointment in a month and it's been almost 3! I should phone them!!#It is unfair to have lumps almost as big as marbles just chilling there on a balding scalp!!#SPeaking of leafkerchiefs I Realy need to finish that damn sewing tutorial video! I filmed most of it last autumn!#and now it's late spring!#is there a limit to how many tags you can put on a post??#ok well I hope these have ebeen entertaining to you I will go eat a food and maybe do soem sketching now goodnight
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magpie-trove · 2 months ago
That specific kind of flat empty rage you get when one of the ten good Christian books in existence gets an adaptation that guts it of its core and stuffs it with trendy popcorn instead
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jackgoodfellow · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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panharmonium · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
today and every day we remember the time when teenage kakashi disobeyed a directive from the hokage, broke into foundation headquarters, attacked danzo’s henchmen, defied the man who tried to have him assassinated, and nearly got himself executed for treason in order to liberate someone he barely knows and who recently tried to murder him and who has never in thirteen years been treated like anything other than a test subject or a secret weapon
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dyed-indigo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
played some of klonoa for the wii today. had some thoughts. for example, klonoa wii design reminds me of sora for some reason. also found the proposed klonoa redesign
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kicktwine · 9 months ago
HULLO can we see.....your ff14 character? I am so very excited you are playing and would love to learn about your little adventurer!
OF COURSE YOU CAN ignore that it’s like midnight ok.
this is c’chari this is how he looks in game right now!! I may change his name, I want it to be cute but also like, sayable. he picked it out for himself.
Tumblr media
aaaaand this is how I drew him!
Tumblr media
i started out like haha, funny little self insert I guess but he’s kind of started to mutate into someone else because every time an npc sings his praise or goes like “oh, thank goodness, an adventurer” I go HIM? THIS GUY? and get a little uncomfortable with the attention so now HE’S uncomfortable with the attention and he used to sulk around limsa doing pyramid schemes and scams (because he’s a very good liar and a very smooth talker) until he got caught and confronted (he wasn’t even like, punished for it, someone just got in his face and told him he was a bad person and he was like OH NO. THATS THE THING IM SENSITIVE ABOUT) and he bailed and now he’s trying to be a “good person” which means.… probably helping this lady with her fishing problem, right?? okay! okay. He’s so much less smooth and comfortable when he’s not In Control of the situation so that means he kind of rambles or trips over his sentences and agrees to a lot of things (….sidequests) he shouldn’t agree to… but he kind of likes being a good person (even if he’s got impostor syndrome)! people are nice to him! that’s not something he’s used to! he has enough money for an inn!! wow!!!! someone like tataru isn’t going to threaten him when he doesn’t complete a task she’s too nice back
ive um — I’ve thought. about him, a normal amount now.
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opens-up-4-nobody · 2 months ago
#ahaha we r playing it fast and fucking loose out here in the middle of fucking nowhere#like for real. dangerous fucking day. why? bc being around ppl stresses me out so fucking much i cant function#we've done 16hrs of driving in the last 3 days and i have not eaten much bc i get so stressed in restaurants#and so many things either bother my braib or my stomach and nothing tastes good and i csnt advocate for myself and if someone else tries to#advocate for me i get freaked out and paranoid abt being watched#so yeah. low on food and im so neurotic that i cant pee in public restrooms. which is not good so i dont drink much which is double not#good. which is to say that i got up todsy at 6am in an undernourished condition and then did fucking like 8hrs of field work in#the fucking desert. real real bad move. do not fucking do that. my pee looks so bad. god if i dont have a panic attack or burst into tears#by the end of the week it'll b a miracle. im already going all weird. i have v little bandwidth to pretend to b human then i do field work#and it all goes out the window bc im focused and trying to get things done asap and if things arent efficient i start to freak out. so ppl#will try to joke or talk to me and i just stare at them for a beat too long bc my brain is lagging and its all awkward. just like dont talk#to me and let me get this over with. i basically did lunges for like 5hrs my legs r gonna hurt so bad and we have 4 more days. like it was#bad today. like the undergrad with us also thought so. i feel so bad 4 him but hes a good sport. i dont kno whats gonna happen the rest of#the week. i got back todsy and wandered around bc there r like 3 rooms in this field house and i csnt relax if someone else is in the room#i went outside and ate a jelly sandwich sitting on the ground like a weirdo. like im pretty sure im noticeably being weird bc i do try to b#slightly charismatic normally but rn im stripped to my base elements like. oh ur talking to me? ok u arent saying anything interesting so#im moving on. im not gonna speak unless i absolutely have to and im gonna find a corner to hide away in. pls do not contact#hopefully im so stressed ill skip my period bc i do not wanna deal with that on top of everything. and the fact that im wide fucking awake#at like 11.30 after the day ive had is not looking like a good sign on that front. its a sign if fucking crazy. im laying#here on this bunkbed in a too warm room. no pillow bc im a freak and i dont wanna sleep bc im not tried and i cant sleep around other ppl#ugh so many bad vibes. do not do what i did. pls. that was real dangerous.#god i think that was at least a 13 or 14hr day. fuck that. i don't even care abt this project and im worried that's showing#not to mention the bad thing i did like a month back when i was losing my mind has caught up to me. its fine. awkwardly annoying but fine#hhhh actions have consequences ☹️#tw food#unrelated
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obsob · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
#mine#original#dbskbfd yes this is inspired by that ask i got#i havent done much this week....or perhaps i have....brain is.. tired#also hand hurts i lifted smth heavy today and now ow ow my body is falling apart#oh to have a pain level at 0#i tried a different drawing app today n it SUCKED n i immediately requested a refund#i just want. good pencil brush. nothing comes close. my search continues#i dont think im gna work tomorrow i have a Day on saturday so. rest n prepare#i will probably read and also play some skyrim n maybe write....im writing...hehe#will i write a full thing will i give up who knows. im having fun.#also ive gone from like reading three books at once to one book at a time i cant read more than one now its so funny#i get stressed abt which one i am reading. i hve a little reading tracker app im using n ive been reading my current book for 9 hours#its so funny to think i have read the equivalent of like a full days reading over like a month#i am not gna hit my reading goal of 25 books i am telling u now. this is my fault for reading like 500+ page books#i have this book to read. then the 3rd one which is like 800 pages i think. then i have two like 400 pages n then im gna read a 1000 page#oh dear.....djbkfs.....n then 3rd book of series i like comes out in june. so much to read!#if u like historical fantasy read the godkiller chronicles i cannot tell u how much i love them like no one has read them. PLEASE.#my goal is to read 1.30 hours a day im reading like 30 mins jsbkbjd.....need to wake up earlier#i dont rlly read iin the evening. pm means skyrim time hehe#im doing dawnguard for the first time cant believe serena made me give up volstag#horrid little man. ive given u a dawnbreaker and u charge me 500 gold.#volstag? vortstag? vorstag#im going to marry him. make him a wife
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nazumichi · 4 months ago
always feel like a bit of a hypocrite for hating incorrect quotes but loving alignment chart memes. like. that’s their cousin.
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bbiemilk · 16 days ago
complimenting strangers always makes me feel so good 🥰
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freezethebeez · a month ago
Did you base the catalyst vampires off of other vampires in the media? Or, whats some catalyst universe specific vampire “quirks” or design choices? Lol sorry, got brain rot
the vampires in catalyst aren't really based off of any particular piece of media. they're sort of a strange amalgamation of every vampire au i've ever read, any tv shows or movies (aka twilight and first kill), plus my own little quirky details for the sake of plot.
any of the details i'm going to list below are catalyst specific according to me, but if anyone else has ever done them that's cool, i just didn't know.
vampires can go 2 years without drinking a drop of blood before they die of starvation, similar to how humans can go 2 weeks without food, just elongated to match a vampire's lifespan
most vampires feed once every month, which is less than twilight (i think) and most other vampire au's i've read, although i don't think many of them had specific hunger schedules. oh yeah it's also less than in the sims 4, if the vampire pack counts as vampire media lol
vampires aren't immortal. i gave them an age limit of 1000 because immortality is overrated anyway plus death is kinda nice sometimes. gives you a time limit. idk there was vsauce video about it that i watched once and haven't really stopped thinking about.
humans cannot be turned into vampires. if i were to implement that, though, the turning process would be drain all human blood, replace with a bit of vampire blood, yipee ur dead but also not, which just wasn't conventional and wouldn't be used in plot so i threw that whole concept out the window
vampires sleep during the day and wake up when the sun sets. i've read this in another vampire au, but am including it in this list anyway because twilight went "yeah vampires can chill during the day." however, if catalyst vampires could go out in the sun, i think all the sun would do is drain their energy and make them tired lol
for the first 40 years of a full vampire's life (20 for half-vamps), they can't fully see. i have another ask somewhere on here explaining how the process works, as well as other details.
fangs showing up only when needed isn't super original i don't think, but the whole warming of the skin when hungry thing is just a catalyst thing, i'm pretty sure.
also, like, vampires with eating disorders. i've never seen that anywhere else lol.
vampires being able to give birth (technically, minus all the issues that come with it) is also a catalyst thing i think??? idk i've only seen the first twilight movie so if vampire birth is in there.... whoops
vampires being entirely dead pretty much. no working organs, breathing isn't necessary, can't eat human food (unless the specific food holds essentially zero nutritional value), are also things i haven't seen in au's or media
vampires are just straight up a completely different species; they're not a subspecies of human. now, this would be a little weird for vampire-human... uh... breeding (i'm so sorry) but since vampires look so much like humans it's not really a big deal i guess
long story short i pretty much just went "what if we had humans and gave them fangs and a really long lifespan and then we gave one of them a shit ton of mental illness" and ran with that.
as for design choices, they're very similar to the typical vampire: pale skin, human-looking, fangs sometimes. eye colour doesn't really change if they're hungry, their pupils just get a little wider. skin tones can range from white as white can be to a dark grey, and eye colour can be anything, it just depends on the vampire and their genes, however the fuck genes work (i didn't take biology lol)
i've been meaning to write all this vampire lore out for a while, so i may be missing a few things in my list. catalyst (just like syzygy, another c!beeduo au of mine) was supposed to be a 2k one shot containing a silly little idea i had. instead, it bursted into this big, multi-chapter story, which isn't something i do often, so little things like specific details about the setting and all that other stuff aren't really thought out, because initially they really didn't need to be and i was too busy working out the plot to go back over and add those things. i'm a bit of a mess when it comes to writing longer pieces tbh.
now while catalyst may be my magnum opus, i am still– at my very core– just a silly little guy writing about minecraft men.
all the love and support has been insane, though, and i have appreciated it more than anything. it's the thing that keeps me going honestly. all the asks have helped me develop the world just a little bit more, and the insight i've been able to get, like how well my foreshadowing worked and how suspenseful i made each chapter, has helped tons as well.
the mere concept of people actively perceiving the things i put out onto the internet is crazy enough to me, so to have people thinking about my silly little fic and brainrotting about it makes me feel a little less silly (dw anon, i am also heavily brainrotting).
ty for the ask, and sorry for the essay of a response. the only vampire media i've consumed is twilight, first kill, and about 2 or 3 other fics, all from different fandoms (i'm not a big media consumer tbh), but i hope this suffices :]
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aparticularbandit · 2 days ago
Have started Eve being sick.
Agatha made her stay home by saying she could get the seniors sick. Is she using guilt mechanics? Yes. Does she feel bad about this? Yes. Is she doing it anyway? Yes.
Because at the end, Cian was immunocompromised, and if they had gotten sick with a cold and that had been the thing that killed them, Agatha would have committed murder, and she doesn't want anyone else to have to worry about that with their elderly.
...don't bring up that this could also have applied to Evanora because while Agatha does care in this au, it's not quite on the same level.
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