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every angle and ego of his is perfection 馃挮
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this man has starred in grease and it shows (x)
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Naksu preparing to die and instead of wishing the comfort of a loved person due to the uncertainty of her revival she thinks "thank God he is not here with me to witness this"
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鈥淚'm a drunk, Lord. I'm a liar. I am a thief, Lord. I profit off the miseries of other men, and I do it easy. Dr战g, liquor, women. I lure them in and grab what they got, Lord. I take daughters with no homes and I put 'em out on the street, Lord, and I lie to myself, saying I'm giving them a roof and food and dollar bills in they pocket, but I look in the mirror, I know what I am: the big man in the big house, stuffing cotton in my ears so I can't hear their cries.
And Lord, I dragged my family into this mess with me. I shame my father. I failed my brother. I lost my mother and sister, and rather than fix it like a man should, Lord, I run like a coward. I run to the bottle. I run to the grift. I run to bad beds. I laid down with a man. I laid down with the Devil. And he has roots in me, all his spindly roots in me, and I can't think nothin' anymore but his voice and his words!
Please, help me! I am weak! I wanna die!鈥
鈥 Louis Du Pont Du Lac, Interview with the Vampire (2022), Episode 1
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Jon Bernthal as Wayne Jenkins WE OWN THIS CITY (2022)
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kiszkakisses on tiktok
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The way I got chills
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talisien is absolutely knocking it out of the park in tlovm, im so freaking in love. like. he鈥檚 always fantastic, and even during the actual campaign he was, in my opinion, so much more in character than a lot of the others, but the voiceover work he鈥檚 done for percy in tlovm nothing less than stellar. he鈥檚 so so good
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the person filming
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Daemon: As for you, i鈥檒l see you in your nightmares.
Laena: *restrained by aemond* i will destroy everything you love including me to kill you.
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Trigger warning 鈿 : mentions of gore, assault, decayed limbs, death and horror. Proceed at your own risk.聽
You remember that day of summer quite meticulously. Humid winds hustling in the air , bees and insects buzzing their way to collect nectar of flowers hiding between the green blades in the backyard and the mango tree standing straight with the juiciest yellow mango dangling through the branches while you miserably tried to point a palm-sized heavy stone at one in hopes you'd have the luck to bless your tongue.聽
Tossing it over your head ,the stone barely reached the height and instead made it to the neighbour's yard.
鈥淥h good heavens鈥, an elderly voice spoke from behind and your little eight years old self turned to find the wrinkled lady looking at you with soft eyes. Nevertheless ,your eyes immediately glinted with joy 鈥淕randma! You're awake!鈥澛
The lady chuckled a little while your little self sprinted towards her and wrapped hands around her waist. You looked at her with admirable eyes glinting with pure innocence and a smile tugged over your lips 鈥淕randma I wish to eat those mangoes , could you get me one?鈥 you asked keenly to which the women shot off a broken smile.
鈥淎ge doesn't allow me to perform tasks like that , little Y/N鈥 she spoke ,an immediate frown and pout masking your face.聽
鈥淏ut I really want to eat it鈥︹,鈥 you insisted in hopes she'd do something regarding it and you'll have the pleasure to get a taste of the delicious fruit.聽
The woman spoke no words and instead took your small soft little palm in hers鈥淟et's tell Daddy to do it , shall we?鈥
You tentatively nodded and the woman guided you back indoors with her warm wrinkled hand. It was really odd how comfortable you were with her than you were with your mother and father. After guiding through the hallways, the two of you reached the kitchen right when your dad bursted out of the room while your mom was at her heels.
鈥淔uck you too! I'm done with you!鈥漷he man spat 鈥淚 hope your home burn to shreds and you live like poor wench in my absence 鈥 he cursed聽
鈥淗ah!Bold of you to assume I'd become a helpless whore. I'd be making more money than your corrupted cheater ass ever could!鈥 your mom scoffed , raising her voice while your dad seemingly fleed.聽
鈥淢om?鈥 you asked meekly 鈥淲here did dad go鈥?鈥 you drawled in your melodious voice 鈥 I wanted to eat some mangoes鈥..鈥
Your mother turned slamming the door shut 鈥淭hat bastard left and you're asking for mangoes..-!鈥 your mom yelled before briefly pausing and sighing 鈥 That man isn't your dad anymore. 鈥漷he woman replied curtly, obvious anger and irritation still lingering in her tone 鈥淎nd he's gone somewhere far out of our reach. Gone to someone he thinks more of a family than us. Insolent bastard even cursed us to end up on the streets! Ugh that-!鈥 Your mom muttered a variety of curses out loud and your grandma immediately intervened.
鈥淭hat's enough [Mother's name] 鈥 she scolded 鈥淵/N is a child! Don't speak such words in front of a child!鈥
Your mother glanced a wondering look before scoffing 鈥淯gh ,what a pain in the ass鈥澛
She strode back to her room and came out with some files and keys 鈥淚 have some work to do.Take care of Y/N till then. It won't take long.鈥
Devastating accident occurred at Helm Street where a head-on collision occurred between two cars. Reports say both the drivers died in the explosion. One of the victims was a recent divorcee L/N while the other belonged to鈥.
A snap of fingers brought you out of the reverie 鈥淪till daydreaming during work hours ? How many times do I have to tell you to pay attention to your work ! Don't miss anything! Don't skip anything! Because of your fucking daydreaming you forgot to put the fucking salt in table number five's salad and sauce in table nine's pasta!鈥 Your boss seemingly scolded you non stop but you couldn't really blame him for you were a forgetful piece of shit whenever you were in your reverie.聽
鈥淔orgive me boss. It won't happen again.鈥
鈥淥hh no , no , no. There won't be next time because you're fired. Now take off the uniform and scram with your things and get the hell out of my kitchen. Out! RIGHT NOW! I don't want to see your ugly face the second time,鈥 the man seethed and pushed you to the lockers before scrambling your things and handing it to you and kicking you out of the place.
You stumbled , squeaking as you were almost going to trip with the things in your hand. You squinted as the man who then slammed the doorway with a loud thud , making you flinch and a few things dropped on the ground.聽
You sighed, releasing a huge breath before crouching and picking things up 鈥 Ahhh.聽Me and my bad luck 鈥
That's right. Luck was never with you ever since the moment you were born. Financial struggles, losing and suffering was etched onto your forehead all your life and no matter how hard you tried to improve, the way of life never seemed to change. Guess your father's curse passed over you ever since your mother was deceased.
Growing up , you always felt the absence of your father and your long gone mother. However, they still weren't the people for whom you had grieved the most. Your grandmother always remained at the top of the list. Always .She had taken care of you after your supposed dad had left you after all...and raised you as best as she could despite the old age. Although you were still in your teenage years when she had taken her last breath , she still managed to teach you the basics of life otherwise you surely would have been lying in a gutter somewhere. Could have been dead ,even . But you weren't. You were alive and you were persevering despite the failures on your path all because of her decade of preaching and you were grateful for that. You really were.聽
You entered your apartment placing things on the table and plopping on the sofa. Immediately bringing your forearm to mask your eyes in order to calm your nerves and emotions from the recent firing sessions. The buzzing of your phone pulled you out of your misery and you answered the call by swiping your fingers across the broken screen 鈥淗ello?鈥 you asked , recomposing yourself.
鈥淵/N! I have good news ! I got the job you were looking for and they're recruiting me today鈥︹ you ended the call.
Ugh ,it was that salty sadistic bitch again. Taking pleasure in your firing sessions and ending up getting accepted for the ideal jobs you were looking for. Honestly you hated her for being so artificial , having no conscience to follow her heart.聽
Another call vibrated your phone riling you to pick it up 鈥淵/N ! Do you know I'm going on a really expensive holiday with my boyfriend! I want to show you what I'm going to wear-鈥 you ended the call again pressing your lips into a thin line.
Ugh , now it was that rich brat who'd always show off her riches in front of you like a gold digger instead of giving you a helping hand finding good jobs. Some people are just born with a golden spoon in the mouth, aren't they? While people like you suffer and play tooth and nail even for a penny.聽
The third time your phone buzzed you almost declined it in your spite 鈥淲HAT?鈥 you spat
A chuckling and shuffling of pages could be heard at the other end 鈥淗aah , what's up with the 'what' huh?Are you okay Y/N?鈥
You released a huge breath. It was only Caelum 鈥淚 don't know...I just got fired from the job again 鈥
鈥淕eez again?鈥 the voice was unsurprised 鈥淭hat's unfortunate 鈥.. Well it doesn't matter because I have good news!鈥
You scrunch your nose鈥淧lease don't rant about how you got a job or how well your day is going when I'm having my worst鈥
鈥 Um ..well ..sorry haha鈥 sorry,鈥 the male fumbled as if finding words to speak 鈥.... It may or may not be related to 鈥 work? 鈥 he faltered.聽
You sat there with a poker face 鈥淔ine鈥 just be on with it 鈥
鈥淵ou sure? 鈥 the male asked and you automatically imagined him raising a brow with a lopsided grin.聽
鈥淲ell, spill it out before I change my mind!鈥
鈥淎lright haha..so I think I passed my first interview!鈥
鈥淵ou did?! 鈥 you gasped almost in disbelief鈥淎re YOU SERIOUS? THAT'S SERIOUSLY AWESOME! You wouldn't have to worry about the jobs anymore! 鈥澛
鈥淚 know right!! I didn't believe it when they announced the name myself!鈥 Caelum exhaled, trying to find air to calm down his excitement 鈥淗a.. Well.. All thanks goes to you since you were the one to help me with it Y/N. I really owe you a lot. You mean a lot to me- 鈥
You furrowed your brows in confusion 鈥淲ha.. 鈥
鈥溾攖o my success!聽 I am seriously so grateful to have a best friend like you by my side.鈥 he smooched through the phone and your face burned.聽
鈥淪top it you smooch head鈥 you scolded, small butterflies dancing in your belly while your heart raced.聽
鈥淥h well, I can't ~鈥 the idiot teased 鈥淎nd you know it very well too my smo鈥斺
You ended the call. Not because you were annoyed ( well you kind of were) but because you almost thought your heart was going to explode out because of your best friend's banterings.聽
Yup, you were totally handling your secret crush on him like an expert.聽
A coy smile tugged your lips at the thought of him as you dreamily imagined the expressions the brunette would wear after you abruptly disconnected the call.聽
A frown? Nah.. He was most probably chuckling.
Finally, life was giving him the things that he deserves. He wouldn't have to sprawl his hands in front of anyone anymore which was relishing however a part of you hoped he wouldn't flee away from the close bond you two held with each other and stray away from your lifelong friendship. He's been through a lot, just like you his life was insufferable and harsh with every single person he loved taken away from him leaving him with nothing but dust.
You still remembered the day your eyes had laid on him...how his thick jet black hair flawlessly framed his pale face perfectly matching with his buttered chocolate eyes when you bumped into him on a desparate search for a job. It was a miracle you two met on the same path, related to each other's lives and got along as if you had been friends for centuries. You two worked together to scramble money so that you would at least own a place you could call a home. He was the only one whom you could call your only family , your only person to return to and there was no doubt you had fallen for him at some point. If not for him,then for his kind heart and his million dollar smile for whom you'd even spell a kidney to receive. It was enough to make you forget all your worries in the world.聽
Perhaps the fact that you couldn't disclose how much you loved him, peeved you off. It wasn't like he was going to return your feelings. Soon he would move out and go to the company's apartment at the hotel for his stay. He'd work dedicatedly聽 for a couple of days until it wore him off and finally settled in the environment. Your bond would slowly fade away and then he'll then meet a beautiful girl from a good family and then fall for her , creating a different home and parting with you in the process. You felt desolated at the thought but you knew,success and money changes any man and after they get a taste for it they forget who brought them there in the first place. Your father was a perfect example of that. You shook your head trying to get rid of the depressing and offensive thoughts and convince yourself you were happy for his improvement.聽
But you couldn't help but feel how everyone was seemingly having the greatest time of their lives, improving with only a fraction of effort you were putting in and yet your ride never seemed to accelerate its speed or change its direction. You really must be born with rotten luck.聽
Sighing , you pulled yourself off the couch to end your anxiety express , you grabbed the bundle of newspapers you were now accustomed to since you lost your job every once in a while.
If I try hard enough maybe I can change how things are.聽
After going through tons and tons of advertisements you finally settled on a certain job. While you were typing the number , mistakenly you opened google and since curiosity got the best of you, you used the google lens and found a link linked to a certain content on the paper.聽
鈥淲hat could it be? 鈥 you wondered and touched the link which took you to a website.聽
Do you wish to gain enough money to live your life with ease? Give the quiz to find out!聽
So it was seemingly one of the normal quizzes you see in advertisements after articles.You didn't usually attempt such quizzes but this time you happened to be so desperate maybe in the results it would give you some advice which job would suit you? Nevertheless , you attempted the quiz which loaded for a couple of minutes before displaying :
Congratulations, your response has been submitted! You will receive a mail on your number within 24 hours.聽
There was something more written down in some unknown language which you couldn't decipher nonetheless you would at least receive some job advice. Just when you were about to place the phone back on the table, you instantly received a mail from an unknown number.聽
饾暱饾枍饾枂饾枔饾枑 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枊饾枖饾枟 饾枠饾枤饾枃饾枓饾枎饾枡饾枡饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枟饾枈饾枠饾枙饾枖饾枔饾枠饾枈! 饾暣'饾枦饾枈 饾枠饾枈饾枈饾枔 饾枮饾枖饾枤'饾枟饾枈 饾枌饾枖饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枍饾枟饾枖饾枤饾枌饾枍 饾枂 饾枟饾枖饾枤饾枌饾枍 饾枙饾枍饾枂饾枠饾枈 饾枖饾枊 饾枮饾枖饾枤饾枟 饾枒饾枎饾枊饾枈 饾枂饾枔饾枆 饾枡饾枍饾枈饾枟饾枈饾枊饾枖饾枟饾枈 饾暣'饾枒饾枒 饾枙饾枟饾枖饾枙饾枖饾枠饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枡饾枍饾枎饾枠 饾枠饾枙饾枈饾枅饾枎饾枂饾枒 饾枖饾枊饾枊饾枈饾枟 饾枖饾枊 1 饾枓饾枎饾枒饾枒饾枎饾枖饾枔 饾枆饾枖饾枒饾枒饾枂饾枟饾枠! 饾杽饾枖饾枤 饾枩饾枎饾枒饾枒 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枡饾枖 饾枙饾枈饾枟饾枊饾枖饾枟饾枓 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枡饾枂饾枠饾枑 饾枂饾枡 饾枡饾枍饾枈 锟斤拷饾枂饾枦饾枎 饾枟饾枎饾枦饾枈饾枟 饾枃饾枮 饾枅饾枟饾枖饾枠饾枠饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枃饾枟饾枎饾枆饾枌饾枈 饾枂饾枡 饾枓饾枎饾枆饾枔饾枎饾枌饾枍饾枡. 饾暱饾枍饾枈 饾枓饾枖饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枆饾枖 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枓饾枖饾枔饾枈饾枮 饾枩饾枖饾枤饾枒饾枆 饾枃饾枈 饾枂饾枤饾枡饾枖饾枓饾枂饾枡饾枎饾枅饾枂饾枒饾枒饾枮 饾枡饾枟饾枂饾枔饾枠饾枊饾枈饾枟饾枟饾枈饾枆 饾枎饾枔饾枡饾枖 饾枮饾枖饾枤饾枟 饾枃饾枂饾枔饾枑 饾枂饾枅饾枅饾枖饾枤饾枔饾枡! 饾暱饾枂饾枑饾枈 饾枎饾枔饾枡饾枖 饾枂饾枅饾枅饾枖饾枤饾枔饾枡 饾枡饾枍饾枂饾枡 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枠饾枍饾枖饾枤饾枒饾枆 饾枙饾枈饾枟饾枊饾枖饾枟饾枓 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枡饾枂饾枠饾枑 饾枂饾枒饾枖饾枔饾枈 饾枩饾枎饾枡饾枍饾枖饾枤饾枡 饾枂饾枔饾枮饾枖饾枔饾枈'饾枠 饾枍饾枈饾枒饾枙. 饾杽饾枖饾枤 饾枠饾枍饾枖饾枤饾枒饾枆饾枔'饾枡 饾枡饾枈饾枒饾枒 饾枂饾枔饾枮饾枖饾枔饾枈 饾枟饾枈饾枌饾枂饾枟饾枆饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枎饾枡 饾枖饾枟 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枅饾枖饾枔饾枠饾枈饾枛饾枤饾枈饾枔饾枅饾枈饾枠 饾枩饾枖饾枔'饾枡 饾枃饾枈 饾枙饾枒饾枈饾枂饾枠饾枎饾枔饾枌. 饾暣 饾枍饾枖饾枙饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枅饾枖饾枔饾枠饾枎饾枆饾枈饾枟 饾枡饾枍饾枎饾枠 饾枆饾枈饾枂饾枒! 饾暢饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枂 饾枌饾枖饾枖饾枆 饾枒饾枎饾枊饾枈!聽
(sender doesn't support replies)聽
You squinted at the text in the weird font, finding it hard to read but somehow caught the words "Mavi river". You gasped at the screen realising the sender had tracked your location and accurately given you the task. And not only that,he was willing to offer you one million dollars?! That's totally absurd!
"Mavi river or Silas bridge" was located a couple of miles away from the city and it wasn't just a normal bridge. It was pretty famous for its obnoxious history. You vaguely remember your grandmother's words while you were younger.聽
鈥淕ranny, what is so special about the Silas bridge? 鈥 your little self asked eagerly after a newspaper article picture had piqued your interest.聽
鈥淟ittle Y/N, it's not a good place to be. It has an ominous legend stringed to it鈥
鈥淚 wanna hear!鈥 your little self enthusiastically jumped towards the old lady in anticipation 鈥淚 wanna hear! I like legends!鈥 You grinned cheekily but your grandma frowned.聽
鈥淚'm sorry but I cannot tell you that. Your mother would be furious. 鈥
鈥淚 won't tell mom, I promise! 鈥 you adorably clasped your hands with a pout and pleading eyes 鈥淧lease, I'd like to hear about it! Tell me granny, plu-eeease鈥
The grandma battled eyes with you but finally sighed in defeat 鈥淔ine I'll tell you. But don't you dare speak a word about it to your mother 鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 you giggled in exhilaration and scooted closer in聽anticipation.聽
鈥淟egend has it that the warriors of the battlefield after winning the toughest battle they'd been through in history.....came across the Mavi river. However, that river wasn't as dry and drought as it is today. It had fresh and sweet water running in its stream, the reflection of the sky in water as azure as sapphire making the surrounding a serene landscape鈥 the old lady waxed lyrically.
鈥淭he soldiers set up their camp for a peaceful night to get rid of the fatigue and enjoy their victory. However鈥︹ she drawled dangerously 鈥淭hey were ambushed at midnight with the enemy troops surrounding the river by both sides. They were ten times the size and of incredible strength. The soldiers were forced to move into the river knowing they were in death's well. However the water wasn't merciful. It rained cats and dogs that night , filling the river to the brim. Entrapping them with the harsh waves and muddy water, a lot of soldiers drowned and the ones who had managed to survive were shot to their death by the enemy's arrows. A lot of blood was shed that night and a lot of lives lost. It is said their bodies are still buried deep within the ground, their last shrieks of agony, for mercy and help reverberating at midnight. There's no doubt the place is cursed and it is said whoever crosses the bridge at midnight meets the same fate.鈥 she paused and you almost thought she was done with the legend before she abruptly resumed in a much menacing tone.聽
鈥淏ut there's something deeper than what the legend recites鈥..Something far more sinister than the dead souls mourning in the dark.鈥 she leaned closer to your face with undecipherable expressions 鈥淏eware, for it haunts the one until they meet a fate ten times worse鈥...鈥 her voice was masked with threat 鈥渙r forces them to surrender their souls to 鈥.鈥 she glared into your eyes before faint whispering 鈥..lie amongst the dead,鈥 once the old lady was finished she immediately inquired with a soft grin鈥淎re you afraid after hearing it ,little Y/N? 鈥
You shook your head 鈥淣o. The people who crossed the bridge鈥.鈥 you drawled 鈥淒id they die? 鈥澛
Your grandmother pressed her lips into a thin line 鈥 You don't need to know about it. The place is banned and you must promise me you wouldn't even think of placing a step there. You understand? 鈥
You stayed silent.
聽Worried , your grandma clasped your hands and demanded 鈥淒o you understand?! 鈥澛
鈥淵es! 鈥 her features immediately softened at your response.
That was the first time your late grandmother was harsh with you. You still didn't know the aftermath of the people who had walked there but you were sure the place had lifted its ban a couple of years ago and you were sure they did it because of some illegal activities occurring in the area. There was no news regarding anything related to the legend as such but few people called it a hoax . Reminiscing the past, all your intentions of performing the task had disappeared. You had made a promise with your grandmother and you intended to keep it . If not for you then for the amount of respect you held for her.聽
Just then a knock at the door distracted your attention from the so-called job search and you briskly walked up the door. Right after opening the door you met with a pair of magenta eyes who immediately gave his million dollar smile and raised his hands in the air 鈥淵/N! SEE YOUR GUY FINALLY GOT THE JOB! 鈥
鈥淐AELUM ! OH MY GOD, THAT'S SUCH GREAT NEWS! 鈥 you squealed and out of glee both of you embraced each other. His warmth and chestnut-like ambience emitting from his white shirt immediately making you forget all your worries 鈥淚'm so happy for you! 鈥
鈥淲hat's all the fuss about? 鈥 Your bespectacled landlady grunted as she stomped upstairs seemingly peeved by the noise and the two of you immediately broke off from each other. The woman's eyes flickered between the two of you, gawking as if one wrong move and she'd slice your head off.聽
鈥淐aelum was accepted into the company! 鈥 you blurted out trying to calm her intimidating demeanor and numb down the awkwardness of the situation.聽
Over your words the woman's eyes immediately sparkled as鈥淭hat means I wouldn't have to worry about your rent problems anymore!鈥 she cried 鈥淚 expect you two to pay the rent since you wouldn't have money problems anymore! And don't be shy if you want to pay in advance, I'll accept it even if it's before time! 鈥
You furrowed your brows, displeased by her greedy words as she turned and left the hallway , however Caelum showed no signs of annoyance. His smile never seemed to fall off his face. You didn't blame him, he deserved all the happiness.聽
The male chuckled in response as you stared at him before he hugged you properly for a second time tightening his grip around your waist and scooting you in . Closing the door and the two of you immediately broke off from each other. There was no doubt your face was warming up. 鈥淚t's time for celebration! I brought you some strawberry shortcake 鈥 he spoke and you noticed Caelum's ears had turned a shade of red with a prominent flush on his face.聽
鈥淎re you alright? 鈥 You inquired the raven-head taking the bag from his hand. On your question his cheeks escalated into a bright cherry red.聽
鈥淵eah, I'm just really happy and excited we can finally settle down, that's all鈥 his voice was trembling in exhilaration.聽
鈥淲e? 鈥 you questioned in confusion walking your way to the kitchen as the male followed behind you.聽
鈥淵ou didn't think I would leave you alone ,聽 did you~鈥 he teased, his tall figure leaning over the door frame while you flushed a little at his comment.聽
鈥淲ell, you still have to leave sooner or later because of the company's demands. Of course you'll have to leave me at some point鈥 you spoke nonchalantly, opening the plastic bags and grabbing the plates.聽
鈥淣ot when I can take you with me鈥澛
鈥淭hat would only hinder your work鈥澛
鈥淚 wouldn't mind. Maybe they'll hire you too if they find out you're the reason I am where I am. 鈥
鈥淵ou give me too much credit鈥澛
鈥 You deserve it 鈥 Caelum spoke, his voice stern than before staring at you for a response as he grabbed your hands while you offered him the shortcake. You wanted to deny. If you deserved it you would have received the job months ago but thought it would end up ruining his moment so you just gave him a genuine smile and lightly patted his head.聽
The male flushed once again over your touch before you paced back. 鈥淚'm happy for you鈥
The gesture elicited an indecipherable reaction in Caelum's eyes. He opened his mouth to say 鈥淵/N, I have something to say.. 鈥
You turned around to face him. 鈥淵es? 鈥
鈥淚鈥 鈥 he trailed looking straight into your eyes, turning redder and redder every millisecond 鈥... love...鈥
Now it was your time to flush. You felt your heart clench at his words before you waited for him to complete 鈥 your hairstyle! It looks pretty cool on you鈥澛
You immediately pulled up an annoyed facade 鈥淪eriously?鈥 you stuffed the whole cake in your mouth鈥淚 thought you were going to say something else鈥澛
鈥淲hat?鈥 his eyebrows perked up 鈥淚 didn't catch that鈥澛
鈥淣ot that I care! 鈥 you stomped your feet out of the kitchen and grabbed your bag before walking back to the door.聽
鈥淵ou're getting mad over a simple compliment? 鈥 he asked, following your trail.聽
鈥淚 have a job to look for, 鈥 you grumbled before exiting the apartment. You were frustrated, not only because you were still jobless but because his words were increasing your hopes and you couldn't bear the thought when you knew he'll leave you sooner or later.聽
The male stood still staring dumbslated at the door while you departed 鈥淒ammit! 鈥 he brought his hands to his hair shuffling his raven locks in exasperation 鈥淲hy do I always mess it up and make her mad? Ugh鈥
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
鈥淕et off from my sight before I cut you to pieces you little wench-! 鈥 the women growled venomously ,kicking you out of the coffee shop and you winced at the impact after your body crashed like a rag doll on the concrete 鈥淚f you even lay a hand on my handsome son or even think about seducing him with that dirty little mind of yours I'm gonna cut your legs and hang it around your neck鈥澛
You stood up bristling yourself, huffing to put the irritating strands of hair away from your face while glaring dangerously at the male who had an impish smile plastered on his devious face. He had framed you for the imposterous thing after his advances of sleeping with you had failed, a way of making you regret your decision by firing you from the job.聽
You wanted to smack him. You wanted to gut your fist in his stomach until he spat blood; however , life was too cruel to let you perform as you wished.聽
Swallowing your anger, you sighed ; which had now become more of a habit than it was a reflex. You brushed your clothes before whipping your broken screen phone from your pocket to check on some messages.聽
Hey Y/N! I have good news <3聽
I'll be returning back from the business trip today and since it's been so long I'd like to take you out for dinner. Will that be okay?聽
Sure! I'd like to catch up.聽
Great! I'll see you in the evening then. I'll pick you up.聽
Not today, can we go out tomorrow?
Sure tomorrow it is then! Take care !聽
You smiled at the screen wistfully but then realised you had nothing to wear the incoming evening. You checked your wallet and the money wasn't enough to buy decent clothing to attend the dinner. Again you felt completely miserable for not having the necessary resources every basic person had.聽
Your fate was rotten, you were never meant to be enjoying life.聽
You decided perhaps you'll borrow a dress from one of your colleagues but stopped thinking they wouldn't stop riling you up by showing off the amount of materialistic things they had as an excuse and make you feel inferior. You didn't need that.聽
Scrolling through the screen your eyes landed on the mysterious messenger " 饾暞 " again. You stopped and contemplated as if reconsidering the deal. You didn't wish to break your grandma's promise, however your life was too cruel. So cruel you almost wanted some miracle to appear and magically disappear all your worries. You were fed up with everything, fed up of struggling for every ounce of things you needed. Fed up of sacrificing all the joy in your life. Being with Caelum was the only happy memory and you wanted to cherish him the way he cherished you.聽
And if you need some comfort in life, you need to learn and take risks, needn't you?聽
And so you did. You called the nearest taxi after having your dinner and rushed to the location nearby the Silas bridge. You waited for your clock to hit 11 and then paced through the deciduous forest in the dark with a torch light. The whole area seemed eerie but it did little to scare you because of the high motivation running through your veins. After walking for a couple of minutes finally you reached the barren river. The soil at the river bed wasn't completely dry but mushy enough for the dirt to get stuck under your shoe soles.聽
You checked the time on your phone and right when the clock struck midnight you took a deep breath and crossed the bridge. Suddenly the woods turned a lot more silent than before with the stridulations of the crickets and katydids abruptly stifling, making you dart your eyes in confusion. Wind blew swiftly and dark clouds covered the stars in the sky as the branches of the trees brushed against each other eerily. You were starting to get a little paranoid now. You turned and left the spot聽 without wasting a second as the聽 rain began to drizzle. Before you reached the nearby highway it had started to rain down with full force drenching you wet.聽
The buzzing of the phone caught your attention and you picked up 鈥淲HERE THE HELL ARE YOU? 鈥 It was Caelum and from the tone it was evident that he was worried.
鈥淯h.. I was searching for a job a little bit outside the city but didn't get a taxi on my way back鈥︹ you lied.聽
You heard an exasperated sigh from the other end 鈥淔ine, where are you? Send me the location and I'll pick you up鈥
鈥淯mm.. I'm still a little bit ...outside the city? 鈥 you cringed at the sound of your own voice.聽
鈥淵/N, do you realize how late it is?鈥 he scolded 鈥淚t's raining heavily and I bet you didn't even take an umbrella with you. How can you be so鈥斺 he abruptly cut himself off and from the shuffling it seemed he was in quite a hurry 鈥淣ever mind, just send me your location and find the nearest shelter. I'll be there鈥澛
He disconnected the call. Another notification popped up.聽
聽One million dollars has been transferred to your bank account.聽
鈥淭hat was fast鈥 you gawked at the screen in awe and confusion, however before you could contemplate any more suspicion the cold winds sent goosebumps across your body turning shelter into your topmost priority. You turned on your heels, rubbing your arms as a reflex to the cold.聽
鈥 饾暞饾枖饾枔'饾枡 饾枡饾枈饾枒饾枒 饾枂饾枔饾枮饾枖饾枔饾枈 饾枂饾枃饾枖饾枤饾枡 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枆饾枈饾枂饾枒 鈥
You jumped and halted at the demonic voice, snapping your head back to see if anyone was there. There was not a soul to be seen except for the deserted road and dense thicket of trees. You shuddered 鈥淲-who was that?! 鈥 you demanded but received no reply in return. You were one thousand percent sure you had heard it, that too in close proximity to your ear. There wasn't a chance you were hallucinating.聽
You stood there for a while before turning and briskly walking away.聽
That was the second time you had received that warning.聽
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
You sat on the cold metal seat of the bus stand you had come across on the way waiting for Caelum whom you had messaged and re-sent the location. All you had to do was wait but you didn't know how much longer you could bear. Your body was cold and you were shivering each time the chill winds washed across the area. But that wasn't it. You could feel something following you, scrutinizing you ever since you had crossed the bridge as if keeping an eye so you didn't slip any kind of information regarding the task. It unnerved you and pushed you on the edge.聽
Was accepting the deal a mistake?聽
Just then a pair of headlights flashed around the environment and you stood up as a car halted right in front of you. The car door opened and a concerned Caelum rushed to you.聽
鈥淕oodness gracious I was so worried about you鈥 he muttered before removing his jacket and covering around your shoulders. You opened your mouth 鈥淣ot. A. Word. Got it? 鈥 he demanded in a monotonous tone. It didn't take you big brains to figure out he was pissed.聽
鈥淵ou're getting wet鈥澛
His eyes softened at your words before he glared at you again. 鈥淕eez, you're completely drenched鈥 he ran his hands around ruffling your hair.鈥淵ou're worried about me when you're so close to freezing to death? Your hands are as cold as ice! 鈥澛
鈥淚-It isn't that cold鈥 you defended.聽
鈥淕et in the car鈥 he ordered and pulled you towards the vehicle making you sit on the front seat. He then sat down on the driver's seat, holding your hands and blowing his breath to warm you up. You would have flushed if you hadn't been so miserably cold and drenched.聽
鈥淲hat the hell were you doing here? 鈥
鈥淟ooking for a job鈥 you lied again.聽
鈥淎t this HOUR? 鈥 he gawked at you indignantly聽 ,forcing you to lie again; however , the rain hadn't been so merciful as your speech quivered with the cold.聽
鈥淣-no! I told you it was a little outside the c-city and when I was r-returning I didn't find a cab so I had to walk-鈥
鈥淎 little outside the city? Y/N, we're completely outside the city in the middle of the forest and it's past midnight! What the hell were you thinking going out alone without informing anyone! 鈥
鈥淚 can take care of myself! 鈥漼ou defended.聽
鈥淚f you could take care of yourself, do you think I would be present in front of you at this hour? Do you think you'd be drenched cold in the rain and would be waiting for a cab?鈥
鈥淣o but-鈥
鈥 No buts, think rationally! If something had ha-happened to you I鈥. wouldn't have a clue where you'd be. I would not have been able to find you and I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself for鈥︹ he briefly closed his eyes before recomposing himself and looked at you tenderly 鈥淵ou can't really feel the gravity of the situation , can you?鈥 his voice pitched down imploring you to recognize your irresolute decision.聽
You just stared at him blankly before averting your eyes on the ground knowing he was right. You did make a mistake coming alone in the woods at this hour. It was stupid, it was hebetendinous and it overwhelmed you how far you had gone just to find some peace in life. Sure you were doing it for him but was risking your life by coming to the woods alone and defenseless really resolute? Absolutely not and you knew it . That's the reason you decided to remain silent and you hated lying to him so contemplated on apologizing for the rash decision . Just when you opened your mouth, your teeth gritted against each other as you shuddered which Caelum noticed. His features softened anger melting away in the blink of an eye as he scooted closer until he hugged you.聽
鈥淐aelum! Y-you're getting wet! 鈥 you exclaimed ,protesting but soon melted in his warm and cozy embrace.聽
鈥淵ou're cold and exhausted Y/N. This is the least I could do to warm you up.鈥 he whispered soothingly and you leaned on his frame. An odd warmth of consolation and comfort radiated from him easing all your tensed muscles . You hadn't realised how exhausted you were until he had mentioned so and before you knew warm tears formed in your eyes and you whimpered.聽
He didn't scold you or berate you for crying, instead he wiped your tears and gently patted your head 鈥淟et it all out. I'm sorry for being harsh with you earlier. You've been really strong Y/N, you're one of the most hardworking and strongest person I've ever seen鈥 You wiped the tears forming in the eyes 鈥淎nd that's why I admire you with all my heart.鈥 he spoke so softly you wouldn't have heard it if you hadn't been in his embrace.聽
A long silence followed afterwards until he finally whispered in the softest faintest voice, pulling you a bit closer than you already were 鈥淚 love you.鈥 You detached yourself from his embrace and looked at him in astonishment while your face turned a dark shade of red as you flushed. Your heart was pounding so loudly you feared it would burst but you bravely managed to pull out some of those words you were dying to tell him for a couple of months.聽
鈥淚 love you too鈥
The male slowly cupped your face, eyeing you lovingly before tilting his head and gently clashing his pink pulpy lips against yours, making your eyes flutter close as butterflies danced in your stomach. He parted his lips and sucked yours to savour your taste. He wrapped his hands around you and pulled you closer to deepen the kiss before you abruptly broke off and sneezed.聽
He chuckled in response 鈥淚 guess it's time to go home before you catch a cold鈥澛
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
Your life seemed to have improved a lot ever since the bridge. You and Caelum 's relationship had progressed and you two had started dating. You had secured a job at a bookstore , you had shifted into a better apartment with Caelum closer to his office and you had scrambled enough income to live your life relaxingly for a couple of years. Heck, people even started respecting you!聽
That quiz was definitely promising.聽
However the ominous aura still followed you no matter what. It had followed you all the way to the city, your old apartment and even the new one! You felt it scrutinize your every move, every expression yet you couldn't do anything. You couldn't help but feel there was something more deep and profound about the task than you had been analyzing yet you couldn't put a finger on it.聽
While you were cutting the tomatoes to prepare dinner, a pair of hands wrapped around your waist and you felt a burning kiss being placed at your neck 鈥淚'm home鈥
鈥淲elcome home, Caelum鈥 you flushed at his sudden contact and tried to pry his hands away 鈥淐aelum , not now. I'm cooking. 鈥
鈥淏ut I missed you 鈥 he whispered 鈥淒id you miss me~鈥澛
鈥淚 did? Maybe I didn't鈥
鈥淐an I get a kiss? 鈥 he mused, his eyes flickering repeatedly between your lips and eyes before he slowly leaned in.聽
Caelum immediately took his hands away, darting his eyes towards the source of the sound. 鈥淲hat was that? 鈥澛
Exchanging a dubious look,the two of you paced to the living room where the supposed sound had come from. There your eyes laid on broken pieces of porcelain belonging to the vase Caelum 's office friend had gifted. There was no one in the room, the windows were intact and even the vase had been placed properly on the table so there was no chance it could have fallen on its own. 鈥淗ow did it fall?鈥
鈥淢aybe it just lost its balance 鈥 Caelum spoke, crouching down and picking a porcelain piece between his fingers as if wondering the same thing.聽
鈥淏e careful or you'll cut yourself鈥
Caelum turned with a grin. If there was any kind of discomfort he didn't let it show 鈥淵ou worry a lot. I'll clean up鈥 he then stood up and left the room to grab a broom while you kept staring at the broken vase, a bitter feeling of unease churning your stomach.聽
That sinister feeling had started to become bold.聽
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
A few weeks had passed and your suspicion was right. That thing did become bold. Everyday after midnight you'd hear footsteps outside the room while Caelum was in deep slumber, you'd hear undeciperable sounds, whispering whenever you were alone and it seemed to always always disturb your fleeting moments with Caelum. It was as if it didn't wish to let you get close to anyone and even if you wished to disclose your worries to Caelum you couldn't because of the warning you had received.聽
But one thing was pushing you on the edge the most. You could feel its touch now. It was soft and as light as feather; however , whatever spirit had been stalking you was beginning to progress its interaction by getting intimate. It was a light touch on the shoulder while you were cooking or caressing your face while you were sleeping or napping on the couch. There was no harm in it however it was better to be safe than sorry so you were on guard.聽
You had started to spend the majority of time on your job where it seemed to be shy to interact and returned home before Caelum arrived. But deep down your guts told you, you were committing a mistake. The more you deprived it of you the more desperate it will grow and when it won't be able to handle it , it will definitely make a move.聽
Placing the books in your bag you left the library heading for home. Caelum had mentioned he had a surprise for you that evening and it would be a lie if you said you weren't excited. Using the escalator and walking up to your apartment you twisted the key and opened the door.聽 Just when you stepped inside, something latched itself on you. Your heart raced and sweat trickled down your forehead as the bag in your hand dropped to the ground.聽
And that something which had been stalking you for months had finally pulled down its guard by showing its real sinister appearance. You couldn't see much in the dark but all you could guess was it was an uncanny, half-human聽raven coloured monster camouflaging in the darkness.聽
You wanted to shriek but lost your voice when the monster muffled your screams by pushing its lips on you, running its tongue along your teeth as if savouring your taste.聽
鈥滒潟 饾枓饾枎饾枠饾枠饾枈饾枆 饾枮饾枖饾枤 , 饾枆饾枎饾枆 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枓饾枎饾枠饾枠 饾枓饾枈~ 鈥
It was mimicking Caelum. You couldn't understand a single thing as the feeling of paranoia crept in. What the hell was this monster? Where did it come from? What did it want?聽
Your hand's immediately aided you by trying to push it away but God. It was strong, so strong it would just break your bones if he held onto you tighter. You shuddered, whimpered but it was too stubborn to let go. Pulling you closer the more you tried to pry away from him.聽
鈥滒潟攫潠欚潠楌潠氿潠岎潠岎潠戰潠庰潠擆潠 饾枎饾枠饾枔'饾枡 饾枌饾枖饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枖 饾枍饾枈饾枒饾枙 饾枮饾枖饾枤. 饾杽饾枖饾枤'饾枟饾枈 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枖饾枔饾枈 饾枩饾枍饾枖 饾枠饾枤饾枓饾枓饾枖饾枔饾枈饾枆 饾枓饾枈 饾枂饾枔饾枆 饾枮饾枖饾枤'饾枟饾枈 饾枓饾枎饾枔饾枈 饾枡饾枖 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈鈥
Tears streamed down your eyes as you gasped for air still struggling and pushing to break free.聽
鈥滒潠勷潠旔潠'饾枟饾枈 饾枓饾枎饾枔饾枈 饾枡饾枖 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈. 饾杽饾枖饾枤'饾枟饾枈 饾枓饾枎饾枔饾枈 饾枡饾枖 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枂饾枔饾枆 饾暣'饾枓 饾枌饾枖饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枖 饾枓饾枂饾枑饾枈 饾枠饾枤饾枟饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤'饾枟饾枈 饾枌饾枖饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枖 饾枅饾枖饾枓饾枈 饾枩饾枎饾枡饾枍 饾枓饾枈! 鈥
The monster gave you a couple of seconds to reply back 鈥淚'm never going to come with you! 鈥 you squalled although out of breath. You should've known. You should've known every deed comes with a price and crossing the bridge was the biggest mistake of your life.聽
锟斤拷锟金潟'饾枒饾枒 饾枓饾枂饾枑饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤鈥 he chuckles in a vicious tone.鈥滒潟筐潠嶐潠 饾枓饾枖饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枆饾枎饾枠饾枅饾枒饾枖饾枠饾枈 饾枎饾枠 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枓饾枖饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡 饾暣 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枤饾枙饾枙饾枈饾枟 饾枒饾枈饾枂饾枆鈥 he grumbled wrapping his hand around your neck to choke you鈥 饾暚饾枔饾枆 饾枎饾枊 饾暣 饾枅饾枂饾枔'饾枡 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枡饾枍饾枈饾枔 饾枔饾枖 饾枖饾枔饾枈 饾枈饾枒饾枠饾枈 饾枅饾枂饾枔 鈥
Your hands immediately aided once again to release his grip however you were no match for him. He continued to increase his force every second, sadistically admiring your features as you struggled. Just when your eyes rolled back and you thought you were going to pass out from oxygen deprivation , the demon let go of you 鈥滒潠傪潠'饾枒饾枒 饾枅饾枖饾枔饾枡饾枎饾枔饾枤饾枈 饾枡饾枍饾枎饾枠 饾枂饾枡 饾枠饾枖饾枓饾枈 饾枖饾枡饾枍饾枈饾枟 饾枡饾枎饾枓饾枈 鈥 he waggishly clicked his tongue before disappearing into thin air.聽
A knock at the door gained your attention and you assembled yourself, wasting no time in opening up. It was Caelum. He was holding a bouquet and something was protruding out of his pocket, something familiar like a small box but he seemed far less than happy as he had appeared during the call. He was troubled and it seemed he had made a run for it from the sweat matting his forehead and the breathlessness he suffered.聽
鈥淐aelum I'm so glad you...鈥
鈥淵/N 鈥 he cut you off and demanded sternly鈥淚s there anything you would like to tell me? 鈥
You were confused, his features bestowed his inner conflict. 鈥淵es there's a demon stalking m-me.. 鈥
鈥淣ot that鈥 his voice was cold and harsh. 鈥淐are to explain why you have one million dollars in your bank account? 鈥
Oh no. You hadn't seen that coming. Caelum stepped closer.聽
鈥淚 thought I was going to be patient with you but I can't. I need answers. I need to know that the person I'm in love with isn't an imposter.鈥 he shrilled in desperation, confliction prominent in his eyes 鈥淵ou were secretly rich all along? Were you just pretending to be poor in front of me? 鈥 he stepped closer until there was nothing but a wall behind 鈥淲as it all an ACT?! 鈥
His features were afflicted in betrayal and your heart squeezed in pain as well at the accusations. You closed your eyes forming your answer. No, you just can't lose him.聽
鈥淣o !聽 It wasn't an act! 鈥 you defended back. 鈥淚 was never rich! Even for a millisecond. Whatever I did was genuine. Whatever time I spent with you was real. Whatever part time jobs I took were true. I could never think of deceiving you 鈥
鈥淭hen how the hell is that money lying in your account!鈥
鈥淏ecause I performed the task at the Silas bridge! 鈥
Your voice pitched down as you widened your eyes in realization and brought a hand to cover your mouth.聽
Shit , you had slipped .聽
You had slipped, you had slipped , you had slipped!聽
And then the haunting words came back to you.聽
鈥滒潟筐潠嶐潠 饾枓饾枖饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枆饾枎饾枠饾枅饾枒饾枖饾枠饾枈 饾枎饾枠 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枓饾枖饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡 饾暣 饾枍饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枡饾枍饾枈 饾枤饾枙饾枙饾枈饾枟 饾枒饾枈饾枂饾枆.鈥
鈥淭ask? Did you cross the Silas bridge?!鈥 Caelum interrogated in concern taking no time to connect the dots. But your eyes weren't on him. It was behind.聽
Pitch black hands and scaled limbs emerged from nothingness and the invisible monster sneered maliciously appearing yet again into view.聽
鈥滒潠勷潠旔潠 饾枠饾枒饾枎饾枙饾枙饾枈饾枆 饾枠饾枖饾枖饾枔饾枈饾枟 饾枡饾枍饾枂饾枔 饾枂饾枔饾枡饾枎饾枅饾枎饾枙饾枂饾枡饾枈饾枆鈥
Caelum turned back and this time both you and him paled at the monster's appearance 鈥淲ho is that? 鈥 Caelum gasped, all colours disappearing from his face in an instant as goosebumps set across his skin.聽
鈥滒潟筐潠嶐潠庰潠 饾枃饾枂饾枠饾枡饾枂饾枟饾枆 饾枩饾枂饾枠 饾枌饾枈饾枡饾枡饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枂 饾枒饾枖饾枡 饾枖饾枔 饾枓饾枮 饾枔饾枈饾枟饾枦饾枈饾枠 饾枟饾枈饾枅饾枈饾枔饾枡饾枒饾枮. 饾暣 饾枅饾枂饾枔 饾枊饾枎饾枔饾枂饾枒饾枒饾枮 饾枈饾枔饾枆 饾枍饾枎饾枓鈥
Without a warning鈥.the monster whipped Caelum by the shirt and clashed him against the wall with full force making him splutter blood out of his mouth and limply fall on the ground.聽
鈥淐AELUM!鈥 you shrieked trying to run close to him in order to save him but the monster pushed you back.聽
鈥滒潟潠旔潠'饾枡 饾枎饾枔饾枡饾枈饾枟饾枟饾枤饾枙饾枡 鈥 he warned.聽
He then pulled him and clashed him against the ceiling making him yelp and fall on the ground. More and more blood tainted the floor as the raven-head began to bleed. You watched the horrendous godawful scene occur in front of you as Caelum groaned in pain, still alive and suffering the monster's assault as it kicked him in the stomach.聽
鈥淪top! Please stop! 鈥 you wailed, unable to look at him. He was killing him , he was in pain. All because you couldn't keep your mouth shut. All because you didn't have the ability to stop your tongue. He was suffering because of your聽godawful decision of performing the sinister dare. It was your mistake. It was all your mistake.聽
鈥淧lease stop.鈥 you cried yet again but the monster showed no signs of stopping. You had to do something. Anything to stop him, anything to make him spare Caelum. You needed to do something.聽
鈥淚f you stop then I'll come with you! 鈥 you announced, bristling from the ground .It was your only chance. 鈥淚f you spare him then I'll come with you鈥澛
The monster stopped in his tracks smirking and dropping the male on the ground before turning to you. 鈥滒潟筐潠旔潠戰潠 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾暣'饾枒饾枒 饾枓饾枂饾枑饾枈 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枅饾枖饾枓饾枈 饾枩饾枎饾枡饾枍 饾枓饾枈 ,饾枆饾枎饾枆饾枔'饾枡 饾暣? 鈥澛
The monster's words had no effect on you as your eyes were focused on the male lying on the floor.聽
聽Caelum groaned on the verge of unconsciousness 鈥淒-don't.. 鈥 his voice so low you almost couldn't decipher it if it hadn't turned so silent. You closed your eyes knowing it would instill a conflict if you spared another glance.聽
You were doing it for him. You were sacrificing for him. He needed to live so you could actually say you had something to look forward to in life. And you had made up your mind. There was no turning back.聽
You stepped forward with a stone on your heart and placed a kiss on the forehead while he desperately tried to cling onto the hem of your dress to prevent you from leaving. 鈥淒-don't鈥 he whimpered and you pressed your lips into a thin line, hot tears streaming as you tried to break away.聽
鈥淵-Y/N, D-don't鈥 聽hecroaked yet again with his squish face against the floor and you grabbed his hand and tried to pry it away. Since he had already been so wounded it wasn't hard however you did wish to mend his injuries before leaving him. But, your life, your fate, your luck wouldn't allow that. How could you forget?聽
You were born with rotten luck.聽
Shooting off your last broken smile you bid him a goodbye before turning towards the demon who eyed you devilishly. Lifting your head by placing a finger underneath your chin he grinned with scintillating yellow eyes before snapping his fingers and turning everything black.聽
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
Pitch black, stridulations of the crickets and katydids ,cold winds鈥.. you were familiar with this. You blinked your eyes open and gasped, darting your eyes at the sudden change of atmosphere around you. You immediately brought a hand up and pressed them against your head on realization.聽
Mavi river. You're back to the riverbed on the Mavi River!聽
The monster was nowhere to be seen, the trees stayed dried just like they were before , the mud as mushy as the day you had hauled. Instead of the surroundings, your attention was rather caught by the ticking sound directing from your hand. You raised it up to glance at the clock.
11:55 PM聽
Your eyes bulged at the screen and you immediately snapped your head left and right, stepping back as your breath immediately turned ragged.聽
Something was wrong. Something was gravely wrong this time.聽
Another step back and you tripped landing on the ground in paranoia and the feeling multiplied when your hands felt the vibrations underneath. Vibrations and movements of something moving under the ground.聽
You needed to get out of here.聽
Jolting up , you tried to sprint towards the supposed exit near the bridge, huffing and neglecting the chillness of the atmosphere.聽
Get out of here.聽
Get out of here.聽
Get out of here.聽
Were the only thoughts yelling inside your head. You raised your hand to check the time.聽
11:58 PM
Hurry, you need to hurry up.聽
Right when you were a few feets away from the exit, you tripped over and fell face forward on the ground. You inhaled sharply and immediately turned your head back to inspect what had hindered your escape and when you saw it鈥 your eyes nearly bulged out from your socket while you let out the biggest gasp in your life.聽
It was a hand, half decayed and half alive, covered in mud and blood sprouting from the ground firmly holding your ankles.聽
You immediately sat up and tried to pry the dirty hand away while your heart throbbed in your chest.聽
What the hell is this..? Where did the hand come from!?
Right then a few more hands sprouted from the ground in the vicinity, moving their fingers as if wanting to reach over you. The more you looked at it the more goosebumps set across your skin and more yelps escaped your mouth.聽
What the hell is going on?聽
Attacking it didn't help, trying to pry it away didn't help. Not a single fucking thing helped.聽
You whimpered and shrieked like a sheep, calling out for help as the hand just didn't let you go.聽
Another hand sprouted and grabbed your other ankle and this time they were trying to pull you in. The ground had suddenly turned softer like a swamp with the hands trying to pull you in the depths.聽
鈥淭here's no doubt the place is cursed and it is said whoever crosses the bridge at midnight meets the same fate鈥 your grandma's words reverberated in your ears and before you knew tears had started streaming down your eyes.聽
You shouldn't have strayed from the promise. You should've listened. You should've listened.聽
More and more hands sprouted and grabbed your legs now reaching all the way to your calf. You tried to pull your legs bristling and trying to break the iron grip. No matter how hopeless it was, you were determined to fight till the end. It was the only way.聽
鈥淵/N! 鈥 Your eyes immediately landed towards the source of sound coming from the other side of the bridge and once your eyes laid on the blood-stained and injured Caelum running towards you, you had never been so scared in your life.聽
鈥淐AELUM?! 鈥 you yelled out despite trembling in fear 鈥淲HAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?鈥澛
It was utterly insane, crazy how you had just sacrificed yourself a couple of hours ago and yet he reached over the bridge to take you back. It scared you, angered you( but at the same time relieved you although you wouldn't confess. )聽
The ebony locks showed no signs of slowing down despite being injured and assaulted so brutally. His eyes were scintillating with determination; a determination to save you.聽
Right then the uncanny feeling returned and you turned your eyes to the side where the monster started reappearing back from the nothingness, a malicious grin plastered on his face with scintillating bright yellow eyes as black fumes arose from the figure.聽
You inhaled sharply knowing it would kill Caelum if he interrupted. 鈥淐AELUM GO BACK TO THE CITY YOU OAF! 鈥 you yelled 鈥淚 don't need saving, go back! Please go back! 鈥漼ou begged him but he wasn't listening and he wouldn't listen, it was evident in his eyes.聽
The monster headed towards the bridge but for some reason stopped right underneath, smirking and looking at something on the ground.聽
That's when it hit you.
12:00 AM
鈥淐AELUM, DON'T CROSS THE BRIDGE, 鈥漼ou had never screamed in such desperation before. 鈥淒on't cross the bridge ! Take the other route! 鈥
However it was too late.聽
Right when his foot crossed the invisible marked line, the stridulations stopped , silencing the environment and the hands turned towards the raven head. None of that hindered him as he kept running towards you and dodging the hands targeting him. Somehow miraculously he crossed all the obstacles and reached you, embracing you in a quick hug before parting and focusing on your legs.聽
By now your ankles had been swallowed by the sand. There was no way Caelum would save you without getting caught in their merciless grip itself鈥β but it seemed like he came prepared when he revealed a knife from his pocket and crouched down.聽
鈥淚 told you to leave 鈥 you scowled despite being scared to the bones.
鈥淚 couldn't.鈥 he muttered 鈥淚f I had .......I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for losing the only person I treasured 鈥
This time you silently watched without any complaint but sniffed at the heartwarming deed of risking himself to save you.And it hurted. God, it hurted so much that there wasn't a chance you'd make it out alive and you wouldn't have a chance to live a life together.聽
He cleared the hands by cutting off their fingers. It was a gruesome sight but there was no room for complaint. As soon as he got rid of the last hand he pulled out your legs with all the force to free you鈥 and he succeeded. You would have hugged him again but there was no time as he immediately interlaced his fingers and pulled you to sprint. 鈥淐ome on , we need to get out of here鈥 he spoke and you complied.聽
鈥滒潟'饾枓 饾枔饾枖饾枡 饾枌饾枖饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾枡饾枖 饾枒饾枈饾枡 饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枡饾枩饾枖 饾枒饾枈饾枂饾枦饾枈 饾枠饾枖 饾枈饾枂饾枠饾枎饾枒饾枮鈥
Just on those words the number of hands sprouting multipled ten times the number and twice the strength . Before you could take another step Caelum was caught in the merciless grip making him trip and the worst part,he had dropped his knife.聽
You gasped 鈥淚'm going to get it! 鈥漎ou immediately rushed to get the blade lying a few feet away but on your way back, the same grip caught your feet making you stumble and fall straight on the ground before you could reach and the knife you had dropped mysteriously got swallowed by the earth right in front of your eyes.聽
At this point you were utterly exhausted of it all. Being so close to escape yet getting caught. Being so close to denial yet agreeing with it all. Being so close to being saved yet getting imprisoned once again.聽
When the hell was the small distance ever going to close?聽
Whatever chances of saving Caelum had had been ruled out as the hands now caught his hands, shoulders pulling him in. You were in the same boat as it gripped your other body parts , bruising them with immense force and pulled you into the swampy mud yet you extended a hand with a broken smile to the male in hopes of dying hand in hand together. It was the least life could do.
The only positive thing you could see in the situation was being able to see each other's face for one last time. However, right then the monster enchanted eerie words gathering all the ravens in the town, their ear piercing noises reverberating in the surrounding and before you could interpret they came in and poked your eyeballs out making the crimson blood stream out of your orbits. Both of you let out the biggest helpless , afflicting shriek and within the last moments your grandma's words reverberated in your mind.聽
But there's something deeper than what the legend recites.
Caelum squirmed to reach out to you despite being blinded, trying his best to reminisce your soft gentle touch one last time before he was pulled into the depths too.聽
Something far more sinister than the dead souls mourning in the dark.聽
But the distance wasn't merciful as both of you squirmed with the hands gripping on your skull to pull you in.聽
Beware for it haunts the one until they meet a fate ten times worse聽
Although now everything was out of the field of vision as only darkness warped around the bleeding eyeballs, you felt a familiar skin grip against your palm.聽
or forces them to surrender their souls鈥..
You held back with the little remaining force you had groaning and gasping and struggling鈥..Before abruptly breaking apart and getting pulled into the lifeless depths of darkness.聽
鈥.to lie amongst the dead.聽
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
On 6th Oct 20XX , Y/N L/N and her supposed significant other Caelum was reported missing from their apartments. According to the reports the door was left open however there was no sign of kidnapping 鈥β
鈥淲ould you please stop listening to these depressing news and look for a job? 鈥 a male grunted, switching off the television and leaving the room.聽
The girl rolled her eyes in exasperation before receiving a ding on her phone. She pulled her phone out to check the notification.聽
Do you wish to gain enough money to live your life with ease? Give the quiz to find out!聽
The girl contemplated before her fingers hovered over the screen and touched the link too.聽
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
Omg I'm sorry for making the story so dark 馃洂but what do you expect, it's Halloween! 馃巸馃懟馃崿馃拃鉁
Also this is my first time writing gore and horror especially urban legend lol so idk if it's up to the mark haha. ( I ended up making my own one btw because none of the ones I searched up intrigue me enough to write one) But damn this took me so many weeks to write (procrastination + loss of motivation + tight schedule ;-; )聽
Also initially I had totally different story planned with a yandere mythical creature and a yandere mc but the plot was just too simple and i had a feeling it wasnt satisfying the summary I gave in the intro, so i ended up dropping 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 and i don't regret it.聽
ik this isn't perfect as well, although I worked so hard I could have written the horror聽and storyline even better( so brutal I could make you cry) but I didn't have the patience and the guts lol :)
Also since it's humourless ( I usually write stories containing humor and chaos) it was a different experience for me and it was quite refreshing! I explored another style of writing so it was definitely challenging <3
This was lowkey inspired by the last episode of Jujitsu Kaisen in terms of bridge and horror. I apologize I wasn't able to bestow any cultural reference in the oneshot but perhaps I'll tell you the origin of the terms I used :聽聽
Silas = forest or woods , basically because the bridge was situated in the forest.
Mavi = blue as the sky because the river used to be crystal blue during the old times.
Caelum = sky, heaven ( just wanted to include a loving character in the oneshot, hence the name) Also as an extra, I wished to make Caelum a yandere character but decided against it because mc already had a terrible life and I wanted a refreshing character in the story.
Speaking of the monster, it always comes to life whenever a person crosses the bridge and becomes oddly obsessed with taking their soul and the drowned dead always wake up during that time span. So in short whoever gets lured, their bodies keep on piling up.
Speaking of the quiz, it's a secret organization or you may call it a cult who targets vulnerable and desperate people to carry out the tasks in exchange of an easy life....however it doesn't always end up the way they wish. If any questions,feel free to ask 馃憖 Last but not the least I hope you enjoyed the 馃摉 (did you lol? )
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
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