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weatheredlaw · 1 year
reasons the first mass effect game is feral
you can dress your squad in matching pink and white armor
you can force a man to give you an omnitool you might not be able to use
when you land on a planet you literally just drive ur tank out the back end of the normandy and hope you land on all four wheels 
sometimes the mako gets stuck on a rock and then u have the restart the entire mission
the implication that you are driving up an almost 90 degree cliff sheer with three people in it
your boss/dad punches people to commit treason and then you can nominate him to be all of humanity’s representative
you can just call the council and hang up on them and the fact that the devs know people did that is referenced in the games after 
“the colonists don’t know what they’re doing throw these neutralizing grenades at them instead. punching them also works.”
the fact that to get from ilos to the citadel u drive ur terrible space truck directly into a mass relay and it FLINGS you at the citadel like a slingshot 
mass effect 2 and 3 are also kinda feral in their own ways but they’re like please do these organized missions and help ur friends and we have a special shuttle to take u everywhere and later we have a guy who will actually fly you places and help you and everyone knows you by name but in mass effect 1 you talk to people and they’re just like who the fuck r u loser and then you let the rachni queen go
it’s fucking incredible 
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birdswithshoes · 1 year
Tumblr media
btw has anyone ever played this game. its a cornerstone of who i am as a person and i just played it again yesterday and found it interesting.
Tumblr media
the normal battles are just you fighting against other dinos (and its like. kinda brutal. they slam each other around) but the like… hidden mini bosses in each level…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
???????? who came up with this????
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starstruck-mj · 3 months
Ib on switch
Ib on switch
Tumblr media
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bitchi-gami · 2 years
Goro Takemura: We have to avenge my boss
Viktor Vector: Clock's ticking and you're short a watch, kid
Johnny Silverhand: I will literally murder you if you don't find us a way out of this
Me: taking corners at 120 on my way to help Judy/Claire/Panam/River/Kerry with their latest scheme I'M OUT LATE AT 4 ÆM HE SAYS HOW'S THE WEATHER BABY HOW YOU BEEN YOU'RE GONNA GET SICK
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murkycran · 1 month
Me on my second time fighting Hades and his health bar is almost depleted: huh that was easier than I thought.
Me, two seconds later: oH SHIT-
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diemer · 3 months
Tumblr media
Little Lamb, contemplating his choices.
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nightlilly0110 · 1 month
The Twins: We have a super important errand for you.
Protagonist: Okay what is it?
The Twins: We Require Hamburger.
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n0kt3rnal · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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transbianlilith · 9 months
Bloodborne is actually really funny bc it’s basically just:
“I saw you at the communion with the Great Ones!” “What were YOU doing at the communion with the Great Ones?!”
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phantomjack · 10 months
Can I talk about how the idea of living buildings in pathologic? Because before I mostly joked about it being pathologic being weird but I finally realized that, like many things in pathologic; it’s a deeply philosophical idea given physical form. And another element of focus’s makes sense- because I think I’ve felt it. The feeling that a building like the polyhedron creates in people.
I’m not a religious person, as a matter of fact for a very long time I looked down upon and mocked organized religion as cult for people unable to find their own reason to live. Of course I realize now that that’s a wrong elitist way of thinking and I’m ashamed of ever holding that perspective. But it’s the perspective I had when this event happened to me. My family and I traveled to New York, and we visited st. Patrick’s cathedral. And I cannot fully describe the feeling that stepping into that building gave me. It was…majesty. I was utterly shaken beholding something so incredibly beautiful and powerful, and at the same time unwelcoming. I was not supposed to be there. I, someone who doesn’t believe in god and scoffed upon the idea should not be allowed to see this majesty of humanity, belief and engineering, I should be ashamed of thinking it was nothing more than a building. And holy shit can I tell you how TERRIFYING that feeling is? Because it’s deeply scary to think a building doesn’t want you there.
That building was fucking alive.
It was a great art and masterpiece built as a place of worship out of worship. It was deeply human but at the same time some evidence of a higher power, or at least such a powerful belief in a higher power that the ghost of it lived inside.
buildings are alive, not every building to such a powerful extent as that cathedral, but alive in the way that they carry the memory of something that happened in them, people who lived or died there. Have you ever entered a home and felt unwelcome? Or distinctly warm? That’s the human elements and life that have been put in that building. And that’s what a focus is I think-a pure memory of a person that can exist…physically. So maybe that’s why the buildings the stamatins designed are so strange-because they’re brand new buildings trying to capture years of human emotion and history all at once.
So that’s a focus I guess-or part of the explanation of what a focus is. Which makes the idea of focus’s even more terrifying to me honestly, they’re created to dazzle and behold a feeling, but they *cant grow* from that-for growth you need some human element. If a focus is a story it must be read, if it houses a person it only houses what remains of that person. That life that was put into peoples homes and places like that cathedral was peoples lives, people who come in and out and change and pray. A focus is just a captured memory, and memory can’t change unless it’s remembered, but with no human element to remember it than the person who’s in focus can’t change. They’re no longer human.
(Of course the utopian ending isn’t a good ending for daniil. It’s not beating death, to some it might even be a fate worse than death. )
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faultlinesurfer · 2 months
I'm gonna start a Wall of Crazy with all of my Control puzzle notes
Wondering how it'll look by the end lmao
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annemarieyeretzian · 5 months
marisha shouting “IT’S THE POWER OF LOVE!”
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cerulity · 2 months
Tumblr media
“being ace must be so bori-”
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bucketnewt · 11 days
Each time i go to that corner i get sent to the backrooms
i love getting games on release day before shit gets fixed
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thecryinguniverse · 11 months
Tumblr media
Me whenever I'm in public
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05stigma · 11 months
imagine every morning some farmer stands outside your carpentry shop's windows, waiting for the doors to unlock at precisely 9:00a.m. then, as soon as the door unlocks, they run in, not even acknowledging you at the front desk in the slightest, to rush down to the basement where your son's bedroom resides. he doesn't even wake up until fucking midday, but they wake him up anyway just so they can give him his favorite item that they somehow knew he liked even before they met him, and then they run back out the house. the cycle continues daily until the farmer and your son eventually get married and he moves out.
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