#i dont really listen to vocaloid songs anymore but i still think vocaloid as a concept itself is cool
keropluvia · 3 months ago
Do you like ghost? (Vocaloid)
i know like a few songs from them but thats about it lol
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randombubblegum · a year ago
do u have any favorite vocaloid producers :3
this was such a hard question i had to think about it for a long time...... vocaloid was all i listened to from 12 to 21 and its had such a huge influence on me it would be impossible to sum it all up but ill list some of my favorite producers!!
- maybe my favorite producer is powapowaP (rest in peace) T__T..... his music has always meant a lot to me and his death hit me really hard (he was only a year older than me)..... but regardless i love his work and i always will. i hope hes resting peacefully ;__;
- hachi!!! its fucking nuts seeing him as kenshi yonezu get sooo big.... ive been a fan of his since matryoshka came out so hearing him in the grocery store here is wild..... i love him very much
- scop!! i dont think hes making music anymore?!?! but i loooove the scratchy vocal tuning he used for miku its really distinctive
- sasakure.UK and (old) DECO*27: i like popular vocaloid producers too!! i was suuuper into deco*27 in early high school so his old stuff is still some of my favs.... same with sasakure he has such a distinctive melodic style.... his song “campanella” made me read “night on the galactic railroad” and its a book i rly love
- nayuta seijin: i got rly into them in 2017 for whatever reason and i love their space motif hehe.... their songs are on rhythm games at arcades here and i play them a lot >:)
-nekobolo: another sort of niche producer maybe but their songs are sooo pretty and the way their miku sings sticks with me.... i love it a lot.....
- nanou: he didnt make a ton of songs but “hello/how are you” is super dear to me and i like his original album “waltz of anomalies” a ton
-keeno: ok were getting real niche here but the gentle tuning he uses is so sweet to me..... also a ton of my fav utaites have covered his stuff!!!
this is just a small selection of artists ive loved over the years!!!! they all really mean a lot to me so if ur interested pls check them out :-) i also like more mainstream producers like wowaka, jin (of kagepro), mitchie M, etc but i figured i didnt need to list those. if u rly want to understand me as a person u need to grasp my vocaloid music taste honestly.... its rly precious to me hehe
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cherenchair · a year ago
Ok anyways yeah 2 am. And i just. Rambling timee
This will most def be gone tomorrow but anyways
Most of the time ive been called a villain apologist and ykw? Yeah, i am
I never felt a big enough attachment to the pure and morally white heroes, not at all. Their actions never really hitted me the way that someone who was opressed by society fighting for their own ideals hitted. In one hand you had a person with the upper hand, fighting for something the entire society believed was right, while the other fought for something they believed would be better, and i do think this is also the approach id have towards stuff anyways, because i don't want rules being pushed onto me
I wanted to form my *own* living world, and in a sense i feel this is one of the reasons of why i just. Really enjoy toga and dabi as characters
And even when they actually are fully evil? They're still great and a lot of fun! Sure, i can't fully relate but there's something so great about a villain who acts this way just because they *can*!
Still, people always told me i was in the wrong for this, and i think this is where came a very specific love and interest of mine: blank characters. Characters who have nothing on them, you are the one writing them and their story, be it on a game, story, series or anything else! They just feel so much more interesting than this because they arent someone who will be the same for everyone, and while my first experience with such a thing were rpg maker games like Ib and Yume Nikki, where the character didn't really have a strong personality and could have been seen as different interpretations... I think there's two main points i had during my life with these blank characters: undertale and vocaloid
Let me start talking by the possible simplest one to understand: all the frisk's and chara's are different from others in undertale, they're never the same. Someone can see chara as the villain who made frisk kill everyone, other sees chara as a traumatized child who watched *you*, the player, kill everyone important to them. They're blank characters, frisk themselves has no personality at *all*, just following your instructions at the game to complete it with no problems and finish a pacifist, neutral or genocide route. ALL of these frisks are different, and i think that's most noticeable by your "level" in the game, it shows that yes, it's still frisk, but something is different: they arent "good" anymore, but morally grey
They were a blank state, and you ended up filling frisk with blood
And i think this was the first time a blank character ended up getting a LOT of attention from media. Undertale is honestly amazing and i never understood why i felt so much attachment to it and these two specific characters until recently: they dont have a fixed personality, im the one who's supposed to interpret them however i want
... but then i think about vocaloid in general
People never understood when i said that "miku is one of my favorite characters" — even if that was a lie, because my favorite vocaloid is another one, miku is still extremely special to me
And why? A lot of people ask, she doesnt has any personality at all at first view, being portrayed as this cute girl or just sad teen in other songs is not like she had a fixed personality, right?
Except this is exactly why i love vocaloid as a whole, in a way
None of the characters here have a fixed and fully developed personality going for them. Sure, there are some stereotypes for some vocaloids, but they have almost 0 canon background, on some we know their profession or favorite food and that stuff but they have *no* story or personality at all... And that's what made me love them so closely
Am i feeling sad? There will be a song that i could listen to, no problem. Am i happy? Hell, let me fucking blast mitchie m and dance. Am i just feeling numb and close to dissociating? No problem, i can listen to some of wowaka's amazing work and slowly come back from it
I had everything, even when i was 9 years and just learned about it — the full range of musical styles and composers never left me, specially my favorite ones with the exception new voices — both as vocaloids and composers — came into scene, hell, i'll never forget the shock it was when i first saw my personal fave kwbdkdh
Still, i can never explain to people why it's so important to me
A community where people arent afraid to make songs about controversial and somewhat heavy topics, but still lighthearted and fun most times, with amazing artists and being the sole reason i went back to doing professional dance...
Still, i can *never* find the words
I guess that just comes with liking blank characters after all, they dont have something fix to them, people are the one who write them, and you cant do anything but end up attaching to your own personal idea of them
Anyways yeah sibdksjs 2 am i should sleep by
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exile-vilify · a year ago
its been a while since ive talked to someone through my vent blog, and im not even sure if youll see this, since i don't really know if you even know about this blog in the first place but
i just feel bad. i feel bad because i think about russell so much more than i think about you. i think about him and what he did, and i think about how much i miss him, and how him leaving was so much more devastating than any "real" breakup I've gone through
i think about how i wasn't good enough for him to stay, and i think about what i could've done differently if only to get to still talk to him.
i think about making salmon and sweet potato fries and fried chicken with him and i think about watching Bojack with him. i think about the smell of patchouli and lavender permeating the room, about finding bones on the railroad tracks. listening to that one vocaloid song 500 times over together because it was just so good.
i think about the time he drew me katsuki, because i hated my body and i just wanted to stay in that binder that was a little too small, but he was worried about the danger of doing that. i think about the time i was really sick and stuck in the top bunk, so he made me chicken noodle soup from the can even though he couldn't stand the smell and it made him feel sick.
i think about the first time we actually hung out, and walked to Publix and we got peach tea and raspberry tea, and guava juice boxes. i think about drawing together and checking the pound on chicken smoothie.
and at the back of my mind there's two distinct voices reminding me that
he's not here anymore.
and that
i should be focusing on you. but i can't. and it's tearing me apart.
i shouldnt feel uncomfortable when i think about cuddling with you, or kissing you, but i cant shake the discomfort that sweeps through me when i try to be physically affectionate with you either.
maybe im just broken. but this isn't your problem to fix.
but in all this. guilt. ive started to emotionally detach myself from you. i can admire the thought of being with you, and everyone else even, but only from a distance, far away enough so i don't get hurt again. so i don't hurt anyone else the way i hurt him, or kaylie, or brooke or everyone else
i don't want to go through it again.
i can't go through it again.
im sorry it took me so long to say anything about this. i was,, am scared that youll think i dont love you when the truth is that i love you *so* much. i just cant get past this fucking. problem.
i dunno.
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orangepen · 2 years ago
i guess it’s time for me to come clean and tell you all i had a vocaloid phase back when i was twelve
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jonarchivistcansing · 2 years ago
So I have a magnus archives playlist
I’ve been making a long chronological Magnus Archives playlist for my own amusement (So This Is Basically The Magnus Archives) , but since season 5 is close and my college kicked everyone out i decided to Do Something Unnecessary. 
I have taken painstaking effort to not only properly organize this stupid thing with specific tma episodes, but also have documented the episodes as well as why I included the songs (under the cut). This is my Magnum Opus. I have officially pulled an all nighter to work on this. AND i’m making another playlist with songs that I wanted to keep tabs on in case I end up needing to use them as s5 comes out (here) Spoiler warning obviously
Please send me some songs if you follow the playlist and think they should be on there! 
TLDR - Grace for sale = season 1 finale; Bad Bad Things = season 2 finale; Greatest Show Unearthed = season 3 finale; Just Did a Bad Thing = Season 4 finale.
I bold the songs I added most recently. Honestly I recommend listening to the playlist first because its way fun and like referencing this if you really care about it. Please give me song suggestions or alterations! 
Song Name - MAG00 - PoV/Sung at/etc; Event. NA = Not Applicable
The Office Theme - NA
Turn The Lights Off - MAG 01
The whole “Dont go in there” theme is applicable to the danger of the Angler fish, which also parallels that first statement acting as a lure for Jon
Don’t Worry We’ll Be Watching You - NA
I didn’t want to comb through to find an episode where Jon says hes being watched. I might move this somewhere else because it’s really slow for the begining of the playlist. Maybe  where he went to America
Somebody’s Watching Me - NA
Same as above + memes
Bloody Nose - MAG 17 - PoV Jared Hopworth
the boneturner’s tale statement
Grace For Sale - MAG 39 - PoV Jane Prentiss; S1 Finale
I didn’t know this was part of a whole carnival themed album when I added it, but I felt that the themes of shedding your skin and worms were relevant enough. Still looking for a good song for the s1 finale tho :/
I Don’t Trust You Anymore - MAG 40/41 - PoV Jon
Immediately after the Worm Attack, Jon realizes he can’t trust anyone in the archives.
Losing My Mind - NA - PoV Jon
Jon makes a lot of mentions of his paranoia thruout this season and I feel it just fits best here
Little Pistols - NA - PoV Jon
Same as above, but its like Really Sad because this one paints the paranoia as much more self-destructive. 
Afraid - MAG 77 - Multi PoV/Sasha
Jon just realized the NotSasha replaced Sashsa. Could be from Sasha or NotSasha or even Jon realizing the implications a shapeshifting creature, just fkcn love the chorus for the whole NotSasha fiasco
Mr Capgras - MAG 78/79 - Sung by the NotThem
Jon’s a huge idiot and the NotThem is Out For Blood 
Bad Bad Things - MAG 80 - PoV Elias; S2 Finale
Bitch boy Murkd Leitner and Gertrude and he’s an asshole for it
Its not overly literal but i think some characters in the song could be interpreted as Leitner and Gertrude, with the POV Elias speaking to Jon. 
I’m Not Ok - MAG 81 - PoV Jon
Georgie pls....help this nasty man
The Cult of Dionysus - NA
Honestly this isn’t very specific at all there’s just a lot more cult activity in this season and this song lines up well with the next few
Rejoice - MAG 89 - PoV Jude Perry/Lightless Flame
this ep is jude’s statement and this is a Good cult song
Bust Your Kneecaps - MAG 67 - PoV Agnes Montague
Keeps with the theme better here than in order with s2. Statement of cafe boy who tried to romance Agnes that one time
Are Things Still Burning - MAG 67/89 - PoV Agnes Montague
You’ll get it.
I’m Gonna Win - MAG 101 - PoV Gertrude or Michael
Really connect this song with gertrude’s Bad Bitch energy and MAG 101 is the episode where we really get a scope of how morally gray she is
But the overall cocky tone of the song is real good for Michael
The Distortionist - MAG 101 - PoV Michael
this ep is Michael’s statement. 
Its kind of hard to tell because of the vocaloid, but the song's character seems to have been pushed and  manipulated into something like Michael. I can see the song shifting from Michael singing about how Gertrude created him into accepting it and them singing at Jon
Has wayyyyy too much Spiral imagery to not include
Seven Devils - MAG111 - PoV Gerard Kaey
this is the ep where Gerard properly explains the fears to Jon
Dirty Night Clowns - MAG 104 - PoV Tim Stoker?
sort of Tim about his brother
Blood End Credits - no MAG/MAG 119 - PoV Tim Stoker
god i miss tim. I don’t think it translates exactly to 119, but it’s more of the climax of his character arch. He’s literally given everything to the Institute and to Elias and now he has to fucking die? FUck.  
Greatest Show Unearthed - MAG 139 - PoV Nikola/The Circus
This one is literal lol. u can figure it out
My Time - MAG 120/121 - Sung about Jon
*Mable pines picture* “He’s resting”
Who Are You, Really? - MAG 121 - Sung at/for Jon
Jon has to decide whether to let himself die human or risk becoming a monster to protect the people he loves*
Cold Cold Man - MAG 124 - PoV Jon
This is the first time Jon and Martin have seen each other since he woke, and I think really the first time Jon has sought out Martin because he just...wanted to see him
Ruler of Everything - MAG 124 - PoV Martin
This is Martin’s side of the exchange he and Jon had. This is where he started pushing Jon away (Shot as wily one/only friend), and Peter is making him into the “ruler of everything” aka running the Institute, and just doing his best to go one day at a time until whatever Peter has planned gets done
Catabolic Seed - MAG 125 - PoV Melanie
Honestly, I just really wanted this song for melanie. The Magnus Institute is taking too much out of her, making her into a hollow, and she’s just trying to keep herself together with emotional duct tape
Body - MAG 131 Build Up - PoV Jon
I see this as the culmination of Jon’s survival guilt and desperation to make himself worthy of humanity again. Since he has a healing factor now, he has no sense of self-preservation and is willing to sacrifice his entire body to make himself worthy of humaity.
Skeleton Appreciation Day - MAG 131 - PoV Jared Hopworth
What Am I Becoming? - MAG 146/147 - PoV Jon
It hurts
in 146 Jon admited to Basira, Daisy, and Melanie confronted him about his live feedings. 147 Jon realises that he doesn’t want to stop feeding
Human - Mag 147/152 - For Jon
Couldn’t decide where this goes chronologically, but these in these two eps jon is seriously debating his humanity and disturbed that he even needs to do that 
Isle Unto Thyself - NA 
 this fits....somewhere in this season. I believe i see this as Jon singing about Martin’s isolation, but really its just applicable to their whole situation
Train Remastered - MAG 154 - PoV Jon
a fukn EASY one FINALLY. 
THis bitch is Jon asking Martin to blind himself with Jon so they can run away together. Their romantic arcs got me feeling all sorts of ways
No Eyed Girl - MAG 157
this is so literal lmao its just Melanie and Georgie
Not Human - MAG 158 - About Daisy
She’s spent so long serving the Hunt and trying to undo its power over her, and she really just Did That(tm) for her friends. We stan a werewolf queen
Monster - Many MAGs
honestly can fit Martin, Jon, Melanie and Daisy at different points, but i think its a good end to Daisy’s character arc currently
Ship In A Bottle - MAG 159 - About Martin and Peter
I like to see this as the climax of Martin’s Loneliness and his relationship with Peter as well as like the culmination of Peter’s deal with Elias and Martin’s Deal with Peter
It’s Alright - MAG 159 - To Jon and Martin
Jon Rescued Martin from the Lonely and is finally able to have a purpose and they are allowed to Be Okay
Honeybee - MAG 160 - PoV Jon
Great Vacation - Thematic transition
If Honeybee was the first 2 minutes of 160, then we know what’s coming next. The Scottish Cottage isn’t a vacation
Just Did A Bad Thing - MAG 160
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Its the end of the world as we know it - Season 5 trailer
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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gyoomie · 2 years ago
sometimes i miss how active the vocaloid fandom was and how it wasn't dead. at all... but then i remember the ship discourse over rinlen and i sit back and think "thank fucking god i don't gotta deal with that anymore" y'kno.. it's a very conflicting life for me
right?? and there was so much discourse over lenrin that it kinda felt like “hm. which one are we having today” sjhdsjdsd
but i dont think vocaloid is dead - there are new producers coming in here and there, and old producers like deco are still around to help water our crops (he just dropped a new song recently !!!). the art scene is still thriving, and even though im only on the outskirts i can see that the fandom is alive and well on various platforms.
its just that the focus of the fandom and content creation has shifted. we moved from vocaloid as characters (creative room for hcs for personalities, character interactions, pairings, etc) to vocaloid as a medium (a means to express a political stance, to make and/or listen to music, to create shitposts/memes, etc). ship discourse, then, doesnt really have much of a place in our current focus… unfortunately,,
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thelustiestargonianmaid · 2 years ago
1,2,3 for the identity asks?
1)  if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to? 
To read for sure les mis. its one of my earliest and most enduring fandoms and the plot of it really appeals to me in a way i cant elaborate on without sounding pretentious. For listening “sleepless” and “this must be the place” are my comfort songs atm that really speak to me. also im aware this is really cringe but even tho i dont listen to vocaloid anymore i think PinnochioP is a good producer and his lyrics mean a lot to me, like even if I dont sit down and listen to his stuff over and over I still look at every new vid he puts out and several of his songs have lyrics that I consider “me” (everything about animals, whats inside, and zero I particularly like but I’ll warn you they’re super grating on the ears if u dont like vocaloid)
2)  have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who? 
No. I’ve been reading a lot less than I used to and its mostly like really old short stories and nonfiction which I like but it isn’t how I think. Honestly I think I prefer to read stuff thats written by people who think differently than me, I like reading to bring me to a different headspace.
3)  list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.
We’ll be here all day if I do all my fandoms so I’ll just do a few of my top ones: 
Star Trek: Bones McCoy I adore him i love how he looks like a corpse and most of his treatments are just amphetamines. 
Star Wars: i dont identify with anyone from star wars but my cc is rex i would die for him 
Fallout: the closest ive ever come to kinning someone is arcade gannon (dont draw any parallels between this, my star trek cc and my choice of career path lmao)
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arrysa-clair · 3 years ago
OC Interview Game
(Yes I have a WIP an original story I have written back when I first started writing stories and it couldn't be found anywhere aside from my hard disk, its the only one and only original story I have written so far.)
Rules: Pick a character from your WIP and have them answer these fifteen questions, then tag fifteen people.
Tagged by @consciousdreamz
1. What is your full name?
Sara Kasugano
2. What does your full name mean?
She blinks owlishly.
(Remember, continue your act, don't let it show that you're unknowing of your own name's meaning is a big deal. It doesn't hurt, and you can cry later and alone on your room remember that, Sara.)
I...dont know? Does the meaning of my name really matter? All you have to know is I'm Sara Kasugano!
She harrumphed loudly.
3. What are your nicknames/ other names?
None really. Everyone just call me by my last name or first name. I don't really care how they address me. Just don't call me rudely and I am fine with it.
(It would be nice if someone will give me a nickname but I guess... I'm not even worthy of that)
4. What’s your gender?
Of course I'm female!
(Though sometimes I wish I am male. Because if I am then maybe I wouldn't be in this situation...)
5. What’s your sexuality?
Uhh... Do I really have to answer this? I don't really care about sexuality stuff, because you know I'm b-busy...with other...stuffs.
She looks away with a blush.
(Not letting them see her eyes. She will act like a teenager, still embarassed and unsure of her sexuality. Yet inwardly breaking because... because...)
6. Where are you from?
I'm from Japan
(I...I don't want to be here anymore... I want to go far far away, away from this hellhole.)
7. How old are you?
I'm 14! I'm going to be 15 in four months! Be sure to treat me for lunch, alright?
(It would be nice to receive a gift or anything really for my birthday... Maybe even a warm hug? Yeah, that would be nice.)
8. What frightens you more than anything?
A pause.
(Many things, my aunt and niece and relatives finding out, their happy family broken because of my existence, my aunt believing her husband over me, my death, being alone, this gnawing loneliness on my heart, my precious...precious one and only friend finding out the sin I have committed and leaving me behind, everyone finding out and see how worthless I am, that I am a disgusting human being that should have died... There's too many things that frightens me and I don't know which frightens me the most...)
And she outwardly shivered as a show, hand patted her elbow to strengthen her image. As if the very imagery of what she had said frightens her already.
9. Who would you consider to be your favorite artist?
You do know that I have no interest about that right, I wouldn't know who to answer. But you also know, I love listening to Vocaloid so they're my favorite!
She said with a grin, eyes sparkling with delight as if she couldn't contain her excitement.
(I... I really...only listen to Vocaloid because the lyrics of their song stabs my heart with truth.)
10. When are you happiest?
When I am with my friends—
(Hinata, I am happiest with Hinata, spending time with her, just having her presence is enough to make my day, to make me believe that I can live instead of remaining a doll with fake plastered smile)
— and family!
(I can no longer feel that happiness with my aunt and niece, only feeling that I am a mere forth wheel, a disgrace that taints their happy family of three and I have no part on it)
11. What’s your biggest secret?
Uhhh... It's only between the two of us right? but I used to steal money just small cash when I was a kid from my grandmother's shed to buy snack. But I'm good now!
(It's my big secret but not the biggest, I wouldn't say what it is but sometimes...my heart would just squeeze so much with too much pent-up emotion that I want to scream to the world what is my biggest secret but I...can't... I can't condemn my family... and my pride... I'm so prideful to take this secret to the grave because I am so afraid of the outcome, of the alternative if I did say or admit my biggest sin...)
12. Who’s your best friend?
Ella! We've been classmates and best friends since 8!
(I... Still say that she is my best friend even though we've drifted this year and she's hanging out with her other friends that I... Just follow them like a lost duckling and pretend that it's okay that I'm not her best friend anymore...and at the same time the closest I can say that is my best friend is Hinata but I shouldn't say it because they... my classmates will tease us that we are dating because they have already caught us too many times spending time after class, I can't burden her anymore than I already did. She's having a hard time already with her family and I can't do that to her.)
13. If you could kill anyone, who would it be and why?
My uncle. It's because he always nags at me!
She said with a huff, puffy cheek and hand crossed over her chest. A complete image of a teenager taking murder, taking a person's life so lightly and childishly and her image conveying that she didn't mean everything she said.
(He made my life hell and I want him to burn in hell for all the things he had and will do to me! I want to kill him with a knife! Or push him on the road!
Yet...yet at the same time I am so afraid that he'll try to kill me again... I don't want to be strangled anymore...)
14. Who are you really?
She blinked rather dumbly like she couldn't fanthom the exact meaning of the question. Yet still deciding to answer the best way she knows.
That's weird question, I'm an anime lover!
She said with a bright childish smile, left hand raised next to her cheek with a peace sign.
(I am worthless.
And her heart kept bleeding from the imaginary silver knife her own hand had used to hurt herself. It's better if she hurt herself because it was the only thing she can control when her life wasn't on her hands anymore.)
15. If you have a significant other, what do you think you will think of them?
There was a pause —
(I don't think I will reach that age...but Hinata's face suddenly appeared on her mind that right there and–)
—then she blushes, her face turning tomato red, her eyes wide like a saucer that her mouth flapped like a fish. Unable to say anything coherent, she could only stutter out brokenly.
Before she backs and run away without answering.
Taglist @naysaltysalmon @crucifix-hime @fiammachan-blog @rainingskyguy @dheumasi @dcjokerhs @rhapshie i dont know who else to tag lol
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groundramon · 5 years ago
for the ask the blogger thing... ☂ - favorite season? ✐ - fave types of movies? ♪ - music you like?✌ - favorite bands/ singers? ♒ - fave animes? ❦-.fave characters? ღ - mottos? I'm spamming u with those sorry
Also thank you for including the questions with the emojis that makes this 10x easier for me lmao
☂ - favorite season?Winter!!  Nice and cool AND you dont have school for two weeks lmao
✐ - fave types of movies?Generally animated; I enjoy animation and movie animation tends to be consistently pretty high-quality (even the fucking emoji movie looks pretty decent) not to mention live action movies always seem to have really bad sound mixing??  Meaning important things you NEED to hear like whispering are too quiet and explosions are too loud even when you dont change the tv volume.  But even then, saying I prefer animated movies isn’t exactly accurate because….I haven’t gone to the theater for a single animated movie this year.  The only ones so far that I would’ve considered were Lego Batman (which I have on dvd now but i havent watched) and Cars 3.  I’m hoping to see Coco in theaters but other than that….i can wait for it on dvd or just not watch it at all because I’d prefer to rewatch a movie I like.
I also dont like calling animated movies a genre, so if we’re going by genre, I’d say fantasy-adventure stories tend to be my favorites, but sci-fi can be fun as well.  I just want a good, heartfelt story that doesn’t take itself so seriously that you can’t have fun but also takes itself seriously enough that you really feel for the characters.
♪ - music you like?GOD I WISH I KNEW??  I’ll literally listen to everything from vocaloid to mainstream pop to techno music to video game OSTs and everything in-between and outside of that.  I’m generally more picky with rap music, techno/electronic music, and just anything that gets screechy or is too intense with its instrumentals, but….I can listen to hard metal music when im trying to fall asleep at night, so i mean.
✌ - favorite bands/ singers?Again, god I wish I knew.  I have a tendency to think “oh, this is alright, I’ll listen to a few of this artist’s songs” and then moving on and never thinking about them again.  One artist that I’ve come back to repeatedly is Sabrina Carpenter though, her music is nice and a few of her songs are some of my all-time faves, its probably not for people who cant stand mainstream pop tho.  Also shout out to Mystery Skulls for officially licensing Mystery Skulls animated instead of taking them down for copyright infringement lmao also their music is some of the techno music that i actually like
♒ - fave animes?I havent watched enough animes aaAAAA but I will always and forever love Digimon.  Like I dont think any anime will surpass the personal attachment I have to the Digimon series.  It’s just so silly and charming and for a long time it was the best thing I had ever seen and it’s honestly still just….really enjoyable.  (Honestly it gives me fossil fighters vibes, I think I like them both for the same reason tbh)  Digimon Adventure is definitely my favorite, Tamers is really good but I actually have a bit of a personal bias against Tamers because it scared me as a kid :’D its still a good season tho and i appreciate it a lot more now that im older.  And FRONTIER IS ACTUALLY GOOD, PEOPLE CAN FIGHT ME it’s got the same vibe as the first four seasons, even if the concept seems vastly different, and is really enjoyable if you arent blinded by your love for the digimon partners in the old series.  After that though its kinda….ehhh.  Data Squad and Fusion didnt have the same feel, although Fusion did it much better, but…its just not the same.  I really dislike Marcus so it makes Data Squad less enjoyable, plus i just…idk, it doesnt seem to have as much life as the first four seasons and is written and animated in a different way to me.  Fusion is kinda interesting in the second arc (ive only seen the first three arcs; the third arc/seventh season [idk which it is] hasnt been dubbed yet so…) but it takes itself too seriously because it removes its primary comic reliefs - and also the best characters - after the end of the first arc.  So we’re left with the Digimon as the only comic reliefs and….ehhh….theyre not as good.  Also I havent seen the Appmon anime and idk how good it is but im still salty that they stole the name of the project that ive had floating around in the back of my head for years so i havent done anything related to Appmon.  AND Digimon Tri is good but i still need to catch up on it ahaha cries (planning to get a trial at crunchyroll to watch the last two parts when the last part comes out)
But enough about Digimon.  Besides Digimon, I really did enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood; I do have some gripes with the series (namely the earlier episode and how much happens in the earlier episodes vs how much happens in the later episodes, so pacing problems basically) but it’s still really good and I LOVE AL.  There was an anime I watched with my dad several years back called Blue Dragon that I remembered enjoying a lot, but then disowning because it turns out in the original my favorite character was a perfect example of the anime pervert trope.  Dubs are fun lmao.  But I feel like I’d pick up more on the changes they made between the two versions now (the sub version being riddled with swears and innuendos, and the dub version being dubbed for kids) and probably wouldnt enjoy it as much anymore.  I also barely remember shit about it except a plot twist at the end that i spoiled for myself but still had no idea it was coming.  I was like 11 when i watched it, its been a long time.
❦-.fave characters?Well I already mentioned loving Al, but I also love Pidge from VLD, Amanda from Dream Daddy, Baymax and Hiro from BH6, and Napstablook from Undertale.  Also like all of the main characters in Fossil Fighters Champions but shhh.
I really want to add Hunk to this list but honestly as the seasons in VLD go on it becomes more and more apparent to me that he’s just a running fat joke; Lance looks like he could be building up to something, but I haven’t got a clue where Hunk could go besides more of the same.  So :’) my boy deserves better, he can join the group again when Dreamworks gets its shit together.  Sorry Hunk, I still love you and I’d treat you better if you were mine (//looks at my characters all burning in hell and sweats// well maybe not better but…)
ღ - mottos?Uhhh idk?  Does this mean like, mottos I follow, catchphrases I use a lot, or inspirational quotes?  Idk I’ll give all three
I try to live my life by the policy of “do to others as you would have them do to you.”  That’s like my number 1 rule about doing anything.  I dont understand how people can be intentionally dicks to other people or so something that they would hate happening to them; what, dont you realize that other people have the same feelings as you?  I know I’ve hurt other people but still, it’s always been in instances where the pros outweighed the cons if I put themselves in their shoes.
As for catchphrases I use a lot, probably “mood” or “god same” because this site has completely broken my sense of anything
As for inspirational quotes, well here are some copy-pasted directly from my dA page:
“No man deserves to be trapped in jelly.” - Rupert from Fossil Fighters Champions“what motivates Scart? That’s right: the nut” - Tumblr user claratyler“I am slowly going crazy” - Dr. Jean, songwriter of children’s music and my lord and savior“I’m still mad at Seth McFarlane btw but im more concerned with my tree cookies” - me“I was out of the third bean” - Yolei’s mom from Digimon Adventure 02
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RULES: answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions.  I won’t tag anyone directly, but if anyone wants to, feel free~ (Does anyone even know this many people?) 
Putting it under a readmore since it’s kinda long. ^^; 
coke or pepsi: neither! i don’t drink them. 
disney or dreamworks: i don’t watch many movies so i don’t know. 
coffee or tea: tea! tea is tastier, especially with honey, but i’ll still have coffee sometimes... if it’s really sweet!
books or movies: books! movies are too long... 
windows or mac: windows~
dc or marvel: i don’t read either. 
xbox or playstation: don’t play either. 
dra/gon age or mass ef/fect: never played either. 
night owl or early riser: night owl! the night is my domain, >:3
cards or chess: i don’t really play with either. cards if tarot counts for that though. :o 
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla!
vans or converse: don’t wear either. 
lavellan, trevelyan, cadash, or adaar: n/a (don’t play)
fluff or angst: fluff tbh, i like angst too (especially hanahaki) but fluff’s soft n calm. 
beach or forest: forest! i love exploring forested areas~
dogs or cats: cats mya~!
clear skies or rain: clear skies. (but fog is better than Both of those)
cooking or eating out: aa i can’t cook, but i don’t really like eating out either... um, random food grabbed from the fridge? ; w ; 
spicy food or mild food: mild food. 
halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: halloween~ it’s the only time i can wear my ears n tail and no one asks questions!
would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: both sound bad aa... i’m always cold though, but at least like this i can cozy up in blankets? when you’re too hot you can’t do Anything. 
if you could have a superpower, what would it be: shapeshifting or invisibility! i don’t want anyone to be able to see me, but i also want to regain my cat form? :<
animation or live action: animation!
paragon or renegade: aa if this is a game thing i don’t know it. 
baths or showers: showers, i guess? i like baths, but then the water gets all soapy n grimy, so just standing in the shower is warm. 
team cap or team ironman: neither. 
fantasy or sci-fi: fantasy for sure. 
do you have three or four favourite quotes? if so what are they: i don’t really know any off the top of my head, but... this one, maybe? i can’t find 3-4, though.  “And even once you get back up after you’ve been completely broken down, you’ve already become a different person. You can glue a cracked diamond back together, but it’s no longer valuable.” - Izumi Sena
youtube or netflix: youtube.
harry po/tter or percy jack/son: harry potter. i like both, though. 
when you feel accomplished: when i full combo a song on my first try, draw something half-decent, or memorize a song, i guess. 
star w/ars or star t/rek: neither.
paperback books or hardback books: i don’t really care.
horror or rom-com: neither honestly. but it also heavily depends on the plot and characters. some romcoms suck and some are as great as gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, y’know? 
to live in a world without literature or music: i don’t understand what this is trying to say, but that world would suck. 
pastel colours or dark colours: both are nice. 
tv shows or movies: i don’t know. i don’t really watch either. unless anime counts as a tv show. 
city or countryside: city.
if any other zodiac sign could describe you, what would it be: i don’t know. i guess i’m similar to aquarius at times since i was almost one. 
if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be: that would be unpleasant. but one of kikuo’s albums, i guess. 
cinema or theatre: neither. 
if you could be any fictional character’s best friend, who’d you be: that’s. difficult. i know any character would just dislike me, so i dont want to force them to be with me. but len and i are always linked anyway, so him i guess. 
smiling or smirking: both? i don’t know. 
are you an ‘all or nothing’ type or are you more consistent: i don’t entirely understand. consistent, perhaps?
playlists or your whole library on shuffle: both...? my saved music is nice though. 
travelling or staying at home: staying at home Please... that’s all i want. 
books or fanfiction: fanfiction probably, i just don’t have the time/energy/focus to read books anymore. 
If you could live in a fantasy world, what world would it be: there are too many to choose... vocaloid has no canon either, but, that digital landscape, sort of, maybe...? 
What fictional character do you think you’re like? Bonus- Give reasons: there are a lot i’m similar to...? and different aspects of me are similar to different characters... er, yuno gasai is the character i Most relate to, no reasons to give... i’m like tsuribari since i’m sulky and like reading and quiet places, i’m like kuro/sleepy ash because i’m grumpy, hate sunlight, am a black cat, and like sleeping...? there are a few others, but eh... 
What plushie of yours are you closest to?: Calico, my calico cat webkinz. She’s my friend and is with me whenever I’m at home. There’s also a newer plushie I’m close with who’s a soft blue rabbit that has a bell inside that rings when you move it, their name’s Bluebell...  
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