qu1etdays 2 days
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Modeling while Mindless in trance.
馃摳: Embrvsser
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sleepytrancysub 9 hours
Jsut thinking about conversational hypnosis.. Just having a seemingly normal conversation with someone and noticing that their voice is so nice to listen to, that their words are oddly confusing but still soo pretty, starting to feel that something might be happening to me but still thinking that I'm just having a normal conversation, and that it'd be rude to say anything. Then, by the time I've finally, fully noticed what they're doing to me, they've filled my pretty head with enough of their words to make me drop for them without difficulty...
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shyandstupid 3 days
Had a really nice time with @spiraleyedlore tday, she dropped me really deep at my desk, had my head fallin n my eyes fluttering n I was so deep for them it was so nice,, n then made me forget all about it 馃樀鈥嶐煉 gave me a new trigger, brought me up n used it t take me right back down again 馃い used me again a bit later and made me cum, praised me for finally breaking for her n cumming n only being able to think about them and their control, how much I needed her,,, ahhhh anyway 馃樀鈥嶐煉
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cockhungrycatboy 3 days
@spiraleyedlore has me so turned on right now. she's so perfect. i want to be fucked so stupid by her and edged until i can barely think. ill beg so pretty if i can get her attention!!
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hypnostation 3 days
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secret-subject 23 days
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boopfox 8 months
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Love being a good puppy for Master.
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corrach 4 months
an rpg that slowly makes you dumber and hornier the longer you play it, but only starting from the halfway point
you鈥檙e there, playing better and better, but suddenly the battles start getting easier. you only barely notice. did the troll have that little health before? did the werewolf enemy used to look that hot? the quests start getting strange.聽鈥渄efeat ten slimes, then play with your tits.鈥澛犫済ather a phoenix feather, then cum with your ass.鈥 you don鈥檛 even notice when the game starts playing itself, and what used to be dialogue turns into commands and encouragement.聽鈥済ood girl, keep masturbating.鈥 鈥渄rool all your silly thoughts out over your tits.鈥澛犫渟ay you鈥檙e a dumb, horny slut and then keep cumming.鈥 by the time the credits roll, you鈥檙e too far gone to even remember there鈥檚 a screen in front of you. you鈥檝e been cumming nonstop for hours, your brain so weakened by the overwhelming pleasure that you couldn鈥檛 remember your name if you remembered that you forgot it. but it鈥檚 okay. dumb, horny girls don鈥檛 need names. they just need to cum, cum, cum~
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yoyomindloops 4 months
Five stages
I can't be hypnotized. That's such a silly notion. Someone can't just say a word here or there and suddenly I'm their mindless toy to control as they please. It doesn't work that way. My thoughts are my thoughts. He's not going to snap his fingers and boom I'm his to do as he pleases.
He can say all the fancy words he wants to say - it's not going to work! It can't work. Girls aren't just stupid mindless little fuckdolls. It's dumb - I'm not going to listen to it anymore. Its just dumb, silly, stupid nonsense.
But it would be kind of nice to feel my brain shut off. For a minute - tops. What he's saying does sound nice. Maybe it's not as scary as I think it is. I'm overthinking. I do that quite a lot. All it does is get me anxious and high alert in every situation. Nothing's going to happen. I can just take a deep breath in and relax. Don't overthink it. Maybe there is something to this whole hypnosis thing. Not the brainwashing part. That's just silly. But relaxing and letting go. That sounds nice. I do work hard - he's right I do. And I do deserve to relax and let go. We don't really think when we relax, do we? Who knows. Just a minute. I can wake up anytime.
But what if I can't? What if its true? My sense of self - who I am...it can all be erased. Gone. Just like that. Who I am just...replaced. That can't happen...can it? Only if I can get up - but it's too heavy to get up...or think. My thoughts slowing...like I'm floating in molasses.
I can get up. I won't get up. I want to go deeper. I want to keep listening. I will keep listening. His thoughts are my thoughts.
When I focus, I get wet. I get wetter with each word. Each command. Oh that brings shivers to my spine how hot command is. To be commanded, to obey. Bend me over and break me.
More. More words. More commands. I need more. Whatever he says, just yes. Always yes. It's always yes. Yes feels so good. I want to run my hands all over my body - his body....just anywhere. I need to be touched. I need to be played with.
Every day. Every hour. Ever moment. I want to be in this state. There's nothing else.
His thoughts are my thoughts. I am nothing. I obey. I just obey. Master's plaything broken and on my knees. I surrender and obey.
Good toys obey
Good toys submit
Good toys surrender
Good toys drop
Good toys make more good toys
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mindlesswicker 3 months
Hi dolls, drones, and docile pets. 馃枻
Reblog if you're a hypnokink blog that's still active so I can share your posts~!
Non hypno blogs are also welcome like, I'll go through your blogs too. 馃枻
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nyanbinary-catboy 4 months
Taking the pretty common mantra "cock goes in, brain goes out" further, imagine being fucked by your owner's cock, and every time they thrust out, your mind comes back just a little, only for it to disappear again a moment later when they thrust back in. And again. Fractionated by the thrusting of their cock.
Cock goes in, brain goes out. Cock goes out, brain goes in. Cock goes in, brain goes out...
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cellray 19 days
It's been 2 months. You've calmed down. Got back to your life, started being productive again. Your obsession has calmed. Your addiction has faded. It feels nice, you're proud of your progress.
A notification pops up. A blog you've stopped binging in forever. A blog you remember as the source of your obsession. You don't want to peek, yet a deep inner feeling urges you to look. A little peak won't hurt, would it?
Tumblr media
These are just some words. They're fun to read, yeah, but that doesn't mean they'll suddenly make you obsessed again.
You're just checking up on an old blog you liked. You're curious about how the writer's been. What He has to say. Maybe it's something interesting!
He even has some of his animations posted too, it's so fun to see what creations He makes. A little peek didn't hurt, see?
Tumblr media
It's a set of gifs, too! They seem like they're progressing in detail. And the text feels like it's accompanying them in the flow. As if it's illustrating the depth of the conversation, or something.
It's fun reading these words. His thoughts sound so much like your thoughts. It feels natural to just follow His thought process, feel His flow, fall into His rhythm.
Tumblr media
Aww, another animation! A little brighter. A little more detail. A little deeper! It's so fun checking up on this blog. You're sure it was the right choice to peak, you would've missed out on such a deep conversation and thoughtful post! You kind of miss these flows and rhythms you used to follow and fall for.
It feels good getting to read again. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It feels right to be here. To read and follow. To fall for the flow.
Tumblr media
Another... animation...
Another thing to stare at... Fall for. Drop to. Surrender towards. Submit to. This feels good. This feels natural. You were always meant to be here. You are always meant to be here. You want to relapse. You want to spiral deeper again. Back to your obsession. Back to your addiction.
Tumblr media
So fun to Stare. To Drop. To Surrender. To Submit. Back to your natural place. Back into His flow. His spiral. His swirl. It's better this way. It feels good to be back on display.
Tumblr media
You need to binge. You must relapse. It feels too good. You can't resist the feeling. Back to your addiction. Deep into your obsession. Put your thoughts on display. Put your mind on display. Let yourself be toyed with. Played with. Broken into submission.
Tumblr media
You've gone too deep. You can't help it. It's just too good. You're just too weak. You're where you were always meant to be. Clicking. Scrolling. Reading. Messaging. Everything is as it's meant to be. Back into His flow. His control. His pleasure.
Reblog. Repeat: "Thank you for pulling me into Your flow again"
Put your thoughts on display. As you binge and scroll deep through my blog again.
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ringofkees 2 months
Change me.
Change how I think.
Change the way I speak.
Change how I write.
Change what I wear.
Change what I remember.
Change what I forget.
Change my name.
Change my personality.
Make me your perfect toy. Make it so I barely recognize the person I was when we first started speaking. Please?
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suchasub 1 month
I really want to be a dumdumb, a mindless, obedient doll. Just cute and fuckable.
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