femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
Once you decide you're in alignment, the universe shifts in your favor. Everyone senses your alluring energy and is suddenly drawn to you. Reframe your mentality to transform your reality. Here's a sign that everything is working out for you. Decide to take control of your destiny. What's meant for you is coming into your purview. Your dreams are about to become one with your daily routine.
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harusclass · a day ago
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Welcome to My NOTION template! This isn’t 100% finished yet but I really wanted to release this today because truthfully I want to start using it. These images don’t include all of the features, either. I left some of them out.
If you want to tip me, check the discord <3
Let’s get the first thing out of the way. I made a discord here for this. It will be primarily used to hold one another accountable and promote good things in eachothers lives. However, it will double as a way to receive DIRECT feedback and suggestions.
HERE’S THE LINK ! Please let me know if it doesn’t work
My next step in plans is:
A complete workout / gym tracker
Meal Planner
“Kitchen” hub
Fridge & Pantry tracker (to avoid food waste)
Savings tracker
business expense tracker
taxes calculator hub
moving hub 
investment hub
mood tracker
For now, this notion includes:
Flip clock widget
Moon phase widget
New years day countdown
Multiple photo insert areas
Reminders list
Weekly goals overview
Time/task section for when you have a schedule or routine to maintain
Quote section
Pre-planned spotify playlist section (using the embed tool)
Complete navigation section
No zero days tracker
Weekly task list
Monthly goal list
Yearly goal list
Month by month toggle list
Important dates list
Second Planner toggle list
Two photo insert sections
Navigation section
Regulars Tracker
Small schedule table
Business expenses tracker (COMING SOON/INCOMPLETE)
Income tracker
To do list
Upcoming meetings/dates list
Multiple image areas
Quick Links
To do list
Exam dates list
Wishlist central
Table database
Inner work Journal
___ Of the day Journal
I feel Icky Checklist
Mental Health goals
Mental health reminders
Resources list
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bbltheque · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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pinkrenaissance · 2 months ago
The dream girl I'm trying to be
reads one book per week
is ahead of her college assignments and readings
is top of her class
is hyper feminine
has manners, grace, poise and elegance
is always put together: nails, hair and outfit always on point
listens to jazz and classical music
is extremely cultured
seeks validation within, not on other people
has flawless skin
cooks healthy meals for herself and is not a sweet tooth or impulsive about food
attracts masculine, high caliber men that wants to provide for her and apprecieates her feminine presence
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baddie-drip · 7 months ago
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boredgirlsclub · 8 months ago
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care for yourself and love every second of it
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leveledupmindset · 4 months ago
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tomb-of-ligeia · a month ago
3 bits of advice? 🤍
You need to learn how to market yourself.
Every woman needs to know how to market herself, the way you market yourself and your personal branding are two major things that heavily factor into the way that you’re perceived and knowing how to market yourself, choosing what niche you’d like to appeal to, and having a clear idea of what you’re doing are major. I didn’t wake up one day and randomly choose to totally change myself, I made lists of my skills and qualities, I made lists of the things that I enjoyed and the things that I gravitated towards the most, I made lists of the opportunities that I’d like to have, I factored in the place I was living and the places where I’d one day want to live or travel to, I added my degrees into the mix and made sure to leave room for continued education, and I started to craft an image of the woman I wanted to be and the things I wanted to have and to have accomplished before I turn 30.
All of the things I listed down and all of the things that I had already and planned to accomplish are parts of the way that I market myself both in friendships and in relationships, I wear a variety of different hats and I use all of the interesting things I’ve experienced and lived through to make myself a better candidate for everything. I applied to Princeton for graduate school, I got into Princeton for graduate school, and I chose not to attend Princeton because I got a much better offer from a grad school that I view as more prestigious but the point is that I was accepted into Princeton. I’ve dated a lot of Yale graduates, I use the way I market myself to men and my sorority experience to interact with them and I use pieces of the mannerisms that I’ve brought over from home to help me, and I’ve always had a lot of success. Marketing is everything and it needs to be learned for any sort of decent personal, professional, or romantic success. It’s just a fact.
You need to figure out what you want from your life.
I’ve been on many a rant about the posts I’ve read from women who don’t know the value of the dollar, who haven’t been outside of their computers, and who don’t seem to understand that handsome, six figure making, young men aren’t found that often. There’s not a billionaire out there for every woman and the vast majority of women on hypergamy/levelling up tumblr aren’t going to have the opportunity to interact with these mystery men or they’re going to meet them and abruptly realise that all of the stories they’ve read about handsome millionaires throwing away their status and brushing off the criticisms of society to be with women who don’t fit into their lives or into their world are just pretty lies made up by delusional girls to give insecure women hope when they shouldn’t bother.
You need to figure out what you want and you need to be realistic about it. If you’re a high school graduate with no connections, no career to speak of, and no friends then you need to either get planning for your future or stay where you are, it’s all up to you. I took a long hard look at myself and my choices and I decided to be rather blunt with what I wanted, what I needed, what was most realistic for my past and present life, and what I wanted to have and be able to do and I decided that I should probably start to focus more on my homeland and what I needed to be truly satisfied on more than a mental level. My sister’s been joking that I’ve rejected my former Caucasian ways and returned to my Asian roots and she’s right, I’ve started working on myself and planning out my return to the version of myself that made me the most happy.
You need to pull it together, be honest with yourself, and think about the sort of partner and lifestyle that you’d like one day. I talk all the time about having boundaries with my friends and with my romantic partners but I’ve really neglected the boundaries that I should have with myself and I’ve been working hard to put them back up and work on my self worth and self esteem. You need to be able to look at yourself and give yourself legitimate criticisms with legitimate solutions. It’s not productive to look at thinspo all day, criticise yourself in the mirror, starve for one week and then binge and purge the next but it is productive to be able to recognise that maybe you do need to lose weight and make a healthy and not extreme diet and exercise plan that you slowly begin to follow. Sit down, set boundaries for yourself, and start figuring out what you need to do, what niche of partner you’d like to market yourself towards, where you want to go in this world and in your own world, and what you want out of life. Things will be so much easier if you have a solid idea of what you want and what you’re working toward.
You need to put it all into action as soon as you can.
All good plans include action, you can sit online and grow for as long as you want and still end up with nothing because you were unable to actually put any of your plans into action. I’m a very action oriented woman and most of my life has involved leaping into action when necessary and letting myself be uncomfortable even when I’m terrified to put myself out there because I know that I won’t achieve anything or be worth anything if I don’t step out of my comfort zone. I was always shy growing up, I didn’t talk to many people and I was very attached to my sister, and then one day she was the one who got sick and I had to do all of the talking and work for both of us because I knew that she’d be unable to carry us forever. I was forced to become an individual and be independent without my social crutch and it’s been a major help to me for years, I’ve been able to speak to people without fear of rejection and really work on my social skills, I went to foreign schools and acclimated to all of my new environments just fine, and I’ve done a lot of hard work to make my life feel worthwhile and feel exotic.
You need to be willing to either take action and leap into life or settle with never being satisfied. If you legitimately think that you’re going to marry a millionaire and live a pampered life, that’s great, whatever, the cold fact of the matter is that the women who’ve achieved what you want haven’t done it online or sat on their asses without ever making a move and you’re not going to be the exception to that rule. You’re not special and you’re not above doing hard work, people will look down at you if you have no work ethic and if you take no initiative in your own life and you’ll waste time that you don’t have by procrastinating. You don’t need binders, you don’t need manifestation journals, and you don’t need unlimited resources, you need to get off of your ass and figure out how to make what you have work for you and market the hell out of yourself so that you actually start to know what success is. Life isn’t easy for young women, it never has been and it never will be and you don’t need to make it harder on yourself, cast all of your stay at home girlfriend day dreams away and put in the work to become someone who gets what she wants and who can be proud of her accomplishments, that’s the easiest way to win and to settle down rather quickly.
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soie-lux · 9 months ago
2022 will be...
- pilates and/or yoga 5 days a week
- taking care of my body, mind, and soul
- less screen time
- more podcasts and books, less social media
- home cooked meals and trying new recipes
- fresh flowers around the house
- peaceful days
- creating a staple wardrobe
- quality time with loved ones
- loose leaf tea before bed
- biweekly manicures
- at home facials, face masks, and gua sha massages
- growing in my faith
- working towards my dream life
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miracleunique · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The major 🔑 to a healthy leveled up lifestyle.
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femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
Never apologize for becoming the woman you're destined to be. Welcome to your dream girl era. It's time to live in your queen energy.
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harusclass · 8 months ago
Advice no one wants to hear:
You HAVE to put in the work or it isn't going to happen.
This means, yes, you're going to need to actually work constantly for a solid year to reach your goals. Probably longer than that, honestly. You are going to be tired and it isn't as easy as anyone makes it out to be.
But if you don't get up and make the change in your life, no one is.
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bbltheque · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You want access to me ? What's that ?
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financeprincess · 10 months ago
✨ Currently Manifesting... ✨
Regular facials, manis, pedis, massages, Brazilian waxes, lash lifts. Glowing skin. Glowy makeup. Fluffy curls. Microshaded brows. Laser hair removal. Veneers. Subtle plastic surgery. Intoxicating perfumes. Shopping. Diamonds. Designer bags. Credit card rewards. International travel. Networking. Career certifications. Investing more. Brunch with the girls. Picnics. Farmers markets. Art galleries. Museums. Fresh flowers. Silk scarves. Big sunglasses. Beautiful lingerie. Silk robes. Receiving lots of gifts. Lots of sunlight. Hot yoga. Incredible sex. Nature hikes. Tennis lessons. Green smoothies. Matcha lattes. Candles that smell expensive. Sleeping 8+ hours a night. Bubble baths. Studying foreign languages. Absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Book clubs. Pottery classes. Jazz & classical music. Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. Champagne. Charcuterie & bruschetta. Gelato. Fresh bread. Ocean air. Hugging my loved ones. Petting dogs. Giving lots of gifts. Journaling. Meditating. Gratitude. Volunteering. Donating to charity. Manners. Etiquette. Charisma. Therapy. Healthy boundaries. Radical personal responsibility. Positivity. Self care. Abundant love.
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baddie-drip · a month ago
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boredgirlsclub · 7 months ago
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green eating, green living, green minded 🤑💸
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supersavageq · 15 days ago
Upgrading my wardrobe with essentials. I’ve found that I don’t have a lot of classic pieces that I can wear. My wardrobe consists of ALOT of bodysuits which is perfect and other pieces but I want to add more pants, dresses, sweaters and button down shirts. Im thinking a trip to Ann Taylor, Banana Republic & Express is needed.
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