mcytblrconfessions · 5 months ago
I once read an sbi fanfic and it got discontinued but the authors reasoning was because they moved into tommyinnit's neighborhood and they didnt wanna write it anymore because they knew him. also they mentioned how they had covid as well as the fact that tommy had it. This was before anyone knew tommy had covid. I cannot remember at all what the fic was and it was probably a generic foster sbi fic i will never see again.
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jackplushie · 6 months ago
Jade intertwines his fingers in your hair,placing it at the back of your head. He tilts his head ever so slightly,a ghost of a smile playing on his lips. He pulls you close,hand ghosting over the small of your back. You do look rather cute,with those confused eyes and your lips just slightly open.
Tipping his hat to the side,he dives in,relishing the feel of your lips against his. No one should see this intimate moment between you two.
But to be honest?
He just doesn’t want anyone to see how cute you are,blush coating your cheeks,eyes shut tight. You do really trust him,don’t you?
Well,he’ll try his best not to betray that trust.
Floyd has his whims and fancies,and he expects you to follow him,wherever it takes both of you. Eating lunch from a tree,with your legs dangling down,or him swinging you around like a child,he does have some nonsensical ideas. Well,as long you both have fun.
Today was him pulling you beside him,backs to the rich purple plush seats of the Mostro lounge. The best seats in the house,if Floyd says so himself. Lil’ shrimpy worked so hard today,even without a squeeze! A smile,riddled with his razor sharp teeth. He looks at you,with half lidded eyes before pulling you closer to him,placing one side of his jacket over your back,his left arm still in the sleeve. Feeling you tense beside him sends shivers down his spine. He is a predator,after all,and cute little shrimpies are always the best prey. What he didn’t expect was for you to melt into him,leaning your head onto his shoulder with a sigh. He lets out a husky laugh,throwing his head back. What you don’t see is the blush growing on his cheeks.
Little shrimpy is just too cute,and he can’t get enough!
Azul is rather observant,especially when it comes to you. You have to be,to be a successful businessman. You have to know everything about your consumers,down to how they tie their shoelaces. Naturally,that includes you as well,but unlike others,he finds himself doing more and more for you,without expecting anything back. He doesn’t feel that greed when it comes to you,and if he’s being honest?
Your smile is worth his effort. Although some appreciation wouldn’t go amiss
So when he sees you shivering,his scarf is off his shoulders and around your neck in one fluid movement. He tugs it a little bit,asks if it’s too tight,too loose,does it feel ok? Do you need something else? You can have his jacket as well,he looks presentable with or without the suit.
When he notices you pulling the scarf to your nose and snuggling into it,it does take awhile for him to regain his composure.
You are rather endearing to him,truly.
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blackpercy · 6 months ago
hahah a forever faithful jason calling out to his father only to let him die, stabbed through his heart by a betrayer, watching all these deeds back at him and wondering for the first time if it was all worth it; a pawn for two goddesses; a useless politician and a heart torn between two camps, a faithful jason watching his mother wandering through the fields of asphodel, trying for decades to get that flicker of remembrance in her eyes, holding her ghost-like body in his own, trying to feel what a mother would have felt like
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sane-green · 2 months ago
sluttiest thing a man can do is read a book in public
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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rainybatpersondragon · 9 months ago
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mint-yooxgi · 3 months ago
Hello :) Can I pls request alpha yan! Mark finding his human mate?
The feeling had hit him like a truck. Mark should know, he was literally struck by one just as he felt the bond snap into place.
A few of his pack mates had gone for a run and he decided to tag along. As they were crossing the mountain pass which curved ever so dangerously towards the steep drop below where the forest resides, he caught an unfamiliar scent in the air. It had distracted him, enough so that he didn't register the honk of the oncoming vehicle, nor the flash of bright lights rounding the corner.
Mark had gone flying, his pack mates howling as he had landed with a harsh thud on the side of the road. Blood soaked the ground around him as his brothers had surrounded him, but through all the haze of pain, only one thing was on his mind. He had finally found you. After so long searching, you, his mate, had finally appeared.
Euphoria doesn't even begin to describe what he was feeling, and soon the pain faded, only leaving a dull ache in his bones.
One thought kept flitting through his mind, over and over again as his brothers practically dragged him back home. Mark needed to find you. He needed to meet you and finally see you in person. Here you were, so close to him, yet still so far away due to his carelessness.
Two weeks later, after he had fully healed and received a stern lecture on the safety of his well being from Taeyong, Johnny, and Haechan, he was finally able to trace your scent. Oh, how tempting it had been, too. The call of the bond urging him to sneak out while he was recovering to find you, to claim you like he so badly wanted and was meant to do.
He followed your scent to a small coffee shop in town, seeing you sitting by the window reading a book, and he swears his whole world stopped. There you were, the literal definition of perfection in his eyes, so oblivious to the longing pair of eyes that watched you from across the street. So unaware of the gaze that now beheld his entire world.
Mark was never one to drink much coffee, but he forced himself to make his way over and order something. You had looked up when he had walked walked in, the bell above the door chiming in time with his racing heart as he did his best to act oblivious.
Your gaze was like a warmth upon his skin, like basking in the sun's rays on a spring day in his favourite meadow as the wind ruffles through his fur and the birds sing all around him. It was then that he could see a glimpse of the future. His future together with you, sitting in that meadow with him and brushing your fingers through his hair.
The image of you looking at him with such a tender gaze, one full of love and affection, of longing and want, but more than all of that, of happiness nearly sends him to his knees right then and there. In fact, he's so distracted by his little fantasy, he barely registers his name being called out once his drink is ready. One thing he does notice, however, is the way your gaze lingers on his form as he leaves the coffee shop, despite every instinct within himself screaming for him to turn back, to stay with you by your side where he's meant to be. Where he's always meant to be.
And so, it continues like this for a few weeks back and forth. Mark trying desperately to take things slow, to court you in a proper setting the way modern times call for. The last thing he wants to do is scare you off before things truly even begin between the both of you. After all, once he has you, you'll have all of eternity with one another to figure things out.
You don't traverse the coffee shop every day, much to Mark's disappointment, but when you do, he always makes sure to make an appearance. Some days, he arrives to find you sitting in that same spot by the window, reading a new book or working on something on your laptop. Other times, you're just sitting there, watching the street from your spot and enjoying your drink. Either way, you can always count on Mark to be keeping a close eye on you in some way or other. Whether it be from over the top of his own book he's brought with him, or under the guise of listening to music while enjoying his drink, he always makes sure he knows exactly what you're doing.
There have even been a few times where Mark has followed you home. Taking on the form of his wolf, he stalks through the shadows, keeping a close eye on you and keeping you safe. Protecting you is his number one priority, and fuck, if he ever let anything happen to you he would never be able to forgive himself, let alone live with the consequences.
The one night, not two days ago, you had left your window open.
Mark knew it wasn't right to snoop, but those urges were just so strong, whispering for him to make sure that you were safe. After all, if he could get in, so could someone else. Honestly, it's a good thing he is around to protect you; what would you do without him?
Under the stillness of the moon, he had snuck into your bedroom.
As soon as his feet touched the floor, his eyes had flashed and he knew that this was probably a mistake. If your scent had affected him before, being directly surrounded by it now made him absolutely feral.
Taking a cautious step towards you, sleeping so soundly on your bed and blissfully unaware as to the monster creeping through your room, his hands had twitched. The urge to reach out and touch you, to run his fingers over that delicate skin he so badly wanted to feel beneath his own was overwhelming.
Over and over again, he could hear his beast growling in his mind.
My Mate.
With each step towards you, Mark was finding it harder and harder to control himself. Oh, how easy it would be to take you now. To say to hell with his original notion of taking things slow and just claim you as his own. It's what most of his brothers were telling him to do, anyways...
But, no. He can wait. He would never do that to you; force that upon you. You're worth it, and he is not a wild animal. Besides, it's only a matter of time now before you're his and he's yours, just like it was always meant to be.
That still didn't stop him from taking a piece of your clothing, though. For safe keeping, of course.
After that night, Mark started getting more bold. He started glancing at you more when he entered the shop. (A great decision on his part, honestly, his heart nearly combusted the first time you smiled at him). It became sort of routine at this point, for him to enter, meet your gaze, for you to smile back, or even his favourite, shoot him a little wave.
He even started to follow you home in his human form. Still keeping to the shadows, obviously, Mark would trail you, indulging in his fantasies of the day where you'd be going home together instead of just by yourself.
It was on one of these nights that everything went horribly wrong.
Mark had been feeling pretty good about the events of the evening. He got lucky, and the book he had brought with him had managed to be the same book you had just started to read. You had shared a quick little chuckle at that, and Mark had been over the moon. Knowing that he was the one who made you smile, to express such joy through your laughter was a feeling like no other.
All of that bliss had quickly shattered, though, when he realized that he wasn't the only one following you home that night.
The guy- the human- had been on you in an instant, pulling you into the darkness of the alleyway just before your house. Mark could hear your frantic heartbeats, the fear rolling off of you in waves as your pleas to let you go had fallen on seemingly deaf ears.
It had taken Mark no less than a second to rip that disgusting excuse of a human off of you. A second later to tear into his throat with his teeth, a snarl escaping him as his eyes flashed that all too familiar golden hue.
Spitting out the bitter chunk of flesh from his mouth, Mark felt a certain sense of pride swell in his chest. A smugness settled over him at being able to protect you, and prove to you just how well he could keep you safe.
He had turned to you then, blood running down his chin, and smiled.
"It's okay," he cooed, wrapping you in his arms as you trembled like a leaf in the wind. "I'm here now. I'll protect you. I'll always protect you."
Instead of feeling gratitude from you, that same fear permeated the air, making his brow furrow in confusion. Carefully, he began to brush his hand over your hair in what he assumed to be a comforting gesture. This only made you shake harder.
"You-" your voice came out small, barely audible over the fear you felt, "you're that guy from the cafe."
"Mark." His voice was firm, and he felt you tense within his grasp. "My name is Mark."
"Mark." Your lips parted ever so slightly, and finally, you stopped shaking despite terror still lacing your every word. "What do you want from me?"
The way his name sounded falling from your lips nearly sent him to his knees. His head had fallen into the side of your neck, practically using you to support himself as those all too familiar urges washed over him once more. He nearly groaned.
Only, as he took a deep inhale to answer you, he froze. A growl, low and feral tore from his throat. "That bastard's scent is still on you."
You froze, your blood running cold as you felt Mark press himself deeper into you, his face burying itself fully into the side of your neck. If didn't know any better, you'd say he had started almost nuzzling his face against your skin, smearing blood in his wake.
Finally, he acts on his urges.
"Mine." He growls, his fingers digging into your skin as he pulls you even closer. "All mine.You're mine."
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1eos · 4 months ago
idk like i just don’t understand how fandom nerds are not tired of watching shows written for an age demographic that can barely process complex emotions
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yesloulou · 2 months ago
ok wait this Max and Charles love talking to each other (in fact Charles used the word favorite) but have no contact outside of the paddock thing really puts this moment (Max drunkenly shouting to Charles from a yacht) into perspective. Max only talks to Charles when the adrenaline is high or when he's drunk I mean what does this tell us
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lemmielem · a month ago
Can you do 14 E for silco maybe when he got his eye yoinked if you hadn't done that yet
Tumblr media
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happybbh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
220711 b_hundred_hyun twitter update
ah right a tmi!! i got braces!
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firefox-official · 8 months ago
Are you a spooky bisexual or a liar?
excuse me?
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sapphic-xmania · 7 months ago
“Gay people?! In MY comic book?!”
It’s more likely than you think
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ranbooupdatesstuff · 4 months ago
— you've got ranmail !
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subtitledjerma · a year ago
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englishboylover · 8 days ago
pevensies and coffee, let's go!
peter : only drinks coffee in the morning. because he is a literal freaky morning person, he has a lot of free time in the mornings until his work/school starts so he sits in a silent room with his coffee and book, likes the peaceful feeling of it. once he spilled his coffee on his book and he screamed so hard that he woke everyone up at 5 a.m, they thought he had been shot.
prefers black coffee, does not like anything else in it. i know you are shocked.
susan : only drinks coffee in necessary situations. sometimes she studies so hard that she needs energy that's when she drinks coffee, especially when she has exams and needs to stay awake the whole night. otherwise coffee only distracts her so she does not like it, there should not be anything around her when she is studying.
also prefers black coffee but sometimes she adds a little bit milk in it.
edmund : is a literal coffee addicted. can't even think without it and often pretends like his life depends on it. has a hundred type of mugs because he is too lazy to wash them. always checks if there is coffee left at home and if not, he screams dramatically and threatens to kill peter if he drinks his coffee again. his score is two hours without coffee and he's proud of his success.
can drink any type of coffee but his favourite is mix of black coffee, milk and milk foam.
lucy : does and will not understand the idea of drinking black coffee, she hates it. she does not go any near peter or susan when they drink black coffee because all she can smell is caffeine, not coffee. edmund often makes different coffees for her and she loves to try them but never finishes. because she gets easily bored, she does not have a favourite.
will definitely add anything that would make her coffee sweeter but then it gives her nausea and she hates it and starts to complain, but she is cute while doing it so it's okay.
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sweetsuuun · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 𝓓 ear ׂ ̣. ゚ 𝚢𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚗 ! 🧾❄️𓂋
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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