so-idialed-9 · 2 days ago
Harry with a Louis ×͜× pride flag for the second time. There is no way he didn't notice the Louis smiley. Look at it folded up even, it's obvious. X
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HSLOT Austin Residency 6, 10.3.22
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rainbowsunflower · 2 days ago
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Harry talking to the little fan that skipped daycare to be there. 🥺
(HSLOT22 Austin n6)
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thedarlingfawn · a day ago
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。.⊹Austin, night 6. 💖
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When Harry wears a vest, you know it's gonna be a sick outfit.
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oksfranta · 2 months ago
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He said happy 1d anniversary you all [x]
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hlkings · 3 months ago
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Harry Styles | Wembley Night 2
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invisiblevoyager · 4 months ago
“you don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up”
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hereforh · 3 months ago
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why are we not talking about this picture. look at him. ☹️❤️
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goldencherryhazz · 2 months ago
An: just a little blurb about spooning with h on the set of the late night talking mv, which I am completely in love with. No warnings just fluff, feedback would be much appreciated, enjoy <3
Tumblr media
‘Babyyyy?’ Harry whines from the bed he was currently tucked into.
‘What’s up H’ you reply walking up to him, dodging the various people and extras who were preparing to shoot the next scene for the music video.
‘Want you’ he pouts and you can’t help but chuckle at your boyfriend who had covered practically every part of himself with the duvet except his face, and his pout was clear to see.
‘Im right here, not going anywhere’ you coo at him flicking some stay strands of hair out of his face.
‘Wanna cuddle though, I’m sleepy and I need you to fall asleep’ he moans like a five year old child.
‘We can’t fall asleep though baby, everyone’s going to be ready to film the next bit soon’ you tell him but he was having non of it.
‘I can tell them to go and take a break, then I can have a nap and you can cuddle me, please, just want to be close to you, miss you’ and you can’t say no to that, not that you ever really denied him of anything. You knew as well that his persistence was due to the fact that he had been working non stop recently, meaning he was a bit more tired than normal, the use of beds for the video not helping the situation one bit, and whenever he was sleepy and you were around he would cling to you, not that you minded, you found comfort in looking after him in times like this.
‘Okay baby, I’m coming’ you say crawling onto the bed, and you can’t help but fawn over Harry’s beaming smile, pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks to which he lets out a cute little laugh. You shuffle so that you are directly behind him under the covers before laying down and spooning Harry, wrapping your arm around his plushy waist.
Once you are settled Harry lets out a dreamy sigh, you could feels his muscles loosening at your presence ‘love it when you’re the big spoon’ he says finally.
‘I know you do baby’ you press a kiss right between his shoulder blades.
‘Feel so safe’ he mumbles, yawning straight after he said is showing how tired he truly was. Even with the hustle and bustle of people around him all he truly cared about in this moment was you and the way that he could feel your heartbeat through his back which was enough to send him to sleep peacefully, knowing that your were right next to him. He had to battle with his eyes to try and stay awake.
‘Always gonna keep you safe H, my baby’ you whisper squeezing your arm around him a bit more.
‘Your big baby’ he smiles at the concept, loving how you were taking care of him at that moment, how you always took care of him when he needed you most.
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so-idialed-9 · a day ago
Any Larries in the Chicago area want to buy an extra HSLOT for Sun Oct 9 2022 from the person was supposed to go with me?
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rainbowsunflower · 3 months ago
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Lights up and they know who you are. Do you know who you are? 🏳️‍🌈
HSLOT22 - Manchester N1 (X)
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thedarlingfawn · 2 days ago
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 11 months ago
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Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @finekisses
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
Needy baby - by @harryforvogue
Tell me you love my cock - by @stellarboystyles
Nervous - by @watchmegetobsessed
Studio session - by @harrygivenchy
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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oksfranta · 2 months ago
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hlkings · a month ago
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He really said: “Make HSLOT gay again” 🌈
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sweetest-devotion · 3 months ago
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Harry in Palomo Spain. The Holy Trinity ™
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erodasfishtacos · 4 months ago
Madly In Love
* a mini mini curious gazes for hslotrry/something to hold you over :)))*
Angelique, Sam, Tasha, and Alice were absolutely shocked and excited when a group of people knock on their door and ask if they’d like to be a part of The Late Late Show with Harry Styles.
They all managed to plan it cool and managed not to disclosed that they’d all went to Harryween Night One and Two plus Love on Tour.
It seems like a cruel joke until James Corden is ringing their doorbell, standing alone before Harry pops out of the corner with a shy smile - clearly following behind the host.
After the shot, all the camera crew pile in to begin to set up - Harry shakes each other the girls hands and introduces himself like they don’t know who he is.
As everyone waits around for it to be all set up, Alice whispers sharply to her friends, “Holy shit. Look who just walked in the front door!”
They all whips their heads to see YN Styles, stepping through the threshold with a iced coffee and Ben Winston next to her - chatting away.
In awe, they all watch as she steps into the living room and notices the girls standing in their little group.
When she walks over, they’re a bit gobsmacked by how gorgeous she is up close, she smells like chanel number five mixed with dark tobacco that most likely rubbed off on her from Harry.
“Hi! I’m YN,” She greets brightly, nodding toward Harry who’s talking to James, “Thanks for letting him use your apartment. It reminds me of our flat right after he lost x-factor.”
“Heyyyy,” Harry manages to eavesdrop, striding over and giving YN a firm pinch to the bum, “I came in third and I think m’doing alright for myself.”
“Third isn’t first,” YN teases, Alice thinks that they’ve had this debate before and she knows it’s going to rile him up, “But whatever helps you sleep at night.”
Harry is giving his wife a stare-down, eyes narrowed and he’s trying to tamper down a smile before crew shouts to get everybody in order.
YN takes a spot in a corner chair that’s out of shot, sipping on her coffee, and watching with a fond smile as James asks the girls questions.
Alice can’t help but notice all the small interactions they have throughout the day.
Harry will go over to YN at random points during breaks where they have to rearrange the cameras and whisper lowly to her.
It usually results in her running a hand through his hair, squeezing his hip, and rubbing her thumb over his puffy lips almost to soothe him.
Harry is so so sweet is the thing but it’s obvious to all of the girls how uncomfortable he is, in comparison to James who has no ounce of shyness in his body.
When he’s piled on the couch with them, Angelique notices how tense he holds himself, kindly putting as much space as possible and hesitating when James tells him to move closer to them.
Harry goes along with what James says, for the most part.
Alice catches whispered words between the couple as they set up for Harry to film in their bathtub.
“James wants me to take my shirt off,” Harry quietly tells his wife, his eyes searching her face, “And I don’t want to.”
YN doesn’t laugh at him or roll her eyes, she replies back - tone soft and understand, “Then tell him that, bunny. You don’t ever have to do anything like that when you don’t want to.”
Harry then leans down and nuzzles his nose against his wife’s, giving her a quick kiss, and asking, “Do you think m’just being dumb? Take my clothes off all the time. Just feels weird to do in this apartment with -“
Alice watches as YN stops him with a squeeze to his bicep, seriousness in her voice when she tells him, “You are not being dumb. It doesn’t matter that you don’t mind being shirtless other times. If you’re mind is telling you that you don’t want to, you need to listen, H.”
Alice realizes that YN must help him not get sucked in by influences, Harry seems so kind and eager to please that sometimes he might have trouble saying no - especially to his friends like James.
“Thank you,” He murmurs to her, his large hand resting on her thigh, “I think we’re almost done. We can go to that pizza place down the road? Then can we go take a bath?”
YN giggles fondly, readjusting his chunky necklace and fixing his hair, “If you’re good.”
“M’always good for you, darling,” Harry replies with a pout but he’s pulled away from the conversation by James.
Alice always had wondered how they’d stayed together all this time and now realizes how obvious the answer is.
They’re still madly madly in love.
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