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scrawny ass
Tumblr media
— you met online with him requesting to fund your lifestyle. no idea who he is or what he looks like, but his offer is too appealing to deny. so you agree, sure you’ll never meet this man in person. but what happens when a regular at your club seems to feel a bit too familiar…
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Tumblr media
must be nice sharing an apartment with your colleague after you’ve been on his case all day for fucking up at work.
Tumblr media
pairing — hoseok x female reader
genre — angst, smut
word count — 2.7k
warnings/tags — *please note that this is all consensual. do not read if you’re uncomfortable with somnophilia* coworkers!au, roommates!au, dom!hobi, sub!reader, scolding, swearing, a hint of jealousy, explicit smut, somnophilia, fingering, oral (f receiving), dirty talk, spitting (yk saliva..), pussy slapping, finger sucking, the beginning of a blowjob
a/n: i’m so h word lmaooo!!! jackinthebox hobi hitting different 😩😩😩 part 2 maybe?
Tumblr media
As you unlocked the door to your shared apartment, you trudged in with a scowl on your face, setting your bag down onto the table as Hoseok followed behind. Neither of you exchanged any words on the way home, and you wanted to keep it that way.
Just as Hoseok was about to lock himself in his room, you started talking, “What was going on with you today at work? You can be honest now since there’s no one else around,” you turn around to face the questioned man, arms crossed and tapping your heel against the floor.
The awkwardness was taking over. He looked back at you, rubbing the back of his neck to ease the growing heat, “Uh.. at work I get tensed up and you often make it more difficult with all the pressure.”
Hoseok looks up at you briefly, expecting to hear you throw a bunch of shit at him, but before you even got to that stage, he continued, “And then there’s that measurements system the company works with here that’s still a little difficult for my head to wrap around. I’m more used to my national standards, so it’s just weird around here.” With every word, he was growing a little more confident, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t shifting himself right now. “I would just.. greatly appreciate if you didn’t constantly pressure me, and the other employees for that matter.”
You could only scoff at his words. You weren’t that kind of colleague. You refused to be that kind of colleague. You were merely motivating them your way.. which consisted of a lot of rough language and maybe a few unsolicited, work-related threats.
You cleared your throat and took a few steps towards him. “I understand that you came from abroad, but international or not, you’re meant to know every measurement system by heart, since this company is global. It’s one of the requirements needed to get the role.” You were trying to be smart, trying to find every possible way you could one-up on him by spewing out complete bullshit at this point. “Ha, who did you fuck to get this job?”
It was a strong claim you were making, and you knew Hoseok wasn’t interested in that stuff. The guy literally lived and breathed work.
“Excuse me?” he spoke up, his tone a little more stern than before. Did you really think he was that incompetent he couldn’t get a job through normal means? That the only way he could ever be successful was by getting into someone’s pants?
It was no lie that Hoseok was a desirable man within the workplace; with him working under you, you noticed many hungry eyes that would follow him down the corridors, in the cafe, in his shared office. But you hated it, because someone would always come up to you, asking about his relationship status only because you lived with him. It was exhausting having to refuse 10 girls a day asking for his number.
“I have the required qualifications and a degree in data analysis. That’s how I got the job. I’m sorry you can’t seem to understand, but I’ll let you think what you want.”
It was clear this dilemma was no longer a professional matter. It was off the job hours, and neither of you were on company property. Did it matter how far you went with your comments?
Of course it did. Hoseok was still your friend.
He continues, “If I were to fuck anyone above me for this job, I’m pretty sure I would’ve fucked you by now.”
“I beg your pardon?” You knit your eyebrows at the lean man, seemingly mad but really, you were just trying to fight the urge to let your eyes dip down his suited body.
Hoseok merely dismisses you, turning the knob of his bedroom door, “I’ll work on it tonight and fix it by tomorrow.” And then he disappears behind the door, leaving you to stand there alone, your growing pile of insults only towering on top of one another with nowhere to go.
“I— fuck..” You groan and ball your hands into tight fists, “Fuck you, Jung Hoseok!” you shout, flipping him off with your middle finger. You didn’t know if you were cussing him out as your colleague, roommate, or friend, but all you knew was that you needed to call it a day. The day so far was stressful and exhausting enough, you didn’t need Hoseok to add more to your stress when you were literally in your own home.
You snatch your bag off the counter and storm into your room, making sure to slam the door shut extra loud (loud enough for him to hear) before throwing yourself front-first onto your bed.
Tumblr media
For the remainder of the day, Hoseok was glued to his laptop, Excel opened on half of his screen and another tab on the other half showing him the correct measurements he should’ve used first time around. His mistakes were pretty deep, so he scrapped the whole spreadsheet and created a new one from scratch; this time ensuring he used the correct formulas and such so as to not have a repeat of this morning.
He spent hours trying to perfect it, and when he was done, he attached it to your work email address, double checking your status before actually sending it through.
Offline (5 hours)
Good. It meant he could relax a little before you got the chance to scold him for messing up again.
He finally got out of his desk and left his room, with the sole intention to get something to eat, but actually, he hadn’t heard from you since you got back. Normally you’d be screaming your head off on the phone, arguing with someone over purchase orders and invoices, but Hoseok’s ears were met with silence.
He may hate you right now, but he was still a little concerned about you, so he stopped his journey to the fridge and instead made his way to your room, noticing your bedroom door was slightly ajar and the room was dark. Forming a hook with his index finger, he’d knock on your door softly, cautious to not wake up the beast within you (he had the bitter experience of dealing with your moody attitude when you didn’t get enough sleep).
When there was no response from inside, he slowly pushed the door wide open, giving himself room to lean against the door frame as your body soon came into sight. Hoseok stared at you for a minute, arms crossed over his chest as his eyes scanned you up and down. You looked so peaceful; the complete opposite of how you were a couple hours ago and he wondered why you couldn’t be like this more often.
The prettiest.
You were fast asleep on your side, still clad in your work clothes but having already ditched your blazer on the chair by your desk. Your skin tight skirt was partly rolled up your thighs, giving him the perfect view of your pretty panties sitting between your legs and he wondered just how often you rocked up to work like that.
It wasn’t his place to judge though, nor was it his place to gravitate towards your bed, but he was doing it anyway.
“Fuck…” he curses under his breath, diverting his eyes elsewhere, but he always found them landing on you.
Before you were his superior, you were his friend and his roommate. Right now, he just wanted to deal with you.
His way.
Hoseok found himself kneeling on your mattress, his ears picking up on your steady breathing. It was almost silent but he knew you slept like a rock in general, so he had nothing to worry about.
He ran his fingertips along the curve of your body, being extremely subtle with his touch to not wake you up. He waited for you to ease up a little before hooking his finger under the hem of your skirt, pulling it up gently to bunch at your hips so he could set his palm on the flesh of your ass. With his thumb spreading you apart, he had a front row view of your soiled panties practically glued to your heat and he had to resist the urge to groan.
You had to be dreaming. You couldn’t be this wet over nothing.
Hoseok shifted your underwear to the side and almost salivated at the sight of your stripped cunt from behind, glistening in all its glory and he couldn’t wait any longer; finally closing in on the gap between you two and landing a long, needy lick against you, then running the tip of his tongue up and down between your folds until he was forced to stop.
Your legs were closing in on his face and as much as he hated the idea of it, he tore himself away to look up at you; still fast asleep, yet you’re once soft features now looked tense.
Why weren’t you waking up?
To make things a little easier for himself, he placed his hand over your hips, turning you over to lie on your back (which was too easy) so he could be met with you sound asleep; silk blouse slipping down your shoulders, all creased. Your cleavage was peeking out from under the silk material with the added hint of lace accompanying.
He cursed under his breath and diverted his attention to the mess between your legs, leaning in to place a small kiss over your clit before his tongue lapped at your folds. He didn’t miss the way your breathing had quickened and your body shuddered, and it all felt like a dream to you.
A dream you refused to wake up from.
From your bodily reactions, Hoseok could tell you were left absolutely starved. With the role you had, he doubted you had an output for your needs. Maybe he could ease some of the stress for you so he wouldn’t need to deal with your sour attitude once you wake up.
“Cute..” he mutters to himself, trailing his index finger between your legs, spreading your folds apart to blow lightly against you.
You started shifting against the bed, unknowingly edging your hips closer towards him, and it startled him for a second when his finger ‘accidentally’ dipped inside you, earning a breathless sigh from you.
Just that triggered Hoseok to latch his mouth onto your sensitive bundle of nerves, sucking harshly whilst his finger disappeared inside you, enveloped nicely by your soft walls as your quiet moans filled his ears.
“Oh, God.. Hobi…”
Shit, it was the hottest thing he’d ever heard you say, and it drove him mad, now flattening his tongue against your drenched folds as his nose budged at your clit. His finger was pumping in and out of you at a slow pace at first, but once he added a second finger, his pace was ungodly, it left you writhing.
Hoseok licked up all the juices that continuously seeped out of you whilst your mind became a haze. The air surrounding your sleeping body grew hot within a couple minutes and suddenly this dream was feeling a little too real. You were so sensitive, and it was something your fellow roommate wasn’t expecting, and normally he’d go easy, but after the way you treated him today? Easy was not an option. Not when you were dreaming about him with your pussy all out in the open.
“More.. more, more…” you chant softly to yourself, your eyelids momentarily opening only to close shut again as soon as he forcefully gripped your hips with one hand to pull you towards his mouth, giving him the room to leisurely lick upwards as a stream of your arousal connected the both of you.
Both his digits would swim inside you, copping a feel of you clamping down on him greedily. “Like this, huh?” he questions, feeling around your tight pussy in slow circles whilst kissing at your inner thighs.
The gesture was soft enough to wake you up; eyes fluttering open to look down at your coworker with his head between your legs. He expected you to kick him in the face, but the soft pout on your lips said otherwise.
“Hoseok.. what—?”
He spat down onto your cunt, watching the glistening substance trickle down your slit before attaching his mouth around your swollen nub, forcing you to whimper. The last thing he wanted was for you to scold him and he couldn’t take you seriously in this state.
“I think we’ve established our dear Miss L/N, likes getting her pretty pussy ate, when she’s not breathing down our necks,” he teases, plunging two digits into your gaping hole and watching your body jerk at the impact. “Isn’t that right, Y/N?”
The satisfaction was overwhelming for you, having just woken up and still trying to adjust your sight by blinking a couple times, but did you really wanna see the mocking faces he was making at you? You already knew it was Hoseok from all the rings on his fingers glimmering from the light coming through the doorway.
“God, yes..” you breath out, adjusting your position to prop yourself up on your forearms, your eyebrows knitted together and bottom lip all swollen from how hard you were biting down on it.
“You gonna fire me for this, Y/N?” A low chuckle is heard from the pits of his throat as Hoseok withdrew his fingers from inside you, delivering a harsh smack to your oversensitive cunt, and before you could release a cry, he was lying on his side beside you with an arm propping him up, whilst the two fingers that were drenched in a mixture of saliva and slick delve into your mouth in a bid to shut you up.
You didn’t have the powers to fire him (not that you’d want to if he kept treating you like this), God knows you were shamelessly enjoying yourself.
“D’you think I’d get a promotion for this? For getting my hands on my superior and treating her desperate pussy the way it deserves to be treated?” Hoseok’s eyes lingered down to your flushed cheeks and teary eyes, pushing his fingers further into your mouth as your lips wrapped around his long digits.
You did a poor job at avoiding making a mess, drooling down the base of his fingers until the substance dripped down your chin, making it even more difficult for you to respond.
Hoseok revelled in watching you struggle. It made the blood rush to his cock faster than he anticipated and he made sure to rut himself against the side of your hips. “I’ve been up all fucking night doing some bullshit spreadsheet for you, and look where it got me,” he seethes, annoyance gripping at his tone as he pulled his fingers out of your mouth, leaving you a heaving, gasping mess.
You barely had any time to catch your breath before Hoseok climbed on top of you, cupping your jaw and forcing you to look up at him.
“You gonna apologise for earlier?”
“No.” You had nothing to apologise for. Hoseok fucked up, and that was on him. You were merely disciplining him for his incompetence. If he couldn’t handle a scolding, then what the fuck was he doing in this company?
“No?” he repeats your words, now squeezing your cheeks together and leaning down to ghost his lips over your pouty ones. “I know women like you don’t just give out apologies. I’m tired of your shit, so I’ll make you apologise.”
“I don’t need to apologise to you!” You felt much more awake than you were before, and you cocked a challenging brow at him, a little startled when he climbed on top of you, fiddling with the fly of his creased dress pants so he could pull his cock out to let himself dangle above your face.
You didn’t expect him to be so… big, and it looked like Hoseok noticed the first round shock on your face and he chuckled, holding his heavy cock in his hands as he edged his bulging tip towards your lips and almost forcing himself past to watch you earnestly take his cock like he dreamed.
“Better put that mouth of yours to good use, or I’ll end up fucking you raw.”
Tumblr media
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Recs Masterlist:
Tumblr media
Poly/OT7 I Poly/OT7 II
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Kim Namjoon:
Kim Namjoon I
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Kim Seokjin:
Kim Seokjin I
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Min Yoongi:
Min Yoongi I
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Jung Hoseok:
Jung Hoseok I
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Park Jimin:
Park Jimin I
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Kim Taehyung I
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Jeon Jungkook:
Jeon Jungkook I
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I cannot stress this enough:
Soft sleepy sex with Hoseok, intimate and slow and maybe a bit of overstimulation... that's it- my mind can't think any further 🥥
Tumblr media
You'd never trade quiet, sleepless nights with your boyfriend for anything in the world, even when sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart around you.
✿ pairing: hoseok x reader
✿ rating/genre: BTS | 18+ | established relationship | fluffy smut
✿ word count/date: 3k | August 2022
✿ warnings: cunnilingus | fingering | handjob | marking | multiple orgasms | overstimulation | unprotected vaginal sex
✿ notes: pls this request had me going full on raging DELULU
✿ masterlist | ao3 | join my taglist
✿ what was jai listening to? belong to you (ft. 6lack) - sabrina claudio
Tumblr media
Gentle. Always gentle. A long time ago, you used to hate being treated gently. The vulnerability that came with someone taking care of you, being soft with you, knowing every little detail about you enough to shape their world around you… it was hard. Scary. Gross, even. You wanted to be tougher than that because one day that gentleness would end and how would that leave you? 
That is, until you met him. 
You felt Hoseok wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you snug against his chest so he could tuck his face into the crook of your neck. His warm breath tickled goosebumps across your shoulders and arms, but his grip kept you grounded. His hands pressed into your sides to hold you in place. Like a weighted blanket, you felt secure with him on his side behind you, the rise of his chest comforting as he breathed against your back. 
His warmth and the pattern of his breathing was almost enough to lull you back to sleep. You couldn’t tell what time it was. The storm raging outside knocked the power out just before the two of you climbed into bed, but you assumed only an hour or so had passed. 
“Hey,” Hoseok whispered in your ear. You let out a small ‘mmm’ in response and nestled backwards into his arms even more deeply. “Are you having trouble sleeping?” 
You nodded, eyes still closed. A crack of lightning briefly lit up your dark bedroom with white light bright enough to penetrate your eyelids. 
“Want me to make you some tea?” 
Forcing your eyes open, you twisted around to face him. Hoseok’s hair was messy, wavy strands flopped in every direction. You reached up to brush his bangs away from his eyes. He’d been growing out his hair and you quite liked being able to ruffle the strands around, watching them fluff up and flop to the side. Especially the hair at the back of his neck that was now longer than you’d ever seen it. You liked the way it made him look rugged and slightly unkempt; the exact opposite of your responsible, well-organized Hobi. 
At this point, you were just barely able to make out the details of his features in the dark. But you felt the way he leaned into you and you knew to meet him halfway so he could give you a light peck on the forehead. Gentle. Always gentle. 
“No, it’s okay,” you insisted. You gave him a tap on the nose. “You’re too considerate sometimes.” 
“Yes you are.” 
“Only a little bit.” 
“A lotta bit.” 
A pout was his next rebuttal. You reached out to press your fingers against his lips as though you were trying to smooth them out. When you moved to pull away, Hoseok caught your hand and pressed it against his mouth again. He kissed your palm, then each fingertip. The softness of his touch sent shivers down your arm. 
“It’s because I love you so much,” he murmured, his voice tired and thick. 
Before you could respond, he cupped your face and pulled you towards him. His lips moved against yours softly, guiding you into a slow dance you’d only dance with him. A smooth hand ran down your side to stop at your hip, squeezing it lightly. Your fingers found Hoseok’s hair, tangling in the loose waves at the back of his head and tugging just enough to make him sigh against your mouth. You captured his bottom lip between your teeth when he slightly parted his lips, taking advantage of the opportunity to nibble and suck on it. 
“You’re gonna start something,” Hoseok spoke gruffly when he pulled away. You tugged at his hair again and got the quietest of moans out of him. “I’m serious.” 
Even if he hadn’t said anything, his growing erection pressed against your body said enough. 
“Maybe I want to start something.”
The room stood still, shadows from the swaying tree branches outside the only movements. Eventually, Hoseok shifted, pressing his chest against yours with enough force to roll you onto your back. Wordlessly, he shifted beneath the blankets to hover above you. His forearms rested on either side of your head while you felt him spread your legs apart with his knee. Slotting himself between your thighs, he lazily rolled his hips into yours. You whimpered from the pressure and the heat radiating off of him. Soon you felt that heat on your neck as Hoseok sucked hickeys onto you, swirling his tongue against your skin. In the past, you thought making love was boring, that you needed to be treated roughly in order for sex to be fun. You were accustomed to being used. Sex with Hoseok, though? It was heated and weightless. 
He left wet kisses along your throat while his hands gripped the hem of your t-shirt. Well, his t-shirt, an old baggy one he never wore anymore. He cradled the back of your head as he pulled it off, careful to rest you back onto your pillow. 
“It’s so cold,” you whispered. 
Hoseok pulled the blanket up, making himself disappear beneath it in the process. With him out of sight, you lifted up the blanket slightly to peek at him, only to drop it in favor of squeezing the bed sheets beneath you as you felt him drag your underwear down your legs. He grabbed the back of your thighs and pushed forward so your legs were lifted up, feet against his shoulders and pussy on display. The inability to see what he was doing under the blanket only heightened your desire and you felt your arousal drip down. 
One hand pressed hot into your hip where your thigh creased from the angle Hoseok had your legs pushed up. The other slipped between your thighs. 
“Hobiii,” you moaned, head slightly lifting off the bed when you felt his fingers swipe at your wetness gathering around your entrance. 
He coated his fingertips before sliding his fingers upwards, parting your lips until he got to your clit and began circling it. You clenched, though the way he had you folded into yourself made it difficult for you to get any friction to provide relief. Instead he kept you raised and spread open, fingers slippery and sticky. It was easy for him to slip two fingers inside of you, even easier to hit that sweet spot on your front wall to have you lifting off the bed again. The way he pumped into you was sleepy and slow, but you hadn’t expected anything faster. Hoseok shouldn’t have even been doing this; you knew how exhausted he was. He should have been sleeping. 
Instead, you felt him shift, his shoulders dropping down slightly. And then you felt the tip of his tongue flick against your clit. 
“Fuck, babyy, oh fuck.” You immediately let go of the bed sheets and slipped your arms beneath the blanket, fingers digging into Hoseok’s hair. 
“Mmhmm, uhh huhh,” Hoseok moaned into your pussy, his lips closing around your clit. He suckled it softly, applying such light pressure while his tongue licked at you that you felt like you were going to explode. 
“More, baby,” you whined. “Faster.” 
He shook his head, smearing his lips with your arousal, and you weren’t sure if that was an answer to your requests or just him enjoying his late night snack. Likely the former since he returned to gently sucking your clit and taking his sweet time pumping his fingers in and out of you. 
“Please, Hobi.” 
Begging usually got you what you wanted, especially when you used the breathy, high-pitched, pornographic whine that you knew drove him crazy. To add to your plea, you tugged a bit harder on his hair, dragging your fingers through his bangs to pull the strands out of his face. 
Suddenly, his mouth left your pussy and your next whine was that of disappointment. When his tongue returned it was to lick along your lips, and he occasionally pressed kisses everywhere but your clit. 
“It’s bedtime,” you heard him speak from the darkness. “I’m going slow to lull my baby to sleep, okay?” Then his lips were burning into you once again. 
Your build up was gradual, a growing throb as your clit became even hotter and more swollen with every lap of Hoseok’s tongue and curl of his fingers. You squirmed and arched your back beneath him, cursing him for taking his time with you even when you both knew you loved it. The fact that your sheets were already soaked through was a testament to that. Who the fuck cared if you were tired and supposed to be sleeping? Every drag of Hoseok’s hot tongue across your clit, every drip of his saliva coating your pussy had him practically exorcizing your soul from your body. 
But when Hoseok unexpectedly slipped a third finger inside of you and sucked your clit with a tiny bit more force, he finally got you unraveling in a flash of white light that you weren’t sure was you cumming or the lightning outside. 
Your legs twitched uncontrollably where they’d flopped over Hoseok’s shoulders and down his back. Exhaustion made them heavy, and you struggled to move them while Hoseok wouldn’t let go of you. He’d removed his fingers from you and had both his hands on the backs of your thighs, keeping you spread open as he continued sucking your clit. 
“Hobi, oh my god, please, I came already,” you whimpered, pulling his hair to get his attention. He moaned a response into your skin and began lapping against you, flicking your clit from side to side. Your body jerked forward, but Hoseok’s grip on your thighs kept you pushed down. 
“Jung Hoseok.” 
Rather than sound threatening, your voice cracked and Hoseok had the audacity to laugh. 
Tears welled up in your eyes and your body jerked again when you felt his teeth gently graze the top of your clit. A guttural moan was torn from your throat as you came a second time, squeezing Hoseok’s hair so tightly you were sure you’d ripped a few strands out accidentally. 
Finally, finally, Hoseok emerged from beneath the blanket. He crawled up to hover over you once again, chest heaving and arms caging you in. 
“It was hard to breathe under there,” he laughed again. 
You opened your mouth to speak but all you could do was whimper once again. 
“What was that, baby?” Hoseok drawled. He dipped his head down to nip at your earlobe and your eyes fluttered. 
“Felt good,” you finally found your voice. 
“Better than tea?” 
“Much better.” 
Hoseok chuckled, sleepy eyes meeting yours through his bangs that fell forward, slightly obscuring his face. The storm outside wasn’t raging as loudly against the windows, but the occasional lightning bolt still lit up your bedroom, allowing you to see more flickers of his face. You brought your fingers to his throat, running them along his Adam’s apple until you reached the dip where his collarbones met, before venturing down his bare chest. When your fingers dragged down his abdomen, you felt Hoseok suck in his stomach and heard him hiss lightly. 
“What about you?” you whispered. You reached the waistband of his briefs, but you didn’t move any lower. Still, you could feel Hoseok’s cock twitch against you. 
“I’m okay, baby. Don’t worry about me. I want you to sleep.” 
He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck for a moment before he began to pull away from you. There he was, being too considerate again. How many times had he insisted he didn’t need anything from you? You’d never met someone more selfless. It wasn’t fair. 
You quickly slipped your hand into his underwear and squeezed his cock, rolling your palm around the tip where precum already started to drip out. 
“Shit, babe…” Hoseok stayed nuzzled in the crook of your neck and bucked into your hand with languid thrusts. There wasn’t a desire to chase a high, but more so a desire to relish in the warmth of your hand, the firmness of your grip, the comforting smell of your body wash. 
“Is it embarrassing,” he took a deep breath and pulled away from your neck to look you in the eyes as he thrusted again, “that I could cum right now, just from this?” 
“Maybe a little bit.” 
Your honesty and the giggle that followed brought a frown to Hoseok’s face. You had no intention of letting him cum in your hands. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you smoothed out his frown when you pulled him into a kiss. Your hands traveled the lean muscles of his back, reaching down to squeeze his ass. 
“Feisty.” You felt him smirk against your lips. Hooking your fingers beneath the waistband of his underwear, you pulled the clothing down his thighs and waited for him to sit back to completely remove them. 
“Come up here,” you ordered him, but Hoseok shook his head. 
“I’m too tired to fuck your mouth. Let me put my energy into fucking you the right way.” 
You felt a shiver down your spine and nodded silently as you spread your legs wider to accommodate him. 
Hoseok ran his hands down your legs until he could reach around to the back of your thighs. Pushing them up, he folded you nearly in half as he had when he ate you out, keeping you slightly elevated and wide open for him. Since his hands were occupied, you reached between your bodies to guide him. Hoseok’s breath hitched when you lined his cock up with your entrance. 
He sunk into you slowly, taking his time slipping inch by inch to allow you to adjust and to savor the high that came with that initial thrust. Your mind was still foggy from two orgasms and a lack of sleep, so you appreciated his thoughtfulness as he eased into you. 
“Mmmm,” he sighed once he bottomed out and your bodies were flush against each other. Leaning forward slightly, Hoseok rested both of your legs on his shoulders. 
“Yeah baby?” Your voice trembled as you watched him brush his lips along your calf, planting a soft kiss at your ankle. His hands fell to your waist to hold your hips down as he drew back. He pulled out of you as far as he could just to slowly ease into you once again. Each thrust was thoughtful, intentional. His strokes were slow, but long and deep. 
“You know you leave me speechless,” Hoseok groaned, pushing a bit deeper in his next thrust. Your whimpers got louder when you felt him brush your cervix, his fingers pushing you hard into the bed. 
Hoseok was definitely the biggest you’d ever been with, but even more importantly, he was the most fluid in his movements. He knew how to move his body with flexibility and grace, which for you was the most satisfying aspect of sleeping with him. You never had to put in work to get yourself off; every roll of Hoseok’s hips made his cock glide against your g-spot and his pelvis stimulate your clit. You weren’t an object for Hoseok to use to get off. No, Hoseok put your pleasure in the center of everything he did. 
Although sometimes that wasn’t necessary. He brought his fingers to your clit, but you swatted him away. 
“I’m tapped out,” you sighed. You really didn’t need him to try to make you cum three times. What was this, porn?? Two orgasms was plenty. 
“Are you really?” he smiled, a hand creeping back towards your clit. You swatted at him again. “Alright, alright. I’ll cum without you like an asshole.”
“Stop being so dramatic.” You clenched your muscles around his cock and Hoseok let out a low moan. If he was ready to bust from a simple handjob, you were sure he was having to work hard to keep it together now that he was inside you. 
“Do that again for me, baby,” he said in a shaky breath that confirmed your suspicions. Another moan rumbled from him when you did as you were told, tightening around him and pressing your thighs against his abdomen. “Fuck, fuck,” he hissed through clenched teeth. 
You loved to watch Hoseok fall apart. The tip of his tongue poked out of his mouth when he bit down on the muscle as he was concentrating on each gentle snap of his hips against yours. His strong hands squeezed your waist to ground himself once his thrusts became a bit erratic. His messy hair fell into his eyes when he leaned his head slightly forward to watch your bodies collide. 
“Hobi,” you moaned, reaching up to pull him into a kiss. “Cum for me, baby. You’ve been so good for me.” 
“You,” he took a deep breath, “You are so fucking sexy.” 
Your legs fell down to wrap around Hoseok’s waist as he leaned into your kiss. One hand stayed at your waist while another slid down to grip your thigh against his hip as Hoseok picked up his pace. His breathing came out ragged against your cheek, his lips sucking little kisses along your jaw until he was back to marking up your neck. 
He squeezed you hard when he came, whimpering and moaning your name into your neck like the sweetest lullaby. When he slowly eased his body on top of yours you welcomed the pressure of his weight, even though it was difficult to breathe. 
“Better than tea?” 
Hoseok snorted, but you saw his eyes sparkle in the moonlight as he gently pulled out of you and found his spot beside you once again. “Much better.” 
His long arms dragged you backwards so you were pressed against each other with chests still heaving. 
“Thank you,” you said after a moment. You were beginning to crash from your orgasmic high. Darkness eased your eyelids lower and lower until you couldn’t bear to open them again. 
“You know I’ll always take care of you.” Hoseok nuzzled your neck and squeezed you against his chest. “I hope you sleep well, baby.” 
You murmured a “you, too” and fell asleep to the steady pattern of Hoseok’s breathing and the knowledge that there was no one else who could care for you the way he did.
Tumblr media
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red-handed | jhs. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary: jung hoseok is your hitman with a simple task; eliminate you as soon as possible. but what is he supposed to do when he breaks into your room for the kill... and he finds you masturbating?
➵ pairing: hitman!hoseok x politician’s daughter!reader
➵ genre: hitman!au, smut, pwp
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 6.3k
➵ warnings: mentions of a gun & killing, explicit sexual content, straddling, oral (m. & f. receiving), deep-throating, throat-fucking, pussy-eating, mutual masturbation/hand-jobbing, unprotected sex (wrap before ya tap it), rough sex, slight dom!hoseok, big dicc!hoseok cause wbk, switch!reader, nipple play, biting, spiting, titty-fucking, gagging, missionary, cum play 
➵ a/n: happy birthday to our multi-talented king hobi!! i wanted to write a little something for him and had this delicious idea come to mind, I hope you enjoy 🥺 it’s also my first attempt at making a fancy banner hehe, I hope it’s pretty~ thank you endlessly to my wife @amourtae​​ for beta-ing as always <33
Tumblr media
Hoseok can’t believe his eyes right now. 
Here he is, soles of his shoes glued to your balcony floor that looks into your lavish, baby pink room through its sheer, eyelet curtains, and he simply cannot comprehend what he sees. 
Hoseok expected to find you asleep, or at least, perusing a book or scrolling through your phone on your bed. But the last thing he expected on God’s green Earth, was finding you like this. 
You’re masturbating against a pillow… touching yourself.
Frozen, and his brain short-circuiting, Hoseok believed this kill would be easy. You were the daughter of a highly controversial, ghastly politician, and even if he’d infiltrated your security team as an unsuspecting security guard a couple of weeks ago, he had no attachment to you, nothing to stop him from executing his grisly task (or so he thought).
Once he sees your fingers wedged between your legs, vigorously rubbing yourself with a pillow to help you along, his system completely shuts down. 
Should he still kill you? No, not like this. He can’t have your final moments be with you rutting against your hand, and your family finding you half-naked the next morning. It’s simply wrong–even for a man that kills people for a living. 
Can he watch? He shouldn’t watch, right? Even though there’s blood rapidly spiking to his hardening length as he watches a woman so passionately touch herself? His prying eyes are wrong—he knows that much, but the pornographic sighs and whimpers that trickle out of your tempting lips make this the equivalent of live porn. 
But there was one small thing; Hoseok did, at least, have respect for you. He peels his eyes away once the image of your innocent smiles, your unabashed laughs and quite beautiful personality from the last couple of weeks infiltrate his headspace. You were eons different from your horrific father, and Hoseok often wondered how such an immoral man could have such an endearing daughter. 
But even if you are, his task is to shoot you, and that’s that. It should not concern him if you were a pure soul who didn’t deserve this fate—he doesn’t own the luxury to consider morals here. 
With great, great hesitation, Hoseok slowly turns the knob of your balcony door, and with it unlocked, he promptly bursts into your room with unwavering resolve.
Fuck, your numb-brained, cunt burning between your legs as pleasure seeps into every crevice of your body. Your pussy lips are pulsing so harshly that it’s consuming you from the inside. You expertly twiddle your fingers over your clit, hand vibrating your soaking wet pussy as you pine for your release. 
It’s approaching, it’s white-hot in your core and you know you’re about to snap—just right there—until you’re suddenly interrupted by someone barging in through your balcony.
Your eyes widen within a matter of seconds. 
Breath hitching, you witness Jung Hoseok, the man you met a couple weeks ago now in your room, with your hand lodged in your cunt. Hoseok stares at you, and you stare at him. You’re surprised to find a gun in his hand, and it’s pointing at you. You wonder what the fuck he’s doing in your room, but it’s rather the fact that he’s caught you masturbating that colours you utterly shocked. 
“M-Mr. Jung–?”
“What are you doing?” 
His question throws you off, gazing at him with the most perplexed expression in the world. “I’m-I’m… what?’ 
“I asked, what are you doing?” Hoseok’s voice becomes deeper in bass, his eyes piercing yours as he holds the gun with impenetrable stability. 
“You-you want me to explain what I’m doing when you can see it?” You counter. “What are you doing pointing a gun at me, you’re a part of our fucking security!” 
Hoseok dryly laughs, and you can’t help but admit that his crooked smile with his perfect set of white teeth is absolutely breathtaking. Fuck. “I meant to ask why you stopped.” 
You blink, staring at him with ajar lips. “Huh?” 
Hoseok lets a small puff of air escape his nose, snarky and amused. His eyes appear determined with his mission, still pointing a gun at you, but his smile’s far too charming. “Don’t let me stop you, love.” 
Now you’re even more confused, trying to navigate this bizarre situation. “You’re pointing a gun at me, and you want me to continue?” 
Hoseok bounces his brows and acknowledges you’re correct, letting the gun falter and simply hang from his finger. He holds his hands up in surrender. You narrow your eyes at him, unsure on whether or not you should continue. 
The situation is odd. It’s not like you’re completely embarrassed in front of Hoseok—you were thinking about this being his fingers anyway. Ever since he joined your father’s task force, his dark hair, full lips and alluring, brooding gaze never left your radar. 
He was the youngest among your usual guards, no more than a few years older than you, and yet, something about the refined, sexy sophistication to him screamed out at your pussy every time you encountered him, or at least ended up in the same vicinity. He never contributed much to your scarce conversations, and you were doomed with the routine of him as a background character in your hectic life. 
Despite that, you admit that he’s crossed your mind in dirty ways, and now being presented with this lascivious option, maybe this was your opportunity—even if he had a gun aimed at you. 
He’s probably a hitman that infiltrated your dad’s security, huh? Fair play, Hoseok. But he’s clearly not bright enough to discern that you’ve dealt with a gun pointed at your face before. 
This isn’t your first time being targeted as a prolific politician’s daughter. 
Your eyes never leave each other, neither does your hand from your pussy. He sweeps over your rather scantily-clad body, only adorned with a quite skimpy nightgown with a silk robe that was falling off your shoulders now. 
Ignoring the arousal that spikes through you under his sizzling scrutiny, you muster the courage to speak. 
“Why did you stop in the middle of killing me? Do you like having a show before the deed is done?” 
“Depends on what the show is,” Hoseok casually answers, wetting his lips. He even tilts his head a little, absorbing every tempting inch of your body, along with your face. A small smirk paints his lips. “I’ve walked in on a lot, but certainly not this.” 
“So you like to watch?” You counter, expression challenging. 
He chuckles a little, charming and far too sexy. “Depends again, would you like me to watch?” 
“And what would your answer be if I said yes?” 
“Are you admitting that your answer is a yes?” 
“I’m admitting nothing but the desire to prolong my death.” 
Hoseok drags his tongue over his teeth, enthralled by your sharp tongue. Should he have expected less from a politician’s daughter? Locking promiscuous eyes with you, he smiles. “Do you want me to join you?” 
“Depends, do you want to join me?” 
Hoseok scoffs at your mimicking of his words, and you haughtily send him a saccharine grin. Hoseok sighs, and the gun he holds now falters to his side, contemplating his life. “What I should be doing is killing you.” 
Your smile becomes kittenish then, finally retracting your hand from your cunt. You lean forward and cast a hand on his gun, gently gripping it. “You know what they say about making love and not war, Mr. Jung.” 
“Hoseok. I’m not that much older than you.” 
“And yet there’s something so incredibly sexy about you.” You know you’re being conniving right now, but you’re desperate to at least avoid your death. Hoseok hasn’t shot you yet, which means he’s at least intrigued by you, and judging by the small tent in his pants, he’s more than just emotionally intrigued. 
Hoseok eyes you with a sense of seriousness, as though he knows better than this, and yet, your invitation is all the more exhilarating. Gripping his gun back from you, he places it on your night table, and his hands curl around the clean-cut blazer of his suit. He peels back the jacket, eyes only on you. The action calls attention towards his chest, his impeccable dress shirt and tie. 
You’ve seen many men in uniform, and yet, none of them compare to the sheer amount of sex appeal oozing out of Hoseok. Whether it was his business-like expression, the confident way he carries himself, his undoubtedly witty yet tempting tongue–Hoseok made your pussy palpitate more than you’d like to admit. 
Perhaps a small part of you is glad he found you like this. 
Hoseok’s jacket lands on the floor chair, and you tug him towards your bed by his tie, eyes sweeping over every part of his body. Hoseok peers down at you with the same dancing eyes, his breath fanning your skin. 
“Are you thinking of doing something, love?” His tone is seductive and lust-filled, his expression even more so. “Am I right to assume you’ve had me in your mind?” 
You lightly smirk, nearing his lips. He anticipates a kiss, even moving forward for it, until you breathe against him. “Sit down.” 
You spring up off your bed and guide Hoseok back quickly. You shove him back onto a loveseat in your room, Hoseok’s expression slightly surprised. His hands splay over the handles, and you crawl over his tempting frame. Your bare pussy settles over his crotch, boldly straddling him as Hoseok switches between your eyes, lips, and protruding boobs. 
Your hands curl around his biceps with a grin, nibbling on your lip. 
“Tell me, Hoseok.” You emphasize his name because he clearly sucks in a breath whenever you do. He presses his lips together as he shifts underneath you. You trail a finger up the column of his throat, dragging it up until his chiseled jawline. “How long did you watch me before you decided to come in?” 
“How long did you think of pulling this scheme?” 
Another deflection. Your wandering hands slide up his arms and over his chest, feeling how deliciously thick his trained muscles are; what an absolutely divine man. “There’s no scheme, stud. Though I’m convinced you chose a time like this to assassinate me for a reason.” 
“And I’m convinced maybe you knew all along I'd come for you, and you decided to masturbate until I found you.” 
For a relatively quiet man, he was witty. Bottom lip between your teeth, your eyes remain on those lips of his you can only think about devouring. Hoseok’s eyes do the same, his hands casually resting on the chair’s handles as he watches your free reign on his body. The tension is utterly electric, crackling between you two. 
When you hook onto Hoseok’s collar, your nimble fingers play with his tie, slowly loosening it from its confines. Hoseok observes you with obsidian eyes, lust glistening in his irises. Once his tie is removed, you toss it aside and bring your lips before his. 
You feel him let out a little breath when you swivel your hips over him a little, and a prideful smile dresses your lips before colliding them with his. 
Hoseok breathes in your kiss, as though for someone so seemingly stoic, he’s now revealing all that he’s locked inside ever since he met you. His hands clutch your hips over his, yours curling against his chest as you gain leverage on your knees and deepen the kiss. 
Your tongue swipes his bottom lip, and Hoseok immediately grabs the back of your head, opening up his mouth to slither his tongue into yours. Sloppy and wet, your kisses synchronize with each other’s, and it’s shocking considering the little you know of one another. 
Once your lungs need air, you pull back from him, saliva glistening on your dewy lips. You both breathe against each other harshly, foreheads stuck together. 
“You don’t wanna do this,” Hoseok warns, but it’s not urgent, rather desperate, as though he were denying himself. “I kill people.” 
“I know people who have done worse.” 
“I’m serious, I’m supposed to kill you.” Hoseok presses, but his actions don’t follow his words. Rather, Hoseok’s body screams for you, his eyes slightly hooded and flashing towards your cleavage, his grip tight on your hips. 
You shake your head. “Then don’t, I want to do this more than anything.” 
“That’s only because you want to avoid getting killed.”
“Can’t you at least give me the night of my life before you kill me?” You breathe, diving in for more amorous, head-spinning kisses before Hoseok speaks between them.
“You fuck all your hitmen to cheat death?” 
You chuckle dryly against his lips, hands slowly gliding down his torso. “Who ever said I fucked any of them, stud?” 
Hoseok huffs out a scoff, before unleashing his reigns and grabbing you harder for an intense, heated make-out session. His hands roam your body like a treasure map, feeling and squeezing and kneading all the parts that were once forbidden to him. 
He pops off your lips for air, his chest rising and falling roughly. “Finally… I can fucking touch you.” 
“It was killing you on the inside before?” 
“As much I should be killing you right now.” Hoseok crashes your lips together for another hard kiss. You breathe him in, moaning into his mouth when his tongue invades you. It’s deep and plentiful, and once your bare clit rolls against his hardening, clothed cock, you shudder with an idea.  
Seeing the tent gradually growing in his pants, your lips trail down his jaw, eventually smothering his neck with kisses. If Hoseok’s truly going to kill you, you might as well attempt to earn your spot in his good graces by giving him a mind-blowing night. 
Hoseok groans as he throws his head back, a hand of his weaving through your hair as you slowly suck on his skin. “Fuck…” He curses, his voice is deep and raspy. Growing hot, you quickly shuck off your robe, leaving you in your flimsy nightgown. Your boobs press against his chest the further you lean into him, needing to feel him everywhere. Your pussy was still leaking and pulsating from your ruined orgasm, and your hormones were on fire. 
Popping off his neck, you crawl off him until your knees hit the ground. What man wouldn’t fall in love with a woman who gives good head? Hoseok may be a man of honour and business, but God, does his dick look like he needs attention this instant, or he’ll surely die. 
Pulling apart his legs, your hands canvas up his thighs, feeling how strong and thick they are. You eye him with a kittenish glimmer, innocent and yet conniving. Hoseok’s eyebrows raise with surprise, leaning back in his seat as he peers at you between his legs. 
“You get on your knees pretty easy for a politician’s daughter.” 
“I’ve never had you as my hitman.” 
“So you’re only doing this to spare your life?” 
“I’m only doing this because it’s you, Hoseok.” Hoseok sucks in a breath when your voice drips with saccharine sweetness, your hands slowly gliding up his inner thighs. You meet his bulge and cast your hand over him, Hoseok twitching when you grip his package. 
“Is this what you’ve thought about in that pretty head of yours?” He asks, attempting to manage his stoic facade, and yet his body speaks another language. 
“Is this what you’ve thought about in that handsome head of yours?” 
“You know,” Hoseok laughs dryly, a few pieces of his dark hair falling upon his forehead, wetting his lips. “I expected you to have a smart mouth, but I didn’t think you could use it in this way, too.” 
“Hm,” You hum, tonguing the inside of your cheek, eyes docile. “I expected to be at the end of your gun’s shaft, not this one.” Suddenly, you cup Hoseok’s hardening meat, and he physically needs to shut his eyes. He’s hot and throbbing, and you lick your lips just imagining his cock sheathed in your mouth. 
With scheming eyes, you unzip Hoseok’s dress pants. Hoseok eyes you domineeringly, and with a flew of his jaw, helps you tug his bottoms down, freeing his strained cock. He springs out, tip leaking and cock red at its mushroom head, veins decorating his elongated shaft. 
Hoseok watches you intently as his hand curls around his dick, eyes an onyx black. “You don’t just have a smart mouth, right?” 
You shake your head for him, and Hoseok amusedly laughs. “So you’re a pretty little whore who can suck dick, huh?” 
Biting your lip with feigned innocence, you nod again. The way you peer up at Hoseok has him inhaling harshly, that image deadly to him. 
Wrapping your hand around Hoseok’s that grips his shaft, you gently pump his rock-hard, throbbing cock. Hoseok groans deeply, and pride swells inside your chest. Leaning forward, you peck his tip as softly as possible, ensuring your docile eyes peered up at him. 
He shudders, inhaling deeply as you do so. You kiss him some more, pre-cum littering your lips as Hoseok grows harder, and yet you never get it on. Hoseok begins pumping his own cock impatiently, and you lay a few more cunning kisses before your tongue dances over his taut skin. 
You tease his slit, gathering the pre-cum on your taste buds and dragging your wet muscle along the underside of his shaft. Hoseok strangles out a moan, his free hand grappling into your hair already. 
“Fuck, when I broke in to shoot you, I didn’t think we’d end up like this.” Hoseok breathes out, cursing when you finally wrap your lips around his tip, and sink him into your mouth. You slowly descend on his fat cock, swallowing all of him until he reaches the back of your throat. You struggle and swallow for good measure, Hoseok nearly fucking into your throat right that instant. 
“Shit,” he curses, gripping the roots of your locks. “Ah fuck.” 
Sucking on him, you develop a bobbing motion that has Hoseok moaning loudly, almost afraid he may wake somebody up in your house. But the mansion is far too big, and any noise Hoseok makes now only adds to your arousal. 
His cock is wet and sloppy, slobbering all over him just to get him that riled up. His hands are now firm in your hair, even keeping you in place to gently fuck your mouth, your jaw slack and tongue wriggling all over his dick.
You peek up to enjoy the sights of Hoseok moaning, his Adam’s apple bobbing. He appears as though he’s in heaven, and his praises only amplify your need for him. 
“Fuck, Y/N… so fucking good.” 
“You feel like fucking heaven.” 
“I’m two seconds away from fucking your mouth.”  
His moans are picking up in speed and sound, his hips are undulating up into your mouth and his grip is growing stronger. No longer than a minute later he’s slamming into your mouth, chasing his high that most likely weighs his balls down, sloppy squelching noises escaping your throat as you deep-throat him. 
Just when he precisely thrusts into the back of your throat, you pull his cock out and peer up at him with teary eyes. With wet lips, you swallow breathlessly. “If you think… I’m sucking you off completely… then you’re fucked.” 
Hoseok is flooded with pure shock, expression screaming ‘what the fuck.’ “What?” 
Springing up onto your knees, you hold one of Hoseok’s hands and settle back into his lap. Hoseok moves back to give you space, settling your bare pussy over his crotch once again. The hitman’s eyes widen as you nestle his hand over his own cock, and nestle your hand between your legs. 
Your eyes bore into each other’s as your heated face says it all. Nibbling your lip, you begin gently rubbing yourself again, shuddering when you graze over your swollen, pulsing bud. 
Hoseok catches on and smirks, completely immersed in your ocean. “You really like being watched, huh?” 
Feeling slightly timid, you become flustered but touch yourself anyway, eyes melted into a docile, innocent colour. Hoseok exhales deeply, revving his hot engine. He grips his cock and begins pumping himself just as you fondle your pussy, feeling the other’s heated breath as arousal burns every nerve inside your body. 
Hoseok laughs against your lips when you suddenly whine and peek down at you touching yourself. His voice has a deep, sexy sound. “You’ve thought of me when you touch yourself, haven’t you?” 
Shy, you nod innocently for him, moving faster over yourself. Once Hoseok sees you becoming lost in your pleasure, groaning as he fucks his own fist, something carnal overrides him. Hoseok suddenly grabs your wrist and stops you. Once you shoot him an angry look, he curls your smaller hand around his meaty shaft while his rough, masculine ones press against your folds, switching you two. 
Shivering with a shaky moan, he stuffs the pads of his finger against your clit and begins rubbing generously. Your hand mimics the speed he had earlier, finger slithering through his wet, sticky slit as you both moan together, watching the other near their high closely. 
“How do you feel…” You begin, moaning loudly. “About killing me now?” 
Hoseok laughs, his breath hard and heavy just like yours, bodies rutting against the other in a hazed tandem. “Don’t be surprised if by the end of this, there’s a gun in your face again.” 
“You’d still kill me… after fucking me?” You sigh between your words, pumping him faster. 
“A job is a job, love.” Hoseok groans, vibrating his palm against your dripping cunt. “I have to do what I was paid to do.” 
“And what if I give you money to fuck me instead of kill me?” 
“I’m a hitman, love. Not a prostitute.” 
You mewl when Hoseok begins drawing tantalizing circles over your clit. “What if… what if I can change your mind?” 
“We’ll see.” Hoseok cuts you off with a kiss, working his passionate mouth against yours, cradling you closely by your waist. 
“We’ll see what? If my pussy is good enough you won’t kill me?” You grasp his cock tighter and twist your fist, jerking him off. 
“And who says you’ll even have good dick?” 
Hoseok immediately scoffs, expression offended. “Did you just question whether or not I’d have good dick? You just sucked me off.” 
“And? Who says you even have good dick game? Or if I’ll get anything out of this?” 
Hoseok pauses, unmoving. Your hand over his cock halts too, and his pupils are dilated to the maximum. Apprehensive of his freezing, you call him. 
Suddenly, Hoseok lifts off the couch with you in tow, and harshly presses your front up against the love seat, your backside facing him. He stands behind as your cheek squished into the back cushion, gasping. 
“Hoseok, what the fuck are you-?” 
Within seconds, all you feel is Hoseok gripping your thighs, hoisting up your ass for his pleasure, and his breath hot on your wet pussy lips. You sigh, wondering what the fuck he’s doing. “Hoseok, I’ll be so fucking loud if you-” 
And Hoseok envelops your pussy in his mouth, drawing a lewd, pornographic moan from you. Hoseok shoves his face into your womanhood, mercilessly eating you out from behind as you muffle your fucked moans against the loveseat. 
“Hoseok… ah-!” 
“You wondered if you’ll get anything out of this?” Hoseok repeats your word from earlier, his tongue poking out to glide across your folds, wriggling through your labia. “How’s this?” 
 Hoseok drives his point home by arching your back and hardening his tongue, fucking it into your weeping, pulsing hole. You lose your hold on reality, eyes rolling back as his wet muscles slobs all over you and fucks you, his hands palming your ass cheeks. 
He groans against your cunt, and you vibrate from the inside out, hair tousled by now considering you’re a crazed woman over his pussy-eating. Hoseok begins sucking on your juices, thoroughly tasting you for all that you’re worth. 
“Holy fucking shit, I have never tasted a sweeter woman.” 
You sigh, nails scratching against the tweed loveseat as your mind unhinges. When his tongue hardens again to piston-fuck your pathetic sex, you begin fucking back on his face, yearning for more as your orgasm tickles the bottom of your stomach. 
But the second you do, Hoseok pulls away from your cunt. 
“Hoseok, what the fuck?!” You curse. “You really can’t fuck me, huh?” 
Hoseok doesn’t answer, merely grapples onto your hips, nearly startling you. He suddenly hoists you up and your back crashes against your mattress, yelping as Hoseok fits himself between your legs on top of you. He stands as you lay motionless on your bed, shocked out of your mind. 
“Do you know how much I’ve been dying to fuck you?” Your breath hitches when his intimidating voice growls–you’re unable to respond. 
“All those times I caught you in tight dresses and your sexy ass walking around? Tits out with your body the equivalent of heaven?” 
“And your eyes? Don’t you fucking understand your eyes make any man weak? And I resisted you for days?” 
Caught off by his words, you stumble on yours. “I-I…” 
He suddenly intertwines his fingers with yours and slams your hands back on the mattress, his eyes hungry. “Do you really think that after the number of times I’ve wanted to rail you, I won’t absolutely destroy your pathetic little pussy now?” 
When you suck in a shaky breath, Hoseok doesn’t need your response. He immediately begins uncuffing his dress shirt, next unbuttoning his top and casting it open. His cock still springs free, your lips watering once again seeing how taut and hard he is, not to mention huge. 
When you merely stare at him with big eyes, he tugs you flush against his crotch as you squeak a yelp. He lifts up your nightgown and spots your glistening pussy, groaning harshly, 
“Fuck, are you dripping like this for me?” Hoseok asks, and when you don’t reply, too mesmerized by being in this position with him, Hoseok slides his cock over your sticky, slicked-up labia. Your back arches off the bed, sighing as you feel his hot meat against your crying cunt. 
“I asked a question, love.” Hoseok’s deep, sweet voice is like a symphony to your ears. 
Nibbling your lip, you shake your head–it’s evident with the dark colour of his eyes that Hoseok intends to fuck you into next week. Hoseok smirks, slowly sliding his cock through your wet folds as you throw your head back. 
“Tell me something, Y/N.” Hoseok emphasizes your name, and you now realize he’s using your own tactics against you. What a fucking menace. “When you were playing with yourself, did you think of me? Is that why you’re soaking wet?” 
Whimpering when he dips down towards your hole, but doesn’t exactly dip inside, your answer is garbled. “I-I don’t… fuck.” 
“Gosh, you’re such a cock hungry whore.” Hoseok spits at you, his hands canvassing up your torso and midriff to grip your nightgown, and he suddenly tears it open. The thin material rips to reveal your hard nipples, breasts practically quivering as you breathe harshly. 
You moan when his palms curl around your tits, the pads of his thumbs beginning to rub tight circles over your perked nubs. “Hoseok…” 
“You’ve just been dying to get fucked, huh? Just as much as I’ve wanted to fuck you?” 
His words elicit the shakiest moans from you, eyes falling shut as euphoria courses through your soaked pussy he caresses with his cock, and his fingers pinching and kneading your breasts. You spiral when he goes harder, eyes lidded and your fucked out expression is Hoseok’s wildest dream. 
“You like having your tits played with?” 
Lip between your teeth, you nod, the epitome of the cock hungry whore he called you, because your pussy was dripping essence like honey over the prospect of him inside you. 
Hoseok immediately leans over and wraps his lips around your nipple, smoothing his wet mouth over the pert nubs as you arch off the mattress. Eyeing your pleasured expression, his tongue flicks out to stroke your hardened peaks, sending electric currents through your veins. 
Your pussy becomes a sloppy mess, Hoseok thrusting his throbbing length through your ocean of a cunt. The crazed hitman begins suckling and even biting with fervor, wholly enthralled by the desperate way you whimper and hugs his head to your chest. 
“Fuck me,” Hoseok pops off. “I can’t fucking take this.” 
Hoseok brings his cock before your mouth, hungry eyes demanding. “Spit on it.” 
You comply and gather up some saliva, before spitting it on his cock. Hoseok’s eyes become an amusing shade of lust, curling his hand around his shaft and pumping his cock with your spit. “Again.” 
Another time, your saliva lands on his tip and Hoseok shivers, slicking up his rod. When Hoseok lowers his hips and pumps his cock against your breasts, you get the memo. You push your tits together and Hoseok loses himself, lodging his hot length between your two globes and thrusting to his speed. 
“Fuckkk,” he moans out, even throwing his back. “You have no clue… how much I wanted to do this.” 
His breathless, husky voice only drives you crazier, fingers playing with your nipples as he titty-fucks like his life depends on it. “Fuck me… Hoseok.” 
“The amount of times I saw these fucking milkers bouncing around every time you walked,” he rasps. “I nearly fucking lost my mind.” 
You’re stunned; for such an impassive man, he seemingly held a lot in. You had no clue these things were running through his head–to you, he was simply on guard. 
“Then why didn’t you do anything about it?” 
“And risk my job, my real one? You’re insane.” 
“Are you saying I’m not worth risking your job?” 
Hoseok grunts, fucking himself between your tits faster. “I’m saying I didn’t have… your consent.” 
You gush, physically form your pussy and inside your heart. To think men like this still exist even in your cut-throat world of politics was refreshing, enlightening. 
“Hoseok… please. You need to fuck me.” You sigh, whimpering between his thrusts. “I need you inside me… so badly.” 
“Fuck,” Hoseok curses. He genuinely knows he’s fucked six ways from Sunday if he fucks you right now, he knows he’ll never get the job done. Very seldom has he ever fucked one of his hits. 
“Hosoek, please. Want your cock inside me, want you to fuck me like a whore.” 
Hoseok screws his eyes shut, trying to maintain his crumbling resolve. He should stop here, he really should. “I shouldn’t… I really shouldn’t.” 
“But I want you… please, need you inside me before I go.” 
Perhaps it’s the way you’re begging for his cock rather than mercy from being killed that snaps something inside Hoseok, because seeing that pretty face desperate for him–he’s surely experiencing a fantasy. 
With his throbbing, rock-hard, meaty dick, Hoseok retracts from your breasts and immediately plunges inside your velvet sex, the pair of you groaning when he inserts himself. 
“Hoseok, fuck!” 
“You wanted to be fucked like a whore, right?” Hoseok breathes, watching his cock disappear inside your cunt. “Are you ready?” 
“I am, Hoseok, please.” 
Right then, he bottoms out inside your pussy, burrowed to the very hilt. You gasp, the feeling of his throbbing within your walls is the equivalent of heaven. “Hoseok.” 
He smirks, lust-filled and proud. “You’re loud,” he notes, unwinding his tie from around his neck and bunching it into his fist. “I’ll need to shut you up.” 
Eyes widened, Hoseok shoves his tie in your mouth and grabs your chin so that you’re eye-to-eye. “If I’m fucking you like a whore, I’m fucking you fast and hard, got it?” 
Whimpering, you nod. 
“I’m putting you in positions I want.” 
You nod again. 
“And you take what I give you, but the second it’s too much, you scratch me hard enough to cut me, okay?” 
The furrow of your brows clues Hoseok into your confusion. 
“If you're experiencing pain, then I should experience it too.” 
Again, you feel something blossom inside your gut and pussy, walls pulsing around Hoseok’s cock that’s still buried inside. You nod for him again, and Hoseok’s hands bunch up the sheets as he draws out of your sex, and fucks back in. 
He only does this a few times before he begins smacking his hips against yours, thick cock shoving inside your pussy as a muffled moan escapes you. 
His eyes are dark with lust, lips hanging open as Hoseok glues his feet to the ground and absolutely nails you. Hands hooking underneath your thighs, Hoseok hoists you up higher so that he can fuck you better, grunting and groaning as he relishes in your perfect pussy. 
“Fuck, finally I can do this.” 
All you do is moan, biting his tie as Hoseok gives it to you mercilessly, drilling you into the mattress and burying himself so deep inside you, your eyes nearly rolled back. 
Hoseok watches your breasts bounce with your body in tandem, your hands tangling into the sheets as you moan incessantly and lose your mind.
“Shit, look at you. Gagged and laid out like a whore.” Hoseok spits, and his breathy, husky voice sets you off, being pummeled by his cock. “How can I kill you if it means losing this heavenly pussy?” 
You moan loudly, his tie unable to keep you quiet. Your eyes water as you feel your clit throbbing, swollen and aching as you clamp down on Hoseok’s cock, squeezing him. 
Hoseok grunts, animalistic and hungry, as though his appetite couldn’t be satiated just by this. When your moans turn into desperate whimpers, Hoseok searches your eyes for your answer, breathing erratically. “More?” 
You nod, even fucking yourself on Hoseok in synch with his thrusts, and he scoffs to himself at just how dirty you are. 
“Such a fucking whore.” 
He’s met the edge of sanity, leaning over and connecting his lips with one of your quivering nipples. You gasp, Hoseok’s strong hands tight on your thighs as he holds you ajar and fucks you woth vigor; fast and rough. Your entire bed is moving, but you could care less, this is the most amazing sex you’ve ever had. 
Hoseok continuously flicks his tongue over your nipple, sucking and lathering you up with saliva as your eyes roll back, as you arch off the tangled sheets and Hoseok lodges his throbbing rob inside you like his life depends on it. 
“Fuck,” Hoseok curses against your wet breast. “I should be… putting a bullet through your skull.” 
You whimper again, practically begging him with your eyes as you lose yourself. His cock angled this way is divine for yoru orgasm, pending inside the bottom of your stomach as you relish in his masterful fucking. But you crave more, need more, and with your mouth stuffed full of his tie, your hands move for you. 
You begin twiddling your clit, finger working your pussy vigorously as Hoseok repeatedly pummels your cunt, walls palpitating around him as your orgasm builds.
Hoseok hisses suddenly. “Fuck fuck fuckkk, I’m gonna cum, oh shit.” 
His cock still destroys your cunt, and once Hoseok sees your hand working your swollen bud, he replaces your hand with his own. “Are you gonna cum, love?” 
You nod for him, rutting up into his hand and taking his fast and hard dick like a champ. He’s losing precision, but the power of his thrusts still rock your world. 
“Fuck, shit, I’m gonna cum. I’m serious.” Hoseok warns. “Do you want it inside or outside?” 
You whine into Hoseok’s tie still gagging, and the fucked out hitman rips it out of your mouth. You breathe harshly as you rasp. “On my tits, Hoseok, my tits!” 
“Shit shit shit, I need you to cum with me, fuck!” Hoseok keeps drawing tight circles over your clit, using every ounce of his strength to keep from spilling his hot seed inside you. Once you can make noise, you lose yourself in the euphoria Hoseok crafts with you. Your walls smother him inside, warm and wet as you discern every vein decorating his thick shaft. 
Your moans become high-pitched and whiny as you beg Hoseok to fuck you faster, faster and faster until he slams himself against your g-spot, and a flick of your clit has you releasing so hard, stars littered the back of your eyelids. 
Once Hoseok sees your mind unravel, he loses it too, quickly pulling out of your weeping, gushing sex and pumping his painfully hard cock until strips of white paint your boobs. He throws his head back with a deep, husky groan as he releases his load on you, your fucked brain still managing to squish your tits together to gain all of his hot cum. 
Hoseok falls forward, catching himself on his hands either side of you as he breathes harshly, completely exhausted. He tips over to the side and plops down on the bed next to you, both of your chests rising and falling as you collect air for your exerted lungs. 
“Shit,” you whisper, sweeping a hand through your hair. “Guess it’s time… for you to kill me now.” 
Hoseok breathes out a laugh, casting his forward over his eyes. “Nah, I think I don’t mind actually becoming a security guard. I’m kinda tired of killing people for a living.” 
You snort, turn aside to face him. “You’ll face the wrath of my father if he finds out you’re fucking me behind his back.” 
A playful smirk paints onto Hoseok’s lips, his mischievous eyes meeting yours as he turns to face you. “Who says he ever needs to know?” 
Tumblr media
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delugguk · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pair: hoseok x you
genre: smut, drabble, pwp
word count: 540
a/u: I've a strong obsession (that's only growing by each day) with the way hoseok curses. don't even ask why.. he's just so fokin hawt and I want him to ruin me :)
tag: lovely @sugarwithtea because she just get it and hoseok's also taking over her <3
Tumblr media
"fuck," he whispers while you hardly grind on him with your hands resting on his shoulders.
"don't curse." you manage to say pausing your movements despite feeling very overwhelmed.
grabbing both his cheeks with one hand, his lips naturally form an unintentional pout which you kiss. - looking at him very seriously, you just can't resist hearing him curse. something being so hot about it, the way those words seemed to come out of his mouth so easily, so smooth, so needy.. almost as if he cursed every goddamn day. hoseok's just too hot and you hate how there always was this lingering cocky and teasing tone whenever he did it too but what he did after you said that, got you almost cumming instantly. the heat between your legs getting unbearable.
"ffuuck." he repeats with a devilish smile against your lips as deep and hot as he could. manhandling your hips up and down in large pausing hard thrusts. your walls slithering deliciously along his dick and all while staring intensely at you dragging his voice in such a sensuous manner, intensifying the F very slowly by wrapping his teeth around his lower lip. only letting it bounce as soon as he's finished.
you thought he couldn't get hotter than this, but hoseok loved to challenge you, provoke something in you because he knew just how much power he had over you. he knew all the ways to ruin you if he ever wanted to. - his curly soft hair and the way he gripped your hips.. and not to mention, his lidded eyes and hot smirk afterwards.. yeah, you were about to go insane for him.
"mhmgㅡstop," you moan.
he sucks air through his teeth, "what If I do, huh?" exhaling, he dares close into your lips. "what are you going to do about it?" while thrusting up as soon as he lowered your hips. agonisingly slow.
"j-just.. don't." you find it difficult to speak.
"why not.. hm?" he teases. "you like it that much, hm?"
"fuck. baby.. please."
"please what? so you can curse but I can't huh?" looking at you from below, he bites his lips. hooded eyes full of desire.
"I can't take it."
"you can't take, what? my dick or my words?"
your head buries along his neck and at this point your clit is begging to be touched but you know hoseok won't let you do that as he won't do it eitherㅡfor now.
he loved watching your body twitch for him.
"why can't you take it? your little pussy gets too horny?" he pauses as he feels you clench on him. "or should I say.." his lips roam around your neck with open mouthed kisses, hot breath caressing your skin, "your fucking pussy?"
not being able to hide this favorite sound of his, you moan at that. only provoking a satisfied smile on hoseok's lips.
"fuck me. fuck me right now." you eagerly murmur grinding on his dick.
"I can feel you getting more wet.. sshit. do you really like it that much?"
you give him puppy eyes in plead, and that's just about right for him to start what you wanted the most.
"gotta have to fuck my pretty girl right, don't I?"
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taetaespeaches · a month ago
“I’m your biggest fan.”
hoseok x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.1K
a/n: Hi lovelies! This isn’t the most well crafted fic/best edited but I wanted to get it out there because IT’S OFFICIALLY HOBIPALOOZA!!! Here we have Petal/reader painting Hobi’s nails the night before his show and they just have a cute moment bc why not, right? I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
There was no place else you’d rather be. Sitting cross legged on the unfamiliar bed inside the hotel room that had become somewhat of a home to you for the past few days, you determined this was exactly what you wanted to be doing at 1 a.m. on a Sunday.
You were focused on the task in front of you, careful not to create a mess all over your boyfriend’s hands as you hummed along to the melodic beat reverberating from his phone.
“How are you feeling?” You asked, looking up at Hoseok’s face as you dipped the nail polish brush back into the bottle.
You were met with a sigh before a lazy grin slightly lifted on Hoseok’s features, though you couldn’t see much of it through the sheet mask he wore. His hair was pushed back and secured with a pink headband that looked much too adorable on him. “Excited,” he told you before sighing once more. “Nervous.”
Giving him a gentle smile, you nodded. “That’s understandable.” He was playing his first solo show in less than twenty-four hours, after all. A few moments of peaceful silence washed over you as you applied more of the dark nail polish to his pointer finger. “You’re going to kill it though,” you noted as you looked back up at him. “And not just because you always do, or because you were born to perform, but because you’ve been fucking meticulous with this show and you’re more than prepared.” Chuckling lightly at you, he shook his head.
“I’m so excited for your show,” you beamed at him. “And if you ever, for some reason, forget who the fuck you are and those nerves start kicking in, just look to the side of the stage.”
“What will I find there?” He asked, his voice showing his pique of interest.
“Me, rapping and singing along to everything and staring at you in awe with my lovestruck gaze and my ever-growing fondness and pride,” you told him, wearing a proud smile. “I’m your biggest fan.”
The man let out an exhale, full of relief and appreciation. “I’m so glad you’re here, Petal.” Giggling in response, you looked back down at his hand. However, his fingers that hadn’t been touched up yet found your chin, lifting your head so your gaze met his once more. “I’m serious,” he told you, his expression unreadable through the skin care product but his tone earnest and emotional.
You both shared a brief moment of sincerity, neither of you saying anything but rather letting your connection and mutual appreciation sit together. And then you rolled your eyes.
Hoseok let out an amused laugh as you sat up straight, your eyes widening. “You would have had to restrain me from getting on that flight,” you pointed out, holding back a smile. “Where else would I be right now? I would have hijacked a plane to get here. I would have swam across the ocean to get here, are you kidding?”
“Stop it,” he laughed breathlessly, using his unpainted hand to attempt to push the face mask back into place as it slipped over his skin.
Smiling at him, you screwed the nail polish applicator back into the bottle and set it aside before sitting up on your knees. “Here, this can come off anyways,” you told him as you crawled onto his lap, straddling his thighs. Pulling the sheet mask from his face, your eyes brightened at seeing his pretty features beneath it. “There you are,” you greeted. “Hi.”
“Hi,” he giggled in response, only finding more amusement in the way you tossed the mask aside, both of you noting the splat it made when it landed on the bedside table.
Carefully, you began patting the remaining serum into his skin, Hoseok’s eyelids fluttering shut as you did so. “Seriously, though,” you spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness that had enveloped you. “Of course I’m here. No place else I’d rather be, Sunshine,” you told him, noting the way his throat bobbed at your words.
“Thank you,” he replied, his voice low and quiet, barely above a whisper. He didn’t have to thank you, but you chose to simply let the words sit with you both, understanding they meant so much more than your presence in Chicago with him.
As you patted your fingers against his forehead, ensuring his skin absorbed the excess product, one of Hoseok’s eyes opened, peering up at you. Meeting his gaze, you stared at him scrutinizingly. “What?” You whispered, biting back a grin.
“Have you picked a favorite song yet?” He asked, giggling when you rolled your eyes at him once more. “Come on,” he whined through his laughter. “You have to have a favorite, or at least a song that stands out to you.”
“I really love Arson,” you commented, avoiding meeting his eyes as you worked your fingers over to his temples.
“Yeah?” He said excitedly. Nodding at him, his expression of glee transformed into one of skepticism. “Wait, but let me guess,” he realized, you already smiling at him. “Almost as much as you love Equal Sign and and Safety Zone and What if, and-”
“Exactly,” you confirmed, beaming at him as he groaned. “They’re all so good, stop being so talented and maybe I’ll be able to pick a favorite one of these days,” you shrugged at him.
“You’re ridiculous,” he giggled, wrapping one hand around your waist as your hands instinctively cradled his jaw. However, when you noticed the man’s freshly painted hand hovering over your back, you gasped.
“Put that hand away,” you scolded him, Hoseok’s eyes widening as a wide grin spread over his face.
“Or what?” he asked, challenging you.
Letting out a scoff, you shook your head as a smirk formed on your lips. “Or you’ll mess up your nails.”
Craning his neck, his face inched towards yours, his lips ghosting over yours and allowing you to feel the way his breath fanned over them. He was enticing you and you had no desire to hold back. Connecting your mouth to his, you kissed him softly at first before the man held you closer to him, squeezing his arm around you. Deepening the meeting, you kissed him harder just as he bucked his hips up against you, his hand flattening against the side of your waist making you gasp.
As you tried to pull away from him to scold him for putting his freshly painted nails at risk, Hoseok giggled and flipped you over so you were on your back and the man was hovering over you.
“I guess you’ll just have to redo them,” he teased, eliciting a silent laugh from you as you lightheartedly smacked his bicep in protest.
“You’re so obnoxious,” you groaned, flattening your palm against the muscle in his arm and slipping your opposite fingers into the hair at the back of his head, and pulling his lips to yours.
“Still happy to be here?” he mumbled into the kiss, both of you giggling against each other’s mouths.
“Of course,” you simply stated, smiling as he kissed you again.
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jungwnies · 2 months ago
♡₊˚𓂃⠀◟ little things with BTS
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis. things that BTS get annoyed with in a relationship !
genre. slice of life, head canon, angst, established relationship ! wc. 608 !
Tumblr media
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — namjoon (김남준)
namjoon gets a bit annoyed when you don’t listen to him. he doesn’t ask for a lot so when he does ask for something it’s pretty minuscule, but if you say no he gets a little irritated because he thinks that you could at least do him a small favor. he also gets annoyed when you ignore him, whether it’s on purpose or accidentally he doesn’t enjoy repeating himself.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — seokjin (김석진)
he gets annoyed when you don’t eat or tell him you’re already full. he wants to make sure you’re taken care of and he will go the extra mile to make sure you’re well. he doesn’t like when his efforts are going to waste or when his love is being denied. he doesn’t stay mad or annoyed but he’ll bring it up in an argument in the future.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — yoongi (민윤기)
he gets annoyed when you don’t give him time to work. it’s not that he hates clingy-ness or hates affection it’s just that when he’s working he solely wants to focus on work and just that. he doesn’t like being bothered when he’s working on music or writing lyrics, it’s always been routine for him to just focus on strictly that and never stray from his thoughts until it’s time to eat or to sleep. he will show you affection often but when he’s working he wants to be left alone.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — hoseok (정호석)
he gets annoyed when you push him away or ignore his affection. he doesn’t like having mindless conversations either so he gets annoyed if he’s asked the same questions over and over again. when he’s showing you love and you’re on your phone, hobi is furious. if he’s telling you a story and you’re not giving him your undivided attention he is MAD. hobi doesn’t get ticked off easily but when he is mad, it takes a few moments for him to calm down.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — jimin (박지민)
jimin hates pettiness, if he does something wrong and apologizes for it but you do something to get back at him he hates it so much. jimin doesn’t always get mad but he gets pretty sassy so it doesn’t take a lot for him to get from one to a hundred. if you’re petty with jimin he’ll be petty back, and he bites back 10 times more.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — taehyung (김태형)
he gets annoyed if you’re inconsiderate. taehyung is a sweetie and he always keeps everyone in mind when he’s doing something; whether he’s going shopping or buying food, his members, family, and you are always on his mind. so when you completely ignore him or forgot to include him in something he gets a bit upset and it sparks up an argument. tae just wants to be included just as he includes everyone too.
,, ❥ ꒰୨୧ ・ — jungkook (전정국)
he gets annoyed if you can’t stay during an argument. jungkook prefers to talk things out and doesn’t like leaving arguments unsolved so when you walk away and pretend nothing happened a few hours later he’s still thinking about the argument and he’s very annoyed. he will lightly mention the argument again but if you seem to shrug it off he’ll keep his pent up anger to himself to stop another argument from starting, but boy oh boy he is holding on this grudge and if you get into a big fight he is going to bring up every time you’ve walked away from an argument.
Tumblr media
2022 © ilyeonjns
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bonny-kookoo · 3 months ago
Welcome to the Show: The Master 🔞
Tumblr media
Hoseok had been quiet about his desires for a while now, and no one else was willing to spill what he was into- not even himself. Until he talks to his bandmates, finally opening up to you what he really craves..
Tags/Warnings: mentions and discussion of sex work, angst, smut, protected sex,(hard) Dom!Hoseok, Sub!Reader, Orgasm control, discussions of safeword and boundaries because yes, Power exchange, sir title use, drooling, denied orgasm, forced orgasm, overstimulation, jungkook boner part 2
Pairing: eventual ot7 x Reader, Hoseok x Reader focus
Wordcount: a lot, please send help I had to rewrite this 5 fucking times. I'm crying. This app is fucking garbage. Not proofread. Please go easy on me this chapter almost cost me my sanity (or whatever is left of it I guess)
Taglist: broken, can't tag anybody sorry.
Hoseok is a great dancer.
And you're happy he's slowly becoming more and more at ease with you; seemingly completely okay with you sitting in the corner of the practice room as Jungkook had asked if you wanted to come watch. Of course you'd taken the invitation- you'd be stupid not to.
While they're both definitely different in style, they both clearly know what they're doing- choreography and steps perfectly aimed, bodies both moving to the beat in ways you can only dream of being able to. It makes you wonder what lies beneath both of them; both hoseok and jungkook alike very secretive and hesitant about their desires when it came to you. Jungkook had the habit of becoming almost flustered whenever the topic came up-
But hoseok never even let you get there in the first place.
"That was great!" Hoseok chimes, happy with everything as he turns towards you. "What do you think?" He wonders, and jungkooks eyes and skin sparkle from the still drumming excitement in his veins, and the sweat resulting from it.
"I'm hardly one to judge-" you say, clapping however to keep the mood light. "-I'm glad if I don't accidentally tumble down the stairs by accident." You joke, and jungkook laughs boyishly at that, before Hoseok walks up to you, taking the water bottle at your side with a thanks and a smile.
"I think you're too harsh on yourself." He tells you, unscrewing the bottle. "Everyone can learn how to dance." He says, before taking a few sips.
"Not everyone, hobi." You laugh. "Thats like saying everyone can get a license when we know for a fact Namjoon should stay far away from a steering wheel." You tell him, and he laughs, shrugging.
"Good point." He chuckles, before he stretches. "I'll go catch some food with yoongi. You guys tagging along?" He asks, and Jungkook chimes up from the side.
"I wanted to go over some stuff though.." he pouts a little, and you smile hoseok's way.
"I'll stay with him then. Go and eat well." You tell the older Idol, patting Hoseoks leg as that's the only thing you can reach from your spot- making the rapper smile, before he winks.
It's odd- interactions with him always feel like he's not saying what he wants to say. Like he's not doing what he wants to do.
But for now, you watch jungkook dance, and record some stuff, making sure you're never in the picture to avoid major drama. He's exhausted after a while, and you've moved to lay flat on the ground, watching as he walks up to you. "Come on, let's go before they lock us in here like they almost did hobi." He chuckles, kicking your thigh with no force- but you don't move. "Yah, come on now-!" He whines, and your foot kicks him back suddenly.
"Make me." You challenge, sticking your your tongue at him as you cross your arms.
You're not aware of the kind of game you're playing with him.
His eyes become serious, as he evaluates to just throw you over his shoulder. But as soon as he moves, you're instantly laughing, trying to crawl away, as his hand wraps around your calf- pulling you back towards him, arm underneath your middle pressing your body back against his front. "You're playing with fire." He grits out almost aggressively- his hold tight, but its strangely exciting to you. You know him by now- he's not a bad person, you still feel safe even in a situation like this. So you challenge him again, pushing against his arm- but its not budging, your squirming only seeming to work in completely different ways on him, as you feel something poke your behind, a low groan coming from him. His mouth is directly next to your ear as he speaks. "Stop it."
"Why won't you do anything?" You ask, genuinely curious.
"Because I can't." He simply says, suddenly detaching himself from you as if he's the one burned now, taking his water bottle to go to the main door of the practice room. "Out. Now. Or I'll lock you in." He warns, and you oblige this time, not wanting to fuel his anger further.
Though you're not sure if his very evident boner in his pants can count as anger.
"I can tell you; she's quite something." Yoongi mumbles as he eats, Hoseok across from him now listening intently as the rapper in front of him starts to talk. Usually, at least in the past, Yoongi hadn't talked about his experiences with any of the girls at all- kept it private, so much so that for a long time, everyone had thought that he just didn't call them up at all. "I can understand why both Namjoon and Seokjin are kind of swooned by her."
"That good?" Hoseok scoffs jokingly, as he wipes his hands on a napkin to open his bottle of soda.
"Not just the sex." His bandmate says. "Everything about her."
"I'm, honestly.. I don't know. Are they both really fine with all this?" Hoseok wonders, genuinely a little worried that this all could lead into a huge mess if feelings got involved. And as far as he can tell- they definitely are starting to play a role, if the fond words of his friend across were anything to go by.
"I tested it out, not gonna lie." Yoongi says. "Went to Joon's studio after I've been with her. Told him what went down, even hinted at you know what." He explains, hinting at his own growing fondness of you. Then, he just shrugs.
"And he just? Nothing?" Hoseok asks, as he contonues eating.
"Not really, no." He responds, shrugging yet again. "Simply said he's gonna spend the night at her's with Jin."
"You think they fought?" Hobi worries, biting into his food.
"I think they had a killer threesome, if anything." He casually responds, making Hoseok almost choke at the bluntness of the statement. "Why do you seem so shocked?"
"I just.." He mumbles to himself. "She doesn't seem like it." Yoongi knows he's not just referring to what he said. He's aware of what had happened in the past- Hoseok having been openly shamed by one of the past girls for his way of enjoying intimacy. It had taken some time for him to become more confident again- the whole ordeal having left scars however, it seems.
"She's not her." Yoongi tells him with honesty. "Trust me. Talk to her- she knows herself and her boundaries best. Hell, she even said she's interested in that whole stuff." He chuckles in an attempt to lighten the mood.
"All they know are badly written romance novels and those god awful movies Jimin forced us to watch that one time." He complains. "That's hardly a good depiction of what it is."
"Oh we talked about that movie.!" Yoongi laughs, remembering the moment clearly. "It'll be fine, Hoseok. Believe me." He however says more seriously, making his bandmate sigh.
Maybe he could give it a shot.
"..oof." You huff, as you struggle with the grocery bags in the hallway to your apartment. It's just a little further to the elevator- but your arms are killing you, your hands already an angry red from the straps of the bag digging into your palms.
"Let me help." Jimins voice calmly states, as he takes the bags from you with ease, walking towards the elevator with you in tow.
"Thanks a lot. They're pretty heavy for me." You chuckle, rubbing the sore spot on your shoulder.
"Next time, text someone." He advises. "I'm sure Joon or Jin will gladly help. Yoongi too." He teases, and you groan dramatically as you throw your head back. "Come on, you can't expect no one to tease you about it. Must be really good if it makes them catch feelings." He jokes, and you look at him challenging.
"Well, you wouldn't know, would you?" You say. "Maybe my vagina swoons you next." You say, wiggling your eyebrows at him, and he laughs brightly, sound echoing off the walls of the elevator.
"Maybe." He says, smiling impishly. "Has Hoseok talked to you yet?" He changes the topic, getting out the elevator with you as it signals it's stop- doors opening smoothly.
"No, why?" You wonder, walking next to him towards your apartment door. He shrugs.
"Just asking. He said he was considering." He simply explains. "I'm considering, too." He admits, and you simply take it as what it is, typing in the pin to your apartment with familiar motions by now- door opening with a chime. "Maybe I'll visit you afterwards." He shrugs, placing the bags in your kitchen, as you look after him.
"Or you could stay and help me cook." You ask- and it takes a moment for Jimin as it seems like he's thinking.
"You know what?" He says, shrugging off his shoes as he smiles. "That's a great idea." He decides, and walks up to you into your kitchen where you start to put away what you won't need. "Do you cook often?"
"No, not until Jin pulled me into it." You say. "Its kind of a bonding thing almost, as weird as that sounds." You giggle, as Jimin leans against the counter.
"You're very close." He observes. "Heard something about him and Joon, you know."
"Them having sex with me? Or them growing a crush?"You joke, as you put the milk away.
"I mean- both, technically." He chuckles. "Isn't it weird for you?" He wonders, as you shrug.
"A little." You tell him. "I'm not too sure what to do, if I'm honest. I don't want to be the reason you all fight at some point."
Jimin shakes his head, moving to take over cutting some of the vegetables as he realizes what you're going to cook. "I don't think that's gonna happen." He says calmly. "Sure, this is all new, but.." he says, unfazed by it all, it seems. "..we usually figure things out. We wouldn't have made it for so long if we couldn't."
And you smile at that, feeling a little better about it all.
It's the first time you're called to someone, instead of someone coming to you.
As you sit in hoseoks little home inside the complex, you can't help but be a little tense, though you're trying hard not to let it show. He chuckles as he places down a glass of water in front of you, before he sits down next to you. "I'm not gonna do anything today, just so you know." He says, and you look at him a little confused.
"But.. you wrote-" you start, and he nods.
"I did." He tells you. "But.. what I'd like to do requires you to feel comfortable. And right now, you're anything but that, love." He chuckles, making you blush a bit in embarrassment.
"Sorry." You mumble to yourself, but he shakes his head.
"Dont be." He says. "Yoongi said he'd mentioned something about me?"
"That you're into the bdsm-scene?" You ask, and he nods. "Yeah, he mentioned that, but not much else." You shrug, sitting more relaxed now that the pressure loosens on your shoulders. "So you're like.. a dom or something? I'm not sure what the other girls did but I'm like.. not too cool with painful stuff or something like that-"you laugh, and he smiles, though it seems forced.
"I've.. tried before, but the past girls weren't too happy about any of the things I suggested or wanted." He admits. "So, that's why I've been a bit.. hesitant to reach out to you."
"I uh-" you start, turning a bit more towards him. "I'm not going to judge you or like, think you're a bad person or anything." You tell him. "I mean, I know about spanking, choking and all that stuff-" you giggle.
"What about orgasm control?" He asks, leaning back a little as his eyes turn a bit darker. "Spanking is the tamest thing I'd want to do to you." He explains, and you can't help but be affected by it a little.
"What.. would you like to do then?" You ask, and he clearly notices your interest with a small grin.
"It depends on how good you can be for me." He mumbles, his deep voice making you a bit restless. "Oh? Into dirty talk, are we?" He smirks, clearly relaxing now as he has his fun with you. "Makes me wonder.. how was your time with Joon and Jin, hm?" He asks, and you instantly turn red at the memory of.. well, that night.
How you had let yourself be swept away by them, how you'd done things you would've never done before.
"You like to please, don't you?" He asks, hand reaching out as he tests the waters; fingers holding your chin, before his thumb runs over your bottom lip. Looking at you like that, his mind instantly paints a picture of you on your knees between his legs, his length tucked away between your lips, as deep as he can go. Would you gag? Would you surprise him and take it?
How far would you let him go?
"I don't want to just be on top, or call the shots." He explains finally.
"I'll be your slave then." You mumble before you can stop yourself, and he freezes for a moment, before he moves to push himself over you on his couch, hands grabbing your wrists as he holds them above your head.
"Do you have any idea what you're saying?" He asks amused, leaning back a little before he continues talking. "Don't get me wrong, I love how you say that- but lets do this properly, okay?" He requests, making you nod as you sit a bit straighter, trying not to feel embarrassed. "I'll send you some stuff today after we ate something. Please take all the time you need to answer my questions truthfully- I'd rather have you want something genuinely than have you agree to something in the heat of the moment just for you to regret it later." He explains to you, and you nod after a moment. He's a lot more level-headed than you are it seems, and you're thankful for that.
"Alright!" He claps to ease the mood a little, big grin on his face. "Now lets order some food!"
His questions were both more and less than you've expected. Thinking about it now, you don't even know what you've expected in the first place.
Some things were exciting to imagine. Some other things made you uncomfortable- and you were quick to let him know whenever that was the case. He'd always just reassure you straight after, and it did help a lot with your nerves. He'd also sometimes not text for a few hours- and you assumed it was to give you some time to not think about it all, so you wouldn't get so hyper-focused on it.
He's a good man, you think.
So when you're finally at his place again, dressed in a comfortable long sweater and shorts, it's not at all as nerve-wrecking as its been before. No, you know what to expect, and at the same time you don't- its odd. You just know you can trust him, that he won't do anything outside of your discussed boundaries, and at the same time, there's an underlying curiousity about what he might do with you.
He's calm as you both simply settle for a moment, drinking something warm, before he deems the moment right to start. "Can you stand in front of the bed for me?" He asks, and you nod- easily walking into his bedroom, facing the bed while you patiently wait for him. You can hear something move and clink around in the kitchen- probably him cleaning up, before he walks into the room with you, door closing with a soft click. He doesn't say anything for a good moment- simply walking around a bit behind you, before his hands move to gently lay themselves onto your bare upper arms, thumbs running over your skin. "Thank you for facing the bed." He says.
"why thank you?" You wonder, making him chuckle a bit as his hands wander- simply mapping out your body it seems, very tame movements never straying somewhere considered indecent for now.
"Because it shows that you trust me enough to turn your back towards me." He simply answers. "That means a lot to a man like me." He explains. "To someone in my position, so to say." You simply nod at that, enjoying his attention on you for the moment. "Are you always this eager to please?" He wonders, and you shrug- earning a reaction from him that shows off his displeasure at your non-vocal answer to him, something he'd told you he doesn't like. "What was that?" He asks, hands holding onto your arms a bit tighter as his voice sounds more serious now.
"I'm sorry." You apologize. "I'm.. not sure? I like to think of myself as someone who likes to help. I don't really do it to get praise or anything like that." You answer, trying to explain your own spot in that whole discussion.
"Hm." He simply hums out, moving a bit closer now as he hugs you from behind- slowly moving more and more into your personal space, taking up more and more of you. "But that doesn't mean you don't enjoy it?" He teases a bit.
"It.. I guess it doesn't happen too much, so I can't really say I do or I don't." You answer, making him lean his chin on your shoulder.
"A shame, really." He muses, hands now moving over your body- taking the fabric of your sweater with them, slowly moving underneath. "You should be praised and complimented." He tells you, and you simply nod, making him chuckle. "You're adorable." He says, making you smile even wider. It's odd- how comfortable you feel with him, so much so that you can't imagine anyone ever thinking badly of him. Sure, he definitely sees the whole act of sex a little differently- but it's not a bad take at all.
His hands slowly remove your sweater, and you voluntarily lift your arms to help with the effort. You can't see it, but his eyes are focused; not only on the skin uncovered, but you, as a person. As someone with his personal interests, he trives off of trust; he feeds off of not only the powerplay, but the way someone relies on him, lets themselves fall into his hands.
And you're falling freely right now.
"Place your hands behind your back for me." He requests calmly, and you do so instantly without hesitation. You're not too sure what he's doing since you can't see him- and neither do you think you should turn around now, but when you feel silky material wrap around your wrists, you know what he's doing. And while you should feel worried- you don't. Its Hoseok- he knows what he's doing.
You trust him.
"Do you remember your safe word?" He asks you, pushing your elbows together a little to make you arch your back. You breath out, eyes closed, as you rest your head against the front of his body.
"Red." You say.
"Good girl." He praises, amused to see the smile tugging on the corner of your lips. He likes that you're so responsive to simple words from him- but at the same time, he feels as if things like this shouldn't affect you this much. You should be used to be treated fondly like this, it shouldn't be something so unusual. "Take that off for me." He demands, after his fingers let go of the hem of your cotton shorts and panties. "Both of it." He makes it clear.
Its quite amusing to watch you struggle a little.
You stumble a little, tripping over your own two feet, and he's quick to hold onto one of your forearms to steady you again- though its not without a chuckle from his side. You finish your task however after this, kicking them off to the sides as you stand up straight again. "you know.." he mumbles, hands now back on your body as he simply let's his fingers travel down the length of your forearms, before they rest on your hips. "you're really pretty." he praises, and you look down. "no- really. You'll see what I mean soon enough." he promises, a kiss against your neck as you close your eyes.
"Hobi.." you whine, unsure what you're asking for- and he simply walks around you, sitting on the edge of his bed.
"I'm all yours." he teases, well aware that you're currently thinking hard how to do what you want with your hands still bound behind your back. It's frustrating, but also exciting- you want to impress him, please him, make him praise you more. "hm, I'll go easy on you this time, because it's our first time together. Tell me what you want." he asks of you, and you lick your lips, before you slowly maneuver yourself onto your knees in front of him, your head resting on his knee.
It's in the moment of you, in between his legs mouth opened and tongue out waiting obediently, that he understands.
It's not just the willingness of you, but the fact that you let yourself be handled thia way, your trust placed into his opened hands, no judgement or ulterior motive behind your actions. There's been a debate between the guys going on for years now- everyone having slightly different opinions on what's intimacy, and what's just sex. For Hoseok, this is intimacy; it's the way you give yourself to him, genuine trust, genuine interest in him as a person, not just the paycheck you receive at the end of the month.
His hand is gentle on the back of your neck, guiding, but never forcing. You look oddly beautiful like this, obscenely so, as you look up at him with your eyes, he can't help but smile, head falling back in bliss at the feel of your tongue and mouth around his length. It fuels your confidence in your actions, though you do occasionally forget that your hands are bound behind your back, useless in aiding you in any way.
But he's sure you don't need them anyway.
He becomes a bit more vocal the closer he gets- hand now on the back of your head, grabbing your hair but never too painfully so. Only when he cums does he actively hold you in place, groaning when you swallow around him, never complaining and never trying to pull away- only after a moment, when you whine a bit to gain his attention. "Fuck." he chuckles out, wiping your bottom lip before he turns you around, untying your hands. "your hands are mine, understood?" he asks, and you nod.
"yes sir." you reply like second nature, and he smiles at that, before laying on his back on the bed.
"come here." he demands, helping you to situate yourself above his face, before he grabs your wrists, holding you hostage yet again. You don't mind however- if anything, you felt oddly abandoned without anything to hold you in place. "good girl." he praises, before he starts to eat you out, tongue eagerly lapping at your core and clit, making you jump a bit occasionally. "don't you jump away from me." he warns, before diving back in, resulting in you starting to sigh out in pleasure.
He's got a secure hold on you, leaving you no way of escape- not like you'd ever want to anyway. With the way he's being with you, you can't help but feel a little daring however. How far will he let you go? How much will he let you get away with? How strict is he really?
He'd warned you beforehand, and you know any punishment you might receive is something you'd agreed to.
Sou you start to grind on his face once, twice, ignoring the way his hold tightens-
Until he's gone, standing up from the bed before his hand pushes you into the pillows below. you don't stay there long- his hand holding onto your hair, forcing you to lift your head. You can't help but let a sound slip at the faint sting and obvious display of dominance you're experiencing.
"are you testing me, darling?" he wonders, voice no longer warm and gentle. It's icy, cold and let's goosebumps form on your skin. You almost forget to answer him, but a tug on your hair reminds you of his rules.
"n-no sir." you say, and he clicks his tongue before he let's your head fall down.
"ass up darling, I'm done playing nice." he demands, leaving no room for arguments as you clumsily move your knees to rest on the mattress, your behind high in the air while your from stays on the bed.
"I got this one from Jiminie. He said it's one of his more.. Boring one's.." he says, walking back to the bed eith his one in one hand, and an object in the other you can't see from your point of view. "but it'll do just fine for this specific occasion." he hums, before he runs the object through your slick folds, covering it in your juices before he slips it inside.
Something rests on your clit while the other part sits heavily inside you-
And then it starts buzzing, making you buck your hips a little. Hoseok simply chuckles at that, sitting down on a chair on the side, phone still in hand while he watches you. You're glad he let's you get away with the way your hips move, because you're sure you'd never be able to stay in position for this long in a situation like this.
It's all fun and games, a good amount of pleasure as your orgasm runs through you, and you're not sure why he's said it's a punishment- until the buzzing intensifies, vibrations more rough and less warm inside you.
It's like a shock of cold water, making you yelp as your hips move erratically, unable to decide if it's pleasure or too much to take. Hoseok however laughs at your very obscene moans, mouth wide open while your toes curl. The man in the corner is lazily stroking himself at the sight of you struggling, enjoying the view of your arousal dripping down, running down your thigh, thighs trembling.
You're truly beautiful.
He also spots the moment overstimulation turns into a chase for the next high, spine arching and hips rutting into nothingness to reach your new high. And then- it's all gone.
"no- n-no no please-" you beg, anxiously whimpering as you still move, tears stinging in your eyes at your ruined orgasm.
"this is what you get for trying to play dirty with me." he chuckles darkly from the side, his own hand still casually pleasuring himself as if to mock you. "every bit of pleasure. Every drop of sweat on your skin." he says darkly. "and every orgasm, is mine. Understood?" he asks, and you nod desperately.
"yes sir, it's yours, all yours-" you say, choking on your tears a bit. "please-"
"see?" he smiles devilishly in the corner, finger moving to hover over the touchscreen of his phone. "good manners get you far, darling." he sings, as he taps the screen, and the toy buzzes again, your sensitive core reacting accordingly.
Your mouth is wide open, your eyes roll back, you don't care anymore how you look or what you sound like as you even drool a little into the pillows below.
This high is higher than anything you've ever felt before.
It sets something off inside you, release staining the bed below and the insides of your thighs as the toy slips out, tumbling down the bed and onto the floor- hoseok's hand replacing it as he helps you ride it all out more gently than before.
Only then does he help you lay on your side, body exhausted, mind a mess. He sits down close to you, let's you cling onto his sitting form, arms finally freed by him and free to hold onto him, your head in his lap. "good job darling, you're so beautiful you know that?" he praises, and you simply wrap yourself around him closer, his palm running over the length of your back, up and down. "take all the time you need sweetheart. You've done so good." he hums gently, a complete contrast to his rather dark tone he'd used before.
When you wake up, it's dark outside, and you feel oddly clean- though your muscles ache a little.
He's asleep next to you, sleeping soundly while you think about it all. Eas this what he'd craved, needed, wanted? Or did he hold back for your sake, just to make sure you don't resent him like others have in the past?
You'd never.
He's a good man, with a lot of pressure on his shoulder, and good ambitions. He deserves to let go like this, deserves to be in control if it's what helps him relax. You don't mind it all-
For now crawling closer to him, his arms almost instinctively wrapping around you in his sleep.
"Hobi-hyung really did a number on you, didn't he?" Jimin teases lowly behind you in the elevator, while Taehyung chuckles with his distinctive way. "oh he did!" Jimin exclaims as you blush, ears turning red at the memory. "no wonder he was so easy on us today at practice!" he laughs, while Taehyung reaches out to play with your hair a little, making you shiver.
"should've heard her." he mumbles, shirking at you. "she's got a real pretty voice." he praises, and jimin whines.
"unfair, you could've sent me a voice note of it or something." he complaints playfully, before the elevator doors open, Taehyung walking out without looking back. Jimin however turns, smirking devilishly at you while he waves. "can't wait to play with you soon." he sings almost, winking before the metal doors close, elevator moving to bring you home.
And you're left to think;
What does he have in store for you?
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wwilloww · 4 months ago
BTS as relationship sex
RATING 18+. mature WC 1k SUMMARY exploring sex with each of the members while being in a committed relationship.
Tumblr media
JIN You’ve never wanted someone to be possessive of you, but for some reason you want him to mark you up and make you his. Leading up there’s a perfect balance of pouty and lovey Jin, his fingers skating up your sides, teasing touches, half-assed jokes.
And then something switches. Something in his gaze changes and you end up fucking in the kitchen whle dinner burns, his hand pressing down on your neck to hold you down as he thrusts into you. Think: dirty and domestic. And you better believe he’s into sensation play. 
Tumblr media
YOONGI There’s a strange contradiction to this man. There’s a rush, an urgency to wanting him where you’ll let him have you wherever, whenever. But then once you begin, he takes his time. He’s there for a good time and a long time. Sometimes he lets his mouth run, spilling the dirtiest obscenities. And sometimes he’s quiet, fucking you in the bathroom at the party, hushing you when you whine, biting down on his lower lip. He prefers to fuck at home though, where he’s not rushed, but still will take you in a broom closet if he wants to. 
Tumblr media
NAMJOON  Half of the game is the foreplay. Days of foreplay. He buys you a dress with your exact measurements, and surprises you by renting out the entire gallery at your favorite museum. He’ll talk sweetly in your ear, hands roving over your body, murmuring about the artist, the technique, the impact. You’re half-blind to it all, and he loves seeing you swoon for him. He loves what he can do to you. It’s a little bit of a game for him, seeing how far he can push you before you break with need. And then in the car ride home, he’ll roll up the partition and fuck you, telling you over and over again, you’re mine, you’re mine. 
Tumblr media
HOSEOK  He surprises you when you learn about his jealous streak. He doesn’t like to let it show, but you know it’s there, swimming beneath the surface. And rather than asking him to push it down, you turn it into a game. The two of you are partners in crime, in business, in life, and one day when you’re out working together you meet his eye. Your hand falls on the arm of the photographer running the shoot for the day. You laugh a little too loud. Pay him too many compliments. This is exactly what you and Hoseok talked about, and you know his eyes are glued to you. It doesn’t take long for Hoseok to snap. Excuse me, Hoseok will say, butting in gracefully in the middle of the conversation, his hand tightening around yours. He leads you to his dressing room where he fucks you and makes you look in the mirror as he does. He wants you to see where your bodies meet, where your bodies are joined. When he kisses along your neck, he won’t leave a hickey, because he doesn’t have to. The whole world already knows that you’re his. He’s into showing off the most wild positions during sex, and would definitely fuck you on a balcony. 
Tumblr media
JIMIN The man is obsessed with pleasure. His pleasure. Your pleasure. He wants to lay back and feel it all. He’s also determined to be the one who will make you feel better than anyone else in your whole life. He wants to talk about sex until it’s not talking anymore, he wants to be the perfect boyfriend. But there’s a dark side to him too. In his search for pleasure, he’ll run alongside his own and your own boundaries, teasing the line with a graceful toe. You never know what to expect from him, other than he’s aiming for multiple orgasms. He will probably tell you he loves you for the first time while fucking into you, even though he had the statement planned out for weeks with flowers and champagne. It’s an accident, but he doesn’t regret it, because you’re whining out his name soon after and saying it back. 
Tumblr media
TAEHYUNG Brush your fingers through his hair. He loves when you take your time with him, when you lavish him in delicate attention, treating his body with the same love that you treat him with. He likes to tell you what to do, loves the creativity with which you play around his rules and expectations. Like that one time he directed you to undress, and you took ten minutes to do so. He’s delighted by your loopholes, he loves your brain, and even more than that, he loves pushing you over the brink as he fucks into you hard, and you pant out, I love you, I love you, I love you. 
Tumblr media
JUNGKOOK Pain and release, in his mind, are inherently intertwined. He wants to push the boundaries of what you expect from him, going above and beyond in and out of the bedroom. He’s used to being the best, and it’s no different with you. “Accidentally fucking” is the norm with the two of you. Leaving parties early to fuck. Grinding against you in the club like he’s making love, the only thing in the way those pesky clothes. But he also likes to plan his accidents. Likes to play a part. Like that one time you started watching a movie and his cock “accidentally” slipped inside you. You had planned that, sure, but you hadn’t planned to come on his cock three times that night, as he grinned and pleaded, Come for me, just one more time, please.
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blu-joons · 2 months ago
When You Nuzzle Against His Nose ~ BTS Reaction
As your hands brushed underneath the bottoms of Jin’s eyes, you knew that you needed to do something else to try and cheer him up and see his smile again.
As he hiccupped again, you moved forwards and brushed your nose over his. “Sorry,” he whispered, trying his best to sniff back the tears that still threatened.
“Don’t be sorry,” you whispered back to him, “I just want to see you smile, I hate seeing you upset like this.”
Jin smiled weakly as you pulled away, giving yourself the chance to meet his eyes. “It’s just been a difficult couple of days to deal with.”
“Anything I can do to help?” You offered, constantly feeling as if there was more that you could do for Jin when he was having a difficult time getting through everything at work.
His head shook in reply to you, “just keeping being here with me,” he asked of you, “and maybe a few more of those nose tickles too, I think I could definitely get used to those.”
“Of course, I’ll be right here with you.”
Tumblr media
The smile that was on Yoongi’s face melted your heart as you came towards him, not knowing quite what to do other than to nuzzle against his nose in reply to him.
He was taken aback as you did so, looking to you in confusion as you stepped back. “What have you done now?” He laughed, knowing that you’d probably done something.
“I haven’t done anything,” you sniggered in reply to him, “I just thought that you were looking quite adorable.”
His eyebrows furrowed as you spoke, surprised by your sudden compliment. “I’m not adorable,” Yoongi tried to protest, but your head shook.
“That smile says otherwise,” you told him, unable to look away from him. “I’m pretty sure I can see some dimples too,” you joked, poking against both sides of Yoongi’s mouth.
He didn’t quite know what to do as you continued to tease him, “go away,” he laughed, trying his best to stop you from messing with him, dropping his smile and hiding his dimples.
“Don’t worry, you still look adorable.”
Tumblr media
A giggle came from Hobi as soon as he felt your nose nuzzle against his, surprised by how much it tickled as he failed to hold back the laughter that threatened.
You couldn’t help but snigger too as soon as you pulled away from him. “You’ve never done that before,” Hobi smiled, brushing his hand over the tip of his nose.
“Did it tickle?” You teased, able to tell by how bright his eyes were that your nose brushing his had got him.
His head nodded straight away as the feeling lingered for a little while. “I wasn’t expecting you to do that, and I definitely wasn’t expecting for that to tickle me as much.”
Your smile was wide as you studied the effect that you’d had on Hobi. “If it tickled that much, you won’t mind if I do it again then?” You asked him, hearing another laugh escape.
“This is going to tickle so much Y/N,” Hobi warned you, only to see your shoulders shrug back at him as he took a step back from you.
“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”
Tumblr media
Your head shook as Namjoon moved towards you to try and kiss you, only to feel your nose brush against his as you swerved rather than your lips brush over his.
You couldn’t help but chuckle at the look of disapproval that appeared on Namjoon’s face. “What was that?” He firmly asked, unimpressed by what you’d done.
“You don’t just get a kiss for no reason,” you smirked, shrugging your shoulders, “you have to earn a kiss from me.”
Namjoon’s head shook as you spoke, “you have never made me do anything to get a kiss from you, when did this suddenly change?”
“Right now,” you laughed, deciding to mess around with Namjoon a little bit. “I’ve realised recently that I just kiss you constantly without any real reason for doing it.”
As you took a step back, Namjoon pulled you back forwards straight away again. “There’s no way that I’m letting you get away with this. I want a kiss Y/N, you can’t just say no.”
“I think I just did say no to you Joon.”
Tumblr media
The pout on Jimin’s face had your heart hurting as you took a hold of his hand, pulling him towards you. A hum came from Jimin as you brushed your nose over his.
As you pulled away, his pout was still faint, arms folded across his chest. “You’ll have to do more than that to try and cheer me up,” he told you straight away.
“What can I do to get you to smile?” You quizzed, “I hate seeing you pouting and feeling sorry for yourself.”
His arms unfolded as he brought his finger up and tapped it against his lips. “I can think of something better than nuzzling my nose.”
“And if I give you a kiss, do you promise to smile?” You asked him as you took a step closer towards Jimin, “are you at least going to tell me what’s on your mind so I can help?”
Jimin’s head nodded in reply to your question, “one kiss will be enough to cheer me up,” he smiled, pouting back across at you once again as he waited to feel your lips against his.
“Stop being stroppy now and smile.”
Tumblr media
Your head leant across to Taehyung beside you, hovering over him before moving down, nuzzling your nose against his as he finally stopped venting for a moment.
When you pulled away, the smile on his face was finally growing. “Have I been moaning about work for too long?” He laughed, knowing exactly what he was like.
“A tad,” you agreed, “but I did that mainly because you’ll give yourself a headache if you keep stressing.”
A nod of the head followed from Taehyung, knowing that you had a point. “I love it when you do that, it always feels so nice.”
“That’s why I did it,” you sniggered, “because I knew tickling against your nose would be enough to get you to be quiet for a moment and stop yourself going into an overdrive of stress.”
As you laid back down beside Taehyung again, his hand slid in with yours. “What would I do if I didn’t have you to take care of me? I’d probably never stop talking about how annoying this is.”
“It’ll all be alright Taehyung, I promise.”
Tumblr media
Your head swerved to the left as Jungkook moved forwards to try and kiss you, giggling away to yourself as hands soon grabbed onto your hips in response.
Your hands moved too, resting on either side of Jungkook’s face. “Are you refusing me a kiss?” Jungkook asked you in surprise, his eyes wide in your direction.
“Maybe,” you grinned, leaning forwards too, brushing the tip of your nose against Jungkook’s several times.
Jungkook remained still as you leant back and met his eyes. “Is nuzzling my nose supposed to make up for you not giving me a kiss?”
“I’m busy,” you tried to argue, smirking back at Jungkook. “Maybe I’ll kiss you once I’m done, and once you’ve done the jobs that I’ve been asking you to do around the place too.”
A sigh came from Jungkook as he remembered the list that you had left him. “Are you really not going to kiss me until I’ve done all of those? Can’t I just have one for motivation?”
“You better get moving if you want a kiss.”
Tumblr media
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sxtaep · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
↬ description: after you kissed your bodyguard, he had no choice but to tell you it was a mistake, wanting to keep things professional. this gave you a reason to throw a party and flaunt your assets to the main man himself, park jimin, and hoseok was not having that. so after the party, you and hoseok decide to make amends, in more ways than one.
Tumblr media
pairing — bodyguard!hoseok x idol!reader
genre — smut
word count — 2k
warnings/tags — dom!hoseok, sub!reader, explicit content, fingering, implied exhbitionism, hobi loves your pussy, dirty talk, degradation, kinda soft & sensual, finger sucking (he is proper deep down your throat)
song for this oneshot:
i can’t stress enough how important the song is for this oneshot, THE VIBES HIT SO HARD !
Tumblr media
The party had come to an end, thank God, and everyone made their way out of the penthouse.
Y/N was no where to be seen, so Hoseok assumed she was with Jimin, considering the intense levels of PDA the pair were emitting tonight.
It made his stomach churn, but he refused to dwell on it, deciding to step out onto the balcony for some fresh air.
He leaned against the balcony, allowing the cold air to brush through his hair. He took in the view of the city lights, not wanting to think of today’s events.
Far too much had gone on tonight.
He sighed and turned around, only for his eyes to meet yours.
You were sat on a lounge chair, which he hadn’t noticed, a glass of wine in one hand, wearing nothing but a silk champagne robe. You were sat there the whole time, watching his movements, and he had no idea.
“Y/N, What are you doing here? Go back inside.”
“I wanna apologise.”
Hoseok couldn’t believe what he was hearing and scoffed, “Oh yeah? What for?” he asks, the sarcasm seeping through his tone.
You sigh in defeat, “For making a move on Jimin. I don’t know if you noticed, but I was just using him to—”
“—to make me jealous. Yes, I got the hint when you decided to throw yourself onto him.”
“Right.. and I regret it,” you argued.
All this back and forth arguing, and for what? The professional relationship between you both could never turn into something more, but he had to do what he must, to get back on track with you.
Hoseok a step towards you, “If you’re apologising, I should apologise too.”
Your eyes lit up at his words.
“After what happened yesterday, I shouldn’t have hurt you like that, and seeing you cry made me realise how badly I wanted to move forward with you.”
“Keep talking..” you step closer to him.
“And just seeing you with Jimin, flirting with him, pissed me off.”
He would never forget the way you giggled flirtatiously at his unfunny jokes. The man had the sense of humour of a brick wall.
He paused for a short second, walking to your seat behind you. He took a seat so your back was now faced towards him. He extended his arms, wrapping them around your waist, before pulling you down to sit on his lap.
You were taken aback by the sudden force, but your back slowly eased onto his lap.
Hoseok had one of his hands placed on your waist, whilst he let the other slowly grab onto your throat, carefully giving it a light squeeze.
His never-before-seen dominance was finally making an appearance.
He chuckles at your reaction, before leaning into your ear, hands still securely wrapped around your throat.
His voice dropped several tones as he whispered, “But what angered me the most was that you let Jimin touch you in places he wasn’t welcome…”
You were pretty sure you could get off to the sound of his voice, and as shameful as it sounded, you couldn’t care less.
He let go of your throat, roaming his hands across your body “You’re so soft, baby..” he whispers. “And absolutely beautiful..”
You couldn’t help but blush at his comment.
A man who had a sophisticated way with words.
He moves his hand past the slit of your robe, trailing his hands up your legs before setting it on your thigh, giving your thigh a light squeeze.
He places his free hand on your jaw, forcing you to face him slightly. He lowers his head to capture you in a deep kiss.
The hand that was once on your thigh, was now moving past your hips, skimming your breasts, and wrapping around your neck once again.
You lightly gasp at the feeling, your lips parting, allowing Hoseok to kiss you again. He loved the reaction he got out of you, it only fuelled him to go further.
He releases your neck and moves his hand to cup your clothed breasts. He felt you weren’t wearing a bra and smirked, “No bra, huh?”
Arousal had taken over, deeming you unresponsive.
He doesn’t stay at your breasts for long because his hands immediately dive between your legs.
You could feel his erection growing under your heat, but his trousers were intruding on the full treatment, so you try to grind your hips against him, in hopes it would allow you to feel all of him.
You grab one of his hands and place it against your aching cunt as you whimper against his lips.
“Do you want me to touch you, baby?” He whispers huskily, parting his lips from yours.
“W-we can’t do this here, Hoseok. We’re outside..”
“Your point?”
Hard to counter that.
You give in, your eyes full of desperation. You’ve never wanted to be touched so badly.
Hoseok tilts his head to the side, giving himself access to your neck. He connected his lips to your supple skin, lightly sucking on your skin. His slender fingers fiddle with the bow wrapped around your waist. He manages to untie the bow, allowing the robe to fall from your shoulders.
You suddenly cry out when Hoseok cups you through your panties. He tugs your thighs apart allowing one of your legs to fall across his thigh.
You grow embarrassed at the fact that you were now completely exposed to the world. You immediately close your legs as reflex, but was then met with a harsh squeeze on your thigh, causing you to quickly open your legs again, forcing a lewd moan past your lips.
“You sound so pretty…” he mumbles, teeth still grazing at your neck.
You grab onto his wrist, dragging his fingers towards your panties.
He immediately took over, his slender fingers moving past your underwear, diving between your folds in a bid to see just how wet you were for him.
And boy, he was not disappointed.
He detaches his mouth from your neck to meet your gaze. He began to brush his fingers against your clit, causing your hips to twitch. Eventually, you find yourself clinging onto his arm, whining.
“You’re so sensitive, baby..”
“Hobi…” you whisper, eyes fluttering closed as he presses soft kisses on your shoulder.
“Hobi? That’s a new one,” he perked, raising a brow at the new nickname.
“Can you..” You were too embarrassed to finish the sentence, your cheeks flushing red.
His fingers were running across your folds, purposely avoiding your empty hole, clenching around nothing.
“Just tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you.”
“Touch me...”
He withdrew his hands from your panties, causing you to whine at the loss of contact. He chuckles, “So needy...”
Hoseok hooks his fingers to the band of your panties, pulling them down your legs as you raise your hips to make the job easier for him.
He grips your knees harshly, roughly tugging them open, until your core was completely exposed to him; your pussy glistening under the moonlight as your folds flushed with your arousal.
“Fuck, baby...” he groans, as he reaches down to cascade his fingers between your lips. “Such a pretty pussy, hm?”
You suddenly feel Hoseok using his index and middle finger to spread your folds, allowing him to see your pretty parts gushing from his touch.
“Look at you clenching around nothing, my little slut.”
“Stop looking..” you whine, as you immediately snap your thighs shut against his hand.
Hoseok growled deeply, wrapping his fingers around your throat again, but more harshly. He pulls the back of your hair so your head was now leaning back on his shoulder.
Your eyes flicker up to meet his gaze; his jaw was tensed as he glared down at you.
“Spread your legs,” he ordered.
When you hesitated, he leaned in closer to your ear, his lips lightly brushing against your earlobe, “I said, spread your fucking legs.”
His sudden change change in demeanour caused you to jump a little, but immediately oblige, opening your legs ever-so-slowly.
Too slow for his liking, he jerks one of your thighs open, and pins the other down over his thigh, now leaving you exposed to the cold wind.
His hand cups your core, his middle finger playing with you, “That more I like it,” he says in content, finally releasing his hold from your neck. “You better act right darling, or else I’ll bend you over the balcony and fuck you for everyone to watch.
You tremble at his words, his fingers still toying with your pussy. Your thighs began to twitch, causing Hoseok to raise a brow.
“Oh, you like that? You want people to watch you, don’t you?”
You struggle to respond so he does you the favour and responds for you, “I think you do. It would serve well as a punishment. You threw yourself onto Jimin, like a slut, just to make me jealous.”
Hoseok then sighs, “But you came crawling back to me, so I think I’ll spare you this time..”
He applies pressure to your clenching hole, a gasp leaving your lips. “Hoseok...”
“Does that feel good, Y/N?” he asks, placing a kiss on your shoulder. “Do you like it when I touch you, baby?”
“Y-yes!” you cry out. “Please, Hoseok...” you beg, burying yourself face into his arm.
“What is it?” he taunts, his voice smooth as silk.
“Use your.. your fingers...”
“You want my fingers inside?” he teases, knowing full well that’s exactly what you wanted.
He hums in satisfaction, 2 fingers finding your entrance. His fingers were already coated in your arousal, making it easy for his fingers to sink into you.
Hoseok’s fingers were long, reaching place you couldn’t even reach on your own.
He continuously slides his finger in and out of you. “You’re so fucking tight,” he seethes. “Tell me baby, when was the last time you got fucked?”
“L-long time ago...”
Untouched, unmarked, unused.
He curses under his breath, wrapping his arm tighter around your waist. The sounds escaping from your lips only drove him on, as he felt your walls squeeze around his 2 fingers.
“This little pussy won’t be able to handle my cock, sweetheart.” He growls, curling his fingers inside of you. “If you can’t handle my fingers, what makes you think you’ll be able to handle my cock, hm?”
“Give it to me anyway, Hobi..” Tears were building up in your eyes, as your body was soon being thrown into overdrive.
“Yeah? Want me to fuck you open until you can’t take it anymore? Want me to fuck you right here, on this balcony, where the world can see you? Do you want everyone to hear the slutty sounds you’re making for me, huh?”
You moan at his blasphemous words, but manage to nod.
“I wonder how your fans would feel about that; fucking your bodyguard behind the scenes.”
The internet would go crazy.
“I’m gonna cum,” you cry out, your thighs twitching due to the amount of pleasure you were receiving.
“Go ahead, darling... Cum for me,” he commands, groaning alongside you, his fingers still pumping in and out of you.
“Hoseok...” your words are slurred as you bury your face into his chest, riding out the immense pleasure you were feeling.
“You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he whispers, his fingers beginning to slow down as your orgasm died down.
“Such a good girl.”
He withdrew his fingers from inside of you, causing you to sigh.
He picks you up and stood up, setting you where he was once seated as he grabs a tissue for you and raises his up fingers to his lips, sucking his digits clean and pulling them out of his mouth with a pop.
You watch him with intent eyes, seeing his form approach you, and before you could do anything, he shoves those same fingers into your mouth, the surprise evident in your eyes as you choked lightly.
Hoseok knew you could do better, so he forced his fingers in further, brushing against the back of your throat as you stared up at him with such an innocent look.
So fucking cute.
It made him desperate to just pull his cock out of his dress pants and shove himself balls-deep down your throat.
But that could be saved for another day.
Tumblr media
please do not repost or translate my works onto any platforms
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zxmm4 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Once life gave me a chance, it always played me to lose ¹+¹ =⁰ (my lif³) ♣🤜🏻🤛🏻♠💭💣
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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taleasnewastime · 22 days ago
The Ick
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re not picky you just have standards. Ok, maybe they’re very high standards, but why shouldn’t they be? You’ve not about to settle for anyone. You’re not about to spend the rest of your life with someone who changes the channel half-way through a show you’re watching or who wears sock with sandals or loose boxer shorts. No. Because all of things bring on that terrible feeling, the cool dread that creates unattraction. You’ve caught the ick from every guy you’ve dated, but all it takes is one comment to make you realise that there’s one man in your life who has never made you feel it. And while that should be exciting, the fact he’s your best friend makes things a little complicated.
Pairing: Hoseok x reader
Genre: Friends to lovers; angst; fluff.
Word count: 6k
Warnings: Swearing, apologies if you do any of the things that reader hates, kissing? Mentions of sex though no descriptions, drinking alcohol, idk not too much.
Authors Note: Inspired by the song The Ick by Panic Shack which I am currently obsessed with. I hope you enjoy :) 
Tumblr media
You’ve been hanging out for a while. It’s been nice, chilled. He’s into space. Like, really into space. Planets and black holes and stars and shit. He has this massive telescope where he looks at the night sky. One of your firsts dates was star-gazing, picnic blanket and him point out the different constellations and all. He’s passionate and it’s cool.
He’s opened up about different things in his life he finds tough and has listened when you’ve done the same. It’s nice, to have someone you’re so close with who listens. There was a time when a guy  got too close to you at the pub and he’s stood up for you. He’s sensitive but tough, the perfect ratio.
The sex is good too, which isn’t everything in a relationship, but is also pretty crucial.
You thought things were going well. As well as things can be going after only a couple of weeks of knowing each other. Which is longer than a lot of your relationships. There wasn’t any red flags or things that put you off. You thought maybe this could be it. Maybe Dan is the one.
But then one morning you saw it.
You’d stayed at his and when you went into the kitchen after just waking up, he was already boiling the kettle. You kissed his cheek as you watched him make you a cuppa.
He got the mug.
Pulled the milk out the fridge.
The kettle was still boiling as he unscrewed the milk cap.
You couldn’t believe your eyes.
He put the milk in first!
Who puts the milk in first?
You didn’t think anyone actually put the milk in first.
He was oblivious to your inner turmoil. Just continued to make your now tainted tea. The water was white when he poured it in, disgusting. And you watched as he stewed the water with cold milk mixed in. You couldn’t drink it. You needed to get out.
When you look at Dan’s face everything is different. There’s no attraction there anymore. You don’t find him good looking at all, even struggle to see what you may ever have found attractive. Even sitting in the living room listening to one of his passionate rants makes you cringe.
It happens with everyone you’ve been with. Everything seemingly fine until one small thing changes everything. That thing you can’t unsee that makes a chill run through you. Something you always catch from every guy, a disease that changes your whole perspective of a person.
He’s given you the ick.
Tumblr media
“No,” Kat dramatically elongates the word. “Not Dan too. I liked Dan. We liked Dan. I thought you liked Dan?”
“He put the milk in first.”
“But you said the sex was great?” She carries on. “That’s more than you can say about Rudolf.”
“Yeah, but he put the milk in the tea first. I’m sorry but who does that?”
“Posh people?”
You roll your eyes, point proven surely. Kat doesn’t give in as easily. You watch as she turns in desperation to the other person in the room, hoping for some support.
“Please, Hoseok, you liked Dan.”
You flick your eyes to your right looking at the man who hasn’t said a word since you announced you’d ended it with Dan. He’s still working his way through a mouthful of the bacon bap he made earlier. He’s got fluffy hair today, the strands died back to black having previously been a near florescent blonde. He’s in black sweats with a large black top on, pretty casual from his normal more colourful looks.
He swallows then looks up and between you and Kat.
“I always thought the whole space thing was a bit odd,” his tone a verbal shrug.
You look at Kat smug. She looks back annoyed.
“That has nothing to do with adding the milk in first.”
You shrug, lean back in your seat now you’ve won. Though you were hardly about to take Dan back if Hoseok took Kat’s side. It’s just she does this every time you tell her you’ve ended it with someone, so any advantage you’ll gladly take. Hoseok is on your side. Even if the reason he didn’t like Dan is different. That’s a win for you. And if the sigh Kat lets out is anything to go by, she agrees.
Tumblr media
He’s cute. The guy dancing in the group next to yours that keeps glancing your way.
You’re slightly inebriated but you can still tell he’s good looking. Short hair. Dark eyes. A sharp jaw line and strong cheekbones. Yeah, he’s hot.
It’s you that makes the first move. Though you try to be subtle about the fact you want him to follow you to the bar, in your drunken state you pretty much point between the two of you and then at the bar. You may have been less subtle if you just held up a sign.
Still, he follows you.
His arm is almost touching yours as you join the small crowd that’s gathered around the bar. You smile but don’t look up at him.
“What’s your name?” His breath fans across your face as he places his lips near your ear.
You look at him. He’s pulled away but is still close so he can hear your answer. You don’t miss the way his eyes flick down to your lips.
You shrug in reply to his question and one of his eyebrows raises, his smile widening.
“Ah,” he says. “So you’re one of them?”
You’re not sure if it’s meant to be a compliment or not. “One of what?”
“Those girls who pretend to be mysterious, hoping to draw innocent guys like me in.”
You scoff. “I’m not mysterious and I doubt you’re innocent.”
You only hear his hum when his head is next to yours. His lips once again right by your ear. When he talks it’s all bass.
“Maybe you’ll get to find out just how innocent I am later.”
“Is that a threat?”
“More a promise.”
Your stomach ties in a knot and you struggle to keep your smile looking so smooth and easy as he draws away. In contrast his smile is cock sure, as if he knows exactly the effect he’s had on you.
His hand goes to the small of your back, prompting you to step forward and take the empty spot that’s just opened up at the bar. Completely consumed by him, you hadn’t noticed.
“What do you want?” He asks.
“Uh,” you look away from him, try to clear your head as you look instead at the bartender. You shout your order across the bar, holding up you fingers to help signal you want a double.
When you look back at the man your stomach drops.
He’s looking down at something, the same something that made your heart reverse its beating.
He’s pulling a card out of his phone case.
Not the back of his phone. No, because that would be fine. It’s out one of the many pockets.
Because he has a flip phone case.
One of the ones your mum has.
You look up at his face, he’s still focused on paying but you can still feel it. That cool dread. That slight sick feeling. The lingering disgust. He’s done it in record time. He’s given you the ick.
Your skin prickles now not with excitement but with dread. You need to escape but don’t want to just run. For one he’s bought you a drink. For another it’s rude.
You search for your escape as he slips his phone back in his pocket and picks up your drinks. You gladly take yours off him and take a long cool gulp. He chuckles, his face still lit up, completely unaware of your change in feelings.
“I, uh, I need to go to the loo.”
His face dips a little, the smallest tic to show his unease. You don’t let him talk, start to walk backwards away from him a forced smile on your lips.
“I won’t be long. I’ll meet you on the dance floor.”
You don’t know if your words reach him or wait for a response, just twist and fight your way through the crowds of people.
You hand Hoseok your drink before grabbing his elbow and tugging him away from the spot he was dancing in. He doesn’t protest, a sign you’ve at least not dragged him away from a potential pull. Not that you’d care if you had. This is an emergency after all.
He’s downed the drink when you make it to the entrance of the club, too close to the toilets for your liking but at least quieter.
“You ready to go?”
He frowns. “No.”
“Ok great. You didn’t bring a jacket, did you?”
His smile broadens as he seems to catch on to what’s caused this panic. It doesn’t put any urgency into his actions.
“What was it this time?”
“Flip phone case.”
“Like a mum?”
His tone as well as the fact he’s voiced the same thing that went through your head sends a jolt of joy through you, but you only level him with a steady look. It only confirms what he’s said, which only makes his smile deepen.
“Definitely a no then,” he says with no sense that he’s teasing you.
You loop your arm through his and he lets you drag him out into the night. All the way home he lets you rant about the many reasons why no one should own a flip phone case. He keeps his arm looped with yours the whole way and with your side pressed against his you can feel as well as hear the chuckles he lets out with every one of your reasons. By the time you’re home you’re feeling much better.
Tumblr media
“Do you think I’ll ever find anyone?”
“Of course you will.”
“It doesn’t feel that way sometimes.”
Hoseok doesn’t reply to that, and though his eyes are firmly on the TV, you know it’s not because he’s ignoring you.
You’re lay across one of your sofa’s, Hoseok sat on the chair next to you with his feet up. You’re both trying your best to sling your hangovers off. Yours is just making you feel more dramatic about life.
“I can’t believe he had a flip phone,” you moan not for the first time. “He was so hot.”
“Doesn’t mean anything about his personality.”
Hoseok chuckles, the noise only spurs you on. Or maybe it’s the fact that he always seems to get it. He may just be entertaining your ideas, but he never shuts them down like Kat does and you like that.
“All men are gross.”
“Hey,” he turns his head to glare a little at you. “Not all men.”
“Fine. Not you.”
“Thank you,” he says, going back to the show on screen.
“Because you’d never have a flip phone case or put the milk in first or shush me in the cinema.”
“Why can’t all men just be like you?” You sigh.
The question goes unanswered.
Tumblr media
You go on more dates as the weeks pass, end up being with some guys for varying amounts of time before the ick feeling creeps up on you.
There’s one guy who turns up to your date on an electric scooter. An instant no.
The next guy makes it a night. And then when you’re sat in front of the TV watching Drag Race he pulls off his socks and starts to pick at his toes. You feel a little sick. No surprise when you don’t call him again.
The final guy doesn’t make it far either. He’s only late by a few minutes to your first date, something that annoys you, but you can look over when he has a valid excuse ready. But when he does it a second time you can’t move on from it.
You decide to take a break from dating, at least don’t actively look to go out with anyone.
Men are crap, but you do wonder if you’re attracting a certain breed. Or maybe you are just overly picky.
It’s best if you step off the market for a while.
The trouble is, with your mind unoccupied, that’s when it happens, or more that’s when you notice it.
Maybe it’s because you’re not dating, not meeting men or having any sex. Though you doubt it. You’re not so obsessed with any of that to not be able to go a few weeks without it.
Maybe it’s because you’re spending more time with your friends, the evenings you would be dating taken up with them instead. Or more with him.
Or maybe it’s because of the comment he made all those weeks ago. How he would never be like any of the men you’ve dated. It’s subconsciously stuck in your brain that you’ve started to pick up on his traits.
But you start realising that it’s true.
Hoseok really isn’t like any of the guys you’ve dated. Because all those things that have given you the ick, he would never be caught dead doing.
He always cleans the dishes when he’s done even if it’s not his own house. He’s conscious of his fashion choices. He doesn’t pick his nails or chew loudly. He’s not perfect but you’ve never felt disgusted by him. Sure, you’ve also never felt like you want to have sex with him. But the more you think about it you realise maybe you could like him as more than a friend. Maybe you do want to have sex with him …
Tumblr media
“You walking home?”
“Huh?” You look to your left, turning away from saying goodbye to your friend Amy. You’re heating before you even make eye contact. You’ve never felt nervous around Hoseok before, yet now you can’t help but feel all jittery in his presence.
“Are you walking home?” He smiles at you as if amused.
“Uh,” you continue to stall, looking back at Amy for help, but she’s already disappeared. You look back at Hoseok who waits patiently for your answer. “Yeah?”
“Great,” he twists his body in the direction of home. “Then, shall we?”
You nod, follow his lead while leaving a good distance between you.
If he reads anything into your strange behaviour, he doesn’t say anything. You just walk side by side, both of you silently keeping the distance you created. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago you walked home arm in arm. You’d never dream of doing that now.
“So what do you think about Maisie’s news?”
There’s a small frown between his eyebrows when you look at him and you scold yourself into listening to him and not overthinking this.
“Maisie’s engagement news?”
“Oh right,” you chuckle, though it sounds flat. “Yeah, I really wasn’t expecting that. Though, I guess it isn’t really a surprise. She’s been talking about wanting to get married for ages now.”
“Just seems a bit of rush doesn’t it.”
You hum. It’s only been eight months since they met, which is fine, it’s just there are other considerations in these things.
“What do you think of Steve?”
“He seems alright,” Hoseok says and the tone he uses makes you look at him and lift an eyebrow. It seems you walked into his trap if the beaming smile you’re met with is anything to go. It makes you snap your head forward as your skin heats to a hundred degrees. “He’s a bit odd isn’t he?”
“That’s one way of putting it.”
“How would you put it?”
“Uh,” he sounds so interested, as if he really cares about your opinion. Does he always sound that way, or is it something you’re reading into too much now with your change in feelings? “I kind of worry he might be a bit controlling?”
“Didn’t you notice how she had to ask him if it was ok if she downloaded that app? And she’s talking about changing her job. It wasn’t long ago she was going on about how much she loves her job.”
He pauses for a second, really considering your words. You can see he agree with you by the way his face changes, but his next words aren’t what you expect.
“Are you ok?” He clarifies with the shock on your face. “It can’t have been nice for you to witness that.”
You focus on the path ahead rather than him. He’s being way too soft with you right now. It’s not like it’s unusual, it’s just you’re trying to bury your feelings for him. He’s not helping with that.
“You were there too. You saw it too,” you mutter.
“Yeah, but you guys are close.”
You shrug. “It’s not nice, but she’s happy. We’ll just have to watch out for her.”
“Of course.”
“Anyway,” you pick up your voice hoping to pick up the mood. “The wedding will be great.”
“It will definitely be quite the party.”
“That’s something to look forward to.”
He hums in agreement. There’s a few seconds of silence and then he’s talking again, changing the subject though you guess it also links to weddings.
“I’ve noticed you’ve not gone on many dates recently.”
It was brought up at the meal you just had. But Hoseok saying it now feels completely different. You felt like you could laugh it off early, you don’t feel that way now. If he had said it a few weeks ago you wouldn’t have even blinked, now you can’t even reply.
“Everything alright?” It’s not said condescending, as if implying you’re a slut. It’s said with a little concern but only because he’s noticed your change in routine and wants to check in on you.
“Yep,” you say a little too high pitched.
“You sure?” He pokes a little. “Because you know you can always talk to me about anything.”
Not in this case. “Yeah, of course,” you say instead.
He nods, not looking convinced but not pushing you anymore. “Well lets hope you find someone in time for the wedding.”
“Yeah,” you mutter and then make an effort to change the conversation to something that couldn’t be linked to romance or dating. You manage to make it all the way home with no more awkwardness.
Tumblr media
You’re normally not shy when it comes to someone you like. You’re happy to make the first move, to make it obvious you like them, to ask them on a date. With Hoseok it’s different.
He’s your friend. And that means so much more than just risking losing him. It goes beyond him to your friendship group. It means you have way more history to consider. It means that you may be reading more into things which he’s probably always done, only now you’re wondering if it’s because maybe he likes you back.
It’s complicated.
And you hate it.
You wish you’d never realised how nice he is. No, you wish you hadn’t realised how hot he is, because you’ve always realised what a nice guy he is. Now you just also see how incredibly attractive he is too.
Who wears a beanie to brunch? Hoseok, apparently. And he does it while looking utterly adorable with strands of hair poking out. He wears oversized t-shirts, so big that they slip a little on his shoulders revealing collar bones you could bite. He has a large endearing, overly excited smile on his face when he shows you his painted nails one day. You would never have thought you’d find painted nails so attractive before.
You’re a mess. You fear you may be delusional. But the more time you spend with Hoseok the more you see and the hotter you find him.
He’s your best friend. How can this be happening? You’re only hope is that he does something soon that gives you the ick and places him firmly back in the friendzone.
That day never comes.
Tumblr media
“I’ve realised something.”
“What?” Kat says sounding half distracted.
“There’s someone I don’t get the ick with.”
“Okay …”
“Why don’t you sound more excited?”
“Because I’m worried you’re going to say me, and I love you, but I don’t love you like that.”
You glare at her, she just shoots you a sarcastic smile.
“Ok. Just tell me who it is,” Kat says.
She laughs. Proper belly chuckles. And when you don’t join in it slowly dies until her face is filled with concern.
“I’m sorry. What?”
Silence. You can’t get your words out, maybe because your mind is a scrambled mess after finally admitting it aloud; it sounds so different in the openness of the room rather than in the confines of your mind. Or maybe because Kat doesn’t let you have the room to talk.
“Hoseok. As in, Hoseok? Our friend? Hobi?”
“Yes?” You mutter, sounding unsure yourself.
“But, like, that’s the same thing as me, right? You know, because we’re friends and you don’t get the ick because he’s a friend and there’s nothing romantic there.”
You think you have a grimace on your face, at least a look that shows you’re just as lost as Kat is. She seems to be getting more desperate with every word that leaves her lips and it’s doing nothing to calm you down.
The longer the silence goes on the more desperate Kat looks. You near to tear this off like a plaster.
“I don’t think so?”
“You don’t think so.”
“Please, tell me how,” she asks, only you’re not entirely sure how to explain it.
“I’m not sure,” she levels you a look that tells you she wants you to try. “Ok. Uh, I mean I don’t really know when it happened because I think the same as you, Hoseok’s just Hoseok. But I don’t know he made a comment that made me realise he’s never done any of the things that have turned me off people before and I just kind of started seeing him differently because of it.”
She pauses, considering.
“Have you had a fall?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Not had a ball thrown at your head or walked into a beam or something?”
“I’m being serious.”
“Ok,” she says looking like she’s transforming into damage control Kat. Good, you need damage control Kat. “Ok. Well, have you asked him what he thinks.”
“Are you mad?” You screech.
“Ok, of course you haven’t,” she pauses and then looks at you in a sheepish way that means you’re not about to like what she’s going to say. “But maybe you should?”
“Should what?” You know what she means, just can’t believe she’s saying it.
“Should ask him what he thinks of you.”
“Uh, no.”
“Why not?”
“Because,” you pause, “it’s Hoseok!”
“Exactly, he’ll understand.”
“I’m not asking him.”
“And he won’t laugh you out of the room or make it awkward after. He’ll be fine.”
“I said I’m not doing it.”
She gives you a look that sends a different type of dread to course through you.
“And you’re not asking him either,” you warn.
She pouts, disappointed. You regret ever admitting it to her.
“Forget I ever said anything,” you say. “I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.”
“Maybe you just need to get back out there. Go on some dates.”
“Sure,” you say, though you don’t convince anyone.
Tumblr media
You should never have told Kat, because now you have the added stress that she’s going to say something. It’s not that you think she’d go behind your back, more that she’ll say something without thinking. But you don’t feel prepared to say anything to Hoseok yourself.
You’re sat at your friends nervously nursing a drink. Your friend, Ali, is sat next to you talking but you can hardly concentrate because Hoseok and Kat are talking together across the room.
Hoseok is laughing about something. Doing that utterly endearing thing where his whole body flounders around with every laugh. His drink looks like it’s going to go everywhere, though there isn’t much left.
Kat doesn’t look guilty, in fact she looks a little smug about having such a receptive audience. It doesn’t look like she’s spilling your secrets and though they’re having their own conversation you doubt she would say anything in a room full of people. Still, you feel on edge as you watch them.
You engage in conversation with Ali enough to not be rude. But most of your attention is on the conversation happening across the room.
You feel like dying when they both stand and head out of the room.
They’re clearly just getting refills. But the fact they’re doing it together makes you even jittery. Out of sight they could be doing anything.
It’s not helped that they take longer than it would take to pour the beers they come back with.
And the smug look Kat shoots you before taking your seat only makes you feel sicker.
She’s meddling. You just can’t work out how. Because Hoseok doesn’t even look your way. He acts normally – more than you can say about yourself. You have to accept you’re getting too fidgety about this whole thing and just need to trust that Kat isn’t going to say or do anything.
She may be your best friend, but you don’t trust her, not in this situation anyway. You keep an eye on them the entire night only to see no suspicious activity.
Tumblr media
When it finally comes out, it’s not how you would have planned. Something that’s reflected in your reaction.
You’re drunk and back in that same club from all those weeks ago where you met the guy with the flip phone case. Only this time you only have eyes for Hoseok.
You giggle as he spins you around. His hands in yours as he pulls you close and then pushes you away. It feels like you’re at a ball rather than at a club.
He pulls you close again but as you move you trip a little and rather than the smooth movement it’s supposed to be, you fall into him. His hands move from yours to your hips to steady you. Your hands on his chest. All you can think is how firm it is and maybe that’s why you liger a little longer than necessary.
Hoseok doesn’t pull you away, let’s you stay pushed up against his chest.
When you look up at him, he’s already looking down. His smile has dropped off his face the same way yours has.
The music sounds so far away now. Blood filling your ears. You watch as his eyes flicking between your eyes, but it’s like gravity the way they get drawn to his lips. It’s inevitable.
You push up into him. The movement is so fast that it catches both of you off guard.
Your lips are on his and while you thought maybe that would be the thing that might finally break all these feelings towards him. You thought maybe you’d be grossed out by it, maybe you’d hate the feeling, or he’d be bad at it. You were wrong. They’re firm yet mouldable, they taste sweet like the drinks he’s had tonight. There’s nothing bad about it, in fact it only makes you like him more.
You push further into him, deepen the kiss a little before realising what you’re doing, who you’re kissing.
You’re breathless when you pull away, eyes blown wide as you look at Hoseok. You don’t run away immediately, stay stood in his arms trying to read the situation.
It’s him that goes in for a second kiss. His head angling to the side to make it that much deeper, his hands squeezing your hips the same way his lips are squeezing yours. You arch your back into him, let out a little unheard moan when his tongue sweeps across your lips. You let him in and his tongue is just as skilled as his lips, just as sweet too.
It takes another second for realisation to dawn. You’re too stuck in the kiss, too caught up in how good it feels to want it to stop. But you’re kissing Hoseok, your best friend, the guy you’ve had so many mixed feelings for. This isn’t how you wanted this to go, because although you don’t know how you want it to go, you don’t want it to be some drunk kiss in a club that ultimately makes things awkward. You wanted to talk to him first, not kiss him before you discuss his feelings.
And god, he’s drunk. He probably doesn’t even realise you’re you right now, might think you’re a random girl. He’s not in his right mind. You’re probably taking advantage of him.
When you pull away from him this time it’s more powerful. You rip yourself out of his arms so that you’re stood a few steps away. He looks confused for a second, but he must see the panic on your face. Before he can take a step towards you, you hold your hands up. He stays where he is, doesn’t say anything, let’s you battle it out in your head.
You do what you always do when you want to get away from a man in the club, and the hurt written all over Hoseoks face lets you know he knows what you’re doing. You always do it with him around after all. Still, he doesn’t follow, a small blessing if nothing else and annoyingly another thing that makes you like him more.
“I’m going to the loo,” you say before you turn and make your escape from the club.
Tumblr media
“You walking home?”
You really need to move house. If not so you can walk the opposite way home to Hoseok then to a new city completely. But past you didn’t think about the fact Hoseok would be walking you home tonight, so now you have to have this utterly awkward situation.
You turn to Hoseok, small, fake smile on your lips. You wish the ground would swallow you up.
“Uh, yeah.”
You fall into step like you always do, glad that tonight you’re not too far from home. The walk shouldn’t be too long.
It’s awkward. You haven’t spoke since the kiss. It was only two nights ago, but still you would have at least text since then, but it’s been radio silence on both sides. You have no idea what to expect, have no idea what Hoseok thinks of the whole situation, and you’ve not tried to find out.
“You alright?”
You’re not sure if he means now or just in general. You glance at him out of the corner of your eye, you can see he’s looking at you. You feel a little sick.
“Good,” you reply, giving him nothing.
There’s a pause and then the thing you really didn’t want to happen happens.
“You sure?” He pauses. “Because you ran really fast out of the club the other night.”
When you glance at him, he’s not looking at you. His ears are tinted pink. It does nothing to help your mortification knowing he’s embarrassed. You shoot your head to look forward.
“Uh, you remember that?”
“Oh right, just because I thought you were drunk.”
“Clearly not drunk enough to forget it.”
“Oh right.”
Well, this is awkward. You blame him. You’d have happily buried and never spoken about what happened ever again. It’s him that clearly wants to see this friendship crash and burn.
“So, you’re ok?” His voice is softer, possibly a little worried. And now you feel guilty, does he think that you’re blaming him for this whole thing? You did bolt out of that place and haven’t spoken to him since, that does send a certain message.
“Yeah,” you say, trying to sound less tense about the whole thing. It’s hard. “I guess I just panicked a little.”
He pauses, considering your words in that way he always does. “I get that.”
“And I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you.”
You catch him looking at you out of the corner of your eye and though you don’t look his way you can imagine the small frown between his eyebrows. He looks forward again before speaking.
“Why would I think that?”
Is he being serious? “Because I kissed you?”
You’re lost. Are you having different conversations right now? Because he’s clearly not understanding your perfectly reasonable explanation and you’re not understanding why he’s so confused.
“What part of this aren’t you following?” You ask and he seems to completely ignore the question.
“You know I’ve liked you for a while, right?”
“Surely Kat told you?”
You shake your head, frowning. You try thinking back on anything she could have said that might have indicated such a thing. You come back empty.
“She asked me what I thought about you at that party recently,” he says. “Actually, it was kind of weird. She kept rambling on about how good she thought we’d be together, which she’s never implied before. Anyway, she finally managed to get out the fact that I like you and have for a while.”
Is that why they took so long in the kitchen? That bitch. You’re going to kill her.
“I thought maybe,” he drifts off but you hear the unspoken words. I thought maybe that’s why you kissed me in the club. Because you knew I liked you too.
Oh god. So maybe you weren’t taking advantage of him the other night. Maybe he was kissing you back because he wanted to. Maybe you’ve completely misread this whole thing and made it way more complicated than it needed to be.
You stop dead in the middle of the pavement. Hoseok takes two steps before realising you’re no longer following. You watch as he turns to look at you.
You close the gap. Slowly walk forwards as you talk.
“You like me?” You ask, stepping forward.
“As more than a friend?”
He pauses a beat before deciding he’s already admitted as much. “Yeah.”
“So what do you want now?” You pause, now stood toe to toe with him. “Want do you want between us?”
His eyes stutter before dipping to your lips. It’s answer enough.
As his eyes drag back to yours, you watch as his mouth opens to reply. You close the final bit of distance between you, press your lips to his and steal whatever words he was about to say. There’s a small whelp of surprise before Hoseok melts into you.
It’s a slower kiss than in the club. He doesn’t taste as sweet but he’s still delicious. And standing in the middle of the pavement annoyingly means the kiss is shorter than you’d like. Still, as you pull away from each other you stay in each other’s arms.
He laughs and shakes his head as you just beam at him. But you agree with the laugh, you’re both so stupid.
Tumblr media
“Just talk to me, ok?” He smiles, almost laughing the words. “If there’s something I do that you don’t like, just tell me. I promise I’ll try to not annoy you.”
“It’s not annoyance,” you roll your eyes. “It’s more disgust?”
He smiles. Doesn’t mock or joke. He just accepts it.
“Still, you’ll talk to me, right? Even if it’s not something I can fix?”
“I’ll try.”
The hand that’s on your back moves a little so he can pinch your side. You squeak as you move, head rolling on the pillow that it’s lay on, feet tangling a little more with Hoseoks.
“Ok,” you laugh, focus going back to Hoseok. “I’ll tell you.”
Leaning forward he pecks your lips before kissing your nose and drawing away.
You smile at him, grow a like shy so twist and dip your head onto his chest. His arm tights around your back, drawing you that much closer to him. You can feel the rumble through his chest as he laughs at your reaction. You just feel so overwhelmed with feelings towards him, have never felt them this strongly before and lay in his arms in your bed just makes it all that much more bizarre.
But it’s a good bizarre, an amazing bizarre. You can’t wait to spend years and years with him exactly like this.
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auroraborealyss · 17 days ago
𝐛𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 | 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐜.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⊹ pairing bts x reader
⊹ summary if you and they fall in love on the titanic
⊹ tags angst; not every couple gets a typical happy ending
⊹ warnings none
⊹ word count 1692
Tumblr media
⊹ now playing my heart will go on by celine dion
Tumblr media
ᴋɪᴍ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ "𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘰𝘱𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘰𝘰𝘳. 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘯."
both of you nearly miss the boat in the first place since he misplaced your tickets that morning. you’re both middle class passengers, so you are offered a space on the lifeboat but he isn't. you relinquish your spot on the lifeboat to stay with him as much as possible, preferring to die with him. he gives you his lifejacket and makes you promise that you’ll always keep it on. but as hard as the two of you try to stay together, when the ship sinks into the ocean, the currents tear you away from each other. as you’re shivering alone in the ocean, the lifejacket he gave you being the only thing keeping you afloat, you think about that and wish you never nagged him to hurry. you’re wallowing in self-pity and grief as you think he’s dead, when a lifeboat whistles at you and pulls you on board. it was one of the first to launch, hence why it’s so empty, though there are already other passengers that have been pulled on board, none of whom is namjoon. you are taken on board the carpathia, where by some miracle, you find namjoon and the both of you reunite in a bone-crushing hug and he proposes to you on the spot. the two of you live the rest of your days in the city, never stepping foot on another boat again.
ᴋɪᴍ ꜱᴇᴏᴋᴊɪɴ "𝘧𝘢𝘳 𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘶𝘴. 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯."
he’s a first class passenger who falls in love with the third class passenger. sneaks you into first class dinners just as you sneak him into third class dinners. he finds himself genuinely enjoying the rambunctious energy in third class, while you find some amusement in the prim, properness, and underlying subtleties in first class. when his parents discover this little affair, they demand he break up with you but he refuses, and the two of you continue to see each other in private. when the ship hits, his family is the first one ushered onto a boat: just four of them on an entire boat. he tries to get you on board too, but you are denied. because this is early on in the sinking, neither of you think the worst yet. before he’s lowered, he promises to search for you and seals it with a kiss, and you believe him. you manage to get on a different rescue boat and are rescued. but he never keeps his promise. the two of you live out your lives in the same city, never meeting again.
ᴍɪɴ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ "𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘳, 𝘧𝘢𝘳, 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦. 𝘪 𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘥𝘰𝘦𝘴 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯."
he was one of the engineers on the ship and managed to get you a ticket because of that. he works during the day, but at night he’s all yours. takes you on tour around the ship and shows you secret rooms and passageways. both are you are on the deck when the iceberg hits, and he makes you promise to find a lifejacket immediately before rushing away to help contain the damage. that is the last time you see him. the ship descends into chaos soon enough, and you are lost in the crowd as he remains on board, sticking to his duty to the very end. he stays because his fellow engineers are also his brothers and he would never abandon them, but he also stays for you. he knows that he can’t do anything but delay the inevitable, but even as the room begins to fill, he’s still doing it in hopes that every second he delays is more time for you to get to safety and live. you are his last thought as the ocean claims him. despite his sacrifice, it still wasn’t enough, and you succumb to the same fate as you freeze in the ocean after having given up your raft for someone else. both of your bodies are found but you are never identified. your bodies are buried separately.
ᴊᴜɴɢ ʜᴏꜱᴇᴏᴋ "𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦, 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦'𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪 𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘳. 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘪 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯."
you meet on board after a night of dancing and realizing that the other is the dance partner you’ve been searching for the entire time. you spend veery second of every day from then on together, dancing together every night and only knowing joy as you both make each other laugh. even though you’ve only known each other for days, he proposes to you and you accept, vowing to get married the day you return to shore. when the boat hits, he tries to get you on a boat but both of you know that neither of you will be able to get to one. not wanting to spend your last moments in fear and preferring to maintain that happiness the two of you have found in each other since you first met, the two of you spend your last moments dancing to the music still playing upstairs. even when the music dies, the two of you are still dancing to the music he hums underneath his breath. his song is the last thing you hear before the ocean joins you dancing. though you try to hold onto each other, your hands slip away from each other. neither of your bodies are ever found.
ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴊɪᴍɪɴ "𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘴 𝘪 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶, 𝘪 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘺𝘰𝘶. 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘪 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯."
he’s a second class passenger who you meet during dinner. he learns that you’re one of the nurses on board. you meet when he visits you because he has a sickness and you treat him. he thanks you by taking you out to dinner. your relationship consists of a lot of shy flirting and subtle touches and stolen kisses when you’re not working. he confesses in you his fear of dying from his sickness, and you reassure him that you’ll ensure he lives a long life and die of old age. when the ship hits, your first thoughts are to check the injured and help as many people on board. you manage to get him on a lifeboat by using the sickness he came to you as an excuse, saying he won’t survive the freezing temperatures. you reassure him that you’ll get on the next boat, and he reluctantly believes you. as his lifeboat is lowered down, your eyes meet as he looks up at you and you look down at him. he sees the flare going off in the sky behind you, and he sees the goodbye in your smile. he realizes that you’ve lied and tries to get off but they pull him back since he’s rocking the boat, and he screams your name over and over again until his voice is raw and sore. he is rescued. you are not. your body is found and he buries you. he keeps his promise to you and live a long, happy life before dying a natural death of old age.
ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ "𝘸𝘦'𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘺 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘢𝘺. 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘧𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘺 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘯."
you meet on board after dinner when you both decide to get some fresh air on the deck. he’s already on the deck when you go out, leaning on the railing and looking absently at the ocean. you don’t mind him any attention at first, other than noting he was handsome. he is the first one to take notice of you, as when he’s about to head back in, he catches sight of you looking up at the sky and counting the stars and his attention is yours immediately. rather than going in, he requests for the rest of his dinner to be brought out to him and the two of you eat outside under the stars. when the evacuation begins, as a first class passenger, he is one of the first passengers who is offered a seat in a lifeboat that is far from full. however, he offers up his position to a third class passenger who is pregnant and instead goes to search for you. he finds you in your cabin and hugs you tightly, promising you that as long as he’s there, his arms around you, nothing bad will happen. you let yourself believe him as the two of you lay down on your bed and go to sleep before the ocean makes you. centuries later, in a documentary, your bodies are found together, his arms still wrapped around you.
ᴊᴇᴏɴ ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ "𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘵𝘰𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘶𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘢 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦. 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘨𝘰 '𝘵𝘪𝘭 𝘸𝘦'𝘳𝘦 𝘨𝘰𝘯𝘦."
this man is jack dawson. is one of the first people to board because he wanted to sketch the passengers coming on board. was just minding his business until you boarded, and suddenly, you’re the only thing he’s capable of sketching. follows you around from then on, sketching you the entire while. he’s by your side when the ship completely sinks, and he’s holding your hand when both of you fall into the icy black water of the ocean.  you know this hopeless romantic is going to pull a jack and give you the entire door to float on even though both of you can fit. he justifies it as him being too bulky and if he goes on, you’ll both sink. he’ll reassure you that because of his bulkiness, he’s more able to preserve his body heat and survive in the water longer than you. holds your hands the entire time, blowing his warmth into them. and when you wake to hearing people calling you, just like the fate of poor leo, he had frozen while sleeping and there’s nothing more you can do other than promise you’ll keep him with you as let him go, watching him disappear underneath the dark ocean, before you call for help and get rescued. his body is never found.
Tumblr media
𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲 𝗉𝗋𝖾𝗌𝖾𝗇𝗍𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗆𝗈𝗌𝗍 𝗋𝖺𝗇𝖽𝗈𝗆 𝖻𝗎𝗋𝗌𝗍 𝗈𝖿 𝗂𝗇𝗌𝗉𝗂𝗋𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝗂'𝗏𝖾 𝗀𝗈𝗍𝗍𝖾𝗇 𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗄𝗌 𝗍𝗈 𝗆𝗌. 𝖼𝖾𝗅𝗂𝗇𝖾'𝗌 𝗌𝗈𝗇𝗀 𝗉𝗅𝖺𝗒𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗈𝗇 𝗌𝗁𝗎𝖿𝖿𝗅𝖾 𝖺𝗍 9 𝗂𝗇 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗆𝗈𝗋𝗇𝗂𝗇𝗀
Tumblr media
╰┈➤ 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘤𝘬 𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘣𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘴 𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘵𝘴 𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘧!
Tumblr media
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yoongiphoria · a month ago
hate that i love it | jhs
pairing: idol au!hoseok x reader warnings: smut lmao (18+ only, minors dni), hate-fucking, hoseok is kind of a dick, handcuffs, breast play, fingering, squirting, overstimulation, etc. also hoseok is probably the nicest person in the world and would never hurt a fly but sorry. had to do it word count: 1.2k note: was watching the 3J butter choreography bangtan bomb again and yeah…. hoseok in Serious Dance Mode got me feeling things…. on the Lord’s Day. i am not seeing heaven 😛 also might make this into a series if we want to see mean hobi become soft hobi, lmk
"Fuck, you're going to kill me."
If only.
Hate-fucking Hoseok is one of your favorite pastimes—a fact you're only reminded of once a month, sometimes even less frequently. Whenever he's free, whenever he's back in town, you know you're the first number he calls. And whenever your phone blasts Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You," you know exactly who's calling.
Up until a year ago, you would have scoffed at the idea of sleeping with Hoseok. You weren't one to go around with a mental list of people you dreamed of eviscerating, but if you were that kind of person, Hoseok’s name would have been at the top of your list. In red. Underlined and circled three times.
You couldn't recall when exactly your deep-seated, searing disgust for Hoseok had begun. All you knew was that the first time you'd met him in the hallways of Hybe—while you were working a contract gig as an American choreographer's translator—you'd accidentally bumped into him and spilled your iced coffee down his brand new white shirt. Thus began almost a full year of snide remarks and side-eyes whenever you encountered him thereafter. Of him making a show of side-stepping you whenever he spotted you approaching. Of deliberately avoiding looking at you whenever you translated your choreographer's English to Korean—which you were hired to do for his freaking benefit. 
Then, at the end of last summer, you'd both gotten a little too wasted at said choreographer's goodbye party and wound up arguing on the rooftop at two AM. Then the heated, expletive-laced shouting became kissing. Became stripping each other's clothes off in a hurried frenzy. Became straddling him on an abandoned lawn chair, naked and stifling your moans into his bony-ass shoulder, while he whispered filthy things in your ear and spilled into you.
You felt almost ashamed about it in the immediate aftermath. Like you'd exposed all your weaknesses to an enemy combatant, or admitted defeat somehow. But when Hoseok slid into your DMs a month later, all but asking for a repeat of the experience, you found it hard to turn him down. After all, it wasn't like you had any other prospects lining up at your door—and Hoseok, you could begrudgingly admit to yourself, was a good lay. The way he moved his body in the practice studio—lithe and precise and flexible—and his dominant, stern dance-teacher attitude clearly translated to his behavior in the bedroom.
Plus, Hoseok has great instincts, impeccable situational awareness. He might be the world's most self-important asshole and your least favorite person, but he knows what makes your toes curl and how to push you over the precipice. And that, you reason, is enough to overlook everything you despise about him.
One thing is for sure: You will never, ever fall in love with him. And that is why he is the best fuckbuddy—enemy with benefits, if you will—you could ever have. 
Now, Hoseok kisses down your bare and writhing figure, pressing his skilled lips anywhere they can reach. He’s teasing you, testing you—hoping you’ll beg. You can feel your arousal, warm and slick, pooling at your entrance and dripping right out of you. 
When you involuntarily whimper at the feel of his fingertips against the inside of your thighs, you feel him smirking against the valley of your chest.
“Needy, hmm?”
“Fuck you, Hoseok,” you grit out, forcing your legs to stay open—you won’t give him the satisfaction.
Hoseok clicks his teeth, pushing himself up by the arms to shake his head at you. “Behave, baby, or only one of us gets to cum tonight.”
“Don’t call me baby.”
Hoseok snorts and lowers his head against your breast. His tongue swirls around your sensitive nipple—you bite down hard on your lip, fighting to repress the sounds that build in your throat.
“C’mon,” he murmurs, his breath drifting over the wetness lingering on your skin, “make a pretty sound for me, hmm?”
“Mm-mm.” You close your eyes, shaking your head against the mattress, hands curling into fists above your head where they’re handcuffed together to the headboard. “You wish.”
“Oh?” Hoseok laughs, and you brace yourself, thighs tightening. “What if I do this?”
Without warning, he shoves two fingers knuckle-deep into your core, immediately curling them against the soft spot on your front wall. You want to groan, chant his name into the hazy, sex-scented air of your bedroom, but you bite it back. All that emerges from your mouth is a muted, rounded sigh, a ghost of an exhale.
Hoseok pulls back slightly with his fingers still sheathed in you, eyes rounded. “Still not enough, huh?” His gaze darkens. “Well, then…. What if I do this?”
All at once, he re-attaches his lips to one nipple, massages the other in his left hand, and begins firing into you rapidly with his right. 
The squelching noises coming from your center are so sinful, so absolutely lewd, that your eyes flutter shut of their own accord. Your back arches against his touch and you finally let out a strained, guttural moan. “Ah… fuck….”
“That’s more like it,” Hoseok hisses, pinching and rolling your hard peak with his slender fingers. He doesn’t tell you when he adds a third finger inside of you—the slight stretch against your folds is nothing when you’re this slick, when he’s rubbing the heel of his hand against your clit so well that you’re starting to feel pulses of electricity gather between your thighs.
“Hoseok,” you whine, letting the waves of pleasure build, mount, overwhelm. You’re too desperate to come that you don’t say what you’re really thinking: You fucking arrogant motherfucker.
“That’s right, baby,” Hoseok grunts, lifting his tongue from your breast. When you feel one of his hands leave your other breast, you lift your head—he’s painfully hard, palming at the bulge in his straining boxer briefs. “Tell me who you belong to.”
“I don’t fucking belong—fuck, Hoseok!”
You cry out as his thumb gives a final jolt of pressure to your bud, sending you right over the edge. You shake. Stars exploding, reverberations echoing from your core to your fingertips, your arousal gushing out of you in bursts. Hoseok continues pumping his hand in and out of your folds, determined to work every last bit of pleasure out of you, until you whimper and squirm away from him, shaking your head.
“No more,” you gasp, letting your head fall limply to the side. “Jesus Christ.”
Hoseok can only give you the world’s most self-satisfied look, eyes slightly narrowed and lip quirking up on one side. Something unrecognizable flickers in his dark, intense eyes, but you don’t dwell on it as he reaches over your body to unlock the handcuffs. “Only I can make you come this hard, yeah?”
You snort and sit up, looping the black elastic around your wrist into your hair. “As long as you know,” you say, bending down to free Hoseok’s cock from its cotton restraints, “that I can make you come even harder.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 6 months ago
All In ~ JHS [M]
Tumblr media
⤜PAIRING: Hoseok x Fem!Reader 
⤜GENRE: SMUT DONT READ IF YOU’RE UNDER AGE, massage au, collab, strangers to lovers, angst, jealousy, cunnligius, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap)
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - March 2022
Tumblr media
People weren't wrong when they said that bad things happened in threes. Not only had your boyfriend been cheating on you but he'd kicked you out and then you lost your job and in that exact order. Though you were almost sure that there was going to be some kind of lawyer you could go to about your job. Since your now ex-boyfriend had been the one to fire you. There had to be some kind of legal action that you could take against. Maybe you could try and file a wrongful dismissal case or something, you surely couldn't stand for that. 
Not to mention the apartment had been in your name and you were almost sure he wasn't just allowed to kick you out without seeing your landlord first. It was beyond a joke and you couldn't believe you had allowed it to happen but at the same time. You weren't in a position to stop him.
"You okay?" Your best friend's voice flooded your brain as you heard her set down the final box inside of your shitty apartment. The ad had been a huge lie when you were thinking back on it, it claimed that it had a "marvellous view" but the only view you had was a back alley where you sure drug deals were going down. That was the least of what you thought was happening down there, you didn't want your mind to go to completely dark places,
The fabulous and modern kitchen it claimed to have had was falling apart at the hinges, not to mention there were missing cabinet doors and peeling wallpaper. But it was all you could find on short notice so you were going to have to deal with it. This was the only place you could find on such short notice and you had nowhere else to turn to.
"Fine," You lied, voice cracking as you realised that you were going to have to live here for the next six months since that was how long the landlord insisted you stayed for.
"We can get some fresh paint...New doors and I can install some new hinges for you it's no big deal." Mina insisted as she began to look around the disgusting looking kitchen. Disgusting was probably too nice a word for this kind of apartment. It appeared as though there was mould inside of the sink and the whole place smelt musty. You couldn't believe that the advertisers had gotten away with lying as much as they did on the advert you had read. 
"Fresh paint." You said slowly as you walked into the living room area of your new apartment, the dingy-looking furniture was the highlight of the room. The walls looked as though someone had taken the time to throw what you were hoping was mud all over the walls. Not to mention the peeling lining-paper and cracks that were clearly being covered up by old frames of ugly paintings of clowns. They were going to be burnt the second it got dark enough to have a fire. 
"Y-Yeah, I mean. I can get the weekend off and we can decorate together." You had to give props to Mina she had been there for you throughout the whole of your breakup, promising you that there was going to be some kind of upside to all of it, even if you didn't see it quite yet. 
That was the way that Mina had always been, ever since you were little kids. She always tried to look on the brighter side of life, she never saw bad things in her way...At least she did a damn good job of pretending that she didn't. 
"You're too positive...Mina this place looks as though it's going to kill me in my sleep." You cried out, tears running down your face as you collapsed down onto the sofa. Letting out a cough as dust flew out from under the cushions and flooded into your lungs only making you cry harder.
You'd been keeping everything inside since the moment you knew Dante had been cheating on you and it was finally bubbling over. It was as if someone had left the pasta on the hob for too long and you were finally spilling over and all down the sides of the pan. 
"Yn..." Mina whispered as she sat down beside you, wrapping her tiny arms around your body as you whimpered a little. You never wanted to cry like this in front of everyone but this was a joke, you had lost everything that meant anything to you within a matter of days.
"Don't you dare tell them to look on the brighter side. There isn't one," You snapped angrily at her, not meaning to take it out on her but she was the only one that was in the room. The only person you really had left who was willing to help you out right now. 
"I lost my boyfriend, I lost my apartment and then I get fired?" You stared at her, voice straining as you thought back to your boyfriend firing you in front of everyone. Customers included. 
He at least could have had the decency to take you into his office and do it, but no. Dante had to always put on a show and dumped you right as you were preparing someone's medicine in the front of the pharmacy. You were almost sure that there were videos circulating the internet, probably labelled something like "The Girls dumped and fired" and you were positive you were a walking meme. There were people staring at you the whole time you walked into the building, pointing at you and whispering. You were never going to be able to live this down.
"This place looked as though someone is going to break in and kill me!" You gestured over at the door as you forced yourself to stand up, your blood boiling as you pointed to the lock. All that kept you "protected" was a simple sliding lock. No key. A simple chain that looked as though it would snap the second any amount of pressure was placed onto it.
The owner claimed that it was the safest part of the neighbourhood but you could tell by the shifty glances he took around him that was a lie, that even he didn't feel safe walking around.
"We can get you a new door, put a new lock in-"
"And what about the windows?" The windows didn't shut properly, which meant that they were always open just a crack. All it would take was one person to pull it open and climb inside, maybe even a gang of people so they could steal everything. 
"I would offer my apartment but I don't have room babes..." You sighed as you heard Mina mention it, that wasn't what you wanted at all. All you wanted was for her to see that it wasn't going to take a fresh coat of paint for all of this to go away. It wasn't going to be as easy as she was making it out to be. 
"Here." Mina began to dig around inside of her handbag as you shook your head at her. All week long she had been trying to give you money but you declined it, you didn't want her to take pity on you. You hated when people would give you presents let alone giving you money, it just felt as though they felt sorry for you and you never wanted that.
"I don't want money, Mina..." You mumbled looking at her as she held out some of the money she had stashed in her bag for you. It wasn't as if money was going to take all of this away, you were still going to be stuck in a disgusting and dangerous apartment. 
"Fine, but do me a favour and make sure you keep everything safe...Everything valuable you have to hide it." You nodded your head at her, already deciding that you needed to invest in some kind of hiding place for your cash and valuable items. You had a huge jar of cash you had been keeping since you were a teenager, by now you were sure you could live on it securely for a few months while you hunted for a job.
"I've got to go to work but once I finish I'll bring samples by, something for you to look at?" She suggested as you nodded your head. She worked inside one of the largest DIY stores which meant she would be able to get paint and everything you needed at a discounted price. At least that was a little bit of a brighter side to all of this, you could get discounted prices on something. 
"I'll see you later." You called out as you stood at the front door, watching as Mina clutched her bag closer to herself. Even if she wouldn't admit it out loud she knew that this was place was dangerous, even walking around gave her the wrong feelings. 
Tumblr media
Dressed in old clothes, a mask and rubber gloves you were bringing one of the boxes into your bedroom. Ever since Mina had left you had been cleaning every surface, wall and furniture you had in your apartment. Everything that could possibly be doused in bleach was doused in it, anything that could be burnt was being burnt. 
The kitchen now smelt of strong bleach and familiar fragrances you were burning in melt warmers you'd grabbed in last-minute packing. You were doing everything you could to make sure the place was at least liveable in while you could. 
The walls had all been scrubbed down with a sponge and a mop on all of the places you weren't able to reach - you'd promptly thrown away the mop as soon as you were done with it. The mysterious brown stains were gone and the living room now at least looked a little presentable or rather looked as though someone cared enough to clean. 
You couldn't believe someone had been disgusting enough to live in a place where they threw things at the wall and floors. You'd found countless stains on the once-white carpet and you had convinced Mina to let you steal her carpet steamer so you could clean it properly.
Tumblr media
Now though, you were unpacking a box inside of your bedroom and the bedroom happened to be one of the places you liked inside of the apartment. It was reasonably sized with its own en-suite, which happened to be the only bathroom but you didn't care. At least it had a nice enough bathroom with a working shower and toilet. Though you had taken a break to go out and buy a brand new bed and mattress and the old one had been thrown out along with the paintings of clowns to be burnt.
The mattress that was on the floor in the room had been covered with bloodstains and mysterious brown stains you had convinced yourself was nothing more than dried blood. Though your mind had already gone to place it had been when you first saw the "mud" on the walls you had already cleaned. 
"I fucking hate this place," You grumbled as you looked inside of the box of all your old items. All of your bedsheets were waiting for you, including stuffed animals and a couple of photos of you and Mina together. As you began to take the frames out of the box something fell out from behind one of them and shimmered in the light. 
Blissful Hands: A bangtan Spa Experience.
You were almost sure you'd thrown this coupon out months ago, it was some massage parlour that had opened up in town. You'd gotten the coupon from one of the workers that were handing them out to everyone in the street. Dante had told you not to even think about going, that it sounded like some kind of sex bar and you'd agreed with him since it was easier to make him happy than to go against him and cause an argument.
Flipping it over you smiled as the ticket seemed to have a golden shine to it, it reminded you of the golden tickets from Charlie and the chocolate factory. It was unlike any kind of coupon you had received before, all of those had been made out of paper and prone to ripping but not this one. This one had been sitting in a box for months and clearly hadn't even lost the golden shine that it had and somehow had magically survived your impromptu move.
Hurry, this coupon runs out on March 21st 2022 at 23:59. 
You let out a small laugh as you thought about how convenient it had been that the ticket would run out tomorrow night. Your fingers began to trace the bold writing as you debated going, a massage or even a facial right now did sound like the best thing in the entire world. But there was no way you were going to be able to do it whilst getting your apartment ready to be lived in and you needed to make the cash you have last. Especially if you weren't going to be able to find a job for a while, you'd already applied for everything that you could. 
Tumblr media
"Why wouldn't you go?" Mina questioned, almost sounding offended that you were going to go for this spa treatment. It wasn't as if you could really do it, the coupon expired tomorrow and you were sure they would be booked up by now.
"They won't have appointments," You told her as you looked at her, she'd brought bags of things from work. Including rugs, paint tins and some hinges she knew she was going to need to repair the apartment that you were living in. There was even a bolt lock that she had gotten for your front door, she knew exactly how to install it since she had one at her own apartment. 
"It says right here, Walk in's only," You frowned as she read it out loud, you'd stared at that ticket for hours earlier debating against going and never once did you see that written anywhere on that ticket. 
"Oh..." You trailed off as you looked down at the tins of paint, wondering what it would take for her to drop the subject but you knew Mina. Mina did drop anything she was like a dog with a bone and she wouldn't let you drop this either.
"The last day is tomorrow. Go." She insisted, sliding the coupon into your chest and smiling at you. 
"I have my apartment to paint..." You reminded her, gesturing around at the apartment which had been her idea to paint.
"I can do it, think of it as an early birthday present." She grumbled at you as you smiled weakly, you knew she was doing this to be nice but you felt bad. There was no reason for her to do your apartment, 
"You cleaned literal shit off the walls, this is the least I can do for you." You looked at her and smiled weakly, it did sound as though it would be a nice experience and a reward for all of the bullshit you had been going through lately.
"I'm not in the mood Mina, I'm really stressed and-"
"That is exactly why you should go. You can get a massage and relax...Please? Then when you come home it'll be a whole new apartment." She suggested as you bit down on your lip. You had been working hard all morning on cleaning your apartment and you needed something to be good for you this week or even this year since it was already beginning to feel like the worst year ever. 
"Okay...But I want you to only paint the walls, you can't do everything without me here," You scolded her as she made a cross over her heart, a silent promise that she wouldn't do anything without you there.
Though it was a lie. She was going to make sure you came home to an almost perfect apartment or at least better than the one you had right now. She'd been planning it the moment she got to work, getting some of her work buddies to get cabinet doors that were from old displays. She could give them to you since they would only be thrown away if she didn't, it was the least she could do for someone she called her best friend. 
Tumblr media
The first night in your apartment you were laid there, staring at the ceiling and listening out for every little noise you could hear. Sirens, breaking bottles, yelling...everything. Every small sound made your skin crawl and you had been too afraid to even close your eyes. 
You'd told Mina all of this of course, and she told you that you were in no way going to get out of going to get this massage. If anything the awful night just further proved you needed something to relax you. She had practically forced you out of your own apartment and told you to get to the spa, alone. Now you were standing there and staring at the building wondering if it was really worth it. You could just tell Mina you had gone and really just take yourself for a coffee...But she would know. It was Mina and Mina knew exactly when you were lying. You hated that she could read you as easily as she could a book but you could barely get a read on her.
Sighing to yourself you stared at the sign, Blissful Hands, It still looked as if it was too good to be true. As you were about to walk away someone came stumbling out of the building with a giant smile on her face. 
"Are you heading inside?" She quizzed with a bigger smile on her face when she saw someone else going into her favourite spa. You nodded a little you didn't think you'd ever seen someone smile this much before but she looked at you and back over at her shoulder at the building.
"You should take Taehyung, he has the most adroit fingers." You let out a nervous laugh as she began to leave you alone with your thoughts again. It was only a spa. What did you have to be scared about? It wasn't as if someone was waiting inside and was going to trap you and kill you, you had just seen someone leaving. 
Inside you were shocked to see the whole place was painted white with white sofas in a reception area. To your surprise, there was no one waiting in any of the seats which made you wonder if the place was any good if no one was waiting to be seen. As your thoughts began to wonder a voice made you jump on the spot,
"Hello, welcome to blissful hands. Is this your first time?" A female worker asked with a bright smile on her face. Your eyes scanned over her as she smiled at you, a clipboard pressed against her chest as she escorted you over to some sofas. She was wearing a floral dress that was tied up at the front kind of like a corset and she looked so pretty. Black hair curled away from her face as she sported some natural-looking makeup. If you hadn't met her here you would have assumed she was a model. The woman was super cheery as she sat down beside you while she was beside you, you could slowly feel yourself easing down from your nerves.
"First time." You whispered looking around as she nodded flicking through the clipboard that was in her hands, she was hunting for the welcoming pack. It would have everything you needed to know about the experience you were going to have here,
"Well, let me be the first to say welcome to blissful hands." It was as if she could sense just how nervous you were so she dialled down the cheeriness just a little and slipped you a pamphlet. Smiling with a genuine smile at you and tapping your hand a little, it was a small silent sign that everything was fine here and that you could relax around her.
"I'm Yannie and these are all of the Masseurs that we have to offer here." You glanced down at the folded paper and she smiled once again, you wondered if her cheeks ever hurt if she had to do this a lot. 
"I'll get you some water while you pick whoever you would like, They're all very skilled, have background checks every two months and they'll take fantastic care of you." She sounded so sure of herself that you couldn't help but nod your head at her as she walked away from you. You tried to ignore the doubt you had in your mind, people went to spas all of the time and they always came out fine.
"You'll need to sign a policy agreement, medication information, and sign for general liability forms." She explained as she placed down each sheet she needed you to fill out onto the table in front of you. The two of you had been going through everything for a couple of minutes, you knew it was all part of her job but she seemed to be friendly toward you.
"Then a massage intake after you'd decided which one you would like the most." It all felt a little overwhelming that you had to fill in so many sheets for a massage but you knew they were trying to cover themselves if anything were to ever happen. If there happened to be any kind of accidents they didn't want to be held accountable for. 
Tumblr media
"Lastly, why do you want a massage?" Yannie asked as she looked up from the sheet in front of her, she'd decided to help you fill in most of the information that was waiting for you. Your eyes were scanning over each of the men that were in the pamphlet, they all seemed skilled and you had no idea what kind of massage was best.
"Stressful week." Or life. But you were only willing to share a small amount of information. It wasn't as if you could just spill your guts out to everyone, it was personal and private information. Not to mention embarrassing as you thought back to Dante dumping you in front of everyone that you knew. Maybe you hadn't been a walking meme like you thought, not if Yannie hadn't seen the video...
"Stress?" She arched an eyebrow as she watched you flicking through the pamphlet in front of you, still deciding which was going to be the best course of treatment for you. Her fingers landed on a small photo of a man, a bright smile on his face he honestly looked as though he would be a fun person to get to know.
"Jung Hoseok," You read out loud as you saw the image of him beside his massage technique. It gave a small story of how and why he had come into using Hydromassagethreapy as well as a little about it. You assumed it was to make sure that clients felt more at ease with those that would be touching them for however long the session would go on. 
"He's one of the sweetest here, he's like a ball of sunshine...My favourite but don't tell anyone else." She whispered to you with a small smile, watching as your eyes danced over the words that were sitting in front of you. 
"I'll take him." You told her as she added it down onto her piece of paper, finally telling you everything that the therapy would entail while you would be with Hoseok and how it would begin.
"I'll take you to go and meet him. Hoseok has a way of doing things with his clients, no Masseur is ever the same." She explained as you both rose from the sofas and headed over to one of the rooms. The whole spa was bigger than you expected it to be but it gave off a very relaxing feel whenever you were inside.
A few small taps later and she was walking into the darkened office where Hoseok was waiting for the next client on his list.
Tumblr media
The door opened and you instantly began to feel a little regret welling up inside of you as you looked inside. The whole room was submerged into the darkness with some seductive music playing in the background, your whole stomach dropped as you looked around. Was Dante right about this place being some kind of sex place? You had no idea if you could back out suddenly but Yannie must have sensed how nervous you seemed.
"Hoseok, your client..." Yannie called out as you stood there anxiously, looking over at the chair in the room. It slowly turned around and Yannie flicked on the big lights your eyes squinting as you looked over the chair. It sounded as though Yannie had been scolding him and you held back a small laugh.
Once your eyes had adjusted to the new light you stared over at the man that was in the chair. Your heart leapt a little as you saw the man sitting there, brown hair was parted down the middle as he smiled over at you. The man looked as though he belonged in a greek museum, the ones filled with the handsome statues of people. The photo on the pamphlet barely did him any justice, seeing him person sent your stomach wild.
The smile was enough to make your stomach do summersaults as you locked eyes with one another. 
"This is Yn, Yn this is Hoseok. He'll be your masseur." You nodded as Yannie turned to leave, the door shutting behind her as you smiled back at Hoseok, awkwardly looking around the room. 
"Have a seat," He chuckled a little as you began to sit down on one of the chairs inside of the room. From the second you had walked inside he knew that you were nervous about something and he needed you to be relaxed for this to work.
It was a large room with three doors inside, the one which you had come through with Yannie. Also inside of the room was a desk, seating chairs and a large bed which you assumed where the massage happened.
The other two doors you had no idea what they led to but Hoseok was busy flicking through the paperwork you had signed trying to read through your intake. 
"You can relax in here, this is a safe space." He called out as he looked over at you noticing how uncomfortable you seemed to be. It wasn't as if you were used to this happening and you smiled a little, how were you supposed to relax instantly? 
"I'll make you some tea." He began to get up slowly and began mixing a drink together for the two of you.
Your eyes stayed on the cup the whole time as the liquid turned purple when he added some lemon juice to it, your insides told you not to drink it. You'd seen enough movies and true crime to know when liquid changed colour it wasn't a good sign,
"Is that drugs?" You questioned outright as he brought it over to you, a small laugh escaping him as he stared at you. It was cute that you were so open with your thoughts,
"No...Tea, it's relaxing." He takes his own glass, lifting it to his lips to prove that nothing had been put inside of it and you seemed to ease up a little on that. You realised you must have sounded insane for asking such a thing.
"S-Sorry I just- I've never done this before and this place-"
"Looks like a sex dungeon where we drug our clients?" He questioned sarcastically, laughing once again as you groaned at the thought of it. You began hiding your face in your hands, wanting nothing more than to sink into the floor but Hoseok eased on his laughter. 
"Relax. It's okay...Okay, how about you tell me what's gotten you so stressed?" You stayed silent, it wasn't like you were just going to spill your guts to a random stranger you barely knew. You didn't even feel comfortable talking to Mina about what had happened between you and Dante.
"Okay.." He leaned forward on his chair as he looked you in the eyes. There was something about them, a shimmer that made you feel as though you could tell him everything and it would all be okay. 
"Nothing you say inside of here will ever leave. I signed client confidentiality agreements and I'll stick by it. This is a safe space for you to open up..." You looked down at the floor, could you really trust someone that much? To tell them your stress from this week alone. 
"My...My boyfriend cheated on me, fired me and then kicked me out of my apartment." You whispered to him as you felt a little relief from letting it out. Telling someone who wasn't Mina kind of felt nice, as if a weight was being lifted from your shoulders. 
"He kicked you out of your own apartment?" There was genuine shock from him, unlike when you told Mina who had agreed that Dante throwing you out was right.
"Now I live in a shitty side of town where I actually fear for my life." You whimpered a little not knowing why all of it was flowing out but Hoseok smiled at you. He already knew what he was going to offer for you and he was hoping it would help you.
"Okay. So I can give you a deep destressing massage...I would recommend a hands-on massage before you get into the pool."
"Pool?" He nods getting up and opening one of the doors, 
"The pool is where the hydromassage comes in. The jets will help you unwind after I've given you the hands-on massage." He explained with a small smile on his lips. The pool he had mentioned was a large bathtub that was sunk into the floor, it looked really deep and was already filled with water.
"You can change in the bathroom, there's a towel and robe in there."
Tumblr media
At first, you felt uncomfortable but Hoseok turned down the lights, played some relaxing music it was kind of nice. Then as soon as you felt some of the oil on your skin you couldn't help but relax. It had the perfect scent of petals and it honestly smelled like heaven. But that was nothing compared to the way his hands felt against your skin. You couldn't help but fall in love with his touch, having a physical sensation that made you feel as though you were being transcended into the sky. The relaxing music paired with the scented room made you feel as though you were in a warm safe space. Before you knew you had begun to explain everything that had been bothering you, not just Dante but everything. Anything that scared you about your apartment, the way you didn't feel safe there and Hoseok was there to listen to you. Actually listen and not just pretend to or tell you everything would be okay.
When Hoseok had finished he'd sent you to the pool and told you to shower whenever you were ready. Even the pool had felt as though it was magical, the jets hit every tight spot in your body just the right way.
After showering you came out of the bathroom, smiling at Hoseok who was smiling back at you. It already looked as though you were doing so much better than you were when you first walked into his room.
"Look at you, smiling like a champion." He chuckled as you both made your way over to Yannie outside of the room. Hoseok wasn't going to let this be the last time he was going to see you, not when he could feel every knot inside of your body and he knew you needed more.
"I think we should schedule you in for another massage if you're comfortable?" You looked at Hoseok and thought about it. 
It did feel magical in there but it wasn't as though you could afford it all of the time and you didn't exactly have the coupon to fall back on the price each time. 
"Once a week...You can even use my discount." He told you as he pulled out his card, paying for the session you had just had before you could even say anything. 
"I'd hate for you to have to pay for this...Let me." He smiled as you tried to fight him on it, there was no way you were going to allow a stranger to pay for you. Not when you had only just met.
"Hoseok...I can't-"
"I won't take no as an answer, two more sessions?" You looked at you, you wanted to see him again and not just for massages but you didn't have the courage to ask him out. So you nodded in agreement with him, turning to look at Yannie who was smirking at you. She could already see what Hoseok was doing and she was going to be the one to help the two of you. As if she was a little matchmaker and she smiled, writing down your name in two slots - despite it being "walk-in" sessions only but who were you to question it.
"We'll see you at the next session." Yannie smiled sliding you a reminder card and looking at Hoseok who was already smiling happily at you.
Tumblr media
After a few sessions with Hoseok, you could feel yourself already beginning to feel more and more relaxed. Things with Hoseok were more than a client relationship, there was always something between you that made you feel as though there was something more to you.
You were close friends outside of the spa, you'd regularly hang out with one another. You'd spent a bunch of time at his apartment and you could feel yourself getting more and more attracted to him. It was hard not to when you could feel his hands all over your body whenever he would massage you. God, you would even dream of his hands on you when you weren't together, it was like he had a bewitchment over you or something.
Hoseok and you had gotten so close you were starting to feel as though you had strong feelings toward him. All of the flirting you did, the protectiveness he seemed to have over you it was insane. Not that it bothered you.
It had been so long since someone had cared for you the way that Hoseok seemed to. There wasn't a day that went by when you wouldn't wake up to a morning text from him or a goodnight text from him he was always so sweet and considerate when it came toward you. It was refreshing to have someone to talk to about things all of the time and to hang out with besides Mina. It had been hard to get in touch with Mina lately too, you assumed she was busy with work and you wanted to give her some space.
Hoseok treated you as if you had known one another your whole life and it felt like you had. There was never any awkward pauses or moments between you that would NEED to be filled. If there was silence it was a nice silence.
The two of you were amazing friends with one another but it was getting to the point where the line between friends and dating was beginning to blur massively. Flirting happened all of the time between the two of you, small touches of his hands on your body or lingering stares gave you mixed signals. You were cuddling a lot, had your own inside jokes...Small kisses on your cheek here and there with tender touches it was hard for you to tell if he wanted you or not. It sure seemed as though he did.
If you were hanging out at night he would offer you to stay, mostly because he didn't want to see you go home to your own shitty apartment. You never took him up on the offer to stay, you knew if you did you would tell him how badly you wanted him. 
At least at home, you could feel needy for the guy you called your friend in peace. You could feel free to touch yourself, moaning out his name as you made yourself cum at the thought of him. 
Then there were the times he would sometimes hold you, his arm around your waist as you walked, sitting together and watching a movie he would have his arm wrapped protectively around you. 
All of the almost-kisses you shared were somehow always interrupted by something or someone. Mostly Yannie if she had decided to hang out with the two of you. 
Tumblr media
"You look tired." You breathed out as you stood across from Hoseok in his kitchen. It was true and he was. He'd been working all day long and now he was home with you and Yannie, trying to cook you a nice meal but he burnt everything. He was annoyed at himself for wasting food and stinking out his apartment but hearing you come up behind him made him smile a little.
"Let me help you relax?" You suggested as he let out a small laugh turning to look at you, he had ideas on how you could help him relax but he wasn't going to say a single one of them out loud in fear of ruining your friendship.
"How?" He raised an eyebrow as you smiled brightly at him, damn that smile made him feel as though he could take on the world.
"I can massage you for a change." You suggested as you stepped closer to him, forcing him to face away from you as you trailed your hands slowly up to his shoulders applying a little pressure through the fabric of his shirt. He gripped onto the counter as he bit down on his lip, trying not to let out a moan as he finally felt your hands on his body. Something he'd only dreamt about before. 
"Mmm, that's nice." He whimpered a little as you continued to move your fingers, his eyes fluttering shut as he felt himself relaxing from having you this close to him. You'd clearly been learning from the way he massaged you at the spa.
Your chest pressed against his back as you continued to massage him, applying just the right amount of pressure that he needed and he whimpered. He could feel every inch of you against him and he could feel himself beginning to grow harder inside of his jeans.
"Yn." He whispered not caring that he sounded needy right now, he began turning around to look at you, your faces inches away from one another as he licked his lips. Your whole chest clenched as you realised you were close enough to kiss him, all you would have to do is lean up. 
"Hobi.." You whispered back, your voice coming out low and seductive as he felt a shiver run down his back. He could easily push you onto the table and make out with you, he could. He knew you liked him but he was too chicken to try and get you.
"You guys, I was thinking we could watch-" Yannie walked in the room and you both moved away from one another. Looking at the wall and floor as Yannie told you what film she wanted to watch cursing herself for walking in at the wrong time.
Tumblr media
Your body shivered as you thought back to each time you came to the spa you could have sworn you felt more and more turned on with each visit that you had. Which was what led to you right now, in his shower. The room was filled with steam as you kept your head pressed against the wall, water streaming down your body as you let out small whimpers.
you've been turned on from the moment Hoseok had touched you that morning and you couldn't get the images of him out of your head. You wanted...No. You needed him there with you. Pinning you against the shower wall as he took you from behind.
Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to push the thoughts out of your head. Hoseok and you were friends...Despite that, you wanted more. 
Even when you were at his place you were always desperate to touch him or for him to touch you. The flirting back and forth always turned you on and then when he would lean close to you.
Before you knew it your fingers were moving down slowly toward your navel before you stroked over your abdomen and trailed your hands between your legs. The hot water running down your body only sent a shiver up and down your back as your arousal swelled. Whimper a little you leaned your head against the wall and flipped your fingers between your labia to stroke your clit.
Your breath caught in your throat as you continued to stroke yourself again imagining that it was his fingers touching you. You knew he could easily hear you outside of that door but you didn't care.
You let yourself fantasize about the way he would feel between your legs, the way his magical hands would caress your clit.
Your knees weakened as you continued to massage roughly over your clit. Your thoughts always go back to the way Hoseok's would feel against your skin. 
"F-Fuck." You whimpered as you let out a louder moan, suddenly unaware that Hoseok was right next door. You imagined him standing over you, looking at you with a giant smirk as you came at the thought of his fingers inside of you.
Slowly you began to sink down onto the floor, letting the water flow over you as you pathetically fucked yourself with your fingers, your head was thrown back against the tiled wall. You needed this. You needed to feel your release at the thought of Hoseok. It wasn't as if it was the first time either, you'd done this a million times before.
Although they had been in the comfort of your own home.
"S-Shit." You whimpered hearing the door to Hoseok's room open, the bathroom door still unlocked as you held out a little hope he would randomly walk in one day.
Arching your back a little your fingers continued to stroke over your clit as you figured yourself. Imagining the way he would sound above you, the way you thought about his cock ramming in and out of you over and over again.
Is this good for you? Do you feel good with my touch? 
The words had seemed so innocent while he massaged you but they took on a whole other meaning when you thought of him like this.
Your orgasm gripped you, tensing every muscle you had as you slapped one hand over your mouth. Coming undone on merely a fantasy on someone you had called a friend of yours.
Tumblr media
"Yn, we were just talking about you," Yannie said with a bright smile on her face. Your body burnt as you thought back to what had happened in the shower, panic was beginning to bubble inside of your chest as you looked at them both. Hoseok's door had opened, it had been him leaving the room because when you eventually had the courage to leave the bathroom he wasn't there anymore. Maybe he'd heard and told Yannie all about how much of a creep you were. How could you have been so idiotic and needy to let yourself go like that?
"A-All good things I hope." You stuttered a little, nervous that Hoseok was now asking for you to be removed from his service. Images flashed back of what you had been doing and you stared at Hoseok who refused to meet your eyes. His face was burning red colour, had he heard?
"Yes, we were just talking about dating." She laughed and your eyes lit up, turning to look at Hoseok who was busy filling something in on a piece of paper. Did he want to ask you out and this was some kind of way of finding out if you were ready? Your heart practically lept from your chest trying to make its way over to him.
"You should go on Hinder. It's full of people looking to date." Your stomach sank. Was this Hoseok's way of telling you that he wasn't interested? Trying to get Yannie to set you up on a dating profile. 
"Hinder?" She nodded coming out from behind the desk to show you her app. Hoseok's eyebrows raised as he listened in on the conversation, wanting to know what you thought about it. 
Ever since he'd heard you he was planning to come and speak to you but he'd gotten sidetracked by mounds of paperwork. 
"I think it's time she started dating, right Hobi?" You looked at Hoseok who stared down at the paper in front of him. His grip was so tight on the pencil he was sure it was going to snap clean in half. How could you agree to something like this after what he had just heard in there? 
"Yes. She needs someone." Hoseok said through gritted teeth, you felt your heart crack a little. Had the flirting between the two of you been nothing but playful banter? Had you imagined it all in your head?
"You know what...Sure, I'll take a look tonight." You mumbled annoyed that Hoseok was being so blunt with you. He hadn't even bothered to look at you as you thanked him for the massage and left him a tip.
"Are you coming again next week?" Yannie quizzed as she headed behind her desk to check the calendar. 
"If Hobi still wants me to?" It suddenly felt awkward as he looked up from the paper to Yannie, staring at her as Yannie gave him a questioning glance. Of course, he wanted you to. 
"Yeah. She's my client." He emphasized the "my" but you thought you could have been imagining it.
"How about we all go to yours tonight? Find you a date." Yannie suggests looking at you. The two of you had been getting quite close with one another too, it felt nice. Mina always seemed to be busy which you understood but you just wished she'd tried to contact you other than when she needed something from you.
"Your place." You said, not wanting them to go over to yours. The first time Hoseok had he'd begged you to try and find a new place, he didn't trust the neighbourhood at all. It was one of the things that made you think he had a thing for you too, he was always super protective over you.
"Sure, Hobi and I can find you a sexy man-" Hoseok hand slammed down onto the counter as he stopped Yannie from speaking.
"I can't come. Busy." Hoseok mumbled walking away without another word, slamming his door as you flinched. It was the first time that you had ever seen Hoseok mad before and you didn't like it. It had been completely unnerving to see the ball of sunshine turn into a dark cloud of rain
"What was that about?" You questioned as Yannie waved it off, promising that she would finish in a few hours so you could meet her back at her place. 
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that this was the worst thing you had ever decided to do. Yannie had told you that she set you up with the perfect guy for you but the entire time all you could think about was Hoseok. It wasn't the best thing to do on a date but you couldn't help it.
Hobi was all you had thought about for the last two days since your massage. You hadn't seen him since he'd stormed off, he wasn't replying to your texts and you were beginning to think he was ignoring you for a reason. Maybe you'd creeped him out with the whole shower thing and you were beginning to hate yourself for it.
"I told them in the end that I didn't want to work for them anymore," Ren finished his story and you politely smiled, you'd been nodding your head along to his story not really listening to a word he had been saying to you. Ren was a little self-absorbed and obsessed with himself, all he did was talk about him. Made no attempts to try and get to know you or ask you anything about your life and whenever you would try and speak he would talk over you or ignore what you had been talking about and went back to speaking about himself.
If you didn't know any better you would have thought Yannie had made a huge misjudgement about Ren or she was setting you up with an awful guy on purpose. But you doubted it was that, you and Yannie were the best of friends by now and you doubted she would do something like that to you. You had texted her over an hour ago begging for her to send you help or call with a fake emergency but you already knew she was busy that night with something else. 
"Do you need another drink?" A waitress asked as she looked at your empty glass, it was already your third and you'd barely even finished your first course yet. 
"Yes please," You must have sounded desperate as she sent you a sympathetic smile, nodding as she went back over to the bar. Instantly Ren's eyes were glued to her ass and you rolled your eyes. It was just another confirmation that you wanted to get out of there and quickly, maybe there was a back exit you could use.
"I'll be right back," You mumbled, pushing yourself up from behind the table and ready to head in the direction of the bathrooms. You couldn't believe you had gotten dressed up for this, a tight red dress that showed off everything you wanted it to and finally felt confident enough to wear. You'd been saving the dress for Hoseok, maybe part of you was deluded enough to think he would ever ask you out on a date. 
Part of you had been holding out hope that if the date went well enough you would find someone to scratch that itch you had for Hoseok but right now all you wanted to do was leave and never come back again.
Go home, get into some sweats and just chill out but you glanced up and froze in place. Hoseok was standing there and beside him was one of the most gorgeous women you'd ever seen in your life.
Hoseok had never once mentioned that he had a girlfriend, not to mention how hot she was. 
"Fuck," You hissed turning around and sitting back down, the staircase to the left of them led to the toilets was right behind them and you weren't going to walk past them. You were silently praying that Hoseok hadn't even seen you getting up so you went to sit back down at your table. Pretending as though you hadn't been getting up to use the restroom.
"I thought you were-" Ren stopped as you started laughing loudly, you had no idea why but you threw your head back and placed your hand on top of his on the table. Ren looked at you as though you were crazy, frowning at the fact that you were touching him when you'd been doing everything you could to distance yourself moments ago.
"You're so funny!" You giggled, putting on a little bit of a higher giggle as you heard steps coming toward you. 
As soon as Hoseok saw you there his blood boiled, the guy you were with looked as though he'd just gotten out of the gym and wasn't ready for a date. The guy in front of you was dressed in a tank top and sweats meanwhile you were sitting there looking as radiant as either. The man didn't deserve to breathe the same air as you let alone sit across from you.
"Yn." Hoseok greeted as you smiled up at him, your fingers tracing small and invisible patterns onto Ren's skin. You hoped Hoseok didn't notice that Ren's eyes were now glued to Hoseok's girlfriend. You wondered how long they'd been seeing one another and why he hadn't mentioned her before. You'd never seen photos of them around the apartment and Yannie never told you that Hoseok was seeing someone.
"You didn't tell me you had such a pretty girlfriend," You suggested as Hoseok stared at his date, holding back a small laugh as he thought about it. This was Yannie's idea, she'd set them both up when he found out she'd set you up with someone although, he had no idea you were both being sent to the same restaurant to eat. He was going to have to have private words with Yannie when he next saw her about this whole thing.
"We're just on a date, Kara is a doctor." He smiled, his grip around her waist tightening as you and Hoseok locked eyes with one another. All of a sudden it felt tense and hostile toward one another.
"Well...I'm in my residency, not quite a doctor yet." She mumbled shyly but Hoseok didn't care to listen to her. 
"Ren is a bodyguard," You said back to Hoseok. You had no idea where the hostility was coming from between you both but it suddenly felt as though it was a pissing contest. Both of you labelling what made your dates better than the other.
"Your date is staring at my dates boobs," Hoseok smirks as he noticed neither of your dates were paying any attention to either of you. Your eyes glanced to Ren who wasn't even hiding the fact that he was staring directly at Kara's breasts just as he had been doing with the waitress's ass whenever she walked by.
"You should eat with us!" Ren called out as He pulled a chair out for Kara to sit beside him. You could hardly believe that the man who was talking about himself non-stop had decided to extend a chair for someone else.
"We're on a-" You tried to say on a date but you were quickly shot down by Ren who didn't even glance in your direction.
"Don't be silly, your friend is here we should be nice to him and his date." You looked at the table when a glass of wine was placed down in front of you, your stomach bubbled with anxiety as you felt Hoseok slowly sitting down in the chair next to you. Suddenly everything around you felt small, you didn't feel as though you were in a huge restaurant you could escape from, you felt trapped.
You tried not to make it obvious as you practically downed the wine the second Hoseok was comfortable, you were going to need a lot of liquid courage if you were going to make it through this dinner. 
Tumblr media
Sitting there was torture, watching you throw yourself at someone who clearly wasn't interested in you was beginning to bug Hoseok more than he thought it was going to. You'd made so many attempts to flirt and bring the conversation to you but Ren made absolutely no attempt at trying to speak to either of you and you looked stunning. Hoseok could feel anger boiling up inside of him as you continued to throw yourself at Ren.
He could hardly believe you had made so much effort for someone who would rather be with someone else. It was obvious that you weren't interested in Ren at all but Hoseok kept his mouth shut. Finding it a little entertaining whenever you would try - and fail - to get Ren to notice you.
"Excuse me." You mumbled getting up from the table and heading in the direction of the staircase to the toilet. The original plan for escaping was back on, you wanted to get out of there and as fast as humanly possible. The longer you sat there the more you wanted to take the stem of your wine glass and insert it into your eyes or maybe even Ren's for him being such a sleeze. You didn't want to sit there and watch as the guy you were supposed to be on a date with flirted with someone right in front of you and in front of Hobi.
God, he must have thought you were some kind of idiot for sitting there and watching all of that happen. But that made him an idiot too. In fact, ever since he'd sat beside you his eyes had been locked onto the side of your head. Completely ignoring the fact that his date was flirting with someone other than himself.
Tumblr media
"Why would you date an asshole like that?" The door hit the wall and you jumped, turning to see Hoseok standing in the female bathroom. Your heart thumped rapidly as you turned to look at him. The aching in your chest was from excitement, the fact that he'd followed you somewhere he shouldn't be. 
"You can't be in here," Was all you could say as he stared at you, folding his arms over his chest as he took in your appearance. When he'd first seen you he wanted to pull you into his arms, taking you as his date and show you how a real date should have been treating you but he couldn't. You weren't his but he felt as though you were. He was damn near overprotective and possessive over you. It was taking everything inside of him not to kiss you in front of that arsehole downstairs and show him exactly how he should have been treating you. 
"Why would you date an asshole like that?" You turned back to look at the mirror, touching up your lipstick as you tried not to get upset that he was mad at you for who you date when he'd been the one to agree to the dating app idea.
"Maybe that's the kind of guys I'm attracted to," You grumbled as he stepped closer, he was inches away from being able to touch you. He stared at you in the mirror, licking his lips slowly. Everything inside of him was desperate to be closer to you, to touch you without the idea of it just being a massage.
"You look so fucking hot," Your breath caught in your throat hearing him say it. It wasn't the first time he had complimented your appearance but it was the first time he had ever called you hot and looked at you with such desire in his eyes. Everything about you was like his own personal aphrodisiac.
"H-Hobi..." You whispered as he stepped closer, finally closing the gap as you felt his groin pressing against your ass, it didn't leave much up to the imagination as you felt how hard he was under the pants he was wearing. 
Your thighs clenched together as you imagined him, you imagined him touching himself to the thought of you in his shower but then your mind went to darker places. Your brain flashed with images of Hoseok taking you right on the sink, one leg propped up while he forced you to look in the mirror at yourself. A date downstairs and look, you're getting fucked by your masseur.
Your body ached for him to touch you so you pushed your ass back against him, slowly rotating your hips as he let out a low groan. It was a silent sign that you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you. Hoseok's head rested in the crook of your neck as he breathed in the scent of your perfume,
"Shit, Yn...The things you do to me." He whimpered a little spinning you around as he looked into your eyes, reaching his hand up as he cupped your face in his hands softly. His thumb running along your cheek sent shivers down your spine, as you slowly lent forward slowly bringing your mouth toward his. 
You didn't want to resist him anymore, you knew that you needed him and that he now wanted you back so you crashed your lips together. His lips were soft and parted, pressing firmly against yours as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck.
Kissing each other as if the rest of the world no longer existed, that both of you didn't have dates downstairs waiting for you to come back. Neither of you cared about that, Hoseok lifted you up onto the counter. Pressing himself closer to you as you moaned against his lips, you could feel how hard he was against your panties and it only made you want him more. 
"F-Fuck" You whispered as you broke for air, suddenly kissing again as you made out inside of the bathroom. Lips crashing together as if the heavens were breaking and the ground was crumbling around you. The kiss was the only thing that would be able to stop all of that happening and you continued to kiss.
Nothing would have prepared you for this, you never would have been able to imagine the way that Hoseok would kiss you. 
You never wanted to stop kissing him because as soon as you would you knew the whole world would shift. Hoseok would be standing there and he would no longer be a friend, he would be the man you wanted to take you on the countertop. 
His hands travelled down your hips, wanting to touch every inch of your skin as he lifted up the thin fabric. Your hearts were racing as he continued to run his fingers up the inners of your thighs, right as he was about to touch you where you needed him most you were popped from your bubble.
"Excuse me." A woman called out forcing the two of you to break apart, Hoseok jumped away from you as you got down from the top of the counter heels hitting the floor as you straightened out the dress,
An elderly lady was staring at the two of you looking less than impressed at what she had just found happening inside of the bathroom. 
"You shouldn't be in here, this is the girl's room!" She snapped as Hoseok darted out of the room, leaving you needy and whiney as you watched him head for the stairs before the door shut. You didn't know what was supposed to happen now. He was gone. Just like that. You wanted to chase after him, to run home to his apartment and finish what you had started inside of here.
"You should be ashamed of yourself, you have a date downstairs and you're up-" You didn't give the woman time to finish her sentence as you made a b-line for the exit, wanting to find out exactly where Hoseok was going and if you were supposed to be going after him. 
Tumblr media
When you got to your table, Hoseok was gone and so was his coat, had he wanted you to follow? Kara was eating your food while she sat on top of Ren's lap both of them feeding one another and looking as though they were a loved up couple. At least neither of them had noticed you'd been gone for too long, you threw some cash down onto the table and headed for the bar. 
"Did you happen to see where the guy I was with went...E-Erm or if he left a message?" You questioned the waitress who already knew who you were referring to since your original date was now making out with someone else. 
"No...He just headed straight out." You sighed taking your phone out of your purse trying to cal Hoseok but it was going straight to voicemail
Of course, it is, why would he want you? He was just pissed off at his date and horny. 
Your body shuddered as you looked down at your phone, trying Yannie but she wasn't answering either. You were completely alone thinking you had fucked up the one good thing you had going. 
You'd finally grasped Hoseok with both hands and now he was letting you go, leaving you abandoned and feeling used as he fled home. Not even having the decency to tell you how much of a mistake it had been, maybe if he had it wouldn't hurt as much. Maybe if he'd told you this wasn't what he wanted you wouldn't be standing in the street waiting for a cab as you cried silently to yourself. How could you have been stupid enough to believe he was going to take it further? The one thing you knew was that you were never going to be able to face seeing him or Yannie again, this had been one of the biggest mistakes that ever happened to you.
Tumblr media
You hadn't heard from Hoseok since the bathroom incident and it was your day to go and get a massage, you'd done your best to cancel it but Mina was insisting that you go. Even taking you herself so that she could get a massage after hearing so many good things you'd had to say about the place. 
Which was what led to you both sitting on the sofas while she flicked through the pamphlet full of boys who were offering their services. Yannie had been trying to get your attention for the last ten minutes but you were doing everything possible to avoid her gaze.
"I think I want Hoaeok, you keep talking about how magical his sessions are," Mina smirked signing the final pieces of paper and sliding the clipboard over to Yannie who looked less than impressed she had chosen someone who already had a booking. Yannie glimpsed at you as you stared back at her giving her a nonchalant look, you didn't want to seem as though you were bothered about this. 
"Yn is booked for that treatment though," Yannie called out as you stared back at her, it was easy enough to swap your massage session and you didn't mind waiting if it meant you didn't have to be alone with Hoseok.
"I can swap. It's easy." You grumbled annoyed, the last thing you wanted right now was for a dark room with Hoseok. The two of you were no doubt going to be locked in there with an awkward tension between you both. Hoseok had made it clear by ignoring you that he no longer wanted to see you so you were going to give him what you wanted. This was going to be the last time you were ever going to come here.
"But it's recommended you don't just randomly switch because of your-"
"We can do whatever we want, we're paying!" Mina yelled at Yannie and your stomach dropped, as mad at Yannie as you were for the awful date she didn't deserve to be yelled at right now. 
"Mina, don't yell at her." You whispered as Yannie looked down at her sheets of paper trying to decide what she was going to do. You felt awful, Yannie had been a better friend to you than Mina had lately and she was being yelled at for just doing her job.
Tumblr media
You'd filled it which session you wanted instead of Hoseok and Yannie went to drop each paper into the boy's room, something she did before every session but she stopped as she reached Hoseok's desk. Purposely giving him the wrong sheet hoping that he would get the hint,
"What's this...You gave me Jimin's slip instead," Hoseok said as he looked at the paper and back to Yannie who was giving him large pleading eyes, she needed him to fix whatever had happened on that date. She'd only gotten little snippets from each of you, neither of you fully explaining what it was that went on and why you were now avoiding him.
"Look at the name," Was all she grumbled before leaving the room, carefully shutting the door. She'd set you up on that awful date for a reason because she'd sent Hoseok there with his date. She knew how bad the dates were going to be and wanted you both to get on with it already. She was sick of the lingering stares, the constantly blushing coming from Hoseok and always listening to you rambling about one another. 
With her help, she was speeding the process along and she wasn't about to let Mina ruin it because she wanted a massage from Hoseok instead. Her hard work wasn't just going to be washed away by the hands of your so-called friend.
Hoseok rolled his eyes staring down at the sheet but his whole body went number, his back tensed and he could have sworn every hair on his body stood to attention. 
There in black and white was your name, scheduled to be going in for a massage with Jimin once he finished with the client he was currently with.
"Like hell," He grumbled harshly, slamming the paper down onto the counter before heading out of his room, only to be greeted by a small woman who was smirking up at him.
"Yn told me how magical your massages were, I came to see for myself." She whispered, her hands slowly beginning to rise to his chest where she played with his shirt. Hoseok gulped looking at her and glancing around.
"Go and change into a towel and I'll come in and start." He lied trying his best to seem as convincing as possible. He knew her from images you'd shown him, it was Mina and he'd only met her for a few seconds and hated the way she had touched him. If she was your friend he was sure you would have told her what happened and she still tried to touch him? 
"Yannie, I don't think I wanna-" You were cut off when Hoseok took your arm into his hand and began dragging you down the hallway giving you no chance to stop and question what was going on.
"H-Hobi? What...What are you doing?" You whimpered as he pushed you into a spare room, there was nothing but a massage table inside and you assumed it was a spare massage room.
"What do you think you're doing?" He grumbled pinning your body against the wall inside of the room, your heart racing as you stared at him, chests rising and falling rapidly as you tried to calm down your racing heart.
"Going for a-"
"You're mine," He growled in an animalistic tone as he began kissing you deeply, you moaned out wrapping your arms around the back of his neck as he smirked a little. The connection and massive spark were still then between you and you whimpered, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck.
"You're mine, my client, my girl, no one else gets to touch you." He growled again, kissing down your jawline as you moaned out. Your fingers began to knot into his hair and pull a little harshly doing anything to have him closer to you.
"I'm yours," You whispered as he dropped down to his knees in front of you. Those two little words confirmed what he needed, that you liked him just as much as he liked you and he wasn't going to run away this time. When he'd run away from the bar he wasn't thinking straight, all he thought about was how much trouble it would get him into but right now...At this moment, he didn't care. 
Your heart began to pick up as he rolled up the skirt you were wearing and slowly pulled down your white panties. Chuckling darkly as he watched your arousal drip from your cunt, all of the times he had imagined this and it was finally happening. 
"Look at that, all wet for me." He chuckled kissing each of your thighs before biting down on your skin making your eyes flutter. 
"Is this all for me?"
"Y-Yes it's always for you." You whispered as he began to kiss closer to your core your head rolling back against the wooden door, needy for him to get close. 
"Do you know how long I've wanted you? S-Since the moment you walked through my door." He groaned as he bit down on your thigh, sucking harshly on your skin as you let out a heavenly whimper. God, he'd been dreaming about those moans ever since he heard you in his shower,
"Then when I heard you in my shower...I was going to come in and join you but Yannie called me out." He growled a little, pissed off that Yannie had ruined it but this was so much better.
"I was going to ask you out until I heard about you joining a dating app. You were going to go on a date after touching yourself and cumming to the thought of me." You whined out bucking your hips in an attempt to get him closer to your core and he chuckled deeply at your attempts.
"You're mine." He repeated again as you nodded your head desperately, repeating the words to him as ripped the panties from your body and blew cold air onto your exposed clit.
You panted looking down at him, you were mixed with embarrassment, excitement and neediness and he chuckled darkly at you. Slowly sliding his tongue over you. Between every fold, lapping up your arousal and proving that he could never get enough of you.
"Holy fucking shit." You practically screamed, searching for something to grip onto as he wrapped your legs around his shoulders, burying his face deeper into your cunt as he ate you out. Your fingers dug into what you could grasp as you let out loud moans of his name, fuck your imagination never could have done you justice. 
Hoseok took your labia into his mouth, sucking as if it was a damn lolly he was savouring before he delve his tongue back into you. Your head was spinning as you rolled your hips up and your head back,
"H-Hobi," You breathed out as he continued his movement,
"You taste so good," He moaned out, there was a hunger in his voice that made your whole body shudder. You squirmed a little as he continued to use his tongue inside of you. His fingers found their way to your clit as he gave you more stimulation than you thought you could handle.
"I'm going to make you cum, Yn. I'm going to show you exactly what I should have done in that fucking bathroom." He growled as he looked up at you, your clit throbbed under his fingers as you moaned out his name.
"You're going to scream my name by the time we're done," He chuckled as he went back to eating you out. Your orgasm was imminent, crashing over you so suddenly you clapped your hands over your mouth to stop yourself from screaming too loudly. After all, people were still trying to relax in the spa but Hoseok laughed, dropping your legs and looking at you. 
"We're not done yet, angel." He laughed before pulling you into a deep kiss, his hands rushing to take off your clothes not caring if they ripped or were left untidy. All he knew was that he needed you and desperately. 
Tumblr media
Hoseok laid you down carefully on the bed, your legs were wrapped around his waist as you whimpered against his lips. The two of you were close to being close,
"I-I need you Hobi, please," You begged, not caring if you sounded like you were desperate, you wanted him and you wanted him badly. Hoseok smirked down at you, running his thumb along your bottom lip as he let out a deep chuckle.
"Since you asked so nicely," He teased using his hand to line himself up at your entrance, softly teasing you as you hissed at him. In an attempt to make him move fast you rolled your hips up but he simply pinned them down, looking deep into your eyes as he smirked.
"So eager," Of course you were, you were soaking wet for a reason and your whole body was on fire with anticipation. Hoseok slowly thrusts into you, your eyes squeezing shut as you felt a sharp sting but it was nothing.
"You okay?" Hoseok's voice came out as a whisper and you opened your eyes, smiling as you nodded your head. 
"F-Fine...Please Hobi." You whined rolling your hips as he let out a deep grunt of pleasure. You didn't care what you had to do but you wanted to hear that beautiful sound over and over again, for the rest of your life. Hoseok moans out as he pulls out of you a little, looking down between you as he began to thrust his moans only growing louder as your cunt tightened around him. You could feel yourself stretching out around him as he moved in and out of you. 
"F-Fuck!" You screamed out running your fingers down his back as he began to move in and out of you at a soft pace, both of you looking at one another with such lust in your eyes. Having him watch over you as he fucked you made your entire body tingle as he smirked,
"Faster....Faster Hobi," You whispered as he nodded his head, his hips slowly beginning to pick up in pace until you were reduced to a moaning mess.
"Look at you, my girl." He moaned out as he kissed you deeply, his hips never stilling for a moment as you cried out moans of his name,
"Yours! Your girl," You panted as he continued to fuck into you, you could feel your orgasm reaching you as he smirked at you, 
"You're squeezing my cock like a vice baby," He was proud of it and it only made you clench tighter as you panted heavily. 
"Cum for me again, I can feel you wanting to." He chuckled reaching down as he began to rub your clit with his fingers. His hips snap in and out of you at a ruthless pace.
"Hobi!" You screamed as he continued to rub your clit in fast circles, your head spinning as you gripped onto his hair, crying his name out once again as you reached yet another high.
Tumblr media
"Here," Hoseok whispered as he laid beneath you this time, positioning you above him with his cock at your entrance. His eyes locked with yours as you and you bent down to kiss him. Kissing him so hard that your tongue become entangled with one another and he slowly lowered you down onto him.
"R-Ride me," This time it was him that sounded as though he was begging and you smirked against his lips, slowly raising your hips only to let them fall as you rocked against him. His cock reaching the deepest parts of you as your head span,
"So fucking deeper," You moaned out as you continued to work your hips against his, his hands reaching up to play with your breasts as he watched you. Completely in love with the way you looked right now. Mouth open agape as you took all of him inside of you,
"R-Ride that cock baby, slow and deep." He praised as you continued to ride him, your legs shaking but you continued. The fullness of his cock had you moaning out loudly as you clenched around him.
"S-Shit," You moaned out as you continued to ride him, his hands falling onto your hips as he pushed you down on him all of the way with a loud deep moan.
"A-All the way, just like that." He moaned as he continued to watch you, helping you work your hips as you locked eyes with one another again,
"Fuck!" You cried out as his thumb found its way to his new favourite toy, your clit was throbbing as he continued to rub it in circles. Your whole body began to tighten up as you moaned out, whimpering and bucking your hips against him.
"You wanna cum?" He asked with a slight cockiness to his tone, you nodded desperately no longer finding the words to speak as he began to thrust up into you. Snapping his hips over and over again as you let out the loudest scream of his name he'd heard from you yet and he smiled triumphantly. Your head was in complete bliss as you came around him, falling down onto his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, holding you still as he released inside of you.
A whimper left you as you felt him pull out of you followed by his cum seeping down your thighs but you continued to lay there on his chest. Both of you sweating and panting heavily as you let out a small giggle from your post-orgasm state.
Tumblr media
Hoseok had his arm wrapped around your waist securely as he smiled, you were both covered in sweat but you didn't seem to care. He was spooning you from behind as you tried not to fall asleep right then and there.
"Stay with me." He whispered as he pressed his lips against your bare shoulder, running his fingers up and down your back softly.
"In this room? Its small and cramped Hobi...No food, we would die of starvation." You giggled, already knowing that's not what he wanted but you wanted to tease him even a little.
"No...Stay with me as in be mine?" He groaned, kissing your exposed shoulder as you smiled happily.
"I already told you I was yours," You whispered carefully turning around on the wobbly massage table and looking at him, the fact that he had to ask you again worried you a little. 
"I know but I-I want to make sure you meant it and not just the heat of the moment" You gently touched his cheek and nodded, this was what you wanted. Hoseok was who you wanted from now until forever.
"I meant it. I'm all in," You promised, kissing him deeply as he nodded his head moaning against your lips. He wanted to go again, to feel you cum around him again. There was a tap at the door but he pretended not to hear it, running his hands down your thighs as you gasped softly,
"I'm all in." He swore, trying to ignore the knocking on the door but the knocks were becoming more frequent.
"Hobi...When you've cleaned up you have Mina waiting," Yannie's voice broke the bubble you were in and you smiled, she obviously knew what the two of you had been doing in there and was going to bug you for answers.
"Go...I'll shower in the next room, go." You giggled as he groaned at you, not truly wanting to leave your side just yet. The plan was having a shower with you, maybe reliving the fantasy he'd had of you in his shower but the plan had come crashing down.
"I'll be here when you come out, just go." You whined getting up and heading in the direction of the small adjoining shower room, shaking your head at him as he tried to follow you inside.
"I want to shower too-"
"We can later. When we're at your place," You promised as he continued to get changed in front of you as you hide your body behind the bathroom door, drinking in the sight of him.
Tumblr media
You had no idea how long you had been in the shower but you came out to find Mina was out of her massage and Hoseok was doing paperwork at the front desk. You couldn't contain just how happy you were at the thought of your time with Hobi. You were about to head over to him when you heard Mina on the phone, the door to her room was slightly open and you could see her sitting on the bed wearing a robe and giggling to herself.
"I love bubba but I cant...I have to at least make sure she had no idea it was me you were fucking," A loud giggle sounded from her and you stopped still, you didn't tell you that she had a boyfriend. Mina was sitting on a table wrapped in a towel, dripping wet so you assumed she was coming from the shower after her massage.
"It's going to be a few more days before we reveal that we're together," She sighed before looking around the room and laughing to herself at something the other person on the phone was saying to her.
"Oh no...She's over you, it's over. She's hooking up with some kind of massage weirdo...I wonder if she knows he does this with all his clients...I mean..."Blissful hands?" that's literally a happy ending in the title." You felt your chest clench as you continued to listen to her, reality seeping in as you realised who she was speaking to.
"You just know he's fucking everyone in this room, Dante." The name sent shivers down your spine as you realised she was the one Dante had been cheating on you with. The person who was supposed to be your best friend, the one girl you had gone to with every problem you had with Dante and she was fucking sleeping with him?
"Yn?" Yannie called out as she watched you backing away from the door, ignoring her as you headed out of the building and in the direction of your car. How could you have been so stupid!? How did you not see that it was her before? 
Tumblr media
Hoseok smiled as he walked back into the massage room carrying food and hot drinks, his smile dropping when he saw you weren't there. He'd gone a little longer than he expected because he wanted to bring you something comforting to eat.
"Yn?" He called out, heading into the shower room but you were nowhere in sight, there was just a towel on the bed and your phone was sitting there. You'd left in a rush by the looks of it,
"Yannie?!" He cried out rushing into the hall but Yannie was holding her finger up to her lips, nodding over to the office. They couldn't be sat screaming at one another in the halls of the spa.
"She left...S-She just sprinted out," She whispered as he panicked, turning around and grabbing his car keys,
"I'm out today, if anyone comes in for me I'm busy." He called out, he wasn't going to let you run away. You said you were all in.
There was no way Hoseok was going to let you go that easily. He knew phoning you were out of the option so he'd gone straight to your place. Maybe you'd rushed there or not but it was a starting point.
"Yannie, she hasn't got her phone," Hoseok grumbled as he walked up to your apartment door and he stopped. It wasn't a scene he was expecting to find and he could feel anxiety beginning to build up inside of him. The door to your apartment was on the ground, glass everywhere on the floor below your window and his mind raced with every possibility of what could be happening or would have happened.
"Maybe she went to your place?" Yannie suggested trying to remain on the positive side of everything that was happening but Hoseok was already beginning to drown her out quickly hanging up the phone. As soon as he walked into your apartment he felt his chest clench, practically everything you owned was missing or trashed in the room. Everything you'd been working hard on was ruined by someone who had decided it was their place to smash up.
"Yn?!" He called out, not seeming to care if any of the robbers were still inside, all he cared about was finding you and quickly. 
"Yn if you're here...Shout?" He groaned at the way he sounded, he must have sounded like an idiot calling out to you. What if you were tied up and gagged? Then you wouldn't be able to talk.
"Bang something?" He called as he walked into your bedroom there were no signs of you being here, just everything trashed and thrown around. If you had been here he wouldn't be able to tell and he called Yannie back, trying to figure out what he needed to do. 
Tumblr media
"Hobi?" Your voice filled Hoseok's ears and it was like music to him, he slammed his door and rushed inside of his apartment to see you sitting there. You were seated on his sofa in one of his hoodies and a pair of shorts crying a little. He'd been on the phone to police questioning what he was well within his rights to do but they'd told him no missing person could be reported yet and since it wasn't his apartment he couldn't file anything against it.
You looked stressed out but as soon as your eyes met one another you seemed to relax a little, your whole body shivering as you stared at him.
"Yn?" Hoseok's voice cracked giving him away from that he'd been crying as he rushed over to you. Practically tackling you to the sofa as you whimpered, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and bringing him into you. 
"I-I didn't know where else to go, my apartment-" You choked out a sob as you thought back to what you had seen. Everything had been taken, including the savings that had been helping you get through your rough patch without a job. Hoseok didn't care that you'd shown up at his apartment, he'd given you a key, for this reason, he wanted you to feel comfortable enough to come here.
"Everything's gone...I-I don't have anything. I filed a report but I don't have insurance," You whispered as Hoserok began to sit on the sofa beside you, putting your legs over his thighs so he could hold you as close as possible. Your head resting on his shoulder as he rubbed your back softly, he felt slightly calmer knowing you weren't in any danger.
"I saw, I thought something had happened to you," He whispered, running his thumb along your cheek to wipe away from the tears that were falling.
"You saw?"
"I went to find you...You ran out on me at the spa, I thought I'd done something wrong." You thought back to the spa and let out a breathy laugh, thinking back to what you had heard Mina saying over to the phone.
"No...I-" You shifted a little, turning to lay your head on his shoulder as you linked your hands with one another.
"I heard Mina talking on the phone with Dante," Hoseok stayed silent as he thought back to where he had heard the name before when it hit him.
"As in your ex?" He frowned, 
"Yep...Turns out they'd been sleeping together. The girl he'd been cheating on me with was her." Hoseok's whole body tensed up as he thought about it, all he wanted to do from the moment you'd told him about Dante was break his nose. Now he wanted to do a lot more than that.
"I'm sorry..."
"Don't be, I'm honestly...I'm not bothered," You admitted as you turned to look up at him. It may have been cliche and sounded stupid to most people around you but you felt a connection with Hoseok.
One that was far stronger than you had ever had with Dante. You never wanted to be the one to say you loved someone so close to meeting them but you truly did love Hoseok.
"Hobi...I have a confession to make-"
"Me too." He said as he cut you off at the end of your sentence, smiling brightly at you as he moved one of his hands to cup your face in his hands. You giggled a little as he looked at you, it felt as though he was staring right into your soul.
"It's cliche and...And we'll probably be told it's "not real" but fuck...Hobi I love you," You admitted as he chuckled leaning closer to you,
"I love you too Yn," He admitted before pressing his lips against yours. Instantly it was as if sparks flew out from your kiss, both of you moving against one another as he kept you pressed against him.
"Yannie is going to tell me she told me so," He whispered, leaning his forehead against your own as you laughed a little. 
"What do you mean?" You giggled as he looked at you, 
"She's been trying to set us up from the start."
"I'll send her some thank you flowers," You whispered, kissing him deeply as he brought you onto his lap, laughing as he held you close. 
It was cliche to say that you lived happily ever after, no one was happy forever and every relationship had its ups and it's down but you and Hoseok were strong enough to make it through everything, to get through life together. You'd gotten a job at the Salon so you could work alongside Yannie, you'd grown close with all of the team. They had all welcomed you with open arms.
Tumblr media
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