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[management voice] oh nooooo not a lawsuit ahahaha
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And I’m keeping on my costume And calling it a writing tool And if you’re thinking of me I'm probably thinking of you Body Paint – Arctic Monkeys; dir. Brook Linder
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Hand on their hearts, suppressing something inside them
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Aha well um i got ......distracted
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ask-the-stone-hashira · 2 days ago
Celesti hums softly to herself as she finds a spot to observe the clouds. She was just about to sit down when she saw a mysterious person. Another cloud watcher! She approached the person, smiling, “Observing the clouds too?”
Gyomei hears the woman approach, rails of excitement in her voice and answers softly
If only I could. Instead, I'm enjoying the breeze and all the other feelings and sounds that come with nature. You're welcome to sit with me and watch the clouds. I enjoy descriptions of them.
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tempobrucera · 2 days ago
Didn’t expect to see Thomas & Ethan play footsie today ...
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I'm bored, so I'm trying once again to enjoy a hidden object game!
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Connecticut Clark and Malfina
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donatello a patron of the fanfiction arts
TEXT: “Long night of reading atomic lass X readers?” 
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Despite it all, I can tell... you have a good heart. 
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shandy-and-champagne · a month ago
Idk man but the implications of them deliberately showing El standing up from her chair during their fight, vs Will going to sit down next to Mike to put himself at his level, and then eye to eye in almost every scene thereafter, even at the expense of Michael's spine...
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ask-the-stone-hashira · a day ago
Kiyanah approaches Gyomei after a long evening with him and a terrible night fighting demons, Are you ready to go visit my siblings? She asks groggily
Do you perhaps think that you should wait when you're less tired my love?
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katsuphobic · 2 months ago
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[ 7:36 pm ] katsuki has always had a reputation that preceded him. short-tempered, crude, and arrogant— and sure that wasn’t all what people called him but he was unbothered.
these faults that would always follow him, throughout the rumor mill at school or in newspapers that criticize him nearly every patrol just so happen to be the same ones he prides himself in, and considering he was top of the class and his game, he certainly didn’t give a damn whatever anyone thought.
but you— you weren’t anyone.
“didn’t know you would be my partner the night shift.” you stroll up to katsuki standing near the door’s exit. the sun was setting soon and you wondered just how long he was waiting on you.
katsuki thought you were crazy. after all something obviously had to be wrong with you, to constantly hear bad things about him and still try to get to know him better. maybe naïve was the more fitting term..
his whole life people only liked him for his hero persona. but you had also been so damn insistent on getting to know him, past the suit and flashy titles, and he found himself somewhat intrigued with you.
“traded with shitty hair. ‘m not too fond of waking up at 5am for the morning one.”
you nod your head in agreement, a bit bashful, guilt gnawing at your realization he was probably stuck waiting for you.
your friends all mocked you when it came to katsuki, telling you to steer clear and if you do screw up in his presence, to stay quiet. but he rarely ever acted the way most people described, making ( although short ) conversation with you. but still, he remained closed off to you.
he walks ahead of you, surveying the surroundings while you rack your brain for a good enough apology.
“my bad for getting down so late,” you call out to him, honest. “it won’t happen again.”
again, his cheeks heat up at the thought.
“bold to assume, i’d want to work with ya a second time.”
you take the banter as a good sign, speeding your pace to match his, “not bold. just confident in my chances.”
katsuki does his best to ignore your remark, looking to the side in a poor effort to make sure you don’t see the small effect you have on him.
“you’re really not bad as people make you out to be, bakugou.” he can almost hear the evident smirk on your voice. “you’re actually pretty friendly.”
huh, that’s a new one.
“friendly? don’t think that’s a very popular word for me.” he says, giving you a side eye’s glance, but his heart is pounding.
“yeah, no shit but under all the yelling, it’s the truth.”
he bites back a boyish smile at your praises— short-tempered, crude, arrogant and friendly.
he was right, you were crazy. crazy to manage sticking around long enough to successfully break down his walls. and maybe he was a little crazy too.
crazy enough to want get to know you better.
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bctoastyyy · 4 months ago
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do you ever just,,,oops ghost portal
the ghosts inside him are Not Happy Today hdjdkd
OH OH OH I TRIED THE TRANSPARENCY THING didnt uhhh exactly work but hey!
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darkmode version under the cut
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starsonmarsy · 4 months ago
i wanna break your brain so hard that you're just a horny pet, humping and edging for me. so desperate and eager to please that you just become my dumb, drooly plaything. laughing at you as you beg to cum, constantly telling you that you can do better than that. when in reality, i have no intention of giving you permission. you're going to whine and plead, while i just get amused by how pathetic you are.
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