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LOUIS TOMLINSON聽 What is one thing that you want people to know? |聽Most Requested Live
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Louis on Most Requested Live
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Louis via lthqofficial
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Don鈥檛 Worry, Darling, 27k by amomentoflove (me!)
Frank and Shelley Harper are the founders of the Victory Project-- a place for his employees and their spouses to live, to work, and to enjoy themselves while keeping safe from the outside world.
Louis and Harry Styles are the newest inhabitants of Victory, but when Louis begins to question his reality, he has to rely on himself and his husband to find out the truth.
buy me a coffee?
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Q+A with fans at Power 96.1
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- Harry Styles Fashion Pt. 9
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鈥 聽gallery of us
55k written for @bottomlouisficfest鈥嬄
In spite of wanting to sound lucid and coherent for his own big jump, Harry wants to be near and touch, wants to listen to whatever the omega鈥檚 saying because he loves that voice, and he's always hated talking unless he has to. They're a good pair, the two of them, a perfect balance. Louis鈥 all sunshine, good vibes and healthy eating, lingering hugs and sticky cheek kisses, and Harry's the complete opposite without explanation, but fuck, it feels so good to be around someone like that. To have someone like that in his life at all.
Harry wants to protect his affectionate ball of light from the world's ignorance, wants to help add to the glow like starting a snowball, rolling it around until it can鈥檛 get off the ground because it鈥檚 so heavy from all the effort, patience and commitment.
Harry knew what he was doing in life, everything laid out in black-and-white, each day pleasantly predictable. Cue lively art student, Louis, trying to find his place. An almost insufferably happy person who sometimes forgets to hide the way they feel meets the person who is diligent enough to notice and determined to make a difference.
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Skate Fast, Eat Ass
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Skate Fast, Eat Ass by stretchmybones on ao3
An explicit larry fic, skater boi louis, gardener harry, 7417k words, read tags on ao3
Skaterboi Louis meets Gardener Harry who has just moved in down the street. A bit of love at first sight, lots of smut, fluff, and pasta eating ensue.
Let it be known that I was writing Larry eating pasta before they referenced it IRL!
My lovely moodboard created by the wonderful @larrysballetslippers
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Yeehaw! in Austin - 25 Sept 2022
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if i were the music industry i'd be terrified of this boss bitch
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鈥淚 never really wanna put any filler on there. I want to make it clinical so with Walls, I didn't have as many great songs to choose from when I put the album together, that's why it was a little bit shorter than this one whereas I kind of knew what I wanted to do on this record so I just had more songs and I just didn't wanted to cut some of the ones that I love. So that's a good thing about the deluxe, you can just keep adding and keep adding." 鈥 Louis about deciding on a deluxe version for the album.
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Between Takes - Bigger Than Me
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listening to a question. also HAND. - via LouisTomlinsonCoUK
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A series of posts with the top five fics of each category by kudos plus five more hidden gems from that category! Remember to leave kudos and a comment on the fics you enjoyed to show your appreciation! You can find our other recs聽here.
- Top 5 Coffee Shop H/L Fics -
1锔忊儯 Hiding Out in the Kitchen聽by聽LittleMousling [E, 28k]
Harry's in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he's headed to Australia in a week. He doesn't need anything else, and he certainly doesn't need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great鈥攂ut that's all it is. Right?
2锔忊儯 it's hard to look right at you, baby聽by聽kenziexo [E, 14k]
Coffee Shop AU where Louis is going through a dry spell, Zayn wants to be a good friend and help Louis find someone, and Harry ends up finding him instead.
[or the one where louis is 'hella fucking gay and desperately single' and harry wants to change that last part.]
3锔忊儯 falling for your hallelujah聽by聽whiskeyinthejar [M, 19k]
There's a homeless boy who's made his new place outside Louis's work. Louis, in unexpected generosity, offers him a cup of coffee and a sprinkle doughnut. No one really expected it to become a Thing.
(In which Louis works in a cafe, Harry has no home, and it's freezing cold but no one cares).
4锔忊儯 Shy Eyes聽by @isthatyoularry [G, 2k]
Coffee Shop AU where Harry is 21 and famous and he has been in love since the moment he saw those cerulean blue eyes.
5锔忊儯 blend into my favourite colour聽by聽rainbowninja167聽/ @rainbowninja [T, 19k]
Harry often wonders if they鈥檒l ever meet in real life. And if Harry will recognize Tommo the instant they see each other, like somehow their souls will just聽know. Or maybe Harry鈥檚 soul is shouting 鈥淟ouis!鈥 too loudly for any other signals to go through.
Harry is a barista with a secret聽Werewolf High聽fan blog, a desperate crush on a customer named Louis, and a best friend on Tumblr who always makes him laugh. Louis can't figure out why the barista at his favorite coffee shop keeps creepily staring at him, and to make matters worse, he may be slightly in love with a friend he met online.
A love square involving two boys, one TV fandom, and one food fight.
馃拵 ever since new york聽by聽sunflower_live / @sunflower-live [NR, 22k]
Louis works at a coffee shop in NYC and he pines endlessly after the boy who lives above it.
馃拵 A Love Stronger Than Espresso聽by聽tempolarriefics / @tempolarriefix [G, 12k]
Louis is entirely dependent on caramel mocha in the mornings, but soon he finds that there's one thing at the coffee shop he needs more than coffee - a cute barista named Harry.
aka: The one where Harry is a cute barista guy and Louis plays hard to get by using a different name to order coffee each day
馃拵 Coming Home Through the Dark to You聽by聽LadyLondonderry / @londonfoginacup [G, 6k]
Harry Styles works at the Fox in the Snow, the most hipster coffee joint around. He's got too many roommates and a best friend he met his first day of university who he might very well be head-over-heels for.
馃拵 (knew that we would be alright) from the first time聽by聽we_are_the_same聽/ @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed [T, 4k]
鈥淒addy, tell the story again?鈥
Louis smiles at his youngest, cuddled up in bed next to him, thumb in his mouth. 鈥淲hat story, love?鈥 He asks, smoothing a hand over curly brown hair. He gets a stare in response, one that鈥檚 so familiar to him that he can鈥檛 help but laugh.
鈥淵ou know!鈥 His eldest pipes up, her smile so reminiscent of his own, her eyes just as fierce a blue. 鈥淭he one about you and papa!鈥
Ten years into the relationship, Louis Tomlinson tells his children all about how he met and fell in love with their father.
馃拵 baby baby, you're a caramel macchiato聽by @missandrogyny [T, 3k]
So, yeah, Harry doesn't think it's that far of a stretch to call himself a good barista. There are some particularly bad ones, and some particularly good ones, and, with his work ethic, his skill, and his charm, he'd probably be lumped in with the latter group.
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