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harusclass · 2 days ago
Glossy, juicy lips. Vanilla perfumes and cocoa hand creams. Business and first class plane seats. Smooth, crystal clear skin and buttery soft legs. Trips to Cancun and France. Spending weeks in South Korea exploring. Speaking multiple languages. Jewels on my wrists. Fresh macarons and hot cocoa.
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itsroxie · a day ago
Pov: Morning routine ☀️
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(Pics are not mine) ❣️
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graceandopulence · 2 days ago
Manifesting luxurious vacations with my sister
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princesssere · 17 hours ago
How I Give Back to My Looks
✨ Add chlorella to my water for energy regulation and a brighter complexion; chlorella has a murky taste so shots instead
✨ Pat to apply and swipe to remove makeup
🌺 Not wearing my heart on my shoulder
✨ Listen when my body has had enough junk food
✨ Sitting out in nature/eating from my garden (I’m a plant); I have 6 fruit trees
✨ Finish tasks early to stress less
✨ By going to bed as soon as possible
✨ I feel better the earlier I wake up?? 5:00-5:30am
✨ Go into the day with hopeful intentions
✨ Toasted almond milk in lieu of milk in coffee/tea
🎈I noticed regular milk dampens my mood compared to almond or oat milk!
🌸 Letting anger go; lower blood pressure
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starinthemaking · 16 hours ago
Billion dollar Princess.
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bbltheque · a month ago
Tumblr media
requested by @neges 💗
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femmefatalevibe · a month ago
How To Unleash Your Inner Femme Fatale: Dark Feminine Energy
Attracting satisfaction – professionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually – is the secret of strong, seductive women.
Indulge in every aspect of your being:
Spend 20 minutes planning the next day
Focus on your most important 1-3 tasks that will generate the most impactful results
Read for least 30 minutes every day – self-development, to build a new skill set, stay updated on your industry
Set 5 main quarterly goals (work, finances, health, relationships, self-development)
Nourish your body with whole, plant foods and plenty of water
Take long walks daily
Do pilates, yoga, or other low-impact exercises to move and tone your body
Invest in clothes that make you feel your best – for the boardroom, bedroom, and everywhere in between
Find a beauty routine (hair, skincare, nails, makeup, perfume) that makes you feel your best
Make time every week to further explore your sexuality
Meditate for 10 minutes daily
Write down 3 affirmations that feel most powerful for you
Keep a reading list that you update regularly
Find a creative outlet and indulge in it at least 1-3 times weekly
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peoplefromheaven · 3 months ago
Time for a digital declutter:
Clear desktop
Delete apps you don’t use
Delete downloads/screenshots
Organise everything into folders
Give every document a clear name
Delete your emails (!!!)
Unsubscribe from email lists
Check and install updates
Turn off any social media notifications you don’t need
Organise your pictures into folders
Do the same with apps
Go through your Facebook friends list/people you follow on Instagram
Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure
Clear browser history and bookmarks
Back up anything that’s important
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lifeas-elle · 3 months ago
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financeprincess · 5 months ago
✨ things that make my life feel expensive ✨
Always being curious to learn and actively pursuing knowledge. This is #1 for me. Constantly be trying to elevate yourself with information. There's no better time than now to be able to learn new things. Psychology, theory, fiction, persuasion, finance, history, emotional growth, nutrition, beauty, time management, philosophy, politics, strategy, classic literature, art, high fashion, hard sciences, technology, investing. There's so many things to learn about. There are a lot of free courses out there as well.
Having manners and etiquette. Smile at people. Be friendly. Be especially kind to people working in the service industry, retail, customer service.
Being well spoken. Limit profanity and slang. Don't gossip or say anything about yourself in a negative light. Think before you speak. It's okay to pause, think, and articulate.
Water, tea, freshly squeezed or cold pressed juices in champagne flutes or wine glasses.
Making fancy cocktails (or mocktails!) and putting them in proper glasses, with stirrers. It helps if you have a bar setup too, I have a cute lil bar cart with all the fixings.
Expensive smelling candles. They don't have to actually be expensive, they just need to look cute and smell good.
Fresh flowers.
Taking bubble baths.
Cooking delicious recipes from scratch, and eating at the dining room table with a full setup. Candles, glassware, cloth napkins, jazz music in the background, the whole nine yards. Ambience is everything.
Drinking tea in the afternoon out of a teapot and teacup.
Natural air fresheners. Essential oil diffusers, incense, reed diffusers. I'm a big fan of fresh eucalyptus bundles in the shower too.
Salt lamps and battery operated candles. I try to live off of low, warm lighting and sunlight as much as I can.
Buying cute crystals and setting up an altar to myself. I have a pretty silk scarf laid out on the end of my vanity, with crystals, sage, written affirmations, etc.
Silk robes.
Big fluffy bathrobes.
Sunlight. Get as much as you can, even in the winter. Go outside in your puffy coat if you have to.
Being in nature, in general. Nature walks are essential.
Listening to jazz & classical music.
Reading. There are a lot of free ebooks online, or you can go to the library too.
Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits etc.
Trying new hobbies. Ballet, yoga, Pilates, barre, horseback riding, etc.
Maintaining a clean and beautiful home environment.
Wearing perfumes & perfume oils. Right now I'm obsessed with Oudh, it smells incredible.
Wearing jewelry I love.
Trying new recipes out of fancy cookbooks.
Going to wineries and attending wine tasting events.
Try baking delicious and healthy treats.
Fresh, high quality bedding. Crispy, high thread count white sheets. Feathery pillows. Great quality mattress.
Get up and watch the sun rise, if you can. Sunsets are beautiful too.
Get blackout curtains, especially if you live in a city with light pollution.
Fancy coffee table books.
Fresh bread, either from a local bakery or homemade.
Going to farmers markets.
Going to museums and art galleries.
Having dinner with friends. Either at a nice restaurant or having a dinner party.
Sleeping. Resting. Hibernating. Sitting. Napping. Relaxing. Being Present. Single tasking.
Espresso drinks at home, with a milk frother and espresso machine. The cost of a mid range espresso machine will pay for itself in no time if you drink takeout coffee regularly.
Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.
Big, fluffy, white bath towels.
High quality, nontoxic personal care products. This goes for hair products, face products, body care, makeup, even toothpaste. Don't throw everything out, just be conscious of your purchases when you buy new things.
Going on picnics in the park.
Dark chocolate.
Days at the beach.
Beautiful lingerie.
Matcha lattes.
Going to brunch.
Going to the library and bookstores.
Reservations at new and exciting restaurants.
Reusing pretty candle jars as containers.
Reading luxurious magazines and newspapers. Some of my favorite are Vogue, Town & Country, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Wall Street Journal.
xoxo ♥
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vivaciousofficiall · 3 months ago
Lets Talk: Elegance
 In todays society, true elegance is rare.
 Women are now shying away from words like this because for some reason they believe it doesn't empower us. However, elegance is one of the most important attributes you must have if you truly want to succeed.  NO DEBATES. 
What is Elegance?
If anything, elegance is princess energy. Imagine yourself to be the daughter of a king. A royal. You walk with poise and grace. You are a prized possession. You are not stressed over men because you know the right prince will find you. . You befriend other princesses. You are polite and respectful to everyone regardless of status. You don't tolerate bad behavior from others. You are soft, gentle, optimistic, kind. 
Why Should One Be Elegant?
In my opinion, money can only get you so far in life. The way people receive your energy is too important. Money cant conceal bad behavior. If you want to have a successful relationship with other people you need to master grace and elegance.
Xoxo, Vivacious
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prettyvixenavenue · 14 days ago
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blackwomenrule · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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princesssere · 3 months ago
Increase Your Pretty Privilege
💎 Know your beauty. Matching the beauty standard won’t make you beautiful. I’m phasing out my basic straight & body wave wigs for kinky straight that match my hair texture.
🤍 Other’s beauty doesn’t detract from yours.
💍 Decrease your social media consumption. Social media can make you feel ugly when no one else views you that way.
💎 Spend as little as possible for the greatest of good. I don’t mean be cheap, but shop around for the best price you can find.
💍 Make your beauty benefit you. When your self esteem is low and you’re all dressed up, it can feel like others are taking it for granted.
💎 Use your color analysis religiously. I purposely wore a nail color that makes a gorgeous contrast on my skin and earned numerous compliments.
💍 Worry about yourself instead of factors you can’t control. If you step out in the world worried about how others will perceive you or whether anyone will remember the time you forgot deodorant, you might as well lock yourself in your room. Stop caring about what doesn’t serve you.
💎 Lay your stake. Being 100% nice to your detriment will drain the life and energy out of you before 40% stern will. You will be respected more.
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starinthemaking · 4 months ago
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Current inspo: Black socialites, black women in high society,black women in Europe.
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bbltheque · a month ago
Tumblr media
requested by @dreamgirlvibes 🤍 thank you everyone, we're 100 on IG, finally
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femmefatalevibe · a month ago
Femme Fatale Morning Routine: How To Start Your Day With Dark Feminine Energy
Rise in a matching pajama set or night dress. Indulge options made from silk, satin, lace, or cashmere in the colder months.
Wake up with a tall glass of water. Add lemon, if desired.
Vitalize your skin with a well-curated, short skincare routine that's perfect for your skin type and concerns (don't forget sunscreen).
Listen to music that awakens your body and spirit. Dance, EDM, or pop music are all great options. Look for 'happy,' 'productive,' or 'baddie' playlists for your enjoyment.
Brew a cup of luscious coffee or tea to energize your day.
Meditate for 5-10 minutes. Life becomes so much more effortless when you just breathe.
Write out your top 3 affirmations and goals. Bonus points for listing 3 things you're grateful for today.
If you have 10-20 minutes, read some text that inspires you or a couple of articles related to your industry or interests to get your brain powered up for the day.
Get dressed in an outfit that makes you feel your best. Try tailored trousers, your favourite jeans, silk skirt, button-down blouse, blazer, or a leather jacket for the office. A matching knit or cashmere set is perfect for WFH. Don't forget the accessories (slippers, too, if remote).
Perform your morning beauty ritual – makeup, hair, perfume. Find what works for you to help you feel confident and beautiful for the rest of the day.
Eat a wholesome, plant-based breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit and seeds, natural peanut butter, and avocado toast are all great options.
Review and revise your most important tasks, meetings, and to-do list for the day. Time block similar tasks and admin routines like email and updating spreadsheets.
Practice self-care and discipline to reap success. Once you master a routine that feels good, your desires and dream life become your destiny.
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