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*panic intensifies* 
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serennes-art · 11 months ago
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shadow crystal collector
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bamsara · 4 months ago
Cats knocked over tea onto a bundle of envalopes so I have to redo every. Single. One. That got wet.
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yumenofude · 4 months ago
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Frobin colour palette request from Patreon (January)~
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petitcroc · 27 days ago
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i was supposed to be working but i can’t stop thinking about him 😔
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fruitsnackart · 5 months ago
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........ i’ve returned with another handsome skele
loose scribble painting thing idk anymore
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johankasas · a month ago
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I always get in love with random old cartoons that became good meme material ... Sooo- here have some Soviet treasure island Chad and precious bean
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melonsharks · 5 months ago
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Um!! Mr. Freeman!!!! There’s stuff comin’ outta Mister Benny’s mouth!!!!!!!!! 😰 Are they sick!!!!!!!
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maiko-coy · a month ago
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Messin' around in discord with some stinkies /lh and somehow created an eclipse-sona, which escalated into creating a reference sheet for them aaa
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goth-hrs · 2 months ago
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“Pro Wrestling is like Drag for straight dudes”
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sir-sunny · 12 months ago
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inspired by the second chapt of this komahina fic 
i love the idea of the remnants being protective of hajime who works very hard around the island for everyone and not being afraid of indirectly threatening ppl who say otherwise akjsgfkajf
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backfliptopancake · 4 months ago
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hunter, you look like shit. chyna, you look fantastic, keep it up. 
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tiresomeimagination · 8 months ago
Clean Up Part 2 (Daycare Attendant x Reader) Moon Side
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Moon being spooky. Vague threats of punishment. But uhh I’m pretty sure most of y’all Moon simps already know that.
Author’s Note: This is a direct follow-up to my first Daycare Attendant fic which you can read here!
In the first part you take care of robot. in this part, robot takes care of you! I expected this to be shorter than Sun’s part but it’s actually longer TvT It’s not my fault, your honor, I swear-
You could hardly believe that you were stupid enough to get locked in the Pizzaplex after hours. Curse your empathetic heart and Sun’s puppy dog hugs! Well, it wasn’t too bad. Once Sun was cleaned up to the best of your abilities, he proceeded to drag you across the daycare, determined to do everything in his power to make this the “best slumber party ever.” It was fun for a while, at least. You helped him decorate some hand puppets and prepare a few activities for the kids tomorrow. You took a delightful swim in the ball pit where Sun taught you the best way to wade through the colorful plastic sea. You even humored him in a couple rousing games of hide and seek. Needless to say, you did a lot of playing in a short amount of time. Within the first hour, you found yourself feeling pretty exhausted. You had just worked an entire day shift after all. You had been looking forward to taking a nice relaxing shower at home and passing out after a couple of episodes of your favorite show. Instead, you were spending the night running around with a robot that was cursed with the energy of a 5-year-old on sugar. You already resigned yourself to the depressing reality that you would have to work your shift tomorrow like a half-dead zombie.
“Hehehe, now it’s my turn to be it!” Sun exclaimed excitedly, making a big show of turning around and covering his face with his hands.
You made a mad dash for the play structures as you heard Sun begin his countdown. Maybe if you were lucky and found a really good hiding place this time, you could take a nap, you joked silently to yourself.
Just as you slid into place, the lights in the building shut off and you were plunged into darkness. You jumped slightly in surprise. You had almost forgotten about this. You mostly worked during the daytime, but you had heard about this from a few of your coworkers that pulled double shifts. Apparently, every hour, all the power in the facility was redirected to the charging stations so that the animatronics could recharge. It seemed like a bit of an odd power-saving strategy to you, but who were you to judge?
“Oh no! 1 AM already? No fair!” You heard Sun shriek in frustration somewhere in the distance before going silent.
You muffled a snicker behind your hand. You figured you didn’t need to hide in here anymore, so you began to crawl through the play structure on your way out. As you moved, you could have sworn you heard the approaching of a mechanical creaking sound. Almost as if something was moving towards- OH!
You only had a split second to register the approaching sound before a cold hand gripped your ankle and you were unceremoniously yanked out from the safety of the play structure. Thank goodness you were on the ground floor at the time or you might have taken quite the tumble in your shock.
You flinched on instinct before hesitantly peeking up at the thing that had grabbed you. Your eyes trailed up the dark figure, moving higher and higher until you made eye contact with a familiar set of glowing red orbs.
“M-Moon…!” You squeaked out, a nervous grin stretching across your face. You hadn’t spent nearly as much time with Moon as his counterpart, but you had assisted him through a few naptimes, as well as witnessed a couple of power outages. So you were at least familiar with the nighttime animatronic…And…You were pretty sure he remembered you? Although, the way he was just staring at you right now… You weren’t completely sure.
Moon released his grip on your ankle, allowing you to shakily lift yourself back to your feet. You awkwardly straightened out your clothes, feeling incredibly small under the robot’s intense stare.
“...You’re up awfully late,” Moon finally uttered in that slow and raspy voice of his.
You tensed as if subconsciously anticipating the scolding of a parent. At least he seemed to recognize you as STAFF and not an intruder. “Um…yeah…I…uh…I sort of got a little bit preoccupied helping out Sun, and now I’m locked in,” you explained quietly. You mentally berated yourself for getting so nervous. Moon has never tried to hurt you, you just couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by him.
Moon paused, looking you up and down. Wow. You looked awful. Your uniform was a mess, and even your face and hair were a little dirty.
You tensed, having to resist the urge to back away as Moon began to slowly slink closer to you. You heard his voice box emit what almost sounded like a low growling sound as he knelt down in front of you.
Wordlessly, Moon reached towards your face. You stared blankly into his red eyes and you felt something rip from your skin. It took a moment for you to register what he held between his fingers. Finally, after a few seconds, you recognized the smiley face sticker that you had stuck on your forehead earlier that night. You felt heat rise to your face in embarrassment as you realized just how dirty you were after cleaning Sun.
Moon looked between the sticker in his fingers and you, silently processing the situation. "... You're filthy," he finally said, crumpling up the used sticker in distaste.
You winced. You forgot just how straight to the point Moon could be. "Y-yeah…" you agreed meekly.
Ugh. Moon knew that his daytime counterpart could be impulsive and narrow-minded sometimes, but this was ridiculous. Not only had Sun caused you to get stuck here while taking care of him, but he had clearly run you ragged with all of his "playtime." As usual, the important duties would have to fall on Moon's shoulders, he supposed. His usual patrolling duties would just have to wait for now.
It was honestly starting to really creep you out the way that Moon just stared down at you with that permanent grin. Suddenly, you were snatched up from the floor, Moon lifting you under your arms like a weightless doll.
"Ah, Moon! what are you doing?!" You yelped, squirming in his grip as he carried you across the daycare.
"Clean up… Clean up." He grumbled, sounding somewhat annoyed.
He set you down in front of the entrance to the STAFF rooms, giving you a nudge on your back to push you in that direction.
You whirled around to give Moon a confused look. You didn't really like using the on-site showers. They were only really there for emergencies… But you supposed that this robot considered your current predicament to be an emergency.
"Go… clean up," he ordered. When you hesitated, he leaned closer. "You don't want to be naughty, do you?" He asked slowly, tilting his head.
That kicked you into high gear. "N-no! I'll… I'll go clean up!" You yelped, scurrying into the STAFF rooms and out of sight.
You made your way to the locker rooms, retrieving your bag. Luckily, it was company policy to pack a spare uniform in the event of disastrous party troubles. When you worked with bratty kids and hot pizza, some accidents were bound to happen.
You never liked using the on-site showers. It always felt so weird. Especially this late at night, you couldn't help but feel a little paranoid that some malfunctioning animatronic would come in here and murder you while your guard was down. Haha. Good thing that's never happened in a place like this before!
Despite the less than ideal circumstances, you did have to admit that the warm water felt good on your tired muscles. By the time you got out and slipped on your clean uniform, you felt surprisingly refreshed. You guessed you would have to thank Moon for forcing you to practice a little self-care. Speaking of Moon, where was he? You didn't see him anywhere when you reentered the darkened daycare.
"Moon? Are you still in here?" you called out. When you were met with nothing but silence, you figured he must have gone off to patrol the rest of the Pizzaplex. "Huh… oh well," you shrugged, strolling across the room to find a place to sit.
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a flash of movement. You turned your head and, to your surprise, saw Moon flying towards you on his suspension wire. The animatronic swung in, detaching from his wire and dropping down beside you with all the poise and grace of a professional dancer.
You, on the other hand, tripped over yourself in a panic with all the clumsiness of an alleyway drunkard.
Shortly after you crumpled to the floor, you heard a low and scratchy chuckle come from above you. Oh great, he was laughing at you, wasn't he? Great way to make an impression, Y/N.
“You’ve gotta stop jumping out of nowhere! You’re gonna give me a heart attack!” You huffed in frustration as you picked yourself up and dusted off your clothes.
Moon ignored your complaint and gave you an appraising look. At least you weren’t dirty anymore, but being up so late just wouldn’t do. Not while you were under his care. “You shouldn’t be up right now, Y/N,” he said in a surprisingly gentle tone as he knelt down to your height. “It’s past your bedtime.”
“Yeah…I know. I’ve got an early shift tomorrow, too. It’s just…Sun was so excited to hang out,” you said, rubbing your neck sheepishly.
Moon chuckled and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Looks like you need to take your own advice,” he chided.
You looked away in embarrassment. He was right. You had just lectured Sun not too long ago about not standing up for his own needs, and then you had gone and done the same thing. Maybe you had more in common with these robots than you thought. “You’re right…” you muttered.
Moon let out a noise similar to a sigh as he patted your head comfortingly. Carefully, he drew you closer to his body and scooped you into his arms.
“U-Um…!” You squeaked, taken aback by the new position. You knew it was just part of his programming, but being cradled like a small child would make anyone a bit flustered.
Moon’s movements were swift and efficient as he whisked you towards the naptime area and prepped a space for you. Before you knew it, you were being lowered down into a small nest of pillows.
“Uh…” you started to protest, but he was already spreading a blanket over you. Sure, you were pretty tired, but you didn’t need all of this. Furthermore, you were pretty sure it shouldn’t be part of Moon’s programming to enforce a bedtime on employees, no matter how tired they were. Should you be concerned about why you were being given special treatment?
“You need to sleep,” Moon said firmly, kneeling beside you and adjusting the bedding around you for maximum comfort.
You smiled nervously, attempting to sit up. “This is really sweet and all, but you really don’t need to-” you started to say, but immediately stopped yourself when you looked up into Moon's eyes. He had stopped his previously soothing movements, a hand gripping your arm to keep you from moving.
His grip tightened warningly. "Are you going to be good... or naughty?" He hissed.
You gulped. Well okay then! Moon was in charge, and if he said it was bedtime, you guessed it was bedtime! You knew that he could get…agitated when kids broke the rules. The last thing you needed to do was risk ticking him off. “G-Good! Good! I’m good!” you insisted quickly, lifting your hands in surrender.
This seemed to placate the animatronic because he immediately resumed tucking you in. It was like a switch flipped. As long as he didn’t register your behavior as “bad,” you seemed to get the gentle version of him. “Good…” he murmured as he successfully settled you in the makeshift bed.
Moon felt the familiar sense of pride bubble up inside him as he watched your eyes begin to droop. It usually wasn’t any of his business what the employees of this place did at night, but you…you were different. He could tell just how nice you were even without spending a lot of time with you. the two animatronic halves did share the same memory banks. Not to mention Sun could hardly shut up about you sometimes. You were nicer to them than any of the other workers had ever been. Of course he felt the need to take care of you! He had to make sure you were well-rested and healthy if he wanted to see more of you in the future. And he would. There was no way he would let Sun keep hogging you all to himself…Ah, but right now you just needed to rest.
You sighed as Moon sat down beside you. You guessed he planned on watching over you until you fell asleep to make sure you didn’t try to get up again. Yeesh. Not even your own parents ever cared that much about your sleep schedule. Well…at least you were pretty comfy.
He let out a low rumbling hum, gently placing a hand on your head and raking his fingers through your slightly damp hair. The sensation was enough to send you over the edge, your eyes slipping fully shut. “That’s right. Sleep,” he urged in a hushed tone.
He knew he would need to patrol the rest of the Pizzaplex soon, but right now…he would enjoy the sound of your breathing slowly falling into a steady rhythm. A job well done.
“Goodnight, Y/N…”
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a couple of outlaws
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living alone forces me to cook for myself and ive been torturing myself with salty ass veggies
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