girl-please-study · a day ago
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>> 1/100 <<
2.10.2022 // Finally tried annotating my notes annotating and it's actually pretty fun! I got in touch with yet another old friend (what's going on) and it was, again, awesome.
🎧 : Haunting, Halsey
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lottiestudying · 2 months ago
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16.7.2022—we’ve had some good sunsets recently 🌸🌿🍃🧚🏻‍♀️🌟
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adelinestudiess · 4 months ago
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My studygram
More french notes!!
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myhoneststudyblr · 10 months ago
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my masterpost | my studygram | ask me anything 
[click images for high quality]
[transcript under the cut]
Other advice posts that may be of interest:
All About Procrastination
How To Study When You Really Don’t Want To
Common Study Mistakes
7 Strategies to Improve Concentration
How to make your notes aesthetic
7 Ways to Power Up Your Notetaking 
what to do before, during and after class
How should you be preparing your notes for classes or lectures?
Print out and review any lecture notes or slides if available so you can figure out the structure of the class and the main headings that will be covered
Identify main concepts and terms you expect to learn
Search up any unfamiliar terms, phrases or concepts and get definitions or one sentence explanations
Write questions you hope the class will answer 
Make note of any information that could be helpful from previous classes or readings, for example, key people, dates, formulae, definitions, etc. 
Read any set preparation material from textbooks or articles and notes down your immediate thoughts
What should you do while in class to get the best notes?
Take notes in your own words
Use consistent abbreviations and symbols 
Include notes for all aspects of the class (eg. discussions and visuals)
Answer any questions you wrote before class 
Add depth and detail to the notes you bring to class (eg. are there any specific examples that the teacher brings up for example?) 
Note new questions or areas of confusion from the lecture so you can review those concepts later
Capture main ideas and sufficient detail (definitions, examples, images)
Make connections between concepts both from within the class and from previous classes 
Now that you have notes, what should you do with them?
Make time to return to your notes after class, at the very least to read over them 
Add clarification and explanation to any areas where you were confused and look up any questions you had (you could also ask your teacher)
Compare notes with a friend or study partner to check for any missed information
Transform your notes into a new format (e.g. mind map, quiz questions, study guide)
Create short summaries with the most important information and keep for later revision (you could even challenge yourself to a certain word limit)
Use your notes to self-test on key concepts by creating your own practice questions and mark schemes
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tulip-studies · 23 days ago
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the 10th of september,
it beginning to fell like autumn 🍂
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babymedicc · a month ago
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Today will be a productive day and I’m looking forward to starting it with osce prep
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ceestudies · 2 months ago
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snippets from my first term finally back to school!
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bulletnotestudies · a year ago
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As it gets warmer more and more of us are gonna start spending time outside again, so please look after your skin! it’s your protective barrier against everything that doesn’t belong in your body, as well as an organ where numerous important processes take place; and skin cancer isn’t picky - no level of melanin can protect you 100%.
Skin cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers, and it’s on the rise - it’s especially tricky in folks with a darker complexion, as the myth that a dark complexion = enough protection against the sun is still going strong. Most often, malignant melanoma (the super bad, invasive skin cancer) is found too late - so try to monitor your sun moles and look for any changes in shape, size, coloration (get a professional dermatologist’s opinion if you notice a change!); In this way, you can catch any bad changes in time. But the golden rule remains: prevention, PREVENTION, PREVENTION
Wear your SPF, make sure there’s also UVA and UVB protection, if you can, get quality sunglasses (your eyes can get cancer from the sun too!), and please don’t stay in direct sunlight between 10am and at least 4pm - shade is your friend, clothes (covering up) are your best friend :)
Also make sure you’re staying hydrated and getting in all the vitamins and healthy fats, as they play a big role in maintaining and restoring your skin health!
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apricitystudies · a year ago
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here's a quick guide on how i proofread and edit my essays as an humanities undergrad! i tend to spend more time on research and editing and much less time on writing and my first drafts are often horrendous, so editing is really important for me :^)
i've also created guides on essay preparation, the 5-paragraph essay, how to research, and how to write essays. you can find all my other masterposts here.
transcript below:
how to proofread essays by apricitystudies
(section one: before beginning) ideally, you should finish writing your essay a few days before the due date so you can step away from it for a while. this helps you to 'forget' what you wrote and allows you to proofread with fresh eyes. after staring at the same piece of writing for so long, your brain tends to fill in the gaps itself as you read, leading you to miss mistakes.
(section two: the key to effective proofreading is to edit in rounds) each round, focus on and attempt to fix a different issue. this requires you to have a little bit more time to edit, which is why you should finish writing early.
(round one: content) argument: does your argument make sense? is it strong? is it logical? evidence: is your research robust? are your points all backed up with sufficient evidence? is every piece of evidence necessary and relevant to your argument? elaboration: is your argument well developed? is every piece of evidence explained, analysed, or critiqued? is the research you provide linked back to and used to support your argument?
(round two: flow) map: have you provided a clear and concise roadmap of your essay? linking: are your paragraphs linked? do the last sentences of each paragraph flow into the next? have you shown how your points are connected? coherence: is your argument logical? is the order of your points easy to follow? is the reader able to see the progression of your argument? TIP: put all the topic sentences of your body paragraphs into one single paragraph. do they make sense together?
(round three: language) vocabulary: have you repeated words/phrases excessively? is your paraphrasing accurate? sentence length: are your sentences overly long? can they be split up? cohesion: does your writing flow? does it sound stilted or clunky? is everything you've written clear? punctuation: are your quotation marks correct? have you used em dashes, colons, and semicolons accurately? small errors: are your spelling and grammar correct?
(round four: format) referencing: are your in-text citations/footnotes correct? is every piece of evidence referenced? style: have you used the correct font size/style? is your line spacing correct? are your paragraphs justified/indented if they're supposed to be? page setup: are your margins set up properly? are your headers/footers/ page numbers correct, if required? bibliography: are your bibliography entries correct? are they in alphabetical order? is the line spacing and indentation correct?
(section three: other tips) 1: change your font to something like comic sans. this makes your brain work harder to read and stops it from skipping words/phrases. 2: print out your essay and go over it with a red pen. mark as if you were a teacher and pick out as many mistakes as you can. 3. read it aloud or use a text-to-speech function. listening to your writing helps you to identify awkward writing and repeated words.
(ending slide: thanks for reading!) this is just my method of proofreading and it might not work for everyone. that being said, i hope it was still helpful! from @apricitystudies
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paperringgss · a month ago
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✧Grammar in all languages is the bane of my existence now. I'll cry if I see the words non finite verbs one more time. My studies are not upto my standards so that's been a [very annoying] stone in my shoe. But on the bright side, I've a newfound love for my mother tongue now and I really love learning it in school ! I also got selected for anchoring in my school celebration that is to be held in less than two weeks [ my state's harvest festival celebrations]. ✧
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venetianwindow · a year ago
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How to form habits that last
Click for better quality and zoom in.
Greetings! 💚 Here’s a little something I’ve been working on, which I hope you’ll find useful. :)
All text and graphics are created by me, Sal @blueplaidstudies.
☞ studygram
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girl-please-study · 10 days ago
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Today has been a productive day, I read about 100 pages, reviewed bio notes, took a practice test and studied a bit organic.
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lottiestudying · 2 months ago
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1.8.2022—as if it’s already august
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adelinestudiess · 2 months ago
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My studygram
Currently reading the pianist
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myhoneststudyblr · a month ago
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i’ve been surprisingly productive these past couple of days! i hope i can keep up this momentum ready for uni starting!
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autumnalglaze · a year ago
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how to fall in love with life again
go cloud-gazing, lay down in the grass on a sunny day, or empty roads on a rainy day, stare up at the sky and let your mind wander.
read a book so complex that you don't understand anything, fill your arms with scrawled definitions.
writing poems and notes of kindness, hiding them for other people to find and pass along!
read passages of love in another language, untranslated and realise that love can surpass even the greatest of barriers.
find your favourite flower! hunt for it, research it, write an essay on why you love it and how much it means to you!
buy another copy of your favourite book, fill the pages with annotations and give it to a second hand shop for somebody else to experience it the way that you do.
fill a journal with moments of your life, even if you don't think they're very interesting.
listen to music whilst looking at the moon and stars, realising how beautiful life is.
visit an art gallery or a museum near you. become familiar with it, visit it until you know it inside out. make it your special place.
learn the little things about people, including yourself. find their favourite colour and why, find their music taste, their taste in books until you know them perfectly.
the small things! taking sips of warm beverages becomes the most comforting thing, closing your eyes for a moment on a bus and focusing on the lull of movement.
bake/cook your favourite treat. experiment and find the way that makes it taste simply ethereal.
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todaywestudy · a month ago
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finally getting started on my uni readings for fall! i'm still figuring out how to best extract information from reading assignments that are entire textbooks
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