raytorosaurus · 1 day
just learned from my little brother that the foundations of decay is in fortnite
clarify right now immediately
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pixiefms · 3 days
Tumblr media
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josephquinned · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is all I’ve been demanding yesterday and now we’ve got it. I’m sure I’ll meet many of you in the afterlife after seeing this one ✨ I AM CALM
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kaylor · 12 hours
those comments saying focus on her fingers 👁️👄👁️
at first i was like ok whatever we did this with false god snl 2019 but then the end of the video hit me like a truck
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thescruple · 3 days
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If so, please let me know. I’d love to know some people are still interested in me.  PLEASE READ 39TheWolf: Hi there, I’m Scruple’s creator, and I’m sorry there’s been basically no Scruple for a very long time. To say what happened, I was loving working on Scruple, and my partner and I were coming up with a lot of ideas to make this epic story, with multiple stories and characters intertwined, and I’m sad that I never got to really do that story. Scruple is and always will be one of my favorite characters I’ve ever come up with. Well, I was so saddened when my original laptop died, and I couldn’t work on him anymore. I did get work, but life kept pulling me away from being able to replace my computer and start working on him again. Then my mom suddenly died and I was in a dark place. I went through a series of unfortunate events and it honestly left me emotionally drained for a long time. I didn’t even draw for a good while, as I was at my lowest point. Being homeless, dealing with family betrayal, realizing how much of my life was not ok, but because it was normal to me, and I was a kind and sensitive person, I never realized it.  I eventually did get a new computer, and started drawing again. But at that point it looked like no one was interested in Scruple anymore, and then Tumblr imploded. So, I figured his project was dead.  Now, people are coming back to tumblr, and I wonder, does anyone still want to see Scruple’s story? Nattar and I have gone and refined the story, and, I think people would really love it, if given the chance.  However, I really cannot do this without interest nor support. I’ve been struggling for years to not just do things I love, but surviving in general. I currently don’t have a job, and prospects look thin that I’ll get one in the future, as not a single place I’ve applied to has given me a chance at an interview. On top of that, I tried to go back to school to get my degree, but I just couldn’t pay for it without some scholarships, and despite applying for so many, I struck out. And I would have to put myself in tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pursue the degree I want, and I’m not in a position to do that with assurance I’ll be able to pay the debt off.  So I’ve been going from commission to commission, and on rare occasions a donation. I’ve barely kept it all together, and I’m doing what I can to keep going. But it’s been hard. So please, let me know if you want to see Scruple again, and I’ll post what needs to be done to see this story actually come to life.  I need your support to do this. Like, comment, reblog, share so that this could be a thing.  And please support me and Nattar as the creators. Follow my main blog, my Ko-fi, other socials (if you want), and maybe we can really make this happen.  Thank you.  https://ko-fi.com/I3I7DVYN
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hello there
hello there by Cees Via Flickr: old English sheepdog pup
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I'll wait eons for the promised neverland to get a brotherhood treatment
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milagros-hhh · 2 days
love them
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my-shields-are-down · 24 hours
We didn't....
To me it's not so much that they DIDN'T act on their attraction to one another, it's the fact THEY BOTH WANTED TO DO SOMETHING.
When will THAT be acknowledged?
On their date maybe?
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babygirl-97x · 3 days
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uponmyskin · 13 hours
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blonde is back ❄️
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traviarium · 13 hours
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wizardmania · 5 months
cat girl but in a garfield way
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blondebrainpower · 1 year
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Teacher greets students, by having them choose which greeting is most comfortable for them.
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seagiri · 1 month
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drawing characters snuggling is my passion
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