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justaz · 2 days ago
stuttering and blushing mess percy nervously asking annabeth to come to his mom and paul’s wedding while wiping his sweaty palms on his pants repeatedly and annabeth pausing for a couple seconds to freak out internally (is this a date? it’s not a date. just going to his moms wedding. a wedding. it’s a date. no, not a date. should i ask? no way. is it a date?) before agreeing nonchalantly and asking about the dress code and time and place etc. percy suppressing the biggest smile and telling her everything she needs to know before hurrying off to his cabin to freak out. annabeth definitely didn’t squeal before rushing to silena for help with literally everything.
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brokeninfinity2 · 9 hours ago
Touch Starved Bucky 🤤
Warning; sort of smutty (at the end, cut off is given)
Includes; Bucky x gn!Reader, touch starved bucky (duh), fluff, tooth rotting fluff, i for cavities from so much fluff omg, cuddling, PDA, the whole lot
Now we all know Bucky was a ladies man in the 40’s
But after Hydra he’s scared he’ll hurt someone
And he would never (EVER) hurt his lover
At first he’s too scared to even hold his lovers hand
He’d always keep you away from his left side (unless it’s the sidewalk rule ofc, which he follows bc i mean, it’s Bucky)
Eventually you could convince him that you need the physical intimacy
Even non-sexual
He’d start off with hand holding
And that would lead to more kissing
Pecks on the lips, cheeks, and even the neck and shoulders if they’re exposed
But only in private.
You are his after all
And besides, why would he want to put on a show for anyone but you?
The kisses would lead to cuddling
When Bucky realizes he really enjoys this he asks for it more often.
It starts off as every few days, when you watch a movie
Then every other day
Then almost every day when he’s not out on a mission
As much as he loves giving affection, he love love loves reviving even more
Kissing him on the cheek when he’s talking about something will make his face hot and he’ll stumble on his words a bit
Hugging him, from behind especially, when he’s doing something makes him melt like putty in your hands
At some point he’d let you see and use his metal arm
At first he’s scared
But when you kiss him on the cheek and hold the cold metal fingers in your warm flesh, he almost starts to shake with happiness
He’d get comfortable enough to kiss you in front of people
He would almost always be holding you in public
Falling asleep with him ends up in one of four cuddle positions
Him being big spoon
You being big spoon
Your head on his chest
Just curled up and tangled i to eachother
He doesn’t have a preference, because he just likes to know you’re there
After long or hard days he’ll just walk up and wrap his arms around you, burying his head into your neck.
When you ask what’s wrong he’ll mutter
“Hate work. Just hug.”
Before pulling you closer.
If he has nightmares he always looks for you
One too many times have you gotten up to pee or get water in the middle of the night and you come back to Bucky frantically looking for you in bed.
“There you are!”
It’s sad but it’s sweet in a way.
If you’re in public for too long, the second you get home he pulls you into a hug.
He doesn’t care if there’s ice cream on the counter that melting, he just wants to hug you for a few more seconds…. or minutes…
He hates when you’re mad at him
But if you’re angry enough that you want to sleep on the couch, or want him to, he’ll beg you not to (or to not make him)
He hates sleeping without you
It’s hard enough on missions
Don’t make him do it at home too!
In the end Bucky just loves holding his lover, no matter what.
He loves to hold hands when you have sex
Forehead kisses before, during, and after are a must (for both of you)
You sitting on his lap makes him feral (DO NOT DO THIS IN PUBLIC OR IF YOU WANT TO WALK TOMORROW LMAO)
Aftercare will always include cuddles
I love this head-canon so much, I love thinking about it too. I might write an actual story about it but i’m not sure. Anyways I love soft Bucky <3
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beebee-76 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I. Feel. Seen.
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lensinski · 7 months ago
Ok but pattinson!batman in the justice league would be hilarious. like he would be a stoic, confident, strong minded scary leader who would be quiet and smart and everyone would respect him but than if he had to take of the cowl he would be some young guy with make up, unable to make eye contact, stammering about and nearly bursting into tears immediately because people could see him
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deadshadowcreature · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Been making this for a hc :D
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garrus-appreciation · 5 days ago
Garrus and Shepard started flirting shamelessly as soon as he recovered from Omega and Garrus was thinking hehe we're just messing around but then Shepard makes it clear that she's dead serious and that's when Garrus's flirting skills went out the window
Tumblr media
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nathanielzalexandria · 10 days ago
There are so many fics where Steve's mom is a former beauty queen that now I can not get out of my head this headcanon that he spent his youngest years as a pageant child that always won until his farher said pageants are no place for real men (and/or he list his first pageant) and thats when his mother starts to pull away and start travelling with his father more.
And that explains why he's so particular about his hair and the reason he dresses in all those "safe" clothes and even why he's called "King Steve". And the reason Steve is such an arsehole jock is that he is trying to prove to his father how much of a man he is (but he also misses being pretty)
(And then one day Eddie and Robin are digging through his things one day and find all his old crowns and sceptres and trophies and realise how literal King Steve was)
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tumblinplace · 16 days ago
I’ve read a number of fics in which Hob dreams of Morpheus and Morpheus himself shows up in the dream.
But. Hear me out here.
What if instead of Dream™️….it’s just a regular ass shape shifting dream who is doing their job that shows up …. And suddenly they have to change into their boss and have sexy times w this human? Imagine how confused the dream would be… imagine the bewildered gossiping in the Dreaming. Imagine Lucien trying to keep the gossip from reaching Morpheus…. And succeeding…. Which is partially the reason Morpheus takes 600 years to figure out Hob is in love w him.
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thedarkmongoose · a month ago
Tumblr media
hannibal’s name has hebrew/greek origins, meaning ‘Baal-hanan’ or ‘God is gracious’, and tho he can be gracious in some regards, most see his character as lucifer. incl. mads himself:
“But I believe that Hannibal Lecter is as close as you can come to the devil, to Satan. He’s the fallen angel. His motives are not banal reasons. It’s in his genes. He finds life is most beautiful on the threshold to death, and that is something that is much closer to the fallen angel than it is to a psychopath. He’s much more than a psychopath, and there is a fascination for us. We can’t understand it, but we want to understand it.” mads
Tumblr media
in this scene, hannibal tells jack to “take control” as he did w/will, miriam, abigail, red dragon, etc. it is a genuine act of friendship from him. hannibal is a ‘virgil’ of sorts, or perhaps moreso a ‘beatrice’, (who originally initiated dante’s journey in “the divine comedy” + guided him through ‘purgatorio’ & ‘paradiso’).
Tumblr media
he lures those who dare to seek, and in turn for accepting their darkness; gracious liberation. and while jack certainly has the capacity for darkness (& has shown it on occasion), he doesn’t wish to embrace it like will, thus ending jack/hannibal/will’s friendship. by the end of s2, will has fully incorporated his darkness/hannibal into his psyche and welcomes it.
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mspetemitchell · a month ago
Reminiscing 18+
Maverick [older] x Reader [younger]
Warnings: Age gap. Mav: 53 reader 27, oral (m) receiving.
About: Maverick is heading out in the morning to train the latest TOPGUN students, and as you're watching him you remember a couple of months ago when you two had the most passionate night in that very car. Not a single backseat rider ever knew.
Red: Mav
Purple: Reader / Y/n
Rooster: Green
Requested? Yes and No. @youlightmeupfinn helped me with the plot 🤭
Tumblr media
"Do you have to go?" The sleepiness in your voice hinting to your lover that once he's left you'd be passed out on the couch in a matter of moments.
"Dont hit me with that. You know I would much rather be here and home with you then teaching new students." He rubs your shoulders a bit, bringing you to his chest. A soft groan escaping your lips as the warmth radiates around you.
"Then quit." You huff at him. Cause he has you thinking about THAT now.
"Ah ah ah. You know I can not do that. If it were that simple baby I would. I promise, but I have to go. I love you." He plants a small kiss on uour forehead before heading out to the small toyota you both own.
Watching him pull away out of the driveway your whole mind goes fuzzy. You're taken back to a few months ago. You guys were on your way back from a christmas party when the car had stopped running because it was so cold out the engine couldnt compensate so it just. Stalled.
You managed to get to a secluded area so you wouldnt truly be in anyones way. You both hopping in the back hoping to cuddle up and be warm together
"Mav.. im freezing.." your words vibrate in his ear from the intense shivering you had been doing."
"I know sweetheart. Im getting the blankets and Ill be in the car quickly.." Just moments later he gets in the backseat with you. Wrapping you and himself up in blankets.
Your head found the base of his neck, which was warm and made you stop shaking so harshly. "This.. this is better than a fireplace"
"Is it?" He cracks out a smile as his strong arms come around you bringing you to his lap.
"Mav!" A squeal leaving your mouth as you giggle. Giving him small pecks to his lips. Quickly your kisses become fast and deep. Barely giving Pete a moment to draw in a breath.
"Y/n..." his voice carries as your hips drag against his. Grinding into the older mans hips a little.
"Mav.. They say sex is a great way to warm up you know..." you completely lie to him. No one has ever said that to you in your life. You know he is smarter than that but what he does instead of denying drives you nuts
"Oh yeah? Then get on your knees and give me some warmth with that pretty mouth" that stuns you to the utmost. But who the hell are you to deny Pete Mitchell head? No body. Thats who.
You get on your knees as unzip his pants slowly. Watching his reaction. You love to tease him while taking his jeans off. Although Maverick hates it. You LIVE for it
"You're Nasty Pete Mitchell...You know damn well I wasnt being honest" you raise your eyebrows in amusement. Your boyfriend looking at you with a slight grin
"Just another reason to punish you" He winks and your mouth falls open. No way he just used that on you. "Well get on with it. Dont dont sit there with your mouth empty." He coos
"Dont worry. Im not." You say as you place little, kisses to his tip, smiling as he draws a breath in through his clentched teeth. "Ooo someones sensitive." A low condescending laugh erupting from your throat.
"Get on with it dammit" He hisses at you, pushing himself up into your mouth. A moan escaping your mouth from the sudden action.
"Mmm what a needy boy you are. Just remember whos in charge here daddy, and thats me." You say before taking as much of him as you can into your mouth.
Slowly you go up and down on him, making sure your tongue swirls around every. Single. Inch. Hearing him make little gasps and whimpers brings joy to your day.
You dont even notice that you have completely stopped shivering, focusing in on giving him the utmost pleasure. All the while, sneakily pleasuring yourself. Where he cant see
Its now many minutes later. Maverick grasping the seat so hard, his knuckles are white, his hips driving up into your mouth. His groans indicating hes really damn close.
"Yn...sweetheart!" Those words were the last thing you heard before you feel hot strings of his cum shooting right to the back of your throat.
Unable to take it any longer you pull away, spitting out onto his cock as he smirks watching his heavy load coat himself.
"What a pretty girl you are down there on your knees" Maverick is busy trying to catch his breath but he always gives praise no matter what.
"I love you pete mitchell." You come up and give him dirty. Passionate kisses.
"Y/n-?" You're suddenly snapped back to reality when Rooster stands before you, waving his hand infront of your face. He comes to check up on you constantly.
"Oh. OH. Uhm. Hi Roo.." you grow a deep shade of red as he looks utterly confused. "Sorry. Just thinking about something. Nothing bad. Just. You know what. Lets drop it!"
Rooster nods as you two talk about the upcoming week and TOPGUN training. Going inside the house, the door shutting behind you.
Check out the masterlist for MAVERICK here
( Pete "Maverick" Mitchell )
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lezombiex · 10 days ago
the black phone head cannons: you’re sick
would definitely take care of you
would cuddle with you in bed and tell you stories sciency related
give you your medicine
make sure you eat
would try to take care of you the best he could
would run to the store and back to make sure you had any of your favorite drinks/movies
feed you
cuddle with you
yell at you for getting sick
but would also make you comfortable
force you to take medicine
wouldn’t cuddle with you very much, so he wouldn’t get sick as well
make you nice and comfy
watch any of your favorite shows
spoil you with anything and everything
also wouldn’t cuddle with you a lot due to you being sick, but would bring many stuffed animals for you to cuddle instead
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justaz · 2 days ago
sally and paul planning a date night and hiring a babysitter for estelle bc percy and annabeth also have a date planned but the babysitter cancelled. sally doesn’t want to ask percy and annabeth to cancel their date to watch estelle so she almost cancels hers but percy cuts in saying that they’ll watch estelle and sally and paul should go out. after some convincing she gives in and estelle tags along with percy and annabeth and all night they get comments on how beautiful their family is and how they’re wonderful parents. they never correct anyone bc then it’s this awkward conversation so instead they construct this whole story throughout the night of this crazy love story full of twists and turns and ups and downs
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mckezny · 2 months ago
i’m almost out of drafts so here’s some pjo head cannons
-the demeter kids do most of the cooking at camp (like how the apollo kids run the infirmary they run the kitchen)
-also if they’re like starving they can photosynthesize and get energy from the sun and stuff
-will solace is mixed but sense apollo was his dad he was “sun kissed” and that’s why he has very light features. no body really knows because he doesn’t talk about it much, when nico went to meet his family he was surprised they were all black because will doesn’t have many of those features
-athena kids can control people to do what they say (almost like charmspeak) but they can only do it in a war or just a dangerous situation in general
-aries and occasionally athena kids can summon weapons or armor when they need to, like if something’s trying to kill them
-apollo kids are fluent in italian (it’s the language of music)
-hephaestus kids can weld stuff with their bare hands
-hermes kids are in charge of selling the strawberries (they can usually swindle people for a couple extra bucks) sense their dad is the god of trades and all that i think they’d be good with that kind of thing
-whenever zeus kids build static electricity it’s like 10x stronger than normal
-some hades kids (specifically nico because hazels powers are e more gem based) can mend broken bones by manipulating the bones
-percy jackson is pacific islander
-the norse mythology people can speak the scandinavian languages (swedish, danish, dano-norwegian, new norwegian, icelandic, and faroese) a lot of people can’t speak all of them but can speak a few
-hazel likes steven universe and makes frank and/or nico watch it with her
-dionysus kids can grow grapevines
feel free to add your own in reblogs or comments
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munsster · 3 months ago
love languages with billy hargrove
A/N: literally f*ck canon? that shite is ass and to me, billy is still very alive and maybe even thriving. anyways here’s a fluffy headcanon
Pairing: Billy Hargrove x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
him not really understanding/knowing anything at all about love languages when you first get together
but it turns out, with you, he's a sucker for every single one of them
quality time is a given, but he doesn't even realize how warm he gets when you randomly call him or drop by his home or visit him while he's on duty
in his mind, he's like wtf why are u obsessed with me baby, but really, he's definitely the one who's obsessed
him getting back at you for all your surprise visits by crawling through your window????
like the sentiment is there, and he's so proud of himself for thinking of it, but you both know he did it to make out with you on your bed, right?
despite how hard he tries to hide his love for spontaneous nighttime drives and mini backyard picnics, you can tell by the way he holds back a smile that he wouldn't trade it for the world
also??? maybe you're not really a party person until he convinces you to come along, and the fact that you enjoyed being by his side the whole night is so fascinating to him
and there's no way he's going to another without you
apparently, it's the little things that get his softie gears turning
like he never really talks much, but he's obsessed with listening to you, even when he's stone faced; if you love it enough to talk his ear off about it, he's gonna love it, too
i won't even get started on the praise kink unlocked achievement.
okay maybe i will...
(just saying, once you figure it out, you'd definitely drop a casual "good boy" or a "you did so well, baby" literally whenever and he's like instantaneous heart eyes, hubba hubba, foaming at the mouth, convulsing, probably)
even getting him to talk about himself once in a while, and he feels so light afterward. like goddamn, somebody he loves wants to listen to him???? no fucking chance
except yes fucking chance, and he looks so handsome when he gets all puppy dog excited about his actual interests
he catches you staring at his mouth while he's talking and he clams up, getting all blushy and looking away
("no, no, it's cute! i'm listening" "shut up" "i like hearing you speak" "minx")
he's Melting.
okay, basically, the only experience—prior to you—he has with gifts (giving and receiving) is his mom, but he was little, and he's not a huge fan of toys anymore
and then you buy him a fancy new pair of sunglasses out of the blue, and his heart is fucking bursting
and of COURSE he brushes it off. maybe a thanks and a kiss on the cheek. or maybe a full on make out sesh in the front seat of his car with the sunglasses on top of his head keeping his hair out of his face?
just as a simple show of gratitude, of course
and then a couple weeks later he buys you your favorite cassette (definitely NOT because it also happens to have one of his favorite songs on it. psssh no way.)
you smile and squeal and wrap your arms around him and he totally shrugs it off, but he'd buy you the world if you'd have that reaction everytime.
okay, he found it a little weird when you offered to help tidy up his room, but on second thought, you look so cute setting his things on shelves—on display—because you're so amazed by how very billy they all are
or when you give max rides home and spend time with her while he's working. and turns out you guys are two-peas-in-a-pod close
just wait till billy finds out and you become THREE-peas-in-a-pod. hawkins #1 most chaotic evil trio, with you playing mediator (a given)
because as much as he thinks max is a little shit sometimes, she's also his baby sister, and somewhere deep inside his aching heart, he has a soft spot that's not getting any smaller thanks to you
now... that physical touch category is a touchy subject…. haha (sorry)
definitely the hardest to tame and the one that takes the longest to get used to, but also the one he likes the very most
seriously, every soft and precious thing he ever had was stripped from him by his deadbeat father
until you came along
and knowing that, you ease into touch with billy very, very slowly
like the most contact you have in the first couple months is either your pinkies brushing when you walk places together or handing him something and his is palm all rough and warm against your knuckles
but even that makes you both pull away all flustered
and when you do finally slip your hand into his, he's spiraling and praying you keep it there forever
like once you're holding hands, he is not letting go until you duck into his car, but even then, once he's seated, he is driving home one handed because he will not be caught dead without your fingers tucked snug between his
and that's where things truly take a turn for the better
he gets bolder. closer. and needless to say, you breathe a lot harder when he sits down with his thigh against yours and his hand on your knee
or his arm around your shoulders so he can lean down and whisper in your ear whenever??? goosebumps
also like when your mind goes off in the distance, it becomes a new thing that you're tethered to him (playing with his hands, drawing your fingertips over his skin, leaving small kisses over his face)
he thinks he's crazy for deserving something like this, and if he could lay right here for the rest of his life, he would
sometimes you even go as far as mindlessly braiding/brushing/running your fingers through his hair and he's just sitting there purring like a little kitten. how did you do that????
sometimes he might get overwhelmed by it, but he’ll let you know and you’re quick to give him physical space, and his heart is so full; you’re so understanding he could cry
billy never blames his touch aversion on anyone except his dad
and he especially never blames you
you're a goddamn angel, and looking back, he even laughs a little that you both were so tentative around each other at the beginning
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gretavanfleetlove · 22 days ago
Miguel Diaz having a crush on you~~
Before we start there may be S5 spoilers. I’ve been watching it I have the last two episodes left!!! I dunno but this is going off of S5 :)
So likeee
This boy is ACTUALLY smitten by you
You guys met through Hawk, you were one of his friends first
He introduced you and Miguel because he had just broken up with Sam. And you had just broken up with Robby.
“H-hey! … I’m Miguel by the way.”
“I figured haha. I’m Y/n.”
After the awkward introduction, Hawk decided to leave you guys alone.
And you hit it off immediately!!!
Afterwards, you start sitting with Miguel, Hawk and the others at lunch.
The group adopted you immediately, except for Sam
During class Miguel kept staring at you
At the end of the day he invited you over for dinner with Johnny, Robby, Carmen, and his Yaya
They love you!
Which of course you were ecstatic about
Johnny and Robby, continually winking at Miguel when they thought you weren’t looking
It was a tad awkward for you with Robby being there. But he was honestly happy for you and Miguel.
It was a relief to see how close Robby and Miguel have gotten.
After Miguel walks you home he calls Hawk and Demetri immediately
“DUDE you guys are gonna get married”
I literally don’t know how men talk to each other-
“Miguel you have to ask her out on an actual date.”
After your guys’ first kiss he spirals.
Even after you guys start dating you are still his crush
He never gets tired of being with you, listening to you talk, etc
You’re literally his biggest fan!
And he’s the same for you!
After Carmen has the baby…….
He’s so happy he is literally SO happy
You love watching him hold the baby he’s so caring and gentle
Placing little kisses on its forehead.
He never lets Cobra Kai mess with you anymore..
After Eagle Fang/ Miyagi Do got into the tournament. And they found out you’re friends/ helping them.
They went after you hardcore! Especially Kenny
But either way you guys care for each other constantly. And that situation really highlighted that.
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purplelupins · 2 months ago
The Grabber/Albert Shaw Headcanons
Sfw & Nsfw
These are in no order and simply my interpretation of the blank canvas that is Albert Shaw.
If you are a minor DO NOT ENGAGE. If you are offended or triggered by the mentioned material, DO NOT ENGAGE. Simple as that. Please note that I do not condone what the Grabber has done in cannon, and I am just interpreting his character from a  psychological standpoint. If you message me with negativity or harassment, I will not respond. This is Tumblr, not Twitter. Please block the Grabber x reader tag if you are disgusted.
General life
•Prior to Albert being born, his father drank a great deal which he picked up from his father having served in the First World War. But when Albert’s mother told him to stop drinking or she would leave him. She was a strong minded woman.
•Albert’s dad named him
•Albert was an only child until he was eight. He was always close with his mother who took interest in him. She encouraged him and listened to his interests and hobbies.
•I think he liked working with his hands- carving things out of wood, basic magic he had picked up from a book he bought himself with his allowance money his mother gave him, but his father didn’t know about. maybe even drawing at some point? He would make her little gifts and she would display them.
•I think he really loved slight of hand that comes with magic, and I think over the years he got quite good at it mainly to take things or mess with his father.
•Everything had changed when his brother, Max, was born. Their mother fell ill shortly after giving birth to Max, and she passed away within a week. It was a sudden and huge loss. She was the only thing standing between Albert and his father.
•It was left up to Albert to look after baby Max, while his father began drinking again.
•Because of this, Albert is actually very good with children.
•Then the beatings started. It started slow: his father would slap him and whip him over his pants, but he did it down in the basement because they couldn’t wake max.
•Because Albert hadn’t experienced the beating from a young age, he was more fearful of them than if he had always had them. As an eight year old, he had rational thinking abilities and would try and run away from home, but his father would always catch him. Sometimes he would be waiting for him with a glass of room temperature whiskey because he didn’t have the patience to cool it.
• When Albert was 13, his father went off to serve in the war. He was gone for two years with no contact, leaving Arthur and Max alone with a friend of his father’s and his family.
•This friend of his father’s sexually abused him for those two years.
•When his father returned, he was no longer the same. His morals were null, and he barely had an off switch when it came to abuse. His PTSD made him reckless with hurting Albert, even humiliating him in town when they got groceries.
•The adrenaline his father had experienced in the war left him always looking for ways to replicate it, and so he started playing sadistic games with Albert, which would become Naughty Boy. The only difference was that Albert wanted his father to kill him, but he never did.
•Albert is very tidy because of his father. (In the Film I think his house was messy because of Max and it drove him CRAZY)
• Albert is very smart and a very quick thinker.
• He did okay in school; he would have done so much better if it weren’t for his stressful, abusing home life and the trauma he went through. But because of his life, he didn’t get the best grades.
•He started working at a young age at the hardware store. That way he could get supplies to start wood carving again like his mother had loved, and he could save up to leave.
•During one of the beatings when Albert was older, he fought back against his father which lead to breaking his fathers leg. He became addicted to pain killers, and drank himself to death at a young age, and Albert was given the house.
•As he grew older, he couldn’t keep relationships and grew angry and afraid that no one would ever like him let alone love him.
•Max fucked off as a young man and honestly had a fairly normal life. Albert did love Max in some way, even with his idiotic mind, purely because he raised him.
• Albert did everything in his power to give Max a normal childhood. He helped him with his homework and went to his sports games. But he didn’t do it for Max. He did it because Max is all he has left of his mother and he looks like her.
•Fear was something he lived off for so long inside himself, that he sought out comfort. Comfort came in the form of his family home. He would try and remember his mother there instead of the bad memories, but he would have vivid nightmares of his father. Once he even had one so strong he destroyed the inside of his house looking for his dead father because he was certain he had come back from the dead.
•His job paid well and he even bought the house across the street to move into. Close to his old home but far enough that he didn’t have to live in the trauma.
•His first girl friend was late in life and did not end well. She cheated on him and when he confronted her…he lost his temper and strangled her. It horrified him, and he buried her body in the basement of the house he bought. Already tainting it before he could move in and start fresh.
•In the late 60’s and early 70’s he started to see more and more reports of these multiple murderers and freak kidnappings on the news. He noticed how most of them were cold cases and the investigations would be dropped after months or a year. He got this strange sort of itch.
• the thought festered for a year.
•He wanted to do that too. He saw how invested people were in those cases, and he wanted to be a part of that.
• For the next several years, he soundproofed the basement, and began to really let his mind go. He found his old carving supplies and began making those masks to take charge of the trauma he went through.
•It was his turn to be in charge.
•And from then on, the Grabber was born.
The following is more pertinent to my fic Sweet Dreams, but you’re still welcome to read them as general headcannons. There are NSFW ones below.
•Because of raising Max, he does have a paternal streak(even if it is morbid) so he does enjoy caring for someone.
•He’s very polite to woman and children (he will make faces at little kids especially little girls if hes in town. They giggle.) but gruffer with men.
•Outside of his home, he’s generally quiet and keeps to himself. Quite a few locals know him because of living there so long.
•Terrible temper. This is a given. It’s like a light switch. On and off in an instant.
•This man is STRONG. He works with his hands and lifting boxes and equipment all day. He’s lean but he can take down almost anyone, especially when he’s angry.
• Pervert. Will take your panties. Will not give them back. But will buy you new ones. Loves it when you don’t wear any under your clothes at home.
• If you’re in a relationship with him, it is his goal to have fucked you on every surface.
•He washes you. He dries you. He dresses you. No other option.
•Has an innocence kink: having not had anyone to care for him for most of his life, he now takes a lot of pleasure and validation from caring for someone else.
•This kink is more about having you rely on him for everything.
•Plus having you dependant on him is the goal.
•He needs you to be dependant. He soaks it up.
•Control Control control. This man needs to be the one in control at all times after having no control for so long.
•Call him Sir or Master on the regular and he’s gone…call him daddy and he’s feral. I think he will only entertain the daddy aspect if he’s not kidnapping, and he’s comfortable (as he can be) with whoever he’s fucking. It can be used against him if he’s not comfortable with the person because it could be a way of saying “You’re like your father.” Which is what he hates most. BUT! If the person uses it in a way where it means “You’re in control, I’m yours to do with what you will.” Then I think he loves it. It goes with his innocence kink too.
•Calling him daddy helps him to reclaim the title and give it a different meaning…so it’s actually a bit healing.
•Sadism, fear play, bondage. He loves seeing that flash of fear in your eyes. He loves tying you up. He loves inflicting pain until you’re weeping in his arms.
•Albert loves seeing you when he fucks you. He needs to see what he does to you(fear, hatred, pain, love, pleasure etc) he likes to see your skin too so chances are he’ll rip your clothes off before sex
•Somnophilia. Especially if he’s fucked you for so long and you pass out and he keeps going.
• Condescending praise aka degradation (not towards him)
•Will pet your hair and hold you close after you’re done.
•Kiss this man’s skin. Please.
•He’s hesitant with kisses on the mouth but if he keeps you around long enough he might warm up to them.
•He loves it when you miss him and hug him when you see him after a long day.
•He knows he shouldn’t have children. He’s terrified of ruining his own child’s life.
•Deep Self hatred, hence the masks.
•If you want him to take it off, you need to be patient. Wait until he starts with coming with half masks more often…then see if he’ll work up to no mask.
•Likes having the mask on during sex even if he doesn’t wear it around you anymore. It gives him more power.
•Is unable to love, but he will obsess over you enough that is resembles a toxic love. He will want to possess you (go back to you being dependent on him) he wants to be your world.
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garrus-appreciation · 26 days ago
I like to imagine in ME2 Shepard thinks she's being inconspicuous visiting Garrus all the time but meanwhile Dr. Chakwas and all the other crew are all watching her walk by like
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