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pen-observing · a year ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems slightly...like vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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cxsarchive · a month ago
you know what also sucks the most?, dacre has stated several times how much of a fan he was of the show's first season, how it was one of the many reasons he wanted to be part of the cast and unsurprisingly ended getting the role thanks to his amazing talent and impecable work ethic.
so i can only imagine what it was and felt like to get there, find out that the writers set his character to only be projected as a souless, tiring, overdone and bellow average bully villain ™, deal with the bellow uncomfortable cringe of this people he probably admired in the proffessional matter of...reading the cheap shock value of script scenes such as making billy say the n-word to lucas which he refused to do, fight with them and the production to have the background he actually CRAFTED himself - a job said writers should have done - put his mind, body, heart and soul on his performance, mix things of himself like his anxiety and issues with his father, make improvisations that lead to some of his most unforgettable scenes among many naturally efortful skills it took him..
only for:
- the same said two excuses of "writers" he worked with giving him an unjust ending, with no arc, no future, no thriving, zero chances for the kid to heal away from his shitty father, heal his relationship with max, become a better person, have interesting and way better interactions with others like steve, lucas, heather, robin, jonathan, hopper, joyce, you name it
- his own character, his baby, when not falling on the said hate wrath or other disrespect forms, falls into the season 3 objectifying mommy issues/cougar meme material jokes category. ah, him dealing with the writers romanticizing and normalizing the thing with k*ren which also pulled the trigger of this that should've never happened or become a funny thing in the first place, needless to say why.
- the same two men who encourage the nosense billy hate rally madness that till this day gets bigger and has affected us who believe he was worthy of love, protection and redemption.
-endless bullying to overlap with the fat shaming trauma of his past
- copious amounts of unjustified disdain from narrow-minded, ludicrous, inmature and delusional show fans that absolutely have no clue about basics facts like giving him a break because he is a human hired to do his godamn job, that grey area abuse victims like billy exist and that we can all worship whoever fictional character we want. the same anti hatred train the suffer sisters ride it has affected us who can identify with his story as we also get this fuckery of wrath of said fans through harassing, death threats and even r*pe wishes.
- his character, most recognized work so far, the way he still showed love/support for billy and how he proved he engaged and commit and yet he gets not a bit or a SHRED of the credit, hype, RP support even zero award nominations. something that could've been a boost for his career to thrive in the spot he deserves to be and yet he has a long way yet, to increase his job with more roles and so on.
- the writers and even the producers throwing billy in the bitter hate oblivion, like it never meant nothing, like his hard work only meant dog shit all this time and still does.
i don't know about yall, but with this among who tf knowing what happened behind closed doors on the professional relationship dacre and the suffer sisters had, if i was him i would feel and i would be beyond disheartened, let down, disgusted, heartbroken, disappointed and even discouraged. it would be too fucking much to handle honestly - like 'ffs! i used to LOVE this show i wanted to be part of it but not like this what the hell..'
if the dbags really made several low dick moves on dacre/billy besides the ones that we know and came to light but for many reasons he can not speak up about, i hope he does one day and roasts the fuck outta them so nobody ever gets to give them the coins ever again or work with them at all.
they proved to be ridiculously incompetent on what they do and engage in toxic work relatioships with staff employees and maybe the cast - thats another story tho, if he doesn't wanna talk about his personal matter here that's okay as well.
i think that there is probably why i admire dacre's patience and collected composure too.
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angelplummie · 11 months ago
no bc being ushijimas dummy virgin gf that he doesn’t quiet understand, but adores anyway. u make him take stupid photos with you pining him against the wall like a shouju manga. u constantly spam him with memes he doesn’t understand but he likes that u send things to him at all. he tries to send you things like the things you send him, but he’s always just a bit off, which you don’t mind at all.
You get jealous about stupid things that he doesn’t understand, but he’ll never stop reassuring you, holding you close to him and telling u “i only replied to her story to say i like her shoes, i didn’t even use a heart emoji.” he replies to all of his friends stories, but if it upsets you, he’ll stop with certain people. he doesn’t understand you, but that never meant he can’t try to make you happy and trust in him. he doesn’t need to understand to know something upsets you.
he will never make you feel stupid at all, even if you are a little.
“look y/n, there’s a bunny on the left.”
“oh wow!”
you try desperately to remember your left and rights in time to see the bunny, head flipping from side to side, until toshi takes you face gently in his hands and tilts it to the left.
“there, love.”
he is so bimbo friendly it’s insane.
he knows you’re a bit more affectionate than he has ever been, but he quickly adapts. maybe he can’t cuddle for quiet as long as you want to every single day, but on those days where he can’t, he will place your legs over his lap when you’re hanging out on the sofa, or hold your hand and rub soft circles into the back of it. he will pat your head in public, and doesnt quite get why it makes you melt and beam the way you do, but would do it forever just to see you glowing like that again.
or rather, he didn’t understand, until you pat his head. now he’s totally got it. 100% on board. he now lowers his head sometimes just so you will pat it, stoic eyes still on you, blinking innocently.
and when u first start talking about having sex, and you tell him you don’t have any experience, he is more than helpful.
He shows you how to get him off, walking you through each step. he doesn’t expect you to know anything, which is the most comforting part.
“just wrap you hands around it and move them up and down. Like that. that’s -ah, that’s good.”
“You aren’t going to break me, a little tighter, faster maybe. perfect. Y-You’re doing well.”
when he finished, he hugs you tight and curls up with you on his bed.
“You did such a good job Y/N, i finished in no time.”
and when it’s your turn, he takes care of you so good. He holds your hand and rocks into you, kissing your forehead and wiping all other thoughts out of your head. he eats you out with such intensity, gripping your thighs and exhaling softly.
Ushijima doesn’t understand a lot about you, but he is still so very understanding.
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rockautumnfanfic · 16 days ago
My biggest cheerleader
Joseph Quinn x plus size F!Reader
PSA: I know some details are off, if you think about the timeline for when he got the role, but I hope it works out either way.
Warnings: none? please tell me if there is!
Summary: You're bestfriends with Joseph Quinn, and you wouldn't change it for the world. You have always supported him in his journey at becoming an actor. You've been friends since you were kids, and you've always been by eachother's side. One day he gets an email about a job offer, and it makes him excited, but he wont tell you anything about the job at all.
Tumblr media
You were hanging out as you usually were. It didn’t really matter where you were, as long as you were hanging out together. He was lying between your legs, his favourite spot because your thighs were soft to his face. He borrowed one of your t-shirts after his shower, that was a normal thing for you, because he felt more comfy in your oversized t-shirts but his own. So he was lying there with just some boxers on and your t-shirt. You found it a bit funny that he liked your clothes, but you thought it was cute either way. 
Sadly you didn’t fit into his clothes so you could borrow some of his, and he noticed it after a while, bought some oversized sweaters and t-shirts so you could borrow from him when you were at his place. You used to shower at each other's house, and you kept some clothes at his place, and he kept some clothes at your place. It got a bit weird if either of you had company tho, but you both proudly played it off as if it was your siblings' clothes. Because that was what you normally thought of the relationship you had. Just siblings, close siblings who did everything for one another.
While he laid between your thighs, he was trying to place some game on your xbox, a new game that came out a few weeks ago called Stray. You both were really into the game, and you helped him if he didn’t understand what he was gonna do. If there was a very difficult part of the game, you took your phone and googled for him, and told him what he had to do. And when there wasn’t anything special happening in the game, you scrolled on tiktok, tumblr or instagram, trying to show him a funny meme or tiktok if you found one.
He tapped your thigh with his arm, and you squished his head, which made him laugh. He knew how ticklish your thighs were, but still he did things that tickled you, after all the warnings you’ve given him. He laughed while his head got smushed. He paused the game, and held onto your thighs with both his hands. You could feel the warmth from his hands, and it gave you goosebumps. You loved how warm he was, especially when you were cold. He was your personal little heating pad whenever you needed it.
“If you keep squishing, I’m gonna die a happy man” he laughed, struggling to speak because you were squishing his face to the point where he could barely open his mouth to speak. You laughed, and let go after a while. He sat up and turned his face to you, smiling. You smiled back.
“What?” you laughed, getting shy with the attention he suddenly gave you. “Nothing, you’re just beautiful” he said, smiling, getting up and walking to the kitchen. The flirting from him was normal, so you didn’t really think much of it. But being called beautiful, it hit something deep inside of you. Especially when it came from your Joe. All the girls he hooked up with were so damn beautiful. You’ve seen almost everyone. Their perky, small beautiful tits, their small stomach, their tiny body in general. Nothing compared to how blubby you felt.  If you guys were hanging out with either of your friends, they always tried to tell you he flirted with you, but you just scoffed it off. You knew he didn’t mean anything with it but to be his charming old self.
He could make any girl cream their pants, especially when he did his signature wink and smiled. It even made you feel some sort of way, but you scoffed it off every time. You didn’t want it to ruin your relationship. You’ve known eachother since you were 5 and he was 8. You lived across from one another, and he was the boy next door who always watched out for you. He’s been like a big brother to you the entire time. 
You got dragged out of your thoughts, feeling Joe’s breath on your neck which made you flinch. You hated it, and he knew it. He laughed when you reacted just like he’d hoped for.
“Jesus Joe!” you exclaimed, holding onto the cushion on your couch while you flew forward in the couch trying to get away from him. “You know you’re not allowed to sneak up on me like that jerk!” he just laughed, tears filling his eyes from laughing to hard. 
“I’m sorry sweetie, but I just had to” he laughs, and the way he is standing seems like he’s about to piss himself from laughter. You glare at him, but give in and start laughing too. It ends up with both of you laying on the floor, laughing together, not able to control yourself. And when you think you’re done laughing? You look at eachother and laugh even more. 
“Joe, Joe, I can’t” you breathe, trying to control your laughter, but to no luck. You get up and run to the toilet, almost peeing yourself from laughter. The laughing dies almost down while you’re sitting on the toilet laughing for yourself, trying to calm down. Joe walks to the bathroom, and knocks on the open door. You look at where he’s standing, chuckling, while holding his hand across his face, trying to give you some privacy while you’re on the toilet.
“I hope you’re only peeing” he chuckles, and you laugh at him. “Of course, Joe” you say, and he relaxes, but still holds his hand across his eyes so he doesn’t look directly at you.
“I was just wondering if you wanted something to eat actually, because you got nothing in your fridge” he said, and you could feel your stomach growl while he spoke. “I’m starving” you said, which made him smile.
“Chinese?” he asked, knowing it was your favourite. You smiled, and chuckled at him, finishing on the toilet, and washing your hands. You walked towards him, pushing him a bit with laying your hands on his stomach, because he was standing in the way for you so you could get out of the bathroom. You could feel he tightened his muscles under your touch, which made you take your hands away fast. “‘M sorry” you said, looking down at the ground. You knew he had a problem with being touched like that, but always seemed to forget sometimes. 
He took your hands in his, and lifted them towards his lips, kissing your knuckles softly, making you look into his chocolate brown eyes. “It’s okay” he said, smiling at you. “So, chinese?” he said, smiling at you, still holding your hands in his. You nodded enthusiastically, which made him smile. He swung you around in his arms, making you giggle, while he swung you into his embrace in a hug. You hugged him back, and just smiled. You loved when he was cuddly like this. He knew how much you loved to cuddle, and whenever you needed some cuddles, you could always send him a message, and he’d be at your door as fast as he could. Sometimes you even fell asleep in his arms, and woke up with him holding you close the morning after. 
“You wanna eat out, or take in?” he said, holding onto you, stroking your back which he knew you loved. “Mm” you said, almost falling asleep in his arms. He chuckled, and led you to your bedroom. He made you lay down in your bed, and he kissed your forehead. “I’m gonna order, and you can just relax while I get it, okay?” he said, turning off your bedside lamp, walking away, earning a soft “mhm” from you in return while you got cosy in bed. 
When he came back, he came to wake you up, and you smiled up at him when your eyes met his. “Dinner?” you smiled at him, making him nod down at you. “Come” he said, handing you a hand helping you up. You took it, and he led you into your dining area. He had sat your dining table with two plates, some lit candles, and made it cosy just the way he could. He even went to the liquor store and bought your favourite drink. 
“The girl that gets you, are so damn lucky” you said, laughing at how red he got by your compliment. “You think so?” he smiled, helping you sit down at your end of the table. You could smell the food, and smiled. “Oh shit, you got my favourite?” you said, looking up at him with wonder. It gave him an even huger tint of red across his face. “Of course, anything for my favourite girl in the world” he said, leaning down behind you and kissing your cheek. 
“Bro, of course” you said, making him chuckle while he walked to his spot at the table, sitting down and lifting his glass up to clink with yours. You clinked glasses and started to eat. 
“After this, I’m making my famous muffins, just for you” you said, looking at him, which made him grin huge. “You for real?” he exclaimed, and you just nodded at him. He kicked his feet under the table and squealed. “It’s been so long!” he said, making you laugh by his actions. 
You sat mostly in silence and ate your food, until you remembered something he told you last week. “How did the phone call go by the way?” you said, looking at him. Last week he got an email about a job opportunity from his manager, and it made him very excited. He had been in some few plays the past few years, but he said that this could be his opportunity to get big. He looked up at you and smiled. 
“If they like my introduction video, I’ll be flying over next week to audition!” he smiled, and you squealed. You jumped up from your chair and ran over to him, and he laughed, shoving himself away from the table and met you on the way up from his chair. He spun you around the best he could. Even if he was more petite than you, he was very strong, and could actually lift you to your surprise. “That is so amazing” you exclaimed, holding onto him, and he hugged you closer. You could feel his entire body vibrate from him chuckling, which made you giggle. 
“You’re my biggest cheerleader, you know that?” he said, laughing. “It makes me so happy that you support me so much” he said, putting you down, and holding you at arms length. You looked at him and grinned. “Of course I support you!” you said, pushing his chest lightly to make a point. “You deserve every role you want!” you said, making him laugh and you could see he got red by your compliment. “You’re an amazing actor, and the entire world deserves to know” you said, and hugged him again. He exhaled a breath he didn’t know he held in, while he relaxed in your arms. 
“It’s gonna be such a stressful week” he said, huffing. It made you hug him tighter, if it even were possible. “You can call me anytime of the day, and I’ll be there for you” you said, and he relaxed even more. “I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said, exhaling a deep breath. You kissed his cheek before you pulled away, holding him at arm's length. “I’ll be here for you no matter what, Joe” you said, and it made him smile, pulling you in for another hug. “You wanna finish the food?” he asked you after a while of just standing there and hugging each other, and you nodded.
The week passed, and the production for the show he was gonna audition for loved his introduction video. You were of course with him when he got the call that he was gonna be flied down next monday. It’s sunday, and you’re trying to enjoy the last day together before he’s off for work, and you’re not able to meet each other or see each other in person in a very long time. You can feel that Joe is very nervous about it, and he is all over the place as he’s trying to pack some stuff he needs.
You’re seated on his couch scrolling through some stuff on his xbox, before you see him stumbling in his own feet, trying to go around his apartment, collecting his stuff that he needs with him. You walk up to him, and stop him in his tracks. “Stop, breathe” you tell him, he looks down at you, and relaxes once his eyes are meeting yours. He exhales, and you can feel his hot breath on your face. “Dude, brush your teeth, jesus” you exclaim, laughing, holding your nose. It makes him laugh, and you clap your own shoulder for making him think about something else. 
“Fuck you” he says, and you laugh, looking at him. You give him a twirl. “Oh, my outfit that nice today?” you tease him, and he laughs more, walking into his bathroom to brush his teeth. You follow him, and look at him when he picks up his toothbrush. “You know I was kidding?” you say, looking at him, leaning against the door. He looks at you and shakes his head. “I hate you” he says, and you just nod your head. 
“Oh, so I should just leave then?” you say, pointing to the door, and he almost crashes into you, holding you close. “No” he simply says. You snake your hands around his waist and laugh, holding onto him. You snuggle into his chest, and inhale. “You smell wonderful, you always do, sorry” you say, and he chuckles, kissing the top of your head. “Thank you darling” he says. “I need to finish getting ready, and then we can watch a movie?” he asked, and you nodded. 
You talked to Joe on facetime last night, and he told you that he just landed, and just came to his hotel room. He told you that he missed you, and wished that you could be there with him. You agreed, and showed him your dog who had taken his place in your lap. “You bastard, that’s my lap!” he said, scolding your dog, which made you giggle. “Relax, it’s your lap whenever you’re here” you giggle. He lays down in bed and exhales. “I hope I get the role” he says, looking up to the ceiling. “You will” you say, looking at him. He looked at you and smiled. “I love you, my sweet cheerleader” he said, smiling, yawning. “Get some sleep, and we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” you say, making him nod. 
“Good night, Joe” you say, making him smile. “Good night, Y/N” he smiles, blowing you a kiss before ending the call.
The time went, and by Thursday you have not heard from Joe as much as you’d like to. But you knew he had a lot to do, and he told you before he left that he might not be easy to reach, but he would send you messages every day to keep up with you. And he did as he promised. He always sent you a good morning text, and he always sent you a good night text with some details about his day. He didn’t tell you much about what had happened during the time you didn’t talk, but he told you what he ate during the day, and that he felt comfortable with the crew he might work with. 
You were at work when your phone rang, and you asked your boss if you could answer. He gave you a thumbs up, and you walked outside to take a cigarette while you answered. 
“Hello?” you answered. “Hey darling” you smiled, hearing his voice. You didn’t realise before he talked how much you’ve missed his voice. Or him in general. “Hey” you smiled to yourself, taking a drag of your cigarette. “That thing will kill you, you know” he said, laughing slightly, while you heard him take a drag of his own cigarette. “Says you” you laugh. He laughs back, and chuckles slightly. 
“So” he starts, and you can feel your breath hitch. Fuck. He didn’t get the role, did he? No, that can’t be. He would’ve told you earlier if that was the case. “So” you said back, exhaling slightly, finishing off your cigarette. You could feel yourself getting nervous and lit another one. 
“I think you need to sit down for this” he told you, and you stopped breathing for a second. “Stop fucking with me, Quinn” you warned him, and he laughed at your expanse. “Sorry, sorry” he said, exhaling the smoke he inhaled. “I got it” he said, and you stumbled in your own feet, sitting down at the bench that were beside you. 
“I knew it!” you squealed, and he laughed. “I fucking knew it!” you screamed into the phone, bubbling with excitement. “Are you gonna tell me what the role is?” you asked, hoping he would share at least something. But to no luck. 
“Nope, I won't tell you anything just yet” he said, and you whimpered. “Stop being a brat, I’ll tell you when I feel ready” he said, and you choked on your own words. “Sorry” you said, apologising the best you could. “I just got excited” you said, feeling embarrassed.
“I’m coming back to London in 5 weeks, you wanna pick me up from the airport?” he asked, and you nodded, your brain not picking up that he couldn’t see you. “Yes, ofcourse, yes!” you smiled, getting excited to see him again in person. “I can’t wait to have you in my arms again” he said. You talked a bit back and forth before your boss came out to look for you. You told him you had to hang up, and that you were so excited to see him again, and told him to keep updating you daily, making sure he gave you some proof of life while you waited to get him back home again.
The hours passed, slowly but steady. Hours turning into days, and you could feel the excitement growing for when you were actually gonna pick him up. Days turned into weeks, and you got proof of life and even some facetime every now and then. The facetime calls and messages from him made the time go faster, and you couldn’t wait to hug him again. He told you before you were gonna pick him up that day that you shouldn’t be scared of his weight. You wondered badly what he meant by it. 
You drove to Heathrow a tad too early, but you didn’t mind waiting at all. He sent you an update when he went onto his plane, and when they were about to take off. He promised to try to remember to update you when he landed and when he got to pick up his luggage. 
When he sent you the message that he landed, you stumped your cigarette and went inside to wait for him. You could feel butterflies in your stomach, and you were so excited. This has been the longest since you took a year off to explore the world that you didn’t meet daily. 
You saw his curly head bounce when he walked through the doors, and you squealed. “JOE!” you screamed, making him look up from the floor where he was walking. When he saw you he grinned, and tried his best to run through the crowd in front of him and to you. 
He embraced you in a warm hug and lifted you from the ground. This was a weird feeling which made you squeal into his ear. “Oh, I’ve missed you” he said, holding onto you. He inhaled your scent and chuckled. “New shampoo?” he asked, and you nodded, leaning into his chest, exhaling and inhaling the scent of him. You snaked your arms around his waist and gasped.
“What happened?” you asked, looking up at him, and he looked down at you. Oh how you’ve missed those brown beautiful eyes. “I’m gonna tell you everything, I just don’t feel like standing in the middle of the airport and talk about all that’s happened” he said, letting out a deep breath at the end. “But first, I need a cig” he said, and you giggled. He took your hand and you followed him outside. He sat down at the bench right on the outside, and found his cigarette pack, tapping the vacant spot beside him for you to sit. 
You both smoked your cigarettes, talking about what you were gonna do when he was home. If he wanted to go to his place, or if you should drive to your place. He made you decide, and you said you had to take your dog out for a walk at least before anything. He agreed to join you on that walk, and then he suggested that you’d order in and watch a movie or game,  and you looked at him, wondering if he would ever share what the job was about, or what role he was playing. He had told you so much as it is for a Netflix show, but that doesn’t really say much. There’s a lot of them out there.
You drove home, walked your dog together, and ate Italian together before you launched onto your couch together. In the signature way you always used to lay on the couch together. He held onto your thighs while you scrolled through streaming services on your TV to find something to watch. You wanted to watch a comfort movie of yours, and Joseph agreed to watch it with you. Again. Corpse Bride was one of your favourites, and you could never get enough. 
“You gonna tell me why you got so skinny?” you say after a while into the movie. Victor was about to put the ring on the Corpse Bride’ hand when you spoke. He looked up at you between your legs, and scoffed. You knew that for some roles he had to either gain weight or loose some, but he was at least 10 pounds lighter, and it scared you. “I hope it is because of your role, and not because you haven’t eaten” you say sternly, making him chuckle. 
“Of course I’ve eaten sweetie” he says, and you relax straight away. “It’s for the new role on this show, I’m sorry it scared you” You just chuckled, trying to play it off cool. He sat up and turned his body towards you, legs crossed, and you mimicked his actions, sitting cross legged towards him. He took your hands in his, and smiled up at you. You smiled back at him, but got suspicious when he didn’t say anything. 
“Spill, Quinn” you told him, pointing a finger at him. He held his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay” he said, laughing awkwardly. “I can tell you that much that I am playing a skinny metal head in the 80’s” he said, and you exhaled a breath you didn’t realise you even held. 
“If you can keep quiet, I can take you onto set when we’re into the filming a bit more, okay?” he said, making you relax. You nodded your head. “Of course can I keep quiet, you know me!” you said, bumping his chest, making him smile. “I know, but it’s just to make sure, okay?” he said, rubbing his neck in a nervous action. 
“One thing you wont like that much tho, is that I have to leave in a week, and I don’t know how long I’m gonna be gone” he said it all in just one breath, afraid how you’ll react. You looked at him and smiled, and you could see that he relaxed straight away. “Whenever I can have you over, I’ll pay for your plain ticket and everything, okay?” he said, and you nodded. 
“I just hope that you’ll keep in touch even when you get  famous big boy” you said, smiling at him. He got recognised a lot already, but he said that this could be it. This could be the role that made him blow up. You felt it in your gut that this would be it too. He would get recognised more when this show aired, and he would probably be loved by millions. You just hoped that it didn’t get too much for him. The worst thing you were afraid would happen, were creepy fans stalking and ruining stuff for him. He deserved everything good in this world, he was an angel, and people needed to know he was. 
Months passed, you got to visit him on set, and you could see how well he did his role. He was made for the role of Eddie Munson, and you could tell people would love him when the show was getting aired. 
You understood why he didn’t tell you which show it was a role for, because you loved Stranger Things. That’s why he felt like it was important for him to get this role. Not only because you loved it, but because he knew that this was his shot to get really big. 
You sat in his chair while he was talking to some of the production before coming over to where you sat. They had just filmed the part where they fought Vecna, and you sat there with tears in your eyes. You felt so sad that they did Eddie like that, but you were so proud of Joe for doing the work he did. You leaped into his arms, sobbing. Not caring about him being full of fake blood and staining your shirt.
“It was beautiful, but oh so heartbreaking!” you cried into his arms, and he laughed. He stroked your back, hugging you back. “I’m happy you liked it” he said, chuckling to you. 
“How long did you know?” you said, sniffing into his chest. “Since I got the script” he said, stroking your back, trying to calm you down. You stood there for who knows how long, just hugging him. You were so damn proud of him. He did it. You knew it deep down that this would be a big hit. And your gut was never wrong.
You pulled away from the hug, holding him at arm's length. You smiled, and you could see that he was about to cry himself. You held his cheek, and kissed the other. "You did amazing, and I am so proud of you! You did it Joe!" you said, almost starting to cry again yourself. He looked at you, and smiled warmly at you. "You think so?" 
"Oh, I know so" you said, and laid your head against his chest, embracing him in another hug. 
This would be it. You knew he would make it big, and the time that's ahead of him is gonna be so amazing. You know it deep down in your gut. You just didn't know if your friendship would last through it all. You of course hoped it would, but who knows? What will the future bring?
This got longer than I had anticipated in the start, but I hope I did it justice anyways 🥺
Taglist: @eddiemunsonfuxks (hope you'll like this one)
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ficsforeren · 8 months ago
What happened to all TLS headcannons? I cant see them anywhere 😭😭😭
They're on The Last Song's masterlist but for some reason, I couldn't add more links, so I'll move everything to this ask:
How Rockstar!Eren and the Reader fight in The Last Song series
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How I imagine Rockstar!Eren to look like
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empire fans ship eren and jean
why did eren still engage in one night stands after reuniting with yn?
More headcanons for Rockstar Eren can be read in my Eren Multiverse HCs here!
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levistrophywife · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anon asked: can you do the jujutsu cast and how they protect your drink at a party? or maybe a scenario with drunk gojo or nanami? female reader if thats ok! thanks so much!   ( x )
featuring: itadori, megumi, nobara, mai, maki, inumaki, mechamaru, todo, gojo, nanami, sukuna + gn!reader (f!reader implied, but no use of pronouns!) genre: fluff, humour, drabble, literally like 99% memes and 1% serious word count: ~629 words notes: i did both because i liked the two prompts lmao
Tumblr media
part two: drunk gojo/nanami scenario
Tumblr media
He honestly tries. Really, he does! You just need to consider the fact that his body also happens to host Sukuna as well, and there's nothing stopping the king of curses from yeeting your drink across the room simply because he felt like it. And knowing Itadori, he'll probably end up searching for the discarded cup on the dancefloor instead of buying you a new one.
Tumblr media
A little lost, but he's got the spirit. He doesn't really understand why you'd need someone to look after your drink, but he'll do it none-the-less. To anyone passing by, Megumi would seem like the epitome of a perfect boyfriend waiting for his partner to return — minus the confused look on his face as he awkwardly leans against the wall.
Tumblr media
You can trust her for exactly 3.5 minutes before she's setting down your drink in favour of playing beer pong with the others. You can rest assured knowing that your drink will remain in her diligent sight, but if someone were to bump the table while she was preoccupied… then say goodbye to your cheap liquor.
Tumblr media
You will be looking after her drink. Mai somehow manages to pull a reverse uno and persuade you to watch over her drink first while she goes to the restroom — But if you do a good job, then she'll be inclined to do the same for you once she returns. Just don't take too long.
Tumblr media
A literal angel sent from heaven, and probably one of the only few people who will take care of your drink properly. She'll have a protective hold over your cup while you're gone, and will ward off any suspicious party-goers with a glare if they come too close. Bless her soul.
Tumblr media
He'll protect your drink without an issue, but he'll also take a curious sip from it once you’re out of sight. Honestly, he just wants to know what flavour you like best, and if he likes it enough, then he might even offer to buy you another one — along with one for himself, of course.
Tumblr media
Forgets he's holding it. Only realises that your drink is still in his mechanical hands when he raises it to wave at you from the restroom in order to get your attention. Gruffly apologises as the liquid soaks into his outfit and offers to buy you a new drink.
Tumblr media
He tries, but it's difficult to do when he's flexing his muscles and trying to show off to a small crowd of people at the same time. Because of this, you might be missing half of your drink when you come back — so try not to avoid slipping on any of the alcohol near your feet.
Tumblr media
Does not protect your drink in the first place. He'll forget that it's yours and unconsciously start drinking from it with an ignorant grin plastered on his face. That is, if there's anything left after he's done throwing it back on the dancefloor and spilling the liquid everywhere.
Tumblr media
In Nanami we trust. This man will protect your drink with his life — even more so if it's overtime. He'll have a large hand over the lid while firmly grasping the base in the other. Because of this, it might be a little bit more warm by the time you get back — But hey!  At least your drink is safe.
Tumblr media
Absolutely DO NOT give this man your drink. He will do anything sus purely for his own sadistic enjoyment. However, he’ll be sure that whatever it is that he decides on doing, it won’t put your life in complete peril… maybe. It just depends on how funny it’ll turn out.
Tumblr media
Copyright © levistrophywife 2021. Do not repost, copy, or plagiarise my work. If you enjoyed reading, then please consider giving a like, follow, or reblog! Thank you very much!
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cluescorner · 8 months ago
The Cookies of Darkness are so Funny to Me
Like, they really just have a weird dynamic where they all hate each other except maybe some of them don’t sometimes and nobody hates the baby. Here’s the list of characters
Pomegranate Cookie: Literally gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. The worst person you’ve ever met who has also formed a very unhealthy and toxic attachment so you kinda feel bad about that, but then she actively pokes at your trauma and literally sends you into flashbacks. She also is like a priestess who has a mirror that shows you all sorts of bullshit, but IDK if the shit in the mirror is actually true or is just what Pomegranate Cookie wants to see. Either way, troubling.
Poison Mushroom Cookie: The baby who is too cute to for this world but also causes a lot of problems, mostly on accident. They’re kinda being led astray but everyone seems pretty nice to them and don’t really have anything else going on. They want you to try their shrooms and if you say that you like shroomies they’ll probably hug you. You’ll get really fucked up on them, though, so be aware that the hug will cost you. They’re also presumably oblivious to most of the inter-group drama, which is most likely intentional on the part of everyone else.
Red Velvet Cookie: The leader’s son who just kinda…showed up way too late into the narrative but it’s ok because he’s cool. Dogs are the way to his heart and he’s also got like a cake-arm and it’s pretty awesome. He’s got something else going on with a priestess who has a crossbow and their narrative ended without really concluding so there’s gonna be more shit going on with them probably. IDK, he’s a general and is not there most of the time so he’s kinda out of the loop.
Licorice Cookie: A gremlin who is supposed to be a mostly comedic enemy but the game accidentally made him super meta so now it’s the reverse of that ‘character as a boss vs when you get them’ meme. He’s got an inferiority complex but likes to act like he’s super powerful when in reality nobody really takes him seriously. He dropped out of school and is kinda the older brother/babysitter to the baby. Is probably gonna be redeemed by the end of the game’s story because they’ve set him up for that pretty well. Also…he might have a thing for this one princess cake-hound?? IDK it’s comedically hinted at once and then never brought up again.
Dark Choco Cookie: The almost comedically edgy character who I thought was gonna be underwhelming and funny, but then they actually gave him so much trauma that I kinda get why he says shit like ‘everything is futile…’ and ‘Darkness…approaches…’ unironically. He was a prince and then he found a cursed sword and maybe killed his dad, then joined the darkness because he hates himself and now he’s just suffering all the time. He’s an anime character, he’s almost funny to think about sometimes. Almost 100% gonna get a redemption arc unless they decide to fully commit to his ‘oh no the sword is cursed and is gonna overpower me and kill everyone oh no’ thing. He also kinda feels like my first OC sometimes, so that might be part of why I’m fond of him. Also, the wiki says he probably has PTSD and I agree, given…everything going on with him.
And they just…exist in canon as this weird team that lives together and does evil shit because they want to take over the world with their leader, Dark Enchantress Cookie, even though none of them actually know what the fuck is going on besides sometimes Red Velvet and Pomegranate. I want them all to get redemption arcs and to see more bullshit that they do together.
Like…what do they do when they’re not being evil on purpose?? Do they play Scrabble? Do they go to the cookie nightclub?? What do they have in common outside of ‘evil’?? Like, how to they pay for their evil lair? Do they have part-time jobs for when they aren’t being evil? Does Licorice Cookie tutor Poison Mushroom on magic shit and Poison Mushroom just uses it to grow shroomies faster? Do Red Velvet and Dark Choco ever just be edgy and brood together, only to be interrupted by the dogs running up and licking them?? Who let Pomegranate babysit Poison Mushroom, she’s gonna corrupt them and teach them swears. WHY DID RED VELVET ONLY POP IN AFTER LIKE 9 FUCKING CHAPTERS AND GO ‘Hey I’m here now, ok I gotta go have a subplot with a church girl bye’ CAN HE COME BACK IS HE JUST BANISHED? What is gonna happen when they get to the Dark Cacao kingdom??!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THEY GET TO THE DARK CACAO KINGDOM OH NO
TLDR; The Cookie of Darkness are just so funny as a concept to me and I always want more content of them. I can’t wait to see some of them get redeemed and to personally kick Pomegranate Cookie into space.
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multifandoms27-blog · 3 months ago
Chris Redfield pre-relationship headcanons
Content: GN reader, as usual
Warnings: Alcohol consumption
Notes: Not a request either. Wrote this to comfort myself, I got some shocking news earlier.
Tumblr media
Meeting Chris is either the easiest or hardest things to do, depending on how you meet him
Meeting Chris at a bar would most likely just end in a one night stand
Meeting Chris on the job though would result in that sweet, sweet, slow burn
Obviously he'd care for you, on a co-worker level at first
Just a few "hey"s and waves here and there
Everybody knew Chris, he was the BSAA's "golden boy"
He didn't know your name until Jill talked about you and he was like "omg?"
He'd see you at partiest that a coworker of yours would've invited you both to
Chris would most likely approach you first, and you two would share some jokes about how someone was drunkenly dancing, get some drinks together, then call it a night
This would go on for a few more parties, which were usually spaced out. The ones involving alcohol are usually on someones birthday
After, your "hey"s and waves in the hallways turn to him seeking you out and offering you coffee or water, only after asking how you were
During the coffee/water breaks he'd ask some surface-level personal stuff, and he'd reveal some surface-level personal stuff. But he'd mainly ask about you though
It was a pretty slow lead into a friendship. After the fourth or fifth coffee/water break, he wrote his number on a napkin and left it for you
Once he gets your number, he's gonna text you whenever he gets off work
This would be the fastest part of your friendship - now you both can talk freely without the pressure of a work environment around you
You'd bond more over shared interests, make some inside jokes, talk about other personal stuff behind the safety of a screen, send each other memes, etc.
Unrelated but he definitely does not have his read reciepts on
It's not too long before he asks to come over for the first time, or to have you come over to his place
Regardless of where you went, you'd share sodas and snacks while you watch some movies or shows, commenting on it here and there
Between episodes or commercial breaks, you both would talk about whatever, ranging to personal stuff to things you gotta deal with at work
The times you'd spend with him outside of work is when you'd both start slowly revealing things about your past, so he's really getting to know you on a deeper level
But mostly its all smiles and laughter with this man
You told this man you liked flowers once, and he passed by a flower stand on the way to work, and bought a bouquet for you
Mans played it off as a joke smh
He's gonna start giving you and himself tbh mixed signals
He wouldn't realize his feelings for you until he attended a party you weren't invited to (the host didn't know about you, he's a personal friend of Chris') and a girl there started flirting with him
At first he was flirting with her as well, but a certain lighting made her seem like you, or maybe he was just drunk.
So, gently he lets her down, and then stumbles out of the party to call you
You were in pajamas, munching on some chips and watching 90 day fiance, when your phone rang. Sighing, you picked it up and answered without looking at the screen.
"Hello?" You'd said, annoyed that someone dared interrupt your show.
"Hey, s-orry, bad time?" Chris slurred.
"Chris?" You'd perked up.
"Yeah. Hey- can I come over?"
"Are you drunk?" You squinted at your TV, now no longer paying attention to the show.
"Ye- yeah. A little. Please answer my question, (Y-"
"Yes, yeah." You'd stood up, nodding your head vigorously. "I'll come pick you up."
"You don't have to, I can, I can get Leon to-"
"No, knowing him he's also drunk. And also probably banging someone rght now." You were gathering your things. "I'm leaving right now. Send me your location."
"Okay. Um, can we get pizza?"
"if a place is open. I'll see you in a bit, Chris, okay?"
"Okay. I love you~." Chris slurred before hanging up and sending you his location.
You stared at the screen in shock for a second before snapping back to it and driving to where he was.
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arinavah · 4 months ago
i would love to hear more headcanons you have about chosoyuki after everything has been settled, what do they do? how will their relationship change as they settle themselves into normalcy? Would they travel the world together? what are their favourite mundane activities to do together BASICALLY DOMESTIC AU
Tumblr media
Okaaaaay, welcome to my TED talk. Well, of course everything depends on what we define as "everything is settled". Honestly, I genuinely think that at the end of jjk manga they’ll find the way to get rid of cursed energy and curses, and my headcanon is that THIS IS how Choso will die (as he is a half-curse), but we ignore angst headcanons, we are here to talk about fluffy, unrealistic, absolutely random (and tbh not really domestic) ones. ARE YOU READY?? 1.3k (wtf) words text + illustrations under the cut:
I don’t know if you can see that from the way I draw chosoyuki, but I don’t headcanon them to be deeply in love or something like this, I think of them more like of friends with benefits (whose “friendship” might have gone too far after some time spent together). So, after everything is settled they can just as likely separate and forget about each other or end up growing closer to one another, catch up some feeLiNgS and continue whatever is happening between them.
Anyway, I think Yuki’s scientific curiosity is in ecstasy from meeting infamous death painting, she bombards him with questions about everything: about his abilities, his brothers, his memories, his body. Not everyday you meet someone you read about in history textbooks! I can imagine her suggesting him to do some experiments on him, but he freaks out - he doesn’t want to be an object for experiments anymore. “Toji, Choso……all men I’m interested in always turn me down” :_( 
Yuki is most likely teaching Choso fighting or some jujutsu tricks as we speak. (Maybe Gege will finally show us them in the next part of the arc?)
Yuki: “nature was cruel enough to make me bisexual so I’m attracted to mEn, and my standards have fallen even lower so now I’m attracted to the (half)curse?? it’s probably because of adrenaline rush caused by oncoming end of the world...”
I don’t think Choso is totally unaware about how modern world works, I headcanon that he has some vague memories and some automatic skills left from the previous owner of his body(“wow, I can ride a bicycle?”), but some skills become completely forgotten - so he has difficulties reading and writing, doesn’t understand technologies, and obviously doesn’t know a shit about mass culture. Teaching him how to write a text message is like teaching your grandparents (everybody has this experience, right?? it's hard!)
Tumblr media
Choso has never held money in his hands, and moreover never earned them himself, so Yuki is kinda sponsoring him at first (sugar mommy, ha).
The question “what do they do?” is interesting, because it depends on whether they got rid of curses or not. If not, I guess Choso could start working on jjk society (well, on its updated version with new higher ups, I’m sure old ones would just exorcize him), kill curses and stuff like that. But if they find a way to get rid of curses and sorcerers are not needed anymore, I bet all sorcerers will have some identity crisis: they lost their job, the meaning of the whole life, they don’t have skills for other jobs, and WHAT jobs? What do they want to do in their life? WHO THEY ARE without their sorcery work?
OF COURSe Choso would travel with Yuki! He was in a tube for 150 years, Yuki thinks it’s sad and unfair, and says to him: “I’m gonna show you the world”. I think he’s easy to impress, everything is new to him: new places, cultures, food, basically everything, even mundane things, and Yuki is kinda discovers all these things again with him, even though she might have seen them dozens of times before, got used to them and stopped noticing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think they would be like this meme: Yuki is talking too much and Choso is listening. She’s like a walking encyclopedia, tells facts and stories and thoughts about everything, kinda teaches him a course of modern human culture, shows him her favourite films, books, etc. (Choso would hate reading though, it’s too hard with all these kanji…She would probably read him out loud sometimes)
Tumblr media
Choso takes Yuji Itadori’s surname for a fake passport and other documents, because he hates the very idea of having the same surname as his shitty father Kamo Noritoshi.
Yuki always comes up with the craziest, definitely not safe and sometimes illegal ideas, and Choso is like: “I’m in, because why not.” (Were they deported once from some country for breaking the law? Probably)
Choso is touch-starved, super clingy, always touching, always stays too close, embarrassingly sincere with everything he says. Sometimes gets jealous, when Yuki starts to flirt too much with someone (and she does it quite often).
I headcanon Yuki has never had romantic relationships with people who was a part of jujutsu world, or those who she could tell about this part of her life. Her partners weren’t happy she was always hiding something, couldn’t stand her random work schedule, her constant “work trips”, her sudden disappearances without warnings or with some half-assed excuses. As a result, even those partners she was serious about broke up with her at the end. So in relationships with Choso she finds absolutely new levels of openness and trust.  
Sometimes they go to the training room to beat the shit out of each other.
Yuki, realizing she accidentally chose a tearjerker movie with some siblings drama for their movie date night: daaaaaaaaaaaaamn
Once, when Yuki is abroad without Choso, she opens him a world of nudes and sexting (he’s awkward as hell with it)
Tumblr media
I think that if their relationships got serious, Choso would like to have a proper family with a lot of kids, but I’m sure Yuki is a childfree, so their different views on their future could cause some tension or conflicts or even break up (but we ignore angst headcanons here, and move on)
Random headcanon about Yuki which is based only on my overthinking: I think she doesn’t go on missions, not because she’s careless or irresponsible or whatever, but because something terrible and traumatizing happened on a mission in her school days. In fanbook it’s said that her stress source is missions, which is kinda strange, because a) according to fanbook she’s the only sorcerer who is stressed about missions b) she’s special grade! Why stressing about missions? To experience something terrible because of curses, start avoiding missions and then come to the conclusion that the only way to not experience it again is to get rid of the very origin of curses - cursed energy - sounds reasonable. But maybe I’m just overthinking, and she just doesn’t like to work! (and I agree, work is shit!!)
Random headcanon about Choso: I think he will always feel a bit lonely in any company. He will never have the same bond he had with his brothers. Yes, he has Yuji, he will find other people he cares about and who care about him, but it will never be the same. He will always feel a bit off, a bit lost, a bit out of place, not understanding what people are talking about, not understanding how to treat them. And even if he’s happy with the life he has, he will always feel - somewhere deep down - that he doesn’t belong to this place.
Okay, this headcanon is absolutely terrible, but: WHAT IF Choso can’t age and die of old age because of his curse nature, so if they live a peaceful life after manga events, he outlives all people he cares about and sees them die?????(“we ignore angst headcanons here” I said, you know, like a liar).
Yuki: “Wow, the man who has no idea about gender roles and stereotypes in a society, how refreshing!”
Can I insert here my cat lover Choso headcanons? Yes, I can. One day when Yuki is away, Choso adopts a cat. Yuki has to accept it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuki: my girl❤️   Choso: my girls❤️
Tumblr media
___________________________________ Thank you for coming to my TED talk! I have no idea, how I managed to write such an embarrassing amount of text. When I read this ask for the first time, my first thought was: “damn, I don’t have any headcanons…”, but I decided to give it a try and lost control, it turns out I have A LOT! Looking forward to Gege ruining all of them!
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twopenismonster · a year ago
Can I request for the slashers with a platonic!teen reader? Maybe the reader is either a killer or smth happened and they basically just picked em up? The reader THATS classic hyperactive gen z kid and is just like cool ok to them murdering and shit
Off topic but i dreamt Chucky came to my house and i was like fuck it i'm going to make out with this fucking doll
Slashers x Gen Z! Hyperactive! "Adopted" reader PLATONIC
Michael Myers, Charles Lee Ray & Tiffany Valentine (pre-doll), Bubba Sawyer
photo of the day:
Tumblr media
Charles Lee Ray / Chucky & Tiffany Valentine:
Listening to: Puppy Princess by Hot Freaks
He never saw himself as someone that wanted kids
As we can see in Curse of Chucky (and all othe movies tbh) he won't think twice before hurting a kid, shit, taking their lifes
But something was different about you
He was walking near a store when he heard multiple screams, his attention brought him there and that's when he saw you first
The situation made him laugh, you where probably 5, and there you stood with some improvised handcuffs and the store guards taking all that you tried to steal
Bags and bags of candy, it was pretty obvious you where stealing.
Something came to his mind, and he thought, why not? After all Tiff always insisted on wanting kids, and there was no way he was going to let her "ruin" her body
Grabbing a few bucks, he got inside and handed them to the guard, which looked at him funny
"This little shit is mine"
Your current situation wasn't the best, and at your eyes this man bought you all those things so he must be some kind of god
You whispered your name to him, already comitted to this paper role
"Y/N Lee Ray"
Funny was the least to say once the guard heard the last name, his face going paper white as you and this misterious man left the store with the bags of sweets
He was now your parental figure along with Tiffany
Tiffany didn't think twice before letting you onto her home, this meant some sort of compromise from Charles to her, and she couldn't be happier
You are her doll, and if you don't like makeup at least let her put you a bit, only a bit, it'll make her so happy!🥺
If you are along Charles, you are free
Do this do that, world is yours, he won't care
Besides he doesn't have the most patience towards kids, so your hyperactivity being a bit far away from him is completely cool
He'll be so confused if he sees you laughing at a picture of a horse sitting
But he's quite good at understanding gen z memes, but not most of them
Deep down enjoys when he sees you laugh at such little things, he feels like if in some way, he was meant to take you as his kid
BUT REALLY DEEP DOWN- he'll never admit it
Tiffany will ask you to call her mom, never call her by her names or she will think you don't see her as your mom
Her tattooed heart will 💔💔
You have no idea how she got the money, but she got you all your favorite toys and stuff
All you have to do is ask and she'll get it, don't mind the crimson liquid when she gets home
Her life now is if you are happy like??? SHE WILL ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT YOU AND BE SO KIND
If you are hanging out with Tiff, you will have those kid straps so you can't run away
Michael Myers
Listening to: Cinema by skrillex
Myers??? Adopting a child?? Excuse me what
The way i can think of this scenario is that you where in the same mental facility as him, and for some reason you decided to stick next to him as much as nurses allowed you to
So much that in fact he pretty much went ignorant to you being there, next to him
Michael escaped when he was 21, so i guess you musta had 13 or so? So your whole personality was growing and showing
When he ran out, without even realizing you where on the copilot seat playing with the documents laid across the car
Of course, you weren't a tiny bug anymore, and you certainly weren't as quiet as one
So it took almost all of his will not to severely hurt you if you were becoming too much of a burden
Soon, he got a phone from his victims, and his mind clicked, all teenagers used this shit right?
So he could leave you on the old house as he goes out, but oh god
You discovered a whole new world, and the best part was that no one even believed your story whenever you'd tell them, thank god cringe culture is dead or else you'd be on so many cringe compilations
You started quoting unusual memes, saying sus whenever something close to a among us astronaut was near you
He plays the dickhead sibling pretty well
He is actually more of a brother to you than a parent
Oh, you are too hyperactive and he wants to sleep? He'll throw something at you, wether you get knocked out cold or decide to stfu is up to you, all he will give you next morning is something for the bruise
If you look at you two it will seem like if you are a lost puppy following a bigger dog, yet he always has you on his watch
His mind doesn't even think about it, nor does he take the time to think if he actually cares about you
But he does, and it's through the tiny details you can tell
It's night, and sleeping in an abandoned house is really chilly, as well as the bugs creeping on your skin and the dirt getting on your eyes; when you wake up in the morning you have a few blanquets over you, ignore the chunks of hair and blood on them, if you ever complain about that he won't get you anythin' next time 😔
If you are too tired because his schedule is 99% weird creepy shit and 1% taking care of his health like sleeping or eating, you will faint a few times, he will carry you somewhere and drop you off; when you wake up you already know that you can't leavd that place until he arrives
You are the perfect trap as well, it might sound a bit cruel; but life is hard in your situation; he will leave you in the street at night and wait for some creep to pick you up in their car, the moment they take the lock off the car he gets inside and gets the job done, great! Now you can travel more comfortable
Michael is pretty much inmortal, so in all the times he "dies" you have to stay in the area where he left you until he is back
Because you know he will come back.
You where at the cemetery alone, not looking extremely well, and it was Chop Top's time to go pick out some bones for decoration
Bubba Sawyer:
Listening to: Mice on Venus but make it extra nostalgic
So he was like, well shit, remember that time I used one of Bubba's mask to wipe my ass? This is a very good way to say sorry
In his eyes is like giving a pet to someone, he doesn't see it as such a big deal
So he arrives with a kid back home, recreate that iCarly scene of the smoothie
You were like fuck it, why not follow this random man? He talked you about you following him back home to listen to his viniles, and well, he did actually show you his music
You where chained to a wall outside the entrance of the cave, and once Drayton arrived he was NOT happy
Ovviously his siblings didn't know how much it was of a responsability to take care of someone else, so he just broke the chain and pushed you around with the broom so you could go out, after all who would even believe a kiddo if you opened your mouth?
What he didn't expect was to you grab the broom from his hands and throw it
You run inside, and instantly go hide behind Bubba
He kinda sucks at first when taking care tbh? But he learns quickly
If you show him any memes he won't understand them, what even is sussus amogus?
But he'll laugh, just because you do!<3
He can't read, nor talk; yet he will try (key word try) to tell you night time stories
You're a teenager that doesn't need to hear silly stories to fall asleep? Too bad
because in his eyes, you are like,,, one of those chicken he used to have at his old house, but you can talk! And well, you are human which makes actually a huge difference
Your hyperactivity is his favorite part, he himself has a very child lile attitude in a few ways and his energy on the day is one of those, he is always on alert while working, and having you make a tornado in the cavd brightens up his mood
Chop Top pretends he understands the memes to look younger, but we all know he doesn't 😔
The moment he sees you taking pictures with your phone he'll tell you to take one with Nubbins, err, corpse Nubbins
Let's imagine a world where Nubbins didn't die- he would have hour debates with you of why old school cameras are better than phone cameras
Later he will ser your phone on fire.
Drayton looks for recipes on it! The reason why he got suddenly even better at food is because he started mixing all those recipes adding his touch as well.
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xdhaven · a month ago
xh and sweet things they do
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested ━ no
genre ━ fluff
tw ━ none
a/n ━ honestly i don't know what god forsaken.... thing this is, just wrote this at the crack of dawn when i couldn't sleep so i'm sorry but yeah <3
taglist ━ @[email protected]@[email protected]@itmehc ━ to be part of taglist, please fill in this form!!!
Tumblr media
「 gunil 」
covers you with a blanket when you accidentally fall asleep
tells/reminds you that you did a great job for the smallest things because “small achievements are still achievements”
takes you out on fun night drives
asks if you have any hobbies you share with him so you can do it together
gets you flowers for honestly no reason at all
holds your hand in the pocket of his jacket when it’s cold
「 jungsu 」
makes you walk on the inner side of the sidewalk instead of closer to the traffic
cleans your apartment when you’ve been stressed to help you feel a bit better
finds recipes he thinks both of you will like and suggests cooking it together as indoor date nights
sends you messages when you’re apart during the day to remind you and check if you’ve done something that you often/daily (have to) do
holds your hand, both at home and in public, occasionally squeezing it or running his thumb across it
does the house chore you hate the most
「 gaon 」
randomly kisses the back of your hand when he’s holding it
sends you good morning/good night texts during days you’re apart
gets you subtle but matching couple items
makes you personalized playlists
takes you out on night walks, especially when he thinks you need it
compliments you at least ten times a day
「 o.de 」
turns off the alarm clock in the morning and wakes you up on his own so that the sound won’t annoy you awake
orders things - especially clothes - that he has caught you looking up or put in your wishlist without telling you
randomly kisses you throughout the day when you expect it the least, often out of habit
prepares you baths right in time before you come home
gives you a massage when your neck or back hurts
gets you sliced fruits/your favorite snacks while you’re studying and reminds you to take a break
「 junhan 」
acts like he doesn’t notice you’re in an unusually good mood and asks you to tell him about your day just to hear you happily talk about it
lightly keeps his hand on your lower back when you’re out in public
memorizes your favorite drink from the local coffee shop and gets it for you on his way home
hands you his jacket/hoodie when you’re cold
takes candid photos of you
prepares breakfast on weekend mornings where he wakes up before you
「 jooyeon 」
gets, finds or buys you the most random things because “it reminded me of you” or “i thought you might like it”
stays awake with you when you can’t sleep and shows you stupid videos/memes to make you laugh until you fall asleep
aggressively winks at you from across the room when no one sees because he knows you’ll have to try to not laugh around everyone else
leaves stupid but cute sticky notes with smiley faces in almost every room when he leaves home before you wake up
changes tv channel when it’s airing something he knows makes you uncomfortable or scared
pecks your temple while you’re waiting e.g in line for something
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tetsvhoe · a year ago
you know that the only time they look into your eyes is to search for someone else.
akaashi, kenma, and iwaizumi's part
pt. 2 regret and other cliches kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, suna, sakusa
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader, bokuto koutaro x gn reader, miya atsumu x f reader, suna rintaro x gn reader
genre/s: angst
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: today i woke up and chose violence. i know i said i don’t write hurt no comfort, but just this once i’m making an exception. this hurt to write. :D
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
kuroo doesn’t like empty promises, so he evades saying “i love you” back altogether. you’ve seen his eyes light up when he smiles at the person he loves as if they captured the stars and bottled them up in his gaze, and he’s never looked at you that way. you make him smile and laugh, even on the worst days, even when he feels like the world conspires against him—but you’ve never made him happy. you choose to ignore the signs every time because if playing the part of someone else is the only way you could be close to him, you would rather be a stranger next to him, than be yourself apart from him. morning comes and you feel as though the ground beneath you shifted overnight. you roll over to your side to marvel at him, you find a pristine softness in his eyes and a smile you were never at the receiving end to see, until now. when he leans to kiss you good morning, he whispers an entirely different name from yours and you feel your heart break inside your chest. realization dawns at you. “you’re still dreaming, tetsuro,” you whisper.
Tumblr media
bokuto koutaro
bokuto likes to give his best at whatever he does, loving is no different. he goes all out like usual. he spoils you with a huge bouquet of someone else’s favorite flowers, so extravagant that you could hide behind it if you tried. the way you hide behind his past lover’s identity. he brings home what he swears is your favorite food after extended hours of practice to make up for lost time. and you swallow it down the way you swallow your pride every day when he mistakes you for someone else. you don’t have the heart nor the guts to say you don’t really eat that. he surprises you with gifts saying “i remember you’ve always wanted to have this, so i got it for you!” but you don’t have it in you to tell him it’s no surprise how he got it wrong again. “no, koutaro,” you wanted to say. “i’ve only ever wanted you to love me the way i do,” you think in your head but you can’t will yourself to voice it out. you fiddle with the ring and its excessively large diamond. he mistakes your tears from that of joy and pulls you in his arms.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
atsumu absolutely sucks at taking care of himself even though he’s an athlete and needs to be in tiptop shape at all times. but he swears he does a better job at taking care of you. he rhythmically treats you like royalty every few weeks or so. he goes out of his way to make sure your fridge and pantry is filled with more junk food than there are healthy options. copious offers of bubble baths and cuddles and back rubs and playing with your hair. when he changes the sheets you assume he’s just being tidy for a change. when the bathroom is stocked with enough pads to bleed yourself to death twice you assume it’s better to be safe than sorry. you don’t assume, you pretend not to notice that your period ended two weeks ago and the reminders he had set on his phone were for someone else and he never got around deleting them. when he tediously picks blueberries out of your food you assume—no, you pretend not to know you’re not the one allergic to them. “you take such good care of people, atsumu.” you mean it with all your heart. he just doesn’t take care of you.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
suna thinks he sucks at expressing his feelings just because he can’t find the words to say, but he doesn’t know he’s pretty good at showing them through little things. he sends you memes and jokes at the ungodliest hours and you laugh. the punchline is that he keeps sending inside jokes he shared with someone else and you couldn’t feel any more stupid than when you try to understand them. he shares his earphones with you every chance he gets and plays the same playlist with all your favorite songs. he hums to the tune and half-expects you to sing along but it doesn’t occur to him that you don’t know the words, you’ve never even heard of it before. he drops off a few hoodies at your place before away games so you don’t miss him too much, that’s what he says. he even sprays your favorite perfume of his so you feel like he’s right there beside you. you get a whiff and you could have sworn you told him you like the other scent better. you’ve never felt so far away from him as you did then. the distance couldn’t be traveled by bus or foot or even when he went home after the games because it's the kind that sets your heart apart. he thinks he sucks at expressing his feelings, but he lets you know just fine that you are the farthest thing in his mind all the time.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa’s love language, despite his germaphobic tendencies, is physical touch. he longs for warmth and contact though he fears it most of the time. so you are patient with him. he shoves your hand away when you try to reach for him, pockets his hand when you try to hold it, dodges your kisses, and evades your touch. you are patient with him even when you notice he avoids you much more than he avoids everyone else. he winces when atsumu offers a good spirited high-five but indulges him still. hinata is big on hugs especially after matches and sakusa doesn’t push him away when he engulfs him into a sweaty one. bokuto tends to lose his sense of personal space but he doesn’t seem to mind even as he drapes an arm over him and talks in his face. as you catch him longingly browsing through old pictures in his gallery where he is being hugged and kissed and smothered by his past lover, you realize how cruel life is. he wants to be held, just not by you.
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soniku-piko · 3 months ago
It's so silly, but what I enjoy the most when it comes to animation in the movies is the small details on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles that makes them more... Alive, or real, however I could describe it. (I'm mainly using Sonic as an example)
I especially love what they did with the fur on the characters, like when they got out of the water and their fur is wet.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like I don't think it's easy to notice, but you should see some water dripping out of his quills or something. (You can also see that his gloves are wet too.)
And another amazing detail is when Sonic and Knuckles are underwater and their fur is flowing. (God I wish I know how to make gifs)
And even when they have sand on them as well.
Tumblr media
(I forgot to take a picture of it but there was even some sand on Knuckles' gloves.)
And of course, snowy Sonic.
Tumblr media
Like, the animators pulled it off with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' fur details and conditions. I wish I have more pictures, or at least better ones, to show off but these will do.
Sand, or snow, or whatever, would get stuck on Sonic's fur since he is covered with said fur, and not just hair (or quills) on his head.
Tumblr media
Sonic was running through the bridge before Robotnik's Egg Mech shot it down with Sonic still on it!
Then he crashed onto the ground along with the remaining pieces of the destroyed bridge and MAN
Every. Single. Time. I see Sonic in this condition, my heart just shatters
That Sonic is beaten up badly. All that dirt and bruises on his body, including his pained expression. Complete with the animation of him approaching the Master Emerald in a slow and painful pace, and he kept tumbling and falling back to the ground but he kept going anyway.
I believe that without all that dirt on Sonic's fur, or even just a little bit of it, it wouldn't even look like he was in terrible condition. The crew did such an OUTSTANDING job on this movie, but especially this entire sequence.
Plus, they made him, Tails and Knuckles so darn expressive it's like we've never seen them express before. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS MAN.
It's just one of those things in animation, but especially in CGI, that just makes everything else so realistic. Like the characters are actually there. And I love it. I don't know why, it's just such a cool thing to point out every now and then.
Also, another thing that makes them more real is the breathing, or most specifically, moments when their chests "puffs" in and out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like here for instance. (This looks like a meme template XD)
Here Knuckles was going on about how Sonic moves forward despite failing again, and again, and again, ect. And Sonic here is just like: bruh.
You can definitely see that his body kind of shrunk, letting out some air before inhaling again to speak up. (I REALLY wish I knew how to make gifs)
I'm just gonna plug this really neat post right here if you want to read it since it's about what I'm explaining here. So shout out to @caz-cina for that because I could've explain it better myself. XD
Again, like I said, it's the smallest things in the movies that I just can't get over because the animators actually did they're part to make the animated characters and the special effects as real as possible.
Probably not necessary to post something like this but I just wanted to say how much I love stuff like this and it's so cool that the crew are really hopeful and collaborative with the movie series.
Honestly, kudos to the cast and crew. They are way past cool.
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backtobl4ck · 15 days ago
Golden Tattoo — Part 4
Rowaelin Month 2022 — Day 7: Holiday Celebration
Parts 0-3 are here
This is the last part of this fic so thank you for reading! Never thought I’d say this, but seeing you all rage against me was the highlight of my week 💗
Warnings: language
Word count: 2,6k
⨯ ⁺ ✦ ・ 。゚ ⊹ ( ^-^)_旦 (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧* ・゚・。
Rowan woke Aelin up as soon as she could be discharged from the hospital, and their journey home was rather uneventful, mostly because they didn’t speak anything beyond the extremely necessary. He couldn’t look her in the face, and she didn’t blame him.
She didn’t tell Rowan she was in love with him for years because she chose to. She was the one too scared to propose a real relationship when they first got together. At last, Aelin was the one who delayed the pregnancy reveal until she couldn’t anymore. As heartbroken as she was, Aelin knew she brought this upon herself.
The conversation escalated so much before she could utter a proper apology earlier that day, and since things were maybe fucked up beyond repair, she decided to just spill everything out without overthinking the consequences.
Right after leaving the bathroom, Aelin found him leaving a snack on her nightstand.
“I was scared of how you were going to react,” she blurted before she could lose track of the conversation again.
He was visibly tired and refused to look her in the eye. “Scared of what? You thought I’d leave my child stranded?”
“That’s not it. I didn’t want you to be present out of responsibility.”
Jerking towards her, Rowan gaped before saying, “But it is my responsibility, and I’m beyond pissed that you tried to keep me from it. You don’t want me to be there? Is that the case?”
Aelin groaned, frustrated that he just assumed she didn’t want him. “I failed to tell you because your being there matters too much! Rowan, I have feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you for so long I can’t even remember when it started.” She forced her eyes on the ceiling, wiping a few tears as she tried to control her breathing. “I was afraid to tell you because...” Aelin swallowed down the pain in the back of her throat before continuing. “I want you to stay because you want to, not because you have to.”
Rowan hadn’t moved in a while now, completely frozen. They were both standing and staring at each other, panting. But then he ran a hand through his head. “I can’t talk about us when I’m like this.” And left her room.
He left her.
Aelin laid down on her bed alone and wondered about how she let things go south so quickly. Replaying the night in her head again and again, she cried harder every time her thoughts landed on either of their fights. Aelin bared her soul to Rowan, the thing she was scared to do the most, and was left hanging. But she deserved that, didn’t she?
Her pillow was too wet, so she turned it around and forced herself too sleep on the other side before crying too much on it again. If Rowan heard her sobbing, he didn’t show a sign of it. Or maybe he just didn’t see it as his job to comfort her anymore, she tortured herself with the thought before falling asleep.
Sadly, Aelin woke up while Rowan was home. Sadly, there was absolutely no way they could have their old friendship back after months of sex, a baby, hiding the baby and then discovering it was all one-sided love for her. Sadly, Rowan saw the meme she sent in the chat group with their friends, because that was the only trace of her Aelin left for him since waking up.
Twenty minutes after sending said meme, he knocked on her door and showed up with the biggest breakfast tray she’d ever seen. Whoever said people can’t hit all nutrients in a single meal clearly haven’t met Rowan Whitethorn.
“Are we sharing? There’s no way I can eat all this,” she said in a forced lighthearted tone. After yesterday’s fiasco, she would do nearly everything to at least keep their friend group intact.
“Don’t worry, just... you know.” He gestured to the food, clearly uncomfortable.
She ate in silence, and Rowan snatched a few grapes after the second or third time Aelin offered to share the food. So many carbs in this tray, not one of them was chocolate cake. She could feel the joke forming on the tip of her tongue, but their relationship still seemed way too fragile to tease his food choices. That didn’t stop her from squinting her eyes to examine the toast, though. Was this whole wheat bread? People still eat those?
“I’m sorry.” Rowan sounded as tired as she was.
Focusing her gaze on the food tray, she fiddled with the fork. “Don’t be. I know I fucked up.”
“I agree, but I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Even if I was mad. Still am, actually.”
Aelin recoiled. “Then why are you doing all this?” The food, making amends. It didn’t make sense.
Rowan failed to hide a nervous smile. “Because I’ll still love you when the anger passes.” Then he looked up at her, finding Aelin’s now watery eyes.
She blinked, making a rogue tear fall down. “Yeah?”
They were both beaming so much it made Rowan’s job of kissing her a bit hard. “I’ve been crazy about you since the day we met.” Caressing her cheek, he said, “I love you, and I love our baby. I can’t say I’m used to the idea yet.” Rowan looked thoughtful when his thumb stroked her lower belly. Until he smiled again. “But I like it. And I love that I get to do it with you.”
Aelin rested her head on his shoulders and explained her week to him. Discovering the pregnancy through Elide, the symptoms, the ever-changing nicknames for the baby, everything. He just held her close and stroked her hair, listening intently and making a few questions until she ran out of things to update him.
After a small stretch of silence, she said, “So we’re a couple now?”
He raised an eyebrow, sensing she was trying to get somewhere.
“We’re a couple with a baby on the way. Don’t you think there’s one thing missing?” Aelin smirked.
Rowan stilled. “Nope. Absolutely not.”
“Oh, come on!”
“Aelin, we’re not getting a dog.”
“How can you accept a toddler and not a dog?” she whined.
“Are you really asking me this?”
Aelin straightened her posture so she could look him in the eye. “Kids are the epitome of messy. Your neat freak tendencies are no longer an excuse.”
He pointed out, “Will our child chew on the furniture?”
“Big chance, yes.” Rowan’s eyes went wide, probably remembering his cousin’s toddler stories. Aelin sighed affectionally. “If I can’t convince you to adopt a dog, I’m sure Shortcake will.”
“Is that so?” he challenged with a confident smirk.
“Yes. We’ll team up against you until you yield.”
Despite the threat, Rowan was beaming so wide it was a rare thing to see. “I really don’t doubt that.”
Rowan was absolutely losing his mind, and Aelin was afraid she’d lose her boyfriend after only two weeks of officially dating.
He prepared all of her meals and a spare one before going to work, also sending texts reminding her to eat every two hours.
He did prenatal yoga along with her every day after coming back home.
He had multiple spreadsheets that grew each pregnancy book or article he read — one for baby budget, one for Aelin’s pregnancy diet, one for doctor’s appointments and vaccines — and she was afraid he’d never stop until the kid left for college.
After dinner, when their daily obligations were done, they had quality time together. Usually just lazing in bed or doing other nighttime activities. Rowan made sure she’d never worry about a thing during her pregnancy, and one of those things was definitely Aelin’s hormones increasing her libido.
However, last night Rowan held her while she pretended not to feel tired just to sleep 15 minutes into their favorite TV show, Aelin remembered with a guilty smile.
Still a bit groggy from sleep, she followed the soft kitchen sounds to find Rowan working on the counter and hugged him from behind. Turning around without breaking her embrace, he pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead.
“Morning, Fireheart.”
She hummed and nuzzled her face on him. “Happy Samhuinn.”
Holding Aelin’s chin to tilt her face towards his, he asked, “Are you ready?”
She nodded, even if the reminder made her stomach flutter. It was a good kind of nervousness. Today the Whitethorns were having a Samhuinn barbecue, and if everything worked out, a pregnancy announcement as well. Being 12 weeks pregnant, they decided to start telling people today.
She eyed the counter behind him. “Uncle Ellys asked you to bring food?”
Rowan eyed her carefully. “No, these are just... trimmings.”
That was one way to sugarcoat his scheming. Gawking at the overbearing bastard, she argued, “Absolutely not! You know I live for those barbecues.”
He ran a hand through his hair. “And you’ll eat them. Just along with more nutritious things.”
Knowing the fight was already lost, she crossed her arms and pouted. “You’ll eat too.”
He eyed the counter and quickly returned the asparagus to its box. “Sure.”
“Buzzard,” Aelin grumbled.
Rowan shook his head. “You know exactly what I am.” And smugly pointed at his apron’s design. The one she gave him as a joke a week ago, but he decided to wear every day. DILF: Devoted. Involved. Loving. Father.
Just like that, her annoyance vanished and they were laughing together at his terrible attempt to joke. Sometimes the 24/7 fussing could be a little tiring, but Aelin knew he did it out of love. And a bit of anxiety too.
Honestly, she wasn’t even in a place to complain. All the tension of being one scary step away from having what they wanted ceased, giving space to a much lighter version of themselves. Aelin had a feeling they were finally where they were meant to be, and just the thought made her burst with joy.
The four food containers she found Rowan packing became eight now that he was tasting his own medicine. When his mother opened the door and noticed the bag, her eyes went wide.
“What the hell did you bring?”
He scratched his neck. “I’ll explain later.”
She looked confused, but turned to greet Aelin anyway. “Happy Samhuinn, dear. You look gorgeous in that sundress!” Rory’s expression had something open and tender about it that never failed to make Aelin warm inside.
Most likely, his mom hadn’t noticed her minuscule bump. Aelin’s clothes definitely felt tighter, but she arrived at the barbecue looking the way she’s used to do when she’s leaving. If someone noticed it before she told them about the pregnancy, they’d just assume she gained weight, which was perfect for the reveal.
“Meat for the anemic lady!” A very pregnant Sellene shouted from her chair as soon as Aelin entered the backyard.
“Happy Samhuinn for you too,” Aelin greeted. She didn’t need to ask how she knew that information, the news ran fast between the Whitethorns.
There was a table filled with food to accompany the meat Uncle Ellys was grilling, and Aelin was a tad surprised when she noticed the small bonfire on a corner. They weren’t religious, so everyone knew the holiday was just an excuse to make a huge barbecue.
After catching up with everyone, Uncle Ellys dragged one chair close to her and Rowan, and then brought her plate. With medium rare meat.
She looked at it affectionately. Aelin and Ellys teamed up to defend medium rare meat a few years back, during a huge argument about steak doneness. After this, it kind of became their thing, since he always cooked a plate for her exactly the way she described her ideal steak that day.
Rowan mention for her to give him the plate. Raw meat was written in bold and highlighted in orange in his spreadsheet, and Aelin also knew better. Still, the idea of cooking that flawless-looking steak broke her heart a little.
He raised an eyebrow, waiting. “Let me cook it, please?”
“I know I have to, but I don’t want to.” she whispered with a pained look.
Leaning back on his seat and frowning, he said in a soft, quiet tone, “I know, Fireheart, but—“
“Is everything alright?” Sellene’s husband asked as he passed by them, carrying the dessert to the table.
Just like that, there were a few sets of green eyes staring at them.
“Um.” Rowan scratched the back of his head. “I’m just going to cook Aelin’s steak a bit more.”
Uncle Ellys frowned. “What happed to my medium rare bud?”
Bloody Hellas. That was definitely not how she wanted to tell people, but there she was. Waiting for the perfect moment didn’t do her any good two weeks ago, so Aelin cleared her throat.
“I’m pregnant.”
She was adding more of Rowan’s salad to her plate, pretending to be nonchalant when the room went silent. Too silent to a Whitethorn gathering.
Looking up, everyone was staring at her. Some were darting worried glances at Rowan, his dad being one of them. Rory was somewhere between thrilled and pained, probably because she failed to notice how hard her son was trying to hide his amusement.
“Good. Sellene’s son is a little terror, we need some good influences for when my kid arrives.” Endymion said with a genuine smile. He was in the adoption process.
“I didn’t know you were seeing someone,” Enda’s husband inquired, clearly curious.
“I’m very much taken, yes,” Aelin smirked.
When she glanced towards Rowan, he was already beaming up at her. Aelin’s smile turned shy and—
“YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS!” Sellene shouted before they could say anything.
Aelin just sat back and watched the chaos ensue with a huge grin on her face.
“Dear Mala—“
“Fucking finally!”
“I knew it!”
Enda was blinking, frowning at the mayhem. “What the hell?”
Getting up from her seat for the first time, Sellene slapped his shoulder. “The baby is Rowan’s, you birdbrain!”
“Oh...” He was gaping, but his rounded mouth slowly became a smirk. “I knew it!”
His husband snorted. “No, you didn’t.”
Sellene gripped the arms of her chair and blurted, “You should blend it!”
“No!” Rowan shouted, startling even Aelin herself.
She was the only person in Rowan’s life — apart from his family — that knew one of his biggest secrets. His name was mostly blended. Rory and Owen named their kid Rowan, and Sellene’s greatest joy was to tease him about it.
“Row...in. Rowin!”
“Drop it, Sellene.” Rowan’s voice was taut, but his cousin didn’t seem to care.
“Olin sounds better!” Enda chirped.
Rowan wasn’t having it. “I’m not blending my kid’s name!”
“Oh, come on!” Sellene whined.
Rowan crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “Why? So your kids can bully my kid?”
His cousin put a protective hand against her huge bump. “Of course! I’m a good mom. I need to guarantee them some fun.”
Aelin’s attention diverged when she watched Rowan’s parents come to congratulate them. Rory was crying, and Owen had a silly smile to his face.
“I don’t know if I should welcome you into the family or not, you’ve practically been a Whitethorn for years now.” Rowan’s mom said while hugging Aelin.
“Not officially,” Owen intervened and gave Rowan a light slap on the back of the head. “Where the hell is her ring? I taught you better than this.”
Unfazed, Rowan grinned. “Don’t spoil my plans to her, that’s rude.”
They haven’t really talked about this, so Aelin hoped her face wasn’t as mushy as her insides.
As the four of them chit-chatted, it was easy to overhear parallel conversations of how everyone just knew it would happen someday, when they knew it, when they thought it would happen. Apparently, the two of them were a never-ending family topic.
“I love you,” Aelin whispered on his ear.
He wrapped a hand around her waist, tight enough to have his fingertips reaching her belly. “I love you too.”
Rowan gave a chaste kiss on her lips, but that was enough to make his family cheer further.
“We need more beer!” Someone yelled in the background.
A/N: This fluff part was maybe the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever wrote.
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barnesbabee · a year ago
Could I request ateez reaction to sending nudes infront of the other members and they see it :))))
[ATEEZ REACT - You send them nudes while they're with the other members]
⚠gender neutral reader⚠
Tumblr media
-> It would be at the dorms, since he'd hate getting sidetracked at work -> Seonghwa had just informed you they were finally out of practice, so you could have a decent chat without the constant 'sorry have to go :(' and 'see you in a bit' texts -> So it wasn't weird that his phone buzzed in his pocket -> And had it been anybody else he would have waited until dinner was over, but he missed you -> And he missed seeing you -> Thankfully he'd see you much sooner, and a lot more than he had anticipated -> He's innocently grab his phone -> And slam it right down on the table, screen pressing against the wood as his face flushed red -> His widened eyes searched around the room, to find everyone questioning him -> He would 100% awkwardly excuse himself, he couldn't deal with all this in front of others -> His heart would be torn between scolding you, praising you or teasing you, but he somehow (with his still dizzy mind and sweat running down his forehead due to the nerves) found a middleground -> Hwa: you know they could have seen you... We can't have you misbehaving like that, can we?
Tumblr media
-> 100% wouldn't mind -> If anyone saw, it would just fuel his ego and pride, as if he was showing off his prized possession -> He would definitely be at the studio when you'd send the picture -> As a way to fuel him up, and also to show how much you missed him, due to the incessant work hours -> Hongjoong's work company would always differ, from being alone, to being with a couple other people, to being in a crowded room with 7 other boys -> His phone buzzed, and he immediately checked it, as he'd been waiting for the CEO to contact him with a deadline, but it was from you -> Attached image -> He instantly smirked, and opened it, knowing fully well what reserved him -> Hongjoong would always admire your pictures for a very long time, taking in all of your curves -> What he would do next would very much depend if he was alone or not -> But he would always be kind enough to reply -> The male would always know what you wanted: a picture of what you did to him and the promise of a long night ahead of you
Tumblr media
-> Yunho wasn't necessarily shy when it came to sex talk, but he would be very shy when he was unprepared -> He would always be happy to receive a text from you -> ATEEZ said he would always be the fastest to memorize the choreographies, so Yunho would usually have a little time to text you -> Every day you woke up with a 'good morning <3', and every night he went to bed with a 'good night <3' -> So when he received a message from you at 8am he expected it to be wishes of a good day -> But instead he was met with a picture of you, naked, legs spread wide so there would be no doubt at he was looking at, in front of a mirror -> The caption DID say 'have a good day' however, so he wasn't totally wrong -> Yunho was paralyzed -> Between the raging boner, the fiery feeling spreading through his body, and the picture he couldn't bring himself to look away from, he couldn't seem to move -> So much so that it caught the attention of others, earning a 'Yunho, you okay?' from Hongjoong -> He would just nod and excuse himself -> 100% would call you so you could finish what you started
Tumblr media
-> Expect scolding and a whole lot of spanking. -> He would check his phone during break, but since they all hung out together during the short period, it would be impossible for some of them not to notice your exposed body on the screen -> The man would keep his composure, although very much embarrassed (and jealous the others had seen you in that state), as shown by the flush that would 100% be on his cheeks -> Yeosang would excuse himself, only to text back what he would do to you as a punishment, later that night -> But he wouldn't give you the satisfaction of letting you know how flustered and riled up you had gotten him in front of everyone, as he knew that was your goal
Tumblr media
-> Obviously flustered line 2/2 -> Would mindelssly check his phone, and when he saw you had sent a picture he very innocently expected a meme, of a funny picture of your animal -> Instead it was a picture of your ass, perked up, in full view for him -> Would yell 'what the fuck!?' attracting all attention to his phone -> Needless to say, all of the boys who dared look at the phone immediately grew red and looked elsewhere -> Would pop an immediate boner, and would have to excuse himself to finish the job with the picture by his side -> Mingi: If I tell you everyone else saw this the chances are I'm never getting one of these again, right?
Tumblr media
-> Your sexual relationship with San would be based on teasing and punishing, so you'd time it just right -> Right before an interview, where a boner would be hard to hide and would give him a very good motive to have a go at you once he got back -> He would pull out his phone before the interview, to tell you he might be MIA for some time, to find a text from you -> San didn't think much of the fact that it was an attached file, he expected a 'good luck' gif or something of the sort -> So his initial reaction to a picture of you, naked with a hand in your crotch was of shock -> His eyes wide, mouth agape and face as red as a cherry -> But it would only last for a few seconds -> San would recompose himself just as quickly -> Would find a lame excuse to go somehwere else, to snap a picture of his dickprint -> Sannie: this isn't good news to you baby, the price of making me hide a boner in an interview is high -> Y/N: can't wait to pay it ;)
Tumblr media
-> Oh he would absolutely love it -> Didn't care that others saw it, like Hongjoong he saw you as the most beautigul thing in the world and he would be proud to show you off -> It would be a regular thing for you two to exchange pictures, so when 'Picture Attached' showed up on his phone he knew he was in for a good time -> Except he wouldn't be so lucky some times -> Wooyoung had given San the phone to plug it in the speakers, and a message from you came hrough -> San noticed it was an image and clicked it -> He saw Wooyoung take weird photos all the time, so when he clicked on the message he expected to see a goofy face from you, not a full blown nude during work time -> 'Uh... Wooyoung... Y/N sent you... something?' -> San would be looking away while showing him the screen -> Wooyung would just smirk and grab the phone confidently, zooming in on his favourite parts of you -> 'They're really pretty, aren't they Sannie?'
Tumblr media
-> Little kid at heart -> Would be very embarrassed when receiving one of these, no matter if it was in private or public -> His cheeks would warm up, and he would giggle and hold his phone to his chest, to make sure no one aorund him saw it -> Wooyoung would have definitely caught a glimpse of it, being the nosy boy he is, he wanted to know what was so funny for Jongho to be giggling, but he wouldn't tell the younger he had seen his other half's body in display -> Jongho would excuse himself to go to the bathroom and would call you -> He would whine about how horny you'd left him and would beg you to help him out -> So you would have a nice, steamy session of phone sex -> Once it was over, it was his turn to tease you -> Jongho would snap a picture of his cum-covered thighs, with the caption 'the things you make me do...'
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pyroxeene · 7 months ago
The Twst boys temporarily are put in charge of a Sage Isle elementary school class
Or: Crowley owed the headmaster money and one of their teachers was sick so he sent his students as unpaid workers to step in
Riddle: He replaces the first period with "Rule Introduction" which is just him adding a bunch of very specific rules to the classroom and explaining why they are important to a bunch of pre-pubescent children. The class comes to the conclusion they aren't having it and decide to cause the biggest chaos in the history of the school, throwing paper planes through the classroom, starting a flashmob and dancing around Riddle
Ace: Brings candy for the kids, tells them to do whatever they want, joins them in scribbling bullshit onto the board.
Deuce: He's very nervous so one kid ends up pranking him and bringing up an advanced subject he didn't have in school yet and telling him that's what they're supposed to be studying today. Deuce panics and ends up googling the topic and badly explaining it with stick figure drawings on the board. The kids are super curious about NRC so they overwhelm him with questions and one kid asks if they can see his magical pen and accidentally drops it into their yoghurt.
Cater: He introduces the kids to social media and teaches them how to take good Magicam pictures but also tells them about internet safety. Ends up helping them post a bunch of pictures of their pets and some plants etc. and tells them he's sure they'll go viral. Teaches them how to make memes. He ends up playing a game with them where he gives them a topic and the one who makes the best meme about it gets a chocolate bar.
Trey: Trey teaches them about dental hygiene and bakes cookies with them. The kids love him.
Leona: Puts on a horror movie and leaves the building to take a nap in the forest.
Ruggie: He tells the kids about all the part-time jobs he's had and what kinds of tasks he had to do there and tells them about career perspectives. He asks them what they want to be when they grow up etc.
Jack: Tries to go with their original schedule. He does his best to prepare and think of some creative ways to help the kids learn. Does some language games with them and sings a math song etc. He hopes none of his classmates will ever find out about this.
Azul: Attempts to teach them about contracts and taxes and business and all the kids are super confused and don't understand what he's talking about. He bonds with the super smart nerd kid in the first row who's the only one who understands what he's talking about. The kids ask him where he's from and he says "Coral Sea" but they end up asking a bunch of questions about his mer-form so he puts on a movie about the mermaid princess and leaves the room
Jade: Goes to the forest with them to find mushrooms. Tells the kids they did a good job whenever one of them finds an edible mushroom. He doesn't even let them keep them, he just takes them home with him to NRC to make dinner out of them.
Floyd: Crowley yelled at Leona for leaving so Leona sent Floyd as a substitute for himself. Floyd and the kids draw on the walls and furniture with crayons and something is now on fire.
Kalim: The kids adore him. He plays games with them and talks to them and completely forgets about the fact that they're supposed to be learning something. He also buys them all the presents on their wishlist from an online shop.
Jamil: Does his job properly.
Vil: Also does his job properly. The kids are super excited that the famous Vil Schoenheit is teaching at their school for a day and they ask him for autographs and ask him questions about his life and Vil is super sweet to them.
Rook: Shows them his skills with bow and arrow. The kids are super impressed and think he's like a superhero. He actually manages to get them interested in poetry and literature. They end up reading some easy poems and short stories and Rook talks about them and gives them some life lessons.
Epel: Doesn't know what he's doing but just tries his best to go with the schedule. He eventually plays Magift with them or at least an easier or non-magical version, whatever they're capable of.
Idia: Literally doesn't even show up in person. Sends his floating tablet there and asks them if they play any games and then bonds with them over video games. Puts on his favorite anime for them to watch.
Ortho: Goes as Idia's assistant. The kids ask him a bunch of questions about why he is a robot etc. Ortho just answers everything with "classified information" so at some point the kids are convinced that Idia is a secret agent and that's why he doesn't show his face.
Malleus: All the kids are scared of him except for one little girl who makes him a flower crown and he gives her a rare gem from Briar Valley as a gift. Gets asked to turn into a dragon and Yuu has to stop him.
Lilia: Cooks for the children. Gets complaints from their parents. Let's pray nobody ends up in the ER. I mean, Silver turned out fine
Silver: Falls asleep so the kids draw onto his face with a marker. Lilia later has a field day with this, Malleus is just confused and Sebek yells at him how he dares to show himself in the presence of Wakasama like this
Sebek: Literally just teaches the kids about Malleus. Every lesson that day is just Sebek teaching them all the Malleus facts. He's so enthusiastic and sheds a tear everytime one of the kids asks him a question about Malleus. The teacher of the classroom next to him stops by multiple times to tell him that he's too loud.
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flawlessenhypen · 9 months ago
Hello! I wanted to ask if you could do an enhypen reaction to having an idol s/o and maybe watching their performance during an award show? I rly enjoy reading ur work :)
⭒ENHYPEN reaction⭒
to: seeing their idol s/o perform on an award show
tags: boyfriend!enhypen
tw: none!
Tumblr media
a/n: i have older requests than this one and i'm sorry I haven't gotten to them yet, but i felt this was the easiest for me to write rn, i'll start working on the other requests as soon as i can<33
h e e s e u n g
Tumblr media
proud af
i don't think he'd want to be super obvious
but he'd be kinda softly bopping his head to the song
maybe he'd subtly dance along, since you probably taught him a bit of the choreo
however, once the show ends, he wouldn't shut up about how gorgeous you looked and how amazing of a performer you are
would also throw in a couple of compliments to your members (if you aren't a solo obv)
j a y
Tumblr media
now this man is hard to read for me so idk
i feel like he'd be similar to hee
but he'd just kinda sing along to the song
would be more focused on the performance than his reaction
i do feel like he'd just kinda fall into this state of completely awe at times (if you have other members, then mostly during your parts)
he genuinely appreciates what you do so much, he would compliment you a LOT after everything is over and the cameras aren't rolling anymore
j a k e
Tumblr media
did you guys see his reaction to (i think) itzy performing on mama this year?
i feel like, since ppl especially kinda keep an eye on him and always joke about him being in a relationships/being very flirty, he'd be scared to react
he strikes me as a pretty private person so i don't think he'd want ppl so suspect anything
the whole performance he just sit there and stares
but after the show is over he'd shower you with compliments like never before lol
s u n g h o o n
Tumblr media
bops his head and probably does the popular dance moves (just the parts of the choreo ppl mostly remember - it's pretty obvious i'm struggling with expressing myself today lol)
would turn to the other members and whisper to them about how well you're doing and how great you look
probably screams/cheers pretty loud at the end of the performance without realizing it
s u n o o
Tumblr media
now with sunoo
i feel like everyone knows you two are close
it probably just slipped from one of you that you know each other
but your relationship wouldn't be revealed
so sunoo would 100% feel comfortable singing and dancing along as much as he desired
he'd be hyping you (and your members) so much the whole time
it would probably go viral/become a meme tbh
j u n g w o n
Tumblr media
tries to keep calm and mot give away hints
probably also let it slip out you're close
dances in tiny
probably zones out and just dances along softly
sends you one brief message explaining how he thought you looked good and did a great job after the award show ends
n i - k i
Tumblr media
straight up gets up and dances along
nails the choreo
100% becomes a meme
he wants to show you how much what you do means to him
let's be honest your choreo would also be fire
so of course he's gonna dance along
i feel like some members might join in too
just to feel included
i know he's an introvert, but at the same time i believe he wouldn't mind the attention
he's supporting his s/o and if ppl assume you two are together, then be it
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