#he sees in stede so many things he’s never had
edandstede · 5 months ago
i also think a big part of ed falling in love with stede is how he treats his crew. paying them a wage, his people-positive attitude, nurturing and encouraging, open communication and kindness, generosity. if ed had been treated like that by his captain, by the fellow hardened pirates he’s met along his life, perhaps he never would have had to become blackbeard, the blood-hungry pirate of the legends and the tales. maybe his illustrations in books would look more accurate to how his heart actually is. he sees stede, the way he treats those around him, and he knows that stede’s crew - especially the younger of them - will never have to hide under the guise of a monster, will never suffer cruelty at his hands. they can just be themselves. there is no wonder he is so very reluctant to leave, and when he returns after stede goes home, he tries hard to keep up stede’s way of running things. it’s something he’s deeply appreciative of and responsive to.
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latest-obsession · 3 months ago
Ed AND Stede both mask and I wanna talk about it
I know the fandom talks A LOT about Ed being a chameleon, flipping his entire personality on a dime to fit into the current situation and company, to the point that he can't even really recognize when it's happened and how far he's gone.
But I wanna look at it with Stede too. He literally asks his crew in the very first episode to give him constructive criticism so he can change what he is doing to better serve them, but he cannot fathom behaving different on a personality level.
They both mask so heavily, but in different ways. Edward masks with his personality, whereas Stede masks with his actions. And it is absolutely because of where they came from before they meet each other.
-Edward's Mask and His Struggles-
Edward learned to survive as a lower-class, mixed-raced, son of a physically abusive father and indentured mother. When he became a pirate, his survival on the water hinged on performing in a way that pirates approve. It isn't the mainland where you're protected by certain laws, if pirates don't like you, they can just kill you. It's important to be liked on the water. So, being hard, being cruel, being Blackbeard, when the company was right, it allowed him safe passage to climb the ladder and build his legend. He succeeded with that carefully crafted persona entirely devoted to this job.
In contrast, he is allowed mistakes. He may mess up a bit, but we all like Blackbeard. If a raid goes bad, if he gets too drunk, if he acts a bit erratic, if he loses sight of it all, if he faces critique? He's fine. His crew are loyal to the persona he displays and they allow him room to be imperfect because of it.
He is allowed to make mistakes as long as he is good company.
He can put on the right face and say the right things until he goes into crisis because he doesn't know what to do with himself. Because everything is boring to him that he can't force himself to keep doing it any longer. He's so tired.
-Stede's Mask and His Struggles-
Stede learned to survive as a upper-class, white, son of an emotionally abusive father and, as fas as we can tell, complete lack of mother-figure. His entire life has hinged on doing the right things. It's the aristocratic society, he has responsibilities he simply does not have any choice in abandoning. And, as long as he does as he's supposed to, he cannot be harmed. So, he'll be bullied, he'll get married, he'll inherit his family's fortune, he'll father children, he does all the things he has to do to just hold his position in high society and survive in that sort of world. And he does it well enough.
In contrast, he cannot figure out his personality. He cannot master what is it he's suppose to be to make people like him. It's no matter though, he does his job so there's nothing anyone else can do about it. If he's annoying, if he's too soft, if he's dandy, if he's an outcast, if he's not like the other boys? He's fine. He's safe under the veil of a rich man in mainland high society.
He is allowed to be disliked as long as he does what he's supposed to.
He can follow the rules and do all the right things until he can't be Mr. Bonnet because day in and day out he's alienated in his own home. Because he's been trying to find a way to make himself fit with his family and he can't keep trying any more. He's so tired.
-What Their Masks do to Each Other-
So - while Ed comfortably slips between "Blackbeard", "The Mad Devil", "Ed", "Jeff the Accountant", "Captain", "Beardie*", "Edward Teach", "Eddie", "The Kraken" - Stede cannot understand how one files down parts of themselves to fit in different places, to constantly act like someone they're not. He has always been completely himself, even when it doesn't work.
And - while Stede is able to navigate being a family man, starting a pirate crew, inventing people positive management, accepting critique and adjusting to it, smiling in the face of his abusers, learning to stun and kill, understanding and using passive aggression, throwing a fuckery, learning to duel, starting a treasure hunt for Ed, promising to do things he's not sure he can handle - Ed doesn't get how someone just makes themselves do all these different things, half of them things they didn't want to do at all. He has always done as he's wanted, even when it gets risky.
Which is why is it so fascinating that these two forms of masking, the gap between their communication, is what leads them to hurt each other in the last episodes.
Ed tries to be what he thinks Stede wants him to be, throwing away the Blackbeard title and trying to settle down into complete softness... and Stede tries to do what he thinks Ed wants him to do, promises to follow his plan and run away to China despite his anxiety about his family... But these things aren't authentic to themselves.
Edward Teach is a little bit of every persona he wears and a little bit done with the pieces he has grown from. They are all a part of him. And Stede would love them all if Ed shared it. If he trusted him enough to let down the curtain and shake off the performance.
Stede wants to do so many things that he's never spoken of and doesn't want to do so many things he thinks he has to. He just wants to get to chose. And Ed would support him in whatever he wanted if Stede would just tell him how he feels. If he would just be honest and stop forcing himself to do things for other people.
They have both been trying to please each other with the tools they've mastered to please the worlds they came from, but they were effectively lying to each other in a hundred tiny ways. Because they loved each other so much, but they didn't believe they were good enough as they really were.
They thought they needed the masks to keep their lover's affections - But they need to put them down so they can truly see one another.
#Another post analyzing the effects of Ed and Stede's very different traumas and how it shaped them in opposite ways?#it's more likely than you think#They are BOTH autistic and they BOTH heavily mask through out the entire season#They follow different systems and have learned different rules to survive the worlds they were born in#But I only see people wanting to talk about Ed's masking WHEN STEDE DOES IT TOO AND IT'S EQUALLY AS INTERESTING#LEMME TALK ABOUT STEDE AND HOW HE WALKS THROUGH THE WORLD TRYING TO EARN PEOPLE'S APPROVAL TOO#So yeah - I just really wanted a chance to explore all the 'actions' Stede has done over the season#and how - in a lot of them - he is clearly uncomfortable but doesn't allow himself to say no or fight against it#And it's so clear that he just does things that are expected of him - even if he struggles in being the 'person' he's supposed to be#A lot of Stede's life just happens to him - he never had much of a choice in so many parts of it and that doesn't change at sea#And in the exact opposite position#Edward just throws himself into becoming every different person he thinks people want him to be - whether he likes it or not#He doesn't know how to be himself and risk letting people down when they see who that is#so he plays the roles - even does them quite well - even if he struggles with what he things he's 'supposed' to be doing#And he doesn't just 'get fixed' the second he meets Stede - he needs time to understand he's safe#I'm typing a lot of stuff tonight guys#didn't sleep - must keep analyzing OFMD#I'm in THE ZONE#Our Flag Means Death#Our Flag Means Death Spoilers#ofmd#ofmd spoilers#hbo#Stede Bonnet#Edward Teach#Gentleman Pirate#Blackbeard#blackbeard x stede#gentlebeard#blackbonnet
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biceratops7 · 23 days ago
Let’s deconstruct this…
Ok, so at this point I’ve seen a great many things written on Who Ed is with a capital W, and even I’ve thrown bits and pieces of my hat in the ring. But there is one particular thing I have a burning desire to express, and that is, respectfully, Edward’s softness is his own damnit.
Tumblr media
There’s a pretty popular notion gaining traction in the fandom that Ed’s softness is just as much a performance as Blackbeard. That him embracing it fully in those brief moments of episode 10 before “the kraken” was unhealthy actually, and he wasn’t being true to himself. In summary: Ed requires Blackbeard to be whole. And my question is: why do people find Ed an unreliable narrator in his softness, or more specifically, why do people think he lacks autonomy of it?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It bothers me when people say that Ed is trying to be like Stede to gain approval in these moments, because the only major similarity I see is aesthetic. Guys a huge theme of the show is older queer men finally finding ways to escape varying forms of toxic masculinity, and understanding that their queerness does not exclude them from manhood. Homogenizing two effeminate gay men and implying that one is “losing himself” to the idiosyncrasies of the other goes directly against this goal. In fact it actually perpetuates negative gay stereotypes, but I’ve made a video essay where I discuss that at length.
Tumblr media
Edward writes and performs a song on deck when he wants to process and share his feelings openly. Not only is this waaay more emotional honesty than we ever see Stede express (on purpose at least), but this is a creative outlet unique to Ed. Theatrical story telling is an established motif in Ed’s character the same way literary storytelling is for Stede’s. Edward’s not only dealing with his hurt in a way Stede definitely wouldn’t (he didn’t, Stede went out of his way pretend everything was fine in episode 8), he’s also doing so through an established passion of his.
The Swede wasn’t full of shit when he said that performance can simply be an expression of you. This is not Ed trying to put on a new mask when the old one proved ineffective. This is him finding comfort and even joy in finally using performance to reveal himself instead of hide. I don’t understand why the credit for this beautiful moment of self discovery must be ripped from Ed and used to accuse Stede.
Tumblr media
It’s the same with the “SiLk GoWn”. This is the same person who lovingly touches every piece of nice fabric he lays eyes on, and lit up like a fucking Christmas tree the second someone said the word “fashion.” Ed has had a deep love and longing for such a soft pretty thing since day 1. These were ingrained and suppressed in Ed all long before Stede came on the scene. That robe may literally belong to Stede, but just as he wore it as a sign of his newfound boldness under the safety of someone loving him for who he is, Ed’s choice to wear it symbolizes the blossoming autonomy of his own identity. To continue enjoying the things Stede made him feel safe enjoying even without his presence.
Tumblr media
Now let’s move on (or backwards I guess?) to the academy. Something I’ve seen a lot is people decrying that Ed is sacrificing his authenticity to play a housewife for Stede. Guys… he just folded some socks, calm tf down. Saying something like this about a gay man just trying to do something small and sweet for someone he loves, again, really seems to perpetuate the toxic masculinity this show hauls ass to deconstruct. Yes the answer to toxic masculinity isn’t just “effeminacy is perfect and good”. But Ed can be genuinely content with finally being able to partake in the domesticity he never got to experience without perpetuating that.
And you know what, he can be unsure of the best way to fulfill that desire and change his mind. I don’t quite like the disregard for Ed’s autonomy when people say his decision to stay at the academy or find an escape is driven only by whatever he thinks Stede wants. He is taking Stede’s feelings into consideration because that is perfectly healthy when you love someone and want a life with them, but his choices are still absolutely driven by his own needs moment by moment too.
Tumblr media
I think people really take Ed understandably not wanting to be subjugated by the British and run with it. Like yes he is visibly uncomfortable with the soldiers treating him like an exotic animal they’ve tamed because no shit. But I don’t know how many times Ed has to blatantly state he does not want to be a pirate anymore for it to be believed.
Tumblr media
Edward is not an exception to this. Even if he managed to thrive emotionally in this line of work once upon a time and there are aspects of it he enjoys, Ed still became a pirate out of desperation. He didn’t choose it any more than Oluwande and Jim did, he was fleeing poverty and abuse.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s not that piracy is a net bad and that Ed should want to distance himself from it. It’s that he assumed piracy is the only option he’s ever had in life even when it hurts him, and the realization that he has the freedom to choose differently is empowering and a net good. Him wanting to run to China with Stede, or take the crew’s funky acts on the road, whether they’re practical or not (especially in this show) is beside the point. The point is Ed’s absolute unbridled joy in their possibilities, the pure delight in discovering that you are not chained to a series of decisions you made under extreme duress 30 years ago.
No, Ed is not doing a complete 180 of his personality during his NoBeard era. He’s been forced to sacrifice his personhood for decades, and is now finally wrestling it out the grasp of thousands of people… at the age of 50 and during two of his darkest moments no less. How absolutely amazing.
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amuseoffyre · 6 months ago
While there’s a lot of celebration of the inclusivity and queerness of Our Flag Means Death, I need to take a moment to have bucketload of emotions about the neurodiversity of the show as well.
Specifically, I want to talk about the fact that Stede Bonnet, our leading man, is autistic-coded. Not in the usual TV show way of being a sauvant or a cold, emotionless robot-man (I see you TV shows. I judge you) but in a realistic way that made me go “oh no. it me.” multiple times.
And since this got unexpectedly long and babbly, I will show mercy. (Warning - here be spoilers)
Let’s begin with Stede’s special main interest: pirates. He loves pirates. He loves them a lot. He had a model ship built, then scaled it up to a real one. Whenever he played with his kids, it inevitably turned to games of playing at piracy. He’s fascinated by it and tries to share this special interest with his neurotypical wife who gets increasingly frustrated with his fixation on this thing she doesn’t like or understand and lack of interest in her, the family or their shared life. Moreso because - to Stede - this hyperfocus is an absolute fundamental thing when it comes to him being happy.
The same can apply to his wardrobe and his library on the ship. These things are seen as wasteful and useless, but Stede - at this point - believes they are fundamental to his happiness and comfort. Yes, he wants piracy, but he likes some things to stay the same: his books (all his favourite ones he’s read before), his various favourite seasonal clothes, his non-scratchy blankets. Our boy even went so far as to replace a good portion of the ship’s gunpowder with his favourite marmalade because he couldn’t go without it.
We’re shown several times that he likes to maintain his routine, even if he’s doing it somewhere that isn’t with his wife and family and home, even extending as far as taking meals at a table at a set time. Between the regular and fancy breakfasts with Ed and the dining table scene in episode 10, I have The Feelings.
In both episode 1 and 10, Stede does try to mask and fit into a place where he has never quite belonged, following the social codes and rules as far as he can see them. He comes back, he does the Correct Thing and tries to make things right for everyone - if he’s where he started, his family won’t be broken and Ed won’t be ruined and everything can go back to the way it was before he wrecked it by trying to do the thing that made him happy. Only it’s too late, because he’s experienced a world where he can fit in and be accepted exactly as he is, idiosyncracies and all. It just takes him forcing himself back into that rigid little box to realise that he never fit there to begin with.
And to go back to the dynamic with Mary (and also other people of their class/rank), in their interactions before he leaves the first time, there’s a clear mismatch in their modes of communication. He is doing his duty to be a husband and a father - and based on his dad as his role model, it’s not surprising he doesn’t do it well.
She asks him to do things but when he doesn’t do them (asking someone if they can do something is very different than telling someone to do. Two very different modes of communication which can be taken differently depending on whether the listener is atypical or not), she descends to using passive aggression and sarcasm to insult him, which he recognises to a degree, but doesn’t understand why.
The way he describes passive aggression rings of someone who has spent many years trying to mask and to fit in, but never quite managing to do so and having his so-called failings and flaws pointed out to him. He can play the part, but he doesn’t feel comfortable and will lurk at the edges of formal social gatherings because of past experience, waiting for them to turn on him because he’s not doing something ‘correctly’. He described the rich as using words like weapons and we are shown the canonical evidence that his behaviour, his sensitivity, his gentleness and his special interests have made him a target of both physical and verbal abuse.
When he describes his favourite horse as having kind eyes and Mary says “and what’s your favourite pig?”, you can see he knows he’s being insulted - years of experience - but there’s a real sense that he doesn’t understand why she’s being mean to him when he answered her question about his favourite horse.
He doesn’t realise that she’s unhappy or angry with him until she actually raises her voice and is visibly angry. When she does start shouting, he shrinks in on himself, saying “I’ll stop it” because he didn’t realise he was doing something wrong. Likewise, there are a number of interactions with the crew and enemies that show that he is really not very good at reading a situation unless things are stated in a direct manner.
It’s very telling that when Mary and Stede finally start communicating directly instead of her trying to passively nudge him into a social mode of behaviour he isn’t aware he’s meant to follow, they actually click and for the first time, they understand each other. The scene when they talk to each other is so beautifully done (even if it started with an attempted murder XD)
Also, while he has learned to identify the verbal jabs of the upper classes, when he does run away to sea his lack of self-awareness of the entirely different kind of danger he’s putting himself in is another big sign. That was a bit of a revelation when I got my diagnosis, especially in hindsight, given some of the ways I have travelled in the past (how am I not dead? sweet christmas no wonder people panicked when I went places solo o.o). He’s so excited to be where he is that even when he’s stabbed by the Spaniard, he asks “did you mean to do that?” 
There’s probably more, but right now, I am drowning in emotions and I love them your honour.
(Also, Ed is my flavour of ADHD. I too would spot something seemingly random and odd and weaponise it :) That is all)
eta: and since I can’t stop my own hyperfixation, here is my little Ed is ADHD essay too :)
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fuckyeahisawthat · 4 months ago
Y’know what kind of “older queer person has the Good Sex for the first time” scenario I want for Stede? I say as if I’m not eventually going to write it. Stede experiencing sex as intimacy for the first time in his life.
I feel like the emphasis in these kind of scenes is often on the embodiment aspect of the experience, the “oh so this is what sex feels like when I’m fully aroused/doing it with someone I am actually attracted to/doing the kind of sex acts I enjoy” element. Which...yes. That part can be fucking revelatory. But that’s just one layer of the “OH so THAT’s what it’s supposed to be like” experience and I feel like for Stede there are some other layers that would be equally if not more world-altering.
Stede and Mary presumably had enough sex to produce two living children, and I’d imagine the experience ranged somewhere from “this is fine I guess but I’d rather be reading a book” to skin-crawlingly uncomfortable for both of them. Given what we see of their parents I think it’s very likely they were both raised to think of sex as a marital duty required to produce an heir and nothing more. Either giving or receiving pleasure was certainly not a requirement if it was even an expectation at all. 
And given that Stede’s main coping strategy for his marital unhappiness seems to be avoidance, emotionally withdrawing and self-isolating, I would imagine he was fairly...not present during the act and also, shall we say, not partner-focused. If he’d been willing to meet Mary halfway with trying to at least be friends, they might have gotten to a point where they both acknowledged that they weren’t really attracted to each other, but the social expectations placed on them meant they had to produce children, and maybe they would have been able to approach things with a little more kindness and camaraderie, if not genuine passion. But that’s not Stede’s approach to the situation at all.
So I think he was probably mostly focused on doing what he needed to do to get the job done on a basic physiological level, probably with a lot of bottled-up guilt and shame and self-loathing involved, and in that context I can see him just not really paying attention to Mary at all. Not out of any deliberate cruelty but just because he can be self-centered in his own misery in a way that ends up hurting other people. Or possibly just because, of the two of them, he’s the one who needs to be at least somewhat aroused for this to work, and whatever strategy he had for that required all his concentration. (YMMV but this is one of the reasons I think Stede was at least somewhat aware of his attraction to men before he met Ed; “this baby can fit so many sexual fantasies while never ever ever talking about the state of his actual sex life with his actual wife” seems very on brand for Stede to me.)
So with Ed I’d imagine it’s probably not just Stede’s first time having sex for pleasure, period, but the first time this is any kind of mutually collaborative experience for him. It must be wild, being fully present and realizing for the first time that you want to be, not just for your own sensory experience but because it turns out everything going on with your partner is ungodly hot--what he’s doing to you but also watching him react to what you’re doing to him. (Who knew you had that kind of power?) Not just realizing that this is terribly arousing for you but the realization that this other person (who you consider to be much cooler and hotter and more sexually experienced than you) is just absolutely desperate to fuck you, that you have the ability to turn him on, to drive him wild. The wanting and the delight at being wanted in return. 
The realization that it’s fun to learn what your partner likes, letting him show you or discovering new things together, that talking about what you want and what he wants is sexy, actually, even if admitting desires is scary sometimes. Realizing that this is something that can be playful and joyful and fun and also involve a truly awe-inspiring amount of trust and vulnerability that this other person is offering you and inviting you to share in return. That yes it’s sometimes silly or embarrassing or gross or weird or nerve-wracking but it’s something you’re doing together, not something alienating and uncomfortable that you’re experiencing alone even though your partner is right there. That it’s something that people do to be closer to each other and here is this person who wants to be close to you in that way, that you sort of thought didn’t actually exist, or at least, didn’t exist for people like you. But it does and you get to have it. 
Yeah. That’s the kind of scene I want.
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presleyelvis · 5 months ago
i wanna talk about the dynamic between ed and lucius, because i feel like people tend to either completely brush it off as non-existent, or as lucius only having ed’s attention because lucius is close to stede, and i think that is a huge disservice, as i see the relationship between the two characters as incredibly nuanced. and this is gonna be really freaking long i’m so sorry.
it’s widely accepted that stede is the only person to ever be truly upfront with ed, but while i agree to some extent that stede is true to himself around ed, i think that lucius to a much greater degree is the absolutely only person who fully does not think thée great blackbeard is The Shit. before ed shows up on the revenge lucius does seem to think the mystery about this legend character is enticing, but the second he actually meets ed all of that washes away. he is the one person who continuously stands up to ed, and tells him to treat stede right. lucius sees very quickly (what stede himself doesn’t even see) that the chemistry between ed and stede is growing more romantic, and it is lucius’ instinct to be protective of this captain he didn’t even like about a week or two prior to ed showing up.  lucius even showed up on the island with the biggest bitch attitude to hand deliver a breakup box when ed left with calico jack.
and what i see is that ed respects that about lucius. stede actually did try to embellish his own persona in front of ed; trying to seem tougher than he is, trying to impress ed again and again - he might not have changed himself, but he did bend over backwards to make a good impression. but ed saw that lucius didn’t. there was never any doubt where lucius’ loyalty was, and it was with his own captain. and we see ed look to lucius when he is unsure about stede, because he knows the way to a dude’s heart is through his reluctant gay bestie.
then when ed returned from running away from the british navy, lucius is the only person ed opens up to. aside from stede, lucius is the only person ed is truly vulnerable with, and confides to directly. he invites lucius into his blanket fort, he tells lucius about this raw pain that he is feeling, even if he does try to thinly veil it as about someone else.
and this part is the most important to me; i think ed sees in lucius what he wishes he could be himself. lucius is openly gay, and very vocal about his gayness. he doesn’t take on the big responsible roles, because he truly does not want them. he is soft, and kind, and so gentle with people who are in a bad way. he doesn’t put a big thing into making people like him, and he is honest with people around him, and still finding the balance in how to be that in the way the situation requires. he can be mean and vicious, but only when people deserve it. in many ways, he is just like stede. he is also fiercely protective of the people he cares about, and he is definitely down to clown.
which brings me to the last episode. ed goes through this massive transformation of being broken and vulnerable, to having izzy’s words snap him back to his old alter ego of blackbeard. i’ve seen a lot of different reasons for how people sees the scene of ed pushing lucius overboard; that he just snapped, that it was to solidify his newfound edginess, that he always thought lucius was annoying, etc. but i truly, deeply in my soul see lucius as being someone ed has grown to care about, and he couldn’t have that around anymore. ed got rid of stede’s possessions, his crew - it was basically that taylor swift video where she burns all of her ex’s things in a fit of rage. so why didn’t ed just drop lucius off at the island along with the others? because lucius is a physical manifestation of the memory of stede, but also of that inner core of ed that he had buried so deep inside but slowly started letting out from knowing stede. when ed looks at lucius he sees both stede, the man he loves but he believes doesn’t love him back, but also the person he wishes he could be himself. kind, gentle, embracing his feminine side, not caring about who knows he’s gay, and someone who is loyal and protective of the people he loves. by pushing lucius overboard, ed is not only pushing away stede’s memory, he is also trying to kill the part of himself that he had only just started to embrace.
i wanna keep ranting about my love for the relationship between these two, but this is already so long. now i just really fucking hope s2 will fix this, because i need ed and lucius to be best friends and confidants.
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tothetrashwhereibelong · 5 months ago
One thing I love about Frenchie is how he very obviously likes some of the high life stuff, particularly fashion, but he's not at all interested in taking it for himself over picking his own community. And how he's very well aware that the high crust is nothing if not the violent, ugly colonizers that they are
Think about it. Frenchie obviously cares about fashion; although his clothes are tattered all the way to hell, there is clearly an attempt to make something nice. Everyone else is just wearing practical clothes; Frenchie is the only one with an accessory (the scarf). He's also the only one save for Roach who wears something colorful (the scarf is bright yellow, the jacket is blue; and considering that dye was very expensive at the time, he would have had to go out of his way to get that. It might be even why they're so tattered; those might be the only colorful clothes he owns, and the fact that he keeps wearing them proves how attached to them he is). The scarf is styled in a loose way, but also slightly resembling a cravat
It's far from a high fashion look; it's obvious that Frenchie can't afford it, both in the economic sense (his clothes are the most tattered ones by far) and the lifestyle sense (he's a manual laborer, he can't be wearing high fashion clothes, or anything that is too impractical really). Nevertheless, the fact that he cares enough to try despite it being so inaccessible to him says a lot about just how much it means to him
His appreciation for fancy clothes is very much confirmed when they raid the fancy ship and Frenchie immediately goes to check their wardrobe, gets himself a very nice and fancy outfit, and then walks into Stede's library with the biggest grin we've seen on him so far, says, "good evening, my fine sirs" and gives a little bow as he holds a party invitation
And the thing is, he wants to go, because if he didn't, he wouldn't have given it directly to Stede, the single person in the ship who's likely to say yes (and the fact that he doesn't is character development, too). He could've thrown it out and Stede would literally never know. And even if he did know, the show makes it very clear that the crew doesn't respect Stede enough to do stuff they don't want to do, especially in the first half. Frenchie himself proceeds to run a whole con behind Stede's back that same episode, so I think it's safe to say that he doesn't give Stede the invitation out of a sense of duty to his captain. And even if he did, Stede never invited him and most of the crew didn't go, so it's obvious that it was his own choice to attend
With all of that in mind, I think it becomes clear that Frenchie likes the fashion, the pleasantness, the fine aspects of the high life that he has never had access to. And he enjoys the fantasy of getting to live it, even if for a day
And it'd be so easy for him to then become the person who turns on his peers in order to get his shot at fitting in the high life. It could even be good commentary about colorism and assimilationism, seeing as Frenchie is the lightest-skinned Black man on the ship, and historically lighter-skinned Black people had been the ones who were allowed to "serve" within the white spaces and the house. I won't get into this in depth because I'm not qualified to, but many people have talked about this before, and this dynamic would obviously be important if they went for this kind of narrative
Besides, there is a lot of commentary that can be done about oppressed in-fighting. Particularly when it comes to people who are allowed some degree of closeness to the power ranks and then turn against the people who are not, in order to get approval and feel like they belong with those in power. This is a subject that OFMD actually touches a lot on, especially through Stede
(I won't get into details cuz I have a bigger meta on this planned, but think Stede in episode 1 making all the Black men on his ship pretend to be servants and go through awful amounts of racism in order to impress his childhood bully that he hates. Why does he care about impressing that guy? Because Stede is still attached to his privilege and power, and as such, he's willing to throw others under the bus so he can still hold on to it)
(Mandatory "don't get me wrong, I like Stede" comment. I think that his arc is about letting go of precisely this in order to fully embrace the poor, queer poc as his people instead of the gentry. And that is exactly what makes him interesting to me! But this commentary about the intersection of privilege and oppression, and how it can make people turn on other oppressed people, is absolutely being made)
Back to Frenchie, it'd make sense if he was the kind of character who has issues with the fact that he does not have access to things that he values, and who just wants a shot at feeling like he's fancy and could get the finer things that he's been denied. And who, as a result, turns against his peers. And I don't even think that it'd be a bad thing to show. But OFMD does us one better: it makes Frenchie (and Olu and Roach) unabashedly supportive of his darker-skinned Black peers, and perfectly aware of the ugliness of the upper crust; and not only unwilling to participate in it, but actually disinterested in doing so, because fancy clothes aren't worth it. ["not only unwilling to participate in it, but actually disinterested, because fancy clothes aren't worth it" in italics]
This is even shown in the very same scene where Frenchie shows up with his fancy clothes; although he is enjoying the fantasy of being a fine, respected, well-dressed man, he also refers to the party as "for hoity-toity people". The derision he feels is clear, and although there is a way to interpret this as simply Frenchie pointing out that that's not him, his behavior at the party confirms that he does not actually want to be a part of "this lot" in their ugliness
Because when him and Olu (the darkest-skinned man on the show, and I don't think that's a coincidence) go to the party, Frenchie is the one who's in control of the situation from beginning to end. Olu is a bad liar (doesn't know what to answer when asked who he is), clearly unfamiliar with the workings of the upper crust (shocked by racist comments, which is really not something any Black man of his skin tone who's been around gentry for one second would be surprised by), and anxious about the whole situation (when called out by Abshir, immediately reveals their whole scam and offers to leave, going as far as saying "we can swim"). Frenchie, on the other hand, is calm, collected, knows how to lie, and is familiar with how the upper crust works. The show makes it very clear that he can play them like a fiddle, and it's not even a challenge to him
So Frenchie is in control of the lie, and it would have been so easy for him to throw Olu under the bus and make himself the center of attention so he could get to be the "fine sir" he clearly thinks would be nice to be for a moment. Instead, he makes Olu the prince and himself his viceroy; it is Olu who gets to have his hand kissed (and how beautiful it is to see those racist white people, who paint their faces even whiter, kissing a dark skinned Black man's hand), and, when things get overwhelming for Olu, he steps in and takes control of the situation. This last part is shown during the racist comment situation - Olu is shocked and Frenchie steps in, saying "what a lovely thing to say" and giving Olu a pointed look to indicate to him that this is the safe way to play it (and Olu trusts him immediately). It is also shown in the way the whole con is made and how Frenchie even brings it up, doing all the talking and making it so Olu has to make minimal effort. This is also survival, of course; if Olu fucks it up, Frenchie is toast too. And while I believe that Frenchie is more practical than Olu is (especially because I think that Olu is, to some extent, kinda naive, or at least new enough to the Western world that he doesn't quite get how important certain things are for survival), that's all the more reason why Frenchie could have made himself the Prince and drawn all the attention. The fact that he didn't is proof of his unwillingness to throw Olu under the bus, and the bond between them as two Black men among rich white people
So Olu is the center of attention, he's the prince, he's the one who gets all these racist whites begging him to take their money (which I can only imagine was a very amazing sight for Frenchie, especially considering his grin as he watched how the party ended). And then, at the end, he lets Olu decide what to do with the money that, by any reasonable account, Frenchie earned
When they are leaving, he asks Olu "so, what did you do with our earnings?". He obviously let him decide whatever he wanted. It was mostly Frenchie's hard work, and it would be perfectly reasonable for him to decide, or at least for it to be a joint decision, but he leaves it to Olu. And then the most beautiful part of all, of course: Olu gives it to Abshir and the other servants so they can leave. They both give up their hard-earned fancy goods and money for someone who they deem needs it more, someone who they see as equals and part of their community as Black men. And it's beautiful and one of my favorite Olu moments that helped him be solidified as my favorite OFMD character, because I'm just a sucker for selfless people who value community above all else. But everything about the selflessness and sense of community that Olu shows then is first shown in Frenchie
I've said before that the Black (and overall poc) solidarity is one of my favorite things in this show, and it just really gains particularly wonderful undertones in Frenchie's whole behavior throughout this episode. Because as much as he might like nice clothes and the fantasy of being fancy, he loves his people way more, and he knows where he would be accepted and where he wouldn't. It's beautiful to see and such a great thing about his character and the overall way this show handles racial issues, privilege, and belonging
TLDR: Frenchie is shown to like fancy stuff, but he still chooses to uplift Olu instead of himself and give the fancy things away to Abshir. And that shows a lot of solidarity between the Black men on OFMD
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chuplayswithfire · 4 months ago
ed loves fine things, but has lived a life deprived of them, save for when he can steal them. and even then, when we look at his personal space - there are so many things in his room aboard his ship, but none of them seem to be the fine things we know ed craves. plenty of candles, carved skulls, weapons, but no fine fabrics or jars of marmalade or neat knickknacks for the sake of knickknacks.
and then he meets stede, and stede has so many fine things, has collected them over a lifetime, has purchased them to make up for the lack of fine feelings, of closeness, of real love and affection or even friendship, and he shares them all with ed so readily
and ed doesn't have fine things to give back, but he gives his friendship, and his advice, and his affection - look at the show, you'll see how many times he reaches out and touches stede -
and its not that ed only values stede's fine things, or that he shares them. ed cares about stede's opinions and his friendship and his closeness too, the softness and open tenderness he brings to ed's life, but it's the generosity of it all, that i think ed loves the most
ed's never had a fine thing he didn't have to steal or fight for. that includes friendships - that includes calico jack's respect, earned by being as wild and rough as jack, that includes izzy's regard and loyalty, earned by being vicious and tough and a man's man all the time -
but stede doesn't demand anything from ed, besides that he be ed. he wants to share, and give, and be allowed to take care of someone, because no one's ever trusted or loved or liked stede enough to think he could take care of anything at all, and here's ed, letting stede's own idiosyncrasies be the very thing ed loves him for.
there's going to be so much tenderness when they get back together. there's going to be so much taking care. fine things, gentle gestures, soft words.
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calicojackofficial · 2 months ago
read a fic a while ago where Badminton shot at Stede anyway, on deck, and hit Ed instead. and Ed fell overboard with his gutshot, and Stede - still cuffed - dived right in after him. and then Fang looked out and saw them, alive, and pronounced them dead and cut free a dinghy so they could have a chance.
it was a good fic. i read the whole thing, loved it, have it bookmarked. thing is. i disagree with the reaction to the above they gave Izzy. and then i got a little swept up in how else it could have gone instead...
say Ed gets shot, goes overboard, and Stede goes after him. and Fang says they're dead. they're both dead. Blackbeard is dead, and the man who shot him is right there in front of Izzy, who unlike the rest hasn't been unarmed because he's supposed to be one of them.
first, his face crumples into the worst expression you could see on a man's fact. grief and guilt and rage, together in one awful, rending thing. then he pulls his pistol and he shoots Badminton right in the head.
to their credit, Stede's crew takes his lead right off, all but instantaneously uprising. most of them aren't bound, after all, just unarmed and cowed. there's a reason Ed told them to surrender in the first place though, and for all that he feels more a void than a man at the moment Izzy has never really been one for that kind of melancholy, and if he was to indulge a death wish he'd not take an entire crew with him (especially not a crew that Ed, seemingly, had died for). so, frantic and raspy, he calls for them to surrender again, to stop fighting, to remember the two other fucking ships they're fucking surrounded by.
the next up in rank from Badminton, now the boarding Captain, steps forward to sneer at Izzy where he's allowed himself to be handled by two red coated fucks.
Izzy hurriedly makes his excuses, for the crew, hoping this englishman is feeling generous today. they didn't intend to fight their capture, he insists, only got carried away by his own inciting action (it's technically true, isn't it?).
"we had a deal," Izzy explains to the Captain, to show he poses no further threat either. "a life for a life. that's it, it's done."
"well," the Captain says. "you have done a great service to the crown, seeing Blackbeard taken from the seas." izzy's face twists again, horrible, horrible, and it makes the Captain feel sadistically powerful.
"so i suppose we can uphold our first bargain, to let you and your crew go, with your ship, Captain Hands," he continues. "but as you've not been given his majesty's leave to kill, this-" he gestures dismissively toward Badminton's body, the neat little hole exactly in the middle of his forehead "-is still murder. and you'll have to be punished for that. as well as for damages done to my men by yours."
"um, he's not-" starts Pete, but Lucius stomps viciously on his foot.
"he's totally our Captain," Lucius puts forth instead. "totally responsible for us." picking up on the situation, the rest of the crew - save Ivan and Fang, who hold their tongues altogether so as not to pick sides - make noises of agreement.
"very well," says the englishman. "i'll assign five lashings for the murder." it seems remarkably low, especially for the wicked look on his face, until he adds the rest. "and five more for every man who fought on your order." (nevermind, of course, that Izzy hadn't actually given the order.)
Fang gasps, and Ivan breathes in sharply, and Izzy goes pale, and maybe Frenchie is familiar with lashings from his time in service too and he hisses through his teeth.
"oh," says the englishman. "is that unfair? i'm willing to cut it down to three each. if they take the lashings themselves and sign a confession." (he thinks this will be an easy sell for Izzy, who has sold his own before anyway, and so many confessions at once will get him a commendation even if he lets them go for now.)
these green fools, Izzy thinks to himself with a bare glance at them, have no crimes yet attached to their names (not legally anyway, bounties aside) nevermind something as bad as piracy, and they've surely not a one of them ever taken lashings before.
it's only the briefest - and tensest - of pauses before Izzy rasps, "five is fair."
"Boss-" Ivan starts, but Izzy gives him a sharp look and he shuts up. it's him that Izzy hands his weapons belt to, and then his vest, his shirt. he puts his damn self on the main, unwilling to be handled again or tied.
the english Captain is pissed at this turn of events, of course, and he mutters to his bosun not to count. luckily, when five lashes go by without a word and it seems the bosun isn't about to pause between sets, Lucius notices. maybe Jim does too, the two of them both sneaky by their own nature and so prone to suspicion of others. but Lucius is the one to say something.
"five!" he shouts, too loud out of fright, but he forces himself not to back down. "that's five, for the murder. sorry," he adds when the Captain glares at him. "counted for Blackbeard. i mean, i'm sure you're a man of your word, and all these men under your command could tell me that-" (it's a threat, how many of them are counting too? how many of them will remember this when it comes time for you to discipline them?) "-but i really couldn't not do it if i tried." he laughs nervously, holds his heart when no one actually responds and the bosun goes right back to whipping Izzy.
but he still says it out loud again, the next five. and then Ivan steps aside, separate from the rest - maybe just a little bit closer to the nearest brit. "don't wanna forget anybody," he explains as he does it. (he means: we won't let you count any of us twice.)
five more, and Fang steps up next to Ivan. five more, and Jim steps up. and so on, until finally it's the last five and Lucius steps forward, and the Captain notices that his own men have taken steps back.
so he does, in the end, keep his word, and the bosun wraps up the flogger, and the englishmen un-board from the Revenge. as a farewell, Oluwande tells the Captain that they'll remember his kindness and be sure to repay it if they ever meet him again.
as soon as the brits are gone, Izzy collapses to his knees, still at the mast, and weeps.
"what the fu-" Ivan starts, shocked. Izzy had put his own glove between his teeth and not made a sound all through the whipping, and Ivan - the longest standing crew member Izzy's had on board right now - has never seen him cry before no matter what had happened to him.
it really couldn't be more obvious that it's not from the lashing. or at least, that the lashing alone couldn't have done it.
"shh," Fang whispers, cutting Ivan off. "he wouldn't want us to make a fuss." he wonders if he should say, now, that Blackbeard (and Bonnet) might still be alive, or if Izzy would even hear him. if he should wait until the english are well away, so they don't make themselves obvious if Izzy can't think straight.
but the crew of the Revenge is different.
"um, okay," Lucius huffs. "we're making a fuss."
and they do. they uncrumple Izzy from the deck, and they rinse his back off - with fresh water - and they rub him down with some fancy ointment that Stede had in the bathing room of his cabin, and they wrap him up in the duvet off of Stede's bed (he mumbles, vague, that it smells like Edward, which has at least two implications that no one mentions). they feed him, spice and warm some rum for him, and then put him to bed in the Captain's quarters.
Izzy's injuries - the physical and not - keep him asleep for more than a day. they can't just sit here like ducks, so the crew elects Olu as acting Captain until Izzy can take back the job, and Olu has them sail just- the opposite of the way the navy went, for now, and they'll figure out a more solid heading later.
Fang doesn't spill the beans yet. somehow it feels wrong for Izzy to be the last to know, so he keeps it to himself until finally, finally, Izzy's up and seems- well. maybe about 50% back to normal.
the second Izzy knows the truth, he turns them right back around.
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black-stede · 6 months ago
part 1 || part 2
there is a funeral for stede bonnet, this time even with a body. it’s a closed casket, of course, because his body was too mangled and horrific to be put on display. but it was there, ever present amongst the mourners, watchers, and curious people trying to get a peek of the ‘gentleman pirate’
in the back of the service stands a man unfamiliar to all, but that isn’t too uncommon. a lot of strangers had come to watch the service for the nobleman-turned-pirate-captain. this man is somewhat able to blend in, dressed in clothes of current fashion that seem to fit a body different than his own. his hair is long- black and gray- and the beginnings of a beard are starting to grow in. despite his oddities, he blends in with the crowd.
hours pass and the casket is lowered into the ground. the widow bonnet and her children watch as the grave is filled, sorrowful looks on their faces. this was a husband, a father that had been lost. a man that will be missed, despite the crimes he had committed
eventually, people start to leave. after more time, even those that lingered wandered away, maybe to a procession in which they would eat and drink in the memory of stede bonnet.
the man in the back stays.
only when everyone else has left does he move forward, approaching the fresh grave with caution. if someone were there to look closely enough, they would see that his hands were shaking. under the shady cover of his hat, the man’s eyes watered, lip trembling. words evaporate from his tongue as he tries to speak- there are so many things he wants to say, so many unspoken words left unsaid.
he wants to yell, to scream. he wants to ask why he went back to his family instead of meeting at the dinghy. he wants to demand an apology, to demand to know why he chose to leave edward teach behind. he wants to beg, to plead for the man to come back. he wants stede bonnet alive even despite the anger he still feels. he wants to bargain with the devil to get more time, to have time to get answers and talk things out because he may be hurting, but he never wanted this
despite his anger, under all the rage and betrayal, the man hiding behind the mask of a monster held onto a small hope of reconciliation. of their separation not being the ending of their story.
to blend in with the mourners, the kraken had to don the identity of a nobleman. without the cover of the monstrous, heartless title, edward teach was left. and his heart was breaking (again)
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bassiter2 · 4 months ago
the main reason for the sheer amount of meta yall make about the whole "ed doesn't kill" specifically re: "does izzy actually know" imo is the need to reconcile the fact that izzy has been ed's right hand man for a decade and the fact that his behavior indicates that he may not actually be aware of it. and that's really understandable, like I absolutely see the desire to believe that izzy has (had) an intimate enough relationship with ed to be aware of that fact about him. but the thing is, I feel it's made pretty clear and in fact necessary by the narrative that what ed told stede in the bathtub was the first time he told anybody.
before I lose you: YES, a hundred percent, izzy knows that ed killed his dad. it was probably an intimate moment between them once upon a time, ed telling izzy that he killed his own dad. but what i do not believe izzy knows, and what ed himself likely did not fully understand until the fuckery episode, is that he was traumatized by it.
see, the old ed was coping with feeling like a monster by taking pride in it, and izzy was romanticizing that proudly ruthless man. the ed we know is realizing that that was unhealthy and is finally processing those feelings properly, with someone who will let him be soft and in fact reassure him that he is NOT the monster he thinks he is. izzy was never that person (bc if he was then we wouldn't have the show to begin with), so that full confession could never have happened.
it wouldn't have been something that izzy just observed on his own, either. aside from any theories about how izzy offers to kill stede for him and what that signifies about their relationship... I think this is just where a lot of people don't seem to really get the point of ed's confession about not having killed another man since his dad. all the talk (and most often misuse, tbh) of "unreliable narrators" in this fandom and almost no one wants to accept that ed's claim of not killing is, as far as most people both irl and in-universe would see it, Not True.
what matters is that ed believes it because this confession scene isn't about morality, but about ed personally feeling like a monster and getting it off his chest to stede and proving that stede will let him grow into a healthy version of himself rather than expect him to repress his trauma. the point IS trauma.
like, the only part of killing that ed abstains from, or can't bring himself to do, is being physically and consciously present for the victim taking their final breath as the culmination of his violence. and for the sake of the narrative and this scene, it's fine and makes sense that this is the most significant thing to ed. and it makes sense for his personal feelings, too - he was only horrified by the murder of his father once it was over and the rage had fizzled out and he was face to face with what he'd done, so that's the trigger moment for him. just facing the wanton ending of a life.
but for just about everyone else, especially the victims, that is not the most significant part of killing. being the cause of death in any direct capacity is killing. maiming someone and leaving them for dead is killing. setting a ship on fire, knowing that many of them will not be able to jump to safety, is killing. pushing someone into the ocean, to the sharks, is killing.
you want to believe that izzy knows ed doesn't kill because of all the time that izzy has known him, but that's exactly it. izzy has known ed for a decade and he HAS watched ed kill, by his own definition of killing. he may have a sense of "ed prefers to let others do the dirty work when it's not on the battlefield" but as far as he's concerned, ed kills. just like any other fucking pirate, of COURSE he fucking kills.
and you know what? by the events of we gull way back I think ed has even re-routed his definition of killing back to the normal one, and it's why his confession to stede didn't ultimately save him from feeling like a monster for very long. he processed his trauma a bit but then jack reminded him that just because he hasn't watched the life leave someone's eyes doesn't mean he hasn't been the cause of many a death and done plenty of other horrible things. but imo it's also BECAUSE of ed's development through stede that he's able to even have this unrepressed guilt, this sense of responsibility to keep himself away from those he might hurt or at least taint. it's still not ideal, as it's very much informed by a diminished self worth, but it's a step in the right direction to processing the more complex trauma of all the harm he caused after killing his dad.
or it was, before he backtracked to his old coping method of Embracing The Kraken.
as for izzy... he's a tragic character and you can very much see it as part of his tragedy that not only did ed grow out of him but for all the time that he knew ed, he still didn't really know him. but it can also be a simple matter of izzy just not being right or healthy for ed in the long run, as he was never an influence for ed to change or realize things about himself. except for the worse.
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billowyy · 2 months ago
Izzy Hands and how he's changed the culture of shipping, at least in my corner of the internet:
One of my absolute favorite things about this fandom is how us Izzy enjoyers love to ship Izzy with anyone and everyone. Stede, Lucius, Frenchie, Sam Bellamy… the list goes on and on. A lot of us also love to put him in poly relationships. 
This level of multishipping is not something I've ever seen in my decade of being in fandom. 
In almost all of the fandoms I've been involved in over the years, the fandom's focus has primarily been on a single ship, like Ian/Mickey from Shameless or Buck/Eddie from 911. There are always some side pairings and other ships, but they're definitely the minority. This is the type of shipping I've been engaging in, for the most part. 
Enter Izzy Hands. 
There's just something about this strange, little man. The show itself lends to a very easy platform to ship all of the characters in various ways. It's a casually queer show and we all know how much us queers love to latch onto and have fun with any queer character we get. Izzy is one of the most popular characters I've ever seen.
I'm not going to do a whole bunch of meta about why we all love Izzy so much because many others have already done a brilliant job at that. The point is, we love him and have latched onto him. We want to read about and talk about him in various relationships. And he's not even in any canon relationship! The closest thing to that is his presumably unrequited love for Ed, and that's not even something all of the watchers of the show have caught on to. 
If he wasn't in the show, or if he was played by anyone other than Con, most of our focus would be on Ed and Stede and the other canon pairings. Because that's how fandom typically works. 
But we've all looked at Izzy and have decided that multishipping is the way to proceed (for which we are correct). We love the main pairings on the show, we love them to death (not literal death, Luc, I promise), but all of us somehow realized there was so much fun to be had with Izzy. 
This is the most fun I've had in fandom in years. 
Like I said, before I watched this show I never really engaged in multishipping. I read fic sometimes for pairings outside of my main ships, but it was always rare. Now, though, most of my fic reading is for Izzy. I see this with a lot of y'all, as well. 
This rise in multishipping that has come with this show is something that I'm so fucking happy to see. I see a lot of hate for it in other fandoms and the fact that it's so widespread and commonplace (even Con puts stuff on his Insta story about Izzy with other characters) is so beautiful. I don’t think a lot of y’all realize how not common it is, especially if you haven’t been in fandom that long. There’s a completely new wave of fandom and shipping culture with Our Flag Means Death. 
It's incredibly refreshing.
I'm very glad there's so many of us who have just absolutely fallen in love with the many ways Izzy Hands can love and be loved.
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lacefedora · 5 months ago
OFMD drabble- On some level I think I always understood
Inspired by @fishfingersandscarves‘s animatic when I watched it for like the twelfth time. Might have a part 2 at some point?
Stede’s breath hitches, the blade is sunk deep in his stomach, the right side, and he’s quite sure that Ed meant to do that. How many times had he been stabbed now? Ed’s face… beautiful, precious face, was rapidly changing from fury to panic. Stede couldn’t have that. He touches his face, hissing when the blade drives a little deeper at the movement. But he wouldn’t let it stop him. He’d rehearsed it so many times, but when he opens his mouth, something entirely different comes spilling out.
“It’s okay… really. On some level I’ve always understood that I was… wrong… That there was something wrong with me.” Stede breathes through the pain. His mouth tastes like copper, that can’t be good. “I never knew quite what it was. But everyone saw it. The other boys in school… My father, My wife, children.. Even the crew. Did I tell you they were going to mutiny and kill me just a few weeks before we met? It doesn’t matter. They could all see it. The Wrong. 
The only person that never saw it… Was you, Edward. You looked at me and all you saw was, well me. You saw me and I didn’t annoy or disgust you. You seemed delighted.” A smile spreads across his face. He wipes at tears that are dripping down Ed’s face, smearing the kohl. “No one’s ever…” he coughs a little. “No one’s ever done that for me. If I die like this… don’t worry. You’ve already given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for, just by seeing me. I love you so much, Ed. I’m so sorry… I was so afraid I could spread my Wrongness to you, weigh you down, an anchor… But what a self-centered thought; I couldn’t do that. You’re perfect.” He says fervently. His own tears are falling, hot as the blood spilling from the wound.
He watches as Ed’s face twists, His eyes close tightly for a moment and when they open anger is back, but it’s different. Determined.
“You will live, Stede Bonnet. No one dies on this ship unless I say so.” Ed abruptly lets go of the sword but doesn’t pull it out yet. He puts both hands on Stede’s face, holding on tight. “You selfish fucker. You don’t get to die.” He eases Stede to the deck and Stede is certain he’s never been handled so gently. 
“I’ll do my best.” he says, but he can feel consciousness rapidly slipping from his grasp. But then Ed’s hands are still on his face and now shaking him, calling for a surgeon, snarling at someone (Izzy? Stede can’t focus on anything but Ed and the pain) when they try to object.
“You don’t get to leave me again.” Edward insists and there’s something vicious in his voice and Stede deserves that, but it also feels good, to be wanted…
“Well then I promise.” He says and he suddenly brings up his numb hand to try to stem the bloodflow, the other has fallen to Ed’s shoulder. “I like the new look by the way. Very fierce.”
Edward actually laughs, though it looks like it pains him. It’s the most beautiful thing Stede’s ever seen. “You’re insane.” He tells him and then Stede is kissed for the second time in his life by someone he loves. “I’m still pissed at you.”
“That’s fair.” Stede agrees, but he can’t stop smiling.
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coffee-mage-sans-caffeine · 5 months ago
The rise of the kraken: Ed and Touch Starvation
Ed is so starved for shards of human kindness in the form of touch. If we go by the probable age of the actor who plays Young Ed when he filmed (14, given he’s 15 now), then Ed murdered his father at roughly age 14.  In all likelihood, he ran away as soon as he’d killed his dad, because how do you ever go home again?  We see some clues that his mother may have touched him with kindness and love in the scene about his scrap of silk, but those kind touches may have been few and far between depending how often his dad was home and how often his dad was violent.  It’s probable that Young Ed had to fight a lot to avoid being bullied when he first went to sea---neither of his parents are shown as seeming particularly nautical---so he probably didn’t get much touch as a teenager. Taika is 46, probably 45 when this was filmed.  So let’s call Ed 45.  Ed has now spent 2/3 of his life at sea/running from his father.  That’s 30 years. Now let’s consider his two pre-Stede best friends.  We have Izzy, who appears not to touch him except in anger, and Calico Jack, who Ed eagerly urges to whip his balls.  I don’t see Ed getting much calm, loving touch from either of them.  He also seems to keep himself at arms’ length from his crew---see how he made Fang put his dog down to join up, how Fang fears Ed finding out he’s slacking by being drawn?  That doesn’t leave many people to give him loving, kind touches.  There’s a small window between ‘green seaman’ and ‘dude showing a load of promise as a commander’ where he might have had a friend who was his equal???  But I suspect he didn’t. So the only forms of touch Ed has had in THIRTY YEARS are a) fucking (which I don’t think he’s done with someone who gave an actual fuck about him, given Calico Jack got a bite at that apple), b) contact during fights, and c) brushing against other sailors while doing his duties.   And then he finds Stede and he’s able to rest a cheek on a hand here, nudge an ankle with his toe there.  And we see him touch Stede over and over again.  He angles his body in towards Stede constantly as if hoping Stede will brush against him.  He’s so starved for touch he didn’t realise he was starved, so desperate he couldn’t see his own hunger until he was able to start sating it. And he lays himself bare.  He kisses Stede and rests one hand on his chest and the other on his shoulder and says the words that will, he believes, get him more touch, more love, more of this kindness he didn’t know he could want.  He burns these touches into his skin and leaves that interaction believing that he’ll get more.  He’s got so little fear that when he comes to tell Stede the escape plan, the only touch is a brief tap on Stede’s shoulder, a forgettable little thing, nothing really. And then he goes to the dock and Stede never comes.  He waits and he waits until he can’t wait any longer and there’s no sign of Stede.  He goes back to the crew and he’s begging to be touched again.  You don’t invite someone into your cramped little blanket fort if you’re not looking for touch.  You don’t talk about your fingers bleeding down to the bone as you hold on without thinking about being touched.  You don’t sing that song without hoping for touch.  You don’t try to get the crew together---a crew that does a LOT of casual touching---to work on a talent show without hoping for touch.   And they don’t touch him.  They don’t.  It’s possible I’m missing a passing touch from someone, but I can’t find any touch and certainly no directed, intentional touch, from the moment Stede leaves until Izzy taunts him into trying to strangle him.  The next touch he receives is Izzy holding his wrist while he decides whether or not to kill Izzy for taunting him about ‘pining for his boyfriend’ and then Izzy reaches out and cups his cheek gently with his gloved hand.  And then Izzy makes a clear threat that he isn’t here for Edward.  The first touch Ed has had since Stede might also leave.  And the crew, who hasn’t touched him calls out for Edward to come up and sing another song.  The crew who likes him, but doesn’t reach out. And then the Kraken rises.   Maybe Ed literally just needs a hug, guys, because this is a man starving if ever I saw one.
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Hi! Um, a question. I'm under the impression Izzy is literate, but I don't know where/if this is mentioned, and can't easily go and check. If he is, this adds another dimension to the class politics going on, since it suggests that he was in a position to receive at least that much education, either growing up or in later life.
So I have many theories re. Izzy and the biggest one sitting in my brain is that he was definitely involved with 'society' as a whole for a while. This comes from the fact that he knows what retirement is when Ed, who has been working class and piratical all his life, has never heard of the concept. It's like the rest of the crew when Stede suggests a vacation - this is something beyond the experience and knowledge of the working class people on his ship because only the poshos would Vacate to the country.
He definitely wasn't mixing with the upper echelons so my thinking is that he was either involved in the Navy or in one of the trading companies working the seas at the time. There were many and people from all classes would end up working on them. But especially lower-class people because it was one of the biggest businesses especially for cities in the north. Liverpool's port was one of the biggest in the north west of England at the time.
I'm mostly inclined to assume Navy because of some of his mannerisms and his behaviour. I don't think he was press-ganged into it, but I do think it would have been a job taken out of necessity and he would have started on the lowest rung of the ladder.
The trouble with being working class is that you can only get so far and no matter how far you go, the officers are almost always gentlemen and the show demonstrates what some of them are like. If they were so terrible to people of their own class, you can imagine how they would treat a Jolly-Jump-Up, if someone ever made it up through the ranks.
Literacy was a definite boundary for gaining ranks as well and while we see Izzy in Stede's library ("a perverse use of space") and flicking through his books in episode 10, I don't know if he can canonically read.
Another thing that supports my Naval theory. Yes, it's all in black, but he's also the only other member of either of the crews who is consistently dressed in more formal clothing: a collared shirt that fastens all the way up, a waistcoat, sleeve cuffs to add shape to his sleeves and most significantly, his neckerchief/cravat.
Tumblr media
I've had a poke through some contemporary paintings and museum websites and a lot of the images show a lot of sailors with a black scarf or neckerchief. It makes me think he spent long enough in a place where he had to dress uniformly that it became habit and even when he became a pirate, it's a habit he didn't break.
It would also explain a lot about the way he runs Blackbeard's crew. He barks orders like a military officer. He demands to know logistics and tactical information. He expects orders to be obeyed. He has a very clear idea of how a victor is supposed to behave and how a subdued enemy is meant to behave.
I also have a whole sub-theory about his especial disdain for rich posh twats because of the ring he wears at his throat, looped around the knot of his neckerchief. Not least because when he's trying to persuade Ed to finish Stede off, he frames it like a mercy killing, to "end it quick", rather than "destroying yourself over that twat", "this is a humane way of ending it, it's quick, it's clean".
The fact he sells himself out to the British Navy? Absolutely the icing on the cake. He will sell himself to the empire he hates to save Ed from this one froofy little imbecile on his fancy twat ship. He even says to Ed “do you really want to lick the king’s boots?” when he has signed up to do exactly the same thing to get Bonnet safely dead and away from Ed.
Better this person is dead than... than what, Izzy? What happened? What did a posh twat do that hurt you so much that you want to see this posh twat dead, both for yourself and to save your beloved Captain from whatever you believe will destroy him? Why do you still wear a ring at your neck like a widow? Who was taken from you so cruelly that you still wear their ring? How much did it hurt you?
So in answer to your question... er. I don't know if he can read.
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sixstepsaway · 4 months ago
Ed is my favorite character but I am also very much an Izzy Hands enjoyer and I am baffled by the "Ed is a innocent lamb uwu everything bad and mean about Blackbeard was Izzy but also Izzy is incompetent and Ed never needed him for Blackbeard at all!" sentiment I see. Like....? How do you reconcile that? Also Ed "doesn't kill" but we see him order a man to be flayed alive with a snail fork and then thrown overboard. We see that. Izzy isn't there. Izzy didn't "make" him do this, just like Izzy didn't make him cut off his toe, which happened hours after their fight, in a calculated response that took into account Stede specifically recoiling from the idea (there's something to unpack).
When they say Ed had people kill their pets, Ed doesn't deny it or in any way indicate it wasn't his idea. The entire plan of killing Stede and taking his place was Ed's idea, not Izzy's! Ed could have ordered him to stop at any time and he didn't, he didn't even have the stomach to watch Izzy stab Stede (I love the contrast between this and the act of grace moment), and people act like the whole murder thing was entirely Izzy's idea and desire and Ed is just a helpless bystander. Ed is the one in charge except when he can't or won't be, but he still wants things done his way, wants all of the positives and none of the negatives (who can blame him? We all want that. But Ed doesn't seem to recognize that isn't actually possible).
If Izzy is so diametrically opposed to everything Ed is, and just a horrible hateful little man, why has Ed kept him around? Why is he his first mate? Why does he trust him more than anyone else, and let him in more than anyone else, until Stede? Why does their relationship read like they came up together, like they've literally known each other decades, like there is a depth and history and so much nuance to the relationship and yet you have people acting like Izzy is just some guy assigned by the pirate temp agency to Blackbeard shortly before the show starts? That Ed doesn't have the authority to fire?
There's abuse and toxicity coming from both Ed and Izzy in this relationship, and we're seeing it as it crumbles. The fact that it crumbles so painfully and dramatically - along with just every single thing about the way they interact, I feel insane - speaks to there having been a foundation of genuine friendship and partnership and maybe even love through the years (there are so many ways to love, what Ed & Stede have is glorious but just one). They're both in crisis. Izzy is making horrific, hurtful decisions but so is Ed. Ed has been hurt by Izzy's actions but Izzy has been hurt by Ed's as well (I'm not even talking about the toe! I'm talking about the years of relying on Izzy and having him do his dirty work, with very little thanks).
Ed and Stede have protagonist bias working in their favor (see how so many people ignore Stede's casual colorblind racism and that he can only be funding this adventure through exploitation and violence) - they also had some tragic, traumatic back story shown on screen. Izzy didn't - do people think that means he doesn't have one? That he was just born like this, has always been like this for no reason? That isn't how humans work. Real or fictional.
Ed deserves to be happy, it's what I want most. I want him to heal. I want the same for Izzy. They're both struggling and in pain and nothing I've seen from either of them as fictional people in a romcom makes me think they're undeserving or unable to be redeemed.
Anyway I love your Izzy posts. Keep on keeping on. Sending this anon because I don't want my own haters haha.
All of this, anon. All of this. The Revenge and the rest of the Pirate World are two entirely different stages (up until the end of ep 10), and when they swap between those worlds, the rules shift and change. You go from Pirate Drama (ala Black Sails, for example) to Rom Com and back again. Because of that, pretty much everyone who joined the Revenge who isn't Stede is an objectively awful person in their own ways who have made their lives by killing, plundering, looting, even torturing. I think that's why I love them all so much, because they're being given the chance to evolve past that. It's almost like starting a series with an entire cast of villains heading for redemption. It's excellent.
If Izzy is so diametrically opposed to everything Ed is, and just a horrible hateful little man, why has Ed kept him around? Why is he his first mate? Why does he trust him more than anyone else, and let him in more than anyone else, until Stede? Why does their relationship read like they came up together, like they've literally known each other decades, like there is a depth and history and so much nuance to the relationship and yet you have people acting like Izzy is just some guy assigned by the pirate temp agency to Blackbeard shortly before the show starts? That Ed doesn't have the authority to fire?
omg anon this bit here i was nodding along ready to contribute my own thoughts and then i hit PIRATE TEMP AGENCY and i fuckin LOST IT. thank you for that.
But also I think one particular bit really stands out to me from the POV of their friendship. Two, actually, one less than the other so I'll start there:
the first one is that Izzy specifically sends Calico Jack after Ed. He knows enough about Ed's temperament, and about his relationship with Jack to know that Jack is absolutely perfect to drive a wedge not only between Ed and Stede but between Ed and everyone on the crew. And he DOES. It's an absolutely FLAWLESS plan up until the point they're in dinghy and Jack has to be a bitch and talk about Izzy. If he hadn't done that? If his jealousy, ego, bitchiness hadn't come out so strongly? Damn. That plan was flawless and Ed would firstly have never known about the English and secondly gone back to Izzy.
Because Izzy knew him.
But the bit I specifically wanted to talk about in relation to your piece up there is after Ed hits him at the start of Act of Grace.
First off; Ed only hits him. He socks him real good in the face but that's it! I subconsciously assumed he was testing to see if the English would stop him, and then would surge on with something new but no. He thinks Izzy has completely betrayed them, and he even says so to Stede ("He sold us out.") but all he does is hit him. He doesn't hit him then try to shove him over the side. He doesn't try to bounce him off the mast. He doesn't pull a knife! He just socks him once real good in the face.
And then comes what Izzy says after that:
"That's fair. That's fair. Remember though, you said when you made me first mate, 'above all else is loyalty to your captain'. You're my captain and I was never gonna stand by and let you destroy yourself for that... twat. And this? This is a humane way of ending this. It's quick, it's clean. Edward, you know that."
And oh, my god. I could go on about this line for days but I'll try and keep it brief: Edward is the one that told Izzy that above all is loyalty to him. Edward. Knowing what Ed is capable of, knowing the kind of shit he's done not only in episode 10 but also the skinning and god knows what else? Who knows how he instilled that into Izzy, that his loyalty is to Edward and Edward only. A lot of people think the X on Izzy's cheek is his signature, and fuck. Imagine if that was when he gave him that? Imagine if he literally tattooed his signature into Izzy's face because his loyalty is to Ed and Ed only. (If not that X, perhaps a Blackbeard brand under his glove? Who knows.)
Then, after that, he goes on to say he wasn't going to let Ed destroy himself. This isn't a betrayal, and I think the fact Ed doesn't kill him here, doesn't cast him off the ship at the end of episode 9, doesn't tell him to go fuck himself, proves that Ed doesn't think it's a betrayal either. Regardless of his feelings for Stede, the only time he thought it was a betrayal was when he thought Izzy had handed them all over hook line and sinker with no regards for anything but himself. Izzy did not betray him. Izzy, in fact, kept his pledge of loyalty.
And then finally, the humane way of ending this? Izzy's job is keeping Edward happy. Izzy's job is keeping Edward safe and happy. That's why Stede is, in that scene, about to die by firing squad, not in some gruesome show at Charlestown or whatever else might have come his way. I would lay bets that Stede dying quickly and as painlessly as possible was part of the deal Izzy made.
I would also bet that the words, "This is the humane way of ending this, it's quick, it's clean," was what Edward said about Fang's dog.
They're both in crisis. Izzy is making horrific, hurtful decisions but so is Ed. Ed has been hurt by Izzy's actions but Izzy has been hurt by Ed's as well (I'm not even talking about the toe! I'm talking about the years of relying on Izzy and having him do his dirty work, with very little thanks).
This! This! This! I also want to reiterate very strongly that we never see Edward actually tell Izzy what he wants. He says he wants to retire and he's going to kill Stede and take his place, but when he changes his mind he never actually says, "Izzy, I'mma be honest with you mate, I love Stede and I want you in my life too but I don't want to kill him, and I don't want to be Blackbeard anymore. I want a change." Or whatever way Edward would say those things.
Edward communicates with Izzy zilch, which honestly I think is probably how things have always gone. Edward half kills some guy then goes, "Oh, Izzy?" and walks off and it's up to Izzy to finish it off. One of his crew members does something? He scoffs and scowls and that means Izzy has to handle it. Izzy has had to learn to fill in all those spots that Edward can't or won't, and that's what he's doing throughout the show, but he hasn't yet been told that Edward actively wants these changes.
Hell, I'm willing to say that he thinks Edward is becoming not just something Izzy can't recognize but something Edward actively abhors. You don't tell someone to toughen up and kill their own dog because you like softies. Which begs the question of how much time Edward has spent actively trying to toughen up his crew and remove any soft sides, just to turn entirely into that soft side?
(Also, I'll be honest, I do not think that breakup robe!Edward should be his final form. He was not himself there either, and that's because he's so actively pretending that he's none of the kraken things that he was. He's almost imitating Stede, in a way, trying to hide his pain by being someone else. I imagine his final form will be someone very capable of violence, very capable of anger and being awful, but someone who also has a deeply soft side and cultivates a lot of love and trust from those around him, someone who will murder in defense of his loved ones, rather than just 'cause he can. Which, to me, is who he was when he was younger. He killed his father for hurting his mother, that's made abundantly clear, especially since we never see his father raise a hand against him.)
...they also had some tragic, traumatic back story shown on screen. Izzy didn't - do people think that means he doesn't have one? That he was just born like this, has always been like this for no reason? That isn't how humans work. Real or fictional.
Honestly yeah. I think that's likely what they think.
Which brings me right back to the fact Stede is very much an outlier. Oluwande says himself that him and Jim have no other choice. Do they think Izzy does? Who knows what his past is that led him to piracy, anger and repression at sea? Who knows what makes him so goddamn anxious about everything running Correctly?
And yes, I do read him as anxious. He hates the situation he's in because everything is wrong. Lucius won't do his job, no one does the things they need to do to run a ship, and he is actively seen as a villain in their lives by them when he tries to get them to be the crew of a pirate ship. He nearly got thrown overboard for making them work!
Ed deserves to be happy, it's what I want most. I want him to heal. I want the same for Izzy. They're both struggling and in pain and nothing I've seen from either of them as fictional people in a romcom makes me think they're undeserving or unable to be redeemed.
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!! I want them both to heal, and Stede too!! Stede has so much trauma he hasn't worked through that colors everything he does (as illustrated by the fact this middle-aged man is bogged down and smothered constantly throughout the first few episodes by memories of being what... ten?)
Not to mention that a forced arranged marriage cannot possibly be anything short of traumatic (cultural arranged marriage being very different and depending on the situation etc, I'm not talking about modern arranged marriages, I'm talking specifically about the type Stede and Mary were forced into, and even more specifically their marriage). I don't think either of them were abusive to one another, but being forced to have sex solely by society and those around you to make children? Especially if Stede is gay not bi (which I read him as; gay), that's so... awful? It's basically that both of them had to agree to their own rape, almost? It's a really complicated and horrible thing and god knows what Stede felt after having to do those things with her, especially if he knew she wasn't into it with him either.
Anyway I love your Izzy posts. Keep on keeping on. Sending this anon because I don't want my own haters haha.
Thank you so much for the message because it was GREAT and your own meta was downright excellent. If you ever feel like de-anoning, feel free to DM me! And here, have another Izzy post! lmao hope you enjoy it
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Hyper Fixation of the Month; Our Flag Means Death
So, to those who haven't had the pleasure of watching the recent HBO max show 'Our Flag Means Death', please treat yourself cause it's lovely!!
Tumblr media
The story is about a real pirate named Stede Bonnet. He was known as the gentlemen pirate for the fact that he was an aristocrat and didn't act like a normal pirate. He wore his fancy clothes even while sailing, gave his crew a weekly wage, and had a library built into his ship. In the show, they display all these things and go into how he isn't big on violence and would prefer to win a battle with his wit, or really he would prefer to 'kill with kindness.
Tumblr media
The ship they sail on is called the Revenge. And of his crew, he has quite a colorful collection of people. There is Frenchie, Roach, Wee John, Buttons, Black Pete, The swede, Lucius, Oluwande, and Jim. They all find Stedes's way of pirating annoying and plan a mutiny on him several times, but they never end up doing it. They are all also not great at being pirates and are very open about how they feel with one another and are in every sense of the word a big family. Stede even reads them bedtime stories on the deck every night. Though Stede isn't a normal Pirate captain they still stay loyal to him as he does for them.
Tumblr media
Eventually, we are introduced to another pirate that many know, Blackbeard. Or as he likes to be known by those he trusts, Edward Teach. He hears about the gentleman pirate and needs to meet him, finding what he does to be absolutely ridiculous but interesting. Along with Ed, we meet his first mate Izzy Hands, Fang, and Ivan. Blackbeard's crew are all wearing what I would describe as biker gang pirate chic. They dress in all black with leather and some metal studs here and there, very different compared to Stedes crew who all wear just simple garb that has wear and tear and light colors. Another true story is that the real Blackbeard had wanted to meet Stede and they did become fast friends in real life. In the show Ed, once he meets Stede, talks about being tired of being the Blackbeard, as he doesn't even need to fight to scare people to death. So Stede and he makes a deal that Stede would teach Ed the ways of an aristocrat while Ed will teach him how to be a pirate. And so their cohabitation and relationship begin.
Tumblr media
Now, with all that said, let me get into why this show has a grip on my heart right now. Now, WE ARE GETTING INTO SPOILER TERRITORY HERE, SO BE WARNED!!
Now, this show is called a romantic comedy by some for a reason, as it has multiple queer romantic relationships happening. For one, the main relationship we see happening in this show is the romance between Stede Bonnet and Edward Teach. And they are WONDERFUL!! Stede had run away from his wife and children to be a pirate, as the marriage was arranged and neither he nor his wife was happy together. In comparison to the forced nature of their coupling, Stede and Ed become friends and learn from one another and become closer and closer as each episode goes on. We have the other cast make comments on their relationship as they become closer and closer until we get the moment when we get something that most showrunners are too scared to do. Ed and Stede share a confession of love and kiss.
Tumblr media
Now, this is a big deal! We are given two characters as being very openly queer and no one can say otherwise. This is subtext, this ain't queer baiting or queer coding, this is just two men who are in love and being queer. I'm so used to people denying when a character is queer, so when I finished my first watch of the show I ran to the reviews to see if people would say that this wasn't a queer show. And no one was denying its queerness, everyone was saying it was a queer romance(even those who said that was a bad thing couldn't deny it). Even the creator(David Jenkins) of the show and the actor who plays Ed(Taika Watiti) have made many online posts about the fact that these characters are queer. Taiki has reposted a fanart and commented "It's a romance, not a bromance". David had made a comment about the fact that fans were worried that the show was queer baiting when in a scene it is implied that Stede and Ed were leaning closer to each other for a kiss that doesn't happen and that he hadn't even thought about it cause to him it was always a love story between these two men. This show was made with the strict intent of being a queer story from the very beginning, and that is amazing.
But we can't forget about the other shows of queer representation in this show! Cause we arent just treated to one one screen queer kiss, but three! From three different queer couples!
So alongside the love story of Stede and Ed, we get the relationship between Lucius and Black Pete, and Jim and Oluwande.
With Lucius and Pete, we even get an off-screen sex scene which is very funny and maybe one of my favorite moments in this show. But the thing with this relationship that I really like is that they aren't possessive of one another. Lucius is known for sketching people in the nude is a bit of a flirt, and at one point Izzy Hands tries to use that to take power away from Lucius. But that plan fails as Lucius makes a comment to Pete about his recent drawing he did of a character and Pete's response is 'haha, nice.' Lucius then makes a comment on how they don't own each other, and that response is just so good. It's so common for media to show that relationships can only be this monogamous thing where if one of the people even looks at another person, their partner should be pissed off and drama should ensue. Not here, no here we have a couple like that they are two separate people, and are comfortable enough in their relationship that they don't feel the need to create drama from nothing. The showrunners could so easily be caused a bit of drama by having Pete react badly to Lucius drawing other people, but they don't. And I'm so glad they didn't.
Tumblr media
And last but not least, is the relationship between Jim and Oluwande. Now, these two have known each other since before Stedes's crew got together, and at first, Jim is in disguise as a mute man. Once it is revealed that they are not a man, we get a scene of the crew asking Jim how they want to be identified and they tell them all to continue calling them Jim, and so they do. And throughout the show, everyone refers to them as Jim and uses only they/them pronouns for them. And when they run into people from their past, they correct them and instantly those people start calling them by their proper name and pronouns. The actor who plays Jim(Vico Ortiz) is a nonbinary actor and the showrunners actually have nonbinary writers that worked on Jims' character too. This is something that honesty never happens, and it should happen more. And I'm so grateful for this show and the people backing it for going there and setting a standard that all media should follow.
Now for Jim and Oluwande's romance, it's so sweet and so nice and I can't wait for it to continue. They are the classic friends-to-lovers trope in the best way possible. They obviously love and respect each other a lot and it makes the scenes they have together so comfy and refreshing to watch.
Tumblr media
Just in general all the relationships in this show are so healthy and happy, they aren't made to be a drama point. No one is being attacked for being gay or for being a flirt or for being genderqueer. These are just parts of their overall characters and it's important to the story without it being a point of drama or contention. The showrunners smartly knew that they had other things causing a drama of sorts and that the relationships and identities these characters have don't need to be seen as anything more than what they are. These characters are queer and that's accepted without fanfare and I love it. They just are and the world they live in accepts that.
Of course, there is so much more about this show that I could talk about, how it's super funny and have a great cast and crew, and how they have good representation of POC characters too. But I just needed to talk about how gay this show is and how much that makes me an emotional queer mess. So please, if you haven't seen it yet watch it. Find an HBO max login and binge it in a night. Please show this show all the love and support it deserves, we need a season 2 desperately.
So again, thank you David Jenkins for this masterpiece. And thank you to the crew and cast for putting all this love and energy into this project. I cant wait to see where it goes from her.
Tumblr media
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