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Bakugou, Shinsou, Hawks, Dabi, Shigaraki x Reader
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𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 decides that the moment he sees your foot stumble off the side walk and nearly fall into on going traffic while he’s walking along side you, he’ll never let you stand so close to the road ever again. “Damn airhead,” He grumbles, quickly taking a hold of your school uniform sleeve and pulling you into his side— his calloused hands taking place onto the opposite side of your hip to keep you up and steady. “You an idiot or what? ‘M sure you’d loose your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck.” You softly sigh at his snarky words and roll your eyes, but still allow the blond hot head to tug you down the pathway. “There was a stone on the ground, I didn’t see it.” He sends you a side eye, a look contrasted of disbelief and annoyance before turning his attention to the sight ahead— giving the flesh of your hip a firm squeeze. “There’s no need to lie, Sweet cheeks, s’only us here. Just admit it, you’re clumsy.” Of course he’s trying to make this a competition, that’s so like him— but after the long day of training you had, you didn’t feel like humouring him any longer. “Okay, I’m clumsy. You happy now? Jerk.” You mutter in defeat, and Katsuki doesn’t even try to bite back his shit eating grin because he knows he’s already won. “Of course I am.” ‘Of course i am, and it’s only because you’re here.’ He thinks, his hand leaving your side so he can grab onto your own to tangle your fingers together and rub his thumb along your knuckles. “Now hurry up and walk faster, this date ain’t gonna… date itself.” “That doesn’t make sen—” “Shut it!”
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𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐔 exhales loudly, tiredly lifting up one arm to swipe the back of his hand along his sweaty forehead, trying to calm his rapid breaths and pulsing heart beat. The ringing in his ears is so loud that he doesn’t hear the sound of your footsteps getting closer and closer until the tips of your shoes enter his vision while he stares at the floor, making him slowly lift his head to meet your gaze. “Here.” You extend out your arm, a cold bottle of water thrusted in front of his beet red face that he waste no time in grabbing, heaving out a small ‘thanks’ before chugging half of it. “You both did good today, take a break and we’ll continue this tomorrow!” You both turn your heads into Aizawa’s direction and wave him off, watching his back as he leaves through the gym doors. “Finally!” Shinsou drops to the floor, rolling onto his back and gazing up at the roof— patting the spot beside him, indicating you to follow through. You do so, kneeling to the ground before flipping onto your side— your elbow planted on the ground to hold your head up while you stare at his face. His chest is still heaving rapidly as he is still not quite used to training so intensely, while his eyes scan around the room— until they land on you. Shinsou pursers his lips, his nose twitches slightly in awkwardness while he try’s to rack his brain for a conversation starter. “You uh… really hit me hard today.” ‘Shit’ now he’s gone and embarrassed himself, again. He’s about to make up some lame excuses until the sound of your laughter fills his ears. His eyes find their way back to your face, watching the way your eyes flutter closed while you break out into a fit of giggles. He smiles at the sight, the sight of your smiling face makes his brain melt to mush and forget about his previous worries. ‘Oh, well, I guess this is okay.’
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𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 watches as you sit up from the couch and walk over to the other one, one that’s five feet away from the one you were sitting on previously— when you were sitting next to him. He’s baffled, eyebrows raised in surprise while he eyes you up and down. “Geez, baby, didn’t know I stunk that bad…” he jokes with an awkward chuckle, the large red wings behind him droop slightly when he doesn’t receive the reaction he was hoping for. “You do, Keigo, go shower.” Picking up the remote and flicking through the channels on the TV, you try not to let your giggle slip when you see him from the corner of your eyes, also stand up and waddle over to you— his wings sadly dragging along the floor as he does do. “That was kinda mean, my feelings are hurt now.” He pouts, taking place right in front of you— blocking your view from the show you started watching. “You’ll live.” You mutter, leaning over to the side to look past his body. Now you’re not paying attention to him, and he doesn’t like that one bit… so without warning, Keigo stalks closer until his knees are pressing up against your legs before flopping down into you with his whole weight. “You big oaf! Get off of me!” You wheeze; the weight of his body is heavy enough as is— let alone him and his freakishly large wings . “Hey! M’not big, or an oaf.” He whines back, his head falling into the crook of your neck while his body lies on top of yours, his feet dangling off the end of the arm rest— kicking happily when you sigh in defeat and tangle your hand in his hair. “See, knew you’d come around… now let’s watch that damn movie.” “Oh, shut it, Keigo. I only gave up because I had to, we will never be friends.”
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𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 already has a naturally deep and gruff voice, he knows it, you know it, every knows it. But it’s still a pleasant surprise to hear it go deeper when you wake up in his hold, your bare legs tangled with each other’s while the duvet lays carelessly tossed on the floor after he unconsciously kicks it off the bed in a cold sweat. “You awake yet, angel face?” You can feel the vibrant of his voice resonate through his chest while you lay atop of him, one of his hands resting firmly on the dip in your back while he other rubs comforting circles on your arm. “Barely… M’so cold, Touya, you gotta help me.” You whine, digging your head deeper into the shell of his neck— looking for any type of warmth you can get. He chuckles an airy laugh at the clear sleepiness still evident in your tone, his hand leaving your spine to crawl up under your (his) shirt to rest his palm on your skin and slightly heating up his quirk, not enough to ignite up in flames but enough to produce a small amount heat to warm you up— softly smiling when you let out a small, content mewl at the feeling. “How does that feel, baby? Feel good?” You adjust your head and nod into him, your nose now pressed up against the flesh of his neck while your hair tickling his ear. “So good, thank you… love… you…” he listens as your words quietly fade out, indicating that you’re, once again, knocked out cold. Dabi looks down slightly, watching as your eyelashes flutter along with you chest rising and falling. It quiet, the only sounds being your soft breaths and the occasional car that drive past his apartment. And it’s just the way he likes it.
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The obnoxious tapping of 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐈’𝐒 thumbs on the joy sticks hallow around the thin, league bar walls, along with the occasional swear word muttered under his breath and rustles of his coat every time he adjusts his position. “Fucking Tom Nook, stupid piece of shit.” Even from your seat on the squeaky stool at the counter, you can clearly see the way his blue locks tousle around whenever he reaches up to scratch at his neck. “Still in a hundred grand bell dept? What kind of rat needs a hundred thousand fucking bells?” He growls, and when you rise from your seat to walk over and stand behind him— you can just barley see over his head that his net is continuously beating the poor racoon inside his tent. “Babe, murder won’t always erase your problems.” You laugh, leaning down and snugly wrapping your arms around his neck— the soft action making Tomura momentarily pause his rage to drop his handheld into his lap and lean back in the warmth of your embrace, his hair tickling your nose. “Sweetheart, go grab your switch and help me blow this island up.” He looks up at you, his hands gripping onto your forearms— cautious not to place all five fingers on your skin— before pulling you down so your head is nestled in the crook of his neck. “I don’t think your goals of man slaughter are achievable in animal crossing.” You tease, your answer makes him grumble, the device in his lap now long forgotten to the side when he turns around on his knees on the cushions to position his face in front of yours. “Okay then, how about a trip to the new GameStop that just opened up down the road. I like the Pokémon games more anyway…” “…You’re such a sore loser.”
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Who’s he texting?
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Made cat dabihawks icons! please do credit me before using them!
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They want cuddles P1 (mha x reader)
Warnings: Fluff ig? O_o 
Word count: 305
Summery: it’s in the title 
He’s not gonna outright ask you, that's not his style, or more specifically, he’s too embarrassed to. Dabi’s scars sometimes hurt, he’ll just wake up and feel pain all over his body, this usually happens when he’s burning, so snuggling up to you was perfect to him, since you were like a block of ice compared to him.
Usually you're able to tell when he wants attention or love, but if you don’t realise, he’ll try to give you hints that he wants affection, typically by saying things like “Baby, y’know i’m not around often, might as well do something” or “Are you just gonna ignore me?” 
One day however, he worked up the courage to try and y“Hey, um, I was wondering if you wanted to…” he paused, you were completely looking at him, which only embarrassed him more.
After a few seconds of silence, he simply picked you up with no warning, the sight of shock on your face making him chuckle, he plopped you on the couch as and then wrapped his arm around you waist as he pulled you in and laid his head on your shoulder 
“Y’know dabi, you could’ve just asked me for cuddles” you laughed
“Shut up.”
This man is an attention whore, let’s face it. Whenever he gets home from work, all he wants to do is cuddle you until you both fall asleep, and he isn’t shy to admit it
If for some reason you reject his offer to cuddle, he will take it VERY personally, he’ll cup your cheeks and say “do you not love me anymore?” while pouting like a kicked puppy
If you still won’t budge it he will actually start to hurt him, did he do something wrong? Eventually he’ll get your attention one way or another, so prepare yourself..
He’ll poke you with his feathers, nuzzle you with his nose, just ANYTHING that will annoy
When you finally agree he  immediately pounces on you and gently wraps his arms and wings around you 
“about time.. Y’know i need my cuddles” 
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corvidrogue · 2 days
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normal conversations with your coworkers
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tiredhawks · 3 days
hmm I need Dabi kind of snapping and venting on how being with Hawks has made everything more difficult, has made him confused and struggle internally, where before he never used to care at all. Everything is different now. But Hawks doesn't really understand what Dabi is trying to say- all he hears is that he's hard to love
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toewsy · 18 hours
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walk walk fashion baby | dec. 2, 2022
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hosfish · 19 hours
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doodles from the past month!
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voidlessmaze · 2 days
someone telling me the character i love is a murderer:
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berrybanana-arts · 2 days
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“Hawks has no one to blame but himself.
He can’t say all the things he wants to say. That he's sorry, that he never meant it to get this far, that not all of it was a lie — no, every single moment they have stolen together like this has been painstakingly real. It wouldn’t hurt so badly if it wasn’t.
He wants to tell him he’s sorry for falling in love with him.
But that would be just another lie, because despite all the hurt, he can’t bring himself to regret any of it.
Gravity holds, he thinks to himself as he rolls over and pulls Dabi on top of him, his legs coming up to hungrily wrap around the other man’s hips, but I never had a chance of staying in one place when it came to you.
I was always going to let myself fall.”
- Gravity’s Burn by seabhactine on AO3!
A little bit of fanart by me for an insanely good fic :)) 2 variations because I’m indecisive <3 Mayyyy redraw at some point but for now, have this! ^^
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aleatory-eyes · 3 days
Tw: kidnapping, noncon, sleeping drugs.
Yandere hawks x winged reader
Moment of discovery part 2
first impression could be wrong, right? The same goes with instincts. However you soon find out that even something pure like love could be wrong.
Part 1
The vehicle was astonishing and had been personalized to fit his crimson wings. The inside had a refined vibe, mixing black and red tones. "Loosen up a litle bit, I know a shelter that can take you for the night" the owner said with a wink as he turned on the engine.
You thanked him for his concerns and turned you head to the window, watching the ilusion that the moon was following you. Still processing everything that happened, the adrenaline slowly leaving your body. It would have been completely gone if you weren't so on guard. Yet your friend was so concerned, and hawks offered a tranquilizing ride.
It wasn't the luxurious car that got you or Sophie to accept his proposal, It was the sense of security that he provided. And now sitting besides the hero, you wonder when is the odd feeling of safety finally going to hit? Because you have only gotten more and more tense in here.
"You must be exhausted sweatheart. If you wanted you could nap a litle, I don't mind" he offered with a soft smile. "I'm alright." You sputtered, i wasn't your intention to sound so harsh but your social abilities were still on a training phase. Hoping to ease the tension you tryed to have some idle chat "so...where is this place? Once you drop me off you should rest too." He sighted and quickly answered "Its a nearby shelter for emergencies. The protocols prohibit me to tell you the address"
Did your question annoyed him? In any case the silence was really awkward. So you gave it a second shot "you have to follow a lot of rules? I thought hero work was usually liberal as a lot of different situations could occur". He kept his eyes on the road while speaking "yeah, is not as straigh forward as it look. And in some cases you have to take your own decisions without relaying in anyone" you could see a glimse of sadness in his eyes.
"When that happens it must be quite lonely...being a savior is quite complicated, right?" With that comforting phrase not only you felt like a social butterfly but also a litle guilty. Maybe you just had a bad impression of him. At that time it was after a life threatening event and you were on edge.
However your positive train of thought is stopped by his muttering "yes, I have been really lonely...but soon I wont be" a smile appeared in his face as he keep talking "reacently I met the one destined to be mine, my soulmate". A little bit of pink showed up in his ears. Was he blushing?
The sight in front of you would have captivated you if it weren't for your instincts going wild. You didn't know why but the way he talked about love creeped you out. So much so that you started to distrust the man once again. Sweat started going down your back.
The impulse to escape was back in your veins.
And then you noticed, the car gps was off. How did he know how to get to the shelter ? Could be by memory is your first thought but you were getting far away from the city. This roads almost didn't have any mile marks that indicated where to go.
Is true that he was considered a genius but he drove like he knew the way from the back of his hand... like he had gone here thousands of times. Hoping he couldn't sense the fear in your voice you prove your theory "Hawks...could it be that we're going to your house?" He gripped the wheel, veins popping in his strong arms.
"Fuck" he say with a low grunt and violently shifted the wheel to the left as he looked for a good place to urgently park. The sudden movement takes you by surprise and you are left holding your seat for dear life as he furiously maneuvers. Till with a sharp brake the car finally stops.
You two locked eyes for a moment prior to you taking off the seat belt and forcibly gripping the door handle. But is futile you're locked inside with this damm psycho. You take a glimpse of something in his hand "what a shame, I was hoping to not have to use this" he says prior to try to cage you with his hands.
You struggle using your wings to maintain some sort of distance between the two. But he knows where to grip them to hold you down and his strong built is too much for you to handle. Taking advantage of your stumble to get in a better position he manages to place a cloth in your face.
And within a few minutes, the now villain has you in his hold.
You woke up in a soft bed, at first you were confused by the strange place you were in. Your calmness didn't last long though, memories of last night in the car flowed right into your brain.
A wave of anxiety and dread hits you. You feel dizzy as if you couldn't breathe. Trying to calm yourself down, you get a hold of your knees. The fetal position is said to be the most calming for humans after all.
Your rotten savior entered the room and a you're greeted with a bear hug. Probably the worse in your life. You try to get away from his grasp and when he notice he lets you go. But not completely, his hands stayed holding your shoulders.
"How's my songbird? Welcome home" he says with a perfect smile. You don't even try to reason with him, is obvious to see how obsessed is he with his 'soulmate'. You just have to look at his eyes to know.
He showed you around the house : the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen. Ignoring for completely the other rooms in the house. He also specifies that the garden is temporary off limits. You wonder howto change the state to 'open'.
The days passed and nothing that bad happened yet. You and hawks have some sort of rutine: he wakes you up and then you are moved to the kitchen to have breakfast and start your day. Next the both of you 'get to know' talking to each other for some hours, mostly him talking and you listening and answering out of fear of him going through with his threat of clipping your wings.
Later he has to work and you get some alone time, that you use to look for an escape. You haven't had much luck with that. And you're force to stop once he cames back and eats dinner with you while watching some netflix.
Finally you two go to bed and simply sleep, However lately he had been cuddling up with you. This was getting in your neves as he advanced more and more every night. You were terrified by him even if you tryed your best to remain strong.
An after two weeks in your new home, the crippling point happen.
You're eyes open slowly as you feel an arm holding you tightly. "Oh, sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you up" he kissed your forehead as a way to apologize. You have been holiding back your fighting spirit, behaving like his cute angel. And lately you were at your limits, when his hold started to be more...passionate something inside of you simply cracked.
However was the kiss on your neck that drove you to the edge. You started pushing his chest, the strong muscles were like a wall for you. Hawks takes a deep breath and then he holds you even tighter "sweetheart, I've waited a long while. Don't you want to feel how much I love you".
"Let go of me!" You screamed, taking him by surprise. That was enough to use all your strength at once, doing the final punch with your wings you were free of his grasp. Quickly you get out of the bed and opening your wings you fly towards the hallway. If you managed to enter the bathroom maybe you could gain some time.
You hear a fluttering of feathers, but this time is not yours. You try harder to reach for the door, is so damm close. As you grasp the handle, something lays on top of your wings. Immediately you feel extremely heavy and unable to levitate, you drop.
In a prince charming fashion the blonde catches you in his arms. He seems angry, you prefer to advert his gaze and instead gave a good look at the thing in your wings. It was some kind of metal liquid enveloping your feathers.
While he calmly walked into the room you trashed with all your might. Screaming to your kidnapper to be let go (and a good amount of insults too ). It definitely angers him more.
"You want me to drop you baby? HERE! " with that he throw you to the bed.Not waiting a second he is on top of you, trying to get hold of your wrist so he can pin you down.
Once he has both of them in one hand, the other starting to take off your chlothes. That's when you realize you probably wont be able to run off this time. You cursed yourself for being this weak, tears escaping your eyes.
After removing your top the man get a hold of your chest and gropes them softly "no need to need to be so shy..." he said your sobs only getting louder, and your body tembled as he started sucking them.
Just as he goes down to your body and is about to take your panties off. He takes a look at you, shaking of fear and face deep in the pillow crying. His eyes Softened at your pitiful state.
Hawks let's go a sigh while lessening the grip that was trying to separate your knees "hey... tell me. What is that you find so scary about this?" His hands grabbing his chin in thoughtful way before continuing with his rumbling "Perhaps...are you embarrassed to show your body to me ? You know I won't judge. In my eyes you're truly magnificent." You try keep you glance away but curiosity gets the best of you as you hear the sound of clothes taken off. The hero smirks at your reaction "Or are you scared of not cumming?" He let out a chuckle "darling there's no way you aren't tonight".
If you liked don't forget to give me a heart/reblog 🥰
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missgreenkitty · 2 days
Tumblr media
Ty to everyone on twitter who participated in my 300 follower collab!!!! I had a lot of fun putting the polls together and creating this piece. Yall the real ones 💖💖
Don't forget to click on the image to see better bc tumblr kills the quality
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fyoadore · 2 days
Tumblr media
Ngl these are fun to make
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dabihawkstarot · 2 days
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Our next guest is the fantastic Neal Illustrator! She's been keeping us smiling with her animatics this year, and breaking our hearts with her comics - and nothing says Dabihawks quite like that! 🥰 We're delighted to have her as a guest! ✨
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animeomegas · 8 hours
Hawks daughter starting a cooking Chanel?🙃
Omg yesss, why is this so perfect though????
I love the idea of Hawk's teen daughter running a cooking channel. She's really good, but half of the appeal is watching her knock things off the counter with her wings by accident.
And Hawks is always hovering in the background, stealing ingredients and enquiring as to when it will be ready.
He's the head taste tester for her channel of course and he always tries every dish and says something bad about it, only to say sike, it's perfect and I'm going to eat it all.
I love that dynamic for them, it's perfect!
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