rielles96 · 2 days ago
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It’s been a while. Sry for disappearing. Now I brought you a young Remus Lupin from ‘91! He was on a mission at this time, disguised in a werewolf pack. In my headcanon his mission was to get close to Greyback. He didn’t succededfor the first time, James and Lily died and Voldemort disappeared. 14 years later Dumbledore gaved the same mission for him. Aaaaand my idea was that I’ll share this as a comic with you :D first I’ll share the studies I do for the process. What do you think? #remuslupin #harrypotter #harrypotterillustrated #harrypotterfan #fanart #digitalart #artist #procreate #riellesarts https://www.instagram.com/p/ClYs8YfKuax/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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vellichnora · a month ago
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On grief and loss
1. Glennon Doyle Melton, Love Warrior/ 2. Andrew Garfield interview/ 3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/ 4. Jamie Anderson/ 5. Fleabag/ 6. Anne Carson, Glass, irony and god / 7. Brokeback Mountain/ 8. Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere/ 9. John Banville, The Sea/ 10. Wandavision
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arishatistic · 5 months ago
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Hermione Granger if the Harry Potter series was filmed in the 80s, with young Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione! 
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weasleymione · 10 months ago
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♡  Rupert and Emma in Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts ♡
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annabellelupin · 7 months ago
Mcgonagall: if you're friends jumped off a bridge would you
Sirius: Minnie, you raised a leader not a follower
Sirius: I'd be the first one to jump off the bridge
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kagariasuha · 19 days ago
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Insert your favorite time travel AU here.
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mssrsmoon · 6 months ago
Y’all KNOW that James had no reason to be getting up at 3am for extra quidditch practice in ATYD.
Sirius and Remus were oblivious af to the fact that actually james was meeting Regulus in the astronomy tower
the best kept secret of Harry Potter
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boombon · 3 months ago
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zizudraws · 4 days ago
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Recently I've made my first illustration of Harry Potter. I mainly drew based on the character description of the book, the clothes and some props by the movie and the rest is by my imagination.
The scene depicts the fight between Ron and Hermione around their pets in the 3rd book the Prisoner of Azkaban, while the tired Harry listens to his two best friends, with his owl, Hedvig on his right.
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aat2184 · a month ago
God-parenting was a steep learning curve for Harry 😅
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thesiriusblacklover · 4 months ago
Remus: *wakes up*
Remus: oh wait i’m not in school anymore
Remus: *goes back to sleep*
Remus: *wakes up* OH SHIT I’M A TEACHER
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sunnystormisuperlazy · 6 months ago
Ginny: *looking sad*
Percy: Want me to tell you a joke?
Ginny: *looks up, shocked*
Percy: *Hesitates* Don't be sad, cuz sad backwards is das, and das not good for you
Ginny: ....
Percy: umm Ginny are you ok?
Ginny: *screaming at the top of her lungs* PERCY JUST TOLD A JOKE
The Weasley twins from a few miles away: NO FREAKING WAY
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darrusha-art · 4 months ago
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Draco Malfoy🖤
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potterharryloves · a month ago
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arishatistic · 3 months ago
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AU where Harry and Hermione are from Indian origin: Desi Harmony!
Commissioned by @bellairestrella 
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annabellelupin · 6 months ago
Regulus: *is playing with baby Harry* Can u give me a high five
Harry: *gives him a lil high five*
Regulus: *smiles* good job
James: *takes a picture*
Regulus: *covers harry's ears* If you ever show anyone that picture I'm fucking divorcing your sorry ass
James: but-
Regulus: did I fucking stutter
James: ok
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