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tanktoprry calling yn mommy ?
*twitches* yes....yes.
For the last thirty minutes she had been grinding herself on Harry, riding him ever so slowly and letting his cock fall out of her while she attacked his neck with hot, sloppy kisses that made him stutter her name over and over again. She was edging him and it nearly brought tears to his eyes.
He'd nearly beg her to touch him, and given that his wrists were bound to the bed, there was nothing that he was able to do but to lay back and watch her ravish him in the most animalistic way. This is what he had signed up for, and he was starting to regret it.
Her arousal glided up and down his cock as her knees lifted and brought herself down onto his angry, reddened cock. Harry whimpered and pleaded, "Please...I can't...mommy, please. Mommy please--"
"Shhh," She placed her index finger to his lips while rocking her hips back and forth. Harry's toes curled with a low growl, his eyes fluttering to the back of his head as he bucked his hips up carefully. "You'll get to cum, honey, just wait. Patience is key."
Harry's muscles flexed as he gripped down tightly onto the rope, leaning himself up as he stared up at her with pitiful eyes, "It's been an hour almost, please, I really need to cum, it's making my chest hurt..." He breathed out, uncomfortably so, his stomach was burning and needed release or he was going to cry.
"Beg for me then." She smirked.
Harry gulped thickly. "Don't make me--"
"Then you don't get to cum." She said simple and short. "Then I can keep edging you."
"Mommy, please," He immediately started to beg through gritted teeth, a harsh hoarse tone to his voice, "Please, mommy, I've been so good. So good for you. Let you do whatever you wanted to me. 'D anythin' for you to let me cum in your sweet pussy, baby honey."
She watched him beg through reddened cheeks as he shifted his hips upwards to create some sort of friction between them. He was leaking so bad, he had almost came from just the slightest movements of her hips. She cupped his jaw softly, placing a kiss to his lips through his pleadings.
"Anything?" Her breath feathered his lips.
"Fuckin' hell, do anything for you right now," He whispered back hopelessly, pecking her lips over and over again as his sweaty curls fell into his face, sticking to his forehead, "Do anything...anything for ya, mommy...Just let me cum..."
He said as he started to pepper kisses down her throat, making her pussy clench around his cock. His jaw hung open as his tongue licked around her sweaty throat carefully, then began to suck it softly, nibbling it and kissing it with care.
She said nothing as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she started to grind her hips against him again. Harry whimpered out, pressing his forehead against her collarbone harshly as the breath nearly knocked out of him. He was tipping over the edge and his stomach started to burn in the most comfortable, yet uncomfortable way--but he loved it. He loved feeling like he was going to cum so hard it would send him to his own death just to do so.
"Ah! Keep going!" Harry begged out into her ear as he panted. She groaned out, rolling her hips faster while Harry's nails dug deeper into the rope, his teeth biting hard onto his lip. He couldn't even announce he was cumming, in fact, he came so hard that he nearly blacked out from how good it had felt. All she could hear was his breath stop and his body constrict from under her, and when she rode him out of his orgasm he started to breathe once more, whimpers and whines leaving his throat.
"Oh my god...thank you, thank you, oh my god," Harry whispered almost to himself as his body collapsed back onto the bed, sweat glistening off his entire being as his eyes involuntarily shut closed. "God bless America, thank you, oh my god..."
"Harry," She chuckled out softly, "We are in England, not America,"
"Fuckin' hell, Y/N, God save the queen," Harry blew out harshly as he hid his face into the pillows, "Now untie me. I would like to lay here in my own filth for a while before I wash off the sins of my actions."
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Harry in Big Brother Mode /blurb/
AN: i thought of this and you knew i had to write it. also i wrote in fish pie as his siblings favorite dish because it's the only british dish i know. it is a british thing isn't it?? hope i don't sound completely stupid. hope you enjoy. give your feedback please.
This story contains: pure fluff
{ boyfriend!harry - older brother!harry - 25 year old harry }
word count: 1,278
Harry's twin brother and sister, Oliver and Alice, spend the night at yours and Harry's house for a sleepover and Alice wakes up scared in the night which leads her to end up sleepling in yours and Harry's bed.
Tumblr media
When Harry was just seventeen years old his mother got pregnant with his twin brother and sister, Oliver and Alice. Unfortunately with Harry's busy lifestyle, he wasn't able to be present in their lives as much as he wanted too. He often feels so guilty about it, knowing they would have wanted to spend more time with their big brother. But of course they saw each other on holidays and at family gathering.
Now that Harry has some time off from touring and will be home for a few months, he's invited Oliver and Alice to have a sleepover at his London home. They are eight years old now and that's the perfect age to do fun sleepover activities, even if they're with their big brother. But it won't be just Harry. It'll also have you there, Harry's girlfriend of two years.
You've meet Alice and Oliver a few times and they both absolutely adore you. So when Harry told them you'd be taken part in this sleepover, they were even more excited. You and Harry spent all day setting everything up for them. You got the spare bedroom tidied with clean bedding, you found a movie they'd enjoy, got some board games set up, brought out the nail polish because you thought giving each other manicures would be fun, even if it's bit sloppy on their part. They're eight so you can't expect the best of the best.
Around five Harry picked them up from the train station. You decided to stay home so you could allow them to spend a few minutes of alone time with their big brother. While they were gone you had cooked the twins favorite dish, fish pie.
At six pm you hear giggling and when you peak your head out from the kitchen area, you see Oliver and Alice clinging to Harry as they make their way to the kitchen. You can see just how much they missed Harry. You serve up the fish pie and eat at the dining room table. Then while eating you and Harry share what all you had planned for the sleepover tonight.
The night went great. You finished up dinner and migrated to the living room where you first sat at the coffee table and played a few board games. Then at the same coffee table you painted each others nails. Oliver painted Harry's, yes Oliver takes after his big brother and wears pretty nail polish too, and Harry painted his. Then Alice painted yours and you painted hers. Then while your nails were drying you put on a film and snuggled up on the sofa together. You had more to do with the twins tomorrow, like visiting the London Zoo, so you couldn't stay up too late.
When the movie was over, Harry lead Alice and Oliver to the guest room down the hall from your bedroom and you went to your bedroom to give them some privacy. Harry helped them into the pajamas they packed and tucked his younger siblings into bed. They're sharing a bed because unfortunately he doesn't have another bed in his home at the moment, besides the one you both sleep on in your room.
When that was said and done, Harry came into your shared room and found you already in bed. He goes to the bathroom and does his nightly routine before joining you. You scoot over and lay your head on his bare chest, him wearing sweatpants not just his usual boxers in case of needing to get up in the night for his brother or sister, and fall asleep pretty quickly. No inappropriate things happen tonight because you both felt it wasn't appropriate with his siblings right down the hall.
Everything was going fine and Harry got about three hours of uninterrupted sleep before he felt a little tap on his right shoulder. His first thought was that it was you, needing him for whatever reason. Then he heard a little voice that was way more childlike than yours whispering, "Harry, wake up." and remembered his brother and sister are staying over. He raises up from his laying down position in a flash and that's when he sees the shadow of his sister Alice standing beside his side of the bed.
Very quietly to not wake you up, Harry questions Alice, "What's wrong, baby? Are you sick? Is Oliver okay?"
Nervously, Alice replies, "Just.... just got scared and want to sleep with you. Please..." Harry hasn't shared a bed with his younger siblings since they were toddlers and the reason he did back then was when they came to visit him on tour and had nowhere else to sleep. And if you weren't sleeping beside him he'd agree in a heartbeat because he loves his twins siblings to death. He just doesn't want to make you uncomfortable because she is HIS sister after all, not yours.
Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Harry whispers, "Alright, but y/n is beside me so we'll need to sleep on the couch down stairs." You somehow wake up in the midst of their conversation and at first are just as confused as Harry was when he heard his name being called from within his sleep. But then you recognize the short shadow figure to be Harry's sister Alice and hear her repeat that she was scared. I mean they haven't stayed the night here in years and she was young, so being scared in a new place is a natural response to her tiny body. Even if there wasn't anything to be scared of.
When you notice Harry about to get out of bed, you speak from behind him, "No Harry, she can join us."
Your voice startles him because he thought you were still asleep. Quickly turning around, Harry asks you, "You sure, love? I can go sleep with her on the couch if the bed will get too crowded f'you."
"Yes I'm sure, H. Come on, you slide in the middle and Alice on the outside." you reply back with no hesitation. You love Alice and Oliver like they're your own siblings and would do anything to make them feel safe while they are guest at yours and your boyfriends house.
Harry agrees with, "Alright, come snuggle with me baby." He gets back into the covers and slides over to the middle of the bed. Then helps Alice get on the bed closest to the edge. She gets situated and to prevent her from toppling over the side, Harry wraps one arm over her small torso to keep her secure. "Is this better, Alice? Not scared anymore?"
Alice's little voice mutters, "Better. You always protect me, Harry." Though you're almost back into a sleep state behind Harry's back, you overhear his sister say that and nearly tear up at her words. Watching Harry be the best big brother makes you want to give him babies sooner than you originally planned. He's going to be the best daddy ever.
Now with Alice in Harry's arms and Harry nearly in your arms, you all three fall back to sleep. Oliver remains asleep in the guest room until six am when he realises Alice is gone. He gets up to search for her and he ends up finding her in bed with you and Harry. Not wanted to be left out, his eight year old body climbs up on the bed and joins in on the cuddle party. You welcome him as well, just as you had with Alice. Then you all four sleep snuggled together until you wake up for breakfast a few hours later.
tag list: @one-sweet-gubler // @harryscherrysugar // @japanchrry // @lollypopsx // @harrycanyonmoonn // @itfeelslikemytherapisthatesme // @bohogoth // @damnasstyles  // @mrsstylesharry // @softmullet  // @meetmyblondemuffins  // @thegirlnextdoorssister // @stanleystyles  // @haarrrys // @michellekstyles  // @skyangel57   // @the-gardener-31 // @lhharrylilpumpkin // @yousunshine-youtemptress  
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Tumblr media
“What?” Harry said, smiling.
You were both laid out in bed, reading your own books as you always did before you slept, but you couldn’t keep your eyes away from him. He always seemed so focused and immersed into his reading, like he was really taking it all in.
“Good book?” you ask, tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear.
“S’okay. What about yours?”
Admittedly, you were more skimming than anything. Staying focused was tough when Harry was around.
“Oh, it’s a good one, lots of…pages”
“Lots of pages?” He laughed, “Have you really been reading it?” He pulled a face at the question, taking the book from you.
“Yes! Yes, I was,” you protested, “you distracted me!”
“M’just reading quietly, lovie. Don’t know how I managed that”
“You just have this, you know, look about you when you read. You look very-”
“Exactly,” you affirmed. You placed a kiss on his temple and took your book back from his hands. Just as you reopened to the page you were on, Harry spoke again.
“If we’re being honest, I barely read mine either”
“What?,” you exclaimed, turning back to him, “Here I was feeling bad! I thought you said it was ‘okay’?”
“Must’ve been distracted.”
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How Professorry looks at his girl specially when she’s busy stargazing and smiling.
Tumblr media
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gucciwins · a day ago
I need to see more of bel and Benito's friendship :,)
genuinely surprised you want to see more. but I'm here to please :))
After the show, Bel goes on her way but not without making sure to send Benito a large bouquet of flowers. She thanks him for an amazing night and how she loves the passion he has for music and his people. 
It’s a few weeks, she’s in Los Angeles at a premiere for her film and by chance Benito was there for the week so Viola thought it’d be nice to extend an invite. It’s all about promotion, is what Viola said and well most of Bel’s team was on board so she was too. 
It’s premiere day and after a morning of meetings and a long afternoon of getting ready. She’s ready to head to the red carpet and see some of her co-stars. Emerson shows her the good luck text Harry sent her. The red carpet nerves never get easier. 
“Viniste!” Bel greets him with a hug in the middle of the carpet as he made his way to to her.
“Por supuesto. Un honor que me invitaras.” Benito expresses his gratitude that she thought to invite him.
“Y/N! ¡Benito! Look here, please!!” The photographers yells get louder knowing how crazy all media outlets are going to go for these unexpected photos. 
“¿Una foto conmigo, bella?” Benito asks. 
“Sí. Claro” 
He sets a respectful hand on her waist while Bel keeps her hands to her side. She doesn’t need anymore rumors flying around so she’s being mindful. Also aware her boyfriend will be seeing these if he hasn’t already. 
“Gracias. Te veo adentro.” With a kiss on her cheek he’s walking away leaving her to take more photos. 
The following day after a successful night with her director and cast Bel is in her hotel room when she receives a large bouquet of yellow roses that signify friendship and joy. The note on the flowers confirms it’s from who she thinks it is. 
Gracias por una hermosa noche. Hasta pronto, amiga. 
Tu amigo, 
As Emerson is setting down her flowers for her on the hotel table, her phone rings. Only display is a photo of her and Harry with her sitting on his lap under a tall tree in his mum’s backyard. 
“Hola amor.” 
“Bel, baby,” Harry pouts. “Come back to me.” 
“My flights tonight, H.” 
She hears him sigh, “I saw the photos,” he mumbles.
“Do I look good?” 
“You look beautiful. Of course you do. Most gorgeous girl I have ever seen.” 
“Gracias, mi vida.” 
“But Benito next to you isn’t so nice.”
She laughs, “Viola thought inviting him would bring good movie buzz.” 
“Hmm…has it?” 
“Has what?” 
“Brought you lots of buzz” 
“It has. Ticket sales for the film went up fifteen percent than we were expecting.” 
“That’s great, baby.” Harry tells her, but she knows him. She knows he’s planning something. 
“H, don’t do something. Jeff already thinks you’re on the loose because of me.” 
“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll be good. I’ll be at the airport.” 
When Bel gets off the plane her phone is blowing up and a notification of Harry posting on his story comes through from two and a half hours ago. He posted half an hour into her flight to him. It’s a photo of him at the cinema next to a poster of her in her red dress and axe in hand as Pearl with a dimpled smile on his face. The caption reads: I got my tickets. Have you? There is a link attached too. 
Ticket sales through the rough. It went up 30% than we expected. Thank the boy for us.
Bel sighs, as she grabs her bag and makes her way toward the entrance where she finds him with a sign: Bel’s boyfriend.
 What is she going to do with him?
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pasiveagressive · 3 months ago
Broken Bones // H.S.
Tumblr media
"You fucking moron!" Mitch exploded. "What were you thinking?"
Harry growled at him. "It's not that big of a deal."
"Not that big of-" Mitch threw his hands up in the air. "Not that big of a deal! Harry! You're an international super star! People are going to notice when you have a cast on."
Harry narrowed his eyes. "We don't even know if it is broken yet."
They both looked at his hand. It was cracked and bleeding, bruises appearing rapidly. It was bent a little but you couldn't see a lot under all the blood and bruises.
"Well, does it feel broken?" Mitch asked scathingly.
Harry flexed his hand trying to move his fingers. They moved with a little pain. It felt funny. Like something had disconnected a little.
"I don't know." He moved it again. "Feels a little funny."
Mitch took a deep breath, trying to control his anger. "Come on, I know someone who works in the hospital.”
"No!" Harry growled at Mitch. "I don't need to go the hospital."
"Well what do you want me to do? Wrap it myself. Be your little bitch for a week, listening to you moan and complain aboout how much it hurts." Mitch’s sarcasm was at an all time high.
"No." Harry sighed feeling defeated. He hated hospitals. And he hated people he didn't know touching him and talking to him.
"Let's go." Mitch said, his voice much softer than before.
Harry followed him to his car, trying not to stay calm. The anger that had caused him to punch the wall repeatedly was still coursing through his veins, and the pain radiating through his nerves was not making him feel any better.
The ride was silent, almost suffocating. They were both trying to contain their anger. Harry’s at the world. Mitch’s at his friend and his self deprecation. Normally he was pretty good at hiding his self loathing. Even so, he had not been happy in a long time. Not since Covid had hit. Everyone had bad days.Everyone had lost someone or something to the virus. But Harry too caught up in grieving to participate in the world around him. It was a good thing he had a pretty face and good voice.
"Why'd you punch the wall?" Mitch finally asked. His voice was hard but Harry knew he was concerned.
"Wanted to get rid of the pain." Harry answered, eyes closed, head back.
"By causing more?" Mitch questioned, trying to keep his voice even.
"No." Harry's voice was tired. "By transferring it somewhere else."
"Harry." Mitch’s voice was terribly soft. "You've got to stop doing this."
Harry did not answer, did not even look like he heard what Mitch said, or he didn't care. Mitch sighed, pulling into the parking lot of the hospital. He pulled out his phone calling someone .
"Hello." She sounded tired and Mitch felt bad disturbing her.
"Hey." Mitch smiled slightly despite himself, he missed her. Their schedules often prevented them from seeing each other more than a couple times a year.
"I'm about to walk into a patient’s room." Her voice sounded regretful. "I have to go."
"I'm sorry." Mitch started, sighing. "Harry punched a wall."
"Harry as in Styles? Are you coming to the hospital?"
"We're already here."
“I can be down in fifteenish minutes."
"That'd be great." Mitch could hear the relief in his own voice. He didn't want Harry to be here any longer than he had too. "Where should we go?"
"I will meet you around back."
"Thank you Y/N," Mitch said into the phone.
"Anything for you, Mitchy." And then she hung up.
Harry was still leaning back with his eyes closed. His hand was starting to throb. He could no longer move his fingers without feeling a lot of pain. It was not a very good sign. Mitch had been right when he yelled at him earlier. He would not be able to book any gigs with a cast on his arm. And his arm was definitely broken. But he had enough money to take a break anyways and he had been debating about taking one anyways. He was tired.
"Y/N is going to meet us around the back in 15 minutes." Mitch said, looking at Harry for any reaction.
He only nodded. Y/N. He liked that name. It was really pretty. He wondered if she would be too. It had been a while since any girl had enamored his attention. He'd be sorely disappointed if it was some 60 year old lady. His lips turned up involuntary.
"Alright, let's go." Mitch said when thirteen minutes had passed. He did not want to keep her waiting but he did not want anyone to see them either, for her sake and his.
Harry climbed out of the car and followed Mitch to the back, hands in his pocket. His nerves for the doctor had disappeared in the thirteen minutes they had been waiting. His hand was full on throbbing now. He needed some pain medication or something.
They reached the door and waited, leaning against the wall. Harry wished he had a cigarette. It wouldn't look as suspicious and it would help him calm down. They did not have to wait long until the door was pushed open.
They both turned around and Harry felt like he got sucker punched in the stomach. Her name paled in comparison to her. She was beautiful. Something that he had become so desensitized to. And she was most certainly not some 60 year old lady. She looked his age maybe a year or two younger. And she certainly held herself like a doctor, confident and proud.
She smiled at them, motioning for them to follow her. Harry couldn't help but smile back, even if she didn't see it.
"I'm Y/N." She told him when they stepped inside. "And you must be Harry."
"That would be this idiot." Mitch answered for him.
Y/N smiled again. "Well this idiot can tell me what's wrong."
"I punched a wall." He took his hand out of his pocket, feeling more sheepish now than he did before. "I think it might be broken."
"Alright, let's have a look at it. One of the x-ray technicians owes me a favor." She started walking down the hall and towards the elevator.
Harry took her in from the back. She was wearing blue scrubs with a white coat on top. Her hair looked silky smooth from her head in curls all the way down her back. He wanted to wrap his hands in it, and just play with it for hours.
She came to a stop at the wall with the elevators and pressed the up button. It dinged and the doors opened. It was 2 in the morning and the hospital was pretty empty as far as emergency rooms go. He was grateful for that. He didn't feel like pushing any women off of him, or have any paparazzi notified of his whereabouts.
The elevator lurched as it came to a stop on the third floor. Harry followed her out and to the left. She was walking like she could do this in her sleep, and she probably did on days when she had to pull long shifts. He couldn't be a doctor. Not with all that schooling and pressure.
"Ryan." She said, peeking her head into a room. "I'm cashing a favor in."
A grunt came from inside and then a tall male stepped out of the room rubbing his eyes. "Girl, I just laid down."
"And you can lay down again in like ten minutes." She started walking again. "I just need you to take a few x-rays for Harry so I can fix it."
Ryan started as he looked at Mitch and Harry for the first time. He looked shocked like he wanted to say something but thought better of it. "Sorry, I didn't see you guys there."
Harry nodded. Ryan gave him a bad vibe. Nobody as good looking as Ryan was that nice, Harry would know.
"Does this mean we're going to be even now?" Ryan asked, attention back on Y/N.
"Nope." Y/N popped. "Barely scratching the surface."
"Come on." Ryan begged. "I don't like you having this over my head."
Y/N grinned manically. "Guess you should keep you dick to yourself."
Ryan groaned, glancing back at Mitch and Harry. "Shhhh. You promised you weren't going to mention it."
"They don't even know who Matt is."
Ryan clamped his hand over her mouth. "But Sarah does."
"Exactly." She threw his hand off her mouth looking disgusted. "And she already knows all about it so keep that hand that you do disgusting things with with a disgusting person off of my face."
Harry grinned, her mouth was a giant turn on.
They all stopped outside of a room, following Ryan in. He instructed Harry to put his hand under an x-ray where he continued to poke and prod at it to get different angles. It took all of Harry’s willpower not to grimace or wince in pain. It hurt.
"Alright, I'm going back to bed." Ryan walked out of the room as Y/N printed out the x-rays. They were almost impossible to see in the dark but Harry could still see the abnormal angle his bones were at.
"Come on, I cleaned a room for you guys." And they followed her out and down the hall again. She walked into one and shut the door behind her. She went to the view box and placed the x-rays on the giant view box. Everything was noticeable now and Harry had to look away. His bones were cracked in several places.
Y/N’s eyes were flying across the x-rays taking it in. Her hands traced certain lines on his arm before she turned to him.
"I don't have any pain medication I can give you since you’re not technically here." She said looking sympathetic. "But I can give you a prescription, a cast, and you can come back every couple weeks to make sure it's healing properly.
Harry nodded, secretly excited. That meant he'd get to see her again.
"You broke your arm in three places." She pointed to different areas on the X-Ray screen. "Luckily they were all clean breaks so we don't have to re-break anything. Although, thinking about it, you might have enjoyed that."
Harry let out a surprised laugh. He kind of wished he would have met her in a different situation, one that didn't make him look like such a giant idiot.
"I'm going to go get the cast material so we can get you on your way." She left the room with another smile.
He stared after her until Mitch smacked the back of his head.
"What?" He growled at him, rubbing his head.
"You think she's cute."
"So." He had no defense.
"Are you going to do something about it?" He questioned, eyebrows raised.
"Not this time." Harry signed, running his hand through his hair and down his face.
"Why not?" Mitch demanded.
"I literally met her 5 minutes ago." He said, looking at Mitch like he was crazy.
Mitch sighed, shaking his head.
Sounds of wheels on the ground reached their ears. And then Y/N was walking through the door with a little table stacked with wrapping materials.
"Okay, I'm going to have to position you arm so it heals right, this might hurt a little." She pulled a bottle of pills out of her jacket. "I had some Ibuprofen in my purse if you want some."
Harry nodded. God yes. She unscrewed the lid and shook three into the palm of his hand which he promptly dry swallowed.
She put the bottle away and started getting the stuff ready.
"Let me know when the pain lessens." She said, waiting to move his arm.
"Its lessened." He says in a few minutes, it felt loads better.
"Try to stay still." She grabbed his hand with one of hers and a sleeve with the other. She pulled it on slowly and than started wrapping his arm with padding, angling his arms so they would heal nornal. It hurt, but he didn't move. And then she was wrapping it in thicker material and adding water so it hardened. It was white, thankfully not some absurd color.
"Thanks." He said as she started placing everything back where it belonged.
"Sure." She smiled at him. "I'll give you my number and we can discuss when you should come in again." She paused. "Or you can go to another doctor."
"No." He blurted out. "I mean, as long as you don't mind, I'd rather stick with you."
She smiled at him. His cheeks were red and he felt hot. "Okay." She wrote her number on a prescription pad, along with some directions of what to do.
"Thanks again." He said, putting the paper safely in his pocket. "I really appreciate you doing this for me."
"No problem." She smiled. "I'll walk you guys out."
They followed her, stopping at a room so she could drop off the cart.
"Try not to punch anything else, yeah?" She said as he walked by her, feeling the cool air on his face.
"No promises." He grinned over his shoulder.
"Thanks again." Mitch said, stopping to hug her. "And he won't." He shot Harry a glare.
"You got it." She waved at the two before walking away, the door shutting, blocking her from his view.
"Don't do anything stupid." Mitch said as they walked away.
"What do you mean?" Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"Like punch a wall with your other hand so you can go see her again."
"I promise I won't." Harry laughed. "I'm going back in a couple weeks, remember?"
"Two weeks is a long time."
"Not when you have her number." He patted his pocket. "And I plan on using it."
Mitch laughed, shaking his head. "You have to call Jeff."
Harry groaned, pulling out his phone. He found his contact and pressed call, wishing more than ever that he hadn't punched a wall, but then the paper in his pocket flashed through his mind and he didn't mind as much.
"Hey Jeff, listen, I did something stupid," He started, a smile on his face.
Harry brought a cigarette with him this time, sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. He loved watching the smoke, it relaxed him like nothing else did. It faded fast, something he wished lots of things did in his life.
"You alright?" A voice cut through the melancholy atmosphere he had created for himself.
A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Her voice and her smile. The two things that had been occupying his brain so much over the past two weeks that it didn't have much room for anything else let alone the song lyrics he was supposed to be coming up with.
"Yeah." He said, looking at her as she slid down the wall next to him. She looked tired, even more so than last time. "Are you?"
She nodded, eyeing his cigarette. He didn't know if she was going to tell him off for smoking or ask for a blow. He offered her a drag, hoping that it was the case.
She took it gratefully, blowing out a puff of her own smoke, head falling back on the wall. She was beautiful, hair falling around her shoulders, illuminated in the moonlight.
"Aren't doctors supposed to know the ramifications of these things?" He asked, grinning.
She handed him back the cigarette, letting him take his turn.
"We do." She paused, opening her eyes to look at him. "Medical school kicks your ass. Coffee stops cutting it and you don't exactly have any time to do drugs or alcohol."
"Nicotine is a drug." He pointed out uselessly. She was a doctor.
"But it has the opposite effects. Most drugs make you less focused, nicotine makes you more focused, more relaxed."
He handed her back the cigarette. "How old are you anyways, you don't look old enough to be a doctor."
"I'm going to take that as a compliment." She laughed. "I am still a fellow, not quite finished with my ’schooling’ I am 28" She laughed. "Let's go get you checked out before I get called for another patient."
He stood up, offering his hand to her. She took it, letting him pull her up. The cigarette dropped from his hand and he stomped it out with his foot. There was a stand to put them, filled high with cigarettes next to the door. He picked it up and dropped it with the rest.
"These are all yours?" He asked, grinning over at her.
"Not even close." She grinned back, swiping her card. The door buzzed and they walked in.
"Does that X-Ray technician still owe you a favor?" He asked.
"Yeah." She looked over at him. "And he'll owe me until the secret comes out. After what I had to witness, there's no way to forget that."
"Can't what you're doing for me get you in the same trouble." He asked.
Her eyebrows furrowed, pressing the up button the elevator wall.
"I mean, can't he blackmail you back?"
"Oh." She shook her head. "No, cause he's done it too. It's kind of like an unwritten benefit, we all help each other out. The amount of times I've checked for STDs for him." She trailed off shaking her head
"That's disgusting." Harry let out a surprised laugh. Before he could say anything else a pretty nurse stepped out of the elevator, knocking into him.
"Oh, I'm sor- Harry Styles?" She asked, surprised.
She then started to scream but Y/N covered her mouth.
"Mia" She said, trying to calm the girl down. “Breathe. We work with celebrities everyday…we live in LA. I am going to take my hand off your mouth now." Mia nods
Harry looked at Y/N.
“Sorry.” Mia says “I am a huge fan!”
Harry gives her a smile, “It’s alright love, always great to meet a fan.”
She smiled back then turned to Y/N,
"See you later Y/N."
"That reminds me, Jeff wanted to know how long this would take to heal." He said, watching as she pressed the button.
"Between a month and two months as long as you don't try to rush it." She looked at him. "Your cast is filthy." She laughed, noticing it for the first time.
"I know." He groaned. "And I've tried so hard to keep it clean, it's just like a magnet for dirt."
She laughed again. "I'll see if I can grab a different color this time."
"You don't have to." He shook his head. "Whatever is easiest for you is easiest for me."
They walked out of the elevator, stopping at the door they grabbed Ryan from.
"Ryan!" She called, walking in.
Harry peeked around the corner to get a look inside. It looked like a break room. Coffee machine, table, refrigerator. The only real difference was all the beds on the sides. They all were all empty but one.
Y/N bent over and shook him. And then she was walking back towards Harry.
"Is it always this empty?" He asked.
"No, it's not a very busy time, the other two technicians working are either taking X-Rays or laying down somewhere else."
They waited a beat and then Ryan was walking out the door. He looked more tired than last time too, hands running down his face.
"You're killing me Y/N." He said, glaring softly at her.
"Shouldn't have slept with the floor's slut, or just let it out, then no one else can blackmail you for favors." She said smartly.
"Dr. Black would kill me, he seems to be under the impression that he's tamed him." Ryan snorted as Y/N pulled a face of disbelief.
"Seriously." She looked at him nodding. "That's ridiculous."
He nodded, looking at Ryan. "I'm Ryan if you haven't figured it out."
"I'm Harry. I'd shake your hand but." He trailed off, looking down at his wrapped hand.
"What did you do to Y/N to get her to help you? I need something to stop her from asking me for favors." It sounded nice enough but Harry didn't like the vibe it sent him.
"I don't know." He shrugged. "It's for Mitch."
"Oh." Ryan said. "I understand now."
Y/N let out a laugh. "Mitch is in Harry’s band."
Harry nodded. He didn't like this dude.
"Gotchu." Ryan took him into a room. Y/N stayed with them, much to Harry’s relief, and cut off the cast. It looked slightly better but it was still angled weirdly. The bruises were darker and looked older. He looked away pointedly, there was just something about looking at pain that made you feel it.
Then Ryan was moving his arm around, getting good shots with the X-Ray. It hurt, his wrist hadn't moved at all in the past two weeks and even touching it made a searing pain flair through his arm.
He was happy to walk to his room with Y/N, away from the horrid X-Ray machine. And technician.
Y/N placed the x rays on the view box, flicking the light on. His arm was definitely mending, but that's about all he could tell from the x-rays, he was no doctor.
"It's coming along nicely." She said, taking her eyes off the x-rays. "You'll probably only have to get it checked a couple more times before you're home free."
Harry nodded, somewhat disappointed. He was going to have to find some other way to get in her life.
"I'm going to go get the wrapping material." She exited the room and Harry sighed, laying back on the bed.
It was funny, how his arm stopped itching the moment he could itch it again. He flexed his fingers, feeling pain from the stiffness and brokenness. He hoped it would heal quickly, he had forgotten how annoying casts could be.
The sound of wheels appeared from the ball and then Y/N was walking in, pushing a cart.
"Arm." She held out her hand, taking a seat in front of him. He happily gave it to her. She washed his arm quickly and gently, it didn't smell very pleasant.
"Sorry." He muttered, somewhat embarrassed.
" Please. " she rolled her eyes. "You should see some of the things I have to deal with."
"I'd rather not." He grinned.
She repeated the process she did last time. Setting his arm, wrapping it, and then wetting it. It was white.
"Thanks again Y/N, I can't say how much I appreciate you doing this." And he meant it.
"It's alright." She said, squeezing his other hand. "Of all things Mitch could have asked me to do I'm really glad it's you."
He laughed, distracting himself from the need to grab her hand and never let go.
"I'll walk you out." She said, pushing the cart out the door. He followed her, looking at his cast. His arm already felt disgusting again, he couldn't wait for it to be off for good.
"See you in two weeks?" He asked, stepping into the elevator after her.
"Are you not going to Sarah’s birthday on Friday?" She asked, raising both her eyebrows.
"Are you going!" He asked, excited, he was looking forward to seeing her somewhere that didn't make him look like a right idiot.
"Yeah." She laughed. "For once I'm not working."
"You work a lot?" He asked.
"Yeah, but I don't really mind. I don't have a lot of obligations outside of work so they tend to stick me wherever they need me."
He stopped at the door, turning to look down at her.
"Thanks again Y/N." He hesitated and then pulled her in for a quick hug. "I'll see you Friday."
"Bye Harry." She smiled up at him before walking away.
Harry watched her go until she turned the corner, a smile taking over his face. He pushed the door open, resisting the urge to pump his fist in celebration. But when the door closed behind him he honestly couldn't help but punch the air a little, this could be the start of something great.
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cleake · a month ago
HP Characters Reacting To You Drawing Them
Warning: I didn't read the books, these are my headcanons and personal ideas for the characters. It's just for fun. :)
Tumblr media
-"Oh! Brilliant! Yeah, sure." -He is a bit shy, but flattered, very flattered -He sits in front of you, with a nervous smile, sometimes adjusting his glasses or hair -You assure him that he looks great and he relaxes a bit, sitting more comfortably -While you work he asks from time to time some questions about your drawing journey and listens closely to your answers -He thinks about how you're going to draw his scar, are you going to make it a key thing, or represent him in another way? -When you finish and show him your work he's astonished by your talent -"Wow! This is really good! I can keep it? Oh! Thanks!"
-"You want to draw me? I don't think I'm that special." -He's a bit hesitant at first, he feels like he doesn't deserve attention, since he is not "The Chosen One" -But you make him believe otherwise -When sat down Ron is stiff, looking away from you, smiling nervously -You tell him that he looks great and he smiles a bit more confident -He suggests ideas on how you can present him, and he comes up with some sick propositions -Once you're finished he's so happy that he has something made by someone only for him -"Bloody hell, it's fantastic! You need to show your skill more often."
-"Draw me? Well if it makes you happy." -She pretends that it's nothing, she may look annoyed, but inside she cares -She fixes her hair or clothes when you aren't looking -She sits properly, legs together, hands on her lap, head slightly tilted, and a soft smile on her lips -She is mostly silent but asks you questions about what you are doing at a certain moment, she's curious -She's patient, giving you time to make your art perfect, she knows how hard it can be -She's very supportive when she sees your finished work -"This is lovely!"
-"Oh yeah? So my beauty captured you this much?" -He's so happy about it but can help not to tease you -"Are you interested in a more intimate portrait?" -He sits in a confident way, taking a lot of space -He gives you ideas for the drawing, like how he could look good on a broom, or fighting You-Know-Who -After he's done with his jokes he lets you work in silence, just sometimes giggling to himself because of your focused expression -When you sometimes look up at him, he sends you a quick wink -He's very happy when you finish the drawing, he'll show it to his friends -"Thank you, dear, we can repeat this if you want."
-"You got the right twin? Because I am not sharing this position." -He's more mature about this than his twin, but he has it in his nature to make some not-in-place comments -He gives you control, you decide how he sits or holds his hands -He's intrigued by how you work, but stays silent, just looking at you -He hums quietly, gently moving his head, when you tell him to stop moving he winks at you with a smirk, but completes your order -He's moved when he sees your done work, he feels appreciated for him -"Thank you, it's beautiful."
-"That's nice of you." -She doesn't ask a lot of questions, just lets you do your work -She's happy to pose for you, it makes her feel seen -She smiles when you accidentally make a silly face but doesn't point it out -When you're finished she takes a while to admire your work -"It's amazing, thank you."
-"I would love to, sitting can be fun too." -She's very calm, listens to your instructions, and is very patient -She asks you how you got to draw, or what inspires you to create, she's nice to have conversations with -She has her glasses on her nose, sitting with her knees to her chest -When you're finished she's very happy -"Oh, it's magnificent. I am so happy to keep it."
-"Me? Are you sure?" -He's very self-conscious, and thinks you're doing it out of pity, but you assure him it's not like that -He's very nervous, he doesn't know what to do with his hands, you have to guide him a little bit -He thinks he looks bad at every angle, but you tell him that everything is perfect and that makes him feel a bit more confident -He is so grateful for this art piece, he keeps it close to him at all times -"Wow, that is so pretty, thank you Y/N."
-"Why? For what?" -He doesn't feel comfortable with this and is suspicious you have bad intentions -But his pride wins over him and he lets you draw him -He sits proudly with a serious look on his face -He says nothing, just watches you, expecting your work will be not as high as his expectations -But he's shocked when he sees your done work -He keeps it in his room, away from others -"Well that's not as bad as I thought it will be."
-"I can agree to that." -He sees this as an opportunity to capture his image for future -He wears his best suit, rings on his fingers, and in his hand a dark book -He sits with his head high, one leg on the other, leaning on the armchair -He doesn't talk but nods his head in approval when you stop drawing for a moment -He's very satisfied with the result and keeps the drawing well hidden -"That is good, thank you for your time."
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elioslover · 2 months ago
Grapejuice (fic) Part One
Tumblr media
Premise: Harry has been pining over Y/n - his best friends slightly older sister - for as long as he can remember. But she still refuses to see him as anything other than her brothers goofy obnoxious bestie omg omg loads of pining and sexual tension (even more sexy sex) and ofc angsty angst.
Word Count: 12k
Warnings: Smutty suggestions, drug/alcohol use, mind-blowing banter.
Part Two
Fashion Board
The soft thumps of music muffled behind the apartment door were audible the moment you reached the last step of your ascent, arriving on the third floor of the new apartment block your brother, Jack, had recently moved into. It was sweet of him to wait until you were back in town before hosting the house-warming party.
You stopped briefly, taking one final look in the grand, gold-framed mirror- touching up your cherry gloss as an afterthought. The building was impressive- completely out of your price range, and quite a statement buying the penthouse- well you thought so anyway, but as you had reminded yourself, at least it wasn’t your money.  
The hallway was empty, aside from a small hardwood table, elegantly decorated with a vase of marvellous, and surprisinglyrealwhite lilies. At the end of the lengthy passageway- walls tiled in deep ocean green, marbled floors- was an elevator, complete with an old-school golden gate, and totally unnecessary.
“Just take the bloody stairs” you mumbled, approaching the front door.
You had hardly knocked once before the heavy wood swung open, your brother- cheeks rosy, eyes glassy but glimmering- was standing on the other side.
He let out a sort-of cheer, arms raising before he fully engulfed you, lifting you off of your feet. You had seen him only a month ago, but if he had had it his way, Jack would have you both remain attached at the hip- as you had been almost your entire lives.
He put you back down, pressing a brisk kiss to your forehead and thanking you for coming,
“It really wouldn’t have been the same without you here,” he said, slinging an arm loosely across your shoulder, pulling you into the entrance hall of his…penthouse.
Your eyes were darting across the room, taking in the style, size and of course judging his choice of paintings- hung on almost every available wall. Jack led you through the house, giving a half-hearted house tour on your way to the kitchen.
It was by far your favourite room so far, decorated in pale baby blue with white cabinets and an island that was, perhaps the size of your entire kitchen put together. Nevertheless, it was the bar that really caught your attention- though it was barely visible under an array of what looked like crystal-glasses, a variety of expensive bottles and fresh-cut fruit.
Before you had even fully stepped into the kitchen, your brother was whisked away by the mention of the delivery guy arriving. “Make yourself at home,” he called over his shoulder, and without hesitation you made your way over to the countertop, fixed on the idea of a G & T complete with those irresistible blueberries.
You had all but finished the final touches on your mix, humming along to a familiar song spilling through the speakers- when the sudden warmth of something- no- someone’s breath on the back of your neck sent contradicting goosebumps up your arms and spine.
“Fancy seeing you here”, his voice was deep and familiar, fresh mint filling your senses.
He leaned into you slightly, bringing you to your senses. You intended to remain unbothered, going back to garnishing your drink with juicy berries. You took a lengthy sip, closing your eyes momentarily before turning around to face him.
He took a small step back in order to see you better, letting his gaze flicker shamelessly over you, taking a second to admire the way you looked,
“I could say the same about you” the mere sound of your voice drew his attention back, a cheeky smile growing wider by the second,
“Is this the part where you make fun of my lifestyle? Y’know, rag on me about drinking too much… smoking too much…. fucking…” he was beaming proudly now, eyes never leaving yours in anticipation,
“…too much? I would never,” you feigned disapproval, adding an eyeroll as you took another sip of your drink, hummed with satisfaction.
He tilted his head back with a slight chuckle, the corners of his eyes creasing with pleasure,
“Oh, how I missed this,” he teased, “Always good to see you, Y/n” he meant that part.
“Likewise, Harry” you tended to your drink once more.
He mimicked, taking a long sip of the glass of scotch wrapped firmly in his hand and you took the opportunity to actually take him in. He had been dressing better lately, and thank god for that you had thought. Harry had even started to impress you with certain ensembles- not that you would ever make him aware of that.
He wore a tight, but comfy burnt orange and purple tee-shirt. He paired it with a pair of low-rise, faded denim jeans that flared at the calves, and were rather well-fitted. His classic trademark of several rings decorated his hands, and a gold, tennis-link necklace lay across his chest.
He looked good. Annoyingly so.
It had become one of the things you dreaded about coming home- the confusing thoughts plaguing your clarity over the last couple years was well, sheer madness. What had he done differently to his hair? It suited him, short overall but slightly longer at the top, styled up and out of his face. It framed his eyes... his jawbone… his entire face really.
None of this made him any less annoying though, which was the only saving grace. You feared what would have already happened between you two otherwise.
Harry was your brothers oldest, and best friend- they met the afternoon your family moved next door to the Styles’ and the two had instantly bonded over their love for football. And even now, though they lived very different and separate lives, they were as close as ever- annoyingly close. Unfortunately for you this meant dealing with your brother- times two- and there was rarely an occasion where Harry didn’t turn up at one point or another.
Though he was terribly sweet, the Harry from your childhood lacked a filter, and had far too much energy to spare. You were only a few years older than them, but Harry seemed to have no off-switch, and it was hard not to engage in trivial arguments with him. Jack was no help either, always encouraging and taking pleasure in seeing you get so riled up.
When you got older things had changed slightly, and Harry was far less insufferable than before- though he still showered you in attention, most of it stirring the same negative reaction you expressed as a child.
To make matters worse, Harry had never kept quiet about his attraction for you. You were his best friends’ hot older sister after all. In Harry’s opinion, you got prettier each year- and he rather enjoyed making sure you knew this. And you always responded the same, with a scoff and an eyeroll.
Your thoughts had already started to wander and you were somewhat grateful Harry broke the short silence before you could continue,
“How long have you been back in town?”
“Since Sunday,” you swallowed another sip of your drink.
His brows furrowed slightly, “Jack didn’t mention you were back.”
You shrugged his statement off, “Speaking of Jack, I have my reservations but overall, I do quite enjoy the apartment,” his slight furrow warped into raised curiosity, “though I can’t imagine the size makes sense for one person” you added as an afterthought.
“Then it’s a good thing he isn’t living alone,” he said simply.
It was your turn to let your brows furrow, motioning for him to elaborate.
“I’m living here too. There’s three bedrooms, it made sense,” he shrugged before sipping his beer.
You straightened up, “And I assume you stay here when you aren’t out galivanting across Europe, or LA or whatever?” you were being testy.
He placed his hand over his heart, “Ouch klutz, you know it hurts me when you trivialise my profession,” he was only half joking.
You rolled your eyes, “Well don’t take it to heart, apparently Jack doesn’t tell either of us much.”
Harry was full of mixed emotions - he had been from the moment he stumbled upon you in the kitchen, your back to him. He almost walked straight past you, stopping in his tracks the moments those familiar custom black and white Docs adorning your feet caught his attention.
His frustration only grew when he finally got a proper look at you. You wore straight-legged black jeans that you paired with an abstract black and white knitted sweater. A couple silver chains lay across your neck- they matched perfectly with the pair of large, hooped earrings and bracelets you wore.
Your hair was pinned away from your face, lest a few loose strands. Harry liked you this way, he could see your face with clarity, and he was certain you were nothing short of beautiful. Your lips were slick and glossy from the remnants of gin and tonic, and they looked awfully tasty.
Longing was mixed with confusion now, disappointed that he felt so ill-equipped in your presence, completely unaware of your attendance this evening. Harry’s mind was beginning to race, thinking about all of the things he could have- would have done differently. For starters he might have put more than two minutes into picking out an outfit. A sudden wave of insecurity flushed over him and he was praying you wouldn’t notice.
Any sign of confidence had momentarily dissipated, and Harry felt like a foolish teenager all over again, hopelessly pining over a woman who hardly ever paid him any attention.
He was more than grateful that Jack chose that very moment to reappear, going on about how the delivery guy had attempted to short-change him, before he grabbed a new bottle of beer and took a large gulp. Within a moment Jack was mid-discussion with you about his experience in the new neighbourhood so far.
Harry tried his hardest to keep his gaze from focusing on your features, letting his eyes roam the many familiar faces of guests nearby. But he faltered several times, settling on the way your eyelashes fluttered, or how the chunky ring on your thumb fit you just right.
He was so distracted he almost missed Jack asking him if he had heard what had just been said, for the second time now, mind you.
“I was saying it completely slipped my mind- forgot to even mention Y/n would be visiting this week.”
Harry mustered up a scoff before finishing off the last of his drink,
“Absolutely guttered over it, honestly mate” Harry feigned disappointment while glancing over at you,
“You know the ache in my heart for Y/n needs to be soothed, it’s simply selfish you would attempt to keep us apart.”
Jack only let out a bellowing laugh and nudged your shoulder with his own.
Though you found Harry more than attractive, you were also aware that the same thoughts always followed your admiration, you still saw him as your baby brothers’ best friend, goofy yet cocky, but all bark and no bite- surely.
The idea of him being a compatible lover was to a large degree, incomprehensible. Nevertheless, you did thoroughly enjoy Harry, at times, grateful that age had brough him more stability than just good looks.
“Oh, but Harry, as I’ve told you on numerous occasions, you would hardly be able to handle me.” You were playful, familiar teasing, but some truth still rang through.
His face changed, and then his stature followed suit. He leaned forward, his voice deepening, and his gaze remaining on you and you alone,
“I think we both know that’s not true.” And there he was again, as annoying, and full of cheek as ever.
Your eyes quickly darted over to Jack, his attention already straying elsewhere, then you turned your attention back to Harry, scoffing but working hard to remain unbothered.
“Well, uh, this is my… cue to mingle… I guess,” you nodded in their general direction before turning on your heels, leaving Harry with the same view of your back as before.
Harry remembers the first shot, and the second, but things were becoming less coherent after the third and fourth. He had a habit of overthinking these days, somewhere between the last breakup and the new album release, it had become far too easy for his thoughts to start spiralling- and by cruel repetition, you were once again the reason for his head being a million miles away from this party.
Speaking of, Harry had yet to see you again since your brief encounter in the kitchen- granted this is where Harry had remained the entire evening so far. He assumed you had to return, eventually, for a drink top-up, at the least.
He let the tequila slosh in his mouth for a moment before allowing it to burn its way down his throat. Still in his own head, no plans of leaving any time soon.
“Harry!” he could hear Jack calling from somewhere in the apartment.
He began following in the general direction, stepping into the crowded living room. Jack’s face lit up in an instant, pushing gently past a few people to get to him.
“Hey, where did you disappear to?” he asked, but hardly gave pause for Harry to respond before he was guiding the two of them through the mass of people out towards the balcony.
At first, he was resistant, but that was soon replaced with a hundred different feelings all at once when he spotted that you were already outside, your back leaning against the balcony’s railing- a Marlboro perched neatly between two fingers.
He was indulging in the idea of you once more, thinking back to the several fantasies he had always so ambitiously cast you as the main character in. You were always so cool, so calm, and collected, and well-defined. He had wanted to be more like you, to be with you.
Harry had always looked at you like he knew your secret- like he was somehow aware of how naughty your really were- hiding under the sly juxtaposition of a hard-working, put-together, golden-child. He could hardly recall this version of you nowadays, after the things he had heard you say- to him and about him.
Harry was more than grateful that Jack had already started walking towards you, giving him the needed excuse to speak to you again. He was hardly subtle with the way he was looking at you, so much so that you felt the need to draw attention to the man standing beside you.
Had he always been standing there?
Harry hardly flinched though, and if he had felt some type of way about it, he didn���t let it show on his face. Instead, he took another step forward before directing you,
“Looks like some things never change,” he knew you weren’t fond of his constant referencing of the past.
“Fuck off,” You responded with an eyeroll, taking a drag as he continued,
“You’re the splitting image- I mean minus the septum piercing, and the douchey boyfriend… well…” he glanced briefly, but noticeably at the blandly dressed guy still lingering by your side.
“Fuck you,” your tone was still playful though.
“Yeah? Been on my mind since I can remember.”
“On my life,” he was careless with the wink he directed at you.
Harry would be lying if he said the thought of you being disinterested in him still crossed his mind, you were clearly humouring someone else this evening. The man next to you looked to be older than Harry, and like he worked some preppy nine-to-five. Surely nothing that could possibly catch your interest.
You were full of personality, intrigued and interested in so many things – Harry often accepted he could hardly keep up with you, but he was still certain the two of you had potential -not including the things he would let you do to him should you pay him even the slightest bit of attention.
He wanted to make a move, he always wanted to- but you were so beyond his reach- older and completely unwilling to acknowledge the fact that yes, he may still be irksome, but he was definitely not a young boy anymore.
Harry no longer wanted to get under your skin, but he would gladly settle to at least get under your garments. He was certain that if you were to, for just a moment, entertain the idea of you and him, he was sure to change your mind.
The guy to the left of you was particularly unmemorable, at least in your opinion, but it was better than standing and smoking alone. And you knew the tiniest part of you had been relieved, but only because you were aware it would annoy Harry - and you took almost any opportunity to do such.
Harry- who you hadn’t seen the entire evening - and don’t think you hadn’t acknowledged how bizarre it was of you to even notice that.
 Naturally, you could and would never go looking for him- what reason would you even have to talk to him?
Nevertheless, you reached over and passed him your cigarette, an old habit that only registered when he met you in the middle, accepting your offer in a heartbeat.
 Harry could hardly forget your little routine of bumming smokes together, hiding behind walls and bushes, afraid someone would catch you two in the act. There was a mutual sense of mischief and fondness- it was a time Harry could say with certainty that you definitely enjoyed his company- even seeking him out before sneaking through the back door, always ensuring he was by your side.
Everything about this evening was so out-of-character, from how calm Harry was - usually so full of boyishness fuelled by alcohol- down to how attractive you found it when a thick cloud of smoke slipped past his puckered lips, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion- what the fuck was happening?
You definitely needed another drink, suddenly remembering the half-empty bottle of Cirocque your date had pinched from the kitchen long before starting a conversation with you.
You had long forgotten the need for a glass and were already on your third sip, careful not to let any of the expensive liquid slip past your lips.
“Classy” Harry all but scoffed.
You stopped, the bottle leaving your lips with a soft squeak,
“Suddenly you don’t enjoy the idea of me being sloppy?”
You didn’t even bother looking at him, moving instinctively closer to Nick... was that his name? If Harry had wanted to say something he didn’t, thoughts of you being sloppy, slobbering for him were far too much to ignore.
Jack was filling the awkward silence by asking your ‘company’ several questions, which to Harry’s dismay, Nick was rather eager to answer.
­“I actually bumped into her tonight, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to strike up a conversation, and thankfully she didn’t seem to mind,” he laughed, but it oozed gawkiness, and you didn’t miss the way his eyes darted towards you looking for confirmation.
You forced a soft laugh but felt nothing for the man in general, he was good looking enough, and money probably wasn’t an issue for him, but saying you found him boring would have been an understatement.
Still, Harry was quick to resume irking you. He got under your skin in almost an instant, and you were always left a frustrated mess. He opened his mouth, ready to share a snarky remark, when the guy’s phone started ringing. He apologised briefly before stepping aside- but not before saying- and Harry couldn’t believe it,
“Ex-squeeze me for a moment.”
Your eyes went wide with the ick, and Harry was hardly subtle when he giggled and stole the empty space next to you.
Harry shifted to face you, meeting your side-profile before stating matter-of-factly,
“I couldn’t imagine you putting up with that kind of boredom, you should quit while you’re ahead.”
“And what exactly does your opinion have to do with anything? Considering you can’t speak from experience,” you huffed.
“Not from a lack of trying-”
“-but rather from my lack of interest,” you finished for him.
Harry was grateful that Jack had lost interest the minute it looked like you guys were starting to squabble, he wasn’t even facing you anymore.
“Think you’re missing out though.” Harry was uncertain about almost everything in life, but not about the idea of being with you.
“Have we not had this conversation before? And didn’t it end with me saying something like, ‘No Harry, I’m not interested in one measly round of missionary that leaves me nothing but dissatisfied.’”
Harry wanted to disagree, to give you a vivid idea of the things he would do to you right now just to prove you wrong- he would ensure he fucked you so good there could be no round two. But he knew that wasn’t the way to go about things.
Instead, he simply said,
“Well, you know what they say about assumptions.”
You rolled your eyes, and stood up straight now, turning to him sternly,
“For your sake, I surely hope assuming is as good as the real thing,” tapping his chest condescendingly before you turned on your heels and headed back inside the party and away from Harry.
You hadn’t seen Harry so moody in years. He seemed to have no interest in partaking in the ongoing festivities. In fact, he was brooding in the corner of the kitchen, back pressed firmly against the wall. He was deep in thought, brows furrowed, jaw slightly clenched.
His hair was starting to look slightly dishevelled, from all the times he had ran his hands through it. He was looking good though. You decided he would look perfect underneath you, or perhaps even looking up at you.
But you quickly, and aggressively, shook your head, trying to eradicate these inappropriate thoughts, almost scolding yourself aloud before quickly accepting a tequila from an old schoolmate you had been catching up with in the kitchen.
You called out for Jack, looking at the shot glass sitting on the countertop filled to the brim. You were starting to feel good- really good, buzzing slightly. That familiar playfulness you always felt after indulging in vices was making its appearance.
When he failed to respond, you only shrugged before taking the shooter on his behalf, tossing it back with little regard before turning to look back at the living room, eyes finding their way back to Harry- who was still brooding in the corner all alone.
Without coherent rationality you found yourself heading towards the bathroom having to pass him in the process.
Maybe you did enjoy the attention Harry gave you- or perhaps this was just another attempt to reciprocate the frustration he had left you with just earlier.
As you began past him, you slowed to a complete halt- his head snapping up, the surprise evident on his features as two of your icy fingers reached up and hooked themselves onto the collar of his shirt. You tugged it down and to the side- exposing part of his collarbone and bird tattoo. With one finger, you gently tapped his skin twice before releasing the shirt altogether,
“Hm,” your gaze slowly lifted and met his- he was too scared to blink. You leaned forward,
“Swallows,” you paused and thought about it for a moment,
“Your tattoos and I have that in common.”
You didn’t wait to see his response, stepping back and heading towards the bathroom. His skin felt scorched in their wake.
Harry was stunned, naturally, his thoughts in an absolute frenzy. He had been angry, actually upset after you had belittled him so effortlessly just earlier- this evening was quickly turning nightmarish. And now, you were teasing him- taunting him, actually. Harry hadn’t stopped thinking about you the entire evening. Why was he so fixated? This couldn’t be healthy.
He hadn’t - and didn’t feel this way about any of the other women in his life. There was just something about you. He liked you. Always had. Harry had a feeling there was still more to you and he had the aching desire to find out.
He had been back home for a while now, so focused on his album that his personal life had ended up on the backburner without a second thought. Tonight, in the comfort of his new home he could no longer ignore his thoughts veering astray. Particularly the thoughts entailing your thighs, bare and wrapped around his waist.
He stood there for a moment, your words swirling around, getting louder until he could hear nothing *but your sweet, sweet voice. And though you were probably just fucking with him, Harry was no longer thinking clearly – a man on a mission as he left his spot by the wall and followed after you.
You were just stepping back into the passage when you spotted Harry walking toward you with what looked like determination- and possibly certainty. He was just feet away from you within an instant, and you hardly had a second to comprehend before he pressed his chest to yours- pushing you back softly into the silver and white wallpaper.
You looked up, gasping as he pinned you between his arms, both hands pressed against the wall just above your shoulders. His face was closer to yours than ever before and your eyes darted back and forth, studying his soft frown, forehead crinkling, and brows furrowed. His frustration was blatant, but the lustful sparkle in his eyes was unmistakable.
“What-” you started but Harry was quick to cut you off, leaning that much closer,
“-give me a chance,” it came out in one breath, fanning across your face.
You blinked back. He was incredulous. This was worst-case-scenario- you had been avoiding this type of interaction the entire night, and with one sentence you had thrown it all down the drain. And now here he was, so close. His chest pressed against yours, leg slotted between yours, brushing against your skin, breathing fast, and heavy, he smelled good, and looked better.
The fluttering in your stomach was unfamiliar- intrigued and excited. You wondered what exactly he had in mind if you were to in fact give him a chance. Something told you that there was more to him; that he might be anything but all-talk. The way he looked at you, how filthy he spoke to you, even the way he touched you when permitted.
You were concerned about losing control, leaning into him, touching him- but concern wasn’t enough when you slung your arm around his neck, nails scratching the base of his neck. Harry’s eyes dropped, head tilting closer, your foreheads brushing.
His words still echoing, “give me a chance, give me a chance.”
“I said, I don’t think you could handle-” you tried,
“-I think you’re bullshit,” he interrupted, and you let out a soft gasp,
“That’s mean,” your other arm linking around his shoulders,
“You’re mean,” he muttered just above your ear, before a soft kiss was pressed below your lobe,
“Matter of opinion,” you sighed, raking your nails along his jaw,
“I disagree,” a chaste kiss to your jaw,
“You always do,” thumb sliding along his bottom lip,
Harry dropped his arm, hand coming up to hold the side of your jaw, tilting you upward until you were blinking up at him. He had never seen you like this before; it felt so natural and surreal, seconds away from rectifying the last twenty plus years.
You were ready to meet him in the middle, shutting out everything that wasn’t him. You were at his mercy, foolishly waiting on edge for him to finally kiss you. His thumb copied yours, brushing against your lip before slipping slightly into your mouth, grazing your teeth.
You rose off of your heels, leaning up to impatiently close the gap, his hands moving to cup your face- he was looking at you lazily, lips slick, plump and puckered just for you,
“Let me kiss you,” he whispered,
“Please?” so softly, your eyes fluttering shut - when out of nowhere,
“Harry?” it came from far at first, but was quickly followed by another, “Harry!”
It was Jack- drunk and loud- bellowing from the kitchen and heading straight for the hallway.  
As if you had been set alight, you removed your arms and gave Harry a harsh shove until he stumbled back and looked at you with a mix of sheer shock and confusion. Before he could speak, Jacked turned the corner and cheered,
“I found you!” he was drunker than when either of you last saw him, stumbling around, eyes barely open.
Harry was so startled and full of disappointment he could barely comprehend. He was seconds away from kissing you- and now, when he glanced your way, you were a blushing mess, averting eye contact, arms wrapped firmly across your chest.
He managed to come to a stop, leaning his shoulder and head against the wall,
“I’m so sleepy, have I spent enough time mingling? Can I go to bed without saying goodnight? I don’t think anyone would care and I mean, like I said, I’m really tired.”
Jack was pouting and the eyeroll Harry sent his way could hardly convey his annoyance.
It was then that you coughed softly, Harry’s head snapping your direction in an instant,
“Good plan. I think I should get going anyway, been a long day,” you shrugged, looking anywhere but in Harry’s direction.
You were mortified- and you weren’t sure if it was because of Jack, or Harry. Either way you were still fully to blame, and it was time to make a run for it. You could feel Harry’s unwavering gaze, so strong it made you ache with awkwardness.
Jack nodded along, head droopier, eyes drowsier, “Y/n, you rock!”
“Facts.” You chuckled.
“True rock n’ roller babyyyy!” he sung out, and it seems both you and Harry took that as a cue,
“Alright Jack let’s get you to bed,” Harry took him by the shoulder, taking one last longing look at you. You glanced up for a brief moment, eyes wide. And then you were mumbling your goodbye’s and heading for the front door.
As the door shut behind you, you pressed your back against it and let out the longest sigh, pressing your face into your hands, pushing harder and harder, forcing all fuzziness to disappear. The embarrassment was seeping from your everywhere, and worse- you knew you would have to see him again.
Jack had not stopped moaning and groaning from the minute you both sat down across from one another. The breeze directs the sun’s glare directly above the table, and whilst you are most grateful for this marvellous weather, Jack does not seem to agree. Though, you could chalk that up to the hangover he was currently nursing.
You two had made plans for a brunch catch-up after the housewarming, but apparently you had failed to consider that your brother was obviously still a man-child. Did he need three-to-five workdays to recover?
After all these years, you would have hoped that Jack might have learned to handle his liquor, swap a few tequilas for a sip of water. He truly was a baby, looking devoid of sleep, hair sticking up in all directions, and after what felt like the millionth grunt, you finally looked up from your phone,
“Dude. It’s already midday. Is this going to be another one of those full day recoveries? Because we are not teens anymore; I am no longer obligated to take care of you-“
Harry interrupted your train of thought as he seemed to pop-up out of nowhere, towering over you and stealing the sun in the process. He’s sporting a chunky-knitted sweater, the black tank top peeking out matches his flared pants and boots. He looks cosy.
But he is soaking up all the warmth, stealing it for his own, peering down at you, green eyes half-hidden behind his ray-bans.
“For the love of god, sit down already.” You groaned, wrapping your favourite blue, corduroy overcoat across your chest as a small shiver took over your arms.
Harry chuckled, looking at you curiously as he slid out a chair and sat himself down next to Jack- who whined meekly when his and Harry’s elbows briefly touched.
“Christ. What is with you two today? Is this a Y/L/N thing?” he was amused, settling back further into his seat, removing his shades, and running a hand lazily through his hair.
Jack, whose head was now resting directly on the table, lifted up slightly and attempted to get out a coherent sentence,
“M’just alitt wreckddd is’all…” he tried.
Harry looked at him incredulously, turning to you with a smile so wide it reached his eyes. And he looked warm- warm and snug and somehow radiating an energy that quickly became contagious. It made you smile softly, and then you were chuckling along, happy be in his company.
“Last time you mix drinks, huh Jack?”
He whined once more.
Harry shifted towards you, elbows stretching out across the table, he let his stare linger for a moment longer than you both knew was necessary. You felt hot under his gaze, observed and uncomfortable with the sudden shift of attention. But before you could settle into this unfamiliar feeling, he sent a swift wink your way.
“See something you like?” your brows arched.
“More than,” Harry nodded in satisfaction. “I don’t want to do the things I want to do with you with people I just like.”
Now you were red in the face for another reason, eyes desperately darting over to see if Jack heard, unsurprised to find that he was almost fast asleep.
And you hope your eyeroll and lack of response will come off as a tactical choice- Harry didn’t need to know how he made you feel. Flustered and confused.
“Did you have fun at your little housewarming?” you attempted to deflect.
He nodded, “My favourite part was when you were about to let me kiss you… pity about the interruption,” eyes glancing over at Jack’s sleepy figure.
Now you were blushing for sure, steam threatening to spill from your ears and nostrils. You couldn’t have regretted coming home more than in this moment.
“I wouldn’t have kissed you. Interruption or not.”
“I believe otherwise.”
“I believe otherwise about your believing of otherwise” you huffed out quickly, brows furrowed.
Harry laughed fetchingly, arms sliding across the table until they were almost bumping your own. His stare was unwavering,
“You’re in such denial. If it weren’t so painful, I’d find it that much more endearing”
“All I heard was endearing.”
“Well, you are,” he leaned closer, “extremely endearing.”
Before you had a moment to react, Harry brought his hand down against the table, startling Jack awake. They looked at each other sternly before Jack scoffed,
You took the final sip of your coffee before turning towards the two men; Jack was a sight for sore eyes, and if you spend any longer around Harry, your head might explode in confusion.
“Jack is it safe to assume we won’t be going to the market anymore?” you barely finished before he started protesting. Typical.
“Market?” Harry interjected?
“Some little art thingy Y/n heard about”
“On 4th street” your eyes rolled.
“Sounds fun” Harry shrugged.
“That’s what I thought” you mimicked.
Jack was already standing up when he got a bright idea,
“Harry, why don’t you go with Y/n? Let me get some damn sleep while she talks your ear off.”
You were a mess of protests, assuring them both that there was really no need. But Harry seemed married to the idea.
“Sounds perfect. 4th street you said?” Jack nodded.
“Really Harry, it’s not necessary- “you tried but he only shushed you,
“-Don’t worry sweets, I’ll gladly let you talk my ear off.” Winking, he joined as you all stood from the table and regrouped outside the entrance.
After a brief goodbye, Jack started heading home. And within a minute, Harry had wrapped his warm palm around yours, tugging you forward until you stumbled into line with him.
“It’s close by, lets walk.”
Harry didn’t even look your way as he moved you both forward, weaving past cars and a woman walking her Labrador. You take two steps at a time, trying desperately to keep up as you both made it safely across the road.
“Harry- “you tried, losing your footing for a moment as he powered forward, “For fuck’s sake Harry, slow down.”
He stopped abruptly, his back creating a wall for your chest to bump into.
Harry didn’t say anything when you protested, didn’t let go of your hand as he started walking forward again. He took small steps, making sure you were able to keep up with him.
Your hand felt warm and smothered within his, a fireball sparking and crackling between your palms; ready to set off an explosion that may swallow your head and heart whole. You try to focus on otherwise, taking notice of the shop windows blurring past.
Harry squeezed your hand gently, bringing your gaze to his, “Let’s go here.” he motioned towards a little bakery stand, guiding you both to the warm glass protecting a sweet collection of muffins, cookies, pastries galore.
He refused to let you go as he caught the attention of the server, “Everything smells so good!” he complimented her before continuing, “Could we please get a couple custard slices and a chocolate croissant?”
Your heart leapt as she nodded along enthusiastically and began bagging the pastries, turns out your croissant-obsession was so strong even Harry had caught on.
Nevertheless, you gazed up at him curiously, and he only smiled back sweetly before finally releasing you from his grip, fishing into his pocket for his wallet.
Your hand missed his- and you hated that, dismissing the thought completely as he handed you the warm paper bag; the sweet smell of fresh pastry had you almost burying your face forward, and Harry laughed, motioning you back towards the bustling street.
You were already stuck into the croissant, flakes fluttering everywhere- some even settling on your chin. Harry noticed you were no longer keeping up, looking over his shoulder before halting completely. You caught up; eyes still glued to your pastry, and you barely even noticed him, continuing forward- and now he had to take a long stride to catch up.
He was eyeing you intently as you devoured the remains, crumpling up the bag with a satisfied sigh. You hadn’t noticed his gaze, turning absentmindedly,
“What?” Your brow raised quizzically, using the back of your hand to dust off any excess crumbs.
“Nothing,” he mused, “you’re cute, is all.”
“Stop.” You huffed. Thankfully, the two of you had finally reached 4th street and there were stalls set up everywhere, bright colours of multiple mediums decorating the walls, the streets- the people.
Harry stopped next to you, unnecessarily leaning against you,
“Wow.” He sighed, “This is… amazing.”
You nodded along, “haven’t been to one of these in years.”
He looked over curiously, “Used to come to these things often?”
“Whenever I had the chance, yeah” you made your way to a stand nearby, getting lost in several lino-print’s, deep blue’s melting into mustard yellows and burnt orange. Harry joined you, leaning forward to get a better look.
After a few moments, you turned your attention to another stand displaying bold psychedelic canvases, varying in shapes and sizes. They were so beautiful, telling thousands of stories all at once. Harry was peering over your shoulder, studying the blotches of colour with deep curiosity.
“This one… is so… interesting.” He pointed slightly, eyes never leaving the artwork. Harry was often quick to forget the other arts. Music was now full-on lifestyle and left little time for much else these days.
“Hm,” you replied curiously, continuing to scan the other pieces.
Eventually, Harry stepped away, starting to head towards a stand further down the street. Clay ashtrays, figurines, jewellery, and other accessories decorated the table, and by the time you had caught up, he was already in the middle of purchasing several necklaces and bracelets ranging from royal blue to candy red.
“I like this one,” you pointed to a lime green bracelet, peeking out of the other beads strewn across his palm.
“I do too,” he agreed with a large grin.
You waited for Harry’s new purchases to be paid for and placed into a paper bag. He bumped his hip into yours, motioning for you both to continue down the street.
Harry was keeping as close as possible, ensuring his arm brushed your shoulder with every opportunity. As you turned the corner onto another street, and before you could hold yourself back, you were power walking towards a stall displaying, what you would later refer to as, a masterpiece.
Considering you were often surrounded by art; it wasn’t often that a piece had you this fixated. Harry had never seen you so engrossed in something- few had.
And Harry was patient as you observed, taking your time asking the artist questions- throwing around words that sounded so foreign to him, it only made you that much more attractive, seeing you in your element.
When you were finally content, you said a sweet goodbye, and gestured Harry to continue on down the street. A comfortable silence often fell neatly between the two of you, every now and then pointing out something, asking for one another’s opinion, preference.
“How’s work?” he asked,
“Loving it, actually. I was kinda nervous the job would be as trash as the one I had here…” you really hadn’t enjoyed the hustle-and-bustle of being smack-dab in the metropolitan area. Every other person was a cut-throat, a cry-baby, or just a complete asshole. It had drained almost every ounce of your passion and drive, if you had stayed a moment longer you were sure to have slipped into another bough of melancholy.
“I’m happy to hear that,” he said genuinely- Harry had hated seeing you so stressed, always seeming on the brink of tears.
“I liked the new album, by the way.” that sparked his attention,
You nodded, “Don’t let it get to your head now,” you were teasing, but wanted to make sure he knew you were being genuine, “I liked it- I loved it.”
Harry was now running late, in his own home, spending an excessive amount of time deciding between which of two shirts to wear. As soon as he had settled on a loose, black cotton button up - which he had left partly-unbuttoned and had rolled the sleeves up to his elbows – he immediately decided to change his pants and shoes.
After slipping into his new silk, embroidered-lavender slacks, he paired the outfit with shiny, point-tipped black boots. Harry was putting on the last of his jewellery and spritzing his favourite cologne while the music droned through the gaps under his door- the number of voices growing by the minute.
Harry found himself rather nervous, palms threatening to clam up as he thought about seeing you again. He knew these feelings he was having were getting out of hand. He hadn’t been in such close contact with you in years- the last time was possibly after you graduated college.
And back then, you were wrapped up in your then-relationship, dragging him along to all events. Harry was sure he had only seen you on one occasion without them. It was an important night for him- when you two were temporarily alone again.
He was sure he was in love with you back then. You consumed his every waking thought. Harry would, and did, do anything to be near you – to make you laugh, to pick your brain, sometimes just to be in your presence.
Then life hurled forward, days turned to weeks, and suddenly it was at least a year before he saw you again. You had since abandoned your relationship- and were about to ditch your home and career here in London. Harry saw you a couple weeks before you left- he didn’t have to persuade you much when he offered to come over with Jack to help box up your apartment.
But by then, he was already hot in the middle of making albums and touring arenas, he couldn’t designate the time to properly mourn your departure. It only occurred to him that you were no longer home when he came back after the band’s final tour.
Every now and then he’d hear updates or see a few photos courtesy of your mom and Jack. For a moment his heartrate would pick up, thoughts becoming a jumbled mess – what does your new home look like? What do you do in your spare time? Are you having fun?
And now here you were with all your friends, celebrating being a decade older, in his house. If he thought about it too long, his nausea would resurface. All Harry could do now was take one final look in the mirror before leaving his room, making his way towards the party.
He couldn’t believe how many guests had already arrived – had he really spent that long getting ready? A small sea of people had already formed, mid-conversations, mixing drinks, having a smoke on the balcony.
His eyes scanned the room, acknowledging people he knew as he searched desperately for you. Come to think of it, he wasn’t sure if you had even arrived yet.
He was about to give up and head over to the bar when he spotted something sparkly bobbing behind a group of people near the door to the balcony. He followed the shimmers, greeting guests as he wove through them. He stopped at the glass door.
Harry’s head, as well as his heart, had melted into a puddle as his gaze landed on you, leaning against the balcony with a cigarette perched between your cherry-gloss lips.
He couldn’t hear over the thumping in his head, the only thing comprehensible was how incredible you looked. Which was an understatement of note.
You had chosen an extremely well-fitted, watermelon pink dress. It settled neatly across your upper thighs, cinching in at the waist, white frill accentuating your cleavage and connecting to two delicate bows that worked as straps strewn across your shoulders.
You had swapped out your docs for a pair of white, latex boots (each with a hot pink heart) stopping just above your ankles, as well as white fishnet stockings.
And to top it all off, your head adorned some sort of princess tiara covered in sparkly glitter- the beacon that had just led Harry directly to you.    
Harry still hadn’t moved when Jack, who he hadn’t even noticed was standing beside you, caught his attention. And as soon as Jack lit up with eagerness, your focus shifted too, almost dropping your cigarette as you sent a wide grin his way- eyes beaming with excitement.
“Haaarryyy!” you enthused, arms waving as you did a little hip wiggle.
Harry felt like he had just stepped into a fever dream. But he was quick to reciprocate, matching your grin as he made his way over.
You were bouncing on your toes, and he had barely come to a halt before you lurched forward, flinging your arms around his shoulders for a boisterous, but doting embrace. Harry’s arms wrapped around your upper back, pulling you close, stumbling, and living for the sound of your giggles.
“Happy birthday, klutz.” He said in a sing-song tone, rocking you back and forth.
You pulled away, singing back a sweet “thank you” before leaning up to give him a chaste kiss on the cheek. Harry prayed it was too dark out- hoped you wouldn’t notice the way his face turned so red.
And you didn’t, bouncing from heel to heel back to your spot next to Jack. You picked up and sipped at a drink that was almost spilling from your glass, and as your lips met the sweet liquid your eyes widened with something else in mind.
“Shots.” You stated seriously but couldn’t help it as you began smiling mischievously.
“Shots!” Jack matched your energy and suddenly Harry was reminded that you and your brother were a deadly combination.
Usually, it was you who would end up responsible for reeling Jack and Harry in when they got too rowdy- chasing after them in a weak attempt to corral their belligerent bodies into whatever vehicle was on standby. But courtesy of making it another trip around the sun, you were two steps ahead of the boys, slipping past friends who all took turns attempting to halt you for a chat.
By the time the two men had caught up, you were already lining up four luminous shot glasses- they hadn’t noticed Nova [one of your nearest and dearest friends from school] had already joined you. The two of you were now chatting away, paying no mind as Jack took over the shot-dispensing duty.
In between enthusiastic exchanges, Harry greeted Nova and managed to get in a few catch-up questions before you completely distracted her with something so out of context he didn’t bother trying to keep up.
Thankfully it wasn’t long before a glass of Don Julio was being passed his way, your fingers brushing against his in the process.
Before anyone even attempted to take a sip, Jack was calling everyone to a holt, “We have to toast!” and everyone groaned. But he was unphased,
“Despite being the greatest pain in my ass, you’re also the greatest person I’ve ever known. You’re a real grown-up now, shithead, and I can’t wait to see what thirty has in store for you.”
You pouted sweetly, eyes bashful as your three friends started saying cheers, clinking their tequilas together. Harry tapped his glass against yours, seconds away from lifting it to his lips-
“Hey, hey- “you scolded, and he held back any panic, “You have to look each other in the eye before you cheers.”
Harry smiled in relief, locking your gaze as he brought his glass back to yours,
“Definitely don’t want seven years of bad sex,”
He sent a wink your way as your glasses separated, tilting his head back, swallowing quickly.
“Especially when you’re finally back in town.”
Jack spotted Mitch and Adam mingling nearby, quicky motioning them over. Harry wanted to keep talking to you though, his mind hadn’t strayed from you, nor had his gaze. But you were all amped-up, swaying from side-to-side, cheesy grin, eyes crinkling as you reacted to something Nova said.
Thankfully, Harry was gifted with an opportunity when Jack suddenly realised Nova hadn’t yet met the other guys. He called her over, leaving you leaning across the bar, perched on your elbows.
“Care for a drink, senorita?” your ears perked up at that, Harry was already pretending to roll up his sleeves, gently bumping his hip with yours. You turned, leaning your back against the counter now as Harry reached over and grabbed a cocktail glass. He got to work, grabbing an assortment of drinks and ingredients and you found your eyes wandering to his arms and hands.
Harry must have felt you staring, looking over at you in between mixing ice and some pink concoction,
“You look incredible, by the way,” he busied himself, grabbing different utensils, glancing back to reaffirm his statement.
“You reckon?” standing up straight, you did a good job doing a little show for him, making sure he got a good view of all the frills and your figure.
He stopped in his tracks and nodded profusely, “Incredible. Definitely designer right?”
“You’ll die,” you stepped closer, straight-faced. He waited,
“Lacroix, ’91. From their spring collection.”
Harry was impressed, excited to finish off this marvellous drink with raspberries and strawberries,
“Christ. What did you do to get your hands on it?”
“Sold my soul.”
“To the Devil?”
“No, her name was actually Giovanna- bitchy creative director from Milan. Love her to death.”
Harry found you more endearing by the second. He added a finishing touch of white sugar, turning to you proudly, his creation on display,
“Voila! Special birthday cocktail for the special birthday girl.”
“Ooh! It’s pretty,” you marvelled,
“Matches your dress,” he pointed out as he placed the drink in your hand.
You took a sip, eyes widening in delight. It was simply delicious, and you couldn’t be sure if Harry had even known what he was doing when he made it.
“This is incredible,” you whined, taking another long sip, “Do I taste watermelon?”
“And litchi, with vodka- which I recall is a personal favourite of yours,” he had hit the nail on the head, naturally.
“Thanks Harry,” you said sweetly, “I don’t think I’ve tasted anything so good.”
Your eyes widened in an instant, as did his, and you were more than thankful when he chose to substitute a snide comment with a cheeky smirk and wink.
Nova returned to your side, making a few remarks about how sweet Adam seems, asking Harry where he was from. She suddenly remembered something and excitedly tapped you, almost causing your drink to spill.
“- She’s here? No ways! I haven’t seen her since the debauchery of Nina’s baby-shower” you enthused, eyes hastily shifting around the room for this so-called friend, gasping softly when you spotted her in the near distance.
With eagerness you wrapped your hand around Nova’s, dragging her off into the crowd. Harry turned his attention to Mitch and Adam- who had already struck up a conversation - only catching a glimpse of your back disappearing amongst the guests.
Harry was starting to feel frustrated; confusion and longing were swirling around his head with such fervour it was moments away from eating him alive. It was time for him to make a conscious effort to stop thinking about you and to start enjoying the party in honour of… well, you.
But he was determined, fixing himself a straight scotch, sloshing it back before quickly refilling and joining in the heated football debate that was escalating by the minute.
With your absence, Harry found himself mingling with people he hadn’t seen in years – some of these exchanges even being rather pleasant. He was on drink three, Jack seemed to be on at least double that. Speaking of Jack, he had been itching for a cigarette, his favourite drunken-accessory, and Harry gladly followed him out- finally feeling relaxed and frankly, almost buzzing.
The balcony, though large, was crowded. The air was perfect, spring in full swing. To his surprise, Harry spotted two empty chairs off to the side, dragging Jack along. They were going back-and-forth, trying to figure out the names of several guests.
“I think our twelfth-grade English teacher is here, what was his name?” Jack clicked his fingers searching his thoughts for the right answer, “Mister… I wanna say Twat?” he pondered, “No, that can’t be it… Twatman?”.
 “Watman. Mr. Watman.” Harry scoffed, “I’m surprised you remembered him to begin with. I don’t recall you attending a single class.”
“You’re just jealous I was skipping class to make-out with cheerleaders.”
“Which cheerleaders?”
“That’s irrelevant.”
Harry lips parted to respond, his head snapping instantly at the sound of your melodic voice bellowing across the balcony. You were on your own, a small, abstract clutch in one hand, and now you were bounding over, calling out,
“I was wondering where you were.”
Harry wasn’t sure who of the two you was addressing, but his heart couldn’t help but jump at the possibility that you may have been seeking him out after all.
You stopped before them, scanning your surroundings before suddenly, and shamelessly, you plopped yourself down horizontally across Harry’s lap. In utter shock, he peered over at Jack who not only ignored the fact but sparked up a conversation.
“Do you remember that strange professor? Taught year twelve English lit, I think.”
You thought about it, further settling into Harry’s lap, paying zero attention to him as you began unzipping and searching through your clutch. You pulled out a dainty container of weed, blunt-wrap, and a tube of cherry lip gloss,
“Yeah, yeah. Twatman right?”
“See, Harry!” Jack exclaimed, pointing your way.
But Harry’s head was miles away, his entire body heating up, your skin burning against his thighs. Every time you moved, breathed- he had to calm his own, but he was more than thankful for the permanent view of your side profile- cute nose and all. You started rolling, telling Jack some bizarre information about their old teacher. You both theorized about a secret relationship, while Harry sat idly by, adamant on being your ideal chair.
It was only a couple minutes later when you finished up, poking your tongue out as you ran it across the length of the joint. You could feel Harry’s eyes on you, choosing to ignore them as you returned to your clutch to fish out a lighter.
You crossed one leg over the other, adjusting and taking subtle notice of Harry’s squeamishness before placing the joint between your lips, starting to light up.
Harry’s head was foggy for two reasons now, a thick cloud of smoke leaving your lips and fanning out across his unsuspecting face. He blinked back a few times, trying hard to maintain stillness. After taking another quick drag, you leaned forward, thighs momentarily pressing further into Harry’s as you passed the joint over to Jack.
The joint had barely touched his lips before Jack was coughing and spluttering, eyes watering as he hunched forward and put his hand across his forehead.
“Jesus, Y/n- “he was trying to laugh but it came out sounding like a failed-beatboxer, “-fucking strong. Where did you get this?” he attempted to swallow residual coughs as he stretched over and handed the joint back to you.
“Same place I usually get it,” you paused and took a lengthy drag, sharply inhaling before letting the smoke slip through your lips,
“Purple haze. She gave me extra courtesy of the big three-oh.”
“Seems your senior citizen discount has already come in handy,” Jack mused, still holding back from coughing.
“Get fucked,” you huffed, turning your attention to Harry, who instantly felt hot under the collar,
“Still up to no good?” your lips turning upward as you gestured to the joint perched between your fingers.
Harry nodded up at you, his doe-eyes blinking bashfully. With that, you lifted your hand and as he parted his plump lips, you slotted the joint between them. Your fingers brushed against his chin, nails grazing his lips as you held him in place, letting him take a lengthy inhale as your eyes trained the freckles scattered across his face.
Up close, he looked soft, and raw - your eyes felt like they had turned into magnifying glasses, noting the stubble scattered across his chin, the crinkles between his focused-brow, the stray curls slipping across his forehead- and before you could stop yourself, you had concluded that he was beautiful, and that denying your attraction for him was at this point, futile.
He looked up at you through his thick, fluttering lashes, leaning back slightly and you pulled your hand away, bringing the joint back to your own lips. You were still looking at Harry intently when the corner of his eyes crinkled, his lips parting to expose a pearly grin,
“See something you like?” he asked.
And you did your very best to remain unphased, inhaling sharply before you tilted towards him, speaking just above a whisper,
“I don’t want to do the things I want to do with you with people I just like.”
Your voice mocked his deep and slow tone, taking pleasure in exaggerating each and every syllable.
Harry gulped. You pushed the joint towards him, and he bent forward- more than necessary- gladly accepting anything you had to offer. His head was still swirling, convinced you were emitting a vibrant glow, aiming it directly at him.
Harry bravely tapped his fingers along your shin, feeling lulled and content. You had fully relaxed now, leaning your shoulder against his,
“Having fun, birthday girl?”
“Yes sir,” you rested your head- just barely touching his shoulder,
Harry must have been dreaming- stoned and hallucinating, either way he let his hands trail up and down your leg, tapping his foot side-to-side, humming almost inaudibly.
And then in the blink of an eye, you were standing up, leaving him cold and longing once more. You looked over at Jack who had finished coughing and was now staring directly up at the sky. His eyes were darting back-and-forth, acknowledging each star.
You let the joint slip from your fingers, using the toe of your boot to put it out,
“Well boys, I’m off to get a refill,” you tapped Harry’s shoulder gently,
“Glad you can still keep up.”
He looked over at Jack - who was still looking up – and without a word, Harry was out of his seat, hot on your trails. If tonight had taught him anything it was that you were quick on your feet, already at the bar as you scanned the scatter of bottles.
Before he could announce his presence, you turned to him briefly in acknowledgement, “do you still have that photo album I made for your eighteenth?”
“Random.” He said curiously, watching as you turned back and continued examining the bottles.
“I know,” you nodded your back still to him, “I saw a bunch of albums in the living room, just wondered if you still had it.”
Harry thought about it for a second, “I do.”
Thousands of memories flooding back to him, “It’s in my room actually.”
“Is this a just ploy to get me alone?” You turned to fully face him now, eyebrow raised in amusement.
“Yes.” He teased sternly.
You nodded, turned, and grabbed an unopened bottle of 1982 Bordeaux, and motioned towards the direction of the bedrooms,
“Lead the way.”
You stayed close, following Harry down the hallway to the foot of his door. It was already ajar, and he used his foot to push it open fully, flicking on the light switch before stepping aside to welcome you in. You took a couple steps forward before he shut the door and walked off in search of the album.
You took in the room, pleasantly overwhelmed by how much it still screamed Harry. You remembered his last room and even spotted his old record player, his rustic bookshelf, a framed poster of Doctor Frankenfurter, and of course his first guitar- dinged-up and faded- just the way you liked it.
Harry was shuffling through one of the draws of his dressing table, his back to you, as you crouched down and began unzipping your boots. The carpet beneath your fishnets was thick, white, and fluffy- and before you could help yourself, you were now fully sitting down, legs crossed, arms working to remove the bottles cork.
Harry cheered softly as he found what he was looking for, grabbing the album- blue, with a hand-painted portrait of himself on the cover. When he turned and noticed your current position, he slipped off his own shoes and plopped down across from you, crossing his legs.
He dropped the album between the two of you, pairing a cheery, “ta-da” with jazz hands.
You did a little dance- what you could manage from your position- as the cork finally popped off and you took a swift swig before passing it to Harry.
He gladly accepted, and as the bottle reached his lips, Harry suddenly acknowledged the situation he was currently in. nerves rushing in from all directions, and he took an extra couple sips on account.
You were already flipping through the first few pages, grinning sweetly, and pausing to take a better look at some of the pictures. Harry was looking too, but mostly at you. He liked how you focused, how fondly you smiled, and he was only seconds away from getting caught staring.
“Oh god, do you remember this day?” you leaned forward, fingers tracing a photo of Harry dressed as a cowboy, sporting a fake moustache, and aiming a water gun at the camera. He nodded fondly, reminding you that shortly after the picture was taken, you threw up all over a rosebush- fully dressed as a brothel-lady - bonnet, and all.
With that, you flipped the page with haste, scanning some of the others, stopping to think- sometimes to reminisce. And then you came across the one picture Harry would have traded the world for. The two of you were sat on a couch, your legs draped across the armrest, your head Harry’s lap. The sun was setting, creating a silhouette of the perfect tableau. It was the beginning of one of his favourite evenings to date. Whoever took the photo hadn’t stuck around, the most important part of this memory was that it was just you two- an anomaly.
Before he could stop himself, Harry pointed down at the photo, “This one is my favourite.”
You followed his hand, looking down intently at the little moment caught on film,
“We drank so much wine that night,” you giggled fondly, careful not to give any feelings you may have harboured away.
“You sang,” He said,
“For you,” you emphasised,
“For me.” He nodded.
A silence settled and Harry took another sip, remembering your twirls, drinking, spilling from the bottle, the way your hair fell, the way he felt. The night way playing out on super speed, too many moments jumbling together, and then he couldn’t stop the blush from rushing to his cheeks,
“Oh god. I danced. A lot.” He remembered the moves far too well.
How could you forget? He was clumsy on his feet, creating a brand-new style. And he was so off-beat, no rhythm, moving any which way as long as it caused you some sort of reaction- preferably an endearing laugh, which you were of course currently doing,
“Yeah, you danced a lot.” You smiled innocently, “For me.”
“For you.”
Harry caught your gaze, the air between you thick with tension and lust. He wanted crawl right on over, grab your face and smother you in kisses. And the way you were looking back at him, Harry was almost convinced you might actually want him to do that too.
Neither moved, hardly blinked, and you were so hot under the collar it was torturous. You felt completely trapped, losing all self-control and about to slink straight into his lap. In sheer panic, you turned back to the album, flipping through pages at a time.
There was a photo of Harry, Jack, and an old friend of theirs from school. They were dressed in football attire, getting ready for a match.
“Oh, I remember this guy. Andy, right?” you taunted, glancing up to gauge his reaction,
Harry couldn’t stop his jaw from clenching, eyes rolling.
“He was cute,” you tried, “Didn’t he have a thing for me?”
Harry scoffed. Of course Andy had fancied you- Harry almost lost his mind every time he made any comments expressing crudeness or adoration for you. He had bitten his tongue so many times it was habitual when he found himself doing it now.
He still hadn’t spoken, you were fascinated as his pupils dilated, angst creeping up across his features. You took another sip of the wine, eyeing him before pushing once more,
“Maybe I should have given him a chance…”
Harry barely let you finish, “He couldn’t’ve handled it.”
You laughed harshly, absolutely amused, and horrifyingly, extremely enticed. So, you uncrossed your legs, splaying them out in front of you, toes tapping his crossed ankles,
“You really think you -”
“- Yes.” He finished for you.
In your opinion, his certainty was the most attractive thing he had ever done. He suddenly wrapped his hands around your ankles and gently tugged you forward.
You let out a small gasp as your bum slid forward, Harry unravelling his legs, all the while dragging you further into his grasp. You were lured straight into his lap, naturally wrapping your legs around his waist, settling atop his hips.
You were face-to-face now, chest-to-chest, and his hands came to rest on your waist. His breath was warm, eyes oozing with intention as your hand lazily draped across his shoulder, fingers finding their way to his hair.
“I don’t believe you,” you muttered.
“I’ll make you,” he persuaded, hand sliding up to rest on your lower back.
You were on the brink of total surrender, leaning closer until your noses were brushing, his other hand leaving your waist to cup your jaw, securing around your throat.
“Prove it,” you gave in.
Harry felt his stomach flip, holding back the urge to shove his tongue down your throat. Instead, he pressed a soft kiss to your cheek, then another to the corner of your mouth. He took his time, enjoying the way his lips sparked against your soft skin.
And then he kissed you- just barely. So lightly you barely felt it.
He pulled back for a moment, bringing his other hand up to hold your face in place. Planting a soft kiss, and another, and another, and then he finally kissed you- properly.
You were eager to reciprocate, tugging him as close as possible, kissing him with such fervour it could have convinced Harry that this was something you had spent twenty years anticipating.
Your lips detached, and Harry was quick to start scattering sloppy smooches up-and-down your neck. Nibbling and sucking now-and-then, dragging you further into his hold.
It wasn’t until you purposely pressed yourself down against his lap - desperate to ease some of this friction – when you suddenly came to your senses. Before he could kiss you once more, you went still, eyes opening to look at him in shock.
Harry stopped, eyeing you cautiously as you unravelled yourself, leaning back bashfully.
“We should get back to the party,” you suggested, scared to speak above a whisper.
Harry played it cool, nodding along as you climbed out of his lap, following suit until you were now both standing face-to-face.
Neither made any attempts to move, you watched him, shamelessly. Trying to figure out your next move, how to act, how to respond.
Suddenly Harry’s eyes lit up, surprisingly sending a wave of relief rushing through you.
“I got you something, for your birthday obviously.” He didn’t wait for your reaction, walking over to his bed before crouching down to reach for something hidden beneath.
You were eyeing him curiously as he started to reveal this surprise. The moment you caught a glance of what it was- that familiar blend of whites and purples, the abstract scatter of shapes and lines, the same feeling you felt the first time you saw the painting.
Your heart caused your ears to ring, a swell of emotions- aghast, amazed, admiration- and you were quick to realise that those feelings were for Harry.
He had barely finished revealing the artwork, not even fully standing straight as you came bounding over, causing him to drop what he was doing, only moments before you were grabbing his cheek, tugging him to meet your lips as you pressed against him with a blend of aggression and adamance.
He had no time to react, hands instinctively wrapping you up, pulling you into him, grabbing at whatever you would let him.
In a haze of needy kisses, he gently pushed you back until your bumped right into his dressing table.
You were tugging at his hair, making sure he stayed close. With your help, he used one arm to wrap around the back of your thighs, lifting you effortlessly until you were sat atop the table.
Your legs were wrapped around his waist in an instant, linking your ankles, tugging him closer. Harry was holding back a long overdue moan, hands on your jaw. You pulled back for a breath, taking in him- lusty, dishevelled, eager.
He reached up and gently removed your birthday crown, tossing it over his shoulder, and then his hands dropped to your shoulders, leaning down to press kisses to your collarbone, the nape of your neck, one final one – dragged out – beneath your ear.
Harry softly worked at the bows, pulling them loose, watching them fall, your chest on proper display now. Your hands were roaming his torso, back, his hair and finally, his jaw- leaning back in, tugging at his bottom lip with your teeth. His mouth parting slightly, and you stole the change to slip your tongue in- giving Harry a pleasant surprise.
You worked to unbutton his shirt, hastily shrugging it off of his shoulders, forcing him to help you remove it completely. Your hands were roaming his torse, lips following suit. Harry couldn’t help the soft sighs he let slip, trying to keep his hands on any part of your skin.
The impatience was growing – neither of you wanted to address it. But after the third time you pressed yourself against his crotch, Harry decided he needed to take matters into his own hands.
He stepped back, softly chuckling at the bratty whine you sent his way. Harry’s hands pressed firmly into your hips; his thumb drawing circles up your thighs. He let a few fingers slip beneath the fabric of your dress, pushing it up to reveal your deep red, lacy undies.
Harry tutted, trailing his fingers closer and closer,
“I am very, very fond of these.”
He was inches away from getting exactly where he wanted, patiently dragging out each action. He knew you were certain- your incapability of letting him out of your grasp was proof.
Your hands were still all over him, desperately grasping at any free skin,
“Shut it.”
“Yeah?” he snickered,
“Yeah,” you huffed,
“What if-”
“Harry. I said shut it and put your mouth to good use.”
He blinked, blinked once more, and nodded profusely,
“Yes ma’am.”
Get ready for part twoooo! - Emmy xox.
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knowiloveyoubabe · 3 months ago
Choke Her With A Seaview
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: 18+ SMUT!!!!! (oral sex - m/f receiving/giving; vaginal sex; light choking)
Summary: Y/N surprises Harry on their Valentine's vacation.
A/N: My first time writing smut!! I hope you all enjoy <3 (Lingerie inspired by Voight by Valentina's red heartbreaker set)
The balcony doors were ajar, allowing for the warm breeze to drift into the room from the ocean below. The sun beamed in on Y/N shuffling around the bedroom quickly, from throwing rose petals over the king-sized bed to trying to adjust the garters of her Valentine’s Day lingerie set. She wanted this day to be perfect for Harry, wanting to show him how much she loved and appreciated him. They’d been together for almost a year, and this was their first real vacation together, all planned by Harry to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day.
Of course, when Harry had first suggested the trip, Y/N had no idea he meant a private beach in one of the most romantic seaside locations in the Maldives! So, she had the genius idea of surprising him in a beautiful lingerie set, something she’d never done before.
“Why’d I tell him to grab breakfast? That takes 15 minutes tops!” She muttered to herself as she struggled with the clasp of the waist garter, groaning in frustration. She stood in front of the full body mirror in the bathroom, her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth, finally getting the clasp closed. She released a triumphant sigh and walked back to the bedroom, grabbing the bra, and sliding it over her shoulders.
Y/N thanked the heavens above that the clasp was on the front of the bra, hearing Harry messing with the doorknob of the private hotel suite. She quickly perched herself on the bed, settling on her knees, sitting on the heels of her feet.
“The weather outside is lovely, baby,” She heard him from the entrance of the suite, the door shutting behind him. Her stomach turned as she messed with the rose petals on the sheets. “Maybe we should go for a walk later…” Harry trailed off as he entered the room, his eyes landing on the gorgeous woman seated on the bed.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Harry.” Y/N spoke breathily, placing her hands on her knees, watching Harry’s jaw become slightly slack. He placed the bag of food on a side table, slowly walking towards her, stopping directly in front of the bed. She watched his eyes darken, only a sliver of green surrounding a pool of pure black, his eyes hungered at the very sight of her.
He cupped her chin in his ringed hand, causing her to look up at him as he towered over her.
“M’ pretty girl,” He muttered, his accent thickening as leaning down to place a delicate kiss on her shoulder, and another on her neck. His hands trailed their way down her body, to her hips, his large hands gripping them and pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. A shiver spread through Y/N’s body and settled between her thighs, manifesting itself as a warm wetness settling in her lace underwear.
Harry pulled her legs out from underneath her, allowing them to hang off the side of the bed. He knelt in front of her, his eyes meeting hers as he gently spreads her legs, holding a thigh in each hand and leans in. He placed a trail of small kisses on her inner thigh, right below the lacy red garter, causing Y/N to gasp lightly, her eyes fluttering shut.
“Y’ already so wet for me, baby.” He mutters against her thigh, biting gently. Y/N couldn’t help the moan that escaped her slightly open mouth. Harry smiles against her thigh, brushing her skin with his lips as he made his way to her nearly throbbing core. He pressed a small kiss to it through the sheer material of her panties, Y/N jerked forward at the sensation, her eyes snapping open and her hands making their way to his hair.
“Move up on the bed for me, love.” He spoke softly, releasing her thighs. He stood up and Y/N followed his directions, her legs spread with her back against the headboard which rested under a wide window overlooking the ocean.
She watched as he pulled off his loose white button up, her eyes trailing down his toned chest, his tattoos flexed on his tan skin. Her eyes made their way down to the obvious outline of his hard cock pressed against his shorts, causing an ache between her thighs. He stripped down to his underwear, not yet getting naked and crawled onto the bed.
“M’ gorgeous girl.” Harry licked his lips, grabbing her ankles and pulling her towards him, setting her on her back. His eyes trailed down her body as he sat up, settling himself between her legs, on his knees. He gently wrapped a ringed hand around her neck, pulling her in for a deep kiss, his tongue caressing hers while his other hand trailed down her body, teasing one of her perked nipples through the lacy material as he worked his way down to the front of her panties. Y/N moaned into his mouth, causing his cock to twitch.
He began rubbing small circles over her clit with the pad of his thumb, she pulled out of his kiss as her head fell back with a loud moan, her back arching for him.
“That’s m’ good girl.” He mutters, removing his hand from her neck and bringing it down to her barely clothed nipple, tweaking it between his fingers gently. Harry took this opportunity to dip his head down, laying sloppy kisses on her neck, sucking lightly. He continued to work his way down, to her collarbones and to her chest where he noticed the heart-shaped clasp sat between her breasts. His hand moved from her nipple, over to the clasp, undoing it in one swift motion, freeing her already barely contained breasts. Y/N looked down and watched as he wrapped his pink lips around one of her nipples, sucking it into his mouth, swirling his tongue over it. She began squirming as he moved her panties aside, running a finger through her folds before pushing two of them into her dripping core. Y/N moaned loudly at the sensation, tightening around his fingers.
“Please, Harry. I can’t sit still.” She moaned breathily when he kept his fingers inside of her, motionless. She heard his deep chuckle as he popped his lips off of her breast, kissing his way down to her wetness. His fingers splayed over her pubic bone as his thumb hooked around the soaked panties and pulled them all the way to the side, fully exposing her. His lips brushed against her nearly throbbing clit, immediately pressing a firm kiss to it.
“Fuck!” Y/N called out at the pressure, her hands tugging at his hair gently.
“Harry, baby, please!” She whined as he removed his lips. He peered up at her through lidded eyes and as she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of him, he licked from the bottom of her folds all the way to the top, swirling his tongue around the enlarged bundle of nerves peeking out from its hood. Y/N threw her head back in pleasure, calling out his name as he curled his fingers inside of her, hitting the roof of her core. He began pulling his fingers out, pushing them back in a little roughly as he focused his attention to the throbbing clit under his tongue.
“Keep your eyes open. Look a’ me, baby.” He muttered against her slippery skin. She whimpered quietly, perching herself up on her elbows and looked down at the beautiful man between her thighs. His hair had become disheveled, strands hanging over his forehead as his dark eyes connected with hers.
“Such a good girl f’ me.” He kisses her folds. She watched as his fingers fucked into her repeatedly, his mouth expertly teasing her clit. The sight of Harry pleasuring her was overwhelming, a pressure began to build in her lower stomach.
“H-Harry, baby,” She moaned as he picked up his pace. “I’m so close!” She called out, tugging on his hair, pulling his face closer. The pressure continued to build, her body tensing up. His eyes never left hers, taking in the sight of her tits bouncing as he pressed his fingers into her.
“Cum f’ me, baby.” He moaned against her wetness and almost as though a switch flipped inside of her, she screamed out, throwing her head back as she reached her orgasm, sparks went off all over her body. Her body tightened around Harry’s fingers as she rode out her release.
He placed a delicate kiss on her folds, removing his fingers. She sucked in a light breath through her teeth at the sudden emptiness, watching as Harry sucked his fingers into his mouth.
“My turn.” She smiled devilishly, pulling his face in for a kiss, moaning as she tasted herself on his tongue. Her hand trailed down from his cheek, down his tattooed chest, to the front of his boxers, cupping his length. He groaned into her mouth as she squeezed lightly, feeling the precum soaking through the thin material. She pushed him lightly to his side, flipping them over so he was laying on his back with Y/N straddling his lower thigh.
“Fuck baby, y’ look so good.” Harry’s eyes took in the curves and edges of his girlfriend as she leans in, taking his lower lip between her teeth, tugging lightly. His cock twitched under her hand as she rubbed him through his boxers. She leans down, placed small kisses above the waistband of his boxers. She lapped a sloppy, wet kiss to the trail of hair on his navel as it brushed against her nose. Harry’s eyes watched her closely as she tugged at his boxers, releasing his cock from its confines. She eyed the thick length, her eyes following a thick vein running from the tip all the way to the base.
She grazed her fingers over the butterfly tattoo on his toned stomach, tracing her way down to the fern leaves on either side of his navel, settling her hand on his hip as she took his cock into her other hand, pumping it slowly, maintaining eye contact with the panting man in front of her. She leaned down slowly, licking the thick vein from the base all the way up, wrapping her lips around his pink tip.
“Fuck.” He groaned under his breath as her tongue lapped up his precum. His large hands found their way to the back of her head, intertwining his fingers in her hair.
“Such a good girl f’ me.” He muttered, inhaling sharply through his teeth as she took more of him into her mouth. He bit his lip as he watched her head bob up and down on his cock, her tongue swirling around his tip every time she came up.
“Y’ like having m’ cock in your mouth, don’t you baby?” He panted, causing her to moan in agreement, the sensation vibrating through his cock. He gripped her hair tighter as she picked up the pace, her nails digging into his hip.
“Fuck, baby. ‘m gonna cum if you keep going.” He says breathily, cupping her chin and pulling her mouth off of his cock. The sight of his girl licking her lips, wiping saliva off of her chin nearly drove him mad as he pulled her onto his lap, roughly pressing his lips to hers. He reached between them, pushing her panties to the side once again, positioning himself at her entrance.
“Open your mouth for me, baby.” He grunts and Y/N obliges, allowing Harry to push two of his ringed fingers into her mouth.
“Suck.” He demands and she listens to him, wrapping her lips around his digits, both moaning as Harry pulls her hips down. His length slowly filled her up as he held tightly to her hip with his free hand. She steadied herself with her hands on his chest, slowly riding him and watching his face contort in pleasure.
“Fuck, baby. So tight f’ me.” He moans as he feels her bounce on his cock slowly. He needed her; he was desperate for her. He grunted as he pulled his fingers out of Y/N’s mouth, grabbing her other hip and lifted her up slightly, fucking into her from below. Y/N was surprised at the sudden shift of pace, calling out his name as he hit all the right spots inside of her. She leaned in, her lips connecting to his as he continued pounding into her from below.
“God, y’ love it like this, don’t you?” He nearly growled against her lips, causing her to tighten around him, feeling pressure build up in his lower abdomen. She was a moaning mess as she continued to be guided down onto his cock, he moved one of his hands off of her hip, wrapping it around her neck, squeezing lightly. Y/N couldn’t contain herself anymore, his ringed hand on her neck pushing her to another orgasm. Her body lightly convulsed as she came on Harry’s cock with a loud moan. Her core tightened around him, also sending him over the edge with a loud guttural groan.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He muttered under his breath as he spilled inside of her, her bounces slowing down to a stop. His sweat-coated chest heaved as he lazily smiled at his girlfriend.
“I love you,” Y/N pressed a delicate kiss on his lips, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” She smiled.
“I’m so lucky.” Harry chuckled softly, brushing her hair out of her face, pressing a small kiss on her nose.
“Oh, my goodness! The food must be so cold!” Y/N squeals, causing Harry to laugh loudly, wrapping his arms around her.
So lucky. He thought.
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sunflowerkissess · a month ago
mateo helps taking care of his sick mummy
— Hi I was wondering if you could please write something about mateo going through terrible twos and Harry and yn dealing with them
summary: y/n's sick and its in harry and mateo's hands to take care of her for her to get better
word count: 8.5k+
warnings: sick y/n, symptoms of the flu, mentions of vomiting, vomiting, mentions of blood, sad mateo, typical two year old throwing a tantrum, fluff, language
note: i wrote half of this while coming down with a cold 😂
Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
Harry was woken up to the bed jolting and his tattooed arm flopped onto the bed for what felt like the millionth time. The warmth where his once sick girlfriend once laid was the only remnant that she was once there. Y/N has fallen sick overnight from catching the flu from the hospital where she works, and Harry has been doing his best as a boyfriend to make sure that she has been taken care of without waking up their son that was a few doors down the hall— meaning Harry was extra careful when it came to walking up and down the stairs to grab water and something easy for Y/N to eat and drink—.
Harry sighed sadly as he sat up on the bed with his bare tattooed torso on display to the cool air of their bedroom and the early morning light seeping through the sheer white curtains. Along with the horrible sound of Y/N spewing what he’s given her a few hours prior into the toilet, the sound breaking Harry’s heart hearing her cough and gag from the horrid taste of the bile that was creeping its way up her throat.
Each sound hitting Harry’s heart with a knife and like someone was twisting it to cause more pain.
Harry pushed the sheets and comforter off his body to leave him in his black joggers sitting low on his hips that showed off the laurels on his hips as he sluggishly made his way to the en suite bathroom door that was wide open from his girlfriend’s rush to get to the toilet before she threw up all over their plush carpet and the tiled floor of the bathroom. The usual bathroom lights that are usually bright and white were dialed down to create a darker light so she wouldn’t get headaches from the light attacking her sensitive eyes and making her even more sick.
Before him was Y/N with her head resting against the cool white porcelain with goosebumps coated her skin from the cool air from the bathroom, the tiles, and the toilet seat. Her eyes were closed with sweat decorating her skin and hair that was sticking to her face from her hot temperature. She was wearing Harry’s black t-shirt that he wore to bed and light blue cotton shorts that once matched the long-sleeved shirt that she wore to get warm but took it off because she was too hot.
Now here she is, taking deep breaths in and out and moves her head around to find another cold spot on the porcelain seat. Harry walked over and knelt down beside her and moved some of her sweaty hair out of her eyes with pouty lips and felt a burning sensation in eyes from seeing his girlfriend sick. Y/N leaned into Harry’s touch with closed eyes and a hum from the butterfly feeling of his fingertips against her temple.
Her skin was hot to the touch, too hot and not the normal temperature for a body to have. Harry had his brows drawn forward as he pressed his cold palm against her hot temple. His girlfriend leaned closer to his touch with a satisfied, scratchy hum. The heat from her temple was already heating up the palm of his hand and he had it placed there for a few seconds!
“You’re really hot, darlin’.” Harry stated, placing the back of his hand against her temple. Y/N’s achy body shook with laughter that was soon replaced with a harsh cough, making Harry quickly remove his hand and place it on her back and rubbing it comfortingly as she worked her way through the coughing fit that seemed to take forever to cease.
Y/N then cleared her throat to get rid of the mucus and disgusting stuff in her throat, along with a sore throat, and opened her tired eyes to look at her boyfriend with a weak smile. Her chapped lips have cracks stretching across the chapped skin but no blood. Butterflies flapped and soared through their tummies as they looked at each other along with the flutter and quick beats of their hearts as they made eye contact.
Seeing Harry with his moss green eyes with his messy, bedhead chocolate curls made him handsome despite him having a few hours of sleep to be by her side and to take care of her. She could tell that he was tired from his eyes trying to close for him to go to sleep but he’s fighting all just for her and to get her better.
Even if it meant him getting sick and taking care of their two year old.
“Wow, thanks babe. It’s been a while since you’ve called me hot,” Y/N spoke hoarsely, staring at her boyfriend from a reaction from her words. “So are you.” She added, feeling a hotter warmth fill her cheeks. Harry sighed annoyingly through his nose and out his mouth. He moved his hand from her back to cup her hot cheek as he looked at her with a stare that made her feel like a dart board from how intimidating his stare is.
Harry leaned forward a bit— neither of them caring about his morning breath— as he continued to stare at his girlfriend who was looking at him with an annoying smirk from getting a reaction out of him from her words.
“Love, as much as I love you, but right now isn’t the time for flirting. As much as I accept the compliment.” He began, caressing the sweaty cheekbone softly with the pad of his thumb as he continued to look into his girlfriend’s beautiful, yet tired eyes with worry. “I mean it, you’re really hot.”
“I mean it too, you’re really hot too.” Y/N replied, the slight cough making it out her mouth. She knows that he meant her temperature, but she still likes taking the piss and getting on his nerves. She lightly jabbed his ankle with her foot to get more of a reaction. She saw a pink flush appear on her boyfriend's cheeks and his chest along with a smile trying to fight its way on his lips as he looked down at the tiled ground. The cute fucking dimples she loves to death, and that Mateo has inherited from his father along with Harry's cute little front teeth, cratering the ends of Harry's lips.
“Y/N.” Harry stated in a serious tone despite him getting all flustered from her comments about how hot he is and herself. Twisting his words to get him annoyed and worked up even when she’s sick and throwing up whatever she ate. He had his moss green eyes looking up at her with his head lifted up a little bit to see her. The sight made the butterflies’ wings in her belly flutter even more and made her feel all gooey and mushy inside from how handsome her boyfriend is inside and out.
“Harry.” Y/N repeated the tone of her boyfriend with the same smirk on her face as she stared at him along with feeling gooey and happy while staring at her boyfriend. Harry lifted his head fully to look up at her with a stern look on his face. Brows furrowed at her with a straight line— the dimples no longer trying to fight their ways on the end of his lips. His eyes traced over her sweaty face as the sickness took over her.
“I’m being serious, m’love. You’re really temperature is high and I’m gettin’ worried.” Harry stressed as he looked over at the love of his life. Y/N felt her heart felt at her boyfriend’s worriedness and how he was still caressing her cheekbone with concern and gentleness like she was glass and might break if he pressed too hard on her cheekbone and might crack.
“You’ve seen me like this when I was pregnant with Mateo, Harry.” Y/N brought up with a hoarse laugh that caused her to clear her throat roughly to get rid of the gunk that was gathered in her throat. Harry immediately moved his hand from her face to the sweaty and greasy strands to hold them back from getting vomit in her hair if she felt like she was going to throw up again.
Harry felt like his heart was sinking lower and lower in his chest as he watched Y/N open her mouth as she cleared her throat and gagged to get whatever out of her throat. He was biting his lower lip as he held her hair in a ponytail in his grasp. He wishes that he can just make her feel better immediately and not miserable with the awful flu that goes around during the fall and winter.
She's supposed to go to work around three in the afternoon for a quick shift and will be back around five. Harry would be watching Mateo after she goes to work, and he has a meeting to go to— meaning he'll have to drop Mateo off at Gemma's since she complained about not seeing her nephew as of late and she misses him—. And afterwards when his meeting is over and she’s home from work, along with dinner being done, they were going to head out to get some early Christmas present shopping since it was around that time of the year to get presents for everyone in their families.
Of course, they were going to bring Mateo because he’ll throw a fit if he’s dropped off at Anne’s and not with his parents, and they’ll have to get things for the older people in their families. Because as soon as they go into a toy store or down the toy aisle then Mateo would want everything that meets his little green eyes. Then whining and throwing a tantrum when he can’t get the toys that he wants— probably most being on the list that Harry and Y/N made for themselves and their families to get from their son for Christmas—.
But now with his sick girlfriend laying the side of her head on the porcelain toilet seat with droopy eyes and weak heaving from the sickness that was taking its course over her body that its decided by himself and the state of her wellbeing that none of that will be happening today or tomorrow if she’s still not feeling better.
However, Y/N will try putting up a fight to go and do the things that she wants to do with Harry and Mateo after work. But Harry isn’t going down without a fight with her.
“Yeah, but your morning sickness doesn’t have you sweating this much. And you did sweat in your first trimester but not this much.” Harry stated, rubbing circles on her back to ease the ache that was all over her body. Y/N sighed in relief and closed her eyes with a small cough leaving her throat along with a rough clear of her throat. He remembers being by Y/N’s side during the first three months of her pregnancy back in 2015 when he was home and not on tour for One Direction, or they were in London, or Y/N was on tour with them till it was around the time for her to be back in their shared home when it got close to the end of her pregnancy.
Hours spent in the bathroom with Y/N over the toilet with Harry using one of his hair ties that was around his wrist to have her strands in a messy bun so that her hair was out of her face. He was rubbing her back and pressed butterfly kisses to the back of her neck and back to be there for her. Wishing that he can take the horrible feeling that his girlfriend of two years, at the time, was feeling and hug her tight.
And now here they are together for four years with a two year old that is adorable as even and they love so fucking much. Harry is doing what he always does for Y/N when she’s not feeling well, and everything is the same with her comments when he makes a statement of her being hot because of her temperature. And complimenting him about his appearance.
“I think you should stay home, m’love.” Harry suggested as he continued rubbing circles on her back with furrowed brows as he awaited her answer. Y/N lifted her head up a little from the toilet seat to look at her boyfriend like he was insane from what he just said. She was slightly shaking from the body chills from the fever and sweat coating her skin. Glistening under the lowlights of the bathroom that show off her beauty and everything that Harry loves about her, even when she’s sick he still finds her beautiful.
“What did you just say?” Y/N asked him in a scratchy voice, clearing her throat roughly as she stared him down with a look that could shoot daggers into him. While she was sweating and looked miserable, if looks could kill then this would be the look that she’s currently giving him.
“Darlin’,” Harry sighed sadly and moved his hand that was on her back and cupped her sweaty cheek. “You’re sweating pinballs and your temperature isn’t normal. You’ve been throwing up throughout the night. You need to stay home and let me take care of you till you get better.” He told her softly as he looked into her eyes. But Y/N wasn’t going to give in easily as she rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s words at shifted on her numb legs from sitting on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom.
“I’ll be okay, babe. I’ll just take a shower, take some medicine, and then I’ll be–” She started to list off, but she was cut off when she felt the awful tasting bile that was creeping up her throat with a burning sensation mixed with her sore throat. This caused her to immediately turn her head to the toilet bowl with her hands gripping the porcelain toilet seat and started throwing up the contents that were in her stomach that the flu didn’t seem to like.
Harry immediately held her hair back from her sweaty face as she gagged and threw up more with the vomit making noise from the vomit meeting the water. Harry felt his eyes water and burn from the tears from seeing Y/N sick and throwing up with weak cries leaving her lips. The tears were from the horrid smell of the vomit that was filling up the bathroom. He was kissing the top of her head with his eyes closed to stop the tears from falling down his light red cheeks.
His heart was breaking more and more as he felt his girlfriend shake from the chills that made its way through her body.
“See, proved my point.” Harry joked lightly which earned him a groan from his girlfriend. Y/N pulled away from the toilet and went back to her previous position she once was in when he found her with her eyes closed with Harry’s hand falling onto her lap. His hand gripping her goosebump covered thigh.
“Why are you always right?” She asked him sickly, opening her eyes a tad to look at him through her lashes to look at him. Harry chuckled lightly as he continued to caress the skin and scooted closer to her. She gave up more quickly than she usually does, meaning that she’s really miserable and wants her husband to take care of her.
“I’m not always right, Y/N. It’s just I can tell you’ve got a bloody fever that’s causing you to be miserable and it breaks my heart to see you like this m’love.” He stated. “Plus, you’re the smarter one. A bloody nurse that helps people and saves lives.” He added with a beaming smile. Y/N chuckled weakly at his compliment and coughed for what felt like the millionth time.
“I mean, you’re the one who did my surgery for my tendons. Took care of me for the whole entire recovery now it's my turn to take care of you. With Mateo's help. It's our turn"
His words brought stingy tears to Y/N's eyes and her heart floated with joy from his words. He wanted to take care of her, even though he's done that already and continues to do so. But she feels horrible with this flu making her feel ache and not herself.
Right now, she just wants to go to bed and sleep off the drowsiness and stay in bed all day. But she needs to call into work and inform them she won't be able to make it due to being sick with the flu.
"Okay." Y/N sighed, looking at her boyfriend. Harry's moss green eyes lit up in happiness and relief at her simple way of telling him that he can take care of her. His heart beating with joy and a soft smile itching at his pink lips appeared as he reached his hands out for her to take to help her stand up.
She placed her hands in his big ones and sighed at the warmth of his palms and placed the bottom of her feet on the cold tile of the bathroom floor and pushed up.
“Let’s get you in the shower, m’love. I’ll take care of Mateo afterwards while you rest. We’ll bring you something to eat and drink. Give you a cuddle after you're done eating.” Harry listed off after she was up on her feet and cuddled up against his warm tattooed chest with her eyes closed.
All he got as an answer from her was a simple nod and a sigh of relief and tiredness seeping into her bones. Harry smiled at the top of her head and told her to wait for a few minutes so he can gather her and himself fresh clean clothes after they get out of the bath. He was going to wash her hair and body since she was tired and was ready to go to bed.
Afterwards the two of them relaxed in the warm water in the bathtub with Y/N's face tucked into her boyfriend's neck half asleep while Harry lightly ran the tips of his fingers against her skin. Pressing kisses along the side of her neck and shoulder with his own damp stands tickling her skin.
A few more minutes pass and Y/N's in one of Harry's faded band shirts with a pair of one of Harry's joggers to keep her warm and the covers over her sleeping form. She called into work to say that she won't be able to make it in and Harry called in to inform everyone he won't be able to make it to the meeting.
Harry hovered over her for a few more seconds, in his fresh clean clothes that were a white t-shirt and another pair of joggers. He tucked her in tight and moved some of her freshly washed strands out of her face and placed butterfly kisses on her skin before walking out of their shared bedroom with the tv playing quietly in the background of one of y/n’s favorite shows.
Now it was time to get Mateo up for the day and let Y/N rest so she could get better.
Tumblr media
“NO! I WANT TO DO THAT DADDY!” Mateo screeched, causing Harry's ears to ring from the high-pitched sound that echoed throughout the kitchen where the father and son were currently in. It’s now midday and Mateo has been in his terrible twos mood ever since he noticed that his mummy isn’t around nor up. Usually, Mateo is just fine with one of them while the other is busy— it's usually the other way around, Mateo wanting Harry instead of being with Y/N— but it seems like Mateo wants Y/N today after being told that his mummy isn’t feeling good. Despite Harry telling Mateo that she needs rest and can’t be up.
But Mateo being only two years old doesn’t understand that well to what his daddy means mummy isn’t ‘feeling well’ so he proceeded to throw himself on the floor of the and scream in frustration since he’s not able to express how he’s feeling at all. He was kicking and hitting the floor with fat pinballs of tears running down his cheeks. Harry swears he felt his heart break into a million pieces once more today. One from his sick girlfriend and now from his upset son.
Harry got on the floor and picked up his son and cradled him with rocks back and forth to calm him down by kissing the top of his messy chestnut curls that he gave Mateo. Luckily afterwards, Harry was able to keep the two year old occupied by putting on Finding Nemo (reference to poor sick baby) since Mateo loved Crush and Squirt. He even got construction paper with markers and crayons for Mateo to color and draw with to make his mummy a ‘get well soon mummy’ card.
That gave Harry enough time to let Harry sneak upstairs to check up on Y/N to see if she was okay and if she needed anything. She seemed to be staying in bed mostly, the messy bed from her moving around to get comfortable and warm being evident as well as her getting up to use the bathroom or getting a drink out of a water bottle Harry left for her earlier.
Unfortunately, a cute movie about a clownfish and a pacific blue tang fish that has short-term memory looking for his son and going on an adventure with meeting characters that kids love dearly wasn’t enough to get Mateo occupied or stopping the terrible twos tantrum from coming back.
Harry stopped adding the carrots, onions, and celery into the mixture and sweet-smelling soup that was in the silver metal pot that was sitting on the hot stovetop. He looked over at the two year old, who was wearing gray pinstriped pajama set with: astronauts, meteors, stars, and spaceships. The colors being: blue, green, with orange on the collar of the shirt and on the cuffs and leg opening.
Harry felt his heart break into a million pieces as he looked down at the crying toddler that was standing on the black cushion of a chestnut wooden chair so that he could reach the metal pot with the wooden spoon that he was holding to stir the soup to perfection. His mini me’s cheeks red from crying and his green eyes are already getting red with more crystalline tears gathering along the waterline.
Harry immediately cleaned his hands of the vegetables with a towel and turned the knob on the stove to turn down the temperature so the soup wouldn’t burn and there wouldn't be black stuff gathering to the top of the soup that is supposed to help his sick girlfriend upstairs feel better and not yucky.
Harry bent down to be eye level with the crying two year old who was clutching the wooden spoon like it was the last thing keeping him together before losing his shit. Harry felt his heart shatter and the other side of his entire world fall apart, Y/N and Mateo making his whole world. Just the two of them making it whole, along with performing for his fans. But it's mainly just his family that he comes home to and is with him when he’s on stage.
“Bub, daddy doesn’t want you getting hurt. The pot is hot, and daddy doesn’t want you burning your little hands when you try to put the vegetables in the soup.” Harry gently told the two year old, cupping Mateo’s adorable chubby cheeks that were hot to the touch because of his normal body temperature and because of the harsh tears that were making streams down his cheeks. Mateo was sniffling as he looked into his father’s matching eyes, his chest heaving as he stared at his father.
His mind does not understand what he is being told and he can’t express himself the way his parents do when they’re together. Either it be him watching his daddy dancing with his mummy in the kitchen when she’s trying to make Mateo’s snack. Fleetwood Mac playing in the background, mostly Say You Love Me playing loudly from Harry’s phone. Her laughing as Harry clumsily dancing with her in the kitchen and presses kisses against her lips while murmuring the lyrics against her lips with a smile of his own.
To Y/N and Harry playing with Mateo, Harry lightly tossed Mateo up in the air as Mateo squealed as he felt the air running through his chocolate curls. And Harry holding Mateo tightly in his arms to let Y/N tickle Mateo’s belly and feet. It was a cute domestic moment that takes place either in their home or during a tour backstage or in their hotel room.
The only thing that the two year old doesn’t see is when Y/N and Harry had an argument and aren’t talking to calm down before they are lashing out and causing another fight. Something that happened when they were nineteen years old, and Harry was on tour and Y/N was staying in London. It was over an article she read on him and asked him because of her insecurities, letting them take over her mind and causing a fight to break out between the two of them.
They haven’t talked for a month, only a few texts here and there and short-ended phone calls. But they’re better now, being together for four years with a happy two year old and a healthy relationship.
Harry was snapped out of his thoughts by the clatter of the wooden spoon falling onto the kitchen floor and the sound of Mateo’s wailing echoing throughout the kitchen and possibly through the entire house. Even the neighbors probably heard him from how loud his wails are.
Harry immediately picked up the crying two year old and propped him on his hip. Rubbing Mateo’s back and hugging him to get him to calm down instead of yelling at him. However, instead of giving into the hug like he usually does when being given a hug from either of his parents or both, Mateo tries to push his daddy away with his little hands with fat tears running down his cheeks with more gathering at his waterline. The action broke Harry’s heart even more, causing more and more cracks in the organ if that’s even possible.
But it certainly feels like it.
“Mateo, it's okay. Daddy is just doesn’t want you getting hurt.” Harry cooed as he continued to rub the two year old's back. Mateo is trying to get out of his father’s grasp and is relentless. He was crying even harder, and he shook his head with his curls going everywhere. Some of the chocolate curls sticking to his wet face.
“No, no, no, no.” Mateo repeated in a wobbly voice with his bottom lip wobbling from the sobs that were trying to escape his lips to make it known that he’s upset, typically Mateo’s terrible twos aren’t as horrible as others are— sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not, basically fifty to fifty with Mateo—. Harry felt his own eyes burn for what feels like infinity at this point seeing his girlfriend and son getting upset for two different things. One was sick and one is going through a terrible two's tantrum right now.
“You can’t put them in right now Mateo. Daddy doesn’t want you getting hurt by the hot pot,” Harry repeated himself and looked at the pot that was cool by now by being put to a stop so it wouldn’t get burnt. But the white steam that was coming from the soup meant that it was still warm and not done. Maybe lightly touching so that it wouldn’t hurt the pads of Harry’s fingers and hand. Pretending that it burnt his hand and telling Mateo that it hurt maybe he’ll understand better.
Mateo was whining and reaching up with his tiny fingers to grab at Harry's messy curls to get his daddy's attention.
"Daddy." Mateo whined, giving another sharp tug at Harry's curls once more to get his father's attention. And it worked, Harry hissed from the stinging sensation from his son's fingers. Harry ripped his eyes away from the metal pot and lightly grabbed his son's little wrist and pulled it away from the strands.
This caused Mateo to whine louder in frustration and yank his wrist out of his father's gentle grasp. More tears were falling from his green eyes with his chubby cheeks full of streams from the tears. Even Harry wiping them away doesn't make the redness that blooms on the two year old's cheeks any less noticeable.
"Mateo don't do that," Harry told his mini me gently. "Hurts daddy." He added. This didn’t go well with the two year old and an even louder cry escaped the two year old's lips and this time with a hit to Harry’s shoulder. It didn’t hurt but still he needs to learn not to hit to express how he’s feeling. Harry’s gaze on his son turned into a stern look with his brows furrowed.
“Mateo Robin Styles.” Harry spoke, he was in complete dad mode. His voice rumbled through his chest as he stared his son down. Mateo immediately stopped crying and looked up at his dad with glassy green eyes and his mouth opened agape. Mateo sniffled as he stared at his daddy to hear what he needed to say. The two year old knew that he was in trouble if either of his parents had to use their ‘parent tone’ with him when he’s done something he’s not supposed to do. Like, hitting or biting for example, but this was the first time Mateo’s done this.
“You don’t hit daddy, bub. That’s not how you deal with your emotion's bub. You don’t see mummy, daddy, nana, or aunt Gemma do that, do you?” Harry told his son, his heart breaking as he maintained eye contact with his son’s glassy green eyes. He felt Mateo’s chest stutter from all the crying he’s done. Mateo shook his head slowly with a few more tears falling from his eyes, making Harry instinctively reach up with his hand that wasn’t holding his son on his hip and wipe away the tears. His own pink lips in a pout as he stared at his mini me.
“It breaks daddy’s heart to see you upset bub, hurts mummy as well. Even when you hit me.” Harry whispered to the two year old. Mateo’s eyes wandered all over Harry’s face with his breath stuttering from his crying.
“I’m sw–orry, daddy.” Mateo lisped out an apology with a stutter in his accented voice. Harry felt his heart melt with his son’s apology, and he is going to accept immediately instead of some parents who don’t accept their two year old's apology and make the two year old feel horrible. No, that’s not how Harry and Y/N do.
“It’s okay Mateo, daddy accepts your apology.” Harry cooed, hugging his sad son to his chest. This time Mateo wraps his little arms around his daddy’s neck with a little smile on his lips. Harry smiled as well as he pressed a kiss to the side of Mateo’s head, with the strands of Mateo’s curls tickling Harry’s nose. Harry slightly swayed back and forth in the kitchen with his two year old in his arms. Mateo laughed at the motion and the little tickle motions his daddy was giving him to make him laugh and feel better.
A few seconds afterwards, Harry brought Mateo over to the pot to show him that it would hurt his little hand if he tried to put the vegetables in the soup.
“See, this is why daddy doesn’t want you putting the veggies in right now, Mateo. Daddy doesn’t want you to get hurt.” Harry explained, reaching out one hand and placing it on the rim of the pot. Mateo’s eyes widened as he watched his daddy’s hand on the rim. It wasn’t really hot anymore— more so cold and will need to be heated once more to continue making the soup— but Mateo doesn’t know that. He thinks that it’s still hot and that his daddy is getting hurt.
“Daddy, no!” Mateo exclaimed, reaching out for his daddy’s wrist to get his hand away from the ‘hot’ rim of the pot and he didn't want to see his daddy hurt. He was crying for two weeks straight when Harry got his wrist surgery done, seeing the white bandage on his wrist to keep the stitches from ripping made the two year old crying waterfalls. He got that from both of his parents and things alone.
Harry yanked his hand away from the pot and hissed like his hand was burning from the heat. His brows furrowed as he shook his hand. He looked over at Mateo to see that his green eyes were once more turning glassy from seeing his father hurt as his grip tightened on his father’s wrist.
“Daddy.” Mateo whined with tears threatening to spill from his tear ducts. Harry was quick to cuddle the two year old close to him. Harry cooed to the two year old that he was okay and that is why he doesn’t need to be putting in vegetables just yet because it's hot and he doesn’t want him getting hurt. Mateo hurriedly nodded his head in understanding— he just wanted his daddy not to hurt anymore and wanted his mummy to feel better with a soup that he and his daddy were making—.
And they eventually did resume making the soup, Harry cleaning the wooden spoon that was dropped on the floor by Mateo to get the germs off the wood so Y/N wouldn’t get any sicker. Mateo was standing once more on the chair eagerly with a smile on his lips as he waited for his daddy to give him the spoon for him to stir the ingredients that were in the warming soup from the stovetop getting warm again. It was an adorable moment between father and son, the scene warm and welcoming as Harry handed his son the wooden spoon and continued to add the last few chopped vegetables into the pot. Mateo was bouncing on the pads of his feet as he was eager to do his job.
And when it came to Mateo’s turn to stir, Harry kept Mateo stable on his hip as he directed Mateo on how to stir the soup gently enough so that he wouldn’t get the boiling broth on either of them or on the scolding hot stove. Mateo giggled as he stirred the soup with a big smile on his face and it seemed like he didn’t even have a tantrum over not being able to put the vegetables in the soup. The sight warmed up Harry’s heart seeing his mini me all happy to make a meal that will ease his mummy’s tummy and make her feel better to get her on the road to recovery of this horrible flu.
Tumblr media
Mateo and Harry make their way to the slightly ajar from Harry leaving the bedroom earlier that morning with the quiet sounds of the show that Harry put on for Y/N was still playing with the voices of the characters talking to another. The steam and welcoming smell from the freshly made soup was warming the palm of one of Harry’s hands while the other was holding a fresh cold-water bottle in the other as he and his mini me got closer to the bedroom. Mateo had a happy, eager smile on his face as he clutched the light pink construction paper with Harry’s handwriting on the front of the homemade card in black sharpie ‘get well soon mummy’ and the front of the card and the inside is accompanied by Mateo’s cute, but messy, drawings that are scribbles.
Both the father and son’s heart were beating happily against their chest as they were going to see the queen of the home and their hearts. Mateo started calling her a queen because ‘she’s like those nice queens in the Disney movies, daddy.’ and it seemed to stick. And Harry is the king of their home and Mateo is the little prince that likes going on adventures and bringing ‘imaginary’ things back from his adventures to show his parents. It was adorable.
“Alright, Mateo. We need to be quiet, so we don’t wake up mummy if she’s asleep. She needs her rest to get better.” Harry whispered as they stopped in front of the white painted wood door. Mateo nodded his head quickly to his father’s words, not really paying attention to what his father just told him. He was just excited to see his mummy and give her his homemade card and to see his mummy since he hasn’t seen her all day till now.
“Alright, let's go see mummy.” Harry whispered as he opened the door to reveal that Y/N was up and watching the show Harry put on. The covers covering her legs as her tired eyes were focused on the show that captivated her attention. The eye bags under her eyes were dark and her hair was a mess from tossing and turning— the comforter and sheets being the proof of it—, and the remote in her hand was being held lazily. The water bottle Harry left for her earlier was empty with a few droplets of water sticking to the plastic.
Her attention was broken from the glass tv screen when she heard the happy squeal from her son that was standing by her boyfriend’s side.
Despite the panging headache that’s making her feel miserable with the throbbing pain that’s not going to go away anytime soon without aspirin or sleeping to get rid of the headache that’s causing pain. And the cute squeal from their adorable son added a pang of pain from the high-pitched sound.
Y/N managed to give her son a weak smile from his cuteness and the sight of him still in his pajamas with his messy bed head curls. His cute front teeth showing through his wide smile as he looks at his mummy.
“Hi, Mateo! Mummy missed you!” Y/N greeted with a matching smile, not needed to turn down the volume of the tv since the volume wasn’t too loud in the first place. “Hi babe.” Y/N greeted her boyfriend that caused her heart to flutter as well as Harry’s. It felt great to know that she was feeling a little bit better.
“Hi, m’love. We’ve made you some chicken noodle soup to help you feel better.” Harry lifted the cute dark blue porcelain bowl with white petal detailing on the outside and red on the inside with white flowers. The broth with the chicken and vegetables sitting in the bowl to keep it warm with parsley sitting on top of the soup.
Y/N felt her stomach grumble with hunger and the taste, and the smell of the soup is making her hungry and she can’t wait to taste the wonderful soup to make her feel better and feel it warm her throat a bit. She felt her smile widened at her boyfriend and son making her lunch to make her feel better.
“Aww, thank you.” Y/N thanked him. Harry’s smile spread across his pink lips with his dimples cratering at the ends of his lips. Matching Mateo’s. Speaking of Mateo, the two year old rushed from where he was standing next to his father and ran over to his mummy’s side of the bed with the construction paper on his little hands with the paper crinkling a bit. His curls bouncing atop of his head and getting into his eyes, meaning that he’s gonna have to get a trim soon so that he won’t have any dead ends that would hurt him when Y/N or Harry brush his hair before heading out for the day.
“Mummy, I made you a card!” Mateo exclaimed with a big smile on his face as he handed out the light pink construction paper. Y/N felt her heart melt at how adorable her son is as he holds out the homemade get-well card. She reached out her unoccupied hand since the other one was holding the remote to the tv. Her skin was coated in goosebumps from the fever.
"Mummy, you feel better?" Mateo asked her, prodding the goosebumps on her skin with his little finger. Y/N shivered a bit from the contact of her son's finger. Y/N smiled at her son and swallowed with a bit of trouble from the mucus build up in her throat along with the sore throat that came along with having the common flu. Y/N gently took the paper from her son's grasp, feeling a bit of warmth from the warm air coming from the AC Harry turned on earlier to keep his lovely girlfriend warm.
"Yeah, mummy's feeling a bit better. Certainly, now that you and daddy are here." She smiled, lightly nudging Mateo's chubby cheek with the edge of the folded paper before holding it before her to see Harry's handwriting.
Y/N felt that familiar heat warms up her cheeks seeing Harry's messy hearts decorating each word that was messily colored in by their son. Y/N felt her smile get wider when she saw scribbles of stick figures of three family members with messy drawn clothes. One shorter than the rest with messy brown hair that matched the other one. The little one was in the middle holding each hand of the taller stick figures. The third one had Y/n’s hair color and everything that looked like her. The little drawing brought tears to her eyes as she continued to stare at the cute drawing that her son made.
“You alright, Y/N?” Harry asked as he approached where the son and mother were. He placed the porcelain bowl on the chestnut bedside table, the bowl making a small 'clunk' when meeting the wood of the table. Harry’s deep accented voice made Y/N’s heart jump out of her chest at the sound of his voice and how fast and quiet he got there. Harry smirked at her reaction from the slight jump her body did on the bed. His footsteps were so quiet against the plush carpet.
"Asshole," Y/N murmured quietly under her breath so Mateo wouldn't be repeating bad words around them or their families. Like that one time when they were out to eat with Anne and Mateo dropped one of his chicken nuggets on the floor. He said 'fuck' loud enough for the three of them to hear. It was a funny moment for a few seconds before Harry and Y/N had to tell him that it was a bad word, and he shouldn’t say it. And when asked who he heard it from, he just simply stared at his father as his answer.
Mateo whined as his fingers were making indents in the soft material of the comforter to get into her mummy on the bed. Making Harry and Y/N look at the two year old, who had a scrunched-up nose and his little brows furrowed forward with crinkles at the end. Harry immediately picked up the two year old under his arms, tickling Mateo a little bit with butterfly touches to make Mateo kick his legs out with a loud giggle leaving his lips. The sight made Y/N smile even more before opening the light pink homemade get-well card to see if there was anything inside that she should need to see or read.
There weren’t any words besides there being a ‘love, Mateo & Harry’ and more cute little scribbles from Mateo with them being loosely colored by the two year old. And more of Harry’s hearts surrounding the words. Y/N felt her heart swore in the air in happiness from her boyfriend and son making a get-well card for her and she’s most certainly going to keep it in her bag that she brings with her every time to the hospital that carries everything she needs for work, her meals, etcetera.
The mattress indented a little from Mateo being placed next to his mummy. Y/N placed the card on the bedside table as well, keeping it standing up on the lamp while reaching for the bowl. Harry immediately reaches to give his girlfriend the soup for her to eat to help her feel better.
“Thank you.” Y/N smiled at her boyfriend as she took the bowl and placed it on her blanket covered lap and picked up the silver spoon that was sitting in the delicious smelling soup that was sitting before her to be eaten. Harry walked over to his side of the bed to sit next to his girlfriend and son before, and maybe, taking a nap with Y/N before it was dinner time for all three of them. Mateo and Harry have something different while Y/N will have another serving of chicken noodle soup.
Y/N placed the bowl of the spoon of her mouth and hummed at the amazing taste of the soup that warmed her mouth with her eyes closed. While it tasted a little bit bland because of the flu that wasn’t allowing her to taste her boyfriend’s wonderful cooking skills. Harry was looking at his girlfriend with a hopeful look on his face to see if she liked the soup that he and Mateo made.
“Is it good, m’love.” He asked her, Y/N opened her eyes and placed the bowl of the spoon back into the soup to get another serving. She gave him a thankful smile on her face, the goosebumps on her skin disappearing from the warm soup. Harry felt butterflies soar in his tummy and his heartbeat happily against his chest as she smiled at him.
“It’s amazing, H. Thank you.” She answered as she lifted the spoon out of the soup with some of the mixture dripping from the edges of the spoon back into the soup with drips. Harry nodded at his beautiful girlfriend wishing that he could kiss her but he knew she wouldn’t let him get that close to her because she doesn’t want him getting sick.
“You’re welcome, m’love.”
Mateo pulled at his mummy’s arm that was holding the spoon with the hot soup in it with the steam swirling in the air. The movement by Y/N’s heart speeds up in fear about the hot soup landing on her skin or shirt that would burn her skin either way.
“Mummy, mummy, I helped too. I helped too!” Mateo chanted as he continued to pull at his mummy’s arm to get her attention. Harry could tell that Y/N was panicking from how Mateo was pulling his mummy’s arm to get her attention to let her know that he helped his daddy make her lunch.
“Mateo Robin Styles, be careful! Don’t burn mummy.” Harry told his mini me sternly with stern eyes. Mateo looked at his daddy for a few minutes before he stopped pulling her arm and looked at her. He listened immediately since he didn’t want to get in trouble even though he didn’t get in trouble beforehand.
“I helped daddy too mummy.” Mateo repeated himself eager to hear his mummy’s thank you and praise for him helping Harry with her lunch. Y/N looked away from her slightly shaking hand that was holding the spoon to look at her boyfriend's mini me.
“Thank you, Mateo! You and dad did an amazing job at making mummy soup to make her feel better. And thank you for the card, it’s cute and mummy isn’t going to lose it.” Y/N thanked her son with a smile and a scratchy voice, Mateo giggled and looked down at his lap with a pink tint on his cheeks from his mummy’s than you.
“You’re welcome, mummy.” Mateo said quietly. Harry and Y/N looked at each other with love-filled smiles before Y/N returned to eating her soup so that she could be on the road to recovery. It took a few minutes for Y/N to finish the soup with a conversation going on between her, Mateo, and Harry. It was a domestic moment between the three of them.
Y/N asking Mateo if he’s given his father any trouble when making the soup, Mateo was immediately to deny that he did cause his daddy any trouble. But Y/N looked over at Harry to see if what their son was saying was true or not. Harry looked over at his son with a teasing smile before telling Y/N that he had a little fit that he couldn’t put the veggies in without getting hurt.
This caused Mateo to throw another fit, jolting the bed a bit that caused both of his parents to say in a stern tone.
“Mateo Robin Styles. Don’t.”
Mateo immediately stopped under his parent's stern gaze and cuddled closer to his mummy with his eyes getting droopy with sleepiness. And Y/N yawned from tiredness that got passed down to Harry. Meaning that the three of them are due for a nap before the day comes to an end. Y/N puts the empty bowl on the table before maneuvering the sleepy toddler between her and Y/N with the covers over his almost asleep form before her and Harry did the same with their heads cushioned by their soft pillows.
The family of three slept in the king-sized bed with the comforter and sheets as well as the additional blankets keeping them warm after some time talking and not paying attention to the tv. The tv playing the ending of one episode of Y/N’s show with the theme song playing in the background and Netflix telling her that the episode is expected to begin in five seconds. But neither of them is watching since they’re allowing sleep to overcome them. Y/N and Harry facing each other with their son sleeping between them, Mateo closer to his mummy since he’s adamant on cuddling with her to ‘make he feel better’.
Harry and Y/N had their arms placed on the comforter of their bed with Harry’s hand over Y/N’s smaller one. Trying to keep her cold hand warm with his warm palm. The empty bowl of fully eaten chicken noodle soup sitting on Y/N’s bedside table with a fresh cold-water bottle that is waiting to be drunk out when Y/N wakes up. Along with the medicine that was placed there earlier when Harry snuck upstairs to check on her when Mateo was occupied by Finding Nemo and placed the medicine on the bedside table with a haste kiss to her forehead before leaving.
However, right now, she’s sleeping once more with the love of her life and her adorable son.
Tumblr media
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while! Personal things have been going on and I've had terrible writers block but i've got ideas for this last one shot, it's a standalone one shot with harry and y/n only. As well as an upcoming trope that i'm excited to write about! As well as other tropes!
To make up for making you all wait too long, here's a picture of my kitty 🥺. Sorry for the picture being too big, i didn't know it was going to be big. Show her some love pls, even though she gets a load from me.
Tumblr media
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adoredaylight · 19 days ago
Breeding Horse | Chapter Two: Ecstasy | Harry Styles
Pairing: Courtesan!Harry Styles/Queen!Reader
Words: 12,215
Warnings: (+18), Smut, Angst, Fluff, Oral (on her), Cheating (not main characters), Breeding Kink, Unprotected Sex, Dom/Sub Situation, Sir Kink, Degradation Kink, Choking Kink, Handjob (on her), Praising Kink, Possessiveness Kink.
Summary: After the deal, they start trying to get her pregnant, as well as experiencing more sentimental things in between.
Series Masterlist
A/N: Hi! I'm so glad you liked the first chapter of this series so much. I hope you like this chapter!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The sun's rays began to stream through the windows, illuminating the huge room where they both still lay snuggled against each other. The first thing Y/N noticed while still with her eyes closed, trying not to fully wake up, were strong arms around her waist, pulling her into a warm, sensual body on her back. Breath tickled the back of her neck and she tried not to giggle at it, wanting to let him rest as much as she could.
She still remembered the night before and knew it wasn't a dream because of the tingling in her crotch from what had happened. A small smile crept across her face at the thought of it and all the pleasure she had felt thanks to that man.
The second thing she noticed that pleasant morning was Harry's morning wood behind her hardening against her skin, making her feel blissful to know that the still-sleeping brunet still wanted more from her.
With one hand, she groped the brunet's skin under the sheets, his thighs solid and thick, the brunet body hairs brushing her fingers before reaching forward and lightly touching his cock. The hoarse grunt that escaped the man's throat as he slept made her warm, and she could already begin to feel herself getting damp again between her legs.
With the palm of her hand, she gently and unhurriedly caressed the hard shaft, beginning to notice Harry start to squirm in the bed until a change in his breathing and his hands began to move up to her tits, squeezing them gently and making her gasp.
"So needy at this time of the morning, your majesty?" The voice, hoarse and deep from sleep, made her writhe and her thighs clench slightly. "Such a dirty queen."
She didn't know what to respond to it, so she just whined vaguely while with her hips and her hand began to rub herself against the brunet's lying body, while the other kept fiddling with her mounds; his fingers stroking and pinching her nipples.
"Fuck," Harry let out hoarsely before she felt his hot precum drip down her hand; something that made her smile as she discovered that the brunet was especially sensitive in the mornings, and it made her feel powerful in return; it didn't go unnoticed by him that proud, satisfied grin on her face. "Are you laughing at me?" Harry growled in her ear before leaning up on his forearm and turning her over until she was lying on her back, the brunet on top of her with a lopsided grin and her eyes still half-closed in sleep. "You are wicked, your majesty."
The brunet suddenly kissed her slowly and gently, making her feel those bubbles in her stomach as she let herself be caressed by those big hands ready to please her. However, when he broke away again and took a breath to kiss her again, she stopped him with her thumb on his hungry lips.
"You don't need to do that while we're together," she whispered; Harry scrunched up his face, not knowing what she meant. "About calling me by my title while we're having sex or alone," she clarified. "My name is Y/N."
Harry was slightly thoughtful before smiling again and kissing her again.
"Of course... Y/N." She didn't know why, but just hearing him say her name at that intimate moment made her rub her thighs lightly, her pussy had made a small clench just hearing that deep voice and seeing those green eyes observing over her.
The man chuckled as he noticed that, his mischievous fingers already trailing down her naked body before resting them on her bundle of nerves and simply stroking it faintly to have the queen's back arched towards him.
"I-I should go now," she stammered, trying to remember her actual duties. "They must be expecting me by now."
Harry stopped the caressing on her clit for a second, licking his fingers still wet with her juices in front of her, her face getting warm before he spoke again.
"All right, breakfast, and you can go," he murmured against her lips. Y/N looked at him in confusion before she felt him at least begin to move over her and down her body, occasionally kissing every scrap of skin he felt important to appreciate before gathering his mouth against her cunt.
The queen's unexpected moan filled the place as her hips began to roll against him, her legs bent and her back arched, her ajar mouth panting as a trembling hand moved down to the tousled, long hair.
His lips closed around her clit, lightly kissing it gently as his fingers curiously inspected her slit and her already soaked folds. A satisfying grunt as he felt that made her shudder, along with two fingers that entered her easily.
"H-Harry," she could only whimper as she felt a last little kiss on her bundle of nerves before she felt that tongue give a long lick on her slit, making her shake and moan before she felt his fingers being replaced by that pink, experienced muscle moving in and out of her, steadily and slowly tasting all of her.
Her thighs shivered as his black locks tickled, and his nose pulsed against her bud as she let herself be undone for him, her hips rocked in pace with his tongue and his lips kissed her folds from time to time, taking her breath away continuously. Sweat began to drip down her forehead as a knot formed in her belly; her pussy clenching pleasurably by Harry's expert mouth.
"I-I can't..." But she couldn't even get to say anything as the tip of his tongue found what he so longed for inside her, making her throw her head back. "F-Fuck."
Harry growled into her cunt, her whole being vibrating as he focused on that spot, the rhythm of his tongue increasing as his green eyes watched lustfully as he gazed at the beautiful woman squirm at what he was doing to her. The grips of her walls around his tongue warned him that she was close to the peak, and before she could say anything else, her fists grabbed his black hair tightly before he heard her let out a watery moan across the room.
Her juices slipped onto his tongue and he gladly drank of her, trying not to let a drop go to waste. Slowly, as he noticed her begin to relax onto the bed, he gently pulled away from her pussy, his lips licked at the sight of that slit still convulsing and now glistening from his saliva and her orgasm.
"You taste too good," he murmured against her belly, kissing it slowly, depositing small, tender kisses on her skin as he moved back up to her face; she was breathing deeply and trying to catch her breath again.
Her face grew very hot as she realized traces of her juices were still on his lips, ashamed, she separated her gaze from his.
"Are you embarrassed?" He asked, confused, considering what they had already done.
"No. Yes... Well, I just... I never..." She tried to explain, however, Harry's eyes widened as he knew what she was referring to.
"Fuck me," he growled before kissing her deeply, not liking at all to see her so vulnerable and self-conscious with him. When they broke apart again, his forearms were on either side of her, his black mane blocking out the light as he whispered to her, almost as if it were a secret that even the light of dawn shouldn't know. "Then I'll eat you for breakfast every day until all you can think about in the mornings is my mouth licking your pretty pussy and cumming on my face." Y/N stood dumbfounded at that, her eyes wide as she felt her face warm again and his mischievous lopsided grin made her belly contract and her core heat up.
"This is so weird," she whispered her thoughts that were conquering her mind the most as she caressed the brunet's cheek even above her.
"What do you mean?"
"I've never been with anyone but the king before," she explained, her eyes fixed on the two birds on his collarbone, her fingers running over them slowly to distract herself. "But this is the first time I've ever gotten to feel pleasure with anyone in bed. Isn't it sad? To think that I haven't felt any pleasure with the man I married and have with a mere stranger I'm paying to sleep with me." Harry really didn't know what to answer to that, but he knew what she meant, and he felt sorry that such a beautiful and gentle woman was feeling those things and that she couldn't enjoy the pleasures of sex with the man she really should be with... But the reality was different, and that man was really a heartless monster.
"I'm sorry," he could only whisper against her lips, causing the queen to look at him in confusion before smiling calmly at him again.
"Oh, don't apologize, Harry, it's not your fault, really." She tried to air out that tension that she had created between them. "I'm just rambling."
"Don't worry about doing that," he clarified before lying back down on the bed next to her, the light returning to their faces as they still looked into each other's eyes. "That's fine, and I like to listen."
Y/N smiled gratefully at him, a comfortable silence reigned between them as only small caresses were left on their still naked bodies, and before she could decide to get up to start the day, Harry spoke again with a distracted face, his fingers trying to untangle the knots in his long brunet hair.
"But then, you've never gotten to have as dates or had the king court you properly?" It was a doubt he had been wondering about for several days after first seeing her in the brothel.
Y/N shook her head as she watched those fingers fiddle with the black tips, looking at the brunet's long-form on his back lying on his side.
"Not really. It was all arranged for the wedding," she explained to him.
They were silent again, but neither of them minded. They were comfortable silences where they could both hear each other breathing and were at ease with each other, enjoying each other's company.
"We could do that, you know?" Harry muttered again, breaking the silence, but this time he turned his head back to her.
"The what?" she asked confused, her distracted hand had reached up and slowly caressed his still flushed cheek.
The brunet remained silent again, not because he wanted to, but because that touch of her warm hand distracted him for a moment before he turned back to her eyes and concentrated on the idea that had occurred to him.
"I'm going to be spending a lot of time around the palace," he started to say. "And there's no need for us to always be trying to get you pregnant. Besides... I think that would be impossible." Although it's not a bad idea either, he thought to himself as he saw Y/N's embarrassed face again, making him smile lopsidedly.
"I don't understand what you mean," she managed to say.
"Wouldn't you like to experience it?"
"Dating." Y/N's eyes widened with shock, and before she spoke again, the brunet sat up on the bed, sitting down across from her. "As friends, of course," he added, his cheeks had flushed again; he hoped she hadn't noticed. "Since we're going to be spending so much time together, I'd at least like to consider us friends."
"I don't know..."
"Come on, it'll be fun," he requested with an almost childish pout that made her smile.
She stared at him for a few seconds, looking into his beautiful eyes, before gently and lovingly stroking his cheek again. Harry was right, even though he was only hired by her to have a baby, at least she would like to get to know him a little better, and they could at least become good friends.
"All right."
Tumblr media
The day passed quietly and without much paperwork for her to review. There was still no sign that the king would return. Apparently, the negotiations had become complicated, and he would have to spend more time than he should in the neighboring kingdom, which pleased Y/N and made her sigh with relief.
Before he went to get up from his seat, Niall appeared through the door with an amused look before saying.
"What's this about Harry's been telling me about a date?" the brown blond was direct and Y/N felt her face heat up knowing the brunet had told her friend.
"H-How did you know?" She hated herself with that stutter, but it was just that this had taken her by surprise all at once. "I thought you couldn't see each other's faces since last time."
Niall just shrugged his shoulders before speaking.
"I met him going into the gardens and thought he was going to run away or something, so I stopped him, and he just told me he was looking for the best place for a date with your highness."
Y/N covered her face and groaned, certainly embarrassed that the brunet hadn't even bothered to hide it, although he knew Niall was part of the whole plan, so she supposed he had only said it because he trusted the brown blond as she did.
"Oh, don't feel ashamed, your highness," Niall laughed at the sight of her, almost looking like a teen on her first date. "It's cute."
"Shut up," she mumbled before getting up and heading towards where Niall had last seen Harry; the garden.
She had no idea what she was going to find, certainly, she just expected those 'dates' to be just some small talk at dinner or after sex in bed. But the brunet was definitely taking it seriously.
"Y/N!" Her name made her turn around almost in surprise. Even if she had been the one to give the brunet permission to use her name freely, she hadn't expected him to be shouting it down the halls of the palace. "Ah, there you are. I've been looking for you everywhere."
Harry approached her in all his glory. His hair was once again combed and wavy, while he had dressed in clothes that she herself had ordered Niall to bring so that there would be no need for suitcases or for the brunet's presence in the castle to be too noticeable. Though if he kept shouting her name through the corridors, probably her attempts to keep the brunet's presence unnoticed would go to waste.
Despite the fact that Harry had the profession he had, actually in that instant he almost looked like a prince to Y/N because of the height and power he could emit, with his head held high and his proud and almost mischievous grin on his face. He really did look beautiful, though.
"I've found the ideal place to have our private dates," he smiled proudly before offering her his arm obligingly, which she didn't hesitate to grab hold of, his bicep muscles tightening under the expensive fabrics.
Quietly and slowly, she was led into the royal gardens, her eyes gazing with tenderness at how some flowers had grown and others had been replaced. She had always liked that place of the palace, and many times she had let herself get lost for several hours in those floral mazes.
There, in the center of the labyrinth of plants, was a small table and two chairs next to a fountain with crystal clear water flowing. Y/N was surprised that Harry had found that special spot so easily, not even Niall knew of the existence of that secret that she had discovered a long time ago and where many times she had taken refuge to read a book or simply relax from the nightmares she had to endure behind closed doors.
Already on the table was a silver tray with a teapot, teacups, and small sandwiches. Y/N raised her eyebrows with amusement, wondering when and how Harry would have been able to have gotten into the kitchens and served that nice touch.
She didn't want to ask, though; she liked knowing there was that magic in those dates, as Harry stubbornly had called them.
The brunet separated from her slightly as he approached one of the chairs and pulled it apart, with a courteous hand, inviting her to sit down. With her cheeks warm she decided to let herself go, she was really liking the sensations of that detail that Harry didn't have the need to; a comfortable feeling in her chest knowing that he was only doing it for her and because he felt like giving her that sweet experience. A shy smile appeared on her face as she heard Harry ask her how she wanted the tea before she told him and began to listen to the brunet talk about unimportant things like how he had spent the morning looking for that place and how he had had to literally almost fight with a maid to let him heat the water, besides the fact that he had almost been accused of theft for having taken that silver tray.
Y/N couldn't help but let out a laugh as she imagined that comical scene, that made Harry look at her for a few seconds before joining in her joy.
She liked that, just hanging out and talking about things that were trivial. She liked that the brunet had distracted her from her worries, and she especially liked those dimples that she finally saw in fullness on that handsome face as he smiled.
Her eyes never left his at any moment, and the hours passed until they both realized that it was getting dark, and the servants would surely be looking for the queen everywhere.
That first date she would treasure forever in her heart, as Harry again offered her his arm to escort her towards the entrance, where an enraged and worried Niall had been looking everywhere for them.
Neither had come to notice their warm hearts in their rapidly pumping chests.
Tumblr media
That same night, after dinner, Harry had her on the bed shaking non-stop as he fucked her from behind roughly. Y/N could feel his cock ravishing her quickly, touching every spot that made her shudder as she arched her back. Her hands had scratched the sheets as she let her entire chest rest on the bed, her arms trembling and weak and no longer responding as she could only moan each time an accurate thrust slammed into her cervix; tears of pleasure streaming down her face.
She had never felt sex in such a feral and primal way; everything in her life had been about manners and rules. But with Harry, she could only feel like a bitch in heat every time he touched her.
"Look at you, moving your hips for me," he chuckled teasingly, for a few seconds stopping his hips as he gazed her trembling body sway to him alone, his big strong hands on her ass as he licked his lower lip and watched with dilated eyes that hot dripping pussy willingly swallow his dick that twitched every time she squeezed.
His green eyes looked at the queen's gorgeous, panting body and that back over which he ran his fingers before making her squeal as he placed his hand on the back of her neck, making her stamp her face fully against the sheets.
"So responsive at my touch," he groaned as he felt her cunt clench tightly shut. "So willing and needy... Fuck me, such a good girl for me, my own cumslut, my personal whore for my cock and cumdump."
Her core tingled with pleasure at those dirty words before he rolled his hips again, the wet, dirty sounds of their groins slapping echoing across the room again.
"You like that, huh?" Harry realized. "You like being a good girl? That's adorable."
Y/N murmured between her quivering lips, something that seemed to infuriate the brunet before his hands lifted her torso up and her sweat-dampened back collided against his tightly as they continued to kneel on the bed, one firm hand gripping her throat lightly, squeezing deliciously without having to hurt her or cut off her breath altogether.
"Speak plainly, gorgeous," he commanded her before biting her lobe and kissing her behind the ear, making her shiver with delight. His thrusts had slowed slightly to tease her.
"I-I want to be your baby, sir," she whimpered, needing that cock ruining her apart again. "Please, please..."
"Well, if you ask that politely."
The hand on her neck gripped her hair, pulling her head back, resting it on his broad shoulder while his other hand had fallen to her throbbing clit, beginning to circle over the nub of nerves as his length pounded inside her hard again, her back arched and her legs shaking and open for him.
"Your pussy is starting to get tighter and tighter, gorgeous," he murmured, grunting and groaning in her ear. "Are you going to cum? Are you such a slut that you're going to cum just for that? Asking me to be my baby girl?" His deep, dark laughter vibrated her chest, making her whine. "So diligent for your sir. Wishing only for me to fill you with my seed. To fill you up so much that you're dripping it for days and days. I won't let your pussy have a moment to spare."
Please do it. She thought to herself because she couldn't even articulate any more words. The knot in her lower belly was beginning to unknot, and the tingling in her core was amazing.
"Come on, baby girl, cum and milk me, fuck all my cum out as you deserve for being such a good girl."
She didn't even think twice before doing so, squealing with joy as she felt her pussy close completely around his cock as she felt him rammed all the way inside her, deep inside her and a warm sensation filled her as she felt his seed fill her, even feeling some of those droplets sliding out of her pussy; her eyes rolled up as a satisfied grin appeared on her face before they both dropped onto the bed, trying to catch their breath.
"Fuck, that was amazing," Harry muttered more to himself as one hand brushed his long black locks away from his sweat-filled, red face.
Her eyes gazed appreciatively at that beautiful, tattooed body beside her, and she couldn't help but move closer until her head rested on his pec, resting her head and feeling under her ear the incessant rhythm of that heart.
"We should get cleaned up," she muttered into his heated skin, hoping that the brunet would decide to bathe before her, so she could catch her breath.
"Mmmh, yeah, you're right," he said, feeling both sticky bodies. "Come on."
Y/N was startled, and her face disfigured with confusion as she suddenly noticed Harry lift her into his arms; a high-pitched squeal came from her throat as she clutched at his neck, making him chuckle at her as he headed for the king's private bathroom through a secret door she had informed him of.
"You didn't think I'd leave you in there alone while I bathe," the brunet told her as he left her leaning against the marble of the huge bathtub earlier to check the water that was still there after Y/N had bathed before the two began their sex session.
It was warm, he noted with his hand before slowly helping her in, his green eyes carefully watching her still trembling legs before he too stepped in and with a sigh settled in. His curious eyes caught sight of the queen across the tub, almost sheepishly, which amused him.
"I think I've seen pretty much everything, Y/N, you needn't be embarrassed," he assured her with a sweet smile before raising a hand. "Come here."
Y/N felt her heart warm as she inspected the hand, she knew what Harry was referring to, but nevertheless, she couldn't help herself. Seeing that gentle smirk, she couldn't help but think that she didn't want him to leave and, averting her gaze, she moved towards him until she reached for his large, welcoming hand and let herself snuggle into the brunet's chest with a smile.
She was always so comfortable with that man.
"I don't understand why you're acting self-conscious around me," Harry muttered into her hair. "Do I make you uncomfortable?"
Harry couldn't help that pang of insecurity in his chest at the thought that Y/N might feel that way about him, even though circumstances had meant that he could know every bare trace of skin on her, he didn't want her to feel that he was intimidating her or anything like that.
Y/N was still a moment in thought, not knowing whether to answer him at all or not, before speaking again with a sigh and her eyes focused on the tattoos on the brunet's forearm, her fingertips tracing them carefully; making him feel pleasant shivers.
"It's not that," she began. "It's just... I don't want my nakedness to repulse you or anything. I don't... I don't feel particularly comfortable with my body, and the king has never fully undressed me or caressed me as you do. So I assumed at the time that I wasn't particularly graceful or pretty to look at."
"That's stupid," Harry growled suddenly, his harsh voice making her tremble as Y/N turned around until she was looking into his face; a serious, angry expression on him.
"Why do you say that?" She asked in a faint whisper.
"Because you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, and just knowing that the king treated you that way makes me just want to make him pay for just making him feel that way. You should be worshiped and praised every day, every night, every second, every moment..."
Those words made her half-open her mouth without quite believing them, but his emerald eyes confirmed otherwise.
"So, from now on. If you want to walk around the room naked or want to do something you're curious about, do it. Never hesitate. Least of all with me, I assure you that you can trust me, Y/N. And besides... I want to accompany you, especially when it comes to seeing you naked." A lopsided grin finished his words before his fingers caressed her face slowly and tenderly, he licked his lip slowly before his gaze fell on her mouth, eager to kiss her.
Which didn't take long to happen as Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck before biting his lips hungrily and urgently, both exploring each other again as they kissed passionately, leaving them both panting as they tilted their heads to deepen the contact.
"So cute and sweet." She heard him say before she felt him rise upstroke, dragging her too on her feet, still somewhat shaky but already able to keep her standing. "Come here."
Harry towel dried her and both of them with several towels, caressing and kissing every trace of skin he gently dried before grabbing her hand and pulling her back into the room, still both nude.
Y/N was about to lay back down on the bed to sleep, but the brunet grabbed her by the arm before turning her around and crashing her naked body against Harry's.
"What are you doing?" She asked, amused when she felt his arms around her and their bodies beginning to sway; from his throat, he began humming a song she didn't know and closed her eyes.
"Just... Let yourself go."
It was so absurd that situation; that slow dance that she could not hesitate to smile broadly and be distracted from that feeling so liberated while she let herself be carried away by the sweet melody and the warmth that the brunet's body emanated, their bodies smelled of roses and only the full moon high in the sky that could be seen through the large window where they were standing was the witness of that.
Tumblr media
It had already been two months since they started with that deal and Y/N could not help but feel happy and blissful to have fallen into such a peaceful routine full of surprises and joys that many times even she herself was shocked not to think about the return of the king and could not help but stare longer than necessary into those green eyes that really not only opened a world of pleasure but made her laugh on their daily dates where they talked about things of no real importance or just enjoyed their time together.
And sometimes she even told him of her concerns about the kingdom and what Harry thought about it, which the brunet did not mind expressing his opinion. Y/N had discovered over the days the intelligence and manners of an earl in the dark-haired man, surprising her and drawing more questions about Harry. The man could hold a philosophical or political conversation with her without stammering a bit, and she was always open-mouthed to hear him talk and at the same time actually remember the job he had.
Their conversations had extended from dates to in bed when, after taking her breath away and making her shudder to cum as much as she could, they would engage in conversation while cuddling and caressing each other. His hands had become her most addictive drug, and she often found herself thinking about them as she worked, and she could no longer help but long to see his smile and those dimples that framed it when something especially funny made him grin or laugh out loud.
She was really loving feeling so free with him.
And that delighted and frightened her at the same time.
Because she had begun to notice the little details of the brunet as well, being able to know exactly the moles that ran along his body, and she could already remember even the tastes and tiny things that reminded her of him.
Her chest was no longer just pulsing hysterically at just fucking in bed, but also at the sight of him reading a book while she worked in the study, just keeping her company.
She knew she was treading on swampy ground, and she also knew she had to be careful and remind herself of reality and why Harry was there.
Many nights while she listened to the light snoring of the brunet next to her, she could not help shedding some tears thinking about how ephemeral it was and that very soon those sensations that cleansed her soul would be gone and everything would return to what it was. Besides, there was still the issue of pregnancy; she had not had the courage to approach her personal healer again to be checked, and she feared that both in the case that the news of her condition was affirmative or negative, she would lose Harry.
Other days she would let herself go and not think too much and imagine that she saw especially lovely sparks in Harry's eyes as he looked at her and searched for a fantasy where the brunet was feeling the same way she was. The thought always ended up the same; knowing full well that, to him, she was just another client who only had more money to pay him.
However, Y/N did not know the reality.
And it was that for the brunet similar feelings were beginning to rise in his chest and he forced himself not to look at her as he felt his heart beating furiously in his chest as his head reminded him of the deal.
He hated that feeling, and he would bury it deep inside himself.
Because he couldn't help but rage against himself every morning when he woke up and saw her sleeping peacefully against his form; her fingers made his body tingle, and he wanted to kiss every inch of her naked frame, he wanted to be selfish and take her away from that place that she herself had confessed to him that she felt like a captive bird; he wanted to have her for himself, but no. He was just a whore, a breeding horse bought to create an heir that would be designed and educated under strict laws and greedy thoughts by that cruel king.
His tall body hunched in pain every time he imagined a child with green eyes like his and her features looking at the sky without dreams or illusions; lied to all his life and only created by the obsession of a mad king. And he also could not help but cry at the thought that he could never embrace him and remind him who his real father was and that he would love him even though he knew he would have his mother always by his side protecting him, he feared what the king could do to that child, her son.
Harry tried to play cold, trying to freeze his heart as much as he could, trying to build a wall of steel around him, but every effort was crushed by a supply of that gentle breath next to him as she dozed or by every laugh he could get out of Y/N for some silly thing he had told on their dates. Their drawn-out conversations made him see the person under that royal title and loved the way she was and the way she thought, the worries she had and the insecurities she felt; everything about her made him go crazy.
He really only wanted to have been her friend, the queen's friend with benefits, he hadn't minded a complicit friendship, but now he couldn't back out, and he wouldn't be so mean as to throw it all away and abandon her as he had often thought of doing in order not to hurt himself, but at the same time. He wasn't going to let her die, not her, not when he had finally started to feel his heart alive again.
Tumblr media
They were back in that little garden and Harry couldn't help the smirk on his face as he read a small book in his hands while they drank tea and heard her talk all the time about how she had spent the morning, her worries about the reign and the ideas she had to solve it. The passion that Y/N gave off, and the way she spoke was extremely captivating, and the brunet loved to hear her speak with such power in each and every word before her eyes dropped to his hands resting on the table.
"... But it is an extremely complicated situation. I know the people will seem weird, and it would take some getting used to trying to add a richer education, but they need it, especially the children. They deserve to know what's around them and not be plunged into ignorance all their lives," she continued; a lump formed in her throat. "Anyway, it would be useless. The king would never listen to my recommendations or my ideas. The only ones he ever gets to listen to, and they are very seldom, are his royal advisors."
"He's the ignorant one then," Harry growled before putting the book down and setting it on the table before taking a sip of his tea. Y/N stared at him open-mouthed.
"What —?"
"Your ideas are extremely notorious and that would be great progress for this kingdom that, little by little, is rotting. Its people need to know important elements, not only to try to survive but also to be able to appreciate reading, a work of art, besides that, the financial and mechanical progress you tell me about could help them and even go so far as to improve them." Harry spoke in a deep voice. "A lot of people think that poor and low-class people are fools. They are indeed the fools.
"When a mother who can't even read or write knows how to run a house alone and be able to stretch what little food they can buy until they can eat again; when a farmer knows the season of every plant and how to harvest it, so he can gather the best fruit. That's not foolish at all. They have learned on their own, by trial and error, by trying, by never giving up, they have been able to make that small but important progress without anyone's help... Who knows? With a little help, those mothers might become accountants and those farmers might become great mathematicians. There are children who are now growing up and have interests that they will put aside to try to survive poverty and hunger. Many of them may have the art of painting or music in their veins, or many others may be geniuses, scientists, inventors..." His green eyes were fixed on hers as he spoke clearly before smiling softly at her. "Your ideas are not foolish, never doubt your intelligence; those ideas are the promise of a better world."
Y/N felt the heart in her chest thump loudly as she looked down slightly, the sting of those emerald eyes heating and piercing her so much that she didn't have the power to hold it. She heard the brunet chuckle at her shyness before she heard him take a sip from his cup again.
"You are loved by your people, did you know that?" Y/N looked at him again in shock, not expecting those words. She had always assumed that the people only saw her as the king's complement, an heir-making machine, and a puppet of that reign.
"Why? I've never done anything for them," she admitted with a lump in her throat, swallowing the truth that it hurt her soul every time they left the palace, and she saw beggars on street corners, kids crying, and mothers trying to feed their children. Her eyes filled with tears as she thought of the hardship she knew many in her kingdom would be going through while she was there, so calmly having lunch with her personal courtesan who was paid to impregnate her.
"That's not quite true," Harry looked at her gently, his hands resting on hers in warm comfort, not liking it when she doubted herself. "People know, they have eyes and ears, they see what you're going through and also many know about the little gifts you give them."
Y/N averted her gaze, her face heating up; she didn't know that this was known since they were usually on behalf of the king, but sometimes when the king was in a good mood, he would listen to her slightly and a few gold coins could be invested in building houses that had been destroyed by some fire or catastrophe, orphanages, and even some anonymous donations.
Harry looked at her lovingly, his fingers stroked the smooth skin of her hands, loving the gentle caress she was letting him give her. Silence reigned for a few seconds where it was comfortable and Harry was about to take his hands off her to take the cup back in his hands before she spoke again, curiosity and some playfulness in her words.
"And what about you?" A mischievous smirk settled on her face, her hands beneath him brushing his skin as well, in a fondle that, though innocent, was beginning to change the warmth of the atmosphere. He, too, smiled wolfishly back at her, understanding where that conversation was going.
"What do you mean?"
"What do you think of me?" Yes, she was playing, and it was only a few times that she had brought out some of the seduction and self-esteem that Harry had taken upon himself all those months to try to repair, and was doing a splendid job of it.
Harry pretended to think, bringing a hand to his chin as his eyes looked up, toying with her as well. He grinned warmly before leaning across the table and resting a hand on one of her hot cheeks.
"I think you are an admirable, powerful woman, even if you often doubt yourself," he began to praise her, starting to rise and move closer to her until he knelt in front of her, his hands continuing to caress her face with a tenderness that filled her heart before noticing how his green eyes lowered to rest on her lips before whispering to him. "Beautiful and sexy, able to make the most sensual and addictive sounds I've ever heard as I fill you up with my cock continuously, shuddering under my touch..."
His words died in her mouth as Y/N lunged at him, dropping to her knees as well, until her weight and the shock of the kiss brought him down on his ass as she positioned herself on his lap. The kiss formed passionately as he let her take control, opening his mouth to play with his tongue before he tilted his head to deepen the kiss further and momentarily fought for control; his hands moved down her figure to her ass, squeezing it gladly and smiling as he heard a gasp die between the kiss.
Her hips began to roll slowly towards him, teasing his crotch which was beginning to harden unashamedly, separating only an inch at a time, so they could breathe; her arms were on his shoulders, wrapping around his neck and smothering in her essence, making him dizzy.
"Fuck," he grunted slightly as he noticed a twinge in his length at a particularly intense brush. Y/N's playful giggle made him grin as he prepared to turn her over and make love to her right then and there, not caring if they would be seen or heard.
But before he could even grab her by the hips, drops of water began to fall on their warm bodies, cooling them. They both broke apart, confused and still dazed from the kiss, before noticing the rain starting to fall harder.
"Come here, my gorgeous queen," Harry grabbed her hand and started running toward the palace, laughing along with Y/N intensely at the absurdity and casualness of the rain cutting them off. "I wouldn't want you to catch a cold from a silly rain."
At last, they reached the door with their breath coming fast and their bodies wet, they both looked at each other slightly before bursting out laughing. Y/N wiped and arranged the wet hair that covered her face, a feeling like no other in her chest, feeling almost like a child as she looked at the brunet next to her who was also looking at her intensely.
A gasp rippled through her body as she noticed the white shirt he wore sticking against his tall, muscular body, the fabric going transparent until even his tattoos could be seen. A sigh unintentionally escaped her lips as she shamelessly inspected him. The intensity of the situation filled her chest and she could even feel her heart pumping obstructed by the corset she wore; she felt suffocated and her skin tingled, longing for those strong, broad hands on her frame, soothing that need.
She didn't need to say anything to the brunet because in a few moments, everything she needed was fulfilled as she felt those hands cup her face and neck before she felt again those hot, eager lips envelop her mouth in a suffocating, hungry kiss that even made her lean against the wall behind her. A moan escaped her mouth as she felt that body warm her own as she joined his.
"Harry..." She could only say as his mouth began to move down her neck, kissing it passionately before landing nibbles and hickeys on the neckline of her dress. His hands moved down her body until they again moved down to her ass, squeezing it and, with one leg between her crotch, he began to caress and stimulate her clit over her clothes, making her moan and throw her head back as she gripped his head tightly and hugged him against her, closing her eyes and letting herself be carried away by the passion this man was capable of providing her.
That sinful mouth moved back up her collarbone until he kissed her lips deeply again.
"Bedroom... Now." She knew that commanding voice and loved with all her soul how every time he used it, her whole body contracted with pleasure.
Quickly and holding hands, they headed towards the bedroom where many were the times they had been carried away by passion, between the corridors, many suffocating and hot kisses were shared and many were the times Harry had to do everything in his power not to fuck her in any corner.
Arriving at last, Harry quickly opened the doors before rushing past her and dropping her onto the huge bed. Crawling over her, their lips met again and kissed hungrily and deeply before the brunet's restless hands began to help her undress.
Her skin was still cold from the rain and every piece of clothing that slipped off her gave her a shiver, the pleasure and cold making her gasp before finally having her totally naked for him; her nipples were hardened and eager to be caressed and licked by the drops of cold water that adorned and made her skin glow, her legs open for him in a pleasurable welcome and his green eyes dilated with lust could see her wet and glistening folds.
A grunt came from deep within him before he slowly stroked her knees and looked down at her from above.
"So fucking perfect and wet for me already... My good girl," he praised with a wolfish grin that made her feel like his prey. "So willing and needy for my touch, I swear you could cum only if I played with those nice tits, couldn't you?"
Y/N writhed beneath him and felt more drops trickling down her slit, even damping the pure white sheets beneath her, knowing full well that Harry was right. A pant came from her mouth as her hands at her sides began to rise up her body until they moved up to her hard nipples, and she didn't hesitate to fondle and squeeze her tits for him, her moans coming unabashedly from her throat.
"So naughty," Harry let out in a deep husky voice, a growl in his throat of satisfaction as he licked his bottom lip, overly enjoying the sight of her touching herself for him. "Let's see..."
She let out a louder moan when she felt two long fingers enter her all at once, starting to move them slowly and making her arch her back as her hips started to rock into those digits. His thumb starting to twirl circles on her clit made her dizzy to the point that she didn't notice he had stopped touching her tits until Harry's other hand slapped her ass.
"Did I say you could stop?"
"N-No, sir..."
"Then keep touching yourself, baby girl, and make yourself cum on my fingers, or tonight will be a very long one for you without being able to cum even once."
"Shit," she gasped as he pinched her sensitive buds again, and she felt those fingers begin to roam faster inside her, her legs lifted even, wishing they could go deeper.
A particularly loud squeal made her groggy as she finally felt his fingertips touch her favorite spot on her cunt, her hips swaying towards him as she continued to caress and squeeze her tits for him. The almost dark smile and those green eyes inspecting her every move above her made her shiver, and before she knew what was happening, those fingers began a frantic rhythm in her core, making her arch and moan before she felt the knot in her belly snap and her pussy tingle with pleasure with the orgasm that erupted. His fingers lengthened her peak as much as they could before sliding out of her slowly and carefully.
"I swear you look so good when you cum," Harry finally positioned himself on top of her, kissing her lips as she tried to breathe. "It just makes me want to see you ruined on my cock forever."
His lips and his words warmed her as she managed to breathe again. It was then that she realized that Harry was still fully clothed; her hands began to tug at his wet garments.
"Take it off," she almost begged; making him chuckle before watching him incorporate over her.
"Are you ordering me something? How do you ask the things?" A slap by way of punishment landed again on the same ass cheek, making her arch.
"P-Please, sir, I need..." She trembled as she stammered; another slap, but this time on her sensitive pussy, making her whole body quiver with pleasure.
"You need, what exactly? Speak loud and clear, baby girl, I'm not playing," he growled, biting the skin on her knee.
"Please, sir, I need you to fuck me. Your fat cock in my pussy. Fill me up, ruin me. I need it so bad," she whimpered, her cunt tingling and pulsing as she squirmed, aching for those hands in her again. Harry chuckled deeply at that before pulling her close again and kissing her lips in a small peck.
"That's more like it," he praised. "After all, you are my best girl, I wouldn't want to have to take that title away from you," he whispered between kisses; just the thought of disappointing him made her shudder and want to beg that she was his good girl. "And since you've asked so politely and are behaving so well, I think my baby girl deserves a reward."
Harry stood up quickly as he carelessly stripped off his clothes, even ripping off several buttons of his white shirt, before he began to remove those pants that were sticking to him and bothering him. He knew she was watching his every move with intensity, so he didn't hesitate to stroke his hard cock slowly as he finally shot out of his pants; it had been a while since he had worn underwear with her, since... what would he need it for if his job required him to always be naked and ready for her.
Her eyes gazed with fingers; those long fingers fiddling with the hard red cock that began to drip from its tip, thick drops that made her swallow saliva, before she noticed him return to the bed and position himself on top of her. Her mouth open for the deep kiss he gave her as her hands finally fondled that nude body, reaching up to scratch his white skin and making him draw small grunts against her lips; her hips began to rock into him, causing the tip of his cock to lightly rub her folds from time to time.
"Stop trying to tease your sir when I'm going to reward you," he told her hoarsely. "Or don't you want it?"
"Sorry, s-sir, please. I want it, please..."
"Then behave yourself, baby girl," he all but threatened, his hand brushing her sore ass cheek from the earlier slaps, by way of warning and making her nod quickly.
"Y-Yes, sir, I'll behave myself for you, I'm your good girl," she stated, kissing his lower lip slowly.
"That's my best girl."
He kissed her deeply again as his hands went up to her tits to give them a little squeeze and his fingers pinched the firm aching nipples before he pulled away from her again but this time he lay down beside her; his long black hair spreading across the white pillow, and she looked at him in confusion before his hands touched her hips and guided her on top of his hard, muscular frame; a shudder of pleasure ran through her as she lightly brushed her dripping folds against the hard shaft resting on his belly as she swung one of her legs over to the other side of him.
She moaned as she felt those hands roaming her body, warming her in every way and whining at how big they were, getting to go over every imperfection of her skin until one of his hands settled on her waist to hold her still and the other ran it down her ass, squeezing the tender skin before she felt his fingers tease her folds again.
"S-Sir..." She moaned, trying to ask him to fuck her already, but Harry just grinned darkly beneath her.
"Don't cry, baby girl, you'll get it soon," he assured her before raising his hand wet with her juices and licking them off as he looked at her intently, making her whimper. "Now it's time for your reward, so... Sit on my face."
Y/N shivered at the words, considering that, although Harry had licked her many times already, they had never gotten around to it like that, and... a tinge of fear ran through her, and negative thoughts began to fill her head. Sit on his face? Is he crazy? I could hurt him with my weight.
But she couldn't think much more as the brunet's hands began to guide her body raising her thighs, her pussy brushing against the butterfly tattoo which, if it weren't for how nervous she had become and the overthinking that was calling to her, she would have loved that image and even rubbed herself against it. Harry stopped at the sight of her insecurity.
"What's the matter, gorgeous, do you want to stop?" Harry asked worriedly, thinking that he might have gone too far in asking her that, but he hadn't been able to help it... He'd had that image in his head for several days now, and he needed to recreate it.
"I-It's not that, sir, it's just..." she tried to find the right words. "I don't want to... hurt you."
There was a moment of silence before the brunet then understood what his beautiful queen was referring to and a chuckle filled the bedroom, confusing her before his hand reached up and caressed her warm cheek.
"Baby... I'd love to die by your pussy if you'd give me that pleasure," he assured her so earnestly that she couldn't help but question if he wasn't joking. "Now... Sit. Down."
The command vibrated his entire muscular chest, and before Y/N could say anything else his hands pushed her again until at last her thighs were settled on either side of Harry's head (taken special care with his long hair).
"Come on, gorgeous... Suffocate me."
His hands pushed her down her thighs so hard that Y/N almost feared it would happen, but she couldn't bring herself to try to get back up and ask before she felt that expert tongue begin to lick at length at her slit as his nose pulsed against her clit; his arms wrapped around her thighs tightly to keep her from rising, but her hips were loose, and she couldn't help but begin to sway them toward that hot mouth and those lips kissing and nibbling at her wet folds.
"F-Fuck... S-Sir," she moaned loudly as she threw her head back, her hard, deep breathing causing her tits to rise and fall rapidly under the watchful greenish gaze of the brunet who didn't take his eyes off her; he could already feel his cock dripping his precum onto his abs and throbbing painfully at the lack of attention, but he didn't care... That moment was for her and nothing but her.
His tongue slipped quickly inside her, feeling hungry and needing to savor her deeply, the smell and taste of her making him dizzy and making him growl into her cunt as he let that muscle in and out of her in pace with her hips. He could feel the overstimulation in her pussy causing her to clench her walls around his tongue, assuring him that she had little left as he continued to gaze her beautiful body moving above him and moaning both his name and the nickname he had; his knees bent without realizing it and his hips began to thrust upward into nothingness in a rhythm similar to how he was eating her pussy relentlessly, like a starving man.
"H-Harry... I-I'm gonna c-cu..." But she didn't even get to say anything else before she cummed full in his mouth.
Her juices ran down his tongue into his mouth, and he drank of her with relish and grunted complacently against her core, making her shudder as long as possible as her thighs shook on either side of his head.
Slowly, he helped her slide down his body until she was lying on top of his long-form; his cock squashed between their bodies, making him groan as he felt her tired body try to catch her breath. Continuously licking his lips, the remnants of her still on them.
"Such a good girl, the best girl I could ever imagine, just for me..." He cooed her with sweet nothings in her ear, kissing her temple and head, as his fingers on her back comforted her.
When she finally came to at last she kissed his lips deeply, tasting herself with a whimper that died in both their mouths before moving back up his body, each thigh on either side of his broad chest as her eyes lowered to that firm red cock, begging for attention, yet before she could do anything else Harry spoke again.
"No need to continue, you're too tired, and I'm not going anywhere," he assured her, but she shook her head and jerked his shaft with one hand, making him hiss.
"I want it... I want it all with you." She herself did not know what those words came to, but she only knew that she wanted one thing.
Her folds damp brushed teasing the long dick up and down, wetting from base to tip with her juices on that hard length, Harry grunted.
"Careful," he warned, pointing out to her that he was still the one in charge there. She giggled lightly at that before raising her body slightly as she placed the tip at the entrance to her core.
"So grumpy," she just whispered before lowering her body slowly and letting that cock stretch her up in a pleasurable way and filling her all the way until she was sitting fully on his member.
They both groaned in unison, and Harry squeezed her thighs rewardingly.
"Such an attentive baby girl." The praise went straight to her pussy which clenched willingly around his cock, making him grunt. "And always so wet and tight for me. I swear, no matter how many times I ruin that pretty pussy, it always feels like the first time."
Y/N could feel him fully buried in her, making her cunt tingle as she felt each gap of that long, hard shaft rubbing her warm walls perfectly; like two pieces of a complicated riddle game that after a thousand tries were nailed to perfection. She gazed in fascination at Harry's flushed and heated face; his mouth half-open in a silent moan as he waited and his lips still glistering and sore.
She didn't hesitate to ruin them further before lowering her torso and kissing them, biting them against hers; a possessive feeling filled her all at once, and she couldn't help but say against his lips.
"You are mine."
What he gave her in return was a wide, dark smirk before she felt his knees buckle and his hips pushed hard into her pussy, making her almost fall on top of him if it wasn't for the fact that she had planted her forearms on either side of Harry's head.
"Are you trying to possess me, my queen?" he growled against the skin of her neck as he continued to thrust powerfully but slowly, touching her, so deeply she could even feel the tip of his cock hit her cervix hard. "Such a possessive queen... I hadn't seen that part of you yet," he was still speaking huskily to her. "If I am yours, then..."
One particularly deep thrust made her almost cum as she threw her head back and between her tear-filled eyes, she could see his almost predatory gaze and dark eyes.
"I own every crevice of this body, every trace of skin, every imperfection, every mole, freckle, pore..." Suddenly his hips began to gain in intensity as she did nothing but moan against him shamelessly; she could even hear herself screaming with joy and pleasure. "These hands are mine," He would say between each lunge, clenching his hands into her fists on either side before raising them to her face. "These eyes belong to me, and they can only look at me this way... Only at me..." His fingers stroked her cheeks before moving them down to her mounds and pinching the firm buttons. "These tits and these nipples are my property..." He squeezed and fiddled with them until they moved down her body and settled on her thighs, squeezing the skin under his fingers hard and knowing that they left a mark on her skin. "These thighs will only shake for me... And," He buried his whole cock deep inside her with force making her dizzy and see white all around as she felt him stay still there, bottoming her out so deep inside her before growling almost fiercely... "This sweet tight pussy is mine."
Before she could answer him, he turned her over and laid her on the bed before ravishing her against the sheets like an animal; harshly and quickly making her scream with delight before hard tears of pleasure fell down her cheeks.
"So... cum, I want you to cum on my fat cock, baby girl, and I'll fill you so full you'll be dripping my seed for days, and you can feel me in your pussy even for months; I'll fuck a baby in you," He grunted loudly, hearing the wet sound each time their groins slapped together, his balls slapping her ass continuously, watching her shudder beneath him. "Will you look so round and beautiful with my baby in you? The perfect mommy... I swear I'll fuck your swollen belly with my kid."
His words came out of his mouth without even thinking, but all Harry could feel was her body rocking in pace against him, those hips rolling automatically for him, her tits dancing with each powerful thrust, and that warm, soaking cunt clenching tighter and tighter.
"Cum." The command was given as his hand came down hard on the reddish sore of her ass, and it was the last thing she felt before she came; that sweet sensation, that balance of pain and pleasure was the last drop before she arched her back fully and her body began to tremble with pleasure as she came, moans escaping her mouth as she saw stars above Harry, framing him perfectly.
It didn't take the brunet much longer and less, with that pussy squeezing him so tightly that he could even feel his cock twitch gladly as he buried himself deep inside her and long streams of his white seed began to paint her womb quickly as he groaned loudly with his mouth open and his head back, feeling every tingle of his balls as he let himself go inside her heavenly cunt.
"Y-You came a lot," Y/N whispered to him and the brunet then realized that he had indeed cummed with even more than the usual amount, even with his cock still buried, around the edges of her pussy, drops of his cum were starting to slide out, making him lick his lip at that sexy sight.
"The more, the merrier, right?" he chuckled with a lopsided grin making her feel her face heat up again before she finally felt him stop cumming and slid his already softening dick slowly out of her; making her shudder; he kissed her lips lightly and murmured his apologies before dropping down next to her.
When the brunet finally began to catch his breath, he went to grab a towel to lave both himself and her; so tired he felt that he decided to take a bowl full of clean water from the bathroom and place it on the small table next to the bed, soaking the towel and beginning to clean them. Y/N let him do it without question, only a slight whine escaped her lips when he reached her sensitive pussy, accompanied by a murmur of apology.
Harry lay down next to her when he finished and pulled the sheets over them; Y/N settling into his chest as they whispered various things to each other, slowly caressing the skin their hands had within reach; his fingers stroking and tickling her back while hers outlined those tattoos on her chest, her eyes darting to his left arm that was stretched out on the bed and seeing the other tattoos that perfected his body.
"What do they mean?" She asked out of the blue, curious. Harry raised an eyebrow, questioning what she meant, until he saw her eyes going over his tattoos.
"Oh, ummm..." the brunet was silent, not knowing if he should cross that threshold with her. Even though they had told each other a lot of things, he still kept his past under lock and key and didn't know if he was willing to open it and let her see him in that vulnerable way, and then it would all be forgotten.
Y/N noticed the change in the brunet's behavior, realizing then that maybe she had touched a swampy ground that Harry did not want to share with her; the reality hit her in the face as she remembered again why the brunet was in that bed with her and that he had no reason to discover more personal things to her, his mysterious past to her nor his most intimate thoughts; after all, that would end the moment the king returned, and she was pregnant with the future king. A small prick of pain shot through her heart at the realization.
She, however, could not help but open up to him. She couldn't care anymore about reality and had nothing more to lose.
"You know," she began. "My parents died some time ago, I couldn't even go to the funeral. An unfortunate event and they were both killed by a gang of thugs when they were about to come to visit me after a long time without seeing me after the wedding." She could feel, under her cheek, Harry's breathing as his chest rose and fell as he heard her. "I really loved them and loved the place where I grew up. I thought..." She felt a lump in her throat as she remembered those sad and painful moments. "I thought I could go back to my home, just one last time. So I could say goodbye to them properly, but the king..."
She couldn't even finish her story, but, for the brunet, she didn't need to as he understood perfectly, and his hand wrapped around her waist protectively, hugging her against him tightly.
"That's sad," he sighed against her hair; a burning in his heart of both pain and fury filled him, wishing he could have the power to take that beautiful woman away from every evil that tormented her and protect her from the world.
They both fell silent again, a comfortable silence filling the room, only interrupted by their breaths and the light rain that continued to fall through the large window.
Y/N hesitated whether to ask, but curiosity and being able to get Harry to open up more to her was killing her, and she needed to take that step with him, even if it was just for her fantasy, for her beautiful dream where it didn't matter if they were both together at the end of the day.
"Is your family still alive?" she whispered the question so softly that even she doubted if she had asked it out loud or if the brunet had even heard her.
Harry's heart trembled, and his green eyes stared at the ceiling thoughtfully. A small pout appeared in his mouth, not knowing and wanting to cross that threshold at the same time. A feeling of frustration in his chest was born at the thought of reality and his feelings. A battle between what his brain was advising him and what his heart was whispering. Until finally one of the two won.
"They..." he trembled slightly as he stammered, but he didn't care about anything anymore; he knew it would all hurt later, but he didn't care about anything else, only that moment and her mattered; just her. "They're in another reign," he swallowed hard. "I haven't spoken to them in a long time."
Y/N's heart quivered with joy as she finally opened that door; the most intimate door to Harry's inner self and past.
"You should go and see each other sometimes."
He just nodded distractedly and, although it seemed like a silly conversation, for both of them it meant a step to another level of the relationship they had, a deeper and closer one.
Silence reigned again, and Harry raised his left hand to rest it over hers on his chest, stroking the back of her hand affectionately with his thumb. Y/N smiled against his pec, and she could feel a broad smile on Harry's face as well as he kissed the top of her head again. Her eyes lowered to the tattoo that had first caught his attention before she giggled lightly in contentment and, without thinking, spoke again.
"I like this one," she admitted, tracing the mermaid tattoo with her fingers.
"The mermaid?" Harry murmured, a tingle in his arm as he felt those fingers run through the black ink. She nodded before speaking again.
"I love fantasy books," she said, smiling, distracted as she went over the outline with her eyes. "Why is that?"
"It's because I'm actually a mermaid," he joked so seriously that it made her laugh against his hot skin, making the brunet laugh too. "I was a sailor a long time ago, and I and my mates used to get tattoos of things from our adventures. This particular one had to do with a mate who thought a manatee was a mermaid and wanted to jump overboard. He described it in such detail that I thought it was funny to get it tattooed," he finally explained, hearing her murmur for him to continue. "But my ship, well... There was a storm and our ship almost didn't hold, and we ran aground on a small tropical island. We were lucky, really, not many suffer that kind of thing can live to tell the tale." Y/N also thanked whoever it was that the brunet had not met a different fate; the very thought that he had suffered in any way made her hug tightly against him. "When we were finally able to return to the kingdom... Well, we weren't exactly greeted as heroes. Many lost honors, title, medals, and even their jobs... I was included in all of them."
"How? Why? It wasn't your fault," she said indignantly, sitting up slightly to look into those green eyes.
He just sighed and smiled at her before caressing her face lovingly.
"I know, but abandoning a stranded ship is not the best job a sailor could ever have," he told her sadly. "There wasn't much work because of the recession and no one wanted to give it to a honorless like me," he went on to relate. "So, I had to get into this profession, where honor is not that it means much, in order to get enough money to return home, along with my family."
I want to be part of that family. She almost said aloud, looking sadly at the man she had come to adore, thinking of all he would have had to suffer, and he just wanted to see his family again.
"I will help you see them again," she declared firmly. Even if she knew she would never see him again, at least she would know that he would live happily together with the people he loved. Another prick of pain went to her heart at the knowledge that she was not part of that group.
"No need to..."
"No," she cut off his words harshly before speaking again with authority. "It is settled. You will see your family again. You are helping me, and I want to give you something back in return."
That change of manner and those words brought him some joy as he saw before him again that queen, beloved by her people and not at all everything the king thought of her. He let out a deep chuckle, making her look at him in confusion, before his fingers lifted her chin in a sweet kiss and Harry whispered over them.
"You've changed... You're no longer the queen who used to kneel in fear."
"You've changed too... You're opening up more to me."
Tumblr media
Taglist Series: @immadeoutofspace ; @marietjeuhhh ; @tenaciousperfectionunknown ; @sunshinemoonsposts ; @sushiirestaurant
(If any tag doesn't work, it's because Tumblr won't let me tag you).
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shroombloomm · 3 months ago
maybe some jealous and posessive older!H? Y/n’s ex keeps calling her and H gets mad and picks up the phone while having sex saying things like: ‘She is in good hands, mate. She just keeps squirting on daddy’s cock, since she finally has a man that can take care of her. Haha🫠
"Good girl, holy fuck," Harry grunted as he drilled his cock deep into the girl underneath him. She moaned out into the pillow, hands interlocked with Harry's as he held her down to fuck her tight pussy. It was all going good, the sex was amazing, but the only thing was that her phone was buzzing on the dresser all night long. Call after call after call.
"He's not gonna stop--" She gasped when Harry thrusted into her, her eyes squinting closed, "Calling! Ah, fuck!"
"God fuckin--" Harry grunted as he bottomed out in her, stilling his movements while he held her hips to his. He let out a hiss, eyes glancing towards the phone that was ringing once again. He leaned over, snatching the phone from the dresser as he stared down at the name. Some guy named Lucas. She had told him about that guy once before, and from what Harry heard, her ex was a piece of shit.
He nibbled his lip, lost in thought as the phone continued to ring. To answer or not to answer? He thought to himself. Of course, he was so overprotective of her and wanted him to leave her alone--maybe a wake up call was in order for him to fuck off. Using his thumb, he swiped the phone open and placed the phone to his ear.
"Hello?" He panted out.
"Harry, d-don't--!"
"Who the fuck is this?" The other man on the line screamed through the phone. Harry chuckled out, rolling his hips in and out of her slowly. Y/N gasped out, throwing her head back as a groan ripped through the back of her throat.
"Harry. Who's this?" He breathed out softly as he continued to fuck up into his girl. The man started yelling over the phone, calling him a piece of shit and that he wanted to talk to Y/N--but Harry was too focused on the woman under her and how wet her pussy was.
"Mm, she's busy right now," Harry grumbled, "Kinda in the middle of something, mate. My cock is buried deep in her, cus y'know, she loves it so much. Don't you, sweetheart?"
Harry pulled the phone away from his ear, pointing it near her, and at the same time he started to fuck his cock deep inside of her--thrusting in and out at a quick pace. She cried out his name, heavy breaths leaving her lips as she moaned and groaned for him.
"H-Harry, f-feels so good! P-please!" She whined. Harry chuckled darkly, bringing the phone back to his ear as he continued to fuck her.
"She's such a good girl, don't ya think, Lucas? Such a good girl, with such a pretty tight pussy," Harry mumbled softly, a grunt leaving his lips as he stilled his hips once more, "So stop calling us. We are too busy at the moment, asshat. This is your final warning." He hissed before hanging the phone up and tossing it to the floor.
"Now," He breathed out, spreading his hands around her thighs slowly, "Where were we, baby? Ah--yes, you were about to drench my cock, isn't that right?"
"H-Harry, you--" She gulped thickly, her nails digging into his skin as he continued to roll his hips faster. Harry licked over his dry lips, jaw slack as he fucked up into her. Her pussy made loud wet sounds, their thighs slapping against one another as he drilled into her.
"Tell me I'm the only one that can make you feel this way. You know it's fuckin' true," He hissed out, hovering over her before grabbing her face, making indents into her cheeks. She nodded quickly, cursing under her breath. Harry chuckled lowly, pressing a soft kiss to her lips before straightening his back up.
"That's what I thought."
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @finekisses
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
Needy baby - by @harryforvogue
Tell me you love my cock - by @stellarboystyles
Nervous - by @watchmegetobsessed
Studio session - by @harrygivenchy
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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lukesaprince · 13 days ago
Fratboy!Harry Part 2
Tumblr media
warning: smut, degradation, breath play, slight pain kink, oral (female receiving), p in v. Basically straight filth 😙
word count: 5k+
summary: part 2 to this blurb
author’s note: This took a different turn than I initially planned, but I think y’all will enjoy it 👀  hint hint in the tags 🤭  Remember to wrap it before you tap it xoxo
- Find my General Masterlist here -
You never wanted to wind up in Harry’s bed again, but after two weeks of trying to get rid of his touch on your body you couldn’t seem to forget about him.
You hated everything about him, and frat boys, fraternities in general. But they threw a fucking great party, provided free alcohol, and frat boys were easy to get in bed. You were at every party for those exact reasons.
Even after hooking up with some other guy at the next frat party, Harry was still in your system and it was driving you crazy. He was good from start to finish, and he took all your insults on the chin which was an annoying turn on that you developed after sleeping with him.
So you gave in. After two unsatisfying hookups between, you decided that Harry Styles would be over you or under you at the next frat party. Preferably, he’d have his mouth shut so you didn’t need to hear his annoying cockiness, or that irritatingly hot British accent of his that made you drip.
When it came to the party you let yourself enjoy it for an hour, dancing with friends, flirting with random guys, getting tipsy enough to be happy but not enough to be out of control. Your focus was on Harry the entire time, making sultry eye contact with him, brushing against him when you walked by, ‘accidentally’ bumping into him so he could feel your breasts.
You were doing anything and everything so that he’d approach you. Men were stupid, and with enough effort you could make Harry think that it was his idea, and he’d be begging you to get on his dick.
The last thing you wanted was to be chasing after him and looking desperate, it went against everything you stood for.
All your efforts seemed to be going to waste though, because all he did was smirk at you in that annoying Harry way he did, or act like you weren’t even there. You were almost at the point of giving up and accepting the fact that you’d be hooking up with someone else who wouldn’t satisfy you nearly enough as Harry did.
Until his best friend approached you.
Jake was nearly as hot as Harry, but you had never given into his relentless flirting. Harry and Jake were off limits in your mind until now, their annoying personalities made them incredibly dislikeable and you couldn’t bring yourself to stoop that low.
But you also knew they had this fun little game of who could get the same girl in bed first. Harry had taken your threat seriously and didn’t say a word to anyone about your hookup, and you hadn’t told anyone either, so to Jake and the rest of the party you were available and part of their game.
Another reason to hate frat boys.
Tonight, their game just happened to work in your favour. Harry would be forced to go after you now, and that was exactly what you wanted.
“’Sup baby girl” Jake grinned, slinking next to you and resting his hand against the wall next to your head. You held back the cringe at the pet name and looked past him to make eye contact with Harry before responding, needing to know that he was watching the interaction.
“Time after time I say no to your stupid game, and time after time you come back. You must really want me in your bed, huh?” you raised a brow, a slight purr in your voice that made Jake’s eyebrow quirk in surprise. You usually told him to fuck off and he’d annoy you a bit before eventually leaving, flirting was never on the table.
“I’m nothing but persistent baby girl, and looks like it’s worked too” he winked, sliding his other hand up your waist.
You didn’t have a chance to reply, because Harry suddenly appeared at your other side, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you so your back pressed to his chest. You let out a little hmph sound at the force, but let a smirk show on your lips at how well your plan had worked out. How quickly too.
“Nothing’s worked Jakey boy, now go find someone else because she’s mine” Harry purred, his hand flexing on your lower stomach in a way that sent shivers down your spine.
“Not how this works Styles, she was talking to me” Jake puffed his chest a little, trying to show off somehow. You couldn’t resist snorting.
“I’m not either of yours... Styles owes me a blunt though, so, see you later Jake” you twinkled your fingers at him as a goodbye, shoving Harry’s hand off you and giving him a sly wink as you slid past him and made your way upstairs towards his room.
His footsteps were barely noticeable over the sound of the party, but you heard them easily and thrummed with excitement. The second you were in the confides of his room, Harry immediately locked the door, pressing himself against it and looking at you with a cocky smirk.
“A blunt huh? You sure you don’t want something else between those pretty lips of yours?” he played with his lips, eyeing you up and down. Your stomach twisted at his words, but you were never one to give in easily.
“The only way that’s happening is if you eat me out, and we both know fratboys rarely give” you scoffed, kicking off your sneakers and sitting on the edge of his bed facing him. You widened your legs and relaxed back on your hands, giving him a very clear show of your soaked panties under your short dress.
“Now we both know you were very satisfied with my tongue last time baby... looks like I might have to remind you huh?” he breathed, stalking towards you and gripping onto your chin. His thumb brushed over your bottom lip, slipping into your mouth as you tilted your head back to look up at him.
“Maybe you should, it obviously wasn’t very mind blowing if I don’t remember it” you shot back, his grip on your chin tightening at how you challenged his ego.
You remembered his tongue very, very well. It was all you could think about for the last two weeks, no man had ever made you cum that fast with their mouth and it was annoyingly the best oral you had ever received.
He didn’t need to know that though.
“You’re gonna regret saying that” he muttered, dropping to his knees with ease.
Your panties were across the room before you knew it, Harry hooking your legs over his shoulders and diving in like it was his job. The moment his tongue touched your clit you let out a loud groan, gripping the duvet in your hands.
His tongue swept through your folds, collecting your built up arousal and moaning at the taste. “Fucking delicious, taste so good” he groaned, making you whimper into the air.
He used skilful movements to lap at your clit, flicking the tip of his tongue against it in slow and teasing motions that made you whine in frustration and shift your hips to get more. You could feel him smirk against you, closing his eyes and rubbing circles on your inner thighs as he lazily lapped at you.
“Stop teasing” you panted, your head tipping back as you blindly grabbed onto his hair and pulled him closer, your hips fully grinding against his mouth.
Harry let out the loudest moan at the motion, the pain hitting him right in is cock and making it grow painfully hard. You smirked at your discovery, licking over your lips and looking at him as you experimentally pulled again, eliciting another filthy moan against your heat.
“You got a pain kink Harry? Big bad frat brother likes when girls hurt him, huh? Seems like submissive behaviour to me” you teased, his eyes opening immediately and finding yours. They were blown wide with lust, his iris’ a deep green instead of the vibrant emerald you usually see.
His eyes were way too pretty to belong to his ass personality, but the same sentiment went for the rest of him. Harry Styles was one attractive man.
“Aw you definitely liked that, didn’t you? Want me to tug harder baby?” you pouted, gasping when he took a second to catch his breath and kiss at your inner thighs, slipping two fingers into you with ease.
“Do it” he panted, biting onto your thigh and looking up at you with a pleading expression. His fingers curled into you, rubbing at that spot inside you that made it incredibly hard to get the next words out.
“Do better then”
Harry’s mouth returned to your puffy clit instantly, wrapping around it and sucking down so hard you cried out and clamped your legs around his head. “That’s it, oh fuck!” You rewarded him with a twist of his hair, your grip firm in his soft locks.
Harry widened one of your thighs, keeping his fingers working fast inside of you as he continued working on your clit. He alternated between sucking harshly and flicking fast against the sensitive bud, the taste of your arousal going straight to his cock.
He could think of nothing else but having you ride him, feeling you stretch around him until his entire cock was buried balls deep.
“Tell me how it feels” he gasped between flicks of his tongue, his eyes rolling into the back of his head when you tugged at his curls, your grip tightening into a fist and providing dizzying pain.
“Feels so fucking good” you whined, “Gonna cum, just-just don’t stop” you panted. Your body was overheating, sweat building on your skin at the beginning feeling of your orgasm. Your breath increased in short gaspy pants as your thighs began to shake around his head, tensing at the building pressure.
It hardly felt like any time at all, and yet with a few lines of dirty talk, and his mouth doing everything right you fell apart on his tongue within five minutes flat.
You came with a cry, your hips pathetically grinding on his face as he drew you through your orgasm with gentle licks and thrusts of his fingers, slow and light to prolong your high. He whined with you, the impossibly tight grip you had on his hair as you spasmed making his cock twitch for any type of relief.
Harry was dying, but your taste was so sweet, your arousal coating his tongue and soaking his face like honey. He needed more... so he didn’t stop, he couldn’t.
The moment he felt you try and pull his head away from sensitivity, he worked his mouth harder, suckling on your swollen nub while his fingers curled faster into you again.
“Fuck, Harry what are you doing?” you gasped, your legs trying to close around him in an effort to shut him out. You tried to tug his head away, using his pain kink to distract him. But it only made him work faster against you, his strength beating yours with ease.
“You told me not to stop, so that’s exactly what I’m doing” he smirked, taking a brief moment to collect his breath and stare up at you.
Your pull on his hair disappeared, your mouth gaping as he dove back in and attached his mouth to your clit. Your hand laid limp on his hair, your head tilting back while you laid there and took every relentless lick and suck he gave you.
He had you pinned to the bed, your hips unable to move or grind and shaking in his grip. Harry needed more of you, nudging down so his nose bumped against your clit instead, his tongue slipping inside your entrance.
“Pull my hair” he panted, his words vibrating against you and making you whimper. You had given in to his pleasure, pleasantly shocked that he was trying to make you cum a second time on his tongue.
You figured out very quickly that Harry was a people pleaser, and you loved it.
“Stop fucking telling me what to do Harry, if you want me to pull your hair like the little pain whore you are, make me cum again” you demanded, pushing him closer to your dripping entrance by his head instead of his hair so his tongue could return to thrusting into you.
“Godd, you’re so fucking hot” he moaned, feeling hornier than he had ever felt in his entire life. You pushed his buttons and teased him enough to keep him wanting more, and fuck did he want more.
“Yeah?” you panted, “I’d be even hotter if you stopped talking and give me what I want” his tongue worked on your clit again, and you rewarded him with a hand tugging at his hair tightly. Your orgasm was already building again, Harry’s obscene moans of pleasure against you adding delicious vibrations and making everything heat up faster.
“Ohh, gonna cum again” you whined, your head falling back.
“Give it to me, cum for me baby” Harry urged, words muffled by his mouth still surrounding your clit.
You came with a cry, Harry loosening his grip on you so your hips could buck against his face. In reality, Harry just wanted to feel your hand pull at his hair, and that’s exactly what he got as he drew you through your orgasm.
“Still think my mouth isn’t mind blowing?” he smirked, sucking his fingers clean and wiping his soaked mouth with the back of his hand. You rolled your eyes, tempted to leave him and his hard cock and return back to the party just because of his cockiness.
He just had to go and ruin what should’ve been a mind blowing orgasm with his cockiness. Another reason why you liked him better with his mouth closed.
“Shut up and get on the bed”
“Yes Ma’am” he saluted, standing up and climbing onto the bed and sitting against his headboard. You suppressed a groan at his annoying reply and quickly followed him, straddling his hips so you could keep him quiet by kissing him.
Harry was a good kisser, so really it was a win win situation. You get a good kiss, and he stays quiet, at least for a little bit.
He kissed you back eagerly, his hands immediately finding your ass and squeezing it in his hands. He ground you down against him, making you moan and grab onto his hair again.
“Goddd, I’ve been craving this” he groaned, pulling the dress up and over your hips. You lifted your arms so he could pull it off you completely then returned the favour, ripping his white tank off and throwing it behind you.
“You’ve been thinking of me, huh?” You teased, gripping the hairs at the back of his head to tug it back so you could bite at his neck. He let out a shuddered breath, squeezing your ass and jutting his hips up. “Did I render the big bad fuckboy speechless?” you cooed, working to make a mark on his neck.
When he didn’t reply again you manoeuvred his head and pulled back so he was looking at you, his eyes wide with lust and lips puffy from pleasing you. “Oh Harry, all this time you’ve just been waiting for someone to shut you up haven’t you? Bet you love how I take control, how I use you for my pleasure” you whispered, grinding your hips against his hard cock.
The friction of his jeans on your bare cunt sent delicious shots of pleasure up your spine. More than that though, the sight of him looking utterly fucked, staring at you like he couldn’t believe you were real was sending you in a spiral.
You had officially wrapped Harry Styles, campus fuckboy around your finger and it was the best feeling in the entire world.
“Yes, oh fuck, yes I do” he gasped, his hands running up your body before settling onto your waist again.
“I know” you cooed, leaning down so your lips brushed against your ear, “Now take your pants off” you tugged on his earlobe with your teeth, emitting a low groan in response.
You lifted your hips from him, giving him the space to frantically undo his jeans and shuffle them and his underwear down his legs. While he kicked them off you are teased along his neck with your mouth, unable to help yourself from marking it along the way.
“Fuck me, ride me, whatever the fuck you want” Harry panted when his pants had disappeared somewhere in the room, quickly finding a condom in his bedside table and sliding it over his length. His hands returned to your hips, but didn’t try and control your movement.
You were starting to hate him less and less, especially when he begged you to fuck him in that pretty whiny voice of his. Going forward, the only thing coming out of his mouth that you didn’t hate, was him begging or moaning for you.
“Aw, how generous” you experimentally trailed your hand up to his neck, looking at him in a ‘is this okay?’ way before you wrapped it around him. When he nodded quickly, you gripped his neck firmly, brushing your lips against his as you reached between you two to grab his cock.
“What would your frat brothers say if they saw you like this, huh...” you guided him to your entrance, sliding his tip into you with a hiss that he returned against your mouth “My hand around your neck, you begging me so sweetly... Bet you’d never live it down, huh?”
The initial stretch of him entering you felt like heaven, his cock large and thick, enough for it to ache deliciously when you slid down him. Your breath was gaspy, borderline whiney when your clit bumped against the short hairs at the base of his cock, his length buried so perfectly inside you you almost came just from that.
Harry mustered all the self control in his body not to buck up into you. If it were anyone else he would’ve. Hell, if it were anyone else he would’ve had you pinned to the bed instead of him, and going by last time, he knew you liked that too.
No woman or man had ever got him to submit, and yet here you were treating him like your little puppy and he was frothing over it.
He knew there was a good chance you’d want this kept a secret again, and he had no problems with it being kept under wraps. There was nothing wrong with being submissive, but at the end of the day Harry had a reputation to uphold and everyone knowing you had him pinned to the bed with your hand around his neck wouldn’t have looked too good.
It felt like a fucking dream though.
“I hate how good your cock feels” you groaned, your head tilting back as you gave yourself a second to adjust around him.
“No you don’t, you fucking love it” he smirked, feeling a little brave and grinding you down by your hips.
You let out a gasp, your hand tightening around his neck in reflex as he moved your hips back and forth, his cock hitting every sensitive spot inside you. With every grind your clit rubbed against his pubic bone, the pleasure tight and tingly from already orgasming twice.
“Don’t fucking talk Harry, it’s annoying” you insulted, taking control by lifting your hips up and down, bouncing over him as fast as you could go without your knees dying.
Harry pulled your head down, needing to feel your lips on his as you rode him like it was your job. Just the sight of you was mesmerising, your tits bouncing with every movement in a way that made him want to lick and suck on them, marking them up for anyone to see.
But with your hand pinning his head to the headboard, there was only so much movement he could do. He could’ve moved his head with ease, his strength a lot greater than yours, but he loved the submissive feeling it gave him too much to move.
He settled with running his hands over your body, grabbing and squeezing everywhere he could. He palmed at your breasts, playing with your nipples and squeezing them when he felt you clench around him each time he pinched them.
You weren’t the most athletic person out there, and with Harry’s cock making you feel indescribable pleasure just being in you, combined with his kisses and tugs at your nipples, you were struggling to keep going. Your knees already ached, and you couldn’t go as hard or fast as you wanted.
“Fuck me Harry, make me cum” you panted against his mouth, reluctantly giving him the reigns to fuck you how you wanted.
Harry switched positions quickly, rolling the two of you over so you were pressed to the bed on your stomach with his legs straddling the back of your thighs. His hand palmed your lower stomach, lifting your hips ever slightly before he drove into you hard. He already knew what you liked, he wouldn’t be so confident in his skills if he couldn’t read people straight away.
You liked it hard, rough, and as much as you told him to shut up, you loved when he spoke dirty to you. Harry equally loved it in return, and all he wanted was to hear you tell him how good he was doing.
“Feels good baby? Tell me how I’m doing, please” Harry begged, hovering over your back with his hands supporting his weight on either side of your head. “Goddd, I can feel you clenching around me, feels so fucking good” he whined, letting his lips fall to your neck.
You reached over your shoulder to grab his hair, the sudden pain making him whine out against your skin. You smirked at how much Harry loved you pulling his hair. If you had more time you’d make sure to bite him everywhere, make pretty marks all over his skin, scratch him.
“Wanna know Harry? You really wanna know how you’re doing?” You breathed, tilting your head back onto his shoulder.
“Yes, fuck… please” he panted, his hips shaking as he neared his climax. “Goddd, I’m-I’m close” his voice was whiny, more pitiful than you had ever head it before. It was so pretty, and you hated how much you wanted to hear it over and over again.
“I’m close too… that’s how you’re doing Harry, so good I’m gonna cum again” he sighed at your words, his hand sliding down your stomach so his fingers could connect to your clit. Harry was too close not to try and get you to your own release faster, he had a thing about girls having their orgasm before him.
Harry was always last to finish, even if he had already made you cum twice.
“Make me cum Harry” you moaned, your hand gripping onto his that was rubbing your puffy clit. Your hips moved back to meet his, the sound of his hips meeting yours increasing in volume.
The room was filled with the sounds of bodies slapping against each other and moans of appreciation. Harry collapsed lower onto his forearm as he felt you clench around him, your loud whine from your orgasm spurring his own.
The pleasure erupted through your whole body, shooting from your clit down your thighs and feet until your toes curled. It was intense, and lasted longer than the previous two combined, waves crashing one after the other until you had to nudge Harry’s hand away from the oversensitivity.
His body shook over yours, his arm barely holding up his weight as his cum filled the condom. You could feel the warmth inside of you, his cock softening before he pulled out and collapsed beside you.
You relaxed on the bed, closing your eyes as you came down from your high. After allowing yourself a few minutes of silence, the only sound in the room Harry’s rustling as he did whatever he was doing, you decided to get up and get dressed again.
“Going so soon?” Harry asked as you turned away from him and slid off the bed in search of your clothes.
“If you’re expecting a cuddle you’re not going to get it from me” you replied, making him laugh. Your head tipped up to look at him at the sound, annoyingly loving the sound of his laughter.
“Not expecting, would it be so bad to want it though?” He smirked at you, laying just in his boxers with a blunt hanging out of his mouth. You looked at him with annoyance, pulling your dress over your head.
“I don’t cuddle with frat boys Harry, even ones who beg me to pull their hair” you quipped, finding your underwear hanging off Harry’s desk chair and putting them on.
He let out a little humph, amusement clear on his face. “Too bad, I have been called the best cuddler on campus” he gloated, releasing a cloud of smoke.
“Oh god, if you’re gonna start bragging about you being ‘the best cuddler on campus’…” you made air quotation marks with your fingers around the phrase “…too then I’m actually going to stab you”
Harry laughed again, this time much louder and definitely laced with what he was smoking. “As long as you choke me while you do I’ll die a happy man”
You almost smiled at his response, sitting on the edge of the bed to put your shoes back on while hiding it under a glare. “Keep this a secret, yeah? Or do I need to remind you of my threat”
You stood up and made your way to the door, hand resting on the handle waiting for his response. You needed to pee and get drunk asap.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it” he mimicked zipping up his lips, a dopey smile on his face. With a nod, you opened the door, only to be stopped by his voice. “Oh, and y/n?”
“Yes?” You groaned, already irritating by his presence. It didn’t take long for you to hate Harry again.
“Next time you want my dick, just text me. Saves us the trouble of the cat and mouse game you were trying to play all night” he smirked making your body heat with anger.
Fucking dick. Of course he had known what you wanted. Making you think that you were winning, when really he knew the game you were playing all along made you want to punch his pretty face.
“Next time I want dick you’ll be the last person I text”
With that, you stormed out the room and slammed the door shut behind you, ready to drink so much you forgot you ever enjoyed sex with Harry Styles.
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harrysonlylover · 2 days ago
You, Me and the Stars
This is inspired by yesterday’s rare comic event and i couldn’t pass up the chance on writing something for our fav Astrophysics Professor. Did you guys watch Jupiter yest?
Word count: 1.1k
No warnings and enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Your footsteps were slow and calculated to avoid stumbling down despite harry’s tight grip on you . The blindfold tied across your eyes basked you with complete darkness as your boyfriend led you to an unknown place.
You could almost feel him smiling behind you , his breath so close to your neck while he held you with both hands guiding you forward.
“So how many more steps?” You were so eager to find out what he was planning this time.
“Not a lot i promise.” He smoothed up his hands on your arms, rubbing them and pressing a quick soft kiss to your cheek.
“Well okay Mister but if i stumble down it’s on you.”
“Trust me you won’t fall anywhere when i’m next to you.”
A few hours ago, you were just cuddling on the couch watching his favourite rom-com till he suddenly went and got dressed, which was weird because you had no plans.
You kept questioning him and he cut you off everytime with a kiss, you knew the path he was driving on, you’ve seen it loads of times.
It was the road leading to Bear Mountain, you guys would go there to stargaze sometimes. He must be brewing something up and you didn’t want to ruin it for him, so you just held his hand and listened to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” on the radio as he kept driving.
When you arrived you kept walking up the hill and before you could continue he stopped you to wrap the blindfold around your eyes making you both laugh loudly.
“Are you getting kinky in the mountains?” you laughed back unable to hold it in.
He leaned in kissing your nose and spoke. “Not this time my love.”
Few more short steps and he removed the blindfold making you gasp at the sight infront of you. A big inflatable mattress was set up with fuzzy blankets and a telescope next to it.
“C’mon lovie the stars are waiting; I’ve got something special for us.”
Before you could do anything, he carried you bridal style with the sweetest smile planted on his face, and threw you right on the mattress and blankets immediately climbing behind you.
“heyyyy what if I got injured? My limbs are delicate.” You teased him as you pouted.
“Darling girl I’d hurt myself before you, I got us the best mattress and I put you down gently.”
You felt bad now because you were only joking but he was too tender and rubbed on your skin to make sure you’re alright.
“I was only joking baby.” You leaned in engulfing him in a heated kiss which he returned gracefully. You had your legs wrapped around his waist and hips as he grabbed your face in his hands, and you can feel him smiling through the kiss.
“Okay what are we here for?” you raised your eyebrow at him already feeling antsy.
“Why is my girl always too eager hmm?” he swiped his finger over your bottom lip, and you started making funny expressions and pouting.
“Can never deny this pretty face anything. Stay here.” he pecked your nose quickly and went over to a bag near the telescope.
He must’ve set everything up earlier today, perhaps in the morning when he said he has “errands to run” and then disappeared for 3 hours.
He came back quickly with two astronomy binoculars in hand, and approached you with his Cheshire cat smile.
“There’s something special in the sky tonight but I’ll let you discover it yourself.” He handed you over a binocular and urged you to use it.
As you looked up at the sky, you could only notice some stars they were pretty but nothing extraordinary till now.
You kept adjusting your view for a while till you finally caught it; it knocked the breath out of your lungs and made your jaw drop on the floor.
“Wait is that –“
“Jupiter yes.” Harry looked in complete awe at his girlfriend, your eyes were shining with happiness and excitement at what you just saw. And your smile alone eased the troubles of his life, this moment itself was more precious to him than anything in the entire universe.
“Come here let’s see it in a better way.”
You stood next to the telescope as he guided you on using it, he stood behind you his hands on your hips whilst whispering indications in your ear.
“Isn’t it beautiful my pretty? It hasn’t happened in nearly six decades, and it won’t happen for another 107 years. It’s crazy to think about how we won’t be here by then.” He kissed your cheek and laid his chin on the top of your head as he held you in his arms.
“Harry this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” You turned to him hugging him tightly as tears started to well in your eyes.
“Yes, yes, it is” he hugged you back knowing that deep down he was agreeing on the beauty of something else.
You stayed like that for another good hour, taking turns in stargazing, even taking pictures with an advanced camera, Jupiter glowed that night and there was even a big constellation chain that made the ambiance even more adorable.
Eventually you went back and laid together in the mattress holding each other as you admired the sky above.
“Did you know that Jupiter could have been a star, had it been 80 times more massive than today? And the Romans called it Jupiter because it was the largest object in the sky?” you told him about the newest facts you found out since you’ve been reading a lot about the solar system for him.
He pretended to be clueless and surprised just to see you beam at the fact that you gave him new information about the things he loves.
“Do you think someone will be watching Jupiter from here in another 107 years?” you turned and looked at him.
“Well maybe, you can’t miss that I guess if you want our ghosts will come back here.” He responded hiding his face in your neck.
“No we won’t be ghosts, we can be stardust and then we’ll be next to Jupiter just like these stars up there.”
“I don’t think I mind being stardust, if I am with you.”
“Well I don’t think you can separate stars, won’t you cause the bigbang?”
“Love I’m not sure that’s how it works.” He let out a breathy laugh at your idea.
“Well it’s a new rule I made, whether stars or humans it better be just us.”
“Wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else, Just Us my pretty.”
He pulled you in tangling your limbs together, with soft kisses across your face and lifelong promises as the stars and Jupiter watched over the two of you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tuliprry · a month ago
sparks - h.s.
Tumblr media
summary: y/n meets harry, a much older man while she's on vacation in southern spain.. somehow 45 minutes are all it takes to fall in love
warnings: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before u tap it), cursing, divorce, DRAMAAAAA, age gap, sort of a daddy kink?, lot's of fluff
clover's notes: for some reason tumblr changed my paragraph structure and the little symbols i had to differentiate the moments 🥲 i'll try and fix this
word count: 8.5k
y/n’s pov - august 1st
the sun shined through the hotel curtains and i groaned, i tapped my phone's screen and read 8:35am, it's so hot right now i can actually feel my brain frying, i turned on the air conditioner and closed my eyes. i have been in marbella for a day, i work at a hotel in london and in a hotel get together last month i won a week at the exact same hotel but in marbella. i could've invited a friend or even a cousin but truth be told i need this week away from everyone, my job, my family, school, seriously everyone and everything back in london. i groan once more, 8:39am, fuck this shit i'm getting up. i took a short cold shower in hopes the spanish weather would not eat me alive as soon as i stepped foot outside, i dressed a white dress with little white flowers and beige sandals with a semi decent heel,  i grabbed my  tote bag and threw in a book, my airpods, sunscreen and my wallet. I grabbed my sunglasses and my room card and was out my bedroom, to be honest i didn't want to go out of the hotel and visit, my entire body is honestly needing a piñacolada and a sweet calming time reading my book, which consists of beach reach by emily henry.
the pool area isn't too packed, likely because it's only 9am, i walk over to the bar area and i must've looked desperate ordering that piñacolada because the barman looked at me like i'm some sort of weirdo, maybe its the drinking alcohol at 9am on a tuesday but you see, being 23 and struggling with a master thesis, strangers and a job and your family trying to set you up with a guy you despise from your high school years you might end up just like me. as he prepared my drink i walked over to a sun lounger that hid completely in the shade and dropped my bag on top of it, only taking my wallet back to the bar, "the gentleman already paid for you", i read the name tag on the barman's t-shirt, miguel and almost repeated it out loud to ask him who the gentleman was but miguel was already talking to someone else. i look over the round counter of the bar and there's a very nicely put man with whiskey in a cup in front of him, yikes, must be having a harder week than me. "enjoy your drink" he spoke loudly enough for me to understand it, "thank you for paying for it", i reply taking a sip through the brown paper straw, "ah you're british?" he questions as he plays with his glass, "yeah, are you?" i ask, keeping an eye on my bag, "yeah i am, i come to málaga often so i've got a nice tan", he's sounds so smooth, his words aren't slurring after each other like i do, he speaks slowly but in a sexy way which gets me mentally slap myself. "if you don't mind, i left my bag over there and i have a romance waiting for me, thank you once again for the drink... that was very kind" i announced getting off the high stool and walking away before he could give me a response.
i felt weird the rest of the morning, i couldn't focus on my book nor listen to music, my brain remained stuck on the man from the bar, jesus, i came here to get away from trouble and i'm definitely just burying myself in a big one that happens to dress nicely, my eyes scanned the book one more time, oh this is ridiculous! i have read this sentence a thousand times today and i can’t seem to wrap my head around it. i looked over the book, just to take a peek at the man one more time but he wasn’t at the bar counter anymore, i pout and grab my phone, scrolling through instagram. 
"margarita?" a large shadow covers the little sunshine that was warming my body up, "huh? oh! hi mr british man", i smile to him and my stomach feels bottomless for a second, i sit on my sun lounger as i grab the glass, "so... will british man finally tell me his name?" i ask sipping on the margarita, he sits on the lounger next to mine as he sips on something that definitely isn't a margarita, "i'm harry, you?", "i'm y/n!" i sound way too excited but he smiles at me, "and what does beautiful y/n do in marbella all by herself?", his eyes look like they're undressing my soul, dead ass staring me, "well um, im a masters student and i'm under a lot of pressure so i won this free week at the hotel... and you?", i try to stare him the same way but i end up looking like what my dad calls, angry puppy, "i own a winery and a wine cellar and my wines are very well loved so they also offered me a week over here" he takes another sip of what i now assume it's wine disguised in a margarita glass, "oh! i wouldn't take you as a wine owner" i blurt out, "no?", "well you look like a young writer and you're here to get inspired! or maybe it's just the plot of the book i'm reading" i point at the book and play gently with the little paper umbrella on my glass, "i'm not a writer nor young but i'm glad i still look interesting" he seems genuinely content that i just thought he was just a little older than me, "before you ask.. i turn 39 in february", i almost immediately reply "god thats so hot" but i swallow my words, "i'm 23 and i'm far from being interesting harry, look at me im a 23 year old reading romances hiding from glorious spanish sun and im a masters student in theatre arts that is currently doing a thesis in contemporary musicals and performance.. god i need a sip" he's smiling at me, i don't know why because i feel like i just said the most boring phrase for regular people, "that is very interesting, y/n, at 23 i had no prospects for my future so... you're doing good", oh that was it, my stomach felt even more out of my body with that small praise, i feel my cheeks burn and i try to look away from harry, feeling like a shy child.
it's been 45 minutes and we're still talking, i can't help but stare at him more than i should, so much so i immediately said yes when he asked if we could have lunch together on his boat, didn't even have the decency to think for a minute before getting back to him, truth is sometimes my mind slips to my ex boyfriend, we broke up a month ago and when i opened instagram on the airport yesterday, there he was, spending money on a hotel with a beautiful girl and i had to hold my tears from crying on my first day of vacation and now here's this man.. man... a man! asking me to have lunch on his yacht and it gets my brain so intoxicated with dopamine making a little gentle smile pop up in my lips.
on a small boat, a spanish man took us to harry's yacht, that read "brisa parisina" (parisian breeze), i had never been this close to a yacht ever, my times at the sea were always a month in cornwall with my dad after him and my mum got divorced and we stayed back in london so my siblings and i wouldn't have to change schools, but i had never been so close to such a big boat, harry thanks the man and hands him a 50 euro bill and i gulp looking at the big tip for a 5 minute trip from the deck to harry's yacht, but it’s his money so i try to not show my shocked face as he steps out of the small boat to the ladder that leads to what i assume the deck of the yacht, he reaches his hand out for me and i say “muchas gracias” to the man and get on top of the boat with harry’s help. the immediate thing i see is the light brown flooring that has grey cushions on top on the right and left, leaving a small path towards the helm station that controls the boat that has sofa looking like cushions on both sides and a small table. harry keeps walking through that and gets down the most tight staircase i’ve ever seen and been on, there’s a table, a big tv, and more sofas and even art hanging in the walls, a kitchenette with lots of storage place, four oven tops, a microwave, a sink bigger than mine at home and a small fridge and freezer, my stomach starts to hurt, i had realise this man was rich.. but like not i have a huge yacht rich, right after the kitchen (that even has a small wine compartment and a huge cooking space that has me speechless), there’s another small door that leads to a suite, a huge bedroom that i would not say was behind the tiny door and a very decent sized bathroom. “you can leave your bag here” harry points at the bed and i nod, “there’s another two bedrooms and bathrooms on the other side of the yacht but they’re pretty much the same, just smaller”, not one but two bedrooms? i take my phone out of my bag and type in the brand of the boat on google, 1 million pounds, i almost let a scream out of my mouth as i read the price and then the costs of maintaining a boat like this and my asos dress suddenly feels like a potato bag. i can see harry from where i’m standing, he’s opening a bottle of red wine and i’m tempted to google the price of it too.. but i don’t, i locked my phone and threw it to the bed along with my stuff and walked back to him. 
“okay you have to try this wine, it’s a cabernet sauvignon from my winery in italy, it has a black cherry and black pepper flavour but i think you’ll enjoy it” he hands me a glass, “do you like mushroom paté? i have some we can snack on as i make lunch” i take a sip of the wine and god, i’ve never had red wine this good, in fact i think i’ve hated all the times i had red wine, “i’ve never had wine this good.. nor mushroom paté.. sorry” i can feel my cheeks flush and i look out the small window above the sink, staring at the blue ocean, harry gets closer to me and he looks way taller when he’s this close, “good thing there’s a first time for everything, right?” he whispers but almost melodically, “can i kiss you?” his tone remains the same, give me goosebumps that led to a broken “yes” and placing the wine glass on the kitchenette counter. his hands met my face, both his thumbs on my cheeks, he firstly gives me a peck and then proceeds to kiss me with more passion this time, his tongue in sync with mine, one his hands that was holding my face drops to my waist, pulling me closer to him, i can feel him smile in between the kiss and i open my eyes, “what’s so funny?” i ask trying to make an angry voice, “you taste good that’s all”, “oh yeah?”, “taste very good” he then kisses me again, this time shorter. “what do you want for lunch?” harry opens one of the cupboards over my head and takes a cream coloured saucepan with a brown wood handle out, “you invited me harry i don’t know”, “what about truffled macaroni with smoked haddock and then i let it bake for a bit?” i’m pretty sure i’ve never had haddock in the first place, “harry.. sorry to ask, what’s.. a haddock?”, i feel embarrassed, telling a 38 year old man i’ve never had.. whatever he mentioned, “oh! it’s a fish.. i can always make it vegetarian if you prefer?” i smile to him, “how did you know i want to be a vegetarian?” i furrowed my eyebrows, “i didn’t but i’m a flexitarian so i have tofu in here”, i’m starting to believe this man is too good to be true, “you know i have to follow the times and eating less meat and fish is a way to help the planet”, okay i need to get into his pants now this isn’t a joke, “wow”, “what?”, “nothing, i’m not used to hanging out with men that are educated on these things” i say honestly, he gives me a shy smile and points to the oven, “want to help me cook?”, “yeah of course”. 
after lunch that was paired with a white wine that i honestly couldn’t pronounce, harry sailed the boat to further from the dock, i wouldn’t say we were in the middle of nowhere but we weren’t exactly somewhere i could pin point, my phone even says my location is the mediterranean sea. i’m laying down on the deck sofa’s in the shade as harry is now coming back upstairs wearing only black and white swim shorts and flip flops, “why aren’t you catching some sun, y/n? it’s a great day” he sits next to me, grabbing my legs and putting them on his lap, “i’m terrified of getting a sunburn, i got one a few years ago in sandymouth and i couldn’t sleep for two weeks, i don’t need that again” i sighed closed the book i’m yet to read properly, “oh you’re from cornwall?” harry asks, “my dad lives in plymouth but i’m actually from london, i mean i was born in romford but yeah… you?”, “well i’m from a small town near manchester but i live in london for.. 20 years now”, 20 years… god he was 18 when he moved to london, i was 3 when he was 18 oh my god, “i’ve actually never been to manchester” i admit, i don’t know how is that any interesting but it’s the truth, “whenever you want to, i’m more than happy to show you around” he offers as he stars to rub my legs.. gently, i honestly feel like moaning and he’s not even doing anything too special, “do you mind if i work a little bit next to you?” he doesn’t stop the massage on my right leg, “shouldn’t this be your vacation, harry?”, “it should but-“, “no buts! let me get up lets find something to do” i say enthusiastically, i sit next to him and grab his hand, “do you have any games? we just ate so i don’t think swimming in the cold water is good for us”, “i think my goddaughter left a unicorn cards game when she was here with me” he affirms, “GREAT! let’s play”.
“unstable unicorns, build a unicorn army, betray your friends, unicorns are your friends now” harry reads off the box, to explain quickly, you start the game with one baby unicorn of your choice, and then the deck is shuffled and u get 5 cards, those can be basic unicorns, magic unicorns, magic cards, upgrades, downgrades or a neigh (that stops the other players play), i explain exactly the same to harry, i had played this game with my friends and harry didn’t fully remember how to play, “i pick this baby” i say grabbing a rainbow coloured baby unicorn card, harry picks a pink coloured baby unicorn and says, “this is my god daughters favourite baby”, i smile at the thought of harry with children, “how old is she?”, “she’s 8, we spent her 8th here actually” he observes as he shuffles the deck and places 5 cards in front of each of us, i grab my cards and i try to hide the little smirk on my face, “y/n start you’re the one wearing a colourful bikini” he looks over to me and i place a basic unicorn next to the baby unicorn, “look harry it’s you” i point at the unicorn with a beard, “oh are you calling me basic y/n?” he fakes an angry tone, “no! i’m just saying this very cute unicorn is you because of the beard!” i reply pretending to be offended he thought i was offending him, “don’t be upset, little girl, i was just messing with you” oh good grief i can feel my stomach doing flips, he plays a basic unicorn as well and the came continues, with actions and neighs and yelling at each other over downgrades that made me sacrifice one of my unicorns which led to me stealing harry’s baby unicorn, “HA!” i scream, “I GOT YOOOOOU” she giggles as she places the pink baby on her stable, “y/n! not the baby!” he pouts and stares at his game, i didn’t know he was a sore loser but he seriously looked very upset, i got up and stood next to him, “harry i didn’t mean to upset you it’s just a game, i’ll give you your unicorn back” i affirm, “harry c’mon” i squat so i can look at his face from under, “i’m sorry” i place my hand on his thigh and he looks to me, “don’t be” i don’t even have time to process his words because his lips crash in mine and when i realise we are kissing again, i get up and he follows me, going back to my lips immediately after, running his hands through my shoulders and then my arms. “you scared me” i say in between kisses, “sorry.. it was just sweet to see you that worried about me” he whispers against my mouth, “i didn’t mean to upset you, h”, “you didn’t”, he gives me a little peck, “want to finish the game, unicorn robber?”, “HEY! and yes”. 
i ended up winning the first game and harry the second so we were even but i couldn’t stop thinking about those kisses, i was putting the cards back in the box and harry was making us gin and tonic, “we could go for a swim don’t you think?” he suggests as he’s finishing the drinks, “i’m scared to swim without feeling the sand or ground harry, i’m not exactly tall like you” i admit, “don’t worry, i got you” he says as he places one of the cups in front of me, “i wouldn’t ask if i had intentions of not being there in case you need me, plus it’s 4pm the water must be so great now” he sits next to me and gives me a small forehead kiss before sipping on his gin, “sooooo”, “fine! but don’t let me go”, “i could never”. so we did end up swimming for a bit, mediterranean sea was warm and it felt good to swim with harry, i ended up sitting at the edge of the boat as he swam a little more, “you know you don’t look 38 right” i think the second glass of gin is making me too honest, “i don’t?”, “god no, you look max 28, i swear i was eye fucking you when i saw you sitting at the bar this morning”, “oh.. you were eye fucking me?” he furrowed his eyebrows as he swam back to me, sitting on the small space next to me, “tell me more” he emphasises on the more, “harry…”, i try not to sound worried, “yes?”, i get up and show him my hand so he can follow me, i sit on the sofa right next to the wheel, “i feel like i need to tell you this, i broke up with my boyfriend a month ago, he didn’t have time for me and he barely talked to me and it reached a point i was doing everything alone and i felt like i was the one fighting for my relationship and without me there would be nothing so i broke up with him” i vomit the words, “yesterday when i landed in malaga, he was posting stories on a hotel room with this girl i had seen comment his instagram posts and it really got to me.. and i don’t want to do anything without you knowing this” i breathe out and i feel relieved but worried about what harry could possibly say, “that fucking sucks y/n, i’m really sorry he did that to you, a real man would never do that” he cleans the tear off my cheek, “and i’m glad you told me, gives me more reasons to treat you like a lady deserves to be treated”, oh god here comes the butterflies again, “harry…can i kiss you again?” i ask and he nods, not waiting for me to make a move and kissing me again, salty from the sea and the small drips from our hairs falling onto our faces, “want to go downstairs?” he asks, “yes, please”. 
“harry we’re wet you sure you want to do this now?” i ask mid kiss, “i need you so bad i don’t care”, his hands grab my face, “i just want to make you feel good, bunny”, harry purrs, i immediately press my thighs together to his words and especially the new nickname out of his mouth, “lay down for me, please” he murmured and i laid back as fast as i could, almost desperately harry’s hands meet then my pink high waist bikini bottoms, pulling them along my legs and throwing them to the ground, his hands separated my knees, giving him full view of my vagina, “fuck” he blurted, “can i taste you?”, my legs immediately feel like jell-o when he asks, “yes, yes please” i cried out. he licked his lips and proceeded to kiss my inner left thigh as his free hand massaged my right thigh tenderly, his index finger brushed against my slit, making me whimper to his touch, "god damn y/n" he breathed, "your pussy is so pretty, bunny, all wet... just for me", a couple of words and i was basically melting in front of this man, without warning his warm tongue flicks against my folds, i bucked my hips up and grabbed the sheets, holding onto them, my brain was fuzzy at this point, “harry… harry please” i cried out, i needed him so fucking bad, “hush bunny” i look down and his eyes are filled with lust as his lips part from my pussy, his middle finger slid right in, he eyes me and his mouth finds its way to my clit, gently nibbling on it as his finger thrust inside me, “harry..” i moan as my vision literally starts to go black, “cum for me, bunny” he grunts and i let go of the sheets at the same time i cum in harry’s finger. he removed his finger at the same time his free thumb keeps stimulating my clit, he sucks his finger and then looks at me with a grin on his face, “you taste so fucking good”,  but i don’t have time to reply, he’s cleaning the cum off my already so sensitive cunt.
he moves his body up to kiss me, there’s saliva running down his chin and falling onto my chest, “see how good you taste, y/n? fuck you’re driving me insane”, he untangles the straps of my bikini top, that ends up on the bedroom floor as well, “your tits are perfect”, he hungry says as he pinches my nipples, a hint of pain all over my body when he does that but it feels to good, his mouth is busy getting to know my other nipple, “i love that you taste like the sea” he admits. in a swift he takes his swimming trunks, his cock is pressed against my pussy and i’m so close to begging him to fuck me, hard. “harry.. i need you, please”, he kisses my lips one more time as his cock pushes in inside me, slowly, inch by inch, i was already so sensitive that whatever game this man was trying to play was making me dizzy, speechless. once he was all in, his thrusts became more rapid and in sync, hitting my g spot, his index finger was back on my clit rubbing it frantically, he kissed me and i could feel my heart racing and my pussy clenching around him, “harry, harry i’m gonna cum” my legs start shaking, “fuck fuck wait for me” he pleads and i hold onto his back, pressing my nails against it, my eyes roll back as he collapses inside me with one last thrust. shockwaves through my entire body feeling his warmth inside of me.
“has anyone ever told you..you give the best orgasms ever? fuck, you’re such a good girl” harry cooed, making my already flushed cheeks burn even more, “actually i.. i had never had an orgasm with anyone if not… myself”, harry looks at me dead serious as he carefully removes himself from inside me, “a day of firsts, huh, bunny?” he kisses me, “if you keep calling me bunny i fear i need you to fuck me again” i blur out, “oh yeah, bunny? how about we talk about it in the shower?”
by the time we were done in the shower it was too late to come back to the port deck so harry ended up giving me one of his t-shirts and briefs, “what do you want for dinner?”, he asks, grabbing the already opened bottle of red wine, “is it bad that.. i want to say you?”, “okay i know you said i don’t look old but twice in a day almost put me on cardiac arrest, little girl”, i giggle to his response and hug him from behind, “sorry! i think i’m intoxicated by you, i just need you so fucking bad”, he looks at me, pensive, “jesus christ, y/n…you’re a filthy slut aren’t you?” he turns around, looking me in the eyes, “you’re probably ruining my briefs just by thinking about me fucking you, am i right?”, i stand immobile, i can’t even find any words to describe how wet i am or how he’s completely right, “aw, did i make my princess speechless?”, he gets his face closer to mine, “if you behave like the good little girl i know you are..maybe just maybe, daddy will take care of you before bed” he turns around getting various vegetables out of the fridge, “care to help me, princess?”, i gulp and quickly reply, “yes of course”.
i woke up to harry’s typing on his laptop, i groaned as i stretched my arms and legs next to him, “harry… you told me you wouldn’t work c’mon” i sit and place my head on his shoulder, “sorry, my ex wife sent me an email saying she wants the yacht for the 21st of august and i was telling her no because i got the yacht on the divorce”, my smile fades and it’s like i’m close to throw up, ex.. ex wife.. he was married? oh. “oh.. your ex?.. wife?”, he closes his laptop and places his hand on my thigh, “yeah, we got divorced 5 years ago” he squeezes my thigh as he speaks, “you don’t need to worry y/n.. 24 hours with you made me feel more alive than 2 years with her”, he kisses my forehead and i smile to myself, god what is this man doing to me, i’m here jealous over an ex wife and happy i won something she’s not even in the race for, “harry” i say, “yeah?”, “can we go back to marbella? i really want my clothes” he laughs and nods in agreement. 
back at the hotel, harry is sitting at the edge of my bed, “harry i’m not sure i should join you to golf.. you’re golfing with santiago hernandez, my literal boss!”, “and have u ever met him?”, “no he has never been to the london hotel in the 2 years i’ve worked there but that doesn’t mean it’s not weird” i turn my back to him, “zip my dress up, please?” i ask, he zips the yellow sundress up carefully, “y/n just join me, princess, if he asks just say you work for me”, “yes, because i’m a great wine expert!” i mock him as i gesture my hands, indicating that harry is insane. “i can always say you’re my wife, my very sexy wife”, he pulls me closer and buries his face in my boobs, “i can even mark you up, so he knows you’re all mine” i feel my panties soaking already, “harry.. fine! but just because it’s a very good argument” i try to hide the smile on my face, “but care to explain how are we married without wedding rings?” i raise his chin up, “we can always buy them”, “harry i have £64 on my account, i can maximum buy a claire’s ring that will turn my finger green” i give him a gentle peck, “oh no no you’re MY wife, i’m buying you a wedding band… if he asks your engagement ring is getting cleaned”, “you really thought this through, huh?”, “when it comes to you, i don’t see money, princess, i’m spoiling you for as long as you want me to” he kisses my neck, “about those marks… can i please?” i let out an “mhm”, i loved how harry constantly asked me for consent but at the same time was assertive and a couple of words would literally make me ruin a pair of panties. 
i looked in the mirror before leaving, noticing the hickey on my left boob, i tried to brush off my thoughts but i just couldn’t. harry was matching me, yellow pants and green polo, looking way too good for my thoughts to go away, i can’t play golf, in fact i think i’ve only played mini golf my entire life, “sweetpea, do you prefer gold or silver?” harry asks, looking at a collection of wedding bands, “i personally like gold more” i say, looking at a pair of golden hoops with daisies dangling from it, “do you like them?” harry looks over my shoulder, “yeah they’re pretty…. don’t even think about it” i give him a “mean” look, “fine! just choose the band you like the most” he says pointing at the golden wedding bands, “that one is pretty and simple”, “then that one it is”. he’s purchasing the wedding bands and i stand next to him just staring, “it’ll be those daisy earrings too”, he points and i gasp, “harry no?”, “y/n yes.. it’s my money, just let me get them.” he hands in a black card to the salesperson and i hold his free hand, still a little upset. harry drives us to the los naranjos golf club, before we get out of the car, each of us puts the wedding band, i feel so weird at first, i’ve never been a good liar and this was a big fucking lie. at the reception harry shows his membership to the club and then points at me, “she’s my wife”, i press my lips together so i don’t say something i shouldn’t and i stand there eyeing the red haired woman, “oh we can put your wife down for a membership”, she points at a computer screen, “maybe later, would that be okay?” harry’s arm is wrapped around my waist, tightly. “yeah of course, mr. styles, here’s your wife’s pass for the day”, she hands me a laminated pass that proves i can he there for the day and we make our way in, harry gripping onto my waist still, “oh hello harry” a tall man with brown hair a beige hat speaks up as he walks in our direction, “santiago! hey man”, i gulp, to be totally honest i had never seen the man that pays my paycheck so i just hold harry as well, hoping he does all the talking, “you got remarried?” santiago asks laying his eyes on me, “yeah dude, it was a very spontaneous thing but i couldn’t wait any longer”, harry smiles at me, “this is y/n.. y/n this is santiago” he introduces us and i reach my hand but santiago comes in for a kiss on each cheek, “it’s how we do it in spain” he exclaims. “will y/n be playing with us?” before harry can reply i let out a laugh, “god no i’ve never payed golf”, “play with us sweetpea, i’ll teach you”. 
“i’ve only ever played mini golf with my nephews”
“you have nephews?”
“yes two and they always lose”
“it would be bad if you lost mini golf to children don’t you think y/n?”
“oh yeah? i bet u a thousand kisses that i win mini golf back in london”
“you’re on, princess”
it’s been an hour and a half, i’m sitting on the golf cart, drinking a mojito as i wait for my turn to play, a woman that i assume is santiago’s wife is also sitting here, she’s not playing though, she’s on the phone talking about pta meetings and dentist appointments, she sometimes glances at me and does a very disgusted face, “y/n! baby! it’s your turn” harry screams, i place the mojito on the cart and i run to him, “help me?” i kiss him and he places himself behind me, “i know exactly what you are doing y/n and it’s not funny” he whispers in my ear and puts my arms in the correct angle, “be a good little girl for me, yeah?” harry then kisses my cheek and moves my arms so the club hits the little white ball. “i think santiago’s wife hates me” i mention it to harry, grabbing his hand, “what? why? did she say anything to you?” his relaxed expression is now a worried one, tensing his eyebrows, “no.. she just looks at me weird” i sigh, “is she.. friends with your ex wife?” i regret the question the moment i ask it, “yeah.. she is, i’m so sorry y/n, i didn’t even think about it when i asked you, she usually doesn’t even come to our games.. i’m really sorry, princess” i frown as he explains, his lips kiss my forehead, “it’s okay” i lie, walking back to the cart, drinking the rest of my mojito. 
harry’s pov
after the game y/n ran to the bathroom, the mojito really took a toll on her bladder, so i’m outside with santiago and phillipa, i feel tense just thinking that phillipa could’ve possibly mentioned lauren to y/n or mentioned y/n to lauren, “so harry, santiago told me you got remarried… i asked lauren and she had no idea” phillipa says with a cynical tone, “that’s because lauren is my ex wife, she doesn’t need to know what i do with my life” i snark back, “and isn’t your new wife.. kinda young” phillipa strikes again, santiago touches her arm and i breathe in, “she looks like she’s still university… oh wait she is! isn’t that weird, harry? marrying a woman that is maximum 24?” her words ringing in my ears, “phillipa mi amor, don’t” santiago says sternly, “what? santiago she’s much younger than him, would u go for a younger woman?”, “he’s divorced he can do whatever he wants, pipa, c’mon!”.
and then i see her, with two ice cream cups on her hand, “they had the absolutely disgusting mint chip” y/n hands me the cup, “yuck” she exclaims, “oh.. sorry guys i didn’t know what flavours you liked”, i don’t know how this woman does it, has me grabbed by the throat, completely whipped when i’ve known her for a little over 24 hours. “oh that’s okay y/n” santiago says, “pipa and i were just leaving… i’m sorry harry” he says as he shakes my hand and leaves, semi yelling at phillipa. “what happened?” y/n asks, grabbing a scoop of her pistachio ice cream, “nothing, want to go back to the hotel?”.
the next 5 days fly by, y/n moved her stuff into my room and we have been doing everything together, so much so we have not taken the wedding bands off, y/n asked if we could keep wearing them and i couldn’t say no, i could never say no to her. so we are now at the málaga airport, y/n is going through a romance section of books in english and telling me how she has read at least 90% of the books in there, “harry my tummy hurts, do you have any paracetamol with u?” she asks and i get out of my daydreamy state of mind, “i think i do, what’s wrong?” i open my tote bag and hand the tablet to y/n, “my period must be starting soon”, “oh nooo my sweet princess, do you want a kiss?” i don’t wait for her reply and start kissing her face, “are you sure you want to.. continue this back in london?”, “what? y/n, i’m so sure of this.. of us.. i’m still wearing a fake wedding band for you..i’m 100% sure.”
y/n’s pov 
life back in london has definitely been special, minus the fact that whenever i say i’m sleeping over at willow’s i actually mean i’m staying at harry’s and i use the name of his cat.. but other than that, things are good, harry presented me to some of his friends, goes to musicals with me, ended up meeting my younger sister milly, to drop off a christmas gift at my house, making my youngest sister jane force me to facetime harry on christmas day so she could meet him too, a very persuasive 15 year old.. and god the sex, i don’t think i’ve ever had this much fun in my life ever, this man just knows exactly how to treat me right, driving me completely insane at times.
6 months later 
today is harry’s birthday, i spent my morning in class and basically prayed the tube would be fast as fuck so i could be at harry’s house by lunch time, i got there around 2:13pm, starving, i opened harry’s apartment door and was greeted by willow, “oh hi my sweet girl” i say enthusiastically, “where’s your dad” i chase willow to the kitchen, harry is naked, only wearing an apron as he cooks what i bet it’s his tomato and beans pastry, “i don't know what looks better, my husband naked or your famous pastry” i giggle as i put my bags on the floor and run to kiss him, “happy birthday my love”, i kiss him again, “to your question, both are great things, second, thank you, princess” he kisses my forehead, “okay! i have your gifts, do you want to open them now?” i ask grabbing the bags i put on the floor, “three bags? y/n i told u to not spend money on me” his tone is demanding, almost mean, and i can’t help but love it, “oh one of these i have to put on and you take it off, ya know?” his eyes widened, “oh i do know” he smirks. harry’s gifts are an intimacy card deck for us to play on our stay in date nights, the lingerie set with hearts that he said and i’ll quote “would love to fuck you in this” so..i got it and an electric wine opener, personalised with his name, “fuck princess, you treat me so good” this kiss is more passionate than when i got home, “do you want me to put this on?” i question him, innocently, “yes fuck yeah baby please”.
sex with harry is always a religious experience, doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon or night he always finds a way to exhaust the life out of me… in a very good way, harry is on his laptop looking for the same lingerie set, because even though i asked, he ripped the bra trying to get it off, my legs still feel wobbly, i check the time on my phone and it’s 5pm, our dinner reservation is only at 8pm so i have more than enough time to rest, i look at myself in the bathroom mirror, god i look like i’ve been through a tornado, i take my eyeliner (or the rest of it) off and brush my hair putting it on a ponytail, i pee and i go the bedroom to get a new pair of panties, “harry where’s my care bears robe?” i ask mid yawn, “behind the bathroom door, love” i nod and put the fake wedding band on my finger, i see harry smiling to himself, “oh shut up” i say walking into his bathroom again and putting on a dark pink robe with various care bears drawings that matched the care bears slippers, this was one of harry’s christmas gift to me, he said he had never met anyone that loved care bears as much as me, i smile at the memory. the doorbell rings and i get out of the bathroom, “get dressed harry it’s likely a friend of yours to wish you a happy birthday”, “oh when did you get so demanding”, “c’mooooon get dressed old man!”. 
i run downstairs and i open the door, “..you’re not harry” the woman grunts, “no….i’m his-“, “oh you’re the new wife.”, “um.. i’ll go get.. harry” i’m so confused by this woman i just rush upstairs again, “there’s a woman at the door” i sit in bed, petting willow, “a woman?”, “yeah.. mid 30s.. brunette.. brown eyes, gucci bag” i try and describe her, “oh” that’s all he says. “oh? why oh? who is that- oh” i put two and two together, i had always told harry i didn’t want to know who his ex wife was and that came right after me, “come with me, please, i don’t want to be with her alone” harry lets out a loud sigh, “of course harry” in reality i’m shitting myself. he goes ahead of me and she has made herself at home, sitting on the sofa, “what do you want, lauren?”, she gets up and goes to hug him but harry immediately stops her, “oh is that how you greet your ex-wife?.. didn’t take you for a rude person, harry. i guess your new wife has changed you” bitch, bitch, BITCH, is all i can think, my blood is boiling so hard, it feels illegal to be angry in care bear clothing. “you’re my ex wife for a reason, can you please tell me what the fuck do you want?” harry puts himself in front of me and i clench my fists out of anger, “came to wish you a happy birthday, baby”, “my god lady will you please get the fuck out” i yell, i don’t know where that came from but i feel angry and upset and close to beating her up if she doesn’t leave my home, i mean, harry’s home. “what? are you gonna let her speak to me like that?” she looks offended, good. “yes, get out of our home, now”… our home. our home.
harry and i don’t talk about what happened until we’re at the restaurant, he’s wearing a white shirt that isn’t buttoned all the way up, black pants with golden buttons and black loafers, he had a big heavy black coat on top that is now on the back of his chair, i’m wearing a ruffled light blue dress with spaghetti straps, the dress reaches my mid thigh and it’s freezing in february so i have tights on, my white doctor martens and a puffy jacket that is on my chair as well. he holds my hand on top of the table, “y/n.. i only love you, please know that.. well you and willow”, “i love you so much harry, i’m sorry this day isn’t your best birthday”, “don’t be silly, i spent 38 dreadful birthdays, i’m glad 39th is with the love of my life.” harry orders the wine for us, as usual, we both happen to go for pasta dishes… which let’s be honest is also the usual, “harry i’m gonna go to the bathroom, okay?” he nods as he’s munching on garlic bread. as i get out of the bathroom i see my older brother, angus,  standing in front of me, “angus??? what the fuck” i whisper-yell at him, “y/n? what are you doing here? did mum and dad invite u?” that question almost made me die in front of him, “mum and dad are here?? fuck no! angus, angus do not tell them i’m here please! i’ll babysit jacob and matthew anytime u ask me to, u don’t even have to pay me anything” i’m desperate at this point, “heeeeeeeeey okay that’s a very big promise y/n.. oh good lord are you here with that older guy? IS THAT A WEDDING BAND” he just yelled that to the entire restaurant, “angus shut up!” as i yell back to my brother. i see my dad staring at the both of us causing a scene in a restaurant, my dad just recently got remarried…to his husband… paul and things in the family haven’t been easy, especially between him and my mum, which led him to flee the table looking for my brother for some peace, “y/n cookie, what are you doing here?”, “dad i’m here with my boyfriend but can u please, please not tell mummy?” i hope he can sense the panic in my voice because i’m literally about to throw up. “okay cookie, breathe love” my dad side hugs me, brushing his fingers through my cheek, “angus and i won’t tell mummy okay? go enjoy your dinner, cookie” i breathe out the air i was holding in and go back to the table. “i was going to look for you, y/n, i was getting worried” harry sits back down, “why are you shaking, what’s wrong?”, “my brother, my dad, my nephews…and my mum are all here..we are so fucked harry, my brother saw the wedding band and i’m pretty sure my dad did too but he promised not to say anything to my mum………..that is walking in our direction right now” this is it. i’m fucked. i’m so fucked, i don’t even know why i’m fucked at almost 24 but i’m fucked because i hid my relationship with a man 16 years my senior from my entire family but my siblings and i’m fucked. “y/n y/s/n y/l/n why are your brother and your father trying to lie to me? who is this?” oh god, i only have time to hide my hand under the table and breathe in and out. “hi mummy… um i.. this is harry” i’m stuttering, “hello ms y/l/n” harry gets up and stares at her, not knowing exactly what to do, “and what are you to my daughter?”, “i’m.. her boyfriend”, “y/n what is this?” i try to speak but nothing comes out of my mouth, i had nothing planned, i was thinking of maybe introducing harry to my family on my birthday party so it would be easier, “um.. uh.. well.. you know.. he..” i take my hand from under the table and hide my face in both my hands. bad idea. “oh my god, you got married to this man? how old are you? 50?” she starts yelling and i feel small, if i didn’t have words before now i just don’t want to be here anymore, my brother is trying to calm her down, harry is explaining they’re promise rings and he’s 39 which in my mum’s head is now 50 and my dad is holding the twins by the hand.
what. a. fucking. birthday. 
i’m sitting on a bench, crying, harry is talking with my brother and my nephews and my parents are sat, one on each side, “amelia, let me do the talking, okay?” my dad snaps at my mum, “we just got expelled from a restaurant because of you, let ME do the talking” i had never seen my father this mad, “cookie, i understand your mum’s point by seeing you with a much older man, but i don’t understand why you didn’t come to us”, he’s now doing the cheek thing again, “because mum would make the exact same scene and harry would just see me as the stupid little girl that still needs her parents approval though she’s 23” i pout, i truly feel like a child with my reactions, “listen y/n.. i didn’t mean to cause a scene, bubs, i saw the rings and you know harry looks much older than you and i thought he was trying to hurt you” i swallow my tears, “how.. how long have you been dating this man”, “since august”, “AUGUST?”, “yes i’m so sorry”, i let my tears out again, “no, y/n don’t say sorry.. i feel so hurt with myself that you didn’t felt like it was safe to tell us for 6 months.. do milly and jane know?” when she mentions my younger sisters my expression changes from sad to guilty, “angus, milly and jane all knew… but only milly met harry”, “milly met harry?”, “yeah harry dropped off my christmas present at home and milly was the one that helped him…remember my friend willow.. the one i sleep over a lot and got me the care bears robe.. well willow is the name of harry’s cat” i just sat there in silence, i looked over at harry and the twins and i was no longer listening to my parents, “harry” i call out, “please come meet my mum and dad”. 
i get up and stand next to him, “mummy, dad, this is harry, my boyfriend” i hold his hand tightly, playing with his wedding band.. i frown my eyebrows, i had never realised, his band was engraved with our initials.
the end (or not)
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pasiveagressive · 3 months ago
Broken Bones II // H.S.
Tumblr media
"Harry." Sarah's voice reached his ears as he stepped through the door.
"Sarah." He yelled back, making his way to her. "Party start early?"
The house was jam packed with people, making it hard for him to spot the pretty girl he was looking for. His eyes came up empty and he turned his attention back on Sarah who was grinning knowingly at him.
"Looking for someone?" She wiggled her eyebrows.
"Is Mitch here?" He asked instead, willing himself not to blush. He was Harry Styles, he didn't blush.
"Somewhere." Sarah waved her hand around. "I have to play host for a little while longer."
"Alright, I'm going to go look for him." Harry said, kissing her on the check. "
"Or you could head out to the pool." She winked, turning away.
So Harry did just that. Weaving his way through the kitchen and grabbing himself a drink in the way.
"Harry!" His head turned to locate who was calling him. It was Mitch. Stumbling slightly as he walked through the living room.
"Mitch." He caught him by the arm. "Are you drunk?"
"Yep." Mitch took another swig as he popped the p. Another swig. "Where's Sarah?"
"Playing host." Harry caught his arm as he went to move. "Are you okay?."
"I'm great!" And before Harry could say anything else he was stumbling back the way Harry came.
Harry took his own swig and continued through the house. It was huge. When he finally made it to the backyard he had finished his drink.
"Harry." His name was called for the third time, this time by the person he had been looking for.
"Y/N!" He made his way over to her. She was sitting with a couple people he recognized from other parties he's come too, some of Sarah's other friends.
"Hey, did you run into Mitch?" She sounded worried as he plopped down next to her on the towel. Her legs were dipped into the heated pool and while her friends seemed a little drunk or tipsy she was completely sober.
"Yeah." He leaned in a bit. he's going to find Sarah now, probably for a distraction."
“How’s Gemma?”
Harry blinked. How is it everyone knew Y/N but him, why had they never met before.
"Yeah." He shook his head, leaning back on his hands, his legs crossed underneath him. "Apparently she and Drake are back together."
She nodded, leaning back on her own hands, legs kicking softly in the water.
"Sarah brought her to me once after she showed up at her doorstep with bruises." She turned to look at him, her eyes blazing. "She said it needed to be a girl."
Harry shook his head. Gemma was his sister and it took all of him not to kill the man.
"The bastard won't let her go." Harry said, trying to reign in his anger. "She's tried so many times to get away from him but he keeps reeling her back. He'll show up our places when we're not there, begging to take him back. She's not strong enough to say no."
Y/N sighed. "What happened this time?"
Harry shrugged. "Nothing serious I don't think. She's coming to town and bringing him. You might be taking me on as a patient for longer after that."
Despite the situation Y/N cracked a smile.
Harry cracked a smile too.He full on grinned. "I mean, you're already my personal doctor so what’s a little longer."
"Is that so?" She raised her eyebrows. "I don't remember signing up for that."
"Your fault for being such a good samaritan."
She shook her head. "I guess we can just cancel our further appointments, you can go pay for a place."
"No." He said, slinging his arm around her. "You're the best doctor I ever had."
She laughed. "I'm going to get tattooed on my arm now, that meant so much to me."
Harry laughed not moving his arm. He liked it there.
"You don't drink?" He asked.
She shook her head. "I do, I'm on call tonight." She held up a pager.
Harry grimaced. "So even when you don't work you do."
"Pretty much." She laughed. "Tuesdays are my guaranteed days off, no pager. They're under strict orders not to call me in unless it’s the end of the world."
Harry laughed. "You weren't kidding when you said you work a lot than?"
She sighed. "Afraid not. I work anywhere from 40 to 80 hours a week, really."
Harry whistled. "I'm afraid my job pales in comparison to that."
She laughed looking up at him. "What you do is impressive also. I could never get up on stage in front of that many people."
He smiled down at her. "Yeah, well tell that to Jeff. He’s so unbelievably pissed at me right now.”
"Jeff is?" Y/N questioned.
Harry looked over at her. "My manager."
"Oh yeah. He’s the one married to Glen right?" She shrugged. “Well, I guess he probably has that right.”
“How have we never met before?” Harry asked “You actually know everyone I know.”
“Well I guess when you work as much as we do it’s hard to meet new people.”
Harry shook his head. "Well that'll have to change now."
She nudged him with her shoulder. "Oh will it now."
He grinned down at her. And then her pager beeped and she was groaning.
"Why are people always doing stupid shit." She sighed, putting her head in her hands.
Harry rubbed his hand across her back. "Maybe it'll be a quick surgery and you can be home and in bed before you know it."
She smiled weakly at him. "Thanks for the optimism."
"Here." Harry said, getting to his feet. "I'll walk you out." He gave her his hand.
She gladly took it, letting him pull her to her feet. And she let him keep a hold of it, leading her around the side of the house and to the front.
"Thanks." She said when they reached her car. Before he could say anything she was leaning in and pressing her lips to his cheek. "I'll see you."
"Bye." He said through her now open window as she buckled her seatbelt. "Drive safe."
She nodded and then was putting the car in drive. He got out of the way and watched her go, his good mood going with her.
He looked at the house, wondering if he should check on Mitch. He decided against it, he was probably out cold somewhere anyways.
His car was a couple minute walk from the house. Y/N was the only thing he was thinking of. Her and her beautiful hair and vibrant eyes. He was completely enamored. His broken arm was really just a blessing in disguise. She made him want to live again.
He had tried to see her outside of the hospital, really hard, but she wasn't exaggerating the least bit when she told him she worked anywhere from 40-80 hours a week. Sometimes even longer to be found out. So here he was, pulling into the hospital parking lot with a to go bag of dinner, at 11 o'clock at night.
She opened the door for him and practically threw herself at him when she saw the bag of Chipotle he had in hand. He even asked Sarah what she normally got before he picked it up. And he had gotten himself a bag of chips and some guacamole, who cared if he already had dinner.
"You're literally the best." She led him upstairs and to a room he hadn't been in before. It looked like the room they had picked Ryan up in, only there were more tables and no beds.
"Am I even allowed in here?" He asked.
She shrugged. "There are no patients so I see no problem, it's not violating any HIPAA acts."
He sat down next to her at a table, opening the bag of chips for himself.
"Good, I don't feel like getting kicked out."
"Trust me, the only reason they'd kick you out is because you didn't bring food for anyone else."
Harry laughed. "How much longer is your shift?"
She glanced at her watch. "6 hours and 24 minutes."
He laughed again. "Are you pulling a 12 hour shift?"
"Yeah." She nodded, taking her first bite of her bowl and moaning in appreciation. He tried to forget that sound. "Which means I have another Friday evening off, what are the odds, two weeks in a row."
It was kind of sad really, how much they worked her.
"How much sleep do you get at any given night?" It was really fascinating, all this doctor stuff.
"Week days on 12 hour shifts, around 3 normally unless there's a break out or if it's flu season or some shit. Weekends anywhere from zero to two hours. 8 hour shifts which are more common, I've just had a weird schedule lately, you don't get much, sleep is for the people working long shifts." She shrugged. "You wouldn't believe how stupid people are."
"That's crazy." He shook his head, eating some more of his chips. "I wouldn't be able to function on so few hours."
"Lots of caffeine." She grinned. "I pretty much live off of it."
"Noted." He said with a smile. Any excuse to come see her really.
"Enough about me." She was about half way done now. "What about you, how's the rockstar life treating you."
"Can't complain." He shrugged. "Interviewers are annoying and I hate wearing makeup but I rarely get less than 8 hours of sleep so there's that."
She smiled. "You also don't get the benefit of saving lives, I'd take that over 8 hours of sleep any day."
He smiled. "That's amazing, really." She was amazing, really.
“What’s your favorite part of touring?” She asked
“Meeting all kinds of different people. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without the fans.” He sighs “I just wish my life was so out there, I try to keep private, I really do.” He did. Everything he could do to stay out of the light was done. “There have been times I thought about giving up my dream just to get some peace and quiet.”
She smiled slightly, giving him her hand to hold. "It's funny how the things that could mean so much mean almost nothing to us the next day."
He was surprised, no sympathetic looks or pity. It was nice, to not be talked to like they were walking on eggshells around him.
"It is, isn't it." He shook his head with a smile. "Your natural genius is showing."
She laughed. "There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to be a dancer. I mean, I'm not even that smart, I just remember stuff really well, always have." She ate her last bite. "I still dance and stuff but it's just a hobby now, I'm really glad this is what I decided to do. It sucks a lot, like when you're on hour 36 with no sleep or you can't save someone, but nothing beats the feeling of telling someone you saved their son or mom or sister or whatever they were."
He pushed his chips in the middle of the table, she still looked hungry.
"You should dance for me sometime."
She laughed eating her chips with no guacamole. "Maybe you should come over tomorrow. You might get a show."
He smiled real big. "Won't you be tired."
She shrugged. "Don't come before 8 and don't expect anything other than me in pajamas."
He laughed. "I'll bring the popcorn and a movie just in case."
She smiled, pushing the chips back towards him and getting up. He watched her walk towards the kitchen and pull out a purple Gatorade, his favorite.
"Something to look forward to. And I'm not on call so unless there's a zombie apocalypse I'm all yours."
He liked the way that sounded. "Good, it's been a while since I had any sort of fun."
"Me too."
He glanced at the clock. It was almost 12 now. He was probably cutting into her nap time.
"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked, standing up.
She nodded, stifling a yawn with her hand. "Yeah, I'll text you my address."
He tried really hard but he couldn't help himself. He pulled her in for a hug and dropped a kiss to her head.
"Alright, get some sleep now, I'll find my own way out."
She nodded, walking out after him and taking a right as he went left.
"Night Harry." She called over her shoulder, a tired smile on her face.
"Goodnight Y/N. Sleep well." He smiled back.
She turned back around and turned the corner. He watched her go until she disappeared from view. She was something alright. He smiled to himself, turning to go back the way he had come, praying he wouldn't run into anyone and that he wouldn't get lost. He pressed the down arrow of the elevator, trying to control his excitement. It was a date right? He shook his head. He'd take what he would get. The elevator closed, shutting off his smile from the rest of the world.
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