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Am I Just A Temporary Fix?
Tumblr media
But it was hard to understand whether Harry had feelings for you or not. It didn’t matter because you were just his distraction until he took an interest in another breathtaking model or actress. Whether he did or not, neither of you would like to admit it, but ever that since that night, you were more than just a temporary fix.
Harry had woken up to the sun beaming through the hotel room blinds. The side of the bed you occupied is now empty. His tatted arm was held out where he held your body in its slack slumber. The clothes of yours on the chair across the room tell him you were still in the room, along with the light of the bathroom reflecting on the walls dividing into the bedroom.
Harry swings his legs over the bed, putting on his boxers as he slowly walks up to the bathroom door. Just to see you in a white robe provided by the hotel, hair damp, standing in front of the large mirror. "Don’t tell me you took a shower without me."
With a playful roll of the eyes, you sighed and turned your head to the deep voice. His deep voice startled you, his steps didn’t even alarm you. "Actually I did," You told him as he continued his journey into the bathroom to examine what products you were implying to your face. It wasn’t makeup but he still didn’t know what it was nor did he care, he just stared at you until you gave him a response.
You sighed as his larger figure towered over you. Staring you down through the mirror. "You don’t know how hard it was for me to get up this morning." You pout at him through the mirror reflection. Your stomach fluttered like a little school girl when she sees her crush walk pass in the halls. His knotted up face was the most attractive thing. His pink lips were two times as puffier, just looking so kissable. His eye brow raised higher than another and his cheeks were toned in. You sighed as you continued applying the moisturizer to your face.
Harry moves so now he’s directly behind you, immediately making you feel small, wrapping his arms around your waist. You didn’t complain as he brings his hands into the opening of the robe and goes beneath the fluffy wrap. "Mmh," He sniffs. "You smell delicious… Bet you taste even better," His voice is low and husky as he purrs in your ear and takes your tits into his cold hands. You giggle in his hold when he takes your earlobe between his teeth. He hums against you, "I’m sorry, baby. ‘M just so obsessed with you," He kisses your neck gently. "There’s nothing more I want than to have you sit on my face while I push you through one more but baby I promised so I won’t." He released your breast, slowly letting them down with a soft pinch of the nipples. You couldn’t help but bite back the smile growing on your face.
After the breakup, you and Liam both agreed that you would’ve been better off as friends. Thankfully, the breakup went just as you wanted it to. Truth be told, you and Liam both knew the relationship was taking a turn for the worst. No contempt filled the conversation. You did however plan to stay with the band for the rest of the tour, depending on how awkward the break up would be because during your time with Liam you found yourself working there and helping the boys and…Obviously, you and Harry’s agreement still stood.
As Harry said, he was completely obsessed with you. His head was flooded with you. Everything little turned him on, just one gentle touch, the sound of your warm voice, and the sight of your figure sent him into a whole other dimension…
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry being very excited about his therapist being in attendance 🥺
Love on Tour LA n5 (x)
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Tumblr media
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I saw you were doing blurbs and I can’t get this idea out of my head. I love your vogue beauty secrets and there is another YouTube cam hammer that does truth or drink and they had a married couple and all I could think about was MLBHarry and Yn, laughing and drinking.
The Love Birds
prompt: ^^
warnings: none
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“Why did we agree to do this?” YN shakes her head as she looks at the liquor bottles and shot glasses in front of her then all the cameras.
Harry was sat across from them, a camera crew to the side of them - it was a special video for Vogue Online’s anniversary and they were asking celebrities to join in for funny couple videos.
“Anytime you want to stop, tell me. I’ll make sure those cameras go off,” Harry assured her as he reaches across to kiss her hand before they start, “Just want to show off how pretty my little wife is.”
They had already went over with the production what they need to say and do - it wasn’t over complicated and they have notecards of the question.
As soon as they start recording, Harry’s good at turning on his public persona - warm, confident, and sure.
“Hello, my name is Harry Styles. This is m’wife, YN Styles, and to celebrate Vogue’s anniversary we’re going to play Truth or Drink,” Harry jokingly cracks his knuckles, rings glinting in the light.
“Simple rules. Either you answer the question on the card, which has been written by a fan or you take a shot,” Harry continues, running his hand like a salesmen by the different liquors on the table, “Nervous, my love?”
YN scoffs, reaching for her notecards, “I can’t wait to get you drunk.”
Harry fake gasps, looking comically towards the camera, “You hear that? She’s just trying to loosen me up!”
YN picks the first card, smirking at the words as she flicks her eye over the paper at her husband before asking, “What is the worst team in the league?”
“That’s easy, Dodgers,” Harry replies with a cocky grin that flashes his white teeth, it makes YN want to kiss it off of him.
“Who would have guessed?” YN replies as she discard her question, raising an eyebrow at her husband when he reads his question.
“Okay, darlin’,” He drawls lazily but his eyes are twinkling, “Have any of my teammates made a pass at you? And if yes, who?”
Harry’s obvious by the way he straightens up but, he wanted to know this answer and YN wasn’t going to blast the men all over the internet.
“Pour me a shot of that vodka,” YN says instead, pointing the bottle, “I’ll drink to that question.”
“Are you fuckin’ with me? Have they hit on you?” Harry huffs, trying to get a smile on his face as he pours the shot, “You’re definitely telling me after this game.”
“Ssh, be a good sport for once,” She titters as she takes the shot, tilting her head back and squinting as it burns her throat.
“Okay?” Harry checks as he watches her reaction.
“Mm,” She assures him, picking her next card, “Don’t remember the last time I took a shot or drank for that matter. Next question, do you regret not having a wedding?”
Harry furrows his brow a bit, “Christ, just getting into the questions. Fans sent these? Well, we did have a wedding but it was just you and I. We didn’t have a full wedding though.”
“Yeah, I consider that we did have a wedding but it wasn’t traditional with a lot of people and celebration,” YN agrees, sipping her water to try to get rid of the aftertaste.
“I can answer this. I don’t regret it. It was perfect at the time for us. We didn’t have much money and we had our first baby due. It was still one of the best days of m’life.
“One of the best?” YN teases as she tosses the card.
“I have five of the best days ever,” Harry tells her, his eyes softening, “They day we got married and the days you gave birth to our babies.”
“Softie,” She leans across the table to give him a quick peck which he eagerly accepts with happy grin - it was so obvious how happy they are.
“Let’s see, oh. I like this one,” Harry hums, his dimples deep in his cheeks, “What’s your favorite thing about me physically and your least?”
YN rolls her eyes, “Of course. Physically, I mean it changes day to day but-“
“Darling, we’re married. You can say it’s my di-“
“Harry!” YN interrupts with a giggle, “Shut it. I love your smile and your thighs. Least is definitely how bad your feet stink after baseball.”
“Hurtful,” Harry pouts at her, eyes narrowed a bit but it’s playful, and nods at her to take her turn.
YN nearly chokes when she reads this card, feeling her face get hot, “Er, where was the most public place you’ve ever had a hook-up?”
As their eyes meet, both of their minds go to that dugout in Baltimore or maybe when they fucked on that balcony in Italy.
The question startles a laugh out of Harry, he sits back and spreads his leg open more - like there’s not enough room for his cock - a cheeky smile on his face.
“Want me to answer, darlin’?” Harry goads with a raised brow - he’s not going to answer it, they both know he knows better nor would he want to share, “Because I can think of quite a few of ‘em.”
“Up to you,” She says instead but smiles when he pours himself a shot of tequila.
He swigs it fast, grimacing as he did before he puts the little glass down, “Okay, apparently that was dhe warm up and the question will get more invasive now and we’ll really see who gets smashed.”
“What’s your favorite position? And not in baseball,” Harry asks with his tongue peeking out to lick his lips - they are both way too private to answer sexual questions and they already know them all.
Harry know how much she being in his lap while he fucks up into her, slow, and with his mouth planting lovebites all over her tits.
Or when he gives it to her hard from behind and wraps her hair in his hand - it all depends on the mood.
YN shifts nervously in her chair, glaring as his eyes twinkling, “Pour me another shot.”
Harry laughs louder at her response, filling it back, and watching as she shoots it back without hesitation.
“Why wouldn’t you answer that?” He teases as he leans across the table to thumb at smudge of lipstick off her chin where it smeared - only if you were watching closely could you see his thumb ghost over her lips quickly.
“Because I don’t not want our four children to ever know that answer and this is going on YouTube,” YN replies, rearranging herself on the chair.
“S’cause you’re the best mama,” Harry says sincerely and not for the cameras - just for her.
YN gives him a soft look for his comment before biting her lips at her next question, “How old were you when you lost your virginity and with who?”
Harry actually feels himself blushing.
He was proud that he had only been with his wife but he didn’t want the magazines to overanalyze his sex life - everyone knew he was pan but not demi.
He takes that shot back quickly without question.
“Which wife do you dislike the most out of my teammates,” Harry’s giggling as he reads it because he knows her next move.
“Are these all drink? I can’t answer that either,” YN huffs as she pours herself another and chugs if before slamming the glass on the table.
“What is the worst thing about playing for The Yankees?”
“What’s the most expensive thing I ever surprised you with and how much did it cost?”
“How much did you make last year?”
At this point on, Harry was finally starting to feel a bit tipsy as his cheeks were getting pink and his limbs felt loose.
YN was three sheets to the wind after downing the shots in short succession, especially after not having drank in a very long time.
“S’mine?” YN giggles girlishly as she pulls out the card, “What is-“
“No, baby,” Harry cuts her off with a chuckle, he’s looking at her so fucking fondly, “You just asked me, s’my turn. Do you want more kids?”
YN’s eyes get comically wide at that question, “Did you write that question?”
“I didn’t, darling. But I sure am curious about your answer,” He goads, it’s obvious he wants the answer to this along with the viewers.
“Mm, I don’t think I want to answer this,” She murmurs sheepishly as she pours another shot and swigs it.
“Really? You’re not gonna answer?” Harry’s face falls, his bottom lip pouting out with a puppy dog look.
“I can, it’s just that-“
“None of that. M’just kidding, you already if you want more I’ll give ‘em to you,” Harry interrupts, his accent getting more distinct and deep as the alcohol flows through his system, “C’mere.”
YN gets up and steps over to the other side of the table where Harry wraps an arm around his waist and pulls her down onto his lap.
“Why didn’t I attend the MLB draft with you?” Harry situates her so she’s leaned back against his chest, she was getting sweaty for the liquor.
“It was because you were pregnant with our first baby,” Harry replies back, his hand ghosting over her belly like he’s remembering where the bump was.
Harry chuckles adoringly, kissing her temple before handing her the last card - he whispers in her ear, “I love you.”
“Okay, let’s see. Which of our babies is the most likely to become a baseball player?” Harry hums as he flicks the card carelessly.
YN’s eyes get a bit shimmery, lips turning down, “I want to go home and see my babies now. I think we’ve been gone for too long. What if Ezra’s sad? I need to check my phone to see if your mum-“
“We can go,” He murmurs quietly before nodding towards the cameras to cut - he will make sure that last little bit is edited out.
YN hadn’t been drunk in so long, she wasn’t an emotional drunk the times she had before she’d had kids but now she was so emotional.
Harry thanks the crew and helps YN put her jacket on, “Wha-What if Briar didn’t eat? Cash hasn’t been sleeping well. Easton has that dentist appt-“
“Sweetheart,” Harry interjects with a laugh as he guides her into their awaiting SUV to be driven back to the hotel, “We’re staying in the night in the city. The babies are fine. Everything is okay, I promise.”
“Do you think I’m a good mom?” She sniffles as she burrows in his chest, “S’just Ezra gets so anxious and I try my best but sometimes I feel like a bad mom.”
“Hey,” Harry says firmly, “You’re the best mama. To all of the kids, to Ezra. He loves you so so much. You do such an amazing job of parenting him. He’s perfect and healthy. You couldn’t be doing any better. Best decision of my life was to have babies with you.”
YN glances him up and down to make sure he’s being truthful before she launches herself at him, their lips connecting harshly.
“Mm, want you. Look so good tonight,” YN drawls out as her hand comes roughly to palm at his crotch.
“Jesus, mama,” Harry mumbles before pulling back, “Let’s get you back to the hotel for bath and to sober up a bit, yeah? Then I’ll give you whatever you want.”
The Styles’ Night Out
Tumblr media
The face of the New York Yankees, Harry Styles, stepped out with his wife YN in New York City last night.
The couple seemed to be having a romantic night at The Four Seasons without their brood of four children - Easton, Cash, Ezra, and Briar.
Fans and the internet alike have been going wild for a new video of the couple playing Truth or Drink for Vogue Online.
Harry and YN stayed mum on most of the more sensitive topics such as sex but were open about their small wedding and what they enjoy about each other.
However, Styles made is no secret how infatuated he is with his wife and his desire to have more children.
People were posting everywhere about the video (26 million views later),cooing over how happy they appeared and female fans jealous of the moment YN sat on his lap.
The couple were last spotting after the filming, going back to their hotel, where Harry looked noticeably more tousled after the car ride with his missus - a few lipstick prints on his mouth and cheeks.
Styles is set to kick off another successful game tonight with the Pittsburgh Pirates at his home field in the city.
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“you don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry knowing exactly what he's doing by bringing back ‘Medicine’ live. Harryween, Night Two. (31/10)
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mateo helps taking care of his sick mummy
— Hi I was wondering if you could please write something about mateo going through terrible twos and Harry and yn dealing with them
summary: y/n's sick and its in harry and mateo's hands to take care of her for her to get better
word count: 8.5k+
warnings: sick y/n, symptoms of the flu, mentions of vomiting, vomiting, mentions of blood, sad mateo, typical two year old throwing a tantrum, fluff, language
note: i wrote half of this while coming down with a cold 😂
Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
Harry was woken up to the bed jolting and his tattooed arm flopped onto the bed for what felt like the millionth time. The warmth where his once sick girlfriend once laid was the only remnant that she was once there. Y/N has fallen sick overnight from catching the flu from the hospital where she works, and Harry has been doing his best as a boyfriend to make sure that she has been taken care of without waking up their son that was a few doors down the hall— meaning Harry was extra careful when it came to walking up and down the stairs to grab water and something easy for Y/N to eat and drink—.
Harry sighed sadly as he sat up on the bed with his bare tattooed torso on display to the cool air of their bedroom and the early morning light seeping through the sheer white curtains. Along with the horrible sound of Y/N spewing what he’s given her a few hours prior into the toilet, the sound breaking Harry’s heart hearing her cough and gag from the horrid taste of the bile that was creeping its way up her throat.
Each sound hitting Harry’s heart with a knife and like someone was twisting it to cause more pain.
Harry pushed the sheets and comforter off his body to leave him in his black joggers sitting low on his hips that showed off the laurels on his hips as he sluggishly made his way to the en suite bathroom door that was wide open from his girlfriend’s rush to get to the toilet before she threw up all over their plush carpet and the tiled floor of the bathroom. The usual bathroom lights that are usually bright and white were dialed down to create a darker light so she wouldn’t get headaches from the light attacking her sensitive eyes and making her even more sick.
Before him was Y/N with her head resting against the cool white porcelain with goosebumps coated her skin from the cool air from the bathroom, the tiles, and the toilet seat. Her eyes were closed with sweat decorating her skin and hair that was sticking to her face from her hot temperature. She was wearing Harry’s black t-shirt that he wore to bed and light blue cotton shorts that once matched the long-sleeved shirt that she wore to get warm but took it off because she was too hot.
Now here she is, taking deep breaths in and out and moves her head around to find another cold spot on the porcelain seat. Harry walked over and knelt down beside her and moved some of her sweaty hair out of her eyes with pouty lips and felt a burning sensation in eyes from seeing his girlfriend sick. Y/N leaned into Harry’s touch with closed eyes and a hum from the butterfly feeling of his fingertips against her temple.
Her skin was hot to the touch, too hot and not the normal temperature for a body to have. Harry had his brows drawn forward as he pressed his cold palm against her hot temple. His girlfriend leaned closer to his touch with a satisfied, scratchy hum. The heat from her temple was already heating up the palm of his hand and he had it placed there for a few seconds!
“You’re really hot, darlin’.” Harry stated, placing the back of his hand against her temple. Y/N’s achy body shook with laughter that was soon replaced with a harsh cough, making Harry quickly remove his hand and place it on her back and rubbing it comfortingly as she worked her way through the coughing fit that seemed to take forever to cease.
Y/N then cleared her throat to get rid of the mucus and disgusting stuff in her throat, along with a sore throat, and opened her tired eyes to look at her boyfriend with a weak smile. Her chapped lips have cracks stretching across the chapped skin but no blood. Butterflies flapped and soared through their tummies as they looked at each other along with the flutter and quick beats of their hearts as they made eye contact.
Seeing Harry with his moss green eyes with his messy, bedhead chocolate curls made him handsome despite him having a few hours of sleep to be by her side and to take care of her. She could tell that he was tired from his eyes trying to close for him to go to sleep but he’s fighting all just for her and to get her better.
Even if it meant him getting sick and taking care of their two year old.
“Wow, thanks babe. It’s been a while since you’ve called me hot,” Y/N spoke hoarsely, staring at her boyfriend from a reaction from her words. “So are you.” She added, feeling a hotter warmth fill her cheeks. Harry sighed annoyingly through his nose and out his mouth. He moved his hand from her back to cup her hot cheek as he looked at her with a stare that made her feel like a dart board from how intimidating his stare is.
Harry leaned forward a bit— neither of them caring about his morning breath— as he continued to stare at his girlfriend who was looking at him with an annoying smirk from getting a reaction out of him from her words.
“Love, as much as I love you, but right now isn’t the time for flirting. As much as I accept the compliment.” He began, caressing the sweaty cheekbone softly with the pad of his thumb as he continued to look into his girlfriend’s beautiful, yet tired eyes with worry. “I mean it, you’re really hot.”
“I mean it too, you’re really hot too.” Y/N replied, the slight cough making it out her mouth. She knows that he meant her temperature, but she still likes taking the piss and getting on his nerves. She lightly jabbed his ankle with her foot to get more of a reaction. She saw a pink flush appear on her boyfriend's cheeks and his chest along with a smile trying to fight its way on his lips as he looked down at the tiled ground. The cute fucking dimples she loves to death, and that Mateo has inherited from his father along with Harry's cute little front teeth, cratering the ends of Harry's lips.
“Y/N.” Harry stated in a serious tone despite him getting all flustered from her comments about how hot he is and herself. Twisting his words to get him annoyed and worked up even when she’s sick and throwing up whatever she ate. He had his moss green eyes looking up at her with his head lifted up a little bit to see her. The sight made the butterflies’ wings in her belly flutter even more and made her feel all gooey and mushy inside from how handsome her boyfriend is inside and out.
“Harry.” Y/N repeated the tone of her boyfriend with the same smirk on her face as she stared at him along with feeling gooey and happy while staring at her boyfriend. Harry lifted his head fully to look up at her with a stern look on his face. Brows furrowed at her with a straight line— the dimples no longer trying to fight their ways on the end of his lips. His eyes traced over her sweaty face as the sickness took over her.
“I’m being serious, m’love. You’re really temperature is high and I’m gettin’ worried.” Harry stressed as he looked over at the love of his life. Y/N felt her heart felt at her boyfriend’s worriedness and how he was still caressing her cheekbone with concern and gentleness like she was glass and might break if he pressed too hard on her cheekbone and might crack.
“You’ve seen me like this when I was pregnant with Mateo, Harry.” Y/N brought up with a hoarse laugh that caused her to clear her throat roughly to get rid of the gunk that was gathered in her throat. Harry immediately moved his hand from her face to the sweaty and greasy strands to hold them back from getting vomit in her hair if she felt like she was going to throw up again.
Harry felt like his heart was sinking lower and lower in his chest as he watched Y/N open her mouth as she cleared her throat and gagged to get whatever out of her throat. He was biting his lower lip as he held her hair in a ponytail in his grasp. He wishes that he can just make her feel better immediately and not miserable with the awful flu that goes around during the fall and winter.
She's supposed to go to work around three in the afternoon for a quick shift and will be back around five. Harry would be watching Mateo after she goes to work, and he has a meeting to go to— meaning he'll have to drop Mateo off at Gemma's since she complained about not seeing her nephew as of late and she misses him—. And afterwards when his meeting is over and she’s home from work, along with dinner being done, they were going to head out to get some early Christmas present shopping since it was around that time of the year to get presents for everyone in their families.
Of course, they were going to bring Mateo because he’ll throw a fit if he’s dropped off at Anne’s and not with his parents, and they’ll have to get things for the older people in their families. Because as soon as they go into a toy store or down the toy aisle then Mateo would want everything that meets his little green eyes. Then whining and throwing a tantrum when he can’t get the toys that he wants— probably most being on the list that Harry and Y/N made for themselves and their families to get from their son for Christmas—.
But now with his sick girlfriend laying the side of her head on the porcelain toilet seat with droopy eyes and weak heaving from the sickness that was taking its course over her body that its decided by himself and the state of her wellbeing that none of that will be happening today or tomorrow if she’s still not feeling better.
However, Y/N will try putting up a fight to go and do the things that she wants to do with Harry and Mateo after work. But Harry isn’t going down without a fight with her.
“Yeah, but your morning sickness doesn’t have you sweating this much. And you did sweat in your first trimester but not this much.” Harry stated, rubbing circles on her back to ease the ache that was all over her body. Y/N sighed in relief and closed her eyes with a small cough leaving her throat along with a rough clear of her throat. He remembers being by Y/N’s side during the first three months of her pregnancy back in 2015 when he was home and not on tour for One Direction, or they were in London, or Y/N was on tour with them till it was around the time for her to be back in their shared home when it got close to the end of her pregnancy.
Hours spent in the bathroom with Y/N over the toilet with Harry using one of his hair ties that was around his wrist to have her strands in a messy bun so that her hair was out of her face. He was rubbing her back and pressed butterfly kisses to the back of her neck and back to be there for her. Wishing that he can take the horrible feeling that his girlfriend of two years, at the time, was feeling and hug her tight.
And now here they are together for four years with a two year old that is adorable as even and they love so fucking much. Harry is doing what he always does for Y/N when she’s not feeling well, and everything is the same with her comments when he makes a statement of her being hot because of her temperature. And complimenting him about his appearance.
“I think you should stay home, m’love.” Harry suggested as he continued rubbing circles on her back with furrowed brows as he awaited her answer. Y/N lifted her head up a little from the toilet seat to look at her boyfriend like he was insane from what he just said. She was slightly shaking from the body chills from the fever and sweat coating her skin. Glistening under the lowlights of the bathroom that show off her beauty and everything that Harry loves about her, even when she’s sick he still finds her beautiful.
“What did you just say?” Y/N asked him in a scratchy voice, clearing her throat roughly as she stared him down with a look that could shoot daggers into him. While she was sweating and looked miserable, if looks could kill then this would be the look that she’s currently giving him.
“Darlin’,” Harry sighed sadly and moved his hand that was on her back and cupped her sweaty cheek. “You’re sweating pinballs and your temperature isn’t normal. You’ve been throwing up throughout the night. You need to stay home and let me take care of you till you get better.” He told her softly as he looked into her eyes. But Y/N wasn’t going to give in easily as she rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s words at shifted on her numb legs from sitting on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom.
“I’ll be okay, babe. I’ll just take a shower, take some medicine, and then I’ll be–” She started to list off, but she was cut off when she felt the awful tasting bile that was creeping up her throat with a burning sensation mixed with her sore throat. This caused her to immediately turn her head to the toilet bowl with her hands gripping the porcelain toilet seat and started throwing up the contents that were in her stomach that the flu didn’t seem to like.
Harry immediately held her hair back from her sweaty face as she gagged and threw up more with the vomit making noise from the vomit meeting the water. Harry felt his eyes water and burn from the tears from seeing Y/N sick and throwing up with weak cries leaving her lips. The tears were from the horrid smell of the vomit that was filling up the bathroom. He was kissing the top of her head with his eyes closed to stop the tears from falling down his light red cheeks.
His heart was breaking more and more as he felt his girlfriend shake from the chills that made its way through her body.
“See, proved my point.” Harry joked lightly which earned him a groan from his girlfriend. Y/N pulled away from the toilet and went back to her previous position she once was in when he found her with her eyes closed with Harry’s hand falling onto her lap. His hand gripping her goosebump covered thigh.
“Why are you always right?” She asked him sickly, opening her eyes a tad to look at him through her lashes to look at him. Harry chuckled lightly as he continued to caress the skin and scooted closer to her. She gave up more quickly than she usually does, meaning that she’s really miserable and wants her husband to take care of her.
“I’m not always right, Y/N. It’s just I can tell you’ve got a bloody fever that’s causing you to be miserable and it breaks my heart to see you like this m’love.” He stated. “Plus, you’re the smarter one. A bloody nurse that helps people and saves lives.” He added with a beaming smile. Y/N chuckled weakly at his compliment and coughed for what felt like the millionth time.
“I mean, you’re the one who did my surgery for my tendons. Took care of me for the whole entire recovery now it's my turn to take care of you. With Mateo's help. It's our turn"
His words brought stingy tears to Y/N's eyes and her heart floated with joy from his words. He wanted to take care of her, even though he's done that already and continues to do so. But she feels horrible with this flu making her feel ache and not herself.
Right now, she just wants to go to bed and sleep off the drowsiness and stay in bed all day. But she needs to call into work and inform them she won't be able to make it due to being sick with the flu.
"Okay." Y/N sighed, looking at her boyfriend. Harry's moss green eyes lit up in happiness and relief at her simple way of telling him that he can take care of her. His heart beating with joy and a soft smile itching at his pink lips appeared as he reached his hands out for her to take to help her stand up.
She placed her hands in his big ones and sighed at the warmth of his palms and placed the bottom of her feet on the cold tile of the bathroom floor and pushed up.
“Let’s get you in the shower, m’love. I’ll take care of Mateo afterwards while you rest. We’ll bring you something to eat and drink. Give you a cuddle after you're done eating.” Harry listed off after she was up on her feet and cuddled up against his warm tattooed chest with her eyes closed.
All he got as an answer from her was a simple nod and a sigh of relief and tiredness seeping into her bones. Harry smiled at the top of her head and told her to wait for a few minutes so he can gather her and himself fresh clean clothes after they get out of the bath. He was going to wash her hair and body since she was tired and was ready to go to bed.
Afterwards the two of them relaxed in the warm water in the bathtub with Y/N's face tucked into her boyfriend's neck half asleep while Harry lightly ran the tips of his fingers against her skin. Pressing kisses along the side of her neck and shoulder with his own damp stands tickling her skin.
A few more minutes pass and Y/N's in one of Harry's faded band shirts with a pair of one of Harry's joggers to keep her warm and the covers over her sleeping form. She called into work to say that she won't be able to make it in and Harry called in to inform everyone he won't be able to make it to the meeting.
Harry hovered over her for a few more seconds, in his fresh clean clothes that were a white t-shirt and another pair of joggers. He tucked her in tight and moved some of her freshly washed strands out of her face and placed butterfly kisses on her skin before walking out of their shared bedroom with the tv playing quietly in the background of one of y/n’s favorite shows.
Now it was time to get Mateo up for the day and let Y/N rest so she could get better.
Tumblr media
“NO! I WANT TO DO THAT DADDY!” Mateo screeched, causing Harry's ears to ring from the high-pitched sound that echoed throughout the kitchen where the father and son were currently in. It’s now midday and Mateo has been in his terrible twos mood ever since he noticed that his mummy isn’t around nor up. Usually, Mateo is just fine with one of them while the other is busy— it's usually the other way around, Mateo wanting Harry instead of being with Y/N— but it seems like Mateo wants Y/N today after being told that his mummy isn’t feeling good. Despite Harry telling Mateo that she needs rest and can’t be up.
But Mateo being only two years old doesn’t understand that well to what his daddy means mummy isn’t ‘feeling well’ so he proceeded to throw himself on the floor of the and scream in frustration since he’s not able to express how he’s feeling at all. He was kicking and hitting the floor with fat pinballs of tears running down his cheeks. Harry swears he felt his heart break into a million pieces once more today. One from his sick girlfriend and now from his upset son.
Harry got on the floor and picked up his son and cradled him with rocks back and forth to calm him down by kissing the top of his messy chestnut curls that he gave Mateo. Luckily afterwards, Harry was able to keep the two year old occupied by putting on Finding Nemo (reference to poor sick baby) since Mateo loved Crush and Squirt. He even got construction paper with markers and crayons for Mateo to color and draw with to make his mummy a ‘get well soon mummy’ card.
That gave Harry enough time to let Harry sneak upstairs to check up on Y/N to see if she was okay and if she needed anything. She seemed to be staying in bed mostly, the messy bed from her moving around to get comfortable and warm being evident as well as her getting up to use the bathroom or getting a drink out of a water bottle Harry left for her earlier.
Unfortunately, a cute movie about a clownfish and a pacific blue tang fish that has short-term memory looking for his son and going on an adventure with meeting characters that kids love dearly wasn’t enough to get Mateo occupied or stopping the terrible twos tantrum from coming back.
Harry stopped adding the carrots, onions, and celery into the mixture and sweet-smelling soup that was in the silver metal pot that was sitting on the hot stovetop. He looked over at the two year old, who was wearing gray pinstriped pajama set with: astronauts, meteors, stars, and spaceships. The colors being: blue, green, with orange on the collar of the shirt and on the cuffs and leg opening.
Harry felt his heart break into a million pieces as he looked down at the crying toddler that was standing on the black cushion of a chestnut wooden chair so that he could reach the metal pot with the wooden spoon that he was holding to stir the soup to perfection. His mini me’s cheeks red from crying and his green eyes are already getting red with more crystalline tears gathering along the waterline.
Harry immediately cleaned his hands of the vegetables with a towel and turned the knob on the stove to turn down the temperature so the soup wouldn’t burn and there wouldn't be black stuff gathering to the top of the soup that is supposed to help his sick girlfriend upstairs feel better and not yucky.
Harry bent down to be eye level with the crying two year old who was clutching the wooden spoon like it was the last thing keeping him together before losing his shit. Harry felt his heart shatter and the other side of his entire world fall apart, Y/N and Mateo making his whole world. Just the two of them making it whole, along with performing for his fans. But it's mainly just his family that he comes home to and is with him when he’s on stage.
“Bub, daddy doesn’t want you getting hurt. The pot is hot, and daddy doesn’t want you burning your little hands when you try to put the vegetables in the soup.” Harry gently told the two year old, cupping Mateo’s adorable chubby cheeks that were hot to the touch because of his normal body temperature and because of the harsh tears that were making streams down his cheeks. Mateo was sniffling as he looked into his father’s matching eyes, his chest heaving as he stared at his father.
His mind does not understand what he is being told and he can’t express himself the way his parents do when they’re together. Either it be him watching his daddy dancing with his mummy in the kitchen when she’s trying to make Mateo’s snack. Fleetwood Mac playing in the background, mostly Say You Love Me playing loudly from Harry’s phone. Her laughing as Harry clumsily dancing with her in the kitchen and presses kisses against her lips while murmuring the lyrics against her lips with a smile of his own.
To Y/N and Harry playing with Mateo, Harry lightly tossed Mateo up in the air as Mateo squealed as he felt the air running through his chocolate curls. And Harry holding Mateo tightly in his arms to let Y/N tickle Mateo’s belly and feet. It was a cute domestic moment that takes place either in their home or during a tour backstage or in their hotel room.
The only thing that the two year old doesn’t see is when Y/N and Harry had an argument and aren’t talking to calm down before they are lashing out and causing another fight. Something that happened when they were nineteen years old, and Harry was on tour and Y/N was staying in London. It was over an article she read on him and asked him because of her insecurities, letting them take over her mind and causing a fight to break out between the two of them.
They haven’t talked for a month, only a few texts here and there and short-ended phone calls. But they’re better now, being together for four years with a happy two year old and a healthy relationship.
Harry was snapped out of his thoughts by the clatter of the wooden spoon falling onto the kitchen floor and the sound of Mateo’s wailing echoing throughout the kitchen and possibly through the entire house. Even the neighbors probably heard him from how loud his wails are.
Harry immediately picked up the crying two year old and propped him on his hip. Rubbing Mateo’s back and hugging him to get him to calm down instead of yelling at him. However, instead of giving into the hug like he usually does when being given a hug from either of his parents or both, Mateo tries to push his daddy away with his little hands with fat tears running down his cheeks with more gathering at his waterline. The action broke Harry’s heart even more, causing more and more cracks in the organ if that’s even possible.
But it certainly feels like it.
“Mateo, it's okay. Daddy is just doesn’t want you getting hurt.” Harry cooed as he continued to rub the two year old's back. Mateo is trying to get out of his father’s grasp and is relentless. He was crying even harder, and he shook his head with his curls going everywhere. Some of the chocolate curls sticking to his wet face.
“No, no, no, no.” Mateo repeated in a wobbly voice with his bottom lip wobbling from the sobs that were trying to escape his lips to make it known that he’s upset, typically Mateo’s terrible twos aren’t as horrible as others are— sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not, basically fifty to fifty with Mateo—. Harry felt his own eyes burn for what feels like infinity at this point seeing his girlfriend and son getting upset for two different things. One was sick and one is going through a terrible two's tantrum right now.
“You can’t put them in right now Mateo. Daddy doesn’t want you getting hurt by the hot pot,” Harry repeated himself and looked at the pot that was cool by now by being put to a stop so it wouldn’t get burnt. But the white steam that was coming from the soup meant that it was still warm and not done. Maybe lightly touching so that it wouldn’t hurt the pads of Harry’s fingers and hand. Pretending that it burnt his hand and telling Mateo that it hurt maybe he’ll understand better.
Mateo was whining and reaching up with his tiny fingers to grab at Harry's messy curls to get his daddy's attention.
"Daddy." Mateo whined, giving another sharp tug at Harry's curls once more to get his father's attention. And it worked, Harry hissed from the stinging sensation from his son's fingers. Harry ripped his eyes away from the metal pot and lightly grabbed his son's little wrist and pulled it away from the strands.
This caused Mateo to whine louder in frustration and yank his wrist out of his father's gentle grasp. More tears were falling from his green eyes with his chubby cheeks full of streams from the tears. Even Harry wiping them away doesn't make the redness that blooms on the two year old's cheeks any less noticeable.
"Mateo don't do that," Harry told his mini me gently. "Hurts daddy." He added. This didn’t go well with the two year old and an even louder cry escaped the two year old's lips and this time with a hit to Harry’s shoulder. It didn’t hurt but still he needs to learn not to hit to express how he’s feeling. Harry’s gaze on his son turned into a stern look with his brows furrowed.
“Mateo Robin Styles.” Harry spoke, he was in complete dad mode. His voice rumbled through his chest as he stared his son down. Mateo immediately stopped crying and looked up at his dad with glassy green eyes and his mouth opened agape. Mateo sniffled as he stared at his daddy to hear what he needed to say. The two year old knew that he was in trouble if either of his parents had to use their ‘parent tone’ with him when he’s done something he’s not supposed to do. Like, hitting or biting for example, but this was the first time Mateo’s done this.
“You don’t hit daddy, bub. That’s not how you deal with your emotion's bub. You don’t see mummy, daddy, nana, or aunt Gemma do that, do you?” Harry told his son, his heart breaking as he maintained eye contact with his son’s glassy green eyes. He felt Mateo’s chest stutter from all the crying he’s done. Mateo shook his head slowly with a few more tears falling from his eyes, making Harry instinctively reach up with his hand that wasn’t holding his son on his hip and wipe away the tears. His own pink lips in a pout as he stared at his mini me.
“It breaks daddy’s heart to see you upset bub, hurts mummy as well. Even when you hit me.” Harry whispered to the two year old. Mateo’s eyes wandered all over Harry’s face with his breath stuttering from his crying.
“I’m sw–orry, daddy.” Mateo lisped out an apology with a stutter in his accented voice. Harry felt his heart melt with his son’s apology, and he is going to accept immediately instead of some parents who don’t accept their two year old's apology and make the two year old feel horrible. No, that’s not how Harry and Y/N do.
“It’s okay Mateo, daddy accepts your apology.” Harry cooed, hugging his sad son to his chest. This time Mateo wraps his little arms around his daddy’s neck with a little smile on his lips. Harry smiled as well as he pressed a kiss to the side of Mateo’s head, with the strands of Mateo’s curls tickling Harry’s nose. Harry slightly swayed back and forth in the kitchen with his two year old in his arms. Mateo laughed at the motion and the little tickle motions his daddy was giving him to make him laugh and feel better.
A few seconds afterwards, Harry brought Mateo over to the pot to show him that it would hurt his little hand if he tried to put the vegetables in the soup.
“See, this is why daddy doesn’t want you putting the veggies in right now, Mateo. Daddy doesn’t want you to get hurt.” Harry explained, reaching out one hand and placing it on the rim of the pot. Mateo’s eyes widened as he watched his daddy’s hand on the rim. It wasn’t really hot anymore— more so cold and will need to be heated once more to continue making the soup— but Mateo doesn’t know that. He thinks that it’s still hot and that his daddy is getting hurt.
“Daddy, no!” Mateo exclaimed, reaching out for his daddy’s wrist to get his hand away from the ‘hot’ rim of the pot and he didn't want to see his daddy hurt. He was crying for two weeks straight when Harry got his wrist surgery done, seeing the white bandage on his wrist to keep the stitches from ripping made the two year old crying waterfalls. He got that from both of his parents and things alone.
Harry yanked his hand away from the pot and hissed like his hand was burning from the heat. His brows furrowed as he shook his hand. He looked over at Mateo to see that his green eyes were once more turning glassy from seeing his father hurt as his grip tightened on his father’s wrist.
“Daddy.” Mateo whined with tears threatening to spill from his tear ducts. Harry was quick to cuddle the two year old close to him. Harry cooed to the two year old that he was okay and that is why he doesn’t need to be putting in vegetables just yet because it's hot and he doesn’t want him getting hurt. Mateo hurriedly nodded his head in understanding— he just wanted his daddy not to hurt anymore and wanted his mummy to feel better with a soup that he and his daddy were making—.
And they eventually did resume making the soup, Harry cleaning the wooden spoon that was dropped on the floor by Mateo to get the germs off the wood so Y/N wouldn’t get any sicker. Mateo was standing once more on the chair eagerly with a smile on his lips as he waited for his daddy to give him the spoon for him to stir the ingredients that were in the warming soup from the stovetop getting warm again. It was an adorable moment between father and son, the scene warm and welcoming as Harry handed his son the wooden spoon and continued to add the last few chopped vegetables into the pot. Mateo was bouncing on the pads of his feet as he was eager to do his job.
And when it came to Mateo’s turn to stir, Harry kept Mateo stable on his hip as he directed Mateo on how to stir the soup gently enough so that he wouldn’t get the boiling broth on either of them or on the scolding hot stove. Mateo giggled as he stirred the soup with a big smile on his face and it seemed like he didn’t even have a tantrum over not being able to put the vegetables in the soup. The sight warmed up Harry’s heart seeing his mini me all happy to make a meal that will ease his mummy’s tummy and make her feel better to get her on the road to recovery of this horrible flu.
Tumblr media
Mateo and Harry make their way to the slightly ajar from Harry leaving the bedroom earlier that morning with the quiet sounds of the show that Harry put on for Y/N was still playing with the voices of the characters talking to another. The steam and welcoming smell from the freshly made soup was warming the palm of one of Harry’s hands while the other was holding a fresh cold-water bottle in the other as he and his mini me got closer to the bedroom. Mateo had a happy, eager smile on his face as he clutched the light pink construction paper with Harry’s handwriting on the front of the homemade card in black sharpie ‘get well soon mummy’ and the front of the card and the inside is accompanied by Mateo’s cute, but messy, drawings that are scribbles.
Both the father and son’s heart were beating happily against their chest as they were going to see the queen of the home and their hearts. Mateo started calling her a queen because ‘she’s like those nice queens in the Disney movies, daddy.’ and it seemed to stick. And Harry is the king of their home and Mateo is the little prince that likes going on adventures and bringing ‘imaginary’ things back from his adventures to show his parents. It was adorable.
“Alright, Mateo. We need to be quiet, so we don’t wake up mummy if she’s asleep. She needs her rest to get better.” Harry whispered as they stopped in front of the white painted wood door. Mateo nodded his head quickly to his father’s words, not really paying attention to what his father just told him. He was just excited to see his mummy and give her his homemade card and to see his mummy since he hasn’t seen her all day till now.
“Alright, let's go see mummy.” Harry whispered as he opened the door to reveal that Y/N was up and watching the show Harry put on. The covers covering her legs as her tired eyes were focused on the show that captivated her attention. The eye bags under her eyes were dark and her hair was a mess from tossing and turning— the comforter and sheets being the proof of it—, and the remote in her hand was being held lazily. The water bottle Harry left for her earlier was empty with a few droplets of water sticking to the plastic.
Her attention was broken from the glass tv screen when she heard the happy squeal from her son that was standing by her boyfriend’s side.
Despite the panging headache that’s making her feel miserable with the throbbing pain that’s not going to go away anytime soon without aspirin or sleeping to get rid of the headache that’s causing pain. And the cute squeal from their adorable son added a pang of pain from the high-pitched sound.
Y/N managed to give her son a weak smile from his cuteness and the sight of him still in his pajamas with his messy bed head curls. His cute front teeth showing through his wide smile as he looks at his mummy.
“Hi, Mateo! Mummy missed you!” Y/N greeted with a matching smile, not needed to turn down the volume of the tv since the volume wasn’t too loud in the first place. “Hi babe.” Y/N greeted her boyfriend that caused her heart to flutter as well as Harry’s. It felt great to know that she was feeling a little bit better.
“Hi, m’love. We’ve made you some chicken noodle soup to help you feel better.” Harry lifted the cute dark blue porcelain bowl with white petal detailing on the outside and red on the inside with white flowers. The broth with the chicken and vegetables sitting in the bowl to keep it warm with parsley sitting on top of the soup.
Y/N felt her stomach grumble with hunger and the taste, and the smell of the soup is making her hungry and she can’t wait to taste the wonderful soup to make her feel better and feel it warm her throat a bit. She felt her smile widened at her boyfriend and son making her lunch to make her feel better.
“Aww, thank you.” Y/N thanked him. Harry’s smile spread across his pink lips with his dimples cratering at the ends of his lips. Matching Mateo’s. Speaking of Mateo, the two year old rushed from where he was standing next to his father and ran over to his mummy’s side of the bed with the construction paper on his little hands with the paper crinkling a bit. His curls bouncing atop of his head and getting into his eyes, meaning that he’s gonna have to get a trim soon so that he won’t have any dead ends that would hurt him when Y/N or Harry brush his hair before heading out for the day.
“Mummy, I made you a card!” Mateo exclaimed with a big smile on his face as he handed out the light pink construction paper. Y/N felt her heart melt at how adorable her son is as he holds out the homemade get-well card. She reached out her unoccupied hand since the other one was holding the remote to the tv. Her skin was coated in goosebumps from the fever.
"Mummy, you feel better?" Mateo asked her, prodding the goosebumps on her skin with his little finger. Y/N shivered a bit from the contact of her son's finger. Y/N smiled at her son and swallowed with a bit of trouble from the mucus build up in her throat along with the sore throat that came along with having the common flu. Y/N gently took the paper from her son's grasp, feeling a bit of warmth from the warm air coming from the AC Harry turned on earlier to keep his lovely girlfriend warm.
"Yeah, mummy's feeling a bit better. Certainly, now that you and daddy are here." She smiled, lightly nudging Mateo's chubby cheek with the edge of the folded paper before holding it before her to see Harry's handwriting.
Y/N felt that familiar heat warms up her cheeks seeing Harry's messy hearts decorating each word that was messily colored in by their son. Y/N felt her smile get wider when she saw scribbles of stick figures of three family members with messy drawn clothes. One shorter than the rest with messy brown hair that matched the other one. The little one was in the middle holding each hand of the taller stick figures. The third one had Y/n’s hair color and everything that looked like her. The little drawing brought tears to her eyes as she continued to stare at the cute drawing that her son made.
“You alright, Y/N?” Harry asked as he approached where the son and mother were. He placed the porcelain bowl on the chestnut bedside table, the bowl making a small 'clunk' when meeting the wood of the table. Harry’s deep accented voice made Y/N’s heart jump out of her chest at the sound of his voice and how fast and quiet he got there. Harry smirked at her reaction from the slight jump her body did on the bed. His footsteps were so quiet against the plush carpet.
"Asshole," Y/N murmured quietly under her breath so Mateo wouldn't be repeating bad words around them or their families. Like that one time when they were out to eat with Anne and Mateo dropped one of his chicken nuggets on the floor. He said 'fuck' loud enough for the three of them to hear. It was a funny moment for a few seconds before Harry and Y/N had to tell him that it was a bad word, and he shouldn’t say it. And when asked who he heard it from, he just simply stared at his father as his answer.
Mateo whined as his fingers were making indents in the soft material of the comforter to get into her mummy on the bed. Making Harry and Y/N look at the two year old, who had a scrunched-up nose and his little brows furrowed forward with crinkles at the end. Harry immediately picked up the two year old under his arms, tickling Mateo a little bit with butterfly touches to make Mateo kick his legs out with a loud giggle leaving his lips. The sight made Y/N smile even more before opening the light pink homemade get-well card to see if there was anything inside that she should need to see or read.
There weren’t any words besides there being a ‘love, Mateo & Harry’ and more cute little scribbles from Mateo with them being loosely colored by the two year old. And more of Harry’s hearts surrounding the words. Y/N felt her heart swore in the air in happiness from her boyfriend and son making a get-well card for her and she’s most certainly going to keep it in her bag that she brings with her every time to the hospital that carries everything she needs for work, her meals, etcetera.
The mattress indented a little from Mateo being placed next to his mummy. Y/N placed the card on the bedside table as well, keeping it standing up on the lamp while reaching for the bowl. Harry immediately reaches to give his girlfriend the soup for her to eat to help her feel better.
“Thank you.” Y/N smiled at her boyfriend as she took the bowl and placed it on her blanket covered lap and picked up the silver spoon that was sitting in the delicious smelling soup that was sitting before her to be eaten. Harry walked over to his side of the bed to sit next to his girlfriend and son before, and maybe, taking a nap with Y/N before it was dinner time for all three of them. Mateo and Harry have something different while Y/N will have another serving of chicken noodle soup.
Y/N placed the bowl of the spoon of her mouth and hummed at the amazing taste of the soup that warmed her mouth with her eyes closed. While it tasted a little bit bland because of the flu that wasn’t allowing her to taste her boyfriend’s wonderful cooking skills. Harry was looking at his girlfriend with a hopeful look on his face to see if she liked the soup that he and Mateo made.
“Is it good, m’love.” He asked her, Y/N opened her eyes and placed the bowl of the spoon back into the soup to get another serving. She gave him a thankful smile on her face, the goosebumps on her skin disappearing from the warm soup. Harry felt butterflies soar in his tummy and his heartbeat happily against his chest as she smiled at him.
“It’s amazing, H. Thank you.” She answered as she lifted the spoon out of the soup with some of the mixture dripping from the edges of the spoon back into the soup with drips. Harry nodded at his beautiful girlfriend wishing that he could kiss her but he knew she wouldn’t let him get that close to her because she doesn’t want him getting sick.
“You’re welcome, m’love.”
Mateo pulled at his mummy’s arm that was holding the spoon with the hot soup in it with the steam swirling in the air. The movement by Y/N’s heart speeds up in fear about the hot soup landing on her skin or shirt that would burn her skin either way.
“Mummy, mummy, I helped too. I helped too!” Mateo chanted as he continued to pull at his mummy’s arm to get her attention. Harry could tell that Y/N was panicking from how Mateo was pulling his mummy’s arm to get her attention to let her know that he helped his daddy make her lunch.
“Mateo Robin Styles, be careful! Don’t burn mummy.” Harry told his mini me sternly with stern eyes. Mateo looked at his daddy for a few minutes before he stopped pulling her arm and looked at her. He listened immediately since he didn’t want to get in trouble even though he didn’t get in trouble beforehand.
“I helped daddy too mummy.” Mateo repeated himself eager to hear his mummy’s thank you and praise for him helping Harry with her lunch. Y/N looked away from her slightly shaking hand that was holding the spoon to look at her boyfriend's mini me.
“Thank you, Mateo! You and dad did an amazing job at making mummy soup to make her feel better. And thank you for the card, it’s cute and mummy isn’t going to lose it.” Y/N thanked her son with a smile and a scratchy voice, Mateo giggled and looked down at his lap with a pink tint on his cheeks from his mummy’s than you.
“You’re welcome, mummy.” Mateo said quietly. Harry and Y/N looked at each other with love-filled smiles before Y/N returned to eating her soup so that she could be on the road to recovery. It took a few minutes for Y/N to finish the soup with a conversation going on between her, Mateo, and Harry. It was a domestic moment between the three of them.
Y/N asking Mateo if he’s given his father any trouble when making the soup, Mateo was immediately to deny that he did cause his daddy any trouble. But Y/N looked over at Harry to see if what their son was saying was true or not. Harry looked over at his son with a teasing smile before telling Y/N that he had a little fit that he couldn’t put the veggies in without getting hurt.
This caused Mateo to throw another fit, jolting the bed a bit that caused both of his parents to say in a stern tone.
“Mateo Robin Styles. Don’t.”
Mateo immediately stopped under his parent's stern gaze and cuddled closer to his mummy with his eyes getting droopy with sleepiness. And Y/N yawned from tiredness that got passed down to Harry. Meaning that the three of them are due for a nap before the day comes to an end. Y/N puts the empty bowl on the table before maneuvering the sleepy toddler between her and Y/N with the covers over his almost asleep form before her and Harry did the same with their heads cushioned by their soft pillows.
The family of three slept in the king-sized bed with the comforter and sheets as well as the additional blankets keeping them warm after some time talking and not paying attention to the tv. The tv playing the ending of one episode of Y/N’s show with the theme song playing in the background and Netflix telling her that the episode is expected to begin in five seconds. But neither of them is watching since they’re allowing sleep to overcome them. Y/N and Harry facing each other with their son sleeping between them, Mateo closer to his mummy since he’s adamant on cuddling with her to ‘make he feel better’.
Harry and Y/N had their arms placed on the comforter of their bed with Harry’s hand over Y/N’s smaller one. Trying to keep her cold hand warm with his warm palm. The empty bowl of fully eaten chicken noodle soup sitting on Y/N’s bedside table with a fresh cold-water bottle that is waiting to be drunk out when Y/N wakes up. Along with the medicine that was placed there earlier when Harry snuck upstairs to check on her when Mateo was occupied by Finding Nemo and placed the medicine on the bedside table with a haste kiss to her forehead before leaving.
However, right now, she’s sleeping once more with the love of her life and her adorable son.
Tumblr media
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while! Personal things have been going on and I've had terrible writers block but i've got ideas for this last one shot, it's a standalone one shot with harry and y/n only. As well as an upcoming trope that i'm excited to write about! As well as other tropes!
To make up for making you all wait too long, here's a picture of my kitty 🥺. Sorry for the picture being too big, i didn't know it was going to be big. Show her some love pls, even though she gets a load from me.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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why is daddy sad?
a simple question...yet why is it so hard for Y/N to answer
A/N: you asked for more angst dad harry and well i'm here to deliver. i was suppose to be working on a report but this idea came to mind and i hope you give it a read. would love to hear your thoughts. love you 🫶
Word count: 1572
Warnings: angst (all sad)
“Why is Daddy always sad?” Saylor, Y/N’s, and Harry’s five-year-old asked. 
Y/N wishes her son couldn’t notice the sadness displayed on their father’s face.
It has been two years since Harry decided to stop touring and instead focus on songwriting for others. He made the choice because he wanted to be here to see his children grow up. He wanted to stop missing milestones and instead learn to be here for them all. Y/N told him he didn’t need to, but he was adamant it happened. 
She knew he was choosing them, but she never wanted to feel like he had to. The first year was bliss. Harry spent it at home with Saylor and Lucy. He became the stay-at-home dad while you worked as a publisher and got promoted to publishing manager in the last year.
 Life was good. 
At least it was for a while. Soon, the trips got shorter. The writing sessions became longer. Harry attending his child’s event became nonexistent; before they knew it, he became a ghost. 
He lived among them, no longer the cheerful dad becoming the quiet dad who gave no single input. He no longer lived to make his children laugh. He was there, but why did it seem they had lost him?
For Y/N to know that Saylor has noticed how distant he has become, she must do something. She has no idea where to start, but she has an idea of someone always ready to help. 
Lucy slowly walked up the steps holding onto the railing as her parents taught her. She made the short walk to the end of the hallway, her mermaid plushy in hand. She pushed the door open, finding the person she was searching for, her father sitting on his leather couch filled with pillows, notebooks opened on the table. 
Harry turned his head at the sound of a small voice. “Hi, Luce.” 
“Can you play with me?” 
He sighed, dropping the notebook in his hand. “Not right now.”
“Why?” A simple question for a four-year-old. 
“I’m busy.” 
“But Daddy,” 
“No, Lucy.” 
Lucy’s shoulders drop, and her eyes well up with tears. Her father didn’t bother picking up his head to notice he hurt her feelings. She hurries out of the room and into her brother’s room because he always makes her feel better. 
At dinner, it’s quieter than usual. Y/N sees her children whisper to each other but never look up from their plates. Harry eats quietly until he notices Lucy not eating her vegetables. 
“Lucy, can’t ignore your veggies.” He points out to Y/N’s plate. “Mummy’s eating all of hers.” 
Lucy ignores him, purposely pushing the veggies further away to the edge of her plate. Harry puts his fork down, “Lucy Anne, please.”
“Lucy is upset with you, Dad. Please don’t talk to her like that.” Saylor speaks up, shocking both Y/N and Harry. 
“What do you mean, Saylor?” Y/N asks, not understanding what happened in the short time she was away buying groceries earlier in the day. 
“Dad made Luce cry and did not apologize.” Saylor looks down at Lucy holding her hand tight, while she looks down at her plate. In times like these, Y/N wondered what she did right to have such exceptional children but what they did wrong to be bad parents.
“Lucy, do you want to tell me what happened?” 
Lucy looks up, meeting her mother’s gentle gaze, and nods her head. “Penny and I wanted Dad to play with us, but he used his mean voice to tell me no.” 
Y/N spares Harry a look who hasn’t looked away from Lucy. No sign that he was going to make an apology. Instead, he excuses himself, stating he had a phone call to make. 
“Luce, baby. I’m sorry he spoke to you like that. Sometimes Dad can get busy. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Y/N tries to assure her daughter, who has now climbed into her clap. 
“I miss Daddy playing with me.” She confesses. 
Y/N feels her heartbreak, but there is nothing she could do about how Harry decides to act, but she does know her children deserve better. 
“Tell you what, after dinner, I’ll play with you if you want, and I’ll speak with your dad, alright, pumpkin?” 
Lucy nods, giving Y/N a big kiss before munching on the last pieces of carrots she had left before walking her plate over to the sink with her brother’s help. 
There was a conversation to be had. 
That night as Y/N began to settle for bed, she knew she had to speak with Harry. She hesitated knocking on the bedroom door, but the room no longer felt theirs. It just felt his. 
She walked in a few seconds after hearing a faint come in. The room looked the same. Her side of the bed looked the same except for a missing photo of them on their first date at a fair where Harry had won her a stuffed banana plushie that now lived in their son’s room. The frame now sat on Harry’s bedside. 
He sighs, “I know. I messed up.” 
“You’re a good father. Luce is only four. She wears her heart on her sleeve. You know that.” 
“I was busy.” 
“I’m sure you were, but you could have spoken to her differently.” Y/N reminds him. 
Harry tries to push the blame onto her, “it’s hard when they’re constantly walking into my office.” 
She shakes her head, “don’t blame me, Harry.” 
“You said you wanted this. That you wanted this life.” You reminded him. “That you wanted a home office to be close to our children for when they needed you–for when I needed you.”
“I’m not so sure anymore,” he whispers, breaking Y/N’s heart. 
With nothing else to say, she leaves Harry in their bedroom and searches for her children needing the comfort of their love. The two people could make her smile no matter what she felt. It seems that a lot has changed even for her because that used to be Harry, and now she tiptoes her feelings around him.
The following days are quiet. Saylor eats each meal with no questions to either of his parents. At age four, Lucy was oblivious to it, carrying the conversation with Y/N’s occasional answer or question, having forgotten about what had happened days before. Harry sits glum at the table each day while Y/N tries her best to swallow all her tears until she tucks herself into the guest room, where she allows herself to cry in the quiet of the room. 
Y/N had dropped off the kids with Gemma as she wanted to take them to the zoo. That meant it gave her time to speak with Harry. She arrived home to find him watching a documentary in the living room. 
“Harry, I’m back.” She calls out. 
He pauses his film because even with the distance in their relationship, he can still pick up when she needs his attention. 
“Talked with Jeff,” Y/N tells Harry.
“What for?” 
Y/N sighs. “I don’t like that you’re not happy. That you–you resent us for choices made years ago, but if there’s something we can do, then I had to try.” 
Harry frowns, “what are you saying?” 
She places a folder on Harry’s lap, and with the left hand that now only holds the gold wedding band Y/N put on his finger six years ago, he flips it open. Inside is a tour flyer reading: Harry Styles The Disco Tour: It’s time to dance again. 
“I don’t know if we fit in the picture, but we’ll always love you.” 
“What is this?” 
“Jeff says the team is ready to prepare for a tour if you're open to the idea. You can start in Europe and work up from there, but he said it’s clear you’d have a sold-out world tour if that’s what you wanted.” 
Harry looks at the papers in disbelief. It’s potential schedules, shows, and an album release if that is what he wanted. All the plans laid out for him. All he had to do was decide. 
“Do you know—this is crazy!” Harry tells her, setting the papers on the coffee table. “I–I”
“Don’t make the decision right now.” Y/N sighs and reaches for his hand squeezing it tight. “Family aside, do what makes you happy.” 
Y/N walks away, knowing that this would change their lives, hopefully for the better. Maybe once Harry found himself again, he would find his family. 
And it’s to no surprise two months later, Harry was pulling the suitcases out, filling them with clothes he had an opening show in Los Angeles soon. It sold out in minutes, to no one’s surprise. It was the first time in months she saw the glimmer of a smile on his face. As Harry prepared to say goodbye to his family, he felt a pang of regret for making them feel like he didn’t love them because that wasn’t the case. He loved them, but he also loved performing. It seemed that he couldn’t live with just one. Now he’d have to find how to balance being a pop star, a father, and a husband, but he felt he could make it work. 
He had to. 
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watermelonsugacry · 2 months
I know you’re busy but I adore your series and I was wondering if you ever thought of band member yn going through some kind of emergency on stage like someone threw something at her or she has breathing problems whatever you want to do. But like how would the boys react and such. Absolutely no rush on responding just putting it out there. All my love
anon: Anything bad like injuries or threats happen on stage and boys and harry get a little protective? Ily
A couple of moments come to mind:
In 2015, the band was all singing at the end of the catwalk. YN and Harry share the front side as they sing but right as they all go to rotate their side, some fans throw and splash water on the two of them.
Getting water thrown on stage was nothing new for the band, Louis and Liam constantly have water fights at least one time for each show, but this time was different. Harry sees the way YN flinches her head back harshly and takes a couple of steps further up the stage, putting a hand over her eye.
He glances at the crowd with furrowed eyebrows before following her to put a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"Y'alright, lovie?"
"Yeh," She scrunches her right eye closed, blinking a few times and gently pushes a finger under her lashes to help ease some of the stinging. "Was fookin' beer, that one."
After holding onto her shoulders and crouching down to her eye level to make sure her eyes looked okay, it was time for him to take charge of the situation. YN continues the song as if nothing happened but notices when Harry doesn't come by her side like he's supposed to.
She looks over her shoulder and sees how Harry walks back over to their previous spot, a water bottle uncapped in one hand as he beckons the guy who threw the beer with the other. YN laughs behind her hand as she watches Harry drench the fan—who looks like he's having the time of his life—in water as revenge.
When he walks back over to her, she puts and hand on his back and leans her head to rest on his shoulder as a thank you—an interaction that had fans screaming their heads off.
After the song is over and the boys ask what happened, Harry's the first to speak up.
"He threw beer and it when in YN's eye. She doesn't even drink beer!" He retorts, making everyone laugh. "Please, carry on. I have nothing left to say to you," Harry sasses back as he passes the guy in the crowd.
"I do," YN says before showing the fan her middle finger with a sweet smile. The audience roars in a mix of screams of excitement, disbelief, and laughter as they see her break out from the 'good girl' image she constantly puts out from her management team. The boys cheer her on as they know more than anybody in the room how little she gets to express her feelings the way she wants to.
On the Where We Are Tour, the band stands in their usual lineup formation as YN sings the bridge for What Makes You Beautiful.
As she sings, all their attention turns to a fan lifting up their neon pink sign that reads: YN, you can have this 1 D with an arrow pointing down to himself.
YN huffs out a laugh, cocking her head to the side with a quick raise of her eyebrows at the attractive bloke in the front row.
The fans get a kick out of the way all the boys immediately furrow their eyebrows and give the guy dramatic, nasty looks. They all begin to shuffle closer around her until they eventually have her trapped in the middle of their huddle circle. Louis even takes a quick, threatening stomp towards the bloke, his arms bent and flexing down by his sides.
And you guys remember when YN took care of Harry when he had the stomach flu? But he told her not to because he was contagious and she was too stubborn to listen?
YN hops up onto the elevated section at the end of the stage on the Take Me Home Tour. After she belts out her high note for Love You First, she can't help but put her hand to her stomach, makes a small "O" with her lips, and lets out a deep breath. She carries on with a smile, giving a couple of waves and blown kisses to the fans in the seats next to her, and continues to sing along.
But before the song is over, she runs backstage to go empty her stomach. When she gets back, she takes a seat next to the boys who are sitting on the end of the stage she was just on as Niall and Louis talk to the crowd for a bit before the next song.
"I hate to say I told you so," Harry teases as he hands her a water bottle, one which she gladly takes gulps out of.
"Then don't," She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand before tossing the plastic bottle on the floor by their mini towels.
"Wha's going on?" Zayn leans over when he sees her place her head in her hands.
"She threw up," Harry explains.
"Why?" Liam pipes in as he goes to stand in front of his bandmates. "You pregnant or somethin'?" He teases with a chuckle.
YN huffs out a laugh at the suggestion and she lifts her head up to see how the boys have grown quiet with concern written all over their faces.
"Wha—no, m'not pregnant. Come on, lads," She scoffs with a laugh. "H passed his stomach bug onto me."
"I dunno," Zayn continues to the playful banter. "You have been spending an awful lot of time with that one bloke."
Harry snaps his head up at the comment.
"Oh yeah, what's his name again?" Liam taps his fingers against his chin in fake contemplation.
"Matt," Zayn says with a snap of his fingers.
"Okay, first of all," YN counters back with a wave of her hand. "M'gonna have a long talk with Perrie about telling yeh things. Second of all, m'not discussing my sex life with you guys."
Not like there was anything to tell for the time being anyways, she thinks to herself.
"And finally, stop talking like that. Yeh about to give poor Harry here a heart attack," She pats Harry on the chest with a giggle, snapping him from his worried expression. "Malik, cover me high notes for C'mon C'mon, yeah? My throat's killing me right now."
And with that, she stands up to walk back to the middle of the stage to join the other two band members.
"We were just teasing, man," Zayn reassures Harry with a pat on the back.
"Yeah, H. We all know your crush on her is still growing strong," Liam adds with a smirk. "YNrry for life or whatever the fans say."
"Shut up," Harry scowls before following YN as the two boys stay chuckling behind him.
SINCE 2010 masterlist
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mustachrryluvr · 2 months
Tumblr media
Jack Chambers one shot 
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: smut, spanking, slight degradation, roughness
“Don’t worry, darling,” Jack responded while popping open the microwave and pulling out the package he had placed in it earlier to cook, “We still have broccoli.”
Jack’s voice ringed through their home as he entered through the front door, coming home from a long day at work. 
Jack had been working a lot lately. He had just been promoted at work and wanted to prove to his boss that he was worthy of the higher ranking, so he had been spending an ungodly amount of hours at the office. 
Y/N was currently in between jobs after coming to the realization that her job was ruining her. She was a shell of a person whenever she would come home from her receptionist job at a local law firm and Jack couldn’t stand to see her that way. So, with him getting promoted, they knew they would still be financially stable if Y/N took a step away from working for a bit to get her mental health under control. 
With having all this time on her hands now, Y/N had gotten back into some old hobbies to fill up her days. Drawing and painting had always been a love of Y/N’s. That was one of the things Jack had initially fell in love with, her passion for the things she loved. The day he came home from work to her in their spare room to find that she had filled it with brand new canvases and a multitude of paints, he knew that she was settling back into herself again. That evening, Jack ordered her a desk and easel to add to the room, and even spent the next day moving out the spare bed in the room so she could create an “art studio” for herself. 
Usually at this time of night, Jack would come home to find Y/N about done with dinner for the two of them. When she didn’t answer him when he called out for her as he walked in the door, he knew exactly where she must be. 
Jack made his way to Y/N’s art studio and could hear her humming along to the music she had playing that was leaking out through the cracked door. 
Carefully, he peaked in the crack of the door, trying not to disturb her. 
“With you all the time…” Y/N sung to herself as she kept her focus on the brush strokes she was creating across the canvas she had infront of her on the floor. 
With a small smile on his face, Jack backed away from the door and walked towards their kitchen, on a mission to make dinner for the two of them while Y/N finished up her painting. 
Jack didn’t have much experience in the kitchen as he was often working late and Y/N would make something before he got home, but surely he could figure something out. 
Shifting through the contents of the fridge, Jack came across some chicken breasts that Y/N must’ve been planning on cooking tonight as they had already been taken out of the package and prepped. He figured it would be easy enough to do something with that. After he preheated the oven, he found himself a baking pan, placed the chicken in it, and then hunted the cabinets for some type of seasoning. After seasoning the chicken to the best of his ability, Jack placed the chicken in the oven before moving on to find something else to prepare to have with the chicken. 
Jack found a bag of potatoes in the lazy susan and decided that mashed potatoes must be a dish he could easily conquer. Before beginning on those, he found himself looking in the freezer to see if they had any of Y/N’s favorite vegetable, broccoli,  to also go with their meal. Jack always found it weird that out of all the choices out there, broccoli was her favorite. But, he wanted to make her a good meal and he knew that would make her happy. 
They had some microwavable packages of broccoli, so, after he found one, he placed it in the microwave to cook for a few minutes before working on the mashed potatoes again. 
Taking the potatoes out of the bag and sitting them on the table, Jack quickly realized he had no idea out to make mashed potatoes and that maybe he couldn’t easily conquer them. 
He leaned his hands on the table and looked down at the potatoes with his eyebrows pulled together. 
“Well…I at least need to mash them,” he said to himself, pushing off the table to find something to mash them with. 
He turned around with his hands on his hips and his lips pulled in his mouth as he glanced around the room. His eyes spotted a bottle of bourbon on the bar cart placed in the corner of the kitchen, “I guess this will do.” 
Jack placed the potatoes in a large bowl, glanced at the bottle of bourbon in his hand, shrugged, and the proceeded to *try* to mash the potatoes with the bottom of the bottle. 
“What the hell are you doing?”
Jack paused with the bourbon bottle mid air as he heard Y/N speak behind him. He quickly placed the bottle down and turned to smile at her.
“Don’t look at that, but I’m making dinner! Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and your favorite,” he said to her as he walked up to her and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her in to him. 
Jack smiled down at her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I missed you today, darling.” 
Y/N hummed and relaxed into him as she looked up at him, “I missed you, too. Didn’t realize you were home or what time it was. I would’ve made you dinner, love.” 
“You always make me dinner, let me take care of my wife for the evening, okay?” 
“Okay, but I don’t think you’re gonna get very far with those mashed potatoes if you keep that method up,” Y/N giggled looking around him at the bourbon bottle placed next to the bowl of raw potatoes. 
“I don’t think I’m gonna get very far if you keep that up,” he responded, voice an octave lower and his eyes growing heavy. 
Y/N looked back up at him, surprised by his switch in behavior. “If I keep what up?” she questioned as her heart started to beat a little faster. 
“If you keep looking so beautiful. Crazy how fast you turn me on just by existing,” Jack murmured against the side of her face, gently bringing his lips down until they graze across her lips. 
They stay like that for a beat, just grazing their lips against one another waiting for the other to make the move to connect their lips. 
Not being able to take it any more, Y/N reached up and grabbed the side of Jack’s head, bringing his lips roughly into hers. This told him everything he needed to know about how their night would go. 
Rough and rushed. 
They were devouring each other as if they had been starved of one another for a lifetime. 
Jack held on to Y/N as he moved her backwards into the living room before pushing her down onto the couch and crawling on top of her. 
He breaks the kiss and looks down at her, “Oh look at my precious little wife. I spend my evening preparing a whole dinner for her, but shes desperately hungry for something else. Hm? Isn’t that right, Darling?” 
“Always hungry for you,” Y/N quietly, breathily responds as she looks up with him with those big eyes that make him unable to restrain himself. 
Without hesitation, Jack lifts himself up to rip Y/N’s sweatpants off her body while proceeding to toss her body around until she laying on her stomach. 
He goes to land a slap against her ass when something catches his eye and he can’t help to lower his hand and let out a laugh instead, his dominant demeanor immediately dissolving. 
“What?” Y/N asks, looking back at him worried and confused as to why he was laughing at her. 
“I don’t even want to know what you have been doing in that studio to get paint all over your bum,” he said through a smile and chuckled as he lightly tapped the few splotches of paint. 
Y/N craned her neck over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the paint he was referring to before responding, “I honestly don’t either, but if you don’t stop laughing at me and just fuck me soon then I’m g-FUCK!” 
She yelped as he brought his hand roughly down on her ass, a loud smack sounding through the room. 
“I’d shut that dumb little mouth of yours if you expect me to give you anything tonight,” Jack said, rubbing the place on her ass that he had just hit. 
Y/N sighed, closing her eyes, “Yes, sir.” She relaxed into the couch knowing that if Jack was in his dominant state that she would be getting exactly what she wanted no matter what. 
He was so pussy-whipped. 
“There she is, been waiting for my good girl to come out.” 
Jack leaned back and brought his hand to the zipper of his dress pants. He undid them and pulled his pants and underwear down just enough to let his cock spring free. He reached down and pushed Y/N’s underwear to the side, feeling how wet she already was. 
“Hmmmm, barely even touched you. What? Does seeing me in the kitchen turn you into a whore for me?” 
“Always a whore for you,” she hummed back as she wiggled her ass aganst his hands rubbing her up and down. 
He removed a hand at the action and brought his hand down in a spank against her ass. “Cmon, don’t be greedy, darling.” 
While Y/N squirmed from the spank she just received, Jack to line his shaft up with her entrance brushing himself lightly against her. 
“Not greedy, just missed you.”
“Missed me? You had me last night,” Jack said as he roughly pushed himself into her. “But I guess I missed you too fuck.” 
Jack began fucking into her so roughly that Y/N couldn’t even catch her breath to moan out. 
He kept his quick pace for a minute before reaching around Y/N’s throat and bringing her up on her knees against his chest. He slowed down, giving her harder thrusts. 
She threw her head back in a moan as he slightly tightened his grip around her throat and began whispering in her ear, “There ya go, darling, there ya go. Let yourself feel it all.” 
“Mmmm, I love you so much, Jack,” she lazily spoke out with her eyes softly shut. 
“Love you forever, always want you to feel good,” Jack responded as he began kissing and sucking on her exposed neck. 
No matter how rough they were with each other, their love was always the number one thing fueling the passion. Expressing their love for one another no matter the intensity of the moment was extremely important to them. 
Feeling he was close, Jack reached around Y/N’s body with the hand that wasn’t around her neck to press his fingers against her clit. 
A whine escaped the back of her throat, her face scrunching up, and her body wiggling in his hold as he began to move his fingers to bring her to the edge with him. 
“Cmon darling, I’ve got you. Just gotta let go for me, yeah?” he said into her ear. 
Immediately following his words, Y/N’s entire body clenched up and she gripped onto Jack’s arms has tight as she could, feeling her orgasm tack control of her body. 
Shortly following, Jack halted his thrusts and released inside of her, his body shuddering has she continued to clench around him. 
They slowly caught their breath and relaxed into one another. They sat peacfully recovering in each others arms when Y/N spoke up, “Jack…” 
“Hm, darling. I got you,” he responded tightening his arms around her to keep her grounded after her orgasm. 
“No, I-is…” she stammered out, “Is something burning? Smells funny?”
Jack’s eyes shot open as he jumped up heading for the kicthen while shoving himself back into his pants. 
He forgot the chicken in the oven. 
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he chanted as he ran into the kitchen. 
Y/N got up and followed him into the kitchen to see him open the oven as smoke billowed out of it. 
Jack waved the smoke out of his face and quickly grabbed a pair of oven mits to get the chicken out of the oven. 
He threw the pan and burnt chicken onto the counter before slamming the oven closed. “
“Don’t look at that, either,” he let out a breath before looking back up to Y/N whose had was covering her mouth as she tried to keep herself from laughing at him. 
“Burnt chicken and raw mashed potatoes. Not sure if this is much of a dinner love,” Y/N teased with a smile on her face. 
“Don’t worry, darling,” Jack responded while popping open the microwave and pulling out the package he had placed in it earlier to cook, “We still have broccoli.” 
only the second one shot i’ve written and writing smut is still kinda weird for me but i’m enjoying it! omg but jack deserves it bc he’s hot !!! that’s all !!!!
lmk what you think ab it!!
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emmasincenewyrk · 5 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if there’s one thing about harry it’s that he’s gonna be adorable from every single angle
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twicellite · 5 months
should we just keep driving?….
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shroombloomm · 5 months
au: where harry and reader take mushrooms and go to the beach.
cw: use of drugs // sexual content
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It started out as a normal day. Waking up, drinking coffee, snuggling on the couch and watching movies till noon. But Y/N had gotten bored, she felt antsy and wanted to do something. She just wasn't completely sure what she wanted to do.
She didn't have a lot of energy to go out into town, but she felt like doing something around the house. Harry was feeling the same way, too. It's been days since they haven't done anything together, and today was a perfect day for it.
It was low eighties outside, so it felt really good. Perks of having a house on the beach was that their backyard was the beach. There was a green yard, then a hill that dipped down to lead to the beach. She pondered if she wanted to day drink, but that means she would end up getting sleepy halfway through the day and she didn't want to end up wasting the day sleeping.
Harry posed the idea of blending the mushrooms they had left over into a smoothie, and Y/N was all for it. Instead of having a drink full of alcohol, they chugged down a drink full of psychedelics. It tasted like licking the dirt, but mushrooms always tasted that way. It really lingered through the drink.
"Will you bring some weed down to the beach too?" She said softly as she grabbed the towels from the closet.
"I already put them in my wallet," Harry called out as he walked down the hallway. She looked towards him, catching a glimpse of him wearing his short yellow shorts with his blue shirt. She smiled to herself as she rolled the towels up and walked down the stairs to meet him by the door.
"You got the lighter too? I don't want to come back here and try to find it whenever I start tripping," She retorted. The last time they had tripped on the beach, Harry left the lighter in the house and finding it was possibly the worst thing they were doing. It was so hard to find a lighter when everything was swaying back and forth and creating different shapes in front of your eyes.
"Heeeey, that one was time," Harry pouted out as he dug into his pocket. Pulling out a lighter, he showed her the lighter with a lopsided smile. "See? I got it. No worries."
She chuckled as she grabbed their bag. They had packed a bunch of water and snacks for the day. Although they were a two minute walk from the beach, Y/N and Harry didn't want to come back to grab anything until they were done visiting the beach.
Out of an eighth baggie of mushrooms, they both had about a gram and a half of mushrooms. Which, isn't a lot, but the last time they had tripped they ate strictly caps and that was enough to make them crawl back to the house. Caps are a lot stronger than the stems, holding the most natural high in them. This time, though, they tried to stay away from the caps so their brains weren't melting all day.
They both made their way down to the beach, it had been about twenty minutes since downing the drink that had blended mushrooms in it. Harry only started to feel it a little bit, but Y/N was feeling it faster than he was. She blamed the fact that she had only ate a small breakfast that morning.
Sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore had rang through her ears as she laid down her towels on the sand to lay on while Harry got out the bottles of water to set by them.
"Sunglasses are on, baby," He pointed out as he used his pointer finger to wag at her, "Tripping already?"
She chuckled softly as she looked at him through her sunglasses. When the sunglasses were on, it definitely meant that the mushrooms were kicking in. Everything became a lot more brighter and vibrant around her, and sometimes the sun hurt her eyes when she was high.
"Yeah," She said softly as she stripped off her shirt to show her bikini top before sitting down on the blanket. Harry tsked softly, finding himself a seat next to her before taking out the joint he had rolled. Placing it between his lips, he lit it up and took a long draw from it.
She side eyed him, watching as the smoke escaped his lips from the first draw, but he quickly sucked it in by leaning towards it with puckered lips. Smoke bellowed out through his nose, his face scrunching as he let out a cough.
"Here," Harry coughed out, poking her knee with his hand before showing her the joint, "Take this before I cough up a lung."
"Thanks--drink some water, darling," She pointed towards the water bottle next to him before taking the joint from him. Placing it between her lips, she stared out into the ocean as she let the smoke sit in her lungs before blowing it out of her nose. Harry coughed once more, opening the bottle before taking a few more sips of water.
"This weed is really good, where did you get it this time?" She asked softly. She felt the high start to come on strong, mainly because California weed was designed to knock you on your ass. It was always really strong if it was bought from a dispensary. Her eyes started to become more blood-shot, more heavy and half lidded as her body relaxed into the high.
"Down the road at John's," Harry cleared his throat as he took the joint from her, "He's growing his own shit now, gave me some when I visited him last week. 'S really good," He mumbled as he took another long hit from it.
She nodded quietly. The mushrooms started to kick in, harder now. She didn't know how long it had been since drinking the infusion, but the way her mind felt was letting her know she was peaking. Her brain felt fuzzy, it almost felt as though there was an ocean in her mind. The feeling rolled to the front of her forehead, tickling her brain from the inside out. She giggled softly, tilting her head back as she let out a soft breath. The feeling rushed to the back of her head, then slowly rolled back to the front of her forehead once again.
Harry smoked the rest of the joint, placing it into the sand to bury before looking towards her with red eyes. "Y'okay, baby? Feeling it pretty hard, huh?" He smirked softly as he wrapped his arm around her back carefully.
"Yeah, it's amazing," She sighed out, closing her eyes as she leaned into his touch. Everything was heightened. The way that Harry touched her was like rolling around on a fur carpet, or the way he spoke was like he was yelling down a tunnel. The weed had definitely made everything more intense too.
"Can I get a kiss, baby?" He whispered softly into her ear. Y/N nodded with a lopsided smile before tilting her head upwards to him. Harry chuckled out, placing a soft kiss onto her lips a couple of times then rested his nose into her hair.
Euphoria ran through the both of them, feeling the dizziness run through their minds as the mushrooms took over their body. They laid together on the towel, cuddled up with one another while they shared light touches and kisses to the lips.
Harry was hungry for her. Every time he had gotten high with her, he felt so hungry for her. The kisses were just a appetizer, and he savored it with every taste. Her lips were sweet like cherries, her smooth tongue was running along his lip just for him to lap it up and take her tongue into his mouth to suck it carefully.
The feeling was more intense than it would be when they're sober. Every touch was like a electric shock being sent through them, being sent through their body. Their body temperatures had risen just from the high, and they had to create a distance to cool down.
"I wanna go swimming," She whispered softly. Harry sighed out, nudging her hair with his nose softly as his hand ran up and down her side.
"Yeah?" He whispered back, "Let's just sit at the shore for now. I'm really fuckin' high. Sound okay?"
"Yeah, you're right," She removed herself from his arms, "I'm really high too, but I'm sweating. So, 'mma....sit in the water for a bit."
"Okay, I'm gonna come wit--what are you doing?" Harry chuckled out as he watched his girlfriend peel her top off, her breasts spilling out of her bikini before she threw it to the side.
"I told you, I'm really hot. Nobody ever comes to this side of the beach anyways, it's our backyard," She reassured him as she stood to her feet. Harry nodded his head, trying not to stare down at her tits that popped out at him. He took his shirt off, throwing it to the side before making his way behind her.
"Alright," He kissed the side of her neck slowly before moving his hands around her torso to cup her breasts. She let out a soft sigh, biting down on her lip as his fingers started to twirl at her nipple, "Let's go then, start walking,"
She gulped thickly, letting out a hardy laugh as she started to walk towards the water. Harry was close behind her, arms still wrapped around her as his hands tossled with her nipples. She tried to suppress her moans, but her nipples were so sensitive, and Harry knew that.
"Sit down," He gestured towards her, pulling his arms from around her. She sat down where the ocean barely met the shore. It was enough to get her feet wet without being attacked by ocean waves every few seconds. Harry sat behind her, legs on either side of her as he leaned down to kiss her neck softly.
"Oh, Harry..." She whispered softly as she melted into his torso. He mumbled some words to her, his arms wrapping back around her before cupping her tits more once. She let out soft sighs of euphoria as he moved his lips to hers. His fingers flicked at her nipples carefully, lightly tugging and pinching before massaging them carefully.
"I love you," He whispered against her lips, peppering her lips with small kisses once more. She smiled softly against his lips, whispering those sweet three words back to him.
Her skin twirled with different colors, body swaying from the mushrooms as he left open mouthed kisses to her skin. He closed his eyes tightly, feeling himself peak into his high. Harry let out a harsh breath, fingers tightening into her hips as he breathed through it.
"Intense?" She whispered softly.
"Very," He muffled out against her skin as he kept kissing it softly, "Feels like my mind is being tossed around in a washer."
"It's okay, just breathe through it," She whispered back as she turned towards him. The waves crashed against the shore, the water rising to their legs, then slowly going back to where it belongs in the ocean. She sat on her knees in front of him, pulling him into a soft hug as she kissed around his head softly.
"You gonna be okay?" She asked, and he nodded softly. She hummed softly as she ran her fingers through his hair thickly, kissing the side of his face all the way up to his temple. "I love you."
"Think I'm okay now," He sighed out softly, slowly opening his eyes as he looked up at her. His pupils took up his eyes, showing no color whatsoever. It was so trippy, like staring into them may suck her into a deep hole that she might not get out of.
The water washed up to the shore once more, and this time it was a large wave that crashed. Y/N was flown forward onto Harry, a cackle leaving her lips as she wrapped her arms around him. Harry laughed out with her, placing a hand onto her ass softly, now looking down at their drenched clothes.
"That felt quite nice," He said with a laugh.
"You feel quite nice," She said back to him, brushing his hair back, "Now, can we go swimming?"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lights up and they know who you are. Do you know who you are? 🏳️‍🌈
HSLOT22 - Manchester N1 (X)
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erodasfishtacos · 5 months
Tumblr media
prompt: Harry is having his ‘adjustment day’ and everyone has to suffer with him
word count: 7k+
warnings: smut, blood, minors dni 18+
i write for FREE - I am also trying to steer away from paetron so everyone can have access my stories - so if you would like to support my work, you can donate here.
*thanks to @ladylazarus98 and @fallon-carrington123 for inspo 😙
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*** <- click for visuals throughout the story
Tumblr media
As stated before, like clockwork, a couple dates into tour - Harry gets crabby beyond belief.
It’s been happening since the Up All Night Tour.
Give it just a few shows until his body starts to catch up and then he has to get back into the routine which takes some adjustment.
He’s also hasn’t had a stage this big for his tour since One Direction days and now he has a whole stadium to prance around in.
Tour means drastically less sleep, a thousand more pounds of pressure on his shoulders each day, extreme amounts of exhaustion from his actual show, and less time for anything but performing.
Harry has always managed to juggle all these things pretty well except for his sporadic bouts of crabbiness and just overall poor mood.
YN had been used to those for every tour, just waiting for the day to hit, sometimes it was the second tour day and then other times it was the seventh.
It turns out to be his fourth, if you’re including his set at the summer ball in wembley stadium.
Last night, Harry had been so utterly drained from his performance in his hometown that they hadn’t done anything but go to sleep after the show with very little spoken because he was still so overstimulated from everything that day.
YN is up earlier than him which is unusual, he definitely wasn’t fancying a workout after that show last night, he deserved a lay in.
They were staying with Anne, not the same home Harry grew up in but still warm and cozy - with many touches of mum that she knew he missed.
Anne is out to breakfast with a group of her friends, the house is quiet as YN fixes herself a cup of chai tea and sits on a chaise that over looks the well maintained garden.
Nearly an hour later, YN hears slow, heavy footsteps from behind her then a graveling grumbling, “Morning.”
YN already knew, just by the greeting that today was the day but she always had hope that she was wrong though she rarely ever is.
When she turns to look over her shoulder, she sees her husband in just his briefs, hair going every which way, and his face is still puffy from sleep - he looked adorable.
“Come have a cuddle,” YN offers, patting the spot next to her, normally, he would have curled right in next to her and they would have stayed there for a long while.
Harry’s face twists up before he’s shaking his head, “Don’t want a cuddle, I want a coffee. My mum doesn’t have the bloody oat creamer I need. Now I’m shit out of luck, I guess.”
YN wants to roll her eyes at him because the pout on his face is absolutely ridiculous and the way his shoulders are tensed up is dramatic.
“Well, we can go to the market and get some,” YN suggests the obvious option even though she really didn’t want to go through Harry being noticed out in public.
There wasn’t much time before Harry would have to be at the stadium which is still about forty-five minutes away from his mum’s house.
“Fine,” Harry huffs out before turning on his heel to go get dressed, feet still heavy and irritated as they drag against the hardwood floors.
YN knew by now not to personalize it, not to get her feelings hurt because that only made it worse - she tried to avoid any type of confrontation on these days because feeding into the negativity is what he wants - wants others to be in a foul mood like he is.
He returns back downstairs in a low-key outfit of a hoodie, running shorts, and tennis shoes with a beanie and sunglasses - people knew he was in the area, they were going to be on the lookout for him.
YN was already dressed in a pleasing hoodie and leggings, pulling her own hood up and slipping on a pair of sunglasses as well.
Harry’s quiet during the ride into town, his hand on her thigh but he doesn’t say anything and she doesn’t push him - he can get so overwhelmed and overstimulated that it can take a whole day for him to reset.
They’re in the small market, in the dairy aisle, and find a similar enough container of oat creamer that he can use for his coffee.
“Do you think I have enough time for a nap-“ Harry begins to ask quietly as they walk out of the shop after checking out but is cut off by screams.
“Fuckin’ hell,” Harry mutters under his breath as he noticed a large flock of fans that had formed outside while they were shopping.
Harry doesn’t stop for any pictures, tries his best to acknowledge the fans without stopping to greet them because he just doesn’t have the energy for it.
Despite his grumpiness, he’s always a good husband, pulling YN close to his side as he begins to try to nicely push his way through the group of screaming fans.
“Bloody eight in the morning,” Harry hisses in irritation as they get jostled around by the mass of pushing bodies.
YN feels a sharp pain shoot through her Achilles when someone accidentally steps on the back of her heel with their heavy combat boot.
“Ow! Harry,” YN gasps in surprise as she pauses where she’s standing and squeezing her eyes shut as she tries not to panic - it can get overwhelming so fast.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” Harry asks urgently in concern, eyes hardening when he sees the back of her foot bleeding from a scrape - it wasn’t serious but it was preventable and looked like it hurt like hell.
Harry manages to keep a level head but his voice is loud and booming, “Everyone needs to step back. You just made my wife bleed. Give her space for Christ’s sake!”
He’s not yelling but it’s firm enough that everyone takes a step back with surprised eyes at his tone that he rarely ever used with the public.
Harry wraps his arm tightly around YN’s shoulder as he hustles them towards the car, quick as he whips open her door and helps her in - blood pooling in her sandal as it drips.
When he revs up the engine of his Range Rover, the crowd steps back a bit to give him space to peel out of the car park, he’s shaking his head angrily as he goes well over double the speed limit.
He’s quiet again, getting a good bit of distance between them and the market before he’s pulling over at a small empty playground and shoving it into park before he’s out of the car once again.
Harry is opening her door and gently reaching for her ankle, brows furrowed and an angry grimace on his face that highlight the dark circles under his eyes.
“What happened?” He asks as he examines the cut with careful movements, thumb caressing her ankle bone.
“Someone was too close behind me, stepped on my heel with their boot,” YN yelps when he prods at the sensitive skin around the wound and tries to yank her foot away but he grips it firmly.
“Sorry,” Harry apologizes roughly as he steps away to open to boot of the car - scrounging around until he comes back with a water bottle and one of his clean tee shirts from the cleaners which he picked up yesterday, “This might sting a bit.”
YN’s hand grips the handle on the door and squeezing when he begins to pour water over the cut and wipe the dirt from the shoe away with his shirt.
It wasn’t the end of the world but it sure as hurt.
Harry then rips the shirt, without a care that it was an expensive cotton tee from Alessandro himself, and wraps it around her ankle in a makeshift wrap.
YN leans forward after he’s done, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him softly despite how stiff he is, he kisses back.
“Thank you, best husband,” She murmurs against his lips but he actually scoffs and takes a step back, a stormy expression still on his face.
“Yeah, really the best husband,” He frowns, pouring the water over his dirty hands before drying them with a scrap of the shirt, “If I was a good husband, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt or put in the position in the first place.”
His words were sharp, disappointed in himself as he shuts her door and gets back in the driver’s seat, grip on the wheel so tight his knuckles are white.
By the time they get home, YN is frustrated that Harry doesn’t have enough time to lay back down for a nap because sleep exhaustion was not fun.
She really really didn’t want him going out on stage when he was this tired, he always felt frustrated with his performance afterwards which just made everything spiral.
Harry isn’t under the same impression because when they get home, YN is busy cleaning up her foot and telling Anne what happened.
He disappears upstairs, YN assumes to get his items together to take to the stadium but she gets distracted with Anne and the cats.
It isn’t until the shiny black SUV pulls in to chauffeur them that YN realizes that she hasn’t seen Harry in about half an hour.
When she trails up to the bedroom they’re staying in, she sees him fast asleep ontop of the covers, he hadn’t even taken his tennis shoes off he was that deprived of sleep.
YN felt awful when she had to sit next to him on the bed and gently rub her hand over his chest, whispering, “H, need you to get up.”
It reminded her of his One Direction days.
They were so overworked.
All the boys ran in less than five hours of sleep and were expected to work every moment they were awake.
From recording to interviews to having cameras for documentaries shoved in their faces every other minute - they were constantly spread thin.
They were tucked away in a tiny tour bunk on top, the curtains drawn and they were both fast asleep with Harry’s nose buried in her neck.
After concerts lately, the team had been making the boys stay up even later to record for their next album - no care for how much they just wanted to go to sleep.
When Harry would finally crawl into the bunk, after a concert and then two hours of studio time, it would be two in the morning.
He would be asleep in a minute flat, YN could barely get a goodnight or I love you in before he was nuzzling into her and snoring.
It was like that tonight, they had just performed in Paris and it was an unusually hot night on stage - the heat had Harry’s hair matted to his neck where it fell out of his bun.
The heat always made it harder on their bodies to perform, running around that massive stage, and on a running timer of little sleep.
When Harry had ran off stage after the finale of Best Song Ever, he’s grabbing YN’s hand and rasping, “Just want to shower with you and sleep for days. C’mon before they try to grab me to record.”
They find him, however, before he can get onto the tour bus, and demand that he come record the chorus for Fireproof.
“Just want a shower and to sleep. Is it that much to ask for?” Harry grumbles unhappily before giving YN a kiss and pat to her bum, “I’ll miss you. I’ll try not to wake you when I get in.”
He always did. But it was okay.
It was nearly three hours later when Harry is crawling up the ladder and pushing the curtain back so he can slide into the bunk next to her before pulling the fabric back in place.
He smelled good of his normal eucalyptus body wash and mint shampoo, he was still a little damp like he didn’t want to towel off, and he was just in his briefs as he nestled in next to her.
“Mmm,” YN hums drowsily, acknowledging him as she wiggles back into him and sighing happily when he wraps his arm around her and kisses the nape of her neck.
“Sorry for waking you,” Harry whispers sleepily, planting a few more kisses along her neck and shoulders.
“What time is it?” She mumbles half- asleep still as she helps him pull the blankets over his body too.
“About four in the morning,” He tells her before being interrupted with a yawn as he begins it’s his head on the same pillow as her.
YN vaguely remembers huffing out that it was too late and that he needed sleep but by the time those syrupy words rolled off her tongue, Harry was already dead to the world.
Not much time could have passed before fluorescent light is infiltrating their little nest and a deep voice is announcing, “Time to get up.”
YN squints the light away, grabbing blindly at her phone to check the time.
“It’s six on the morning, Paul. Harry just got into bed at four,” She tells him through a groan, her boyfriend hadn’t even stirred yet.
“Don’t know what to tell you. They have a jammed packed day, no wiggle room. Harry, wake up,” Paul’s voice is louder this time before he’s pulling open the curtains to everyone else’s bunks.
YN knows Harry’s awake when he inhales sharply before taking a lazy, long breath out - lips smacking together against the skin of her neck.
She brings her hand to card through his long lock, nearly to his shoulders. They’re fluffy and soft from his shower the night before.
“I’m so tired,” Harry mumbles sleepily, eyes still shut as he nuzzles further into her body, “I feel like m’gonna die if I keep running on two hours of sleep every night.”
“I hate seeing you this exhausted,” YN replies sadly, massaging his scalp for a moment longer before Paul’s making his rounds to make sure they’re out of bed.
Harry still looked like that same sleepy boy right now as he sniffles and digs his face further into the pillow in resistance.
“H, the car’s here already,” YN tells him, letting her hand drift down the warm muscle of his tattooed bicep and forearm.
His eyes blink open harshly, pausing to process for a moment before he’s grunting, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner? Only been asleep for a minute and now we have to go. Bloody ridiculous.”
YN rolls her eyes as he pushes himself off the bed with a irate grumble, he begins shoving stuff in his tote bag, and cursing to himself.
She knows by now not to take it personal, to not argue because it only makes things worse. Sometimes that’s easier said than done but not when it comes to little things like this.
When YN goes to hike her own duffle over her shoulder, Harry hip bumps her, and lugs it over his own - like she said, even when he’s grumpy he’s an amazing husband.
“See you at the stadium in a few hours,” YN tells Anne, giving her a kiss on the cheek and allowing her to wrap her in a motherly hug
“Bye mum,” Harry says bluntly, giving her a wave before he’s stepping up into the car and shutting the door.
Anne looks at YN with a confused expression, taken aback by the curt behavior of her son.
YN waves her hand dismissively, “It’s not you. I think today’s his adjustment day.”
That’s what they all referred to it as.
“Well, it’s definitely his adjustment day,” YN scoffs in agitation as she slams shut the dressing room door and heads out to where the rest of the band is hanging out, “Date six this time.”
The boys chuckle because they know exactly what she’s talking about by their third tour, he’s just like clockwork.
A few minutes later, Harry admerges in his tight black skinny jeans, loose button-up, and a headscarf holding his curls back.
“Where’s YN?” He demands when he doesn’t see her anywhere in the vicinity.
“Maybe you shouldn’t have been a douche at soundcheck and we’d tell you,” Louis shrugs, not bothering to look up from the video game he's playing with Zayn.
“You can go fuck yourself,” Harry snaps instantly, jaw clenching as he storms past his bandmates who just ignore him anyways.
He was normally the kindest, least problematic out of all of them so they’d let his bad days slide more easily than with each other.
YN is currently pouring herself a glass of fresh squeezed mango juice from the Kraft service table when Harry finds her.
“You know I love you,” Harry murmurs quietly as he steps behind her, she can feel him pressing up against her.
“I would hope so,” She replies with a chuckle, taking a sip before saying, “If not, we just wasted quite a few years.”
“Are you mad at me?” He pushes, ignoring the dirty look she gives him when he takes the cup out of her hand and swigs down the juice she’d just poured - he reaches around her to refill it.
“No,” YN sighs as she takes the glass back, leaning back into him, “Just hated days when you’re like this. It’s hard for me to watch. You just get worn so thin and get so mentally tired that it makes me sad to see you get pushed so much.”
“It’ll get better, in a few years, when I’m on my own,” Harry promises as he leans in to kiss her temple, hands squeezing her hips, “If I ever get the chance to do a solo tour.”
Oh, would he.
A sold out stadium tour to be exact.
And he wasn’t lying, when he went solo things did get a lot better.
He wasn’t spread as thin as ice constantly, everyday of the year but maybe now half the year - only when he’s touring or promoting but he definitely had a bit more down time for self-care.
It was the back-to-back concerts, like Glasgow, Capital Ball, Manchester night one, and now night two before Wembley, she was so proud she could burst at the seams.
Harry had been just a moody during soundcheck, a frown etching his lips downward as he kept an annoyed expression on his face.
“S’too loud.”
“I say it’s too loud so you turn the volume up?”
“Okay. Why is it suddenly becoming difficult to get this right? We’ve done it a million times before.”
Fans idealized who Harry is as a person.
That’s not saying that he isn’t wonderful and kind but he is human, this is the side YN gets too which is part of being in a marriage - the good and the bad.
People blog about how perfect their relationship must be, how Harry must bring her flowers in bed everyday, and never get cross with her.
Harry Styles the brand isn’t the same as Harry Styles the person.
Most people get the brand, very few get the person.
YN feels bad as she watches the audio techs scramble to make it right, bickering between each other as they fumble with the buttons and switches.
The soundcheck was already running too close to showtime which YN knows has Harry on edge, the fans will be let in almost as soon as they’re done - he’ll have to start getting ready.
“Hey!” YN squeaks, giggling quietly as she looks around the hallway, “Harry, you don’t have much time before you have to go on stage!”
“Shush up and let me kiss you before the boys find us,” Harry leans in, connecting their lips as he’s pushing her back against the wall.
“Oi! Styles, get your arse to the stage! What did I tell you about distracting him?” Preston barks at them as he’s trying to taper down a smile by putting his hands on hips like he means business.
Harry grumbles as he gives her one more kiss before bumping their noses together, “Want to go get pizza after the show?”
“Isn’t as easy as before. Now you need security and approval,” YN murmurs but there’s no heat behind the words, “I’d love to get pizza later.”
She reaches up to adjust his bandana, he looks like a frat boy with his golden dark tan, black cut-off tank, and ripped skinny jeans.
“Styles! I mean it! Now!”
“Bloody hell! M’coming!” Harry shouts back before flipping him the bird.
Harry picks a fight with Harry Lambert about his outfit, complaining about nothing and refusing any replacement item.
Everyone already knows he’s going to wear what was originally planned but he has to complain that the zipper was too flimsy or the shirt didn’t mesh with the shoes.
He didn’t want the three other shirt options and so he goes back to the original but debates over his shoes for nearly twenty minutes.
Lambert looks like he wants to strangle him by the time it’s over.
Usually, Harry would slip into his clothes with any issue as they planned these outfits in advance and Harry had specifically approved every single one.
YN isn’t in the room when Jeff chews Harry out about how he acted today at the grocery store, how he should have stopped and taken pictures, and signed autographs.
She misses that Harry had just told his best friend and manager to fuck off and leave him alone, to not come near him at all, and mind his own business.
YN had been sat with Anthony Pham as he clicked through pictures from the night before on his laptop, he landed on an action shot of Harry jumping up the few stairs when he was going crazy during ‘Satellite’.
She had meant to warn Harry to be careful about doing that and he had just happened to be storming out of his dressing room when she looks up.
“H, baby,” YN calls, unsure of where he was heading but he stops in his tracks and meets her gaze with a tight jaw.
“What?” Flat. Blunt.
“Anthony was just showing me some pictures from last night. Please be careful when you jump those stairs. It might drizzle and if you slip, you’re really going to get hurt,” YN tells him softly, it wasn’t pestering or nagging - it was because she cared and thought she’d remind him.
His face pinches up even more as he listens before he’s booming out, “I’m not a fucking baby. I don’t need to be told that. S’my show and I’ll do what I want.”
YN takes a deep breath, steadying herself so that she doesn’t match his negative energy but inside, she’s absolutely livid with him.
“You’re right, Harry. It is all your show, popstar. You do what you want,” YN scoffs as the angry rising up in her chest before she’s giving Anthony a pat on the shoulder before she’s walking away the from the situation.
When YN used it, it was an insult. It was to highlight how spoiled or egocentric he was being. Every time she says it in that context, it triggers him.
“I don’t want to go out tonight. I’m saying no and it’s final,” Harry huffs firmly, sitting on the couch in their first London flat.
“You promised me last week that you would come with us, H. Everyone’s expecting you and I want you to come as well,” YN bites back as she stands at their kitchen counter.
“No. It was leaked that I was back in London. Everyone knows I’m here. I’m not going out to just be bombarded with fans and paparazzi tonight. I’m not doing it after a three week long press tour for This Is Us.”
“Fine,” YN mutters, slamming her cup down a little harsher than necessary, “It’s much more important than what I want. Right, popstar?”
“That’s not what I said! You bloody know that I hate when you call me that!” Harry raises his voice, running a hand through his curls.
“Then stop acting like a spoiled little popstar!” YN retorts hotly, she logically knew she was the one being a little over dramatic - she just had not liked his tone.
His face instantly turns into a deeper scowl when he hears it, his teeth gritting together as he stares intently at her back before following after her.
“Don’t walk away from me,” Harry demands lowly as he takes strides behind her, “M’not being a popstar, I just don’t need mothered.”
YN spins on her heel, crossing her arms, “I’ve been plenty plenty patient with you today. My patience has run out. You need to adjust your attitude or you can sleep on the couch tonight.”
“Rather that anyways,” Harry hisses brattily, kissing the back of his teeth - YN can see straight through the rough guy act.
Anyone else would be intimidated by his broad shoulders, stoney glare, and clenched jaw but not her, not one bit, she doesn’t back down.
“Don’t come crying to me when you hurt yourself on stage,” She shrugs casually before shaking her head in disbelief at his overall attitude today.
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Harry rumbles back before he’s storming off, back towards his dressing room before he’s swinging open the door and slamming it shut.
YN has to chuckle because even on his worst days, like today, he’s just a little brat but never gets to the point where YN feels anything but a mixture of annoyance and fondness.
YN inhales deeply to let the annoyance flow out of her body as she walks towards Harry Lambert to get her outfit for the show.
It was a simple light washed gucci jumpsuit, the denim was the same color as the denim that made up Harry’s overalls. ***
(imagine them in the same color denim as Harry’s)
YN was planning on a cute pair of mule heels but with the cut on the back of her ankle, she figured she better go for something more comfortable.
She decided to just keep on her slides, she was going to stay off to the side of the stage tonight - about halfway through the show Anne and everyone else would join her.
It’s nearing showtime when YN realizes she hasn’t seen Harry in a hot minute as she sees Jeff storming down the hallway - near red in the face.
“What’s going on?” YN questions with concern as she sees Harry jogging down the long corridor towards the stage.
“He fell asleep and now he’s pissed that he only has five minutes until showtime,” His manager huffs before he’s mumbling an update on his walkie.
“Maybe if somebody fuckin’ woke me up!” Harry complains boisterously as he’s tucking his ear pieces into and hustling towards the stage where he now has less than a minute until showtime.
He’s too distracted by being rushed to the stage by the crew for YN to wish him luck or anything like that but YN finds a storage box to sit on - on side stage.
She can feel the camera flashes not only on Harry but on her as well, it was always awkward to remember that people would film her watching Harry and post it as well.
The show is going fine, Harry seems to be a little more subdued than the night before but overall he always manages to put on a great performance and his fans won’t be able to tell.
Towards the end of the show, a light drizzle begins to fall and coat the stage - making it slippery and what YN had warned against.
As Harry is going crazy during Satellite, he starts jogging backwards down the long catwalk before turning quickly to jump up onto the platform - skipping the three steps.
YN’s heart drops when she sees his face twist into grimace before he’s covering his expression with a forced smile again.
He hadn’t tripped or tumbled over but he most definitely had landed funny on his ankle, just like YN had ‘mothered’ him about.
It must be bothering him because he does not jump around nor does he run for the rest of the show, babying that foot.
YN’s first reaction is to be furious with him, she told him this would happen and he was in such a poor mood that he got angry instead and ended up hurting himself.
She wants to scream ‘I told you so’ as soon as he steps off the stage but she not going to make the situation even worse than it already was.
After the show, all of their friends and family who attended were supposed to go out to eat at a restaurant Jeff had paid out to have for the night.
However when Harry jogs off stage gingerly before slowing to a slow walk as soon as he’s out of the eye line of fans.
YN is waiting for him like always, feels a bit of warmness when he comes to her, dipping down to kiss her before pulling back and murmuring, “You look gorgeous.”
“Thanks,” YN murmurs, thumbing a stray curl off his damp forehead, “You going to go shower before we head out to The River’ Edge?”
Harry’s face turns stormy for the hundredth time of the day, he shakes his head adamantly as he straightens back up, “No, m’not going. I just want to go back home.”
YN already knows why but still prompts, “Why?”
“Why? Because I just bloody did a show for nearly eighty thousand people and I want to relax, not entertain fifty more,” Harry huffs like it’s obvious, crossing his arms and pouting out his bottom lip.
She’s actually relieved that he doesn’t want to go because she know his attitude wouldn’t have been any better there and this miserable day would have just dragged on.
YN’s heel was still hurting, the skin tender and sore, and she didn’t feel like walking anymore tonight either but the only thing she was worried about was Jeff.
He wasn’t going to be happy that Harry wasn’t attending his own party.
“Go get out of your stage clothes and I’ll go tell Jeff that we’re going to head home,” YN reaches up and rubs at his shoulder before turning to find his manager.
“Okay,” Harry grumbles before stalking off towards his dressing room, it was amazing what a mask he could put on when he has to for his job.
When YN finds Jeff and pulls him aside, he’s just as livid as expected and his patience is minimal based on his argument with Harry earlier.
“Why can’t anyone fucking listen to me?” Jeff shouts in frustration, he seems to have already had a few drinks in his system.
“Can you not control your husband for a fucking minute?”
“We’ve had this planned for months! There’s no reason to cancel.”
As Jeff continues to rant, YN is speechless as she’s being screamed at for something she didn’t even do but she was guilty by association because Harry was her husband.
However, Jeff becomes eerily silent suddenly as YN feels familiar hands grip her hips and pull her back into the strong, muscular chest of her husband.
“I know for a fact, you weren’t just raising your voice at my wife,” Harry states in an unsettlingly calm tone as he moves to step in front of her.
Jeff looks guilty as he glances between the couple.
Then Harry’s voice raises in volume, startling YN with the deep bravado that rumbles from deep within his chest, “I said I know you’re not raising your voice at my wife. Who the fuck do you think you are?”
“I’m sorry,” Jeff relents with a sigh, raising his hands in surrender, “I just am frustrated that the party -“
“I don’t need to hear your excuses,” Harry cuts in, moving his hand to intertwine with YN’s as he begins to pull her away, “Don’t let me catch you talking to her like that ever again or there will be major, major problems. Understand?”
Jeff nods, embarrassed by everyone around them staring at the spectacle as Harry directs YN down the hall towards the exit of the stadium where there’s a car waiting.
They don’t speak during the walk, Harry stills spun tight and his shoulders are tensed up as he ignores all the crew ogling him with excitement and amazement.
In the SUV, Harry kicks off his sneakers which he typically doesn’t do so YN takes that as another sign that his ankle is bothering him.
Harry is the biggest baby when he’s hurt usually.
He wants to be cuddled, soothed, and wants YN’s full attention at all times (which isn’t very different from everyday for them).
But he’s stubborn and grumpy as all get out.
He goes easily when YN wraps her hand gently around his neck and directs him until he’s laying across the backseat with her nails scratching at his scalp as he blinks heavily, trying to stay awake.
The ride’s not even an hour but Harry drifts off after only a few minutes after the car pulls out of the stadium lot.
He’s groggy as YN unlocks the front door to Anne’s house and leads him up the stairs where he disappears into the bathroom to shower.
YN disappears downstairs to scrounge through the freezer until she’s grabbing a solid bag of frozen peas and pouring herself a glass of water, as well as one for him with a few pain reliever pills.
When she enters back into their room, she changes out of her denim outfit and into a cute pajama set because she didn’t want to sleep in her underwear at her mother-in-law's house. ***
Harry comes out soon after, not one for long showers when he’s sleepy and has just a tight pair of briefs on as he rubs his eyes. ***
“C’mere,” YN pats the space next to her on the bed then grabs the cold bag of vegetables.
“What are those for?” Harry grumps as he subtly limps to the bed and plops down heavily right up against her.
“For the ankle you hurt on stage,” YN raises her eyebrow at him before nodding down to where it’s swollen and bruising.
“I didn’t,” He argues instantly, defensive with his hackles up and knitted brows, “Don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re imagining shit.”
“Mmm, must be,” YN replies nonchalantly, tossing the bag back onto the bedside table and acting like she’s wriggling down to get ready for bed - refusing to give into his antics.
Harry grunts and grumbles for a few minutes, turning and squirming because he does want YN to baby him and he’s fighting against himself.
YN is faced away from him, trying to taper down her smile when he finally relents after a painful day of attitude, “Want you to ice my ankle, baby.”
She flips to her other side before sitting back up, biting the inside of her cheek and shaking her head fondly, she loved her overly worked, exhausted husband so fucking much.
“Yeah?” YN hums softly, welcoming Harry when he leans over and nuzzles into her throat, “Ready to let me take care of you?”
“M’sorry,” Harry whispers against her skin, lips brushing against her pulse point, “I never get better at dealing with my adjustments to tour.”
“Been like this since you’ve been sixteen,” YN tells him as she directs Harry to move until his foot is in her lap and she’s wrapping a dish towel around the bag and pressing it to his ankle.
“Think I just landed funny, hopefully it will feel better in the morning,” Harry frowns, hissing at the cold touch before relaxing against it.
“Hopefully,” YN repeats as she keeps it pressed there, her thumb rubbing at his skin in soothing circles to calm him.
Harry pauses for a moment before acknowledging, “You were right, shouldn’t have been jumping ‘round like that when it was wet. Will you forgive me for acting like a prat today?”
“I forgive you every time,” YN giggles with a shake of her head, “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have let you put a ring on it.”
“We’re twenty eight now. Don’t regret letting me wife you up at nineteen?” Harry’s voice has taken a deeper rasp, he’s totally using his sex voice right now because despite how tired or injured he is - he will still try to get it in.
“Never for a moment. Got to marry the famous Harry Styles, breaking new records with every album, fat bank account. It’s working out alright,” YN teases coyly, goosebumps decorating her skin as Harry’s gaze gets more directed and intense.
“Yeah? Just married me for my money and fame?” Harry rumbles, leaning down to toss the bag of peas on the floor.
“And your big cock,” She smirks as her eyes drop to where he’s noticeably hardening and filling out the thin fabric, pushing against it to make more room.
“Always been a fan of that, hm? Never complain, exact opposite actually. Constantly begging for, for me to fill you up just right,” Harry’s fully turning himself on at this point as he grips the bottom of her sleep shirt.
She smacks his hands off, “Think you can act like an utter brat all day and still get the goods?”
“Said M’sorry,” Harry bites back, persistent as he reaches out again and YN lets him pull it over her head, her bare chest revealed, “Plus, s’your wifely duty. Be a nice little thing and let me ‘ave you.”
Those words shouldn’t make her as wet as they do.
“Should make you just make me come and not let you,” YN gasps as he ducks down, puffy lips wrapping around her nipple and pulling it into his mouth.
He pulls back for a moment, a cocky smirk on his face as he says, “We both know m’coming tonight. Let it drip out of you.”
“H,” YN whines at his filthy words as he bits at her nipples as he’s shimmying her shorts and panties off her hips in one fluid motion.
It’s not how she saw their night ending but she definitely wasn’t complaining.
There’s not any preamble because even though he’s horny, he’s tired, and doesn’t have the energy to go at it for hours.
He slips in with no resistance, moaning loudly into her mouth as he begins a steady, harsh rhythm that hits her spot every odd stroke and his thumb is tight on her clit to make sure she falls off the edge with him.
It’s only mere minutes after they finish that Harry is snoring softly into her neck, while body wrapped around hers - thigh swung over her legs, arm across her tummy.
It’s something that never gets old to her.
There’s millions and millions of people who adore Harry, they want in every way imagineable, they make it known by coming to his concerts in swarms.
People have been obsessed with him since he was sixteen.
But despite all that, Harry never changes.
He craves attention but he needs it the most from his wife. He lives for being able to snuggle and hang all over her at all times. He needs her to be there to take care of him and tell him he’s doing a good job
He’ll always just be Harry to her.
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‘Matilda’ is written for the older sisters who have complicated relationships with their families. For the ones who moved out but miss their younger siblings and support them always even if they’re not under the same roof. It’s for the ones with childhood trauma that they’re working through in therapy. For those who understand why their parents are a certain way but will never live at home again. For the girlies who created their own found families. For those of us who feel guilty for having experiences our parents will never get to. It’s for the ones putting themselves first everyday and trying not to regret it. It’s for those of us trying to let it, and them, go.
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Harry Styles wallpapers.
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