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A/N: some sweet soon-to-be-dad!harry content, bc is probably one of my absolute favs!!
SUMMARY: You're supposed to go on a date night, but when Harry comes home he finds you, his pregnant wife asleep, so he changes your plans for the evening.
Tumblr media
Date nights are always Harry’s favorite. It doesn’t matter what you do, he just simply craves the alone time with you, whether you go out for dinner, catch a movie or go to a concert, it’s all about quality time spent with the person he loves the most.
He hasn’t had the chance to take you out anywhere these past months, his schedule has been hectic, he has to squeeze a lot into a short period of time since he is about to go on a massive break, taking on a role he’s been dreaming of his whole life.
He is going to become a dad in just about two months.
It’s also the reason why he is so excited about having a date night, he knows how little time you’ll have for romance once the baby arrives, so he wants to make the best out of the remaining of the time you have alone.
His last meeting of the day runs late so he heads home in a hurry, texting you from the car on his way, but he gets no response. The drive is about thirty minutes, he checks his phone every chance he has, double texting you, asking if everything is alright every time he stops at a red light. He can’t help but think of ways you could have fallen and hurt yourself or the baby, or maybe you’re stuck in the bathtub because you can’t push yourself up. The latter wouldn’t be the first time it happens. Your belly has been growing rapidly and moving around has become a challenge sometimes, though you’re handling the ups and downs of pregnancy like a true hero.
When Harry pulls up at your home you’ve been sharing for the last three years, his heart is hammering in his chest, afraid that something happened. Your car is parked in the garage and the lights are on in the house so he knows you’re home, but you still haven’t answered any of his texts.
“Babe?” he calls out, walking in, waiting for an answer, but nothing comes. He can hear the TV on in the living room, so he rounds the corner, following the voices, he picks up that it’s a rerun of that awful reality you’ve been obsessed with. He is just about to call out for you again, but then he sees you.
Curled up on the couch, a chunky blanket messily thrown over you, the TV illuminating your makeupless, sleeping face that’s squished into the pillow. The anxiousness quickly turns into warmth in his chest as he stops and admires the sight of you peacefully napping. An empty plate is set on the coffee table, you probably ate the leftovers from yesterday for lunch, there’s a half empty water bottle on the ground and an empty pack of your favorite snack next to the couch on the round. He can clearly see you snacking all afternoon, lounging on the couch, watching Netflix and having a chilling day while he works. He only has one more week of hustling before he can spend all his time with you and he can’t wait to be lazy with you.
Checking the time he sees that the two of you should be leaving to the restaurant in about twenty to make it there in time for the reservation. He knows you would want to do your hair and makeup nicely and that takes way more time. He also knows you won’t have the energy to leave the house judging from how you haven’t even moved since he arrived.
Kneeling down next to the couch he gently brushes your hair out of your face, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Baby,” he softly says, gently rubbing your shoulder. You stir in your sleep, burying your face deeper into the pillow that makes him smile. “Wake up, let me see those pretty eyes, I missed them so much all day.”
You hum and scrunch your nose before slowly blinking your eyes open. It takes a few moments to process what and who you see.
“Harry? You’re home already?”
“It’s past seven, babe,” he chuckles softly.
“Shit, I fell asleep,” you groan closing your eyes. “I was so tired, I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”
Harry’s not surprised, you’ve been extremely sleepy since the beginning of the pregnancy and he doesn’t blame you, growing a human must be quite tiring.
“It’s alright.”
“What time is it? Let me just get ready…” you start pushing yourself up and he helps you into a sitting position, but doesn’t let you stand. Instead, he sits beside you, placing a hand over your belly.
“Let’s ditch the restaurant,” he suggests, making it look like it’s his idea so you don’t have to tell him you don’t actually want to leave the house.
“But it’s our date night! I promise I will shake myself up.”
“Date night is to spend time together. Why don’t we do it at home this time? I can run us a nice bath, give you a massage and then cuddle.”
You blink at him for a few moments and he already knows he won you over with his change of plans.
“Can we eat something in the tub too?”
“Of course,” he chuckles. “We still have some of that vegan lasagna, right? I’ll heat that up.”
“That sounds awesome,” you smile and leaning over you steal a quick kiss.
Harry takes care of everything while you go up and change out of your clothes, putting on your favorite fluffy robe. Sitting on the bed you reply to some texts you missed along with Harry’s.
“Bath is ready,” Harry appears in the room and he helps you up from the bed, the two of you walking into the bathroom hand in hand.
“H, this looks so good!” you gasp when you see that he has lit candles, the food is by the tub on a tray and he used your favorite bath salt, the water smells amazing.
“Then let’s get into it,” he kisses the side of your head.
You’re done with undressing pretty fast since you only have your robe on, so you sit on the edge of the tub, watching him strip out of his clothes.
“What?” he chuckles as he kicks his pants off, leaving him in nothing as he throws his clothes into the hamper.
“You look so hot, no wonder you knocked me up so easily,” you bite into your bottom lip seductively and you love how his cheeks turn slightly pink.
“Don’t think those two things are linked, but okay,” he mumbles with a shy smirk as he walks over to you and helps you into the water, making sure you don’t slip.
When you’re settled in the warm water, he climbs in behind you so you can lean back against his chest, his arms circling around you, settling on your belly. You eat and talk about your day, he tells you about his meetings while he gently massages your back, paying extra attention to the spots he knows hurt the most.
“I’m sorry we didn’t go out tonight,” you hum, your head lying on his shoulder, his hands wandering over your body, his fingers caressing the skin on your arms, chest and stomach as if he is mapping your body.
“Don’t be. I just wanted to spend time with you and that’s what I’m doing.”
“Isn’t it weird that soon it won’t be just the two of us?”
“Terrifying and exciting at the same time,” he admits with a small chuckle.
“I think we’re gonna be cool parents.”
“I mean, we are pretty cool now,” you point out. “When I’m not like a tired sloth,” you add chuckling.
“A sloth?” he laughs behind you, his chest rumbling underneath your back.
“That’s what I feel like,” you shrug smiling.
“Then you’re a cute, sexy, pregnant sloth.”
“I think that’s the first time anyone called a sloth sexy.” You poke his thigh next to you playfully.
You soak for a little longer until the water runs cold, then you get out and Harry insists helping you lotion your body, taking his sweet time with your belly. He dresses you in your softest pajama set and cleans up in the bathroom, not letting you move a finger. When you’re both in bed finally, you make yourself comfortable with your pregnancy pillow that’s been essential to your nights for the past few months. You felt bad when you couldn’t get comfortable snuggling to Harry anymore and you even cried when you first tried the pillow and knew you’d need it to have a good night sleep. Being the sweetest person alive, Harry was the one who tried to make you feel better about it, telling you it’s alright, he completely understands and he just wants you to feel good.
Harry makes himself comfortable next to you, one arm tucked under his pillow, the other one reaching over, his hand plastered to your belly, this is his usual pose and you love it too, because even though you can’t cuddle him, you still feel connected to him.
“Date night next weekend? I promise I won’t turn into a sloth,” you smile at him sleepily.
“Okay. But tonight was great too, I love being with you, no matter what we do,” he smiles back.
Humming you reach out and cup his face in your hand, smiling at how he snuggles into your touch before you drop your head and slowly fall asleep.
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Tumblr media
— or better known as the first time blurb.
since forever special week | masterlist 1 ; masterlist 2
Summary: Harry returns from his tour with One Direction and the anticipation makes him and Y/N finally want to take the next step.
W/N: FINALLY. the end of the since forever week is here and while the other half of you thought this was the birth one shot, it's not :) some know that i couldn't post it when i should have but it's finally here so i hope you enjoy it. this takes place in 2011, they're 17 but if it makes you uncomfortable you can read it imagining that they're 18. please don't come at me, many people have lost their virginity at that age! anyway... don't forget to like, comment and reblog and thank you guys so so much for all of your support on the special, love u forever <3 xx
! | teeth rooting fluff, smut, vaginal protected sex, fingering, first time sex, steve!!! nothing else i think.
"Holy fuck, you're here!"
Harry lets out a groan as Y/N pounces on his body, but still the smile doesn't fade at the feel of her in his arms. "I'm here."
She pulls away to grab his cheeks, looking into his eyes. "I can't believe it!"
He enjoys his lips on hers after almost five months without seeing each other. This tour thing was difficult, especially if Y/N had to stay to finish her studies, but they made an effort.
They didn't separate until their lungs burned for oxygen, and even so, he kept leaving kisses on her face, listening to her giggle softly.
"Missed yeh so much, baby." He murmured, letting her lead him into the house. "Bought you a few things on the way, the boys too, they miss you."
She turned to see him over her shoulder, leading him up the stairs to her room, though he knew the path by heart. "I miss them too, but I missed you more."
Harry smiles and turns her around, taking her by the waist and about to kiss her again when her mother comes out of her room.
"Oh, Harry!" the woman exclaims, approaching him with open arms. "Look at you, my love, we missed you so much!"
He smiles, allowing himself to be hugged by his mother in law who separates to hold him by the shoulders and look up and down. "Ah, you look so handsome!"
With a slight blush, he answers. "Y'look great too, Dalia."
Y/N takes his hand again and slowly drags him, her mother getting the message and letting them go. "Door open, children!" she exclaims while walking away.
They both roll their eyes, knowing full well that even though her parents have that rule, they've already done everything, well, almost everything.
The climbs through the window and the treehouse in the backyard are their escape, their own world, where they can fantasize that it's just the two of them and feel like adults in their own home.
A home just for them was a concept they loved and Harry promised that when they turned eighteen, he'd buy one for them.
The two stared at each other when they were alone and with a smile they kissed again, lying on the bed. He enjoys her caresses in his hair after so long, sighing. "Mhm, love ya."
"Love you too." Y/N muttered, looking at the ceiling still unable to believe that he was back.
So many calls, messages and miscommunications and finally they were together again even if it was for a short time.
Almost as if he's read her mind, Harry mutters into her chest. "Maybe y'can come back with me next time, everyone misses you and I'm sick of calling after a show. I want yeh there, with me."
She nods, knowing she won't have to miss school because summer vacation's coming up. "Of course, H."
They talk softly until peace comes over their bodies, falling asleep in the comfort of knowing that they are finally together.
Hours later, the sun is still streaming through the window and Harry's the first to open his eyes, smiling sleepily at the sight of her face pressed against the pillow.
Ah, he really hoped to marry her someday.
He feels he's doing too little to commemorate their lost time, and Y/N opens her eyes before he can come up with a plan, yawning and reaching out to hug him tightly.
"Mmm, have y'been awake long?" she asks as she snuggles against him, breathing in his scent and leaving a kiss on his jaw.
He hums no, taking her by the hips to pull her up his body, now lying fully on top of him. "I was thinking... wanna get some ice cream at Claire's?"
Y/N breaks away to stare at him as a smile slowly forms on her lips and she moves in to kiss him. They both breathe through their noses to keep from finishing it, and she fiddles with her bottom lip making him growl and put a hand on the back of his neck to get some control.
He lowers his head to reach her neck, biting into the flesh to hear her sigh. "Door's open." She murmurs, sliding her hands under his shirt.
"Don't care, haven't seen you in months." He says over her lips and with a laugh, she rises up off of him, making him groan. "C'mon, I was getting excited!"
"We have ice cream to get," with an innocent smile, she walks to the door frame. "maybe later."
"I can't believe I missed that!" Y/N's loud laughter echoes down the street, and he looks up at her smiling from behind his ice cream cone.
"Yeah, we all fell down together, the video must be all over the internet."
They walk hand in hand, approaching their block. "Harry?" they both hear from behind, making them turn around.
"Steve." He replies, swallowing dryly at the sight of his old schoolmate.
The smiling boy approaches them, greeting his girlfriend with a hug that makes him wrinkle his nose. Steve looks back up at him. "How have you been, mate? I heard all about it, I'm so happy for you!"
He knows he's not a bad guy, he's never done anything out of the ordinary, but the fact that he was the one who gave Y/N her first kiss lights a flame inside him that he's not entirely proud of.
"Well, touring all over the world, y'know." Harry shrugs, and his girlfriend beside him rolls her eyes.
If she was possessive, then he was the jealous kind.
Steve just smiles, nodding. "Well, gotta go now, the boys are waiting, maybe you guys can come later if you want?"
"Of course, lad." Y/N answers, and they watch him leave. "Really? Really?!"
"What? I was just being honest!" He shrugs and takes her hand again, resuming his ice cream.
She shakes her head but can't help the small smile that creeps up her face. He was so dumb and cute, and he was her boyfriend.
Harry slumps on the mattress with a sigh, closing his eyes to the cool summer breeze blowing in through the gaps in the tree house and listening to the footsteps of his love against the wood, smiling knowing she's here with him.
"C'mere." He mutters, stretching out his arm still with his eyes closed.
Y/N gets rid of her snickers and takes his hand, lying against his chest with her forehead on his cheek. Her stomach flutters to feel him so close after so much, and she can't believe how their lives have changed in just one year.
Will it be like this forever? he, traveling the world and she here waiting for him to come back? Or can they face everything together and live the crazy life but with the peace of having the other?
"Baby, what is it?"
She hasn't realized she's disassociated, refocusing her eyes on Harry's greenish ones, feeling her heart explode in her chest at the sight. The entering sun illuminates his face, hitting his eyes and hair, turning his curls a mahogany color.
"I think I'll love you forever, Harry."
His features relax at her confession, and he carefully turns them so that he's now the one on top, caressing her face while she plays with the hair on the nape of his neck.
He's about to answer, but she cuts him off. "No, but really. I'm gonna be ninety years old and you're still gonna make me blush, ya know?"
"I do, cause I feel exactly the same. I love you, and I promise yeh someday when we're older, I'm gonna propose, and you're gonna say yes cause you love me." Harry answers, smiling lovingly at the same time as her.
"I do."
"You do?"
"Mhm, I love you."
"Yeah? tell me more."
He makes her laugh, mouth open and eyes narrowing. Cute. Cutest. She's the cutest.
Y/N opens her eyes but closes them again when she feels his lips on hers, kissing her fast but without looking messy. He settles one forearm to the side of her head and the other hand on her hip, pulling her against his body.
The tongues have already appeared and now they simply taste each other's mouths, she moaning at the sensation of their bodies colliding and feels the need for more, perhaps even more than all those times before.
Harry parted his lips to kiss her neck, leaving a trail of saliva as he sucked on the skin but not leaving a mark, even though he'd like to. "Y/N, I– want you to be m'first."
"I know," she responds, taking him by the face to bring their foreheads together. "me too, baby."
The air hitches in his throat and the sweatpants highlight his boner even more, shit, was this really going to happen? that's it, they were gonna have sex?
Harry didn't doubt his abilities to make her cum, that had already been made clear a long time ago, but this was different, he was going to be inside her— yeah, maybe he should stop thinking before he becomes a precocious jerk.
His mind's clouded and nothing matters anymore when Y/N kisses him as if he her soulmate. She slides her hands up his torso to the bottom of his shirt, tugging at the top until he gets the message and breaks away to throw it somewhere in the treehouse.
She's about to protest when he stands up from the bed until he begins to frantically yank his pants off. Seizing the moment, Y/N leans on her forearms and admires him, biting her lip and feeling a throbbing in her center that she'd never felt before.
He was... he was perfect.
For a seventeen-year-old, she loved his body and was sure there was no one in the world as beautiful. With love handles, four nipples, and a tummy that she loved caressing, no tattoo, just him, natural.
He was Harry. Not Harry Styles. Not the One Direction member. Harry.
"Y/N..." he growled, looking at the ceiling in complete embarrassment.
"What?!" She started to undress while laughing.
Now, only in her underwear, Y/N was grateful for the curtains they'd put up a while ago to have a little more privacy.
The green-eyed boy was going to answer but the words trailed off when he saw her waiting for him, and he remembered the item that Louis had jokingly given him when he landed at the airport.
"C'mon, Hazza, this is your day, I can feel it in me bones!"
He'd taken it blushing and rolling his eyes, but now he'd make sure to thank his best friend.
"Should I be offended?" Y/N asks when he takes a condom out of his wallet. "Y'know what– say Louis to fuck off."
"How did you know it was him?! also, please don't talk about him right now." He responds, going back to the bed to put the condom on the floor and get on top of her. "Hi."
She runs her hands over his neck. "Hi, curly."
They kiss again, now more impatient and she sucks on his lips making them swell, the sight being enough for a pool of moisture to accumulate in her panties.
He pulls back to gaze into her eyes, inserting two fingers into his mouth, licking the digits under her hungry gaze and listening to her drop a "fuck" under her breath.
Without breaking eye contact, Harry slides his fingers down her body, caressing her breasts and belly until he reaches the edge of her underwear, putting his hand in slowly.
The first contact of his fingertips with her throbbing clit is enough to make her fall back against the pillow in a breath, and it's embarrassing how close she is.
He watches her slump under him and moves his fingers almost expertly, pressing the thumb against the knot of nerves and his other two fingers teasing her entrance.
Y/N moans freely, spreading her legs wider so that he's somehow closer but she knows the only way they're really close is one.
The pleasure's too much, making her curl her toes and rub her hips against Harry's hand who distributes kisses on her collarbones going down to her breasts. She pulls down the straps to reveal them, and he's glad he still has boxers on, because he's already starting to leak.
"You're so gorgeous." he murmurs, his mouth busy licking and kissing her nipples.
The only thing she can limit herself to is moaning and gasping, clutching at her boyfriend's hair and feeling the edge getting closer. Electricity surges in her lower stomach and she whimpers as he brushes her clit. "H, baby– fuck, I'm gonna– gonna cum."
Hearing her, he moves his fingers inside her and puts pressure on her clit, watching her disarm beneath him in an orgasm that leaves her whimpering and with eyes closed. "Baby?"
"I'm okay, I'm okay." She answers, shaken.
Harry feels the need of wanting to taste what it's like to be inside her now. From the first time they did anything, he discovered that what he likes most is making her feel good, even if it means he doesn't get anything in return though it's rare that she doesn't return the favor.
"I'm ready, you're ready?"
He nods, his curls moving with him. "Yeah."
They move quickly, he taking care to dispose of his boxers and put the condom on carefully, and she to discard her two garments in the pile of clothes, returning to each other's arms when they're done.
Y/N spreads her legs and the tip of his cock crashes against her clit, making her jump on the spot. "Oh."
Listening, he does it a few more times until the condom's also covered in her arousal and she's a wad of sighs again. "Gonna put it inside now, 'kay?"
He feels her tense under his hands that hold her waist affectionately, and he looks into her eyes that are deep in nerve but also emotion. "Love, we don't have to if you don't want to."
"But I do, I do," she responds, holding on to his shoulders and putting her legs around his hips. "please."
Okay, here it goes. He just hoped he didn't come off as a fool.
"Holy– fu... fuck, holy– bloody hell..." he whimpers as he thrusts his member inside her, being greeted with a wetness and tightness like nothing else in the world. "I'm gonna... pass out."
He had to hold back because he was ready to cum there and now, but he finished entering and stood still, opening his eyes to see the uncomfortable grimace on Y/N's face.
"You're alright? I'm so sorry, want me to stop?" He was alarmed, caressing her face. "Tell me and I will."
She shook her head. "No, no, I read that it's like that at the beginning, just... let me adjust."
What was torture for her, was also torture for him, but he'd be able to leave if she asked him to, because even though he's now clenching his jaw from the desire to soak himself in her, she needed him to wait, so he'll wait.
Y/N tried to relax around him, the pain and burning slowly starting to be a tiny ache and feeling good, too good. The way he squeezed all her right places and made her feel full.
"You can move if you want, H." She murmured, placing a kiss on his cheek and he met her eyes, moving back to thrust soft and deep inside her.
The two of them made gulping noises that were surely audible, and she felt her eyes roll back inside her head, pressing her legs around him to feel him again. Harry looked down to where their bodies met, biting his lip at the sight of his cock drenched by her.
"Keep going– fuck." She moaned, feeling the full pleasure as he began to find the right pace.
It felt too good, she couldn't believe that something like this could be felt and there was nothing better than sharing it with the love of her life. Because she was sure that after this, she'd never be able to get over Harry, never.
He lowered his body to press against her, kissing her again as he thrust into her and moaned into her mouth, trailing kisses to her neck where he bit and licked like she was his to claim.
The noise of the bodies colliding and their moans flooded the treehouse so meaningful to them, now even more so, and Y/N dug her nails into his shoulders feeling his goosebumps under her fingers.
"Y'feel so good, shit–" He gasped, grabbing her leg to lift it higher and hearing her cry out from under him.
"There, fuck, Harry!" Her back arched, unable to control her movements and squeezing her eyes shut when he accidentally brushed through a spot that she and he'd never reached with fingers.
Her G spot.
He felt that this was his end when he saw her rubbing against the sheets, drunk on him and he made sure to touch that point more times until with a long moan she arched her back and cum.
"Y/N– oh, fuuuuuck."
The words died as he felt her clench exaggeratedly around him in her orgasm, covering him even more and throbbing, leaving him with no choice but to cum inside the condom with a whimper that would make him embarrassed at another time, but this wasn't the case.
He fell against her heaving chest, careful not to crush her, and she caressed his curls with eyes closed recovering from the high.
Slowly, they both move their heads to unite their gazes that still have a trace of the lust they experienced just a few seconds ago.
"That was... wow." stroking her tummy, he says.
"I know, wow." Y/N answers, looking at the wooden ceiling. "If it'll be like this everytime... I don't think I'll survive."
He let out a short laugh then became serious again. "I didn't last, m'sorry."
Frowning, she looked at him as if he had three heads. "Curly, I was literally the one who came first and I didn't care that it lasted ten minutes, I loved every second of it."
"Really?" His pout made her place a kiss on his lips that made him smile. "I love yeh."
"Me too, let's do this again sometime, mhm?" Y/N joked, only to hear him laugh.
He settled onto her chest, holding her close as their legs entwined. "Don't worry, we will."
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summary: Harry reflects on his time spent with professor and writes a song about it
Tumblr media
Harry sat alone in the studio, his song journal opened to a blank page in front of him. Everyone had left for the day already, but he decided to stay behind. There was nothing worth going back to, anyway.
“What’s going on with you?” Mitch finally asked him an hour ago. It was the third unproductive day of the week. Harry remained unusually quiet all day, not wanting to contribute to any ideas being thrown around the studio.
Harry didn’t answer his friend’s question, because the truth was too painful to admit. He was heartbroken, and he only had himself to blame.
Not that Mitch or anyone else on his team would understand. No one knew about the extraordinary woman he met in Cambridge, his professor.
Why he thought not telling her who he really was would be a good idea, Harry had no clue. But he’d done it, and now everything was completely ruined.
Y/n was gone, she didn’t even want to see him before she packed up and left to move to a different country. That stung, and it made him frustrated that she didn’t want to hear him out, but he also knew Y/n. She was overwhelmed and he had broken her trust, something he knew she didn’t give to just anyone.
What hurt most of all was that he never wanted to be one of the people in Y/n’s life to hurt her. She had such a gentle soul, had put up with so much. So many people had already been so cruel to her, including her family, who was supposed to show her love. Harry wanted to be someone in her life that was consistently good.
It was Y/n’s, a favorite of hers, so much so that it didn’t live on the overstuffed shelves of her Cambridge townhouse. No, it sat on her bedside table where she had easy access to it at all times. Harry had seen it the night he slept in her room. He’d never seen the inside of her bedroom before then, but when he finally did, he soaked up every little detail like a sponge. The light airiness of it all, the antique furniture, stacks of ungraded assignments waiting for her on her desk, the plain, yet finely made bed clothes. But above it all was the little stack of novels by Y/n’s bed, Matilda sitting on top.
Tossing his journal to the side, he went over to his bag and pulled an old, beat up copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl. Harry had never read the novel before meeting his professor, but now he never went anywhere without it.
“Why?” he asked her, not out of judgement, but out of curiosity.
“I’ve read hundreds of books, but this one remains my favorite,” she said when she noticed him staring at it.
She shrugged. “I don’t know, I just...saw myself in Matilda, I guess.“
“Well, what’s it about?”
Y/n explained, had even recited her favorite parts from memory for him. Her eyes lit up the way they always did when she talked about something she was passionate about, and Harry couldn’t help but smile.
Looking back now, Harry was so consumed with being in her bedroom and seeing her face without the mask obstructing it, that he didn’t realize how sad it was that Y/n’s favorite book was Matilda. It hurt his heart to know that a soul as kind and gentle as Y/n’s had been hurt so badly by the people who were meant to love her. But he couldn't deny the similarities between his professor and Matilda.
His memories and recollections of his time with Y/n were painful, yet Harry thought of her often. Because with the pain was the warm, cozy feeling that he'd felt when he was with her. He missed laying on the floor of her townhouse and talking about books and stars and the origins of constellation names, he missed the blunt, almost harsh honesty with which the professor spoke, he missed her collection of sweaters and mismatched socks and the smell of jasmine that lingered in her apartment. He missed the Emperor, he missed the little snort Y/n made when Harry made her laugh.
Opening up Y/n’s copy of Matilda, Harry began to read. Again.
But most of all, he missed the person he was around her. Y/n was quiet, and more intelligent than Harry would ever be able to comprehend, but she imbued him with a confidence, a sense a self that he'd never felt around anyone, not even his own family. Their relationship, their friendship, was technically built on a lie, but Harry had never felt more like himself than when he was with her.
Sometimes Matilda longed for a friend, someone like the kind, courageous people in her books.
Harry didn't know how many times he'd read this book since he'd taken it from Y/n’s desk, but that line always stuck with him. For its poignancy and the notes Y/n had made next to it in the margins and on post-it notes she'd stuck there. There was different colored ink around the quote, marking a new thought for each time she reread her favorite book.
Matilda is like me. School is very lonely without friends.
Naive. Kind and courageous people only exist between the pages of books.
I think I met someone Matilda might have longed for. He's very kind. Nice eyes.
I was wrong. But it's fine. Everyone in my life has turned out to be a disappointment, why would this be any different?
The last two notes were obviously the most recent entries, and obviously about Harry. Reading it never failed to stir butterflies and make him feel even worse for betraying his professor's trust.
Tears sprang his eyes. He wanted her to know that she wasn't wrong, that he was the kind of friend she'd always wanted.
But he hadn't been, had he?
Harry hid a huge part of himself from Y/n, had let his own fears and insecurities get in the way of being truly connected to someone. It was nice to be a version of himself that he hadn't been in a long time around her, but she deserved the truth. Harry had just been too cowardly to own up to his mistakes. And by the time he worked up the courage, she found out by looking him up online.
He couldn't tell her everything he wanted to say now, but he could do it in a way that might one day reach her, even if he did never see her again.
“Nothing about the way you were treated ever seemed especially alarming 'til now,” Harry wrote, and from there he scribbled harshly in his journal until it was done.
Staring at the song in front of him, he didn't know if it should have a place on the album or if he should just keep it to himself. Either way, he felt the tiniest bit better after writing it.
Harry packed up his things to go home. As he walked to his car, he pulled up a contact on his phone and hovered his phone over the call button. To call or not to call. Y/n wouldn't answer anyways, but sometimes he would call just to hear her voicemail.
He didn't this time, thinking he'd tortured himself enough over everything that happened for one day. Instead he called Mitch, who did answer.
“Hey, I think I have something.”
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Harry Soothes Your Period Cramps with His Large, Warm Hands /concept/
AN: i'm having bad cramps this month so i wrote this.
This story contains: mentions of the h word, period cramp pain, fluff
{ husband!harry - softrry - any harry era }
word count: 527
You accidently wake Harry up from his sleep when you place his hand on your tummy to help with your period cramps and he then helps comfort you in your time of discomfort.
Tumblr media
"Mhm," Harry grunts in his sleep as he feels something push against his body. What he feels is you trying to cuddle deeper into his chest as he's laid facing you on his left side. See, you woke up to painful period cramps and are now trying to seek the comfort and warmth you know your husband has.
One comforting thing that you know helps your cramps are Harry's large, warm hands. So as you nuzzle your face further into his bare chest, you reach between your two bodies and fumble around until you find one of his limp hands that's resting against the mattress. Once found, you slowly bring his hand under your night shirt and press his palm flat to your lower belly. This officially awakes Harry from his slumber.
"What'd you doin', love? Feelin' a bit horny?" he whispers in his groggy sleep voice with his eyes still closed, too tired to even open them up. Harry presumed you're trying to shove his hand down your panties from how low you have his hand positioned. Which has happened before.
Shaking your head from side to side against his chest, you answer quietly, "Nah-ah, cramping, H. Your hand is warm and it helps with my cramps." Your confession has Harry more awake and alert even though it's only four in the morning.
He flutters his eyes open to the dark of the room and coos back softly, "Aw, m'sorry, baby. Do you need me to get you some pain medicine or a cup of tea?" God you love your husband. He's the most carrying soul you've ever met and would do anything to make sure you're happy and healthy at all times.
Lifting your head from his cozy chest, you lean up to peck Harry's cheek, the one that's not smushed into the mattress and respond, "No, babe. I took an ibuprofen in the bathroom about twenty minutes ago when I went to change pads. So that should be kicking in soon. Just want you to hold me, please. And keep your hand on my tummy."
Turning his head slightly to catch your lips with his lips, he kisses you gently before muttering, "'Course, m'love. Turn 'round f'me so I can spoon you. That way it'll be easier to keep my hand on your belly and f'me to hold you." You do as told and flip over to your left side, now facing away from Harry.
Harry scoots closer to your back and wraps his arms securely around your body. Then with the arm draped over your hip, he takes that hand and slips it under your t-shirt, settling it right over where he knows your cramps are coming from. "There we go. All better?"
"Yeah Harry, love you." you say back with sleep taking over your mind. You'd been awake for about an hour dealing with your period and period cramps, but now that the medicine is starting to work and his warm hand is helping soothe the cramps, you're becoming very sleepy.
"Love you too, baby. Wake me if you need anythin' else." Harry lastly says before he falls back into his slumber.
let me know if you’d like to be added on my tag list in my next post by telling me HERE (let me know if i forgot to add you)
tag list: @one-sweet-gubler // @harryscherrysugar // @japanchrry // @lollypopsx // @harrycanyonmoonn // @itfeelslikemytherapisthatesme // @damnasstyles  // @mrsstylesharry // @softmullet  // @meetmyblondemuffins  // @thegirlnextdoorssister // @stanleystyles  // @haarrrys // @michellekstyles  // @skyangel57   // @the-gardener-31 // @lhharrylilpumpkin // @yousunshine-youtemptress // @clairestylessss  // @kissmyaxe140  // @goldenmelonsugar-hi // @kaitieskidmore1 // @florencepughily  // @alienorknight //@dancearoundthelivingroom  // @swiftmendeshoran
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My Masterlist Masterpost
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1d1195 · 2 days
Get Used to It
Her best friend curled her hair. She listened carefully and looked at their reflection in the mirror as she styled her expertly. She was kind about her endless chatter with pre-date nerves. There was nothing but sweet smiles for her friend. She was happy. It seemed like everyone in the group was. It made sense. Harry was the perfect guy, and she deserved a perfect guy.
Warnings: poor self-image, mean friends
She was all jazzed because Harry finally noticed her. After admiring him from afar, he finally wanted to go on a date with her. It took months of hanging on the sidelines patiently—peripherally hanging out with him in a group so often their friend group had swelled to twice the size. But finally, through the grape vine, he got her number asking to meet up with him one-on-one.
So, he was on his way.
Her best friend curled her hair. She listened carefully and looked at their reflection in the mirror as she styled her expertly. She was kind about her endless chatter with pre-date nerves. There was nothing but sweet smiles for her friend. She was happy. It seemed like everyone in the group was. It made sense. Harry was the perfect guy, and she deserved a perfect guy.
“Where’s he taking you?” She asked.
“Uh...just that new bar and tavern down the way,” she answered. “It looks cool, it’s got live music but it’s not in your face, so we’ll be able to talk and stuff.”
She nodded. “Good, that’ll be nice to get to know him more,” she said softly. “I can’t wait to hear about him, he seems cool,” she murmured around a bobby pin stuck between her lips. Her thumbs danced across her phone screen. She scoured the menu and looked over the texts from him. Her eyes were dreamy looking, anxiously awaiting his arrival.
There was a knock on the door. “I have purses!” Sarah’s voice rang through the halls. It was a group effort to get this date going.
“Harry’s not going to care about purses,” she snorted pinning strands of hair to her head.
“Shh,” she hushed. “Thank you, Sarah,” she said to her reflection.
Harry knocked on the door of the apartment number he read from his text messages. He saw Sarah’s car out front, so he knew he had the right building. He took a deep breath. There was no way to deny the nervousness he felt. He didn’t know her well. She was there at all their friend gatherings, and he thought she was stunning. Her laugh made the whole room fade away and all he could see was her. It was like having tunnel vision, and she was the light at the other end. It took him a while to ask Sarah for her number. He didn’t want to seem eager or weird. Plus, he was enjoying admiring from afar. She was already a great muse for his free writing. She was pretty, kind, and funny. There was so much more he wanted to know about her, and he was nearly vibrating as he waited outside the door.
Sarah answered the door with a cheery voice. “Hi Harry! We’re just working on the finishing touches,” she smirked letting Harry into the apartment. “She’s very excited,” she whispered to him with a wink.
“Good, me too,” he said with a grin that could make any girl swoon. Sarah was happily taken so she was used to Harry’s dimples and essentially unaffected by his cute charms. But there was no denying it was adorable that he was excited to be dating one of her friends. “Thanks for getting her number,” Harry said appreciatively. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”
The two girls appeared from down the hall. The smell of freshly applied perfume radiated before them. They were giggling at something said and Harry’s jaw dropped.
Harry realized he was going to have to marry her.
While the girl was beautiful, she wasn’t the one Harry had been looking to go out with. Her friend was styled and beautiful, her hair curled to perfection. It was clear she spent a long time picking out the dress to wear. Her makeup was flawless—even Harry could tell.
Out of sheer awkwardness he considered spending the rest of his life with her.
“Hi Harry,” she said sweetly. “Ready?”
He pressed his lips together and nodded. He felt completely deflated and couldn’t show it. “Have fun,” the sweet girl said cutely as she and Sarah fell to the couch. Harry’s heart fluttered and he kept his eyes on the ground. He knew if he looked at her it would be over. His eyes turned into hearts at the sight of her. The mere thought of her had his heart palpitating against his ribs. How did Sarah not know? It was obvious who’s number he wanted!
Wasn’t it?
Maybe it wasn’t. How could he have been so stupid?
The poor thing was going to hate Harry because he was an idiot.
Biting his lip, he gestured for her to exit the shared apartment and head for the parking lot.
Sarah had put on a movie to pass the time while they waited for the debriefing that would take place after the date. Meanwhile, she was in the kitchen popping popcorn when the door slammed open followed by a stream of expletives of “Fucking save it! You’re a dick!”
“Whoa,” Sarah whispered jumping up from her seat to reach for her friend and calm her down.
“Hey, what happened?” She asked nervously. It had only been five minutes, if that. “How come—”
“Did you do it on purpose?” She shouted, storming into the kitchen. Dumbfounded, she gaped at her trying to process that she was yelling at her. Her friend was back from her date, and she didn’t know what happened at all but somehow, she was to blame? That didn’t make sense.
“Love!” Harry called breathlessly from down the hall. The hurried footsteps echoed to their apartment.
“Did you!?” She repeated.
“Love,” Harry repeated reaching for her as he hurried through the threshold. She stepped away from Harry immediately. Her face was red and hot. Where her makeup was once pristine, it now looked blotchy around the eyes. Tears mangling the perfect contour and lashes the three of them had put together over the last two hours.
“M-me?” She asked nervously holding the bowl of popcorn like her life depended on it. Her face contorted in confusion. Nothing about this exchange made sense. Why was she angry? Why was she angry at her?
“Yeah, you,” she snarled. “You knew I liked him.”
“What are you—” Sarah started.
“He wants to date you. You, of all people,” she was approaching shrieking levels. The popcorn bowl almost slipped from her fingers. Her chest felt like it was burning. Like a volcano about to burst. Tears stung the back of her eyes. She could see the hatred in her best friend’s eyes. She knew what was coming. She had been whispered about and talked about behind her back, she was sure of it. “You’re not even—”
“Love, please,” Harry begged. He could see where it was headed as well. “It’s my—” She couldn’t even look at Harry. If she did, it would be more fuel to her anger.
Plus, she might actually cry that Harry had, in fact, noticed her all this time.
“—we’re like the same level of attractiveness. Everyone knows it! You don’t even—”
Her face felt like it melted right off the muscle. She looked at the bowl of popcorn as if it was interesting. As if she didn’t feel like she didn’t get punched in the gut by the one friend she adored so much. She tuned her voice out instantly. If she listened, she would fall into a pit of self-loathing and self-hatred that would very well last until her death. She had heard the whispers and stares before. Boys like Harry didn’t fall for girls like her.
“Christ, love, stop!” Harry hurried to end the onslaught of insults directed at the girl he wanted to date. He couldn’t listen to them all. It was horrible. There was a comment about her weight and her skin; her boring personality and neurotic tendencies were all too pointed and horribly mean. It was too much for Harry. The poor girl. This only solidified how much he didn’t want to date her friend. The poor thing was upset, sure. But that was no reason to insult someone you consider a best friend. Harry was appalled and he felt horrible for the sweet girl who was none of the mean things she said. “It’s my—"
“Jesus,” Sarah said. “Go,” she said to the angry girl and shoved her toward the hallway. The sound of her anger resonated in the door slamming. The air felt exceedingly hot in their apartment. It was uncomfortable. “Love,” Sarah whispered softly. “I’m—I’m so sorry,” she rushed out. “I...”
“It’s fine,” she answered quietly. “It’s not your fault. It was an honest mistake.”
“I should have asked.”
“No one in their right mind would have asked,” she shook her head understandingly. She knew it. There wasn’t a scenario in which she wasn’t right. Of course, Harry would want to date her beautiful (ex) best friend. He was beautiful and she was beautiful. It made sense. “It’s okay,” she said. She put the bowl on the counter, and she put her hands in front of her uncomfortably wringing her fingers together. Her eyes didn’t move from the floor.
She felt like she might implode. Sarah was staring at her with such pity. She couldn’t even look at Harry who maybe was the only one just as uncomfortable as she was in that moment. “I’ll check on her...” Sarah whispered.
“Tell her I’m sorry,” she said staring at the tiled ground. Sarah would not be apologizing for her—there was nothing to apologize about. She was mean to her best friend and that was that. Sarah would calm her down but there wasn’t a world in which she deserved an apology.
As one of her best friends, she had no choice but to believe that Harry was perfect for her. But she wished with everything in her that she could be the one that boys looked at and asked friends for her number. She wished and wished that Harry was perfect for her.
And apparently, all this time, he was looking at her.
“Are you okay, kitten?” Harry whispered softly.
She felt her skin warm at his sweet question. She nodded, keeping her gaze away from him. “You... wanted my number?” She asked.
“Yes,” he said immediately, firmly. “Very much so,” he whispered. Her heart skipped a beat and she wished she could look at him and remember this moment. His voice was so gentle, and she wanted to see his face. “M’sorry this—"
She shook her head. As soon as Harry left, she would cry until her eyes were red and hurt. But she couldn’t do it now. Not in front of him. He was so lovely and handsome; it would kill her to be sad in front of him. “I think you should go.”
There was a prolonged silence before Harry answered quietly. “...Yeah.”
Neither of them moved. She sniffled. “Fuck,” she whispered.
“Kitten,” Harry repeated. His voice sounded distraught. “I’m so sorry,” he wanted to reach out, touch her face and hold her close to him.
“You need to go,” she said again. “Please,” she begged.
“I know, but love, I—”
“Harry, please,” she sniffled again, and she pressed a hand to cheek to swipe the tears away. “It’s whatever...thank you. Seriously,” and that she was serious about. The mere idea that he wanted her number was enough to set her heart straight even though her best friend hated her. There were a million things that had to be dealt with in that moment. Harry liking her wasn’t one of them. It couldn’t even place in the top five—as much as she wanted it to.
“Kitten, m’so sorry,” he whispered. “She’s wrong—”
“Harry, please. I don’t want to—” she inhaled shakily and pressed her hands to her cheeks. “Please just go,” she pleaded.
Harry didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay and get to know her better. Particularly in that moment he wanted to comfort her from the insults that were wrongly and falsely hurled at her. “Kitten, I don’t wanna leave you—”
“Harry, I would love for you to stay, but she hates my guts right now. I...I’m going to need to move out and there’s a hundred things I have to do and hanging out with you cannot be one of them.”
Harry bit his lip. This was so fucked up and it was all his fault. He shoved his hands in his pockets. “M’sorry. I’ll go.”
She let tears fall down her cheeks and she swallowed the hundreds of emotions threatening to escape her lungs in one giant scream. “Thank you.”
Harry had to return to his apartment where Niall was watching a football game on TV. “She didn’t like you?” Niall smirked.
“Ni,” he shook his head. “It was so bad,” he told him.
Niall turned to look at his friend whose hair was disheveled from tugging and pulling his hand through it for the last twenty minutes. His skin looked pale, and he simply didn’t look like the excited friend Niall saw leave the apartment just under an hour ago. “You look like you saw a ghost.” Harry sat in one of the armchairs in the room and he hung his head. He explained the whole scene. Every detail. Every insult. “That’s fucked up,” Niall blinked in surprise. “Poor thing.”
Harry nodded. He was still speechless and unsure of what to do. “I wanted t’see her,” he murmured.
“I know,” Niall answered. “Maybe let things cool off a bit,” he shrugged.
Harry nodded again. There wasn’t much else he could do.
Harry wanted to know how long he had to let things cool. He wanted to see her the very next day and he was lucky he had work and classes to distract him, or he might have marched right back to their apartment. The guilt wracked him totally and completely. She lost her best friend and Harry was at fault.
Maybe she shouldn’t have been her best friend—and Harry did her a favor, but it was still going to hurt her, and Harry knew that it would hurt for a while. Fortunately, as he was exiting his class, he saw Sarah. “Sarah!” He shouted.
People turned to look at him like he was crazy. She shook her head and kept walking. “Harry, I’ll be late,” she said when he hurried to her side. “I don’t have time for this. There’s a lot—”
“Sarah, please,” he begged. “I’ll walk with you.”
“It’s all the way across campus.”
“I don’t care.” She sighed and shrugged. Harry fell in step beside her. “Is she okay?”
“Which one?” She snorted.
He exhaled deeply. “Sarah.”
“She’s fine. She’s moving out as soon as she can. Just needs to find a place. It’s hard when it’s mid semester.” Harry wanted to let her move into his place with Niall immediately. “Why didn’t you tell me who’s number you wanted?”
“I thought y’knew, Sarah! It was obvious t’me that I couldn’t stop staring at her every time we were all out.”
Sarah sucked her lip into her mouth. That was true. She didn’t know. It was an assumption, a horrible, cruel assumption. “I’m sorry,” Sarah whispered.
“S’not your fault,” he sighed dragging his hand through his hair again. “Can I please have her number?”
She snorted. “Harry, you can’t be serious.”
“I have t’talk to her,” he mumbled. “Sarah, she’s not any of those things she said. I want to see her. She’s lovely and she deserves to know that,” he told her.
“Harry she’s been screwed over so many times being friends with her. She’s always overlooked by guys and she’s so hard on herself. This broke her heart worse than all that. This was her best friend.”
“I know.”
“You seriously want to insert yourself into this,” she said.
“Sarah, I...” he swallowed. “I really like her.”
Sarah stopped walking amongst all the others hurrying to class. She stared at Harry. “You cannot break her heart.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
The car ride was quiet as can be. The music was softly playing—some gentle playlist Harry made to relax at night or while he was studying. It seemed fitting to use it with her when he wanted to keep it light and airy between them. “This new place has a bunch of comfort food on the menu,” he said. “Supposed to be really good.”
She smiled nervously. “Yeah, I looked it up, it looks good.”
Harry’s heart was thrumming anxiously but he was so happy she agreed to see him. It took a lot of texts and several weeks—especially since she had to find a new place to live. But her new roommate seemed nice. They weren’t the best of friends but that was okay.
“Love,” he said gently.
“Yeah?” She whispered. It was amazing how quickly she responded to the sweet name for her. Her face felt hot.
“You look beautiful.”
Now her face was hot. “Thank you,” she said softly. “You look great. You always do.”
He smirked. “Thank you, kitten.”
There was a comfortable silence again. It felt easy. Harry remembered when he was little and asking his mum all about love when he would know. Most people think it’s about butterflies—and it is. But eventually, you’ll find the butterflies stop and you’ll just feel warm and safe.
He never understood that. He was always too young and too quick to fall for a girl.
Except now he was sitting next to someone that made him feel warm and at ease. He cleared his throat despite the comfortable silence. He wanted to talk to her, and it seemed like a long time to go without talking on a date anyway. “I know s’a bit awkward...d’you like your new roommate?” He asked.
“Mmm...I don’t think we’ll be best of friends. But she’s very nice.”
“That’s good. Y’deserve t’be surrounded by people who are nice t’you.”
She felt flushed again. “It’s...it’s really nice to be going out with you.”
She nodded. “I’m very happy you asked me out,” she whispered it like it was a secret. “I’m not usually noticed.”
“Love, you’re the only one I noticed,” he assured her. He reached over and squeezed her knee gently before returning his hand to the steering wheel. “I feel horrible ‘bout the last time I saw you, but...” he shook his head and smiled. “I can’t take my eyes off you,” he promised.
She smiled at her lap and bit her lip. All the times she was looked over for one reason or another: she wasn’t drinking, she wasn’t skinny, she had a funny laugh, or because she was speaking her mind—they all spun through her head. It broke her heart over and over all those years. She spent nights and nights wondering what was wrong with her. Writing in journals about how she never wanted to be in love because it was too much heartbreak, and she hadn’t even been in love yet.
But here was Harry. Harry with his perfectly coifed curls and his gorgeous smile. His deep slow voice and the gentle squeeze of his hand on her knee. He was first and foremost so kind. He was the only one that followed her lead at dinner in stacking the plates for the waitstaff. Whenever there were Uber’s involved, he always made sure their group of friends had one sober party in attendance. Harry was the first one to check in with someone that wasn’t with the group and always looked for missing items at the end of the night without fail.
He noticed her. When he could have noticed any of the other girls they hung out with and when he nearly went on a date with the wrong girl, he still thought of her.
“This...has never happened to me before.”
“Y’better get used to it, kitten,” he said softly.
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hsgucci94 · 3 days
Pre-show nerves
A/N: another European league tour scenario :’) hope you like it! x
Tumblr media
"Hey," Y/N softly spoke, walking into the room.
As soon as Harry Lambert saw her, he left Harry's side and walked out of the door, flashing her a smile before doing so. She walked over to where he was standing, hugging him from behind and resting her head against his back only after leaving a kiss on one of his shoulders. She couldn't reach any further than that, at least not without getting on her tiptoes.
Harry put his hands on top of hers, allowing himself to close his eyes the moment he felt her touch. "Thank you," he murmured, his voice showing how nervous he was.
"No need to thank me, H," she tightened the grip around his chest, letting him know she wouldn't let go until he wanted her to.
Harry then grabbed her hands in his and broke the hug just so he could turn around and face her. He gulped, his hands shaking a bit while holding her.
"It's okay to be nervous. It's okay to feel anxious. But those are just feelings, okay? They're temporary, and they don't define you, baby," she reminded him, while her eyes were still fixed on his.
He nodded, a small smile starting to make its way through his slightly pale countenance.
"It's just... It's Wembley, Y/N," he gulped.
"I know," she proudly smiled at him, "You played here before. Not on your own, though, but you've already been on that stage. And back then you smashed it, so I'm sure you'll do it this time as well."
"You think too highly of me, I swear,” he giggled, bringing her closer to him.
"No, I don't,” she replied, "I just know what you're capable of. And letting them all starstruck tonight is definitely something you'll do."
He nodded again, his body still a bit tense. 20 more minutes and he'd be out on that stage, facing around 60,000 people that were there just to watch him perform. Him feeling uneasy was an understanding.
"You know what we can do to calm you down?,” Y/N rose her eyebrows, and he immediately chuckled.
"Makeout session? Really?,” he replied, as if he could read her mind. They knew each other so well sometimes it did feel like the could know what the other was thinking.
"I mean, it worked back in the day, so why wouldn't it now, too?," she bit her lip. He shook his head, blushing a bit just as flashbacks came to his mind.
"We're not 20 anymore, love."
"And that's why it'll be more fun now," she giggled, "So, what'd you say?"
He didn't respond. Instead, he grabbed her hand and walked them both to the couch, making sure he sat first so that she would straddle him. "I'd have to be out of my mind to actually turn down any chance of kissing you," he murmured against her mouth, his hands now inside the back pockets of her jeans.
Y/N smiled, passing her arms around his shoulders, and pressed their lips together, making him close his eyes in pleasure. Soon their tongues were involved, making him moan mid-kiss. Ten minutes later, Jeff knocked on the door and let Harry know he had to be backstage in five, so their kissing session had to be stopped right there and then, much to their disgrace.
"Did it work?" she asked him, looking at his slightly swollen lips as she carefully passed her thumb over them.
"It always does," he smiled and kissed her on the lips one more time.
They walked hand in hand down the hallway, her caressing the front of his hand with her thumb to erase the remaining nerves she knew he was experiencing the more they approached the stage.
"Will you be watching from here?" he asked her the moment they reached their final destination.
"Of course,” she smiled at him, "If you feel extra anxious just turn around and you'll find me in this same spot."
"Thank you, love," he murmured.
He then started walking over to the stage, his back to her, but she just couldn't let him go out to the audience just like that.
"Harry?" she called him, making him turn around, "I'm so fucking proud of you."
His face lightened up, his eyes sparkling. Even from afar she could still notice the way his eyes were starting to get watery.
"I love you," he replied, blowing her a kiss.
"More, pretty boy.”
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jadeittic · 3 days
HS + Y/I: 2022 (SERIES)
PART SIX (REMAKE) -- ive been procrastinating a lot this yr so i guess we're back on track with hs + y/i
WARNINGS: are ig comments even warnings anymore 😭-- and there will be new uses of face claims.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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celebnews YN LN spotted in Glasgow, UK for upcoming first collaboration tour with Harry Styles.
view all 1,754 comments
username my girl looks so majestic i cant
username im hyperventilating just at the thought of her someone help me
username i havent moved on from her last tour now shes back. AND WITH HARRY TOO.
username ive gotten my tickets. IVE GOTTEN MY TICKETS.
username im so not jumping, blushing, twirling my hair at the sight of her rn
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram pov: im so fucking nervous i can barely stand still so heres a pic
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anthonymackie Super disappointed in ourselves because we can't see you on your first ever collaboration tour. You're growing up, young lady. Don't you forget about us.
username i love them sm my heartjsheufs
yourinstagram will do mr. mackie! make sure to stop by next time :))
username already feeling like im abt to pass out and i havent seen them yet
yourinstagram u dk how much i want you to be here rn ;((
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username holy shit holy shit holy shit am i still breathing
username so fucking proud to say i was there. i was in the first show of hs + y/i.
username i loved the moments where they were trying to communicate but the crowd was too loud
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harryxyn no explanations needed. just tears
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username i couldnt believe i was even there omg i thought it was all a dream
username my life is complete.
username 2/6 :(
username i cant stop rewatching the videos i recorded :(((((( i already miss them sm
username i cant MOVE ON
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harrystyles I am so proud of my girl who I call a sister from another mister. She doesn’t have any idea how much she means to me. You are loved, YN LN. (By me which who loves you the most.) You deserve the world. Thank you for being there always. It’s always us against the world.
HS + Y/I. Glasgow. June, 2022.
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username “its always us against the world” I CANT BREATHE IM IN TEARS
username 😭😭😭😭😭
username two words. in. tears.
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yourinstagram should i even explain? this idiot has been with me for as long as i remember. god, i can’t even remember when i agreed to go on tour with him (kidding, kidding). you are the most talented, funniest, hell, i even have to say handsome person to feed your ego. you are one of the best people to have happened in my life. it’s always us against the world.
thank you glasgow for being our first ever crowd for hs + y/i — its great to be back again! ❤
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username i have no words to say anymore this is so sweet
username oh??? my??? god??? ive missed them so much i didnt realise it
imsebastianstan She’s been crying about his message the whole time we’ve been drinking.
username i will literally have “its always is against the world” tattooed on me soon
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mitchrowland Don’t be fooled by the internet, kids. These two have been searching up ways to steal my guitar without me noticing for the past hour.
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username it is wdym
username ‼protect mitch rowland from ynrry‼
username now this is what we call bonding
yourinstagram shush youre spoiling our plan
username the way id help them username
ynrry world domination
yourinstagram no thanks
username thank you for this update mitch
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harrystyles Girls can kiss now.
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username my fav girl with my fav book
username does this mean something…
username yn are you kissing other girls that arent me >:(
yourinstagram im sorry...i can explain
username if girls can kiss now… im free…
username theyve never read a book seriously beforehrdgd this post means sm to me now
username my day has been so much better since this photo
username MY WOMANNNN
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twostepstyless · 1 day
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Okay here goes…
INTRODUCING… my 2022 Advent Calendar. Starting December 1st enjoy a new piece of writing from me every. single. day. until Christmas Day. I don’t really know why I’m doing this to myself but here we are. I’m trying to get better at posting writing more frequently and this is sort of forcing myself to do that. So join me at 9pm GMT every single day for a new piece. We will have a mix of one-shots, blurbs, concepts (at least one smut piece thrown in for good measure) all with a festive theme to get us through the season. The writings will work whether you read every single day or drop in and out throughout the month, you won’t miss any plot points if you miss a day, they’ll all work as standalone pieces too !! This Advent Calendar masterlist will be updated daily for the new piece and will be pinned at the top of my blog for the duration <3
Door number 1 will be opened Thursday December 1st at 9pm GMT - I suppose I better start typing
My Full Masterlist
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Read my full Masterlist
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harry-on-broadway · 2 days
Harry-on-Broadway Fic Challenge Story List
Tumblr media
As promised, here’s a running list of all of the wonderful stories written as part of this challenge. A big thank you to everyone who has already shared their writing and a heads up that if you’re still working on something, fear not, as this list will be updated in the coming weeks. Happy reading!
wiped out ! - prey by @harryscerise
Love Aged Like Fine Wine by @harrygoeswest​
Something Old by @didhewinkback​ 
No Good Alone by @oh-honey-styles​ 
Dust Off the High by @andwhenshesays​
Harryween 2022 by @be-with-me-so-happily​ 
Hopelessly Devoted by @harry-on-broadway​
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....Back on my Bullshit
Here’s a snippet of what Poppy has been posting on instagram in the last few months 
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poppystyles: Euro Summer has been an absolute blast. We’ve had our ups and downs, touring with three kids, but they’ve adapted to life on the road better than we have. On stage, you would never guess that Harry has been surviving on three hours sleep and a whole lot of caffeine, but we have had the most delusional, tired, fun over the last few months, it’s certainly a summer we will never forget. Love on Tour: The Residency Edition will be a welcome change.
fan1: Is he wearing a shirt with his own picture on it?
fan2: Stop pretending you’re doing it without help
lookitsnyoh: 🇺🇸 here we come!
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poppystyles: Absolutley obsesssed with these two squishes 
gemmastyles: I miss the squish 😍
fan1: stop they are divine 🥰
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poppystyles: I only creep on the pre show workouts sometimes……
harrystyles: you could join….
fan1: I’ll join you @ harrystyles
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poppystyles: “Will I look like daddy with my new hair?”
annetwist: Way more handsome 😍 missing you all xx
fan1: Harry’s not his dad…. So no.
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poppystyles: I can’t count how many times I’ve said that I couldn’t be any prouder of this man, but he keeps proving me wrong and making me prouder and prouder. Years ago 1 night at MSG seemed out of reach, a wild dream. And here we are, after 15 sold out shows, dreaming bigger and bigger everyday
thegarden: The Styles are always welcome back to Harry’s House 🏠 (MSG)
fan1: Forever proud of him
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poppystyles: Can’t believe my babies are both one now. Born three weeks apart my pseudo twins made this family whole, and brought so much joy and love into our lives. Blake, Oscar, we can’t wait to see what this life holds for you.
gemmastyles: Precious babies, I miss them 😍
fan1: How has it been a whole year already
fan2: Where’s the Harry with kids content we follow you for?
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poppystyles: Danny costume stays on…..
mitchrowland: gross 🤮
fan1: Mood
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poppystyles: Golf Dad, but with glitter
thekiaforum: Just keep running 🏃‍♀️
jefezoff: Fabulous Golf Dad
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harrysfolklore · 4 hours
Yaaaas to the photographer blurb!!
here it is ! photographer!yn and harry’s first meeting <3 this is also my entry for @harry-on-broadway’s writing challenge !! the dialogue i picked is in bold 💖💖 hope you like this
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated ! | SUBSCRIBE TO MY PATREON
Tumblr media
Life could take crazy turns sometimes.
And as YN arrived to the location where she was going to shoot the latest cover for Rolling Stone magazine, the only thing she could think about was how her life was about to change forever.
It wasn't just any magazine cover, it was Rolling Stone's first ever global cover, and the person on it was no other than the world's most wanted man, Harry Styles.
It was safe to say that she was very shocked when she got the email inviting her to be the person behind the camera for the occasion, and she was even more gobsmacked when she found out that Harry himself suggested that she was the ideal person to shoot his cover.
Turns out, Harry found out about her through his photographer and friend Anthony Pham, and ever since he saw her pictures he knew he needed to work with her.
And he didn't want to admit it yet, but he thought she was absolutely gorgeous.
Taking a deep breath and with her camera gear in hand, YN approached the group of people gathered in the location getting everything ready for the shoot, and she felt a bit of relief when she spotted Harry Lambert, someone who she knew and had worked with in the past.
"YN, you're here ! I was waiting for you." Lambert said as he bend down a little to give her a hug as a greeting, YN hugging him back and her nerves calming down a bit already.
"It's so good to see you again, Lambert. But I'm not late am I?" being late was one of YN's biggest pet peeves and the mention of Lambert waiting for her sent alarms to her brain.
"Oh no dear, you're not, I was just eager to show you the looks we picked for the shoot. Who's actually quite late is our boy Harry, which is rare for him." and before you could reply, a voice made both of you turn around.
"Come on Lamby, don't go around putting on a bad word for me." Harry said as he walked in, wearing comfortable clothes and with a cup of coffee in hand, his manager Jeffrey following behind.
"What can I say sue, the first impression is the one that matters." they joked around and YN coulnd't help but smile a bit, she could tell they were a great group of friends and not just coworkers.
However, YN's smile turned into a nervous expression when she noticed Harry approaching her.
"Hello, I'm Harry, It's so nice to finally meet you." YN thought it was quite endearing how he introduced himself by name even thought she was pretty sure everyone in the world knew it, and she allowed herself to stare at his eyes for a second before introducing herself.
"I'm YN, and It's really nice to meet you too, I was so eager to work with you." she said and a smile made its way to both of their faces. YN had worked with celebrities in the past and most of them were entitled, with a preppy attitude and overall rude for no reason, Harry however, gave her a warm and friendly vibe, he was someone down to earth and that was easy to tell.
"Harry! Time for clothes and makeup!" his manager called out for him and that was their cue to go their own ways, YN knew already this was going to be her best shooting.
A couple hours had passed and the shooting was going smoothly, they had moved to different locations and Harry had changed clothes multiple times.
YN found out that Harry was a great person to work with and he was easy to direct, on top of that he was really friendly and kept making conversation all the time.
Or more like, he kept teasing YN because according to him "she is really tiny and It's adorable how she carries her big cameras around", it was safe to say that YN's cheeks were constantly blushing.
"You know, I feel like I'm going to love this photoshoot so much to the point it will become my favorite." Harry said after a couple of flashes were snapped, a red and white jumpsuit whit a yellow cardigan adorning his body, he picked a flower that was laying around and decided to use it as a prob for the pictures.
"I mean, that would make me feel really accomplished" YN snapped a couple more pictures, she enjoyed capturing spontaneous moments when people in front of the camera where being their natural selves.
"You don't need my validation to feel proud of yourself though, you're an amazing photographer" he said as he posed of YN's camera, and she was glad the device was covering her face and he couldn't see her cheeks blushing once again.
"Thank you Harry, that's very nice of you" YN told him sincerely, and when she caught a glimpse of his eyes, she knew he had something on his mind that he was yet to tell her.
"You know, my current tour photographer needs to take a break to take care of some family stuff," he cautiously began, "And I'm going to need someone who can take his place, I know you did some tour photography before the pandemic, if you don't have any upcoming projects scheduled, I would be thrilled to have you on the road" and YN was completely taken back by the offer, not expecting to end the day with a new job opportunity, and a huge one.
Even though YN knew taking this opportunity would be life changing for her, she couldn't help but let intrusive thoughts cloud her head, "I mean, I'm really flattered for the offer, but I'm not sure if I'm the ideal person for the job," she hid behind her camera again, feeling slightly embarrassed all of the sudden.
"Of course you are, I wouldn't be offering you the job if I didn't think you were," he said and before the photographer could protest, he spoke again, "Besides, if you're not sure about all the traveling, we're doing residencies this time," YN could tell that he really wanted her to take the offer, and she knew she wanted too, but the little voice on his head was not on her side as usual.
"Look Harry, I'm really grateful for the offer and I know it'll be a great opportunity for me, but I need to meditate it a bit before I make a decision, okay?" and YN could see a small smile on his face caused by her response.
"Okay, but I'm not going down without a fight, just so you know!" he pointed the flower on his hand at her before, causing both to laugh before YN focused on photographing him again.
Another hour had passed and the photoshoot was successfully wrapped up, many crew members had said their goodbyes already and YN was putting away her camera equipment when Harry approached her again.
"So, have you made your mind up about the tour photographer position?" he told her with a mischievous expression, he wasn't lying with his previous statement about not going down without a fight, he had been mentioning the wonders about the job and persuading YN to take it at least every 15 minutes.
"You're really persistent, aren't you?" YN said as she put her backpack on her shoulder, a small smile on her own appearing on her face.
“I’ll take that as a compliment” and even thought YN completely missed the flirtatious tone on his voice, Harry definitely noticed how flustered she suddenly got.
"Look, I'll think about it," and that was enough for Harry to get giddy and excited already, "And I'll give you a reply by the end of the week, okay?" she said as they began to walk together towards where their cars were parked.
"That's wonderful, I can't wait to be tourmates with you, tiny."
taglist: @cucciolafaerie @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @alienorknight @daydreamingofmatilda @sunflowervolume66 @vanteguccir @ivyproblems @ayeshathestyles @stylesmygucci i @gimsaysay @rosaliedepp @dontworrysunflower @milfrrynation @manifestrry @iceebabies @harrystylesrecs @pleasingrryyy @harianaswhore @leadmetogarden @abeanontoast @grapejuice-rry @vrittivsanghavi @msolbesg @tati813 @sad1esgf @ivegotparticulartaste @eviesaurusrex @itsgabbysblog @theekyliepage @gumballavocadoharry @watermelonsugacry @be-with-me-so-happily @a-strange-familiar @reveriehs @musicforcinemas @rafeyyyyy @tinydeskwriter @noooovaaaaa @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mxltifxnd0m @rach2602 @balletdancerry @b-reads-things @juiceboxrry @lomlolivia
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Baby Honey (3.5)
Tumblr media
in which Y/N is maybe not that oblivious, Harry is miserable and everyone is still confused...
[Warning- Harry being an atrocious rage inducing idiot, birthday party, arguing, jealousy, crying, ANGST, abusive parent, mommy issues, a child]
Masterlist \\ Part 3 ig
It was like all the puzzle pieces fell into place. Your head snapped towards your mom and you shook your head violently. "Mom No! You can't do this"
She rubbed her forehead a bit while you and Rohan stood there looking at their respective parents with scrunched-up faces. Your mom suddenly stood up and grabbed your forearm, dragging you out of the room.
"Mom you're hurting me" You tried to get out of her hold but she just tightened it more and yanked you near the stairs.
"Listen to me you brat. I thought I might be a bit generous and introduce you to him but I shouldn't have cause you have to be selfish. Can't you see anyone happy but yourself?" She pushed you back, your back hitting the wall.
"Mom Rohan is my ex, my ex! If you two got married he will be my" You gagged at the thought, "My stepbrother" You said. You tried, you really did to make her see what you were trying to make her understand but she never wanted to.
"I don't care!" She whisper shouts, "you were both like what 13? no one cares about dating at that age." She said clenching her jaw. She took a step near you and you took a step back scared she will hit you.
She got hold of your jaw, fingers digging into your cheeks, "There is no 'if we are getting married' we will get married. Now you will go to your room and stay there until dinner. There is no need of you here" She said leaving your jaw. She fixed her dress and straightened her posture took a deep breath and went back inside.
You heard a concerned voice ask something and you knew who it was. You went to your room upstairs and locked yourself in. You didn't knew how long you stayed in bed staring at the ceiling but it was long enough that you heard your mom's signature flirty laugh and then goodbyes.
The room was slowly dimming as the sun sat. All of the lights in your room were off. A single window near the desk of your tiny room was the only light source.
You felt like a teenager all over again, laying on the bed refusing to talk to your mom after an argument. Usually, during those times your dad would come up to you with your favorite food and talk to you.
No one comes up now.
You sometimes thought about why he left. Did he not care enough? Were you not good enough for him to fight for? Your mom fought for your sister's custody but your dad never did anything.
You didn't even realize you were silently crying until your phone chimed and you couldn't see anything. It was Harry who had messaged you which made you cry harder cause all you wanted was to pack your bags and run back to him. You didn't care about anything other than wanting him to hold you at that point.
You opened the message it was a picture of Flynn snuggled into Harry's chest but what caught your eye was the dark green jumper he was wearing. It was yours. Another message came and you had to remind yourself it was dangerous driving back at this time.
H: He doesn't go to sleep unless I wear your clothes. He misses you :(
You thought he was being cruel, the whole world was being cruel. Flynn was your weakness, he knew that. There were times when he would call you Flynn's mom and your heart would skip a beat. God, you wanted him so bad.
You: I miss him too :(
H: Only him?
You left him at seen.
There was a knock on your bedroom door. Reluctantly you got up from your bed and unlocked the door seeing Bella standing there with dinner.
"I knew your stubborn ass wouldn't come downstairs so I brought food up" She said pushing past you. She laid down multiple napkins on the bed and then put down the plate.
You closed the door and walked back to bed. She sat down in front of you and removed the plate, "Pasta?" You looked up knowing damn well your mom didn't make it.
"Mum made fish by accident so, I made pasta for you and I knew it would lift your grumpy mood" She said flicking your nose cutely. You pouted as smile threatened on your lips.
Truth was Bella had to make pasta cause their mom didn't even knew you were allergic to fish. She many times asked her why she didn't bother about you at the end of day you were her daughter, what could you have possibly done? Answer was nothing.
It was always the same answer by her, "I can't see her as mine, can't connect with her". It hurt her to see you, her little sister go through everything you had to go
She fed you while you scrolled through Netflix trying to select a movie. "Ohh let's watch twilight again" You said excitedly clapping your hands. "Not that please, I think I have watched it million times" Bella groaned.
"You sound exactly like H." You said rolling your eyes and laughing, "He gets so dramatic whenever I suggest watching twilight but then he sits there not removing his eyes off the scre-" You cut yourself off when you realized what you were saying. The laughter died down and the feeling crept back up.
Bella sighed and put aside the half-empty plate. She took both of your hands in hers squeezing them, you looked up at her through your lashes.
"Talk to me" She said. "What about? I'm fine" You scoffed taking your hands out of her hold but she didn't budge.
"Y/N" She warned, "Come one, let's start with the thing in front of us. What was that in the morning?" She pressed you more to talk.
"It was nothing! I just said it's fucking weird to have your ex as stepbrother" You said loudly making her flinch for a second.
"I think we both know you can't give two shits about Rohan being your "stepbrother"." She rolled her eyes making you pout more like a petulant child.
"He was my first kiss alright. It's weird" You said sounding less and less convincing as time went. They always did this, her and Harry making you spill words out like vomit. And there you went thinking about Harry again.
"What it sounds like to me is that you saw Rohan, took your past relationship with him up as the object of ire, and went along with it" She raised her eyebrows cockily knowing she was right. You sighed and fell back on the bed minding the plate.
"What are you my therapist?" you rolled your eyes.
"I just-" You rubbed your face, "She just throws stuff on our faces whenever it's convenient for her and then expects us to accept it happily" You started speaking, words vomiting out before you could think.
"The engagement, her moving, the divo-"
"Y/N it's been almost seven years. You have to move on" She said sadly. You sat up quickly and looked back at her with an irritated expression.
"I can't! I can't move on from constantly seeing and hearing them fighting. I can't move on from them fighting over you forgetting about me like I didn't exist! I can't forget about dad leaving without saying anything. I can't forget always being everyone's second choice!"
"You got the loving parents, you got mom's support, you got to be the precious golden child. What did I get? The one person that was there for left cause of her!"
You got up from bed and went inside the ensuite locking yourself in. You fell to your knees as soon as the click sounded, the cold tiles against your hot skin sent goosebumps throughout your body. You cried your eyes out as much as you could. Heaving for breath, ruined lipstick from constantly wiping your nose and lips, your mascara streaks on your cheeks, you were mess. But finally it felt good, light, numb.
It was your last day at your mom's house you woke up early and got ready for the day. You wanted to stroll around a bit look at how things have changed and then go back to your home. You sneaked downstairs into the kitchen and made yourself a toast.
The breeze was cold when you sat on the back porch eating toast. It was a bit cloudy but it looked like the sun will be out. You planned your outfit in your head as you finished breakfast. You shivered slightly when a particular cold breeze hit your bare arms and you quickly scrambled inside.
No one bothered you the whole morning which you were happy about. Your mom in her pride did not talk to you and your sister was doing her office work from far. You did apologize to her and told her you were going out but she didn't mind she knew you didn't mean harm.
By the time you got out of the house, it was almost noon. You took your camera with you so you could film along with enjoying the outdoors. You had to get back to your schedule and get your shit together.
You were filming in the park where some elderly were sitting chatting and some kids playing football when your phone chimed. It was from an unknown no.
Unknown: Meet us near the lake
You realized who it was. There was a small lake near your high school. You and your friends used to hang out near the large rock near it. Chatting, fighting, sometimes getting high, it was there you first tried alcohol after Ashton sneaked it from his parents.
The lake wasn't far from the park just five minutes walk and you could see the tight curly hair of Ashton.
"Hey guys" You cheered, immediately getting engulfed into hug by Ash. "Jesus mate I will suffocate" You laughed but hugged back. He swayed you both back and forth and then pulled back.
"Hey, there are others here also" You heard a soft voice call from behind him. Looking over his shoulder you saw Serra and Rohan standing.
You ran towards her and hugged her also, laughing and jumping. Serra was your friend you could count on, even after she moved away and you moved away she didn't let you go. Not like you talked every day but still there was communication.
"God I missed you so much" She said pulling back from the hug. "And you're prettier in person" She whined making you blush and laugh.
"Oh shut up. Have you seen yourself" You said returning the same enthusiasm as hers.
"If you both want to make out please do it somewhere else" Ashton screamed from near the rock where Rohan was. "It's kind of gross to kiss your stepsister though" He said making everyone laugh but you.
"Come on" she said tugging you towards the boys. All four of you sat down on the uncomfortable foldable chair and started chatting catching up on everything they have missed.
It was nice catching up with your old friends until Harry was brought up as a topic.
"How's your boyfriend doing eh?" Ashton raised his eyebrows teasingly. Let be any other time you would have laughed but your face hardened.
"I don't have a boyfriend" You rolled your eyes at him.
"Come on I watch your videos you can let us in on your little secret." He said wiggling his eyebrows not taking a hint. Ash has always been a nosy nancy making everyone's business his.
"He is not my boyfriend alright? He has someone else" You said a bit louder than you should have but it felt like the past days everyone has been testing your patience.
Ashton shut his mouth up and you felt guilt creeping up when his smile dropped. "It's alright he's just being his nosy self" Serra said running her hand up and down your back.
"Yeah forget it you don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever." He said and the conversation came back to normal. Serra and Ash arguing over something stupid while you and Rohan sat in silence.
You looked at him for the first time coming there. He was in a yellow jumper with a black coat over it, his brown hair messy and his eyes already on yours.
"You have gone very silent over these years" you finally said. "Well when someone doesn't acknowledge your presence what are you supposed to do?" He said raising an eyebrow.
"So how have you been? Heard you took over your dad's business whole young CEO and all" You asked making him laugh. "Someone is keeping tabs on me" He replied. You shrugged not necessarily denying it. You kept tabs on everyone just him a bit more. You kept it secretive enough to not make it look creepy.
"Yeah completed college dad pushed me straight into office. I was wondering why he was so eager but I guess now I know" He said letting out a dry chuckle.
"He didn't tell you?" You asked. "Nah. Not necessarily having a very son-father relationship it's just business. Serra doesn't even talk to him" he replied shrugging, you nodded in reply not having anything else to say.
There sat an uncomfortable silence between you two not necessarily for any reason just cause you both didn't know what to say.
"You know that a person can see when someone watches their live right?" You finally asked him after a moment.
He laughed his face heating up. "I was curious okay? Serra won't stop talking and I just thought I might check what you been up to" He said looking at Serra who was now about to jump in freezing lake.
"She has a major crush on your best friend you know" Rohan said finally looking at you. Your eyes widened, "Yeah, but not I want to be with you crush more of a he's so cool I love him type crush you know" He added.
"He's pretty cool. I don't think there can be a person who gets to know him and does not fall in love with him in some way. He has a charm to him, an attraction that pulls you toward him wanting to know more about him even if he's just a stranger walking down the street."
When she looked back at him, Rohan was looking at her with weird smile.
"What?" You asked him confused.
"Nothing. Just don't make the same mistake you made with me" He said getting up and pulling down his sunglasses.
"What?" You asked again very much confused.
"Letting your pride come in middle and then losing your chance" He said looking over his shoulder. You watched with parted lips as he walked towards Serra and Ash.
You didn't think he would still remember it. Rohan and your relationship if you can call that was weird, seeing as you both were very young. He was your first kiss and you were his, it was just two new teenagers sneaking around kissing messily not knowing what they were doing you were fine with that but then you heard the news of him moving away and it hurt. He asked you out but you turned him down for the sole reason to show that you didn't care. You did though and it hurt a lot.
He finally stopped the duo from jumping into the cold lake and from what you could tell from afar was giving them a lecture.
"Babe we're matching! We have to get a pic" Ashton exclaimed walking over to you and you couldn't say no.
When it was time to go back home you were exhausted but also excited. You thought about what Rohan had said and you decided to talk things out with Harry once you reach back home. You couldn't wait to go home and meet him and Flynn.
You excitedly invited all of them to your birthday party which was in few days.
You were walking home along with Serra and Rohan, her talking both of your ears off but you didn't care.
Once you reached in front of your mom's house your rental was gone. You looked around as if it would hide behind trees and bushes.
"Bella took it" You hear voice looking up you see your mom leaning down from your room window.
"What are you doing in my room?" You asked seeing her sigh. "It's my house I can be wherever I want to be and I use your closet as storage" she deadpanned and went back inside.
"How the fuck am I supposed to get back now?" You asked no one else but yourself. For some time you forgot two more people were standing there noticing the interaction.
"We can drop you home" Serra said bringing you out of your thoughts. You turned to look at her and smiled at her sincere expression.
"Won't be necessary I will figure something out" You tried to assure her but she just scoffed and took out her phone.
"Nonsense. I'm texting Aaron right now to bring the car here, go get your bags" She said and walked away. You turned to look at Rohan and he had the same expression.
"Come on a road trip with us is not that bad" He teased making you roll your eyes. You went inside and packed the rest of your things and went back outside. Seeing a slick black Maserati standing outside, sometimes you forget they are rich rich and it wasn't a big deal for them while your mouth was agape.
"C'mon get inside" Rohan said holding the door open for you. He took the bag from you as you slid in the back seat.
"You're telling me you have a whole ass kid?" You looked at Rohan shocked.
"Yes Y/N I have a whole ass kid" He chuckled shaking his head mocking your word.
"Wow. How though?" You asked still in shock. Rohan has always been a responsible one so his having an accidental kid at 19 was the last thing you expected and he also didn't have any ring on his hand so, you didn't think he was married.
"Do I need to explain how kids are made?" He cocked an eyebrow at you. Your face scrunched up and you swatted his arm. It was pretty shocking when Rohan said he needs to pick up his son from his mom's. At first I thought it was exaggeration of having pet but then you saw him carrying a sleeping 4 year old and you were sure you looked like goldfish.
"Someone's awake" You heard Serra speak from the backseat. You looked over your shoulder and saw Rohil blink open his eyes and look around. His eyes met Serra's, he gave her a big smile giggling but that stopped when his eyes met yours. Instead his eyes widened first and then he got shy.
"Ro baby why don't you say hi to Y/N? She's our friend" Rohan told him sweetly. He gave you a shy smile and a little wave, "Hi, I Rohi" he said his M and L getting lost.
"Hi Rohil, I'm Y/N" You told him with a big smile which got him shy and he looked away. You turned and looked at his dad, "Rohan I might steal your child be aware." You sighed looking at the child from mirror talking to his aunty.
"Dadda" He called him getting a hmm in reply, "Need to pee" He whispered like anyone else in the car wouldn't hear him.
"My house is close you can take him there" You said getting an agreement from everyone. You unlocked your phone telling your sister that you were about to reach home when you saw notification from Harry's account both insta and youtube.
It was a song, not a cover a song which wasn't unusual Harry has recorded some songs but he usually sticks to covers. You decided to listen to the song after you reached your apartment and saw the post. The lyrics caught your eye or the most highlighted name 'Baby Honey', the weird nickname Harry called you. If it was used in a nice context maybe you have liked it but no, it made you look like some kind of gold digger.
"Oh! I know he's got the money, Baby Honey does he make you night?" what the fuck that supposed to mean?
"Are you alright?" Rohan asked from beside you, you gave him a nod and locked your phone sliding it back inside your pocket. "We have arrived" he said.
Everyone went upstairs to your apartment, Ro babbling about something to his dad, everything was muffled to you, you were in your brain and the only thing that seemed to be in your brain was Harry. Rohan gasped and turned to you making you come out of the daze you were in. You smiled and turned to them, "What?" You asked. Rohan smirked and turned to his son, "Someone thinks you're pretty" he stretched the y in a teasing tone making Ro hide his face in his dad's neck.
You and Serra laughed and cooed at the small child. A four-year-old called you pretty? you don't need any other validation.
"I think you're really pretty too Ro" You cooed at him making the child smile shyly. You unlocked your door and put down the bags, Rohan took Ro to the washroom after asking you for directions.
"Want something S? Water, snacks, juice?" You asked, "Water please" She said with a smile. Father and son duo was back again sitting on the couch, you brought water and some snacks for all of them.
"What do you want little guy? What's your favorite?" You ask swatting down to his level. You see him thinking in his little brain letting out a long hm.
"Can I have strawberries please?" He asks looking up at you sweetly, you chuckle and stand up, "Of course! Want me to cut them certain way?" you ask him. He looks up at his father and see him giving a small nod and shrug, "Can you cut them in hearts?" He asks politely and your ovaries were screaming. He was so sweet, polite and the cutest kid you have seen.
"Coming right at ya champ" You ruffled his hair making him giggle. Serra came to help you with it and in no time everyone is sitting on the couch with Ro in Rohan's lap beside you and Serra beside him.
Everyone shows their feelings in a different way, some yell, some shut off, and some cry their heart out but Harry writes whatever he's feeling. The pain, anger, jealousy everything he tries to transfer to thin sheets of paper in his journal and make it a melody.
He just took it far by posting it and now he was regretting it. He was panicking, he was a mess.
He was drinking his misery off when his doorbell rang. For a hopeful minute, he thought it might be you but after what he did he wasn't sure it was you. He still opened the door with hopefulness but as his brain told it wasn't you.
"Hey baby" She exclaimed pushing past him inside. "Is your phone broken? You weren't answering my texts and calls so, I thought I would just visit you" She exclaimed putting down her bag. Harry rubbed his forehead in annoyance.
"Steph when someone doesn't answer your text and calls you should take a hint and realize they don't want to talk to you" He said, his voice full of annoyance with a bit slurring cause of drinks.
"So you were blowing me off? It just it isn't it? Fuck me and leave me alone. You always do this, even when we broke up you just came we had sex and you were like "I can't do this anymore". Such a dick you're." She said angrily picking up her bag and moving towards the door. Meanwhile Harry just stood their with his eyes trained on the floor.
"You know Harry if you love her so muchstop doing this shit" she looked back at him.
"What?" He asked.
"Leading her on. Cause sometimes it might not look like it but you are the problem most times" and with that she shuts the door loudly making his photoframe fall down. Harry flinches and sighs, he picks up broom and gloves and starts picking up pieces of glasses.
After picking up all the mess he stands up, his eyes noticing the yellow envelope with a certain label on it. He quickly throws away the trash and opens the letter just to find rejection again.
It was letter from the label he tried to get but they refused saying it wasn't up to their style. Ironic.
Harry slid down against the wall as a sob broke through him. He brought his knees up and leaned his head down holding himself.
A wet lick on his hands made him look to the side, seeing Flynn sitting looking up at him sadly. He picked thr small dog up and cuddled him which he returned with more kisses making Harry laugh.
Maybe he fucked up but he still had Flynn and that was enough.
You were taking shower after everyone had left cause that's the only place you could think.
It seemed as if the only person you could think of was Harry. He was constantly on your mind, an unhealthy amount but you guessed that's what happens when you fall in love. You get the butterflies and serotonin but also kind of lose your sanity and actuality.
You could never understand him, maybe that's what attracted you to him. Your daddy issues run deep anyway. He would leave you for someone else so many times and yet you would go back and hold him so he could sleep cause he had a hard day, take care of him when he's sick when he never thought twice before leaving you. You stucked to the good part leaving all bad behind.
He would sometimes write these cute love songs and you loved to pretend it was about you. It certainly fit the description of the person defined in it and sometimes you would curse yourself for falling for his love songs.
But the recent song he wrote hurt. When you and Harry became friends a lot of people accused you of being his friend cause he was more famous and using him to grow your channel. That song felt like a slap to your cheek.
You sighed tired from the mental exhaustion and turned off the shower. You got out and did your skincare routine. Opening the drawer you took out his t-shirt and put it on, his smell engulfed you relaxing your body, and making you fall asleep.
It was week later, you were same. hadn't talked to Harry, neither your mom. You couldn't bring yourself to. You had spent whole day running errands, recording videos. You have just gotten back to your schedule.
It was nearly evening when you finished. You were walking up the stairs hands full of grocery bags. Huffing you were trying to unlock your door to find it already unlocked. You froze thinking someone had broken in, you opened your apartment door silently peeking in to see if someone was in there only to find it pitch dark.
You slid inside the apartment leaving the bags outside and took out your phone to call the emergency number when suddenly all the lights were on and people were screaming in your face.
Everyone shouted and so did you. You let out a high-pitched scream startled by all the people standing in your apartment. You clutched your heart feeling it beat out of your body.
"Are you fu-" You stopped and looked around finding Ro standing there, "dging insane".
All of your friends laughed while you stood with your head in your hands chuckling. "I almost had a heart attack" you laughed. Your sister took you in a hug and that's when you saw her in the dragon outfit and then looked around to find Matt in donkey outfit, Rohan was lord farquad, Ashton was prince charming, Ro was Pinocchio and then there was him as Shrek.
"You costume is in your room get ready fast" Bella told you but your eyes refused to left his. He looked tired, dark circles, tousled hair, that wasn't like Harry. He was the person who goes to get coffee dressed like a model so, at a party he was looking like shit meant it was bad.
You went to your room to get ready, from what you have guessed you were given Princess Fiona. You didn't even know who came up with Shrek theme party but you were grateful whoever did.
Your dress was pretty, it was long and had a slit up to thigh, a corset top off shoulder with puffy sleeves, it was princess Fiona but sexier. You put your hair in braids and a small dainty necklace.
You didn't bother putting on shoes since you were inside and went to the living room. Everyone was talking to each other but your eyes were searching for Harry.
You saw Rohan coming towards you with smile, he gave you a small hug. "I'm sorry I had to bring Ro. It was quite impossible to stop him crying when he heard Y/N and birthday party in same sentence ans couldn't go" He chuckled.
"Oh shut up" You waved him off, "I'm happy that little guy is here, he's so cute. I love him" You said laughing.
While Harry across the room was glaring holes at the side of Rohan's head. You were laughing with him when it should have been him, you were his best friend.
"Stare harder you might actually make holes in his head" Bella spoke beside him. His eyes never left the duo, "I wish I could" He said taking sip of his orange juice.
"Harry" Bella sighed, "You have to stop being an asshole and talk to her" She said now standing in front of him blocking his vision.
"She's the one who's ignoring me!" He whisper shouted making Bella roll her eyes.
"Can you blame her? I was ready to break your bones" She said sassily, "But you have to go and apologize for what you did, I'm tired of seeing both of you running around in circles." She said and walked back to the kitchen.
You felt a small body collide in you. Looking down you saw Ro hugging your leg looking up at you with smile. "Hello little guy" You cooed and picked him up.
"Happy birthday" He exclaimed giggling, his tiny hands holding your face. You smiled the biggest you could and pecked his chubby cheeks, "Thanks buddy"
"I made something for you" he said enthusiastically looking at his dad. Rohan took out a card from his coat pocket. You transferred Ro to your other hand and opened the card seeing a stick figure drawn resembling you with a Happy birthday pretty which you assumed was written by Rohan.
"Thanks Ro I love it" You said kissing all over his face.
"Alright call me if he gets fussy" Rohan said patting Ro's head, you gave him a nod and focused back on the babbling child.
After an hour, you sat down on the couch Ro refusing to leave your lap, his small legs on either side of your waist and his hands in your as you pretended to push him make him fall then pulled him up making him laugh.
In 22 almost 23 years of your life you never thought you would bee having fun playing with a child than drinking your brains off and partying.
"Y/N" Ro called, "Yeah buddy" You replied.
"Will you be my bestie?" He asked his brows scrunched making him more adorable.
"You want me to be?" You asked and saw him nod.
"I don't know mate she's also my bestie" a deep voice spoke taking his attention from you.
"No she's my bestie" He spoke wrapping his arms around you. You laughed at his childishness.
"We can make a deal" Harry said sitting beside you, Ro turned his head still laying against your torso.
"What?" He spoke in small voice and you knew he was about to fall asleep.
"You can become my bestie also then we can all be besties like a group" Harry said softly. Ro looked at him for a few second his small brain comprehending the thing.
"Okay" He said and suggled into you more making you coo at him.
"So I will go first. Hi, I'm Harry" Harry said bringing his hand out to shake. Ro took his large hand in his small ones, "I'm Rohil"
"Nice to meet you Rohil" Harry said smiling.
"Y/N" He called you again.
"Yeah buddy" you replied.
"I'm hungry" He said. You gave him a nod and were about to get up when Rohan walked towards you.
"Give him to me, I will feed him before he knocks out" Rohan took the child from you. You hands felt empty, even though they were aching from holding him.
You sighed and looked at the man beside you.
"How have you been?" You finally asked him. You couldn't help yourself, at one point you knew everything about him and just in few days time everything changed. It felt like he was miles apart sitting right next to you.
"Fine" You gave him a eyeroll making him chuckle, "Been shit. Remember the label I sent music to" You hummed, "They said it wasn't their taste." he said a sad pout on his face.
"Harry" You took his hand in your making his head snap up to your face, "You will get a better label, I assure you. You're talented and smart man don't let one thing tear you down" You squeezed his hand and let it go.
"Thank you" He said. Harry brought his hand you were holding to his other one and held onto it, held onto your warmth to feel it as long as he could.
Ro's absence highlighted the awkward silence between you two. Harry sat on the end of couch sipping his drink and you on other end peeling off your nail polish.
"The dress is pretty, you look beautiful" Harry said looking at you shyly.
"Thank you. You look good too for a shrek" You joked making him let out a dry chuckle and the silence was back. You decided you had enough so you go to stand up and be anywhere but here when he stopped you.
Harry paniced when he saw you stand up. He had to make it right he had no other choice than that. Even if he couldn't have you as lover he wanted his best friend back.
"Y/N" He called you weakly and stood up, you turned around to face him, "I- Can we talk?" He asked rubbing the back of his neck.
You gave him a hesitant nod and made your way towards your room.
Harry followed you like a lost puppy cause that's what he felt like he was. You were the one who would knock on his head whenever he would do something stupid. He was a lost cause without you, you were his light, his inspiration, his muse, his everything.
And he was going to do everything to get you back.
Jesus this was so hard to write and idk why. I hope you liked it!!
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avatar-anna · 7 hours
The Only Exception
summary: Y/n tries to write her wedding vows
words: 2.6k
“What are you working on over there?”
“Me? Oh nothing,” Y/n said, quickly covering up the journal she’d been writing in.
Not believing her for a second, Harry came closer to where she was laying on their bed in one of his threadbare sweaters and a pair of sweatpants with a hole in them. “You sure, love?”
The truth was she was working on her wedding vows. Y/n had never been one for public speeches or grand declarations of love, but at some point during the wedding planning process, Harry expressed how much he wanted to do personal vows instead of traditional ones. He didn’t beg or plead, but he didn’t have to. Y/n would do just about anything for Harry, so despite her fears, she said yes.
Now she and Harry were a week away from the wedding, and she had yet to write down a single word. Not because she didn’t love him, it was quite the opposite, actually. Y/n loved him so much she couldn’t find the right words to describe her feelings. He was the first person to really make her believe that love existed. Harry pretty much did the impossible. He took the barbed wire around your heart and didn’t let up until it was healed.
“Yep. Nothing to see here,” Y/n insisted. She didn’t need him knowing that she was failing at writing their wedding vows. Or worse, Harry was so sweet, he would probably help her write them.
“Well then. Permission to board? I am in need of a good snuggle.”
A snort escaped past Y/n’s nose as she laughed. “Why do you talk like that, you dork?” she asked, but she knew why.
Harry had a penchant for knowing when she was stressed and often tried to cheer her up by making her laugh. Instead of answering her, he waited for her answer.
Rolling her eyes, Y/n said, “Permission granted.”
Harry was quick to get on the bed with his fiance, immediately cuddling into her. Before nuzzling his nose against her neck, he peeked at the journal she’d been writing in. He smiled to himself as he read “Wedding Vows” in big letters at the top. It was blank, but Harry wasn’t worried. Y/n was a bigger romantic than she gave herself credit for.
“You’re gonna be my wife in just seven days, can you believe that?” he asked, voice muffled against her skin. Y/n was warm and smelled like lavender and sandalwood, a scent that charmed him the very first day they met.
“Not too late to back out, you know,” Y/n joked.
“Don’t say that,” Harry said, frowning at her.
“I was only kidding, H.”
“Mm. It was a bad joke.”
Y/n could be a bit of a pessimist when it came to love and relationships. It took her a long time to fall in love with Harry, and it took even longer to admit it to Harry and herself. Together they let down a lot of her walls, but she still liked to hide how she felt about things by joking about them.
Sighing, she tentatively began to play with the rings on Harry’s hands. “I’m sorry, you know how I get.”
“I do,” he said. “Care to tell me what's on your mind?”
Y/n sighed. “I…It’s not that I don’t think you love me, or that you’ll ever stop. You know I don't believe that. I just don’t want to end up like my parents.”
“We won’t.”
Harry said it like it was that simple, like nothing could ever possibly come between the two of them. He believed in their love for each other wholeheartedly, and despite her previous misconceptions and beliefs about love, Harry helped her believe in it too.
“I know, I’m sorry. This must be like the opposite of reassuring a week before our wedding,” she said.
Y/n wasn’t facing him, but she could tell Harry was smiling against her neck before he gave her a tiny kiss. “Not at all. I’m surprised I haven’t had to talk you off the proverbial ledge sooner.”
“Rude…but fair,” was all she said.
Turning around, Y/n faced her fiance. She took in the familiar planes of his face, his pointed nose and high cheek bones, his pink lips, his expressive eyes. How she managed to make a literal angel fall in love with her, she wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t about to complain. Y/n leaned her forehead against Harry’s, reveling in the feel of being close to someone, of being in love with someone.
“I love you. My first and only,” she said.
Harry grinned from the sheer openness with which Y/n spoke. Hearing those words shot a line of fireworks down his spine. She used to be so prickly and cynical about love, and he often felt proud (and maybe even a little smug) that he was the one to change her mind.
He leaned in to kiss her, then, holding her cheek gently in his hand. Y/n responded instantly. Her arms curled around his neck, her finger winding around the soft strands of his hair.
One of the first things she learned about Harry was that he had different kinds of kisses. There were the little ones. The tiny pecks that were reserved for places like her shoulders, her nose, her temples, and her hip bones. He’d give her those kisses if they were just hanging out with friends or on the couch watching TV; they were casual, loving kisses.
Then there were the sloppy kisses he’d smother Y/n with if he wanted something or just wanted to make her laugh; and the frenzied passionate ones when he pushed her up against a wall or pin her arms above her head before he had his way with her.
And then there were the slow kisses, the ones that told her he didn’t want to be anywhere else other than right there with her. He was so gentle, so deliberate, with each movement it made her toes curl. No feeling was more euphoric or reassuring than when Harry kissed her like this. She never wanted that feeling to ever go away.
Later that night Harry was fast asleep. Y/n was sitting up against the headboard of their bed, the lamp on her bedside table casting a warm glow over the journal in her lap.
“When I was younger, I had to watch my parents’ marriage fall apart. I watched them break each other’s hearts and swear off love, and from that moment on I swore I would never end up like them. I swore off love, if love even existed,” she wrote, her hand occasionally running through her fiance’s hair. “And I was content to live in loneliness, content to keep a comfortable distance between me and the rest of the world…”
“And then I met you,” she said, tearing up a little. She laughed, slightly embarrassed to be crying in front of a room filled with her and Harry’s closest friends and family. Her hands gripped the two sheets of paper that had her vows written on them. She went back and forth between looking at her vows and looking into Harry’s eyes. They’d been lined with tears since Y/n walked down the aisle, and while she had been able to hold it together for most of the ceremony, she was starting to lose her composure.
“Um…And—And even though I’d convinced myself that I was happy being alone, you showed me more love than I’d ever experienced and made me believe that I could love someone that much too. You proved to me that love wasn’t some dream or fantasy that only existed in a fictional world. No, you, H, you continued to shower me with so much love and affection until I had no choice but to believe in it and fall in love with you.
“I wasn’t an easy person to love back then, I know that,” Y/n said, trying to add a little humor to her voice. Harry saw right through it though and shook his head, mouthing the words, that's not true.
“I was skeptical, I was cold, and I rejected the mere idea of love at every corner. But you saw something in me that was worth loving, that was worth fighting for, and despite my cynicism and lack of belief, you—you patiently waited for me to realize that love wasn’t something to curse at or hate or run away from, but something to embrace and cherish. And I embraced you, Harry, and I never want to let go. I promise you that I will never let go.”
With a shaking hand, Y/n wiped her cheek. She didn’t dare look over at everyone who was watching her say her vows, but the room was so quiet that the only sounds that could be heard were her shaky breaths and the occasional sniffle.
Harry leaned over and kissed her forehead, an offering of comfort and a silent message to take her time until she was ready to continue. He knew how nervous Y/n had been to give this speech, so he gave her what little comfort he could as they stood together with the officiant. When she finally caught her breath, she continued.
“I don’t know what the future will hold, or what my life will look like next year, or in five years, or in fifty, but one thing I can promise is that I will never stop loving you. I will never curse at the wind or run away from you, ever.”
“What are we doing here, Y/n?”
“I—I don’t—”
“I want to be with you. I want to grow old with you, have kids, all of that. I don’t want that life with anyone else, I’m not in love with anyone else. I’m in love with you, and I’m not ashamed of that!”
Harry’s cheeks were red, and he looked angrier than Y/n had ever seen him before. The truth was she was in love with him too, but she couldn’t admit it. The idea of sharing herself so completely as to be in love with them petrified her. Her feelings were unfamiliar and terrified her to no end, and her first instinct was to run, to leave before that love fizzled out or blew away with the wind. It always did.
“I’m sorry, Harry, but I don’t feel the same way.”
“That’s bullshit, and you know it!” he said.
He surged forward to hold her hand in his own. He was so close that Y/n had no choice but to look him in the eye.
“Look me in the eye and tell me you’re not in love with me.”
“Harry, please let go of me, I can’t—”
Despite being upset, he wasn’t going to hold Y/n against her will. Harry dropped her hands unceremoniously and turned away from her, and that was the first time Y/n had ever truly felt her heart break.
“You can, but you won’t,” Harry said, his voice devoid of any emotion. Still not looking at you he said with a shaky breath, “I want you to love me the way I love you, but I can’t force you to. I thought if I showed you what real love looked like, you would believe me, but I—I realize now that that was foolish of me. I shouldn’t try to change you, and for that I’m sorry.”
“You can run. I know you want to. Just know that my love for you is real, and that I don’t think I’ll ever stop being in love with you.”
Y/n couldn’t stop the tears from running down her face, but she did exactly as Harry said. Without a single word other than, “I’m sorry,” she took her keys and left his house.
She didn’t know where to go. Not home, Harry’s things were everywhere there. So she drove aimlessly, sobs wracking her body every now and again.
Y/n didn’t want to be in love, didn’t believe in being in love. She told Harry that one of the first times they met. And yet he somehow broke down every barrier, every wall she had ever put up around her heart, and that was the single most terrifying thing she would ever feel—her heart stripped bare, unguarded for Harry to do with as he pleased.
As she drove, her heart cried out for one person, the only person she knew could make all of this pain go away, if she only let him. Falling in love was something Y/n vowed she would never do, yet somehow she fell in love with Harry, the first and only person she’d ever been in love with.
In a split-second decision, Y/n turned the car around. She raced back to Harry’s place, back to him. She hoped that she didn’t make irrevocable damage, but wouldn’t be surprised if she did.
Letting herself in with her keys, she let herself into a dark house. Y/n checked a couple rooms before going to his bedroom. He was lying on the bed facing away from her, but she couldn’t tell if he was asleep or not.
Hesitantly, she took off her shoes and her jacket and walked over to him. Harry’d eyes were closed, but she opened up the covers and slid into bed with him anyway. And when he immediately wrapped his arms around her, something in her settled, the last piece of a puzzle falling into place.
“I love you,” she whispered. “And I’m so scared.”
“I know.” Harry’s voice wasn’t deep or scratchy the way it was after he’d been sleeping for a while, so he clearly has been awake when Y/n came in.
He didn’t really have to say anything else. He knew why she was so skittish around love, why she didn’t want anything to do with it. He loved her anyway, and was willing to wait as long as it took for her to comfortably say she loved him back.
“I’m sorry for running away from you and for saying I didn’t love you earlier.”
“But you came back,” he said softly. “Why?”
“Because…” Why did she come back? She had a hard time putting it into words. “Because you make me want to be in love, even though it terrifies me.”
Y/n finally turned in Harry’s arms so that she was facing him. It was too dark to make our any of his features, but she didn’t need any light to know what he looked like. His face had been scarred onto her heart so that she could never forget it.
“I can’t promise that I’ll be easy to love or that I’ll deserve it,” she said.
“Hey, hey. None of that,” Harry chided. “You deserve all of my love. Every last bit of it. Just—No more running, okay?”
“I promise to love you forever, Harry. Even on my darkest days, because you made me believe that love was something worth having in my life. So you are my love, my life, my heart and soul. My first and only.”
She’d said the last sentence directly to him, the rest of their audience falling away so it was just the two of them. A tear escaped and trickled down Harry’s cheek, and Y/n was quick to wipe it away with her thumb. He smiled against her hand and kissed it before he was instructed to say his vows.
“How on earth am I supposed to follow that up?” he muttered to himself, though with the microphone he was holding to say his vows, everyone heard him and laughed.
Taking a deep breath, Harry looked at Y/n and smiled. His green eyes were watery, but they were filled with so much joy it gave Y/n butterflies. He truly was her one and only, and by some miracle, she was his. Harry made her believe in love, and she couldn’t be happier because of him.
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writingsfromhome · 12 hours
Chapter VI
A/N: Here’s the Aftermath™️…
Parts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
The regret is palpable and crushing the next morning.
After picking Jules up from my mum’s and carrying his sleepy form up I’d deposited him on my bed. Changing into a fluffy robe, and lay there staring at him for a long time, the conversation playing over and over again in my mind.
I couldn’t believe I’d said all that to Harry. I can’t believe he knew. This secret was no longer one, this boy in front of me wasn’t just mine anymore.
And really that was my biggest fear. It was stupid. But what if Harry swoops into his life and I’m left behind. I’m an idiot for accusing Harry like that, and I was an idiot for reacting to my fear instead of just keeping a level head. Maybe I was always going to be like this. Maybe Harry and I were too reactive together.
I don’t feel any better in the morning. I call in sick and drag myself out to drop Jules off. He can tell something’s off but he tries to cheer me up by offering whipped cream in my coffee. I squeeze him and tell him I love him, putting on a smile for him. But I go home and bury myself under the covers until my headache becomes unbearable.
I swipe my phone on my way to the medicine cabinet and try not to toss it when I see my messages. 8 from Saf, 2 from my mum, 3 from Em, 5 from Niall, and 1 from Harry.
I scan Em’s first, work and party related. I send off a quick reply and open Saf. She asks how the party was, asking if I told Harry, and the texts end this morning: OMG GET BACK TO ME YOU TOLD HIM HOW DID IT GO????????
Mum’s are tame, hope you got home safe. And how did Harry take it?
I decide to open Niall’s next. Apologies for how he acted, asking me how I was doing. The last two texts are what catch my eye.
I know I made it worse but I had to make sure he knew. It doesnt make me feel good seeing him like this but its for the best?
This is the last Im saying about it but h is going to be a good dad. dont worry
I still had worries but they’re reassuring. Finally, Harry’s single text sent at 5:16am:
We need to talk about how we’re doing this. Call me when you see this.
I go back to bed with a sleeve of biscuits and stress eat my way through it with a bottle of wine. I put on Netflix to distract me but nothing works. The lack of sleep must get to me though because I drift off to sleep soon after, until my phone doesn’t stop ringing.
“Hello?“ I pick it up with blurry eyes.
“Mummy? Where are you?”
“Jules?!” I sit up straight in a rush, my head pounding at the sudden movement. The alarm clock blinks 3:45pm. “I’m on my way. I just got really busy I’m on my way!”
“Okay,” he says softly and I promise him I’d be there. I gargle the taste of sleep and alcohol out of my mouth before throwing a hat on and my coat over my just-woke-up appearance. I can’t believe I slept through and forgot to pick Julien up. This had never happened before, oh my god I was such a shitty mum.
When I sprint to school Jules is in the reception and I thank the receptionist a million times for staying with him. I walk out with an unusually quiet Jules so I pause near the playground and bend down to his level.
“Hey sweetheart, I’m really sorry I left you at school and didn’t call that I’d be late! Life has been so crazy recently, but that’s no excuse. I’m really sorry okay?”
His bottom lip quivers and my chest hurts. “I thought you forgot…” a tears slips down his round cheeks and I swipe it away.
“Never. I could never forget you. I forgot to call the school, but I was always coming to get you. Okay?”
“Okay,” he leans into me and I wrap him up. I imagine him waiting by himself for me, the thoughts in his head, and I squeeze him closer.
“I love you so much,” I remind him.
“I love you too,” he says back to me. “Mum…”
“What is it?” I pull away to hear him better.
“Do you think my dad remembers me?”
“I…” salt to a raw wound. “We…we should talk about your dad. Let’s go home first and get warmed up okay? And we can talk about it.”
Jules shrugs his shoulders. I put my arm around him and we walk home in silence. I want to know what he’s thinking but I think it’s best to open the can of worms at home.
Once we are home, I make him a hot cocoa and we sit at our kitchen table.
“So, your dad,” I look at Julien and realize this was the Before and After moment for him. “You want to know him, and talk about him.”
Jules shrugs.
“I met your dad in school, in uni. He was so kind and he always took such good care of me. He was funny and kind, just like you! And we just got along so well. And you’re probably wondering, why isn’t he here if we got along so well?” Jules listens attentively so I continue. “Well we had to go our separate ways when…well your dad was going to be a famous singer. We changed so much from when we knew each other in school. And when I had you, I just wanted to keep you to myself. I didn’t mean to…but I kept you to myself-“
“Does my dad know?” Jules scrunches his eyebrows.
“Well…I told him recently. Very recently. But he always loved you Jules, even before he knew.”
“How do you know?”
“He told me,” I reach for Jules’ hand across the table. “He loved you as soon as he saw you. I just want you to know that no matter what happened between me and your dad, he always will love you. And you mean everything to him. To us. Okay?”
“Okay,” Jules seems to let the words sink in. “But if he met me then I met him too right?”
“Smart kid,” I take a deep breath. “You did meet him a few months ago. You know him as Harry. Harry’s…your dad.”
Julien’s mouth drops, “Harry? Harry’s my dad? My friend Harry?”
“Your friend…” I didn’t realize Julien saw him as a friend. Oh god. My heart twists. “Yeah! Harry.”
“I can’t believe that…” Julien says while staring in wonder. “Mummy I wanted him to be my dad! I always wished my dad was like him.”
“Oh.” My words escape me. At least this was a happy ending for him, and isn’t all that mattered? Julien wasn’t too freaked out about knowing who his father was and that he’d been in his life for a few months. And Harry obviously embraced being Julien’s dad. Everything was working out.
Why did I feel so hollowed out then? Was I really the selfish monster I was trying not to be?
“Mum,” Julien says seriously. He walks up to where I sit. “I’m happy Harry is my dad. Don’t cry.”
“Oh no,” I swipe at the unexpected tears. “I’m happy too! These aren’t sad tears. Don’t worry my love.”
I lean into his hug. He asks me when he’ll see Harry next and I tell him soon. After all, I had to speak to him first.
Had to tell Jules first. I finally text Harry back when Julien goes to play with his guitar. And it doesn’t pass me by that he went to play with the instrument after the news rather than any of his other toys.
Does he know?
Yeah. He took it well. We should get together to talk the 3 of us.
Agree. Sunday. Bring him by.
I thought neutral ground would be better but after my embrassing display, and the fact that Harry had the say here. I agree and let it go. We’d meet Sunday.
Jules runs to Harry—his father’s—door as soon as the lift opens. I suddenly remember the first time we were here, Jules and his loose tooth. It feels like years ago, not just months.
Jules waits for me by the door, and it strikes me that he must sense the shift in the dynamic. Usually his small knuckles would be knocking until Harry answered with a grin.
I ask Jules if he was okay and he nods emphaticaly. So I knock, and within seconds the door opens, Harry stands in a long sleeve t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He looked really good.
“Harry,” Jules steals the show and I thank my lucky stars because I have no idea what I was going to say. “Hi.”
“Jules,” Harry opens the door wider to let us in. We shuffle in and I watch Harry kneel down in front of our son. “Hiya, how’ve you been?”
“Good!” Julien fumbles with the zipper on his coat but Harry quickly unzips it for him and helps him out of his outer gear. I watch as Harry drinks in every detail, every second of Jules.
“Been practicing the guitar?”
“Umm,” Jules looks up at me, suddenly nervous. I give an encouraging nod and he bobs his head. “Yeah! I was watching youtube. They have different guitars but I learned twinkle twinkle little star.”
“You finally got that one hey!” Harry high fives him and they move further into the home. I quickly undrape my scarf and coat and follow the chatter in. I find the two on a couch with a guitar on the floor below them. Jules is telling him about using a pick, and I sneak a photo then. Not that everything was perfect, but I want to capture this.  
“Y/N,” Harry finally addresses me when I move to take a seat. “Something to drink?”
“I’m alright,” I couldn’t stomach anything right now. Jules moves towards me when Harry goes to get himself a drink.
“Mum that’s my dad?” He whispers.  
“Yes silly,” I swipe his nose. “That’s Harry right?”
“Yeah,” he side eyes Harry walking back to us. I squeeze his shoulder, hoping it would reassure him.
“So Jules,” I decide to address the elephant in the room. “Your dad and I…thought we should get together now that everyone knows everything.”
“Mmmmm,” Jules suddenly burrows his face in my lap at the mention of his father. Harry’s face falls. I feel like shite.
“Jules,” I try to push his body up but he’s stiff as a board and suddenly stronger than me. “Jules I—sorry I don’t know what’s going on-“
“He’s obviously overwhelmed,” Harry says while still staring at his son. “Reasonable reaction from a 4 year old. Big news…”
When he meets my eyes I know I was a long way from shelter. Stranded in the tundra, I didn’t blame him. I knew he was going to hate me.
But this wasn’t about me, I remind myself.
“Maybe…” I mouth at Harry to come over to where we sat.
Harry settles down on the floor beside Jules. This close, I can smell him and I ache to go back to the last time I was here. When he looked at me and it felt like maybe things could be okay. Even if it was just an illusion.
“Hey,” he pats Jules twice. “I know this is all so new. But we know each other. You’re my best friend right?”
Jules shifts his head enough to peek at Harry.
“I’m still the same Harry,” Harry continues like everything was fine but I can hear the hurt in his voice. “I’d like to be Harry and Jules. Would you like that?”
“Ya,” Julien finally lifts his head up.
“Okay. Then we’re just Harry and Jules. But…as you know. As your mum told you. I’m…I’m also your dad. But if you want to call me Harry that’s okay. Okay?”
“Ok,” he stands up further but continues to lean on my knees.
“I just want you to know,” Harry’s voice sticks and he clears his throat. “I’m still your best friend, even though I’m also your dad. And I’m here for you. Whatever you need. And if you want to ask me anything, you can.”
I rub Jules’ back in encouragement and he takes the small step towards Harry. He stares at him and Harry doesn’t make a move, he gives Julien his space. And seeing it all play out makes me want to weep. This isn’t how a son should know his father. But this was on me.
“Have I got any cousins?”
“Cousins?” Harry’s eyes flick up to me and back at Jules. “Like, on my end? Uhm, no. No sorry.”
Jules looks at me, “Mum was right!”
“Yeah, anything else you want to know?” Any other situation and I would almost laugh at how confused Harry was.
“Can we play guitar?” Jules asks. Harry takes a second to respond, probably expecting something deeper. He’d get used to how 4 year olds worked soon enough—they were always mostly distracted and then hit you with a deep question when you least expected it.
“Yeah…yeah! We can continue trying electric?”
Jules nods and claps his hands. And he’s pretty non-verbal for the rest of the evening. He laughs at Harry, and sticks around him. He only looks over at me once when he gets something right and Harry makes a big show of it.
On the other hand, Harry flat out ignores me. Well, for the sake of Julien he acknowledges me. But he doesn’t make any further conversation. At one point I catch him watching me watch Julien but when I catch his eye, he looks away quickly.
So I sit uncomfortably until I tell Harry we had to get going. I had Sunday dinner at my mum’s, and since ignoring everyone, I had a lot to answer for.
Jules hugs Harry very briefly before leaving the flat. I hover, wanting to say something—anything.
“I’ll want to see him regularly,” Harry speaks first.
“Weekends,” I say. It would be hectic for school but Harry doesn’t seem to care.
“Weekends or weekdays.”
“I don’t want to mess up his schedule—“
“Y/N,” Harry says and I try not to flinch at the emotion-or lack of, when he says it. “That’s my son out there right?”
“Yeah, I think that’s been established,” I snipe back at his sarcasm.
“Then I get a say. I don’t want to be a weekend dad.”
“I thought you were busy this month.”
“I cancelled some stuff, they were just interviews so-“
“Isn’t that impor-“
“Don’t worry about me.” Harry cuts me off harshly. “Don’t pretend to care. I can decide how I want to split my time to fit my son in. I’ll text you when I’m free and you can figure out a schedule for us.”
Bite your tongue, I tell myself. Don’t say a damn thing.
Harry’s POV:
“I can’t believe you knew and didn’t tell me,” I slump over the bar while Niall grabs a fistful of pretzels.
“Again, it wasn’t my news to tell. Unless she wasn’t going to say—I’m sorry mate. I knew it was going to crush either way.”
“I’m…i’m not even crushed by the news. I am so bloody happy. But I missed so much of his life! And she kept it from me. And now…I don’t even feel like I can trust her anymore. Or know her. I’m just so bloody angry!”
“Yeah, I know.” Niall chuckles. I’d been leaving him messages about this all week. He wouldn’t let me drink after this morning, so he’d taken me out to talk.
“And I can’t believe she’s bloody acting like she’s got a word about how I can be in his life. ‘Weekends only’ my ass. I should take him for four years and not tell her and see how she feels!”
“Okay,” Niall eases my drink out of my hand. “Maybe you’ve had enough of these. You’re talking about kidnapping.”
“Isn’t that what she did? She-“
Niall cuts me off. “She gave birth to him?”
“And I missed that too!” I shout, too loud. The bartender eyes me, I was ten seconds from being kicked out. “Sorry!”
“Can we get him a water?” Niall asks as we have his attention. We sit silently for a little while.  
“I know what separation’s like.” I continue talking to Niall. “I don’t wanna be the arsehole that takes him away from the only parent he knew his whole life. I just want the best for him. I know Y/N does too but it’s so fucking unfair!”
“It is unfair. That she didn’t tell you and that you’re the reason you two broke up. And you missed so much of Julien’s life.”
“Fucking…” I cover my mouth before I shout again. “Julien. Jules, Niall, that kid I feel it in my bones he’s mine. I love him so much. I was always meant to be a father. It’s like this is what I’ve been made for. I’m so bloody nervous and excited. I want him around all the time, I wanna know what he likes and hates, how his day’s been, buy him anything he wants, do whatever he wants me to do. I…I love that kid. And he told me I was his best friend y’know that? Before we even knew?”
“You’re lucky he already loves you too.”
I was lucky. Even though we were kept in the dark, I was lucky Jules and I bonded so quickly. That we were able to bond before we even knew.
“He was so quiet today, but—I can’t explain it. He just stayed around me, like he was trying to get used to the idea of me being his father. But he was also nervous. It’s kind of fucked up that a child has to be nervous because he’s around his father for the first time at 4 years old.”
Niall agrees and we sit in silence some more.
“I want to be angry at her!” I explain to Niall. “I am! But it feels like I’m trying to be someone I’m not when I look at her. I have to try so hard to hold onto that anger. And then other moments she gets right under my skin. And then I want to get drunk and leave her voicemails telling exactly what I think.”
“Yeah…I’ve been right by your side through it all mate.” Niall pushes the water towards me. “You’ve been angry at yourself for the last 5 years. I think you’re confused now. With the tables turnin’ and all that.”
Fuck. Yeah. I’m angry at Y/N because she could have told me all these years. All these months we rekindled a relationship. She told me on such a big day. And she knows how to get under my skin, wind me up. We’ve had too much history and it feels like every argument is just a continuation of the last one. But at the same time how can I be angry at her when I gave her every reason in the book not to contact me, not to tell me. That trust I kept going on about…if I had Julien to myself and I didn’t trust her I know I would have made the exact same decision.
“Yeah,” I get out. “Yeah maybe.”
I think about how life could have been together, if I hadn’t gone down the road I did. Y/N would have been there at the release of my first single, my first mv, my first ep. My son would have been there too. Maybe by now, he would have had a brother or sister. We would’ve been a family.
And I think about her today. She looked tired but beautiful as ever. Just having Jules in my life gave me so much love, such pure happiness, that looking at the way his mum watched him with the same adoration I had for him, extended my love her way. Until I thought about what she deprived me all these years. Then I get angry all over again.
“I need to get shitfaced,” I tell Niall. He doesn’t argue when I push the water aside and order us another round.
I don’t know where the time goes but it flies by. Harry and I set up a schedule for Jules. After realizing his weekends were too hectic to have Julien for more than one day, he eventually agrees to every other Saturday, but also dinner on a week night every week. Harry picks him up and drops him off, and every time Julien adores him more. Harry always gets Julien to pick the place, and I can tell just how much Harry loves his son when they go to Mcdonalds for the third week in a row.
Harry and I don’t talk much. He’s always reserved, angry, and puts me in my place every time I have an opinion. It hurts especially knowing he has every right to turn me down. I try to stick to my best behaviour, not falling for our old routine. I don’t argue back and I only object to an outing if Julien’s schedule is too busy.
One Saturday, Harry takes Jules to visit his family. Jules come back asleep on Harry’s shoulder.
“Everything alright?” I’d asked when Harry walks into the flat with Jules. I remember the first time he came in here with a sleeping Jules, I’d been the one to get him ready for bed but Harry carries him to his bedroom. He’s already in his pyjamas.
“Yeah,” a small smile creeps onto Harry’s face. “Everyone got along. They loved him.”
“Of course they would,” I want to ask for details but Harry’s face falls when he looks at me. He stares, and for a moment I think he’s going to say something but he simply brushes past me to leave.
“Harry,” I call out to him before he’s out the door. He pauses in the threshold.
“What?” He asks when I stay silent after walking up to him. I didn’t want to wake Jules.
“Shouldn’t we…talk?”
“About?” He looks like the idea of talking with me disgusts him. The irony is once again not lost, that Harry asked me to talk in this very flat not long ago and I had been the one to refuse.
“This whole thing…going forward-“
“I think this is working out for everyone. Nothing to talk about.” He cuts me off.
“Really? You and I barely talking, just shuffling Jules between us feels okay to you? You don’t think he notices?” It was tearing me apart.
Harry shrugs but I catch the shift in his face before he shuts it down. It bothered him too.
“I don’t want to talk to you about anything Y/N. Our arrangement works fine. Jules is happy, that’s all I care about.”
“That’s all I care about too-“
“Yet he didn’t know his father for the first 4 years of his life. Funny that.”
“Oh my god,” I mutter under my breath but try to maintain composure. “I know what I did Harry. I know. This isn’t about that, this is just about making it easier-“
“On who?” Harry studies me and I try not to squirm. On me obviously, but the tension in his face I think on him too. But I don’t say any of that. Harry scoffs at me and I try to hide the hurt. “You can’t keep being so selfish, I don’t want to talk to you. Lookin’ at you makes me so angry and I-“
In his rant, he grabs at my arm but he freezes as soon as his fingers wrap around me. He stares down at his hand on me, and it’s like he’s battling demons but finally he yanks his hand away.
“I don’t like the way I act when I’m around you. I’m trying to be a good person, a good father to Julien—I can’t be that around you.”
I open my mouth but I have nothing to say to that. It. Fucking. Crushes. Because there was no lie to be found in what he’d said.
We were better parents separate.
Even though his touch felt so achingly right. Even though his gaze softened for a brief moment. We were volatile when we got too close.
The entirety of that Sunday Jules tells me all about his other family. Even at family dinner at my mum’s, Jules tells her all about his other grandma.
I listen supportively, after deciding to lock away the memory of Harry dropping Jules off because it was only sinking me deeper into this funk. It wasn’t worth replaying and analyzing ever millisecond of that interaction because it was leading me nowhere when Harry’s words were the only solution to our end goal: keep Jules happy. So instead, I try to be present at Sunday dinner.
My family, on the other hand, knows how hard the changes are for me. They try to support me, but I know they also think I should have told him sooner like they said. I feel like they walk on eggshells sometimes which makes it hard being around them too.
Spring comes quickly, and I feel like I’m living through a haze but I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I don’t feel like myself, but I be the best mum for Julien, and put my best ideas forward at work. But it becomes so much harder to do the little things. I feel like a kettle, muffled steam rising dangerously close to the surface as time passes.
One Tuesday afternoon in the spring, Harry messages me. He was free for a weekend and wanted Jules for all of it. He would pick Jules up from school and take him home to his.
Might be best to pick him up from home first and just drop him off too?
I’ll pick him up from school. Do they need to know?
Yeah I’ll let reception know. He’ll need his things though…
Harry only likes my message and I don’t think he understands but I knew he wasn’t going to listen to me. I’d try him again the day of.
“You’re spending the weekend with your dad,” I tell Jules as we walk home that day.
“The whole weekend? A sleepover?” Jules skips.
“Yeah! Exciting isn’t it?”
“Yeah! But…” he looks up to me. “Will you be alright?”
“Of course sweetheart,” I say through my teeth. “I’m happy you get to spend time with your dad. You two are getting along so well.”
“He’s the best,” Jules agrees. “I can’t believe my dad’s a musician! Nobody at school was believing me. And then Mrs. Robertson let me Google him. She said she likes his music.
“Wow!” I fake enthusiasm. I hadn’t thought about the public part of Jules being a musician’s son. I’d been so invested in this bubble we were living in. I guess it was something to mention to Harry when he eventually decided to talk to me normally. But who knows when that would be.
It was ridiculous but suddenly I feel left out, like my son was outgrowing me and moving towards his other parent.
“Wait I’m gonna miss Nan’s Sunday dinner!”
“That’s alright,” I tuck him against me. “She’s happy you get to spend time getting to know your dad. There’s always next time right?”
“Yeah,” Jules chews his lip. “I’ll have to tell her myself.”
I laugh. “She’ll be okay, I’ll let her know okay?”
“Okay,” he says seriously. “Mum…what if I miss you?”
“Oh,” his words are a balm to my insecurities. “That’s alright. I’m just a phone call away, I’ll be there whenever you need.”
That seems to satisfy him. He spends the rest of the walk home talking about school and I soak in all of it.
Niall comes by for lunch that Thursday. After everything had gone down, we eventually patched things up. Once I swallowed my pride, and faced that he was only looking out for everyone we had apologized and made amends. I only saw him a couple times a month but we tried to have lunch or drinks when we could.
“So I asked your sister out,” Niall says as we tuck into lunch. He’d brought take-out with him to my office.
“I thought she wasn’t talking to you,” even though I’d told Saf not to hold anything against Niall she still refused to speak to him. He was trying to wear her down but it hadn’t worked so far.
“I showed up at her door.”
“That’s bold,” if my dad had answered Niall would’ve received an earful. “Who answered the door?”
“Your mum. She stared me down for a minute, she’s intimidating honestly. But then she pointed out Saf’s room. Your sister was so mad at your mum but I finally got her to listen to me.”
“I’m surprised I’ve heard nothing about this.” This was what I was talking about. I couldn’t tell if I was avoiding my family or my family was avoiding me but usually my sister would have been texting me this crazy story in real time. My phone’s been quiet however. “So did you score a date?”
“Yeah,” a cocky grin spreads across his face. “She didn’t put up much of a fight after.”
“Listen to me,” I lean as far as I can go. “You do anything to my baby sister—and yes I’m reminding you how much yonger she is. I will hurt you. I know people.”
“I won’t,” Niall promises. “I swear. I really like your sister. She…brings out a different side to me that…I’d never hurt her. I promise.”
“Okay,” I silently pick at my food. I think about the person who brings out a different side in me. Good and bad. How it was now my fault that I’d screwed it up beyond redemption.
“He’s hurting too,” Niall says. Of course he knew where my thoughts turned. “Underneath all that hurt and hate is love.”
I scoff. There was no way, with the way Harry spoke to me. Looked at me. It was devoid of any warmth.
“You can only be hurt by someone if they mean a lot to you.”
“What the fuck Niall,” I look at him in surprise. “That was actually good.”
“I’ve been writing some music,” Niall shrugs nonchalantly. “Getting in touch with my feelings. It’s what made me realize I had to try harder for Saf.”
“Look at us Y/L/N girls, falling for musicians.”
“You too?” Niall raises his eyebrow.
“What?” I feel myself getting warm.
“Falling for musicians? As in still? You’d…” Niall doesn’t finish the sentence. He just nods. “I get it. I never thought your story was done.”
“It is now,” I gripe.
“Give him some time,” Niall shoves a mouthful of food in his mouth and I scold him for being gross as he talks with a mouth full. We fall back into casual conversation before he gets a call and has to go. I was glad that he was back in my life at least, I don’t know how much time I had to give to Harry. If we would ever be good together and be good parents. In a twisted way, I missed him. But for now I had to let it be.
I’ve let the school know about you, you can pick him up today.
When are you swinging by for his weekend bag?
His extra clothes for the weekend, he won’t be wearing the same clothes. I texted you about this already.
I thought you packed for him.
Just for the night. Can’t expect a four year old to carry his whole wardrobe around school.
I’m in meetings all day, can’t pick it up.
Before you pick him up from school?
Tight schedule. We’re meeting my sister for early dinner. I’ll just buy him some new clothes.
I feel a sudden tightness in my chest, daddy spoiling him with a whole new wardrobe. Becoming the favourite parents. I didn’t like it, nor did I like the feeling of jealousy over my child. Our child.
I can drop it off later today. Around half 7
I grit my teeth at his curt oks and throw my phone down. This is why I told him to pick him up in the morning for school, if only he had listened instead of being a stubborn arse.
I remember why he’s angry though, and I don’t blame him. Agh! I scream into my pillow. I was betraying my own self by being on his side.
I get it together enough to drop Jules off with some extra love to last him the weekend, and a reminder that I was a call away.
I then spend much of the day in bed, calling in sick again. This would be my first time without Jules for this long since the longest we’d been apart was overnight. And that was at my mum’s where I got regular updates. I didn’t know how he would take it. I didn’t know how I was going to take it—obviously not well with how the day was going.
At 6 I drag my body up and take a quick shower even though it nearly drains me of energy to do. I grab Jules’ bag and try not to cry thinking about all his tiny clothes packed away. I take the tube up to Harry’s flat, secretly happy for the excuse to catch a glimpse of Jules. I can’t tell between wanting to see him unhappy so I can snatch him back or wanting to see him feel at home at his dad’s.
“Hi,” Harry opens the door on the first knock. He barely looks directly at me, as usual, his hand already outstretched for the bag. “Thanks.”
“Since I’m here can I at least see Julien?” I try to peer around the crack of his flat that I can see. I expected Jules to be here at the door too.
“Is that why you held onto the bag? So you could crash my time with my son?” I don’t miss the way he says the last word.
“Of course not. I insisted you come pick him up this morning but you refused. I just want to say goodnight to him. Where is he?” I still clutch the bag, my one lifeline before I’m shut out.
“He’s playing, bag please.”
It was after 7, if Jules was playing I would have heard him. My suspicion and anxiety erode any courtesy I was lending Harry these last few months. I step closer to him. “I want to see him.”
“He’s with some friends!” He doesn’t budge until I’m nose to nose. He’s forced to look at me and when he does, he makes the mistake of taking a step back and I barrel past him.
“Jules? Julien?” I say in the doorway.
“Y/N, calm down he’s at a sleepover?”
“What? With who?” A million questions cross my mind but I spit those two out. “You get him overnight for once and send him away?! God, I knew this was a crazy thing-“
“Calm down!” Harry shouts to be heard. “He’s with my neighbour down the hall I-“ Harry blocks me before I go back out into the hallway to slam on their door. “Turns out his friend lives there! I know the family-Y/N stop!”
“Who is this?” I demand.
“Some kid named Sean. I know his dad, he’s the one that recommended this building—it doesn’t matter. He’s fine there. They’ve got three kids. I’m right down the hall if he needs anything.”
“Sean,” I place the name to the face. Chubby kid, tooth missing the last time I saw him. Jules went to preschool with him, I calm down. But only a little bit. “Why wouldn’t you tell me? I would’ve thought he was here all night.”
“Because he’s with me for the weekend Y/N. His father. I can make executive decisions when he’s with me.”
I scoff. “Right, like send him to a sleepover his first night here.”
“No. No don’t phrase it like that. I’ll go over there and ask for him, he’ll tell you he wants to stay.”
“Okay let’s go,” I make another move to the door but Harry steps around me and closes the door, turning the lock. His nostrils flare as I step into his personal space and don’t back down.
“No, Y/N you’re acting fucking crazy! Our child is fine!”
Both sentences have opposite reactions, being called crazy by Harry was triggering. But Jules was our child. I’d kept that from him. But my brain sticks to the first one.
“Did take you long to bring out the c-word,” I laugh bitterly. “Slipping into your old role with such ease!”
“For fuck’s sake Y/N,” Harry rubs a hand over his brow. “This is what I was talking about. This. You…you really know how to get under my fucking skin!”
“Do I? I’m making you act like this?”
“No! Yes! You keep this huge fucking secret from me—that I have a kid! And then you come here like you have a right to say anything to me!”
“Of course I still do! I’m his mum! I have a right to be worried about him. I should know where he’s spending the night!”
“Fair yeah, you should know! But I don’t need your permission.”
“Okay but I need to know this change in plan on his first night with you. And just because Julien says he knows this kid how are you vetting for the family that he’s sleeping over! I don’t know if you know these things! You’ve only been a dad for a few months.”
“I’ve always been a father,” Harry says with a dangerously low voice. “As long as you’ve been a mother—you’ve just kept me from filling those shoes. So blame yourself when you worry, not me.”
His words take mine right out of my mouth. He was right. I hated him. But I also didn’t. Maybe I hated myself for this and it was just easier to fight with him.
“You wouldn’t exactly have been father of the year when I had him,” I say instead of backing down. If we were talking about this, here we go. “You had your head so far up your arse, so far up Finn’s that you wouldn’t know a bib from a diaper. How the fuck could I have trusted someone like you to love him? What proof did I have then that you could love someone other than yourself?!”
“I—“ Harry stands down a little. “I didn’t love myself then. I don’t know how many times I could explain that I changed! I fucking changed because I realized what I’d done! You never bothered to check up on me, see if I was worthy again!”
“Why the fuck would I!?” I roar. “Why would I check up on you?”
“Exactly!” Harry shouts, advancing on me in the narrow entryway. “You never wanted to share him! It didn’t matter if I changed, if I became a fucking saint. You never cared about everything I was missing!”
“I hated you!” I jab my finger into his chest, that’s stopped a foot from me. “I didn’t care!”
“Exactly, you didn’t care! You can’t pretend to fucking care now that I’m the one who’s angry at you!”
“Nobody can blame me for being angry at you after you treated me the way you did!”
“Yeah and nobody does! But how about the last few months?” Harry’s voice breaks. “When I showed you? How about then?”
“I—I was going to. I told you! I had a plan I was going to tell you!”
“Y’know Y/N, you think of yourself as some do-good mum, protecting her kid. You’re actually just being a selfish prick, wanting him all to yourself. Not caring he’s growing up without his fath-“
“Of course I cared about that!“ I’m shouting again. “The guilt tore me apart every fucking day, especially when you came back into our lives of course—oh my god! I was just protecting us from you!”
“I’m not that guy!” Harry’s fist comes down hard beside me and I flinch, his actions disproving his words. He seems to realize the same time I do and he deflates. “I’m not that guy. You don’t need to protect anyone from me.”
“The wall would say otherwise,” I say pettily. I can sense how much self-control he’s maintaining to not lash out and as fucked up as it was I get satisfaction seeing him struggle because he had wound me up.
“I’m not doing this Y/N. I’m done with this. It’s time to leave,” Harry says quietly.
I cross my arms, “I wanted to say goodnight to my son-“
“You’re way over crossing the line. You’re not seeing him like this.”
“Who the fuck are you to say that?”
“I’m his father,” Harry bites. With his eyes closed, his breathing heavy, he tries again. A small part of my brain registers how tired he looks, but most of me, the mother in me wants to make a point. “Now. Stop. Pushing me. Just leave peacefully. Don’t put on a show for the neighbourhood.”
“I want to-“
“Y/N!” Harry’s got fire in his eyes when he looks at me, I was on a rocket pushing every one of his buttons waiting for the right combination to blow. “Leave.”
“Or what?” I cross my arms. “I told you want I want—what are you going to do?”
“Y/N,” Harry says my name again through gritted my teeth. “Do not. Test. My patience.”
“There he is everyone,” I push the final button. Red and shiny. “Now he’s really going to blow.”
“Just shut the fuck up!” Harry pushes me by the shoulder into the wall, and we stand like we’re made of marble except that our chests heave, and fury streams in our breath. Our eyes lock onto each other’s and suddenly, without warning his mouth comes down on mine in a rough kiss.
I just react. I get my hands on him, tugging his hair to pull him closer to me. Urgently. Our teeth clash, he bites my lip. Hard. I shove him until his back hits another wall, I hear something fall but I don’t care. I don’t care. My body is suddenly hungry for this; all of my frustration, my anger, my sadness, it finally has a physical place to go. The very source of it. And nothing my brain warns me with keeps me from stopping. Plus, this beats yelling.
It seems like Harry’s had the same realization.
He throws my coat off, tugging my scarf off my neck. His cold hands find the hem of my sweater, underneath, pressing into the soft flesh of my sides. I gasp at the sudden cold but this reaction only seems to satisfy him. He smiles against me as his hands travel up my body, his mouth moving down to my neck, his teeth making angry demands down my skin. I push him off of me when I’ve had enough. His lip is bleeding, his hair aggressively touselled, but the way his eyes track mine just as keenly makes me almost want to cross my arms, to look away. I can only imagine the state of me.
“Just shut up Y/N,” Harry says in an exasperated voice. He backs me into the wall and shuts me up with another hard kiss. This was how we were doing this, I realize. And…I wanted it.
I make quick work of his t-shirt, his sweatpants barely need a tug. He steps out of them, and bends down. Suddenly I’m in the air, my head dangling upside down with a clear view of the back of his boxers. He walks us to what I assume is his bedroom.
“What the fu-ow!” I complain as he throws me aggressively onto his bed. Before I could get a look at the room we’re in, he’s crowded my view with his body.
“You deserved that,” he says instead of an apology.
“Dick,” I mumble.
“What was that?” He asks, tugging down my trousers. I take in a breath as the cool air hits my bottom half. I was suddenly glad I showered before showing up here.
“I said-“
“Nothing,” he covers my mouth with his hand. “Right?”
I bite his hand and he snatches it back.
“I bite too,” I glare at him.
“Doesn’t make you special,” he says, staring me down in a mixture of lust and contempt. “Now shut up will you?”
“Never,” I say but it comes out in a whisper as his hands free the last bit of clothing between us.
He pauses then, looking at me with a question, and I tell him yes when I guide him back towards me. He isn’t gentle, it’s not meant to be I know that. He barely gives me any time to settle in—to catch my breath, but I don’t complain.
“Y’okay?” He asks after. I nod my head, one quick nod. “Good.”
He nudges me higher onto the bed and cushioned in his pillows that smell intoxicatedly like him, he takes his time, trailing his mouth lower, punishing me by holding back just enough until I beg. I give into him after what feels like hours but was probably less than 10 minutes. And it’s like a truce when I do. I’d waved the white flag.
The final time is slower, we move in sync, our bodies press into each other with a familiarity. He still feels the same under my touch, the same lean body and the same taut muscles. I wonder if he can map the time between us with the changes under his touch, the extra weight in my hips and thighs. The way my body held our baby for months, the way it’s reminded me ever since.
His fingers get lost in my hair, his other hand holding my leg steady. As we finish, I don’t miss the way he whispers my name into my neck, filled with an emotion that none of us can admit to.
Exhausted we lay in his bed, I don’t know what time it is. I don’t even know how I got here, or my hands from my feet. I’m spent. And that’s probably why I slip away into blissful sleep, but not before a pair of arms wrap me from behind. I don’t fight it. I just let it be.
In the morning I’m up at the first ray of light out of habit. I try to sneak out of bed but Harry catches my ankle and pulls me back. I turn to face him and open my mouth but he lays a finger over my lips and shakes his head. I stay quiet, but only because I want to, and we don’t say a word despite the million between us. We just lay there, open and vulnerable staring at each other for a long time.
For once I’m not squirming under his gaze. I hesitate to touch him when he’s bathed in stripes of daylight but I do. I brush his hair back, trail a finger down his face. And he doesn’t hide but maybe there’s also nowhere else to go at this point.
I want to speak, say I’m sorry. Say that I’m full of regret. I know what he means now—some days it’s hard to wake up in the morning because of the weight of regret. But I don’t want to speak because this peace feels too fragile. I hold his face instead, and hope my face is an open book for him to read. And maybe it is because his hand finally comes up to cradle mine tenderly. In his face I read the words, I know before he turns away, falling onto his back with a small sigh.
I inch out of bed then, into the en-suite bathroom I’d noticed in the morning light. I stare at my puffy face and my very tangled bedhead that doesn’t behave itself. I stare at the shower and decide that was what I was going to do.
A few minutes into my shower and the door to the stall opens. Harry stands with one foot in, one foot out. We don’t say anything again, it just feels like talking will break whatever truce is left over from last night. I step back into the stream and he takes the final step in.
We wash our hair together, letting the hot spray of water melt away any of the remaining tension. He kisses my shoulder while I face the stream and I lean into his hard chest. I tilt my face towards his and kiss him until the position hurts. I turn in his embrace and I’m surprised to see such a lack of hostility in his gaze. With the anger I always carried evaporating into steam last night, I find the only thing left is love and pain. They coexist. I face it there in the running water with Harry. The pain and the love between us coexisted. We were repairing in the way of Kintsugi, gold highlighting the broken parts, but sealing together nonetheless.
I feel his love in the gentle press of his fingers on my hips, the hand in my hair that holds me to him. I press sorrys into the skin of his chest with gentle kisses.
I press my forehead to it afterwards and he holds me there. None of us say a word, we just hold each other until the water runs cold and our skin prunes.
The cool air outside of the bathroom steam settles on my skin. It reminds me of where exactly I am, turning up my dial to self-conscious as I take the towel Harry holds out to me.
“Thanks,” I say, my voice sticks from disuse. It feels out of place just like myself suddenly.
He walks out ahead of me, leaving me the privacy of the bathroom. I wait to hear him leave his bedroom before retrieving the clothes he’d left on the made bed.
I hesitate in the bedroom, what would I say to him? Do we have to talk about it? Could I somehow slip out?
But I don’t have to worry when I walk to the kitchen. Harry’s on his phone. I make eye contact as I pull on my coat discarded on the floor last night. He nods at me like we were casual acquaintances seeing each other on the street. I try not to think too much of it. Of the three words neither of us wanted to say out loud again.
In the hall, I gaze at the door Julien is staying behind. My heart ached for my baby boy but I swallow my selfish need and press the door to the lift. Just as it arrives, the door opens and a familiar shriek greets my ears.
“Mummy!” Jules in his batman pyjamas rushes out with a plastic batman mask in his hand, I wonder briefly where he got it from.
“Jules,” I take a knee to scoop him into me. “Oh my sweetheart, I’m so happy to see you!”
“What are you doing here!?” He says, linking his arms behind my neck. “I thought I’m staying with…Harry.”
I note the way he still doesn’t call Harry dad and I try not to let it pierce my already bruised heart.
“I…” I notice the adult couple in the doorway and stand up with Jules still hanging from my neck. “I had to drop off some of your clothes. I was hoping to see you but I heard you were having a sleepover!” I smile at the couple—Sean’s parents. “Hi I’m Y/N, thanks for having this monkey for the night.”
They introduce themselves, insist Julien was a delight to have. A door clicks open behind us and I sense Harry before I hear him.
“I was wondering what all the commotion was about!”
“Harry! I was coming over and invite you for breakfast and mummy was here all of a sudden!”
“Dropping clothes,” I make eye contact with Harry to repeat the cover story and he smiles politely.
“What a perfect coincidence,” Harry points his smile to Sean’s parents. “Now what’s this about breakfast.”
“Yeah come join us—both of you!” They wave me in but as much as I want to spend Saturday morning with Julien I decline. I can tell Harry’s watching me, no doubt as surprised as I am that I’m letting him have this moment with Julien alone. Julien tries to convince me but I lie that Aunt Saf was expecting me.
“You can join,” Harry says as he lingers by their door. “Julien would like it.”
“I think I need to get home,” I whisper. Maybe Harry was extending an olive branch but I didn’t want to steal any more moments away from Harry. I had to respect his role as Julien’s father. “You enjoy it with him.”
He nods with a removed politeness I can’t read, and watches me until the lift doors close between us.
I wish he would do something then, stop the doors from closing, confess the words we were too scared to say, kiss me passionately one last time to prove last night and this morning wasn’t some fever dream. But of course the doors slide shut and I’m on my way down. Maybe it was just a one time thing—we’d gotten the anger out of our system. But the thing that kept running through my mind was, without the anger, who were we now?
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A/N: single dad harry is finally here! it took me sooo long to finish this, but its finally done! so i hope you'll like it!
WARNING: sexual content, divorce
SUMMARY: Harry has been crushing on the mother of her daughter's classmate and now that she has divorced, a bake sale finally brings them together.
Tumblr media
Harlow is excitedly humming along to the music that’s flowing from the radio, her legs dangling from the seat, her curly ponytail bouncing with every move of her head as she follows the beat perfectly. Her daddy keeps glancing back at her through the mirror, his smile stretching wider and wider every time she gets more into the song, turning the ride to school into her own private concert. 
The little girl’s love for music is no surprise, seeing that her dad is a musician. Harry introduced her to the magical world of music way before she was even born. When she was a baby, there were only two things that could calm her down and end any tantrum she threw: her daddy’s singing and Stevie Nicks’ singing. All tears dried up in an instant as soon as she heard her favorite songs. 
It's the first day of school, Harlow is starting second grade and Harry is letting her out of his hold with a heavy heart, though it’s definitely easier than last year. Summer was filled with adventures, giggles and endless hot days spent together. Thanks to Harry’s flexible work schedule he could prioritize his most precious treasure while school was out, his daughter. Harlow spent two weeks with her mother in Chicago, Harry used that time to work like a maniac and make time for all the summer fun for him and his little princess. 
Now everything is back to its usual way, Harlow will spend her weekdays in school and Harry will return to the studio like it’s a nine to five job. 
He rolls into the school’s parking lot that’s filled with cars, parents dropping off the kids before heading into the office, so most of them are dressed nicely, while Harry is more on the comfortable side in his light-washed jeans, simple t-shirt and knitted cardigan. He has no reason to show up in a suit to record all day in the studio, staring at the panels, directing whatever singer he is working with for the day. 
“Alright, end of show,” he chuckles, turning the radio off and getting out he rounds the car to help Harlow out of her seat.
She is wearing her favorite pink dress with her new sneakers and backpack and Harry’s chest swells with pride as he watches her jump out of the car and twirl around in excitement. They walk to the entrance hand in hand, Harlow asks Harry about what’s gonna be for dinner and he promises her to make her favorite if she’ll be a good girl in school.
Students from first to fourth grade usually gather in front of the building, the teachers wait for them in the morning and they go inside together. Harry spots Harlow’s teacher, circled by a few students already, so he knows it’s time to say goodbye.
Squatting down in front of her he fixes her ponytail and then he gathers her small hands in his big ones.
“I’ll see you in the afternoon, okay?”
“Can we get ice-cream on the way home?” she suggests with a cheeky smile, that never fails to warm Harry’s heart.
“Only if you–”
“If I’m a good girl today, I know!” she sighs dramatically. “I will be good, don’t worry.”
“Okay,” he smiles. “Come here, give me a hug.”
Harlow happily throws her arms around her daddy’s neck as he embraces her in a tight hug, breathing in her sweet scent, he presses a few kisses on top of her head before finally letting her go.
“Have a great day, I love you!” he calls out as Harlow is already walking over to her classmates.
“Love you too!” she sings back with a wave and then she is busy greeting her friends she didn’t see all summer. 
Harry stands there for a bit longer, watching his daughter in complete awe. He can’t believe the tiny baby he held in his arms on the day she was born is not such an independent, smart little girl. She’s only seven, but she’s taught him so many things, he’ll be forever grateful for her. 
“Dylan, wait!” a familiar, stressed voice hits his ears and looking to his right he is witnessing another morning scene, but it’s definitely different from the one he just got to experience with Harlow.
A boy, who is around twelve years old, dressed in all black with his hoodie covering his head is marching away, but he is stopped by the request from his mother behind him, who is busy with a smaller girl.
Harry knows the woman and the little girl too, because it’s Robin, Harlow’s classmate and her mother, Y/N. He remembers, because she caught his eyes straight away at the first parents’ meeting last year. Y/N is the kind of woman who is always so put together, looks stunning, like the CEO of a very important business, but there’s also an exceptional warmth that lingers around her, that makes Harry think that she is an excellent and loving mother to her kids. 
Harry could feel himself crush on her the moment she walked into Harlow’s classroom in her pants suit and took a seat near his. He kept looking her way and felt like a school boy all over again.
This morning however, Y/N looks different. She is still gorgeous, don’t get Harry wrong, but something is off about her. She’s in a simple black dress, her attire is spotless as always, but it appears like she’s lost some weight, there are circles under her eyes and he can tell she’s been going through a stressful period probably.
Dylan, the boy, stops with an eye-roll, but doesn’t face his mother who is currently struggling to get Robin to put on her backpack properly. 
“Honey, please! I can’t carry it up to the classroom for you!” Y/N begs and the girl whines before eventually taking the straps over her shoulders. Y/N lets out a relieved sigh, fixing her shirt before pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Have a good day, I’ll pick you up after school, okay?”
“Okay,” she nods before running off to join her friends. Y/N then steps over to Dylan. They are standing just a few feet away from Harry, so he can hear their conversation, and though he knows he shouldn’t be listening in on them, he just can’t help it. 
“How long are you gonna be grumpy?” she asks, walking around the boy to look at him. She reaches out to fix the zipper on his hoodie, but he yanks away from her touch. Harry sees the hurt on her face, but she is great at masking it.
“Can I go?” Dylan asks, not even looking at his mom.
“Can I get a hug?”
“Mom, no!” he whines. “My friends are over there!”
“And you think they don’t hug their mom?”
“Not in public!” he retorts. Y/N clenches her jaw and decides to just let it go.
“Alright. I’ll pick you and Robin up after school, okay? Have a good day.”
“Bye,” he mumbles and walks over to his group of friends without even looking at his mother.
Y/N stands there and Harry could feel her disappointment and sadness, even as an outsider. It seems like Dylan has just reached the gates of puberty, which came with an immense amount of hate towards his parents, or at least his mother. His heart breaks for her, because something is telling him she did nothing to deserve to be treated like this, but pre-teens are just impossible sometimes. 
For a moment he thinks about walking up to her and asking if she’s okay, but right when the thought is about to turn into action, she looks down at her watch and realizes how late it is.
“Oh shit,” she mumbles and turning around she runs back to her car, jumps in and drives away in a hurry. 
Harry glances at the kids one last time, they are heading inside and he spots Harlow with Robin. He smiles and then slowly walks back to his car.
Tumblr media
Of course, Harlow gets ice-cream when Harry picks her up after school. They stop by the park too and then head home to make dinner. She tells him all about her day and while Harry cooks she is on FaceTime with Frankie, her mom. 
Co-parenting is now as easy as breathing air, they’ve been doing it for almost five years now. People tend to find it odd that Harlow lives with her dad and visits Frankie three times a year for longer periods, once in the summer, once in winter break and once in the spring usually. Between these occasions Frankie tends to visit too on weekends whenever she has the time. 
She is a doctor, her working hours are crazy and she knew it well when she and Harry decided to part ways. Harry has always been the flexible one and they both knew he would be more stable when it comes to raising Harlow. 
They might not be married anymore, but they still have love for each other and want to focus on what matters: Harlow.
“Daddy, here,” she runs into the kitchen with Harry’s phone in hand.
“Thank you, Love. Put it on the table, please. Food is almost ready.”
“Dad, did you and mom get a divorce?” she asks, taking her usual seat at the dining table, waiting for her dinner patiently. Harry stops for a moment, afraid where this might go, but he promised himself to always be honest with her.
“Yes. Years ago. Why?”
“Robin said her parents got a divorce too.”
His ears perk up, remembering the scene he witnessed this morning. He grabs two plates and pills them with pasta.
“Really? Is she sad about it?”
“Kind of. She’s just sad her dad moved out. She said her brother wanted to live with him, but their mom didn’t let him.”
“Hmm, I’m sure she has her reasons,” he says, placing the food on the table as he joins her. “So they are living with their mom now?”
“Yeah. Their dad visits every second weekend.”
“That sounds great.”
A divorce would very well explain the change he noticed about Y/N. The weightloss, the stress on her face, the circles under her eyes, it must have been challenging, managing a divorce and adjusting to becoming a single parent. Harry can’t help, but wonder what resulted in the end of her marriage. 
“Be nice to Robin, okay? She is going through a tough time,” he softly says.
“We’re friends,” Harlow smiles proudly.
“You are? That’s great,” he smiles back and leaning over he presses a kiss to the crown of her head. 
That night, when Harlow is sleeping Harry can’t help but let his curiosity take over. Sitting by his desk he pulls up the list of Harlow’s classmate’s names the teacher sent out last year and he looks up Robin’s name, her mom’s name and phone number next to it. Every parent got this list for emergencies, but Harry now uses it for something entirely different. 
He types Y/N’s name into the search bar and scrolls through the results. Not everything is relevant, but a few links down he finds an article from last year that mentions her name and when he opens it he is met with a photo of her, so he knows he is at the right place. Harry finds out that she is an architect and she worked on some quite prestigious projects in the past, she is obviously good at what she is doing. 
He falls down the rabbithole and looks up anything he can find about her. She has an introduction page on her company’s website, then he finds himself hopping over to social media and though it takes some time, he manages to find an Instagram page that, for his luck, is public. There are just a handful of photos from the past six years, but Harry thoroughly examines them all.
Y/N with a group of her friends, old pictures of Robin from when she was a toddler, but her face is never revealed, Dylan is seen in some too, there are some pictures of a lake and the same two dogs a few times and Harry wonders if they are hers or maybe a relative’s. A couple of selfies where she looks just as gorgeous as now and then there are the pictures with her husband.
Or ex husband, to be exact. 
There are only three pictures, one at what appeared to be a wedding, one at some kind of dinner and one with the kids. It’s the last one where he is pictured and it’s from over a year ago. No trace of the man since then, and she doesn’t have a lot of other photos either, she hasn’t updated her profile in what appears to be months. 
Harry is not quite the nosy type, but this time, he is dying to know more about Y/N and the lack of information is eating him away. He goes back and forth between the pictures where she can be seen and the longer he is staring at them the more he wants to know. 
He is not an expert in social media, so as he is stalking her profile he accidentally taps on the follow button and when he realizes, his stomach drops. 
“Fuck,” he breathes out and his first instinct is to unfollow her, but he knows that she probbaly has the notification sitting on her lockscreen, so there’s no use. At last, he just curses himself out and accepts it. 
To stop himself from making it worse, he goes offline and gets ready to go to bed so he doesn’t feel like absolute shit in the morning. His phone lies discarded on his nightstand in the meantime and he doesn’t notice the new notification until he is in bed and wants to set an alarm for the morning. He’s surprised to see a notification from Instagram about a new follower.
Y/N has followed him back.
Tumblr media
Reuniting with Harlow in the afternoon is Harry’s favorite part of the day. Seeing his little girl running towards him and jumping into his arms is something he wishes to experience every day for the rest of his life, though he knows these occasions are numbered so he is drinking up every moment of it. 
Today is no different, Harlow starts sprinting towards Harry the moment she spots him, a toothy grin stretched across her rosy cheeks as she practically smashes against her daddy.
“Hi dad!” she giggles as he lifts her up from the ground easily, holding her in one arm, his free hand taking her backpack off her shoulders. He doesn’t notice, but some moms around them yearningly watch as he holds his daughter with ease, some are having gentle thoughts about their father-daughter bond, but some are definitely hiding dirty fantasies about the single dad who is a well-liked figure among the mothers. Most of the time Harry doesn’t even process the stares he gets, and when he does, he chooses to ignore them.
“Hey Princess, how was your day?” he asks, carrying her towards the car. 
“Good. How was your day?” she asks back.
“I missed you,” he sighs dramatically, earning a kiss on the cheek from the girl in his arm.
“Do you just sit around all day and miss me?” she sassily asks and Harry barks out a laugh as he puts her down so she can climb into the car.
“That’s exactly what I do while you’re at school,” he grins, strapping her in before taking his seat behind the wheel.
“Oh, I have news for you, dad,” Harlow announces, as they are slowly inching their way out of the full parking lot.
“Yeah? Tell me!”
“We’re having a bake sale soon and I signed you up!”
“Oh, wow!” he smiles. He doesn’t mind helping out and baking is actually a hobby of his.
“And this year parents are pairing up for it so I signed you up with Robin’s mom!” she adds and Harry almost steps on the break hearing this little detail. 
“Robin’s mom? Really?” he asks with wide eyes.
“Yeah,” she nods, oblivious to why her dad is so shocked about it. 
Harry thinks about how he followed her on Instagram the other day, the panic he felt and then seeing her follow him back even though they haven’t really talked, he faintly remembers them exchanging a few words at a parents’ meeting, but nothing more. Now they will have to bake together. 
It will either go painfully awkwardly, or something good might come out of it. He’ll have to wait and see.
Tumblr media
He is in the studio when he gets a text from a number he doesn’t recognize. He sees the screen lighting up, but he is in the middle of a session so he discards it until they go on a short break. When he finally has the time to have a look at it, excitement rushes through his veins.
UNKNOWN: Hey! It’s Y/N, Robin’s mom from Harlow’s class. Apparently we were signed up together to bake for the bake sale. Maybe we could meet up for a coffee sometime to plan out what we’re gonna do!
Harry is quick to type a response back.
HARRY: Sure! I’m flexible, whenever it’s good for you, I’ll make it work!
He doesn’t expect a fast reply since he didn’t answer straight away and he imagines she’s busy at work, but his phone lights up just seconds later.
Y/N: Great! :) Tomorrow at one?
HARRY: Perfect. :)
They exchange a few more texts about the place and then the conversation ends, they both go back to their day. And Harry is looking forward to meeting her as if it was Christmas coming up.
It’s not a date.
He keeps reminding himself, but it feels like he is getting ready for a date. The first one in what feels like a century. It’s also his first crush, dating and pursuing women in general hasn’t been on his agenda since before he started dating Frankie, which was over a decade ago. Even after his marriage ended, he was so focused on Harlow and his work that he simply didn’t have time to meet women and go out on dates. 
But this is not a date.
He is just meeting a woman for coffee to talk about baking. 
He leaves the studio a little earlier than needed so he is not late. The café they chose is near Y/N’s workplace, since she only has an hour to spare before she needs to be in a meeting. Walking in he scans over the menu and orders a simple black coffee along with two muffins before taking a seat at a table.
Y/N arrives not even five minutes later. She strolls in wearing a blue pants suit, her purse in one hand, phone in the other as she looks around and eventually spots Harry.
“Hi! Have you been here for long?” she asks, checking the time, but she arrived perfectly on time.
“No, just a few minutes,” Harry smiles at her standing up from the table to greet her, though there’s a pause as neither of them knows how to. Handshake? Kiss on the cheek? Hug? 
At last they meet for a short, kind of half hug before she sets her purse down on the other chair.
“I’ll get a coffee and then we can talk.”
Harry watches her walk up to the counter, she asks for a latte and then types away on her phone while waiting. She looks a tiny bit more collected than the last time he saw her, but he can tell she’s had less stressful days before. When she returns to the table she places her phone facing down and turns all of her attention to Harry.
“Harry, I’ll be honest with you, I’m terrible at baking,” she admits first thing with a chuckle. 
“Well, then we might be a great duo, because I’m actually pretty good at it.”
“Oh, then you’re my hero,” she chuckles. “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the happiest when Robin said she signed me up, life has been… a bit hectic lately, baking stands after the last thing on my list,” she huffs. “But I’m glad I don’t have to do it alone,” she adds with a small smile. 
“It’ll be fun! The girls can have a playdate in the meantime.”
“Ah, that would be amazing,” she sighs in relief. “When is the bake sale?” 
“Um, on the tenth, in two weeks, I think.”
“Alright, I guess we should make everything fresh, right?”
“That would be ideal,” he nods.
“Great. Would you mind it if we did it at my place? I don’t have anywhere to put my son and I really don’t want to leave him home alone,” she sighs.
“Sure, no problem.”
“I promise I have everything we need despite my poor baking skills,” she jokes. “But Dylan is…”
“Y/N, no need to explain. I’m happy to go over so you don’t have to worry about him.”
“Thank you.”
They discuss what they plan to bake and what ingredients they’ll need and how they will split the shopping part. Harry finds it that Y/N is easy to talk to and she tries her best to be flexible and work together with him the best way possible.
“Okay, so muffins, chocolate chip cookies and brownies it is. We’re playing it safe,” she chuckles, summarizing their plan. “Gosh, muffins used to be Dylan’s favorite, but I feel like he would scream at me if I gave them any,” she huffs and Harry notices the sadness that flashes through her face.
“Um, I’m not trying to be nosy and we practically just met, but Harlow mentioned that Robin told her you just got divorced? I’m sure it’s been a tough time and I’m sorry too, going through a divorce is challenging even if you part ways in peace.”
The smile fades from her lips as she looks down at her drink with a tiny nod.
“You’re divorced too?” she asks.
She stays silent and stares into her drink that’s half empty by now. Folding her arms over her chest she lets out a shaky breath.
“Does it get better?” she asks and there’s so much behind those simple words and Harry can feel the weight of them. Harry reaches over and places a warm hand on her arm, giving it a gentle squeeze.
“It does. I know it seems like you’re stuck now, or even going backwards, but you’ll get through it.”
Their eyes meet and hold each other’s gaze for a few heartbeats and in that moment they both leave that café and enter somewhere safe and hopeful. Then the barista calls out someone’s name for their order and the moment is gone. Harry clears his throat and busies himself with his empty cup before they venture to another, lighter topic. 
They sit around for a little longer, just like two friends talking over a nice coffee, but then it’s time for Y/N to go back to the office.
“Harry, it’s been so nice! I’m not really friends with any of the moms from Robin’s class, but I feel like we’ll be a good team,” she smirks as Harry opens the door for her and they step out of the café.
“I’m not really friends with anyone either,” he smiles softly.
“What? I thought moms are fighting for your attention,” she barks out a laugh, but Harry just furrows his eyebrows, tilting his head as he looks back at her. “Come on, you’re known as the hot dad around school grounds.”
His eyebrows raise at her blunt comment and she realizes he’s been truly oblivious to the stares and whispers behind his back from mothers that don’t get what they want from their husband. 
“Oh wow, sorry, this is awkward now,” she chuckles nervously, realizing it might have been weird to hear it.
“No worries, I was just… not aware that I’m even known,” he chuckles. 
“You haven’t noticed the stares? Mothers ogle you like crazy whenever you pick Harlow up.”
“I’m usually more focused on her,” he admits bashfully. “So I’m the hot dad. Good to know.”
It’s obvious that Y/N feels awkward that she was the one who delivered the news to him, but Harry finds it cute, the way she bites into her bottom lip.
“I really need to get back now. I’ll see you soon, I guess,” she switches quickly, checking the time. 
“Sure, have a great day, Y/N,” he smiles and he pulls her into a short hug before they part ways. 
Harry thinks about how it felt like when she was pressed up against his chest, even if it was just for one second.
Tumblr media
“Okay, I might have gone a little overboard with the decoration,” Harry admits, as Y/N is inspecting the millions of sprinkles, candies and chocolate chips on the counter, laughing happily like a little kid.
“No, this is amazing!” she chuckles. “They will turn out amazing!”
Harry blushes and he’s glad she doesn’t find it weird how overboard he went with the shopping. He’s been looking forward to their work together, mostly because he couldn’t wait to see Y/N again, but he was also excited about the baking part. 
Harlow and Robin are in the living room, watching The Little Mermaid and playing, Dylan is hiding somewhere in his bedroom and the adults are taking over the kitchen. Y/N is in a more casual outfit, but she still took his breath away when she opened the door and welcomed them. In a pair of loose jeans and a simple, gray sweater, she still looks incredibly stylish and put-together. 
“Alright, you’re the boss today, I’m just assisting,” she smiles, one hand on her hip, the other one on the counter. Harry thinks about how badly he wants to grab her by her waist and pull her in for a kiss, so he gulps hard, forcing himself to focus on the baking. 
“Okay. Then let’s start with the cookies.”
They find their rhythm easily, Harry is moving around in her kitchen as if it’s not his first time here and Y/N does everything he asks her perfectly. They are, indeed, an amazing team. While they work they talk and laugh and have a blast, as if they’ve been good friends since forever.
When it’s time to decorate they ask the girls to help them and they happily cover everything in sprinkles, going all out with the supplies Harry bought. 
Once everything is done, they box them up so they can easily take them to the school tomorrow. It’s still not too late and the girls are having so much fun that the parents decide to let the playdate last a little longer, so they share some iced tea and have a chat sitting by the kitchen island. It’s all fun and joy until Dylan comes down to drink something. He marches into the kitchen, ees glued to the ground, ignoring everyone else as he walks over to the fridge.
“Dylan, say hi to Harry. You didn’t even come down to greet our guests,” Y/N tells him, earning the most annoyed groan Harry has ever heard. 
The boy stops and turns around standing like a stone, clearly irritated that someone even said a word to him. 
“Hi,” he grumbles before turning back to the fridge right away to grab himself a can of coke.
“Dylan, no coke after six, you know the rule,” Y/N warns him, to which he just tosses the can back and slams the fridge shut. 
Harry can feel the tension spiking and he’s quietly observing the scene in front of him.
“Drink some water, or there’s some tea left in the–”
“I don’t want tea or water, I want coke!” he whines. “Dad lets me drink coke whenever I want!”
“Well, then I’ll need to have a chat with your father,” Y/N comments under her breath. “Water, Dylan. Drink water,” she repeats, the boy rolls his eyes and grabs a bottle of water before storming out of the kitchen. “God, this is a disaster, I’m sorry,” she groans, pinching the bridge of her nose.
“No need to apologize. You both are going through a tough time.”
“But it feels way worse than what I was expecting. I knew it would be hard, but… And Will is absolutely no partner in the process, he is trying to play the victim, like I’m the monster for destroying our family when he is the one who fuck three women in the past two years.”
Harry’s eyes widen at the blunt information about her marriage and though he never met this Will guy, he knows he is a total idiot. He has to be if he cheated on a woman like Y/N with three different women.
“Wow, that sounds… awful,” Harry admits truthfully. “How did you… May I ask how you found out?”
“He accidentally paid for a romantic getaway with the wrong card and I saw everything he paid for, the hotel, the food and drinks and of course, the couple's massage. He was supposed to be at a conference that weekend. I did some digging after that and then confronted him. He tried to deny it, but it’s hard to play innocent when I have proof. He moved out the next day and I filed for a divorce a week later. This was in January, but it got official in the summer.”
“What took so long?”
“He’s been a real bitch about it,” she rolls her eyes. “He really tried to make it look like I threw him out heartlessly and he was convinced he deserves a second chance. Maybe I would have considered it if it was just a one time thing. But it was several women on several occasions. This was not just a slip up, he came home these past two years knowing damn well that he chose to do this. Of course I don’t want anything to do with him after that.”
“Understandable,” Harry nods in agreement.
“Well, he thinks otherwise and it’s been his hobby to make me miserable. We agreed not to tell the kids what he did, I don’t want them to turn against him, he’s still their father, but apparently, Will is not mature enough to do the same. He’s been trying to lure the kids closer to him and away from me, so he is the ultimate good cop. He lets them do anything and everything, pizza for breakfast, candies all the time, he takes them to every damn movie they wanna see, and then I’m the bad one who tries to regulate their fun.”
“I assume Dylan prefers to be with his dad.”
“Of course,” she rolls her eyes again, clearly frustrated over the situation, but there’s not much she can do about it. “I’m suddenly the enemy. Dylan only knows that we decided to get a divorce, but he doesn’t know why. All he experiences is his dad being the coolest guy ever and his mom being a bitter bitch,” she groans and looking down at her drink she obviously wishes it had alcohol in it. “Sometimes I just wanna tell him how big of an asshole his dad is, but I’m really trying to be the bigger person here,” she sighs.
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” is all Harry could say. 
“It’s not your fault,” she shrugs with a soft, but tired smile. “How about you?”
“You’re divorced as well, right? How did that go?”
“Oh, it was surprisingly peaceful. It was a mutual decision, we fell out of love. If I’m being honest, we rushed into that marriage way too fast.”
“So you’re on good terms?”
“Yeah. We try to make it work, focus on Harlow and what’s best for her.”
“That must be amazing, being partners even when you’re not married anymore,” she sighs dreamily. “I never thought I would say something like this, but I’m jealous of your divorce!” she chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.
“It’ll get easier. He can’t be an asshole forever, it’s too tiring,” he jokes.
“Oh, you don’t know Will. Being an asshole is in his genes,” she snorts with a laugh.
Tumblr media
The bake sale is always a big success and this is Harry’s first time as a seller. Now that Y/N has pointed it out for him that other moms usually ogle him, he can actively feel the stares on him, so it could easily be an awkward event for him, but he is focusing on Y/N next to him behind their little stand. Their baked goods are selling great, especially the brownies, so they clear their stand in no time, just lingering around, socializing with the other parents though when no one is listening they agree that it’s not really their crowd. 
“Maybe we should open a bakery,” Harry jokes as they are packing up their stand at the end of the bake sale. 
“You should, but I’m not sure I should leave my career for baking,” she chuckles.
“What are you talking about? You were great at measuring the ingredients,” he smirks, bumping his hip against his. 
“Alright, okay, I’ll join you,” she smiles bashfully. 
Harry helps with the now empty boxes, loading them into Y/N’s car and they call out for the girls who are running around in front of the building, letting them know it’s time to leave. All he can think about is how this could be the last time he is seeing Y/N for a long time and that he wants to spend more time with her. If he had the guts he would ask her out, but he’s not even sure if she’s ready to date or even wants to date at this point.
“Um, maybe we could have playdates more often. The girls seem to be good friends,” Harry suggests, glancing over at Robin and Harlow, who are making their way towards the cars, still playing around happily.
“Sure! That sounds great, I’m sure they’ll be happy to spend more time together,” she nods smiling. 
“And you know, if you need help with anything, you can call me. I know how hard it is to do it all alone, I’m happy to help, even if it’s just maybe picking Robin up. I’m always the one getting Harlow, it’s no big deal if I take them both.”
“Really?” she asks and he can see the gratitude in her eyes.
“Of course.”
“That would be… amazing, thank you!” 
She surprises him with a warm, friendly hug and he can feel that they’ve just gotten closer to each other in every kind of way. It’s a tiny, fleeting moment, but it burns into Harry’s memories probably forever.
They don’t talk for a couple of days, carrying on with their separate lives. It’s about a week later when Y/N calls Harry in the middle of the day, luckily, he can pick it up right away.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asks, leaning against the wall in the studio’s hallway. 
“Hey, um…Can I ask you a favor?”
“Sure, of course!”
“Can you pick Robin up today? I have a little situation with Dylan and I’m not sure I’ll make it in time to pick her up.”
“No worries, but is everything alright?”
“Not really,” she sighs. “He got into a fight today and Will picked him up, because I couldn’t answer the phone when the school called me, so I need to get him now from his father.”
“Oh, I see. Don’t worry about Robin, the girls will be just fine while you focus on Dylan. Do you want me to drop her off at yours when you’re home?”
“No, I’ll just pick her up, don’t want you to drive her around, you’re already doing me a huge favor.”
“You sure? It’s no problem.”
“Positive,” she chuckles softly. “Thank you Harry.”
Harry wishes it wasn’t an emergency that connected them again, but he’s glad Y/N felt safe enough to reach out to him when she needed help. When he’s done with work he heads to the school as usual, but this time, two little chatty girls end up on the backseat of the car.
“Is Robin sleeping over tonight?” Harlow asks in excitement.
“No, Honey. Her mom will pick her up later.”
“Why couldn’t she pick me up?” Robin asks, but she doesn’t seem disappointed that her mother was absent.
“Something came up, but everything is alright, don’t worry. You guys can work on your homework together.”
The girls are being angels, Harry cuts some apples for them while they work on their homework by the kitchen island while he starts preparing for dinner. He has just set the table when he sees a car pulling up on their driveway and Harry watches Y/N walk up to their front door.
“Hi,” he greets her, opening the door for her before she could even ring the doorbell. 
“Hi, I hope it’s not too late,” she breathes out, stepping inside.
“No, don’t worry about it. The girls finished their homework, we were just about to have dinner, want to stay?”
“Would love to, but Dylan is in the car and I’m not sure I can get him out of there,” she sighs, shaking her head. “But thank you so much for everything, Harry. You saved me.”
“No problem, I told you, I’m happy to help.”
Robin says goodbye to Harlow and Y/N grabs her backpack as they head out to the car. She runs ahead while Y/N turns back to Harry one last time.
“Dylan is spending the weekend with Will. Maybe we could meet up with the girls? We like to go to the park on Saturday.”
“That sounds amazing,” Harry nods, excited to have the opportunity to see her again soon.
“Okay, then I’ll text you later. And again, thank you,” she repeats herself before pulling him into a quick hug. He doesn’t even have the time to put his arms around her before she’s already jogging towards the car.
He leans against the doorframe and Harlow runs up next to him, waving at them as the car backs out of the driveway, Dylan sitting in the back with the most hurt look Harry has ever seen while Robin is happily waving back at her friend. Y/N smiles at Harry through the window one last time before they roll down the street and disappear.
Tumblr media
“Here,” Harry softly hands Y/N her coffee as he returns to the park from the café across the road. 
“Thank you, how much–”
“Don’t even try to pay me back,” he chuckles as he sits on the bench beside her, taking a sip from his simple, black coffee. The girls are taking over the playground, it’s a beautiful day and Harry is glad Harlow can spend so much time outside. 
“So, do you want to talk about what happened this week?” Harry carefully asks. He doesn’t want to be nosy, just trying to be the support Y/N might need, though he is also dying to know more about her, regarding anything in her life.
Y/N exhales slowly, her eyes following the girls around as she fidgets with the lid of her coffee cup.
“Dylan apparently got into a fight at school. No one really saw what happened, the teacher just caught him punching another boy. He was sent to the principal and then they tried to call me to pick him up, because they decided to send him home for the rest of the day. But I was in a meeting and couldn’t answer, so they called Will. He then went in, the principal told him what happened and that Dylan might have to see the school’s advisor a few times after the incident. Will then took him home and when I called him on my way from work he basically said that I’m a terrible mother, because I wasn’t available when my son needed me.”
Harry can feel his anger rising, but he bites his tongue and lets Y/N finish before he puts in his two cents. 
“It was just thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later I was already sprinting out of work, I don’t think that’s too late, of course I can’t drop everything instantly, I have a job and a boss, I can’t just come and go whenever I want to!”
“There’s nothing wrong with that, Y/N.”
“Right?” She sighs. “Anyway, I went to Will’s, fully prepared to have a talk with Dylan about his actions, I had a little speech ready and all that. Then I arrived and I ended up being lectured! This… fucker… had the nerve to lash out on me for not answering the phone when the school called me, he was praising himself for dropping everything instantly and picking Dylan up right away. It’s easy to do that when you’re your own boss in a business that barely makes any profit,” she scoffs. “We got into a fight, Dylan heard most of it and all he understood was that I apparently made a mistake so now he wants to spend every weekend with Will.”
“Can he do that? I mean, don’t you have an agreement?”
“I was stupid enough not to limit how much Will can see them, I thought I was doing the right thing, but it’s biting me in the ass.”
“So what are you gonna do now?”
“I have no idea,” she chuckles bitterly. “If I keep Dylan away from his dad he’ll just hate me more. But if I let him spend more time with him, the same thing will happen, because Will is working harder than the devil to turn him against me. It’s an impossible situation.”
“Has he always been this close with his dad or is it just the divorce that brought them together?”
“I always had a feeling Will prefered Dylan over Robin. Which is just fucked up, you don’t choose between your kids. But he never really knew how to deal with a girl, so he spent more time with Dylan. They both like playing video games, so they’ve been bonding over that lately. I guess Dylan feels closer to him because they have more in common and he always looked up to Will. I never thought this would turn out as a disadvantage.”
She looks down at her coffee, deep in her thoughts before taking a sip and finally turning to face Harry. 
“It’s such a mess, right? I’m a mess.”
“You’re not a mess, Y/N. You’re doing everything you can to get through it, so don’t blame yourself. Will should grow up and be your partner for the sake of the kids.”
“We haven’t been separated for a whole year, but I can’t even believe we were once married,” she groans, her head falling back for a moment. Then, as if she realized something, she looks at Harry. “I’m sorry for always dumping my drama on you, this must be annoying.”
“Y/N, I asked you,” he chuckles. “I’m happy to listen, to help, anything you need.”
“You’re such a nice man, Harry,” she sighs. “I’m sure you haven’t been having any problem with dating since your divorce.”
“There’s no problem, because I don’t really date,” he admits with an awkward chuckle.
“What?” her eyes widen. “You’re just joking, right?”
“No,” he shakes his head with a shrug. “It’s not really my priority. I spend most of my free time with Harlow, I just… never got around to get myself out there, I guess.”
“But do you want to?”
“Ideally, I don’t want to be alone forever. I’m not against dating, I’m just not looking actively.”
“Hmm… I get it. It’s just shocking that women are not throwing themselves at you everywhere you go,” she snorts out a laugh before taking another sip from her coffee. 
“Because I’m the hot dad?” he jokes.
“Well, duh!” she laughs. 
“You keep calling me hot, I might think that you’re into me, Y/N.”
She almost chokes at his comment, which just entertains him even more, he likes how nervous she got over his comment.
“I-I’m not trying to– I mean you’re… Oh God.”
“Relax,” he laughs, placing a hand on hers for a moment. “I was just messing with you.”
“God, I hate you,” she chuckles, bumping her shoulder against his.
“I hope you don’t, because I actually like you.”
There’s a switch in the conversation thanks to Harry’s little confession, but he just couldn’t keep it in any longer. She seems surprised, but pleasantly at his words, staring back at him with wide eyes.
“It’s hard not to like you,” he adds with a shy smile. “And if you think I’m the hot dad then I can admit that you’re a hot mom.”
“Oh my God, you’re gonna make me giggle like a little girl,” she laughs, covering her mouth. 
“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t bite my tongue any longer,” he chuckles, looking down at his hands in his lap. “Just thought I would share. I’m not expecting anything to change, I know you have enough on your plate now.”
“I like you too, Harry,” she admits and his heart is soaring. “I’m just not sure I’m ready to take this step with anyone at the moment.”
“I completely understand. I’m happy to be just friends,” he reassures her kindly. She smiles at him with gratitude in her eyes, this moment means a lot to both of them in many different ways.
They sit in silence for a couple of minutes, watching the girls play around the swings and then she’s the first one to speak up. 
“Did we just admit that we’re crushing on each other?” she asks with a grin.
“I guess so, yeah,” he nods, mirroring her expression. 
“This felt like middle school all over again.”
“You want me to pull your hair?” he teases her, making her laugh out loud.
“Ah, I’m okay without that, thank you. But it was… refreshing. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.”
“Glad I could be the one who brought the feeling back to you,” Harry smiles at her sweetly, bumping his shoulder against hers.
Tumblr media
They fall into a rhythm. Constantly texting throughout the day, sharing pictures randomly, helping each other out whenever it’s needed, their bond strengthening along the way. It’s not just Y/N’s messy situation they talk about, but anything and everything. 
And Harry can feel himself falling.
He’s patient, though. He knows he needs to wait and let Y/N heal and figure things out before she could get back to dating and when that moment finally comes, Harry will be there waiting for her. 
She truly surprises him when she takes the first step out of the friend zone.
“So, what are you doing this weekend?” she asks when they are randomly talking on the phone one evening. Originally, Y/N called to ask for some help with homework, because Robin didn’t remember what exactly needed to be done, but it soon turned into some private chit-chatting.
“Not much, Harlow is having a sleepover at my mum’s, so I’ll be alone for most of the weekend.”
“That’s great, because my kids are gonna be away too, so I thought we could do something that doesn’t include a playground, homework or kids meal,” she chuckles and just the sound of it brings a smile to Harry’s face. Harry is about to answer when she adds at last: “It could be a date.”
“A date?” he breathes out.
“Yeah. If you want it to be. It’s fine if we just hang out as friends, I don’t–”
“It’s a date,” he reassures her and he can almost feel her relief over the phone. 
“Great.” Harry knows she’s smiling on the other end of the call, he can tell. 
“Alright, then I’ll plan everything out. Saturday?”
“Saturday sounds amazing.”
Tumblr media
Harry wants this date to be as perfect as possible. It’s not just his first date with Y/N, but also her first date since her divorce. He wants her to feel secure, comfortable and cared for, so she doesn’t feel like she made a mistake.
Therefore, he pays extra attention to tailor this date to her liking. 
It’s nothing out of the ordinary, they go to a gallery, then grab dinner and take a walk, but his attention to the details is what makes it outstanding. He remembered Y/N saying how much she loves contemporary art, but she hasn’t had the time to go to any galleries these past years, so Harry takes her to a promising young artist’s exhibition which she absolutely adores, so the evening starts out perfectly. 
Then they have dinner at an Indian place Y/N once mentioned. She used to go there often with her parents so it’s a piece of nostalgia for her that brings back some precious memories. The food is amazing, they talk like old friends and the conversation flows naturally, there’s no awkwardness, no weird silences. It’s simply perfect. 
As the last stop of the date he takes her to a hidden little park and of course, he’s got reasons for that as well.
“How come I never knew there’s a park around here? We live so close!” she chuckles.
“Because it’s kind of… private,” he smiles as he stops at a massive gate that appears to be just a simple driveway, so Y/N is looking at him confused. 
“We’re not gonna get in trouble for this, right? I don’t want to run from the cops,” she chuckles as Harry opens up the gate just enough so they can go inside.
“Don’t worry, I got permission to go inside, I know the owner,” he grins, holding out a hand for her that she gladly takes and they walk in, the gate sliding closed behind them.
“What is this place?”
“I worked with a guy about a year ago, he is an amazing musician and producer. His wife is French and comes from the countryside where her family had this massive mansion with the most beautiful garden.”
As they walk further Y/N finally gets a glimpse of the breathtaking yard that’s hidden from the outside, flowers and greenery everywhere she looks, a dreamy fountain in the middle with a naked female figure serving as the most beautiful gem of the garden. 
“She would talk about how much she misses the garden when they moved here, so he surprised her with this. Her own little piece of her home. And see the fountain?” he asks, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. 
“Yeah, it’s beautiful.”
“It’s a replica of the one they had in France.”
“Oh my, this is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard!” she gasps as they slowly walk around the garden. 
They wander around, feeling like they have entered a whole new world, the stars shining bright above them and the millions of flowers surrounding them, the gentle splashing of the water coming from the fountain that Y/N keeps staring at, because it’s simply the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. 
Harry is proud of himself, Y/N hasn’t stopped smiling all evening, so he knows tonight turned out just as he planned. He felt rusty at the beginning, he can’t even remember the last time he was on a proper date, but this was a good start for the both of them.
It’s quite late by the time Harry takes her home, but neither of them truly wants the evening to end. 
“I had an amazing time, Harry. Thank you,” she smiles up at him as they reach her home.
“Does this mean we can do it again sometime?”
“Definitely,” she chuckles. 
Then comes the first awkward moment of the night. It’s not even that awful, it’s just that Harry’s not sure how far he can go. He’s been thinking about kissing her all evening, but he doesn’t want to cross any lines and push her too much. 
“Harry?” she breathes out as they stand just a foot apart.
“You can kiss me. I-I mean if you want, I don’t–”
He doesn’t need more, crossing the distance left between them he presses his lips against his, circling his arms around her waist as he pulls her into his embrace. It’s the perfect ending for a perfect date and Harry knows he’ll have a hard time from now on to behave around Y/N, knowing how she tastes, what her lips feel like against his and how her tiny moans sound. They devour each other, it feels like years worth of drought is washed away and they experience a kind of passion neither of them thought they would feel again. 
It’s hard to hold back and not take it as far as possible. Harry is aching to get, feel and taste more of her, but he knows he needs to slow down. Every fiber in his body is screaming not to stop, but his consciousness is awake enough to draw the line. He pulls back, though he goes in for a few more kisses before forcing himself to stop before he can’t control himself. 
Y/N buries her face into the crook of his neck as they stay like that, wrapped in each other’s arms, bathing in the comfort and warmth of this significant moment. Harry can’t stop himself from pressing a few soft kisses to her forehead, wishing he could do this every day, whenever he wants to. 
The moments stretch long, but eventually they let go of each other, not too willingly thought.
“I hope you don’t regret going on a date with the hot dad,” Harry cheekily smirks.
“Not at all,” she chuckles. “It was easily the best date I’ve ever been on.”
“Damn, it’ll be hard to outdo it next time,” he sighs, making her laugh.
“Sorry,” she grins, but there’s no remorse in her reaction.
“Alright, enjoy the rest of your kids-free weekend,” Harry smiles as he starts backing away, but then steps back to her once more, stealing one last kiss. “Okay, bye!” he sighs, forcing himself to walk away.
“Bye Harry!” she chuckles.
Tumblr media
The upcoming week turns out quite hectic for the both of them. Y/N got a new project at work and as always, she has her hands full of her kids. Harry’s pretty busy too, he promised to help her mum paint her kitchen, so whenever he’s not at work or spending time with Harlow, he’s over at his mum’s home with a roll attached to his hands. 
They don’t get to see each other in person and though talking on the phone and constantly texting is great too, neither of them can stop thinking about how good their date was, spending time alone, in person. 
It’s a total coincidence they arrive at the school at the same time on Friday.
Harry spots Y/N first as she is walking towards the building from the parking lot, typing away on her phone in her usual work attire. As sappy as it sounds, his heart skips a beat at the sight of her, he’s been thinking about her a lot all week and now she is right there in front of her. 
Leaning against a pillar he watches her with a cheeky smile, waiting for her to notice him. She looks up from her phone and at first, her gaze rushes over him, but then her eyes bounce back on him and a wide smile stretches across her face.
“Lovely to see you here, Miss Y/L/N,” Harry smirks and pushing himself away from the pillar he steps closer to her and dares to press a tiny kiss to her cheek. She doesn’t seem to mind the affection at all.
“Mr. Styles,” she smiles bashfully. “How are you?”
“I’m good. A little tired. How about you?”
“Same,” she sighs, folding her arms over her chest.
“How is the situation with Dylan and Will?”
“Eh, it’s fine. Though it feels like the calm before the storm, I’m afraid.”
Harry nods with a hum just when the doors open and kids start to flow out of the building. 
“When will you be kids-free next?” Harry asks in a hurry, his eyes snapping to her just for a moment before searching for Harlow in the sea of students. 
“Um, maybe next weekend. But maybe we could have lunch sometime next week?” she suggests and he nods eagerly.
“Would love that.”
“Daddy!” He hears the most beautiful voice and moments later Harlow jumps into his arms.
“Hey princess, how was your day?” he chuckles, adjusting her in his hold.
“That’s good,” he hums, smiling. Glancing to the side Harry sees as Robin hugs Y/N and a few moments later Dylan marches out of the building, joining them. Y/N looks at him for one last moment, they exchange a quick smile and then part ways. 
Lunch together doesn’t happen. Days go by and they can’t get the schedule to match, there’s always something happening, life gets in the way, but it doesn’t change the way Harry feels about Y/N. And because of that, he would wait forever to spend even just another minute with her.
They manage to have two more dates in the next month and they are both just as amazing as the first one was, because they got to spend more time together.
They have slowly become inseparable.
Their fourth date is set to happen on a Friday when they are kids-free again. Or so they thought. 
They planned to watch a movie and then have a late dinner somewhere, so Harry arrived at her house a few minutes before six so they could catch the movie that starts at 6:45. He’s been looking forward to this evening all week, his heart jumping every time Y/N messaged him. He’s been like a lovesick puppy for a while now, even at work, he found himself taking songs into a more romantic direction than he usually does. 
Walking up to the door he rings the bell and waits, trying his best to keep himself from smiling like crazy. But when the door opens and he sees the stressed out look on Y/N’s face, his expression drops right away. 
“Oh shit, I totally forgot!” she breaks down seeing Harry, but her reaction is a little too extreme, he knows something happened that made her forget about their date. “Harry, I’m sorry, I don’t think tonight is gonna–”
“Hey, it’s alright, no need to apologize. Just tell me what happened, you seem so shaken up.”
Y/N holds the door for him as he walks in while she tries to collect her thoughts to tell him what happened.
“I uhh–I had the worst fucking day ever,” she breathes out shakily as they move to the living room to sit on the couch. “I have no idea how we ended up fighting with Dylan right before Will was about to arrive, but it was possibly our worst fight so far. Then Will joined in and of course, he completely ignored the fact that he is supposed to be a parent and not just a friend to Dylan.”
As she talks, Harry can’t stop thinking about how broken she seems and it’s killing him to see her like this. He needs everything in him not to just pull her into his arms and tell her he’ll solve everything for her.
“I swear I could see that vile smile hiding in his expression, like he was enjoying how Dylan was turning against me!” She growls in annoyance, sinking into the cushion. 
“So then what happened? Did you guys come to an agreement of some sort?”
Y/N scoffs, her head falling back.
“The agreement that we came to is that He took the kids and Dylan will stay with him for a while. I had to pack my son’s stuff knowing that Will won’t take good care of him. I know him, he can’t be on parent mode all the time, he’ll want to have his alone time and go out with his friends, but now he’ll have Dylan with him all the time!”
“Why did you let him take Dylan?” Harry asks with furrowed eyebrows, trying to understand the reasons behind her actions.
“Because I’m fucking tired of being the bad guy and… I figured that Dylan is smart enough to realize that living with his dad is not fun!” she laughs, but there’s no happiness behind it at all. “Will never did the everyday things. He doesn’t like to cook, he definitely won’t wake up earlier to pack Dylan lunch, I’m pretty sure he’ll probably forget to pick him up at least once, if not more times a week. It’s not gonna work and I’m hoping that Dylan will find it out himself. He’s a smart boy, if he wants to take this ride, I’m all in,” she sighs, her eyes fluttering closed for a moment before she looks at Harry. “I’m so sorry I forgot about our date. I promise I’ve been waiting for it, but today was just–”
“Y/N, I already told you there’s no need to apologize,” he cuts in, not even wanting to have her think about it. 
“I feel like I’m just dumping all my mess on you all the time.”
“I love that you feel comfortable enough around me to share this stuff,” Harry smiles softly. 
“I feel more than just comfortable,” she admits, looking at him with calmness in the middle of the madness. 
“Yeah?” he grins. “Why don’t we order some food, watch a movie here and call it a night? You must be exhausted.”
“That sounds… amazing,” she breathes out with a tired smile.
And that’s exactly what they do. They order pizza and cuddle on the couch while watching some Netflix movie. Every time they’re together they talk constantly, but this time, they just enjoy each other’s presence in silence and it’s exactly what they need. Halfway through the movie Harry notices that she’s fallen asleep, her head on his chest, snoozing away her stress. 
Harry takes just a few minutes to himself, enjoying her closeness and being able to hold her in his arms like never before and he thinks about how he wants to experience this every day. He wants Y/N to get some well-deserved rest, so he carefully carries her to her bedroom and puts her to bed, planning to let himself out and probably call her in the morning, but right before he is about to walk out of her bedroom, her voice pulls him back.
“Stay with me? Please?”
Her voice is barely more than just a whisper and as he looks back at her, she’s blinking at him lazily, already scooting over in bed to make space for him.
“You sure?” Harry asks, though every bit of him just wants to stay close to her. She nods into the pillow and smiles softly as Harry steps back to the bed, hesitantly looking down at his clothes.
“You can take off your jeans if you want,” she cheekily smirks, making Harry laugh as he unbuttons his pants.
“You just wanted to get me out of my pants, didn’t you?” he teases her, kicking the jeans off and then making himself comfortable in bed next to Y/N, who instantly moves closer, cuddling to his side.
“Since the moment I saw you,” she retorts, making him laugh again.
“Should have just asked me right away.”
He presses a kiss on top of her head, wrapping his arms around her tight as they fall asleep together for the first time. 
She sleeps better than she had in a long time. Usually she’s awake early in the morning no matter whether she has plans or not. But this time when she blinks her eyes open and checks the time on the alarmclock on her nightstand and it reads seven minutes past nine. She can’t even tell when the last time she slept after eight was. 
Sitting up in bed she’s disappointed to realize that the bed next to her is empty, but then she hears pans and pots clinking somewhere downstairs and she can’t help but smile at the thought of Harry in her kitchen. 
When she walks down she spots the man by the stove, he is making what seems like scrambled eggs, two mugs already sitting on the countertop with steaming, fresh coffee in them. Harry has put his jeans back on, though she wishes she could have seen him cook only in his underwear, but this is a nice view as well. 
“Good morning,” she smiles and walking closer she checks in on the breakfast he’s making. 
“Hi there, I hope I didn’t wake you up,” he chuckles and moving close she presses a sweet kiss to his lips to his surprise.
“No. I slept amazing, thank you for staying. I hope I didn’t make it feel weird.”
“Oh please. I was worried I might have crossed a line,” he chuckles softly as he moves the pan off the stove, turning to face Y/N fully, his hands finding her waist instantly.
“I’m afraid there are no lines when it comes to you, Harry.”
She says it with a cheeky smile, but they both can feel the seriousness behind her words and Harry is a tad bit surprised. He thought he would have to wait much longer for her to heal and move forward, but it seems like she’s ready to start this new chapter with Harry. 
“Yeah?” he hums, inching closer with his face until he can brush his nose against hers. 
“Mhm… I hope I won’t regret this,” she adds, a pang of fear flashing through her eyes. 
“You won’t. I promise.”
He holds her gaze for a few more heartbeats before pressing his lips to hers, devouring her as if he is trying to prove that his promise will be a lasting one. 
The eggs and coffee get forgotten quite fast as they get lost in each other. He presses her against the counter, his hands sneaking under her shirt, seeking direct contact with her skin. He can never get enough of her taste, the way her lips move with his and those pleased moans that slip out whenever he touches a soft spot. He’s completely obsessed with her and can’t even remember a time when he wasn’t thinking about her every waking moment. 
“You’re not hungry?” he asks against her lips.
“Only for you,” she chuckles as she pulls him back towards the stairs to return to the bedroom. 
They’ve been both craving intimacy for a while, but after their dates they just didn’t have the chance to take it past making out on the front porch. Now they have the house all to themselves and they are definitely using the precious time. 
Between hungry kisses thes peel each other out of their clothes as they navigate back into the bedroom. She falls onto the mattress in only her underwear and Harry takes a moment to admire the view while ridding himself of his pants. Her nerves take over as he studies her almost fully naked form, she reaches for the covers, but he’s quick to stop her.
“Sorry, i-it’s just been a long time since…” she stutters as Harry climbs over her, holding himself up on his arms.
“How long?” he simply asks.
“Um… At least over a year… maybe two…,” she admits shamefully while his expression remains blank and she fears he finds it ridiculous that she hasn’t been with a man in so long.
“Your ex is the biggest idiot in the world,” he replies before his lips devour hers, his body pressing down on her, skin against skin, they are closer than ever, but they are just about to get even closer.
They roll around on the mattress, giggles turning into moans as the last remaining pieces of clothing disappear. They can’t get enough of each other, Harry’s practically trying to map out her whole body, kissing and touching every inch he can reach, worshiping her like no one before did.
When he kisses his way down on her chest and stomach, she realizes where he’s taking it, her breathing picks up at the thought of feeling his lips between her legs, especially because she can’t even remember the last time she was on the receiving end of oral sex.
“Relax,” he softly says before peppering the inside of her thigh, one hand sliding up her torso to her sternum. He can feel under his touch how wildly her heart is beating against her ribcage. “I’ll just have a quick taste, is that okay?” he asks, his eyes snapping up to meet hers.
“Yes,” she answers breathlessly. 
“Good,” he smirks before moving closer to her cunt. 
He truly only wants a taste, he doesn’t want to overwhelm her, knowing it’s her first time in a long time, but he just can’t help himself. The way her back arches and lips part when his mouth meets her clit, it gets him addicted fast and he knows he’ll spend long hours between her thighs once she gets more comfortable. But for now, he’s just trying to control his hunger.
Licking, kissing and sucking, he makes sure to show her he has endless ways of pleasuring her with his mouth, leaving her wanting more when he moves back up.
“Next time I’m not stopping until you come on my tongue at least twice,” he warns with a pleased grin, to which she can only nod as she gasps for air. 
To his surprise, when his lips return to hers, she reaches down and wraps her hands around his cock he’s been ignoring all along just to focus on her pleasure. He can’t help but moan against her mouth when she starts gently pumping his length.
“And next time,” she speaks up, “I will suck your dick for as long as you want me to, but now… I really need you to fuck me.”
“Gladly,” he chuckles, but it quickly turns into a growl when she angles her hips so his head brushes against her soaked cunt. “Condom?”
“In the drawer,” she nods towards the nightstand and he reaches to the side, his movements slightly disoriented since she’s still playing with his cock with her hands. 
She only stops when he rolls the condom on, her hands then moving to his mare ass, squeezing it shamelessly as he positions himself between her legs.
“Just tell me how you like it, slow, fast, hard, soft, I can do anything for you, Y/N,” he says, pressing kisses to the corner of her mouth. 
“Start slow, then we can go faster.”
He nods and with a slow, careful motion he pushes into her, both of them moaning at the sensation. Harry almost loses his mind, feeling her warm, wet walls around him even through the condom. For a moment he fears he is about to come just by being inside her. Y/N is not the only one who hasn’t been sexually active lately, Harry’s needs mostly get satisfied by his hand under the shower on lonely nights, so this is a gamechanger for him as well.
“You’re good?” he asks out of breath.
“Never been better,” she smiles shortly, taking his face in her hands to pull him in for a kiss before Harry finally starts moving.
Just as she asked, he starts slow, gliding in and out of her until she gets familiar with the feeling and his size that’s quite bigger than what she’s been used to. Pulling her left leg up she hooks it around him, allowing him to go deeper with each thrust.
“Fuck, Y/N, you feel so good,” he growls against her neck before biting on her soft skin gently. She wraps her arms around his torso, clawing at his back to pull him as close as possible, she wants to feel his weight on her, his skin melting against hers as they become one. 
“Faster, please!” she breathes out and that’s all Harry needs to pick his pace up, pleasing her every wish. 
“Would love to fuck you from behind, but I need to see your pretty face when you come,” he breathes out a chuckle, pressing his lips on hers.
“Next time,” she grins back.
“We're saying that a lot.”
“Because we’ll have a lot of it,” she simply says before a moan slips through her lips. 
His heart skips a beat, thinking of a future where he can spend his time with Y/N more than just a couple of times a week. He’s known it for a while, but now, as he’s closer to her than ever, he knows she is it for him. 
Gradually fastening his movements he brings them both to the edge, she keeps calling out his name while he mumbles praises against her lips until she finally comes and he follows her moments later. His last few thrusts are rough and hard, but it tops it all perfectly. Harry rolls off of her, trying to catch his breath as she cuddles to his side, happily listening to the beating of his heart that’s slowing down after the excitement.
Legs tangled, she lifts her head, her fingers gently dancing over his tattooed chest, a lovesick smile stretching across her face.
“You’re alright?” he asks, squeezing her playfully.
“I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” she admits chuckling.
“Good,” he smiles. “Though I think breakfast is cold now.”
“We had way more important things to do,” she grins before placing a kiss to his chest.
Tumblr media
A lot changes following that Friday. Some changes are hard, like accepting that Y/N can only see Dylan a handful of times and that he’s living with his father now. It’s hard on Y/N and Robin as well, not having him around like always, but there’s nothing to do.
Some changes, however, are very much amazing. Like the blossoming relationship between Y/N and Harry. Following their passionate morning things have taken a pleasant turn.
They are officially an item.
There are rules, of course, that help their journey, navigating life with a new partner with kids. It’s challenging, but they both know it will benefit everyone. Playdates have been regular and Harlow has been spending more time with her granny and Robin has been visiting Will and Dylan quite often as well. It’s also useful in the case of showing Will just how much work it is to take care of the kids almost full time, Y/N is convinced there will be a breaking point. In the meantime, she’s making the best out of her free time, spending it with her new lover.
The girls don’t know officially that their parents are dating. However, they are smart enough to notice that there’s something definitely going on. Harry always brings flowers to Y/N when they come over for a playdate, they’ve had dinner together a few times, Harry often picks them both up from school and then they meet at home and have dinner before Y/N and Robin head home. 
They’ve found a rhythm that seems to be working for both of them.
Tumblr media
“...Happy birthday dear Harlow! Happy birthday to you!” all the guests sing as the girl sits by her flower themed cake, candles lit on top.
Harry is recording with his phone with the proudest smile on his face, Frankie standing right next to him. Harlow’s birthday is the occasion where they celebrate together, no matter what. She might be switching between them all year, but they both agreed that her day shouldn’t be split into two. So usually Frankie joins them for this one time every year so they can celebrate as a family. 
Today is not only special because of Harlow’s birthday, but also because Y/N and Frankie will meet for the first time. She dropped Robin off earlier, but she’ll return soon to have their official introduction, she just had to drop by her office to hand in some documents before joining the party. 
She’s been anxious about the meeting all week, even though Harry told her there’s nothing to worry about. Meeting an ex could easily be a terrible experience and Y/N wants Frankie to like her and justify the time she spends with Harlow as Harry’s partner. 
Harlow blows the candles out and smiles wide at everyone clapping for her. She’s invited her friends from school and from around the neighborhood and of course, there are a few parents attending as well.
After cake the kids get a headstart in all the activities Harry has planned for them, starting off with playing tag in the bouncy castle he has rented for the afternoon. Yeah, he might have gone a little overboard, but he just wanted the best for his little princess. 
“So, when is she arriving?” Frankie asks Harry while she helps him clean up the dining table. 
“Um, any minute.”
“I hope you’re not nervous about us meeting,” she chuckles. 
“No,” he smiles. “But she is.”
“I can understand that.”
They work in silence for a bit before Frankie stops and looks at Harry.
“Are you happy?” she asks. Harry puts the plates down from his hands and looks at the woman he once thought he would spend the rest of his life with.
“I am. Yeah.”
“And you think it’s a lasting happiness?”
“I do,” he nods. “There’s… There’s something I feel in my chest that I can’t really explain, but I just know I found my person.”
Frankie smiles, genuinely, because this is all she ever wished for Harry. 
“It’s good to hear that.”
Just as they are about to finish in the kitchen, the doorbell rings and Harry knows it’s Y/N. 
“Please be nice to her,” he exhales before jogging over to the door. Opening he sees Y/N standing there, a nervous, but bright expression on her face.
“Hey,” he smiles and leaning in, he steals a kiss before she steps inside.
“I’m sorry it took me so long. I was trying to be fast. How is the party? Is Frankie here?” she asks as Harry closes the door behind her.
“Yeah, come on, let’s meet her.” Harry takes her hand, but she pulls back.
“Wait, is it… How should I act? What do I tell her?” she asks in a frenzy. 
“Calm down, it’s going to be fine. Just be yourself, okay?”
“I’m about to meet your ex wife, don’t tell me–”
“Hello!” Frankie walks out with a warm smile and Y/N’s eyes go wide at first, but then she regains control over her face. “You must be Y/N, I’m Francesca, but call me Frankie.” She extends her hand towards Y/N which she takes.
“So nice to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you!”
“So have I,” Frankie chuckles. 
“I hope only the good things,” she chuckles awkwardly, throwing a look at Harry, who is just watching the scene unfolding with an amused smirk on his face.
“Why don’t we have a drink and I’ll tell you everything he told me about you,” Frankie smirks.
“Yeah, sure!” 
Harry lets them get to know each other, though he keeps an eye on them while tending to the birthday party as well. Just as he thought, Y/N had no reason to worry about meeting Frankie, five minutes into their chit-chat and they are already laughing like old friends. 
The party is a huge success, the kids have fun and Harlow will surely remember her eighth birthday. When all the guests have left and Harlow said goodbye to her mom who headed out to the airport, it’s just Harry, Y/N and the two girls. Harlow and Robin are watching a movie in the living room while Y/N helps Harry to clean up most of the mess.
“So, meeting Frankie wasn’t that bad after all, huh?” Harry teases her while they’re loading the dishwasher. 
“I never thought it would be bad, I was just nervous. She is obviously an important person in your and Harlow’s life, I wanted her to like me,” she clarifies.
“It’s impossible not to like you,” Harry smirks cheekily, making her laugh. 
“Maybe. For you,” she adds sheepishly. “Anyway, she was nice and welcoming, it wasn’t awkward at all.”
“Why would it have been awkward?”
“I don’t know,” she shrugs. “That’s what it’s like in the movies.”
“But it’s real life,” he chuckles. putting the last plate onto the rack and closing the washer. “I told you, we are on great terms. She has a partner too, actually, I think they will get engaged soon.”
“Oh, that’s great. Do you like the guy?”
“Yeah,” he nods, starting the washer and then he leans against the counter, folding his arms over his chest. “Mateo is a nice guy, he’s a doctor too. Neurosurgeon. So I guess they are perfect for each other. He’s great with Harlow too and that’s what matters to me. I’m sure Frankie thinks the same about you.”
“I hope so.”
“I know it, Y/N. So don’t worry,” he smiles and peeking over her shoulder he checks if the girls can see them. When he’s sure they’re not in sight, he leans down and steals a short, but meaningful kiss. “Can I ask you something? And please tell me if it’s too fast, I want to do this right.”
“Okay,” she nods.
“When do you think we should tell the kids about us?”
“Well,” she exhales with a tiny smile. “I think they are already suspecting something.”
“How do you know?”
“Robin asked the other day if you and Harlow will spend Christmas with us since, and I quote, we already spend as much time together as a couple.”
“Oh wow, they really are smarter than we think,” Harry chuckles. “I guess we could come clean soon, what do you think?”
“Definitely. I want to be honest with Robin. We can sit down with them sometime. But I want Dylan to be there too. I don’t want him to find out about it from Robin.”
“Of course, sure.”
Before he turns to finish up in the kitchen she grabs his hand and pulls back for another, tad bit longer kiss that he accepts gladly, even with the risk of getting caught.
��Thank you,” she whispers when they pull apart.
“For what?”
“For… being so amazing. And giving me faith that I can still find happiness.”
Tumblr media
Next weekend the girls are invited for their first ever sleepover to a classmate’s home, so Harry and Y/N can have a night to themselves finally. It’s been a hectic week, so they agreed to just stay in, watch a movie and relax together. This time it’s Y/N’s turn to host their romantic evening, so they are spending Saturday evening cuddled up on her couch, ready to rewind.
They are halfway into their choice of movie when Y/N’s phone starts ringing. Normally, she would ignore it, but when she sees that Dylan is calling her, she snatches the phone from the table and answers the call.
“Hey hun, everything alright?” she asks, knowing well Dylan only has a phone for emergencies and he wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important. 
Harry can’t hear the boy on the other end, but he can tell whatever Dylan is saying it’s putting Y/N on alerted mom mode instantly.
“I’ll pick you up right now, don’t worry,” she says, already jumping up from the couch. “Just stay right there, I’m on my way, honey.”
“What happened?” Harry asks, rushing after Y/N as she hurriedly starts putting on shoes and a jumper, still staying in line with Dylan. She covers the mic of her phone as she answers quickly. 
“Will left him home alone, he went to the store to get himself food, but he locked himself out and Will is not answering his phone.”
She’s mad. Big time. It’s the type of anger that turns any mother into mama bear mode.
“I’m going with you, you can’t drive like this,” he says, not asks.
“Thank you,” she breathes out before turning her attention back to the phone. “I’ll be right there, Dylan, okay? Stay on the phone with me.”
She talks to him on the phone while Harry is driving according to her instructions and he’s trying his best to keep his cool and stay in his line. He knows this is a family matter, but he’s fighting the urge to punch Will if he ever sees him. 
“There, pull over,” Y/N points at a house and Harry spots Dylan sitting on the stairs at the front door, obviously shaken up.
Y/N practically jumps out of the car before it even stops, running towards the boy who does the same and lets his mom wrap him in her arms tight and safely, it’s exactly where he belongs. Harry gets out as well, approaching carefully, making sure he keeps distance and gives them space.
“Come on, I got the spare keys, let’s pack your stuff. You’re coming home.”
For probably the first time in a long time, he doesn’t argue, just nods and follows his mom to the door that she locks with her set of keys Will gave him for emergencies. This surely qualifies as one. Glancing back she nods at Harry to follow and he oblies, staying in the foyer as the two of them disappear further in the house. 
The place looks like a typical bachelor home, not too much furniture, no home décor, but a giant TV in the living room with several game consoles. It’s obviously not a place where kids should be around, there’s nothing homey, warm and cozy and Harry can only guess, but something is telling him Dylan’s room looks similar to the rest of the house. 
He can faintly hear them talking, maybe even Dylan crying as Y/N softly soothes him while they’re probably packing his things. Harry stays by the door, but when he sees a pair of headlights pulling up on the driveway, he stiffens.
“Y/N? I think someone’s home!” he calls out, watching a guy get out of the car. From what Harry can see through the window, he looks confused at first and then pissed when he reaches the front door and walks in, facing Harry in his house.
“Who the fuck are you?” he spits, his hands curling into fists. Before he could answer, Y/N rushes out of Dylan’s room.
“Are you out of your fucking mind? Where the hell were you?” she raises her voice in an instant, holding Will accountable for his actions.
“What are you doing here and who the hell is this clown?” Will ignores her questions, gesturing towards Harry.
“You left your son home alone for almost a whole day with no food!” 
“I left a few dollars on the dining table,” he shrugs, like it’s truly no big deal.
“Yeah! And he went to the store to get something when you’ve been away for fucking hours and locked himself out! You didn’t answer his calls! He called me crying, because he couldn’t reach you, do you think that’s how a father should act? Huh?”
“I had shit to do! I couldn’t bring him with me, what’s the big deal about it? He’s fine!” Will retorts pointing at a frightened looking Dylan down the hallway. 
“No, he is not fine! And don’t fucking believe I’m leaving him here with you. He told me all about the shit you’ve been doing. I’m gonna make legal actions to limit your time with him and Robin as well. You screwed it up, Will. Big time.”
The switch in him can be seen, where he turns into full defensive mode, ready to tear anything and anyone down to have his ways, no matter the consequences. 
“Oh yeah? You think you can just do whatever you want, Y/N?”
“No, it’s you who thinks that’s how it works!”
“You will not keep my kids away from me!” he starts shouting. “Do you hear me? You can’t do that!”
“Actually, I can and I will! I’m done with your shit and so are the kids, believe me.”
Despite the weight of the situation, Harry feels his chest swell with pride seeing Y/N stand her ground, not letting Will throw everything on her.
“Come on, Dylan, we’re leaving, bring your bag,” she calls out to the boy who runs into his room to grab his stuff, appearing a moment later.
“No, you are not walking out of here with him!” Will snaps, grabbing Y/N’s arm and that’s when Harry steps in.
Taking Will by the shoulder, Harry pulls him back, the action takes him by surprise and makes him let go of her, but it just pumps up his anger.
“Get your hands off me!” Will spits, puffing his chest to try to intimidate Harry, but there’s no use. 
“Right after you get your hands off of her,” he retorts, calm and collected, but his eyes are throwing flames.
“You have the nerve to come to my house and tell me what to do with my wife?!”
“I’m not your wife anymore, and this madness is ending here,” Y/N tells him harshly. She holds out a hand and Dylan runs up to her, taking her hand, clinging onto it desperately as he tries to avoid looking at his father. 
“Dylan, you really want to go with your mother? Think of all the fun we’ve had!” Now Will sounds more desperate as he follows Y/N and Dylan towards the door, but Harry gets between him and them before Will could get physical again.
He tries to stop them on their way out, following them to the car too, his emotions switching by the minute: anger, despair, sadness, disgust, he goes through everything, but nothing can stop Y/N now.
“You really think you can just take my kids away from me like that? Huh?” Will starts shouting when Dylan is in the car and they are just about to leave. Y/N turns back to end the discussion in a calm manner. 
“I know that the court will love to hear about all the shit you’ve done. Try fighting me and I will make sure you’ll never see your kids again.”
Will is stunned from the strength and power oozing from Y/N and it leaves him frozen in his spot as she gets in the car and drives away with Dylan and Harry.
Arriving back home Harry stays back and lets Y/N focus on Dylan. They have a talk in his room while Harry cleans up the mess they left before rushing out of the house. When an hour later Y/N comes down he can tell she’s tired and drained.
“Thank you for cleaning up,” she smiles as she walks over and he pulls her into his embrace right away. She melts into his arms gladly, dropping the tough act and letting him be her safe haven after everything that happened.
“How’s Dylan?”
“Confused and disappointed. I wish he never had to see Will like that. He used to be his hero, this was a turning point.”
“He’s a great kid, he’ll get over it and he has you.” He kisses the crown of her head before pulling back so give her an encouraging smile that she returns. “I’m gonna head out, let you get some rest.”
“Okay,” she nods and leaning closer, she kisses his lips gently. “Thank you for… everything.”
“I’m happy to be here for you. Anytime.”
“I know,” she smiles softly. “That’s why… that’s why I love you.”
Her words take him by surprise, but then his heart starts hammering in his chest as he stares back at her.
“I love you too,” he breathes out before their lips meet again.
Tumblr media
It's a staring match and Harry and Y/N are definitely losing.
Sitting next to each other, the couple is now facing the three most important people in their life. Harlow, Robin and Dylan are sitting in silence, waiting for the announcement that brought them together this Saturday afternoon. 
Y/N bumps her elbow against Harry’s side, urging him to break the silence. He clears his throat and finally starts talking.
“So, we wanted to tell you guys something. We believe all three of you are mature enough to take the news and we hope you’ll be happy about it.”
Harlow and Robin exchange a knowing look, but they let him carry on. 
“You might have noticed that we’ve been spending a lot of time together. It’s because we’ve become great friends and… and slowly we became… You know, when adults get closer they can easily fall… Um…”
He is not doing good, rambling, all over the place, feeling more nervous than ever as the three kids stare back at him expectantly. At last, Y/N takes the lead.
“We’re together. As a couple,” she says, ending Harry’s misery to find the right words. 
They remain silent for a few moments that feel excruciating to Harry and then the girls start giggling.
“What’s so funny?” Harry questions them.
“We were just wondering how long it would take for you to admit it,” Harlow sassily replies.
“We’ve known it for a while,” Robin chimes in.
“You might have suspected it, but I don’t think you’ve known,” Y/N narrows her eyes at them.
“We saw you kissing the other week,” Dylan speaks up, surprising Y/N and Harry. They’ve been trying to be very careful, but it seems like they did not succeed.
“Um, well… So then now you know for sure,” Harry chuckles. “How do you feel about it?”
“Does this mean we’re sisters now?” Harlow asks, her face lighting up.
“Not really. Not yet, at least,” Y/N chuckles. 
“Oh, okay.”
“Are we gonna move in together?” Dylan asks and Y/N can tell he is not ready for that.
“No. We’re not planning to do that anytime soon, don’t worry. But we want to spend more time together, with you guys as well. So Harry might spend the night at ours sometimes or when you two are with dad, I might be sleeping over at his place,” she explains.
“Okay,” Dylan nods in relief.
The kids have a few more questions that they gladly answer and it seems like they are taking it well. When the talk is over, the kids take over the trampoline in the backyard, giving Harry and Y/N a moment of privacy.
“That went well,” he smirks proudly.
“Oh, you mean you did so great rambling in the beginning?” she teases him. “I agree.”
“Haha, very funny,” he rolls his eyes, but can’t hold his smirk back. 
“It went well, you’re right,” she says. “But I’m not surprised.”
“What do you mean?”
“Everything about you is perfect,” she smiles up at him, knowing well how much he loves getting praised. 
“Mm, guess we can thank the girls. That bake sale truly brought us together,” he chuckles.
“That was the ultimate parent trap and they didn’t even know it,” she laughs, wrapping her arms around his waist before kissing him. 
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hsgucci94 · 2 days
His weakness (AU)
Tumblr media
Summary: The one where Y/N gets hurt for being the girl of a mafia leader
Word count: 1.2k
Content warnings: mention of violence. A part from that i’d say this one’s pretty clean
A/N: by no means I’m trying to romanticise this lifestyle, it’s pure fiction x
By the time Y/N rang Harry’s doorbell, the pain had only increased. Her hand was pressed against her hip, fingers deep in her skin trying to alleviate the stabbing pain that came from it as her face turned into a grimace. One that she hid as soon as her boyfriend opened the front door.
“Thought you’d never come,” Harry greeted her, chuckling, as he moved away from the door to let her into his house. She smiled, walking pass him and towards the couch, ready to let her body fall onto it and rest.
“Yeah, parking in this neighbourhood is always a challenge, you know that. So I’ve spent some good twenty minutes driving around,” she replied, half lying. That one part was true, though: she always found a parking spot a few blocks away from his, but never any nearer by, so she ended up having to go to his house by feet.
That day in particular, however, she managed to park almost immediately, so she should have knocked on his door much sooner, which they made sure she did not. Just when she got out of her car, five hooded guys appeared out of nowhere. She didn’t recognise them, not only because the streets were dark, but also because she had actually never seen them before. She just knew they were there as a threaten; by hurting her they would make sure their message would get to Harry Styles, who not only was her lover, but also the head of the mafia. So that was what those strangers did; they threw her to the sidewalk and kicked her body until she couldn’t move anymore. She tried to defend herself, but they outnumbered her.
Y/N didn’t know how or when, but she had suddenly become a collateral damage of her partner’s businesses.
Harry smiled in her direction and stretched his hand to grab her before she could reach the sofa. Her tattooed arm wrapped around her abdomen, pulling her in for a hug. With her back to him, Y/N instinctively closed her eyes the moment she felt his touch on her aching skin. Her teeth clenched from the pain, but she didn’t say a word.
“Did I do something, woman?,” he chuckled again, and turned her around so that their faces were one in front of the other, “Don’t I get a kiss today?,” he smirked, and grabbed her chin between her fingers, before pressing his lips on hers. His other hand found the hem of her sweater and sneaked under it, resting on her hip. The sole gesture made Y/N hold her breath, her stomach contracting from the pain, and Harry noticed.
He pulled away enough to properly see her face, his hands no longer touching her. “What’s wrong, baby?,” he frowned, and waited for her to answer. She took some time to scan his face, debating wether to tell him or not. She may have taken way too much because Harry grabbed the ends of the fabric and lifted it enough to see her abdomen before she could even realise what he was doing.
His eyes widened, his jaw clenching right after. He immediately knew what had happened. “I’ll fucking kill them,” he hissed, blood boiling in his veins.
Y/N gulped, moving Harry’s hands and pulling the sweater back down. His eyes then moved up to her, and his gaze softened.
“I’m fine, it’s just-,” she quickly replied, trying to play the matter down.
But Harry didn’t let her do so. “Are you in pain? Where does it hurt?” he asked her, “Come here. Lay on the couch.”
She did as told, while Harry went to the bathroom to pick his first-aid kit. When he came back, Y/N could see by the look on his face he was furious. His eyebrows were deeply frown, and his eyes a dark green. He kneeled in front of her, the kit open by his side and ready to be used.
“Harry…, it’s not your fault.”
“Yes, it is,” he spat, pulling at his hair in frustration. He then remembered Y/N was not to blame and that his anger shouldn’t be directed to her, and calmed down. “They shouldn’t know about you, Y/N,” he sighed. For the past months he had made sure to keep her a secret, not wanting anyone to touch a single inch of her. But he seemed to have failed such easy task because someone had definitely found about her and used her to hurt him, which they succeeded in. He bended over her cautiously, kissing her lips, “I’m sorry…, I’m sorry, baby, I’ve never wanted to put you in danger.”
“I’m fine…, I just need some rest,” she flashed him a soft smile and he nodded, wanting to believe her words.
“I need to take off your sweater first. I’m gonna treat your wounds and feel your abdomen to make sure everything’s fine, alright?” She nodded, and leaned in enough for Harry to pull the fabric out of her. When she rested her back again on the couch, she couldn’t help but clench her teeth in pain once more. “You’re okay now, sweet girl, I’m gonna take care of you,” he assured her, leaving a tender kiss to her shoulder.
She had scratches all over her hips and stomach, and on her elbows, as well. He passed a piece of gauze over her wounds and disinfected them, watching her tense from the stinging. Then, he cautiously palpated her ribs and abdomen, looking for signs of broken bones or possible haemorrhages.
“Harry,” she groaned uncomfortably.
“I know it hurts, baby. I’m being as careful as possible, I promise.”
“That one spot hurts so bad,” she whined a few seconds later, grabbing his wrist to stop him from touching it more, “I think there’s something broken there.” And it did look like she had a couple of ribs more damaged than expected, which made Harry frown hard, worried.
“I’m gonna dress that spot, okay? I’ll call my friend Sam to come check it out first thing in the morning,” he replied, regretting not being able to do more for her. Taking her to the hospital was not a viable option.
As soon as Harry had wrapped the bandage around her rib cage, he entwined his hand with hers, lifting it to his lips to kiss her knuckles.
“That was scary,” she mumbled, the images of what happened coming back to her. She had always felt safe both with or without him near her, but now she feared something bad could happen to her if he wasn’t there to stop it. Harry moved his eyes from her hand to her face, his countenance softening even more after hearing her words.
“It won’t happen again, you’ve got my word.” Because if there was someone he was willing to protect with his life, that was her, his precious girl.
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