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hii, could you maybe do a blurb with sabina hidalgo as a fc? i love her and would love to see what you come up with🖤🖤
hii guys i’m sorry i kinda disappeared but i’m back ! this is a blurb about the mexico shows i hope you like it <3
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ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
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yourinstagram off to the next location 🛫🇲🇽
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harryfan2 she’s such a milf
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↳ harryfan1 the fact that harry’s son is half latino is such a win
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harryupdates Harry with a fan in Mexico today!
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harryfan1 OMG BABYYYY
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harryfan3 and with his family too 🥺
harryfan4 these shows are going to be amazing
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harryupdates “It feels so good to be back here in Mexico, this is my wife’s home country so it holds a huge piece of my heart. I love each and every single one of you here tonight” - Harry in Guadalajara !
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harryfan1 IM CRYING
harryfan2 sometimes i forget that harry is literally married to a latina and they have a half latino kid OMFG
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yourinstagram off to monterrey ! baby enzo is so happy to be in his second home and h is loving all the love he’s been getting 🤍 happy days
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Guadalajara. November, 2022.
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Monterrey. November, 2022.
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yourinstagram made it to méxico city 🤍
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annetwist Give Enzo a kiss from me !!
harrystyles Mis amores x
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harryupdates Harry in Mexico City today !
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harryupdates Harry’s reaction to Enzo wearing a mini version of his outfit in Mexico City tonight !
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Mexico City I. November, 2022.
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yourinstagram one of the most special nights ever 🥺
jefezoff ❤️❤️
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yourinstagram final show in méxico, let’s do this 💚
this past week has been incredible, enzo got to see his dad perform at his mom’s country and get closer to his culture, the love you have to harry was incredible and we can’t wait to be back !
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harryupdates “This country gave me the love of my life, and for that it’ll always be thankful. Los amo con todo mi corazón” - Harry in Mexico City tonight !
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Mexico City II. November, 2022
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omg please write about husband H tucking the kids in bed and being all cute and stuff THEN ABSOLUTELY WRECKING YOU SENDING YOU THROUGH LIKE LITERAL GALAXIES BECAUSE HES THAT GOOD. Like that’s so hot.
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk
pairing: nhl harry x reader
Harry closes his and YN’s bedroom door behind him quietly, a relieved smile on his face as he’s finally gotten their children to bed. His smile only widens when he looks to their bed in the center of the room and sees YN there, in just her glasses and one of his shirts, scrolling through her ipad as she looks for the kids’ christmas gifts.
YN had been out shopping all day for the gifts since Harry had an off day, so he handled their babies on his own. When she’d arrived home, he had a bath ready for her as well as dinner, so they ate with their children and she went to take a bath while he tidied up the house and put them to bed.
He makes his way to her, sitting down on the end of the bed, making her look up at him with a small smile, setting the ipad down. “How was bedtime tonight?” she questions, reaching up to run her fingers through his messy hair. “Did they go down easy?”
He hums as she massages his scalp, nuzzling into her soft touch. “Yeah, just took a little longer tonight because their rooms needed to be cleaned after playtime,” he responds, leaning forward to press his lips to her forehead. “Missed you today,” he whispers, placing his hands on her hips to pull her a bit closer.
She hums with a soft smile, leaning up to press her lips to his for a soft kiss, but when she pulls away, he pulls her right back, kissing her some more.
Their soft kisses inevitably turn into a desperate make out session, and when YN reaches down to palm at his semi hard cock, he can’t wait any longer. He pulls away begrudgingly, running a thumb over her hip.
He’s a bit startled when she lifts her hips to slide out of her panties, and he quickly climbs out of the bed to get undressed. “Yeah, Mama?” he coos, shedding out of his boxer briefs before getting back onto the bed. “Gonna let me have you?” he finishes, sliding in between her spread legs to swipe the head of his cock through her already soaked folds. She nods feverishly, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him closer to her.
“Y’know better than that,” he tuts, a cocky smile on his face as she cries out when he catches her clit. “Use your words or we can’t continue,” he warns her.
With an annoyed huff, she speaks up. “Yes, please. Need you, just hurry,” she responds, a gasp immediately following her words as the tip of him catches her opening.
He inches inside of her slowly, her toes curled on either side of him as he stretches her wide. A broken moan falls from her lips as he bottoms out, so he reaches up and places a hand over her mouth.
“None o’ that, hmm?” he coos, a smirk playing on his lips as he notices the way her eyes have already taken purchase in the back of her head. “Gotta keep you quiet so I can take care of you. Don’t you want that?” he teases, pulling out slightly just to thrust back into the same spot.
She nods furiously against his palm, her hips bucking in frustration as he stops moving. Her movements are raw and desperate, needing her husband to fuck her like she wants him to, but of course he has to play around.
“Okay, Mama. Gonna fuck you real good,” he coos, repeating the action in the same manner as before. She bites down on his palm gently to aid him in muffling her noises, the sounds only getting louder as he picks up his pace and really starts fucking her.
It doesn’t help that the sound of their hips meeting is also very evident throughout the room, and although he’s trying to take his time with his wife, they’re both desperate for a quick release, which works out perfectly.
“Mama,” he babbles, his stomach tight as he tries to stave off his impending orgasm. “S’close already, gonna cum,” he chokes. Leaning down, he buries his face into her neck as he continues to drill into her, the sounds of her needy whines and gasps only spurring him on.
“Please, need it so bad,” she manages to respond, her breathing coming out laboured as he doesn’t stop abusing her sensitive walls. Her arms fly up to wrap around his shoulders, pulling him even closer to her sensitive body, on the verge of her orgasm.
The moment she feels Harry’s body tense against hers and feels his cum start to spurt out onto her walls, she can’t hold it any longer, silently cumming around him as her right hole contracts.
His cock is sensitive to the touch as he rides out both of their orgasms, eyes squeezed shut tightly while he tries to relax. He stays inside of her until they’re both finished, and once he hears her yawn in exhaustion, he takes that as his queue to gently pull his now soft cock out of her. She whines softly with yet another yawn, a pout on her face as he climbs from the bed.
“C’mon, Mama,” he yawns, helping her out of the bed as she begrudgingly allows him to. “Let’s get cleaned up and head to bed, hm?” he asks, rubbing a warm hand on her lower back.
She nods tiredly and makes her way around him and into their bathroom, the both of them taking a quick but effective shower, just what they needed to finish unwinding for the night. They climb out of the steaming room lazily, drying off before hopping into bed and nodding off immediately, not even bothering to get clothed.
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pancakes4two · 2 days ago
room for three
The one where you and Harry welcome a tiny new addition into your family.
Tumblr media
“He’s getting so restless,” you laugh, watching the afternoon sun stream in through the windows as you turn towards Harry. The light illuminates the peaks and valleys of his face, softening his features. Here, in the quiet of your nursery, it’s easy to picture what the future would look like soon: the same golden sun peeking through the curtains as tiny feet putter across the hardwood floor, the sound of heavier, surer footsteps following close behind as Harry chases your son through the room, their matching giggles echoing in the space.
Tumblr media
hi hi hi! hope everyone is doing well <3 haven’t written a long(er) piece like this in a minute so i wanted to do a dadrry one. please ignore the timezone inconsistencies in this... i tried my best LOL
Tumblr media
MASTERLIST (read the ig blurb for this here!)
Tumblr media
Saturday, late September.
It was getting to be that time of year when the days started and ended with a slight chill in the air, the fall breeze calling for wool cardigans and a pot of hot chai every morning. Your afternoons were getting slower and slower—at nine months pregnant, there was a frustrating amount of things you simply didn’t want to waste your precious energy on anymore—so most days consisted of you wobbling through the house tidying up until you inevitably got tired, and then you’d lay in bed and Harry would tend to you before he had to jet off for tour again.
Your shared London house was a bit of a nightmare these days, given that you and Harry were designing the nursery by yourselves. Empty boxes that used to hold furniture scattered the floor and baby clothes were draped haphazardly over the couch. Your due date was now only two weeks away, so lots of last-minute decorating was being done. Harry had decided yesterday, right after painting the nursery walls, that the shade of green you two had chosen didn’t end up looking the way he wanted it to. You tended to agree with him, so the two of you picked out a new color this morning, lighter this time, and started to redo the walls.
Harry apparently decided to take a break after three hours of painting, flopping down next to where you were currently laid on the floor. You had tapped out earlier when your back started to hurt. Your limbs were splayed across a fuzzy rug, and you had one hand resting atop of your stomach, feeling the small human inside of you kick every so often.
“He’s getting so restless,” you laugh, watching the afternoon sun stream in through the windows as you turn towards Harry. The light illuminates the peaks and valleys of his face, softening his features. Here, in the quiet of your nursery, it’s easy to picture what the future would look like soon: the same golden sun peeking through the curtains as tiny feet putter across the hardwood floor, the sound of heavier, surer footsteps following close behind as Harry chases your son through the room, their matching giggles echoing in the space.
“I’m sure he is,” your boyfriend says, swiping his hand across his shirt and leaving a streak of sage green paint on the fabric. “We keep talking about this banger of a room, he probably can’t wait to come out and see it for himself.”
“Never describe this architectural masterpiece as a banger again,” you joke, raising a brow at Harry.
“I can call it whatever I want! I helped design this room too, you know,” Harry huffs, and the two of you settle into a comfortable silence for a while. Outside, a bird lands on the windowsill, its wings fluttering as it hops around. Harry shifts his body so that he’s closer to you, his eyes slowly scanning your features until they land on your hand, still resting delicately atop your stomach. He grabs your wrist and turns your hand towards him, lacing your fingers together.
“What if I’m away when it happens?” Harry says nervously, his brows furrowed. You can tell by the tension in his shoulders that this has been worrying him for a while, but he was too shy to bring it up to you until now.
“You took a whole week off around my due date,” you said reassuringly, squeezing his hand. “Yeah, he might end up coming a little earlier or later than we expected, but there’s nothing we can do about that, right? You can always get on a flight as soon as you find out I’m going into labor. And I wouldn’t be angry with you if you got here late, that’d be silly of me.”
“I’ll be all the way in LA, though,” was Harry’s response. He chewed on his lip, still looking a little nervous. “I’ll probably miss it if he doesn’t come during that week.”
“Hey,” you replied, smoothing over the knit in his brows with your thumb. “You took as much time off as you could. No use worrying about this now, I’m sure he’ll be a very punctual baby.”
Early October, one week later.
Clearly, you were wrong. 
You were standing in the kitchen making dinner, the thought of giving birth not even on your mind when your water broke. Thankfully, your best friend was over that night, adamant on not leaving you alone in the house the week before your due date. You had tried to brush her off over text that morning, but now you were incredibly grateful to yourself for not doing so.
“Call Jeff,” you said, frantically reaching into the pocket of your sweatshirt for your phone. You handed it to your friend, unlocking it quickly in the process. “Call Jeff and tell him it’s happening.”
“Okay,” your best friend replied, scrolling through your contacts and clicking on Jeff’s name. It rang only once before he picked up. She put the phone on speaker and placed it on the counter in front of you.
“Is it happening?” Jeff asked before she could even say anything, his voice cracking through the speaker.
“Yeah,” your friend said as you breathed through a contraction. “Her water broke just now. I’m taking her to the hospital. What time’s it in LA? Is H about to go on?”
“Fuck,” Jeff sighed. You could imagine perfectly what he looked like right now, pacing and rubbing his hand anxiously down his face. 
“They’re wheeling him up now, it’s too late to cancel. He’s got a day of break between tonight’s show and the next one. Tell Y/N to hold on, I’ll get him a flight right after the show and we’ll meet you at the hospital.”
“Jeff,” you said through gritted teeth. “Don’t tell him it’s happening until he gets off stage. I don’t want him to worry while he’s out there.”
“Mhm. We’ll see you as soon as humanly possible. Call me if you need anything!”
Late evening, that day.
You were bouncing on a yoga ball in your hospital room when he texted you. A nurse had come in and checked on you a few hours earlier. She said you were only a few centimeters dilated, that you might have a long night ahead of you. When she asked where the father was, all you could do was sheepishly smile and say he was on the way. That was easier than having to explain that your baby’s father wasn’t in the hospital with you because he was in the middle of a sold-out residency in America. She’d brought in the ball and suggested that you try and move around on it to ease your anxiety and manage the pain of your contractions.
H ❤️ (5 unread)
You okay?
I’m coming right now. Flight leaves in 30 minutes.
Can’t believe this is happening.
I love you, you’re so strong.
And I can’t believe you lied and said he would be a punctual baby.
all good
in my defense, i really did think he was going to be on time
guess he just wanted to spite you
Well, I’m glad you’re feeling alright.
What’s the ETA on my child?
nurse said probably not for another 12 hours
he’s waitin for his daddddd
I’m cutting it close!!! Tell him to waittttt!
Boarding now. I’ll be there so soon.
Love you the most.
i know, i know
see ya soon :)
Eleven hours later.
The door to your hospital room swung open with force, disturbing your best friend from where she was currently curled up asleep beside you.
“I’m here, I’m here,” Harry huffs out breathlessly, hands on his hips as he tries to steady his breath. His sunglasses are pushed up carelessly on his head, his curls a wild mess as he rushes to be by your side. “I made it, fucking hell.”
“Took you long enough,” you say jokingly. You think you probably look a mess right now. The contractions were getting more frequent, and you were pretty worn out, to be honest. You were sure your hair was sticking to your face, and your hospital gown bunched up in all sorts of places.“I’ve been bouncing on this ball for literal eternity.”
“Where’s Jeff?” you asked, letting yourself relax a bit as Harry began to massage your back. Your friend slips out of the room silently, happy to pass the responsibility to your baby’s father.
“Stood outside in manager mode. He’s handing out NDAs to the nurses and stuff,” Harry replied, “I got papped on the way here.”
“Okay. We’ll probably have to do a social media post later, then. Get ahead of it.” You sighed, but you understood. The internet had suspected your due date was soon, and the fact that Harry was currently on a very high-profile tour meant that more eyes were on him now than ever before. It was to be expected that someone would photograph him at the airport; you were sure those pictures of Harry Styles rushing off to tend to his pregnant girlfriend could be sold for a fortune.
“Don’t worry about that now,” Harry said, his voice full of comfort. You felt another contraction coming, stronger this time, burning through your abdomen and back. Harry noticed the shift in you immediately, getting up to hold your hand through the pain.
“Coming in,” Someone said from outside. The door to your room opened again, the same nurse from earlier walking in. She did a double-take when she noticed Harry standing next to you---clearly Jeff hadn’t gotten to her yet---and made a small noise of surprise.
“Hello,” Harry said calmly, pulling up a chair next to you so he could be closer.
"Mr. Styles,” The nurse hesitated, then seemed to steady herself and remained professional. “Did you just get in, then?”
"Harry’s just fine,” Harry laughs, endeared by the nurse’s reaction. “Flight landed an hour ago. I got here as fast as I could.”
“Perfect,” your nurse smiles, before walking up to you. “Just came here to check on a few things. It seems like your contractions are getting more frequent, so I want to see how dilated you are. If things are far enough along, we’ll call the doctor in and you can start pushing.”
You nodded along, not able to say much else through the sensation in your stomach. She lifted your gown, the fabric rustling underneath her touch.
“Y/N, you’re ready now,” the nurse smiles at you when she comes back up. “Let me guide you back to the bed and we’ll send the doctor in. Looks like he just wanted to wait until his dad got here!”
“Now?” you ask breathily, as the door shuts behind the nurse. “It’s happening now?”
“I’m right here, love,” Harry says, rubbing circles into your palm. Another contraction comes and you grip the sheets below you, mumbling in pain. Your OB-GYN walks in then and the rest is a blur. You remember being told to push and blindly doing so, your knuckles turning white as you put your entire body into giving birth to your child. You push and you push and squeeze your eyes shut until you hear the sound of him crying for air, and then you squint and see the nurse ask Harry if he wants to cut the umbilical cord. His hands hesitate around the surgical scissors and they correct him when he’s too gentle with the tool: he’s scared of hurting you. They assure him that you won’t feel a thing, and he cuts, and then your son is swaddled in a blanket. He’s wailing and reaching for you and the doctor places him in your arms. You feel Harry’s presence at your side, his arm wrapping protectively around you as the two of you look at your son for the first time.
“Congratulations,” the doctor says, and everything is over as soon as it started. The two of you are left alone in the room. Your son has quieted down now and is looking up at you curiously with big, brown eyes.
“He’s beautiful,” Harry whispers, kissing your forehead and then his. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
“I can’t believe you still want to be with me after watching me do that,” you joke tiredly, cradling the baby in your arms. Harry moves the blanket to the side gently with his finger so you can see more of his face. There’s a tiny patch of hair at the top of his head, curling at the end already. You smile and think he couldn’t be any more perfect.
“What do you mean?” Harry says sincerely, “that was the hottest thing you could have ever done. Giving birth to my son. Fucking hell. I’m so fuckin’ obsessed with you.”
“Stop cursing in front of the baby!” You yell, using your head to poke at Harry since your hands weren’t free. 
Harry gasps and immediately slaps a hand over his mouth, looking apologetic. You giggle at how seriously he’s taking the whole being a dad thing. How did you get so lucky?
“You know,” you start, watching as Harry extends a finger towards your son and tries to make him wrap his impossibly tiny hand around it. “I wonder if he’ll grow up to have a voice like yours. Look at those eyes and that hair. Looks like the spitting image of you already.”
Harry laughs at that, then shrugs. “Think he has your nose and lips, though.”
“What are we naming him?” You ask suddenly. The two of you had talked names before, but none of them really stuck. You’d decided that you would wait until he was born, both of you expecting that the right name would come to you once you actually saw him.
“We should say his name together on three,” Harry says. You nod and he starts counting. “One, two, three...”
“Beau!” The two of you exclaim together. You laugh happily in surprise and Harry’s nose crinkles with fondness, overjoyed that you both had settled on the same name.
“Beau,” you say softly, watching as your son stirs in your chest, his legs kicking gently like they had so many times before when you were still carrying him in your stomach. “He’s half of me and half of you.”
Harry smiles and smooths down your hair, gazing lovingly at Beau. “One perfect tiny human.”
Tumblr media
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harrysonlylover · 2 days ago
Dad’s Bestfriend Masterlist
Tumblr media
*= smut/ += fluff
(In Order):
Who You Belong To*
Warm And Full *
Middle Of The Night+
Dad’s Bestfriend Universe
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avatar-anna · 18 hours ago
summary: Harry reflects on his time spent with professor and writes a song about it
Tumblr media
Harry sat alone in the studio, his song journal opened to a blank page in front of him. Everyone had left for the day already, but he decided to stay behind. There was nothing worth going back to, anyway.
“What’s going on with you?” Mitch finally asked him an hour ago. It was the third unproductive day of the week. Harry remained unusually quiet all day, not wanting to contribute to any ideas being thrown around the studio.
Harry didn’t answer his friend’s question, because the truth was too painful to admit. He was heartbroken, and he only had himself to blame.
Not that Mitch or anyone else on his team would understand. No one knew about the extraordinary woman he met in Cambridge, his professor.
Why he thought not telling her who he really was would be a good idea, Harry had no clue. But he’d done it, and now everything was completely ruined.
Y/n was gone, she didn’t even want to see him before she packed up and left to move to a different country. That stung, and it made him frustrated that she didn’t want to hear him out, but he also knew Y/n. She was overwhelmed and he had broken her trust, something he knew she didn’t give to just anyone.
What hurt most of all was that he never wanted to be one of the people in Y/n’s life to hurt her. She had such a gentle soul, had put up with so much. So many people had already been so cruel to her, including her family, who was supposed to show her love. Harry wanted to be someone in her life that was consistently good.
It was Y/n’s, a favorite of hers, so much so that it didn’t live on the overstuffed shelves of her Cambridge townhouse. No, it sat on her bedside table where she had easy access to it at all times. Harry had seen it the night he slept in her room. He’d never seen the inside of her bedroom before then, but when he finally did, he soaked up every little detail like a sponge. The light airiness of it all, the antique furniture, stacks of ungraded assignments waiting for her on her desk, the plain, yet finely made bed clothes. But above it all was the little stack of novels by Y/n’s bed, Matilda sitting on top.
Tossing his journal to the side, he went over to his bag and pulled an old, beat up copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl. Harry had never read the novel before meeting his professor, but now he never went anywhere without it.
“Why?” he asked her, not out of judgement, but out of curiosity.
“I’ve read hundreds of books, but this one remains my favorite,” she said when she noticed him staring at it.
She shrugged. “I don’t know, I just...saw myself in Matilda, I guess.“
“Well, what’s it about?”
Y/n explained, had even recited her favorite parts from memory for him. Her eyes lit up the way they always did when she talked about something she was passionate about, and Harry couldn’t help but smile.
Looking back now, Harry was so consumed with being in her bedroom and seeing her face without the mask obstructing it, that he didn’t realize how sad it was that Y/n’s favorite book was Matilda. It hurt his heart to know that a soul as kind and gentle as Y/n’s had been hurt so badly by the people who were meant to love her. But he couldn't deny the similarities between his professor and Matilda.
His memories and recollections of his time with Y/n were painful, yet Harry thought of her often. Because with the pain was the warm, cozy feeling that he'd felt when he was with her. He missed laying on the floor of her townhouse and talking about books and stars and the origins of constellation names, he missed the blunt, almost harsh honesty with which the professor spoke, he missed her collection of sweaters and mismatched socks and the smell of jasmine that lingered in her apartment. He missed the Emperor, he missed the little snort Y/n made when Harry made her laugh.
Opening up Y/n’s copy of Matilda, Harry began to read. Again.
But most of all, he missed the person he was around her. Y/n was quiet, and more intelligent than Harry would ever be able to comprehend, but she imbued him with a confidence, a sense a self that he'd never felt around anyone, not even his own family. Their relationship, their friendship, was technically built on a lie, but Harry had never felt more like himself than when he was with her.
Sometimes Matilda longed for a friend, someone like the kind, courageous people in her books.
Harry didn't know how many times he'd read this book since he'd taken it from Y/n’s desk, but that line always stuck with him. For its poignancy and the notes Y/n had made next to it in the margins and on post-it notes she'd stuck there. There was different colored ink around the quote, marking a new thought for each time she reread her favorite book.
Matilda is like me. School is very lonely without friends.
Naive. Kind and courageous people only exist between the pages of books.
I think I met someone Matilda might have longed for. He's very kind. Nice eyes.
I was wrong. But it's fine. Everyone in my life has turned out to be a disappointment, why would this be any different?
The last two notes were obviously the most recent entries, and obviously about Harry. Reading it never failed to stir butterflies and make him feel even worse for betraying his professor's trust.
Tears sprang his eyes. He wanted her to know that she wasn't wrong, that he was the kind of friend she'd always wanted.
But he hadn't been, had he?
Harry hid a huge part of himself from Y/n, had let his own fears and insecurities get in the way of being truly connected to someone. It was nice to be a version of himself that he hadn't been in a long time around her, but she deserved the truth. Harry had just been too cowardly to own up to his mistakes. And by the time he worked up the courage, she found out by looking him up online.
He couldn't tell her everything he wanted to say now, but he could do it in a way that might one day reach her, even if he did never see her again.
“Nothing about the way you were treated ever seemed especially alarming 'til now,” Harry wrote, and from there he scribbled harshly in his journal until it was done.
Staring at the song in front of him, he didn't know if it should have a place on the album or if he should just keep it to himself. Either way, he felt the tiniest bit better after writing it.
Harry packed up his things to go home. As he walked to his car, he pulled up a contact on his phone and hovered his phone over the call button. To call or not to call. Y/n wouldn't answer anyways, but sometimes he would call just to hear her voicemail.
He didn't this time, thinking he'd tortured himself enough over everything that happened for one day. Instead he called Mitch, who did answer.
“Hey, I think I have something.”
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shawnxstyles · 2 days ago
addicted in the afterglow
summary: the aftermath of the birthday party left you in shambles. you couldn’t do anything, especially get yourself off, but asking harry to fuck again would be insanely embarrassing. no matter how badly you needed it. what you didn’t know was that harry needed it just as bad.
requested: yes ;), but i didn’t do this exactly, so i will add the rest in the next part!
words: 5.7k :)
warnings: SMUT (f- receiving [light bondage, hickies, slight nipple play, fingering, overstimulation/multiple orgasms, mild degrading/name-calling], small daddy kink (mentioned twice), protected sex, and dirty talk [you know how i love it]!!), language, and so much dialogue ;)
note: part two!! here is my masterlist. and to note, the consent is not clearly stated, it is only implied. ALWAYS ASK FOR CONSENT!
Tumblr media
This week’s Hangout was at Rina’s house and everyone showed up tonight. Work and school didn’t interfere, so no one was really stressed out either. Except for you.
You couldn’t stop thinking about last week at the birthday party. You couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. And he was going to be here.
Throughout the week, you would try to get yourself off to ease your mind. However, you couldn’t release anything until Harry became your muse. But even then, you couldn’t make yourself come the way Harry made you. Your mind was so attached to how he made you feel, it was like nothing else turned you on anymore. You were embarrassed to admit it to yourself, but you were desperate.
You doubt Harry thought or felt the same. He sleeps with a stupid amount of girls weekly. So, you didn’t dare to mention it.
As the week slowly passed, your friends seemed normal. They didn’t seem skeptical or suspicious. However, Raquel did mention that “party bathroom incident” more than once; it has a name now.
Why was she so obsessed with finding out who was in there?
It doesn’t matter, as long as they’re not accusing you. Tonight, you were going to clear your mind of stress. With alcohol. You grab a seltzer from the fridge to start off the night before walking back into the living room. You plop on the couch in the middle of a conversation between your insane friends.
“Kai was definitely the hottest—” Rina stated, getting cut off by Raquel.
“No no, it was definitely Cole—”
“May I ask what the topic of conversation is?” You butt in, highly confused, yet intrigued about who they’re talking about.
“Lego NINJAGO. Who was the hottest? It’s Kai, right? Totally your type,” Rina answers with a biased twist. You laugh loudly and shake your head. Before you answer, the life of the party walks in.
Late. As per usual.
Your heart jumps just once before regulating to a normal pace. This is the first time you’ve seen Harry since you were together in the bathroom, and your hormones are about to bounce off the walls. You didn’t think it would be this bad, but God, he looks better than usual. You only peered at him, but his hands look smooth, yet rough. You can’t help but remember the tattooed feeling they left on your skin and how good they felt. In that one glance, you saw enough to probably get you off for the night.
God, that’s so embarrassing.
Did he get a tighter shirt? No, but did it just get hot in here?
You take a big swig of your drink because you’re going to need it tonight. You try to bring yourself back to the topic as Harry gets situated in the corner of your eye.
“First of all, why are you talking about Lego boys and second, who says that’s my type?” You cross your legs, foot shaking as you keep your eyes solely on Rina. You notice Harry peer at you subtly as he snatches a bottle of cold beer from Sean. You take a sip nonchalantly.
“You’re telling me cocky men aren’t your type? Oh, please! That’s like every guy you’ve fucked,” You nearly spit out your drink at the thought of Harry, holding a fist to your lips to keep it in. You swallow and cough out, embarrassed by Rina’s words. She appears innocent, but she’s more vulgar than people realize.
You would say you don’t get flustered often, but when you’re hiding a lie, it’s a bit hard not to when things can relate so easily. Harry plasters a sly smirk, trying to not laugh before licking his lips and sipping on his beer.
You cocky son of a bitch. He knows. He has to.
You can play this game too.
“What? No way. Confidence is key, yes, but cockiness turns me off,” You glance at Harry for a quick moment, seeing his eyes squint in confusion. Rina nods her head slowly, processing. Harry’s eyes say it all; you’re full of shit.
“Well, since we’re kind of on the topic, is it TMI to ask what all your guys’ turn ons are? I’d personally like to know,” Raquel smirks, a subtle eye landing on Sean. You don’t think about it and brush it off while she looks around the room smoothly.
“I think that’s a great idea. Y/N, why don’t you start?” Harry quirks with a tilted head, licking his lips with a devious smile.
You don’t think you’ve ever wanted to choke him out more.
“Sure,” You crinkle your eyes as you harshly smile back. You set down your seltzer and pond on it for a moment.
Oh, you can play this game too.
What can you say to make Harry really ticked off? Or really turned on…
“I like when a guy is vocal… and I prefer them to be in control, you know? But I like being on top too, don’t get me wrong. And I personally, sorry if this is TMI, like it better rough,” You list some of the things that Harry did, nodding your head naively. Normally, you’d never share anything like this, but your hormones are allowing you to not give a single fuck. You pretend to look around at everyone, but you really just wanted to see Harry’s face. You can tell he is withholding a huge smirk behind his glass bottle as he impulsively decides to chug it cleanly. He goes to place the empty drink on the table. “But I haven’t been with a guy like that in years.”
Now, you can’t hold back your desperate need to smile as Harry’s face completely drops, and so does the bottle. They all nod unknowingly at you, unaware of the upcoming tension between Harry and you. He awkwardly picks up the glass and places it on the table. Harry clearly did all of those turn ons; and he did them very well. But what’s not to throw him for a loop? His ego needs to be humbled. Before anyone else could speak, the man himself does.
“How is that possible?” Harry questions swiftly, obviously without thinking. Your heart skipped a beat, like maybe your friends would get suspicious now. You felt as though they would confront you two any minute now.
But at the same time, you kind of liked the feeling.
Was this a new turn on?
“Oh, they’re all too gentle! Big softies…” You roll your eyes and sway your hand. In the back of your head, you don’t want your friends to find out, but the risk is what convinces you to do it more. Even though sharing your sexual life with them is embarrassing, telling them about you and Harry seems a lot worse. You take one more sip before your can is empty as well. You tell your friends you’ll be right back as you head over to the kitchen to grab another drink.
Your hand opens the fridge as you gaze inside. Your friends resume the chatter that sounds like mumbles from the kitchen, not skeptical of anything. Harry doesn’t hesitate to follow you, using the same reasoning to speed walk into the kitchen.
He’s not very good at this lying thing. You guess you didn’t really discuss it, though, either.
“What was that about?” He immediately asks, flustered and annoyed. You raise an eyebrow at his demeanor and fight off a smirk. You could see his fingernails digging into his palm as his knuckles turned slightly white. You felt a bit jealous of his palm right now…
“I have no idea what you mean,” You innocently say, fluttering your eyelashes too many times. You pretend to be engaged in your findings of the refrigerator, attempting to not focus on him.
This is war, Styles.
“Oh, shut up with that. What did you think your little shenanigan out there was going to do for you?” He closes the fridge quickly, gaining your full attention. Your heart picks up pace as you bite the inside of your cheek. He’s making it more difficult to refuse him the more he speaks. Why are you heavily turned on right now?
This is it. The lowness of your standards are really showing right now.
“I thought it was pretty cute, no? I mean, it was the truth,” You cross your arms with a doe-eyed expression. God, you’re egging him on. Deep inside of you, you want a reaction from him. You guess that was your whole objective anyway. This just seemed like an entertaining way to get attention from him. You want him to want you so much that he says it first.
Very toxic. Just how this relationship between the two of you is.
“Cute,” Harry mockingly huffs. He peers down at the floor for a moment while clicking his tongue. He inhales like he’s trying to stop himself from getting heated. “I think we both know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Just have to tell me.”
What he says brings you back to the bathroom, when he was making you beg for him. The arrogant expression showing on his face makes your blood boil in the most addicting way; slightly raised, persuasive eyebrows, a small smirk, and hungry eyes gazing heavily at you. He’s giving you an opening to admit your desire, yet you hate begging, he knows that. You know he gets off on you pleading for him—his ego will skyrocket if you do. You can’t have that happen. You carry too much pride yourself to willingly indulge in him that easily.
“If you know, why don’t you do something about it?” You suggest, eyes straining to stay on his intense ones. You ditch the innocent act and become sternly annoyed.
“Oh, you don’t think I will? Just wait,” He taunts, a hand resting by your head while his dips lower toward your ear. “Or do you need me so bad you can’t take it? Want me to fuck you with our friends in the next room?”
Harry’s words freeze you completely; they never struggle to catch you off guard. Your back is caught between him and the fridge, while your heart pounds so crazily he can probably feel it. Your body feels weak, tiringly desperate at this point. You have no words for him–he clearly knows what you want, he just wants you to tell him. Even though his words are tempting, you know that the amount of time you two have been in the kitchen alone (without full-blown arguing) is probably concerning to your friends already. You don’t even think before speaking, your impulsiveness gets the best of you.
You’re nearly shaking with need. You can’t take it.
“I haven’t been able to do anything since the party, okay? I can’t focus in class, I can’t sleep. I can’t even get myself off without having to think of you!” You whisper-yell, furiously embarrassed by your needy state. Your cheeks feel warm and your fingers are in trembling fists. Harry licks his lips, resisting that familiar smirk (ego equals rising).
“Stop doing that! Stop doing everything! I’m so ridiculously turned on right now I want to kill you,” You rub your hands over your face, attempting to hide away from your embarrassing statement. Your legs are pressed together tightly. Harry swiftly rests a finger to your lips, silencing your raging whines. You glare at him in irritation because you have completely let yourself go and he hasn’t said anything to reassure you.
“Shh, someone’s desperate,” His chest nearly touches yours. “You don’t want them to know how much of a slut you are for me? Do you?”
With clenched teeth, you shake your head stiffly. His free hand grips your hip for a moment, rubbing slow, enticing circles.
“Good. Be patient, princess,” Harry drags out with a deceiving smile. “And you better listen to me.”
Suddenly, he pulls you toward him by your hip. Your heart rate increases tenfold, only for him to just switch your positions. He nonchalantly opens the refrigerator to snatch another beer, leaving you beats away from a heart attack. His face resumes to a shallow, cocky expression as he practically struts out of the kitchen in confidence. Shaking yourself out of a daze, you nearly forget to grab a seltzer before scrambling back into the living room.
Why does he have this effect on you?
“Took you guys long enough. Jeez, what did you do, get stuck in the fridge?” Rina quirks and everyone chuckles. Harry just smiles while you attempt to laugh, but it comes out all awkward. It’s hard for you to comprehend anything right now because of the incident that just occurred in the kitchen. As Raquel resumes and begins to go over her kinks, you zone in and out thinking about Harry.
“Hello? Y/N?”
“What? Yes,” Rina waves a hand in front of your face, breaking you out of your trance. A trance where Harry was going down on you so hard you saw stars. Your clit was throbbing at the thought of it. You tear yourself away from the fantasy, blinking a few times and then looking at her concerned face. Your blank statement makes her frown slightly.
“You look exhausted, Y/N. You should probably go home,” You hear Harry's voice suddenly suggest from across the coffee table. It sounds somewhat fake and deceiving, but at the same time, he seemed serious. Your eyes squint in confusion as the cogs in your mind turn.
Why does he care?
“And you better listen to me.”
You recall what Harry had said earlier. Is that what he meant? Were you supposed to follow his lead or something? Instead of snapping at him for even talking to you (like you usually do), you decide to follow along to him. You pray your friends don’t mentally tick your every different move you’ve been making.
“Yeah, I am feeling a bit tired,” You fake a yawn and then check the time on your phone. “He’s right, I should probably go home. I actually have to work tomorrow.”
“But you never work on Saturdays,” Raquel states, a skeptical look in her eye.
“Just doing a favor for a friend,” Two lies spill out of your mouth as you half smile, hoping it’s convincing enough. Thankfully, they all nod surely and you announce that you’re going to take an Uber back to your apartment.
“Uber’s aren’t safe. I’ll drive you. I was going to head out anyway,” Harry suggests, yet again, and your eyes widen at his risky moves. You swear you see that hint of suspicion in Raquel’s eyes again.
Is he crazy? Is he even thinking about what he’s doing right now? Since when did he care about your safety? And you guys would never be in a car alone. Let alone, willingly!
You inhale, trying to hide the surprised expression on your face. You stiffly agree before you both walk toward the door. By then, everyone decides to call it a night and goes outside together to say goodbye. Everyone shares hugs and short farewells as you, Raquel, and Harry descend into the darkness of the front yard.
“Look at them getting along for once. I knew it would happen,” Rina tells Sean, while everyone meets their cars. You sit in Harry’s passenger seat, your movements rigid and small because of the tension.
“Oh yeah, they’re definitely getting along,” Sean mumbles to himself while Rina tiptoes into the house happily. When the porchlight automatically dims, Harry ignites the engine and starts driving.
“So, what were you thinking about?” Harry questions, one hand on the wheel.
Everything he does is just attractive, isn’t it? If he–for some reason– has to reverse and he puts his hand behind your headrest, you’re a goner.
“What do you mean?”
“You know, after we left the kitchen, when you were sitting on the couch, gazing into space? Something was clearly on your mind,” Harry describes, keeping his eyes indifferently on the road.
“What do you think?”
“Hmm, is it me? Or me fucking you!” Harry smiles excitedly like he just invented something brand new. You groan and cover your face again at his arrogance.
“You can’t just say…what you said in the kitchen and then just leave!” You were clearly upset because he left you high and dry. But you know doing anything more in the kitchen would have been way too risky. Even he knows that.
“So you did want me to fuck you in front of all our friends?” He smirks, resting back in his driver’s seat. You so badly wanted to wipe that smirk with a nice slap to the cheek. You sigh and groan again, hitting your head on the headrest.
“It’s so easy to make you pissy, baby,” He says smoothly, making your heart jump again like it had earlier. He said baby so simply, but it didn’t feel that simple. That quick spark in your chest didn’t feel simple at all.
The car slowly rolls into a parking stall at your apartment complex. Harry turns off the engine, but doesn’t leave the car just yet. You inhale and exhale a sigh.
“I’m going to say this once,” You knew in the back of your head you wouldn’t be saying this just once, but you hoped you would. You were so irritated yet horny, you might pass out. “I’m going to go upstairs. I suggest you follow me because if you don’t, I will Carrie Underwood your car.”
Harry raises his eyebrows, licking his lips. He always found it hot when you were annoyed at him, but now you’re demanding him to meet you upstairs? Harry is unbelievably hard now. You exit the car and slam the door shut, strutting into the building. You don’t look back to see if he is following you because you have a pretty keen feeling he will.
“Oh, yes, ma’am,” He gets out of the car as well and slightly jogs up to you.
You take your shoes off and Harry does the same. You both stand still for a moment, waiting for the other to make the first move as silence cascades your surroundings.
“Fuck it,” He growls, taking a large step toward you and puts your face in his hands. He bends down to you and kisses you so roughly that your teeth clash. Your body melts, finally being satisfied by his touch. Your hands go straight to the back of his hair, tangling your fingers within it. A hint of his tongue glides into your mouth and it’s so addicting, it’s cruel. You could makeout for hours right here if your legs didn’t feel like jello with how badly they ached for him.
His hands smooth down to your waist and then your hips before sliding over your ass. He squeezes once through your leggings, making you end the intense kiss.
“Jump,” He grumbles, as you obey with no hesitation. You throw your arms around his neck as you continue the hungry kiss. Your apartment is small, so it doesn’t take him long to find your bedroom without guidance.
He breaks the kiss and practically tosses you onto the bed. He takes off his shirt–the one you swore got tighter–and discards it along the floor. You don’t hesitate to take off yours either, swiftly throwing it to join his.
You admire his torso for a moment, trying not to let him see. His abs are just how you like them, which makes you hate him more. They’re soft yet defined and when he flexes they really pop out. His tattoos add a whole new level of attractiveness. You never thought someone like him would have something as gracious as a butterfly or a pair of angel wings, but it angers you how hot it looks decorated on his tanned skin.
Harry climbs on top of you with a smirk and you assume that you’re going to makeout again, so your hands reach up to grab his hair. However, he decides to speak instead.
“What was it that you said earlier? You like when a guy is vocal, in-control, and rough?” Harry whispers with his head bent low. Your chest raises up and down with anticipation while your blood boils in familiar annoyance.
“No talking,” Cutting you off, he snatches your loose wrists and pins them above your head.
“And no touching. Got it?” Harry demands with a stoic tone. You swallow your words, getting lost in his intense gaze. You clench your teeth so hard you wonder if you’ll crush them.
Now, you weren’t going to speak, but an idea clicked in your mind. Or a name should you say, that might just make him weak. There is no point in not at least trying, right?
“Yes, daddy,” Your expression becomes innocently displayed as a small smile grows upon your lips. You’re joking, but you had a small feeling he actually liked it. Harry’s eyebrows raise in surprise with a slight head tilt as a small blush colors his cheeks. He mumbles a quiet fuck in a low breath.
Got him.
“Well, if I knew you were such a slut, I would’ve had you over my knee right now. But I have other ideas.”
With further permission, he skillfully unclips your bra with one hand and tosses it on the floor. He holds your wrists and undoes his belt. He takes it and straps it around your wrists, so you can’t touch him. Your huff turns into a whimper as he leaves hungry love bites along your neck.
He slowly makes his way down your body, sucking harshly on your nipples. He pinches and twists them until they’re hard and aching. If he touched them any more, you might come from just that stimulation. You try your best not to moan out as he gets lower and lower. You practically hold your breath as he leaves wet kisses on your hips.
“It’s a bit quiet in here, huh? Maybe I should let you talk,” His hand lays flat on your stomach, rubbing back and forth teasingly. The familiar coldness of his ring sends electricity through your burning skin. You whimper quietly, biting your lip. You knew that if you didn’t listen to him he wouldn’t let you come, and that’s the only thing you want right now. “Should I make you beg again? I quite liked that.”
Stay silent or beg pathetically? Both nearly killed you, but you could only hold your breath so long before you were actually killed.
“Please. Please, I’m aching,” You quietly begged, hands becoming fists against the leather belt. Harry smirks, satisfied and drags the waist of your leggings down until they’re completely off. He wides your legs and rubs your clit right through your panties. The sudden stimulation makes you gasp loudly while you clench around nothing. “Damn you.”
“God, you’re such a slut. Getting drenched while I punish you?” Harry tsks, while he forces your legs to stay open. He slips your panties off with ease and brings his thumb straight to your clit. He rubs in small circles, making your eyes shut immediately. You begin to pant with longing need and your nipples attempt to harden even more than before.
Suddenly, he takes his ringed middle finger and sinks it through your folds easily. You moan out, finally being filled by something. But it still wasn’t enough for you to be completely satisfied. You were greedy, but you didn’t care.
His finger slips in and out so graciously for a sinful act. He adds another until your gushing wetness onto the comforter. Harry places his mouth on your nerves, his warm tongue exploring. You tasted so sweet that Harry could have a sweet tooth just for you. Your taste was addicting. You moan noisily as your back begins to arch off the bed. With all the built-up teasing, you were destined to come quickly.
“I’m gonna come,” You pant, nails digging into your palms. Your stomach begins to tense and your legs start to shake. He lifts his mouth, bringing his thumb to your clit as his fingers still ram into you. He twists and curls them, tickling your g-spot. Biting your lip harshly, you clench around him as your orgasm nears.
“C’mon then. Come all over my fingers, princess,” Harry demands roughly, speeding up his movements. Your mind is hazy, desperate to reach your release. Harry reaches his other hand up to tug your nipples, adding just the stimulation you needed.
Your core tightens and your eyes squeeze shut as you finally come all over his fingers, just like he wanted.
However, he doesn’t stop. Even when your come is no longer gushing out of your cunt, he keeps massaging your clit over and over. Your legs attempt to close because it’s all getting too much, but he forces them to stay open.
“Harry, it’s too much,” You whine, trying to back away from his touch.
“Oh, now it’s Harry? What happened to daddy?” He mocks and chuckles hoarsely, sinking two fingers into your cunt again. He curls them deliciously, hovering over you. You hiss at the sensitivity. “I thought you wanted this?”
You can’t help but moan out and immediately clench around him. You hated how easily your body caved to him and how it contradicted what your mind wanted.
“Harry,” You say threateningly through clenched teeth, but it wasn’t very threatening to him. He knows you want more of him, but after your little stunt in front of all your friends, he thinks you deserve a bit more of a punishment. Just a bit of overstimulation wouldn’t hurt you. Too badly anyway.
You wheeze lustily, nearing your second orgasm quickly. Your body feels weak and achy as your stomach squeezes. Harry bends his head low and kisses your neck harshly, leaving bruises in his path. You hiss at the pain and pleasure before you’re coming over his fingers. Again. And you did it in record time.
It. Was. Embarrassing. To say the least.
“Harry, there are condoms in the drawer. If you don’t fuck me right now–” You pant out as he lifts his arrogant face above yours. You couldn’t even finish two sentences, mind too blurry and hazy to function. You’re high off of your orgasms and your limbs cry with soreness, but you still need him to fuck you senseless until you can’t feel anything.
“What, Y/N? What are you going to do? Scream? You better,” Harry smirks as flames of irritation and desire light up your eyes. He reaches over to the nightstand, ripping and sliding on a condom. You don’t remember when he pulled his jeans off, but you were too desperate to care.
He rubs himself over your cunt, still sensitive and dripping from your previous orgasms. In one motion, he’s slamming his hips down and thrusting into you hard. He groans into your neck, feeling how snug he feels inside of you. He didn’t want to admit it, but God, he needed you as much as you needed him.
He lifts his hips and rams into you so rough, you wouldn’t be surprised if he broke the bed. Your teeth dig into your bottom lip, trying your best not to be loud. Making a lot of noise will not only concern your neighbors but give Harry the satisfaction of making you feel like you’re floating. He flicks his hips so dangerously hard into your pussy, you wouldn’t be surprised if he broke you, too.
Arousal seeps from your cunt, creating a gushing sound every time he pushes in and out of you. He’s so deep that you can feel him in your stomach. When he goes deep enough to hit your g-spot, you gasp loudly and try not to scream.
“Moan for me,” He orders, seeing your attempts to be quiet. You shake your head as he thrusts into you aggressively, making you see stars behind your closed eyelids. “If you don’t, I’ll stop right now.”
Like before, your body gets the best of you and you release a moan when his fingers fixate on your clit. You mentally curse at yourself for never winning, and always giving in. Your legs begin to feel that familiar shake and tension as you wrap your ankles around his back. The action only makes him sink deeper inside of you, making him moan heavily into your chest. You badly wanted to tug at his brunette locks, all sweaty and curly from the heat between you two.
“I h-hate you,” You stutter a groan, back curling to an arch. His strokes slowly become sloppier and his moans are more frequent and breathy. Your hands were probably bleeding from how hard you were digging your nails into your palms.
“Do you hate when I fuck you like this?” He pants near your ear, voice husky and deep. You subconsciously clench around his cock, feeling him twitch inside of you. “Do you hate when I’m so deep inside of you, you can feel me in your stomach?”
His attack on your clit is insanely quick, trying to get you to a third orgasm. The overstimulation is almost too much for your body to keep up with.
“Fuck, Harry!” You wail as your orgasm rushes over you. Bliss fields your vision as you cry looking toward the ceiling. A single tear falls from your eye in pure ecstasy and down into the blanket beneath you. Harry twitches again before coming inside of you (in the condom, of course). Profanities leave his mouth as he slowly pulls out of you, exiting your velvety warmth.
He’s quick to discard the full condom in your trash can, leaving you on the bed still tied up. When he comes back, you glare at him with a threatening look.
“Harry, undo me,” You say, voice dry and scratchy from screaming. Although, you wouldn’t call it screaming because even admitting that to yourself makes you mad.
“No, I think I quite like you all tied up,” He smirks, pulling his jeans up and purposely leaving his shirt off. You clench your teeth in irritation as if all the pleasure he had just given you left your body. Speaking of your body, it was so sore, you didn’t think you’d be able to walk tomorrow. Or even now.
He leaves again and comes back with some toilet paper. You can’t help the small jump of your heart when he cleans you up gently. You didn’t expect him to do that, knowing how much he hates you and all.
“I’m fucking serious!” You groan, trying not to be embarrassed that you’re still naked and vulnerable while he’s half dressed, rubbing you delicately like he didn’t just fuck all the holiness out of you.
“Fine. Only because I need my belt,” Harry walks over to you after tossing the used paper away. Your glare at him is so intense your eye begins twitching. As he undoes the belt, his eyes advert to your nipples. They’re still pebbled and hard after his warmth left you.
“Someone is still horny,” Harry murmurs as the belt becomes loose. You bring your hands to cover your breasts, looking at the red markings around your wrists. You sit up from the bed, legs and stomach indeed sore. You pretend it’s nothing as you stand and achingly walk toward your dresser.
If this is you now, you couldn’t imagine how you would be tomorrow.
“Oh, shut the fuck up! Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You say as you search for a new pair of panties. He watches your every move and honestly, you don’t hate it, even though you’re still naked. The room is decently dark, only small specks of moonlight peek through the open blinds. Harry sits on the edge of your bed, hands resting behind him, still shirtless. You find a clean pair and slip them on, grabbing your shirt on the ground.
“Yeah, I was on my way to fuck someone–”
“A guy perhaps? I think it would be good for your experience.”
“Pff, if any of us lacks experience, it’s you, sweetheart.”
“Just because I don’t fuck everything that walks doesn’t mean I don’t have experience, dipshit!” You don’t bother putting on pants or shorts, knowing that Harry will be leaving soon. The shirt you slid on feels bigger than before, but you don’t question it, knowing your shirt was previously baggy. Harry smirks when you grab his shirt off the ground and chuck it at him. “Can you leave now? I hate that you’re still here.”
“Alright, I’m leaving,” He stands up from the bed with his hands in the air in defense. You roll your eyes and cross your arms, waiting for him to strut his way out of your front door. You follow him out of your bedroom and to your door, making sure he actually leaves.
“Don’t have a good night, fucker,” You exaggerate a large, sarcasm smile. Harry can’t deny that you look annoyingly adorable when you smile, even if it was a fake one. Maybe if you didn’t want to fight him every time he opened his mouth he would make a move on you. A real one. He is almost completely out of your apartment before he opens his mouth one last time.
“I really like you in my clothes, I think you should wear them more often,” Harry winks, and you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. You look down and see you're wearing his T-shirt, while yours rests in his hands by his sides. He doesn’t bother giving it back when you gasp in shock. “Goodnight, princess.”
He slams the door shut while you stand there frozen. You groan, not even attempting to chase after him because you’re not even wearing pants. Your muscles ache when you trudge back to your bedroom. You know you’ll have to shower and do laundry tomorrow, but you were too tired to care. You fold back your comforter before sliding into your comfy sheets.
Although you’re glad he’s gone and you’ll hopefully never have to need him again, you can’t ignore the ache in your heart and the emptiness that surrounds you as you slowly fall asleep.
AHH i think my smut is getting better guys🤭
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watermelonsugacry · 2 days ago
Oooo what about bandmember and The Weeknd Grammy performance to save your tears and Harry’s there. I need a harry and Abel meeting. ilysm girl
ok so YN and Abel first met in late 2016.
She was in a recording studio in LA after finishing up a session with another artist. On her way out, she saw fellow producer Ali Payami. Besides formally being in the most famous band to date, YN was getting more and more recognized for her producing skills.
So after extending a hand out to help the producer in need, she's then introduced to Abel. They vaguely knew each other from commercial success but they actually spent a good hour or so just talking and getting to know one another—she's a firm believer in getting to know the artist behind the music before working with them.
Conversation came easy and a friendship was effortlessly formed as they bonded over their love for music, producing, and knowing how to speak in different languages.
Not long after, she's shown the song he had been working on before he got stuck. And she goes back to her roots: harmonies.
With a suggestion and demonstration of harmonizing with his vocals in his verse:
When I get you moaning you know it's real Can you feel the pressure between your hips? I'll make it feel like the first time
she finds herself in the recording booth laying down vocals for her own verse and chorus for the song.
The two had so much fun making music together that over the next few years, they made three more songs together: Off The Table, Save Your Tears, and You Right.
Harry has only seen Abel a small hand full of times in person. The first time the two met was during the recording of Off The Table back in 2019.
Harry had just taken his keys out of the front door of YN's home to find the open space absent of her presence. He did get there an hour earlier than he initially told her for a nice surprise after she's had a long day in the studio working on her album.
He walks all around her house in search of her and doesn't spot her in her usual spots: living room, at home gym, her bedroom. Suspecting she still must be working, he takes the small walk to her connected guest house she converted into a home studio.
A fond smile tugs itself on his lips at the sound of her laughing but a crease quickly forms in between his eyebrows at the sound of another man's laugh. He knocks on the glass door before entering to find YN in front of the large studio panel with The Weeknd sitting on his own swivel chair beside her.
YN doesn't invite just anyone to her home studio. Aside from Harry and Lizzo, no other artist has recorded in her sacred space.
"Hey b-Harry," YN smiles at her secret boyfriend, pleasantly surprised to have him home earlier than expected.
"Oh shit," Abel laughs in disbelief with a fist in front of his smile. "You're Harry Styles."
"What the 'ell, you didn't seem that excited when yeh first met me," She playfully scoffs.
"You weren't as cool then," Abel teases, making her laugh and Harry's chest burn. Putting on his media-trained persona, Harry takes the artist's outreached hand in a firm handshake, "I'm Abel. Nice you, man."
"M'Harry," He smiles a closed-lipped smile and YN bites one back as she immediately sees through her love's front. "Sorry, am I interrupting something?" Harry asks, the skin on his arms beginning to tingle from not having her in them yet.
"Not at a—"
"Actually," She interrupts Abel and looks to Harry with an amused smile. "We were in the middle of something. If yeh don't mind waiting another half hour or so, we should be wrapping up soon," She advises, making it seem like Harry was there for a recording session rather than anything else.
It really takes everything in her to stifle her giggle at the sight of her boyfriend trying his hardest to keep his front up, knowing full well how much he wants her to be in his arms, pressing her lips to his so lovingly, and having a cuddle.
"Not at all," Harry nods when every fiber of his being is telling him to throw her over his shoulder and ditch the other artist who's taking up her time instead of being with him. "But do you mind if I talk with yeh for a quick sec?" He nods his head over to the other room.
He grows even more frustrated when she hums in contemplation before scrunching up her nose, "Can it wait? M'working."
Harry takes a glance at Abel who's sitting there completely oblivious, clearly not fighting against spending time in the studio with his close friend.
"Of course," He reassures with a smile that YN can quickly tell is forced. "Nice meeting you, Abel."
"Same here, man."
And with that, he's softly closing the glass door behind him when he really just wants to slam it shut.
He waits an hour and a half before Abel finally leaves. Once she comes back into her home after walking him out, she's quickly pressed up against her door by her boyfriend pressing his mouth feverishly to hers.
"Why are yeh laughing?" He asks against her mouth. "There's nothing funny."
"You," She holds onto his cheeks, pulling him back so she can finally get a breath in, "You're cute."
He's quickly attaching his mouth to her neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses at the spot her neck and shoulder meet and she hums happily. He makes his way back up her neck, her jawline, and back to her mouth.
"Missed you," He says, his hand already crawling and dipping into the front of her shorts to where she craves him. She gasps against his mouth, titling her back to thump against the door but since he towers over her, he keeps his lips ghosting over hers.
"I missed you," She pants as he keeps his body pressed against hers. She whimpers when she feels his fingers dip and curl up into her.
"You missed me?" He taunts, his hand only picking up speed. His dimples dig into his cheeks when she nods meekly, her hand quickly gripping onto his wrist. It's moments like these where he basks in the way that behind closed doors, he can make this headstrong, stubborn girl turn into putty in his hands. He even contemplates edging her, leaving her high and dry, and having her wait the same amount of time she did to him.
But the satisfaction of having her writing against him, panting and moaning his name, knowing exactly how to make her feel good, and knowing that he's the only one that can make her feel like this is just too perfect.
"Then show me," He bites at her bottom lip, his own eyebrows furrowing with passion as he watches her tip over the edge.
So needless to say, whenever she and Abel get together—whether it be through making music, meeting up through awards shows, or going to see one another at their shows—Harry gets undoubtedly possessive and jealous. He knows that bottom line, the two are good friends and that she's allowed to be close with people other than him, but he can't help it. Especially now that there's no more hiding and sneaking around since their relationship went unexpectedly public on New Years 2020.
And even after her six-year friendship with the other artist, he still can't shake off the uncomfortable twist in his stomach at the sight of them on stage. Especially her surprise Save Your Tears duet performance at the 2021 iHeart Music Awards.
There's no denying that she looks absolutely gorgeous when she comes out on stage in her plum-colored satin outfit, posing with a jut of her hip and singing so effortlessly as the crowd screams out in a mix of excitement and disbelief. The stage is truly her happy place and it shows as she performs; like everyone else watching, he's excaptivated by her.
So much so, that he almost misses the way that when she sings:
And you deserve someone better
Abel points to her and then himself.
So can he be blamed when he stays extra quiet when he meets her back in her dressing room?
"And it was just so cool to hear the crowd scream like that," YN giggles as she removes her necklaces to place on the vanity.
"You deserve it, lovie. It shouldn't come as a surprise at this point," He looks at her so fondly from his seat on the leather couch.
"I honestly wasn't expectin' that type of reaction but it was..." She takes a second glance through the mirror at her love. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how supportive Harry is to his girlfriend, being with her any way he can and exuding a love for her that is truly unmatched.
But it does take his best friend of 11 years to see that something is up.
She walks the short distance over to him and cups his jaw in her hands and has his gaze meet hers, "Hey."
"Hi," He muses.
"I love you, yeah? Not Abel, not some other musician, not anybody else. You."
Harry huffs out a laugh through his nose, slightly shaking his head in disbelief at how well she knows him. He gently takes a hold of her forearms and leans up to rub his nose against hers, "I love you."
And when he closes the gap between them to capture her lips with his, how can he even entertain the thought of her having eyes for anybody else?
SINCE 2010 masterlist
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1d1195 · 18 hours ago
Get Used to It
Her best friend curled her hair. She listened carefully and looked at their reflection in the mirror as she styled her expertly. She was kind about her endless chatter with pre-date nerves. There was nothing but sweet smiles for her friend. She was happy. It seemed like everyone in the group was. It made sense. Harry was the perfect guy, and she deserved a perfect guy.
Warnings: poor self-image, mean friends
She was all jazzed because Harry finally noticed her. After admiring him from afar, he finally wanted to go on a date with her. It took months of hanging on the sidelines patiently—peripherally hanging out with him in a group so often their friend group had swelled to twice the size. But finally, through the grape vine, he got her number asking to meet up with him one-on-one.
So, he was on his way.
Her best friend curled her hair. She listened carefully and looked at their reflection in the mirror as she styled her expertly. She was kind about her endless chatter with pre-date nerves. There was nothing but sweet smiles for her friend. She was happy. It seemed like everyone in the group was. It made sense. Harry was the perfect guy, and she deserved a perfect guy.
“Where’s he taking you?” She asked.
“Uh...just that new bar and tavern down the way,” she answered. “It looks cool, it’s got live music but it’s not in your face, so we’ll be able to talk and stuff.”
She nodded. “Good, that’ll be nice to get to know him more,” she said softly. “I can’t wait to hear about him, he seems cool,” she murmured around a bobby pin stuck between her lips. Her thumbs danced across her phone screen. She scoured the menu and looked over the texts from him. Her eyes were dreamy looking, anxiously awaiting his arrival.
There was a knock on the door. “I have purses!” Sarah’s voice rang through the halls. It was a group effort to get this date going.
“Harry’s not going to care about purses,” she snorted pinning strands of hair to her head.
“Shh,” she hushed. “Thank you, Sarah,” she said to her reflection.
Harry knocked on the door of the apartment number he read from his text messages. He saw Sarah’s car out front, so he knew he had the right building. He took a deep breath. There was no way to deny the nervousness he felt. He didn’t know her well. She was there at all their friend gatherings, and he thought she was stunning. Her laugh made the whole room fade away and all he could see was her. It was like having tunnel vision, and she was the light at the other end. It took him a while to ask Sarah for her number. He didn’t want to seem eager or weird. Plus, he was enjoying admiring from afar. She was already a great muse for his free writing. She was pretty, kind, and funny. There was so much more he wanted to know about her, and he was nearly vibrating as he waited outside the door.
Sarah answered the door with a cheery voice. “Hi Harry! We’re just working on the finishing touches,” she smirked letting Harry into the apartment. “She’s very excited,” she whispered to him with a wink.
“Good, me too,” he said with a grin that could make any girl swoon. Sarah was happily taken so she was used to Harry’s dimples and essentially unaffected by his cute charms. But there was no denying it was adorable that he was excited to be dating one of her friends. “Thanks for getting her number,” Harry said appreciatively. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”
The two girls appeared from down the hall. The smell of freshly applied perfume radiated before them. They were giggling at something said and Harry’s jaw dropped.
Harry realized he was going to have to marry her.
While the girl was beautiful, she wasn’t the one Harry had been looking to go out with. Her friend was styled and beautiful, her hair curled to perfection. It was clear she spent a long time picking out the dress to wear. Her makeup was flawless—even Harry could tell.
Out of sheer awkwardness he considered spending the rest of his life with her.
“Hi Harry,” she said sweetly. “Ready?”
He pressed his lips together and nodded. He felt completely deflated and couldn’t show it. “Have fun,” the sweet girl said cutely as she and Sarah fell to the couch. Harry’s heart fluttered and he kept his eyes on the ground. He knew if he looked at her it would be over. His eyes turned into hearts at the sight of her. The mere thought of her had his heart palpitating against his ribs. How did Sarah not know? It was obvious who’s number he wanted!
Wasn’t it?
Maybe it wasn’t. How could he have been so stupid?
The poor thing was going to hate Harry because he was an idiot.
Biting his lip, he gestured for her to exit the shared apartment and head for the parking lot.
Sarah had put on a movie to pass the time while they waited for the debriefing that would take place after the date. Meanwhile, she was in the kitchen popping popcorn when the door slammed open followed by a stream of expletives of “Fucking save it! You’re a dick!”
“Whoa,” Sarah whispered jumping up from her seat to reach for her friend and calm her down.
“Hey, what happened?” She asked nervously. It had only been five minutes, if that. “How come—”
“Did you do it on purpose?” She shouted, storming into the kitchen. Dumbfounded, she gaped at her trying to process that she was yelling at her. Her friend was back from her date, and she didn’t know what happened at all but somehow, she was to blame? That didn’t make sense.
“Love!” Harry called breathlessly from down the hall. The hurried footsteps echoed to their apartment.
“Did you!?” She repeated.
“Love,” Harry repeated reaching for her as he hurried through the threshold. She stepped away from Harry immediately. Her face was red and hot. Where her makeup was once pristine, it now looked blotchy around the eyes. Tears mangling the perfect contour and lashes the three of them had put together over the last two hours.
“M-me?” She asked nervously holding the bowl of popcorn like her life depended on it. Her face contorted in confusion. Nothing about this exchange made sense. Why was she angry? Why was she angry at her?
“Yeah, you,” she snarled. “You knew I liked him.”
“What are you—” Sarah started.
“He wants to date you. You, of all people,” she was approaching shrieking levels. The popcorn bowl almost slipped from her fingers. Her chest felt like it was burning. Like a volcano about to burst. Tears stung the back of her eyes. She could see the hatred in her best friend’s eyes. She knew what was coming. She had been whispered about and talked about behind her back, she was sure of it. “You’re not even—”
“Love, please,” Harry begged. He could see where it was headed as well. “It’s my—” She couldn’t even look at Harry. If she did, it would be more fuel to her anger.
Plus, she might actually cry that Harry had, in fact, noticed her all this time.
“—we’re like the same level of attractiveness. Everyone knows it! You don’t even—”
Her face felt like it melted right off the muscle. She looked at the bowl of popcorn as if it was interesting. As if she didn’t feel like she didn’t get punched in the gut by the one friend she adored so much. She tuned her voice out instantly. If she listened, she would fall into a pit of self-loathing and self-hatred that would very well last until her death. She had heard the whispers and stares before. Boys like Harry didn’t fall for girls like her.
“Christ, love, stop!” Harry hurried to end the onslaught of insults directed at the girl he wanted to date. He couldn’t listen to them all. It was horrible. There was a comment about her weight and her skin; her boring personality and neurotic tendencies were all too pointed and horribly mean. It was too much for Harry. The poor girl. This only solidified how much he didn’t want to date her friend. The poor thing was upset, sure. But that was no reason to insult someone you consider a best friend. Harry was appalled and he felt horrible for the sweet girl who was none of the mean things she said. “It’s my—"
“Jesus,” Sarah said. “Go,” she said to the angry girl and shoved her toward the hallway. The sound of her anger resonated in the door slamming. The air felt exceedingly hot in their apartment. It was uncomfortable. “Love,” Sarah whispered softly. “I’m—I’m so sorry,” she rushed out. “I...”
“It’s fine,” she answered quietly. “It’s not your fault. It was an honest mistake.”
“I should have asked.”
“No one in their right mind would have asked,” she shook her head understandingly. She knew it. There wasn’t a scenario in which she wasn’t right. Of course, Harry would want to date her beautiful (ex) best friend. He was beautiful and she was beautiful. It made sense. “It’s okay,” she said. She put the bowl on the counter, and she put her hands in front of her uncomfortably wringing her fingers together. Her eyes didn’t move from the floor.
She felt like she might implode. Sarah was staring at her with such pity. She couldn’t even look at Harry who maybe was the only one just as uncomfortable as she was in that moment. “I’ll check on her...” Sarah whispered.
“Tell her I’m sorry,” she said staring at the tiled ground. Sarah would not be apologizing for her—there was nothing to apologize about. She was mean to her best friend and that was that. Sarah would calm her down but there wasn’t a world in which she deserved an apology.
As one of her best friends, she had no choice but to believe that Harry was perfect for her. But she wished with everything in her that she could be the one that boys looked at and asked friends for her number. She wished and wished that Harry was perfect for her.
And apparently, all this time, he was looking at her.
“Are you okay, kitten?” Harry whispered softly.
She felt her skin warm at his sweet question. She nodded, keeping her gaze away from him. “You... wanted my number?” She asked.
“Yes,” he said immediately, firmly. “Very much so,” he whispered. Her heart skipped a beat and she wished she could look at him and remember this moment. His voice was so gentle, and she wanted to see his face. “M’sorry this—"
She shook her head. As soon as Harry left, she would cry until her eyes were red and hurt. But she couldn’t do it now. Not in front of him. He was so lovely and handsome; it would kill her to be sad in front of him. “I think you should go.”
There was a prolonged silence before Harry answered quietly. “...Yeah.”
Neither of them moved. She sniffled. “Fuck,” she whispered.
“Kitten,” Harry repeated. His voice sounded distraught. “I’m so sorry,” he wanted to reach out, touch her face and hold her close to him.
“You need to go,” she said again. “Please,” she begged.
“I know, but love, I—”
“Harry, please,” she sniffled again, and she pressed a hand to cheek to swipe the tears away. “It’s whatever...thank you. Seriously,” and that she was serious about. The mere idea that he wanted her number was enough to set her heart straight even though her best friend hated her. There were a million things that had to be dealt with in that moment. Harry liking her wasn’t one of them. It couldn’t even place in the top five—as much as she wanted it to.
“Kitten, m’so sorry,” he whispered. “She’s wrong—”
“Harry, please. I don’t want to—” she inhaled shakily and pressed her hands to her cheeks. “Please just go,” she pleaded.
Harry didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay and get to know her better. Particularly in that moment he wanted to comfort her from the insults that were wrongly and falsely hurled at her. “Kitten, I don’t wanna leave you—”
“Harry, I would love for you to stay, but she hates my guts right now. I...I’m going to need to move out and there’s a hundred things I have to do and hanging out with you cannot be one of them.”
Harry bit his lip. This was so fucked up and it was all his fault. He shoved his hands in his pockets. “M’sorry. I’ll go.”
She let tears fall down her cheeks and she swallowed the hundreds of emotions threatening to escape her lungs in one giant scream. “Thank you.”
Harry had to return to his apartment where Niall was watching a football game on TV. “She didn’t like you?” Niall smirked.
“Ni,” he shook his head. “It was so bad,” he told him.
Niall turned to look at his friend whose hair was disheveled from tugging and pulling his hand through it for the last twenty minutes. His skin looked pale, and he simply didn’t look like the excited friend Niall saw leave the apartment just under an hour ago. “You look like you saw a ghost.” Harry sat in one of the armchairs in the room and he hung his head. He explained the whole scene. Every detail. Every insult. “That’s fucked up,” Niall blinked in surprise. “Poor thing.”
Harry nodded. He was still speechless and unsure of what to do. “I wanted t’see her,” he murmured.
“I know,” Niall answered. “Maybe let things cool off a bit,” he shrugged.
Harry nodded again. There wasn’t much else he could do.
Harry wanted to know how long he had to let things cool. He wanted to see her the very next day and he was lucky he had work and classes to distract him, or he might have marched right back to their apartment. The guilt wracked him totally and completely. She lost her best friend and Harry was at fault.
Maybe she shouldn’t have been her best friend—and Harry did her a favor, but it was still going to hurt her, and Harry knew that it would hurt for a while. Fortunately, as he was exiting his class, he saw Sarah. “Sarah!” He shouted.
People turned to look at him like he was crazy. She shook her head and kept walking. “Harry, I’ll be late,” she said when he hurried to her side. “I don’t have time for this. There’s a lot—”
“Sarah, please,” he begged. “I’ll walk with you.”
“It’s all the way across campus.”
“I don’t care.” She sighed and shrugged. Harry fell in step beside her. “Is she okay?”
“Which one?” She snorted.
He exhaled deeply. “Sarah.”
“She’s fine. She’s moving out as soon as she can. Just needs to find a place. It’s hard when it’s mid semester.” Harry wanted to let her move into his place with Niall immediately. “Why didn’t you tell me who’s number you wanted?”
“I thought y’knew, Sarah! It was obvious t’me that I couldn’t stop staring at her every time we were all out.”
Sarah sucked her lip into her mouth. That was true. She didn’t know. It was an assumption, a horrible, cruel assumption. “I’m sorry,” Sarah whispered.
“S’not your fault,” he sighed dragging his hand through his hair again. “Can I please have her number?”
She snorted. “Harry, you can’t be serious.”
“I have t’talk to her,” he mumbled. “Sarah, she’s not any of those things she said. I want to see her. She’s lovely and she deserves to know that,” he told her.
“Harry she’s been screwed over so many times being friends with her. She’s always overlooked by guys and she’s so hard on herself. This broke her heart worse than all that. This was her best friend.”
“I know.”
“You seriously want to insert yourself into this,” she said.
“Sarah, I...” he swallowed. “I really like her.”
Sarah stopped walking amongst all the others hurrying to class. She stared at Harry. “You cannot break her heart.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
The car ride was quiet as can be. The music was softly playing—some gentle playlist Harry made to relax at night or while he was studying. It seemed fitting to use it with her when he wanted to keep it light and airy between them. “This new place has a bunch of comfort food on the menu,” he said. “Supposed to be really good.”
She smiled nervously. “Yeah, I looked it up, it looks good.”
Harry’s heart was thrumming anxiously but he was so happy she agreed to see him. It took a lot of texts and several weeks—especially since she had to find a new place to live. But her new roommate seemed nice. They weren’t the best of friends but that was okay.
“Love,” he said gently.
“Yeah?” She whispered. It was amazing how quickly she responded to the sweet name for her. Her face felt hot.
“You look beautiful.”
Now her face was hot. “Thank you,” she said softly. “You look great. You always do.”
He smirked. “Thank you, kitten.”
There was a comfortable silence again. It felt easy. Harry remembered when he was little and asking his mum all about love when he would know. Most people think it’s about butterflies—and it is. But eventually, you’ll find the butterflies stop and you’ll just feel warm and safe.
He never understood that. He was always too young and too quick to fall for a girl.
Except now he was sitting next to someone that made him feel warm and at ease. He cleared his throat despite the comfortable silence. He wanted to talk to her, and it seemed like a long time to go without talking on a date anyway. “I know s’a bit awkward...d’you like your new roommate?” He asked.
“Mmm...I don’t think we’ll be best of friends. But she’s very nice.”
“That’s good. Y’deserve t’be surrounded by people who are nice t’you.”
She felt flushed again. “It’s...it’s really nice to be going out with you.”
She nodded. “I’m very happy you asked me out,” she whispered it like it was a secret. “I’m not usually noticed.”
“Love, you’re the only one I noticed,” he assured her. He reached over and squeezed her knee gently before returning his hand to the steering wheel. “I feel horrible ‘bout the last time I saw you, but...” he shook his head and smiled. “I can’t take my eyes off you,” he promised.
She smiled at her lap and bit her lip. All the times she was looked over for one reason or another: she wasn’t drinking, she wasn’t skinny, she had a funny laugh, or because she was speaking her mind—they all spun through her head. It broke her heart over and over all those years. She spent nights and nights wondering what was wrong with her. Writing in journals about how she never wanted to be in love because it was too much heartbreak, and she hadn’t even been in love yet.
But here was Harry. Harry with his perfectly coifed curls and his gorgeous smile. His deep slow voice and the gentle squeeze of his hand on her knee. He was first and foremost so kind. He was the only one that followed her lead at dinner in stacking the plates for the waitstaff. Whenever there were Uber’s involved, he always made sure their group of friends had one sober party in attendance. Harry was the first one to check in with someone that wasn’t with the group and always looked for missing items at the end of the night without fail.
He noticed her. When he could have noticed any of the other girls they hung out with and when he nearly went on a date with the wrong girl, he still thought of her.
“This...has never happened to me before.”
“Y’better get used to it, kitten,” he said softly.
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jadeittic · a day ago
HS + Y/I: 2022 (SERIES)
PART SIX (REMAKE) -- ive been procrastinating a lot this yr so i guess we're back on track with hs + y/i
WARNINGS: are ig comments even warnings anymore 😭-- and there will be new uses of face claims.
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celebnews YN LN spotted in Glasgow, UK for upcoming first collaboration tour with Harry Styles.
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username my girl looks so majestic i cant
username im hyperventilating just at the thought of her someone help me
username i havent moved on from her last tour now shes back. AND WITH HARRY TOO.
username ive gotten my tickets. IVE GOTTEN MY TICKETS.
username im so not jumping, blushing, twirling my hair at the sight of her rn
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yourinstagram pov: im so fucking nervous i can barely stand still so heres a pic
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anthonymackie Super disappointed in ourselves because we can't see you on your first ever collaboration tour. You're growing up, young lady. Don't you forget about us.
username i love them sm my heartjsheufs
yourinstagram will do mr. mackie! make sure to stop by next time :))
username already feeling like im abt to pass out and i havent seen them yet
yourinstagram u dk how much i want you to be here rn ;((
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username holy shit holy shit holy shit am i still breathing
username so fucking proud to say i was there. i was in the first show of hs + y/i.
username i loved the moments where they were trying to communicate but the crowd was too loud
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harryxyn no explanations needed. just tears
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harrystyles I am so proud of my girl who I call a sister from another mister. She doesn’t have any idea how much she means to me. You are loved, YN LN. (By me which who loves you the most.) You deserve the world. Thank you for being there always. It’s always us against the world.
HS + Y/I. Glasgow. June, 2022.
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username “its always us against the world” I CANT BREATHE IM IN TEARS
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username two words. in. tears.
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yourinstagram should i even explain? this idiot has been with me for as long as i remember. god, i can’t even remember when i agreed to go on tour with him (kidding, kidding). you are the most talented, funniest, hell, i even have to say handsome person to feed your ego. you are one of the best people to have happened in my life. it’s always us against the world.
thank you glasgow for being our first ever crowd for hs + y/i — its great to be back again! ❤
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imsebastianstan She’s been crying about his message the whole time we’ve been drinking.
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mitchrowland Don’t be fooled by the internet, kids. These two have been searching up ways to steal my guitar without me noticing for the past hour.
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lukesaprince · 2 days ago
Intruder Part 8
Tumblr media
summary: The disciplinary hearing with an unexpected outcome
warning: sexual tension, subrry vibes but no proper smut (sorry not sorry, just wait for the next part though 👀🤒)
word count: 7k+
author’s note: this took way too long to update and I’m so sorry, but I hope you enjoy it anywayyyy. It’s not edited properly so don’t mind that lol. Read the previous part here
- series masterlist here -
- Find my Masterlist here -
The walk to the meeting room had your stomach doing flips. You felt like you were either going to throw up, pass out or scream simultaneously. You felt prepared and confident in the argument you won with Richard, and Harry had definitely made you feel more at ease with his check-in in the closet.
But there was still so much uncertainty you were in a fit of nerves. You couldn’t predict what Brad or Harry were going to say or do, and while Harry seemed pretty set in behaving you couldn’t really trust his word for it. He was a reactive person at heart.
You both arrived before Richard did, walking into the room right at 10am when the meeting was meant to start. Brad sat on the opposite side of the large oval table with the HR representative Lisa by his side. They both stood at your entrance, Brad looking like he would’ve rather done anything else than address Harry.
“y/n, pleasure to see you again” Lisa greeted, shaking your hand over the table. 
Lisa ran your job interview when you first started here and the two of you had remained friendly ever since. There weren’t too many interactions between you two as there weren’t any issues until now, but you knew her well enough to trust that she’d be a good mediator.
“Likewise” you smiled, “Brad” you acknowledged, shaking his hand too. Harry followed suit and greeted Lisa, then paused when it came to Brad. You could see the look of disdain on his face and his clear unwillingness to even acknowledge Brad’s presence.
You couldn’t blame him, really. You didn’t necessarily like Brad either, especially after everything he said about you. But if there was one thing you knew, it was that appearances were everything and Harry looking like he was about to murder Brad wasn’t going to help the situation.
De-escalation was the goal, not the opposite.
Harry was already struggling to hold it together just from looking at Brad’s smug, ugly face. The second he saw him all he could think about was how degrading and sexist he was towards you, all those disgusting comments about your dress and his insinuations about you and Harry.
He hated him. Despised him. Hell, Harry wished Brad had taken his warning as a sign to quit and get as far away from you as possible. His blood was boiling just at the sight of him, and he was already itching to do a lot more than ruffle his fucking collar.
But Harry was quickly snapped out of it when he felt your foot nudge his. He looked at you briefly and caught the distinct look of warning in your eyes, practically forcing him to be civil and at least pretend he wanted to sort things out with Brad.
“Brad” Harry acknowledged through gritted teeth, his jaw clenched as he held his hand out in front of him so Brad could shake it.
“Harry” Brad smirked, shaking his hand firmly. 
"Great, you're all here. This should be straightforward so I'd like to get this over and done with" Richard entered with power, clearly antsy about this meeting being over with. When he sat down you all followed, Lisa being the first one to speak.
"We've all read the reports, and spoken to other employees about this issue so we have a pretty good understanding of what happened. We do currently have a plan of action, however, things can change depending on how this meeting goes. So, Brad, I'd like you to begin with your version of events"
"Thank you Lisa" Brad shifted in his chair, clasping his hands together on the desk in front of him. "I was just having a private conversation with Scott, and Harry overhead and didn't seem to like the topic. He threatened me and I just thought he was joking. So I teased him a little, something we've done before then out of nowhere he lifted me out of my chair and assaulted me. Made me apologise publicly over nothing and humiliated me in front of everyone. I'm embarrassed, and frankly, feel unsafe"
Harry wanted to get out of his chair in that instant and slam his head into the table.
Private conversation? Brad was talking his mouth off loud enough for the entire office to hear him sexualise, degrade you and spread rumours about you.
Didn't seem to like the topic? What topic? The fucking topic of you, his boss and accusing you of sleeping with Damian to get money? The topic of wanting to have sex with you? The topic of slut shaming you based on the dress that Brad himself had a hard-on over?
Apologise over nothing? Nothing!? Fucker was so scared he almost pissed himself and now he's acting like he has no idea what he did wrong? 
"And what was the nature of this conversation?" Lisa asked, looking down from her notes that she was writing about Brad's answer.
You could see Brad visibly shift in his chair, his bullshit rehearsed answer unable to be backed by the truth. The truth that he was blatantly sexist and disgusting about you. Talking about you like you were just a body for him to enjoy, and not a person, his boss.
"I was talking about y/n's dress from the gala, how I thought it was a bit too sexual for a work event"
Harry's fists tightened against his legs, his foot tapping against the floor in rapid motions. He promised you he'd be on his best behaviour, but the more Brad opened his pathetic mouth the less control Harry had.
Lisa looked over to you but didn't comment. You saw her at the charity gala, she was one of the first people to compliment you on your dress and as far as you knew no one else had complained about it. You hoped for once, having a female HR rep would work in your favour.
Women were bullshit detectors, and you could see the cogs in Lisa's head turning.
"And why would Harry be upset over that? That's a reasonable topic, a valid opinion if you will. So why would that cause Harry to get involved?" Lisa asked, remaining neutral in her questioning.
"Look lady, it doesn't matter what I was talking about. What matters is that Harry attacked me and I want him fired for it" Brad snapped, getting agitated by the unbiased approach Lisa was taking.
"I’d fix your tone if I were you" Richard snapped, making Brad jolt a little in his chair with widened eyes. He had been a silent observer until now, and really that's all he was meant to be since Lisa was here. But clearly, he was already getting sick of it. "Mr Styles, anything to say for yourself?"
"Yes, sir" Harry replied tensely, unable to change his tone to something more peaceful in the state he was in. "Brad was being misogynistic, sexist and overtly sexual about y/n. His comments were loud and inappropriate and he insinuated that y/n slept with Damian Barlow to get money for the fundraiser."
Harry had told you exactly what was said, hearing it summed up like that though still felt like a punch in the gut.
Brad looked visibly uncomfortable, cutting Harry off with a hand slamming on the table. "I never said any of that! He's just lying to cover his own ass"
"Oh, so you didn't slut shame her for her dress? You didn't make assumptions about her sex life? You didn't admit that you wanted to untie her dress in front of anyone!?" Harry snapped, his jaw clenching while he tried to hold onto his last remaining strands of restraint.
He was trying to remember his promise to you from this morning when it was just you two in your little bubble, and earlier in the supply closet. But at that moment it wasn't helping him calm down. To hell with promises, Brad deserved every inch of payback Harry wanted to give him.
“Alright, I think we need to reign this back a little” Lisa tried to interject but was quickly interrupted by Brad.
"You're such a fucking liar Styles, you're just saying this because-because” Brad stuttered, clearly not sure how to dig himself out of the hole he had created. 
You leaned back in your chair, feeling a little triumphant at Brad’s inability to defend himself. You were also slightly panicky about Harry’s rising anger level, but if you could manage Brad then Harry would calm down. 
A part of you actually liked the way Harry rose to the occasion and defended you. Maybe even a little too much, because against all better judgement and the fact that you were sitting a metre from your boss, your mind was racing with Harry taking his anger towards Brad out on you.
Despite hating how much drama your relationship with Harry had gone through, you fucking loved when he took his anger out on you. It could’ve been because most of your sex was angry sex, but you two just fucked too good when you were angry at each other.
This time the anger wasn’t even directed at you, which in your opinion was even hotter because Harry could take out as much anger on you as he wanted without there having to be some apology dished out in the end. 
God, you were so fucking horny. After him dragging you into the supply closet, you were already inconveniently riled up. Being with Harry felt like a perpetual state of arousal. Even his scent managed to turn you on. 
But you couldn’t help it. He was singlehandedly the most attractive man you had ever seen, and once you pushed past his asshole exterior, he had an attractive personality to match. 
“Look at that, can’t even defend yourself because you know I’m telling the truth.” Harry spat, chuckling bitterly. He leaned back aggressively in his hair, his jaw tense and his tongue poking into the side of his cheek. 
“Harry” you warned, noticing the rise of tension in his tone and body language. His eyes flicked to yours momentarily before they returned to Brad.
“Okay enough,” Lisa said firmly, “This is getting out of hand. Now, Harry, even though you didn’t harm Brad you still touched him inappropriately in the workplace. Your actions, ignoring the cause of the fight are grounds for termination”
Brad’s face lit up like a Christmas tree at her words, and you could see Harry’s jaw click as he clasped his hands together in front of him. But the meeting wasn’t over yet, and you knew there was more for Lisa to say.
“However...” she continued, looking between the two men, “as Brad wasn’t injured there is some leeway if he decides not to lodge a formal HR complaint and we can come to some sort of internal agreement. In that case, you’d both be given a two-week unpaid suspension. There would be a shift in departments but that’s it” 
“Oh, well I’m lodging a formal complaint so you can kiss your job goodbye Harry” Brad laughed, interlocking his hands behind his head and leaning back like this was the funniest thing in the world to him.
You couldn’t assure Harry that everything was fine, so you slid your foot to the inside of his and made sure your calves were touching. It was a small gesture, but you could feel Harry’s body relax a little bit into the touch.
You weren’t sure if he was riled up about losing his job, or about Brad’s shitty attitude. But either way, you wanted him to feel supported. Even if he claimed that he didn’t care that he’d get fired, you still thought that he might be a little stressed about it. There’d be no severance package to see him through, and his ‘contacts’ may take a while to get him a new job, or not work out at all.
He started the fight because of you, so it was your job to save him in return. 
“Look, Brad, if I may” you interrupted, deciding that it was your turn to take some control of this meeting. “It’s clear that both you and Harry did things that may not have been appropriate. You clearly said some things about me that you perhaps shouldn’t have” you paused, clasping your hands together on the table in front of you. “and frankly, I’m within my rights, not only as your boss but as a woman to lodge a formal complaint”
You avoided eye contact with him, going through your folder to find the document you had been searching for. “Ahh, here we go” Brad was silent as you slid the collection of papers across the table in front of him, his eyes widening when he picked up the top one and read the title.
His gleeful expression had dropped from his face, and his body straightened up at what you had presented him. 
Employee Complaint Form
A formal HR complaint in response to the one he was threatening Harry with. Frankly, in any other case, you’d be advocating for both men to get fired. Brad for being a misogynistic asshole and Harry for starting a fight at work. But you had already accepted that you’d do anything for Harry, your Harry, and if that meant threatening a HR complaint and overlooking both their actions then you’d do it in a heartbeat.
“Now, clearly a workplace bullying complaint based on things you said about my gender and appearance wouldn’t look too good on your record... would it Brad?” you asked with a smile, cocking your head while maintaining eye contact.
The forms had been filled out after each concerning conversation that you had either overheard yourself or had been told about. Brad had a history of being sexist and inappropriate about you in the workplace. There were jokes here and there or other conversations like the one that started this entire fight that were serious enough to warrant a formal complaint.
You had been filling out these forms for a while now, ensuring that there were enough for this matter to be taken seriously. You knew that even with your high position, a complaint about a single sexist joke would’ve only backfired and made you seem ‘sensitive’ even though it was completely valid to be offended by it.
A series of sexist jokes or inappropriate comments made about you, including one that started a fight, however? That was grounds for a proper internal investigation, especially if there were separate reports all dated from different occasions.
The fact that you had never lodged these complaints may have caused a problem if you actually wanted Brad fired since they could’ve all been written at the same time or doctored to work in your favour. But you never really planned on lodging them in the first place.
That may seem stupid since you have the opportunity and some power to make Brad pay for being an asshole. But you dealt with men like him ever since you were a young girl, and you knew not to take it personally. If you dealt with every sexist asshole you’d be forced out of the industry because frankly, most businessmen are the same.
You weren’t stupid though, hence why you filled out complaints despite never planning on lodging them. They came in handy for this exact reason, and they were going to save Harry’s job if everything went to plan.
Brad wasn’t the brightest cookie around, so you doubted he would’ve thought too far into the logistics about these unlodged documents. As long as he thought they’d be permanent on his record, you could basically ask him to do anything (within reason) to prevent that from happening.
Thus saving Harry.
If Brad wanted to lodge a formal complaint and get Harry fired, you could do the exact same thing in return.
Roberts had signed off on it, and Lisa would’ve had to be informed before the meeting for you to even bring it up. Brad and Harry were the only ones that didn’t know about your plan, and if anything that made it even more satisfying. 
Brad visibly gulped and adjusted his tie. “I-uh, already said that I didn’t say any of those things. So this form is bullshit” he pushed it towards you.
You only smirked and leaned back in your chair. “Brad, this argument started in front of half an office of people. There are multiple accounts of what you said, so if I were you I’d stop pretending that you didn’t disrespect me and consider what I’m offering you”
“So this is how it’s going to work” you made eye contact with Richard and Lisa briefly, who both seemed happy for you to take the reins. You could feel Harry’s gaze on the side of your face, but you didn’t let it distract you. “I don’t lodge these documents and you don’t lodge yours” you leaned forward with your hands clasped together, “you both keep your jobs and accept your equal consequences and that is it. End of story. If you want to go on your Harry manhunt you’re more than welcome to, but you’ll still be getting a two-week unpaid suspension and you will have a formal HR complaint about sexism and workplace bullying on your record. I’m pretty sure that’ll make it hard to find a job once you’re fired from here. Choice is yours Brad”
You settled with a relaxed lean back in your chair, crossing the leg that was against Harry’s across your other and resting your arms comfortably in your lap. You looked relaxed and calm, and that’s exactly the impression you wanted to give.
On the inside, it felt like your chest was about to explode with nerves. While the plan seemed solid and kept all parties happy, Brad could still choose to get Harry fired. It may be unlikely, and honestly pretty fucking stupid since Brad would have a formal complaint of his own on his record, but it wasn’t impossible.
Harry could see right through your cool exterior. The little tap of your finger against the armrest of your chair gave away just how stressed you were about this. 
But despite that, and despite how shocked he truly was at how brilliant your plan was, he had never found you sexier than in that moment. He wasn’t shocked that you came up with the idea because you had to be the smartest person he knew. But he was shocked that he didn’t come up with it himself because fucking hell the plan basically had Brad pinned exactly where you wanted him. 
It was perfect. Just like you.
God the way you looked sitting there like you had no care in the world had Harry so hot and bothered he was struggling to keep his cock soft. Something had come alive within him as he watched you take control of the meeting, something that made him crave you putting him in his place and he couldn’t get it out of his head.
He never had a craving for submission before, and yet seeing you so powerful and eloquent while trying to save his job made him want to get on his knees right then and there and beg you to control him. Degrade him, make him do whatever you wanted him to.
He wanted to show you exactly how thankful he was for all the effort you had put into this. He wanted to be at your mercy and have you do whatever you wanted to him, to please you in every way you demanded.
Harry’s mind flashed back to that lazy morning in his apartment, where you woke him up with heated kisses and then brought him into your mouth until he begged to come. He liked the state of mind he was in when it happened. It was way out of his comfort zone and a bit confronting if he was truly honest, but seeing you sitting here so powerful made him want it all over again.
It might take a few go's for him to truly be comfortable being submissive, but the thought of being under you and having you command him was too tempting not to push himself out of his comfort zone. He knew you’d take care of him, and that’s all he needed.
“Okay... okay, I won’t put in a formal complaint” 
It felt like forever while Brad reread the filled-out documents and thought about his decision. When the words finally left his mouth it was like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders, and you took a deep breath like you had never breathed before.
“Alright then...” Lisa replied, writing down a final note before closing her notebook. “Both of you will be moved to different departments and there will be a follow-up meeting to discuss your return. You both will work out your remaining day here, and your two-week suspension will commence tomorrow”
“So, both will be moved?” You asked, your surprise slipping through your calm expression. Harry’s knee bumped against yours under the table, but you didn’t look at him for fear of anyone reading into the glance.
“Yes. It’s better if both Harry and Brad are moved so the outcome of this meeting doesn’t impact other employees. You’ll have two replacements by the end of the week so don’t worry about loss of productivity, your team won’t be hindered” Lisa assured you.
“Right, that’s great” you smiled, standing up in preparation for the meeting to be dismissed. 
You were a little disheartened that Harry wouldn’t be working with you anymore because seeing him every day was the one thing you were looking forward to if this whole thing worked out. But you were just glad it worked out at all, especially since there were so many unknowns throughout this entire experience.
“Actually, Richard and I need a word with you. So, please, take a seat” Lisa smiled, motioning to your chair. Your brows furrowed in confusion as you sat back down. Brad and Harry had both stood up, and shook hands with Lisa and Richard.
They were instructed to finish up their work day as usual and then collect their belongings ready for the end of the day. They’d both be scheduled individual meetings once their suspension was through to sign new contracts with their new departments.
You didn’t understand why Richard and Lisa needed to keep you longer, but you just assumed it had something to do with the transition of Brad and Harry and the introduction of two new people.
You made eye contact with Harry as he exited, a look of assurance and fondness on his face that made you excited to leave and talk to him.
This was a celebration, and you so wanted to celebrate with Harry. Not only had the plan worked, but Harry kept his promise to you, and if anything, that was more important to you. 
There were many moments of anger from him, and many opportunities for him to snap and jeopardise your plan. But he never took them, and his level of restraint only proved to you how much he cared for you. 
“I hope you’re both happy with today’s outcome, I think it works in everyone’s favour and hopefully going forward it continues to prove that,” you spoke up.
“Yes, well the plan really did pan out quite well. But this isn’t about that” Richard replied, leaning forward. The look on his face made a rush of anxiety go up your spine. It wasn’t of satisfaction or approval, it was of concern and it stressed you out.
“Okay...” you replied cautiously, shifting in your chair.
“We have to ask because Brad accused you of something very serious and if it’s true then we’re all in deep shit” Lisa started, her choice of words less formal now that it was only you three in the room. 
“I like you y/n, but did you or did you not sleep with Damian Barlow to get increased donations for the fundraiser?” Richard asked with no hint of humour. His question was laced with an accusatory tone, and it felt like a punch in your gut.
“Excuse me?” you replied, shocked that he’d even believe such a stupid accusation from Brad of all people. That accusation didn’t even click in your mind as something that they’d take seriously.
“Answer the question” he pressed, leaning forward. 
“No. Of course, I didn’t.” your reply was a bit more defensive than you’d have liked, but your shock was hard to hide. 
You couldn’t help but be offended too. After everything you had done for this company and they decide to believe something an idiotic, unproductive and irrelevant man said? 
"Good, that's what I like to hear. Well done today then, and have a copy of those complaint forms sent to my secretary. Lisa, I’m sure you can take it from here” Richard didn’t say anything else, and simply walked out leaving you and Lisa still sitting around the table.
“It’s not personal y/n, but it is a heavy accusation and unfortunately we will need to do an audit and investigation into you and the fundraiser. If we catch this and prove that everything was legit before it reaches anyone then we can squash all rumours” she explained, gathering her belongings and standing up.
“So am I suspended too, then?” you asked while trying to hide your irritation. You were growing agitated the more you thought about this investigation and what it actually meant.
“No, but you will be under watch so go about your normal business while we investigate. If we need anything from you we’ll let you know, but the less involved you are the better” 
You started organising your things and stood up as well, “Right, well thank you” you weren’t really thankful, but you still shook her hand as a courtesy. 
You pretended to be busy while she left the room, seemingly eager to get back to her office. The second she disappeared from view, you slumped back into the chair and covered your face with your hands, propping your head with your elbows on the table. 
You just couldn’t believe that the meeting ended up turning to shit anyway. Harry was in the clear but now your life and your job were about to be turned upside down. 
An audit and investigation would’ve gone deeper than just the fundraiser and you knew it.
To cover all bases they would sift through the fundraiser, then once that was clear they’d decide to do a personal audit to show that you weren’t stealing money or doing something else shady. 
You weren’t, and the thought had never even entered your mind. But everything was about image and money. Now that they knew there was a possibility you were doing deals to make yourself look better (because ultimately, Damian donating more would’ve made it look like you did your job better, even though it also would’ve made the company look better), they were going to check every possible way you could do that.
Nothing was easy, and it was getting to the point where this job was causing more heartache than making you feel like you were actually accomplishing something good. 
You sat there for a while as you gathered your thoughts and tried to focus on the successes of this meeting. It was tough when it was barely 11am and you had simultaneously saved Harry’s job and pulled him out of hot water while throwing yourself into it and being accused of fraud at the same time.
When you returned back to your floor it seemed alive with chatter, everyone eager to figure out the outcome of the disciplinary hearing. Rachael met you at the lifts with a list of things to do now that you had missed your regular Monday morning itinerary and meetings.
You made eye contact with Harry as you walked past his desk, desperate to get out of your blazer and have a moment to yourself before you had to return to normal work. He gave you the smallest nod of his head and a little smile that had your heart beating faster already.
You craved his touch and affection so badly it felt like your skin was burning. Your mind was overactive with processing this whole investigation into your life and it felt like nothing was quietening it down. You were still sore from your weekend and morning with him, but it didn’t seem to matter because you still craved the feeling of his body on yours.
Sexual or non-sexual you didn’t care, but you just wanted to feel consumed by him. 
You never used to be like this, so dependant on another person’s touch. You’d head to the gym or go for a run to try and destress and sort out your feelings, and now it was like your brain went immediately to Harry first. You never liked being so reliant on someone else, but with Harry that’s exactly what it felt like.
You didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing. But you did know that you didn’t want to have another panic attack where he was the only one who could get you out of it. 
Your relationship didn’t have a ‘normal’ beginning, but at some point it had to turn into regular dating. Right? 
It wasn’t like you wanted to take a step back from Harry, if anything you wanted to progress. But you also didn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you lost yourself when you weren’t with him. 
The rest of the work day flew. You didn’t really have a proper chance to talk to Harry because of all the catch up you had to do, forgoing a proper lunch and your coffee break. You were feeling a bit antsy about this audit so you spent most of your time in your office until it was the end of the work day and people were starting to leave.
You knew you had to go see Brad and Harry out, especially since Lisa had sent through a reminder that they had to leave at 5pm on the dot and do no overtime. 
“Come to kick us out, boss?” Brad asked with bitterness in his tone as you approached the two men who had cardboard boxes full of their belongings sitting on top of their desks.
There were still people working away, opting to stay later to try and get as much work done as possible. You had a bit of leeway in how you managed your office, if people got their assigned work finished earlier on in the week they were able to leave early on Fridays. This didn’t always work, but when it did the office usually stayed pretty lively later into the night earlier in the week.
Because of this, you didn’t want to make a scene, which Brad seemed to want. 
“We could’ve both been fired dickhead, so I’d be grateful” Harry spat, shrugging on his coat. You didn't comment on his instant reaction, because honestly, you wanted to moan at how quickly he came to your defence.
It was such a 360 from when he used to be the one you needed to be defended against.
“Of course you’d defend her, fucking glad I won’t be working with you anymore” Brad replied with equal venom in his tone. You rolled your eyes, their attitude was the last thing you wanted to deal with.
“We’re all gonna miss you, Brad. I’m sure your new department is just gonna love you” you smiled, your sarcasm evident and making him grumble.
“Whatever, I’ll walk myself out” he huffed, grabbing his box and walking towards the lifts. For someone who basically got his ass saved today, he really was an ungrateful prick. Although, it wasn’t surprising.
“Good luck!” you called behind him, covering your mouth with your hand to try and muffle your laugh as he kept walking. You were ecstatic to see him leave, and it was hard to hide.
Harry chuckled beside you, goosebumps rising on your skin at how much you loved the sound of his laugh. “Walk me out?” he asked quietly, slinging the strap of his messenger bag over his shoulder and grabbing his box. 
“That’s why I’m here” you replied with a small smile before the two of you walked to the lifts. Brad had already left down an earlier one, so it was empty when the doors opened for the two of you.
You could’ve left him to get downstairs by himself, but you really didn’t want to. 
The second those doors closed Harry practically dropped his box on the floor and cupped your face, pulling you into a passionate kiss. It lasted long enough for you to kiss back, gripping onto the lapels of his coat and pulling him closer towards you.
He broke it quickly but kept your faces close. “Thank you my love. I really was okay with being fired but I really appreciate you fighting so hard for me” his voice was a low murmur, like he didn’t want to talk too loud and break the moment.
“I’ll always fight for you Harry” you kissed him again gently, needing to feel the warmth and butterflies you always experienced when you kissed him.
Harry could sense something was wrong with you. There was so much longing and intensity in the way you kissed him he could tell there was something on your mind. He thought you’d be excited about how well everything went, but the way you were acting showed the exact opposite.
“What happened? Are you okay?” he asked, pulling back a lot faster than you would’ve liked. His hands were still lovingly cupping your face, but his face was ridden with concern. 
You internally cursed at how well he seemed to read you, even though you were trying to hide how stressed you truly were. You didn’t plan on telling Harry anything about the investigation just yet. You wanted some time to celebrate the wins of today before you had to focus on getting yourself out of the heat you were under.
There wasn’t much you could do to clear your own name. You hadn’t done anything wrong and that would be found out once they audited everything. But you still had to make sure that you got through it, and didn’t say or do anything that would make yourself look suspicious.
“I’m fine, Harry” you smiled and picked up his box from the ground, passing it to him in case the lift stopped and people came inside. 
“No. Don’t lie to me, I can tell when you’re upset” he pushed, reluctantly taking the box from you and tucking it under his arm so he could touch you with the other. He gently cupped your face again, pushing a piece of hair behind your face. “Tell me, please baby”
“Honestly, I’m fine. Just exhausted from today s’all” you tried to get him to let it go, grabbing his wrist and kissing his palm. 
He still didn’t believe you, but with the floors counting down to the basement car park, there wasn’t much time for him to try and pry you of information. He wasn’t giving up, that’s for sure. His palm slid from your cheek down to your neck, wrapping around it firmly and pulling your face so your lips brushed together.
“I will get it out of you darling, but we just don’t have the time for those sorts of games” he whispered, letting you go just in time for the lift to ding and the doors to open to the car park.
Harry walked out with purpose, acting like he hadn’t just momentarily stunned you with his dominance. Your heart felt like it had dropped down to your stomach, your breathing heavily as you tried to shake it off and follow him out. You were calling him daddy this morning, yet your pussy was wet like he hadn’t fucked you for days.
“I think we should celebrate your hard work” he announced, keeping his voice low so no one could hear the conversation as you walked with him towards his car. It was busy with people heading to their cars, and with the echo of the basement he was being extra cautious.
The way he switched topics had your head spinning, but you were just glad that he had dropped that conversation more than anything.
“You mean we should celebrate you keeping your job” you corrected, biting your lip at the look of warning he gave you. God, he just wanted to pin you against something and make you acknowledge how fucking amazing you were today.
“No baby, we’re going to celebrate you. And I know exactly how” he stated proudly.
“Okay?” you drew out, slightly suspicious by how proud he seemed about his idea.
“I’m taking you on our first date” 
Your steps faltered a little, feeling your mouth dry at his words. Date. The last proper date you went on ended with your ex storming out when you didn’t want to move in with him. That would’ve had to be nearly two years ago.
“A date, huh? Like a regular couple?” you teased, trying not to show how nervous the idea of a proper date made you. You were excited but your stomach was in knots at the same time. Anxiety and excitement felt way too similar and you weren't sure which was making your stomach twist up.
You both stopped at his car and Harry placed the cardboard box on the roof while he dug through his bag for his car keys. “If being a regular couple means the night ending in me on my knees at your disposal, then sure” he shrugged, not taking his eyes off his bag.
“What did you just say?” you gaped, the meaning of his words hitting you a moment after he actually said them. Harry looked up at you with a smirk, forgetting all about his keys as he looked around to check for any people.
When he saw the coast was clear, he grabbed you by your hips and pressed you against the car, tilting your head up so his lips could brush against yours.
"I said that I'm going to be on my knees for you. Would you like that, bunny?" he asked, looking deep into your eyes.
The thought of that was so tempting you wanted to force him on his knees right now. But it felt too in time with him wanting to celebrate you, and you didn't want him to do that just because he thought you did.
He got a bit overwhelmed when you dominated him over the weekend, and you didn't want to put him in a situation where that could happen again.
"I'd love that H, but I don't want you doing that just because you think I want you to. We can celebrate in a different way" you replied, your hands finding the lapels of his coat again and gripping onto them to pull him closer.
"Trust me... I want it" He leaned in closer, pressing his body properly against yours and tilting your head further so he could brush his lips against your ear. “Seeing you put Brad in his place today got me so hard, bunny. You’re so fucking sexy when you’re the boss I just can’t help but want you to do that to me” he whispered, squeezing your waist and wounding a hand in your hair.
Your eyes fluttered shut as he continued speaking “Would you do that for me, baby? Would you put me on my knees for you? Would you control me like I always control you?” 
You had to take a second to control how fucking turned on you were at the way he was speaking to you. He wanted you to dominate him, and the idea in itself was making your head all dizzy with arousal. Flashes of ideas circled around your head... all the possibilities of what this meant for your sex life.
You loved when Harry controlled you, when he took you how he wanted and punished you. Doing that to him sounded like a dream, and you had already been thinking about it non-stop since Saturday when you woke him up with that blowjob. 
You never expected him to want to do it again so soon, or at all really, especially since he dominated you straight after he came. But god, were you excited. His voice when he begged was the prettiest sound you had ever heard, and you were more than eager to experience it again. 
With your life now turning upside down, and people about to comb through your business while you could do nothing about it, you had never craved control more. 
Deciding to take the reins now, you grabbed onto his hair and pulled his head back so he was looking right at you. His pupils dilated at how much he loved the way you moved his head into position, squeezing your waist harder as he swallowed the lump in his throat.
“Is that what you really want Harry? You want me to force you on your knees for me? Want me to make you beg to touch me? To let you come?” you asked, cocking your head when he nodded with parted lips. “Gotta say it baby”
“Yes. Yes, that’s what I want” he breathed, trying to lean in and steal a kiss. You kept a firm grip on his hair so he couldn’t move, and dragged your hand down the front of his chest to his cock. 
He was already firm within his pants, whimpering when you ran your manicured finger down the front of his zipper, just hard enough for him to feel the sensation. You loved the effect you had on him and it went straight to your head. 
You never had a big ego, but Harry looking so fucked when you hardly touched him would’ve had to be the biggest ego boost you had ever experienced. And fucking hell did it make you horny, your panties were soaked and pressed tight against you when you tensed your thighs.
You wanted to go further and tease him more, but you still had work to do and your current location wasn’t the smartest place to make him cum. You had already risked fucking in the lift and had to get rid of the evidence. You didn’t need to have a round two of that.
You could hear the sound of laughter echo through the car park, and footsteps growing closer and closer to where you and Harry were tucked away. It was the perfect opportunity to slip away.
“Your wish is my command baby. Organise it for Friday” you kissed his cheek gently, close enough to his lips for your breath to fan them, but not close enough for them to touch before sliding out from between him and the car.
“Wait” he tried to reach out for you again, his tone desperate at the loss of having you so close to him. He managed to grab onto your fingers, pulling so your arm stretched out towards him.
“Drive home safe Mr. Styles” you said as a goodbye, smirking at the pained look he was giving you before you finally walked away from him. 
Your heart was beating incredibly fast at that entire interaction. It was exhilarating controlling him like that. Harry was usually the one to leave you wanting more and you honestly hated it, especially when he teased you and got you so worked up. Now that you were on the other side of that, you understood why he loved it so much.
It was exhilarating when you knew how hard he was. And he was already whining for you, that pained expression on his face sending arousal straight to your panties. If he was whining for you when you hardly touched him, you could only imagine how much he’d beg when you were withholding his orgasm.
Just the thought sent shivers down your spine and made you crave an orgasm... or two.
You knew there’d be retribution for leaving him like that. Harry wasn’t a patient man, and he definitely wasn’t one not to seek revenge either. You had to spend days with each other at a time to even be remotely satisfied, and your goodbyes dragged on for hours because you didn’t want to let each other go. 
There was honestly no way he was going to be able to wait until Friday to see you again and frankly you knew you couldn’t wait that long either, as much as you wanted to test your resistance to him.
It wasn’t a spoken bet, but you found yourself hoping that Harry would break first. His need for retribution and finding out what you were keeping from him were going to drive him crazy and make him show up to your lobby demanding him to be let in. You knew it.
At this point, it was a waiting game to see who showed up at each other’s house first and you were thoroughly looking forward to what was going to happen when one of you broke.
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harry-on-broadway · 23 hours ago
Harry-on-Broadway Fic Challenge Story List
Tumblr media
As promised, here’s a running list of all of the wonderful stories written as part of this challenge. A big thank you to everyone who has already shared their writing and a heads up that if you’re still working on something, fear not, as this list will be updated in the coming weeks. Happy reading!
wiped out ! - prey by @harryscerise
Love Aged Like Fine Wine by @harrygoeswest​
Something Old by @didhewinkback​ 
No Good Alone by @oh-honey-styles​ 
Dust Off the High by @andwhenshesays​
Harryween 2022 by @be-with-me-so-happily​ 
Hopelessly Devoted by @harry-on-broadway​
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harrytheehottie · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
tis the damn season part 3 preview - read part 1 & part 2. this is for @harry-on-broadway’s challenge. coming soon.
“Harry, I am flattered beyond flattered, that isn’t even the right word for what I feel right now. I just never, I just. I feel so bad. I don’t want this to ruin us. I don’t want to regret this. ”
Harry let the tears fall, his brows furrowed his hand running through his hair before finding the way to pull at his bottom lip again. You’ve never seen Harry this, the mixture of anger and sadness and you don’t believe this is that moment but if it was, you knew you deserved it.
“Believe me, my dear no one will regret this moment more than I will.”
“Harry don’t say that, please don’t say that. Can we just talk - can you hear me out?”
“I invited our family and friends. Planned this whole night with no doubt in my mind you’d say yes, we’d have time to ourselves before our friends and family surprise us in about 20 minutes.”
“They’re coming here?”
“Yes, here. S’why I rented out the entire pub. If I had any indication that you’d say no I probably wouldn’t have planned it this way.” He was being short.
You hated how much you deserved it.
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harryistheonlyoneforme · 14 hours ago
How about YN having some late night pregnancy cravings and he goes to the store at like 3 am
ok i haven’t been feeling like writing lately but we’re gonna see how this goes, hm?
warnings: slight swearing, fluff, mentions of pregnancy
YN stirs in bed for what seems like the millionth time tonight, the annoying grumbling in her stomach making it impossible to stay asleep. She sighs in defeat as she realizes she won’t be able to sleep like this, climbing out of bed carefully so she doesn’t wake her sleeping husband.
A chill runs through her body when her feet hit the floor, and she hurries to get her swollen feet into her slippers, a small smile forming on her face as it warms her slightly. The floorboards creak quietly beneath her as she makes her way to the stairs, her hand nestled protectively on the roundness of her bump.
Her steps are careful and silent while she creeps toward the kitchen, the light of their christmas tree to her right providing just enough light for her to see where she’s going. Flipping the light on in the kitchen, she squints softly as the lights hurt her eyes for a split second before she adjusts.
She waddles over to the refrigerator and opens it quietly, bending down as much as she can with her pregnant belly to peer inside. A frown settles on her face as she scans the nearly full appliance, nothing catching her attention. So she closes the door gently and starts to rummage through the cupboards, searching for something but she isn’t sure what.
After a few minutes of looking, she gives up with a huff and decides to just try and order some food to be delivered, whatever is open. She huffs yet again as she realizes she left her phone on the bedside table, unhappy that she has to go back up the stairs just to come back down them in order to receive the food.
She makes her way up the stairs with laboured breaths, coming to a halt at the top so that she can catch her breath before heading into the bedroom. As soon as she’s stabilized her breathing, she makes her way into the bedroom, shocked to see Harry sat up in bed, looking down at his phone.
“Did I wake ye’?” she asks, upset with herself that she woke him up when he needed his rest just as much as she did.
He chuckles quietly, setting the phone down beside him before getting up and making his way over to her. He wraps her in his arms and leans down, kissing the adorable pout off of her face. “No, but the kitchen sensors did. Saw ye’ rummaging through the cupboards like a little mouse,” he teases, and she reaches down and pinches his bum at the comment, muttering something about being hungry but not knowing what to eat.
He hums softly at her response, rubbing his hands on her hips before pulling away without a word. She watches him silently as he saunters over to their closet and flips on the switch before walking in and stepping into some sweats and throwing on a jumper. Sliding his slippers on, he heads to the door before stopping and turning to his wife.
“Are you coming with me or are ye’ staying here?” he questions, a goofy grin on his face as he watches her scurry to throw on one of his jumpers as well before following up behind him. She follows him down the stairs and out their garage door, Harry helping her into the car before making his way around to his side and starting their drive.
They ride in comfortable silence, his hand resting on her thigh that’s closest to him as hers sits atop his, her thumb rubbing over the skin gently. He drives around aimlessly for a while, or so she thinks, but her face immediately lights up as she realizes where they’re headed.
He’s taking her to their favourite late night pizza place, who just so happens to have the best brownies as well as food, so all of his bases are covered. They park the car and he helps her out before heading inside, the bell on the door chiming as they enter.
An older man and a woman immediately emerge from the back where the kitchen is, their faces lighting up as they realize who’s just entered their parlour.
“Mia Cara!” the short woman shouts, hurrying over to YN and pulling her into a hug, as tight as she can manage with the woman’s protruding belly. “You’re so big,” she gushes, rubbing a hand over her belly gently.
They laugh and talk for a while, Harry and the woman’s husband chatting as well, until they switch. The older man comes to give YN a warm hug, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek before pulling away, but not before teasing a bit.
“Is he treating you well?” he teases, throwing a fake stern look to Harry, who scoffs in mock offence. “How’s my little niece or nephew doing in there?” he questions, his Italian accent as thick as ever.
“Kicking my ass everyday but at least they’re healthy,” she chuckles, rubbing her hand over the round bump. As if on queue, her stomach starts to grumble, making the other three in the room laugh as she looks away abashedly.
“Let’s get some food in you,” the woman says, making her way to the back. “You have great timing, we just put the last batch of brownies in the oven, whatever you don’t eat we’re going to give to the kids in the foster home down the street,” she calls over her shoulder, and YN hums as she finally starts to smell the food that they’re cooking. She makes her way to a table near the window, Harry trailing behind her before sitting across from her.
The woman’s husband grabs some drinks before delivering them to the couple, a small smile on his face. “The usual for you, Mia Cara?” he questions, and she nods as she takes a sip of their homemade lemonade, groaning in relief as the flavours coat her tongue.
Harry and YN chat for a while until the couple brings out their favourite pizza, a brownie in tow, taking a seat as well. The four of them happily dig in, chatting about plans for after the baby comes as they eat the delicious food.
By the time they’re all finished, Harry helps the couple clean while YN waddles to the restroom for the millionth time today, and when she comes out they thank the couple once again before heading to the car and making their way back home. She also thanks Harry on the drive home but he waves it off, telling her he’ll do anything for her and that this was nothing.
They get out of the car and head into the house, shedding off their clothing as they make it to the bedroom before climbing in, snuggling up underneath the warm blankets.
YN is asleep almost as soon as their bodies hit the bed, and Harry watches her with a fond smile, relieved he was able to make her happy.
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0oolookitsme · 23 hours ago
Carving Pumpkins and Making a Memory
Type- One-Shot
Verse- Artist!Harry x Housewife(tuition teacher)!Y/n
Warnings- None, just fluff <3
Word Count- 3.3k
A/n- Happy Halloween in advance everyone!! Here's a cozy fic because I couldn't write a spooky one lmao. Hope you enjoy!
I'm Republishing this writing because it honestly deserved more. Not deleting the old version but this was originally published on 29th October' 2022.
Tumblr media
GIF by superboystims
All of the Halloween decoration was up in the house, spread everywhere as if this house was made to be lived in during the spooky month only. All those cute white ceramic ghosts that Y/n had thrifted were up on her over-flowing bookshelves in the living room while a black-coloured hand-shaped candle that looked scary when burning was placed in Harry’s art room- a fact he wasn’t very fond of. He remembers her excuse being that their baby, Opal, doesn’t crawl in their considering the fact that the door to it is always closed and when it is open, she’s fast asleep. And that if Opal were to see, she’ll be scarred.
The leaves outside have started turning a tinge of red and yellow from their edges. All the animals seem to be scattering around to collect food and get ready for the winter season.
Y/n, who had entered the kitchen to make tea and warm up some milk, is now enchanted by a Squirrel collecting seeds from the tree branch that hangs over the kitchen window.
Just yesterday evening, when she had gone to pluck out some flowers from one of the flower beds in the park right in front of her apartment, she had accidently ripped out a clutch of soil by pulling on a stubborn stem- and while she had been mad at the dirt on her skirt, she had also been mesmerized by the sight of more than ten nuts and seeds stored in there.
She can only hope that it’s the same squirrel in whose storage of food she had added some more seeds. And that the storage was 0f a squirrel only. She’d just like to believe that better than it belonging to a naughty kid.
She’d also like to believe that it’s Harry who has woken up and is padding around the house and not some ghost she accidently summoned or jinxed.
“Good morning.”
She’s sure that it’s his voice which is sounding -unusually- very much awake. Turning to face him, she eyes him suspiciously, observes his wet hair and comes to a conclusion that he’s showered and ready for the day. “Let me guess …because of ‘two days before Halloween’?”
“Mhm,” he nods, encircling his arms around her waist and pressing a kiss onto her lips which are pulled into a smile. He can taste her cinnamon flavoured lip balm, making him crave the first batch of cookies of Fall he had baked yesterday with the two people who make him a family man- his 10months old daughter and his ever-lovely wife.Yes, Opal had sprinkled a little too much cinnamon powder on them, but they still ended up tasting good!
He steps away after pressing one final kiss on her now dry lips, that perfect flavour now on his lips. Moving to her side, he also peeks a look at the scenery outside through their window, taking a cautious look at her face after a few seconds. “Don’t you think it’s the perfect day to carve pumpkins?”
Closing the lid of the electric water warmer, she turns to look him dead in the eyes. “Don’t pretend that the weather made you think that, H,” she dead-pans, her eyes falling in splits while a smile creeps up the corners of her lips.
His eyes on the other hand, instantly light up at her light and good mood, laughing out breathily in relief. “Please! Don’t you think it’d be so fun to do that with honeybug!” He tries to convince her fully, seeing she’s halfway there by herself, and also referring to their baby as ‘honeybug.’ That’s a nick name he’s sure she wouldn’t appreciate when she’s a little older and understands things better.
“You did not bring her into this you knob-head!” She whisper-yells, stabbing his chest with her index finger.
Mumbling two small ‘ow’s, he immediately continues: “I’ll take that as a, yes?” Cheering when she pulls on a smug face. “Should we do it right now?” He asks excitedly.
“why not,” she answers just as giddily. “I’ll bring Opal.”
It only takes her a few strides before she’s opening her bedroom door and seeing a giggling Opal, playing and trying to reach the toy hanging down the middle of her crib. She still hisses in pain at seeing that new-bigger crib that destroyed their budget for the month of August. She doesn’t know why they didn’t just buy a bigger one in the first place- maybe it was because they never thought of her growing up ‘not enough to have her own bed but enough to not sleep in a crib’ and maybe it was also because she was feeding so well that she was growing up faster and healthily.
Though all that pain sweats off of her when y/n’s eyes land on Opal once again. Her flushed out cheeks and the two small milk-teeth that have grown in the center of her upper gum make her look so cute that y/n could literally dress her up as a bunny for the Halloween.
Wait. That’s a such a cool idea! She’s got the two teeth at front, she’s growing up fast- referring to tall, so she can be that rabbit from Winnie the Pooh! Holy-
A squeak from Opal snatches y/n’s attention and she’s almost running to cradle her frame in her arms. “Good morning,” she greets her, rubbing their noses together gently as she walks back into the kitchen to discuss the outfit idea she just had with Harry first, and then plan out the pumpkin carving. Just as she raises her eyes to see Harry, her eyes meet the sight of paint brushes and paint boxes -black and orange specifically- spread out on the kitchen slab.
“And what is all this?” She asks, snapping him out of his trance.
“Oh, I’ve planned something, come here,” he urges her, motioning his hand in his direction for her to come to him. When she does, he bends down to presses a kiss onto their daughter’s cheeks and then straightens back up, looking over at y/n to make sure he still has her attention- which he definitely does. “I was thinking about painting Opal’s hands with black paint, and then placing them onto the sides of that small white pumpkin, then placing our painted hands below hers …that’d look spooky and make a good memory to look back onto, yeah?’
“That’s such a cool idea, but I’m sure we’ll need to be careful with the hand placements or else we might ruin it,” stating she nods along with Harry. “Also, I had an idea too. I saw her teeth and thought we can dress her up as the rabbit from Winnie the Pooh!”
That makes him laugh- laugh out loud. “Don’t embarrass her like that!” He squeaks out, calming from laughing. “But she’d look so much cuter, so we can surely do that… maybe do her hair in two pigtails too as in the bunny’s ears!”
She gasps in ‘oh that’s such an awesome idea’ and high-fives him as they both grin over each other’s quite impressive ideas.
“’Kay so I’ll feed her, you start off by carving out your pumpkin and please take the seeds outside of it, I need to dry some of them,” she requests as she pours in half a spoon of honey in the milk bottle and mixes it with the same.
Humming in response, he takes out the first orange pumpkin he sees when he opens the lower cabinet and places it on the dining table, beside the big knife.
A cold breeze pushes into the warm environment inside their home through the open window and instinctively, y/n takes the shawl which she had hung on the back of the chair and drapes it over Opal’s back. Leaning to her side a little bit, she also closes the window to keep Harry from catching a cold, which is very easy for him- as easy as it’s a literal game of his left hand.
The only noise filling the void right now is the sound of Harry plunging a knife in and out of the pumpkin and honeybug sucking on the …nipple thingy of her milk bottle. Y/n isn’t sure if the other two can hear the sound of her lovesick heart beating, but she surely can as it pumps blood in her arteries as dreamily as it can.
Harry on the other hand, puts his right hand inside the pumpkin without any problem and takes out the seeds with all the other wet stuff sticking on them. Putting it all on a plate, he moves towards the sink right beside where the slab ends, and y/n sits with a pink cheeked baby they made. Slowly he washes out the pumpkin from inside, knowing the stickiness inside grosses his wife out and don’t even get him started on how much the flies wandering atop the pumpkin infuriated her that time they didn’t wash it’s inside out.
Considering the fact that Opal’s getting droopy, Y/n moves to take the toy that she had left on the dining table last night while trying to get her to sleep and shakes it over the baby’s head- the sound of balls moving inside trapping her attention. Just as y/n leaves the toy in her hand, her mouth is left open ajar and she puts the bottle aside, placing Opal on the dining table.
Running in the room, she grabs two pillows and comes back to place them behind Opal so that if she were to crawl or roll, the pillow would stop her for enough time in which either her or Harry will be able to get ahold of her.
Taking her phone out of charging, she clicks on Spotify and puts on the ‘sitting by the fire’ playlist she had found just two days ago, feeling very happy when the ‘30mins add free listening’ add pulls up on the screen.
Bumping her shoulder with Harry’s she kisses the dimple that pops out before turning around to take out another pumpkin for herself to carve. Although the moment she bends down to just that, she feels a sneaky slap on her butt followed by an immediate uncontrollable laughter escaping Harry’s nose.
“Seriously, H?” She mumbles, pushing on his butt with hers and unintentionally making him laugh harder.
Dismissing her actions, Harry moves onto carving out the second eye. “You know my dad had named me pumpkin to talk to me when I was still in my mum’s womb. But when I grew up to be a pumpkin lover, he really thought he had cast a spell on me or something,” he laughed after telling her that story for the thousandth time. He just thinks it’s so fun and it’s hard not to think so when she laughs at that every time.
A few high-pitched squeaks are heard from Opal too, causing Harry to gaze at her in awe, while Y/n just laughs at the cute sound.
“Do you have a story about anything paranormal happening to you?” He asks her out of blue when she finally comes back with a same orange pumpkin but slightly bigger. “I don’t and that’s so upsetting to me,” he continues.
Listening to him complain, she chuckles. “I beg your pardon in advance for the disappointment my answer’s going to cause you, H… Because no, I don’t.” He just sighs in defeat as a response.
But jerking, he quickly re-treats and snatches y/n’s phone. Pausing the playlist, he searches for podcasts that tell ghost stories and have convincing ratings.
“Ooh, why didn’t I come up with that?” Y/n meekly says, peaking at the screen from beside him.
He scoffs and frames a smirk on his lips, earning himself a smack on his back from her because of that. Finally settling on a podcast, he presses play on the episode named: ‘Food at a Funeral.’ He places the phone back where it was earlier and fixes his attention on Y/n’s pumpkin, who’s got one eye carved out. Seeing her busy with that, he also fixes his attention back on the eye he was carving on his pumpkin- but not before tickling Opal on a few spots before she ignores him and goes back to playing with her toy.
Once again, the family gets surrounded by some comfortable silence as they be alone with each other.
Not even one of them is listening to podcast, but it’s still nice to have some background noise- no offense. Just as Harry finishes with his pumpkin he asks y/n if she wants some help, but when she dismissed it, he goes to sit on the chair and takes Opal in his lap, playing with her tiny hands and feet, pretending to take a bite of them every once in a while- making her squeak and giggle loudly.
When he starts massaging her back lightly, his mind starts reminding him of that time when Opal was still in y/n’s belly, and she had started kicking by the midst of sixth month. He would try to hold her feet or fist with his fingers every time they would appear on the thin skin of her bump, but she would take her limbs back in- it was as if they used to play cat and mouse. Sometimes it got so intense that Harry had to brush his hands soothingly alongside her bump to get Opal to calm down.
And sometimes Y/n would lie about pain just to get him to massage her anywhere. He even told her that she could just ask, and he would do it, but she continued to lie anyways. It was like a strange fetish of hers during those nine precious months.
Sliding the knife onto the slab, Y/n drags out a chair and takes a seat on it, seeming as if a vampire just sucked a little too much blood out of her. “I’m done, H. You paint her palms, I’ll hold her, so she doesn’t smack you or herself with her painted hands, yeah?”
Harry stands up, placing Opal in the center again before going over to the counter to get the paint and the brushes ready. “You want a massage tonight?” He asks her, not facing her due to sudden shyness.
“Oh my god is that even a question? It’d be so nice if you do it wherever we’ll place these pumpkins. Imagine an earthly scented candle flickering inside a pumpkin while you massage my back. Sounds like heaven to me,” she says, ending it with a dreamy sigh, making harry chuckle on the other side.
“C’mon, just a few more minutes and then you can let your muscles rest,” he encourages her, moving towards Opal to get her near the edge, the pumpkin and themselves.  
Getting up like an old man, she goes to hold the little one’s upper arms, placing a kiss on the top of her head. A wide grin plasters itself on both her and Harry’s faces when he starts painting her palms and she starts squeaking and laughing heartily, probably because of the feeling of the wet brush tickling her soft-tiny palms.
Y/n was still holding Opal as Harry placed her palms on the pumpkin, right in the middle of the sides that can be seen. It takes time to do the same with the second hand on the other side, but once it’s over; they make sure to wash her hands properly before moving onto themselves.
It doesn’t them much time to paint their palms and press them onto the cold surface of the pumpkin, surprised that their hand even fit on that small one. Y/n placed her hands above Opal’s hands and Harry placed his’ below Opal’s, making the print seem like butterfly wings instead of a monstery-pumpkin with three hands.
It looks cute though, so Harry will just carve out its eyes in ink-drop shape and let it be.
Once it’s all done, y/n realized that they indeed lost track of time again. She quickly mashes some banana with some milk and honey in a small bowl and let’s Harry feed it to Opal, while she quickly prepares some spiced up Oats for her and him, feeling absolutely no energy to make anything else and he did feel like having something with spices in it anyways, so.
Stirring the almost done meal, she glances back and sees Opal sleeping with her mouth open, cradled in Harry’s arms. “I’ll just put her in the crib,” he informs her before getting up cautiously and moving out. These are the time when she feels like time is moving by too fast.
She lets the smell of spices fog her mind as she serves it into two bowls and places them on the dinner table, placing a jar of water and two glasses alongside and Harry appears back just in time to start the dinner with her or else she’s sure she would’ve started it without him.
“I’ll place the pumpkins. You just give me the candles ‘kay? You can sit and come down from the high till then. After that, your muscles shall be massaged.” Harry suggests her, taking both of their bowls and placing them in the sink while chuckling.
“Aren’t you tired too, though?”
“You’re a low energy person love, I’ll just need to sleep, and I’ll be up like same in the morning.”
She hums, reaching for a box above the fridge which hoarded all the candles and hands it to him after some struggle. “Thank you,” she appreciates him and pecks his lips before going in her room to change her clothes and brush her teeth.
Harry decides he’ll just massage her in their bedroom so that she can pass out without any worry of getting up and having to switch rooms. He goes and places a pumpkin on his bedside table, so that it doesn’t burn in front of her face and not let her sleep because of the bright light. He’ll just put it away when he too goes to sleep, simple.
He places the other one in the kitchen, thinking she’ll love the smell the earthly scent in the morning. He leaves it in the center of the dining table before rushing to go brush his teeth as well- forgetting about the small pumpkin left on the slab itself.
Doing just one round of brushing, he scrapes his tongue, splashes some water on his face and dries it out by y/n’s towel. It just smells so much like those good-smelling creams she uses, seeing she does her skincare at nighttime.
Coming back out of the bathroom, he huffs when he sees her passed on his side of the bed. Will he be able to move her without waking her up? Cause she has this nasty problem that if she wakes up once, she won’t sleep back easily and won’t let you either.
Before anything else, he very carefully rolls her onto her side, which leaves enough space for him to fit and sleep in- and well, she does roll over so far at night anyways. Then, once inside the blanket, he blows out the candle of the pumpkin on the table, sure that she was smelling its scent and just fell asleep while at that.
Cursing under his breath, he gets out of the bed just as carefully as he entered it and goes to press a goodnight kiss on Opal’s forehead. Then, with a fear that he’ll for sure wake y/n up this time, he gets back in bed and shakily lets his body relax when she doesn’t even as far as stir. Swinging his arm over her waist he moves closer to her back and presses a kiss on the side of her exposed neck, wishing her goodnight and muttering a gentle ‘I love you.’
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harrrystyles-writing · 2 days ago
Ooi cah ^^ vc pode fzr um concept 5 e 14 smut pfv?
Frases: Se estivéssemos sozinhos agora, o que você faria comigo ?/Apenas Amigos?! Seus amigos fazem você gemer assim?
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Tumblr media
Harry Concept #3
Deitada com a cabeça no peito de Harry, você suspirava tranquila percebendo os raios de sol iluminando o quarto dele, seu corpo ainda nu debaixo dos lençóis, talvez com algumas marcas para denunciar a noite salvagem que tiveram.
Tudo começou com um erro que ocorreu quando você e Harry estavam se sentindo carentes, cedendo aos desejos carnais, não demorou muito para que se tornasse uma rotina e vocês concordarem em ter uma amizade colorida.
"Ei." A voz rouca dele chamou a atenção quando sentiu-a se mecher para sair da cama. "Já está indo?" A mão dele envolveu a sua.
"Sim, sabe que nunca passo o dia aqui." Diz deixando um selinho antes de levantar-se.
Os olhos dele seguiram seus movimentos enquanto vestia suas roupas.
"Ei, S/n?"
"Hm." Você cantarola.
"Você sabe que pode ficar se quiser... certo?"
"Sim." Riu colocando seus sapatos.
"Seria legal compartilhar o café da manhã com você um dia."
"Harry, já conversamos sobre isso, você conhece as regras."
"Eu sei, mas..."
"Sem mas, desse jeito funciona, não quero perder isso." Inclinou-se na cama deixando mais um beijo. "Te vejo a noite na festa da sua irmã." Sorriu antes de deixá-lo sozinho com um biquinho de insatisfação.
Tumblr media
Ele estava a olhando nos últimos 10 minutos, desde que chegou a festa, Harry simplesmente te seguia com os olhos, bufava a cada cara que falava com você, deixando quase na cara que vocês tinham algo.
Você: Você está fazendo de novo — teclou rapidamente para ele.
Harry: O quê?
Você: Me encarando como se quisesse me comer, eles vão perceber.
Harry: Mas eu quero comer você, eu sempre quero.
Você: Só pare!
"Ei S/n, esse é o John, o amigo que falei." Gemma apareceu fazendo-a deixar o celular de lado.
"Oi." O homem bonito ao lado dela cumprimentou-se.
"Olá." Sorriu educadamente.
"Então eu vou deixar vocês conversarem um pouco, tenho que ver onde meu namorado está."
Ela deu um tapinha no seu ombro com uma piscada antes de sair.
"Gemma me fala muito de você."
"Jura?" Sorriu para ele.
"Sim, mas eu gostaria de conhecê-la por mim, se você deixar é claro."
"Eu adoraria."
Do outro lado da sala, Harry sentia seu sangue ferver, o ciúme começou a dominá-lo a ponto dele atravessar o pequeno espaço e se colocar ao seu lado.
"Ei, posso roubá-la um pouco?" Perguntou presunçosamente ao homem, segurando em sua cintura.
"Harry." Você virou-se surpresa.
"É seu namorado? Gemma não me falou que namorava o irmão dela." O homem questionou um pouco confuso.
"Não! Somos só amigos." Riu tirando a mão de Harry de si. "Você me da, um minuto?" Deu um belo sorriso quando o mesmo concordou.
Então rapidamente levou Harry para o corredor vazio do andar de cima.
"Que merda você pensa que está fazendo?" Indagou brava.
"O quê?"
"Não se finja Styles, você sabe que foi o maior empata foda agora."
"Ele não faria você se sentir bem como eu faço." Ele deu uma piscadinha.
"Diga logo o que quer Harry." Cruzou os braços.
"Você só pode estar de brincadeira né?"
"Nem por um segundo."
"Harry, todos nossos amigos estão aqui!"
"Eles nem devem ter percebido que saímos." Ele a pressionou contra a parede.
"Não fode Harry." Tentou o empurrar, mas obviamente a força dele era maior que a sua.
"Na verdade, é exatamente isso que eu quero fazer baby." Sussurrou em seu ouvido causando arrepios.
"Não podemos." Choramingou. "Tem muita gente aqui."
"Se estivéssemos sozinhos agora, o que você faria comigo?"
Harry sempre conseguia o que queria, ele a provocava até ceder, ele sabia exatamente como mecher com você.
Os seus lábios se curvaram em um sorriso antes de se inclinar deixando rastros de beijos molhados em todo o pescoço dele, sua mão desceu até o cós de sua calça jeans onde acariciou seu membro duro.
"Se estivéssemos sozinhos, você sabe que eu estaria ajoelhada para você agora."
"Porra." Ele tombou um pouco a cabeça para trás.
"Mas não estamos sozinhos." Piscou para ele saindo de seus braços.
Harry não deixou quieto, ele a pegou pela cintura levando-a para o banheiro onde ele se certificou de trancar bem a porta. Antes que você pudesse raciocinar, a mão dele subiu para segurar sua bochecha, seus dedos acariciando sua pele quando a beijou com firmeza. Seus próprios braços envolveram firmemente o pescoço de Harry, os dedos correndo em seu cabelo, sentindo o arrepio percorrer por seu corpo. Ele a empurrou contra a porta suavemente com um sorriso presunçoso enquanto caía de joelhos sem quebrar o contato visual.
A sua respiração estava ficando mais rápida a medida que as mãos grandes deslizavam por suas coxas, o tecido de vestido lilás acomulou-se em seu quadril, deixando a vista a linda calcinha de renda branca que Harry teve o prazer de colocar de lado antes de deixar um beijo molhado em seu clitóris, com os braços ele afastou mais suas pernas dando total liberdade para comê-la como ele gostava. Styles enterrou o rosto entre suas coxas, lambendo lentamente seu clitóris sensível e provocando sua entrada. Você não pôde deixar de soltar um gemido suave, a língua dele era sempre de tirar o fôlego, não importava o quão errado era estarem em uma situação como essa, era a última coisa que pensava agora.
Você podia senti-lo gemer baixinho contra o sua boceta toda vez que ele ouvia gemer seu nome, a maneira como você dizia o nome dele era hipnotizante: um gemido tão carente, Harry não tinha outra escolha a não ser dar o seu melhor só para ouvi-lá mais uma vez.
"Porra, tão bom."
"Eu sei, baby, talvez deva repensar no que disse sobre mim para aquele babaca." Ele parou só para provocá-la. "Apenas Amigos?! Seus amigos fazem você gemer assim?"
Óbvio, era uma pergunta retórica, ele sabia a resposta, ele era o único que levava você as nuvens, ninguém fazia o que ele faz por você.
"Então diga querida, quem fode você tão bem?"
"Só você."
"Boa menina."
A língua dele voltou a deslizar em seu clitóris, dois dedos lentamente deslizaram para dentro de você movendo-se em um ritmo perfeito, a sensação dos dedos de Harry com o prazer de sua língua lambendo e chupando seu clitóris como se a vida dele dependesse disso era tão bom e não demorou mais que dois minutos para levá-la direto para seu orgasmo, em um gemido alto, com suas pernas tremendo incontrolavelmente de prazer, sua boceta molhando e apertando os dedos dele, você estava nas nuvens.
"Tudo bem?" Ele questionou tirando-a de seu transe.
"Eu pensei que eu devesse estar de joelhos para você." Riu o ajudando a levantar.
"Não se preocupe, amor, eu com certeza iriei cobrar isso." Piscou.
"Na sua casa depois?" Disse esperançosa, arrumando seu vestido no lugar.
"Você sabe que sim." Harry ajeitava suas calças tentando disfarçar sua ereção. "Mas só se prometer ficar e me deixar preparar o café da manhã para você." Ele segurou a maçaneta que você tentava abrir.
"Harry." Choramingou em protesto.
"Diz que sim." Ele fez um beicinho fofo.
"Tudo bem." Revirou os olhos, bufando de brincadeira.
"Ótimo, eu vou primeiro." Um beijo foi deixado em sua testa antes dele sair sorrateiramente dali louco para que a festa acabasse logo só para ter mais uma noite incrível com sua amiga colorida e quem sabe algo mais.
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harrysfolklore · a month ago
thinking about yn taking bubba into the phone booth and leaving a cute message for harry 🥹 -🫶
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated ! | if you like what i post consider sending me a tip <3
Tumblr media
With your three year old in hand and covered in your husband’s merch, you walked through the halls of Chicago’s United Center.
Harry was always skeptical about letting you and your baby go out of his sight and roam through the arenas, but he knew how important was for your son to be outside and interact with other people so he doesn’t get overwhelmed with the constant traveling that the tour life required.
Of course, his two bodyguards were following close behind you, he gave them the order to never leave the two of you alone or let anyone get too close to the point that it could be harmful. And they knew better than to let anything happen to the people their boss loved the most.
To celebrate Harry’s sold out shows at United Center, the arena set up different photo ops, Harry’s House themed spaces and what they called “Late Night Talking booths”, and that’s where you were both heading.
You absolutely loved the idea of fans recording messages for your husband that will be on a personalized vinyl for him, and you thought it was a great idea to surprise him with a message from his little bubba, who was getting more and more talkative by the second.
“Mummy, where we going?” he asked in a small voice and you bent down to pick him up, internally groaning because your baby surely got big.
“We’re going to record a message from daddy, baby. Over there in the red booth.” you pointed towards it as you got closer to the place, luckily, not many fans were inside the arena yet and the booth was empty.
“Love daddy.” he cooed, every time his dad was mentioned, he gave a similar reply, the little boy adored his dad more than anyone in the world.
“I know you do, baby.” you cooed back as one of Harry’s guards opened the booth’s door for you, you thanked him quickly before getting inside and grabbing the phone and placing it close to your boy’s little face.
“Go ahead baby, what do you want to tell daddy?” you told your him and it only took a few seconds until he started babbling and babbling about his favorite person.
You knew your husband was going to tear up when he played the vinyl and realized his baby’s voice was there.
The five sold out shows in Chicago were a bliss. You got to enjoy watching Harry doing what he loves the most in the world, and you got to show your son that what his daddy did was something special.
Of course, Harry couldn’t help but mention your baby any chance he got, multiple videos of him saying stuff like “My bubba is in the audience tonight!”, “Look at my bubba, isn’t he cute, he’s so cute” we’re already viral on all social media platforms.
Now you were in your Los Angeles home, getting some rest before he had to go back to playing shows there. Sitting in your large couch with tea mugs in hand and watching your baby play with his plush toys on the floor, you knew it was the perfect opportunity to get him to listen to the vinyl.
“You haven’t played the vinyl they gave you in Chicago, have you lovie?” you asked him as you cuddled to his side, putting your hand on his chest and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw the engagement ring and wedding band -matching his- resting on your finger.
“I surely haven’t, honey. Let me get it and let’s listen to it now, I’m curious about what kind of messages are there” he kissed your hand as he stood up and went on to look for the vinyl, he put it on the record player you kept at your lounging room and his fan’s voices echoed through the room.
You surely got emotional at some of their messages, some saying meaningful stuff like “Thank you for saving my life” “I met my fiancé because of you” “You helped me when no one else did”, and other messages were rather funny, with stuff like “Thanks for draining my bank account” “I skipped school to be here but it was worth it”.
But it was when the little babbles and toddler voice was heard around the room when you fully turned to your husband to see his reaction.
“Who’s that? That’s my bubba, isn’t it?” he said with a small smile as the he heard his little baby babbling stuff like “I love daddy. Daddy is the best and he gives the best hugs”
“Oh baby” Harry cooed as he picked his baby up from the carpet and placed him on his lap, the boy instantly giggling and wrapping his little arms around him “You recorded that for daddy, and your mummy was a cheeky little thing and didn’t tell me” he obnoxiously kissed the boy’s cheeks making him squeal and laugh.
The three of you were the perfect little family, and Harry thanked his lucky stars every night for that.
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