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Synopsis: Harry walks in to see YN being mistreated by his fans at her work
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Tumblr media
It was eight the morning when Harry heard YN calling him from the shower whilst he was preparing for breakfast.
"You alright?" He rushed back to their bedroom to watch her head popped out of the bathroom door, he could really see she was butt naked in the mirror behind her through the cracked door. "What?"
"I forgot my towel." She said, obviously sheepish smile on her face.
"You could have come out you know." He suggested already going to fetch the towel for her. "I can see your bum in the mirror there."
She rolled her eyes, "like you haven't seen it already." And it's cold to walk out of shower butt nakey without a towel.
"I have, I have," he agreed.
"Can I wear one of your hoodie?" She asked, taking the towel from him. He got a thank you kiss on the cheek instead of her saying it out loud.
"When do you not?" He shrugged, "you've stole all my clothes. Just got me boxers to my name."
YN just giggles, "they're comfy!"
"And you know you don't have to ask me, darling." He assured her, watching her walk out with the towel wrapped around her body. "Are you still sore?" Enquiring about the changing weather which triggers her arthritis, he wrapped his arms around her from behind. Also, they went a little too rough last night. Bask in the fresh smell of her body wash.
"A hot shower helped, can definitely walk now." She shared. He caught her towel which unraveled to her chest.
"I really do go at it like a rabit." He realised. "But can you blame me though!"
"No one's blaming you." She resumed picking out her clothes and a hoodie from his side of the closet with a six feet tall, man baby clinging onto her.
"I think you should take the day off." He suggested. "I crave attention today!"
"I already took up all paid leaves, I can't." She cooed, "it's Friday. I'll be home for the weekend, I promise."
"You're not going over to Brielle's, this weekend?" His earn perked up like a cat at the news.
She has been going over to her friend's because she was really struggling in the last trimester of her pregnancy, with her Fiancé working extra hours at office so he can take the leave, her mum being busy with work the girl pregnant with twins was left alone for the most of the time. YN was a good friend, it really warmed his heart to see how she cared for people close to her. He didn't mind when she went over to her friend's house for the day on weekend.
"Yeah, she said her Fiancé's paternity leave begins from today." She shared.
"Well, good, I get to have my girl to myself." He sighed dropping his head into the crook of her neck, his soft lips brushing against her soft skin. "When do you get off work today?"
"At five." She reached for her pants hung on the hangers. "Haz, you're tickling me!" She squealed feeling his finger tips dig in her side making him chuckle. He press his lips onto her bare shoulder, coming to halt with his teasing.
"Alright then, I'm dropping you off on my way to gym and I'll be coming over to pick you up as well." He announced his plan, tucking the loose end of the towel back in so it wouldn't fall off when he pulled away.
"Mhmm." She nodded.
YN's day was going super well today. Especially because they were not short staffed today. And she gets to see her man at the end of the day who had just dropped her off at work this morning.
Today they had very generous customers coming in who did not hesitate to give tips. It wasn't a common thing for folks in UK to tip, and not to take it wrong they get paid fair wages. YN's boss ensures that they get their holiday bonuses every time. But there are employees who had many good uses of those extra tips.
"YN, would you mind?" Emily gestured a request for her to go over to the til whilst she get the order ready. YN stood behind the vacant register, next to her other co-worker Kathleen, who was already taking in a order.
"Hello good evening, what can I get for you today?" She smiled greeting the two girls who'd just walked in. She could already sense the vibes as if she's a psychic. Especially with a LOT tote bags and Pleasing hoodie. Both of the girls had their heads buried into their phones, air pods in.
"I'll take an iced mocha latte," the girl in the yellow hoodie said. YN decided to ignore the fact her head was still down.
"Can I'll take a black coffee." The other one said who had the decency to at least look at her.
"I'll also take a chocolate croissant." Now the girl in the yellow hoodie looked up at YN, who was punching in the order in the register as if she was on autopilot.
"What size to you want it to be?" YN asked more about their vague order.
"The croissant?" The yellow hoodie scoffed.
"Coffee?" YN said, but it came in as more of a question. How stupid a person have to be to ask thay question... But who is she to judge?
"Make the black coffee a medium please, with no sweetner."
"Make mine a medium too then I guess!" You g lady said, rather rudely when YN looked at her for her order.
"Okay," she nodded, "do you want it with regular milk or substituted milk?"
"Duh, regular milk."
Kathleen looked at YN as she patiently deal with these teenagers. She proceeded to ask their names to put on the cups. Trice and Juniper it was.
Not to take this in a wrong way, her co-workers felt bad for her. Because from this past week she's got her boyfriend's fans coming in just to mistreat her and bully her. Yes, all of the people who work with YN are Harry's huge fans but they respect him enough to be involved in his personal business with their co-worker. Everyone loved YN at the cafe, especially the frequent customers. She was literally ray of sunshine at work, nothing but kind and sweet to others.
What reason has she got to be rude to other people for no reason anyway? She goes to work because she likes it and it put food on her plate a roof over her head.
And then there are these people who are worse than who they call Karens and Kevins among the employees, the rude and entitled ones who are inevitable to avoid. These girls clearly seem to know who she is, especially since YN's been to a premier with Harry. Even though she wasn't on red carpet with him, his fans still managed to get her pictures next to Glenn and Jeffery. Everyone knew what Harry's secret girlfriend looked like all of a sudden.
YN proceeded to tell them their total and girl in the yellow hoodie decided to pay, with cash.
The door bell chimed catching YN's attention, it was Harry she saw. He'd came over to pick her. He shot her petite wave as he went on to stand to a side whilst she gets done with her work. He greeted Emily who was making a latte at YN's usually spot of work, talking about the kittens. He wouldn't lie, he's been excited about it.
YN's had enough them the girl threw two bills on the counter, instead of handing it to her when she had her hand out. Causing the money to fall in two different directions. She picked it up quiet and reached for coins in the til.
"Would you like the bill?" YN asked but that just earned a scoff to her.
Kathleen shot her a no look because she, well, apparently everyone knows that she's pissed now. She tossed the coins on the counter the same way the girl did, causing the metal to bounce, and some rolled off the counter on the floor. Both the girls gasp. Harry saw all of that, clearly, he glanced at a shocked Emily who missed it whilst she was doing her work.
"Your order will be ready in five, Trice." YN said with am overly fake smile she even bothered to put on.
"You are so fucking rude!" Trice said, "fat, ugly bitch, what did you do that for?"
"Oi, watch it!" Kathleen butted it, clearly offended for her co-worker.
"Clearly, everything said about you on the internet is true. You don't deserve to be with Harry, you ungrateful who—"
"What is going on here?" Jennifer, YN's manager came over seeing the commotion before Harry was about to stand up for his girl. That was the most atrocious thing he'd seen. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you kindly to step out of our shop." She continued, politely moving YN to a side, she fetched for the amount the girl had paid ever so kindly to refund.
"This is ridiculous. She was being mean to me, throwing the money like I'm a fucking begger by a mere server!" Trice exclaimed. "Are you the manager?" All the whilst her friend stood there with her jaw hung to the floor. Maybe she was surprised by her friend's behaviour, or she was thinking YN's in wrong here.
"Yes, I am and I'm not going to let you treat my employees this way. We are refusing to serve you today, and in the future." Jennifer said, firmly. "Please." She gestured the girls to the door.
Harry couldn't take it, especially when the other one saw him standing right there to be a witness to the scene. On the internet, it could be pretty much easy to avoid by simply not indulging into it, and his girl is has mastered doing that so far. But this is insane, coming in at her work place. He had let the incident on her flight to New York, he wasn't there and YN chose to not tell him the details. But this. This all all happened right in front of him. That person was about to call his girlfriend disrespectful names, that broke his peak of patience there.
The other one nudged her friend's side to make his presence known to him there. The girl, who's name is Trice he reckoned looked at him as if she just saw a ghost there.
"This is her place of work. Whatever you think her job is, doesn't give you the right the treat my girlfriend that way." He spoke to the girls, calmly, because he doesn't want to add to the commotion happening, "I want you to know that, I found it very rude of you. Hope you work on being on a better person!"
YN looked at him, surprised. Honestly she didn't know why she was surprised. She was shook, as that girl was about to call her the w-word. She had never heard anyone call her that, even through she's gotten into many arguments with rude customers like the girl. Not even on the internet people go this far to bully her for simply being her boyfriend's girlfriend.
YN didn't know how to take it and process it!
Harry was so grateful for YN's manager to stepping in. Or he would have lost it actually hearing someone calling his girlfriend so disrespectful. He just watched as those girl mumbled their apologies to him before leaving. He proceeded to pick up the change which had fallen on the floor and handed it back to Kathleen.
"You alright?" Jennifer asked YN, who was still trying to take in what just happened.
"Yeah, I, I am really sorry about that." YN mumbled.
"Don't be," Kathleen butted in who saw everything first hand happening to her, "that girl was a literal shit of a person. What you did was very fucking badass!"
"Mhmm!" Emily sounded.
There were not many people in the cafe that time but everyone who was watching had seemed to get back to their work. Harry approached closer to the til. "Do you want to go home now?"
"Yes, yeah, I'll be out." YN agreed, before heading to the back. "Gimme five minutes."
"Mhmm." He nodded.
On the way he stayed silent, it was awkward for the first time in between them. Especially that's what YN felt.
"I'm sorry about that." He spoke, once they're back in comfort of their home.
"Why so? It wasn't your fault Harry." She cooed. "Come here, sit down." Walking over to the living room she made him sit down on the sofa whilst she took a seat on the coffee table in front of him. "It's okay, I promise."
"It's not," he looked more hurt than her, "they bully you just because you choose to stick by my side. That's fuck up, baby and not okay!"
"I know, but we can't control everyone, can we?" She shrugged, "you say it to me that the best we can do it just ignore the hate. And honestly I now look at her like one of those bad customers, that's all."
"That's the thing, you shouldn't!" He stressed, "I'm going to put out an statement, this is ridiculous. She was clearly about to call you something so disrespectful, I don't even wanna say it! It's disgusting!"
"Don't do that, please, it's only going to add to the drama." She insisted, "it's gonna attract more hate and criticism, and I don't want that that for you, for us."
Well, she isn't entirely in wrong here. People wouldn't mind talking shit about him either, why was he at his girlfriend's work place? Where is the professionalism? Why would he say that to people who literally keep him employed? What was he thinking when he said that? Why did he said it like that? He cares too much, or he cares too little. The criticism was going to come in from left, right, front and back.
"Okay." He nodded.
"Yeah, we'll just deal with it when we absolutely have to. We don't owe anyone any explaination. I see rude customers every single day." She nudged her nose closer to his with her forehead on his.
"I just hated that do much!" with a sigh his voice sounded so watery. God he loves her so much, he would fight the world for her with his bare hands in that moment.
All the other times, it didn't hit him this hard. With her it was different for him. Of course it was, it is YN he's talking about here!
"I know, Haz. But it's okay." She pulled him in a tight embrace his head rested on her chest, "I promise!"
"It shouldn't be okay!" He sighed, pulling away. "It shouldn't be. Don't tell me to keep low when they cause a big stir on the internet and it reaches media, I'm not going to sit here and let everyone talk more shit about you!"
"Okay, only if they make drama." She agreed.
"Okay." He nodded.
"We just came back, but do you want to go get some ice-cream?" She suggested.
"Hmm," he sighed remembering about this thing he had planned on, "I had plan to go to Italy."
"What is it with you and your impromptu vacations?" She chuckled. "Why Italy all of a sudden?"
"I don't know." He shrugged, "I'm bored now that I don't have anything to do. Thought I could take you to a museum there, on a date."
"Oh how rich are you!" She sighed dramatically, with dreamy eyes making him giggle.
"You still want to go? We have about two three hours." He suggested.
"You already booked a flight?" She was surprised.
"Yeah, come on, will help you pack." He grabbed her hand and walked her to their bedroom.
"Harry, it's gonna take time and you traffic this time is the worse." She stressed.
"We'll wait for another one if we miss it, now come on, we need to pack enough for the weekend." Harry went on to bring out a duffle bag.
"Can we postpone it to the next weekend? I am anxious we're going to miss the flight." She was froze to her spot watching him move back and forth from the closet picking out his own clothes too. She'd feel to bad if they miss the flight as it is going to be waste of money.
"I don't think so, it's okay," he assured her. "We don't have to waste no more time."
"I'm telling you we're going to miss the flight!"
"We're not!" He laughed. "We'll take this too." He picked out a random pretty dress from her side and folded it nicely before stuffing it into the bag.
"You're so annoying! Could have told me beforehand about this." She scolded him, now frantically picking out her stuff, "if we miss the flight it's gonna go to waste!"
"Baby, baby, baby I need you to calm down please!" giggling, he rushed towards his girlfriend  who was carrying her stuff in her arms, a towel, her toiletries, her hoodies and under garments. "It's okay. I was going to tell you this the in the car but shit happened so I couldn't. It's okay if we miss the flight, we'll wait another hour for the next one. We're not going to postpone this trip, okay? Now chop-chop!"
"Where are we gonna stay? Hotels are very fucking expensive."
"I've got a house there we'll be staying at."
He's got a surprise for her there waiting there. With a pat pn her bum her urged her to hurry as he called for a cab to the airport. And they really missed the flight, YN was pissed to say the least. But Harry distracted her reading about the museum he was actually going to take her to whilst they waited there for the next flight.
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please give us part 2 with happy ending 😫😫😭😭😭😭
Better man -2
A/n : I know you guys hate me, but guess what. Jokes on you cause I hate myself too. I'm sorry I took forever to write this. I know, I'm sorry. As I said my life is shitty rn so I stuck to just reading for a while and I didn't want to write with a wrong state of mind. But I'm back, here is your promised part 2 of Better man.
Warnings : Angst, alcohol mention, lil swearing.
Summary : Harry is a typical asshole rockstar and Y/n is naive and in love with him.
(I'm sorry again for the late. I love you all. Thank you sticking with me.) Part - 1. ( read part 1 before )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-- 6 months later --
This love is a fucking shit show. You fall in love with someone and literally fall, you'll fall and crash, and break your bones but nothing hurts. No matter how toxic the other person is or how shitty they treat you, you will be in that high and can't even feel any of those things. But when you come out of that high, when you start to see the real colours of that person then you will realise the pain. The aftermath is horrible.
After that night when Y/n ended things with Harry she felt numb for few days. She didn't feel anything for a while, she cried that night but later nothing for few days.
But after a week it hit her like a train. Everything, all the things they did, all the memories they had, everything made her cry. She cried and cried and cried until she felt there are no tears left in her anymore.
She was broken, she still didn't understand why she was not enough for him. She still didn't understand why is it that hard for him to love her back. But everything is over so she tried to get over him, she did everything to stop thinking about him.
She gave him her world and he shattered that world into pieces. Obviously it's hard to get over it. She took time but she did it. She changed.
She is over him now.
It's been months, few hard months but she is strong, stronger than ever before. Yes, there were days when she drove around the city and parked her car at some random parking lot and cried there alone in one of his old t-shirts he left at hers because every place reminded him, her house, her balcony, her bedroom, her favorite coffee shop.
But as the time goes by she started to understand that she deserves better than him and she just can't sit and cry for someone who don't even give a single fuck about her.
Eva, her best friend was her biggest support in this process. She made sure Y/n is doing well, she is like sister to Y/n that she never had. Eva used drop by at midnights to check on Y/n. Y/n will be forever thankful for her. She was soo lucky to have her in her life. And Eva never said anything like 'told you so'. Y/n know that she was upset but she understood and Y/n was glad that she did.
And even Sarah understood everything, she made sure Y/n was ok. She couldn't take sides because Harry is also her friend and her boss. But she understood where they both were coming from. She couldn't do more than just consoling them. And Y/n understood.
Now she is healed. She became a better version of her self. She stopped depending on others for her happiness. She started loving herself, which a very big change. She stopped checking about him on social medias or asking about him, trying to know about him.
But it's not completely possible to forget him like that, she still remembered him time to time. After all she loved him with her entire soul. But she made sure that it doesn't break her anymore. But a small part of her heart still beats for him.
While Y/n is healing and getting better Harry is breaking and getting worse.
He left her house that night after staring at her closed bedroom door for a while. He never understood why he didnt say anything. He just left.
For a while he didn't understand why it's hurting him.
He didn't love her or anything, so why is does it feel like some thing or someone is breaking inside ?
He spent many nights thinking about her. About what she might be doing at that particular moment, is she still crying? Or did she finally realised that he is an asshole and forgot him.
He knew he hurt her, but he can't help it. He didn't do that on purpose. He could never do it on purpose. Yes he was a dick to her. But he was afraid, afraid that he might hurt her and himself. His life is a shit show, everyone he meet will be in public's eye. People will make their life hell. He didn't want that to happen to Y/n.
That's one of the reasons. But the main reason was, he was afraid of love. He was afraid of commitment. His past relationships taught him a lot and he was afraid. And Y/n is an angel, she don't deserve him so he kept telling himself that it's not worth it. That he will make their both lives hell. So he just kept doing what they were doing.
You know that feeling? when you find a person who is a walking green flag. But you become a walking red flag because of your past relationships. That's what happened to Harry. They turned him into an asshole, so he stopped thinking about others and became selfish.
But nothing gives an explanation to why he hurt Y/n. He knew that too. He can't give a perfect reason why he hurt her, broke her. He could have left her the moment she told him her feelings but he didn't, he just pretended that nothing happened. A part of him didn't want to leave her.
There were days when he used to sit and wonder why he was such an ass to her.
"Am I that hard to love, Harry ?"
Her words used ring in his eras, he still remembered her eyes when she asked him that. The pain in them, the hurt. He literally used to beat himself whenever he remembered that expression. Thinking why couldn't he answer her at that moment?
He used to drink until he blacked out. He used to drink and sit and cry like a baby in his room. He felt like his heart was breaking into small pieces and he could feel every piece breaking.
He used to cry thinking about her. Tears running down his face, he couldn't figure out why ? He used lock himself in his room and sob thinking about her. Her memories used to kill him. He used to behave like a zombie and it scared everyone. He started to zone out at work, he started skip his studio sessions and spent his time alone thinking about her.
And he finally understood that he love her. He always did, but refused to belive it.
The moment he saw her sitting alone in that party while everyone are drinking and having fun he knew that she is different. As cliché as it sounds he just felt it.
And in the process of getting to know her he like her, a lot. But he never said that to her, they were going casual and he wanted to keep it that way. He tried to be as distant ad possible, he ignored her on purpose. He know if he didn't he will fuck up and fall in love with her. But he did anyways. But now it's too late, he can't do anything other than sit and cry.
He tried to get into contact with her but she blocked him everywhere which he expected and deserved. He used to ask Sarah about her but she said nothing which he also understood.
He was at his worst, he still is after months. He still didn't forget her. He know he can't, she everywhere. He started to see her in every person, no girl is as perfect as her. No one can be a comparison. He wished that he said that to her. Said how much she means to him, how much he love her, how much he adore her. But didn't and now he can't. He don't even know whether she will for give him or not.
It's been months since he actually had fun. He stopped hanging out with his friends and going out a lot. He stopped hooking up with girls, he pretty much stopped everything. And his friend are worried about him because he is not himself so they forced him to go out today.
So here he is, sitting in the bar and pretending to listen to the conversation happening around and sipping on his drink. He could have done this at his house too.
Thats when he saw Eva. He know Eva, he met her a couple of times. She is Y/n's best friend and he also know that she is not a very big fan of him.
She is taking with a blonde guy at the other side of the bar, he swiftly checked if Y/n was here too. But for his disappointment she is not. Eva is alone with that guy.
He contemplated on going to her and talking. It's been months and he don't know how Y/n is doing, and he wanted to knoe very badly. But most probably Eva will not talk to him.
He saw that blonde guy wishpered something and leave. Harry thought it's the right time, if he hesitate now he may never get a chance to know about Y/n. So he excused himself from his friends and his way towards Eva.
"Eva." He called her with a hesitant voice.
She turned and looked at him. She had this unpleasant look on her face which is Harry is not used to, but he know that he deserves it.
"Umm... hi. How are you ? "
She rolled her eyes. "What do you want, Harry? " her tone is uninterested.
"I - I just wanted to say hi." He scratched back of his neck, he is uncomfortable.
"I'm not interested in small talk with you. So if you don't mind." She started to leave.
"Wait" he said in a hurry.
"I just wanted to talk for a minute."
"What do you wanna talk about Harry ? About Y/n ?" She asked in a mocking way.
"Umm. Ye - yes. I just want to know how is she doing ?"
She scoffed "Are you for real?"
He sighed "Look , Eva I'm sorry for everything. I never wanted this to happen this way. I know I'm a dick. I don't deserve her"
"Yes, you really don't." She interrupted him
"I know. But I don't.. I can't get her out of my mind. I just - I just I feel like ... it's killing me. "
She was silent for a moment.
"Look I just wanted know about her, how is she ?"
"Oh she is very happy ,Harry thank you for your concern." She said sarcastically.
"I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what ? For hurting and breaking her heart while you were enjoying with other girls?"
He closed his eyes. Everything hurts, listening to her say those things out hurts even more.
"I know." His voice is shaky. He is on the verge of crying. But he can't.
"Harry, I don't know why you didn't love her, I don't even wanna know. But atleast you could have left before everything went to south. She don't deserve this. You have no idea how much of dick you are." Her anger towards him, and her concern and love towards Y/n is clearly visible in her eyes and voice. And he is kinda happy that Y/n have a friend like Eva.
"I know I ruined her. Bu-"
She cut him with a laugh. A real laugh like he said something funny.
"Ruined her ?" She scoffed.
"You might hurt her or break her heart but you can never ruin or destroy her. She is stronger than you think. Maybe she is an idiot to love someone like you but not weak. No one can ruin her , not even you."
He know that. He know she is strong. He know that his Y/n is stronger than anyone else.
It's silent between them for a minute.
"I need to go." She said and started walking away but stopped after taking a step.
"She doing fine without you. So please don't bother her anymore. " With that she walked away leaving him alone.
It's been two weeks since he talked to Eva. She said Y/n is fine. He is happy to hear that, that's all he want. But he is not sure about trying to not to reach her. He actually tried to many times in all these months but never dared to directly meet her. He also went to her house many times but came back without knocking on the door. He was afraid.
Right now he is sitting in Y/n's favorite cafe. It's one of Y/n's most favorite places. They came here together once. It's a beautiful place, it's really cozy. It's have a welcoming atmosphere and ambience. The rich aroma of coffee hitting his nose and the small chattering of people making him feel better.
He sat at the very end of the cafe. With his coffee infront of him. He came here hoping that he would see her. It's not the first time, he came here many times before to see her but never did. He thought maybe she stopped coming here or he didn't catch her at right time.
He was in his thoughts when he heard the chime of the bell on the front door. He looked up as an instinct, then he saw her.
He saw Y/n coming inside of the cafe. She is beautiful as always. But definitely different, something is missing, at the same time it feels like she has something new in her.
She is wearing a high waist jeans and a red halter top. Her hair got a bit longer than the last time he saw her and she is smiling.
Oh god he missed her smile.
Seeing her here feels a bit surreal to him. He missed her like hell. He missed her smile, her voice, her touch, everything. He just want to run to her and hug her right now but he know that he can't.
He was so caught up on admiring her that he missed to see that there is a guy walking behind her. She was smiling at him, laughing at something he said.
His chest tightened, he breath hitched.
She was with someone, someone that is making her smile and laugh. Someone who is making her happy.
She looked happy.
That guy was handsome brunette and maybe a couple of inches taller than Harry. He have a sharp jawline and a charming smile. Just in a word he looked soo good. And Harry hated that.
They both sat at the far and of the cafe from Harry but he can see them clearly, he can see her smile the way she is looking at him and the way she is soo concentrated on whatever the hell he is saying.
That's the moment he understood that he lost her. He had her for soo long but he kept pushing her and now he lost her.
It felt like his world is completely crumbling right under his feet and there is nothing he can do.
She is happy, he can tell that much. And that's what he want. He made her sad and hurt her a lot and now he wish nothing but happiness to her even if it's leaving her and stepping aside and letting her go.
This is it.
With a sad smile on his face and tears rolling down his cheeks he got up from his seat and went out of the cafe without a single glance back at her.
Meanwhile Y/n didn't know that Harry was in the cafe watching her and left heartbroken. She was busy listening the story the guy in front of her was telling. Noah is telling her about his parents last year's wedding anniversary.
Noah, he is her colleague. He is a very nice guy, handsome and charming. He is a literall dream guy for every girl. The coffee machine in their work place is not working so they just took a break to get some coffee.
He was looking at her with that charming smile and sparkle in his eyes, and she can't help but think about what if she have someone like him in her life, who will understand her and not hurt her. But she couldn't entertain that though for a long time because the minute she think about someone Harry pops up in her brain. His emerald eyes, his beautiful smile. She is over him,yes, but it's not that easy to completely kill the love on him. It'll take time.
"The Coffee here is amazing, thank you for bringing me here, Y/n." Noah said with a sweet smile on his face.
"Your welcome, this is my favorite place. I always come here, it's just soo peaceful here." She smiled at him. She always came here, almost everyday.
He kept looking at her for a while with a smile on his face, she wonderd will he ever stop smiling. His smile is soo beautiful and pleasant it's like a beam of sunshine.
"I'm glad we could get coffee together, but I was wondering would you like to go on a date with me ? Like a real one ?" He asked her with hope in his eyes.
Y/n could feel her heart thumping, she didn't know what to say him. She wanted to go but also she is not quite ready.
"Noah, I- um... I can't. I'm sorry." She said softly.
His smile dropped, she cursed herself for that.
"I'm sorry, I like you. It's not that I don't, I do. But I can't now. "
"Oh. I thought you are single." He said after a beat.
"I am." She said in a kinda sad voice. What is she supposed to say to him? Of course she is single.
Tears are forming in her eyes threatening to fall free, but she can't cry, she won't. She got over crying for him.
It's was silent between them for a bit before Noah spoke again with a soft and gentle tone.
"Did you love him ? "
Y/n looked at his eyes, he have this expression in them that she can't quite describe. His graze was gently and comfortable. He looked at her like he know what she is feeling, he looked at her like he can understand the hurt.
She just nodded head.
He smile again." I don't know what happened or I don't know who the guy was but all I know is that he really hurt you. I can see it in your eyes."
She took a breath and tried to hold her tears, she don't even know why she is crying now. She didn't cry about him in a while, she thought there are no tears left.
"Some thing that my over priced therapy after getting my heart break taught me was 'if you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option, you will miss finding the one who treats you like a priority. '"
"You are an amazing person, Y/n. Just know that you are worth everything. You should be loved for who you are. Trust me when I say I that I know what you are feeling now. "
After a while they went back to work and Noah never bought up about the date again.
She couldn't help think about Harry for the rest of the day. She restrained herself from thinking about him for soo long, she almost became numb.
She hate him because she still loves him. It's soo hard not to.
He was the one who thaught her how loves feels like, even without himself realising it. He showed how beautiful it is to be loved only but he didn't.
Yes , he ignored her, pushed her but when he is with her he was there, really there for her.
He made her feel like at the top of the world. Not only while having sex, but also when they were alone. He made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the universe while he is with her only to make her feel insecure while he is with others.
That's why she hate him, he made her feel every possible feeling that a human can expirence.
And that's the reason she can't completely let him go. Maybe she is still waiting for the impossible to happen. To feel his love again, real love this time.
It's been two days since Harry saw Y/n in the coffee shop, and he was miserable again.
It's killing him that he lost her. To see her with someone else.
And he exactly understood how Y/n felt when she saw him with others. How hurt and hopeless she felt . At that time he didn't get it , but now he is feeling the same.
He want nothing more than going back into the time and fix everything and tell her how much he love her. But he can't.
He was in his room when he heard the door opening and closing. And after a minute his bedroom door opened and reveled his mother.
Anne came into the room and looked at his son sitting on his bed like a lifeless body. It broke her heart to see her son in that situation tears blured her vision.
"Harry." She called him.
He looked at her and he couldn't hold it back anymore. He just got up from the bed and rushed towards his mother and hugged her.
She hugged him back and ran her hand through his back in a soothing way. No matter how big and famous his become, he will always be her little boy.
"Aww, love. I'm here, I'm here. You are fine." She rubbed circle on his back.
They both were like that for a while. After he calmed down Anne made him sit on the bed and brought him some water.
She sat beside him with a hand on his.
"What happened, honey ? I knew something was wrong, I could sense it for a while. But I never thought it's this bad. Please tell me what it is ?"
He looked at his mother with his blood shot eyes. His eyes, head everything hurts.
"I fucked up, Mum."
He told Anne everything, from the beginning. How he met her, how he hurt her, and how much he love her. Everything, he didn't miss a single detail.
Anne was silent for few minutes, deciding what to tell her son. She know that he is the one who did wrong here, he messed up and hurt an innocent person.
"People don't know what they have until it's gone, but what about me , mum. I knew what I had, but I did nothing about it. I took her love for granted. What am I supposed to do now ?" He asked his mother hoping atleast she can give him a suggestion.
"Have you atleast tried to talk to her ?"
"No." He shook his head. "I'm afraid, afraid that if I go meet her she will not accept my apology and that will be the last time that I will see her."
"I think it's time that you go and talk to her." She said looking at him in the eyes.
"What?" Harry is confused.
"I think you should go and talk to her. Let her know that you feel guilty and Let her know how you really feel."
She squeezed his hand.
"You messed up, Harry. I love you, you are my son but what you did is absolutely wrong. I didn't raise you like this. If you really love her go to her tell her that you are sorry. Let her curse you, be angry at you but you deserve it, you know you deserve it."
"But what if she don't want to listen to me ?" He asked with a hint of fear in his voice.
"Beg her until she does." She said simply.
"And if she don't forgive me ?" He asked again.
"Mmm. There is a possibility for that. But atleast you will not regret later that you didn't even tried . But I hope that's not the case."
Harry looked down at his feet. His mom is right, he atleast should apologise, he has been a coward and didn't dare to meet her, but now he will.
"And Harry, I don't want to higher your expectations but if she really love you she might even give you a second chance. If she does, make sure that she won't regret trusting you again, be a better man to her."
Anne gave him a motherly smile and pushed back his curls falling on his forehead.
"Go, be a man she deserves."
After talking to his mother Harry immediately got into his car and drove to Y/n's place. His nerves were all over the place thinking about all the possible things that can happen.
After a long drive which felt like forever for him he is finally at her place.
He practically sprinted on the steps because he couldn't wait for the elevator and finally he reached her front door.
He took a long breath and knocked on the door and waited but there is no response. He knocked again but there is no movement.
He caught the door Knob and twisted it, the door opened. His silly girl always forgets to lock the doors.
He went inside the house and checked for her.
"Y/n ?" He called but there is no response, he went and checked her bedroom but there is no hint of her.
He returned to the living room, thinking where she might have gone.
He looked around the place again. He found her phone on the coffee table.
She left her phone back, she never leave her phone while she is going out so she might be near. And then it clicked him, he know where she is now.
He closed the door and made his way to the terrace. If she is not in home at this time she definitely will be on terrace. He know how much she like to spend time there.
He got there and looked around to find her. And then he saw her, he could see side of her face. Standing at the corner looking at the moon. Air blowing her hair in an angelic way, moon light and lights from distance made her face glow.
God she is soo beautiful.
He took few steps towards her.
"Y/n." He called her softly.
Her shoulders tensed, but she didn't turn towards him immediately. He can see her taking deep breath from the side angle.
"Love ?" He called again. Now she turned fully towards him.
He took a sharp breath and took in her appearance, she is as beautiful as ever.
"Hi, love." He said hesitantly.
"Hi." She replied without much of and emotion in her voice.
He again took a deep breath and walked two more steps towards her. Luckily she didn't step back.
"I'm getting straight into the point, I already wasted soo much of time and i dont want to any more." He said looking at, and she didn't show any sign of disagreement.
"I'm sorry , love. I really am. I'm an arsehole, a dick, a douche bag. I fucked up, big time. I hurt you. I was soo bad to you. I know , I'm sorry. I regret each and every time I hurt you and I would do anything to make it right. I have been a pussy to come and talk to you all this time. I was afraid so it took me this long." He was rambling at this point. A single tear escaped from his eye.
He took one more step forward ao there is only a little bit of distance between them and fell on his knees in front of her. He bent his head down and wiped his tears and again looked at her. She was also crying, tears are escaping her her eyes too.
"I'm sorry. Im sorry. I'm sorry." He chanted and he let out a soft sob.
"I don't deserve your forgiveness and I don't deserve your love. But god knows what I will do to get both of them again." He breathed out.
"It hurts to loose you. I don't want to loose you." He mumbled mostly to himself.
"You had me, Harry. And I was not enough for you." She talked for the first time.
It felt soo good to hear her voice again after soo long. And he loved the way his name sounded with her voice. He missed it.
"I know , baby. I know. I'm an idiot. And please, you were always enough for me, more than enough but I just couldn't gey my head out of my ass." He said.
"I don't if you are ever going to forgive me or of you are ever going to look at me the same like before. But I want to tell you, I don't want be a coward."
Cool air made them both shiver a bit.
"I love you, Y/n."
" You are my everything, I love you with every fiber in my body. You were always enough for me. I love you for yourself, you are no comparison with all those fake models I get along with. They can never be you. And you are always the most beautiful and amazing and loving person. You deserve the world. Sorry that I couldn't give it to you back then. But I will give you anything to you now if you let me." He completed.
She sucked in a breath, he said the three words that she thought that she will never hear from him.
"I shouldn't be telling you this now, you may have moved on, forgot about me and maybe.... and maybe you are with someone else too." Those words came out like poison from his mouth.
"Do you still love me, Y/n ?" He dared to ask , he actually don't want to know the answer but a part of him still hopes that she love him.
She wiped her tears and cleared her throat.
"Get up, Harry." She said with a straight face.
He got up and stood on his feet again. Because of his height he was towering a little bit over her.
"Do you really think I love someone else ?" She questioned him.
"I saw you with a guy two days back in your favorite cafe. You looked happy." He told her and looked down at their feet.
"You were there ?" She furrowed her brows.
He nodded
" He was just my friend." She said and he was relieved a bit with that information.
"You really hurt me, Harry. I hate you for that, but I also love you because... because you were the world to me. But you didn't even gave a fuck about me."
He shook his head. Please, "I'm sorry. Don't say that. It hurts." He pleaded.
"I don't know what to do. I'm afraid Harry. I'm tired. Afraid of getting hurt again and tired of feeling hurt. I don't know."
"Baby." He took her soft hand into his.
"I'm sorry. I love you. I should have said this earlier but I didn't. As I said I will do anything to get you back."
They both were silent thinking about everything.
"Can I tell you something?" He asked her.
She nodded her head.
"I can't rewind our life and go back and fix things but I want to start over everything. Let's start everything again, from the beginning. And this time I'll be a better man for you."
She looked at him on awe.
"Can we start over ? We'll become strangers again, we'll introduce each other again, we'll make fresh memories. Only if you want to. I'll leave of you want me to. But remember one thing even if I leave now I will always love you, forever and I'll be waiting for you."
She is speechless, she don't know what to say. She was supposed to be angry at him but the moment she saw him all the anger just flew away. And the minute he fell on his knees and said her that he love her , she completely lost it. Of course she still love him, of course she still want to give him a second chance, but she is afraid.
"I promise that I'll never break your heart again."
He threaded their fingers together and looked at their hands.
"Tell me, love. Will you let me be a better man for you?" He asked all the sincerity hoping she will say yes.
He is worth of a second chance. She thought.
"Yes." She breathed out and smiled.
His smiled reached his eyes for the first time in a long while.
He hugged her. Really tight to the point where she thought she might loose her breath.
"I love you. I love you. I love you." He said and kissed her forehead.
She smiled." But let's take it slow, I still need some time."
"Yes take all the time you want, we'll go as slow you prefer. Im fine with it as long as I know that I have you. Just know that I love you, and will never hurt you again. And one more thing, please get used to me saying I love you a lot. Because I'm not stopping anymore."
He took a step back. "Let's start again."
He stretched his hand out for her. Let me introduce myself. "Hi, my name is Harry."
She laughed at him, thinking about the first time they met.
"Hi, Harry. My name is Y/n."
A/n : well, well, well. Here it is as I promised. Please don't shit at me for the late. I'm not making excuses, but u know why. I'm genuinely sorry.
And , while writing this I reread the 1st part. And I found a shit ton of mistakes and typos, I myself cringed at my work. I'm sorry u guys had to read that shit. But I have my reason. 1. I wrote that whole thing on my phone and I have big thumbs. 2. I blame my autocorrect. I'm sorry, and I hope there are no lot of mistakes here..
Thank you for reading, hope you likes it.
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Good Girl O'Clock
Fic Advent Calendar Day 4
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Author’s Note: Something a little spicy for our first Sunday in the calendar. Y/N finds out why she was crying so much about the missing bauble. Harry validates her feelings and lets her hop on for a ride for a bit of relaxation. Extraordinarily soft Dom Harry.
CW: talk of periods, and its a bit smutty
Word Count: 3.2k
NSFW - 18+ please
Y/N was out like a light last night, exhausted probably from all the excitement of decorating and then all the tears caused by the missing Christmas bauble. They eventually exhausted their search for the evening and went up to bed where Harry held her close under the covers as she sniffled in the dark. 
“I didn’t ruin it, did I?” she had whispered into the night, her hands pressed against his chest as his own hands warmed her back as they ran laps up and down. 
“Ruin what, m’heart?” He pressed soothing kisses to her hairline. 
“Tonight,” she sighed as she pecked his bare chest in response. “We were having such a nice night decorating and then I started crying over the bloody bauble and I just feel like I put a damper on everything.” 
Harry shuffled back in bed a little so he could look into her face, “that ornament means a lot to us. Both of us, you have every right to be upset, I am too. You didn’t ruin anything, okay?” Harry’s hand came up to push her hair back and caress her cheek as she nodded sadly. “Need to hear y’say it, baby,” he smiled at her in the dark of their bedroom. 
“I didn’t ruin anything,” she murmured, barely audible even in the quiet of their bedroom. 
“Louder,” his thumb brushed away the tiny, leftover, stray tear that escaped her eye. 
“I didn’t ruin anything,” she said, this time with more conviction as Harry pulled her back into his chest. 
“Atta girl,” she could hear the grin of his pride his voice as she buried her face into his neck as she placed three kisses on the warm skin there. “You’re my good girl, aren’t you?” Harry hummed in her ear, knowing she just needed to be coddled for a little bit. She felt her face heat up and a flicker of a spark ignite in her belly at the term of endearment as she nodded again into his neck. Feeling painfully shy all of a sudden. “Then my good girl should sleep. Don’t worry about it, I have a feeling the bauble will show when and where we least expect it,” he ducked down to steal a kiss from her tear-softened lips, “have good dreams, m’heart,” she heard him whisper as she blinked into a peaceful sleep. 
It was early when Y/N woke, really early, so early that Harry hadn’t even stirred from his slumber yet. But Y/N felt hot, too hot, and a bit uncomfortable as if her skin felt too tight on her body. She kicked her legs free from their duvet and wiggled out of Harry’s grip as she tried to escape their bed to the bathroom to cool down, stumbling as she finally got up from their bed, tripping on the sheet she managed to take with her wrapped around her foot. Disturbing the dog in process, who had been lying knocked out on the foot of their bed, he raised his head to look at his mum who had woken him. 
“Sorry, Vinnie baby,” she scratched his head as he hopped down from the bed and left the room to go find peace in his bed downstairs. She got to their en-suite and started by splashing some cool water on her arms and face before decided she did actually need to use the bathroom. As she went about her business, she felt it, the cramping in her abdomen she knew all too well. Guess that explains the hysterical crying over the Christmas ornament and probably why she ate three quarters of the bag of chocolate coins by herself too. Her period had come in with all the warning sirens wailing but she missed every single one of them. Stealing the spare pair of underwear, she kept in the drawer with the rest of her supplies in case she was caught unaware as she has been now, she cleaned herself up in the bathroom before hurrying back to the warmth of their bed. Harry had been completely unaware she had even been up as he was close to comatose lying on his stomach the only thing giving him away was the soft snores that escaped his parted lips. 
Y/N shuffled back under the duvet to lie alongside him on her back, her eyes glanced over to the clock on the nightstand. 5:45 A.M. Harry’s body clock would have him naturally stirring within the next 45 minutes at the very most, but Y/N wasn’t quite in the mood to let him up from their cocoon of bedding today. She lay on her side facing him, his head was turned towards her, his cheek all squished from lying on the pillow. She thought about him, well, when doesn’t she think about him. Specifically of how he soothed her last night, she was worked up and he tethered her back down to reality and calmed her down. With soft touches, and playing her favourite Christmas music, holding her steady when she was trying to put the star on top of the tree, calling her his good girl, letting her be fussy over the colour of their tree lights, keeping her drink topped up, calling her his good girl. Fuck. Remembering it cause that little spark to set off in her belly again and for the heat to rush to her face and the pit of her tummy. She wanted to stay in bed with him all day, to be his good girl all day. God, her period was making her hormonal. She wiggled onto her side so she could stare at his sleep softened features, he looked angelic when he slept. The furrow in his brow was not existent, his lips pouty and soft and so kissable, hair flopping whichever way it wanted to with no styling product curling around his ears and the longer part on top at its curliest as it was freshly washed and air-dried. She couldn’t help it as she scooted up to him even closer, she couldn’t help it when her hand reached out, fingertips barely brushing his cheek, quickly swiping off a stray eyelash that Harry obviously felt her do as his eyes twitch but remained closed. Her fingers continued their journey up his face and into the side of his hair, combing through the strands and twirling curls round her fingers. Harry was awake now, but kept that to himself, he wanted to see how long she would go on for. It had been 5 minutes of twirling hair and fingers brushing the high points of his smushed face and Harry hadn’t moved an inch. He hadn’t wanted to, her gentle touches would usually be enough to lull him back to sleep but she was so close to him, and she smelled so good, it was stirring something else entirely inside of him. He revealed himself finally when her fingertip ran down the bridge of his nose and then her thumb rested on the full of his lower lips. Harry puckered his lips, pressing the softest, most gentle kiss he could muster onto the pad of her thumb. The miniscule movement still caused Y/N to jump and pull her hand away. 
“Don’t stop,” Harry rasped out, voice gravelly from not being used. 
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you,” she whispered, still holding her wandering hand close to her chest. 
“Been awake for a little bit, liked it, it felt good, don’t stop please,” Harry grunted reaching for her wrist on his own to put her fingers back in his hair to card through his locks. 
He hadn’t opened his eyes fully yet, they were blinking heavily, she caught glimpses of her favourite shade of green with every sweep of his eyelashes.
“Y’so pretty,” she said, voice full of wonder as his eyes finally opened to see his girlfriend in awe. 
“Says you,” Harry turned his head ever so slightly to press a kiss to the pulse point on her wrist, going back in for another kiss to her wrist, this time suckling slightly on the patch of skin as Harry saw her jaw go slack from the corner of his eye. “Need somethin’ from me, baby?” his gaze was slightly intimidating as he broke away from her wrist, all she could do was nod dumbly. “Gotta ask, m’heart, let me hear words, yeah?” his voice was still scratchy, it sent a zip through her core. 
“Kiss, please?” was all she could manage. 
“Hm, good girl,” Harry smiled as he flipped onto his side to face her, nudging his head forward to brush his nose against hers, pulling his head slightly back when her lips reached for his, teasing her. There was that bloody ‘good girl’ again, was he trying to kill her. She didn’t have time to even consider her life insurance policy when his lips finally claimed hers. It was a kiss full of heat, his tongue, skimming her bottom lip, pleading with her to open up for him which she granted immediately. Hot and breathy. Harry always kissed her the way she needed to be kissed in that moment without her ever having to say anything. He just knew. She felt that flicker in her belly again, and the heat rise and settle as Harry’s arms wound round her body pulling her even closer to him. Her hands found purchase on his bare shoulders as she clung to him. She needed to breathe but she didn’t want to stop. They’re foreheads pressed against as they panted against one another. Harry’s hands kept moving sliding down her back, fingertips brushing under the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and dipping into the band of her underwear before her hands gripped his wrists firmly and pulled them back. 
“Period,” she muttered at his look of confusion, that never left after she uttered the word. 
“That explains why you’ve been wiggling around so early,” he giggled. “S’never stopped us before, y’okay?” he took his hands up to hold her face close, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose which scrunched up in reaction. 
“Just feel a bit gross, don’t fancy the big clean up from that this early,” she mused, glad that she could have this open a conversation with her person. “Can still do you though,” she smiled softly, ticking her hips forward, able to feel where Harry ached for her, hard against her pelvis. 
“Fuck off, f’anything we’re doing you,” Harry rolled her eyes at her last statement but accepting her boundary before he rolled quickly onto his back pulling her with him to sit on top of his thighs before she could even utter a sound. “Can I take the first layer off at least?” he asked innocently playing with the drawstring waist of her pyjamas. She nodded, feeling shy again, but raised her hips as he urged the waist down over the full of her bum before she helped him kick her legs free from the warm fabric. Goosebumps puckering over her exposed legs, he left her underwear firmly in place as that was what she was comfortable with. He moved underneath her, shifting her from being sat across both thighs to straddling his left thigh, that was still covered by the sweatpants he had slept in. “This okay?” he asked as he flexed his thigh under her, the full of the muscle brushing deliciously against her heat that radiated through the cotton of her underwear. 
“Mhm,” she whimpered, “bu-but what about you, want you t’feel good with me,” her hands sought leverage on his lower stomach, nails digging into the exposed flesh, thank Christ he slept shirtless. 
“Believe me, I feel fuckin’ wonderful,” Harry gripped her hips and urged her to start moving against his thigh as he flexed his thigh repeatedly to stimulate her. Her mouth opened in a moan before she stopped herself. 
“Wai-wait,” Harry stopped her movements by gripping her firmly, in case she had changed her mind, “no m’fine,” she ensured knowing he was about to ask. “It’s just, can we- can I- can y-you,” she stuttered, her nails scraping lower and lower to the elastic of his bottoms. 
“Ask me, pretty, ask me what you want,” he tried coaxing her, hands settling on her hips, thumbs rubbing circles into the exposed flesh.
“Can y’take your sweats off,” she uttered quietly as a smirk formed over Harry’s face that she missed as she kept her stare on her fingers. “S’okay f’you don’t wanna, I get it,” she added on quickly when she didn’t hear him respond.
“Lift up for me, beautiful,” Harry urged her to stand on her knees, hovering over him, as he shoved his sweats down to his knees before kicking his legs free. “That’s my good girl, so good asking me what y’wanted,” he praised her as he pushed her hips down to let her meet the warm flesh of his thigh. 
He was rock hard in his briefs, she could see it, and it gave her the boost of confidence she needed as she began to rock steadily against his thigh, grinding down hard, letting her clit feel the most pressure as she let out pitiful whines and whimpers. “That’s it, look at you, s’fucking pretty,” Harry breathed, he didn’t know where to look. The way his hands puckered the flesh of her waist, the soft of her stomach, the way her thighs quaked when she brushed against him just right, whether to look at where her pussy met his thigh through her underwear, God, he could feel the warmth radiating through her or that face. Her perfect face that he thought must have been crafted by some higher power. The way her teeth sank into the full of her lip, the way her brow furrowed at a particularly good rub, how her neck elongated as her head tipped in pleasure.
Her hands reached for his briefs, desperate to see him hard and to get him off with her. 
“Get me out, baby, but no touching after that okay? S’about you,” he said firmly as her cool fingertips reached beneath the monogrammed elastic of his briefs and freed his cock from its fabric confines, shoving his underwear as far down as she could without adjusting her ride on his thigh. He was leaking just from watching her, his precum bubbled at the shiny looking head before leaking down the side as his cock stood tall in front of her.  He dripped down the vein she was so desperate to trace with her finger or her tongue, but she knew his rules so focused back on her own ministrations as Harry’s hands gripped her hips tighter as he urged her to move quicker. 
“Har, har, oh my god,” Y/N whined loudly her right hand coming to clamp down on his free right thigh, her left keeping her upright with its palm flat against his pec. 
“That’s it, baby, feels good, doesn’t it?” Harry taunted her, he could feel the elastic in his own belly tightening as he watched her get off, her eyes were heavy as she held his gaze. 
“uh-huh, uh-huh, baby it fee-” she was cut off with a low moan as Harry raised his thigh to push even harder against her pussy.
“Keep going, Y/N/N, want y’to come, okay, want y’to come in your underwear from getting off on my thigh, yeah?” Y/N was post verbal by this point, just pants and breathy whines and moans left her lips as she nodded her head. Her left hand shifted, brushing against Harry’s nipple that caused an unexpected moan to escape his throat. Y/N could have fun with this, he never explicitly said she couldn’t touch him there. She quickly pulled her hand up and licked the pad of her thumb before placing it back down against his nipple and played around with, rolling it under her finger and pinching it, as Harry bucked underneath her. 
“Har-Harry m’gonna…” she trailed off.
“Good, that’s m’good girl, get yourself there, baby,” he gripped her hips tighter as Y/N became louder as she chased her high, slumping forward as her orgasm hit. It started in the pit of her tummy and exploded outward like a supernova. Her thighs clamped shut around Harry’s left one as shudders quaked through her body as she moaned through it. Harry doesn’t know if it was her ministrations with his nipple, the feeling of the heat rushing to her pussy or the way her entire body clenched then relaxed just as quickly as the pleasure rushed through her nerve endings, but it tipped the scale for him too. The second her head tipped backwards and she wailed that she was cumming, Harry was praising her with good girls as his own cum covered his lower stomach and streaked across his chest as he whined watching her as the last rope of his cum spilled down the side of his softening cock. 
“M'good girl, y’did so good for me. Look at that, didn’t even touch me and you made me cum so much, my special girl,” Harry’s blunt fingernails scratched soothing patterns on her skin as Y/N fought to regulate her breathing. 
“Did good?” she asked quietly. 
“So good,” he kissed her cheek before she turned her head to capture his lips with her own as she sighed in contentment. 
“Need t’get cleaned up, m’love,” he tried shifting her off him, as he was currently covered in his own release and didn’t fancy letting it dry down on his skin. 
She gripped onto his shoulders tightly, not wanting to let him go just yet. “Stay, please,” she asked smiling softly at him. 
He pinched her cheek lovingly, “I’ll be right back, just gonna clean up then I’m coming right back t’you, promise,” he kissed the corner of her mouth and pushed her hair back that was stuck to her forehead. “Then we can decide what we want to do today, yeah?” he soothed her. 
“I’ve already decided what I want t’do,” Y/N confirmed. 
“What’s that, m’heart?” he smiled at her as she finally rolled off of him to allow him to sit up. 
“We’re gonna stay right here in bed, all day,” Y/N nodded with finality. 
“Okay,” he said with a grin standing to his feet to go to their bathroom. 
“’Okay’?” she mused, sitting up on her elbows, “that didn’t take much convincing,” she giggled. 
“After the show you just put on f’me, there’s no way we’re leaving that bed today. Pick out which Christmas film we’re watching first,” Harry threw the remote towards her that he plucked off the top of the dresser in the room as he walked into the en-suite. 
“What a stupid thing to say, y’know we always start wit-” she called after him, turning the tv on. 
“Yeah, yeah, Love Actually, only because y’fancy Hugh Grant in it,” he called back in as he ran the bathroom tap. 
“I don’t see how that’s a problem,” Y/N sing-songed back to him, wriggling down under the covers again as she queued the movie, quickly looking over at the clock on the nightstand. 06:33 A.M. 
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freedomfireflies · 2 days
Better Not Pout ~ A Christmas Short Story* (H.S. + D.OB. + C.E.)
Tumblr media
Summary: The year is 1945 and Santa Claus isn't the only man coming to town...
Word Count: 12.9k (oops my bad)
Warnings: Violence, Guns, Mentions of Guns, Brief Gunplay
Harry Styles as Harry Styles
Tumblr media
Dylan O'Brien as Clyde Kasper
Tumblr media
Chris Evans as Johnny Winters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have you ever met Santa Claus?
I guess there's really no way to know for sure, is there?
The year is 1945 and truthfully, things have never been better.
You’re a regular performer at The Bees Knees, an underground speakeasy run by Johnny Winters. A powerful man, and quite wealthy, but more than that...your fiancé.
Johnny is the sweetest man you’ve ever met, and you’re no fool not to believe every other woman in town doesn’t envy you. Because not only is he incredibly kind and rich…he’s also exceptionally handsome. And for a town like this is quite unusual. 
Now, truth be told, the money doesn’t exactly matter to you, but it certainly matters to your mother, who’s been praying for your financial security since the moment you were born.
And Johnny? Well, he just adores doting on you. Spoiling you beyond your wildest dreams. And no, you don’t need the expensive, luxurious clothes or shiny jewels as long as you have him. But the way the man you’re so madly in love with looks at you when you step out in a new red dress...well, it’s enough to leave you breathless.
So, that's what you’re wearing tonight, even though this night in particular is one of the coldest of the year. December 24th, just one day before Christmas, and even though you can't quite feel your fingers...it’s worth it. 
Milton whistles as you’re taking off your coat, making your cheeks burn as bright crimson as the fabric on your figure. But you indulge in the compliment because Milton is one of your oldest and most supportive friends, not to mention a fellow employee of the popular speakeasy. 
You’re more than glad to have him around for your performances, finding his familiar face in the crowd of strangers rather comforting. Most people hardly pay you any mind, merely sipping their beverages or engaging in conversation with their friends, but that hardly discourages you.
Because as dull as the crowd might be, you know you have one particular person to look forward to at the end of the night, just after closing.
He’ll lock his office door, call his goodbyes to everyone else, and sweep you into his arms before planting a kiss right on your lips.
Then, he’ll walk you home, where he’ll spend the rest of the night taking the utmost care of you.
“You look as radiant as ever,” Milton calls just as you’re making your way up to the stage.
You laugh, gently dipping your head in thanks as you get situated. “You’re too kind, Milton.”
He winks as he cleans out a glass.
And after a quick chat with the pianist, you’re ready to go.
Your first song, Santa Claus Came in The Spring, is very well received. You’re not normally accompanied by a band, but tonight, Benny Goodman and company are in town.
What exactly are they doing spending their night at The Bees Knees accompanying a little miss nobody? You haven’t the slightest clue, but you’re certainly not about to complain.
Tonight, the room is full of life and infectious holiday spirit as the trumpets play and you sing. Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time and your cheeks begin to hurt from all the excessive smiling.
In fact, you become so engrossed in the joyous moment, that you hardly notice the two mysterious young men enter the room. Sneaking through the door, unnoticed, before making their way toward a table near the back wall.
You only notice when your eyes catch theirs.
You watch their tall, lanky bodies as they make themselves comfortable in the rather hidden booth, nestling into the shadows just before you can really get a good look. However, you do manage to catch the slightest glimpse of their rather rugged and appealing features, a clear sight for sore eyes.
Most of the men before you are much, much older. Their clothes are torn, their skin is stained with dirt, and even a few teeth are missing from the smiles being thrown your way. 
But these quiet strangers...now, they're truly something to be admired. Their hair is clean and styled nicely, their smiles are wide and pearly white, and their clothes make it known they come from money.
Despite yourself, you find that you’ve been staring as the band begins to play the final few notes of the lively song but thankfully the young men don't notice. In fact, they seem to be deeply immersed in a hushed conversation, leaning across the table toward each other as if worried someone might overhear.
You can't help but feel curious, wondering what on earth the subject of their imperative discussion could be, but right now, you have a show to perform, and no handsome outsiders are going to distract you.
Well...not anymore.
Jingle Bells is next on the list, and you give it your all. Smiling at the crowd, even shimmying a little, and as you go, you can’t help but notice that the two men have turned their attention to you.
For a moment, you’re tempted to feel nervous under their focused stares, but choose instead to find Milton's kind eyes. He offers an encouraging smile and instantly, you feel at ease.
However, you don’t miss the action out of your peripheral vision as one of the men suddenly stands from the table. He’s casual. Relaxed. Walking along the wall just diagonal to the stage as he fumbles around with something in his pocket. Then, he retrieves what looks to be a cigarette, gently placing it between his lips before striking a match on the wall and bringing it closer.
You watch, almost as if in a daze, as he holds the object secure with his fingers before lowering it ever so slightly to exhale a cloud of white smoke from his mouth. 
And as you watch him, you realize…he’s watching you, too. Leaning back against the wall as he continues to smoke, never once averting his gaze as he watches you sing your merry tunes.
Now that he’s not in the shadows, you can see those rugged features a bit better. Thick, curly hair. Green eyes and a strong jaw. Pink lips pursed as they pucker around the object. And tall. Very tall.
You’re not a fool. He’s quite handsome, although he can’t exactly hold a candle to your Johnny. But, still, you’re curious about the attractive man and his companion, who’s now alone at the table.
He also seems to be quite focused on you, but not just you. You and his friend, still smoking a few feet away. His gaze switches between you both relentlessly as he reclines against the booth, arms outstretched above the seat as he legs begin to spread out. But you figure this is more in an attempt to assert dominance than achieve comfort.
And as he moves, a bit of light catches his profile, and you find that he seems to be just as genetically blessed as his friend. Dark, brown hair. A similar shade to that of his eyes, although they almost seem golden under this light. Faint moles are scattered across his face but don’t seem to be too noticeable. If anything, adding to his unique but alluring features.
Unfortunately for you, you find that it’s harder to ignore them now that they’ve spread out, but force yourself to do so, anyway. The fleeting eye contact you’ve already had with the green-eyed devil is far too much for your liking and you decide right then and there that it won’t happen again.
The universe, however, has different plans. And by a twist of cruel fate, the song comes to an abrupt end, effectively closing your set, and forcing your exit off the stage and onto the main floor.
You quickly thank the drunk and scattered crowd, toss a goodbye to the band, and make a beeline for Milton, your only saving grace.
You assume the two men will seek conversation with you, although you hope to be wrong, but aren’t exactly keen on finding out. However, if you seem otherwise engaged in conversation with other company, perhaps that will discourage their advances.
Sweet Milton knows you far too well to miss your nervous habits. Mostly because your excessive chatting tends to give you away, but nevertheless, he always obliges, just as he does now. So, you ramble on and on about how you’ve been hoping for a snowy Christmas and will be far too disappointed if morning comes and the ground remains bare.
And as you chatter on, you catch the way Milton’s eyes drift ever so slightly to the left, just over your shoulder.
You hadn’t been the only one to notice the two strange men, as Milton clocked them the moment they began to stare at his friend. When Johnny isn’t around, he normally takes on the role and responsibility of watching over you, a secondary part of his job, and the moment you’d begun to squirm under their gaze, Milton made their visit his priority.
In fact, he’s done an excellent job of keeping them in his line of sight during your performance, even as you began to approach, but certainty hasn’t missed the way they've continued watching you as you engaged with him in pleasantries over here by the bar.
They don’t seem to be making any immediate moves to come closer, but Milton can tell they’re thinking about it. Are they simply enchanted you? Starstruck by your performance? Or do they know you personally?
You find yourself asking the same questions, but all the wondering leaves you with an odd feeling in your chest and after a moment, you realize you’re being silly. They must know Johnny. Perhaps they have a meeting with him, and they recognize your face from the picture he always keeps on his desk.
And speaking of Johnny, you begin to miss him, quickly looking around for the handsome face that normally makes itself known around this time in the dark bar, although you’re disappointed to find he still hasn’t made his entrance.
You leave Milton to his job, deciding that you’ll wait in Johnny’s office until he arrives. After all, that’s where you’re really most comfortable. So, you grab your coat and make your way for the hallway.
You know the walk like the back of your hand, the signature portraits that line the walls bringing a smile to your lips. Each one is a happy memory. Of Johnny, his friends, his family, and even a photograph of the two of you. He always keeps you close to him. You’re in every inch of this bar.
Of course, that’s not the only photograph he has of you, his favorite being the one he keeps on his desk. He’d taken it himself. He’d told you a joke to make you laugh and you did. You laughed. Loud and giddily as he snapped the photo and declared it was the best one he’s ever taken.
He told you recently that he spends all day staring at it. Long into the midnight hours as he works, memorizing it, making sure it’s perfectly engrained into his mind and heart. His fiancé. His lover. His.
It’s the first thing you reach for when you enter the rather large office, taking a seat in his chair as you bring it closer. You study yourself. You do look happy. Excited. In fact, this photo alone is the perfect representation of what your entire relationship with Johnny is like. And that makes you happy.
The sound of the door shutting rather harshly forces your eyes off the frame and up, snapping toward the other end of the room as your heart leaps.
You’re expecting the gentle face of your darling Johnny.
What you’re not expecting is the green-eyed devil and his alluring friend.
They’ve followed you. You figure this immediately, pulse beginning to race with apprehension as your mind fills with possibilities and explanations.
For a moment, a tense silence settles between the three of you, now alone in this office. The taller one with curly hair strolls in first, lips raising in a devious smirk as he pockets his hands and comes to stop a few feet away.
Thankfully, Johnny’s rather large desk sits between you both, keeping him at a distance although that doesn’t make his presence any less unsettling.
Subconsciously, you lean back into the chair, eyeing him closely as his mischievous expression studies you. 
He doesn’t speak. Merely stares. And as he takes his time studying you, you can’t resist glancing over toward the second man.
He’s leaning against the door, now striking a cigarette for himself, hands cupping around the flame as you swallow. But once it’s lit and perched on his lips, he looks up at you, exhaling the smoke in your direction.
You look back at the first stranger and he grins.
"Hi, Sweetheart,” he croons. He has an accent. English. Thick. Deep. "I'm Harry, and this here…is Clyde. We're looking for your fiancé. Think you could tell us where to find him?”
You swallow nervously. His tone, although friendly, is unable to disguise the threat you know lies underneath.
You look back at the other gentleman. Clyde. Who now appears just as smug as his partner. Are they friends of Johnny's? Is he expecting them? You don’t believe you’ve ever seen them before, but you suppose Johnny has tons of friends and clients. It would be nearly impossible to recognize them all. 
"I...I don't know," you manage to respond, swallowing once again to clear your nerves. “Uh…I’m sure he’ll be here soon, though.”
The two men exchange a glance, and it’s clear they aren’t satisfied with this answer as Clyde pushes off the door and strides his way toward you and Harry.
With the cigarette resting snugly between his lips, he places his large hands on the desk and leans forward, now only a few inches away.
“Your boy Johnny…owes us some money,” he tells you, firm but oddly soft, and you notice he doesn’t share the same accent as his friend. “And we’re here to collect.”
Your eyes widen. You don’t really know much about the financial side of Johnny’s business. Or really anything about his business at all. He’s been rather good at keeping you out of that part of his life even though now it seems your own life might depend on it.
“I’m…I’m sure he’ll be here soon,” you repeat in offering, willing your voice not to quiver. “And you boys can straighten everything out then.”
Clyde’s eyes seem to sparkle with amusement as his head cocks to the side. “Is that right, hm?” A hum as he dips down even closer. “Well, maybe if he doesn’t get here within the next five minutes…then, we’ll take our payment in the form of you.”
You lean back even further in the chair, desperate to get as far away from this odd man as possible, however, that only seems to amuse him further. 
“Problem, Mama?” he asks before Harry glances over.
“Aw. Come on now, Kasper,” he teases, nudging his shoulder against Clyde’s. “Don’t scare her. She’ll be good for us. Won’t you, Kitten? Tell us what we need to know?”
You glance between them again, unsure which one to feel more intimidated by. You’re not quite sure what to do. Do you scream? Do you try and talk them down? You’re not even sure if their threats are mere bluffs or if you should begin to say your last goodbyes.
And where on earth is Johnny?
The only thing you can think to do is reach for the phone and try to call him. But the second your fingers lift from the desk, Clyde reaches for something, too.
Within seconds, his hands are wrapping around the handle of a gun as he brings it out from beneath his coat, pointing the barrel straight at your head as you gasp and withdraw your hand.
“Don’t fucking move, Mama,” he warns, his threat slightly muffled by the cigarette. “Thought you were gonna be good.”
You nod faintly, looking to Harry, almost wishing he would jump in again and tell his friend to relax. But Harry is far too entertained by this turn of events, hands still deep in his pockets as he watches.
“I…I was just going to call him,” you clarify instead, the fear in your voice much too obvious for your liking, but you suppose you can’t exactly help it. “I know you men are in a hurry. Thought I’d…speed up the process.”
Clyde studies you for a moment, smirk fading as his eyes flick across your face. Maybe he suspects a lie, but you know better than to try and pull a fast one on either of them.
And after a moment, he nods, grabbing the cigarette before tossing it to the floor. “Yeah? Go on, then,” he instructs, although the gun remains cocked and aimed now at your chest. “Call your pretty boy. Tell him he’s got visitors.”
With shaking hands, you do as asked, reaching once again for the telephone.
The men lock eyes for a moment until Harry nods and begins to make his way around the desk, stopping right beside your chair.
You freeze as he reaches for the phone as well, beating you to it as he picks it up and hands it to you.
You take in the rather striking green in his pointed gaze as you take the object from him, fingers brushing his ever so gently as a chill runs down your spine.
There’s a moment of silence as you stare at each other, his smile wicked and stance threatening before he places his hand on the edge of the desk and bends down, the smell of his cologne making its way to your nose.
“I’m gonna watch you dial,” he tells you. “Make sure you keep your word. Okay, Kitten?”
If you weren’t so gosh darn scared, you’d quip that you don’t exactly have a choice, but choose to nod instead as you begin dialing Johnny’s number on the rotary phone, the familiar dial tone a lot more ominous under these terrifying circumstances.
Both men watch you closely as you wait for your sweet Johnny’s voice. A sound you find you need more than anything. The need to know he’s coming for you. To save you.
However, his voice never comes, leaving your heart to sink to the floor. He must not be home, which hopefully means he’s on his way.
But he should already be here, you think. After all, where else could he possibly be on Christmas Eve?
After a few more moments, you realize he won’t be answering, and disappointed, you lower the phone from your ear as you look between the strangers cautiously.
“He…he must already be on his way,” you whisper, slowly returning the handle to its cradle. You’re sure not to make any sudden moves, as the gun is still aimed in your direction, but the men don’t seem too upset with this reveal.
In fact, Clyde seems rather pleased, now walking around the desk to join you and Harry on the other side.
Your heart sinks.
He lowers the gun ever so slightly, but you keep on eye on it, anyhow, incredibly weary of his intentions and that damn smile he’s so proudly sporting.
“How much…are you willing to bet on your precious fiancé, hm?” he asks you as he sits on the edge of the table. “How sure are you that he’s gonna come save you tonight?”
You’re trapped between them now. One on either side. Nowhere to go. And you wish more than anything that you could just melt into the chair, or scream for help, or even find the strength to physically fight your way free.
But you just have to hold on a bit longer.
Johnny will come.
He will.
“He will,” you say aloud as confidently as possible. “I’m incredibly sure.”
Clyde’s eyebrow lifts as he studies you once again. “Is that right, Mama?”
"It is."
Once again, the room grows quiet, not even the sound of the ticking clock enough to break the tension.
“Fine,” Clyde declares, now straightening up as he glances at his friend. “I’ll make you a deal, then, yeah? For each minute he’s late…I’ll put an extra bullet through his fucking brain.”
Your stomach drops to your toes, skin suddenly hot and prickly, and you’re tempted to cry but you force yourself to remain unfazed. “And why would you do that if you need him so badly?”
Harry and Clyde exchange a small chuckle, although you don’t see what’s so funny, and you nearly huff at their flippant behavior.
“I don’t need your precious Johnny,” Clyde finally answers coolly. “I just need what’s in his safe.”
It takes a moment for this to register with you but once you realize that these greedy men are putting both their lives at risk over some money…you nearly lose it.
“Oh, how pathetic,” you scoff as your head flicks between them. “He won’t give you a damn thing and you have no business—”
However, you don’t get a chance to finish your furious scolding before Clyde is standing abruptly and wrapping his fingers around your upper arm.
He yanks you from your seat, shoving you back against the bookcase along the wall as he leans in, nose nearly brushing yours.
“I’d be careful how you fucking talk to me, Mama,” he seethes quietly. “Because you might not get the chance to do it again.”
The cadence of his voice is virile and threatening, his breathing heavy, and nostrils flaring as he remains in your personal space to nail his point.
So, you do the only thing you can think of.
You spit.
It just misses his eye, landing firmly on his cheek, but the second the contact is made, you know he’s furious.
And you couldn’t care less.
His hand immediately leaves your arm to grab your throat, forcing your jaw up and your eyes on him as you suck in a sharp breath.
“You filthy fucking bitch,” he whispers, but his lip quirks up in a smirk. “S’that how you wanna play? Hm? You wanna be bad? Test my patience?”
“Kasper,” Harry suddenly calls from behind you, a semblance of warning in his voice. “Relax, all right? We need her.”
“Mm,” Clyde hums, eyes falling over your features slowly. “No, see…what I need…is for her to keep this pretty, little mouth shut. Otherwise…I’ll have to shut it for her. And wouldn’t that be such a shame?”
You want to be scared. And you are…but you aren’t about to let them know that. Because that’s exactly what they want. They want you to be so scared that you just give up. And maybe in the past, you would have, but you decide right here and now that you will no longer be helpless.
You’ll be their worst fucking nightmare.
“Maybe…if you knew how,” you retort, straightening up despite his grip.
You notice Harry glance down at the floor, attempting to hide his smile as Clyde observes you for a moment, seeming to process this remark as that damned grin of his returns and he chuckles.
Then…his fingers tighten, the pressure almost unbearable. “I guess I could always just squeeze this pretty neck to keep you quiet, yeah? Feel your pulse race beneath my fingertips. Feel the life drain from your body. Watch the light go out in your eyes.”
You feel your head begin to spin, lungs struggling to find air, but his grip remains.
His head tilts as he watches your eyes glaze over. “Or I could put my gun in your mouth. See how chatty you are then, yeah, Mama?”
“But without your gun, how will everyone know you have such a tiny cock?” you ask innocently as his eyes narrow and Harry chuckles.
Clyde glances over his shoulder at the sound, huffing a bit as he grumbles, “Something fucking funny?”
Harry clears his throat and shakes his head once. “Yeah. Think it’s funny how you said Johnny would be here and he’s not.”
He’s looking at you now, indicating the response is yours to answer, and you swallow.
“He’ll be here,” you repeat. “All right? He will.”
“See…you keep saying that,” Harry muses, pushing off the desk to join the two of you still trapped against the bookshelf. “And yet…your noble fiancé still isn’t here to save you.”
“Are you afraid?” Clyde whispers as they both begin to cage you against the wall. “Hm? Are you afraid your precious Johnny won’t be able to keep you safe from the bad men?”
“Or maybe you’re afraid he can’t pay up,” Harry adds, head dipping until you can smell the whiskey on his breath. “And maybe he has to find another way.”
“You gonna be our other way, Mama?” Clyde murmurs, nose brushing your cheek as his voice slips like silk directly into your ear. “You gonna be our consolation prize?”
Your lashes flutter as you will your confidence to remain despite their intimidation tactics and malicious taunts. 
However, just before they’re afforded the chance to say anything else, the sound of footsteps begins to echo out in the hall, signaling someone's presence as they grow louder and louder the closer they get.
It has to be. You need it to be.
Harry and Clyde both move away from you, exchanging another glance before Clyde grabs your arm once again and forces you away from the bookcase and back down into the chair.
“You’re gonna sit here, and you’re gonna keep your fucking mouth shut,” he tells you softly, hissing the instruction into your ear just as the door swings open and Johnny walks in.
There’s your sight for sore eyes, you think with relief as he begins to look around the room.
He seems stunned, taking a moment to assess your position and the current situation before he straightens up and smiles.
“Mr. Kasper, Mr. Styles,” he greets as he begins to take off his hat and coat. “What a pleasant surprise. And I see you’ve met my lovely fiancé.”
Truth be told, you hadn’t expected him to grab them by their collars and throw them out the window but you certainly hadn’t expected him to welcome them in with open arms. Two strange men are alone with his future wife in his office in the middle of the night and that doesn’t even concern him a little?
“We’re here to discuss a bit of unfinished business,” Clyde replies, offering what you recognize as a fake smile as he moves the gun subtly behind his back. “We’ve been expecting you.”
“Ah, I see,” Johnny sighs. “Well, fellas, can’t it wait until after Christmas? It’s been a long night and I do need to be getting the lovely lady home for the evening.”
Sensing this might be your only opportunity to get away, or at least move away from these awful men, you quickly stand from the chair. However, you don’t make it very far when Harry’s hand comes down firmly onto your shoulder, shoving you back into the seat.
“I’m afraid the lady…isn’t going anywhere,” he says resolutely as you gasp.
You can practically feel the wind knocked from your lungs, mostly from his touch but ever so slightly from the fear. Johnny finally begins to look confused and concerned while Clyde quickly shoots Harry a rather strange look, eyes narrowed, and lips pursed as if upset.
But Harry merely raises his eyebrow, possibly questioning the expression before Clyde scoffs under his breath and looks back to Johnny.
“Why don’t you have a seat?” Clyde calls, nodding his chin toward the chairs placed opposite the desk. Not exactly a request.
And poor Johnny doesn’t quite seem to understand, head rolling to the side as he glances between the visitors. “Look, fellas, whatever business you have I’m sure can wait until—”
Just as you’d expected, Clyde retrieves the gun from where he’d had it tucked into his belt and raises it into the air at the same time that Harry does the same, pulling out his own weapon as they both aim them straight at Johnny’s head.
You feel your heart leap into your throat as Johnny’s eyes widen, studying the guns carefully before slowly letting his gaze find you.
You try to communicate with him somehow, try to tell him that it’ll be okay, that you’ll be okay, but he doesn’t look at you long enough to notice.
“Have a fucking seat,” Clyde repeats, a bit brasher now, and leaving no room for confusion about his intentions.
Johnny obeys, walking over to the desk hesitantly, eyes on Clyde as he does so. “I’d be careful waving those things around…somebody might get hurt.”
“Oh, I’m fucking counting on it,” Harry retorts as he nods at you. “So, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.“
This forces Johnny to look at you, too, the fear a bit stronger now, and you squeeze your hands together.
It’s gonna be okay.
Once Johnny is sat, Clyde grabs the second chair to the right and spins it around before placing himself down in a straddle.
“Now…” he begins as he lets both hands (and the gun) dangle casually over the back of the seat. “Where’s the safe, Johnny?”
Johnny swallows, focus on the gun. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Clyde smirks. “Sure you do. Down at the club, you said you just got a new safe to hold everything from your latest shipment. Practically bragged about it to the whole goddamn bar, yeah? So…where is it, hm?”
Now, you find your interest peaked, watching closely as Johnny contemplates his answer. You’ve never really known for sure where he gets all his money. You assumed he made most of it from alcohol sales but…you can’t figure out what shipment they might be referring to.
Johnny suddenly looks up. “And what exactly is it you expect to get out of my safe, Mr. Kasper?”
Clyde leans forward, smirk returning to his lips as he whispers, “Everything.”
The tense room is silent for only a moment before Johnny scoffs. “And you think I’d give you a damn penny?” he sneers. “You think you can storm into my office on Christmas Eve and threaten me? Threaten my fiancé? You’ll be arrested before morning, and you’ll never see a fucking red cent.”
You’re terrified to see how Clyde will react, but he doesn’t seem too deterred as he smiles and lifts the gun into the air, aiming it just to the right of Johnny’s head before…he shoots.
The sound is almost deafening, and you hear yourself let out a shriek as the bullet nearly grazes Johnny’s ear and becomes lodged in the wall behind him.
Johnny flinches, eyes squeezing shut and shoulders tensing before he takes a deep breath and straightens up, now pretty smug himself. “You missed.”
Clyde runs his tongue over his lips and shakes his head once. “No. I never fucking miss. That’s your first warning.” He suddenly stands from the chair, tossing it aimlessly to the side. “Where’s the fucking safe, Johnny?”
“Eat my shit.”
You imagine Johnny hoped to shift the power, but you already know Clyde won’t be so easily swayed.
Not until Harry suddenly reaches out for you, yanking you to your feet as he wraps his arm around your stomach to pull you tight against his chest. Next thing you know, you feel the barrel of the gun pressing into your temple as your breath hitches and all eyes turn to you.
Johnny is terrified but Clyde…is outraged.
"The fuck are you doing?" he hisses at his partner, fingers tightening around his own weapon. 
You’re surprised by how livid he seems, having assumed this would have always been their plan. But Clyde’s reaction suggests it might not have been, and the longer he glares at Harry, the more irate he seems to become.
“Where is it?” Harry barks to Johnny, ignoring Clyde’s question as he presses the gun further into your skin until you squirm. “Huh? Where the fuck is it?”
“Styles,” Clyde warns under his breath, jaw beginning to clench.
But Harry doesn’t afford him a glance, crazed eyes trained on the man in the chair. “Where is it? Or do you need a little incentive, huh? Need to see her pretty brains all over your goddamn floor?”
“Hey,” Clyde snaps, fingers tightening around his weapon as Harry finally ventures a look over. “Stick to the fucking plan, all right?”
But still, Harry ignores the instruction, arm around your stomach tightening until you can hardly breathe. You gasp, desperately, heart racing as all three men remain frozen to their spots.
Finally, fed up and furious, Harry releases your frigid body, shoving you forward as you stumble and crash to the ground. Johnny quickly stands, attempting to reach for you just as Harry cocks the gun and aims it at his head. 
“The safe,” he says simply just as you’re yanked back onto your feet. By Clyde. “Now.”
But before they can move, you shove yourself free of Clyde’s touch and lunge into Johnny’s arms, face burying into his chest as you fight the tears that have been desperately aching to fall all evening.
“My love,” you hear him whisper as he holds your shaking body. “It’s gonna be all right, I promise.”
You nod, finally looking up with a sniffle as you slip your arms around his neck. “I know.”
He looks up, eyes finding Harry’s. “If you need money so fucking badly, there are plenty of other ways—”
The gun fires before he’s even finished his sentence, the loud cracking making you jump once again as a painting that had been hanging on the wall falls to the ground. Another warning shot.
“Johnny,” you whisper instantly, refusing to let this go on any longer. Any further. “Tell them. Please. Please just tell them. I don’t care about the money, I love you. I don’t…I can’t lose you, so please. Please, just tell them.”
You feel him take a deep breath, fingers tight around your waist as the room seems to wait for his final decision.
He remains silent, still contemplating the choice as you glance back at the two dangerous men, just to make sure Harry doesn’t attempt to shoot off Johnny’s tie as his next trick before looking back up at your fiancé.
“Please,” you mouth.
A beat.
Johnny’s teeth grit. “Under the desk.”
Both men turn to look as Harry steps closer to the table, eyeing it suspiciously. “Fucking where?”
Clyde looks to Johnny, tsking as he lifts the gun. “I promise you don’t want to lie to me.”
You feel Johnny tense beneath your touch, but his placid expression remains put. “Under the desk,” he repeats, thrusting his chin toward the large piece of furniture.
Now they understand, but before they do any investigating, Clyde is reaching for your arm to force you out of Johnny’s embrace and keep you as leverage.
“Show me,” he hisses to Johnny, ushering him forward with the barrel of the gun. “Don’t be dense.”
Johnny quickly sends you a pained look, but you merely nod once, letting him know it’s gonna be okay.
With that, Harry moves to the side as Johnny grabs the edge of the heavy desk and begins to pull it back, the sound of wood scraping against wood rather loud as you wince from your place beside Clyde.
Once it’s been relocated beneath the window, you notice a particular part of the floor is jutting out, the wooden board rather askew.
You, Harry, and Clyde all lean forward as Johnny bends down, wrenches the board up and reveals the hollow hiding place beneath the floor.
Where a black box lies.
He glances at Clyde (and the gun), looking for approval to proceed, and Clyde purses his lips and nods as Johnny reaches out for the combination lock and begins to spin it around.
And after a couple seconds of clicking and turning…the door swings open.
You’d begun to wonder if he’d maybe find a secret gun in the safe but unfortunately, that that doesn’t seem to be the case as Johnny leans back, allowing the two strangers to step closer.
Clyde eyes your fiancé carefully for a moment, perhaps in an effort to see if he’ll try and pull a fast one while their backs are turned, but poor Johnny looks like he’s given up as he slumps toward the desk.
So, the two men return their attention to the safe and everything it holds, from jewels, and gold, and cash to anything else you might desire.
You’re a tad surprised Johnny’s never mentioned how many valuable items he’s had in this very room all this time. You wonder if he’s merely humble or if he simply just doesn’t have a need for such luxuries. 
Harry crouches down, greedy hands reaching inside as he grabs stacks of cash and gold bars. He begins lifting them out and placing them on the floor beside him, but with how much has actually accumulated in the safe, it takes him about five minutes to collect everything and place it in a scattered pile. 
His eyes practically glow every time he retrieves a new jewel or bag of coins, and even Clyde looks a tad impressed as he watches his partner gather everything together.
And as they look on, Clyde’s hand slips from your arm, setting you free as you quickly exhale a relieved breath and rush to Johnny, slipping back into his embrace as he buries his lips into the crown of your head. 
Once everything has been removed from the safe and placed on the ground, Harry grins and looks up at Clyde. “S’fucking mental.”
Clyde’s brows furrow in thought as his head begins to tilt. “Yeah. It’s a good start, Johnny boy.” He turns to the window, eyes flicking between you both. “Now where’s the rest of it?”
Confused, you glance up at Johnny, who frowns. “I don’t know what you mean. That’s all of it.”
Clyde’s lips pull back in a devious smirk as he takes a step toward you both, Johnny’s arm instinctively wrapping a bit tighter as he pulls you away. “Oh, come on now. You know what I want. And you’re gonna fucking give it to me. Isn’t he, Mama?”
He looks to you.
You swallow.
You’re not exactly sure what Clyde’s referring to, but Johnny seems to, and with this threat, his expression falls. 
“No,” he seethes quietly. “You can have everything else, but you leave that alone.”
His defiance strikes a nervous pang into your chest, now terrified for your lover as your fingers tangle in his shirt to capture his attention.
“Johnny,” you whisper pleadingly, desperate to have him just obey so these awful men will leave.
Unfortunately for you, however…Clyde notices, his amusement returning as he chuckles. “Your darling fiancé is scared, Johnny. You don’t wanna save her?” He takes a step. “Or is it that you can’t?”
He’s mocking you both and your eyes narrow at the faux sincerity in his voice.
“You could,” he continues. “You could end this all right fucking now. And all you gotta do…is tell me where it is.”
Fed up and terrified, you turn to Johnny, reaching up to clutch his cheeks between your palms as you turn his face to yours.
“Please, Johnny,” you whisper urgently, leaning closer in an attempt to conceal the conversation from the two men who chuckle at your attempt. “Please. I’m scared, and I’m tired, and I don’t care about what you have or what you don’t have. I just want you. I want these awful men to go away, and I want you.”
He’s quiet for a moment, eyes softening as you finally lean forward…and kiss him.
Because something tells you…it might be your last.
Normally, you might feel uncomfortable at such a public display of affection, especially in front of the likes of Harry and Clyde, but right now…you can’t seem to find it in you to care.
You bring Johnny as close as you can, humming against his lips, his soft skin familiar under your fingertips as his hands find your waist. You try to tell him everything you never got to say through this kiss. And you can only hope he understands.
After a moment, you finally pull back, releasing him regretfully as you whisper once more, “Please, Johnny.”
His forehead finds yours. He breathes. He contemplates. But he doesn’t concede.
Finally, Clyde seems to decide he’s had enough, and he scoffs as he reaches for you, fingers weaving in your roots as he tugs you back, your heels catching on the floor as he forces you away from Johnny.
Your back meets his chest as his nose presses to your cheek, breathing heavily as you feel the barrel of the weapon meet your temple once more.  
“All right,” he hisses, despite your gasping and Johnny’s clenched jaw. “You’re gonna tell me where it is…or you’re gonna watch me make her bleed. S’that fucking understood, Johnny boy?”
Johnny’s fingers pull into a fist as your chest heaves, lashes fluttering with desperation as Clyde keeps you planted against his body.
“So, which will it be, hm?” he murmurs, the gun now digging into your skin as you choke on a whine, squirming some at the discomfort.
Johnny’s eyes flick down to the weapon and you imagine he’s considering attempting to wrestle it away but you quickly purse your lips, silently pleading with him to just comply.
As the tense seconds tick by, Clyde grows more and more impatient, now releasing his hold on your hair only to sweep it off your shoulder and down your back. He takes a deep breath, nose still pressed firmly to your jaw as a chill runs down your spine.
His lips ghost your ear as his eyes meet Johnny’s and you wonder if all three of them can hear how fast your heart is beating.
“Look at him,” Clyde whispers to you. “Go on, Mama. Just look at your pathetic excuse for a man.”
You swallow, attempting to remain indifferent, but you know Clyde sees right through you.
“Do you really think he cares about you?” he continues tauntingly. “Do you really think…he’ll choose your life over his own?”
“Let her go,” Johnny suddenly seethes, and in retaliation, the gun begins to travel down the side of your jaw and toward your neck before slipping below your chin to tilt your head up by the barrel.
“Since your precious Johnny won’t make a decision, I’ll leave it up to you,” Clyde says softly. “So, tell me, Mama. Would you rather I make him watch me blow your pretty little brains all over the goddamn floor? Or would you rather I make him watch me take you? All for myself?”
“Enough,” Johnny growls, to which Clyde only smirks.
You don’t respond, figuring the question was rather rhetorical and as you shake against Clyde’s body, Johnny finally seems to cave.
He straightens up, sighing as his eyes trail to his left, landing on the photo of you and him that he always keeps on his desk.
The three of you freeze as you look down as well.
“Where?” Harry hisses impatiently, raising his own weapon and aiming it at Johnny’s chest. “Huh? Where?”
“The picture,” Johnny reiterates, nodding toward it. “It’s…it’s in the picture.”
Curious but pleased, Harry begins to reach for it just as Clyde shoves you out of the way and outstretches his hand, plucking the picture frame from the desk just before Harry can reach it.
Johnny quickly grasps onto your arm to steady you, and you smile gratefully before turning your attention to the men now huddling around that familiar photo.
Clyde glances up at you for a moment before slipping the picture frame around and sliding the back of the glass off.
And there, sitting snug against that old photograph…is the biggest fucking diamond you’ve ever seen.
And surrounding this diamond are about hundreds of tinier diamonds and rubies and crystals arranged in a delicate but exquisite pattern to make up one of the most beautiful necklaces you’ve ever laid eyes on.
It practically sparkles under the dim office lights as all four of you keep your eyes on the dainty piece of jewelry in Clyde’s large hands.
He lifts it from the frame, holding it in the air for a moment as he examines it, and Harry begins to grin like the Cheshire cat.
This is what they came for.
You realize it then, both terrified and relieved that this nightmare can finally be over.
“You got what you want,” you hear Johnny hiss. “All right? Now go.”
Clyde nods once as he lowers the necklace and looks over at the tall man, his signature smug disposition returning. “You’re right. We did, didn’t we?”
He looks to you.
And you smile.
You waste no more time as you quickly lift the gun Clyde had discreetly and secretly slipped into your hand a few moments ago and aim it at Johnny’s head.
In a matter of seconds, Johnny begins to register the action, eyes widening as you step back and smile at him. You wonder for just a moment if you’ll feel any remorse for the deception you’ve put him through for the past few months.
But as your gazes meet…you realize you feel nothing but liberation.
You watch him put it together. Realize you’re not who you said you were. Realize his fate.
The shot echoes throughout the room, somehow louder and more permanent than the last two that were fired in this room.
Johnny falls to the ground, blood tricking down his cheek and onto his clean, white shirt as silence settles between the three remaining.
You’d bought him that shirt.
And you smile a bit wider as you watch the life drain from his face.
It’s over.
Clyde is absolutely beaming with pride as he looks over at you. The woman he loves. The woman he fucking adores, holding his gun in your hand as the man that had caused you both so much pain and agony now lays on the ground by your feet. 
If Clyde had had it his way, Johnny would have been dead months ago.
But you’d convinced him that Johnny would be much more helpful alive than he would be dead.
And you’re happy to see you were right.
After all, Johnny never would have given up the location of his prized possessions if you hadn’t put in so much time and effort to gain his trust. His affection. In fact, the only reason this entire plan worked so perfectly in the first place is because you’d managed to do what Clyde declared you couldn’t:
Make Johnny fall in love with you.
It bothered the ever-loving shit out of Clyde, though. He despised seeing the love of his life in the arms of another man. Or having to watch you kiss him. Or touch him. Or tell him you loved him. All these months apart nearly drove him mad…but clearly, it was worth the wait.
You’ve done it. Together. Gotten what you’d come for and now—now…it’s finally over. And you can go home. Flee this fucking town and start your lives together.
“The fuck…is going on?” Harry suddenly bellows from his side of the room, and you’re reminded of the last remaining obstacle.
Harry Styles.
He hadn’t been informed of your involvement. After all, it was none of his goddamn business. He was only ever Clyde’s pawn, even if he was led to believe he was an equal partner.
But Harry was never a partner. And he was certainly never getting half.
You hand the gun back to Clyde, who tucks it behind his belt with a chuckle. “Come on, mate,” he teases mockingly. “Did you really think I’d give you shit?”
Harry’s response is to lift his own weapon without a second thought, lining the barrel up with Clyde’s head as he scoffs, “You bet your fucking ass I did. Half that shit is mine, Kasper. Unless you’d prefer I take it all.”
You work to fight a smirk, glancing down at the floor as the meaningless threat dangles in the air.
Nobody knows Clyde the way you do. And unfortunately for Harry, he has no fucking clue who he’s dealing with.
You look to Clyde as he glances over at you, exchanging a knowing look of love and amusement and my god does it feel good to look at your Clyde again.
You’ve hated having to run into Johnny’s arms. Hated kissing him when you’d rather be kissing your true lover. But it had to be done. It had to. And now? Well, now you can remind him exactly how much you love him. No more hiding, no more lying, and no more games.
With a snort, Clyde reaches for a bag that you’d previously tucked into the corner as he shoves the diamond necklace into his pocket. “Look, Styles. You did a fine job. Did what I asked. But now it’s over, yeah? And if I were you…I’d run on home to my mommy before you get hurt.”
You watch Harry’s expression twist into one of exasperation and disgust as Clyde begins shoving the cash and gold bars into the duffel bag.
And the moment his back is turned, Harry lunges for you, wrapping his arm around your middle for a second time as he drags you toward the door to the office, gun aimed at Clyde threateningly. “Think I’ll take this for my prize instead.”
Clyde straightens up slowly. His jaw is tense, eyes narrowed, and chest beginning to rise and fall quickly.
He’d had one rule for Harry before they left earlier tonight. 
The girl was not to be touched.
Clyde had made that abundantly clear. You were to remain untouched by anybody else but him. You were his hostage. His bargaining chip. Not Harry’s.
And now what is Harry doing?
He’s fucking touching you.
For a second time, actually, and you can see that Clyde is about ready to lose his fucking cool the way he’s been desperate to all night.
He’d had to remain indifferent the first time it happened, but now?
Now he’s fucking done.
Your eyes meet his. You’re not scared. You’re not even interested. Bored, if anything. Harry doesn’t scare you. He never has. Because Clyde will stop at nothing to protect you and really…it’s Harry’s funeral.
“Hand me the fucking bag, Kasper,” Harry calls in a threatening growl, fingers digging into your hip before he places the barrel of the gun under your jaw. “Right now, or she’s done.”
Clyde regards him carefully, teeth gritting together as he attempts to control his rage. You’re quite proud of him, if you’re being honest, seeing as you know how…difficult Clyde can be.
He takes a step forward, duffel bag secure in his hand as Harry nods his approval.
“And the fucking necklace, too,” Harry adds as Clyde takes another step.
And another.
Slowly. Deliberately.
You know he’s running through his options. You also know that he’d trade the money and jewels for you in a heartbeat but Harry is dumb and slow which means he’ll do exactly what Clyde expects him to.
And he does.
The moment his hold on you loosens so he can grab the bag that Clyde is outstretching to him, Clyde reaches for Harry’s wrist with his other hand, twists it backward toward his arm, and yanks him forward.
Then, he sends his fist straight into Harry’s nose.
Harry’s head is thrown back from the force, and within that time, Clyde retrieves his gun from his belt and you reach for Harry’s, slipping it from his grasp.
In unison, you both point and aim the weapons at Harry’s skull.
The room stills, the sound of Harry’s grunting and heavy breathing growing louder as the blood begins to drip down his chest.
“Go,” Clyde grumbles under his breath, sneaking a sideways glance at you. “Window. Now.”
You don’t move. “No, you need help—”
“It wasn’t a fucking question,” he retorts rather furiously. “All right? I don’t need help, I need you out of here. Grab the fucking bag and go. I’ll take care of him and meet you in the alleyway.”
Your lips purse but you suppose you can’t exactly argue with him. In fact, you never can. “Clyde—”
“I said—“ he begins again when the sound of the door opening pulls their attention from Harry.
“I’m…I’m sorry, I heard a noise,” he calls cautiously before looking down at the floor.
Your heart skips. You hadn’t meant to involve Milton in this mess. You like him. In fact, he’s practically the only man in this entire fucking building you actually liked to see when you came into work.
You watch him put the pieces together. The blood running down Harry’s face. His beloved boss, dead on the floor.
The guns in both of your hands.
He looks at you.
And you can’t exactly find anything to say.
He steps back as you hear Clyde growl under his breath, clearly annoyed by the interruption but you’re more concerned with Milton’s reaction than anything else.
Clyde swings the weapon around until he can point it at Milton, whose eyes grow wide as you quickly reach out to shove Clyde’s wrist out of the way, forcing the barrel to the wall. 
“No,” you whisper. “Not him.”
Clyde’s jaw nearly drops. “What—”
“Not him,” you repeat firmly, offering a pointed stare that only he’ll be able to decipher.
A few seconds tick by, quiet and filled with tension, but eventually, Clyde scoffs again and brings the barrel back to Harry.
You glance over your shoulder to see Milton’s look of surprise. You imagine he’s going to run back into the bar and call for help. Perhaps send the rest of the employees in to keep you contained until the police arrive.
What you don’t imagine happening is exactly what happens next.
“Five minutes,” Milton murmurs softly. “I’ll give you five minutes.”
Your brows raise as you realize what he means but before you can even thank him, he’s disappearing into the hallway and returning to the bar.
You don’t have a lot of time now as you turn back to the two men, noticing the way Harry continues to cup his face in the palms of his hands and curse.
Nodding his chin at the bag once again, Clyde meets your eye and offers a silent promise that has you smiling. Then, he bends down toward Harry, weaves his fingers in the British man’s curls, and yanks his head up.
Harry winces but his aggravated glare remains put as he stares at him.
“I said…” Clyde whispers maliciously as he buries the barrel of the gun deep in Harry’s chest. “…don’t fucking touch her.”
And with that…the fourth and final shot.
The sound bounces around the walls of the large office as Clyde then shoves him backward, watching him stumble before falling to the ground as the blood slowly seeps through his shirt, effectively drenching it.
Clyde straightens up, turning to you with a satisfied smile that you can’t help but return. This is your favorite thing about him. His thrill. The look on his face after a job. The look on his face when he meets your eye. The way he loves you.
Things move quickly. Clyde reaches for the window to wrestle it up as you retrieve the duffel bag and scurry to his side. Once everything is ready, you lift the edge of your dress as Clyde takes your hand and helps you over the ledge until you can drop down to the ground outside.
He’s quick to follow, and the moment his feet hit the ground, you both begin to run. You can hear the sound of sirens in the distance, and while you might feel a bit of panic at the impending consequences, you somehow feel alive. 
After all…this is everything you’d wanted. And you have it.
And you have him.
You slip through the shadows of town, through the cold air and dark night until you find your sanctum in the dark alleyway Clyde had previously mentioned just in the nick of time. 
You feel the surge of adrenaline through your veins as you stop to take a deep breath, laughing a bit at your victory as you put a hand over your heart.
Clyde, however, isn’t as quick to revel in the success, head peeking around the corner as he watches for anything unusual, like a police vehicle that goes flying down the street before pulling into The Bees Knees.
He’s on edge. Alert. Ready to run again and while you admire his practiced precision, you can’t help but hope to put it to better use. 
You drop the bag onto the concrete and make your way for him, palms on his cheeks to pull his attention back to you as he grunts.
“What? What are you—” he begins but before he can ask the rather idiotic question, you’re kissing him.
Because you haven’t gotten to kiss him in months and my god have you missed the taste. The feel. The pit in your stomach, the way it drops to your fucking toes when he groans in the back of his throat, wraps his arms around your hips, and tugs you into his chest. Or the way he cups your cheek before grasping the back of your neck to claim you.
Having to kiss Johnny all this time was nearly torture. Sure, he was handsome, but he wasn’t your Clyde. It hurt you just as much as it hurt him to know it was happening. To know he had to say goodbye to you so you could finally get what you both wanted.
And now you can leave this god-forsaken town and start over. 
What was only meant to be a tender, loving kiss goes south rather quickly when he takes your body in his hands and spins you around.
You’re pressed to the brick wall, cheek taut with the cold and rough surface as you gasp, palms coming up to help brace you.
You feel his fingers traveling down your spine before fisting in the material of your dress so he can lift it and bunch it up around your waist, revealing your body to him.
The only thing he’s wanted for months.
“You filthy fucking thing,” he whispers, rather delightedly as he ghosts his lips over the outer shell of your ear. “Look at you.”
He finds the material of your underwear and tears it down your legs, and you can’t help but shiver as the frosty air hits your thighs, but the feel of his hands makes it all worthwhile.
“Just dripping for me.” You feel the tips of his fingers begin to travel up the length of your skin. “Power makes you weak, doesn’t it, Mama?”
“Yes,” you whisper. You feel more desperate than you ever have in your entire life. “Yes, Clyde, please—”
His hands tangle in your hair, yanking your head back just to hear you choke on a whine. “Don’t fucking rush me. Waited months for this…gonna take my time on you. And you’re gonna like it.”
And you don’t doubt that you will.
You nod fervently as the sound of the metal clasp on his leather belt echoes through the alleyway. You’re practically shaking with desperation just from the thought as your fingernails begin to scrape down the brick.
He fists his cock in one hand and readjusts your dress in the other. You hear him mumble something under his breath, you’re not sure what, but you don’t even care. You’re just…you’re ready. Which you also imagine is what he truly adores the most about you. The way you’re so ready for him. So needy, and pathetic, and all his.
Normally, he’d take his time. He loves to make a show out of ruining you, but tonight? Tonight, there’s just no time. You both need it too badly. So, he kicks your feet apart, grabs your hip, and thrusts inside, burying to the hilt as you both let out a bawdy groan.
You almost feel the urge to cry at the feel. The stretch, the scratch, the need. Johnny was fine. Adequate. Made better when you imagined his hands as Clyde’s hands but now. It’s better than any imagination.
To your surprise, he stills. As if so overcome by the sensation that he’s not quite sure how to proceed. How to regain control of his own body.
You push back against his chest as a reminder that you’re here, fingers reaching back to find his hair and give it a subtle tug.
“All fucking night,” you hear him whisper before he pulls back and thrusts in once more. “Knew exactly what you were doing, didn’t you?”
 You’d smirk if you could. You did know what you were doing and you’re happy to see he noticed.
“Spitting in my fucking face,” he tisks. “Challenging me? Being a fucking brat? S’all cause you were so fucking needy for me, wasn’t it, Mama?”
“Maybe,” you whisper, a bit too overcome by this moment to find your voice. “And maybe I knew you’d like it.”
He chuckles, low and deep from the back of his throat. Sadistic. His fingers release the fabric of your dress until they can find the roots of your hair and yank your head back onto his shoulder as you pant.
“Is that right?” he asks you.
You smile weakly.
“Then say it,” he hisses when you don’t reply, and you already know exactly which button to push.
“Say what, hm? How good Johnny felt? How he fucked me? How he got so deep—”
His hand leaves your scalp to wrap around your throat, squeezing until your head spins and your eyes flutter shut. He fucks into you harder—angrier—until you’re choking on the sound of his name and nobody else’s.  
“You missed me,” he growls as he finds the tempo that leaves you shaking in his arms. “Missed me. Not him. Missed my cock. The way I fuck you. And you know it.”
You do know it. You do. Nothing will ever compare. Nothing will ever compete. He’s yours. Always. Eternally.
It’s slow and torturous the way he moves. The way he finds his pleasure. The way he gives you yours. He wants you to suffer the way he has all these months, and you can’t exactly blame him.
But you’re begging him, harder, faster, more in your mind as if he’ll actually hear you. 
“You love when I fuck you like this.” His nose presses to your cheek as he breathes, your delicate throat a plaything in his touch. “Love when I kill for you. Love when I make you mine—”
You gasp at the ecstasy, hardly able to hear him, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Love me,” he murmurs, and you just about melt into the concrete.
“Yes, Clyde, please,” you beg as his fingers suddenly snap around your neck.
“Quiet,” he commands, glancing toward the street just to make sure the police haven’t found their way here. “You fucking know better than that. You’ll take me and you’ll do it quietly. Understood?”
Your response is to whimper as your nails scratch down the brick walls of the alley.
He grasps onto your jaw, forcing your head to the side. “I said, is that fucking understood?”
“I thought you said to be quiet,” you remind him, rather smugly, and you hear him scoff.
“Oh, is that how you wanna play it?” He releases your throat to take your hips and spin you around quickly between thrusts. Then, he moves back between your legs, hikes your thigh around his waist, and drives back in.
Your head drops back against the wall as you groan, eyes rolling back before you find yourself again. “What…what are—”
“Had to see you,” he grits, forehead finding yours as his arm wraps around to back to hoist you higher. “Had to see this fucking bratty face as I ruined you.”
You’d smile if he wasn’t so determined to make you fall apart, a whine slipping between your lips as his hips snap forward.
After a moment, he releases your leg to find the top of your dress, grasping onto the fabric before ripping it down to reveal your chest. 
You can tell he’s been wanting to do this all night. And you’re not a fool. You know your tits look rather exceptional in this dress. Exactly the reason you’d worn it. Not because Johnny loves you in red.
But because Clyde deserved to look at something pretty.
The cold air meets your skin with unforgiving fervor, and you squirm against the brick as Clyde’s eyes fall to the ripped fabric laying so pathetically on your chest.
His head dips, mouth leaving open and sloppy kisses to the beautiful pair before him as his tongue strokes the hardened nipples rather respectfully considering the circumstances.
You run a hand through his dark hair, feeling the way it moves like butter between your fingers. The way he hums against you. The way his lashes flutter.
You’ve missed this.
Suddenly, your grip tightens, yanking his head up until his lips meet yours. And you take. Take the taste of him, the taste of you, the taste of victory.
His hand comes to rest against the wall next to your head as he works to find the perfect rhythm again, your leg making sure to keep tight around his hip.
And as he grasps onto you, keeping you steady, you move your kisses to his throat, whispering, “Nobody, baby. Nobody feels like you do. Nobody.”
Your hands run down his strong back, feeling each muscle as it dips and flexes as he moves. Swallowing his grunts of pleasure and taking each scratch of his nails down your skin.
Johnny was beautiful but Clyde is a beast. You’ve never seen a man like this before—felt a man like this before. Every curve of his body is ethereal, every detail, every touch.
Your palms travel down his spine, lower and lower until you feel something familiar. Something intriguing.
Your smile returns when you realize, slipping it free from his belt with ease, and it’s firm in your hand as if it were made for it.
Clyde doesn’t seem to notice, or maybe he just doesn’t care with the way he’s so deep into you. Emotionally, physically…but he’s quite literally pulled from his trance when he feels the familiar cool touch of his gun sweeping across his jaw.
He hesitates as his eyes flick to yours but you’re too busy watching the barrel make its way across that beautiful face. 
After all, he got to have his fun this evening.
Now it’s your turn.
You bring it to a stop just under his chin, tilting his head up as he exhales a slow breath.
“Mama…” he warns but you only smirk.
This isn’t the first time the deadly weapon has made this an unofficial threesome but it’s certainly the first time you’ve been the one to wield it.
You hate guns…but you love Clyde’s. The way he holds it. The way he aims it. Handles it. The same way you want him to handle you.
Seeing him with it…seeing the way he controls it, controls a room, controls someone’s life…you can’t quite explain what it does to you. The way you turn into his pathetic little whore.
Although you’re not about to argue. 
And from the look in his eye, you can tell he adores seeing you hold his gun, too. Especially after watching you shoot Johnny tonight. He nearly took you right there on the desk and it’s a miracle he found a way to resist.
You pull your lip between your teeth as you keep the weapon taut to his clenched jaw, leaning forward ever so slightly to ghost your lips over his. “What’s the matter, Daddy? Does power make you weak?”
You can see the way his pupils nearly double in size, nostrils flaring as his chest heaves. 
So, you go in for the kill.
You lean back, fingers dancing over the trigger button, and meet his eye. Your tongue finds the weapon, tracing up the barrel as he seems to freeze in his spot.
You imagine he’s never seen something so erotic, and you’re delighted with the way you’ve stolen the power from him.
His eyes nearly roll back but you don’t look away. You’re slow. Meticulous. From top to bottom, licking until you reach the tip still tucked beneath his chin.
Then…you kiss him.
And he’s so overwhelmed that he growls into your mouth, hand moving to the back of your neck to squeeze. Keeping you close so he can devour you.
The weapon is lowered between your bodies, your focus now on something else entirely when you feel it suddenly snatched from your grasp.
You gasp in surprise but the air immediately vanishes from your lungs when you feel that same tip pressed tight to your clit.
The fucker.
The cold surface of the weapon against the warmest part of your body has you arching your back as you whimper. Clyde has the upper hand again and he’s not about to waste it, lips curling with satisfaction at the look on your face; fear, pleasure, euphoria.
You’ve never looked at another man the way you look at him and he knows it, not planning on wasting that privilege either. 
“Is this what you wanted?” he asks softly as he adds the slightest amount of pressure, and your whines increase. “All fucking night? The moment you saw me? Saw my gun? Wanted me to fuck you with it, didn’t you?”
Your nails begin to scratch down your own chest, needing something to ground you in this moment, and his response is to slide the weapon a bit further down your body. Desperate to see it glisten in you, and his smile widens when the moonlight catches the shimmer.
“Fucking looking at you,” he muses when you subconsciously begin to search for it, nearly grinding against it desperately. “So desperate to feel it. To be fucked by it. And what if I do, hm? What if I give you everything you want and fuck you with my gun right here in this alleyway?”
You wonder then how you’re meant to survive. Survive his touch, and his taunts, and his devious desires.
“I thought about it,” he admits quietly, nose brushing yours as he slips the soaked barrel back up your cunt. “Thought about ripping off this pathetic little dress and fucking you right in front of your precious fiancé.”
Oh, how you wish he had.
“You’d have liked that, wouldn’t you, Mama?” he taunts with a smug smile, fingers drumming against the handle. “I know you would. Would have loved to watch him watch me.”
And he’s not wrong. He hardly ever is when it comes to your darkest fantasies, but you can’t quite say you’re in the mood to feed his ego.
“But I decided I’d wait,” he finishes, now pulling the gun away from your dripping clit to leave you empty. “Because after all this time…I’m the only thing that gets to fill you tonight, yeah?”
You nod as he brings the gun back to your mouth, grin devious as he nods his chin at you.
You swipe your tongue all along the barrel, tasting every drop, swallowing ever indication of your need for him. And he’s so fucking proud of you. Grinning like the Cheshire cat at his girl. His.
The moment you’re done, he takes the gun and returns it to his belt, tucking it away safely. And you’re okay with that because the damn bastard is right again. You want to feel him more than anything else. Need to feel him.
So, you grasp onto his face and bring your lips to his, picking up right where you left off. Because as much as you love the power…you love the weakness more.
Well…at least when it comes to him.
He fills you exactly the way you need and you’re higher up that peak than ever before, wanting nothing more than to please him. To make his body shake with pleasure. You know he loves to watch you, watch anything you do, especially when you’re doing it for him.
You bring your hand to your chest, the tips of your fingers dancing along your sternum until you’ve captured his attention. He watches you cup your tit in the palm of your hand before tweaking the hardened nipple firmly. And you pant at the feel, back arching off the brick wall as he groans.
And he whimpers. 
And it’s so delicious to hear. To witness. The way he loses his goddamn mind over you. So, you continue on, hand falling down your stomach as his eyes remain glued to the motion. And he watches you take your clit between your fingers and pinch it exactly the way he likes.
That’s what sends him over. Watching you make yourself fall apart. Watching you slide your fingers through. Watching you whine his name while you do this to yourself.
He fills you as he moans, quickly dipping down to kiss you at the last minute, and you indulge in the way he claims you. 
After all…you’re all his to fill. To fuck. To taste.
You’re his.
You follow next, with his fingers scraping down your skin, his teeth on your lip, and him so deep inside you that you see stars.
It rips you apart the same way he ripped the dress. Makes your head spin, and toes curl, and makes everything make sense.
He goes harder. Keeps fucking into you as he grasps onto your wrist and forces your fingers into your cunt, making sure you feel everything. For as long as possible. Until you can’t even stand.
There’s a beautiful moment of silence as you both catch your breath. And just for a second, you forget the sirens just a block away. Forget that it’s cold. Forget everything…except each other.
Clyde got more than a diamond necklace tonight.
He got you back.
You sweep the hair off his forehead, attempting to groom the runaway strands so you can really see his eyes.
“I love you,” you tell him, something you’ve been desperate to do for months. “I fucking love you, Clyde.”
He smiles as he kisses you. Because he’s needed to hear it just as much as you’ve needed to say it. “I know, Mama.”
You eventually drop your leg back down to the floor, a bit sore and achy, but so pleased. And in a moment of rare tenderness, he straightens out the bottom of your dress before slipping his jacket down his arms and bringing it around your shoulders.
Mostly to keep you warm, but also to keep your naked and exposed chest away from any peeping eyes.
You grin as you snuggle further into the material, thankful for the heat, and you notice something shift in his eyes.
He reaches into his pants pocket to retrieve the very necklace that started this whole mess. He hadn’t told you about it. Just about the safe. And you’re beginning to realize why.
He presents it to you as your eyes widen, his grin growing three sizes as he reaches around your neck to clasp it shut.
You look down at it with awe, taking it between your fingers to admire the delicate jewels as you nearly gasp. 
“You like it?” he whispers, and you catch just a hint of trepidation.
You look up. Laugh. Giddily. “I fucking love it.”
Then, you fling your arms around his neck and kiss him once again. 
 And right as he begins to suck on your tongue and you consider going at it once more, the clock tower chimes—loudly—through the town.
You both turn toward the sound as his focused expression returns. “We need to go,” he declares before reaching down to grab the duffel back.
However, you only frown, because you can’t even fathom the thought of leaving this blissful moment behind. Not even when it’s all you’ve been working toward. You just want to stay. Forever. With him. In this alleyway. 
“Uh huh,” he quickly tisks when he notices. “Better not pout. Or Santa won’t come.”
“Santa already came,” you retort. “All down my leg.”
He rolls his eyes but presses a gentle kiss to your cheek, causing you to blush. Your pout now nowhere to be found.
Then…something strange. Something cold. Landing on your cheek and Clyde’s lips.
Falling. Over and over and over.
You look up into the dark sky as the snow begins to dance its way to the ground, settling quietly and magically over the quiet town. And sending the police away and the townspeople back into their warm homes.
It’s just you and Clyde now in this dark little alleyway.
And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
So, with a smile, Clyde gives you one last loving look. 
“Merry Christmas, Mama.”
Tumblr media
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shroombloomm · 10 days
SUNNY!! do you know that one photo of in a photobooth???
Tumblr media
this one?? what if harry brought the reader in there and they fuck 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
sorry this is late, but ofc photobooth harry is literally my brand. <3
cw: exhibitionist. fucking in small places. unprotected sex. drinking. things. lots of things. using older!h for this, so slight age gap (23 x 35)
Ever been surrounded by people dressed in Gucci? Neither had Y/N. Harry brought her to one of the Gucci parties for his latest release of the perfume he endorsed. Sticking out like a sore thumb was an understatement, she felt like everyone knew she didn't belong there.
Did she give a fuck? Mmm...not really.
The amount of drinks Alessandro had poured for her over the last couple hours had her so tipsy that Harry's corny jokes seemed a lot more funnier than they usually are.
Luckily, though, Harris had dressed her up in the best dress of the night, so really; did she stick out the much? Maybe with a drunk Harry that was wrapped around her arm, peppering sloppy wet kisses to her neck and shoulder each time that he got caught in a conversation. He didn't care who saw it, or if it ended up on social media, he wanted to make sure that his girl didn't feel left out.
Most parties they went too, she was always very bored, but this one was more up-beat; or maybe it was that Alessandro and Harris knew how to party, and knew how to get Harry out of his business shell he was always in with these kinds of parties. He never liked to get too drunk at places like this, just in case they made him give a speech of some kind, or say something for the brand.
But tonight was just about partying.
"--Two, one, shot!" Harris called out from beside them as they all downed another expensive shot of tequila, but it surprisingly didn't burn--maybe because they were already slightly drunk and their eyes were full to the brim with alcohol, making their bodies numb.
"Aye! Cheater, cheater!" Harry immediately stood from him seat with a cheeky grin, pushing the chestnut curls from his glistening forehead, "You didn't take the shot!"
"My sweet Apollo, I can do whatever the fuck I want," Alessandro sass'd as he flicked his locks off his shoulder with a crooked smile, "And mind you, I am the designated driver tonight, and you are all terribly drunk."
"He's got a point," She laughed out, maybe a little too hard, but she couldn't stop laughing to herself over Harry's swaying body and the way his shoulders slouched down in defeat, "Darling, please sit down, you're making a scene."
Harry beamed towards her, a smirk spread across his lips while his dimples displayed perfectly in his cheeks, "A scene? A scene?! I will show you a scene!" Harry called out to everyone in the near radius of them while he propped himself up on his chair, making himself ten times taller than anyone in the room.
"Harry!" She laughed out, watching the table erupt in laughter as he started to sing along to the music that bumped through the speakers, and really, only a few people noticed a drunken Harry singing loudly to Madonna as loud as he could.
"Like a virgin! Touched for the very first tiiimmeee!" Harry danced to himself, bouncing his hips as his hands ran down his long torso. She quickly stood to her feet, tears in her eyes from laughing as she grabbed his wrist and pulled down on it.
"Get down!"
Harry chuckled, not wanting to challenge his girlfriend as he stepped down messily from the chair, almost making the chair tip with him the minute he missed his step.
"You know what that man needs?" Harris wiped away the laughter from their face, "Water! Have you ever heard of that, Sue? Water! W-a-t-e-r!" They spelled out.
"Oh, fuck off, Harris, I know what water is. Cheeky fucker," Harry giggled to himself, slinking his arm around her shoulder as he nuzzled his face towards her, "Will you take me to the drink station? 'M a bit drunk and need water. They are right."
"Of course," She giggled as she tried to hold him up, but he was being dramatic, because that was what Harry was. Dramatic. He wasn't that drunk, he could easily hold himself up, but God did he love to lean on his girl and inhale her familiar smell that made him crazy.
Though going to the drink station was the goal, Harry was getting distracted by anything and everything on the way there. He kept stopping to talk to some familiar faces, saying hello to everyone, and even stealing some snacks from people's plates. She wasn't embarrassed, if it was anyone else, she would storm out; but it was Harry and the truth was that Everyone. Loved. Harry.
Just as they were making it to the drink station, Harry pointed towards a photo booth that was empty, "Baby, let's take some photos."
"Water first." She eyed the photo booth, then beamed at the prize of bottled water on the table in front of them, "Water first, then photo booth."
"Nope," He shook his head, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist as he pushed her towards the empty booth, "Photo's first, then water. Because I am the boss." His breath hit the shell of her ear, causing shivers down her spine as she giggled to herself. Rolling her eyes, her and Harry both climbed into the booth and closed the curtain from behind them.
It was snug and small, so much so that she had to lap her legs over his just to get comfortable. Harry stared with glossy eyes at the buttons, taking a moment to compute what he needed to do before eventually letting the camera work.
"Kiss me!" Harry giggled, cupping her jaw while pulling her towards him to give her a wet one, and through her giggles, she kissed back as the camera took a snap of them.
The poses were silly, Harry pulling his lips to spread out with his tongue out, or doing bunny ears, but as the photos came to an end, Harry wanted one last shot to put in the spank bank. Without saying a word, he pulled her fully onto his lap, her ass against his groin and peaked his head over her shoulder before grabbing her tits tightly with a cheeky grin.
"Harry!" She squealed out in laughter, but before she could move, the camera snapped the photo of them together. Harry hummed softly, hands still on her tits as he kissed her exposed back, "Harry there are people--"
"Shhh, we aren't doing anything wrong, we are just kissing," He breathed into her ear softly, hands massaging her breasts over her dress. She let out a soft sigh of content, she knew where this was going to lead. Not to say she doesn't mind it, because she doesn't mind it. That went without saying.
Harry was always a exhibitionist. He was smug like that, given he was a very much wanted man, he didn't care if anyone walked in on them. Her, on the other hand, was still settling into his needs. They had only had public sex once in their life together and it was hot. If it wasn't for Harry, she probably would've never done it anyways.
"Baby, what if someone comes in?" She watched as Harry's fingers probed past her bra and got a handful of her breasts, feeling his lips lick around her skin while he kissed it drunkily.
"What if they don't?" He grunted out, feeling his cock harden with excitement as his eyes beamed at the camera that showed her pretty titties on the screen.
"They will hear..." She whispered out breathily, fluttering her eyes shut as Harry's fingers pinched at her sensitive nipples. Harry could only smirk at the comment, the thought made him rock hard, because he wanted people to hear it.
"Hear how good I'm fucking you? How well you take my cock? Darling, I would pride myself in making everyone hear how fuckin' hot my girl is," With glazed eyes, he stared at her through the screen, watching her jaw slack as his fingers kept pinching and poking at her nipples, her hips shifting comfortably above him.
The shifting only made him much harder, the way her ass grinded against it, it made his toes curl.
"Quickly," She begged with a shake of her head, standing up just slightly to turn herself around to face him. There was a dark gleam in his eyes, grabbing her ass to pull her back onto his lap.
With the way her face was flustered, he could already tell (just with the small touches) that she was wet. Not soaked, but wet enough to play in. They clashed their lips together, Harry working her dress up to sit at the top of her ass to expose her lace panties. Their tongues worked one anothers, sounds of their hot breaths mixing with each other.
"You're so fucking hot when you're like this," She said confidently through a moan, her core was rocking up and against the black slacks that hid his throbbing cock, though she could feel it and Harry was watching her arousal snail through her garments.
"Look who's talking," Harry grunted, pushing her down onto his clothed cock as he rocked his hips for release, "Harris did me a favor putting you in that dress, been wanting to fuck you all night."
"Trust me, I know," She giggled to herself, catching his bottom lip between her teeth, pulling it back as she sucked it then let it go with a soft 'pop'. Harry groaned out, parting his lips as his hand wound back and slapped her bare ass hard.
"My slut, my pet..." He trailed off, his adams apple bobbing thickly with a swallow.
She didn't want to waste any time, for a moment she zoned back into her surroundings and heard the chatting of everyone around her, the music, the laughter. Harry wanted to make it last, but she wasn't as expressive as he was in public.
"Hips up." She demanded while she worked on unbuttoning his slacks. Harry gave a short nod, raising his hips up quickly and helped push his slacks down to his knees, along with his briefs.
His cock sprung out, already wet and achy, his balls hard and firm from between his thick, toned thighs. She licked over her wet lips, cursing to herself under her breath, fingers interlocking with his messy curls as she brought him in to kiss him hard. Her other hand was wrapped around his length, pumping it up and down, using his precum to wet the rest of his shaft.
"Mmmph," Harry moaned into her mouth, using his tongue to kitten lick her tongue slowly, her eyes droning back into her head as his tongue circled around hers. Just when she thought the foreplay was too good for her, Harry's fingers snuck underneath her panties and found that she was now fully soaked, so much so that it was slick down the crevices of her bottom.
"Shit," She whispered out, his fingers rubbing slow circles against her clit, he moved his lips underneath her jaw, biting softly and licking up the soft pain he gave her, then moved down her neck all the way down to her collarbone until he was faced with her tits.
"You're so wet, it's pathetic," Harry chuckled to himself tauntingly, pulling her dress and bra down in one motion, watching as her tits spilled out, "Knowing there's hundreds of people out there, sure you want them to hear how good I make you feel, how much of a cock slut you are."
"Y-yeah, want that," She whimpered as Harry's lips attached to her nipple and started to suck it harshly, her hand was still working on his length, moans and groans vibrating through his throat as he bucked his hips up into her hand, "Don't care if anyone comes in, want them to see me getting fucked by your big cock."
Harry grunted, biting down onto her nipple harshly while his other hand brushed hers away from his cock, then took it into his hand before slamming her hips down onto his cock. She took him in so easily, but a loud yelp left her as his hips started to rock upwards at a quick pace.
He didn't care for foreplay anymore, he wanted all of her, and that's exactly what he got. Her pussy wrapped around his throbbing length, his precious, swollen tip hitting against her spot fast and hard, her moans were loud, but the sounds of the music and people talking drowned her out. Except for the people by the drink station. They could hear loud and clear, if near.
"Y-yeah, baby, fuck!" She whimpered, not sure what to do with her hands, nor her arms. They were in the way, the immediate response to lean back and stretch her arms over her head; not noticing the way that her back hit the buttons to start the camera.
"God, you're absolutely fucked," Harry grunted while he took hold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly as he shook them just to watch them jiggle, while he pushed himself towards the edge for more leverage into her, "Tell me I'm the best--the best you've ever had," he breathed out.
"You are! You're the best, oh my fuck--" She grabbed the hem of his shirt with a fist, pulling him impossibly close to her as their lips mashed together. She needed more, she was reaching the peak of her excitement, so she started to ride him instead.
Harry was taken back, feeling the way she lifted herself up to graze the tip of his cock with her lips then slammed herself down, over and over again, mashing his cock and making his balls stiffen with each ride she took of him. His large hands sprawled across her back, fingernails digging into her skin while their kisses became messy, his heated cheeks making it harder to breathe with the thick air they've created in the booth. It was insanely warm, if not hot, in the booth.
"Good girl, keep riding my cock," He rasped thickly, licking over his lips as his brows furrowed, beaming towards her pussy that worked his cock. Her lips attached to his neck while her other hand held his, and Harry knew he was fucked.
She was taking control, not knowing if it was the alcohol or the sheer thrill, but Harry was near to busting. The way her teeth grazed across his neck, over his adam's apple, and down to his exposed collarbone. Harry's grip on her hand tightened, his hips bucking up to meet her thrusts while his other hand snuck underneath her to rub her clit.
"Like taking control, don't you?" He breathed heavily into her ear, a moan following after as he swallowed it thickly. He let his eyes roll back into his head as she started to roll her hips against his cock, mumbling curse words against his skin.
She grabbed his throat, pushing it against the wall behind him as she made him look at her, a playful smirk on her lips, "I should ask you the same thing," She kissed his bottom lip, rolling her hips once more, "You love it when I ride your cock. Like when I take control of you."
Harry whimpered, biting down on his lip as he nodded quickly. She giggled, feathering kisses around his skin, then back to his lips as he let out other-worldly moans. He was a mess, thighs shaking and heart hammering in his chest as she picked up the pace, while his fingers continued to rub her clit, and she was near in euphoria.
"Harry?" She whimpered.
"Baby...." Harry barely whispered, trying to find his strength to fuck up into her, "I'm gonna--cum--really hard." It was almost toned as begging, but also a statement, and she felt the same way. Her stomach was in knots, the foreplay was grazing the surface, but this was breaking the ice and her release was tipping over the edge of a cliff.
"Cum inside of me, baby," She barely breathed, and it didn't take longer than that before Harry was gripping down onto her hips and using the rest of what energy he had to fuck her pussy as if it was going to save his life.
They mashed their lips together once more, though no kissing, they were sloppy and swapping tongues messily, mouths wide open against one another as they both reached their peak in pleasure, feeling it ripple through their bodies as they held on tightly to each other. The moans they shared were loud, raspy, gravelly, almost pleading in pure desperation for this high to never end.
They were both utterly fucked, sitting on one another while they tried to catch their breaths, and after a few moments they took advantage of the camera and tried to tidy themselves back up. When they stepped out of the booth, Harry quickly grabbed the photos with red cheeks and shuffled through them.
They didn't realize that the camera had taken photos of them while they were fucking.
And Harry was definitely going to put those in the spank bank.
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chaoticloving · 3 months
can you do a little blurb about clingy harry :))) maybe one where he's sick and just wants you??
Tumblr media
just one smooch
Tumblr media
harry styles x actress!reader
summary: Harry is feeling sick and there is only one person who can make him feel better. masterlist
warnings: sickness, one kinda sex joke
word count: 1.3k
a/n: this is technically part of the SOH universe but it can be read as a stand alone
Tumblr media
January, 2015
Standing in the freezing rain for that god-damn music video scene that didn't even make it into the final video really made Harry's cold feel so much worse.
Last time Harry was sick was when he got food poisoning for eating one too many airplane meals—and that was 3 years ago. Harry's had years of traveling under his belt and now knows how to get good food to avoid the upset stomach, but he has no idea why he feels so groggy.
It didn't help that Harry woke up alone, which always put a damper on his mood. He found that his king size bed feels almost too big when he rolled over again, and again, to try to feel her presence.
This morning, and late into yesterday, Y/n had a call back for another un-named project—she would never tell him what movie or role she would audition for, and then inevitably get of course. She liked seeing the surprise on his face when it was publicly announced.
But now this all means that Harry will be alone for the next hour.
He sighed and rolled over to his side. He reached over to his bedside table to get his phone, but got his phone and a little stickie note attached.
Miss you, love! I'll be back soon enough and then we can spend the whole day together! I'll pick up some take-out from that place you like too!
Keep the bed warm xo
Harry smiled and thought about how he should really get up to fix himself up for Y/n; the sight she saw when she got up must not of been that pretty, Harry thought, he better make himself presentable before she came back.
He rose up and immediately collapsed back down to the comfort of his pillows. His head did not feel like that two seconds ago, and when did he get all cold all of a sudden?
He groaned and withered away in the bed for much longer then what he should of. But he did make the genius idea to keep his sickness on the down low.
He sneezed as he got on his clothes and brushed his teeth. He soon moved onto doing his hair, then finding some of the stage makeup he uses for interviews to give a hint of color back to his face so he wouldn't look too deathly ill.
Soon enough, he heard the front door to his apartment and a cheery sound ring out. Harry got one last sneeze out before he came out of the bathroom and put on a happy smile.
"Hey! How'd it go?" Harry asked, taking her bag and the take out from her hands and putting it on the counter.
She smiled, sly, and a little shy too. "I think it went really well-"
Harry couldn't cover the sneeze. It was loud, obnoxious, and too middle-aged-man for Harry's taste. It made him feel worse then before, it almost felt this sickness was aging him a little too quickly.
“You were saying, love.” He smiled, asking her to continue. He tried to stand as nonchalantly as he possibly could, but it didn’t matter.
Y/n didn’t look all that impressed. “What was that?”
“What was what?”
“That earthquake of a sneeze.” She put the back of her hand on his forehead, getting a feel of how hot it was.
“Stop worrying, just a sneeze.”
“You’ve got to of have a fever if you think that was just a sneeze.” She removed her hand. “And I think you do, babe.”
She moved around him and went to the bathroom, Harry following right behind, to get the thermometer. Harry liked how Y/n new where to go in his flat, made it feel almost more home-like.
Harry sat on the counter, liking the way Y/n scoffed and mumbled big baby under her breath. Sometimes the couple would take turns sitting on the counter, doing each other’s skin care and leaving little kisses all over. But in this case it was to get his temperature.
Harry had a dopey smile on his face, although she knew all too well that he must be feeling really under the weather. But she appreciated how calm he was when he was sick, it made Y/n feel better about taking care of him since it wasn't too much work.
She put the gadget on Harry’s forehead, and then read the temperature. “37.3.” She sighed. “Not a fever fever, but a little worrying.”
“What does that mean, doctor?”
“It means that you are on bed rest.” Harry groaned which resulted in a smile from Y/n. “Come on.”
“But the take out—“
“But you need fluids, not a brown rice bowl with enough beans to make you gassy.”
“I do not get gassy.” Harry sternly said as he collapsed back onto the bed. Y/n’s footsteps wandered off then quickly came back with some water.
“Drink, big baby.”
“M’ your big baby.”
“That’s right.” Y/n mumbled, hand through his hair and a kiss on the forehead. “Lemme get you a damp cloth.”
“Mm k.” Harry sleepily said. His head on the pillow and the softness of his loves voice, soothing him to sleep.
“Hey don’t fall asleep on me just yet.” She placed the cold damp cloth on his head., holding his hand with her free one. “You need some food in you.”
“Bed ‘s comfy though.” He rebutted. “Get in ‘ere with me. I can show you a good time.”
“I don’t want your mouth anywhere on me.” She deadpanned.
Harry gasped, acting as if he was now physically hurt. “Never say those words again.”
“I have never felt more betrayed.”
“When I’m feeling better you’re going to feel so good.”
“Mhm.” She let go of his hand—pout ensured—and got up. “I’m going to make soup alright? No falling asleep.”
“Okay.” Harry reluctantly agreed, hating to watch her leave. “Love you.”
“Love you too.”
She left Harry to his own devices as she entered his kitchen. It was neat and tidy, just like Harry always kept it. Out of the duo, Harry was defiantly the cleaner, which always worked well in comparison to Y/n stress baking.
Y/n got to work right away, making a soup with a recipe Anne had given to her as a cure all medicine, which, she thought, would do the trick. Harry had all of the ingredients in the fridge, so it took a quick few minutes of chopping, brewing, and seasoning to get it just right.
She dished some up in a bowl, and another for her, then carefully walked back to the room. “Eat up.”
“Thanks.” Harry sat up right away, taking the bowl and spoon and practically inhaling the soup. “Fuck that’s so good.” Harry practically moaned.
“Oh I thought you hated it.” She mumbled, chucking under her breath.
“‘Ey! What’s so funny?” Harry asked, a little dribble of soup trailing down his face.
“Nothing. Just love you.”
“Awe babe, you’re making me blush.” Harry smiled. “Give me a kiss.” Harry pouted his lips and leaned in, causing her to arch her back to get away.
“No. I don’t want any of your germs.” She shooed him back, the pout coming back.
“Please, I’ll feel a hundred times better.” Harry begged. “Just one little smooch.”
Y/n seemed to consider this. She did really want a kiss from him, the last one she got was last night and that was too long ago.
“Fine, but you better not get me sick—“
His lips were on her’s. His lips were dry and his face was burning, but it was a much needed kiss.
“Thanks for taking care of me.” Harry sighed, resting his forehead on hers. “You know I would do the same for you, right.”
“Of course babe.” Y/n kissed him on the nose then patted his cheek. “You need some rest.”
Harry nodded, sleep hitting him quick. She took his bowl and placed it on the side table; Harry knew he’d have a nice dream. One where they're together, under one roof, under one house, one home.
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buckleylvrr · 7 days
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: harry has a big game, and his three-year old comes to support him.
football!harry x wife!reader
𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁: 1.1k
Tumblr media
It was a big game for Harry today, the final game of the season. Crowd going insane with adrenaline and stress as the last thirty minutes went in, his team looking nervous at each other as it was a tie between the two teams.
Harry looked over at the crowd, looking towards his son and wife - who were both dressed in a football shirt with Harry’s name and number. A small smile appeared on his face as his wife blew him a kiss, which he grabbed and jokingly put in his pocket - just a good luck charm.
“Go daddy!” The three year old shouts, well as loud as he can. Cheering his dad on, every time he could. “Look at that’s my daddy!” Little Noah exclaimed loudly. As the camera appeared on the two Styles, YN turned her son around to show the big 14 - Harry’s shirt number - on the back and pointing proudly to it.
The game continues, Noah cheering his dad on every time Harry had possession of the ball, he was definitely his biggest fan. But soon the cheering stopped as Noah saw his dad laying on the ground, whining in pain - his arms around his knee where it hurt the most. The little Styles gasps loudly, making his mum turn her head to him immediately noticing the upcoming tears in his eyes. She held her son tightly in her arms to comfort him.
“Daddy’s hurt.” He hiccups through the small sobs escaping his mouth. Noah burrying his head in the crook of YN’s neck, as she rubs his small back with her hand - trying not to show the anxiety she was feeling at the sight of her husband in so much pain. She knew he’d be okay, he’s a fighter but there was always something that made her anxious as she had to watch him lay there on the field.
Watching Harry stand back up, limping a bit uncomfortable before he just shook it off to shoot the penalty he got. Now with fifteen minutes left on the clock and still a tie, this penalty could be the outcome of the score meaning Harry’s team can win - if he scores. Giving his son one last look, giving him a thumbs up to make sure he knows he’s okay before shooting the ball towards the goal.
YN watched anxiously, biting her nails, holding her son close to her with her right arm - silently praying Harry scores. Screams and cheers filling the arena as he, indeed scores. All of YN’s anxiety left her body as she stood up from her seat, her son still in her arms as she cheers out loud for her husband.
Noah sees his dad running towards him, making him open his arms to embrace Harry - and of course he immediately lifted his son from his wife’s arms to embrace him tightly. “Y’scored?” The little Styles asks his dad, who kissed the side of his head telling him he did.
The three-year-old cheered, wrapping his arms around his dad’s shoulders as he mumbled some words that Harry couldn’t understand. “Daddy’ll be right back.” He whispers to his son, making sure he’s safe back with his mother to watch the last part of the game - not before pecking YN’s lips once more.
The game continues for the last 15 minutes, with 5 minutes extra time for the time where Harry was in pain on the field. No other goals where made, meaning Harry’s team has won. They were the winners of the season and he couldn’t be happier, his team all over him cheering about his last and winning goal he made.
Some minutes later, the adrenaline still going through Harry’s body. His son in his arms while his wife is waiting for him on the sideline while he’s doing an interview about the game, as he got named the man of the game. “How are you feeling after this amazing win?” The man behind the camera asked him.
“Never felt better, couldn’t have done it without the support of this little man.” He smiled at his son, who was slowly falling asleep in his fathers arms. “My lucky charm, always.” Harry says a little bit more quiet than before hoping his son would be able to relax, knowing he fell asleep at the comfort of his dad’s arms.
“Someone’s feeling tired? I guess you’re not planning on going out to party?” The interview chuckles, cooing at the sight of Noah Styles asleep in Harry’s arms.
“Planning on celebrating this win at home with my little man and my beautiful wife. No better way than to celebrate a big win. I’m one lucky son of a bitch, blessed with my little family.” The brunette praising his family, looking over at his wife with the loving look in his eyes making her fall in love with him all over again.
He was seriously one lucky son of a bitch. “I love you.” YN mouths at him, going over to him to take their son from him so he can finish his interview without the risk of waking up his son.
“It’s past his bedtime, he’s probably exhausted.” Harry chuckles, still looking at his wife who walked away from him - not too far though, she still wanted to be able to hear his interview.
“Man of the game? Shit, that’s insane. Gotta thank m’team though the support I got from them made me be able to do that penalty, they’re m’second family.” The praises towards his team just keep going and going.
“Lastly a big congratulations on the win, I’ll let you go back to your son and wife.” The man smiled at Harry, who reciprocated that smile before leaving to walk to his wife who had their sleepy son in her arms.
Harry wraps his arms around his wife, being careful not to wake up Noah. “M’so proud of you.” YN mumbles against her husband’s lips as he kisses her multiple times. “Always am.” She smiles.
“Mh let’s go home and put this little man to bed, than let’s celebrate some more.” Harry winks, carrying the biggest smirk on his face hoping she’d understand what he meant.
YN scoffs in disbelief. “You’re still as horny as you were ten years ago.” She shakes her head, covering her son’s ears so he definitely wouldn’t hear this conversation.
Harry smirks once again, before pressing a kiss to her forehead and on the top of Noah’s head as he was still sound asleep. “Let’s go home, love.”
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Styles Sunday
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Broken Bones // H.S.
Tumblr media
"You fucking moron!" Mitch exploded. "What were you thinking?"
Harry growled at him. "It's not that big of a deal."
"Not that big of-" Mitch threw his hands up in the air. "Not that big of a deal! Harry! You're an international super star! People are going to notice when you have a cast on."
Harry narrowed his eyes. "We don't even know if it is broken yet."
They both looked at his hand. It was cracked and bleeding, bruises appearing rapidly. It was bent a little but you couldn't see a lot under all the blood and bruises.
"Well, does it feel broken?" Mitch asked scathingly.
Harry flexed his hand trying to move his fingers. They moved with a little pain. It felt funny. Like something had disconnected a little.
"I don't know." He moved it again. "Feels a little funny."
Mitch took a deep breath, trying to control his anger. "Come on, I know someone who works in the hospital.”
"No!" Harry growled at Mitch. "I don't need to go the hospital."
"Well what do you want me to do? Wrap it myself. Be your little bitch for a week, listening to you moan and complain aboout how much it hurts." Mitch’s sarcasm was at an all time high.
"No." Harry sighed feeling defeated. He hated hospitals. And he hated people he didn't know touching him and talking to him.
"Let's go." Mitch said, his voice much softer than before.
Harry followed him to his car, trying not to stay calm. The anger that had caused him to punch the wall repeatedly was still coursing through his veins, and the pain radiating through his nerves was not making him feel any better.
The ride was silent, almost suffocating. They were both trying to contain their anger. Harry’s at the world. Mitch’s at his friend and his self deprecation. Normally he was pretty good at hiding his self loathing. Even so, he had not been happy in a long time. Not since Covid had hit. Everyone had bad days.Everyone had lost someone or something to the virus. But Harry too caught up in grieving to participate in the world around him. It was a good thing he had a pretty face and good voice.
"Why'd you punch the wall?" Mitch finally asked. His voice was hard but Harry knew he was concerned.
"Wanted to get rid of the pain." Harry answered, eyes closed, head back.
"By causing more?" Mitch questioned, trying to keep his voice even.
"No." Harry's voice was tired. "By transferring it somewhere else."
"Harry." Mitch’s voice was terribly soft. "You've got to stop doing this."
Harry did not answer, did not even look like he heard what Mitch said, or he didn't care. Mitch sighed, pulling into the parking lot of the hospital. He pulled out his phone calling someone .
"Hello." She sounded tired and Mitch felt bad disturbing her.
"Hey." Mitch smiled slightly despite himself, he missed her. Their schedules often prevented them from seeing each other more than a couple times a year.
"I'm about to walk into a patient’s room." Her voice sounded regretful. "I have to go."
"I'm sorry." Mitch started, sighing. "Harry punched a wall."
"Harry as in Styles? Are you coming to the hospital?"
"We're already here."
“I can be down in fifteenish minutes."
"That'd be great." Mitch could hear the relief in his own voice. He didn't want Harry to be here any longer than he had too. "Where should we go?"
"I will meet you around back."
"Thank you Y/N," Mitch said into the phone.
"Anything for you, Mitchy." And then she hung up.
Harry was still leaning back with his eyes closed. His hand was starting to throb. He could no longer move his fingers without feeling a lot of pain. It was not a very good sign. Mitch had been right when he yelled at him earlier. He would not be able to book any gigs with a cast on his arm. And his arm was definitely broken. But he had enough money to take a break anyways and he had been debating about taking one anyways. He was tired.
"Y/N is going to meet us around the back in 15 minutes." Mitch said, looking at Harry for any reaction.
He only nodded. Y/N. He liked that name. It was really pretty. He wondered if she would be too. It had been a while since any girl had enamored his attention. He'd be sorely disappointed if it was some 60 year old lady. His lips turned up involuntary.
"Alright, let's go." Mitch said when thirteen minutes had passed. He did not want to keep her waiting but he did not want anyone to see them either, for her sake and his.
Harry climbed out of the car and followed Mitch to the back, hands in his pocket. His nerves for the doctor had disappeared in the thirteen minutes they had been waiting. His hand was full on throbbing now. He needed some pain medication or something.
They reached the door and waited, leaning against the wall. Harry wished he had a cigarette. It wouldn't look as suspicious and it would help him calm down. They did not have to wait long until the door was pushed open.
They both turned around and Harry felt like he got sucker punched in the stomach. Her name paled in comparison to her. She was beautiful. Something that he had become so desensitized to. And she was most certainly not some 60 year old lady. She looked his age maybe a year or two younger. And she certainly held herself like a doctor, confident and proud.
She smiled at them, motioning for them to follow her. Harry couldn't help but smile back, even if she didn't see it.
"I'm Y/N." She told him when they stepped inside. "And you must be Harry."
"That would be this idiot." Mitch answered for him.
Y/N smiled again. "Well this idiot can tell me what's wrong."
"I punched a wall." He took his hand out of his pocket, feeling more sheepish now than he did before. "I think it might be broken."
"Alright, let's have a look at it. One of the x-ray technicians owes me a favor." She started walking down the hall and towards the elevator.
Harry took her in from the back. She was wearing blue scrubs with a white coat on top. Her hair looked silky smooth from her head in curls all the way down her back. He wanted to wrap his hands in it, and just play with it for hours.
She came to a stop at the wall with the elevators and pressed the up button. It dinged and the doors opened. It was 2 in the morning and the hospital was pretty empty as far as emergency rooms go. He was grateful for that. He didn't feel like pushing any women off of him, or have any paparazzi notified of his whereabouts.
The elevator lurched as it came to a stop on the third floor. Harry followed her out and to the left. She was walking like she could do this in her sleep, and she probably did on days when she had to pull long shifts. He couldn't be a doctor. Not with all that schooling and pressure.
"Ryan." She said, peeking her head into a room. "I'm cashing a favor in."
A grunt came from inside and then a tall male stepped out of the room rubbing his eyes. "Girl, I just laid down."
"And you can lay down again in like ten minutes." She started walking again. "I just need you to take a few x-rays for Harry so I can fix it."
Ryan started as he looked at Mitch and Harry for the first time. He looked shocked like he wanted to say something but thought better of it. "Sorry, I didn't see you guys there."
Harry nodded. Ryan gave him a bad vibe. Nobody as good looking as Ryan was that nice, Harry would know.
"Does this mean we're going to be even now?" Ryan asked, attention back on Y/N.
"Nope." Y/N popped. "Barely scratching the surface."
"Come on." Ryan begged. "I don't like you having this over my head."
Y/N grinned manically. "Guess you should keep you dick to yourself."
Ryan groaned, glancing back at Mitch and Harry. "Shhhh. You promised you weren't going to mention it."
"They don't even know who Matt is."
Ryan clamped his hand over her mouth. "But Sarah does."
"Exactly." She threw his hand off her mouth looking disgusted. "And she already knows all about it so keep that hand that you do disgusting things with with a disgusting person off of my face."
Harry grinned, her mouth was a giant turn on.
They all stopped outside of a room, following Ryan in. He instructed Harry to put his hand under an x-ray where he continued to poke and prod at it to get different angles. It took all of Harry’s willpower not to grimace or wince in pain. It hurt.
"Alright, I'm going back to bed." Ryan walked out of the room as Y/N printed out the x-rays. They were almost impossible to see in the dark but Harry could still see the abnormal angle his bones were at.
"Come on, I cleaned a room for you guys." And they followed her out and down the hall again. She walked into one and shut the door behind her. She went to the view box and placed the x-rays on the giant view box. Everything was noticeable now and Harry had to look away. His bones were cracked in several places.
Y/N’s eyes were flying across the x-rays taking it in. Her hands traced certain lines on his arm before she turned to him.
"I don't have any pain medication I can give you since you’re not technically here." She said looking sympathetic. "But I can give you a prescription, a cast, and you can come back every couple weeks to make sure it's healing properly.
Harry nodded, secretly excited. That meant he'd get to see her again.
"You broke your arm in three places." She pointed to different areas on the X-Ray screen. "Luckily they were all clean breaks so we don't have to re-break anything. Although, thinking about it, you might have enjoyed that."
Harry let out a surprised laugh. He kind of wished he would have met her in a different situation, one that didn't make him look like such a giant idiot.
"I'm going to go get the cast material so we can get you on your way." She left the room with another smile.
He stared after her until Mitch smacked the back of his head.
"What?" He growled at him, rubbing his head.
"You think she's cute."
"So." He had no defense.
"Are you going to do something about it?" He questioned, eyebrows raised.
"Not this time." Harry signed, running his hand through his hair and down his face.
"Why not?" Mitch demanded.
"I literally met her 5 minutes ago." He said, looking at Mitch like he was crazy.
Mitch sighed, shaking his head.
Sounds of wheels on the ground reached their ears. And then Y/N was walking through the door with a little table stacked with wrapping materials.
"Okay, I'm going to have to position you arm so it heals right, this might hurt a little." She pulled a bottle of pills out of her jacket. "I had some Ibuprofen in my purse if you want some."
Harry nodded. God yes. She unscrewed the lid and shook three into the palm of his hand which he promptly dry swallowed.
She put the bottle away and started getting the stuff ready.
"Let me know when the pain lessens." She said, waiting to move his arm.
"Its lessened." He says in a few minutes, it felt loads better.
"Try to stay still." She grabbed his hand with one of hers and a sleeve with the other. She pulled it on slowly and than started wrapping his arm with padding, angling his arms so they would heal nornal. It hurt, but he didn't move. And then she was wrapping it in thicker material and adding water so it hardened. It was white, thankfully not some absurd color.
"Thanks." He said as she started placing everything back where it belonged.
"Sure." She smiled at him. "I'll give you my number and we can discuss when you should come in again." She paused. "Or you can go to another doctor."
"No." He blurted out. "I mean, as long as you don't mind, I'd rather stick with you."
She smiled at him. His cheeks were red and he felt hot. "Okay." She wrote her number on a prescription pad, along with some directions of what to do.
"Thanks again." He said, putting the paper safely in his pocket. "I really appreciate you doing this for me."
"No problem." She smiled. "I'll walk you guys out."
They followed her, stopping at a room so she could drop off the cart.
"Try not to punch anything else, yeah?" She said as he walked by her, feeling the cool air on his face.
"No promises." He grinned over his shoulder.
"Thanks again." Mitch said, stopping to hug her. "And he won't." He shot Harry a glare.
"You got it." She waved at the two before walking away, the door shutting, blocking her from his view.
"Don't do anything stupid." Mitch said as they walked away.
"What do you mean?" Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"Like punch a wall with your other hand so you can go see her again."
"I promise I won't." Harry laughed. "I'm going back in a couple weeks, remember?"
"Two weeks is a long time."
"Not when you have her number." He patted his pocket. "And I plan on using it."
Mitch laughed, shaking his head. "You have to call Jeff."
Harry groaned, pulling out his phone. He found his contact and pressed call, wishing more than ever that he hadn't punched a wall, but then the paper in his pocket flashed through his mind and he didn't mind as much.
"Hey Jeff, listen, I did something stupid," He started, a smile on his face.
Harry brought a cigarette with him this time, sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. He loved watching the smoke, it relaxed him like nothing else did. It faded fast, something he wished lots of things did in his life.
"You alright?" A voice cut through the melancholy atmosphere he had created for himself.
A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Her voice and her smile. The two things that had been occupying his brain so much over the past two weeks that it didn't have much room for anything else let alone the song lyrics he was supposed to be coming up with.
"Yeah." He said, looking at her as she slid down the wall next to him. She looked tired, even more so than last time. "Are you?"
She nodded, eyeing his cigarette. He didn't know if she was going to tell him off for smoking or ask for a blow. He offered her a drag, hoping that it was the case.
She took it gratefully, blowing out a puff of her own smoke, head falling back on the wall. She was beautiful, hair falling around her shoulders, illuminated in the moonlight.
"Aren't doctors supposed to know the ramifications of these things?" He asked, grinning.
She handed him back the cigarette, letting him take his turn.
"We do." She paused, opening her eyes to look at him. "Medical school kicks your ass. Coffee stops cutting it and you don't exactly have any time to do drugs or alcohol."
"Nicotine is a drug." He pointed out uselessly. She was a doctor.
"But it has the opposite effects. Most drugs make you less focused, nicotine makes you more focused, more relaxed."
He handed her back the cigarette. "How old are you anyways, you don't look old enough to be a doctor."
"I'm going to take that as a compliment." She laughed. "I am still a fellow, not quite finished with my ’schooling’ I am 28" She laughed. "Let's go get you checked out before I get called for another patient."
He stood up, offering his hand to her. She took it, letting him pull her up. The cigarette dropped from his hand and he stomped it out with his foot. There was a stand to put them, filled high with cigarettes next to the door. He picked it up and dropped it with the rest.
"These are all yours?" He asked, grinning over at her.
"Not even close." She grinned back, swiping her card. The door buzzed and they walked in.
"Does that X-Ray technician still owe you a favor?" He asked.
"Yeah." She looked over at him. "And he'll owe me until the secret comes out. After what I had to witness, there's no way to forget that."
"Can't what you're doing for me get you in the same trouble." He asked.
Her eyebrows furrowed, pressing the up button the elevator wall.
"I mean, can't he blackmail you back?"
"Oh." She shook her head. "No, cause he's done it too. It's kind of like an unwritten benefit, we all help each other out. The amount of times I've checked for STDs for him." She trailed off shaking her head
"That's disgusting." Harry let out a surprised laugh. Before he could say anything else a pretty nurse stepped out of the elevator, knocking into him.
"Oh, I'm sor- Harry Styles?" She asked, surprised.
She then started to scream but Y/N covered her mouth.
"Mia" She said, trying to calm the girl down. “Breathe. We work with celebrities everyday…we live in LA. I am going to take my hand off your mouth now." Mia nods
Harry looked at Y/N.
“Sorry.” Mia says “I am a huge fan!”
Harry gives her a smile, “It’s alright love, always great to meet a fan.”
She smiled back then turned to Y/N,
"See you later Y/N."
"That reminds me, Jeff wanted to know how long this would take to heal." He said, watching as she pressed the button.
"Between a month and two months as long as you don't try to rush it." She looked at him. "Your cast is filthy." She laughed, noticing it for the first time.
"I know." He groaned. "And I've tried so hard to keep it clean, it's just like a magnet for dirt."
She laughed again. "I'll see if I can grab a different color this time."
"You don't have to." He shook his head. "Whatever is easiest for you is easiest for me."
They walked out of the elevator, stopping at the door they grabbed Ryan from.
"Ryan!" She called, walking in.
Harry peeked around the corner to get a look inside. It looked like a break room. Coffee machine, table, refrigerator. The only real difference was all the beds on the sides. They all were all empty but one.
Y/N bent over and shook him. And then she was walking back towards Harry.
"Is it always this empty?" He asked.
"No, it's not a very busy time, the other two technicians working are either taking X-Rays or laying down somewhere else."
They waited a beat and then Ryan was walking out the door. He looked more tired than last time too, hands running down his face.
"You're killing me Y/N." He said, glaring softly at her.
"Shouldn't have slept with the floor's slut, or just let it out, then no one else can blackmail you for favors." She said smartly.
"Dr. Black would kill me, he seems to be under the impression that he's tamed him." Ryan snorted as Y/N pulled a face of disbelief.
"Seriously." She looked at him nodding. "That's ridiculous."
He nodded, looking at Ryan. "I'm Ryan if you haven't figured it out."
"I'm Harry. I'd shake your hand but." He trailed off, looking down at his wrapped hand.
"What did you do to Y/N to get her to help you? I need something to stop her from asking me for favors." It sounded nice enough but Harry didn't like the vibe it sent him.
"I don't know." He shrugged. "It's for Mitch."
"Oh." Ryan said. "I understand now."
Y/N let out a laugh. "Mitch is in Harry’s band."
Harry nodded. He didn't like this dude.
"Gotchu." Ryan took him into a room. Y/N stayed with them, much to Harry’s relief, and cut off the cast. It looked slightly better but it was still angled weirdly. The bruises were darker and looked older. He looked away pointedly, there was just something about looking at pain that made you feel it.
Then Ryan was moving his arm around, getting good shots with the X-Ray. It hurt, his wrist hadn't moved at all in the past two weeks and even touching it made a searing pain flair through his arm.
He was happy to walk to his room with Y/N, away from the horrid X-Ray machine. And technician.
Y/N placed the x rays on the view box, flicking the light on. His arm was definitely mending, but that's about all he could tell from the x-rays, he was no doctor.
"It's coming along nicely." She said, taking her eyes off the x-rays. "You'll probably only have to get it checked a couple more times before you're home free."
Harry nodded, somewhat disappointed. He was going to have to find some other way to get in her life.
"I'm going to go get the wrapping material." She exited the room and Harry sighed, laying back on the bed.
It was funny, how his arm stopped itching the moment he could itch it again. He flexed his fingers, feeling pain from the stiffness and brokenness. He hoped it would heal quickly, he had forgotten how annoying casts could be.
The sound of wheels appeared from the ball and then Y/N was walking in, pushing a cart.
"Arm." She held out her hand, taking a seat in front of him. He happily gave it to her. She washed his arm quickly and gently, it didn't smell very pleasant.
"Sorry." He muttered, somewhat embarrassed.
" Please. " she rolled her eyes. "You should see some of the things I have to deal with."
"I'd rather not." He grinned.
She repeated the process she did last time. Setting his arm, wrapping it, and then wetting it. It was white.
"Thanks again Y/N, I can't say how much I appreciate you doing this." And he meant it.
"It's alright." She said, squeezing his other hand. "Of all things Mitch could have asked me to do I'm really glad it's you."
He laughed, distracting himself from the need to grab her hand and never let go.
"I'll walk you out." She said, pushing the cart out the door. He followed her, looking at his cast. His arm already felt disgusting again, he couldn't wait for it to be off for good.
"See you in two weeks?" He asked, stepping into the elevator after her.
"Are you not going to Sarah’s birthday on Friday?" She asked, raising both her eyebrows.
"Are you going!" He asked, excited, he was looking forward to seeing her somewhere that didn't make him look like a right idiot.
"Yeah." She laughed. "For once I'm not working."
"You work a lot?" He asked.
"Yeah, but I don't really mind. I don't have a lot of obligations outside of work so they tend to stick me wherever they need me."
He stopped at the door, turning to look down at her.
"Thanks again Y/N." He hesitated and then pulled her in for a quick hug. "I'll see you Friday."
"Bye Harry." She smiled up at him before walking away.
Harry watched her go until she turned the corner, a smile taking over his face. He pushed the door open, resisting the urge to pump his fist in celebration. But when the door closed behind him he honestly couldn't help but punch the air a little, this could be the start of something great.
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A blurb
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary:y/n teasing Harry about how Anne’s cat looks like him. Major fluff
Ps: this has been sitting in my drafts since June and I still have not posted it. Just finished it now as I’m posting this. Hope you enjoy this rushed little thing
Y/n is currently sitting on her and Harry’s big comfy couch in LA. Their here for Harry’s press and well, wherever Harry goes, Y/n follows. They are inseparable and anyone close to them will tell you about how they never got out of their honeymoon phase. Simply because they are that lovey dovey and close with each other.
Harry’s in the kitchen, cutting up some strawberries and hears those cute giggles that plays through his ears like it’s the best song he’s ever heard.
Y/n is just scrolling through Instagram and came across Anne’s post of her cat. She likes it and comments a little “I miss you and the cats🫶” which for sure will make the fandom go crazy. As she is scrolling through the comments, she sees people saying how the cat looks like Harry and she can’t help but start laughing. The cat really does look like him!
“What’s so funny in there mmh?”
“H-Harry! Your moms cat looks like you!” Y/n says between giggles.
“Baby,what?” Harry let’s out a chuckle.
“I’m being so serious. He really looks like you! Look”
Harry walks over to her and takes a look at the phone. Immediately recognizing what cat it is since he grew up with it in his mom’s home. She’s always been a cat lover, Harry has always liked dogs a bit more though. He’s not surprised that Anne has posted yet another photo of one of her cats.
“Heyyy. It does not look like me!”
“Harry, you are delusional. It looks exactly like you. Even everyone in the comments says so”
“Well that really damaged my ego” Harry says sarcastically, y/n standing up and throwing herself on him, basically hanging around his neck and staring up at him.
“H, it’s so adorable. You do look like a little kitty”
“Mmh I think that’s all you baby” he whispers and kisses her on the lips lightly.
“Hey hey there, I know what you are doing. How did me talking about you looking like your mom’s cat turn into this”
“All I did was kiss you!!”
“Well….you just had that….ugh. That rasp in your voice”
“Mhhh ok sweets. Whatever you say” he says, with the exact same rasp again.
“See! There you go!” She starts pushing him away and goes back to the couch.
“Oh please. All in your head I tell ya”
“Well you still look like your mom’s 1,000 year old cat”
“Oh I’ve had it with you” he says and starts tickling her, her giggles erupting the room.
Having her poke fun at him is one of his favorite things. She is one of his favorite things. Anything that makes her laugh he loves. He would let her say he looks like a rat for the rest of eternity if it means he gets to hear her laugh.
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Baby Talk
Synopsis: Harry wants to try for a baby but is hesitant to tell his girlfriend
CW: Smut and a shit load of fluff.
Series Masterlist | More of my work
Tumblr media
Ever since Harry had come back home with YN.
The first thing they did was go to Brielle's baby shower her sister-in-law hosted for her.
YN was very excited to see her friend pregnant, she even called dibs for baby sitting before Alec, which got him pissed for the moment there.
Now it was three weeks later, Harry wasn't working but making a music video which would be done by the next day. He had a magazine interested yesterday and the Photoshoot is arranged on the weekend. That meant he was free and home today.
He scrolled through Instagram, when YN's post popped up on his feed. Yes, he followed her private account. It was a little photo dump from her friend's baby shower. The first picture was of her and Brielle recreating the Hadid Sisters pictures from a long time ago. And the next was YN's hand on her friend's bump all surprised, he reckoned it was that moment when YN felt babies kicking inside for the first time it has her gasping and her friend laughing. And next two were of him and her together and rest of it were random little videos and to end it all, she had a funny pictures of Brielle using her bump as a table for her plate of cake taking a huge bite. Just ten likes on her post from ten people out of fifteen who follow her.
She had removed very many people from her follower list (especially her cousins) and switched her account to private recently since Harry decided he wanted to follow her, and turned off her DMs. Apparently the hate was increasing since he talked the second time about her recently. It was going to be inevitable, but she thought it was going to be best option there.
He liked it and commented a little red heart, and pouty emoji.
Now seeing that post had his heart racing. Especially remembering how good she was with Brielle's nieces and nephews that day, everyone loved her for some reason. She was surrounded by little kids the whole time there. Even her own niece and nephew loves her, no wonder why! He loves her too!
Especially Brielle's three month old nephew. Apparently the infant was way too infatuated by YN that he would start to cry every time she tried to give him to his dad.
"Hey, come on Mateo." Brielle's brother urged his son back to him but the little baby started whining. It is indeed very difficult to figure what is going on in an infant's mind. Mateo was meeting for the first time and he already didn't wanted to leave her.
"It's okay, I don't mind hanging out with him." YN assured the red head.
"You sure?"
"Mhmm, I'll go find you or your girlfriend if he starts to get fussy." She nodded. That's when Harry saw her approaching him with the baby as he went to get a drink of water. "Harry look."
"Oh who is that?" He cooed, watching the little lad staring up at his girlfriend like she's made of twinkling stars with his big blue eyes. He doesn't blame the little lad but he's just little baby. "Hello, darling!"
"This is Mateo, Brielle's nephew." YN introduced the little human to him, "and Mateo this is Harry, my boyfriend." The little boy just squirmed shyly in her arms making the pair laugh. "He's so cute!"
"He is," Harry agreed, "how old is he?"
"Three months." She gasped, distracted watching the little boy smiling at her. "Sorry, I just..." She looked up at him sheepishly.
"It's alright, love." Harry smiled, dimples denting deep in his cheeks. "I don't blame you, he is very adorable."
For the next three hours the couple hung out with little Mateo until he fell asleep and YN had to give him back to his parents. The little sad pout on her face was the most adorable thing she's seen. She really wanted to hang out with that tiny human more!
That nailed the image in his head for good.
Now that he's had more free time on his hand, he's got to thinking. He does want all of that for himself too. Especially now when he's got someone who he loves to much and she feels the same way.
He had watched his friends meet the love of their life, fall in love, get married and have family of their own. He's experienced that first hand with Sarah and Mitch. Is it too bad he wants that for himself too?
Hell, they haven't had the baby talk yet and here he is already picturing everything.
A little baby to love on in a way which seemed much more magical to even think about. No doubt, his YN would be the best parent to their kiddos. If they have any!
Two years is enough time right? To give a thought about wanting a family with someone.
Harry has never found talking about anything this difficult. For the first time they had indulged into something sexual, he had her sat down to ask what she wanted from it, what she thinks would be comfortable for her and what not as it was her first time. They even talked more about the moving in together part, he wanted to be sure that it's something she wanted too and she did now they're living together.
He doesn't know if that's something she really wants, his assumptions and him thinking she's going to be the most amazing mother to his kiddos won't be relevant if she doesn't want any kids. Maybe she doesn't want to get pregnant. Maybe she doesn't want to have kids at all.
He's not getting any younger. Especially since her brother have pointed out that he's quite older than his baby sister though he doesn't see a problem with that, it made him insecure. Even if it was just tiny bit. It has never been an issue for either of them.
He's just beating himself up for no reason, he knew that. All it is going to take is talking to her about it. If he tells her about his tiny insecurity she's going to give him a good talk about how it was definitely fine with her, how she shouldn't be insecure around her because she loves him and would never judge him or make him feel bad about himself in all her consciousness. The click of the door opening caught his attention, making his heart beating like he just ran a marathon.
"Hazza, I'm home." YN's little mumble traveled through their small living room with a sound of door clicking close she appeared in his sight.
"Hello darling." He smiled, already rushing to greet her. She had a little bag of groceries with her. "How was your day at work?"
"It was good, surprisingly we didn't had any Karens coming in today." She beamed putting away bottle of Orange Juice in the fridge.
She seemed in a very good mood today. Should he talk to her?
"Do you want to start on with dinner?" YN suggested, "I need to go take a shower, spilt coffee all over my pants today."
"I thinking we should go on a date." He suggested, making up a plan on the spot. They both haven't been on a proper date in a while now. Her eyes lit up in instant on the mention of a date night.
"Yeah, we should." She agreed.
Harry took her to the same restaurant they went on their first date, it was the first time since then.
He stalled the whole night to talk about it. Wanting to take advantage of her being in a good mood was thrown out the window as soon as both of them came back home. He'd put on the movie both of them wanted to watch for ages. Not giving into her little touch of affection and kisses. It's him who takes things further unless she's making it very obvious.
In the morning, YN slept past her alarm. She was rushing to leave for work, he had to go get last shots of his music video done too. Everything happened so quickly that he didn't even realise how fast the time went on and she was kissing him bye for a few hours like every day before heading out.
It took him extra long to get shots for his music video done today. He was stuck thinking about how he should have just told her instead of stalling and basically turning her down for having sex without saying a word. That wouldn't have been the first time he's told her he's not in the mood, she's nothing but understanding. But he saw her face today.
She woke up before him, didn't stay in bed for their morning cuddles. She hardly talked to him. Yeah, she was in hurry to get to work but still he felt so guilty.
But to his surprise, he was greeted by a squealing YN at home. "Harry, Harry, Harry, I have to tell you something!" She grabbed his hands and drag him to the living room with her. He sat down to have her basically sat on his lap giggling at her excitement for he doesn't know what.
"What's got you so excited?"
"So you probably don't know her, but my co-worker Emily's cat had an unexpected litter like a little over two months ago." She started, "you think we can get one kitten from her, please?"
"You want to get a kitten?" He was surprised.
"Yes! Half of them have already got their new homes. I wanted to talk to about it but I forgot. Please!" She hopped on her spot like a toddler asking for candy.
"Of course we can get one, baby, you don't have to say please." He chuckled. Honestly he wouldn't mind adding a pet to the mix. He's been wanting to try to have a literal human kid!
"I love you so much!" She attacked him with a bear hug with her arms wrapped around his neck. With an umph Harry almost fell back but held onto her before she could fall down on the floor.
"I love you more!" He pressed a kiss on her cheek. "When can we go bring one home?"
"She said she wants to keep the kitten with their mum for another week just so they're litter trained and all." YN shared, "her husband's a vet so he suggested the kittens get their vaccinations before they go to their new homes."
"Mhmm, that gives us enough time to prepare for one, doesn't it?" He suggested.
"Yes!" She nods her head jerkingly, "you sure you want a cat living with us?"
"Of course baby, we'll have to keep an eye on Mr. McFish though. Cats and Fishes don't quite get along, do they?" He's grown very attached to her pet fish there. He cleans up the aquarium, feeds the fish and all that stuff himself. He just doesn't let her do that when he's home.
"He'll be fine, his aquarium has got a secure lid and all." She assured him.
"Okay." He agreed.
"She sent me pictures of the kittens who haven't been adopted yet." YN picked up her phone from the coffee table and opened up her recent chat with her co-worker. There was a message from YN's side saying she needs to talk to her boyfriend first.
That made it everything all the more legit to him. He's never been in a serious relationship like this before. She cares enough to ask for his opinion. Even show him pictures of kittens. He shared with kitten's personality he liked through the little videos. No doubt of the kittens were adorable, he liked the one with the more energy, it was more rowdy bullying it's other siblings.
"I was thinking..." He trailed off when YN finally put her phone away being done with showing him all the pictures.
"Hmm?" She sounded giving him all his attention.
"I, I don't know how to, ehm, say this." He stuttered, running a nervous knuckle under his nose.
"What's wrong?" She asked, concerned all of a sudden.
"Nothing, nothing's wrong. I'm just nervous to say this!" He sighed.
"Harry, did you do something? What did you do?" She didn't know why she was asking this but it felt like he did something and how he wants to confess to her. A crease between her eyebrows grew tighter.
"No, no, baby I didn't do anything." He rushed, "I just want to ask if you like ehm, want to, uhhh... start trying to have a baby?"
"I, uh, what?" She was so surprised by his question she didn't know how to even process it.
"I know we never actually talked about it. Do you want to have kids? With me?" He asked but quickly realised, "I shouldn't say it this way. I, YN, I really, really, really love you if it's not obvious until now you know. And I've never had what I have with you by my side, I mean I've never lived with anything, never had a pet with anyone before, never had anyone care for me in the way you do before. I want more of it. Just a little bundle of our love to love upon for the rest of my days. I've been thinking about it since we were in New York, and especially since last couple of weeks. I don't know how to approach this conversation 'cause it can be bit sensitive for some. Don't know if that's what you want, I won't even ask you again if you tell me."
His heart was hammering in his ears as he felt his cheeks heat up.
"Harry, I..." She trailed off to add to his fear. "I do want to have kids. Especially if it's with you. I understand what you're saying, I'm not gonna say no to that. God, you don't know how much I want my own little ones! But not when still not married."
"What's wrong that? We already have sex." He shrugged.
"I just don't want to deal with mu family Harry, I honestly don't care when we start a family, you know?" She asked, her voice as soft as it can get, "you already know how my parents are after me because they know we live together. It's already hard enough for me to put up with them. If they got to know we're having a child together, I don't even want to think what my parents will do after. You know it's still not acceptable where I come from to have kids before marriage, people talk complete shit which I know I won't be able to take. But we can, after we're married."
"I understand." He nodded, because he really did. Her word to have a baby with him was enough to put him at ease and hold him off until they're actually married. Which he thinks is not too far enough in the future.
"And having a baby is a lot of work. We'll need to get a place with an extra bedroom for the little one, unless you don't mind having a little cot in our room here." She shared.
"They will be sleeping in our room untill they're big enough, baby, but I don't mind if it happens in this home. But we can look for a house close by here if you want?" He suggested.
"Mhmm we can do that." She agreed. They would have to discuss more on financials, because YN had just turned in her last installment of ger house loan (collaborating with Harry came in a huge help for her with that) and had very little in her savings to chip in. Even though Harry would be able to get a house all by himself, she'd want to be a part of the financial process too. "How many do you want."
"Let's think about one first." He chuckled sheepishly.
"Mhmm." She teased him, "I was thinking maybe I wanna have two or four."
"You want an even number of kids?"
"I just don't want a middle child." She chuckled. Even if they did ended up having an odd number of kids she'd treat her middle child the best she could like the others.
"Awh!" He cooed sadly pulling her in an embrace, he pressed a kiss sloppy on her cheek with a loud smooching sound.
"Are you okay, though?"
"Mhmm, I am." He sounded, "why would you ask that?"
"You, ehm, last night, you basically turned down to have sex." She stuttered, "that was very unusual, especially coming from you."
He cracked a smile picking up on the humour in her last sentence, that's true though. "Was just thinking about all this, that's all."
"I thought something happened, are you sure you're okay?" She pressed.
"Yes baby, I am sure. When have I ever hid being sad or low from you, hmm?" He scooted closer to her, nudging his nose against her, "especially when I know I'll be getting loads of cuddles and kisses from you."
She chuckled, "I can give you kisses and cuddles whenever, Haz, you know that."
"Yeah?" He rubbed his nose against hers in feathery touches, "would you give me kisses and cuddles now?"
"Mhmm." She agreed, her eyes shuttered closed as she leaned into close contact with him.
"Come close to me then, pretty." He urged her to straddle his thighs, she did, her mouth already buttoned onto his taking him by surprise. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose as he pulled her closer. He couldn't help the groan of a whine which left his mouth when she pulled away, feeling her fingers slip through his hair on the back of his head in gentle, soothing strokes of her finger tips. He leaned into her touch.
"What do you think? You think we'll have a girl a boy first?" She asked.
"Hmm," he signed ad his hands rested upon her hips, "I mind with either. We'll love them for who they are!"
"Awh!" She cooed. "But I think you'll be a better suit for a girl dad."
"How so, baby?"
"She'll know that how she is to be treated, our daughter I mean which is nothing but like a royalty. I know you'll treat her like a queen." She shared, "I can already imagine that."
It warmed his heart, "that puts on a lot of pressure on me."
"No, it's okay." She rushed, "I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry. You're going to be an amazing dad to our babies, Haz!"
"I'm just teasing baby, I know we're gonna make mistakes on our way which is okay." He chuckled at her reaction, "but what if we have a boy?"
"Then you're gonna be the best influence, he's gonna grow up to be - hopefully - comfortable in himself and be the most respectful person just like our daughter would grow up to be." She smiled, pressed another sweet kiss on his mouth which he so gladly returned to her. "But I want you to tell me whenever you're not in mood okay? I feel so bad, I was being all touchy-touchy. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable."
"No, you didn't my love, I love it when you touch me. In any way." He assured her, "you know I'll tell you when I'm not in mood. But now I certainly am in the mood." With a cheeky smirk he buttoned his mouth on hers, feeling her smile he tightly wrapped his arms around her.
"Well, good thing," she mumbled, "because I am too."
"Yeah?" He taunted, "always so needy for me, aren't you?" He stood up all of a sudden to her surprise. His hands supporting bum with her legs wrapped around his hips he made his way to their bedroom. "Need to wash my hands first. Baby, please!" Just when he'd put her down on their bed he was pulled down with her a huff.
"Oh, okay." She realised releasing her arms from around his neck.
"Be right back," with a peck on her forehead he rushed to the bathroom, he's touched his car door, then the lift button, fiddled with his keys and touched the main door before she was dragging him to the sofa talking about getting a new kitten, he also washed his dick just to be safe. Got a towel to splay on their sheets, he knows that they'd be tok tired to change the sheets later even jf they're yet to have their dinner. Took him all long three minutes to return, already unbuttoning his the white dress shirt he had on. "Hi."
"Hi." She chuckled watching him knee his way towards her on their shared bed, pushing away their blanket as he layed the towel down. He gave her another quick kiss before he was shrugging off the shirt off his shoulders but it got caught in his necklace. "You're going to break it." She reached for his necklace and carefully freed the button stuck in the chain making him giggle as he threw the garment on the floor, he was initially aiming for the laundry basket.
"Only fair if you take your shirt off."
"No!" She whined in her pretend disagreement.
"Yes!" He mocked her as his hands reached for the hem of her turtle neck at her hips, daring to dig his fingers just enough to make squirm before he was pushing the fabric up. She'd let him pull it over her shirt revealing the black lacy bra she was yet to take off, but the neckline got caught in her earring. "Oh, don't move!" He carefully slipped off the piece of jewelry from her earlobe as it was just a hook. "You alright?"
"Mhmm." She nodded.
"These are cute!" He chuckled seeing the clay charms of cats hung on the hook, he placed the pair on the side table once she handed him other. Her friend got those for her saying the piece of jewelry reminded her of her. He hovered over her as he lied her down carefully, managing to fit perfectly in between her thighs as his lips brushing in feathery touches just under her earlobe, like a pain relief kiss.
YN's hands dipped inbetween both their bodies reaching his core, her hand was met with his hard on. Just a squeeze on his bulge had him grunting against her neck as his teeth sunk into her skin.
God, she'll have to wear turtle necks for the rest of the week now!
Harey definitely loved leaving his marks on her, in the places only he can see. On the swells of her breasts and in between, on her hips, on soft skin of her inner thighs closer to her glistening cunt.
"Oh fuck!" He moaned heavily breathing, "you're gonna make me cum just like that."
"Can I, please?" She asked, stuttering shyly, "I want to suck you?"
"Yeah? Go on baby love, you know I'm all yours." He lifted his head up from her neck to look at before he pressed a soft lingering kiss on the full of her mouth.
He had moved every pillow to be piled up on the headrest of their bed as he's planning to get her in the same position in sometime. He got his pants and boxers off, his prick proud and hard up right.
"I love you!" She mumbled giving him another kiss on the cheek, as she sat on her heels next to him. Trailing her hand from his chest, down his tummy following the happy trail below his belly button.
"I love you mo-" he gasped at the touch of her hand on his cock, feeling sensitive for unknown reason today. He watched her moments as he wrapped her small hand around his shaft, on the second stroke and a swipe of her thumb over the tip had him throwing his head back. Breathing heavy.
She decided to cut to chase when he felt her warm mouth wrapped around his tip, her tongue pressed flat getting the taste of the pre cum. He swore he could be cumming any moment when he felt soft vibrations of her humming around his cock taking him further down, using her hand to cover what she couldn't take.
"Gahh! Fuck!" He moaned, his voice went extra deep mid orgasm which she seemed to love so much, he took her free hand in his lacing his fingers through hers in a gentle hold. She pulled away with a pop sound of her sucking hard on his cock to catch for breathing, reaching to cup his balls, playing with them just how she's figured he likes it. She took him back in his mouth bobbing up and low on gis length. "Fuck, just like that baby. You're so - ugh! - so good to me!" That earned another moan from her around his cock.
"Fuck I'm so close baby, just like that make me cum. Please!" His breathing got heavier which had his heart thumping against his chest, he whined at the lost of contact when she pulled away.
"Cum for me, Haz." She requested. Just as she had her mouth back on him, his release warmed her up. Taking all she could as the rest of his cum dripped down her hand with each bob of her head, making his cock go softer. She felt his legs shake on her side, a hand on the back of her head.
"C'mere." He breathed, without any hesitation he pulled her to smear his lips onto her spit-cum slick ones, slipping his tongue in her mouth.
"You good?" She asked.
"Yeah, just need a moment, you made me cum so hard." He nudged his nose next to hers, "I want you to sit on my lap, get on." YN listened to him, raising up on her knees to get closer to him. "Pants and knickers off, sweet girl." His demand caught her off guard.
First of, she was wearing her comfy panties when she changed after she got home, they had little pandas printed on them. She wasn't planning on letting him see those as he's teased her once about the same pair before, it was going to be am embarrassing in such a sexy moment. And second off, she haven't shaved since her period stopped this month. Though he's made it pretty clear he doesn't care, but she does. Somewhat.
"What's wrong?" He asked, finally being able to breath at a steady pace. "What? Are you wearing your pink panda panties?" He smirked.
"Stop, they're comfy!" She scoffed moving on her spot, feeling the slickness of her own folds with each move.
"Come on, I don't mind. It's my turn now." He urged her. Hesitating she followed his demand, shimmying her swears and panties off, "come to me!" He made grabby hands towards her making her.
"You sure you want to go again?" She enquired, he still looks blissed out, his pupils still blown out.
"Mhmm, plus I have other means to have you screaming my name." He smirked, resting his hand on sides her bare thighs moving his hands up to hest on her hips.
"Daddy chill!" She rolled her eyes.
He knew what she was doing there, bringing up his one kink they hardly indulged in now.
"Now, now angel, don't be a brat." His made a semi-hard contact with her bum causing her to jolt in surprise.
"What was that for?" She gasped.
"You heard me." He raised a challenging brow at her, causing her to laugh throwing her head back. He'd figured she can't be serious like this which he found adorable. "Don't be a brat if you want Daddy to make you feel good."
"Oh then I'm definitely gonna be one." She nodded her head, biting onto her lips to hold back another laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She couldn't, letting her head drop on his shoulder for a moment she giggled. "I'll be serious now." Blinking her eyes twice she put on a serious which now had him giggling at.
Usually he's the one incharge in bed, as cliche as it sounds that's how both of them work. But none of them felt the need to verbalise the power dinamic in a kinky way, maybe it was a thing at the very start but for some reason they both stopped it. And now joke about it here and there. But it had his cock almost jumping up again when she called him that.
The little joking around made it all the more real for her, that sex or intimacy isn't always picture perfect as it is usually portrayed in the media. It was so much more enjoyable that way, seeing him actually make an effort to wash his hands so she wouldn't catch any unwanted infections or shit that happens to people with uteruses, or the way he makes her to feels so comfortable in her own skin even though she doesn't fit into the conventional mold made the society. That was the most sexiest thing she had experience!
"Your tits look amazing in this bra." He commented, blatantly staring at the swells of her breasts right in front of his face, as he raised his hands along her sides to rest on the curve of her waist before one slipped up further on her back in no time garment was unhooked. He's way too slick with his movements in moments like this. He further slipped down the elastic straps from her shoulders, leaving her now in the same state as him.
"Way better!" Tugging down the flimsy garment made of lace off her hands, Harry tossed it accross the bed to join rest of their clothes. Dipping his head forward, he pressed his lips onto her neck leaving the soft trail of kisses down her sweet spot, making his way down to her collar bone. Working to deepen the mark he left on her a couple pf days before. One of his hand squeezing onto her breast rolling the hardened nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, whilst reaching down to wrap his lips around the other. She whimpered under his touch, feeling the wetness just grow further in between her legs.
Harry could only imagine how full her breasts would be once they're finally have a baby, excited see and go through all the changes by her side. That had him dipping his hand in, finger tips brushing up her wet folds. He smirked feeling her gasping, leaning back into the pillows to look atthe way he had her whimpering under him.
He was already getting at her sight. "Hmm, so wet." He spared a glance at his fingers working onto her sensitive cunt, "for me baby?"
"Mhmm." She nodded, hands halting onto either on his shoulders to keep herself steady. All her teasing him went out the window just at the touch of his finger tips on her sensitive clit.
"Words, sweet baby, I need words." He teased as he rubbed slow circles on her clit.
"God, it's for you, Harry!" She bleated.
"It's what now, darling?" He urged her to say what he wanted to hear, halting his move.
"Ah! Please don't stop," he was going to annoy her with this now as he shot her a cocky look, "please daddy!"
"That's my girl." A dimple dented his cheek as his smirk grew wider.
"Please I want you inside Harry," she shot him a puppy face, "I've been holding off since yesterday."
"Yeah? That's what took you fifteen minutes extra in shower this morning, baby love?" He was enjoying it now, teasing her.
"I told you was washing my hair!" She whined, that was the truth. It's not as good as it is with him, she'd rather wait for him when he's close to her than do it herself.
"Then what are you calling me tonight?" He reminded her.
"Daddy," she nods her head jerkily, "daddy, please!"
He chuckled, "I'm just teasing baby, you can have me. You ready now?"
"Mhmm, mhmm!" She agreed. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, it took him just few strokes to get himself fully hard again if he wasn't already. Nudging his tip in her fold he urged her to take control.
"Come on, baby, you wanna ride Daddy's cock?" He suggested.
"Mhm-" before she could say anything his tip was pushing past her slit. She still can't get used to him, especially when they go a day or two without making love some times. She slowly sunk on his cock, feeling him fill her up to brim. Her head fell to the crook of his neck.
"Take your time to adjust baby," he sighed feeling her tightly wrapped around him.
"Need a moment." She shared.
"Yeah, why don't gimme a kiss baby?" He suggested, already cupping her jaw with one of his hand to bring her down, buttoning his mouth on hers pushed his tongue past her lips. He hummed at the contact trying to pull her more closer, as if he wasn't inside her already. The sound of their lips moving together came to halt when YN pulled away just to speak.
"I, I, can move now." She shared, feeling streched enough around his prick.
"Go on baby," he urged her. YN slowly started rutting her hips against his, with a pair of his hands on either sides of her helping everything to keep her steady. He never held back his moans, voice two times lower and deeper as he pressed his forehead onto her chest.
This was his favourite thing to do, making love with her.
Feeling her clench around his cock, or his fingers, especially when she's enjoying it. He felt so proud lf every time they made love, seeing her grow more and more confident and comfortable in herself. He pressed a kiss on her chest where her heart is.
"Fuck!" He heard her mumble quietly.
"You enjoying it baby?" He asked, moving behind , "you feel so— fuck!— so good wrapped around my cock, so warm and tight. So good for me."
"Fuck. Ye-yes!" She nods her head jerkily. The coil in her stomach tightened to the point it was close to coming undone any moment. "I'm so close, daddy!" It the slipped.
"Wait for me baby," he warned her, making his grip firm on her hips to quicken her movement, "you want me to cum inside you?"
"Yeah? Gonna fill you up so good, baby!" He announced, his own high was reaching up making his brain go all mushy. "Cum for me, will you baby? Cum around my cock."
"I, I am. I am." She nodded. Finding right words in the moment was something she couldn't do. Her rutting against him because sloppier and sloppier making her shudder as she came clenching around him. Have him fill her up with his cum. Just on the last thrust she sunk back on his cock before feeling him soften up again. It hit her hard, her orgasm there unexpectedly.
Their bedroom filled with their heavy breathing and sighs of pleasure. YN snuggled into Harry with him still inside her. Her taking on birth control was the best decision she'd made, and this was one of many reasons why on the list. The feeling she couldn't comprehend in words.
Especially now that he'd finally help nail another reason for wanting him cum inside her every time with his baby talk. Was it weird that she was thinking how great of a father he would be to her kids in a moment like this? She could careless. Because that's what she would want her kids to have.
"You good, my love?" Harry asked. His voice sounded extra honey sweet to her right in that moment.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "it was amazing."
"It was, honey love." He breathed out as he was too tired in the moment to even laugh with having two orgasms back to back. Somehow, he reached for the blanket to wrap around her so she won't get cold. He hiked up his legs at his knees so she is cradled against him.
"This okay?" She enquired for his consent about what he knew exactly.
"More than okay, darling." He assured her. Who was he to lie he didn't enjoyed a bit of cock warming here and there? "You know, I love you so much!"
She giggled tiredly, "I love you so much, too, Haz!"
They sat there cuddled up with their blanket wrapped around them. Until YN realised she was hungry and that she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.
"Yes, love?"
"I am hungry." She shared, just to make it more clear her tummy rumbled.
"Oh no, baby." He gasped softly, "let's get you fed now, yeah?" He rubbed her back twice before reluctantly pulling away. He slowly slipped out of her, completely aware how sensitive she gets every time. "I'm sorry, I brought you in here before we had our dinner." He shared.
Harry takes it very seriously if she's had her meals or not, especially since he picked on her not so well relationship with food. She's recently started conversing when she's hungry and she wants to eat.
"I'm too tired to cook anything."
"We'll order take out." He urged her off their bed and to the bathroom so he can help her clean up. He even rushed to get a change of clothes. He had already put on a pair of sweats.
"I'll do this," she said, "please order something. I didn't had my lunch today." Taking the another pair of panda printed panties he got for her, she slipped them on and his sweatshirt next.
"YN!" He let a scolding whine, "did you not take your afternoon medications then?" Pulling out her hair from the neck hole of her (his) sweatshirt she shot him a look of her puppy eyes. "No, don't look at me like that. You know you shouldn't have those medicines without having some food in your system, love. Then you get all dizzy and nauseous, that's not good for you."
"I didn't get the time to today." She explained, tailing behind him as he made his way in the kitchen, "we were short on staff today. So I just took my medicines in hurry thinking I'll get time to eat after."
"Don't do that next time, okay?" He warned her, "you were short staffed doesn't mean you can't take fifteen minutes to yourself to eat. If that happens again I'm gonna have to have a chat with the owner myself."
"No, it won't happen again. I promise." She rushed. He was putting some frozen fries in the air fryer, she noticed. He disapproved thay she actually ate those, but at least she'll have something in her stomach till their take out is delivered to them. It was quick to make.
Who's gonna stop her from eating french fries? That too the frozen ones, no one! That's why he brought over his air fryer from his house when he moved his stuff to their flat.
"You're making me fries." She pointed out, wiggling her brows at him with a teasing tone.
"Stop, you haven't eaten anything in last thirteen hours." He rolled his eyes. She stood there next to him watching him make her a snack, there wasn't a point in teasing him more there.
He looked so pretty, standing there shirtless. Sometimes she forgets how much taller he is that her that she really have to lift her head up to look at her gorgeous features. Yeah, he's that all over her and obsessed that he's constantly clinging onto her for her realise. She's got all to herself there. Not even in dreams had she imagined to have a partner as loving amd caring as him. A soft place to fall back to when it becomes inevitable to not feel low.
Now he's stood there in all his pretty glory making her something to eat as she hasn't had anything since morning, scolding her a little for it. It warmed her heart.
Pressing a soft kiss by his ship tattoo, she went onto sit on the counter whilst he's done putting her snack together. After he was done, Harry rushed to get his phone opening up the food delivery app he stood next to her. He pulled up the cuisine page.
"What would you like to eat, my lady?" He enquired, showing the options.
"Hmm, let's see." She scrolled through down to the option. And of course she picked up Indian food.
"I'm feeling butter chicken." He shared.
"Look at you!" She cooed booping his nose, "I'm a good influence, aren't I!" Flipping her hair back proudly she picked up her favourite restaurant in town, smiling ear to ear. He swore he saw her eyes sparkle.
She hung the moon and the sun. For him, she did.
"That's all you want?" He noticed she'd already added his favourites in the cart.
"Okay." He took his phone but added her favourite desserts too before he placed the order paying with Apple pay.
"Hmm?" He placed his phone down on the counter beside her, giving her his undivided attention. His girl was sat there with her hands on either side of her thighs clutching onto the lip of the counter, swinging her legs.
"Let's get married."
"You want to?"
"Of course I want to." She nods, "so we can finally try to have a baby."
"I don't want you to feel pressured by this baby." He started, "it is going to be a big commitment. I know we live together, but it's going to be completely different to be married in living together. I can wait, we can wait till you're ready."
"I am not feeling pressured." YN assured him, "now that you've said it, that's something I really want. I've always wanted that, you know to have my own little family... Getting married has always been important to me, so I cam assured that I'm not feeling pressured. I know it is going to different. But ready for it."
"Yeah, you are?" Harry beamed at her, shifting to stand in between her thighs. He placed her hands on his shoulders, his lips were smeared over hers. First time he kissed her after their love making session.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "I have this image of you with our baby now. A little daughter. I can't seem to shake that off."
He chuckled, "I bet you'd team up with her against me."
"No, you'd be the one teaming up against me with her." She countered, arguing about who'd they're unborn (still unconceived) child would team up with.
"Touché." He giggled cheekily, earning a gasp and smack on his shoulders from her.
"So..." She raised her brows
"When are you asking me to marry you?" She asked.
"I'm not telling you!"
"Why not?"
"It won't be a surprise." He shared, "even though I want to marry you as soon as I can. Still want to make it special baby, for us. But soon, yeah?"
He pressed another kiss on her mouth, before the air fryer started beeping.
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a-strange-familiar · 2 months
Better man
A/n : did I write angst again? Haha yep. This one literally scrambled my brain for some reason. I started this a week before but I completed now, so yeah. Italics are flashbacks. And here we go. (Ignore my mistakes, it's almost 1am for me)
Warnings : smut, angst, heartbreak, few curse words, Harry is an asshole (sorry not sorry).
Summary : Harry is a typical Rockstar and an asshole, Y/n is naive and in love.
Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love is a beautiful form of self destruction.
And no one knows about this more than Y/n.
Y/n , a normal girl who is in love with one of the most popular and beautiful celebrities , Harry Styles.
She is spending her life by loving a guy who don't love her back. But Y/n being Y/n , she is not ready to accept the fact and leave him.
She met him for the first time at a party. A party which Sarah invited her to. A party which is hosted by Sarah's boss , Harry Styles and his band. Y/n and Sarah are friends from college. So she invited her too so she can have fun. Y/n once mentioned that she is a fan of one direction, so Sarah though her friend will enjoy meeting Harry.
And Y/n did love the idea of meeting Harry. She was soo excited about it. She got ready and went to the party , and she did have some fun but she don't belong there. She only know Sarah there. She managed to talk to people and mingle but it was hard. She felt out of place, like she don't belong there. She saw Harry once when she entered the place, she saw him talking to other people, but didn't dare to go to him and talk. Sarah said that she will introduce her to him. But Y/n rejected because she was soo nervous.
After sometime she gave up socializing and sat at the bar ordered a drink. She observed everyone while sipping on her drink. Everyone around are dancing, talked and having fun.
She was sipping on her drink when she heard his voice. She know that voice very well. She heard that voice on radio, tv ,phone ,pretty much everywhere. So it's not that hard to recognize.
She turned to face him. There he was. 'the Harry Styles' . He stood infront of her with his infamous dimple smile looking at her. Her heart skipped a beat. He is soo beautiful, his emerald eyes are soo captivating , his lips looks soo soft and pink. He is more beautiful in real than in pictures.
"Hi" she said while trying to act normal. She is soo nervous to be infront of him.
"Hey ! Sarah said that you are her friend and she invited you." With the glass in his hand he took a sip of his drink.
"Um .. yeah I'm her friend. She invited me." She replied awkwardly. What is she supposed to say ?
"Then why aren't you with her. I'm observing for a while, you are sitting here all by yourself. Don't you like the party ?" He asked her.
"No , no. The party is great. It's just that I don't know anyone here and I just don't feel like I belong here. Sorry. "
"Oh , please don't say sorry. I get it. And I balme Sarah for leaving you here alone when she is the one who invited you. She should have atleast introduced you to me."
" I'm sorry for the lack of hospitality." He said with a fake sad and embraced tone and his hand to heart as if he is a worker who messed the costumer.
Y/n laughed at his attempt of making her laugh. "No it's absolutely fine. It's not her fault , she said she will introduce me to you guys but I said no." She started picking her nails. A habits she does when she is nervous.
"And why is that ? You don't like me ?" He asked with infamous Harry styles smirk.
"No. I like you. I - I mean I'm a fan of you. But I just got nervous to talk to you, that's all." She admitted with embarrassment.
He chuckled. "I don't bite , love."
"Anyway it's a good thing that Sarah didn't introduce you. So now I get to introduce you myself. Hi , my name is Harry." He stretched his hand out to her for a hand shake.
She smiled "Hi Harry, my name is Y/n."
And that's how they met. After talking for a while. He took her near his band and introduced her to everyone. She had a best night. They danced , had few drinks, talked (a lot) , and kissed.
After that day , they exchanged numbers , went to dinner, spent a lot of time together.
That's how their relationship started. And that's if you can call it a relationship. They are in an open relationship. They had sex. They spend time with each other and care for each other but they don't have a tag , a label. And Y/n never questioned in the beginning. All she wanted is to be with him , no matter if its only physical.
First time when they had sex , he told her that he is not ready for a proper commitment. She accepted that. But little did she know that she will slowly fall in love with him.
She know that he is going on dates with other women. She know that he is sleeping with other women. Touching them , kissing them , saying all those sweet yet dirty words which only she wanted to listen.
And whenever she saw a paparazzi picture of him with any model her heart never fail to crack a bit. She know that she is no comparison to all of those Victoria secret models. They never fail to make her insecure with their long taned legs , blond hair , perfect waist, defined cheekbones, size zero bodies.
Y/n is beautiful, it's not like she is not attractive. But she is no comparison to them.
She can't balme Harry for not choosing her over those beautiful models. She is not popular, she is not rich as they are. She is nothing. She is just a normal person. A normal girl who is doing a job which she loves. That's all she is. Normal.
But she have one thing that non of those models can give him. Love.
She love him with every fiber in her body. She love every part of him. His good parts and bad. But there is no use. He don't love her the way she does. For him she is only a good fuck. Maybe a friend who he can fuck whenever he want. A person whom he can come to whenever he is feeling down , to rant about his problems and talk.
And the most fucked up thing here is that he know that she love him.
As usual they both are spending weekend at her place. They had sex the minute he stepped inside the house. He couldn't control until they got into the bedroom. They had sex on the couch and later took a quick shower and had dinner.
And now after dinner they are having drinks. And clearly she had a bit more drinks than she had to. She is singing to the songs that are playing on the speakers , and not even a single word is correct or clear. Harry is literally having a show. Seeing her get loose, singing, dancing weirdly (which is kinda cute tho) , ranting about her day. Y/n is always a reserved one , she is not someone to drink until she blacked out. She always have a limit, but something gotten into her today. She is being more goofy , playing around, making Harry laugh. And Harry is having a best time.
"Enough now , it's time for bed. You had too much of drink." He said trying to lift her from the couch.
"Noooo, I want to stay. I'm not sleepy." She whined while bobbing her to the music playing in the room.
"No it's too late , baby. You need to stop now or you'll have headache tomorrow." He said with a stern look on his face.
"I love it when you call me that." She said with a grin on her face.
"Call you what ?
"Baby." She blushed.
He smirked , "I know, baby. So now be my good baby and get up I'll tuck you in bed."
"No , I won't sleep. You'll leave once I sleep. " She pouted.
He sighed." I won't. I'll stay till morning. Ok ?"
She crossed her hands and turned her face to a side like a toddler.
"Y/n. You better get up now or else I'm going to lift you my self. "
"Fine daddy." She huffed and rolled her eyes and stood.
Once she stood straight, a small spank landed on her ass. She gasped at the sudden contact. Harry stood in front of her. "You better don't call me that, unless you want me to do something." He said with a smirk on his ridiculously beautiful and delicious lips.
They went into the bedroom he helped her to get into the bed and crawled up beside her and cuddled her to his chest. It's not something new to them. They always cuddle, they pretty much everything couples do. Except they are not one , atleast not for him.
"Your soo warm." She said in a small voice , almost like a wishper.
He lightly chuckled, "Well thank you, baby. "
She smiled, " I like your laugh too "
"What have gotten into you today ? Why are you praising me soo much ?" He furrowed his brows.
"Nothing just wanted to say. " Her words are a bit slur. She is soo drunk and sleepy.
"Ok , anything else you wanna say ?"
"Umm. Actually one thing." She whispered.
"And what is it ?" He questioned.
She is silent for few seconds. Her drunk mind contemplating whether to tell him or not.
" I'm afraid that if I tell you you will leave me. " Her voice is soo small and hesitant, like she don't even want to talk about it.
He furrowed his brows again. Thinking about what she wanted to say.
"I won't leave you. Tell me."
She took a deep breath. The room was silent they can't hear anything other than their soft breathing.
"Don't say anything, but also don't leave." She said and pressed herself more into him.
"I love you , Harry. "
His breath hitched. He widened his eyes. She loves him ?
To be honest he kinda knew that this may come sooner or later. He could feel it. But he don't feel the same. He like her but he don't love her. He can't do anything.
So , he didn't do anything. He was quite. Didn't even utter a single word. He stayed.
She fell asleep right after saying those words. But he couldn't. He just hoped that the next morning she will forget everything.
Next morning by the time she woke up bed was empty. She had a bad hangover. She went into to kitchen, there is breakfast, water with hangover medicine on the kitchen counter. There is also a note laying beside.
I had to leave early. Take some medicine and rest for a bit. When will you learn your to be responsible, Y/n. (disappointed head shake) - H x
She smiled at the note and ate her breakfast. She spend the rest of the by cleaning and just watching movies.
She remembered what happened last night, but not clearly. She remembered singing, dancing, and sleeping with Harry.
But after sometime she also remembered want she said before she slept. She panicked , he didn't say anything and he also didn't leave. So she thought maybe he didn't take it seriously. She thought maybe he thought she was just drunk talking. Maybe he won't bring it up again. She don't want to loose him. Atleast not right now.
As she expected he didn't bring up that topic again.
It's saturday , she spent the whole day by watching movies and waiting for Harry's text.
She never know when he is going text , so she always wait for him.
As always even today she is waiting for his text to see whether he is coming to her place or not. Harry text her before he come to her place. And not only her but even he doesn't know when he is gonna text. He is always working (or fucking someone). So she is waiting for him , hoping that he will come.
She is in the kitchen when her phone rang. She immediately abandoned whatever she is doing thinking it's Harry's call. But once she saw who is it she felt disappointed. It's her best friend Eva.
"Hello" she answered the call.
"Hello, babe girls and I are going out for drinks. Do you wanna join ?" Eva asked
"Umm. I- "
"Oh god ! Y/n please. Don't say no. Do you know how much we miss you." She said with a disappointed tone.
"I miss you too, Eva. It's not like I don't want to come." She pinched the bridge of her nose. It's not like she don't want to. But she don't know when is Harry gonna call , so she don't want to miss a chance to see him.
"Y/n if it's because of Harry please don't. You are doing nothing but hurt yourself." She friend said in a stern voice.
"Eva, please, you know." She sighed.
"Yes babe. I know that's why I'm saying. You are hurting yourself. He don't love you. You mean nothing to him. He don't deserve you. You don't deserve this. Waiting around for him like this. Sacrificing your life. Do you know how many guys are waiting for you ? They are dying to give you their undivided attention. But you are here guy who don't even give a fuck about you." She completely her monologue.
Y/n know Eva is frustrated, know the she deserves better. But that's the fucked up thing about love. What you know doesn't matter. What you feel is only matters.
She is silent for a while. Don't know how to answer her friend.
Finally Eva broke the silence. "Why, Y/n?"
Why ?
That's the question even Y/n is trying to find an answer for. She can hear the hurt in her friend voice. She can hear the concern.
"Maybe he don't love me, but he made me feel loved."
And that's true. He make her feel loved, he is soo soft and with her even if it's just behind the doors. He care for her, he may not love her but all the things he do make her feel wanted.
With that she cut the call. She felt guilty , she had been doing this for almost an year. From when she started seeing Harry. She always canceled plans , thinking maybe Harry will come and want to spend time with her. She wanted to be available for him. And in that process she hurting her friends. She know that it's not right. But she can't help.
It's almost been a hour since that phone call. Y/n is tired now. By overthinking everything and waiting for Harry.
She plopped down on the couch and unlocked her phone to scroll through social media for a while.
The minute she opened instagram she wished wished her phone will get on fire.
There is a paparazzi picture of him. He is not alone he is with some other girl. She is a model. The one Y/n already saw him with. It's actually second time seeing them together.
She is perfect, everything thing a guy want. Everything Y/n want to be. She is beautiful. And it's killing Y/n.
Is he attracted to her ? Does he have feelings for her ? Does he like that perfect girl in his hands right now ?
And it looks like he is having so much fun. He is laughing and he look soo happy.
Y/n locked her phone and chucked it to the coffee table. She is crying now , hot tears streaming down her face. Sobs are falling out of her lips. Her heart is breaking, she is breathing so fast. She is sad, angry, frustrated everything.
Sad that no matter whatever she do she is not going to get Harry, he won't love her. Angry that he is a dumb dipshit who can't see real love. And frustrated by the fact that she can't accept everything and leave him.
After few minutes she calmed down. She took another shower and went to bed with a broken heart and tears stained cheeks.
It's been a week since she saw those pap pic of Harry and she didnt talked to him from then. He didn't text or call and she didn't too. She wonderd if he even miss her or think about her like she do. Of course she is not that important to him but…
She got interrupted by a knock on the door. She was not expecting anyone right now. Who could that be ? She thought while opening the door.
She opened the door and Harry stood in front of her with a sweet little smile on his face.
He entered into the house without a single words and closed the door behind him.
He turned back to face her and slammed his lips to her.
She kissed him back. She just poured all the love and passion into the kiss. Their lips moved together in a rhythm. His lips felt perfect around hers.
He sucked on her lips and bit her lower lip.
He pulled away from her. With that stupid smile still plasterd on his lips.
"Hi" he breathed out.
" Hi " she said awkwardly.
He furrowed his brows in confusion. "Why are like that ? You seem shocked."
She cleared her throat "Well I am shocked. didn't know that you were coming today. "
He shrugged " I mean I missed you , that's why I came. "
Y/n is stunned to speak. Did he really miss her ?
"Really? " She asked in a soft voice. Afraid that if she speak loudly everything will shatter around.
Harry placed his hands on her hips and brought her closer. Their chests are touching, there are only few inches between their faces.
"Really." He smiled.
Little did she know that's it's not truth.
Harry didn't miss her. He was about to go on a date with someone. But she had to cancel the planes at last minute due to some emergency, soo Harry came near Y/n. That's what he do always, come near Y/n when he need to fuck someone really quick or he just want to get out of his celebrity life for a while and clear his mind. Y/n have this positive energy that can take his mind of things.
Lack of better words , he is simply using her.
He closed the gap between them. He started kissing her again. Her head is feeling light like she is flying in air. She happy that he is hear.
He lightly taped on her thigh signalling her to jump. And she did. She wrapped her legs around his waisted and started kissing him deeper.
He parted her lips with his tounge and she let him enter into her mouth. The kiss is very messy and heated. They both are moaning.
He slowly started to make his way to her bedroom while kissing her.
After stumbling few times they made into the room without falling.
He throw her on the bed, she fell on the bed with a bounce and her hair fanned on her face.
He stood at the end of the bed and started remove his jeans. He smiled st her and her is literally jumping in excitement.
"Undress for me, baby." He said while working on removing his jeans.
She bit her lip and slowly started removing her cotton shorts and t-shirt.
Once he removed his clothes he climed on the bed and howerd over her.
He started to place small kissed all over her face and he slowly moved down to her neck. He placed a trail of kisses on the arch of her neck. He nibbled on her sweet spot and licked it slowly.
He brought his mouth to her chest and wrapped his lips around her nipples, he slowly sucked on her right and plamed her left boob.
She gasped at the feeling. His wet and lustful mouth on her is the best feeling in the while world.
She pulled away and gave the same attention to her left breast licking, sucking and bitting slowly on her hard nipple.
She grasped his hair and lifted his head from her breast." Harry, please I want to inside please.:
"Is my baby that eager ?" He got up and sat straight .
"Yes please" She whined.
"Yes, love I'll give you what"
He started to pump his hard cock which started to leak some precum.
"Ready baby ? " He asked after placing the tip at entrance.
With one long trust he buried himself deep inside her.
They both released a long and deep moan at the feeling.
He fit soo perfectly inside her. And her walls feel soo good around his cock.
He started to trust and slowly finding a perfect. He is fucking her slow and hard and she is loosing her mind. She is not able to think straight. All she can feel is Harry infront of her and his cock deep inside her.
"Does that feel good, baby ?" He asked her.
She moaned in response.
He chuckled at her state , poor thing can't even say a word.
She moaned again and again at the feeling, his soft but hard pace is only making her to fall for him even more.
"Ahhhh Ha- fuck. Harry feels soo good. Please don't stop. "
"Not planning on that." He said and he increase his pace.
Both let out the loudest moan as possible. He literally started to knock the air out of her lungs.
"Look at you, you look soo beautiful baby. All naked and flustered under my body. Sweat glistening on your beautiful body. You feel soo good baby."
She can feel her orgasm coming. The familiar feeling started to grow in her tummy.
He can feel her clenching around him. He moaned which is like a borderline animalistic groan. "Are coming, baby? Can feel you clenching. Come for me, love."
That's all she need before coming around his cock.
"Harry I'm-I'm ahh…" She moaned and babbled wordless while coming.
And he didn't stop trusting , after few trusts he also reached his orgasm.
"Fuck, yes. I'm gonna come. Fuck." He cursed and moaned and came undone inside her. His cum coating her walls.
He slowed down riding both of them from their highs.
After a minute her looked down at her and smiled. He leaned down and pecked her lips and pulled out of her.
He felt her hand on his arm when he started to get out of the bed.
He placed his palm on her hand and smiled.
"I'm going to get a wash cloth to clean you."
She just looked at him for a minute. He can see something is running in her mind, and she wanted say something. Her eyes are trying to say something, there are so many emotions in her eyes.
Few moments later she speaked.
"Will you stay for the night ?" She asked with hope. Her voice sounded so little.
No matter how much of a dick he is, how can is say no to her ?
He nodded with a smiled. Placed an small kiss on her forehead.
Lately everything in Y/n life is going soo good. She is having a great time at work. She also went out with her friend a couple of times.
It's almost been a month since Harry came to her place with informing her before. From that day something has changed, it's just that everything felt different for some reason.
They started talking more frequently. They are not talking everyday but better than before. He texted her more, he spent few nights at her place and she also spent a night at his place. Everything is going smooth , she also didn't see him with any other girls lately. She don't know what to take from that though. Is he just busy? Or is he tired of all those 'perfect' models ?
And on the top of that he told her that he like her a lot. It's not a huge thing he just said that once when they on her couch and goofing around. He said that before, that he liked her but this time felt different. He also said that she mean something to him.
She actually started to think that he started to like her too and started to have feelings for her.
She is getting ready to work when Sarah called her.
"Hello, Sarah Jones. What a pleasant surprise."She said while applying her lip gloss.
"Hey, you. How are you ?" Sarah responded from the other side.
"I'm good. How are you ? It's been a while actually."
"Yeah it's been a while, because you left your friend for of a green eyed British boy." Sarah chuckled.
"I didn't leave you, come on. You know me better, just busy with work." She said while closing her lip gloss.
"I know. I'm just joking. See I'm running late, I just called to check if you are free tomorrow. "
"Um , yeah I think I'm free."
"Perfect, Mitch and I are throwing a party. Tomorrow it's his birthday. " She said while shuffling something
"Oh that's great!"
" I know I'm telling you on a short notice. I'm planning everything soo it slipped out of my mind. "
:It's fine, Sarah. I'm happy you invited me now. I'm free I'll come just tell me where."
"Perfect. I'll text you again." She sounded happy.
"Um. Is he gonna be there." She asked and instantly cringed at her words. Why did she even asked that ?
"Who ?" Sarah asked but Y/n can hear the amusement in her voice.
"You know who Sarah." She is walking around her room and collecting her things.
"Of course he is gonna be there, Y/n. Why wouldn't be ?"
"Ok, ok. Just asking. "
"Y/n, you need to tell him how you feel. You are going like this from more than a year. He is an idiot but you are not. Atleast you take the first step."
Y/n was silent, didn't know what to tell. Sarah is right though. Maybe she will tell him.
Sarah know about them. She know that they have a thing. She always know Y/n have more than just a thing. Y/n tried to say it's not true but Sarah is not blind.
"I will." She said.
She can hear someone calling calling Sarah .
"Ok bye. I'm running late I have to go. Bye". She said into the and cut the call.
Y/n stopped for a moment. Thinking about everything. About him.
Maybe she will tell him.
Y/n stood in front of the mirror. She is all dressed up and ready to go to the party. She is wearing a tight, little red dress. Her curves are showing perfectly in this dress. Her makeup is on point. She is feeling her best. She look soo beautiful and hot.
She is all ready to go, she is most excited about meeting Harry. Seeing him and talking to him. She really want to be with him right now. She want to hear his voice and feel his lips on hers. She is really becoming a love puppy.
She called an Uber to go to the party. It's almost 40 minutes drive from her place so she thought it's better to go and come back in Uber than driving at night.
After 40 minutes of drive she reached to the party. It's in a club, it looked decent not like those downtown bars and clubs.
The moment she entered she is met with few drunk people dancing and smell of alcohol and cigarettes. It's nothing too much though.
She made her way to the first floor where Sarah said that they are going to be there. There are less people in that area compared to the ground floor.
She scanned the room for Sarah. After a minute she found her, Sarah is at the bar with Mitch and some other guy.
"Hi, Sarah" She said to Sarah who is pretending to to listen to the conversation that is going on.
"Hey, girl. You made it." She embraced her in a tight hug. It's clear that she already had fee drinks.
"Yep, I made it." She said smiling.
She looked at Mitch and gave him a side hug. "Happy birthday, Mitch."
"Thank you, Y/n and thanks for coming, you look great "
The guys returned to their conversation and Sarah dragged her to some of their friends.
While trying to keep up with the conversation, her eyes are searching for a pair of emerald eyes. She is scanning the whole room but couldn't find him. After searching few times she concentrated back on what her friends are talking.
But every once in a while her eyes are jumping through the crowd. And after a while she heard Sarah clearing her throat.
Sarah raided her eye brows in question. But Y/n just shaked her head.
"Are you looking for someone in specific?" Sarah asked in a fake British tone, wish is awful.
Y/n chuckled. "First of all your attempt of speaking in British accent is awful. And secondly, no. I'm not looking for anyone."
"If you say so." Sarah just shrugged with a smirk on her face.
After two more minutes, Y/n started to loose her cool. She have to see Harry, now.
She turned towards Sarah. "Ok, fine. I give up, where is he ? Did he even come here ?"
Sarah gave a knowing smile. "See, it's not that hard, is it ? Anyway, he did come here I talked to him just before you arrived. I also talked to him about you, I mean, I said that you are going to come. He must be here somewhere around." She started to scan the crowd to find him.
When they both can't find him she just excused herself from there and went to search for him by herself. She searched everywhere but couldn't find him.
She finally gave up and went to the bathroom. She entered the bathroom did her work in the first stall and got out.
She stood infront of the mirror and washing her hands when she heard few voices from the last stall of the bathroom. There are someone in that stall. She can hear a male voice and a female voice. She smiled and shaked her head to herself thinking about the horny couple in that stall.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror and fixed her lipstick. She really want to see Harry now. She wanted to see his reflection when he saw her in this dress.
She looked at herself one last time and dried her hands. She was about to go when she heard his voice.
It's his voice.
She can recognize that voice anywhere. That deep accent and smooth voice.
It's him.
She can hear him laughing, and he is not alone. He is with someone else, a girl with sweet voice.
She can feel her heart beating fast, she took and quite and slow steps towards the stall they were in. It's at the end, so maybe they didn't even here her coming in.
Their voices are mostly muffled. But with every step she take she can hear what they are speaking. She can hear their laughs. Never in her life she thought that someone's else laugh will make cry.
"Really?" The girl with Harry asked him with an innocent tone.
"Yeah, really." She can hear his smirk without even looking at him.
"Ok, then tell me this. Do you have a girlfriend? " She asked.
"No." He said in a heartbeat.
She know that she is not his girlfriend but still listening him saying that hurts more.
"Oh. Then who is that girl you were talking about with Sarah?" She asked him with a hint of sass.
"With my Sarah?" You can hear they are shuffling inside. After all it's small space to fit two people. She can imagine him sitting on the closed lid and her on his lap. She winced at the imagination.
"Yeah, I heard you talking about a girl with Sarah. She said that someone is going to come here today. I didn't hear all but, and I don't remember her name."
"Y/n ?" He said her name. And her she thought that her heart can't beat faster. She held her breath for a second after hearing her name.
"Yeah, Y/n. Are you with her ?"
"No." He said to that girl.
Y/n can feel tears running her cheeks. She know that truth but still she can't help her heartbreak.
"Really?" She asked.
"Yeah. She is just Sarah's friend."
"Then why is she telling you about her coming hear ?" Y/n just want him to say something that she wanted to hear. But he literally just said she's Sarah's friend, not even his.
"Because I know her too. She was just informing me." He said and it is silent for moment. Y/n don't know what is happening inside.
"Ok, fine. She is not only Sarah's friend, she kinda mine too. Like we hook up that's all." He finally said.
"That's all. Just a hook up ? So she is not your girlfriend or you don't have one ? " The girl asked.
"No, why are interrogating me ?"
"I'm not interrogating you. It's just , I don't appreciate you cheating on someone if you have a girlfriend. Atleast I won't help you to."
At least she have some manners.
"No. I don't have any girlfriend. I'm single. And about Y/n she is nothing. She just a kinda fling. She means nothing " He said to the girl and started kissing her. Y/n hear the sound of their lips smacking. And her moans.
Y/n stepped back with a harsh breath. The wind knocked from her lungs. Her heart is breaking, head throbbing, stomach churning. She felt like someone punched in her stomach and stabbed in her heart.
Hearing him say something like that made her want to throw up.
Did she really mean nothing to him ? Is she just a fling ? Is all she can think of right now.
She ran out of bathroom. She need some air, she can't be hear anymore. She feel like she is about to faint.
She know that she look like a mess now but she don't have energy to go to that bathroom and fix herself. She need to run.
Tears are falling from her eyes nonstop. She is harshly wiping them. Probably her mascara is running too.
She started to make her way to the exit. While walking she made eye contact with Sarah. She can see that look on Sarah. She is confused and concerned. Sarah started to come near her but she just turned her face and started to walk away. She can't handle anyone now. She can talk to Sarah later, but now she need to get out of hear.
She took her phone out of her purse and started to call a Uber.
She feel sick. She feel like digging a hole in the ground and crawl deep into it. She don't want to see him again.
After waiting for a while the Uber arrived and she immediately climed and closed the door. Afraid maybe he will see her , even she know that he is fucking some chick in that bathroom stall.
She can't stop tears falling from her eyes. Maybe the driver is thinking that she some kind of weird person crying in his car.
She always asked herdelf why do she love him? She know that he is never going to love her back. Why do she always choose him over every one, including her self when she don't even mean anything to him ?
But she always found one answer for all those questions.
She love him.
That's all she can think of she just love him. She love the way he make her feel. The butterflies he give her. Those soft and delicate touches. He used to look at her like she mean something to him. And now hearing him say that she mean nothing to him is breaking her.
She just want him to be a better man.
And she also asked herself that why is she not enough for him.
Of course she is not the best but she can give him her best
She is even ready to change herself for him. Just one word she is ready to give him her world. But he just shattered her world into pieces.
She can't do this anymore. She can't let him break her like this. She spent a year of her life loving him. But she received nothing but pain in return. This needs to stop, she need to stop loving him. It's hard but she have to.
After a very long ride she payed to the Uber and went into her house.
It felt weird everything is weird.
She went into her room and removed her dress. She had many hopes today. She thought that Harry will love this dress. She thought that he will remove this dress from her body but now she is just removing it by herself and throwing in her room. She went into the bathroom and took a good look of herself.
She is mess. Tears stains on her cheeks, mascara running down, ruined makeup, messy hair, swollen eyes and broken heart.
She smiled at herself. She felt pathetic and hopeless.
She removed her makeup, stripped down naked and stepped into the shower.
Hot water running down her body. But she can't feel the sting on her skin all she can feel is heart breaking and screaming. She cried some more. After a while water started to cool down she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.
She took a loose t-shirt and a cotton underwear and got dressed. She having nothing to do now except moping around and self loathing. She don't want to do that, she want to be strong. She want to stop loving him and move past him, she have to.
She is rummaging through her kitchen cabinets when she heard her front door opening and closing. She don't who was that. And also no one have the keys of her place except Eva.
She went into the living and saw Harry standing him in the middle of the room.
Shit, she forgot to lock the door. It would have been easy to avoid him if its locked.
They eyes met. His eyes held concern, fake concern. But now she is not going to fall for it.
He fiddled nervously with his fingers. "Umm.. The door is not locked."
She just nodded. She can do this, she need to end it now.
"Um. You were at the party?"
He asked her with hesitantly. He bloody knew she was.
She folded her hands to her chest. "Yep. I was there."
"Then- then why did you leave ?"
She huffed. " I don't know Harry , why did you leave ?" She asked in return, she is angry now.
"Y/n… " he started but got cut by her.
"Why are you even here?" She asked irritatedly She can't even look at him without crying and she don't want to cry now.
"Sarah said that you left crying. Just wanted to make sure you are ok. "
"You don't have to make sure, I'm ok. I mean nothing to you, Harry then why are you bothering about me ?"
"Y/n just listen to me." She cut him again.
"Stop Harry. I was there in that bathroom, I heard what you said. I'm just a kinda fling and I mean nothing to you. So why are you even here I know don't like me." A single tear escaped from her eye.
"Y/n, of course I like you." He tried to defend himself.
"Then why did you lie?" She raised her voice." If I mean something to you. If you like me, why did you even lie? "
He was quite. Everything around them is quite. And it's killing her, the comfortable silence around him is not comfortable anymore. She want him out of house now.
"Is it that hard to love me, Harry? "
Her voice is soo quite, there is hurt in her voice. She not even trying to hide it, tears are falling again. She don't even know where are they even coming from, she thought there are no more left after crying so much.
"I loved you, Harry. But you give me nothing but pain."
He took a sharp breath. "Y/n, I didn't know that you feel…"
"Don't lie, Harry." She snapped at him.
"You know that I love you. I said you that. And everyone can see that except you. And I also said that to you. I remember saying it that night. You didn't say anything. You knew all this time, don't give me shit saying that you don't know how I feel cause you know." At this point she is shouting.
He was quite, he was stunned. He don't know what to say. He dropped his head down and looked at the ground.
" I'm tired Harry. I'm tired of loving you the way I love and you don't even love me back." She said with hurt lacing her voice. He can hear it.
"Do you love me, Harry? Atleast can you see yourself loving me?" She asked with hope that atleast now he will say something.
He looked back at her. Tears running down her cheeks, eyes swollen and red. She was crying soo much.
He was quite, not knowing what to say. Do he love her? He asked himself.
She laughed, a pathetic laugh." I know, why am I even asking the question when I know the answer. "She smiled at him and it broke him and it felt like punch.
"Please leave, Harry." She pleaded him.
"Y/n, Please." He tried to talk.
"No, Harry. We are a mistake, we are bound to end. But I just hoped that you will be a better man and love me back. You just ruined me, Harry. Broke me. But still I loved you. But I can't do this anymore. You will never love me the way I love you." She is trying to be strong and tell him how she feel.
"I waited on every careless word. I waited for you. I put you before every one but that's not enough for you. I will never be enough for you. Please go back and fuck some more models, Harry. I was Better by myself before I met you and I will be again. I can't do this anymore,I can't keep hurting myself like this. I don't deserve this."
She looked at him one last time. "Please leave Harry. "
She turned and started to walk to her bedroom. "And please close the door on your way." She called behind her.
She climed on her bed, and sat against the head board.
She is strong, she can do this. She can move on.
It's finally time to love her self.
Part 2
A/n : I would love to hear you thoughts. No one is interacting with my work. If you Interact with me it will give me motivation to write more. Please share your views.
Thank you, hope you enjoyed.
Lots of love.
Please like, comment, reblog. Feedback is appreciated.
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hstylesicons · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles icons// Harry Styles layouts. LIKE OR REBLOG IF U CATCH, PLS! AND DON'T REPOST LIKE IT'S YOURS!
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freedomfireflies · 2 months
Jack Shit
Summary: In which Jack Chambers is not a selfish, egotistical man-child with raging control issues that apparently wants to climb into Alice's womb like she's his mommy, but instead just a regular guy with a different set of control issues.
Tumblr media
There is absolutely nothing better than the taste of him.
You’ve never felt so depraved. So irrevocably addicted to someone. Every fucking inch of the glorious man sitting just across from you.
His smile. His hair. His fucking arms, and hands, and fingers.
His fucking thighs.
You could just drool. You’ve never felt so pathetically needy in your life. He’s laughing at a joke one of his friends made, running his palm down his chin and your eyes fall to the facial hair that you absolutely adore.
Your thoughts are sinful. Looking at him like he’s sex on a stick. Truthfully, you’re almost embarrassed to be remembering him in such a way, and maybe chemically something is off in your body, but you don’t even care.
Because look at him.
You imagine everyone in the room can feel the tension. The way you’re attempting not to squirm in your seat as you look on. As you watch him settle into his chair as his legs spread comfortably.
Fuck, you could just moan. You have to pull your lip between your teeth and turn your head just to find a moment of reprieve.
And after what feels like hours of pure, unadulterated torture, he seems to notice, head cocking to the side before he nods his chin at you wordlessly. 
You say nothing. Shake your head. Chew on the inside of your cheek.
His eyes narrow thoughtfully before his long finger lifts into the air and beckons you forward. 
You feel your stomach drop, so cock-whipped by this man that you’re standing to your feet before you can think better of it.
The rest of the group continues their chatter as you make your way toward where he resides. And before you have a chance to sit beside him, he’s sneaking an arm around your hip to tug you onto his lap.
Both a blessing and a curse and your legs pull shut within an instant as his head dips to find your ear.
“What’s going on with you, hm?” he murmurs, soft and silky, which certainly doesn’t help. “What’s the matter?”
His hand finds your leg. Innocent enough, mostly in an attempt to grab your attention.
But you’re too far gone, breath hitching at the feel of his skin against yours and he takes note of this immediately.
“What?” he repeats, a tremor of concern in his voice as he glances over the flutter of your lashes. “What’s the matter, angel?”
You could kill him, you really could. Your throat clears gently as you shake your head, now slightly mortified by the thoughts running wild inside your head. 
“Nothing. M’fine.” You won’t meet his eye. Can’t. If you do, you’re done for.
“Liar.” His tone is playful, yet the way he hisses the simple word sends chills right down to your cunt. “I know you better than you think I do. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“Nothing,” you repeat, hoping to sound at least a little convincing. “I just…I’m ready to go home.”
“Oh?” His brow quirks upward. “Why, you all right?”
The gentle lilt of trepidation has you reeling, your heart hammering in your chest as you fight the urge to just climb on top of him.
Your knee begins to bounce, lip back between your teeth as you tug. Commanding yourself to remain indifferent. Relaxed. “Yeah, I just…I’m just—”
Suddenly, a look of realization passes over his face. And pure, unadulterated glee. He leans closer, nose brushing your cheek as he whispers, “Angel, are you dripping?”
You feel your head spin, your skin growing hot and your tongue going numb.
You don’t have to answer for him to know it’s true.
His fingers rub delicate circles into the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, subtle enough to slip beneath the observation of everyone else in the room but determined enough that you can’t focus on anything else.
You exhale a deep breath, hand landing over his as you squeeze his knuckles. “Shit, don’t…don’t—”
“Don’t what, hm?” He brings his hand higher and you still at the sensation. “Think it’d be really unfair of me to leave you like this, don’t you?”
You imagine it would be unfair, but you’re so deep in your lust for this man, you don’t imagine you’ll survive if he attempts to do something about it.
When you meet his question with silence, his grip becomes tighter. Unrelenting. “Angel,” he warns, subtly yet forcefully tugging you further along his thigh. “Don’t test my patience.”
And you aren’t trying to test him. God, you can’t even fathom the thought, and yet your own body betrays you as your voice disappears into thin air the moment he asks a question.
And because Jack Chambers is an evil, sadistic, and relentless man…he answers the question for you.
Despite the room full of people, he slips his hand up your leg until it disappears beneath the soft hem of your dress.
Nobody notices. Maybe you want them to, maybe you don’t. But you notice. Feel the way those long fingers graze your inner thigh as they travel up. Up and up and up until they find the silk of your underwear. 
You also notice his breath hitch. Rather pleased at his obvious enjoyment of what he’s finding. The way, despite his power, he’s still overcome at the thought of you.
You watch his lips mumble something. You don’t catch what, exactly, but that hardly matters because he’s finally touching you. Thumb down the front of the fabric as he applies the subtlest amount of pressure. Just enough to make you squirm. Enough to have you sucking in a sharp gasp as you turn to hide your face in his neck.
“Shh,” he warns, cadence soothing and gentle. Soft and reassuring. It’s odd, the way he can seem both animalistic and tender all at once. You imagine that’s what you adore most about him. How he makes you feel both safe and terrified. “I’ve got you, yeah?”
He does, he’s got you, and you nod. You’ve never needed him to get you so badly.
A bit more pressure this time around. Up and down. Pressing. Circling. Kneading. Until you physically feel a blood vessel about to pop from how hard you’re trying not to whine. Until your stomach is cramping from the pain of holding the pleasure at bay. The way your thighs burn from attempting to squeeze them shut around his hand.
And the voices around you. Everyone laughing and talking and drinking and singing along to the music. Nobody pays you two any mind. If someone were to look over, they’d simply think you were whispering a secret in his ear. 
And you are. Repeatedly. “Please, please, please.” Desperate and fraught. Needing him to take you home, or to the car, or even to the fucking hallway if that means he’ll give you what you want.
He’s so close to going a bit further. You wish he would. Need him to. Need him to actually touch you. Skin on skin. No more of this over-the-panties bullshit. 
And he knows it. Knows what you need and is refusing to give it to you and you’re not sure why but you could kill him, you really could.
But that might have to wait until tomorrow because right now, with the thought of getting caught so close, and his hand much closer…you realize, you’re done for. Because skin on skin or not, you’re about to tip over the edge. His practiced and determined touch bringing you right to the cliff as he holds you there. Dangles you by one fucking finger.
And you can feel it. Bubbling. Ready to tip over at a moment's notice and it’s almost there, just a couple more seconds, and you’ll have to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming, and it’s so good and so close, and just one more second—
He stops.
Pulls his hand back.
Leaves you there. On the cliff. Dangling. Falling. Disappearing into the black abyss.
“Ja…Jack,” you just barely manage to whisper as he smooths the hem of your dress along your thighs, as if putting you back together. “What…what—”
“You never answered my question,” he tells you calmly, green eyes finally looking up to meet yours. “My angel knows better than that.”
You exhale a tense sigh. “Jack—”
“Off,” he demands, patting your hip to signal he wants you to stand to your feet.
But you hardly can, legs wobbly and chest caving in on itself. “Jack, I—”
“Off,” he repeats, a bit sterner, and immediately, you’re up. “Good. Go sit down and wait for me to take you home.”
“Don’t push it, darling.” His tone hardens, lids narrowing as you feel the urge to cry bubbling its way up your throat. “Next time, you’ll tell me what I want to hear, and I’ll be good to you.”
“No, Jack, I promise…I was listening, I just—”
“S’too late now, Angel,” he hums, that familiar smirk attempting to sneak its way into his expression as he pulls his brows together and throws his arm over the back of his seat. His chin nods toward you as you settle on the couch. “Good girl. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to go.”
You suck in a deep breath. Hold it. Nails digging into your thighs. “Jack…please—”
“Uh uh,” he warns, head shaking once. “You can wait.”
“You can wait.” He regards you carefully, and you can see the sadistic pleasure settle behind his eyes. “That’s it. Just like that. Sit there and behave for me.”
And you do. For the rest of the long, tumultuous evening. You sit there. You wait. You don’t make a sound.
But you do plan your revenge.
And as you watch him laugh with his friends and throw you a knowing wink, you smile through gritted teeth.
He’s so fucking in for it now.
And you’re gonna make it hurt.
Tumblr media
Full Masterlist
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goldenbuckyyy · 2 months
Tumblr media
Illicit Affairs: Part 1
You and Harry have a secret affair.
Cherry Wine: Part 2
You never expected this to happen.
Hold On: Part 3
The aftermath of Harry finding you.
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gills-lounge · 1 month
Tumblr media
warnings: just fluff, phh being big softie <33
pairing: harry x f!reader
summary: phhrry and reader moving in together and being cute :,)
a/n: english is not my first language, so I’m apologizing for all the grammar mistakes in my stories. (if there are any!)
Part 2 - Teasing Morning.
Tumblr media
harry was fast asleep on the couch. his head showed down the pillow he was cuddling into. his tattooed arms were tiredly thrown over the pillow he was hugging. his mesmerizing green eyes were shut and his breaths were slow.
a beanie still on his head, hugging his head full of curls. he was still wearing his, or let’s say his girlfriend’s, hoodie. the hood of the hoodie on his head, laid over the old green beanie that he always wear. his coat somehow ended up on the floor, not like he would mind.
harry’s soft snores echoed around the empty living-room. the boxes were still unopened, only a couch sitting in middle of the living room, few pillows being thrown on the couch, what harry’s sleeping on.
soft footsteps could be heard from the hallway as someone approached the living-room. it was her.
his love.
as she walked into the living-room, she saw her love. adoring smile making it’s way onto her face. as she slowly walked towards the couch, she saw his coat on the floor. slowly walking over, she crouched on the floor to pick it up, as she stood up, she heard him let out a sigh.
“hi, baby…” he mumbled into the pillow. his eyes still closed and still tightly holding onto the pillow.
standing up and pulling the coat up with her, she saw how tired he was. soft smile laying on her face.
“give me a second!” she said, turning around and taking his coat with her, putting it on the hanger in hallway. as she put it on, she heard harry from living room letting out a very loud dramatic sigh.
“i’m coming harry, i’m coming” she announced to him, quiet giggle escaping her lips. walking back to the living room, she walked over the couch and slowly sat at the end of it, right beside his head, her hand reaching towards his head. taking off the hood off his head and then his beanie.
soft breeze running down, from his head to his toes as she took down the beanie. soft smile approaching his face too, his eyes still staying closed. her hand going through his curls. scratching the behind of his head, making him groan in appreciation. her and his smile never coming off of their faces.
“you fell asleep?” she asked softly, as she watched his lips part when she scratched that one part of his head. slow and deep ‘hmm’ making its way out of his throat.
“yeah… was, um, moving the couch and then somehow fell asleep…” he mumbled into the pillow, his voice muffled. soft laugh escaping his lips, knowing damn well he didn’t even move the couch and just fell asleep as he sat down.
his eyes fluttered open as he felt a soft kiss against his jawline. his lips falling open, soft grunt coming out of them.
her lips on his jawline slowly going up, from his jaw, to his cheek, planting soft kisses there, from his cheek to his nose and planting a little kiss on top of his nose, making him giggle… from his nose to his forehead, planting kisses all over there, to his head, planting kiss on top of his head, and then sneaking her arms around him, pulling herself into his embrace and she held her lips on top of his head.
slowly moving his tired body towards her, his hands pulling her on the place where he was hugging the pillow few minutes ago.
her body pressing against his in a warm embrace, his head going straight to her neck, nuzzling into it. his curls falling over his forehead and tickling her neck a bit. she didn’t mind anyway, she didn’t even feel it, all she was feeling right now was her heart fluttering and feeling her boyfriend’s breaths falling down onto her. him nuzzling into her like a baby koala.
“tired?” she whispered to him, as she saw that he closed his eyes and hugged her tightly, replacing the pillow by his love.
“mhmm…” he hummed against her neck, answering her question. they both were exhausted from their work, both of them working since the early hours to late hours. it could be past ten by now. both of them starting to get used to new works and starting to adjust to their new lives in a new city. both of them were happy to be together after all these years they spent together. they were planning it for years, since they were little kids on playground, playing there while their parents watched over them, so they wouldn’t get lost or hurt. they were destined to be together.
their night starting to end, both of them cuddling on the couch in empty living room, and soft breaths becoming the only sound what could be heard. slowly falling asleep…
Tumblr media
would love some feedback if you liked this! <3
also requests are open!
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