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Surprising Coah Ukai after practice? Smut or fluff up to you.
Surprising Coach Ukai After Practice
Warning: contains fluff
Word Count: 380 | Read it on AO3 / Wattpad
The only car was the one Keishin drove, so, unfortunately, that meant you either had to walk or catch a taxi.
The sun had begun to set, the street lamps had come on, and you checked your phone before leaving the house.
No messages, that was normal. Keishin was at practice during this time.
You made your way through the empty street. Cars in the streets nearby could be heard as they drove to their unknown destination. 
When you finally made it to the school, the volleyball players had already left, but Keishin was still in the gym.
You ran at him and leaped. He caught you and wrapped his arms around you as you wrapped your legs around him.
"Hey, you ok?" He asked as he tilted his head back to try to get a better look at you. He didn't want to bother or disturb you, but this wasn't something you normally did.
You lifted your head and looked at him, smiling happily.
"Yes, I'm fine. How are you?"
"I'm good, thank you."
You unwrapped your legs from him, and when your feet touched the ground, you unwrapped your arms and he let go of you.
"How was practice?"
"It was good." He said as he walked over to the bleachers and picked up his bag. You followed after him and reached out a hand to him. He intertwined his fingers with yours and together the two of you walked out of the building hand in hand.
"Need a ride?" He asked jokingly.
"No, I think I'll just walk." You teased back as you let go of his hand and got into the passenger side of the car.
He opened up the trunk and put his bag in. He closed it and walked to the driver's side. He got in, buckled up, and started the car.
"Any place you want to eat at?"
"How about sushi?"
 He pulled forward and drove to the nearest restaurant. He parked the car, turned it off, got out, and came around to open the door for you.
You stepped out and walked to the door as he closed and locked the car behind you.
He walked faster than you, so he could get to the door and hold it open for you.
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boyfriends who looks unbothered and chill, but actually are nervous and questioning if they should make a move first or not. And gets thrown off when you take they're hand first.
But when they look down to see you soft smile greeting them, their heart softens as they now know they have nothing to be nervous about. Not with you.
—Iwaizumi, TSUKISHIMA, Suna, SAKUSA, Kita KYOUTANI, Semi, Kuroo, UKAI, Mattsun, KAGEYAMA, HOSHIUMI, Shirabu, Ushijima
taglist :: @chaeble, @awkwardaardvarkforever, @underratedbitch-number13 @hunnipotbish @mina-wina @smiithys
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Tumblr media
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THEIR “FANGIRL” ACTUALLY LIKES YOU, NOT HIM!! (oikawa, atsumu, and suna)
warning: gn!reader, crack, some pouty boyos!. a random idea i thought of~
[ part 2 (sugawara and iwaizumi) ]
Tumblr media
“i swear if they don’t leave in 60 seconds, i’m going to serve a ball towards them.”
leaning against the bus with crossed arms, you watched the herd of squealing girls surrounding your boyfriend. iwaizumi is right by your side, glaring at the sight of his best friend being showered with affection and treats.
he scoffed, “yeah? well i’m waiting for 15 seconds.”
you popped your head into the bus, “mattsun! toss me a ball! a warning sign is needed for this.”
hanamaki leaned forward from his seat, “don’t you think hitting the girls with a volleyball is a tad bit excessive?” he asked.
you caught the ball matsukawa threw your way, “who said i was aiming for the girls?”
hanamaki laughed, “that’s our manager.” he remarked, before settling back into his seat.
“iwa, those 15 seconds up yet?” you asked, moving the ball from hand to hand.
“2 meat buns if i hit his back.” you voiced, adjusting your stance.
“5 if you get his head. it’ll help shrink his big ass ego.” iwaizumi offered.
you chuckled, “you’re on.”
then, in the blink of an eye, the ball hurled towards oikawa. a loud thud! when it met the back of his head. the crowd gasped loudly, taking a step back.
“what the actual hell, iwa?” oikawa called out, rubbing the painful spot as he turned around.
“it was me, shittykawa.”
oikawa felt chills run down his spine. there was only one thing he feared more than failure, and that’s you.
specifically, angry you.
he gulped nervously, before cracking a nervous chuckle, “haha…g-good shot, y/n-chan...have you been practicing?”
“…get in the bus.”
“yes, y/n-chan.”
he sheepishly bid his fangirls goodbye, “sorry to cut this short, ladies. wish us luck on our game.”
high-pitched whines of protest began to erupt as oikawa trudged towards the bus with his head hanging low.
he peeked up once he neared closer to you, only to be met with your hellish gaze. he quickly ducked back down, choosing to walk past you without a word.
iwaizumi followed right after, kicking the setter’s butt as he stepped onto the bus, making him stagger with a whimper.
the three of you turned around and see a girl —most likely a first year— with pigtails and a maroon bow in her hair. she looked incredibly skittish, fiddling with the hem of her skirt as her legs shook in place.
“sorry, but we have to go now.” iwazumi told her, forcibly shoving oikawa to get inside the bus.
oikawa waved to the girl, “sorry, i can’t stay any lon—“
startled, you all froze and stared at her with wide eyes. you stood there, confused as to why she wanted to speak to you.
“uhh…yes?” you asked.
“i-i-i…i love you!!”
before you could even fully digest her confession, you felt her arms thrown around you in a clinging hug. she buried the side of her face in your chest, her grip tightening.
“hey! y/n’s mine!!” oikawa attempted to go at the first year, but iwaizumi kept him back; like a vexed chihuahua being held by his owner.
“y/n-senpai, if you will, please be with me! oikawa-san doesn’t deserve you!” the girl wailed against you.
“you little brat! y/n-chan loves me! y/n, tell her!” he fought back, a deep pout hanging on lips.
“umm…i’m sorry but, i’m currently dating crappykawa.” you said.
“currently?!” oikawa screamed.
“so you have no problem with y/n calling you crappykawa, loserkawa?” hanamaki snickered. oikawa grew red and huffed.
“b-but…” tears began to well in the girl’s eyes. she sniffled and her sleeve quickly came up to wipe her nose.
“what’s your name?”
the girl cowered at your voice, letting out an anxious squeak! when she finally registered your words.
“hashimoto…s-sakura…” she murmured, quietly.
“may i call you sakura-chan?”
the thunderstruck expression she wore can only compete with the one adorning oikawa’s baffled face.
“you don’t even know her!” he gasped.
you ignored the pattering nonsense that left oikawa’s mouth and put your hands over sakura’s trembling fists.
“i can’t date you, but i’ll tell you what. if stupidkawa ever makes me angry, i’ll let you serve a volleyball at his head.”
you heard the roaring laughter bellow from hanamaki and matsukawa’s chests at your words. from the corner of your eye, you saw a sullen oikawa.
“so violent…” he mumbled, shivering in place.
“y-you’ll teach me how to serve?” sakura repeated, her mouth parted in awe.
you nodded, “but not right now; we’ve got a game to catch. so if you’ll excuse us…”
you patted the top of her head and stepped around a slack-jawed oikawa to enter the bus.
“move your ass, we don’t have time.” iwaizumi aggressively kneed him in the back to walk forward, before turning to sakura with a slightly softer attitude.
“we’ll catch you later, future mrs. l/n.”
Tumblr media
“atsumu, have ya recently done anything notable?”
atsumu tapped his chin at kita’s odd question, “besides my killer serves this game, i can’t think of anythin’.”
“or at all.” osamu muttered as he took a sip of water. atsumu threw a spiteful glare his way.
“why do ya ask?” the blond questioned.
“a girl in the stands has been staring at ya from the very start of the game.” kita voiced his keen observation to the setter.
the two turned their heads towards the crowd, and surely enough, there was indeed a girl staring down at them.
suna, who just so happened to be passing by the pair, stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes to catch what was so interesting.
“is she…is she holding a megaphone?” he noted.
atsumu hummed at suna’s comment, before sighing. “oh, i see what’s happening.”
“ya do?” kita asked him.
“of course! she’s gonna confess to me. trust me, it happens all the time.” he confidently replied with a smirk. his eyes suddenly darkened and his voice dropped an octave, “…as long as they don’ do it while i’m servin’.”
suna snorted through his nose at the ridiculous conclusion atsumu came to, before walking away just as easily as he had walked in.
“is y/n-san alright with that?” kita wondered.
you stood nearby and were able to hear their conversation. you spoke up without taking your eyes off the clipboard you were writing on. “i really don’t care.”
the inarizaki team members flopped onto the benches with heavy sighs.
“you guys played great,” you said, scribbling their points down in the first set. “one more set and you’ll have the win.”
lowering his water bottle, suna elbowed atsumu, who was wiping the sweat off his neck with a towel, and gestured towards the stands.
“’bout to happen~” atsumu mentioned.
“the confession?” aran asked. word spreads around quick, huh?
atsumu nodded, his eyes closed in arrogance. they watched just as the girl took a deep breath and raised the megaphone to her lips.
“can i have your attention?”
the booming voice made the crowd quiet down, a few murmurs and whispers being traded among them. aran and suna glanced at each other, a bit shocked.
“what did i say?” atsumu remarked.
“atsumu-kun!!” the girl shouts.
“here it comes…”
“i’m in love… with your s/o!!!”
“see? i told ya— WAIT WHAT?!?!”
the entire gymnasium turned to you at the surprising revelation. the pen you were holding falls from your fingers, the sound of it hitting the floor echoed off the silent walls.
“atsumu, close yer mouth before the flies get in.” kita nonchalantly told him, as suna filmed the setter’s more than entertaining reaction.
“well, y/n-san? what do you say?” the girl asked, the sharp static from her megaphone made you wince.
“uhhh…”, you met osamu’s eyes, he hands you a megaphone he took from one of the crowd members. you accepted it, whispering a small mention of gratitude to the grey-haired boy. you turned it on, the piercing noise making everyone cover their ears for a moment.
“…i’m not interested, sorry!!”
the crowd erupted in gasps, loud exchanges of whispers flooding the gym. the girl lowered her megaphone in defeat, she was about to walk away when she heard sounds of struggling.
“h-hey little girl! if ya try makin’ moves on y/n aga—“
“atsumu-kun, cut it out!”
“’m just protecting what’s mine!”
the bold girl spoke into the megaphone again, “y/n doesn’t belong to anyone! you might’ve won this round, miya atsumu—“
atsumu lowered the megaphone and incredulously whispered, “this round?!”
“—but y/n will reciprocate my feelings! one day! you just wait!!”
and with that, the girl marched off. her head held high and her face expressing nothing but determination. when the doors closed behind her, the team turned to you.
“…that was something, huh?” you laughed, nervously.
the referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of the second set. the team hurriedly jogged back to center court, a pouting atsumu plodding right behind them. you rolled your eyes and rubbed his back reassuringly when he walked by you.
“remind me to send you the video.” suna told you with a wink before sauntering away.
“ya better delete that, suna! ‘else i’m not settin’ to ya anymore!!”
Tumblr media
“there’s a ‘‘sunarin’’ fan club?”
your boyfriend had intended to mention it as a throwaway comment, something to briefly make fun of. but it seemed like your interest had been piqued.
“uhh yeah…” suna answered, “why? you jealous?”
you scoffed, “i’m just curious as to how the school approved it.”
he shrugged his shoulder, “dunno. i don’t even think the school looks into most clubs, they’re mostly interested in the sports teams.”
you hummed, not thinking much of it. you handed suna the drink you got him from the vending machine, leaning back against his chest as you two laid sprawled out under a tree near the gym.
he took a sip and rested his chin on your shoulder. you closed your eyes in content, satisfied with how comfortable it was being engulfed in his warmth.
then, you heard the sound of unified footsteps, almost like a marching army. you looked up and saw rows of girls, all wearing matching t-shirts, with signs and gifts at hand.
“shit,” suna muttered.
“those girls—” he paused to let out a heavy sigh, “—that’s the fan club.”
you sat up, deeply engaged now. “no way, they have your name and face on the back of their t-shirts.” you observed, with a laugh.
suna groaned, dragging the hood of his jacket over his face in order to conceal himself from their prying eyes. when he had first heard about the fan club from the miya twins, he was mildly amused. he often passed by their club room, dropping in a few times; pretending he was lost or asking about someone, just to entertain the whole charade.
but the whole thing ended up backfiring, as the girls grew even more obsessed with him. they would show up at practice just to watch him, or stagger into his classroom in packs to bombard him with sweets and love letters.
“one of them is coming over!”
suna groaned, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
he looked up at the girl with boring eyes, his hood falling off. her breath hitched and she averted her gaze.
deciding to speak to her instead of your boyfriend, who can often come off as cold and dry, you smiled warmly, “hi there, do you need anything?”
her head snapped up at your voice. the heat flooded her cheeks and she turned red. with trembling breaths, she began to stutter something out.
she suddenly bowed at an exaggeratedly deep angle, her face practically meeting her knees.
“i-ishida mei! from class 1-3, nice to meet you!!”
the pair of you were startled at her introduction. it went quiet for a moment, before you cleared your throat.
“nice to meet you…ishida-chan…” you slowly said, unsure of how to respond. you nudged suna in the torso, forcing him to say the same.
“delighted.” he answered, curtly.
upon hearing his voice, mei raised her head, a solemn look on her features. “suna rintarou, from class 2-1. we finally meet.”
suna quirked his eyebrows at the serious tone she had. you glanced between them, incredibly confused as to what was happening.
“can i help you, kid?”
“rin��” you scolded, lowly.
“look, if you’re gonna confess your love to me or something, just do it now. i’m trying to enjoy my lunch break.” he told her, bluntly.
but what shocked you both, was when she started laughing. her head thrown back as the menacing, almost belittling chuckles left her lips.
“confess? to you? don’t be ridiculous, silly volleyball player.” she mocked.
her eyes shifted to you, and you gulped nervously. she smiled and her features softened, “i’m here to proclaim my love for you, y/n-sama.”
with eyes as wide as saucers, you stared at her in complete disbelief. suna scoffed, letting go of you and standing up. the sight was nothing less than comedic. a 185.7 cm middle blocker, towering over a nearly 153 cm first year, the two glaring daggers at each other.
“i’m afraid “y/n-sama” is not available.” he stated.
“that can be easily fixed.”
he tilted his head, “are you threatening me?”
she snickered, “oh don’t flatter yourself, you’re eons behind the worth of indulging my wrath.”
she grew bored exchanging meaningless words with suna, so she looked back at you. crouching, she gently took a hold of your hand.
“y/n-sama, you’re nothing less than a dream. therefore, you deserve nothing less than a romantic love story. i can provide that and make you change your mind about this unfavorable boy.”
you blinked, “i’m really sorry—“
“you’re not, but go on.” suna cut in. mei shot him a dirty look for interrupting.
“i can’t be with you, ishida-chan…” you told her with a grimace.
she retracted her hand and nodded, “i see…”
“seems like you’ve got your answer, bye now.” suna addressed.
“suna rintarou, from class 2-1,” she turned to him, “you might feel victorious now, but you’ll be hearing more from me in due time.”
after bowing one last time to you, she twirled on her heels and marched away. now that her back was visible, you noticed the t-shirt she was wearing. It was the same as the one suna’s fangirls wore, but hers had a big red ‘X’ etched over his face.
suna scoffed, “nice shirt!” he called out, sarcastically.
“i’ll make one for y/n-sama!”
he rolled his eyes and muttered, “brat.”
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! this was definitely not proofread, sorry for any mistakes >:(
thanks for calling darkmegs!!
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Taken for Granted (MSBY + Iwa x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You were their angel in disguise and they did a great job of destroying that too (starts fluffy and ends angsty. comfort in part 2 if requested)
Pairing: MSBY 4 + Meian and Iwa x reader  (a little bit Kageyama and ushijima x reader)
Trigger warnings: Harsh words from the boys! (except shouyo)
MINI UPDATE: I made a tag for this (taken for granted) and if an ask post comes under it its cause I have an update in that or I’m asking for an opinion so yeah just help me out when you see me asking for an opinion on what you guys want let me know!!! OKie enjoyyyy
Mini Update 2: TAGLIST is now closed...cause well there are 60 0f you and one of me and the one of me is overwhelmed and has not eaten in two days T_T
ALSO FYI: I get one more rude message or ask about when I'm going to write Part 2 or why I haven't written it yet and I swear to god I wont write it. I write these things and share them cause they bring me comfort and I would like to think they bring some of you comfort as well but I also have a life outside of this app/ website believe it or not and that life takes precedence so please
Tumblr media
The MSBY jackals team was chaotic... unbelievably talented and chaotic. 
It was a known fact not just through the team and their close friends but through the volleyball community as a whole.
On the court they were unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. Each player shining in his own way with a trainer who always made sure the boys were at their best but off the court they were all man babies who had never grown up in some area or the other.
You had Atsumu who really was just a whiny-5-year-old-golden-retriever-boy who would give his love to anyone who fed him. More than once Meian or Sakusa have had to pull him away from strangers. Yes he had grown up since his Inarizaki days but not that much. He treated emotional maturity more like choice based on what the situation called for.
Then came big boy Bokuto whose mood swings and depressed moods required a gentle and sensitive touch along with a never ending patience. Though having improved from his high school days Bo liked to be babied and when he didn’t get the attention he wanted he became oh so sulkier. 
Hinata though an absolute ray of sunshine seemed to dance his way into troublesome situations that somehow never had anything to do with him. He needed stern reminders to take breaks and when you put him together with ‘tsumu and bo... well lets just say they were the trifecta for trouble. 
Sakusa you would think is the balance in the group. Mature, calm and collected and having significantly improved his social skills would be a PR dream but NOPE. He was still stubborn and absolutely detested being roped into the shenanigans of the above mentioned boys yet somehow was always at the centre of it all. He always had a long list of demands and was a control freak beyond belief. He like Bo liked his attention but refused to ask for it which made him all the more difficult.  
Together they put Meain (the tired-too-old-for-this-dad) and Iwaizumi the short tempered mom through the ringer. Finding a manager at this point felt like trying to find a nanny for children who could not be tamed. They had gone through more managers than there were players. Imagine the sigh of relief that the whole Volleyball community takes when finally you enter. 
At first glance it seemed like meat being thrown to the wolves. You seemed so delicate with a soft smile and only spoke in gentle tones. You refused to wear sports gear to the boiling hot gym and court. When asked about it you would shrug and say just because the boys were sweaty doesn't mean you needed to be. Much more comfortable in your flowy wide legged pants and knotted shirts. You were the image of soft. Meain and Iwa, both took one look at you and passed you off as another forgotten name manager who wouldn’t have a backbone... 
So imagine their surprise when one stern and strongly worded scolding from you finally got Atsumu to stop running off at games for food or to flirt with the next cute person he saw. He still bickered with the others but finally learnt to stop when he was pushing it too far. 
“‘Tsumu you walk away more than once from the team today and I will be throwing away the onigiri I had Samu specially make for you so you would have a snack for after the game AND I will make sure to schedule you for drills and cardio at night which I know you hate!”
They could only watch open mouthed as one hug and gentle smile or tender look form you had Bokuto coming out of his emo moods and bounding over to show everyone why he was the best. You didn’t even have to say anything for Bokuto to know exactly what you were telling him which always made him jump back up... Magic!
“Bo Its one practice match... you know that right? mistakes are made and thats okay! Its not all on you and what matter more is that you played your best... all you can do is learn from today okay?”
Hinata finally was no longer found in stare off’s and confrontations with people he did not know, you would twirl your way in and with an enduring smile and soft spoken words would diffuse the situation and bring their tangerine back to them. 
“Hi there gentlemen! I don’t know what the problem is but I can assure you that Hinata san had no part in it since he was with me the whole time... Aaah yes I am the manager and thank you so much for understanding. If you don’t mind I’ll be taking him with me! We have a match to prepare for!!”
Most impressive of all was how you had Sakusa’s needs down to a T. No longer did he have conflicting schedules that meant he refused to train that day or had to wait till the evening for the clean up crew to finish. He was always the first one in and out. Every habit was indulged from making all the boys clean up and sanitise after themselves to wearing gloves whenever you had to hand something to him. His stuff was kept separately from the others and sanitised more regularly and best of all you always place him in between Bokuto and Atsumu for interviews so they could carry the conversation.
“Hi Sakusa-san, I hope you had a restful weekend!! Here some sanitiser and don’t worry I stayed and Sanitised all the volleyballs so you're all good to go!”
Meian no longer needed to wrangle them together for the events and make sure they had cleaned up properly. He was now a semi-tired-middle-aged dad who had a little more calm in his life. Since your arrival Iwa no longer had to check his blood pressure everyday and ended his day with a smile. 
You were their angel in disguise...
But that also meant you were sometimes their figurative punching bag. 
After being the longest standing manager of almost 1 year the boys had gotten comfortable to the routines you had created and definitely started taking it for granted... You had taken all of it on the chin though. Every harsh word thrown in a fit of anger and harsh pettiness was taken and presumably wiped away. Atleast that’s how you liked to act and pretend to everyone including yourself though it eventually caught up with you... And the only person to notice was a certain human tangerine,
The day ‘Tsumu wandered off and you were too busy making sure they all had all their pre game rituals to bring him back and he almost missed the line up. 
“What the hell Y/N?? why didn’t ya come and get me?? I almost missed tha line up cause of ya... buck up and do yer job like whats wrong with yer?”  
The image of a red and angry faced ‘tsumu who yelled in your face and then shoved past you was something you kept telling yourself you put aside but one week later, though you greeted him with a smile you never let yourself be alone with him for too long. Atsumu had felt bad but since you had just smiled at him when he said a poor excuse of an apology he thought it was fine. Hinata watched with a frown when you came into work red eyed and kept your distance from your favourite faux blonde who whined for attention. 
The day Bokuto missed a spike that could have set the match in their favour and no kind words or soft smiles from you could do anything. You had followed him to a quiet and isolated corner to talk but you didn't get to say much, 
“And what would you know about working hard huh Y/N?? All you do is stand around, fill water bottles and try to talk about ambition and working hard as if you know anything about it... You have never loved something so much that you would do anything to be the best... You are just some lowly replaceable manager and You know nothing.. Nothing about us or the match so just shut up...” 
The following night the image of what was supposed to be your sweet Bo with a look of anger and hate painted across his face kept you up trying your best to quell the surge of insecurity, hurt and fragility you felt. You told yourself it was okay but you no longer hugged him as tightly as you used to. Bo had arrived to work the next day with the most pitiable expression but he thought it was fine when you said okay with pursed lips. Hinata definitely frowned as he watched you avoid Bo and his larger than life hugs patting his arm and pulling away. Bo sulking and pouting the rest of the day
The time you accidentally left the drafting papers for the line up back at the home court when they came for their away game and Meian was at his ropes end, 
“Y/N-san we hired you to be of help not hindrance... if doing something as simple as packing a folder is a difficult task then you are more than resign... this was such simple task... can’t you do anything right?”
You had definitely not cried to yourself that night and were completely fine and confident. Your eyes were not red and when Hinata along with Kageyama and Ushijima who you used to manage before pulled you aside to ask why your face was puffy you lied and said it was because you ate rice the night before. When Meian tried to pull you aside later to say how sorry he was, Hinata watched as you braced yourself as if expecting a fight before waving the captain of.
You didn’t think Iwa would also be the cause of another sleepless night worrying about your abilities but the day you accidentally scheduled some of the MSBY boys on the same day Iwa trained the adlers proved you wrong as he pulled you into a nearby storage room, 
“It was one thing Y/N! One thing I asked of you... I dont put any workload on you letting you off easy with just managing their game time and you messed that up... If you dont plan on working hard then please dont plan on staying too long!”
You had to wear a long sleeved shirt to hide the bruise of Iwa’s hand gripping your upper arm and you could no longer look him in the eyes, his words hanging heavy in the back of your head. At some point he had tried to corner you to apologise but when he saw the way you tensed up at his touch he let you by without saying a word. When Hinata accidentally walked in on you changing, a look of horror painting his face at the sight of your upper arm you lied and said you fell. You knew that Hinata didn’t believe you.
Hinata had had it. He along with Kageyama had coaxed the truth out of you one Saturday evening when they dropped by for a surprise visit and found you curled up and crying. To say they were angry would be putting it lightly. Kageyama was ready to march up the JVA and have you reassigned that second. Already pulling his phone out to call Kuroo but Hinata stopped him. After a promise of getting the boys to apologise in a weeks time or Tobio and Ushijima were stepping in the boys left but of course that’s never how it goes. 
The straw that broke the camels back was Sakusa. He had always been the one you connected the most too. He took into account that no matter how stern you were with the boys you were still delicate and wore your heart on your sleeve so it was ironic how the one you talked to the most would be the one to hurt you the most, 
“What. did. you. just. do?”
“I... Fuck I’m so sorry Kiyo-ku–” 
“Shut up just shut up and stop calling me that annoying name!! What is wrong with you Y/N are you mentally deficient that you couldn’t do something as simple as give me the right waterbottle...” As his volume rose the others started to notice and Hinata watched in horror as Sakusa put the last nail in the coffin... the damage done before he could step in.
“Good lord how dumb can you be Y/N it’s a fucking water bottle and I know I have some needs but this is like basically being able to read... like are you illiterate that reading a name was so hard... You were worried about being good enough well here’s your fucking answer YOU AREN’T.” 
As he became huffier he swung his arms and everything froze when you ducked back and away from him, shoulders tensing up and eyes squeezing shut as you held your breath. Sakusa’s last words ringing in the court and in your head with a level of finality you hadn’t encountered before. Sakusa watched aghast at your reaction. He wan’t going to hit you... good go even the idea made him sick to his stomach. He was just gesturing about not being able to hold all the bubbling anger and fear in but now his anger that had been reaching a fever pitch died down instantly as he watched you brace yourself for a fight, for a hit... from him. Everyone stood still but it was soon disturbed as everything happened at once. 
“Y/n I..” Sakusa didn’t dare take a step towards you but he tried to reach out and was met with more distance as you finally opened your eyes and looked at him before stepping back even further. 
“Please don’t Sakusa-san” You took a shaky inhale in visibly preparing yourself. Tears collecting along your lash line as you chanced a glance at some of the other boys. Bokuto who was making his way towards you stopped dead in his tracks when you took a large step away form him as well. Your eyes drifting over their appalled and horrified expressions before you met Kageyama’s and Ushijima’s behind Hinata’s shoulder. He looked scarier than usual as he stood taller and then the tears fell when you saw them. You suddenly felt so small and vulnerable standing there. Your tears didn't stop as you hunched over trying to use your sleeves to wipe at your eyes. 
“Sweetheart can ai come clo–” Atsumu tried but you violently shook your head. 
“NO... I need to um... I need to go” At your words Ushijima and Kageyama started making their way towards you. 
“Go where?” It was Sakusa’s voice. It was quiet and desolate, but you could still hear the fear in his voice. 
“Away” You couldn’t look at any of them as you met Wakatoshi in the middle. You knew if you looked at them then you would forgive them instantly and right now you didn’t want to. Kageyama was behind Ushi talking to Hinata who didn’t know what to do. Meian and Iwa felt their hearts break when they watched Ushijima softly cup your face turning it from side to side before learning forward to kiss your forehead while he wiped your tears. They couldn’t remember the last time you came to them for comfort in the same way. Your shoulders sagging in relief. 
“Away from us?” and this time it was Bokuto asking a question he knew he didnt want the answer to. You only nodded before being led out by your former team as the 6 boys watched.
okay obviously want to do a part 2 but what kind of ending are we looking for? 
LMK in my inbox please!!!!
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1-800-olympians · 2 months
Tumblr media
sumarry: tsukishima gets extremely jealous when a certain outside hitter tries to hit on you, unbeknownst to him – you’re already taken and your boyfriend doesn’t like sharing.
notes: tsukishima kei x reader, jealous type of boyfriend, also a brief moment of iwaizumi hajime x reader. also reader is way shorter than kei, but if you’re tall just skip the part. also not proofread.
word count: 1.3k
kei didn’t want to be at the party in the first place. he has been a more introverted kind of person throughout his whole life, and changing it wasn’t even a thing in his mind. but you asked him to be there. and there was nothing that could make tsukishima refuse you. you were the only one occupying the boy’s brain all the time anyway.
so when he agreed to your idea, you promised to send him the address and smiled delightedly. it would be your first social event since you started dating a few weeks ago. and since you two attended different schools, no one besides yamaguchi and kageyama knew.
it was definitely a sweet thing, enjoying each other’s presence without being forced to hear mean comments how you two didn’t fit together or something else that would’ve just got on your nerves and the boy would have to calm you before you threw hands on someone.
before tsukishima got to the house of your classmate, you had already been there, dropped off by your mom, who wanted to be sure of your location. a quick promise to be walked home by someone was said and you were free, waiting on your boyfriend.
me: text me when you get here and i’ll find you somewhere
the house was filled with seijoh students from different years and classes. you could recognize most of them, as you weren’t really someone new there. tōru oikawa, the school’s star, standing next to matsukawa and hamaki somewhere nearby the staircase, tanjiro from the basketball team was talking to a girl from a year above while a third year was talking to someone you couldn’t see.
the heavy scent of alcohol mixed with smoke itched your nostrils, and you grimaced as you entered the kitchen, accidentally bumping into someone.
“hey, you’re alright?” a familiar voice spoke out, his hands on your arms to prevent you from falling. “l/n-san, nice to see you here.” with that words said, you realized it was iwaizumi hajime who you were talking to.
“don’t say you didn’t expect me to be here, iwaizumi-san.” you laughed, moving to be closer to the counter, pouring yourself a drink. you could feel his eyes tracing around your body, as if the ace tried to remember your curves like it was the last time you see each other. unfortunately for iwaizumi, you were too oblivious to catch a sign. “what you’re looking at?”
“uh-” he stuttered, flushing like a tomato. “your dress. it brings out your curves, you look gorgeous.” hajime added after a minute, bringing his eyes up to your face.
you looked more than just gorgeous, you looked ethereal. with the perfect, black eyeliner on your eyelids with an eyeshadow that fitted your eye colour. and oh my god the dress. you wore a tight, backless, black dress with a split on your left thigh (your mom wasn’t too pleased about it tho).
it was the first time you dressed like that to a friday party, always wearing cargo pants and tank tops with a zipper hoodie you once stole from tobio. your boyfriend was the reason why you dressed like that, you wanted to see him breathless, happy having a girlfriend that hot.
“thank you.” a soft smile spread over your mouth as you took a sip of your drink. “is there any occasion? wanna catch somebody’s eye?” the boy asked, his eyes not leaving your lips.
“actually… yes.” you laughed at the sound of your reply, and leaned your back on the counter behind you. iwaizumi swore he could feel his heart skip a beat upon hearing your words. he knew you had a long time crush on him in the junior high, and now he felt like the heavens finally gave him a chance.
“hey, uh. i’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while now.” he began, getting a little closer to you. “wouldn’t you like to go out somewhere next sunday? like on a date.”
that’s when you connected the dots and froze. he thought you were talking about him. out of all people, it had to be hajime that you bumped in. gosh. you chugged down your drink before revealing you’re in a happy relationship, but eventually it wasn’t you who said that.
“maybe in two weeks? she’s already going out with her boyfriend on that sunday.” kei, who walked to the two of you out of sudden, remarked harshly, wrapping an arm around your waist. pulling you away from the ace, gently but swiftly.
“oh.” was the only thing that came from hajime.
tsukishima didn’t need to hear any more, pushing the respect for his seniors aside in his mind, he took your hand in his and walked out of the kitchen. and when normally he wasn’t the one to show any affection in public, then that day was an exception. maybe for the extreme jealousy he felt rushing in his veins when he noticed you with hajime and especially after hearing how he tried to ask you out.
and before you could even realize, his lips crushed into yours passionately. in public, so everyone from your school could see it and not hit on you anymore. after a few moments, you would just drag your boyfriend into an empty room, right. a rush of adrenaline must have got to him when he sat you down on a drawer, so the kisses would be more comfortable for both of you since the height difference.
he pulled away for a second, cupping your cheek with his hand and aside from melting under his soft touch, you melted even more after seeing how kei smiled at you. “you don’t even know how much i love you.” he empathized. “i don’t even know if i ever felt something like that towards anyone else. if someone ever had me choosing between something and you, i’d always choose you.”
tsukishima’s words destroyed you. it wasn’t anything bad, obviously, but it was the third time he spoke up about his feelings towards you, the first happened when you misunderstood his intention and thought of your first-date as a casual, friends hangout, the second when he confessed he likes you in a way he doesn’t like anyone else and now… he dropped the L-bomb. your boyfriend has never been the type of someone who’s fond of his words, and expressing emotions was hard for him as well. you felt your eyes watering, and thank god that you chose waterproof mascara.
“did i say something wrong…?” he was confused by your reaction, he knew you so well, yet he couldn’t tell why his girlfriend was crying in the first place. you immediately shook your head and by pulling in the fabric of his collar, you kissed him again. hands on the back of his neck, rubbing it gently, while his wandered around the length of your thighs.
“i love you” you spoke out as he pressed his forehead to yours. you could feel his body loosen up upon hearing your confession. “and there’s never gonna be anyone better for me than you.”
“next thing, me, you in that dress and a dinner at my house together on sunday?” he smiled at you, caressing soft circles on your leg. “and then afterwards, me, you in my hoodie and whatever movie you wanna watch.”
“i don’t know if i’m free, baby. gotta stand in line.” you chuckled as tsukishima rolled his eyes. “hmm, but if you say i get to keep the hoodie, then i can cancel some guys.”
“it’s not like you wouldn’t keep it anyway.”
(another part of tsukishima x seijoh!reader, here)
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godkeis · 3 months
characters: m. atsumu and s. kiyoomi
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 1.1k
content warnings: arguments, toxicity, cursing
summary: how would haikyuu boys react when you walk out during an argument part two.
part i. | part iii.
Tumblr media
Atsumu and his habit of joking during serious times are slowly getting into your nerves. You told him hundreds of times already that you don't like being interupted when you are talking about something very important, especially when it comes to your feelings. But this time, Atsumu decide to cut you off again to tell you another joke that he picked up along your words.
"I'm so funny, right?" he asked, half smirking.
Your heart sank because you've been trying to pour your heart out yet, it seems like he didn't care at all.
"Seriously, Atsumu?"
"Whoa, what happened to Tsumu?"
You didn't respond to his question but instead, you grabbed your things and went out leaving Atsumu dumbfounded.
Hours passed, Atsumu was getting bored so he decided to dial your number to check up on you.
"What?" you answered coldly.
"Y/N where ya at?"
His tone seems like he wasn't bothered at all that you walked out and he didn't realize what went wrong yet.
"Don't call me, Atsumu. I don't want to talk to you."
"C'mon babe, Yer not dropping the call, are ya? Come home now. I miss you."
That one last straw bursted your tears out as you felt no care from your boyfriend at all.
"Damn you, Miya Atsumu. Is that what you're going to return to me after I pour my heart out on you? Seriously?
Atsumu panicked when he heared your cracking voice on the other line. Standing up, he speedily grabbed his Inarizaki High jacket and head out.
"Shh, shh baby, babe. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." 
"What exactly are you apologizing for, Atsumu? Do you even know what you were apologizing for? You really hurt my feelings. Don't talk to me. I don't want to hear your voice."
With that, you dropped the call and Atsumu attempted to ring your number again but you rejected it.
"Shit." Atsumu felt like his world was ending because you were right, he didn't even know what he's apologizing for.
Replaying the scenario inside his head, that's when he realized that you were indeed, talking about something important but he chose to blurt out his random joke at an inappropriate time.
Atsumu knows that you're the only person who can tolerate his out of this world jokes and now that you've walked out and ignoring him because of that, he knew he fucked up real bad.
Good thing is that your shared GPS in on and he instantly located where you are—in the school library. Hurriedly, Atsumu will head towards you to apologize once more.
"The hell are you doing here?" you glared at him with your puffy eyes. As much as Atsumu wants to compliment how beautiful you are even though you're crying, he knows that it's not the right time for that.
"I'm so sorry, Y/N for cutting your off while you were opening up something to me. I shouldn't have done that. I'm willing to make it up to you, Will you let me listen and understand your problem once more?"
Atsumu will spend the whole day by your side, listening and understanding your complaints with life. He'll be quiet for most of the time but is very attentive to what you are saying. Expect hand rubs and forehead kisses as you pour your heart once more. Of course, he'll apologize once again because he still feel guilty for what he did.
"I didn't get the chance to say this earlier but you're really gorgeous, even when you're crying."
If there's one thing that you will label as a red flag to your boyfriend, Kiyoomi, it's about him and his lack of communication when he's frustrated. Growing up distant to people, Kiyoomi never realized that he attached his toxic trait to his relationship. At first, everything was fine, not until things started getting out of control especially during arguments. And yes, Kiyoomi's silent treatment and distancing isn't benefiting either of you.
"Kiyoomi, talk to me. You know we can resolve this by communicating, right?" you pleaded to the man sitting across you yet your words fell on deaf ears as Kiyoomi's eyes remained glued to the sports channel.
"Kiyoomi." you once more called him. Standing up, you marched towards the television and unplugged the device.
Turning around to your boyfriend, you were about to open your mouth to speak again when you saw a horrified expression from Kiyoomi's face. It was something that you never saw before. Ever.
Anger. Disgust. Annoyance. Hatred. Which one is it? You couldn't figure it out.
Everything was written on his face, just because you turned off the television so that you could communicate with him.
You felt like being electrocuted on the spot as you saw your boyfriend glare on you.
That's all it took you to remove your stoned feet on the ground to walk out of the apartment because you don't want to see Kiyoomi's expression.
Your heart cannot handle the fact that you just wanted him to focus, communicate, and resolve the argument together.
But today, it scared you that Kiyoomi might hate you forever because of that.
Before you could step out of the door, Kiyoomi's right arm slammed the door shut that made you jump in shock.
"Where…are you going?" he asked in a low voice.
"Out…for fresh…air." you felt like you were gasping for air as you took the words out of your throat. You didn't realize it but you were actually crying as you spoke.
Kiyoomi's arm slowly made its way towards your body and pushed you against his muscled chest, left hand following to caress your hair as you buried your face and tug on the hem tightly. You were sobbing and shaking in fear.
Kiyoomi's eyes started blurring out when he realized that you were crying because of him. It wasn't intentional for him to glare at you, it just became an unconscious reaction for him. And now, Kiyoomi's blaming himself so much internally for making you cry and scarring you.
"Y/N, darling. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." he whispered in your ear, shushing your sobs. "I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry that I scare you.
Kiyoomi's voice is full of regrets and his touches are fragile. This is the first time that he let someone this intimate with him and he's willing to fix everything because he doesn't want to lose you.
Later on once you're calmed down, Kiyoomi will ask about your side regarding the argument. He will listen and understand you carefully and sincerely. He will also apologize a lot of times and will offer to make some dinner to make it up to you.
The following days, Kiyoomi will try his best to open up his heart more to you and fulfill the distance he made you experience because of his toxic trait.
Tumblr media
© godkeis. do not repost on any platform.
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aphroxditus · 4 days
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tōru is the type of boyfriend who would bend you over the bathroom counter and pound into you from behind. He’d pull your ponytail back and make you watch the scene from the mirror while he stares straight at you from the mirror, his brown eyes half lidded and a smirk plastered on his face.
His strong arms grip at your ass, and you could see his bulky biceps. His torso was naked and you could see his abs.
This man gives you no mercy, as he drills in and you keep banging into the counter. Moans and whimpers escape your mouth as you try and stay quiet because you wouldn’t want his friends downstairs to hear how well Oikawa was fucking his girlfriend.
“That’s it pretty girl. Keep watching”, he groans into your ears as he pulls on your hair to keep your head facing the mirror. “Look at what a mess you are. Such a dirty, dirty little slut. My slut.”
Then, he jerks his hips and slams into you all of a sudden, earning a yelp followed by a loud moan from you. Your cheeks feel like they’re on fire and you pray that nobody heard you. But who are you kidding? They’re probably all standing outside the bathroom door jerking off to those pretty sounds and waiting for Oikawa to finish off with you so they can have a go. The thought drives you wild and you feel overwhelmingly stimulated. You clench around his cock.
“Such a little slut. You really want the others to hear, don’t you?”, he breathes into your ear.
Whimpering, you shake your head, trying to deny, but you both knew the truth.
And luckily, it wouldn’t be too long before your dream becomes a reality.
Tumblr media
Sorry if this has any errors. I just decided to do a quick post randomly out of nowhere so I hope you guys enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
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vilevvords · 7 months
Thinking about next door neighbor Atsumu who, when he moved in, scurried around the hallway all Sunday with unlabeled boxes in hand, foul words falling from his mouth as he cursed under his breath, earning disapproving head shakes from your fellow neighbors. Who, at the end of the day, sat on the front porch with a scowl on his face, angrily munching away on a bowl of instant ramen, exhausted and entirely sapped of energy. Even weeks later, you could spot unopened boxes still sitting in his corridor as you stole glances through his open door when he left his apartment to go to the gym.
Next door neighbor Atsumu, who regularly forgets his laundry in the washing machine and profusely thanks you when you go to remind him of it. Who‘s clothes are always wrinkly, apart from the skin-hugging pieces that cling to his build oh so nicely, because you’re sure he doesn‘t even own a flat iron.
Who cleans his windows every once in a while when his mother reminds him but never the windowsill because “the rain will clean it perfectly fine.” (untrue)
Who’s always drenching wet and drags dirt into the stairway whenever it rains because he never brings an umbrella and thinks the doormat is just for decoration.
Who greets you in the hallway with a tired but contented smile the morning after celebrating a big win, voice hoarse from passionate yells, but the good kind of hoarse that resonates in your soul and has you flustered for no particular reason.
Who looks so unrightfully and effortlessly good even when he just got home from his morning run, hair disheveled and a sheen of sweat glistening on his skin. Who‘s muscles bulge so deliciously when he‘s carrying his bike up the stairs that you can‘t tear your eyes off him, although you know you should not gawk like that.
Who‘s your fearless and heroic savior whenever there‘s a spider terrorizing you, graciously accepting a homecooked dinner as compensation for his “hard work.”
Who you always come to to have him open your jars despite you knowing that the trick is to let hot water run over the lid. Who knows that you know because he’s seen you open jars on your own before but who also prides himself in knowing that he’s the one you go to for help.
Who’s looking through the peephole and stands behind the door a little longer when he sees you to avoid looking too eager, but whose grin that’s plastered on his face before he’s even fully opened the door yet is a dead giveaway.
Who holds open the door for you even when you’re not quite close to it yet and grins at your awkward little half-jog as you try to not keep him waiting for too long, and does it on purpose, too.
Who gives you a spare key to his apartment “in case he locks himself out,” and because “it’s cheaper than calling the key service,” but secretly relishes in this sense of domesticity.
Who invites you to dinner at Onigiri Miya, raving about the food with pride swelling in his chest, because that‘s my annoying brother. Who has you try all sorts of flavors and remembers your favorites to bring you a batch every once in a while, suggesting you eat with him when you insist on doing something to repay the favor.
Sighing thinking about sweet, sweet neighbor Atsumu who I wish lived near me but my neighbor only sucks at recycling and plays accordion at ungodly hours (badly)
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dilfteracy · 1 month
‣   accidental confession feat. tendo, akaashi, kuroo & oikawa
‣   gender neutral reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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onigirislut · 8 months
Early Sunday Morning
Tumblr media
Timeskip! Bokuto x fem reader, established relationship, soft morning sex, breeding kink, mating press, creampie, petnames (pretty, baby, good girl), slight choking, you call him pretty because he’s a pretty boy
Word count: ~1.5k 
He’s come home from a MSBY game abroad, the two of you spent the entire night fucking your way through your shared apartment only to collapse in bed together, panting against each other’s bodies glossed with sweat. You both decide to ignore the mess and deal with it the next morning, only to wake up with your back pressed against his broad chest, big hand resting on your tummy. His face tucked into the crook of your neck, soft but steady breaths tickling you as he sleepily ruts his hardening cock against your ass, the tip nudging against your lower back.
That’s how you both end up like this, knees against your chest as you rub your clit feverishly while watching him stare with eyes blown wide, mesmerized by how wet and messy you are. At first it’s a few minutes of him kissing up your chest and neck, calloused hands lightly gripped around your waist, holding you as if he’s afraid to lose you. Sucking and carefully laving over the dark splotches like he’s tending to your wounds, before his tongue enters your mouth to massage against yours. And just like with everything, Bokuto gives it his all. Right now, it’s what he wants to do as he kisses you to the point of stealing your breath. Both of you have to pull away to catch your breaths, still connected by a string of spit; soft rays of sunlight filtered through your curtains making it look like fresh morning dew hanging off both your lips. 
“You’re so pretty.” He whispers, but right now, you can’t help but think he’s the pretty one as the light amber of dawn hits him to highlight all his features. Every ridge and dip of his strong body contrasted, the way it makes his hair look lighter and fluffier, how it compliments his golden eyes. “You’re pretty too.” You whisper back, letting out a soft giggle that makes his eyes crinkle with a fond smile. His thumb swipes on the pretty bead of pre-cum adorning his heavy cock, now flushed and throbbing in anticipation before rutting it against your clit, soft moans and slick noises filling the room. “So pretty, Bo” you gasp, “such a pretty boy, feels so good too.”, causing him to let out a slight huff, hand coming up to cup your cheek. You’re already starting to babble from the pressure of his shaft sliding and pressing against your clit, tip catching against your entrance making both of you whine softly, pressing his forehead against yours. The feeling grows in intensity with your shared breaths and his clean, woody scent. As good as it feels, Bokuto is desperate, his entire body aches with the desire to be inside you, to feel your warmth. He looks at you determined because he’s going to give you everything. 
Bokuto lifts himself up, dragging your body to the edge of the bed as he stands, propping one foot up on the mattress to ensure he’s able to reach the deepest parts of you. All of him. His cock should slip in easily given the amount of times he stretched you out the night before, but he’s so big that just the tip popping in still makes the both of you gasp, eyes locking. His hands slip under your thighs to push them back further as he starts sliding into you. You can feel the forked vein that runs across the underside of his cock as he slowly goes deeper. Soon, he’s pressed himself flush against you, pelvis rubbing against your clit and you want to scream with the way he starts grinding against you.
“Baby, you feel so good. ‘S so warm and soft.” He pants out, hands crawling upwards to massage your tits. “Want more,” you moan out, “wanna feel all of you. Want you to fuck me hard, Bo, please-” and he groans in response before leaning down to kiss you again, heated and messy. He slides out and you almost whimper at the loss of contact before he thrusts into you again and again and again. One hand reaches up to possessively press against the sides of your throat making your eyes roll back, the other moves down to grab the bottom of your ass, lifting you up and moving you to meet his cock with every thrust as he babbles on about how tight you are, how good you feel, how badly he wants to fill you up with his cum until it leaks out. Each time he lifts you up to meet his cock slamming into you, he pauses to use his body weight to grind down hard, fat head rubbing against your cervix. 
“Taking it so well baby,” he huffs out, deep in concentration, “it’s all for you. This cock is all yours.” You let out a loud moan and start wiggling your hips to grind against him. “Yeah, good girl. That’s it, take all of it. Use me baby, use me.” Gasping intermittently as you rut against him, both of you fucking into each other like you’re in heat. Bokuto looks feral. You can’t even tell who’s louder, who’s been fucked dumber, as your broken moans are met with his own dragged out groans each time he fucks into you and you swear you can feel his heavy balls throb against your asshole.
At this point, Bokuto loses it; heavy pants against the crook of your neck, determined to fill you up to more than the brim. He thinks he’s close to yelling at this point, variations of “F-fuck baby, gonna fill your pretty little pussy up”, he wants to flood you with his seed. He thinks he’s delirious as the thought of breeding you so full until you’re carrying his baby is what brings him closer to the edge, brows furrowing as he looks at your own lewd expression. God, he thinks, you’re everything to him. His hand leaves your throat to tangle itself in your hair, the other cradling the back of your head to direct your gaze back to him, babbling on about how much “You want it, right baby? Want me to cum inside you? Come on pretty girl, you can take it for me. That’s right, be a good girl and take it, take all of it. Take all of me.” He’s frantically dragging his thumb along your clit to push you to the edge with him, getting you closer to cumming with him. There’s so much pleasure at this point, the simple drag of his thick cock against your walls bringing you towards overstimulation, the coil tightening in your belly as you feel yourself tearing up. 
“Bo I-I’m close, ‘m gonna cum, please please please” you nearly scream, you don’t really know what you’re begging for but he continues drilling into you. “Cum for me, pretty. Let it go, just want you to feel good,” emphasizing those last words with harder thrusts as his hand untangles from your hair to cup your cheek, thumb swiping against fresh tears. He can feel you clench against every thrust as the flash of hot white begins to engulf you, “That’s it,” he coaxes, “give it to me, pretty, ‘m gonna cum with you, ‘kay?” Your back arches as you beg and scream for his cum and he pushes even deeper the last few pumps, groans strained as he spills his cum into you. You feel so full, hot spurts of cum deep in your pussy, and you’re sure some of it is already dribbling out to coat his cock. He always has so much to give, continuing to thrust into you slowly as you both ride out your orgasms together.
Bokuto lowers his body onto yours, allowing you to wrap your arms around his back, one hand cradling the back of his head as he returns your embrace before he stops moving. The room is still for that moment aside from the quiet huffs between you. 
“You okay? Was I too rough?” he asks, and you shake your head in response. “Was perfect, Bo. You’re always perfect.” Bokuto swears his heart almost bursts as he holds you tighter, pressing kisses into the crook of your neck, inhaling deeply. “Can we stay like this for a while, baby?” He asks, voice soft and gentle. You dip your head to kiss the top of his head, “Of course, let’s just lay here like this.” as he nods in agreement, sighing contently, cock softening inside you. 
The sun has risen higher, both of you closing your eyes to avoid its harsh glare. You take in the sounds of birds chirping and lively chatter from outside as your sleepy neighbourhood begins to wake up, but Bokuto is slowly dozing off. We were supposed to clean up from last night, you think to yourself, but he seems relaxed. And so you let him rest, the both of you laying near the corner of your bed, curled up into each other again. You’re not sure if you should be bothered by the fact that you had both agreed to wake up early to tidy up the mess left in the kitchen and living room from the night before, but it’s been long since you’ve been able to hold him like this. And right now, he looks peaceful. Bright, earnest eyes now fluttered shut, mouth slightly agape beginning to let out huffs that will soon turn into light snores, his arms still cradle you, warmth emitting from his body. He feels like sunlight. You know he’s tired from his trip too, besides, the mess can wait. All you really want right now is to hold him tight. 
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beann-e · 3 months
“ you look pretty like this “ his voice came out low enough to rival the drumming of your heartbeat. The whistles of the wind only adding to your anxiety in the moment.
Eyes darting anywhere but his in fear of him taking back his compliment when he saw your face. “ ‘ tsumu I’m crying my ass off right now because I fucked up dinner and we’re gonna fucking starve how in the hell do I look pretty right now “
“ we can order take out “ you pouted as he spoke a large smile on his face “ this’ll be the third night in a row “
“ and? we eat good everytime don’t we ? “ he smiled softly “ ‘eat so good we both pass out on the couch huh “
You moved away from him as he tried to pull you into his chest. The fight for you to escape a difficult one that you ultimately ended up losing. “ ‘tsuma “ you cried out into his chest in a whine
“ y/n “ he whined back hand moving to rub up and down your back as he felt his t shirt starting to get stained a small smile on his face when he finally heard you cry.
He didn’t know why but he felt that you had a harsh couple of days. You hadn’t told him anything , hadn’t done anything severely different , hadn’t screamed or talked to him in a different way he just…. Felt it.
You were his other half you completed him and when you were broken he was broken.
“ yknow baby— my spikes at practice have been off the last couple of days and me and the guys haven’t been able to explain why but “ you cried harder knowing you affected him so much “ after seeing you struggle this hard by yourself I think I finally see why”
He sighed as he rested his chin atop your head “ you can’t keep fighting your demons by yourself my love” voice going low in a whisper “ even if you talk to the stupid cat you talked me into buying — you can still vent to something ok “ he sighed “ or even someone —.
He moved to lift up your chin with his finger “ maybe me ? Next time “ forcing you to look up at him wiping the tears that fell before running his thumb over your lips he could tell you’d been biting at as a source of relief for your anxiety “ baby “
It saddened him to see how much you’d been struggling on your own and he didn’t know. Seeing how much you’d disappointed him making you only cry harder as you looked away shoving your head back into his chest “ y/n why didn’t you tell me it had gotten this bad “
“ I didn’t — “
“ yknow how much I hate it when you suffer by yourself “ he shook his head “ we’re a team remember— we’re ‘tsumu and y/n — my name doesn’t sound right without yours baby “
Your hand gripping fistfuls of his shirt “ you don’t have to tell me what it is wether it’s studying , schoolwork , a bad day at work , or even something as dumb as forgetting to put gas in the tank before I take the car in the morning “ he swallowed “ but just know I’m here for you even if you don’t want to talk “
He moved to kiss your forehead “ I’ll be your emotional support when you don’t have one “ he bent down to pick up your cat smooshing the animal in your face “ we’ll both listen “
The cat letting out a small meow at the action “ see — we promise“
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by-moonflower · 11 months
it’s fine. you’re fine. you’re absolutely fine.
you tear your eyes away from the pair that just arrived, keeping yourself busy by checking your phone. you’re doing nothing more than locking and unlocking the device over and over, but it’s far better than to watch suna and his date walk across the room to find a pair of empty seats.
and as fate would have it, the only seats left were the ones next to you and atsumu, who sat across from you.
under the table, atsumu nudges your foot with his, as if he couldn’t make it any more obvious that you’re going through the five stages of regret. it’s not that you absolutely refuse to see suna’s face again—as if you could instantly up and go at the very mention of his name—but it feels too soon, at least for you.
it’s hard to look at someone who used to mean the world to you and pretend that they don’t still. now everything is weird and you don’t know how you’re supposed to act. you’re uncomfortable, atsumu is mildly panicking as your best friend, and an unspoken tension begins to fill the room like white smoke from a fire.
unlucky for you, the girl chooses to sit next to atsumu, which means that suna has no choice but to take the seat beside you. perhaps she didn’t know who you were, or maybe she simply didn’t care. if it was the latter, then good for her. you wish you could be more indifferent too.
the reality is, however, that you’re overthinking even the most minute of details, that when suna pulls out the chair next to you, he doesn’t miss the way you scoot slightly away.
he smells the same, always that mainstream scent of some cologne you could get a whiff of just by walking through a department store. you don’t even know why it mattered, he smelled like that even before you started going out. funny how you can arbitrarily attach meaning to almost anything.
suna acknowledges atsumu with a slight nod of his head, and though it seems like he contemplates it for a moment, he doesn’t greet you. 
suna’s date orders an orange juice, while suna orders an iced tea with less ice. it’s then that you realize you forgot to make that specific request with your own order. it’s not a huge deal, really, but you’d rather not have a drink that’s only full because huge ice cubes made up most of its volume. 
but the ice in your drink was the least of your problems and you just assume that the night would get progressively worse from there. maybe you’ll miss your train home later. maybe it’ll start raining torrentially and you’ll lose your house keys somewhere too.
after some brief introductions and fake smiles, atsumu tries to ease your discomfort by making small talk with everyone at the table. he was great at that anyway, so you let him carry the conversation. all you can think about, however, is how unfair it is that you have to sit there so guarded, while suna acted as he always did. he’s as nonchalant as ever, which is how he always is. but therein lies the issue: he’s completely fine.
when the waiter comes around and sets down your drinks all at once, you scrutinize the ridiculously large ice cubes in your glass. but before you’re able to reach for it, suna—whether he did this subconsciously, or a force of habit—wordlessly switches your drink with his, so that you’d have his order instead.
to make matters even worse, he quietly adds, “you usually have less ice, right?”
you retract your hand from where it hung awkwardly in the air, unable to grab the glass that suna passed to you. having overheard, even atsumu stares slack-jawed and suna’s date, you can tell, looks away and pretends she didn’t notice a thing.
it’s not fine, actually. you’re not fine. you’re not fine at all.
something catches in your throat, like everything you’ve been trying so desperately to hold together this evening comes apart and you no longer have the appetite for dinner, or even the strength to be sitting there next to someone you could no longer love.
it’s bad manners, and childish, and immature but you abruptly rise to your feet, clumsily grabbing your coat from the back of your chair.
“i’m so sorry, i have to go,” is all you can mutter before leaving a bill for your drink and taking off. 
everything turns into shambles when suna makes the stupid decision to come after you. you already feel terrible for being such a downer at a dinner party and now even worse for being that ex-lover. you can’t even bear to imagine the girl’s face when suna got up too. god, she must be feeling horrible.
suna calls after you as soon as he leaves the doorway of the restaurant. once, twice. you’ve missed the way he calls your name, but not like this. not ever like this. the third time, he catches up to you and reaches out to hold onto the edge of your sleeve. you don’t want to turn around, you don’t want him to see you break down again and relive the break up that left you worn to the bone.
“please, don’t,” you breathe.
“can we talk—”
“right now?” you spin on your heel, despite every fiber in you refusing to and suna’s face falls at the sight of your glassy eyes. that nonchalant exterior shatters right then and all the things suna kept hidden is made known to you.
in the end, it doesn’t make you feel better to know that he’s hurting the way you are.
“go back inside. don’t waste your time out here.”
he parts his lips to say something but finds himself unable to. there is nothing in the world that he can say to make anything better. you hold his gaze for a moment, his fingers still weakly holding onto your sleeve. he looks at you the same. like he still loves you. like he wants to tell you he still loves you.
“some things are better left unsaid, rin.”
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rinslova · 6 months
ಌ including : k bokuto, k. kenma x fem!reader
ಌ genre: fluff
ಌ summary: what relationship dynamics the hq boys would mostly be in!
part one . part three
say it right: nelly furtado
Tumblr media
-`ღ´- lovey dovey golden retriever bf x cuddly introvert gf
there's no surprise that Kou lives for psychical touch, and would definitely make that known in a relationship. I can see ko ordering for his gf at restaurants and holding her hand at all times to keep close and also bc psychical touch <33 Also imagining Kou with his s/o and feeling her tug on his sleeve would just make his heart melt, focusing all his attention on her.
-`ღ´- man child bf x responsible gf
also a common relationship I see alot with kou (in works), because its true. Kou would definitely need someone to bring him back to earth and out of the clouds, he's legit like a golden retriever omg. Especially in his emo moments, he would need a reassuring voice to kiss his face and love on him just enough to get him back into the game
-`ღ´- hyper bf x hyper gf
however, while kou does need someone to bring him back to earth, he also needs someone who can stay on his level of energy. I can see kou and his s/o going batshit crazy on a chuck-e cheese. Someone who can stay up to 2-3am with ease before clocking out together at 3:30 from exhaustion.
ع˖⁺. KENMA
-`ღ´- calm monster chugging gaming bf x sleepy gamer gf
we all know kenma isn't going to sleep at 10pm or 11:30 he's gaming until he hears birds chirping, that is if you didn't pull him away from his screens to go to bed at 3am. One of his favorite things is when he wants to spend time with his gf but wants to game is to have his s/o sit on his lap teddybear style while playing animal crossing.
-`ღ´- sweet energetic gf x 5'6 i'll fuck you up if you make her cry bf
as much as kenma keeps to himself much like a cat he can be protective, so don't be surprised when the guy that once was asking for your number made up some excuse to get away. It was simply kenma giving that guy a heavy stare. And when you ask him about it he'll blush lightly saying, "I didn't like how he was looking at you."
-`ღ´- sarcastic to everyone but sweet to her bf x has no idea he acts different with his friends gf
we also know how much kenma hates his friends teasing him, so thats why he is less affectionate in public especially at practice. But he knows that your a very affectionate person, so he'll be in mid conversation with kuroo before giving you his nintendo while giving you a kiss as you pass by. "Don't even." "Look at youu, wait a second how come I don't get to use your nintendo-" "Because you can't."
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darkmegs · 9 months
MISS MATCHMAKER (suna rintarou)
masterlist for v-day series [ here ]
warning: x fem!reader, best friends-to-lovers, mentions food, mutual pining(?), oblivious!reader, fluff to angst to fluff…i guess.
happy (extremely) late valentine’s day? help it’s 3 am and i only had the motivation to finish this.
Tumblr media
8:00 am
14th of february
“valentine’s day”
known as inarizaki’s infamous matchmaker, you’ve been dying for this day to come. with a talent as splendid as yours, you’ve preached the valentine’s day bible to all those around you, spreading love and joy in the air.
you happily skipped out your front door, making your way to school. your eyes drifted to the beautiful cherry blossom trees, their iridescent leaves cascading to the ground.
in your daze, you spotted a familiar face. you waved your hand, “suna!”
hearing the loud call of his name, he removed one of his headphone buds and turned around, his face softening at the sight of you running towards him.
“hello, miss matchmaker.” he greeted.
you rolled your eyes, affectionately. “hello to you, too, valentine’s day grinch.”
he smiled at the nickname. you and suna had been best friends since middle school. even when he got scouted and transferred to inarizaki, you two stayed in touch. at the end of your first year in high school, however, your family moved to hyōgo for business, so you ended up begging to study at his school.
you used to have a crush on suna, actually. but, in fear of ruining the strong bond you both shared, you never acted upon your feelings. in time, you got over it. what mattered to you was that you had suna by your side, and if you were lucky enough to have him as a friend, then that was infinitely better than not having him at all.
he poked his tongue out playfully, “are you afraid i might corrupt the pep in your step?”
you shook your head, “never.”
he hummed, kicking a stray pebble, “busy schedule?”
“just like every year,” you sang.
he sighed, “why’d i have to be friends with a real-life cupid?”
you nudged him, “don’t be so dramatic, you‘ll still see me.”
you walked through the school door and started taking off your shoes to wear the school-assigned footwear.
he clicked his teeth, “my head is gonna screw out of my neck from watching you run around all day.”
you laughed, “the devil works hard—“
“—but you work harder, i know.” he finished your sentence, sighing.
“catch you around,” you raised your fist.
“yeah, yeah.” he said, bumping his fist with yours.
9:27 am
14th of february
“valentine’s day”
“excuse me, excuse me, coming through!” you exclaimed, carrying a huge cardboard box.
you set it down on the table, letting out a labored breath. you turned to your classmates, “listen here! any cards, flowers or paperback presents that are addressed to lockers 79-129 go into this box! I’ll be back for chocolates and parcels later!”
a flood of students surged to the front of the class, dropping in their gifts and cards. you left the rowdy crowd, walking over to suna, who sat with his palm under his chin.
“nothing for me to deliver?” you asked, leaning against his desk.
he shook his head. you looked down and noticed his change of shoes. “you changed back into your converse?”
he leaned back into his seat, “classes are over for the day, and the valentine’s day fair will be held till noon, so who cares?” he shrugged.
you inspected his shoes and noticed something. “are those— are those the limited edition valentine’s day high tops?”
he glanced at his shoes, “i suppose they are.”
you scoffed in disbelief, “no way. suna rintarou, the valentine’s day grinch, bought the v-day converse with embroidered red hearts?”
he couldn’t hide his nonchalance any longer. he huffed, “okay fine, maybe i did buy them. my hate for valentine’s day has nothing to do with my love for tasteful shoes.”
you laughed, wanting to rile him up some more, but you noticed the large pile left in the box.
“i’ll be back to drop off your fanmail,” you teased. suna rolled his eyes and put his headphones back in his ears.
10:06 am
14th of february
“valentine’s day”
he looked up and saw you striding into class with another box of cards and goods.
“i got your valentines,” you said, dropping the box on his desk.
“you could’ve just thrown them out, you know?” he replied.
you frowned, “awh, what? you could’ve at least told me that before i collected your stuff.” you groaned, picking the box up again and heading out.
“wait, let me help since it’s my fault.” he got up and took the box from your hands.
you walked through the halls together, occasionally stopping and running another errand, handing over more valentines or distributing them. suna grew tired the more it went on. he had to give kudos to you for handling it all like a champ.
you checked your watch, “10:30. delivering services are now closed.”
“finally,” suna muttered, his arms aching from his heavy duty work.
“next is proposals and confessions!” you clapped your hands, giddily. “those are my favorite.”
“do you even get paid?” he asked.
“why would i get paid?”
he froze in his tracks. you stared at him, confused. he deadpanned, “you’re doing this for free?”
“yeah? why would i charge people?”
“maybe because you’re trampling around school for hours, sending things, collecting things, helping students, setting up dates and so much more??”
you waved your arm, dismissively. “i enjoy what i do. there’s no price on happiness.”
his eye twitched, “…YES THERE IS!”
you sighed, reaching over to take the box from him. “whatever, suna. you’re such a buzzkill. you clearly have no place to talk since you’re all “i hate love blah blah blah”. but believe it or not, some of us feel a flutter in our hearts at these things, so don’t invalidate how we feel just because you’re incapable of feeling the same way.”
you stopped and turned to him, only to realize he had been staring at you this whole time. the pair of you remained quiet, not exchanging a word.
“is that what you really think?” he asked.
you felt yourself grow smaller under his stoic gaze. you gulped, “yeah, it is.”
he glanced at you from head to toe, before walking away with his hands in his pockets. you blinked, surprised by what happened.
by the time you were able to process it, he had already turned the corner and left your line of vision. you exhaled, scolding yourself for saying such nasty things about suna.
“i’m such a bad friend…” you mumbled, with a sigh. you pushed the thought away, resuming on your way to the school garbage bins to dispose of suna’s archive of cards and gifts.
as you hauled the contents of the box into the bin, your eyes couldn’t help but pick up on some of the words his cards had. all of them praised him for how amazing he was, how much of a good person he was even if he appeared cold at times, and how handsome and alluring he was.
you couldn’t help but agree.
12:17 pm
14th of february
“valentine’s day”
“thanks for helping out, y/n!”
you smiled at the students from class 2-3, “it’s no problem, always happy to help!”
one of them laughed, “typical y/n, i pity the souls that chase after you.
you giggled. a student walked up to you, “could you sell these last few tickets we have for the kissing booth?”
you nodded, taking the clipboard and thin bundle of tickets. you roamed around the bustling halls, signing up students who were interested. when you had just one ticket left, you craned your neck through the crowd, trying to spot a possible prospect.
your eyes landed on a familiar face.
the grey-haired boy turned away from the onigiri stand, “y/n, what’s up?”
“want a ticket to class 2-3’s kissing booth?” you waved the golden piece of paper in front of him.
he shrugged, taking a bite from his heart-shaped onigiri, “sure.”
you wrote his name down and handed him the ticket, receiving the 250¥ with a short “thank you~”
“by the way…” you started, trying to gulp down your nerves to appear lax, “have you seen suna?”
he hummed in thought, “he left school earlier, somethin’ about going to the mall.”
osamu noticed your dejected reaction, “‘asked him to get me fries, wanna split ‘em with me?”
you laughed, “thanks, ‘samu.”
he gave you a small smile before walking back to kita and his brother. you sighed, turning on your heels.
did he really leave to blow off some steam? you thought. maybe he needed to get his mind off things…
you pulled your phone out your pocket and went to text him when you saw he posted on his story. he was at the mall, just as osamu said. but there was a girl you’ve never seen before by his side.
you blinked, staring at the stranger. you felt a sting in your heart, an unfamiliar emotion coursing through your body. who was she?
the story ended as you were caught in your thoughts, you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. immediately going to his chat, you were about to type something when you stopped yourself.
you were terrible to him earlier, what do you even have to say?
you shut your phone off and closed your eyes. for the first time, you felt like you were losing suna. and you didn’t like it. more importantly, you felt something just now…something strong, something you once felt, years ago.
2:58 pm
14th of february
“valentine’s day”
you slumped into your seat, laying your head on the desk. you were incredibly exhausted from the long, busy day. the school day was coming to an end and students were slowly leaving. only those who had to give out late cards and confessions stuck behind.
the last of your classmates bid goodbye and you waved back with a groan. alone in the empty classroom, you were tempted to text suna. you two always walked home together, but you doubted that would happen now.
you yelped and jumped back from the sound of something being slammed onto your desk.
“‘need you to deliver something.”
too shaken up to register the voice, you rubbed your eyes and said “delivery services ended hours ag—“
your mouth dried up once you saw him. he looked as indifferent as ever; his hands tucked into his pockets, his backpack lazily slung over his shoulder. and that handsome face of his.
“i need to cash in one of those ‘friendly’ favors.” he said.
you smiled, “of course.”
of course, this was you and suna. you two were a tightly knit pair. a sense of mutual understanding you two shared, to the point where apologies were often silent. arguments with suna are resolved without a word, maybe a “wanna order food?” or “there’s this song you should listen to” would be exchanged as a disguised peace offering.
you stretched and pulled out a sticky note, “locker number?”
“7-1–wait…suna, that’s my locker.”
“…did you mix up lockers or?”
he clicked his teeth with an exasperated sigh, “you’re such a dumbass.”
you tilted your head in confusion. he pushed the box closer to you, “it’s for you, dummy.”
“oh…” you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. you gingerly unwrapped the gift as suna watched, patiently.
he smirked. you gaped, “you got me the valentine’s day high tops?”
he nodded, “now we can match.”
“i thought you hated valentine’s day…”
he rolled his eyes, and lowly muttered, “i only hate valentine’s day because it takes my favorite person away from me every year.”
he sighed, stepping closer to you. he leaned down till he reached your face and flicked your forehead.
“i love you, idiot.”
now, you were truly left speechless. a million questions running through your head, yet not a single thought being processed.
he tapped your nose, “yes, i do. why else would i bother aya-san all day?”
“she works at the converse store. she’s become a friend from the amount of times i’ve been there. i spent the whole day inside, looking for what pair to get you.”
ah, i see now…
“suna, i—“
“i hate valentine’s day because the person i love is too busy helping other people love each other. while i sit back and watch you help a couple confess, i curse myself for never doing it. but what you said today really got me thinking. ‘made me realize i’ve started to give you the impression that i didn’t care for love when all i ever loved was right in front of me.”
the confession hung inside the walls of the silent classroom. it wasn’t very often that suna showed his vulnerability, and you spend everyday thanking the heavens for being lucky enough to see this side of him.
you cupped his cheek, “i love you, too, dummy.”
he smiled, “that little middle school crush of yours resurfaced?”
you harshly pulled away, “you knew?!”
he chuckled, “of course i knew. you’re very bad at hiding your feelings, y/n.”
you scowled. he leaned in and pecked your cheek.
“but i still love you anyway, even if you’re a matchmaker that’s bad at her own job.”
Tumblr media
I’M SO INCREDIBLY SORRY FOR NEVER POSTING THIS AHHH. i didn’t really like it and i still don’t but i knew i couldn’t leave some of you with an empty plate. i tried my best and i hope it’s good!!
with love,
darkmegs <3
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rinsramenshop · 6 months
boyfriend!sakusa kiyoomi ♡
bf!sakusa who opens the door for you, whether its a restaurant or car door. a small habit he’s always had since he started dating you
bf!sakusa who starts his days thinking of you and ends his day thinking of you. it may not be his first thought, but you’re in his head
bf!sakusa who has a drawer in his bathroom for your products. he often stocks up whenever he notices you’re missing something
bf!sakusa who has his own cookbooks for recipes of your favorite foods
bf!sakusa who has matching keychains with you, his is always on his volleyball bag so he gets reminded of you
bf!sakusa who smiles at your texts no matter what it is. miya has caught him a few times
bf!sakusa who made a care package for you whenever you two had to be apart. it includes your favorite snacks, drinks, and photos of you two
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1-800-olympians · 1 month
Tumblr media
when y/n’s figure ice skating career is in danger, because of how bad her grades are, tsukishima is willing to tutor the girl until her dream will be safe again.
notes: tsukishima kei x oikawa!reader, younger sister, fem!reader. ice skater!reader. have i told you how much do i love iceskating. also reply sth if you want to be in my taglist!
one things tsukishima knew about you, even before you two got together, was that you were incredibly similar to your brother when it came to engagement in sports. oikawa being extremely obsessive and trying top everything that includes volleyball, and your eagerness to top every single jump in a day or the same obsession, but with ice-skating.
sometimes, he felt compassion for your parents, two out of three children (he wasn’t so sure about that since he never met your older sister) somehow passing each year with their full focus on their athletic career. and sometimes it was funny to see how obsessed both of you were, yet so successful.
there were many things, you’d give up for your brother, but when shiratorizawa offered you a scholarship, you couldn’t refuse, even if it hurt your brother to the point where he refused to talk to you for a few weeks. one of the best high schools in miyagi with the absolutely best ice-skating programme, built-in ice rink, and the best teachers in japan. it was a chance you couldn’t let go.
watching you ice skate was one of tsukishima’s favorite after school activities. he would take an hour-long ride to see you on the rink for at least a few minutes. the blonde boy wouldn’t admit it, but helping you with stretching out, or recording your jumps, so you could watch it over, and over again, was just as satisfying as when he blocked wakatoshi’s spike.
so when you called him in the middle of his school day, barely breathing and said that you might lose both scholarship, and a place at shiratorizawa, because of how terrible you were with your studies (mostly ‘cause of your focus on skating), he knew there wasn’t a single scenario in the world, where he wouldn’t help you.
not only, because he was already so whipped for you, but also because you deserved everything that would help you out in pursuing your dreams and career. you’ve already made so many sacrifices that you couldn’t just leave in the middle, and tsukishima wasn’t the person, who would stand in the way of your happiness.
“i’m not your boyfriend for nothing, right? i’ll help you.” he replied, cutting you off as you panicked, imagining every possible scenario in your head. “i’ll make sure no one will take the scholarship from you, try to breathe, okay?”
Every time he had tutored you, you weren’t able to focus. your eyes would always wander around his face, flustering the shit out of your boyfriend at the same time. keeping your focus off him seemed like a crime, and you weren’t a criminal.
however, this time was supposed to be different, your career was on stake, and tsukishima wasn’t the one who would let you let it down, you weren’t the one as well. ever since the day, when dad took you and oikawa skating, you knew it was your thing, so tossing aside classes and homework to stay a minute longer on the ice-rink wasn’t the worst thing.
when the clock hit 8 in the evening, and your entire body gave up on another jumps, you finally took off skates with an additional help of your boyfriend, who untied them. his hand hung loosely around your shoulders as you walked towards your dad’s car.
“hello, mr. oikawa.” tsukishima greeted your father, opening the door for you. “would you mind if i stay overnight? y/n-san needs a little help with her studies.” he asked politely, a smile rosed on your dad’s face as he nodded.
“thank you.” you let out, exhausted. your head resting on his shoulder with the accompaniment of dim outside, and hushed music from the radio. you got to your house half an hour later, and in the meantime you decided that your boyfriend would stay for the whole weekend since the upcoming exams of yours were supposed to happen on monday.
you sat on your bed, starting off with maths, which surprisingly seemed to be the easiest for you, books surrounding you two as you groaned, falling onto the mattress. “we wouldn’t have to be here if you actually took care of your grades, remember?” he looked at you, eyebrows knitted together.
“i can’t do this.” you whined, hands on top of your faces, tears threatening to fall down your cheeks. it took you ten seconds to get over the little breakdown. “give me another exercise.” you stayed up till two, with a little break for something to eat.
as a reward, you finally got to kiss him as he refused to let you for almost all day, pulling back whenever you leaned to give him a smooch. his hands cupped your, bruised from falling, hips, pulling you as close as he only could. his soft lips moved against his, and you sigh, making him smile, because it feels too good to be kissing him after such a tiring experience.
his hands fell lower on your bare thighs, caressing small circles on your skin. your fingers ruffling through his hair, pulling on them sometimes. the kiss would probably last waaaaay longer, if it wasn’t for tōru, who barged into your room.
“fuck, can’t you two behave?” your brother rolled your eyes at you, grabbing something from your desk, not even sparing you a glare (thank god). “hands off her, i already have a nephew, and don’t need another one.” he remarked, cocking his head to the side. “oh, fumiko will drop off takeru tomorrow.”
“can’t you knock?” you replied, frowning as you watched him, leaning on the door frame. “what? i have to study, i can’t fail the exams or i will lose my place at school.”
“excuse me, what?”
“we have it under control, can you go now, please?” you pleaded, cheeks burning hot, after his comment on making a nephew. when he finally left (after another five minutes of teasing you, of course), you yawned, and focused yourself on the blonde boy next to you.
he swiftly switched off the light, laid down, and waited for you to cling to his side before drifting to sleep way too fast, as you always did. “night, love you.” you whispered, hiding your face in the crook of his neck.
the next two days were exactly the same as the friday evening. tōru took over your shift, as you called it, with takeru, so you and tsukishima could spend more time studying japanese literature and english. when the time of his visit at your house, came to the end, you were a mess, stressing out that the weekend wasn’t enough, and you needed more time to learn something more.
“you’ll do great, okay? i know that.” his fingers held your chin, making you look at him. “you don’t need to worry about it, call me as soon as you know the results, okay?” you nodded, letting him kiss you for the last time, before you bid goodbyes.
he was in the middle of the morning practice, when yachi called for him, his phone in her hand and an incoming call showed on the screen. he excused himself to pick up, and the first thing he heard was-
“I PASSED MATHS!” you shouted through the speaker, your tone so happy that he smiled involuntarily. “but i gotta go, four exams left, call you later, love you.” and before he even got to say i love you back, you hung up the phone.
“what was that, tsukishima-san?” sugawara asked, when the boy stepped into the gymnasium again. “something happened?” he inquired kindly, a worried expression on his face.
“no, no. my girlfriend passed an exam she studied hard for.” he shrugged, not noticing the reactions of his teammates upon hearing the word girlfriend. “shiratorizawa have exams mid-year?” yamaguchi, who seemed to be the only one that knew about kei’s relationship, frowned.
“it’s for the scholarships or something, school wanted to take the scholarship from her since she has shitty grades.” it was one of the first times others witnessed that kind of openness from him, but he could never shut up when it came to talking about you.
“your girlfriend’s a scholarship at shiratorizawa?” kageyama asked, his eyebrows knitted together as he tried to process the information he just received. “oikawa-san’s your girlfriend?”
“the ice-skater?” someone uttered. “the great king has a sister, and she’s your girlfriend? that’s so cool!” hinata exclaimed out of sudden. “you should invite her here sometimes.” someone chimed in.
“she barely has any time, she has a competition soon, so she rarely leaves the ice rink.” he spoke out, before daichi cut off the conversation, before they got back to the practice.
when you finally left the classroom after the last exam, you were on cloud nine, making your way towards the train stop to get to karasuno as soon as possible. you were too ecstatic about passing that you could have a day off training to surprise your boyfriend.
it was already afternoon, when you arrived at the location. the volleyball club was having another practice, so you headed to the gym, the direction showed by one of the students. you peaked your head out through the door, and grinned at tsukishima when he noticed you.
“i aced japanese lit!” you exclaimed quietly, feeling the eyes of his teammates on your back. “so i thought you’d maybe like to go eat something tasty with me after the practice?” you beamed.
“what if you went with me and the guys somewhere? then you could stay overnight, akiteru goes to sendai tomorrow morning, he can drop you off.” he suggested, tugging a stray of your hair behind your ear. you nodded, happily.
“sooo, we’re on the stage where i meet your friends?” you chuckled as he rolled his eyes.
“sure we are.”
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