shadowsingerspriestess · 2 days ago
I honestly don’t care that Azriel wouldn’t go as far as to call Gwyn his friend, or that he’s not ‘interested’ in her romantically yet.
What I care about, however, is:
how Azriel gave Gwyn a small smile of greeting when they saw each other for the first time after Sangravah
how Azriel watched Gwyn with admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face
how Gwyn challenges Az and won’t shy away from throwing him withering looks
how Azriel is Gwyn’s new ribbon
how Azriel finds her irreverence charming and is intrigued by her
how Azriel buried deep down the image of how Gwyn’s teal eyes might light upon seeing the necklace, a thought that glowed quietly and made him smile (not to mention that he thought of Gwyn’s smile as a thing of secret, lovely beauty)
I don’t want Azriel to be madly in love with Gwyn yet. What’s the point having an off page romance? It’s their moments that show a lot of potential, and I see them as building up to a romantic relationship in the future book.
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likeiwishiknew · 2 days ago
Nyx: Uncle Az, why have you forbade me from entering the delicious chamber?
Cassian and Gwyn, holding back laughter:
Nesta, shaking her head: 
Azriel: It's called an oven and you will die.
Nyx, puffs up little chest: I am strong, Uncle. 
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aldbooks · 2 days ago
Can someone explain to me where this whole “Gwynriels want e/riel but with Gwyn” idea came from?
Do they mean the headcanons (that they made up) where Elain is a spy and a badass with a knife a leathers? …like the Valkyrie? And basically the opposite of who Elain’s character is currently in canon??
Are they referring to the light/dark aesthetic thing? Because there a million different ways to do that aesthetic. I said before I saw Gwynriel as moonlight and shadows and E/riel as day and night. Both are dark/light but with very different aesthetics
I keep seeing this “argument” a lot and I genuinely don’t understand it…
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lunainfortuna · a day ago
modern! gwynriel au where gwyn is a tiktoker who shares videos of herself cooking, singing, training martial arts and reading while az does some voice acting {for fun} and shares videos of his cats ۵ they have a crush on each other hehe
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ladyelain · a day ago
Azriel if it turns out Gwyn is related to the Vanserras
Tumblr media
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eeereee · 2 days ago
His Sleeping Vixen
Tumblr media
Chapter 9 Update on AO3
Turning Pages 📖✂️🏰🐉❤️
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the-bookish-valkyrie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello guys! Super happy and honored to share my latest commission done by the amazing @luxurybanshee (IG). Inspired by classical paintings, this piece represents the girls hanging out at the house of wind. ♥️
[Do not repost, crop or edit]
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gwynethvalkyrie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@booknerd87 decided not to post this here for personal reasons, but she wanted you to enjoy this Gwynriel forehead kiss as much as we did, so she asked me to post it here too. Please do not repost.
Art by @lucielart and commissioned by @booknerd87.
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daevastanner · 4 months ago
Breaking the ACOTAR 4th wall:
Rhys: I won the Blood Rite. But Cassian had to carry me the last bit.
Gwyn: Me too.
Rhys: My sister was decapitated and I had to see the traumatic remains.
Gwyn: Me too.
Rhys: I underwent devastating sexual assault.
Gwyn: Me too.
Rhys: I’m a halfbreed.
Gwyn: Me too.
Rhys: We have a lot in common.
Gwyn: We do.
Rhys: So why do Elriels insist on protecting you from sexual intimacy, call out how you aren’t a real Carynthian and ridicule your roots but not me?
Gwyn: That would be because I’m a rival love interest for Azriel and they have to tear apart my character to invalidate my relevance and keep their sinking ship afloat.
Rhys: *picks at lint* Gross.
Gwyn: Yup.
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sabrinasam · 6 months ago
I couldn't resist. Enjoy! 🤭😏
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So much love and respect goes out to @kolumnist-art for delivering another stunning Gwynriel piece. Karina never ceases to amaze me with her work. 🥰 Please head on over to her IG and show her some love. ❤️❤️❤️
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booknerd87 · 23 days ago
I know its been a chaotic day which is why I kept this commission by artist Tony Viento for today ... we have the book don't let dumb idiots influence u
The dance of fire and ice GWYNRIEL
All characters belong to Sarah J Maas
Repost not allowed
Tumblr media
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incorrect-random-fandom · 2 months ago
Cassian: Gwyn has green eyes right?
Azriel: Gwyn’s eyes are blue with a hint of light blue when the light hits just right.
Cassian: And when was the last time she smiled?
Azriel: Last night at 12:03 am.
Cassian: Right, and when’s my birthday?
Cassian: When’s my birthday, Az?
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lifelessdollinthesea · 26 days ago
Listen I don't give a shit about the necklace, what I find interesting is how Azriel felt after gifting it to Gwyn. He felt a spark in his chest and he had to consciously erase the smile he felt imagining Gwyn. His shadows didn't cause that. Elain didn't cause that. Thinking about how Gwyn's eyes would light up did. It was HIS feelings. That for me is the endgame material right there.
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likeiwishiknew · 20 days ago
Gwyn: You deserve the best
Azriel: Oh, well thank-
Gwyn: That's why I exist
Cassian, holding in his laughter: 
Nesta: That’s my girl 
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lunainfortuna · a day ago
I know we all like to picture Gwyn as a cat but what about a cute lil hamster? 🥺
{in my defense, she's chaotic like them lmao}
Tumblr media
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nezriel · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOT couple alert ! (art by itswibell_art on IG)
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etrefin · a month ago
"𝔸 𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕄𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕔..."
Tumblr media
Art by @AnaJulia19841 on twt
🚨 Please do not crop out the watermark and > do not repost it anywhere<, don't make tik tok edits with it and don't save it on Pinterest 🚨
I wanted Gwyn and Az looking more formal in this, without leathers or Gwyn's robes and it turned out just.... Amazing. Hope all of you who adore this ship like this art as much as I have, Ana is outstanding.
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