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booknerd87 · 2 days ago
When I saw this piece of art the one thing that rang through my head was "See you Tomorrow Shadowsinger " that is such an iconic Gwynriel moment .
@naariel is one of my favourite artists and to have her make this Gwynriel piece was such an honour. It's probably the piece that's closest to my heart
So for my 100th Commission here is a piece of my soul ....
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gwynrielweeksoffical · a day ago
Tumblr media
Gwynriel week 2023, coming soon…
Art credit: @llibarts ♥️
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sunshinebingo · 2 days ago
The Angry Valkyrie
Do you get mood swings before your period? I do. This is how I imagined Gwyneth Berdara to be during PMS. It's not great but it was fun to write.
The High Lord of the Night Court was conducting a meeting with his General and his Spymaster when someone knocked loudly at the door. The conversation instantly stopped and before Rhysand could asked who it was, Gwyneth threw the door open. She quickly scanned the room before narrowing her gaze on Azriel. Everyone in the High Lord's office froze as they notice the angry look on her face. Rhysand started to ask if anything has happened but was cut short when Gwyn spoke.
"You fucking traitor."
"What?" the three brothers replied at the same time.
"Oh you know damn well what you did Shadowsinger," Gwyn replied with a scowl directed at Azriel. "How could you do this to me," she added as she crossed her arms.
In the corner of the room, Cassian incredulously watched the interaction between the two. Behind his desk, Rhysand furrowed his brows, wondering what his brother could have done for Gwyn to look this mad at him. But the most concerned of them all was obviously Azriel.
Panic rose in the Spymaster as he desperately tried to think of what he has done wrong.
He quickly gave up on trying to figuring it out. Azriel stood from his seat in front of the desk as he exclaimed "I’m sorry but tell me what I have done and I swear I will make up for it."
The answer she gave was unexpected. Gwyn uncrossed her arms but still stood firm. She looked him dead in the eyes and declared,
''You ate all my cookies."
Cassian's expression mirrored Rhysand’s as he frowned. Both he and Rhys looked more confused than before.
When Azriel asked "what cookies," tears started to form in Gwyn’s eyes. But that didn’t stop her from shouting her response at him.
"The ones Emerie bought me."
"Oh these." Azriel sighed, his body visibly relaxing. "Thank Gods I thought I did something terrible."
Gwyn started crying as she said even louder, "it is terrible. I’ve been dreaming of these for the whole day."
Azriel instantly moved closer to Gwyn before gently wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I’m really sorry Gwyn. Please don’t cry for this."
Rhys and Cassian remained watching quietly. Neither wanted to intrude on whatever was happening between the two in front of them.
"Don’t you dare touch me you traitor."
Gwyn tried to push Azriel away but he pulled her closer to him. "Will you stop crying if go and get more?" he suggested.
Gwyn wiped the few tears that had slipped down her face away and tried to step back again. "It’s too late for that now."
Azriel placed a hand on her cheek and tilted her head to make her look at him. A smile spread across his face when her eyes finally met his. 
"What if I get you cookies and cake?"
Gwyn frowned at him but seemed to be considering what he just said. When she didn’t answer, Azriel tried his best to match her and look serious before making another suggestion.
"OK how about cookies, cake and ice cream."
"I’ll believe you when I see it," Gwyn replied while holding Azriel’s gaze.
Azriel gave up on trying to look serious and smirked at her. He then leaned down and kissed Gwyn’s forehead. "Fine, I’ll be back."
Gwyn narrowed her eyes at him again. "I’m waiting."
"I know."
Azriel then left the office without even a glance at his brothers who now watched him go with their eyes wide. As soon as he left, Gwyn turned to Cassian and Rhysand.
"Sorry for interrupting," she said. With that, she turned to the door and left as if nothing happened.
Cassian chuckled and blurted out "that was weird," as soon as the door closed.
"What about the meeting?" Rhysand asked though his eyes betrayed his delight at what they just witnessed.
"I think it’s obvious Az is more scared of his angry Valkyrie than of you brother."
Rhysand had to agree with him. Though he thought that Cassian was probably no different from Azriel.
Thanks for reading!!♥
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nezriel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOT couple alert ! (art by itswibell_art on IG)
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lifelessdollinthesea · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gwyn and Azriel by jemlin_c
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gwynethvalkyrie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
@booknerd87 decided not to post this here for personal reasons, but she wanted you to enjoy this Gwynriel forehead kiss as much as we did, so she asked me to post it here too. Please do not repost.
Art by @lucielart and commissioned by @booknerd87.
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incorrect-random-fandom · 3 months ago
Cassian: Gwyn has green eyes right?
Azriel: Gwyn’s eyes are blue with a hint of light blue when the light hits just right.
Cassian: And when was the last time she smiled?
Azriel: Last night at 12:03 am.
Cassian: Right, and when’s my birthday?
Cassian: When’s my birthday, Az?
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trashforazriel · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
My newest #gwynriel commission from @talitasami on instagram. Please reblog, do not repost on tumblr. Support the artist through their Commisson work 🎨.
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gothicbabydollz · 2 months ago
azriel public sex... (or semi-public)???
Azriel finally has you.
After having spent years alone, relying on brothels and one night stands to feed the tension in his body.
But you- you love him. You’re his pretty and perfect other half. Azriel adores you.
So, you can’t tell me he wouldn’t have his hands all over you. He gets desperate. You make him needy.
He finds himself longing to feel you throughout the day, no matter of where you both may be
Azriel needs to remind himself that you’re all his, and show you just how how grateful he is for that
And you’re more than happy to comply.
Allowing the shadowsinger to drag you away from your friends and outside to the alleyway behind Rita’s. He’ll have your skirt bunched around your hips, lower half exposed to anyone to see if they were to turn the corner. Your arms wrap around his neck and your leg is slung over his hip, keeping him close while he buries his cock deep inside you. With each rut of Azriel’s hips, your back digs into the rough wall behind you, the coolness of it soothing the fire he ignites in your body. “Hush, little bunny,” Azriel grunts into your neck when your moans grow louder and louder. His cock is hitting all the right places, your cunt flutters and tightens around him, desperately trying to keep him sheathed within you. “They’ll hear you. They’ll all know you’re a little slut for me, bunny.” Azriel clamps a large palm over your mouth when you simply sob out his name in response- the sensations too good for you to care. But Azriel knows. He can feel the slick gushing from your cunt, knowing that deep down, that’s exactly what you want. So, with a growl, he pounds you harder, needing to feel you cumming on his cock.
After that, you come to realise how much you and Azriel adore the risk of being caught…
At dinners with the IC, you’ll often feel the soft whispers of his shadows spiralling around your leg. Taunting. Teasing. Twirling up and up until they’re caressing your inner thighs, leaving you squirming in your seat. There’s times when he riles you up so badly, you need to excuse yourself. And Azriel always has a reason to follow you into the kitchen. Resulting in you propped up on the countertop, Azriel’s head between your legs as he sneaks a taste of dessert. Your panties are balled up and pushed past your lips, keeping your pathetic whimpers at bay while he slurps on your cunt, working you to a blissful high
Or he’ll have you bent over, facing the door as he takes you from behind. Azriel has a fist in your hair, keeping your head up so that if anyone were to walk in, they’d see the pleasure written on your face. “You like this, don’t you? I can feel you squeezing my cock, bunny, you’re getting off on this. Little whore…you want them to see. You want them to know you’re mine. Fuck, I love you. Don’t you ever fucking forget that.” Azriel rambles, groaning through gritted teeth as he fucks you at a relentless pace. Making you see stars. He knows your body better than you do, he has you on the verge of wailing for the whole of Velaris to hear. Yet the fluttering feeling of risk is too exciting. Your teeth bite into your bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood as you slip over that steep edge into the depths of pleasure, Azriel quick to follow, his own canines puncturing your shoulder to silence his growls of euphoric release.
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itwasalwaysaboutthetea · 5 months ago
An amazing gwynriel piece by h0psynth (on insta) commissioned by acourtofcoffeeandmagic (insta)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't forget to follow them and like the post on insta!!
Link to Instagram post
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archivegwynriel · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
“You and me. The bat and the cat. In the dark. Making sparks”
Happy Halloween! 👻🎃
Azriel and Gwyn as Batman and Catwoman.
Art by andie_uwu
Commissioned by us, @targaenyras @Catarinalutero @jennyofoldstone @mayhekata @adrianivashkovc
Posted on Twitter and Instagram too!
Please, do not repost.
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booknerd87 · a day ago
Gwynriels are having the most wonderful thanksgiving.... The art across the board this week has been amazing 😍😍😍...
This Gwynriel beauty commissioned by Tay (@acourtofcoffeeandmagic) and by artist Vivsketchess is all heart and perfect .... That Cat is just the cutest .... Gwynriel and Cats seem to be a match made in heaven .... yes yes the shadows too ..they are all one happy family
To everyone celebrating.... Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Tumblr media
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gwynrielweeksoffical · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gwynriel Week 2023 coming soon…
Art credit: @llibarts 
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shadowsingerspriestess · 5 months ago
Nesta: I can’t make everyone like me, I am not Gwyn
Cassian: Not everyone likes Gwyn
Nesta: What?
Azriel: Who the fuck doesn’t like Gwyn?
Cassian: I don’t know, I was just -
Azriel: Give us the names
Nesta: NOW
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velidewrites · 5 months ago
Gwyn: The stars are very beautiful tonight
Azriel: Yeah, they are
Gwyn: You know who’s even more beautiful?
Azriel: *blushes* Who?
Gwyn: Nesta
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lifelessdollinthesea · 16 days ago
Gwyn: People who are mates freaks me out. They always know what the other one is
Azriel: Thinking?
Gwyn: Yeah. And they're always finishing each other's
Azriel: Sentences?
Gwyn: Exactly. It's creepy.
Nesta and Cassian: 👁👄👁
Nesta: *sigh* They're so oblivious, it pains me
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